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Lambton Co., 1896

birth place is given before residence


6533-96 John A. ALLINGHAM, 24, farmer, Moore twp., same, s/o John & Caroline, married Jessie CAMPBELL, 21, Raleigh twp., Sombra twp., d/o John & Sarah, witn: John & Florence EGAN of Moore, 24 July 1896 at res of John Campbell, Moore twp  
6524-96 Isaac ANDREWS, 23, farmer, Moore twp., same, s/o George & Ann, married Maggie JOHNSTONE, 18, Moore twp., same, d/o David & Jenny, witn: John ANDREW & Lillie JOHNSTONE, both of Moore twp., 6 May 1896 (bride LDS) 6512-96 John ARNOLD, 25, farmer, Euphemia twp., same, s/o Edward & Sarah, married Harriet Ann WADE, 24, Euphemia twp., same, d/o George & Charlotte, witn: Malcolm GORDON & Clara WADE, both of Euphemia, 21 Oct 1896 at Euphemia
#006615-96 (Lambton Co): Charles H. BARNES, 25, teacher, Warwick, same, s/o Samuel & Lois, married Lizzie FULLER, 36, Warwick, same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: W.J. FULLER of Arkona & Annie E. BARNES of Warwick, 29 Dec 1896 at Warwick twp 6732-96 (Lambton Co): Joseph BAXTER, 23, laborer, Toronto, Petrolia, s/o Charles & Margaret, married Pearl BIRTCH, 19, St. Marys, Petrolia, d/o Charles BIRTCH & Mary CARPENTER, witn: John WALLER & Emma CARPENTER, both of Petrolia, 14 July 1896 at res of bride's mother, Petrolia
6646-96 Andrew BELL, 26, farmer, Ontario, Bosanquet, s/o James & Mary, married Alice THOMPSON, 20, Bosanquet, same, d/o Andrew & Catherine, witn: Henry FORD & Tena DAVIDSON, both of Bosanquet, 29 Sept 1896 at Bosanquet #006538-96 (Lambton Co): George W. BEST, 33, carpenter, Howard twp., Port Lambton Ont., s/o Jacob & Matilda, married Fanny SEXSMITH, 31, widow, Mooretown, Wilkesport, d/o William & Susan McRAE, witn: Eliza PENHALL & Maud TRUEMAN, both of Courtwright, 1 Dec 1896 at Courtwright
7765-97 Joseph BIRCH, 21, laborer, London twp., Aldborough twp., s/o Abram & Mary, married Alice McINTYRE, 21, Bosanquet, same, d/o Dugald & Alice, witn: Henry FORD & Effie SAUNDERS, both of Bosanquet, 30 Dec 1896 at Bosanquet 7968-97 Coleman L. BLACKBURN, 24, locomotive fireman, Chatham twp., St. Thomas, s/o Edward & Mary, married Eunice Adda STUBBS, 23, Niagara, Sarnia twp., d/o William & Mary, witn: William MacKENZIE of Point Edward & Emma STUBBS of Sarnia twp., 18 Nov 1896 at Sarnia twp
  6607-96 John BOLTON, 24, farmer, Adelaide, same, s/o Charles BOLTON & Barbara WYATT, married illegible HALL, 23, Warwick, same, d/o Robert HALL & Sarah VANCE, witn: Ada M. HALL of Warwick & Walter BOLTON of Wyoming, 16 Sept 1896 at Warwick twp
6621-96 W. Freeman BOWSLAUGH, 25, lumberman, North Grimsby, Kingsville, s/o Edward W. & Mary, married Sadie LEE, 27, Warwick, Watford, d/o Thomas D. & Margaret, witn: Alfred M. BOWSLAUGH of Kingsville & Agnes SMITH of Warwick, 26 March 1896 at Watford 6513-96 John Ernest BOYLE, 22, farmer, Dresden, same, s/o James & Mary, married Phoebe May HART, 18, Napanee, Campden, d/o Charles & Matilda, witn: Peter DALTON of Dawn & Sarah McAGEY? of Campden, 16 Dec 1896 at Florence
6519-96 William Albert BROCK, 28, farmer, Enniskillen twp., same, s/o Robert & Annie, married Carrie Emma COULTER, 21, Hastings Co., Moore twp., d/o Andrew & Sarah, witn: Thomas BROCK of Enniskillen & Anna COULTER of Moore, 8 April 1896 at res of bride's father, Lot 6, Con 11 of Moore twp 6658-96 Peter McG. BROWN, 30, physician & surgeon, Sarnia twp., Camlachie, s/o Thomas BROWN & Mary McGREGOR, married Elizabeth Jane CAIRNS, 23, Plympton twp., Camlachie, d/o Joseph CAIRNS & Frances ROSS, witn: Rev. S. ANDERSON & Mrs. DRINNAN, both of Camlachie, 12 Feb 1896 at Camlachie
6523-96 James BURNS, 25, farmer, Moore twp., same, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Mary STARR, 22, Moore twp., same, d/o Mathew & Mary, witn: L. BURNS & Matilda STARR, both of Moore twp., 5 May 1896 at RC Church, Corunna 6611-96 Henry CABLE, 24, farmer, Warwick, same, s/o William & Alice, married Eliza Jane TURNER, 19, Bosanquet, same, d/o Richard & Elizabeth, witn: Mary Eliza DAINTY & Annie ANDERSON, both of Warwick, 11 Nov 1896 at Warwick twp
6516-96 George A. CALTON, 29, laborer, Burford - Brant, Sombra twp., s/o George & Ellen Hill CALTON, married Jane STARCH (Starck?), 18, Sombra twp., same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Jessie WHITING of Brigden & Mary WHITING of Forest, 15 Jan 1896 at Brigden 6660-96 John William CANN, 35, farmer, Sarnia, Enniskillen, s/o Samuel & Ann, married Amelia MARTIN, 28, Plympton, same, d/o Thomas & Jennie, witn: Thomas MARTIN & Jennie BRUSH, both of Plympton, 10 June 1896 at Plympton
#006536-96 (Lambton Co): Alex CARTER, 24, farmer, Enniskillen twp., Sarnia twp., s/o Charles & Mary, married Lillie Ann RICHARDSON, 23, Marthaville, 8th con of Moore twp., d/o Thomas & Barbara, witn: Charles CARTER of Enniskillen twp & Ida MITCHELL of London Road, 28 Oct 1896 at 8th con of Moore twp  
7777-97 (Lambton Co): Francis Herbert CHILDS, 25, farmer, Dawn twp., same, s/o Joseph CHILDS & Emma SPARKS, married Lillian Rosetta BLOOM, 24, Dawn twp., same, d/o George BLOOM & Maria BOBIER, witn: Charles E. SPARKS of Westover & Mabel M. BLOOM of Dawn twp., 30 Dec 1896 at Dawn twp #006423-96 John Wesley CHURCHILL, 26, Brussells, Petrolia Ont, stone mason, s/o James CHURCHILL & Susan CAULTON, married Jane DOUGLAS, 18, Petrolia Ont, same, d/o Samuel DOUGLAS & Sarah VANDEBURG, witn; William McVEAN of Dresdin, Addie CHURCHILL of Petrolia, married 13 July 1896, Sarnia
006753-1896 (Lambton Co.) Arthur CLARK, 21, engineer, Sussex England, Petrolia, s/o John & Sarah, married Nancy CLUFF, 24, Petrolia, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Selina BELL & May McWHORTER, both of Petrolia, 18 Nov 1896 at the Presbyterian Manse Petrolia. 6739-96 (Lambton Co): Philip C. COLBORNE, 29, tinsmith, Canada, Brigden, s/o John COLBOURNE (sic) & Mary Ann GOULD, married Elizabeth A. HATHAWAY, 20, Canada, Petrolia, d/o Francis HATHAWAY & Hessey ECHLIN, witn: James S. BRUCE & Maude HATHAWAY, both of Petrolia, 16 Sept 1896 at Petrolia
#006616-96 (Lambton Co): Leander Harvey COOK, 26, farmer, Metcalfe twp., same, s/o James & Mary, married Sarah Jane WILLOUGHBY, 19, Watford, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Arthur W. COOK of Metcalfe twp & Ida May WISE of Michigan, 8 Jan 1896 at Watford 6510-96 William Foster COOK, 23, farmer, Ann Arbor Mich., Highland Creek Mich., s/o William H. & Amanda, married Annie Ethel Oneta BILTON, 20, Euphemia twp., same, d/o George & Calista, witn: Fred BILTON of Euphemia & Evelyn E. LANG of Grand Rapids Mich., 16 Sept 1896 at Euphemia twp
  #006539-96 (Lambton Co): Alex CROCKARD, 31, farmer, Michigan, Sarnia twp., s/o Alex CROCKARD & Margaret J. McINTYRE, married Emma B. ELLIOTT, 25, London Ont., Moore twp., d/o William ELLIOTT & Mary McDOWELL, witn: James CROCKARD of Lucasville & Mary Grace ELLIOTT of Osborne, 16 Dec 1896 at Osborne Post Office, Moore twp
#006613-96 (Lambton Co): Albert CROCKER, 22, farmer, Adelaide, Warwick, s/o William & Amelia, married Ella MELLON, 27, Warwick, same, d/o Mashinter & Jane, witn: Horace CHIVER of Arkona & Alice MELLON of Warwick, 16 Dec 1896 at Warwick twp 6527-96 Samuel G. DICKINSON, 33, laborer, Sanabec US, Marine City US, s/o William H. & Amy, married Laura RIFFENBURG, 23, Marine City US, same, d/o Samuel & Agnes, witn: T. E. McDONOUGH of Bothwell & Earl D. McDONOUGH of Courtright, 28 April 1896 at Courtright
6612-96 John William DOAN, 26, farmer, Brooke, Warwick, s/o Francis & Charlotte, married Clara Isabella AIKINS, 29, New York US, Warwick, d/o Walter & Mary, witn: Lizzie AITKINS of Watford & Ben DOAN of Warwick, 25 Nov 1896 at Warwick twp 6657-96 James DODGE, 40, farmer, Plympton, same, s/o Thomas & Rebecca, married Margaret McKELLAR, 30, Argyleshire Scotland, Plympton, d/o Alexander & Christena, witn: W. E. DODGE of Plympton & Emma BRUSH of Bothwell, 22 Jan 1896 at Uttoxeter, Plympton
6517-96 William H. DOUGLASS, 27, farmer, Moore twp., Sombra twp., s/o William & Jemima, married Mary E. BULLOCK, 17, Moore twp., same, d/o James & Mary, witn: Henry & Allice BULLOCK of Moore twp., 21 Jan 1896 at Brigden 6738-96 (Lambton Co): William John DOUGLAS, 23, farmer, Adelaide village, Enniskillen twp., s/o Anthony & Elizabeth, married Sarah Ann ANDERSON, 18, Enniskillen twp., same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Isabella SPALDING of Watford & Oliver DOUGLAS of Petrolia, 16 Sept 1896 at Petrolia
6525-96 John A. DROPE, 28, Marthaville, same, s/o John & Mary, married Jeannette C. BAILEY, 25, Moore twp., same, d/o Joseph & Mary J., witn: John R. BAILEY of Moore twp. & Minnie DROPE of Marthaville, 13 May 1896 at 10th con of Moore twp 6522-96 Albert K. ELLIS, 22, farmer, Sombra twp., Moore twp., s/o Archie & Eliza, married Sarah May McKINNON, 18, Moore twp., same, d/o Frederick & Lucy, witn: Adam ANDREWS & Annie ELLIS, both of Moore twp., 29 April 1896 at Moore twp.
007951-1897 (Lambton Co.) John E. EVANS, 24, farmer, Plympton, same, s/o John H. EVANS & Elizabeth STEWART, married Nettie W. DODGE, 19, Plympton, same, d/o Arthur DODGE & Eliza CAPES, witn: John H. DOUGLAS & Edith V. COPE, both of Plympton, 30 Dec 1896 at Lot 28 Con 7 Plympton 6609-96 John R. FAWCETT, 31, farmer, Bosanquet, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Fanny ACTON, 26, Warwick, same, d/o James & Ellen, witn: George FAWCETT of Bosanquet & Emily ACTON of Warwick, 4 Nov 1896 at Warwick twp
6427-96 Alexander Penrose Forbes GAMMACK, 29, medical practitioner, Scotland, East Berlin - Conn. USA, s/o James GAMMACK & Jane Ann WILSON, married Isabella Catherine Agnes SCOTT, 25, Canada, Sarnia, d/o Robert & Isabella Laird SCOTT, witn: Robert D. SCOTT of Sarnia & Ann WALKER of Chatham, 26 Aug 1896 at Sarnia 6521-96 Daniel GILLIES, 28, railroad employee, Sarnia, same, s/o Duncan & Sarah, married Jessie KIRKWOOD, 21, Sarnia, same, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: Isa GOULD & Ann CALLUM, both of Corunna, 24 March 1896 at Corunna
6531-96 Alfred T. GOLDIE, 27, vet. surgeon, Essex England, Corunna, s/o George & Ann, married Elizabeth RICH, 32, West Bagborough (Baysborough?) England, Corunna, d/o John & Ann, witn: G. R. GOLDIE of Corunna & H. GOLDIE of Hamilton, 11 June 1896 at res of G.R. Goldie Esq., Corunna #006537-96 (Lambton Co): Robert E. GORDON, 29, farmer, Enniskillen twp., same, s/o John & Martha, married Christine WRIGHT, 21, Forest, Moore twp., d/o David & Maggie, witn: Jessie WRIGHT of Moore twp & Thomas GORDON of Petrolia, 28 Oct 1896 at Moore twp
6735-96 (Lambton Co): William Henry GRAHAM, 27, teacher, Banda - Simcoe Co., Toronto, s/o Henry & Lucinda, married Mary ELLIOTT, 21, Oil Springs, Petrolia, d/o Andrew & Eliza Jane, witn: George GRAHAM of Toronto & Lizzie ELLIOTT of Petrolia, 15 Sept 1896 at res of bride's mother, Petrolia 6428-96 George Wilson GRIFFITH, 59, widower, traveller, England, Toronto, s/o George GRIFFITH & Mary REES, married Elizabeth SMITH, 53, England, Toronto, d/o Robert SMITH & Mary SANSON, witn: David McMASTER & Daniel STRACHAN, both of Sarnia, 20 Aug 1896 at Sarnia
6649-96 Robert John HANEY, 32 , farmer, Pickering twp., Ogenaw? Co. Mich., s/o William HANEY & Mary COUTTS, married Margaret WATSON, 24, Plympton twp., same, d/o Daniel WATSON & Jane McFARLANE, witn: William F. HANEY of West Branch Mich. & Annie WATSON of Plympton twp., 18 March 1896 at Aberarder, Plympton twp 6518-96 Peter A. HAY, 28, mariner, London twp., Blake River Mich., s/o Peter & Jane, married Rosella E. NOYLE, 20, Sombra twp., Moore twp., d/o Charles & Emily, witn: Frederick NOYLE & Hattie ALLEN, both of Moore twp., 18 Feb 1896 at Trinity Church, Moore twp
6620-96 Marshall HICKS, 32, widower, farmer, Frontenac, Warwick, s/o John S. & Harriet, married Sarah J. LANE, 34, Stratford, Watford, d/o John & Mary A., witn: Isaac HICKS of Warwick & Clara SHAW of Watford, 8 April 1896 at Watford 6526-96 Ernest E. HILTON, 25, medical student, Strathroy Ont., Detroit, s/o Friend & Mary, married Lottie A. CREIGHTON, 23, Moore twp., same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: E. F. HILTON of Joliet Illinois & L. M. CREIGHTON of Moore, 14 May 1896 at res of T. Creighton, Moore twp
6429-96 Frank F. HUGHES, 29, salesman, Canada, Chicago, s/o James S. & Matilda W., married Myra R. WRIGHT, 19, Canada, Chicago, d/o Joseph S. WRIGHT & Myriam LOCKHART, witn: Kate STEED of Sarnia & Mrs. STRACHAN of Hespeler, 20 Aug 1896 at Sarnia 006754-1896 (Lambton Co.) William H. HUNT, 42, laborer, Canada, Port Huron MI, s/o William HUNT & Harriet CRITTENDEN, married Mattie CUDNEY, 34, Canada, Alpena MI, d/o Joshua CUDNEY & Margaret GERMAN, witn: John & Amelia KNAPP of Port Huron, 19 Nov 1896 at Petrolia
6656-96 John JARDINE, 53, widower, farmer, Westminster twp., s/o Robert JARDINE & Margaret BEATON, married Margaret GILLATLEY, 42, widow, Fifeshire Scotland, Plympton twp., d/o James PAGE & Isabella GILLATLY, witn: Mrs. R. & Keith DRINNAN of Camlachie, 16 Jan 1896 at Camlachie  
#006422-96 Elias W. JONES, 26, Sarnia, Port Huron Mich, barber, s/o Orlando JONES & Catharine BROTTON, married Eva Emma FLYNN, 20, Sarnia Ont, same, d/o Thomas FLYNN & Sarah JENKINS, witn; William C. FISHER, Ada FISHER, both Port Huron, married 14 July 1896, Sarnia  006755-1896 (Lambton Co.) Joseph Edwin KELLY, 25, teamster, Enniskillen, same, s/o James KELLY & Mary HALL, married Emma HAMMOND, 23, Petrolia, same, d/o George HAMMOND & Lizzie M. LEASLY McNAUGHTON (widow) witn: Charles A. FARR Jr. & Minnie HAMMOND, both of Petrolia, 25 Nov 1896 at Petrolia.
6534-96 Bernard KENNEDY, 21, machinist, Bay City Mich., Port Huron Mich., s/o John & Gertrude, married Minerva VAN WERNER, 24, Dunville, Port Huron Mich.,. d/o John & Mary, witn: Elizabeth & Edith E. PENHALL of Courtwright, 19 Sept 1896 at Courtwright #006535-96 (Lambton Co): J.R. KIRTON, 22, farmer, King twp., Mooretown, s/o Walter & Barbara, married Amanda V. SHEPHERD, 21, Courtwright, same, d/o Henry & Susan, witn: Robert F. BAXTER of Mooretown & Maggie SHEPHERD of Courtwright, 14 Oct 1896 at Courtwright
  6647-96 William Achilles LAPHAM, 34, farmer, York Co. Canada, Bosanquet, s/o Alfred Fred & Catherine, married Sarah Jane DAVIDSON, 33, Middlesex Co., Bosanquet, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Walter ROGERS Of Bosanquet & Sarah WALDEN of Thedford, 16 Dec 1896 at Bosanquet
6624-96 Friend Richard LUCKHAM, no age given, photographer, Warwick, Kingsville, s/o William LUCKHAM & Margaret ROSS, married Lydia Loraine WORTHINGTON, no age given, Warwick, Watford, d/o Charles A. WORTHINGTON & Alice BURWELL, witn: David LUCKHAM of Petrolia & Annie McLAREN of Watford, 20 May 1896 at Watford 6532-96 Philip LYNCH, 36, railway conductor, Ireland, Port Huron Mich., s/o Thomas LYNCH & Catherine MARTIN, married Mary CULVER, 28, Forest, Courtwright, d/o Oliver CULVER & Mary QUINLAN, witn: Thomas BEDARD & Nellie McDONALD, both of Courtwright, 6 July 1896 at RC Church, Corunna
6650-96 Henry MARRIOTT, 40, widower, Leicestershire England, Plympton, s/o Henry & Eliza, married Annie Ross HARTLEY, 41, widow, Woodstock Ont., Plympton, d/o Hector ROSS & Jane, witn: John & Barbara HUNTER of Plympton, 5 March 1896 at Plympton 6426-96 Albert H. B. MASLEN, 21, clerk, England, Detroit, s/o Henry MASLEN & Sarah CHURCH, married Annie E. FROHM, 20, Marine City Mich., same, d/o Gustavis & blank, witn: Grace R. HENDERSON & Maud MURPHY, both of Sarnia, 11 July 1896 at Sarnia
  #006418-96  William Herbert MAVITY, 20, Ireland, Point Edward Ont, machinist, s/o Alfred MAVITY & Margaret HOAG, married Maggie JOHNSON, 19, Mitchell Ont, London Ont, d/o Edward C. JOHNSON & Margaret BYERS, witn: Margaret JOHNSON, C. Douglas HENDERSON, both Sarnia Ont, married 1 July 1896, Sarnia
6736-96 (Lambton Co): James McDERMID, 21, engineer, Kincardine, Petrolia, s/o Duncan & Mary Jane, married Maude Esther JOHNSTON, 18, Petrolia, same, d/o William & Henrietta, witn: Harvey SNIVELY & Edythe JOHNSTON, both of Petrolia, 15 Sept 1896 at Petrolia 6528-96 John H. McDONALD, 30, mariner, Chatham Ont., Chatham twp., s/o Hector & Abigal, married Thirza Mahala BRIGHTWELL, 25, Mooretown, same, d/o Richard & Thirza, witn: A. J. McDONALD of Chatham & M. V. BRIGHTWELL of Mooretown, 29 Jan 1896 at Mooretown
#006618-96 (Lambton Co): Donald McEACHERN, 49, widower, farmer, Scotland, Brooke, s/o Duncan & Annie, married Marilla CUTLER, 36, widow, Arkona, same, d/o Thomas & Sarah SHOWLER, witn: W.H. KENNEDY of Arkona & Annie FITZGERALD of London, 19 Feb 1896 at Watford 6623-96 John McLEAN, farmer, Caradoc twp., Enniskillen, s/o Allan McLEAN & Mary CAMPBELL, married Martha SAWYER, no age given, Tyrone Ireland, Brooke, d/o Samuel SAWYER & Martha McLEAN, witn: Mrs. John H. GRAHAM of Watford & Miss Maggie ROBSON of Warwick, 3 June 1896 at Watford
7967-97 Albert George MINIELLY, 25, farmer, Plympton twp., same, s/o George & Margaret, married Annie Bella JOHNSTON, 23, Adelaide twp., Sarnia twp., d/o James & Lydia, witn: James S. JOHNSTON of Sarnia twp & Caroline MINIELLY of Plympton twp., 16 Dec 1896 at Sarnia twp  
6520-96 George Ross MOIR, 42, widower, farmer, Huron Co., Enniskillen twp., s/o George & Agnes, married Carrie Alberta SELBY, 41, York Co., Courtright Ont., d/o John & Martha, witn: Thomas SELBY of London & Fannie CATHCART of Courtright, 8 April 1896 at Courtright 6608-96 Andrew MORGAN, 26, farmer, Warwick, same, s/o James & Eliza, married Minnie ROUTLEY, 23, Warwick, same, d/o Richard & Mary Ann, witn: George ROUTLEY & Jane MORGAN, both of Warwick, 14 Oct 1896 at Warwick twp
7751-97 Archibald G. MUNRO, 30, farmer, Euphemia, same, s/o Neil MUNRO & Janet GRAY, married Margaret G. WHITE, 27, Scotland, Brooke, d/o William WHITE & Margaret GRAY, witn: William WHITE & Jane McTAVISH, both of Brooke, 30 Dec 1896 at Brooke #006614-96 (Lambton Co): William E?. PARKER, 25, farmer, Warwick, same, s/o Benjamin & Ann, married Sarah Jane McKENZIE, 25, Warwick, same, d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn: Mary McKENZIE & S.G. PARKER, both of Warwick, 25 Dec 1896 at Warwick twp
6740-96 (Lambton Co): William Halsey REEVES, 22, farmer, USA, same, s/o Charles REEVES & Mary A, HERNSAKER?, married Ida M. CHURCHILL, 22, Canada, Petrolia, d/o James CHURCHILL & Frances RUSSELL, witn: W.H. GORMAN & Annie CANTELON, both of Petrolia, 16 Sept 1896 at Petrolia #006420-96 John H. REYNOLDS, 27, Chatham Ont, Sarnia, tailor, s/o Thomas & Annie, married Eunice FOSTER, 24, Sarnia, same, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: Robert ROSS of Port Huron, Margaret SHELTON of Goderich, married 5 August 1896, 112 Essex Street, Sarnia
6733-96 (Lambton Co): Thomas Francis RIDGE, 24, miller, Canada, Petrolia, s/o Thomas RIDGE & Lydia Ann KILLETS, married Clara DOWDALL, 22, Canada, Petrolia, d/o Henry DOWDALL & Charlotte TOMLINSON, witn: James GRAHAM & Tena RIDGE, both of Petrolia, 11 Aug 1896 at Petrolia 6509-96 John ROBINSON, 25, farmer, Brooke twp., Euphemia twp., s/o William & Sarah Jane, married Mabel KIMBALL, 17, Euphemia twp., same, d/o John & Mary, witn: John A. KIMBALL & Joseph ROBINSON, both of Euphemia, 17 June 1896 at Euphemia
6737-96 (Lambton Co): Frederick SCARSBROO (or Scarsbrook), 33, grocer, England, Petrolia, s/o William SCARSBROO & Emily RYMAN, married Mary Ann McGILL, 26, Canada, Petrolia, d/o James McGILL & Mary HUFFMAN, witn: W.F. PERCIVAL & Alice HUFFMAN, both of Petrolia, 15 Sept 1896 at Petrolia 007947-1897 (Lambton Co.) John SCHRAM, 33, farmer, Plympton, same, s/o Benjamin SCHRAM & Esther McPHEDRAN, married Jane NISBET, 32, Plympton, same, d/o David NISBET & Agnes DONALD, witn: Jeanette SULLIVAN of Plympton & Mrs. A. L. BRIDGE of Sarnia Twp., 23 Dec 1896 at Lot 6 Con 3 Plympton
6741-96 (Lambton Co): Albert Edwin SHAUGHNESSY, 29, lawyer, Mt. Forest, Petrolia, s/o Peter & Esther, married Emelyn ORCHARD, 26, Petrolia, same, d/o John ORCHARD & Mary MORWOOD, witn: Alex & S.S. McQUEEN of Petrolia, 22 Sept 1896 at res of bride's mother, Petrolia 6515-96 William SOMERSET, 24, farmer, Campden, Kent Co., s/o William SOMERSET & Helen McCRAE, married Sarah Jane STINSON, 25, Hastings Co.., Campden, d/o John STINSON & Uphemey illegible (M. O’Leary?, McLary?), witn: George LOWELL & Sabrina SOMERSET, both of Chatham, 9 Dec 1896 at Florence
6742-96 (Lambton Co): James SOMERVILLE, 26, farmer, Enniskillen, same, s/o William & Maggie Jane, married Ida May HARDING, 19, spinster, Jackson USA, Enniskillen, d/o Patrick & Mary ROE, witn: Selina BELL & Mary CARMICHAEL, both of Petrolia, 23 Sept 1896 at Petrolia #006540-96 (Lambton Co): Walter G. STENASON, 24, stationary engineer, London England, St. Thomas, s/o Albert & Margaret, married Hattie TRUEMAN, 21, St. Thomas, Courtwright, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: W.H. GREEN of Courtwright & Maud E. RATTAN of Sarnia, 23 Dec 1896 at Courtwright
6648-96 Alva SULLIVAN, 26, yeoman, Williamsburg, Elma, s/o Elias W. & Fanny, married Janette E. NISBET, 24, Plympton, same, d/o David & Agnes, witn: Jean NISBET of Plympton & Robert PAUL of Sarnia, 1 Jan 1896 at Plympton twp 6610-96 Albert E. SUTTON, 25, farmer, Brooke twp., same, s/o Samuel & Alice, married Emma HUME, 25, Warwick, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Minnie HUME of Warwick & Gilbert MAINS of Watford, 11 Nov 1896 at Warwick twp
  6661-96 John Henry TAYLOR, 27, farmer, Mitchell Ont., Brewster - Huron Co., s/o John & Esther, married Katherine E. GILLMORE (Gilmore?), 22, Hay twp., Lot 29 Con 13 of Plympton twp., d/o Samuel & Susan, witn: Robert GILLMORE & Martha Jane GILLMORE, both of Plympton, 24 June 1896 at Plympton twp
7889-97 John Wesley TICE, 30, farmer, Caistorville, Enniskillen, s/o Joseph & Esther, married Elizabeth SHAFT, 29, widow, Enniskillen, same, d/o John DENNIS & Elizabeth, witn: Maud AYEARST of Oil Springs & S. H. CARUTHERS of Wallaceburg, 18 Nov 1896 at Oil Springs 6622-96 Henry Dale WALKHAM (Waltham?), 28, farmer, Adelaide, Caradoc, s/o John & Jane, married Robina J. JONES, 30, Adelaide, same, d/o Philip & Jane Ann, witn: May & France BROWN of Watford, 29 April 1896 at Watford
6424-96 George J. WATSON, 24, manufacturer, London, same, s/o William & Mary, married Mary DELANEY, 22, London, same, d/o John DELANEY & Maggie LUCAS, witn: Grace R. & Maud E. HENDERSON of Sarnia, 15 July 1896 at Sarnia 6619-96 William WATSON, 41, widower, farmer, Plympton, Enniskillen, s/o James & Mary, married Elizabeth TAYLOR, 32, widow, England, Enniskillen, d/o George LEWIS & Rebecca, witn: Mrs. John GRAHAM & Mrs. John REID, both of Watford, 26 Feb 1896 at Watford
6514-96 Harvey Graham WEBSTER, 22, farmer, Florence, same, s/o John B. & Martha, married Florence Alberta McKENNEY, 23, Malahide, Florence, d/o Doyle & Sophia, witn: Frank GOSNELL of Ridgetown & Nellie ABERSWORTH? of Florence, 29 Dec 1896 at Florence #006421-96 Hiram WESTOVER, 28, Alymer Ont, same, butcher, s/o Louis WESTOVER & Eliza POWERS, married Hattie WOOD, 26, London  (or Layden) Ont, Petrolia Ont, d/o William WOOD & Harriet HUGHSON, witn; Mrs. Fred BOLLIGAR of Port Huron Mich, Maud MURPHY of Sarnia Ont, married 31 August 1896, Sarnia
6659-96 Duncan WHYTE, 32, teacher, Bosanquet, Forest, s/o Henry WHYTE & Christena SUTHERLAND, married Margaret Alice M. JARDINE, 21, Plympton, same, d/o John JARDINE & Eliza SYMINGTON, witn: Rev. D. S. HAMILTON of Forest & Mabel C. JARDINE of Plympton, 20 May 1896 at Plympton 6734-96 (Lambton Co): Andrew Joshua WILSON, 21, laborer, Canada, Petrolia, s/o William G. WILSON & Charlotte CHURCHILL, married Mary Jane BABCOCK, 18, Canada, Petrolia, d/o Sylvester BABCOCK & Mary Elizabeth DEBINE, witn: Minnie WILSON & R.E. SMYTHE, both of Petrolia, 12 Aug 1896 at Petrolia
6511-96 William Bilton WINTER, 24, farmer, Zone twp., same, s/o Thomas & Alice, married Mary Hannah ACKROYD, 24, Euphemia twp., same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Harry & Mary E. LINDON of Florence, 29 Oct. 1896 at Euphemia twp