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Lanark Co., 1903

birth place is given before residence


11235-03 William B. AFFLECK, 57, widower, farmer, Lanark twp., same, s/o Robert AFFLECK & Mary BARROWMAN, married Mary RODGER, 37, Lanark twp., same, d/o Henry RODGER & Jessie STEAD, witn: David SOMERVILLE of Lanark twp & Mrs. George CREIGHTON of Middleville, 6 Oct 1903 at Lanark twp  
11285-03 George ALLAN, 23, farmer, Olden, same, s/o William & Mary nee HANONEY?, married Rebecca McEWEN, 26, Oso, Bedford, d/o Thomas & Rebecca nee DUFFY, witn: Phoebe DRYSDALE & Mary D. TIMBERLAKE, both of Perth, 17 June 1903 at Perth 11172-03 William ALLAN, 70, widower, gentleman, Ireland, Carleton Place, s/o Michael ALLAN & Jane ALLAN, married Margaret Ann HALLIDAY, 59, widow, Wolford, Carleton Place, d/o Henry HORNBROOK & Elizabeth FLEMING, witn: Alice E. ELLIS & Mrs. STANLEY, both of Carleton Place, 2 June 1903 at Carleton Place
011383 -03  James A. ANDERSON, 44, carter, Ontario, Smiths Falls, s/o Henry ANDERSON and Margaret ARMSTRONG, married Helen Jane JOYNT, 25, Ontario, Smiths Falls, d/o Robert JOYNT and Margaret Jane illegible, witn: John FRIZELL of Port Elmsley and Ida May JOYNT of Smiths Falls, 2 Dec 1903 at Smiths Falls. 11303-03 Robert ANDERSON, 37, speculator, Ontario, Perth, s/o James & Jenet nee GEDDES, married Agnes Lucy O'MARA, 31, Ontario, Perth, d/o Timothy & Julia nee BOLGER, witn: Thomas MANION & Elizabeth O'MARA, both of Perth, 29 June 1903 at Perth
011372-03  Frederick E. ANDREWS, 31, farmer, London Ont., Smiths Falls, s/o Stephen ANDREWS and Diantha GILE, married Duncinna McLEOD, 22, Tayside, Smiths Falls, d/o Norman McLEOD and Isabel DEWAR, witn: William RYAN of Merrickville and Willena CLARK of Smiths Falls, 28 Oct 1903 at Smiths Falls 11167-03 John ARBUCKLE, 32, farmer, Goulbourn twp., Ramsay, s/o John ARBUCKLE & Catherine FORD, married Mary Jane MASON, 32, Carleton Place, same, d/o Benjamin MASON & Eliza HODGINS, witn: Frank & Catherine MASON of Carleton Place, 18 March 1903 at Carleton Place
011357-03  Thomas ASHMORE, 26, laborer, Ontario, Smiths Falls, s/o George ASHMORE and Maggie GRAHAM, married Nellie May GIFF, 24, Ontario, Montague, d/o Edward GIFF and Barbara WILLOUGHBY, witn: Thomas LUMSDEN and Eva SPLANE, both of Smiths Falls, 23 Sept 1903 at Smiths Falls  
011345-03  William Herbert BAKER, 21, laundryman, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, s/o Richard BAKER and Caroline EARL, married Sophia WELCH, 21, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o Harry WELCH and Louisa DAY, witn: Joseph BAKER and Jane WELCH, both of Smiths Falls, 6 May 1903 at Smiths Falls 11187-03 James Ethelbert BAKER, 22, machinist, Montreal, Carleton Place, s/o James W. BAKER & Isabella WATERMAN, married Katie LOWE, 24, Pakenham twp., Carleton Place, d/o William LOWE & Catherine HOWARD, witn: Sophia ELLIOTT & Jessie LOWE, both of Carleton Place, 1 Sept 1903 at Carleton Place
11188-03 James Munro BARBER, 26, laborer, Glen Tay, Carleton Place, s/o Alex BARBER & Janet MUNROE, married Barbara C. TAMAN, 24, Goodstown, Carleton Place, d/o William TAMAN & Eliza A. MILLS, wit: James S. TULLIS of Perth & Maggie M. TAMAN of Carleton Place, 16 Sept 1903 at Carleton Place 11288-03 Frederick BEVAN, 23, farmer, England, Oso, s/o Richard & Elizabeth nee HUGHES, married Sarah KIRKHAM, 32, South Sherbrooke, same, d/o William & Mary Jane nee WATSON, witn: Ada MITCHELL & Theresa A. COLLINS, both of Perth, 7 Sept 1903 at Perth
11256-03 Timothy Sidney BLAIR, 30, farmer, Ramsay, same, s/o Timothy BLAIR & Alice BENNING, married Elizabeth Leitch LINDSAY, 29, Pakenham, same, d/o James LINDSAY & Jane THOMPSON, witn: Walter BELTON of Almonte & Jean M. LINDSAY of Pakenham, 16 Sept 1903 at Pakenham  
11160-03 John A. BOLAND, 24, weaver, Grafton twp., Carleton Place, s/o John BOLAND & Ann BURGESS, married Lizzie LYONS, 21, Carleton Place, same, d/o John LYONS & Mary MORPHY, witn: John BOLAND Sr. & John LYONS, both of Carleton Place, 2 Feb 1903 at Carleton Place 11169-03 Thomas BOLGER, 48, widower, porter, Ireland, Carleton Place, s/o Michael BOLGER & Elizabeth ROSITER, married Esther Ann BENNETT, 25, Canada, Carleton Place, d/o William BENNETT & Mary SIMPSON, witn: Sophia ELLIOTT & Edith WARREN, both of Carleton Place, 20 (25?) April 1903 at Carleton Place
11164-03 Richard Thomas BOLTON, 29, farmer, Beckwith, Assiniboia NWT, s/o Thomas BOLTON & Jane DUNCAN, married Mary FANNING, 32, Beckwith twp., same, d/o Robert FANNING & Ellen LEACH, witn: Samuel FANNING & Annie RATTRAY, both of Beckwith, 18 Feb. 1903 at Carleton Place 011347-03  Leslie A. BOROMAN, 26, cheese maker, North Augusta, same, s/o James BOROMAN and Urilla METCALFE, married Nellie J. PRICE, 20, Newbliss, Newbliss, d/o William PRICE and Eliza JAMES, witn: Clara CODE and Esther ROWE, both of Smiths Falls, 11 Mar 1903 at Smiths Falls.
11182-03 Daniel BOWYER, 51, widower, farmer, St. Ja--? Que., Augusta twp., s/o George BOWYER & Margaret SHIELDS, married Mary Fraser CORR (Carr?), 37, widow, Admaston twp., Carleton Place, d/o Donald FRASER & Agnes McKENZIE, witn: John H. & Annie Bell BRADFORD of Carleton Place, 4 Aug 1903 at Carleton Place 011337-03  William BRENNAN, 34, moulder, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, s/o John BRENNAN and Ellen FARRELL (?), married Catharine SIMPSON, 24, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o Henry SIMPSON and Catharine McALLISTER, witn: George BURCH and Kate SIMPSON, both of Smiths Falls, 4 Feb 1903 at Smiths Falls.
011384-03  Wallace Cidmar? BROWN, 30, farmer, Leeds County, Leeds County, s/o Byron BROWN and Mary Ann AVERY, married Eleanor Victoria STEWART, 20, Leeds County, Leeds County, d/o Adam STEWART and Mary Ann DRINKWATER, witn: James R. FALE of Perth and Mabel MINST of Brockville, 23 Dec 1903 at Smiths Falls 11252-03 Daniel H. BROWNLEE, 27, laborer, Clarendon, Arnprior, s/o Edward BROWNLEE & Jane QUALE, married Annie ARMSTRONG, 24, Clarendon, Braeside, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Robert BROWNLEE & Mary Belle ARMSTRONG, both of Braeside, 19 Aug 1903 at Pakenham
011380-03  Bernard BUCHANAN, 32, butcher, Port Elmsley, Port Elmsley, s/o Daniel BUCHANAN and Bridget McGOWAN, married Ellen CARROLL, not given, Montague, Montague, d/o Luke CARROLL and Mary DENNEHY, witn: Luke CARROLL of Montague and Mary McGOWAN of Perth, 27 Oct 1903 at Smiths Falls 011204-03  Henry W. BUDD, 30, North Sherbrooke, same, farmer, s/o William BUDD & Mary BROWNLEE, to Bella W. McLAREN, 29, Dalhousie, same, d/o John McLAREN & Mary BROWN, witn: John A. BROWNLEE of N., Sherbrooke, Aggie McLAREN of Dalhousie, 14 January 1903 at Dalhousie
11304-03 William BYRNE, 25, farmer, Ontario, Drummond, s/o Bernard & Jane nee DEVLIN, married Matilda KEHOE, 23, Ontario, Perth, d/o Henry & Elizabeth nee RYAN, witn: Charles DOYLE of Drummond & Florence KEHOE of Perth, 7 July 1903 at Perth 11194-03 Albert CAMERON, 39, widower, blacksmith, Pakenham, Desbarats Algoma, s/o James CAMERON & Elizabeth McDOUGALD, married Susan McNABB, 38, Carleton Place, same, d/o David McNABB & Mary Ann NOLAN, witn: H. N. McNABB & Samuel BAIN, both of Carleton Place, 15 Oct. 1903 at Carleton Place
11296-03 David CAMPBELL, 62, widower, farmer, Lanark, same, s/o Archibald & Marion nee GEMMELL, married Jennie GORDON, 60, widow, Lanark, same, d/o Adam CRAIG & Janet GEMMELL, wtn: William & Jennie CAMPBELL of Perth, 4 Nov 1903 at Perth 11281-03 Arthur George CAMPBELL, 30, miller, Cayuga NY, Baltimore, s/o Edmund Clarke CAMPBELL & Elizabeth M. JESSOP, married Christena Emma McLAREN, 30, Drummond, same, d/o Dougald & Maria L. nee THORNTON, witn: John S. HOWE of Fitzroy & Mary DAVIS of Perth, 8 April 1903 at Drummond
  011350-03  William CARNEGIE, 27, stone mounter, Port Elmsley, Smiths Falls, s/o John CARNEGIE and Elizabeth FEATHERSTONE, married Elizabeth ARCAND, 25, North Gower, Smiths Falls, d/o Leon ARCAND and Elizabeth RIVEST, witn: Kate COUGHLAN of Smiths Falls and Lia (?) DUSARIENNE of Arnprior, 20 May 1903 at Smiths Falls
11289-03 Henry Christopher CHAPLIN, 23, car inspector, Brantford, Smith Falls, s/o James & Catherine nee MONTGOMERY, married Isabel THORNTON, 24, Bathurst, Perth, d/o James ABERCROMBIE (sic) & Margaret CARON?, witn: E. O. MONTGOMERY of Carleton Place & Maggie THORNTON of Perth, 9 Sept 1903 at Perth 11234-03 Alfred Daniel CHAPLIN, 33, widower, painter, Bathurst, Glen Tay, s/o Henry CHAPLIN & Martha McKAY, married Sarah GILES, 29, waitress, Ramsay, Perth, d/o Robert GILES & Amelia WILLIS, witn: Enoch & Annie GILES of Lanark, 18 Aug 1903 at Lanark
011201-03  George Thomas CHAPMAN, 31, Huntley Twp., Ramsay, farmer, s/o John CHAPMAN & Ann McKINLEY, to Annie May LEECH, 22, North Gower, Carleton Place, d/o Phineas LEECH & Mary Ann SALTER, witn: John GRAHAM of Carleton Place, Amy B. SALTER of Franktown, 23 December 1903 at Carleton Place 011369-03  John B.F. CHECKLEY, 25, farmer, North Augusta, Elizabethtown, s/o John B. CHECKLEY and Elizabeth MARSHALL, married Gertrude NIGHSWANDER, 23, Thorold, Green River, d/o Josephus NIGHSWANDER and Kate WHITE, witn: Mary E. STILES and Esther ROWE, both of Smiths Falls, 7 Oct 1903 at Smiths Falls
11275-03 Peter Walter CLEMENT, 31, book keeper, N. Sherbrooke, Perth, s/o Simon CLEMENT & Victoria McDONALD, married Sarah Ann CORLAY, 23, Maberly, Perth, d/o Patrick CORLEY & Elizabeth BOLES, witn: Barbara McDONALD of Montreal & Eliza C. CURRIE of Perth, 21 Jan 1903 at Perth 11257-03 Richard COLEMAN, 28, laborer, Arnprior, Montreal, s/o William COLEMAN & Margaret McGILLIS, married Ellen COADY, 23, Fitzroy, same, d/o William COADY & Margaret KELLY, witn: William & Mary COADY of Fitzroy, 20 Oct 1903 at Pakenham
011342-03  James CONNORS, 27, farmer, County of Drummond (sic), same, s/o Michael CONNORS and Ellen BUDD, married Clarissa Lucy HOURIGAN, 38, widow, Leeds County, same, d/o Oliver HOLLIDAY and Margaret LOCK----, witn: Joseph CONNORS and Hariett LOUCKS, both of Smiths Falls, 18 March at Smiths Falls.  
011378-03  George Robert CRAIG, 23, book agent, Dundas County, Russell County, s/o David CRAIG and Angeline SHELP, married Mary Alice FOSTER, 23, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o William FOSTER and Emily BECKFORD, witn: Hamilton S. McNEIL and Elizabeth H. McNEIL, both of Smiths Falls, 9 Nov 1903 at Smiths Falls 011335-03  William DAVIS, 35, farmer, Kitley, Kitley, s/o William DAVIS and Sarah PERWITH (?), married Phoebe Eliza GILROY, 36, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o Edward GILROY and Phoebe DAVIS, witn: Harry COOPER of Kitley and Katharine SMITH of Smiths Falls, 28 Jan 1903 at Smiths Falls
11178-03 George DEWER (Dewar?), 28, farmer, Beckwith, Barrie, s/o Archibald DEWER & Jennie SCOTT, married Jessie Ann ROBERTSON, 29, Beckwith, Carleton Place, d/o Hugh ROBERTSON & Christena FERGUSON, witn: Hugh & Mary ROBINSON of Carleton Place, 24 June 1903 at Carleton Place 11302-03 William DEWITT, 25, farmer, Ontario, Bathurst, s/o John & Mary nee NEIL, married Mary HOGAN, 25, Ontario, Bathurst, d/o Richard & Mary nee BRADY, witn: Daniel HOGAN of Perth & Ida DEWITT of Brantford, 17 June 1903 at Perth
11291-03 William George DIAL, 40, clerk, Innisville, Ottawa, s/o Jeremiah & Elizabeth nee CODE, married Emma Laura YOUNG, 32, Appleton, Perth, d/o James Hugh & Annie nee NEIL, witn: Mary GRIFFIN & Mrs. A. MINER, both of Perth, 29 Sept 1903 at Perth 11186-03 James Samuel DOLAN, 26, merchant tailor, Almonte, Carleton Place, s/o John DOLAN & Letitia KILPATRICK, married Mary Eleanor GARDINER, 23, Huntley twp., Carleton Place, d/o James GARDINER & Mary MOOREHEAD, witn: George R. DOLAN of Carleton Place & M. LOWRY of Bells Corners, 26 Aug 1903 at Carleton Place
11135-03 Russell H. DOUGLAS, 21, laborer, Marlborough, Carleton Place, s/o Samuel DOUGLAS & Margaret GORMAN, married Martha Hannah PRICE, 17, Carleton Place, same, d/o Samuel PRICE & Eliza Ann CODE, witn: Samuel PRICE of Carleton Place & A. ROBINSON of Almonte, 8 June 1903 at Almonte  
11290-03 John DOWDALL, 23, farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o James & Sarah nee CASTLE, married Mary SMITH nee BIRMINGHAM, 21, widow, England, Bathurst, d/o Thomas & Mary nee McGRAW, witn: Robert BURRIS & Edward CAIN, both of Perth, 23 Sept 1903 at Perth 011198-03  John DOWNEY, 51, Huntley Twp., Carleton Place, shoemaker, s/o Andrew DOWNEY & Eliza MANOHUE, to Velma WAY, 36, Sophiasburg, Carleton Place, d/o Alfred WAY & Mary E. BESONDAY, witn: Albert BRUNDAGE & Maud WAY, both of Carleton Place, 11 November 1903 at Carleton Place
11308-03 Martin DOYLE, 28, farmer, Ontario, Drummond, s/o Martin & Ellen nee WALSH, married Bridget LAMBERT, 35, Ontario, Drummond, d/o Francis & Mary nee NEEDHAM, witn: Charles HOLLINGER of Fergusons Falls & Margaret DOYLE of Drummond, 29 Sept 1903 at Perth 011367-03  John Rufus DREW, 24, locomotive fireman, Ottawa, Smiths Falls, s/o Alex W.A. DREW and Elizabeth MALONE, married Matilda Janette BECKETT, 22, Norwood, Carberry Manitoba, d/o John S. BECKETT and Matilda E. HAWTHORNE, witn: R.L. JENNER and George G. SCOTT, both of Smiths Falls, 21 Oct 1903 at Smiths Falls
011339-03  Daniel DRUMMOND, 37, builder, Ramsay, Montreal, s/o Peter DRUMMOND and Jane DUNLOP, married Annie CALLAHAN, 29, Mt. St. Patrick, Smiths Falls, d/o Michael CALLAHAN and Alice O'GRADY, witn: Albert DUPONT and Mary Ann DUPONT, both of Smiths Falls, 24 Feb 1903 at Smiths Falls 011340-03  John DRUMMOND, 27, machinist, Beckwith, Smiths Falls, s/o Russell DRUMMOND and Mary Eliza LOWE, married Catharine M. BEVERIDGE, 35, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o Hugh BEVERIDGE and Ann DREW, witn: James DRUMMOND of Beckwith and Eliza BUTLER of Osgoode, 24 Feb 1903 at Smiths Falls.
  011356-03  Sidney Herbert DUFF, 26, moulder, Brockville, Smiths Falls, s/o George DUFF and Matilda GRANGER, married Emma HILL, 26, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o Robert HILL and Sara PHILLIPS, witn: James HILL of Smiths Falls and Jennie COURRIER of Kemptville, 29 Jul 1903 at Smiths Falls
011205-03  William DUNCAN, 28, Dalhousie, Reston - Manitoba, farmer, s/o William DUNCAN & Violet REID, to Annie AMELL, 29, Dalhousie, same, d/o David AMELL & Elizabeth HUGHES, witn: William MILLAR of Palmerston, Mary AMELL of Dalhousie, 28 January 1903 at Dalhousie 11266-03 Edward P. ENRIGHT, 25, tailor, Ontario, Perth, s/o Timothy ENRIGHT & Ann BYRNE, married Agatha BADOUR, 22, Ontario, Perth, d/o Mag? & Bridget A., witn: Mathew O'DONAHOE of Perth & Mrs. Catherine BADOUR of Ontario, 1 (11?) Aug 1903 at Perth
011353-03  William McMurray EWART, 26, lawyer, Napanee, Westport, s/o William EWART and Mary KILLINE (Killem?), married Anna May STEACY, 24, Lansdown, Smiths Falls, d/o Robert W. STEACY and Maria MARWICK, witn: William Steacy BELL and Jennie VANDUSEN, both of Smiths Falls, 1 June 1903 at Smiths Falls. 011376-03  John D. FERGUSON, 38, farmer, Montague, Montague, s/o James FERGUSON and Eliza JANES, married Blanche M. STANLEY, 32, Perth, Smiths Falls, d/o John STANLEY and Catharine CLARKE, witn: Margaret NIXON and Jean NESS, both of Smiths Falls, 3 Sept 1903 at Smiths Falls
11293-03 William Eagan FERRIER, 22, farmer, Burgess, Bathurst, s/o John & Margaret nee CAVERS, married Agnes FINDLAY, 22, Manotick, Burgess, d/o Alexander & Ellen nee MOODIE, witn: E. C. & G. S. CURRIE of Perth, 10 Oct 1903 at Perth 11124-03 Osias FORGET, 26, carpenter, Grenville, same, s/o Alexander FORGET & Josette PICHE, married Rosalie JETTI (Jette?), 24, Pembroke, same, d/o Toussant JETTE & Olive RACOTTE, witn: Alfred TERRIEN & Mary LEITCH, both of Almonte, 7 Jan 1903 at Almonte
11286-03 George Ward FOSTER, 25, machinist, Port Hope, Perth, s/o William & Mary nee OWENS, married Iver? Jane SOPER, 22, Frankville, Perth, d/o William F. & Margaret nee BENNETT, witn: George BOTHWELL of Peterboro & Maud M. JAQUES of Perth, 24 June 1903 at Perth 011362-03  Walter H. FREEMANTLE, 22, car repairer, England, Smiths Falls, s/o John FREEMANTLE and Hattie BOHAM, married Janet ALLAN, 21, Scotland, Smiths Falls, d/o James ALLAN and Christina BROWN (?), witn: Mrs. Edward MILLS and Eliza MILLS, both of Smiths Falls, 26 Sept 1903 at Smiths Falls.
011203-03  William Charles FRIZZLE, 36, Drummond Twp., same, farmer, s/o Charles FRIZZLE & Mary JAMES, to Mary Amanda CONNORS, 29, Wolford, Carleton Place, d/o Jacob CONNORS & Elizabeth JENKINS, witn: George S. JAMES of Perth, Helena OLMSTAD of Ottawa, 20 December 1903 at Carleton Place 011334-03  Archibald GARLAND, 23, laborer, Lanark County, Smiths Falls, s/o Nicholas GARLAND and Margaret FORD, married Matilda KNIGHT, 21, d/o John KNIGHT and Margaret MORROW, witn: Charlotte DAVIS and Emma McLEAN, both of Smiths Falls, 26 Jan 1903 at Smiths Falls.
11183-03 Joseph GARVIN, 28, section laborer, Goulbourn twp., Carleton Place, s/o Moses GARVIN & Hattie COGLAN (Coghen?), married Sarah Jane LOWE, 22, Lanark Co., Carleton Place, d/o John LOWE & Annie McFADDEN, witn: Thomas E. SMITH & Mary GOW, both of Ashton, 12 Aug 1903 at St. James Church, Carleton Place 11230-03 Elijah GILES, 29, farmer, Ramsay, same, s/o Robert GILES & Amelia WILLIS, married Ella Jane THOMPSON, 26, Ramsay, same, d/o Robert THOMPSON & Charlotte SHEPPARD, witn: Jackson LOWE of Almonte & Harriet A. THOMPSON of Ramsay, 10 June 1903 at St. Johns Church
11184-03 Robert William GODFREY, 29, laborer, England, Carleton Place, s/o William GODREY & Sarah BUNCK, married Annie Jane MILLS, 36, Ireland, Carleton Place, d/o Charles MILLS & Ann FOSTER, witn: Will H. HOOPER of Carleton Place & Kate HOGG of Lanark, 19 Aug 1903 at Carleton Place 011361-03  Norman GONIGAL, 24, butcher, Canada, Carleton Place, s/o Samuel GONIGAL and Jane WILSON, married Jennie WEEDMARK, 19, Canada, Burrits Rapids, d/o Frederick WEEDMARK and Eliza NEIL, witn: Willard WEEDMARK of Merrickville and Nellie WEEDMARK of Burrits Rapids, 23 Sept 1903 at Smiths Falls
11292-03 William GORDON, 21, farmer, Maberly, same, s/o Charles & Mary Ann nee CLARK, married Ada Isabel MITCHELL, 18, Newfoundland, Perth, d/o John Robert & Ann nee EVANS, witn: J. M. STEACY & Minnie MITCHELL, both of Perth, 30 Sept 1903 at Perth 11233-03 Sylvester GRACE, 26, Machine agent, Pakenham, Arnprior, s/o James John GRACE & Catherine O'NEIL, married Teresa Jane CAFFREY, 22, milliner, Drummond, same, d/o Joseph McCAFFREY & Ellen McGARVEY, witn: John BURNS of Arnprior & Josephine McCAFFREY of Drummond, 29 July 1903 at Fergusons Falls
11228-03 George A. GRAHAM, 44, farmer, Lanark twp., same, s/o Joseph GRAHAM & Ann Jane GOSS, married Mary C. MITCHELL, 33, Lanark twp., same, d/o John D. MITCHELL, farmer, & Margaret RODGER, witn: John McLAREN & Mrs. John McLAREN, both of Lanark twp., 14 April 1903 at Lanark twp 11313-03 Wellington GREEN, 48, widower, steamboat captain, Wellington Co., Nipissing Dist., s/o Alexander & Ellen nee LOUGHEED, married Margaret TRUELOVE , 38, Bathurst, same, d/o William & Annie nee KIRKHAM, witn: Wilma GREEN of Nipissing & Annie FYFE of Brantford, 23 Dec 1903 at Perth
11231-03 Richard D. HALPENNY, 42, widower, farmer, Lanark, Drummond, s/o Isaac HALPENNY & Alice FRIZZELL, married Margaret E. TENNANT, 35, Lanark twp., same, d/o Edward TENNANT & Jane CLARKE, witn: John B. BOTHWELL of McGarry & Laura M. TENNANT of Lloyd, 16 June 1903 at Lloyd, Lanark twp 11297-03 Francis William HALL, 31, barrister, Perth, same, s/o Francis Alexander & Harriet nee DUNHAM, married Margaret Elsie McLAREN, 34, Perth, same, d/o Peter & Sophia Elizabeth nee LEES, witn: Charles M. POPE of New York City & Margaret McLAREN of Ardoch N. Dakota, 18 Oct 1903 at Perth
11130-03 Isaac HALPENNY, 35, farmer, Lanark, North Dakota, s/o Isaac HALPENNY & Alice FRIZZELL, married Florence E. RAE, no age given, Almonte, same, d/o James RAE & Anna WHALEN, witn: John HALPENNY of Carleton Place & Mamie A. RAE of Almonte, 7 April 1903 at Almonte 22768-06 William J. HARDEN, 32, laborer, Wells Ireland – N.g. estate, same, s/o John HARDEN & Margaret RODES, married Mary Ann McCOY, 24, Drummond, same, d/o Andy McCOY & Ellen LEWIS, witn: Charlotte McCOY of Innisvillle & Albert McCOY of Manitoba, 1 Jan 1903 at Drummond twp
011035-04  Stephen HAROLD, 36, farmer, Huntley, Pakenham, s/o John HAROLD & Jane BERRY, married Emma KENNEDY, 27, Huntley, Almonte, d/o John KENNEDY & Mary KELLY, wtn: John VAUGHAN & Mary SHEEHAN, both of Huntley, on November 24, 1903, at Almonte 11261-03 Alexander Charles HAZARD, 27, carpenter, Onslow Que., Pakenham, s/o Robert HAZARD & Sarah MOONEY, married Mary McCLINTON, 26, Pakenham, same, d/o Liegg? McCLINTON & Elizabeth DAVISON, witn: George A. HAZARD of Quyon? Que. & Mabel McCLINTON of Pakenham, 28? Dec 1903 at Pakenham
11305-03 John HENRATTY, 35, painter, Ontario, Perth, s/o Patrick & Ellen nee HOGAN, married Rebecca McKINNON, 28, Ontario, Perth, d/o John & Jane nee DARRAH, witn: Richard HOGAN & Catherine McKINNON, both of Perth, 10 Aug 1903 at Perth 11169-03 Richard Wentworth HICKS, 32, clerk, England, New York, s/o James HICKS & Elizabeth A. EDWARDS, married Jean Matilda McDIARMID, 28, nurse, Middleville, Carleton Place, d/o James Robert McDIARMID & Helen RODGER, witn: William Lyle REID of Ottawa & Ethel Maud McDIARMID of Carleton Place, 14 April 1903 at Carleton Place
011197-03  Thomas H. HOUSTON, 23, Almonte, Arnprior, dry goods clerk, s/o Thomas HOUSTON & Martha CLOSE, to Francis SEAMARK, 20, Arnprior, same, d/o James SEAMARK & Elizabeth GARDINER, witn: Andrew SCOTT of Toronto, B. C. SCOTT of Carleton Place, 2 November 1903 at Carleton Place 11301-03 Henry HUDSON, 28, mechanic, Perth, same, s/o Henry HUDSON & Margaret GRAHAM, married Elizabeth HAGARTY, 27, Elmsley, Perth, d/o John HAGARTY & Mary RYAN, witn: William HAGARTY of Elmsley & Annie HUDSON of Perth, 16 June 1903 at Perth
#011119-04 John HUGHES, 21, labourer, Maberly, Palmerston Twp, s/o Patrick HUGHES & Janet SHANKS, married Minnie Bell DUNCAN, 17, Palmerston Twp, North Sherbrooke, d/o Alexander DUNCAN & Katie FERGUSON, witn: Joseph AMELL, Dalhousie Twp & Eliza DUNCAN, North Sherbrooke, 30 Dec 1903 at North Sherbrooke 11298-03 James HUGHES, 36, farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o James & Margaret nee CLARKE, married Bridget EARLY, no age given, Perth, same, d/o David & Bridget nee BYRNE, witn: Patrick LEONARD of Bathurst & Elizabeth BYRNE of Drummond, 13 Jan 1903 at Perth
11166-03 James JEFFRIES, 57, widower, laborer, England, Ottawa, s/o William JEFFRIES & Elizabeth GAMBLE, married Jane WATERS, 60, widow, Nepean twp., Carleton Place, d/o John DOHERTY & Sarah HANNAH, witn: J.H. DOHERTY of Ottawa & Martha GARLAND of Carleton Place, 12 March 1903 at Carleton Place  
11181-03 Robert JENNETT, 26, brakeman, Craighurst Ont., Chapleau, s/o Joseph JENNETT & Annie HENDERSON, married Mary Elizabeth CRIPPS, 20, Craighurst, Chapleau, d/o Villers CRIPPS & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: Sophia ELLIOTT & Honor GLOVER, both of Carleton Place, 18 July 1903 at Carleton Place 011349-03  Harold H.N. JONES, 27, machinist, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, s/o William JONES and Eliza DUCETT, married Bertha WRIGHT, 28, Elgin, Smiths Falls, d/o John WRIGHT and Eliza COLEMAN, witn: Mary E. STILES and Clara CODE, both of Smiths Falls, 29 Apr 1903 at Smiths Falls
011359-03  Thomas E. KEAN, 27, laborer, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, s/o Robert KEAN and Annie McKNIGHT, married Lily May DOWDELL, 18, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o Harvey DOWDELL and Sarah CASSELL, witn: M.E. STILES and Esther ROWE, both of Smiths Falls, 16 Sept 1903 at Smiths Falls 11300-03 Peter KEHOE, 25, clerk, Ontario, Perth, s/o John & Catherine nee BYRNE, married Mary HOGAN, 23, Bathurst, Perth, d/o Michael & Sarah nee GROGAN, witn: Patrick KEHOE & Maud HOGAN, both of Perth, 15 June 1903 at Perth
011363-03  John McWalter KEITH, 30, accountant, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, s/o David Robert KEITH and Anne BAXTER, married Mary Effie GRAHAM, 26, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o Robert GRAHAM and Annie GARRETT, witn: Henry J. KEITH and Stella GRAHAM, both of Smiths Falls, 17 Sept 1903 at Smiths Falls  
11276-03 Western Smythe KELLY, 29, lumberman, Bridgenorth, same, s/o Western B. KELLY & Mary Huldy MANN, married Harriet May JAQUES, 28, Colborne, Perth, d/o Marcus M. JAQUES & Ida DUDLEY, witn: Thomas Noble KELLY of Bridgenorth & Mary Eugenie KILLIP of Picton, 23 Feb 1903 at Perth 11174-03 John Wesley KELLY, 28, laborer, Merrickville, Smith Falls, s/o John KELLY & Eunice DILLABOUGH, married Mary Ann HASTIE, 28, widow, Stittsville, Carleton Place, d/o William WILLIAMS & Mary Ann HOUSTON, witn: Sophia & Cassie V. ELLIOTT, both of Carleton Place, 8 June 1903 at Carleton Place
011341-03  Archibald Wilson KENDRICK, 28, blacksmith, Brockville, Jasper, s/o Richard KENDRICK and Esther McINTOSH, married Annie May LYNCH, 24, Jasper, Jasper, d/o Frederick LYNCH and Ida CROSS, witn: A.W. STUBBS of Smiths Falls and Elizabeth WICKWARE of Ottawa, 24 Feb 1903 at Smiths Falls 11163-03 William Gorgan KIDD, 29, farmer, Lanark Co., Manitoba, s/o Thomas KIDD & Sarah HAFFNEY, married Ellen Matilda FANNING, 32, Beckwith twp., same, d/o Robert FANNING & Ellen LEACH, witn: Herman KIDD of Halpenny Ont & Catherine FANNING of Beckwith, 18 Feb 1903 at Carleton Place
  11152-03 Andrew Henry KILFOYLE, 35, farmer, Canada, McGregor Manitoba, s/o Henry KILFOYLE & Sarah KIDD, married Sarah Lavinia BURNS, 32, Canada, Beckwith, d/o John BURNS & Ann FERGUSON, witn: Herbert SHIRLEY of Smith Falls & Etta M. BURNS of Drummond, 28 Jan 1903 at Beckwith
11274-03 Frank E. KIRST, 24, carriage maker, Elgin twp., same, s/o Mack (Mark?) KIRST & Dora WILTIS, married Ethel M. GILROY, 22, Athens, same, d/o Ebenezer GILROY & Adeline DORWAY, witn: William & Mrs. William BATH of Perth, 19 Jan 1903 at Perth 11190-03 William Conn LACKEY, 21, laborer, Montague twp., Carleton Place, s/o Charles LACKEY & Esther CONN, married Margaret Christena ROBERTSON, 24, Drummond twp., same, d/o Daniel ROBERTSON & Jane McGREGOR, wit: Mrs. John McLEOD & Annie L. WOODSIDE, both of Carleton Place, 10 Sept 1903 at Carleton Place
11295-03 Henry Albert LARK, 23, brick layer, Drummond, Sudbury, s/o John & Annie nee MOULTON, married Jessie RICHARDSON, 21, Labrador, Perth, d/o William & Jane nee MAJOR, witn: Edward CAIN & Bertha RICHARDSON, both of Perth, 20 Oct 1903 at Perth 11259-03 George LATHAM, 35, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o Nathan LATHAM & Sarah STYLES, married Henrietta MORRISON, 22, Glasgow Scotland, Torbolton, d/o James MORRISON & Annabella CUNNINGHAM, witn: Robert PEAVER of Torbolton & Lizzie LANGFORD of Danfrid? Lake, 2 Dec 1903 at Pakenham
11137-03 Walter Edward LATIMER, 25, printer, Waterloo Ont., Carleton Place, s/o John LATIMER & Maggie SILLS, married Leah DURAND, 27, Drysdale - Huron Co., Carleton Place, d/o Peter DURAND & Julia MAYNE?, witn: J.B. ILLINGSWORTH of Almonte & A.W. LOCHEAD of North Gower, 28 June 1903 at Almonte  
11143-03 Charles W. LAWSON, 23, farmer, Pakenham, same, s/o Charles LAWSON & illegible SMITH, married Emma LOOP, 31, Almonte, same, d/o Thomas LOOP & Annie FLETCHER, witn: Frank LOOP & Benjamin HILLIARD, both of Carleton Place, 21 Oct. 1903 at Almonte 011366-03  Arthur LEACOCK, 31, tinsmith, County of Renfrew, Smiths Falls, s/o John LEACOCK and Miriam McCOLE, married Elizabeth KERR, 30, County of Leeds, Smiths Falls, d/o Abraham KERR and Elizabeth ABELS, witn: Claude G. HUFFMAN and Ethel MINER, both of Smiths Falls, 14 Oct 1903 at Smiths Falls
011200-03  Samuel Thomas LEECH, 41, Beckwith Twp., Lisbon - North Dakota, general agent, s/o Samuel LEECH & Sarah FANNING, to Sarah Jane JORDAN, 30, Innisville, Carleton Place, widow, d/o James LEWIS & Jane STEWART, witn: John H. SMITH of Carleton Place, Joseph J. LEWIS of Drummond Twp., 23 December 1903 at Carleton Place 011351-03  Moses James LEEDER, 33, farmer, Yonge Twp., Yonge Twp., s/o Joseph LEEDER and Eleanor KAVANAGH, married Bridget Sophia HEALY, 26, Montague, Montague, d/o Denis S. and Anne, witn: Patrick CONNORS of Yonge Twp. and Esther HEALY of Montague, 2 June 1903 at Smiths Falls.
  11134-03 John Robertson LEES, 23, butcher, Almonte, same, s/o Thomas LEES & Mary ROBERTSON, married Jennie MONTGOMERY, 21, Huntley, Almonte, d/o Thomas MONTGOMERY & Margaret McGEE, witn: Robert LITTLE & Lizzie MONTGOMERY, both of Almonte, 3 June 1903 at Almonte
11250-03 Angus LEMON, no age given, laborer, St. Regis, Fitzroy, s/o Thomas LEMON & Sarah MARTIN, married Margaret HYNDMAN, no age given, Fitzroy, same, d/o B. HYNDMAN & Ann KERR, witn: Mrs. F. & Miss BLISS of Pakenham, 12 July 1903 at Pakenham 11251-03 Edward LEVI, 38, hotel keeper, Pakenham, Michigan, s/o James LEVI & Alice FARRY, married Mary Julia BYRNE, 30, Pakenham, McNab, d/o John BYRNE & Ellen O'NEIL, witn: Anselime BYRNE of McNab & Elizabeth LEVI of Pakenham, 18 Aug 1903 at Pakenham
011346-03  Lindsay LIBRON?, 24, machinist, Canada, Smiths Falls, s/o William LIBRON and Susan COURTNEY, married Mary Eliza WHITE, 23, Canada, Smiths Falls, d/o John WHITE and Louisa POMROY, witn: Esther ROWE and Mary E. STILES, both of Smiths Falls, 6 Mar 1903 at Smiths Falls. 11146-03 George LITTLE, 22, laborer, Almonte, same, s/o James LITTLE & Annie DUNLOP, married Myra G. KERR, 27, Lanark, Almonte, illegitimate d/o Agnes KERR, witn: J.K. KELLY & Bella KEAN, both of Almonte, 1 Dec 1903 at Almonte
  011385-03  Robert George LUCAS, 28, merchant, Lanark County, Smiths Falls, s/o James R. LUCAS and Jane LEACH, married Harriet Ida McCREARY, 29, Lanark County, Smiths Falls, d/o Robert McCREARY and Mary SEYMOUR, witn: William LUCAS and Margaret McCREARY, both of Smiths Falls, 29 Dec 1903 at Smiths Falls.
11278-03 George Seymour LYON, 22, printer, Richmond, Colborne, s/o Charles & Samuel nee GREEN, married Valeria Theresia EDMISTON, 18, Brantford, Perth, d/o James A. Theresa L. nee FOE, witn: Gertrude LYONS (sic) & Emerson EDMISTON, both of Perth, 21 March 1903 at Perth 011371-03  Thomas MADDOCK, 23, labourer, England, Smiths Falls, s/o Thomas MADDOCK and Polly SHELMAINE, married Helen McNEIL, not given, England, Smiths Falls, d/o Matthew McNEIL and unknown, witn: William DEAN and Lizzie WESTERMAN, both of Smiths Falls, 28 Oct 1903 at Smiths Falls.
11153-03 John Henry MAINS, 24, farmer, Canada, Goulbourn, s/o Thomas MAINS & Eliza MONTGOMERY, married Rebecca HUESTON, 22, Canada, Goulbourn, d/o Thomas HUESTON & Ellen HANNAH, witn: William J. LIGHTBODY & Mrs. Annie M. PERGAN?, both of Beckwith, 28 Jan 1903 at Methodist parsonage, Beckwith 011196-03  Allan MASON, 71, Essex - England, Carleton Place, widower, agent piano & organ, s/o Allen MASON & Elizabeth BODMAN, to Catherine A. SUMNER, 60, Ashton - Ont., Carleton Place, d/o John SUMNER & Ellen BEARMAN, witn: M. W. SUMNER & H. W. SHIPMAN, both of Carleton Place, 20 October 1903 at Carleton Place
11314-03 Robert MATHEWS, 32, farmer, Elmsley, same, s/o John & Rebecca nee McMULLEN, married Naomi LEWIS, 27, North Gower, Perth, d/o Thomas & Sarah Ann nee FARRELL, witn: Harriet MICKLESTONE & Minnie MITCHEL, both of Perth, 31 Dec 1903 at Perth 011360-03  William Fowler MATTHEWS, 28, machinist, England, Montreal, s/o Charles MATTHEWS and Jane FOWLER, married Minnie DONOHUE, 25, U.S., Smiths Falls, d/o Thomas DONOHUE and Mary McKINNON, witn: George F. McKINNON and A.J. KENNEDY, both of Smiths Falls, 17 Sept 1903 at Smiths Falls
011358-03  Elisha MATTICE, 32, farmer, United States, County of Leeds, s/o George W. MATTICE and Phemsy McLEAN?, married Emma COOPER, 20, Newboro, Newboro, d/o John COOPER and Victoria KIRKLAND, witn: Edward C. FINDLAY of Smiths Falls and Marian SPICER of Newboro, 23 Sept 1903 at Smiths Falls 11141-03 Archibald McCALLUM, 28, clerk, Carleton Place, Almonte, s/o Archie McCALLUM & Maxwell? McINTOSH, married Annie Donald McGILL, 25, Almonte, same, d/o James McGILL & Sarah A. MUNRO, witn: J.W. McCALLUM & Susie McGILL, both of Almonte, 6 Oct. 1903 at Almonte
11309-03 James McCANN, 56, farmer, Ontario, Westport, s/o Michael & Mary nee FERRIGAN, married Margaret BENNETT, 45, Ontario, Perth, d/o John & Margaret nee KEARNS, witn: Thomas HURLEY & Rose Mary MURPHY, both of Westport, 3 Nov 1903 at Perth 11253-03 John Ach. McCONNELL, 34, clergyman, N. Sherbrooke, not given, s/o John BUCHANAN (sic) & Jane BUCHANAN, married Louisa Lorraine DICK, 24, Pakenham, same, d/o Alexander DICK & Eliza SWITZER, witn: J. Young FERGUSON of Admaston & Margaret A. MOAG of Smith Falls, 19 Aug 1903 at Pakenham
11283-03 Andrew McCOY, 26, farmer, Oso, Bathurst, s/o Arthur & Catherine nee FISHER, married Margaret Jane ALLAN, 19, Carleton Place, Perth, d/o William & Elizabeth nee McMULLEN, witn: George HOPKINS of Bathurst & Annie ALLAN of Perth, 3 June 1903 at Perth 11125-03 Robert McCRACKEN, 32, merchant tailor, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o James McCRACKEN & Anne McCONNELL, married Mary HAMILTON, 28, Shawville, Almonte, d/o John HAMILTON & Susan BARNETT, witn: Joseph McCRACKEN of Ottawa & Kate CAMPBELL of Almonte, 28 Jan 1903 at Almonte
11144-03 George A. McDONALD, 53, law clerk, Smith Falls, Kingston, s/o George McDONALD & Jane ARMOUR, married Euphemia F. ALLEN, 39, Perth, Almonte, d/o Alexander ALLEN & Euphemia ALLEN, witn: A.J. McADAM & M. H. TAIT, both of Almonte, 28 Oct. 1903 at Almonte 011208-03  Alfred James McDOUGALL, 24, Dalhousie, Lanark, cheese maker, s/o James McDOUGALL & Jennie CONROY, to Matilda PAUL, 22, Dalhousie, same, d/o James A. PAUL & Margaret CONROY, witn: Edward JORDAN of Calabogie, Mary J. PAUL of Dalhousie, 3 June 1903 at Dalhousie
11161-03 Patrick William McEACHERN, 24, laborer, Beckwith, Almonte, s/o Alexander McEACHREN & Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, married Mary Ann RYAN, 23, mill worker, Almonte, same, d/o John RYAN & Harriet Ann BADER?, witn: Alexander & Rebecca McEACHREN of Carleton Place, 22 Jan 1903 at Carleton Place 011338-03  George Frederick McGONEGAL, 25, conductor, Carleton Place, Ottawa, s/o Joseph McGONEGAL and Mary HIDDAN (?), married Frances BOLTON, 23, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o William H. BOLTON and Catharine CUNNINGHAM, witn: W.G. HOPKINS of Peterborough and George BOLTON of Toronto, 27 Feb 1903 at Smiths Falls
11175-03 William Albert McKIM, 30, paper hanger & decorator, Carleton Place, Jasper, s/o Richard McKIM & Mrs. CUMMINGS - widow, maiden name unknown, married Ettie Phoebe BEAMISH, 19, Jasper, same, d/o Richard BEAMISH & Sarah Ann CROSS, witn: John & Mrs. John McFARLANE of Carleton Place, 10 June 1903 at Carleton Place 11365-03  John McKINNON, 23, moulder, Glasgow Scotland, Smiths Falls, s/o John McKINNON and Rachel McKENZIE, married Lucy McVEIGH, 21, Athens, Smiths Falls, d/o Henry McVEIGH and Orphelia LOCKWOOD, witn: Thomas H. TROTTER and Maud May TROTTER, both of Smiths Falls, 7 Oct 1903 at Smiths Falls
11236-03 Robert Miller McNEELY, 27, farmer, Beckwith, same, s/o John McNEELY & Matilda DRUMMOND, married Harriet A. THOMPSON, 21, Ramsay, same, d/o Robert THOMPSON & Charlotte SHEPPARD, witn: Elijah GILES & Charlotte V. THOMPSON, both of Ramsay, 23 Sept 1903 at St. Johns Church, Innisville 011354-03  Hamilton S. McNEIL, 37, laborer, Almonte, Smiths Falls, s/o John and Margaret, married Elizabeth H. DILLABOUGH, 35, widow, Carleton Place, Smiths Falls, d/o Thompson P. PERRY and Harriet V. DILLABAUGH, witn: Walter ATKINSON and Mrs. ATKINSON, both of Smiths Falls, 20 June 1903 at Smiths Falls
11306-03 Andrew McTAVISH, 29, farmer, Ontario, Elmsley, s/o Duncan McTAVISH & Anna NAGLE, married Mary E. McLEAN, 26, Ontario, Perth, d/o Robert McLEAN & Mary McFARLAND, witn: William FINLAY & Margaret McTAVISH, both of Perth, 10 Aug 1903 at Perth 11254-03 John Allan MENZIES, 31, widower, bridge man, Bathurst, Perth, s/o John MENZIES & Catherine McCOY, married Sarah Jane DOWDALL, 19, Bathurst, Pakenham, d/o John DOWDALL & Maggie LEDGERWOOD, witn: Robert B. MENZIES of Bathurst & Susan STANLEY of Pakenham, 2 Sept 1903 at Pakenham
11132-03 David H. MOFFATT, 21, locomotive fireman, Carleton Place, same, s/o David MOFFATT & Euphemia SOMERVILLE, married Annie LITTLE, 19, Almonte, same, d/o James LITTLE & Margaret DUNLOP, witn: Herbert E. NOLAN of Carleton Place & Nellie NOLAN of Almonte, 13 May 1903 at Almonte  
11312-03 William T. MOODIE, 26, farmer, Scotland, Scotch Line, s/o adopted son of Andrew MOODIE & Bella HARPER, married Sarah Jane SMITH, 24, Combermere, res not given, d/o Thomas & Julia nee SOLWAY, witn: Alfred A. MOODIE of Scotch Line & Isabel G. HARPER of Drummond, 2 Dec 1903 at Perth 11287-03 Homer H. MOORE, 29, teacher, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Frederick & Sarah nee HAGERMAN, married Beatrice Minerva JAMES, 25, Perth, same, d/o Charles & Ellen nee WEBSTER, witn: Jasper Newton MOORE of Addison & Laura A. JAMES of Perth, 15 July 1903 at Perth
011370-03  George MORRISON, 29, liveryman, Canada, Smiths Falls, s/o James MORRISON and Mary Ann ROGERS, married Mary Ann LUCAS, 28, Canada, Smiths Falls, d/o Robert LUCAS and Letitia FERGUSON, witn: Robert LUCAS and Maggie LUCAS, both of Smiths Falls, 26 Oct 1903 at Smiths Falls 011207-03  William Henry MURRAY, 28, Dalhousie, Clyde Forks, lumberer, s/o James MURRAY & Janet WATT (or WATTS), to Mabel EASTON, 21, Clyde Forks, same, d/o Thomas EASTON & Hannah BALFOUR, witn: William McILROY & Mary McILROY, both of Dalhousie, 3 June 1903 at Dalhousie
11127-03 William NEEDHAM, 33, farmer, Pakenham, same, s/o George NEEDHAM & Letitia STEWART, married Elizabeth SADLER, 28, Pakenham, same, d/o William SADLER & Margaret JOHNSTON, witn: John W. McCAIN of Pakenham & Georgie CAVANAGH of Huntley, 25 Feb 1903 at Almonte 11139-03 Robert James NEIL, 26, blacksmith, Arnprior, Almonte, s/o James NEIL & Mary A. LYNCH, married Mary CURRIE, 21, Scotland, Almonte, d/o John CURRIE & Mary RIDDELL, witn: Ralph HILL of Almonte & Margaret RUTHERFORD of Perth, 16 Sept 1903 at Almonte
11151-03 George James NESBITT, 22, blacksmith, Canada, Almonte, s/o James NESBITT & Elizabeth CONBOY, married Eva Susan PIERCE, 19, Canada, Franktown, d/o William PIERCE & Jemima MURPHY, witn: Edward MONTGOMERY of Carleton Place & Margaret NESBITT of Beckwith, 21 Jan 1903 at St. James Church, Franktown 11168-03 Darius Wilmott NEWBERRY, 43, farmer, Graton? twp - Northumberland Co., Moose Jaw Assiniboia, s/o Bennett NEWBERRY & Mary DINGMAN, married Katherine CRANE, 23, teacher, Silver? Isle - Beckwith twp., Carleton Place, d/o Daniel CRANE & Elizabeth HARKNESS, witn: Frank & Mrs. Frank NELSON of Carleton Place, 19 March 1903 at Carleton Place
11299-03 James O'CONNOR, 31, farmer, Ontario, Edmonton, s/o James & Mary nee McMAHON, married Elizabeth KEHOE, no age given, Ontario, Perth, d/o Henry & Elizabeth nee RYAN, witn: Alexander KEHOE of Perth & Anna FRIZELL of Drummond, 22 April 1903 at Perth 11128-03 Patrick O'MARA, 45, mill operative, Huntley, Almonte, s/o John O'MARA & Julia WHELAN, married Annie ROONEY, 45, Huntley, Almonte, d/o James ROONEY & Catherine DWYRE, witn: James LYNCH & Mary E. ROONEY, both of Almonte, 23 Feb 1903 at Almonte
  11192-03 Samuel ORMEROD, 38, widower, laborer, Carleton Co., Carleton Place, s/o Thomas ORMEROD & Rachel, married Mary Jane STANZELL, 39, Ashton, Carleton Place, d/o Benjamin STANZELL & Sarah THOMLINSON (Tomlinson?), witn: James & Caroline S. ROBINSON of Carleton Place, 26 Sept 1903 at Carleton Place
011381-03  George PATTERSON, 26, general labourer, Ontario, Smiths Falls, s/o James PATTERSON and Sarah Jane NEALY, married Nina BRANFIELD, 25, Scotland, North Augusta, d/o Charles BRANFIELD and not known, witn: Mary E. STILES and Esther ROWE, both of Smiths Falls, 18 Nov 1903 at Smiths Falls 11131-03 Charles PATTERSON, 28, foundry man, Carleton Place, same, s/o William PATTERSON & Mary Ann PATTI, married Nellie Jane McGEE, 20, Darling twp., same, d/o Henry McGEE & Jane JORDAN, witn: A.F. SHEARN & A.W. FLANNIGAN, both of Almonte, 11 April 1903 at Almonte
011206-03  John Albert PAUL, 24, Dalhousie, same, farmer, s/o James A. PAUL & Margaret CONROY, to Agnes J. McDOUGALL, 24, Dalhousie, same, d/o Alexander McDOUGALL & Mary DUNN, witn: Thomas PAUL & Eva McDOUGALL, both of Dalhousie, 25 March 1903 at Dalhousie 011209-03  Joseph PAUL, 29., Dalhousie, same, farmer, s/o James B. PAUL & Annie MULLAN, to Mary Ellen GIBSON, 23, Dalhousie same d/o William R. GIBSON & Euphemia NAIRNS, witn: Lorne PAUL & Clara V. GIBSON, both of Dalhousie 10 June 1903 at Dalhousie
  11277-03 Albert Walter PEGG, 29, farmer, Ontario, St. Thomas ND, s/o Elisha & Sarah Jane nee SIMONS, married Maggie JACKSON, 26, Glen Tay, same, d/o Oliver & Elinor nee STRONG, witn: Ernest STRONG of Bathurst & Lena J. JACKSON of Glen Tay, 4 March 1903 at Perth
11232-03 Thomas Edward PERRY, 23, cheese maker, Yorkshire England, Kingston, s/o Wilfred PERRY & Emma BRADLEY, married Christena Bell SCOULAR, 23, lady, Lanark twp., same, d/o John SCOULAR & Elizabeth FOSTER, witn: Frank PERRY of Kingston & Christena HOGG of Lanark twp., 29 April 1903 at Lanark twp 11189-03 John W. PERRY, 28, brick layer, Carleton Place, Smith Falls, s/o Thompson PERRY & Harriet DILLABOIS, married Bertha CONNOR, 21, Wolford twp., same, d/o Robert CONNOR & Lizzie PHILLIPS, wit: William AINSLEY & Tillie CURRIER, both of Smith Falls, 15 Sept 1903 at Carleton Place
11177-03 Charles E. A. POCOCK, 27, clergyman, Compton Que., Little Current Ont., s/o Frederick POCOCK & Sarah McKEE, married Caroline E. SWITZER, 27, Carleton Place, same, d/o Anson SWITZER & Clarinda WILLIAMS, witn: John SWITZER of Carleton Place & Clarinda M. BELL of Ottawa, 15 June 1903 at Carleton Place 11307-03 Henry PONTON, 25, laborer, Ontario, Bathurst, s/o Joseph & Josephine Nee PAQUETTE, married Margaret E. LEE, 22, Ontario, Bathurst, d/o not known, witn: Alexander GOODMAN & Edith PAQUETTE, both of Perth, 23 Sept 1903 at Perth
11176-03 Robert Reynolds POWELL, 28, clerk, Russell Co., Carleton Place, s/o Robert POWELL & Ann ARGUE, married Elsie Florence LEVER, 26, Nepean Co (sic), Carleton Place, d/o Henry LEVER & Mary McKITRICK, witn: Alfred A. & Maude POWELL of Carleton Place, 10 June 1903 at Carleton Place 011336-03  Charles POWER, 21, fitter, Montreal, Smiths Falls, s/o John POWER and Flora WEBB, married Veronica PAQUETTE, 22, Carleton Place, Smiths Falls, d/o not given, witn: Armand GIROUX and Isabella GIROUX, both of Smiths Falls, 23 Jan 1903 at Smiths Falls
11237-03 Daniel G. PRETTY, 28, farmer, Darling, same, s/o John PRETTY & Jane Ann MUNROE, married Carrie Ethel MANSON, 18, Darling, same, d/o John MANSON & Letitia MANARIE, witn: Ozias MANARIE & Maria PRETTY, both of Darling, 23 Dec 1903 at Middleville  
11310-03 William PUBLOW, 30, clerk, Ontario, Perth, s/o James & Bridget nee BRADY, married Mildred Emma COUSETT (Cousitt?), 30, Ontario, Perth, d/o George N. COUSETT & Isabella McGILLIVRAY, witn: Dr. N. W. DWYRE of Perth & Anna McGILLIVRAY of Montreal, 16 Nov 1903 at Perth 11279-03 William H. PURDON, 36, farmer, McDonalds Corners, same, s/o William & Elizabeth nee McDOUGALD, married Maggie GILCHRIST, 27, Palmerston, same, d/o Duncan & Agnes nee GILCHRIST, witn: David & Jane McCONNELL of Bathurst, 2 April 1903 at Perth
11260-03 William Paul REID, 43, farmer, Pakenham, same, s/o Samuel SMITH (sic) & Euphemia PAUL, married Janet Coyne LAWSON, 36, Fitzroy, Pakenham, d/o Charles LAWSON & Jane SMITH, witn: William BUCHANAN of Pakenham & John GILMORE of Ramsay, 16 Dec 1903 at Pakenham 011195-03  William Lyle REID, 24, Brockville, Ottawa, insurance, s/o John R. REID & Emma K. RUSLAND, to Ethel M. McDIARMID, 24, Middleville, Carleton Place, d/o Robert McDIARMID & Helen RODGER, witn: George H. ROSS of Ottawa, Lena J. McDIARMID of Carleton Place, 16 September 1903 at Carleton Place
11129-03 Thomas James REID, 33, merchant, Scotland, Almonte, s/o John REID & Catherine HALDANE, married Agnes J. DRUMMOND, 30, Almonte, same, d/o Peter DRUMMOND & Jane DUNLOP, witn: Alex REID of Arnprior & Kate McGREGOR of Almonte, 25 March 1903 at Almonte 010453-02  Thomas REILLY, 28, laborer, London England, Smiths Falls, s/o Thomas REILLY and Mary McMANUS, married Mary Ellen O'MARA, 27, Kitley, Smiths Falls, d/o Thomas O'MARA and Mary Anne MURPHY, witn: John B. MURPHY of Drummond and Mary Ellen CARROLL of South Elmsley, 14 Jan 1903 at Smiths Falls
011199-03  John ROBINSON, 30, Carleton Place, same, laborer, s/o John ROBINSON & Elizabeth CONLEY, to Maud NOLAN, 22, Ramsay Twp., same, d/o Robert NOLAN & Mary WEIR, witn: Fred STANGALL & Libbie ROBINSON, both of Carleton Place, 25 November 1903 at Carleton Place 11138-03 Joseph Henry ROBINSON, 22, laborer, Quebec, Carleton Place, s/o Hugh ROBINSON & Catherine OLMSTEAD, married Sarah SPINKS, 22, White Lake, Almonte, d/o Edward SPINKS & Mary RAMSBOTTOM, witn: William & W.H. COX of Carleton Place, 6 July 1903 at Almonte
11229-03 David Stewart RODGER, 33, farmer, Lanark twp., same, s/o William RODGER & Jane STEWART, married Jean Whyte AFFLECK, 27, Middleville, same, d/o William B. AFFLECK, farmer, & Sarah MITCHELL, witn: Ed ANDERSON of Middleville & Jane AFFLECK of Perth, 10 Jun 1903 at res of William B. Affleck 11180-03 Adam James SALTER, 29, farmer, Montague, same, s/o John SALTER & Ellen GARLAND, married Minnie LEDGERWOOD, 22, Pakenham, Carleton Place, d/o Samuel LEDGERWOOD & Sarah LOWE, witn: E. G. PIERCE of Franktown & Annie BOALE of Carleton Place, 24 June 1903 at Carleton Place
011379-03  Adolphe Orland SAUCIER, 25, tailor, Van Kleek Hill, Smiths Falls, s/o Peter SAUCIER and Mary THOMAS, married Sarah Edna LEVER, 19, Carleton Place, Smiths Falls, d/o Robert LEVER and Rachel JENKINSON, witn: Preston KERR and George G. SCOTT, both of Smiths Falls, 14 Nov 1903 at Smiths Falls 11154-03 Thomas Samuel SHAW, 28, carpenter, Canada, Pakenham, s/o David SHAW & Elizabeth COMBA, married Eva Jane CODE, 22, Canada, Beckwith, d/o William CODE & Mary STANLEY, witn: Minor COMBA of Almonte & Ida CODE of Beckwith, 18 Feb 1903 at res of William Code, Beckwith
11162-03 John Meredith SHEIL, 25, farmer, Franktown, Drummond twp., s/o Thomas SHEIL & Elizabeth MEREDITH, married Elizabeth GRIFFITHS, 31, Drummond twp., same, d/o Thomas GRIFFITHS & Sarah IMESON?, witn: Edward COATES & Sophie ELLIOTT, both of Carleton Place, 4 Feb 1903 at Carleton Place  
11185-03 Alex Miller SHEPHERD, 23, brakeman, Pembroke, Carleton Place, s/o David SHEPHERD & Katie LISTON, married Annie Elizabeth MACKAN (Mashan?), 19, Carleton Place, same, d/o Thomas Tide MACHAN & Elizabeth CONWAY, witn: Andrew SCOTT of Toronto & B. C. SCOTT of Carleton Place, 20 Aug 1903 at Carleton Place 11284-03 Alfred Ernest SHEPPARD, 24, printer, Drummond, Perth, s/o Archibald & Catherine J. nee MARTIN, married Margaret Lillie PHILIP, 27, Perth, same, d/o Henry & Margaret nee LATIMER, witn: Alex M. SHEPPARD of Fergusons Falls & Carrie PHILIP of Perth, 3 June 1903 at Perth
011202-03  Joseph Albert SINCLAIR, 26, Carleton Place, same, brakeman, s/o Finlay SINCLAIR & Janet WILSON, to Maggie May TAMAN, 19, Marlbrough, Carleton Place, d/o William TAMAN & Eliza MILLS, witn: Joseph TAMAN & Mrs Joseph LAMAN, Carleton Place, 24 December 1903 at Carleton Place 011382-03  Thomas SINNOTT, 38, farmer, South Elmsley, South Elmsley, s/o Robert SINNOTT and Anne BALFE, married Mary Ellen CARROLL, 23, South Elmsley, South Elmsley, d/o James CARROLL and Catharine O'MARA, witn: John James BALFE and Mary JORDAN, both of Lombardy, 24 Nov 1903 at Smiths Falls.
  11171-03 Thomas Albert SMYTHE, 22, fireman, Ottawa, Carleton Place, s/o James Thomas SMYTHE & Isabella Mary BORTHWICK, married Mary Sophia GIBNIE, 21, Carleton Place, same, d/o William GIBNIE & Katherine BRALEY, witn: Mrs. John McLEOD & Annie L. WOODSIDE, both of Carleton Place, 5 May 1903 at Carleton Place
11255-03 John Wesley SPLANE, 24, laborer, Carleton Place, same, s/o Samuel SPLANE & Mary Ann EDWARDS, married Lila Maud FRANCE (Frame?), 21, Carleton Place, Pakenham, d/o Robert FRANCE & Meda PIERSON, witn: Mary E. YOUNG & Louisa PHEE, both of Pakenham, 9 Sept 1903 at Pakenham 011386-03  Francis STAFFORD, 22, metal worker, Ontario, Smiths Falls, s/o Richard not given and Lucy Ann BERRY, married Esther ROWE, 22, Ontario, Smiths Falls, d/o Walter ROWE and not known, witn: Andrew D. FRANCIS and Essa FRANCIS, both of Smiths Falls, 31 Dec 1903 at Smiths Falls
11142-03 Milton STANLEY, 25, laborer, Beckwith, Carleton Place, s/o Charles STANLEY & Mary ALLEN, married Jessie J. GRAHAM, 21, Connecticut, Ramsay, d/o Andrew GRAHAM & Mary LYONS, witn: James GRAHAM of Ramsay & Edith McNEILLY of Carleton Place, 15 Oct. 1903 at Almonte  
11311-03 Benjamin STEACY, 33, gardener, Ontario, Perth, s/o Thomas & Mary nee BURNS, married Ellen O'MARA, 27, Ontario, Perth, d/o Timothy & Julia nee BULGER, witn: Benjamin BISSONETTE & Agnes O'MARA, both of Perth, 26 Nov 1903 at Perth 11294-03 Joseph Sylvanus STEACY, 22, laborer, Anticosti, Perth, s/o Philip & Susanna nee OSBORNE, married Caroline Victoria CORNELL, 22, Elmsley North, Perth, d/o George CORNELL & Almina nee CAIN, witn: Alonzo CORNELL & Marcella RICHARDSON, both of Perth, 14 Oct. 1903 at Perth
11272-03 Benjamin STEACY, 33, laborer, Newfoundland, Perth, s/o Thomas STEACY & Mary BARNES, married Ellen O'MARA, no age given, Ontario, same, d/o Timothy O'MARA & Julia BOLGER, witn: Benjamin BISWORTH? & Agnes O'MARA, both of Ontario, 25 Nov 1903 at Perth 11282-03 Wilfred A. STEWART, 24, cheese maker, Drummond, Balderson, s/o John A. STEWART & Elizabeth DOBBIE, married Mary MORROW, 28, South Sherbrooke, Maberly, d/o James MORROW & Mary STILLER, witn: John STEWART of Balderson & Maggie MORROW of Maberly, 8 April 1903 at Bathurst
  11191-03 Robert TAGGART, 39, clergyman, Kath? - Co. Antrim Ireland, Carleton Place, s/o William TAGGART & Rebecca HOUSTON, married Bertha MUNRO, 31, teacher, Appleton, Carleton Place, d/o Donald MUNRO & Agnes YOUNG, witn: George TAIT & Eva L. MUNRO, both of Carleton Place, 23 Sept 1903 at Carleton Place
11155-03 Charles Francis Ray TAYLOR, 26, merchant, Canada, Carleton Place, s/o William TAYLOR & Barbara DONALD, married Mary Maud CRAM, 27, Canada, Beckwith, d/o Samuel G. CRAM & Mary McROSTIE, witn: M. W. TAYLOR of Carleton Place & Alva MOE of Sherbrooke, 2 June 1903 at res of P.G. Cram, Beckwith 11170-03 Rufus Henry TETLOCK, 26, tinsmith, Carthage NY, Carleton Place, s/o Henry TETLOCK & Maria CODE, married Edna Pearl PRESCOTT, 24, Carleton Place, same, d/o William PRESCOTT & Annie VIRTUE, witn: Cecil Leonard TETLOCK & Sarah Jane PRESCOTT, both of Carleton Place, 29 April 1903 at Carleton Place
011343-03  Charles THORNHILL, 26, printer, Ontario, Smiths Falls, s/o William THORNHILL and Emma GRANT, married Mabel DIXON, 22, Ontario, Smiths Falls, d/o Samuel DIXON and Harriet BOLTON, witn: William CARNEGIE and Maud MOSS, both of Smiths Falls, 28 Mar 1903 at Smiths Falls 11136-03 R.J.B. TIMMONS (Timmins?), 28, merchant, Inkerman, Almonte, s/o J.S. TIMMONS & Harriet ROSE, married Edith McKECHNIE, 25, Almonte, same, d/o J.W. McKECHNIE & Mary JAMIESON, witn: H.F. TIMMONS & Edith M. MILLER, both of Almonte, 15 June 1903 at Almonte
11258-03 Michael William TIMMS, 38, farmer, Ramsay, Pakenham, s/o James TIMMS & Johanna DONNELL, married Mary Louisa FARRELL, 31, Renfrew Co., Pakenham, d/o Thomas FARRELL & Bridget HARMON?, witn: Mathew FARRELL of Pakenham & Mary Ann TIMMS of Ramsay, 18 Nov 1903 at Pakenham 011348-03  John TOMAN, 27, engineer, Hamilton, Havelock, s/o John TOMAN and Eliza DIPLEDGE, married Mabel JONES, 25, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o Charles JONES and Mary Ann ROONEY, witn: Harry TOMAN of Havelock and Eva JONES of Smiths Falls, 24 Mar 1903 at Smiths Falls.
011364-03  Thomas H. TROTTER, 24, moulder, County Sligo Ireland, Smiths Falls, s/o John TROTTER and Mary FOY, married Maud McVEIGH, 25, Athens, Smiths Falls, d/o Henry McVEIGH and Orphelia LOCKWOOD, witn: John McKINNON and Lucy McVEIGH, both of Smiths Falls, 7 Oct 1903 at Smiths Falls. 11179-03 William John TRUELOVE, 24, blacksmith, Drummond, Middleville, s/o John TRUELOVE & Ellen SERGEANT, married Maggie Jeanette McNEELY, 24, Beckwith, Carleton Place, d/o Bryce McNEELY & Grace STEWART, witn: John GAMBLE of Weymiss & Edith J. McNEELY of Carleton Place, 24 June 1903 at Carleton Place
11126-03 Robert H. VERNER, 22, machinist, Straftord, Carleton Place, s/o Gilbert VERNER & Margaret HUTCHISON, married Sarah E. PEDEN, 23, Brockville, Almonte, d/o William PEDEN & Agnes HILLIS, witn: Clifford LANGTRY of Carleton Place & Zelma DIER of Westport, 24 Feb 1903 at Almonte 11280-03 William WATT, 26, carriage maker, Brockville, Toronto, s/o Charles & Bella nee HEASLIP, married Harriet Rebecca COOPER, 22, Newfoundland, Perth, d/o William & Jane nee OSBORNE, witn: Harriet MUCKLESTONE & Evangeline COOPER, both of Perth, 21 April 1903 at Perth
11133-03 Alfred WAY, 60, widower, finisher in woolen mill, Ontario, Carleton Place, s/o William WAY & Hannah TRIPP, married Eliza Ann NEIL, 48, widow, Carleton Place, same, d/o George HURDIES & Melissa GILMAN, witn: Catherine & Phoebe REID of Almonte, 13 May 1903 at Almonte 011355-03  Arthur WEBB, 39, laborer, Winchester Springs, Smiths Falls, s/o Charles WEBB and Elizabeth KENNEDY (?), married Eva Estella REES, 45, widow, Watertown NY, Smiths Falls, d/o Ira Richmond BUTLER and Hannah Cordelia illegible, witn: W.S. STEPHENS of Alvinston and Mrs. Harry McNEIL of Smiths Falls, 23 June 1903 at Smiths Falls.
11145-03 Robert WEIR, 39, laborer, Beckwith, Carleton Place, s/o James WEIR & Ellen ARNETT, married Maria OATTS, 32, Ramsay, Almonte, d/o James OATS (sic) & Mary NOLAN, witn: W.J. WEIR of Ramsay & Edna STEWART of Arnprior, 2 Dec 1903 at Almonte  
011352-03  John WHITE, 35, farmer, Montague, Montague, s/o Robert WHITE and Janet McCAW, married Jane Elizabeth BROCKLEBANK, 35, Carleton County, Montague, d/o William BROCKLEBANK and Martha THOMPSON, witn: Winona PITCHER and Phebe HOWE, both of Smiths Falls, 20 May 1903 at Smiths Falls. 11165-03 Almond Boyce WHITE, 29, farmer, Lyndhurst Ont., same, s/o George WHITE & Margaret STRUTHERS, married Maye BROWN, 21, Phillipsville, Carleton Place, d/o William A. BROWN & Nettie WING, witn: W. O. & Mrs. W.O. WING of Lyndhurst, 10 Feb 1903 at Carleton Place
011368-03  Frederick O. WILDE, 23, mechanic, Richmond, Smiths Falls, s/o George WILDE and Harriet MUNDY, married Jennie M. JOHNSTON, 22, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o Adam JOHNSTON and Sarah PORTER, witn: Andrew JOHNSTON and Harriet WILDE, both of Smiths Falls, 6 Oct 1903 at Smiths Falls 011344-03  William R. WOOD, 28, farmer, Lombardy, Lombardy, s/o Robert WOOD and Johanna LOOBY, married Bertha E. NICHOL, 25, Athens, Smiths Falls, d/o George NICHOL and Susanna WILTSE (?), witn: Albert E. WOOD of Lombardy and Ella NICHOLS (sic) of Smiths Falls, 8 Apr 1903 at Smiths Falls
  11140-03 Samuel YORK, 22, laborer, England, Fitzroy, s/o Samuel YORK & Mary A. COLLIER, married Mary Ann COOPER, 19, Cobden, Almonte, d/o Alfred COOPER & Elizabeth LEAKE, witn: Robert KEWLEY of Arnprior & Lizzie COOPER of Almonte, 23 Sept 1903 at Almonte