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Lanark Co., 1909

birth place was not usually given on 1909 registrations


012710-09 (Lanark Co.) Ernest James AIKIN, 20, laborer, of Ramsay Twp, s/o Andrew IAKIN & Sarah ARMSTRONG, married Susan COCHRANE, 24, of Almonte, d/o Thomas COCHRANE & Jane NEWELL, wtn: Howard MONTELL & Lizzie COCHRANE, both of Almonte, on May 12, 1909, at Almonte 012755-09 (Lanark Co) John William BANNING, 26, Farmer, of Arnprior, s/o John BANNING & Ellen MAY, married Elsie Marie McPHERSON, 25, of Carleton Place, d/o William McPHERSON & Margaret RORISON, Witn.: Wilford McPHERSON, Jennella CROZIER, both of Carleton Place, April 14, 1909 at Carleton Place
012727-09 (Lanark Co), Thomas Gillespie BARR, 22, of McNab Twp, farmer, s/o James BARR & Janet COCHRANE, to Della Allen PHILLIPS, 18, of McNab Twp, d/o Robert PHILLIPS & Martha McLEAN, witn Mrs Margaret DALY & Agnes FORGIE, both of Almonte, 6 Oct 1909 at Almonte 12879-09 Peter Lawrence BARR, full age, farmer, of Langhan Sask., s/o Thomas BARR, farmer, & Fanny CAMERON, married Kate Laura HOUSTON, full age, of Ramsay, d/o Andrew HOUSTON, farmer, & Hannah GALBRAITH, witn: Neil R. HOUSTON of Appleton & Mary E. BARR of Halls Mils, 29 Dec 1909 at Ramsay
  012732-09 (Lanark Co), Henry BEAL, 36 carpenter, of Perth, s/o Charles Albert BEAL & Mary Ann RAWSON, to Catherine GAMBLE, 34, of Bathurst, d/o Andrew R. GAMBLE, famer, & Mary Ann BLAIR, witn: C. A. BAIRD of Perth, Lizzie J. GAMBLE of Bathurst, 5 Aug 1909 at Bathurst
012745-09 (Lanark Co), Andrew A. BELLAMY, 43, of Carleton Place, widower, carpenter, s/o Jacob BELLAMY & Harriett PIKE, to Jane DOWDALL, 43, of Beckwith Twp, d/o George DOWDALL & Jane SHANNON, witn: James CALDER & Ettie DOUGLAS, both of Beckwith Twp, 25 Aug 1909 at Beckwith Twp 12914-09 Garnet BILLINGS, 26, farmer, of Brockville, s/o William BILLINGS, farmer, & Nora WORDEN, married Elizabeth A. YARWOOD, 18, of Smith Falls, d/o John C. YARWOOD, contractor, & Annie STOREY, witn: Alice & William YARWOOD of Smith Falls, 7 Aug 1909 at Smith Falls
012762-09 (Lanark Co) William BRICE, 42, Farmer, of Carleton Place, s/o Thomas BRICE & Margaret COWAN, married Jennie CODE, Wid., of Franktown, d/o Thomas PIERCE & Ann NESBITT, Witn.: Annie & ? MACKENZIE, both of Carleton Place, June 30, 1909 at Carleton Place 12917-09 Washington BROWN, 55, widower, section man, of Newboro, s/o Archibald BROWN, farmer, & Adelaide BUELL, married Mary Ella ROWSWELL, 45, widow, of Newboro, d/o Alfred HUTCHINGS, farmer, & Susan PARKER, witn: M. C. SHOOK & Mrs. W. J. WOOD, both of Smith Falls, 19 Oct 1909 at Smith Falls
012738-09 (Lanark Co), James BROWNLEE, 30, telegraph operator, of Cartier - Ontario, s/o David BROWNLEE, farmer, & Elizabeth LINDSAY, to Mabel CREIGHTON, 25, of Bathurst, d/o Archibald CREIGHTON, farmer, & Martha BAIRD, witn: John CREIGHTON of Watsons Corners & Eva CREIGHTON of Perth, 13 Oct 1909 at Bathurst 012743-09 (Lanark Co), John BRUNTON, 25, of Beckwith, farmer, s/o Richard BRUNTON & Ellen NAIRN, to Laura E. TOMLINSON, 22, of Beckwith, d/o Thomas TOMLINSON & Ellen M. DRUMMOND, witn:  Archibald BRUNTON, Beckwith & Eva M. JOHNSTON, Carleton Place, 23 June 1909 at Beckwith Twp
  013976-10 (Lanark Co) James Earnest BURNS, 29, Farmer, of Montague, s/o John BURNS & Anna FERGUSON; married Angelina Essie EBBS, 25, of Montague, d/o John EBBS & Angelina HEALY; wit John EBBS, Glen View & Hattie BURNS, Smith Falls, 17 Nov 1909 at Montague
12748-09 William M. BURROUGHS, 25, real estate agent, of Melfort Sask., s/o William T. BURROUGHS & Sarah YOUNG, married Cecilia CAMERON, 28, of Beckwith, d/o David CAMERON & Madeline ROBERTSON, witn: Charles W. BURROUGHS of Kingston & Ella M. WHYTE of Ashtown, 9 Dec 1909 at Beckwith 012731-09 (Lanark Co), Philip BURROWS, 41, widower,  blacksmith, of Vancouver, s/o William BURROWS & Polly ILUCK, to Jessie Eadie HOSSIE, 33,  of Bathurst, d/o William HOSSIE, farmer, & Jane McKENACHER, witn: Agnes R. HOSSIE of Marrion(?), Richard Arnold WHITE of Brooke, on 13 Jan 1909 at Bathurst
012728-09 (Lanark Co), James Laurence BYRNE, 29, of Almonte, designer in woollen mill, s/o James BYRNE & Mary A. CREW, to Mary A. O'HEARNE, 26, of Almonte, d/o John O'HEARNE & Mary A. McCAFFERY, witn Joseph O'HEARNE, Ottawa & Cicely MAHER, Almonte, 12 Oct 1909 at Almonte 12911-09 Rupert V. CARLETON, 25, air brake fitter, of Smith Falls, s/o Conn CARLETON, surgeon, & Charlotte PAYNE, married Jennie F. REID, 25, widow, of Chapleau, d/o Samuel FAUGHT, CPR roadmaster, & Frances MARTIN, witn: Thomas J. DENNISON of Westmount Que & Willa ATKINS of Kingston, 20 July 1909 at Smith Falls
14092-10 Alex C. CARTER, 26, sheet metal worker, of Smith Falls, s/o Thomas H. CARTER, merchant & Catherine Louise HART, married Amy M. TAGGART, 22, teacher, of Smith Falls, d/o Amos M. TAGGART, farmer, & Susannah THOMPSON, witn: C.S. CARTER of Sarnia & Flossie BOTHWELL of Smith Falls, 25 Dec 1909 at Smith Falls 12878-09 Kirby CHAMBERLAIN, 22, farmer, of Ramsay, s/o Noah CHAMBERLAIN, farmer, & Isabell GOURLEY, married Wilhelmina NONTELL, 21, of Ramsay, d/o Stewart NONTELL, gardener, & Elizabeth GEMMILL, witn: Robert BARKER & Loretta Jane NONTELL, both of Almonte, 22 Oct 1909 at Ramsay
012737-09 (Lanark Co), William John CODE, 33, Farmer, of Drummond Twp., s/o John CODE, farmer, & Jennie SHEPHERD, to Elizabeth Jane GAMBLE, 32, of Bathurst, d/o Andrew GAMBLE, farmer, & Mary Ann BLAIR, witn: Howard CODE of Drummond, Andrew GAMBLE of Bathurst, 1 Set 1909 at Bathurst 12894-09 Milburn CODE, 24, machinist, of Smith Falls, s/o John CODE, carter, & Mary DANIS, married Ethel QUELCH, 26, of Smith Falls, d/o Charles QUELCH, mechanic, & Frances WEST, witn: W.J. FOWLIE & Kate E. COLLINS, both of Smith Falls, 17 Feb 1909 at Smith Falls
012733-09 (Lanark Co), William H. COLLINGS, 23, railway time keeper, of Montreal, s/o William H. COLLINGS, millhand, & Elizabeth MORRISON, to Caroline DONALDSON, 19, of Lanark village, d/o Jas. W. DONALDSON & Elizabeth A. WALLACE, witn: James & Lily COWIE of Balderson, 17 Nov 1909 at Balderson 12910-09 Ambrose Eugene CORRIGAN, 28, insurance inspector, of Ottawa, s/o Michael CORRIGAN, farmer, & Ellen MURPHY, married Rose Mary Loretta LUNNY, 26, teacher, of Smith Falls, d/o James Joseph LUNNY, farmer, & Rose Ellen HEALY, witn: Peter J. O'BRIEN of Ottawa & Eva LUNNY of Smith Falls, 6 July 1909 at Smith Falls
14091-10 John Patrick CUMMERFORD, 33, widower, farmer, moulder, of Watertown NY, s/o Patrick CUMMERFORD, deceased & Rose ATLAR, married Mrs. Ada Rebecca Foster HARDER, 36, widow, of Watertown NY, d/o Andrew FOSTER, deceased & Eliza Ann REYNOLDS, witn: G.C. FOSTER & Mrs. G.C. FOSTER, both of Smith Falls, 23 Dec 1909 at Smith Falls  
012753-09 (Lanark Co) Albert DAVID, 23, Laborer, of Cobalt Ont., s/o Soloman DAVID & Annie GEORGE, married Mary ABRAHAM, 26, Wid., of Cobalt Ont., d/o Abraham BUCHAR? (Maybe BUCHARD or BEECHAM), & Catherine THOMAS, Witn.: Joe SAIDE of Carleton Place, Mary GEORGE of Cobalt, February 19, 1909 at Carleton Place 012715-09 (Lanark Co.) John Angus DEVINE, 28, farmer, of Pakenham, s/o Patrick DEVINE & Margaret GERVAIS, married Ellen Mary GRACE, 29, of Almante, d/o James GRACE & Mary RYAN, wtn: H. DEVINE of Arnprior & Mary GRACE of Almonte on June 8, 1909, at Almonte
012713-09 (Lanark Co.) William Patrick DILLON, 30, farmer, of Sand Point, s/o James DILLON & Mary OTTERSON, married Mary Elizabeth MADDEN, 25, of Almonte, d/o William MADDEN & Margaret POWELL, wtn: Edward DILLON of Sand Point & Hannah Laura MADDEN of Almonte, on February 10, 1909, at Almonte 012721-09 (Lanark Co.) George DOLAN, 30, farmer, of Huntley, s/o Anthony DOLAN & Mary Ann MORRISON, married Eva BRADLEY, 27, of Huntley twp, d/o Wellington BRADLEY & Annie LITTLE, wtn: W.H. WEATHERLY & Lillie DOLAN, both of Huntley, on January 6, 1909, at Almonte
12766-09 Francis DRANSFIELD, 22, mill hand, of Almonte, s/o Frederick DRANSFIELD, mill hand, & Laurinda LAGRICE, married Mary Rose PARADISE, 24, of Almonte, d/o Peter PARADISE & Clementina St.PETER, witn: Mary C. MONDS & Isaac NEWTON, both of Carleton Place, 16 July 1909 at Carleton Place 12882-09 Patrick Henry DRISCOLL, 30, railroader, of Merrickville, s/o Dennis DRISCOLL & Mary Ann CUSICK, married Rebecca WHITE, 27, of Merrickville, d/o Thomas WHITE & Mary WHITE, witn: Gerrie KEEGAN of Montague & Elizabeth DRISCOLL of Ottawa, 26 Jan 1909 at Smith Falls
  012760-09 (Lanark Co) John EASTON, 33, Spinner, of Appleton Village, s/o George EASTON, Retired, & Lily McDOUGALL, married Maude CAMERON, 23, of Lanark Village, d/o B.. (illegible) CAMERON, & Jane STILLINGTON, Witn.: B.C. SCOTT, Mary J. SCOTT, both of Carleton Place, June 25, 1909 at Carleton Place
012739-09 (Lanark Co), Lloyd FLETT, 26, of Pirarie(?) - Alberta, s/o Thomas FLETT & Eliza Jane CHURCHILL, to Ella LILLIE , 20, of Maberly - Ontario, d/o William LILLIE & Dorolty SCALES, witn: S. W. & Mrs S. W. CHURCHILL of Wemyss -Ontario, 3 Nov 1909 at Bathurst 012740-09 (Lanark Co), William C. FLINTOFT, 27, laborer, of Drummond Twp., s/o James FLINTOFT, farmer, & Caroline CASWELL, to Elizabeth HAMILTON, 18, of Drummond TWP., d/o James HAMILTON, laborer, & Mary THOMPSON, witn: Mrs Wm H. SOMERVILLE & Miss Bella WATT, both of Balderson, 28 Sep 1909 at Balderson
12875-09 Alfred FOLKARD, 30, farmer, of Clayton, s/o James FOLKARD, farmer, & Sarah Jane GORDON, married Margaret STRICKLAND, 22, of Clayton, d/o George STRICKLAND, farmer, & Mary E. LONGMIRE?, witn: Simon FOLKARD of Lanark & Mary STRICKLAND of Almonte, 13 Oct 1909 at Clayton  
012720-09 (Lanark Co.) Fred FUMERTON, 21, clerk, of Appleton, s/o David FUMERTON & Christina AITKEN, married Lula A. FUMERTON, 18, of Ramsay Twp, d/o Robert FUMERTON & Mary McLAREN, wtn: Hilton PYE & Ethel SCOTT, both of Appleton, on February 17, 1909, at Almonte 12765-09 Walter GARLAND, 22, laborer, of Smith Falls, s/o James GARLAND, laborer, & Mary NEIL, married Bertha Lena WYNN, 23, of Smith Falls, d/o Edward WYNN & Annie SAUNDERS, witn: William WARREN & Catherine ELLIOTT, both of Carleton Place, 30 June 1909 at St. James Church, Carleton Place
012711-09 (Lanark Co.) Herbert John GEMMILL, 35, hotel keeper, of Almonte, s/o John GEMMILL & Ann Jane COULTEN, married Margaret Amelia GRACE, 23, of Almonte, d/o Michael GRACE & Mary MAHONEY, wtn: Chas E. & John GEMMILL of Almonte, on May 8, 1909, at Almonte 12919-09 William Wallace GILLEGAN, 21, of not given, married John GILLIGAN (Sic) & Mary BARKER, married Malvina BIGFORD, 21, of Smith Falls, d/o James BIGFORD & Fannie HEDDLESTON, witn: Delbert & Mrs. D. DAY of Smith Falls, 7 Nov 1909 at Smith Falls
012735-09 (Lanark Co), Charles GRANT, 31, C.P.R. employee, of Pakenham, s/o John Allan GRANT & Eliza STAUDER, to Jessie GIBSON, 31, of Bathurst, d/o James GIBSON, farmer, & Mary SCOTT, witn: James GIBSON & Euphemiah ALLAN, both of Scotch Line, 30 Mar 1909 at Bathurst 12893-09 Thomas GUY, 34, farmer, of Maroun Sask., s/o John GUY, farmer, & Elizabeth CRAWFORD, married Annie LEESON, 29, maid, of Eastons Corners, d/o Woodman LEESON, farmer, & Adelaine STEARNS, witn: Elizabeth CRAWFORD of Merrickville & D.J. DUNN of Smith Falls, 20 Feb 1909 at Smith Falls
12883-09 George HARRINGTON, 23, core maker, of Smith Falls, s/o George HARRINGTON & Eliza HARRIS, married Jeannette Elizabeth WEEDMARK, 18, of Smith Falls, d/o Rufus WEEDMARK & Catherine McARTHUR, witn: Miss Maud & William Smith FALLS of Smith Falls, 24 Feb 1909 at Smith Falls 12767-09 Wallace HASTINGS, 25, moulder, of Carleton Place, s/o Thomas HASTINGS, moulder, & Charlotte WHEELER, married Mabel THOMPSON, 24, of Almonte, d/o James THOMPSON, laborer, & Mary PENFOLD, witn: Orville SIMPSON of Carleton Place & Hattie THOMPSON of Almonte, 3 Aug 1909 at Carleton Place
12763-09 Thomas Curry HAWKINS, 36, farmer, of Ramsay, s/o William Henry HAWKINS & Caroline HERRON, married Emma Laura DOUCETT, 26, of Ramsay, d/o Joseph DOUCETT & Matilda IRWIN, witn: Wellington HAWKINS & Mary Jane DOUCETT, both of Ramsay, 23 June 1909 at Carleton Place 12920-09 Joseph HEWITT, 24, farmer, of Kitley, s/o Daniel HEWITT, farmer, & Margaret BURNS, married Eva E. FOSTER, 24, of Jasper, d/o Andrew FOSTER & Elizabeth REYNOLD, witn: Margaret BURNS of Smith Falls & Mrs. E. BRADFORD of Jasper, 8 Dec 1909 at Smith Falls
12895-09 Charles HOGAN, 24, farmer, of Montague twp., s/o James HOGAN, farmer, & Mary JACKLIN, married Florence HENDERSON, 21, of Montague twp., d/o Mr & Mrs. HENDERSON (parents died when she was a baby), witn: Edward HOGAN of Montague & Vera WYNN of Smith Falls, 14 April 1909 at Smith Falls 12890-09 James HOGAN, 38, farmer, of Montague twp., s/o James HOGAN, farmer, & Mary JACKLIN, married Jane GRIFFITH, 25, of Montague twp., d/o Thomas GRIFFITH, farmer, & Eliza GRIFFITH, witn: Matilda HOGAN & Melvin GRIFFITH, both of Montague, 13 Jan 1909 at Smith Falls
012714-09 (Lanark Co.) Robert Blake HOWE, 23, cheesmaker, of Atkinson, s/o Oliver Edwin HOWE & Patience ARETSE, married Ann Jane DRANSFIELD, 20, of Almonte, d/o Fred DRANSFIELD & Melinda LaQUE, wtn: George L. DEAN & Phoebe Maria DRANSFIELD, both of Almonte, on June 2, 1909, at Almonte 012726-09 (Lanark Co), Frederic Nassau HUGHES, 33, of Haileybury, medical doctor, s/o James HUGHES & Eliza BOOTHE, to Fannie Mansell DONALDSON, 23, of Almonte, d/o John DONALDSON & Jane Grey GREIG, witn John DONALDSON & Mrs Tena KELLY, both of Almonte, 6 Oct 1909 at Almonte
012759-09 (Lanark Co) George Andrew HUNT, 37, Lumberman, of Town of Kitchener B.C. s/o William HUNT, Farmer, & Annie GARLAND, married Clara Catherine McFARLANE, of Carleton Place, d/o John McFARLANE, Clerk, & Elizabeth GRAHAM, Witn.: George E. McFARLANE, Ida A. McFARLANE, both of Carleton Place, June 9, 1909 at Carleton Place 12921-09 Richard Thomas JEFFERY, 29, of Toronto, s/o Richard Thomas JEFFERY & Christena McLAUGHLIN, married Elizabeth CRAM, 30, of Smith Falls, s/o Henry Wilks CRAM & Janet RINTOUL, witn: J.J. JEFFERY of Elders Mills & Annie J. STEWART of Renfrew, 24 Dec 1909 at Smith Falls
014045-10 (Lanark Co) James Alexander KELLOUGH, 22, Farmer, of Lanark Twp, s/o Thomas George KELLOUGH & Mary Ann WOODS; married Clara BAIN, 22, of Ramsay Twp, d/o Donald BAIN & Isabel ELLIS; wit George KELLOUGH, Clayton & Victoria McDONALD, Wilberforce, 23 Dec 1909, Clayton 12764-09 William Henry KENNY, 27, locomotive engineer, of Smith Falls, s/o William KENNY, sawyer, & Olivia NIXON, married Margaret May WILLIS, 26, of Carleton Place, d/o John WILLIS, machinist, & Sarah WRIGHT, witn: W.H. & H. KENNY of Smith Falls, 30 June 1909 at Carleton Place
012729 -09 (Lanark Co), Joseph Tweeddale KIRKLAND, 42, of Almonte, widower, postmaster, s/o Henry KIRKLAND & Sarah Louise TWEEDDALE, to Susan Magdalene McGREGOR, 35, of Almonte, d/o James McGREGOR & Mary DUNLOP, witn Mrs Margaret Eagleson & Samule Eagelson, both of Madoc, 10 Nov 1909 at Almonte 012717-09 (Lanark Co.) Arthur LAMOREUX (Lamoureux?), 46, RR employee, of North Bay, widowed, s/o Peter LAMOREUX & Margaret COSENEAULT, married Elizabeth Emma COMBA, 33, dressmaker, d/o Charles COMBA & Jane DUNLOP, wtn: none listed, on June 28, 1909, at Almonte
012724-09 (Lanark Co), Walter Henry LANNING , 33,  grocer, of 120 Colonial Avenue - Montreal, s/o Alfred LANNING & Emily STANDLEY, to Margaret Anderson GILMOUR, 27,  finisher, of Almonte, d/o Robert GILMOUR, moulder, & Jessie BLACK, witn: William  & Nettie GILMOUR, both of Almonte, on 8 Sep 1909 at Almonte 12913-09 Joseph H. LEE, 34, painter, of Smith Falls, s/o Francis LEE, machinist, & Sarah OLOPHANT (Oliphant?), married Helen I. PHILLIPS, 27, of Smith Falls, d/o Gershon PHILLIPS, deceased farmer, & Elizabeth PIMPERTON, witn: F. W. LEE of 2338 St. Urbain St. in Montreal & Eva J. MISKELLY of Smith Falls, 11 Aug 1909 at Smith Falls
12918-09 Thomas W. LEVER, 24, CPR fireman, of Smith Falls, s/o Henry LEVER, farmer, & Jane DILLABOUGH, married Isabella JOYNT, 20, of Smith Falls, d/o Robert JOYNT & Margaret POLK, witn: Wesley & Mrs. W. JOYNT of Smith Falls, 20 Oct 1909 at Smith Falls 12876-09 Herbert W. LONDEN (Landen), 25, farmer, of North Decota (Dakota?), s/o John LONDEN, farmer, & Annie VANCE, married Gertrude BOWLAND, 23, of Clayton, d/o John BOWLAND, farmer, & Annie BOWLAND, witn: Herbert TENNANT & Annie BOWLAND, both of Clayton, 17 Nov 1909 at Clayton
012719-09 (Lanark Co.) Albert LYNCH, 42, merchant, of Almonte, widowed, s/o Daniel LYNCH & Jane GILES, married Emma BIXBY, 34, d/o Frederick BIXBY & Helen DAVIS, wtn: Ruby F. WILLIAMS of Almonte & Mrs. Margaret ROSS of Smith Falls, on January 6, 1909, at Almonte  
12881-09 Charles Michael MALLORY, 26, railroader, of Smith Falls, s/o Thomas MALLORY & Mary MURPHY, married Elizabeth Philips PHILLIPS (sic), 26, of Smith Falls, d/o John PHILLIPS & Mary O'BRIEN, witn: John KING & Annie HOURIGAN, 26 Jan 1909 at Smith Falls 012712-09 (Lanark Co.) Thomas MANNON, 22, butcher, of Almonte, s/o John MANNON & Elizabeth LEE, married Mary Laura CURTIN, 20, of Almonte, d/o John CURTIN & Mary McANLIFFE, wtn: Bernard LACEY & Lara MANION, both of Almonte, on April 21, 1909, at Almonte
012744-09 (Lanark Co), Peter Robert McARTHUR, 32, of Carleton Place, carpenter, s/o James McARTHUR & Fanny McLACHLIN, to Fanny Alicia NESBITT, 30, of Beckwith, d/o Thomas NESBITT & Fanny YOUNG, witn: Robert NESBITT & Janice McARTHUR, both of Carleton Place, 30 June 1909 at Beckwith Twp

014046-10 (Lanark Co) John Wesley McCANN, 41, Farmer, of Pakenham Twp, s/o Thomas McCANN & Mary McGIBBIN; married Mary Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 26, of Ramsay Twp, d/o William ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth McCANN; wit James DEAN, Pakenham & Maggie ARMSTRONG, Blakeney, 24 Nov 1909, Blakeney

012752-09 (Lanark Co) William George Ellison McCARTNEY, 31, Carpenter, of Ottawa, s/o Joseph McCARTNEY, Farmer, & Eliza BROWNLEE, married Mary Jane Florence MONTGOMERY, 28, of Carleton Place, d/o John MONTGOMERY, Retired Farmer, & Mary CONLIN, Witn.: John A. McCARTNEY of Crystal City Man., Lila Pearl McKITARICK of Carleton Place, January 19, 1909 at Carleton Place 12912-08 Oswald McCREA, 48, painter, of Montreal, s/o Edward McCREA, farmer, & Sarah CLELAND, married Mary Josephine HAGAN, 33, of Smith Falls, d/o James HOGAN (sic), carpenter, & Kate MARSHALL, witn: Thomas & Orela HOGAN of Smith Falls, 21 July 1909 at Smith Falls
013955-10 (Lanark Co) Hugh McDONALD, 38, Farmer, Perth, s/o Edward McDONALD & Eliza MURPHY; married Catherine QUINN, 33, Lanark Twp, d/o James QUINN & Elizabeth McNAUGHTON; wit Patrick MURPHY, Drummond & Rose M. QUINN, Fergusons Falls, 7 Jun 1909, Fergusons Falls 012747-09 (Lanark Co), Peter McEWEN, 62, widower, of Franktown, s/o Ewen McEWEN & Marion McNEIL, to Margaret Ross FERGUSON, 44, of Beckwith, d/o Dugald FERGUSON & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: James KING, Smiths Falls & Jas. C. McARTHUR, Beckwith, 15 Sep 1909 at Beckwith Twp
012708-09 (Lanark Co.) Ernest McGILL, 29, electrician, of Almonte, s/o James McGILL & Sarah Ann MUNRO, married Elizabeth DUNLOP, 28, of Almonte, d/o John DUNLOP & Jennie DRANSFIELD, wtn: John McGILL Jr. of Blakeney & Lorena BELFORD of Almonte, on April 22, 1909, at Almonte 012741-09 (Lanark Co), Robert McGREGOR, 27, of Beckwith, farmer, s/o Duncan McGREGOR & Jane ANDERSON, to Kate ROBERTSON, 27, of Beckwith, d/o William ROBERTSON & Annie McGREGOR, witn: Mrs. Robert ANDERSON & James & Mrs James McRAE, all of Beckwith, 30 Dec 1908 at Beckwith Twp
012725-09 (Lanark Co), William Albert McGREGOR, 22, farmer, of Almonte, s/o Robert McGREGOR, farmer, & Margaret THOM, to Rose Annie LEGERDINE, 21, spooler, of Almonte, d/o William LEGERDINE, banker & Rhoda JACKSON, witn:  William & Lilian LEGERDINE, both of Almonte, on 20 Sep 1909 at Almonte 12915-09 Patrick Joseph McGUIRE, 32, railroader, of Smith Falls, s/o Henry McGUIRE, cattle Drover, & Catherine YOUNGS (Younge?), married Catherine Margaret E. WEBB, 21, of Smith Falls, s/o Alfred WEBB, railroad laborer, & Margaret BERTRAM, witn: Frank & Louisa Jane DERNIE (Dennie?) of Smith Falls, 3 Sept 1909 at Smith Falls
  012736-09 (Lanark Co), Daniel William MacKAY, 32, mail clerk, of Toronto, s/o Charles MacKAY, farmer, & Ann LEE, to Ida Catherine DeWITT, 31, teacher, of Bathurst, d/o John DeWITT, farmer, & Mary NEIL, witn: John Conway of Perth, Rita DeWITT of Elliott, 30 Jun 1909 at Bathurst
012758-09 (Lanark Co) James D. McNEELY, 25, Locomotive Fireman, of Smiths Falls s/o James McNEELY, Gov't Clerk, & Maggie DUFF, married Lizzie BEAMISH, 25, of Carleton Place, d/o Allen BEAMISH, & Janet STEWART, Witn.: Mrs. J.J. MONDS, Maud SCOULAR, both of Carleton Place, May 19, 1909 at Carleton Place 012730 -09 (Lanark Co), Donald McLaren McPHERSON, 26, of Smiths Falls, railway fireman, s/o John McPHERSON & Margaret McLAREN, to Kathleen LEES, 25, of Almonte, d/o Thomas LEES & Mary ROBERTSON, witn John R. LEES, ALmonte, & Tena McPHERSON, Carleton Place, 22 Dec 1909 at Almonte
12750-09 William Alex MILLER, 35, farmer, of Madoc, s/o James MILLER, farmer, & Elizabeth WHYTOCK, married Euphemia ALLAN, 30, of Scotch Line, d/o Andrew ALLAN, farmer, & Agnes OLDE, witn: Richard S. ALLAN of Scotch Line & Amy McKAY of Perth, 25 Nov 1909 at Scotch Line 012723-09 (Lanark Co.) Adam Ryarson MILLER, 22, barber, of Almonte, s/o Adam MILLER & Margaret MICK, married Elizabeth Gertrude WATCHORN, 22, of Almonte, d/o Robert WATCHORN & Eliza MILLER, wtn: Elbert MILLER of Cedar Hill & Lena WATCHORN of Almonte, on July 28, 1909, at Almonte
12716-09 (Lanark Co.) Francis MORROW, 27, laborer, of Darling Twp, s/o Joseph MORROW & Margaret Ann HUDSON, married Agnes NAPIER, 17, of Almonte, d/o Thomas NAPIER & Euphemia WARK, wtn: Aggie CRAWFORD & Wm MORROW, both of Almonte, on June 23, 1909, at Almonte 012722-09 (Lanark Co.) James MORTON, 26, farmer, of Almonte, s/o John MORTON & Maria LEWIS, married Mary Agnes WADDELL, 36, of Almonte, d/o John WADDELL & Jane BOWES, wtn: Thomas MORTON & Janes WADDELL, both of Almonte, on July 9, 1909, at Almonte
012761-09 (Lanark Co) James Evelyn NORTHWOOD, 27, Business Man, of Ottawa, s/o William NORTHWOOD, Business Man, & Margaret WILSON, married Carrie Norma (?) PATTERSON, 24, of Carleton Place, d/o Charles PATTERSON, Cabinet Maker, & Sarah WILSON, Witn.: Herbert B. NORTHWOOD of Ottawa, Bertha L. PATTERSON of Carleton Place, June 23, 1909 at Carleton Place 012746-09 (Lanark Co), George Wilson PATERSON, 27, of Smiths Falls, s/o Robert PATERSON & Mary BERRYMAN, to Mildred FERGUSON, 28, of Smiths Falls, d/o Gilbert FERGUSON & Mary Anne BROWN, witn: Andrew Samuel JOHNSTONE & Maud FERGUSON, both of Smiths Falls, 6 Sep 1901 at Beckwith Twp
012756-09 (Lanark Co) Frederick Henry PRATT, 26, Farmer, of Maberly, s/o John PRATT & Mary Jane CAMPBELL, married Sarah Ida DALZELL, 30, of Carleton Place, d/o Unknown & Jane DALZELL, Witn.: J.N. DALZELL of Ottawa, Flora McNAUGHTON of Carleton Place, April 14, 1909 at Carleton Place 012742-09 (Lanark Co), James Alexander ROSS, 35, of Ottawa, civil servant, s/o William & Georgina ROSS, to Jean McPhail CRAM, 33, of Beckwith, d/o Joseph CRAM & Elizabeth MOFFAT, witn: James LAWSON, Brooklyn NY & A. Josy CRAM, Carleton Place, 17 June 1909 at  Beckwith Twp
012709-09 (Lanark Co.) Adelbert SIVER, 47, farmer, bachelor, of Fene New York USA, s/o Joseph SIVER & Hulda ELLIOTT, married Mary McEWEN, 39, spinster of Almonte, d/o William McEWEN & Marion SUTHERLAND, wtn: Elizabeth Ann SADLE & Mary Ages Grace KIRK, both of Almonte, on April 26, 1909, at Almonte 12916-09 Enish (Enoch?) SMITH, 47, widower, contractor & builder, of Brockville, s/o Peter SMITH, carpenter, & Annie DAVIS, married Mary E. GORMAN, 30, of Montague, d/o John GORMAN, farmer, & Eliza Ann HEALY, witn: Mrs. W. WOOD & Lena PERCIVAL, both of Smith Falls, 18 Oct 1909 at Smith Falls
12877-09 William Mostyn STEEL, 41, farmer, of Vermilion Alberta, s/o John STEEL, farmer, & Mary JOHNSTON, married Jessie NAISMITH, 38, of Ramsay, d/o Peter NAISMITH, farmer, & Catherine GILMOUR, witn: Peter NAISMITH & Elizabeth PHILIP, both of Almonte, 15 Dec 1909 at Ramsay  
012757-09 (Lanark Co) Wellington STODDART (or STODDARD), 33, Wid., Laborer, of Smiths Falls, s/o J.J. STODDART, Laborer, & Jane CROZIER, married Sarah SMITH, 39, Wid., of Smiths Falls, d/o James SMITH, Yeoman ?, & Mary HARPER, Witn.: Ella SMITH, B.C. SCOTT, both of Carleton Place, May 24, 1909 at Carleton Place 012718-09 (Lanark Co.) John TAMBLYN, 47, blacksmith, of Geroux Lake, s/o William TAMBLYN & blank OMEMIE, married Rachel MOORE, 36, of Almonte, d/o David MOORE  & Jane ROBINSON, wtn: Francis TAMBLYN of Sherbroke & Dorcas E. BRADFORD of Almonte, on June 30, 1909, at Almonte
12891-09 Samuel A. TETLOCK, 32, farmer, of Drummond twp., s/o Richard TETLOCK, farmer, & Margaret BELL, married Gertrude M. ANDISON, 32, of Drummond twp., d/o David ANDISON, farmer, & Margaret ARMSTRONG, witn: W. E. COLLINS of Franktown & Mrs. W. J. WOOD of Smith Falls, 20 Jan 190 at Smith Falls 012754-09 (Lanark Co) William TOPPING, 22, Laborer, of Almonte, s/o James TOPPING & Alice KENNEDY, married Pearl EMBERSON, 18, of Almonte, d/o Samuel EMBERSON & Isabel LEAKE, Witn.: Mary C. MONDS, Maud SCHOULAR, both of Carleton Place, April 6, 1909 at Carleton Place
013956-10 (Lanark Co) J.M. TULLIS, 31, Farmer, Drummond Twp, s/o John TULLIS & M. McILQUHAM; married M.J. GRAHAM, 28, Lanark Twp, d/o William GRAHAM & Janet FLEMING; wit Matthew TULLIS & George A. GRAHAM, both Lanark, 5 Oct 1909, Lanark Twp  
12880-09 Arthur E. TURNER, full age, farmer, of Ramsay, s/o James TURNER, farmer, & Mary THOM, married Rachel SERVICE, full age, servant, of Ramsay, d/o blank & Jane ROBERTSON, witn: James SERVICE & Agnes TURNER, both of Appleton, 29 Dec 1909 at Ramsay 12749-09 Philip John WHITE, 31, farmer, of North Burgess, s/o Peter Harry WHITE, farmer, & Bridget GRANT, married Ann McSHANE, 27, of North Burgess, d/o Hugh McSHANE, farmer, & Mary TOLE, witn: James LALLY of Dareyville & Loretta McSHANE of Micaville, 12 Jan 1909 at Micaville
  12892-09 Archibald WILSON, 32, merchant, of Saskatoon, s/o Robert WILSON, merchant, & Jennie RUSSELL, married Mabel L. COME, 27, of Smith Falls, d/o Richard COME, dead & Margaret FOSTER, witn: Roy CONN of Smith Falls & Maude HUGHES of Eastons Corners, 27 Jan 1909 at Smith Falls