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Lanark Co., 1910

birth place was not usually given on 1910 registrations


013946-10 James ADAM, 25, farmer, of Dalhousie, s/o James ADAM & Sarah MATTHIE; married Mary CRAWFORD, 23, of North Sherbrooke, d/o Daniel CRAWFORD & Sarah HOUSTON; wit James G. DUNCAN, McDonalds Corners & Ethel ADAM, Snow Road, 13 Apr 1910, North Sherbrooke

013975-10 (Lanark Co) George ALBERTS, 23, Labourer, of Clyde Forks, s/o Henry ALBERTS & Janet LOVE; married Margaret Jane LOVE, 17, of Clyde Forks, d/o John T. LOVE & Janet McDOUGALL; wit James ALBERTS, Plevna & Minnie LOVE, Caldwells Mills, 29 Jun 1910, Lanark
13856-10 (Lanark Co): David Neil ALLISON, 27, of Granum Alberta, s/o William ALLISON & Jeanne LOGAN, married Susan Catherine McPHAIL, 26, of Almonte, d/o Alexander McPHAIL & Anne TIERNEY, witn: James C ALLISON & Donald McPHAIL, both of Almonte, 6 Apr 1910 at Almonte

013947-10 Herbert James ARTHUR, 30, of Vancouver BC, s/o William ARTHUR & Pamela PARMITER; married Martha Edna PAUL, 24, Stenographer, of Dalhousie, d/o James C. PAUL & Mary BRIEN; wit Raymond R. PAUL & Mary PAUL, both Watsons Corners, 1 Jun 1910, Dalhousie

013958-10 (Lanark Co) Daniel BAIN, 24, Farmer, Ramsay Twp, s/o Donald BAIN & Elizabeth ELLIS; married Mary E. SCHOULAR, 26, Lanark Twp, d/o George SCHOULAR & Mary A. RENNICK; wit Thomas THOMPSON & Jessie SCHOULAR, both Galbraith, 16 Mar 1910, Lanark Twp 013867-10 (Lanark Co) William Howard BARNETT, 36, Carpenter, of Whitefield NH, s/o William BARNETT & Maria H. CURTIS; married Annie Adaline ANDERSON, 29, Housekeeper, of Almonte, d/o William F. ANDERSON & Sarah J. WHELEN; wit Edric BARNETT, Whitefield & Jennie Rea? ANDERSON, 21 Dec 1910, Almonte

013942-10 Herman Murray BELL, 24, Machinist, of Fort William, s/o Andrew Murray BELL & Maria M. BRITNEY; married Sarah Jane Victoria DOPSON, 23, of Drummond Twp, d/o William DOPSON & Jane DAVIDSON; wit John Robert HAYWOOD, Fort William & Lila May DOPSON, Richardson, 25 Apr 1910, Richardson

013882-10 (Lanark Co) William BENNETT, 20, Farmer, of Brooke, s/o John BENNETT & Mary DOYLE; married Mary KIRKHAM, 17, of Brooke, d/o Thomas KIRKHAM & Elizabeth DICKSON; wit Margaret McCAFFRY & William LALLY, both Perth, 6 Jun 1910, Bathurst 013906-10 (Lanark Co) John Hunsly? BENNETT, 29, Farmer, Marlborough Co, s/o William BENNETT & Sarah SAUNDERS; married Martha Muriella SAUNDERS, 18, Carleton Place, d/o Robert SAUNDERS & Mary Ann LEWIS; wit Daniel J. LACKIE, Montague & Florence M. SAUNDERS, Carleton Place, 7 Mar 1910, Carleton Place
013968-10 (Lanark Co) Patrick BLACKALL, 23, Farmer, Lanark Co, s/o unknown & Maggie BLACKALL; married Annie LEAVER, 36, d/o David or Daniel LEAVER & Agnes PATTERSON; wit John VALLELE & Mae O'DONNELL, both Lanark, 27 Apr 1910, Lanark Village 014062-10 (Lanark Co) Robert (Sims) BLAIR, 20, Farmer, of Bathurst Twp, s/o James S. BLAIR & Elizabeth Ann CAMERON; married Sarah Matilda CLARK, 17, of South Sherbrooke, d/o William CLARK & Rachel CAMPBELL; wit James S. BLAIR & Eliza A. BLAIR, both Brooke, 27 Sept 1910, South Sherbrooke
14078-10 Charles Joseph BLAKE, 35, concrete finisher, of Smith Falls, s/o Charles Joseph BLAKE, estate manager & Josephine HARDY, married Ethel Florence TURNER, 23, of Smith Falls, d/o Frederick TURNER, foundry supt. & Elizabeth Jane LAING, witn: Mary MacKAY & A. FOSTER, both of Smith Falls, 24 Feb 1910 at Smith Falls  
013965-10 (Lanark Co) John Jackson BORROWMAN, 31, Farmer, Weybourn Saskatchewan, s/o James BORROWMAN & Marion DICK; married Cornealia Alice McDOUGALL, 23, Lanark Co, d/o Thomas McDOUGALL & Margaret MURRAY; wit Mrs. J.A. McLEAN, Watsons Corners & Mrs. J.C. McDONALD, Lanark, 23 Feb 1910

013938-10 John F. BOTHWELL, 33, farmer, of Drummond Twp, s/o John BOTHWELL & Margaret McGREGOR; married Cassie G. MOORE, 27, of Drummond Twp, d/o Thomas B. MOORE & Caroline FLOOK; wit William R. MOORE, West Stewartstown NH USA & Elizabeth SPALDING, McGarvy, 9 Feb 1910, Drummond Twp

013884-10 (Lanark Co) Thomas BRADY, 25, Farmer, of Manion, s/o Patrick BRADY & May HOGAN; married Agnes NOONAN, 24, of Elliott, d/o Dennis NOONAN & Mary LEE; wit Madeline NOONAN, Elliott & Daniel HOGAN, Perth, 20 Jun 1910, Elliott

013908-10 Clifford Aaron BROOM, 23, locomotive fireman, of Smiths Falls, s/o Aaron BROOM & Kate RITCHIE; married Frances Parker ROBINSON, 19, of Carleton Place, d/o Andrew ROBINSON & Rose Isabel MILLS; wit Mary A. MONDS & Minnie HORN, both Carleton Place, 16 Mar 1910, Carleton Place

013924-10 Albert Hugh BROWN, 31, farmer, of Goulbourne Twp, s/o James BROWN & Elizabeth CRAWFORD; married Annie Elizabeth SAMPLE, 21, of Huntley, d/o Ephraim SAMPLE & Maggie BOYD; wit Thomas R. SAMPLE & Alice Rose SAMPLE, both Huntley Twp, 12 Oct 1910, Carleton Place

013886-10 (Lanark Co) Ross Henry BRYDGES, 27, Miner, of Cobalt, s/o William BRYDGES & Rebecca CHURCH; married Isabella Anna STEWART, 29, of Bathurst, d/o John STEWART & Eliza DOBBIE; wit John BRYDGES, Calabogie & Minnie STEWART, Bathurst, 20 Sept 1910, Lanark Co.
014061-10 (Lanark Co) Alexander Henry BUCHANAN, 26, Operator Telegraph, of Smiths Falls, s/o John A. BUCHANAN & Caroline STONE; married Blanche Ida BUCHANAN, 26, of Maberly, d/o George J. BUCHANAN & Margaret HANNA; wit James E. BUCHANAN, Montreal & Annie BUCHANAN Maberly, 17 Aug 1910, Maberly 014060-10 (Lanark Co) Herbert Robert BUCHANAN, 22, Farmer, of South Sherbrooke, s/o Daniel BUCHANAN & Elizabeth FLEMMING; married Annie Louisa Alberta PERKINS, 23, of South Sherbrooke, d/o Robert PERKINS & Sarah HOUSTON; wit George PERKINS Maberly & Laura MAGRIGGOR, Brook, 22 Jun 1910, South Sherbrooke
013881-10 (Lanark Co) William Butler BURKE, 28, Teamster, of Fallbrook, s/o Joseph BURKE & Phebe BUTLER; married Mary Anna ENNIS, 25, of Fallbrook, d/o Robert John ENNIS & Agnes McVEAN; wit Phebe Pricilla BURKE, no place given & George GARRETT, Zealand, 6 Apr 1910, Lanark

013916-10 David BURNS, 56, Baker, Wid, of Gananoque, s/o Samuel BURNS & Susan SIMS; married Catharine WOOLWARD, 38, Housekeeper, Wid, of Carleton Place, d/o John J. WALKER & Sarah LAWLOR; wit George FERGUSON & Anna BURNS, both Carleton Place, 23 May 1910, Carleton Place

013922-10 (Lanark Co) Elgy Aymer BURROUGHS, 23, Farmer, Ramsay Twp, s/o Richard BURROUGHS & Jane SCHARFE; married Margaret Lucinda MOORE, 20, Carleton Place, d/o John MOORE & Jane THOMSON; wit Henrietta Jane MOORE, Carleton Place & Jane BURROUGHS, Ramsay Twp, 27 Jul 1910, Carleton Place 013918-10 (Lanark Co) James BURROWS, 38, Labourer, Carleton Place, s/o Robert BURROWS & Margaret SCOTT; married Mary Frances JOHNSON, 30, Carleton Place, d/o Fred JOHNSON & Mary LEVER; wit Ethel FETHERSTON & James B. JOHNSON, both Carleton Place, 15 Jun 1910, Carleton Place
14000-10 (Lanark Co): Alfred James CAIN or KANE, 24, millhand, of Perth? s/o Sidney CAIN or KANE & Eliza EMERSON married Maud RICHARDSON, 18, millhand, of Perth, d/o William RICHARDSON & Jane MAJOR, witn: Henry & Mary STEELE, both of Perth,13 Apr 1910 at Perth 013861-10 (Lanark Co) John Clyde CALDWELL, 25, Farmer, of  Darling Twp, s/o Oliver CALDWELL & Caroline LEE; married Bertha Grace KING, 25, d/o Warden KING & Margaret JOHNSTON; wit Mrs. Margaret DALY & Mrs. M.J. MASTERMAN, both Almonte, 11 May 1910, Almonte
013932-10 (Lanark Co) Donald CAMERON, 24, Butcher, Carleton Place, s/o Alexander CAMERON & Annie EADY; married Hattie THOMS, 25, Carleton Place, d/o William Henry THOMS & Caroline KNOX; wit Mrs. Henry THOMS & Jessie Elizabeth THOMS, both Carleton Place, 28 Dec 1910, Carleton Place

013952-10 Thomas Albert CAMERON, 22, farmer, of Dalhousie, s/o James L. CAMERON & Jane DUNCAN; married Clara PURDON, 20, of Dalhousie, d/o John PURDON & Maggie KELSO; wit Myrvel CAMERON & Ellen LEGARY, both Dalhousie, 28 Sept 1910, McDonalds Corners

013875-10 (Lanark Co) Neil CAMPBELL, 39, Insurance & Real Estate Agent, Wid, of Arnprior, s/o Neil CAMPBELL & Ella SMITH; married Mary Jessie STEELE, 32, of Almonte, d/o Alex STEELE & Agnes WHITE; wit W.H. STEELE & W.H. STEELE, both Almonte, 14 Sept 1910, Almonte  
013983-10 (Lanark Co) W.J. Scott CARDIFF, 26, Freight Agent, Arnprior, s/o William James CARDIFF & Jane BLAKELEY; married Minnie Bella EWENS, 23, Pakenham, d/o John Wesley EWENS & Margaret CLARK; wit Richard CARDIFF, Arnprior & Irene EWENS, Pakenham, 9 Feb 1910, Pakenham 013893-10 (Lanark Co) William G. CHAMBERLAIN, 27, Farmer, Wid, s/o Noah J. CHAMBERLAIN & Isabella GOURLAY; married Gertrude DONNELLY, 25, of none given, d/o James DONNELLY & Jane STEWART; wit Harold LETTS, Campbell's Bay Quebec & Sadie DONNELLY, Prospect, 6 Apr 1910, Beckwith
013859-10 (Lanark Co) Bertram CLARKE, 19, Mill Hand, of Almonte, s/o David CLARKE & Margaret MUNROE, married Pearl Annie ILLINGWORTH, 19, Weaver, of Almonte, d/o Robert ILLINGWORTH & Lizzie MILLFORD; wit Harvey McWADE & Emily KING, both Almonte, 22 Jun 1910, Almonte 013874-10 (Lanark Co) George Adelar CLEMENT, 24, Mechanic, of Ottawa, s/o George CLEMENT & Fillemine MARTIN; married Eva Angela LETANG, Dressmaker, 27, of Almonte, d/o Edward LETANG & Elizabeth SCOTT; wit E.A. LETANG, Ottawa & Nellie HOGAN, Almonte, 6 Sept 1910, Almonte
014051-10 (Lanark Co) Andrew Alexander COCHRAN, 27, Farmer, of Ramsay, s/o Andrew COCHRAN & Kathrine WILSON; married Kathrine Helena FORSYTHE, 21, of Almonte, d/o William James FORSYTHE & Esther COXFORD; wit Alex A. COCHRANE & Amy A. FORSYTHE, both Almonte, 22 Jun 1910, Ramsay Twp 013862-10 (Lanark Co) Daniel Wilson COCHRANE, 25, Machinist, of Almonte, s/o Andrew COCHRAN & Kathrine WILSON; married Roxena Alberta SADLER, 19, of Almonte, d/o Joseph SADLER & Maggie LENNON; wit R.H. COCHRANE & A.E. ANDERSON, both Almonte, 17 May 1910, Almonte
013929-10 (Lanark Co) Ernest COLE, 22, Moulder, Carleton Place, s/o Frank COLE & unknown; married Emily Eliza NICHOLS, 20, Carleton Place, d/o Eli Elias & Sarah Louise NICHOLLS (sic); wit Susie MORRIS & Gordon GRANDY, both Carleton Place, 21 Dec 1910, Carleton Place 013979-10 (Lanark Co) Peter Colomb CONLIN, 25, Farmer, of Smith Falls, s/o Robert CONLIN & Julia DILLABOUGH; married Lucy A. POLK, 25, of Smith Falls, d/o Robert POLK & Ella LYNN; wit Percy THOMPSON & Sara M. POLK, both Smith Falls, 30 Jun 1910, Lanark
013860-10 (Lanark Co) John CONROY, 24, Farmer, of Chapeau Quebec, s/o Patrick CONROY & Mary TOBIN; married Theresa DWYER, 26, Housemaid, of Almonte, d/o Edward DWYRE (sic) & Julia CORBETT; wit Bart McAULLIFE, Almonte & Mary SERSEN, Chapeau, 27 Jun 1910, Almonte 013899-10 (Lanark Co) William CORDICK, 28, Farmer, of Micaville, s/o Robert CORDICK & Ellen BYRNE; married Ann COBOURN, 19, of Micaville, d/o John COBOURN & Mary QUIGLEY; wit James CORDICK & Kathleen BYRNE, both Micaville, 8 Jun 1910, Lanark
013863-10 (Lanark Co) Herbert Lorenzo COXFORD, 25, Cheese maker, of Ramsay Twp, s/o James COXFORD & Mary KENNEDY; married Sarah Ila SCOTT, 23, of Almonte, d/o William H. SCOTT & Rachel EVANS; wit Willie H. SCOTT & Lucinda SCOTT, both Almonte, 1 Jun 1910, Almonte 013927-10 (Lanark Co) Delmer Allan CRAIG, 27, Physician, Kemptville, s/o T.A. & A. CRAIG; married Mary Scott CRAIN, 27, Trained Nurse, Carleton Place, d/o William CRANE & Elizabeth SCOTT; wit R.L. BROWN, Kemptville & A. Jose CRANE, Carleton Place, 14 Dec 1910, Carleton Place

013949-10 Charles Andrew CRAIN, 26, farmer, of Clarendon Station, s/o William CRAIN & Mary YOUNGE; married Margaret W. WHITE, 28, of Poland Dalhousie, d/o Gilbert W. WHITE & & Mary STEWART; wit John A. McDOUGALL & Jennie WHITE, both Poland, 8 Jun 1910, Poland

013865-10 (Lanark Co) George Leonard DEAN, 20, Wool Carder, of Almonte, s/o William Henry DEAN (deceased) & Maria WOOD; married Bessie Lauder BUCKHAM, 17, of Almonte, d/o Gideon BUCKHAM & Elizabeth LAUDER; wit Allen JACKMAN & Nettie BUCKHAM, both Almonte, 9 Nov 1910, Almonte 013981-10 (Lanark Co) John Kenny DEANE, 21, Labourer, Montague, s/o Charles A. DEANE & Amelia McDONALD; married Florence WILLETT, 21, Montague, d/o Charles WILLETT & no mother given; wit William & Teresa WEEDMARK, both Smith Falls, 8 Jul 1910, Lanark
013903-10 (Lanark Co) Hugh Bernard DEVINE, 34, Farmer, Ramsay Twp, s/o Andrew DEVINE & Mary Ann LAINEY?; married Teresa McDERMOTT, 28, Beckwith Twp, d/o Richard John McDERMOTT & Johanna Mary KENNEDY; wit P.A. MANION of Powell & Anna McDERMOTT of Carleton Place, 1 Feb 1910, Carleton Place 013898-10 (Lanark Co) William DEZELL, 25, Farmer, of Beckwith Twp, s/o William DEZELL & Martha COOKE; married Annabella DOWDALL, 23, of Beckwith Twp, d/o William DOWDALL & Margaret KING; wit Seley DEZELL & Kate DOWDALL, both Carleton Place, 13 Sept 1910, Beckwith Twp
013966-10 (Lanark Co) Alfred DOBBIE, 33, Farmer, Lanark Twp, s/o David DOBBIE & Margaret CRAWFORD; married Mary ABRAM, 25, Servant, Lanark, d/o John ABRAM & Elizabeth LALONDE; wit William McNICOL, Watsons corners & Annie ABRAM, Lanark, 27 Apr 1910, Lanark Village 014057-10 (Lanark Co) James DONNELLY, 19, Farmer, of Bathurst Twp, s/o Edward DONNELLY & Mary Ann PALMER; married Jennie KIRKHAM, 22, of Oso Twp, d/o Thomas KIRKHAM & Mary CONROY; wit John COURSY & Matilda CONROY, both Maberly, 11 May 1910, South Sherbrook
014065-10 (Lanark Co) William Henry DRYDEN, 28, Moulder, of Smiths Falls, s/o John DRYDEN & Mary BALLARD; married Annie JOHNSTON, 27, of Smiths Falls, s/o Adam JOHNSTON & Sarah PORTER; wit Mrs. Sarah JOHNSTON & A.S. JOHNSTON, both Smith Falls, 20 Apr 1910, Smith Falls 014050-10 (Lanark Co) James Samuel DUNFIELD, 37, Farmer, of Pakenham Twp, s/o Martin DUNFIELD & Jane CONNERY; married Mary Agnes Grace KIRK, 28, of Ramsay Twp, d/o James KIRK & Annabel McRAE; wit Stanley BOALE, Cedar Hill & Mabel KIRK, Union Hall, 15 Jun 1910, Ramsay
013928-10 (Lanark Co) Albert EASTON, 28, Woolen Mill Operative, Lanark, s/o George EASTON & Tillie McDOUGALL; married Mary Jane HUESTON, 20, Appleton, d/o John Henry HUESTON & Mary Jane MANCHESTER; wit Daisy Ella WILKINSON & Lawrence WILKINSON, both Carleton Place, 21 Dec 1910, Carleton Place 013974-10 (Lanark Co) Harry ECHLIN, 21, Labourer, Dalhousie Twp, s/o James ECHLIN & Lucy MORRIS; married Agnes McINNES, 20, Lanark Twp, d/o Alex McINNES & Margaret WILSON; wit Alice McINNES, Hopetown & Mary C. SWEENEY, Brightside, 21 Dec 1910, Lanark Village
  014059-10 (Lanark Co) Curtis John St. Herbert ELKINGTON, 32, Surveyor, of Clarendon Twp, s/o John ELKINGTON & Elora CURTIS; married Maud Annie CARD, 21, of Clarendon Twp, d/o John Fergusson CARD & Ida RANDOLPH; wit Una BLISS, Maberly, 8 Jun 1910, Lanark
013883-10 (Lanark Co) Rev. D.D. ELLIOTT, 43, Clergyman, Wid, of Lanark, s/o Dawson ELLIOTT & Annie DIRKE; married Harriet Ann BOWES, 30, of Harper, d/o John BOWES & Annie BELL; wit Ida BOWES & A.A. BOWES, both Harper, 20 Jun 1910, Harper 013858-10 (Lanark Co) George Frederick EVERS, 35, Teamster, of Almonte, s/o Alfred & Mary Ann EVERS; married Elizabeth COCHRANE, 29, of Almonte, d/o Thomas COCHRANE & Margaret Jane NEWELL; wit Frances BENNETT, White Lake & John M.L. BARR, Glasgow Station, 15 Jun 1910, Almonte
013930-10 (Lanark Co) Joseph A. FEELY, 28, Iron Moulder, Wid, Carleton Place, s/o Thomas William FEELY & Julia White DICKINSON; married Margaret Ann BYERS, 27, Carleton Place, d/o Thomas BYERS & Lucy GROVES; wit Gordon GRUNDY & Mary GARLAND, both Carleton Place, 27 Dec 1910, Carleton Place  

013940-10 Robert James FERGUSON, 26, farmer, of Bathurst Twp, s/o Duncan FERGUSON & Bella TOMLINSON; married Maggie Robson McILQUHAM, 24, Dressmaker, of Drummond, d/o David McILQUHAM & Margaret HUNTER; wit Florence WATTERS or WALTERS & Stuart FERGUSON, both no place given, 16 Nov 1910, Drummond

013905-10 (Lanark Co) Peter John David FERGUSON, 35, Farmer, Saskatchewan, s/o Robert FERGUSON & Ann McARTHUR; married Fanny McLAUGHLIN, 36, Carleton Place, d/o Alexander McLAUGHLIN & Mary A. McLINTON; wit Hugh FERGUSON, Beckwith Twp & Eliza McLAUGHLIN, Cumberland, 23 Feb 1910, Carleton Place
  013973-10 (Lanark Co) Michael FLOOD, 24, Carpenter, Maberly, s/o John FLOOD & Mary Ann RODGERS; married Helen Jane CLOSS, 21, McDonalds Corners, d/o Michael CLOSS & Catherine MURPHY; wit Kilem CARLEY, Maberly & Clara CLOSS, Dalhousie Twp, 21 Nov 1910, Lanark Village
013873-10 (Lanark Co) James Lester FORDE, 22, Machinist, of Almonte, s/o Robert FORD (sic) & Agnes DRYNAN; married Sarah Maud TOOP, 21, of Almonte, d/o William H. TOOP & Henrietta RINGROSE; wit W.H. TOOP & Henrietta TOOP, both Almonte, 30 Aug 1910, Almonte 14089-10 William FOSTER, 57, laborer, of Smith Falls, s/o William FOSTER, laborer, & Jane ROSS, married Mrs. Ann JEWETT, 53, widow, of Smith Falls, d/o Patrick ALLEN, laborer, & Mary Ann CLARK, witn: Isabella BURROWS of Smith Falls & Mrs. WESTERMAN of Port Elmsley, 31 Aug 1910 at Smith Falls
14088-10 George Albert GEDDES, 28, farmer, of North Gower, s/o John GEDDES, farmer, & Sarah Jane LEACH, married Susan E. PORTER, 24, of North Elmsley, d/o John PORTER, farmer, & Ann LEWIS, witn: Jennie M. PORTER of North Elmsley & Harry GEDDES of North Gower, 10 Aug 1910 at Smith Falls 013880-10 (Lanark Co) John M. GIBSON, 37, Merchant, of Saltcoates Sask, s/o William Murray GIBSON & Jessie MILLER; married Jean H. SCOTT, 32, of Bathurst Twp, d/o William A. SCOTT & Helen BEATTY; wit James N. SCOTT & John B. SCOTT, both Elliott, 12 Jan 1910, Bathurst
013957-10 (Lanark Co) Elijah GILES, 36, Farmer, Lanark Twp, s/o Enoch GILES & Margaret MANSON; married Isabel Elizabeth WARREN, 24, Teacher, Lanark Twp, d/o Thomas & Isabella WARREN; wit William GILES, Ramsay Twp & Cecille WARREN, Lanark Twp, 19 Jan 1910, Lanark Twp

013909-10 James Albert GILHULY, 34, carpenter, of Ottawa, s/o James GILHULY & Rose Ann CURRIE; married Anna Aurilla CROZIER, 25, Bookkeeper, of Carleton Place, d/o Isaiah CROZIER & Idalea JOHNSTON; wit John BANNING & Elsie BANNING, both Arnprior, 24 Mar 1910, Carleton Place

014054-10 (Lanark Co) Frank GRAFF, 33, Electrician, of Cobalt, s/o Francis Ernest GRAFF & Minnie GRON; married Ivey CANNON, 23, Stenographer, of Ramsay, d/o John CANNON & Emma KYLE; wit Kate CANNON & Gladys CANNON, both Almonte, 10 Dec 1910, Ramsay  
013855-10 (Lanark Co) William James GREEN, 36, Farmer, of Fitzroy, s/o Moses GREEN & Jane McVEITY; married Catherine Ann ROSS, 34, of Fitzroy, d/o Arthur ROSS & Catherine GREEN; wit Elizah E. ROSS & Mary ROSS, both Panmure, 9 Mar 1910, Almonte 013868-10 (Lanark Co) George Albert GREENE, 36, Farmer, of Fitzroy Twp, s/o Moses GREENE & Jane McVETTY; married Bella Mabel CHAMBERLAIN, 22, of Ramsay Twp, d/o Noah Jackson CHAMBERLAIN (deceased) & Isabella GOURLEY; wit Robert McVETTY, Antrim & Muriel Rachel CHAMBERLAIN, Almonte, 21 Dec 1910, Almonte
  14084-10 Isaac Duncan HAMILTON, 25, brakeman, of Smith Falls, s/o James HAMILTON, gentleman & Annie McLAREN, married Viola May CRIPP, 24, of Bracebridge, d/o Villiers CRIPP, sawyer, & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: Sarah CRIPPS (sic) of Bracebridge & Mrs. T.C. HAMILTON of Smith Falls, 26 Jan 1910 at Smith Falls

013954-10 Hugh HARPER, 25, laborer, of Lanark Twp, s/o Samuel HARPER & Lily EASTON; married Ida Lawson GIBSON, 24, of Dalhousie, d/o William R. GIBSON & Euphemia NAIRN; wit Herbert GIBSON, Lammermoor & Elizabeth HARPER, Lanark, 19 Oct 1910, Lammermoor

014064-10 (Lanark Co) Clifford H. HESS, 23, Farmer, of Chesterville, s/o Manla HESS & Ellen BARCLAY; married Annie Maud WHOLEHAN (Houlihan?), 23, of Chesterville, d/o Thomas WHOLEHAN & Catherine CARR; wit Ettie KIMBERLEY & Mrs. I. CARR, both Smiths Falls, 18 Apr 1910, Smiths Falls
014067-10 (Lanark Co) Alex Matthew HODGES, 25, Painter, of Brockville, s/o Charles Wesley HODGES & Sophia Georgina HALEY; married Mary Irene BAGLEY, 19, of Brockville, d/o William Henry BAGLEY & Mary DRYSDALE; wit Mary PHILLIPS & William PHILLIPS, both Smiths Falls, 27 Apr 1910, Smith Falls

013944-10 John HORRICKS, 26, farmer, of Prestonvale, s/o Joseph HORRICKS & Adeline WHYTE; married Laura J. ALLAN, 27, School Teacher, of Balderson, d/o William H. ALLAN & Elizabeth CAMERON; wit John McFARLANE, Prestonvale & Maggie ALLAN, Balderson, 19 Jul 1910, Balderson

013871-10 (Lanark Co) Edward Elson HORTON, 24, Spinner, of Almonte, s/o Albert George HORTON & Emma FLANDER; married Laura Ellen FALLAS, 22, Weaver, of Almonte, d/o Beaumont FALLAS & Annie DICKENSON; wit Herbert WARREN & Clara FALLAS, both Almonte, 30 Jun 1910, Almonte 013901-10 (Lanark Co) Archibald HUDSON, 27, Engineer, of Perth, s/o Henry HUDSON & Margaret GRAHAM; married Sarah O'NEIL, 27, of Micaville, d/o John O'NEIL & Ann McPARLAND; wit John O'NEIL, Micaville & Anna HUDSON, Perth, 15 Jun 1910, Lanark
013978-10 (Lanark Co) Hugh HUNTER, 38, Doctor, of Hamilton, s/o Peter HUNTER & Margaret McGREGOR; married Nellie CHALMERS, 28, of Montague, d/o James CHALMERS & Euphema CHALMERS; wit Robert HUNTER, Smiths Falls, 23 Jun 1910, Montague  
013907-10 (Lanark Co) Arthur Allan HYNDMAN, 27, Brakeman, Ottawa, s/o William HYNDMAN & Dwaney BROWN; married Jane WALSH, 17, Carleton Place, d/o David WALSH & Janet COFFIN; wit W. HYNDMAN, Ottawa & Susie MORRIS, Carleton Place, 9 Mar 1910, Carleton Place 013964-10 (Lanark Co) Edward IRVINE, 25, Labourer, Drummond Twp, s/o John & Mary IRVINE; married Maggie Tena McDOUGALL, 18, Lanark Co, d/o Thomas McDOUGALL & Margaret MURRAY; wit Mrs. J.C. McDONALD & Mrs. Rose McINNIS, both Lanark, 19 Jan 1910, Lanark Village
013963-10 (Lanark Co) John Crawford JAMES, 32, Calabogie, s/o John JAMES & Ellen DODDS; married Catherine Adeline PEACOCK, 23, Rosetta, d/o Matthew PEACOCK & Christina STEWART; wit Mrs. McINTOSH & Lucy AFFLECK, both Lanark Village, 5 Jan 1910, Lanark Village 013894-10 (Lanark Co) Robert JONES, 33, Farmer, Wid, of Chartines Quebec, s/o Elliott JONES & Sophia McDOWELL; married Florence M. KIDD, 25, Franktown, Franktown, d/o Thomas E. KIDD & Ellen PERRIN; wit William KIDD, Franktown & Minnie SHIRLEY, Smith's Falls, 21 Jun 1910, Franktown

013943-10 Robert Albert KEAYS, 26, Brakesman, of Ottawa, s/o William KEAYS & Margaret HUGHES; married Mary Wilma BELL, 21, of Bathurst Twp, d/o John Alfred BELL & Annet Harper KEAYS; wit Sarah HUGHES & Hester HUGHES, both Balderson, 17 May 1910, Balderson

013936-10 William KENNEDY, 24, farmer, of Lavant Twp, s/o William KENNEDY & Sabina McQUETTIE; married Amelia LAROCQUE, 24, Maid Servant, of Darling Twp, d/o Joseph LAROCQUE & Amelia MAJOR; wit Melinda LAROCQUE & William Henery MIRIEN, both Brightside, 22 Aug 1910, Darling Twp

013982-10 (Lanark Co) Michael KILLEEN, 36, Labourer, Lockwood Sask, s/o Michael KILLEEN & Hannah DONAVAN, married Mary DOLAN, 23, Pakenham, d/o John DOLAN & Ellen BODY; wit Mathew McGRATH, Ramsay & Bridget DOLAN, Pakenham, 20 Jan 1910, Pakenham 14093-10 David L. KING, 35, widower, farmer, of Venn Sask., s/o John KING, farmer, & Moranda EWINE, married Eva L. McLEAN, 30, of Smith Falls, d/o David McLEAN, farmer, & Olive HANER, witn: Gordon & Mrs. McLEAN of Athens Ont., 5 Jan 1910 at Smith Falls
013888-10 (Lanark Co) Edward KING, 36, Farmer, of Bathurst Twp, s/o Edward KING & Margaret LAWSON; married Christina CAMPBELL, 30, of Bathurst Twp, d/o Peter CAMPBELL & Annie Mary ARNOTT; wit Harry KING, Balderson & E. ARNOTT, Ottawa, 26 Oct 1910, Balderson 013933-10 (Lanark Co) William J. KING, 20, Farmer, Darling, s/o Thomas KING & Kate HANSON; married Carrie LEE, 17, Darling, d/o William LEE & Adeline MUNRO?; wit John LEE & Annie GUTHRIE, both Tatlock, 20 Apr 1910, Darling
013869-10 (Lanark Co) William Joseph KNIGHT, 26, Mill hand, of Almonte, s/o John KNIGHT & Margaret MORROW; married Agnes Jane CRAWFORD, 20, of Almonte, d/o John CRAWFORD & Jane WARK; wit Willie McGILL & Maggie S. CRAWFORD, both Almonte, 21 Dec 1910, Almonte 013967-10 (Lanark Co) Joseph LABELLE, 31, Farmer, Watsons Corners, s/o James LABELLE & Margaret ECHLIN; married Ida Ellen CAMERON, 26, Watsons Corners, d/o Israel CAMERON & Annie MURRAY; wit John KERR, Lanark & Elizabeth BARRY, no place given, 27 Apr 1910, Lanark Village
013970-10 (Lanark Co) William P. LALLY, 23, Tailor, Perth, s/o James J. LALLY & Mary SMITH; married Margaret McCAFFREY, 22, Fergusons Falls, d/o Michael McCAFFREY & Ellen DOYLE; wit J. LALLY & Florence McCAFFREY, both Perth, 18 Jul 1910, Lanark Village 013920-10 (Lanark Co) John LAUGHLIN, 28, Labourer, Carleton Place, s/o Michael LAUGHLIN & Elizabeth COSTELLO; married Sadie DONNELLY, 20, Prospect, d/o James DONNELLY & Jane STEWART; wit Jeremiah O'DONNELL, Carleton Place & Mary GALLINGER, Galbraith, 6 Jul 1910, Carleton Place
14079-10 William John LAWSON, 32, farmer, of South Elmsley, s/o Andrew LAWSON, farmer, & Maria DONOVAN, married Maude WILLIAMSON, 19, of South Elmsley, d/o Thomas WILLIAMSON, farmer, & Katie WILKINS, witn: Ethel WILLIAMS & Olive LAWSON, both of South Elmsley, 2 March 1910 at Smith Falls 013971-10 (Lanark Co) Arthur Bassett Goldwyer LEWIS, 31, Civil Servant, Ottawa, s/o Alexander Goldwyn LEWIS & Annie BLAKIE; married Orilla Maxwell CALDWELL, 28, Civil Servant, Lanark Village, d/o William C. CALDWELL & Kate FALCONER; wit Rev. William McDONALD, Arthur P. APPLETON, both Ottawa City & Elizabeth Sheila CALDWELL, no place given, 24 Aug 1910, Lanark Village
013977-10 (Lanark Co) John Arthur LIVINGSTONE, 24, Farmer, of Montague, s/o Robert LIVINGSTONE & Eliza Jane GILLEN; married Lorrey LEACH, 26, of Montague, d/o John LEACH & Jane KILLFOYLE; wit Howard LEACH & Mary LIVINGSTONE, both Smith's Falls, 3 Apr 1910, Montague

013914-10 George LODGE, 23, mill hand, of Almonte, s/o Thomas LODGE & Hanna FLETCHER; married Rose HURDIS, 26, mill hand, of Carleton Place, d/o William HURDIS & Mary GASTON; wit Orville SIMPSON & Annie HURDIS, both Carleton Place, 4 May 1910, Carleton Place

013897-10 (Lanark Co) John LOWE, 35, Inspector of Telephones, of Carleton Place, s/o John LOWE & Annie McFADDEN; married Elizabeth Jane DOUGLAS, 38, of Beckwith Twp, d/o Richard & Elizabeth DOUGLAS; wit not given, 29 Nov 1910, Beckwith 014047-10 (Lanark Co) William James LOWE, 28, Farmer, of Cedar Hills, s/o James LOWE & Amelia MURPHY; married Annabell KIRK, 23, of Union Hall, d/o James KIRK & Annabell McRAE; wit John DOWDALL, Cedar Hill & Mabel M. KIRK, Union Hall, 15 Mar 1910, Union Hall
014049-10 (Lanark Co) Charles Albert LOWES, 33, Carpenter, of Blakeney, s/o Michael LOWES & Janetta Margaret COOLEY; married Margaret Jean STEWART, 21, of Blakeney, d/o Robert STEWART & Isabel SMITH; wit John STEWART & Mrs. John STEWART, both Perth, 1 Jun 1910, Blakeney

013910-10 Dugald LYON, 26, boiler maker, of Ottawa, s/o Peter LYON & Margaret CAMPBELL; married Ann Park McGEACHIE, 18, of Carleton Place, d/o John McGEACHIE & Ellen NEILSON; wit George CAMPBELL & Bella FUMERTON, both Carleton Place, 25 Mar 1910, Carleton Place

013945-10 John MATHESON, 35, Carpenter, of Rivers Manitoba, s/o John MATHESON & Catherine Agnes DYMOCK; married Ellen ADAM, 29, of Dalhousie, d/o James ADAM & Sarah MATTHIE; wit James GRIFFITH & Mrs. James GRIFFITH, both McDonalds Corners, 23 Feb 1910, Dalhousie

013980-10 (Lanark Co) Hamilton Robert McCREARY, 25, C.P.R. Engineer, Smith Falls, s/o Robert McCREARY & Roxanna CONDIE; married Elizabeth PRESCOTT, 24, Montague, d/o Richard PRESCOTT & Jane BRADLEY; wit Aldro WENNITT & Bella ARESCOTT, Smith Falls, 14 Sept 1910, Lanark

013926-10 John McDONALD, 62, Gentleman, Wid, of Carleton Place, s/o Allan McDONALD & Margaret DEWAR; married Jessie STEPHENSON, 42, of Carleton Place, d/o William STEPHENSON & Helen McFARLANE; wit Dr. D.H. McINTOSH & Peden BELL, both Carleton Place, 26 Oct 1910, Carleton Place

013969-10 (Lanark Co) William John McDOUGALL, 31, Farmer, North Sherbrooke Twp, s/o Dougall McDOUGALL & Marion NESBITT; married Barbara Roberta SMITH, 24, Lanark Village, d/o Robert SMITH & Agnes GILCHRIST; wit James PEPPER (jr) & Mrs. James PEPPER (jr), both Lanark, 8 Jun 1910, Lanark Village

013948-10 John W. McDOUGALL, 32, farmer, of Dalhousie, s/o Thomas McDOUGALL & Maggie MURRAY; married Jessie or Jennie WHITE, 32, of Dalhousie, d/o Gilbert W. WHITE & Mary STEWART; wit Charles D. CRAIN, Clarendon & Margaret WHITE, Poland, 8 Jun 1910, Poland

013896-10 (Lanark Co) Robert James McEWEN, 28, Farmer, of Beckwith Twp, s/o Duncan McEWEN & Mary ROBERTSON; married Jane Elizabeth McGREGOR, 25, of Beckwith Twp, d/o Duncan McGREGOR & Jane ANDERSON; wit Robert McGREGOR & Mrs. Robert McGREGOR, 15 Nov 1910, Beckwith

14085-10 Malcom McFARLANE, 30, farmer, of Beckwith twp., s/o William McFARLANE, farmer, & Christina WHYTE, married Christena LAFFIN, 26 (28?), of Richmond, d/o John LAFFIN & Christena KING, witn: Margaret CHALMERS & Lottie COBURN, both of Smith Falls, 26 Jan 1910 at Smith Falls
  013937-10 Henry Wilson McGEE, 22, farmer, of Darling, s/o Archie McGEE & Elizabeth MANARY; married Bella BARR, 22, farmer, of Darling, d/o David BARR & Grace KHIELL; wit William McGEE & Bella BARR, both Tatlock, 5 Oct 1910, Darling
013962-10 (Lanark Co) Welland McKAY, 25, Farmer, Lanark Twp, s/o Thomas McKAY & Annie RINTOUL; married Nellie RODGER, 22, Lanark Twp, d/o James H. RODGER & Ellen MILLER; wit Eva RODGER & Edna RODGER, both Middleville, 4 May 1910, Middleville 14001-10 (Lanark Co): Walter Leonard McKEE, 30, bookkeeper, of Lachine, s/o Andrew Hugh McKEE & Caroline WOODWORTH, married Ethel Naismith SCOTT, 29, of Perth, d/o A H SCOTT, minister, & Agnes S GREENSHIELDS, witn: George G. SCOTT of Smiths Falls & Charlotte SCOTT of Perth, 20 Apr 1910 at Perth
013895-10 (Lanark Co) Robert John McLAREN, 25, Stove Mounter, of Carleton Place, s/o Robert John McLAREN & Elizabeth Jane HARVEY; married Ethel Christina GRIFFITH, 21, of Franktown, d/o Robert W. GRIFFITH & Margaret Ann LEWIS; wit Patrick O'DONOVAN & Mrs. Patrick O'DONOVAN, both Carleton Place, 10 Oct 1910, Beckwith 014063-10 (Lanark Co) Francis Frederick McLEAN, 28, Painter, of Smiths Falls, s/o James McLEAN & Rachel BABCOCK; married Emily Susan BONNER, 19, of Smith Falls, d/o William George BONNER & Mary Ann BRENNAN; wit Eva GALLIPEAU & Elmer McLEAN, both Smiths Fall, 9 Mar 1910, Smith Falls
13999-10 Denis Francis McMANUS, 32, farmer, of Perth, s/o Michael McMANUS, laborer & Mary Ann KEHOE, married Mary BURNS, 27, of Perth, d/o John BURNS, laborer, & Elizabeth McGLADE, witn: A.V. McLEAN & Magdaline GAUDREAU, both of Perth, 12 April 1910 at Perth 013866-10 (Lanark Co) Frederick Arthur McMULLEN, 29, Pianist, of Ottawa, s/o John McMULLEN & Eliza WILLIAMS; married Bertha Bradley McDONALD, 20, of Almonte, d/o Roderick McDONALD & Mary CAMPBELL; wit Mary McDONALD, Almonte & Hattie M. CAMPBELL, Elmside Quebec, 14 Dec 1910, Almonte
013972-10 (Lanark Co) William Nairn McNICOL, 30, Farmer, Dalhousie Twp, s/o John McNICOL & Mary NAIRN; married Annie ABRAM, 24, Servant, Lanark Twp, d/o John ABRAM & Elizabeth LALONDE; wit Mrs. Jennie BARR & Mrs. Jean C. McDONALD, both Lanark, 31 Aug 1910, Lanark Village 013878-10 (Lanark Co) James Albert McPHAIL, 32, Baker, of Arnprior, s/o Alexander McPHAIL & Annie TIERNEY; married Fannie E. BLACK, 26, of Almonte, d/o Walter BLACK & Jane WALLACE; wit D. McPHAIL & Lila TURNER, both Almonte, 28 Sept 1910, Almonte
013892-10 (Lanark Co) George A. MEREDITH, 36, Farmer, of Saskatchewan, s/o John MEREDITH & Eliza A. KIDD; married E.M. STEARNS, 30, of Beckwith, d/o Charles STEARNS & Drusilla WRIGHT; wit William K. MEREDITH, Drummond & Maggie STERNS, Beckwith, 16 Mar 1910, Beckwith 013885-10 (Lanark Co) Sidney MILLER, 43, farmer, of Bathurst, s/o Andrew & Ellen MILLER; married Jessie McPhee CARSON, 29, of Bathurst, d/o John CARSON & Margaret MUNS; wit John GORDON & Norman MILLER, both Perth, 6 Jul 1910, Elliott
013853-10 (Lanark Co) Wilbert MONTERVILLE, 21, Spinner, of Almonte, s/o Samuel MONTERVILLE & Hattie CLARK; married Jessie May BLACK, 19, Knitter, of Almonte, d/o William BLACK & Katie MAGEE; wit George MONTERVILLE & Maggie MUNSON, both Almonte, 25 Jan 1910, Almonte  

013912-10 George Wilbert MORDY, 26, farmer, of Huntley Twp, s/o Joseph MORDY & Elizabeth FAULDE; married Lizzie Maude JOHNSON, 22, of Carleton Place, d/o Henry JOHNSON & Ellen FOSTER; wit John G. MORDY, Huntley & Florence PATRICK, Carp, 20 Apr 1910, Carleton Place

013961-10 (Lanark Co) Harvey MORRISON, 20, Farmer, Bathurst Twp, s/o Henry MORRISON & Mary IRWIN; married Cora ANDERSON, 19, Lanark Twp, d/o James B. ANDERSON & Janet PENMAN; wit Robert PAUL & Mrs. Robert PAUL, both Clayton, 23 Mar 1910, Lanark Twp
013959-10 (Lanark Co) William Herbert MOULTON, 37, Farmer, Fillmore - Q'appelle Canada, s/o George MOULTON & Matilda Jane STURGEON; married Catherine RATHWELL, 39, Lanark Twp, d/o Joseph RATHWELL & Mary MARSHALL; wit James RATHWELL, Fergusons Falls & Kate WARREN, McCREARY, 23 Mar 1910, Lanark Twp 013870-10 (Lanark Co) William Abel Elmer NICHOLS, 27, Labourer, of Carleton Place, s/o Eli & Sarah NICHOLS; married Marion Kath JANES, 22, of Appleton, d/o Mark JANES & Marion AITKEN; wit Myron NICHOLS, Carleton Place & Ruby JANES, Appleton, 29 Jun 1910, Almonte
13857-10 (Lanark Co): Patrick O'DONOVAN, 21, miller, of Carleton Place, s/o John O'DONOVAN & Mary Ann O'KEEFE, married Annie May McLAREN, 24, of Carleton Place, d/o Robert John McLAREN & Elizabeth HARVEY, witn: Florence M & Hilda SADDINGTON, both of Almonte, 14 Apr 1910 at Almonte

013911-10 Frederick William OXFORD, 24, factory operator, of Appleton, s/o George OXFORD & unknown SAIDLE; married Jessie AINSLIE, 29, Housekeeper, of Appleton, d/o James AINSLIE & Unknown JESSIE; wit James AINSLIE & Minnie McGREGOR, both Appleton, 2 Apr 1910, Carleton Place

014068-10 (Lanark Co) Herbert PAQUETTE, 22, Railroader, of Smiths Falls, s/o Unknown; married Elisabeth BANVILLE, 20, Waitress, of Smiths Falls, d/o Terence BANVILLE & Mary LYNCH; wit John C. HOCKENHULLE, Carleton Place, 27 Apr 1910, Smiths Falls  
014058-10 (Lanark Co) George Harnsworth PARKS, 25, Farmer, of North Sherbrooke Twp, s/o John S. PARKS & Sarah BAIN; married Sarah Jane PICKERING, 22, of Admaston Twp, d/o Thomas PICKERING & Mary DUNLOP; wit Richard BUCHAN & Ellen J. WILSON, both Elphin?, 25 May 1910, Lanark 013890-10 (Lanark Co) Robert Thomas PARKES, 23, Carpenter, of Perth, s/o Thomas PARKES & Sarah ORRELL; married Alta Genevieve HUGHES, 22, of Bathurst Twp, d/o John HUGHES & Mary SINCLAIR; wit Annie W. SINCLAIR & J. Wallace CAMPBELL, both Balderson, 28 Dec 1910, Balderson

013953-10 John Albert PAUL, 32, Merchant, Wid, Of Dalhousie, s/o James A. PAUL & Margaret CONWAY; married Jessie Anne EASTON, 31, of Dalhousie, d/o Thomas EASTON & Hannah CRAIG; wit John H. WHITE, Poland & A--? S. LAURRIE?; Lammermoor, 5 Oct 1910, Dalhousie

013923-10 Ernest Snape PECK, 27, laborer, of Carleton Place, s/o Ernest A. SNAPE & Annie PECK; married Isabella TODD, 30, of Carleton Place, d/o George TODD & Isabella McCONKEY; wit Percy HARVEY & Mrs. F. BRAZEN, both Carleton Place, 29 Aug 1910, Carleton Place

013904-10 (Lanark Co) Edgar H. PRATT, 28, Farmer, Maberly, s/o John PRATT & Mary Jane CAMPBELL; married Susie Ella COOKE, 20, seamstress, Carleton Place, d/o Thomas COOKE & Ellen EBBS; wit Oliver DEZELL of McCreary & Edith COOKE of Carleton Place, 8 Feb 1910, Carleton Place  
14086-10 George T. RICHARDSON, 41, widower, farmer, of Drummond twp., s/o Robert RICHARDSON, farmer, & Mary WEBSTER, married Rebecca BLAIR, 38, widow, of Bathurst twp., d/o John TRUELOVE & Jane BLAIR, witn: E.W. MacKAY of St. Pauls Manse, Smith Falls, 1 Feb 1910 at Smith Falls 013919-10 (Lanark Co) James ROBERTSON, 28, Steam Fitter, Montreal, s/o George ROBERTSON & Elizabeth JOHNSON; married Ida May MILLIKIN, Milliner, 25, Carleton Place, d/o Thomas James MILLIKIN & Elizabeth FRIZELL; wit H. MILLIKIN & Mary BUFFAM, both Carleton Place, 29 Jun 1910, Carleton Place
013864-10 (Lanark Co) Albert ROLLINS, 27, Farmer, of Pembroke, s/o William ROLLINS & Sarah HOWARD; married Mary GLEASON, 24, of Pembroke, d/o Michael GLEASON & Agnes McCOLDRICK; wit Florence M. SADDINGTON & Annie M. GREIG, both Almonte, 19 Oct 1910, Almonte

013941-10 David Peter RUSSETT, 28, butcher, of Kars, s/o Joseph RUSSETT & no mother given; married Margaret P. ALLAN, 26, School Teacher, of Balderson, d/o William H. ALLAN & no mother given; wit Tina C. McINTYRE & Roy ALLAN, both no place given, 1 Nov 1910, Balderson

  013877-10 (Lanark Co) Wilbert Leslie SADLER, 17, labourer, of Almonte, s/o Joseph SADLER & Maggie LENNON; married Mary Maud ROYCE, 18, of Almonte, d/o Henry ROYCE & Elizabeth ARDE; wit Margaret DALY & William H. ROYCE, both Almonte, 28 Sept 1910, Almonte
014053-10 (Lanark Co) Frank SCHOONMAKER, 28, Foreman, of Briarcliff Manor NY, s/o no parents given; married Charlotte Violetta THOMPSON, 27, of Ramsay, d/o Robert THOMPSON & Charlotte SHEPPARD; wit Thomas THOMPSON, Ramsay & Alice J. HALPENNY, Carleton Place, 14 Sept 1910, Lanark Twp 013935-10 (Lanark Co) Wesley SCOBIE, 28, Farmer, Ramsay, s/o William SCOBIE & Martha THOMPSON; married Jennie SMITHSON, 28, Farmer, Darling, d/o Samuel SMITHSON & Maggie LONEY; wit Samuel SCOBIE, Clayton & Ellen SMITHSON, Uneda, 15 Jun 1910, Darling
14087-10 Stephen SHIRLEY, 30, farmer, of Bladworth Sask., s/o Thomas SHIRLEY & Hannah STEPHENS, married Florence L. KIDD, 23, of Montague twp., d/o Thomas KIDD & Ellen PERRIN, witn: Nellie EDWARDS of Smith Falls & William KIDD of Franktown, 29 March 1910 at Franktown 14080-10 James SMITH, 30, livery, of Brockville, s/o John SMITH & Esther A. PORTER, married Violet GILES, 23, of Smith Falls, d/o Robert W. GILES & Ellen GREEN, witn: Minnie SMITH & Milton DAVIDSON, both of Smith Falls, 30 March 1910 at Smith Falls

013915-10 Isaac Chansie SMITH, 25, farmer, of Fitzroy - Galetta, s/o Lewis SMITH & Ann ANDERSON; married Ida Stanley CODE, 25, of McCreary, d/o William CODE & Mary STANLEY; wit George F. CODE, McCreary & Sophie ELLIOTT, Carleton Place, 11 May 1910, Carleton Place

014055-10 (Lanark Co) William John SPINKS, 22, Labourer, of White Lake, s/o William SPINKS & Ann BARRY; married Pheoba HENSHAW, 20, Domestic, of Lanark Twp, d/o Augustus HENSHAW & no mother given; wit Samuel SPINKS & Dorothy MINIFER, both no place given, 6 Oct 1910, Clayton

013925-10 Bartron Graham STEARNS, 20, farmer, of Brockville Twp, s/o Myron STEARNS & Mary RIGFORD; married Bertha Elizabeth SAUNDERS, 18, Domestic Servant, of Carleton Place, d/o Thomas Drummond SAUNDERS & Mary Jane DRUMMOND; wit Thomas Drummond SAUNDERS, Franktown & Elsie Pearl STEWART, Carleton Place, 12 Oct 1915, Carleton Place

013854-10 (Lanark Co) William STEVENS, 41, Plasterer, of Almonte, s/o William STEVENS & Annie MONHAM; married Susan BOAL, 46, Wid, of Almonte, d/o William STERLING & Sarah OWENS; wit William T. THOMPSON & Gertie BOAL, both Almonte, 15 Feb 1910 Almonte
014048-10 (Lanark Co) Robert Morrison STEWART, 39, Farmer, of Blakeney, s/o John STEWART & Margaret MORRISON; married Margaret McDOUGALL, 35, of Blakeney, d/o Peter McDOUGALL & Isabell McEWEN; wit K.M. YOUNG & Tina McDOUGALL, both Blakeney, 30 Mar 1910, Blakeney 013887-10 (Lanark Co) John Alex STEWART, 24, farmer, of Bathurst, s/o Nicholas STEWART & Mary Ann ROBINSON; married Janet Ruby WHITE, 19, of Bathurst, d/o George WHITE & Elizabeth HOSSIE; wit John C. WHITE & Evelyn S. COUCH, both Perth, 7 Sept 1910, Brooke

013950-10 William THOMAS, 21, farmer, of Palmerston Twp, s/o Wyman THOMAS & Lena MOSLEY; married Mary Ellen MORROW, 17, of Palmerston Twp, d/o Henry MORROW & Mary Ann VOISE; wit John H. McKENZIE & Bertha THOMAS, both Palmerston Twp, 20 Jun 1910, McDonalds Corners

013960-10 (Lanark Co) Herbert William THOMAS, 23, Labourer, Lanark Twp, s/o George THOMAS & Tena SUTHERLAND: married Nellie CAMELON, 19, Servant, Darling Twp, d/o William CAMELON & Maggie MACDOUGAL; wit William McILQUHAM, Carleton Place & W.J. RATHWELL, Fergusons Falls, 30 Mar 1910, Lanark Twp 013917-10 (Lanark Co) George S. THOMAS, 37, Showman, Syracuse USA, s/o Esquire & Sally THOMAS; married Daisy May TURNEY? (Tierney?), 28, Showman, of Portland Maine, d/o Albert TURNEY? & Martha MATTEWS; wit Mrs. H. GARDINER & Daisy Ella WILKINSON, both Carleton Place, 12 Jun 1910, Carleton Place
013876-10 (Lanark Co) Thomas James THOMPSON, 26, Farmer, of Widdifield Twp, s/o Alex THOMPSON & Maggie POTTER; married Mary Atkin ANDERSON, 28, of Ramsay Twp, d/o William & Jessie ANDERSON; wit John THOMPSON, Grant Mills & Jessie ANDERSON, Almonte, 14 Sept 1910, Almonte

013939-10 Robert Ellis THOMPSON, 31, farmer, of Bathurst Twp, s/o Robert Ellis THOMPSON & Isabella WARRINGTON; married Ermina Ella FLEMING, 25, of Bathurst Twp, d/o Michael FLEMING & Priscilla ROGERS; wit Mabel NORTH & George FLEMING, both no place given, 28 Dec 1910, Balderson

014056-10 (Lanark Co) James A. TYSICK, 27, Farmer, of South Sherbrooke, s/o Thomas TYSICK & Eliza Jane CASSEL; married Margaret Ellen KIRKHAM, 21, of Bathurst, d/o William KIRKHAM & Ellen FLEMMING; wit Frank KIRKHAM & Mary E. KIRKHAM, both Brooke, 17 Feb 1910, South Sherbrooke 014052-10 (Lanark Co) Lloyd Clifford WATSON, 22, Farmer, of Ramsay, s/o John WATSON & Isabella BOYD; married Hannah Rose COON, 21, of Ramsay, s/o Edmund COON & Celestia STEVENS; wit Robert G. CURTIS, Carleton Place & Mrs. C.O. H. ABEL, Chantry, 7 Sept 1910, Ramsay

013913-10 William James WATTERS, 27, laborer, of Carleton Place, s/o William WATTERS & Mary Ann PERRY; married Margaret TURCOTTE, 18, of Pembroke, d/o Gilbert TURCOTTE & Mary ENESTIAN?; wit Robert & Sarah J. BENNETT of Carleton Place, 20 Apr 1910, Carleton Place

013951-10 Edgar J. WATT, 26, Manufacturer, of Wales, s/o James WATT & Agnes STEWART; married Elizabeth M. STONE, 25, Teacher, of Dalhousie, d/o James STONE & Mary LINDSAY; wit Charles WATT, Lanark & Ethel STONE, Watsons Corners, 24 Aug 1910, Dalhousie

013891-10 (Lanark Co) Thomas W. WHYTE, 32, Farmer, of Beckwith, s/o Malcolm WHYTE & Mary McLAREN; married Normanda McRAE, 25, of Beckwith, d/o Malcolm McRAE & Sarah CAMPBELL; wit Willard A. CRAMM, Beckwith & Donalda C. CAMPBELL, Vankleek Hill, 26 Jan 1910, Beckwith 14090-10 Fred William WILKES, 31, printer, of Toronto, s/o George WILKES & Sarah BEALLY, married Annie M. WARREN, 30, of Toronto, d/o George WARREN, stove manager & Jane LEYCOCK, witn: Edna WILKES of Toronto & Claude WARREN of Smith Falls, 5 Sept 1910 at Smith Falls
013931-10 (Lanark Co) Allan WILSON, 29, Farmer, Blackburn, s/o George WILSON & Susan WALL; married Ella McGREGOR, 22, Teacher, Carleton Place, d/o Archibald McGREGOR & Margaret FUMMERTON; wit A.H. McGREGOR, Toronto & Ruby McGREGOR, Carleton Place, 27 Dec 1910, Carleton Place 013934-10 (Lanark Co) William Henry WILSON, 29, Workman, Perth, s/o Robert WILSON & Bell McNAUGHTON; married Catherine McGEE, 25, Farmer, Darling, d/o Henry McGEE & Jane JARAN (Geran?); wit James McGEE, Tatlock & Mrs. C. PATERSON, Carleton Place, 11 May 1910, Darling
014066-10 (Lanark Co) William Alfred WILSON, 25, Mason, of Smiths Falls, s/o John WILSON & Margaret Ellen KNAPP; married Eva Olin RALPH, 26, of Smiths Falls, d/o George F. RALPH & Dorothy C. DAVIS; wit Stella L. CROSS & Harold C. RALPH, both Smiths Falls, 20 Apr 1910, Smiths Falls 013921-10 (Lanark Co) Harry G.W. WILSON, 37, Barrister, Indian Head Sask, s/o George WILSON & Mary L. PATTERSON; married Elizabeth Cameron EDWARDS, 26, Carleton Place, d/o Alex H. EDWARDS & Mary CUSHING; wit George H. FINDLAY & Florence W. EDWARDS, both Carleton Place, 21 Jun 1910, Carleton Place
013900-10 (Lanark Co) James WINTON, 29, Farmer, of North Burgess, s/o James WINTON & Christina CHERRIE; married Jean DUSTON, 24, of North Burgess, d/o Joseph DUSTON & Constance SIM; wit Alec LILLY, Perth & Annie McKAY, Elmsley, 9 Jun 1910, Lanark  
013879-10 (Lanark Co) Robert Robertson WOODS, 32, Merchant, of Elk Lake, s/o Michael WOODS & Charlotte TUCK; married Jean May NEILSON, 30, of Almonte, d/o Matthew & Emeline NEILSON; wit Nellie M. HAMILTON, Ottawa & George W. THOM, Almonte, 28 Sept 1910, Almonte 013889-10 (Lanark Co) Walter E. WORDEN, 23, Farmer, of Vermilion Alta, s/o Herbert WORDEN & Eliza CLAPPER; married May Victoria GAMBLE, 20, of Bathurst Twp, d/o Andrew R. GAMBLE & Mary Ann BLAIR: wit Neil GAMBLE & Bessie HIGGINS, Kemptville, 28 Dec 1910, Wemyss
013902-10 (Lanark Co) Thomas WRIGHT, 33, Painter, Carleton Place, s/o Joseph WRIGHT & Dinah NUTTA; married Mary Marjorie WATKINS, 25, Carleton Place, d/o Joseph WATKINS & Rosannha SAUNDERS; wit John S WATKINS & Annie May WATKINS, both Carleton Place, 5 Jan 1910, Carleton Place 013872-10 (Lanark Co) Albert William WRIGHT, 24, Mill Hand, of Almonte, s/o William WRIGHT & Mary SYKES; married Phoebe DRANSFIELD, 28, of Almonte, d/o Fred DRANSFIELD & Melinda LAQUE; wit George Leonard DEAN & Bessie L. BUCKHAM, both Almonte, 20 Jul 1910, Almonte