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Lanark Co.,  1926

birth place is given before residence


38458-26 John Reginald ABRAMS, 37, telegrapher, Gananoque, Belleville, s/o William Henry, b. Canada & Julia nee LYONS, married Robina Belinda ROBINSON, 38, Leeds Co., Smiths Falls, d/o William ROBINSON, b. Canada & Jane CAWLEY, witn: George & Pearl FROST of Smiths Falls, 11 Sept 1926 at Smiths Falls 38459-26 Ewart Francis ADAMS, 27, farmer, Burgess, Drummond, s/o William ADAMS & Catherine DONNELLY, married Anna Irene DOWDALL, 26, Drummond, same, d/o Richard DOWDALL & Margaret VALLEKY (Vallehey?), witn: Gerald THOMPSON of Stanleyville & Clara DOWDALL of Perth, 16 Aug 1926 at Perth
38460-26 Harold Oliver ALLAN, 22, farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o Francis ALLAN, b. Burgess Ont & Rebecca Mathall OLIVER, married Ada Agnes FERGUSON, 22, South Sherbrooke, Perth, d/o William Wesley FERGUSON, b. Bathurst Ont & Mary CAMERON, witn: Mabel FOURNIER & Roy HAVERON, both of Perth, 3 Feb 1926 at Perth 38461-26 George Clifford ALLEN, 31, electrical engineer, St. Thomas Ont., Sarnia, s/o John NETHERTON (foster father) & Annie MITCHELL, married Jean Anni AFFLECK, 22, Lanark village, Lanark, d/o Nelson AFFLECK, b. Middleville & Annie Maria PENMAN, witn: William N. AFFLECK of Oshawa & Mary W. AFFLECK of Lanark, 31 Aug 1926 at Lanark village
38462-26 George ANDERSON, 46, farmer, Bathurst twp., same, s/o blank & Miss Ann ANDERSON, married Marion Elsie JACKSON, 34, Dalhousie twp., Bathurst twp., d/o Alexander JACKSON, b. Waltons Corners & Jessie Ann BORROWMAN, witn: Mrs. G.L. RALPH & Mrs. Hillis MOULTON, both of Lanark, 24 March 1926 at Lanark 38463-26 James Craig ANDERSON, 25, soldier, Wishaw Scotland, Kingston, s/o Peter ANDERSON, b. Scotland & Jean ANDERSON, married Sarah Ann PALMER, 26, Dundee so, Perth Ont., d/o Duncan PALMER, b. Scotland & Cordelia Jane MacLEAN, witn: Edmund JOBSON of Kingston & Mary AIRDIE? of Perth, 30 Oct. 1926 at Drummond twp
38464-26 LeRoy James ARMSTRONG, 26, industrial engineer, New York Mills NY, Mohawk NY, s/o James Henry ARMSTRONG, b. New Hartford NY & Jennie JOHNSON, married Dorothy Jane WEEKES, 24, nurse, Smiths Falls, same, d/o George O. WEEKES, b. South Elmsley twp. & Ivy Mabel HUTTON, witn: George O. WEEKES & Florence BAIRD, both of Smiths Falls, 9 Aug 1926 at Smiths Falls  
38465-26 Jesse Binford BABCOCK, 28, clerk, Godfrey Ont., Smiths Falls, s/o James Edward BABCOCK, b. Newboro Ont & Matilda Jane LEEMAN, married Hazel Elinor Cecilia BURRROWS, 20, Montague twp., same, d/o James BURROWS, b. Montague Ont & Eleanor CASTLE, witn: John & Adeline REID of Smiths Falls, 20 Nov 1926 at Smiths Falls 38466-26 Wesley Stalwood BAGSHAW, 32, CPR operator, Sunderland Ont., Perth, s/o Abel Edward BAGSHAW & Minnie SINICK?, married Margaret GRAHAM, 37, widow, Lanark, Perth, d/o James TAYLOR & Helen LEE, witn: Vera & Carrie (Cavin?) GRAHAM of Perth, 20 March 1926 at Perth
38467-26 William George BAKER, 20, laundry driver, Smiths Falls, same, s/o George BAKER, b. South Elmsley twp & Lucy Maud EDWARDS, married Mary Elizabeth ROBINSON, 17, button worker, Carleton Place, Smiths Falls, d/o John Arthur ROBINSON, b. Carleton Place & Mary Maud NOLAN, witn: Lena Jane JOHNSON & Forrest Byron TWEEDY, both of Smiths Falls, 24 March 1926 at manse, Smiths Falls 38468-26 Ralph Charles BATEMAN, 24, metallurgist, Whitby Ont., Detroit, s/o John W. BATEMAN, b. Whitby twp & Elizabeth TASKER, married Edith Elizabeth PLAYFAIR, 18, Drummond twp., Detroit, d/o Robert B. PLAYFAIR, b. Playfair & Amanda B. BROWN, witn: Wesley & Annie PLAYFAIR of Lanark, 10 July 1926 at res of the bride's parents
38469-26 William Henry BATES, 27, clerk, Jasper, Smiths Falls, s/o William Henry BATES & Margaret BRADFORD, married Geraldine HUGHES, 19, Newbliss, same, d/o Albert HUGHES & Elizabeth PRIDE, witn: Kenneth HUGHES of Newbliss & Mrs. Nellie BROWN of Smiths Falls, 25 Aug 1926 at Smiths Falls 38470-26 Harold Grant BEAITH, 20, grocer, Smiths Falls, same, s/o James Charles BEAITH, b. Ramsay twp & Harriet RINGER, married Marion Alice REED, 19, clerk, Smiths Falls, same, d/o John Alexander REED, b. Lansdowne twp & Catherine LECHER (deceased), witn: James & Lenna McCULLOCH of Smiths Falls, 28 Sept 1926 at Smiths Falls
38471-26 Harold Chauncey BELLAMY, 32, farmer, Toledo Ont., same, s/o Warren BELLAMY, b. Kitley twp & Martha MOORE, married Elizabeth Ethel GARDNER, 27, Ramsay twp., Toledo Ont., d/o William GARDNER, b. Ramsay twp & Isabella McINNES, witn: F.E. WHATES of Kemptville & Dorothy GARDNER of Almonte, 24 March 1926 at Ramsay 38472-26 Wilfred Laurier BEY, 25, motor boat operator, Barrie twp., Clyne, s/o John BEY, b. St. Regis Que. & Ann LAFOREST, married Helen DEBO, 18, Cornwall Island, Smiths Falls, d/o David DEBO, b. Cornwall Island & Mary MITCHEL, witn: Louis & Rena EDWARDS of St. Regis, 8 May 1926 at Smiths Falls
38474-26 Lawrence Savard BLAIR, 31, accountant, New Brighton Pennsylvania, Berea Ohio, s/o S.J. BLAIR, b. Princeton Pennsylvania & Mary SAVARD, married Gwendolyn Victoria WILLIAMS, 23, nurse, Almonte, same, d/o David WILLIAMS, b. Smiths Falls & Ann Lister GLOVER, witn: Andrew & Alice J. YOUNG of Almonte, 17 July 1926 at Almonte 38473-26 Delbert James BLAIR, 23, CPR section man, South Sherbrooke twp., Maberly, s/o John Hugh BLAIR, b. Canada & Elizabeth WARWICK, married Susie Anna DOWDALL, 26, Bolingbroke, same, d/o Edward John DOWDALL, b. Canada & Annie, witn: Elmer? & Tabitha BLAIR of Sharbot Lake, 16 June 1926 at Perth
38475-26 John J. BLAKELEY, 22, spinner, Toronto, Almonte, s/o John BLAKELEY, b. England & Emma WILSON, married Elizabeth Margaret WATSON, 25, Douglas, Almonte, d/o William WATSON, b. Gratton Ont & Jane COCHRANE, witn: Wilmert & Edna ILLINGSWORTH of Almonte, 18 Dec 1926 at Almonte 38476-26 Thomas P. BRADY, 27, painter, Perth, same, s/o Thomas BRADY & Alice TROY, married May Victoria DESLILE, 21, Perth, same, d/o Peter DESLILE & Delia LOVE, witn: Fred HORAN & Alice BRADY, both of Perth, 25 Oct. 1926 at Perth
38477-26 Harry BROWN, 30, machinist, Winchester village, Carleton Place, s/o Howard BROWN, b. Canada & Annie HITCHMAN, married Eula GENOE, 19, Vernon, Carleton Place, d/o Thomas GENOE, b. Canada & Minnie BELL, witn: E.H. RITCHIE & Mrs. Samuel DUNFIELD, both of coo, 2 Oct. 1926 at Carleton Place 38478-26 Ivan Wilbert BRUNDAGE, 28, merchant, Carleton Place, same, s/o Albert BRUNDAGE, b. Canada & Sarah HAMILTON, married Lila Laverne HUNSBERGER, 39, Princeton Ont., Carleton Place, d/o James HUNSBERGER, b. Canada & Emeline M. CHURCH, witn: Harry D. MURPHY (Umphrey?) & Lottie Jane HUNSBERGER, both of Carleton Place, 31 June 1926 at Carleton Place
  38479-26 Herbert Carman BURKE, 30, foreman, Ontario, Mount Dennis, s/o John BURKE, b. Ont & Mary Jane CONBOY, married Margaret Beatrice MEGERT, 33 (b. 6 Dec 1892), Smiths Falls, same, d/o Jacob MEGERT, b. USA & Mary Elizabeth POOLE, witn: William Harrold ERRETT of Merrickville & Ann GRAHAM of Smiths Falls, 12 July 1926 at Smiths Falls
38480-26 Charles BUTLER, 37, laborer, Grand Banks Newfoundland, Smiths Falls, s/o William BUTLER, b. Grand Banks Nfld & Mary Jane CLEMENTS, married Bertha HAMPTON, 28, nurse, Bona Vista Newfoundland, Smiths Falls, d/o Alexander HAMPTON, b. Bona Vista Nfld & Mary Hannah STREET, witn: Ronald EDWARDS of Montreal & Susie BRACE of Smiths Falls, 5 April 1926 at Smiths Falls 38481-26 Charles David BUTLER, 27, railway ticket agent, La Salette Ont., same, s/o Robert BUTLER & Catherine HOGAN, married Cyrilla Hannah Mary O'DONNELL, 27, Montague twp., same, d/o Jeremiah O'DONNELL & Eleanor MAHONEY, witn: Fidelia O'DONNELL of Smiths Falls & Helen BUTLER of St. Thomas Ont., 18 Aug 1926 at Smiths Falls
38482-26 James Henry Andrew BYERS, 42, trust officer, Ontario, 188 Grenadier Rd in Toronto, s/o Henry BYERS, b. Ireland & Mary Agnes McDONALD, married Lucy Jean DOLAN, 39, Ontario, 150 Fermanagh Ave in Toronto, d/o James Henry DOLAN, b. Ireland & Victoria HALLIDAY, witn: Mary Dorothea SYKES of Bayview & Eglinton in Toronto & M.A. ALLAN of Perth, 4 Dec 1926 at Perth 38483-26 Robert Benjamin CAMERON, 24, farmer, Flower Station, Lanark twp., s/o Robert E. CAMERON, b. Flower Station & Elizabeth LETT, married Hilda COMMAND, 22, domestic, Drummond twp., Lanark twp., d/o Thomas COMMAND, b. Ferguson Falls & Hannah McGUIRE, witn: Thomas COMMAND of Ferguson Falls & Elizabeth PLANT of Middleville, 20 Oct. 1926 at Middleville
38484-26 Charles Archibald CAMPBELL, 30, farmer, North Elmsley twp., same, s/o Ralph CAMPBELL, b. Montague twp & Mary ORR, married Mary Marguerite ELLIOTT, 31, Pakenham twp., same, d/o John ELLIOTT, b. Pakenham twp & Eliza Ann JAMESON, witn: F.E. ORR of Ottawa & Miss Mabel CAMPBELL of Medicine Hat Alberta, 21 Aug 1926 at Pakenham 38485-26 Frederick James CATCHPOLE, 25, bank fireman, London England, Smiths Falls, s/o Fred CATCHPOLE, b. London England & Elizabeth GRANT, married Edith Dorothy PULL, 30, London England, Smiths Falls, d/o Thomas Lester PULL, b. London England & Isabella BIRL, witn: Charles J. CATCHPOLE & Alice WESTBROOK, both of Smiths Falls, 1 Feb 1926 at Smiths Falls
38486-26 Robert Arthur CHARLTON, 40, farmer, South Sherbrooke twp., same, s/o John CHARLTON, b. Canada & Julia CONBOY, married Clara Isadore NORTH, 18, Fallbrooke, same, d/o John NORTH, b. Ireland & Alice DAROU, witn: John NORTH & Ruby Winifred SHILLINGTON, both of Fallbrook, 22 Sept 1926 at Perth 38487-26 Raymond Clark CHRISTIE, 23, machinist, Tweed, Smiths Falls, s/o William CHRISTIE, b. England & Bertha BROWN, married Geneva Grace DE MARSE, 18, Chatham Ont., Smiths Falls, d/o William George DE MARSE, b. Bedford Mills Ont & Agnes WILCOX, witn: Agnes & Thomas R. McCORD of Franktown, 18 Oct. 1926 at Franktown
38488-26 John Gregg CLOSE, 23, locomotive fireman, Belfast Ireland, Smiths Falls, s/o John CLOSE, b. Belfast Ireland & Esther Ann GREGG, married Laurena Wynona HALLADAY, 26, clerk, Smiths Falls, same, d/o Walter HALLADAY, b. Wolford twp & Elizabeth FERGUSON, witn: W. Ryerson DOUGLAS & Nellie BROWN, both of Smiths Falls, 28 June 1926 at Smiths Falls 38489-26 Harry Burton CODE, 25, locomotive fireman, Smiths Falls, Montague twp., s/o Robert Wesley CODE, b. Montague twp & Ida WEDMARK, married Mary Elizabeth RODDICK, 22, stenographer, Lyndhurst, Smiths Falls, d/o George RODDICK, b. Lyndhurst & Catherine ROGERS, witn: Harriet MULLEN & Omer George LANE, both of Smiths Falls, 8 Sept 1926 at Smiths Falls
38490-26 Lawrence Keith COMBS, 26, linotype operator, Almonte, Goderich, s/o C.C. COMBS, b. Canada & Elizabeth CLARKE, married Edith Cora GREY, 27, Almonte, same, d/o William L. GREY, b. Ireland & Phoebe GREY, witn: Milton Ross GREY & Mrs. Milton Ross GREY, both of Almonte, 1 July 1926 at Almonte 38491-26 James Reuben CONDIE, 25, farmer, Westmeath twp., same, s/o Peter CONDIE, b. Westmeath twp & Annie COOK, married Marie Marguerite Ida LABELLE, 18, Pembroke, same, d/o Alfred LABELLE, b. Pembroke & Rebecca LAPOINTE, witn: Willis & Mrs. Willis THOMPSON of Smiths Falls, 23 Dec 1926 at Smiths Falls
38492-26 Albert Lewis COOPER, 33, civil servant, London Ont., Ottawa, s/o Albert Thomas COOPER & Helen HAWTHORNE, married Lila Elizabeth Doreen NOLAN, 20, Carleton Place, same, d/o Thomas Franklin NOLAN & Ethella CLUFF, witn: Fred NOLAN of Carleton Place & J.A. HERBERT of Ottawa, 28 June 1926 at Carleton Place 38493-26 Edward Barker CORBOLD, 35, train dispatcher, Orillia Ont., Iron Falls - Cochrane Dist., s/o Charles CORBOULD & Mary BARKER, married Olive Jane ALLEN, 30, Ramsay twp., res not given, d/o James ALLEN & Anna Margaret KELLOUGH, witn: Adam Percival & Mary Matilda DUNLOP of Carleton Place, 8 Sept 1926 at Carleton Place
38494-26 Allen Ross CRAIG, 23, farmer, Lanark twp., Ramsay twp., s/o Adam W. CRAIG, b. Almonte & Mary Ann ARNOTT, married Annie May REID, 20, Ramsay twp., same, d/o John R. REID, b. Meadowvale Ontario., & Margaret A. MacKAY, witn: J.M. SYMINGTON & M.W. REID, both of Almonte, 1 Sept 1926 at Ramsay twp 38495-26 Harold Arthur CUNNINGHAM, 32, portable engineer, Omemee Ont., Smiths Falls, s/o James CUNNINGHAM, b. Omemee & Jane RABEY, married Mary Alice Delima FORTNER, 20, Smiths Falls, Montague twp., d/o James FORTNER, b. London Ont & Irene BISONETTE, witn: Ernest BISONETTE of Lombardy & Irene FORTNER of Smiths Falls, 29 June 1926 at Smiths Falls
38496-26 John Craig CUTHBERTSON, 51, farmer, Dalhousie twp., RR1 Lanark, s/o George CUTHBERTSON, b. Dalhousie Ont & Catherine CRAIG, married Elsie Jane CAMPBELL, 23, Lanark twp., same, d/o Archie McFarlane CAMPBELL, b. Lanark Ont & Mary (Nancy?) GRAHAM, witn: Sadie Elizabeth CAMPBELL of Lanark & Nelson FAIR of McDonalds Corners, 30 Aug 1926 at Perth 38497-26 Robert William DIXON, 22, carpenter, Brockville Ont., Smiths Falls, s/o James DIXON, b. Ireland & Margaret Elizabeth FORD (deceased), married Gladys Margaret DAVIS, 21, Smiths Falls, same, d/o George Albert DAVIS, b. Montague twp & Victoria Hannah STEPHENS, witn: Victoria & George A. DAVIS of Smiths Falls, 12 June 1926 at Smiths Falls
38498-26 William Alvin DOE, 26, textile worker, Waterloo Que., Carleton Place, s/o Roderick DOE, b. Quebec & Adeline GREY, married Jean Isabel WAUGH, 22, Carleton Place, same, d/o Samuel WAUGH, b. Canada & Ellen MARTIN, witn: Mrs. Tena KELLY & Mrs. J.T.E. BLANSHARD, both of Almonte, 2 Aug 1926 at Almonte 38499-26 Arthur Herrick DOOLAN, 24, barber, Arnprior, Almonte, s/o Arthur DOOLAN & Margaret HERRICK, married Mary Laura ROONEY, 23, Almonte, same, d/o Patrick ROONEY & Mary HOGAN, witn: William Harold NEWTON & Catherine ROONEY, both of Almonte, 25 Sept 1926 at Almonte
38500-26 Abraham Leland DORAN, 23, bridgeman, Nalura Dam NY, Smiths Falls, s/o Jeremiah DORAN, b. Mountain twp & Mary Jane HATTON, married Elizabeth Margaret COLLETTE, 22, house maid, Devonshire England, Renfrew, d/o William John COLLETTE, b. France & Isabel Margaret McDONALD, witn: F.F.E. COLLETTE & Edna SMITH, both of Haley St. Ont., 29 June 1926 at Smiths Falls 38501-26 Clarence DOWDALL, 28, farmer, Scotch Corners Ont., Carleton Place, s/o Robert DOWDALL, b. Beckwith & Sarah Jane LEDGERWOOD, married Mary DUFF, 29, Beckwith twp., Carleton Place, d/o Alexander John DUFF, b. Beckwith & Caroline EDMUNDS, witn: Edmund Douglas DUFF & Jessie TYRIE, both of Carleton Place, 24 May 1926 at Perth
38502-26 Francis Charles DOWDALL, 22, CPR laborer, Bathurst twp., Christie Lake, s/o Edward DOWDALL, b. Bathurst & Alice DOWDALL, married Hanna Irene GREENE, 21, Marlborough twp., Christie Lake, d/o William James GREENE, b. Marlborough, & Mary Ann KIRKHAM, witn: Alice Mae DOWDALL & James McLAREN, both of Wemyss, 3 Feb. 1926 at St. Stephens, Brooke 38503-26 George Norman DOWDALL, 28, farmer, Ramsay twp., same, s/o George DOWDALL, b. Ramsay twp & Ann Jane GARDINER, married Gertrude Elizabeth McDOUGALL, 23, nurse, Dalhousie, Balderson, d/o Hugh McDOUGALL, b. Dalhousie & Elizabeth FAIR, witn: Elsie DOWDALL & George WYNNE, both of Carleton Place, 10 Nov 1926 at Bathurst twp
38504-26 Joseph Augustin DUMAINE, 25, lumber mill, Arnprior, same, s/o Joseph DUMAINE & Angele LAMOTHE, married Mary Veronica FARRELL, 26, Pakenham, same, d/o Patrick J. FARRELL & Elizabeth COTTON, witn: Percy MELANSON of Arnprior & Matthew FARRELL of Pakenham, 27 Sept 1926 at Pakenham 38505-26 Kenneth John EAMER, 28, farmer, Smiths Falls, Montague twp., s/o Daniel EAMER, b. Montague twp & Martha HUNT, married Mabel Irene LINDSAY, 24, teacher, Pincher Creek Alberta, Montague twp., d/o Frederick LINDSAY, b. North Gower twp & Eliza CRAWFORD, witn: Charles EAMER & Winona GRAHAM, both of Smiths Falls, 30 June 1926 at parsonage
38506-26 Clarence Wylie EARLE, 31, bank clerk, Brockville, Ottawa, s/o Anson Edgar EARLE, b. Fairfield Ont & Janet AVERY, married Elsie Enola CRAIG, 26, nurse, Smiths Falls, same, d/o Richard CRAIG, b. North Gower & Elizabeth Jane STEDMAN, witn: David Gunn WATERS of Belleville & Elizabeth Leila CRAIG of Smiths Falls, 7 July 1926 at Smiths Falls 38507-26 William Glen ECKFORD, 32, laborer, McNab twp., Arnprior, s/o Henry ECKFORD, b. Arnprior & Clara PARSONS, married Mildred Jean FULTON, 22, Pakenham twp., Almonte, d/o Alexander FULTON, b. Pakenham & Margaret SUTHERLAND, witn: Gordon ECKFORD of Arnprior & Pearl FULTON of Almonte, 15 Sept 1926 at Almonte
38508-26 Edward Newman EDWARDS, 20, moulder, Smiths Falls, same, s/o Edward A. EDWARDS, b. North Gore & Julia Ann Jane BENNETT, married Essie Adeline CALDWELL, 20, Dalhousie twp., Smiths Falls, d/o Charles M. CALDWELL, b. Dalhousie twp & Minnie McCULLOCK, witn: Alfred HAGAN of Smiths Falls & Catherine J. EDWARDS of Osgoode Station, 22 Dec 1926 at Smiths Falls 38509-26 John Leonard EDWARDS, 24, laborer, Montague twp., Smiths Falls, s/o Alex EDWARDS & Margaret LACEY, married Elsie Mary Jane MURRAY, 19, Smiths Falls, same, d/o James MURRAY & Jane BURROWS?, witn: James MURRAY & Isabella MURRAY, both of Smiths Falls, 12 May 1926 at Presbyterian manse, Smiths Falls
38510-26 William Ross EDWARDS, 26, farmer, Eastons Corners, same, s/o Joseph EDWARDS, b. Augusta twp & Nellie ELLSWORTH, married Levina JONES, 19, Bedford twp., Smiths Falls, d/o Joseph JONES, b. Bedford twp & Harriet SCOTT, witn: Harriet JONES & Eliza S.M. CLAYTON, both of Smiths Falls, 13 Feb 1926 at Smiths Falls 38511-26 William Harold ERRETT, 23, grocer, Merrickville, Brockville, s/o Robert P. ERRETT, b. Ireland & Catherine BURCHELL, married Ann GRAHAM, 25, Ireland, Smiths Falls, d/o James GRAHAM & Margaret McCORMICK, witn: Violet GRAHAM & Sam GRAHAM, both of Smiths Falls, 24 Nov 1926 at Smiths Falls
38512-26 Henry Lowry EVOY, 61, widower, laborer, Huntley twp., Beckwith twp., s/o James EVOY, b. Huntley twp & Martha LOWRY, married Emily Maria HILL, 49, widow, Montague twp., same, d/o N.P. VANDUSEN, b. Montague twp & Clara WILSON, witn: Ernest HILL & Florence EVOY, both of Smiths Falls, 20 Dec 1926 at Smiths Falls 38513-26 Nelson FAIR, 37, farmer, Dalhousie twp., McDonalds Corners, s/o Andrew FAIR, b. Dalhousie twp & Marion BAILEY, married Viola Mae SIMPSON, 21, Folger Ont., Appleton, d/o Robert SIMPSON, b. Flower Station & Louise GIBSON, witn: Harold VANDERWATER & Leila SIMPSON, both of Appleton, 8 Sept 1926 at Carleton Place
38514-26 Joseph FELBER, 33, salesman, NY state, Detroit, s/o Joseph FELBER, b. Germany & Anna EDL?, married Anna Marie DONOVAN, 23 (b. 12 May 1903), Detroit, Perth, d/o Charles DONOVAN, b. Michigan & Lillias WARD b. Michigan, witn: Ward Eugene DONOVAN of Detroit & Margaret Louise FERRIS (Ferrie?) of Perth, 29 Dec 1926 at Drummond twp 38515-26 James George FERRIER, 35, farmer, Cartwright Manitoba, Burgess twp., s/o Charles FERRIER, b. Burgess twp & Eva CUNNINGHAM, married Ida May LEWIS, 27, Drummond twp., same, d/o Henry LEWIS, b. Drummond twp & Emma HALL, witn: Mrs. Edith McDOUGALL & Mrs. R. McRAE, both of Balderson, 9 Dec 1926 at Bathurst twp
38516-26 Raymond Lloyd FLEMING, 34, salesman, Pakenham twp., Pense Sask., s/o Hugh FLEMING, b. Pakenham & Olive SADLER, married Vera Isabel McCANN, 27, weaver, Ramsay twp., Almonte, d/o J.J. McCANN, b. Almonte & Mary GEMMILL, witn: W.G. FLEMING of Pakenham & Della SCHOULER of Almonte, 15 Dec 1926 at Almonte 38517-26 John Franklin FOLEY, 34, CPR fireman, Ottawa, Smiths Falls, s/o Edward FOLEY & Sarah Elizabeth SHORE, married Mary Jane MILLS, 31, Wolford twp., Smiths Falls, d/o Joseph Vincent MILLS, b. Wolford twp & Eliza Ann HARE, witn: John W. DOYLE & Hazel FOLEY, both of Ottawa, 11 Aug 1926 at Smiths Falls
38518-26 Christopher Wilson FOSTER, 25, farmer, Darling twp., Lanark twp., s/o Robert S. FOSTER, b. Darling & Sarah WHITE, married Edith Margaret BULLOCK, 20, Lanark twp., same, d/o Thomas BULLOCK, b. Lanark & Margaret MAHON, witn: Albert SCOTT of Watsons Corners & Blanch KING of White Lake, 29 Dec 1926 at Lanark 38519-26 Donald Caldwell FRASER, 33, office manager, Almonte, Perth, s/o Donald McFarlane FRASER, b. Perth & Rebecca CALDWELL, married Doris Gwendoline WILSON, 29, Perth, same, d/o Samuel Churchill WILSON, b. Bathurst twp & Ethel SMITH, witn: Dr. S. C. WILSON & Murray WILSON, both of Perth, 27 March 1926 at Perth
38520-26 John Stuart FULTON, 29, Pakenham twp., same, s/o James FULTON, b. Pakenham twp & Annie CAMELON, married Mary Letitia McCANN, 24, Pakenham twp., same, d/o James McCANN, b. Pakenham twp & Emma NEEDHAM, witn: Edgar McCANN & Agnes Meikle FULTON, both of Pakenham, 31 Aug 1926 at Pakenham 38521-26 John James GALVIN, 35, widower, Carleton Place, Smiths Falls, s/o Patrick GALVIN, b. Ireland & Leah TROTMAN, married Lillian May MAXWELL, works at public hospital, Kemptville, Smiths Falls, d/o William MAXWELL, b. Kemptville & Phoebe HINTON, witn: Velmour FLEMING of Maberly & Hilda DEACON of Bolingbroke, 25 Aug 1926 at St. Johns Church, Smiths Falls
38522-26 Orville Willis GILES, 24, laborer, Clayton, same, s/o Enoch GILES, b. Ramsay twp & Ann MALTON, married Kate Mary McDONALD, 36, Huntley twp., same, d/o Hugh McDONALD, b. Huntley twp & Margaret O'CONNOR, witn: W.J. SPINKS & Phyllis LOWE, both of Almonte, 22 Nov 1926 at Almonte 38523-26 Thomas Henry GILES, 31, mechanic, Renfrew, Detroit, s/o Robert GILES & Margaret McGEE, married Geraldine FENWICK, 30, Perth, same, d/o Henry FENWICK & Ann O'BRIEN, witn: Michael DOLAN of Detroit & Isabel FENWICK of Perth, 20 Sept 1926 at Perth
38524-26 Charles Edward GLAZIER, 33, train man, Smiths Falls, same, s/o David GLAZIER (deceased) b. Brockville & Florence ELWARD, married Elsie McCHARLES, 21, housemaid, Renfrew Ont., Smiths Falls, d/o Edward McCHARLES, b. Renfrew Ont & Elizabeth PROCTOR, witn: Elmo ALLPORT & Edith ALLPORT, both of Smiths Falls, 23 Sept 1926 at Smiths Falls 38525-26 Ewart Gladstone GRAY, 26, salesman, Rockwood Ont., Preston Ont., s/o James GRAY & Ann SHARP, married Mildred Caroline NEAR, 24, Galt, same, d/o Anderson NEAR & Caroline REID, witn: M. Lou BARBOUR of St. John NB & Mrs. Nellie BROWN of Smiths Falls, 8 Sept 1926 at Smiths Falls
38526-26 Arthur GREENAWAY, 40, CPR laborer, Bristol England, Smiths Falls, s/o George GREENAWAY, b. England & Mary Elizabeth WATTS, married Elizabeth Alice HOPKINS, 28, clerk, Marylebone England, Smiths Falls, d/o Alfred John Richard HOPKINS, b. England & Elizabeth ADAMSON, witn: Alfred HOPKINS of Smiths Falls & Lilian Edith ROLLERI of Knowlton Que., 21 July 1926 at Smiths Falls 38527-26 William Edward GREER, 33, farmer, Maberly, same, s/o William GREER, b. Maberly & Kate BROOKS, married Mahala Florence McCHARLES, 21, next August, Frontenac Co., Maberly, d/o Matheson McCHARLES, b. Oso twp & Mabel WHITTAKER, witn: Florence OATES & Barbara BEDFORD-JONES, b Perth, 27 April 1926 at Perth
38528-26 Francis Howard GUPPY, 41, CPR conductor, Ottawa, Smiths Falls, s/o Henry John GUPPY, b. Wales & Catherine Jane CRAWFORD, married Blanche Irne DEWEY, 24, Smiths Falls, same, d/o Jabez DEWEY, b. Wolford twp & Huldah OLMSTEAD, witn: Edna & Francis Jeffery PATTERSON of Smiths Falls, 22 March 1926 at Smiths Falls  
38529-26 Charles Albert HARPER, 21, laborer, Smiths Falls, same, s/o Steacey HARPER, b. Chesterville Ont & Rachel McKINNON, married Ida Veronia BYRNE, 22, textile worker, Stanleyville, Perth, d/o James BYRNE, b. Stanleyville & Mary Ann QUINN, witn: Milford HURLBERT & Elizabeth HURLBERT, both of Perth, 3 July 1926 at Perth 38530-26 William Wallace HAYES, 38, miner, Scotland, Timmins, s/o David HAYES, b. Edinburgh & unknown, married Annabella WHITE, 32, Bathurst twp., Perth, d/o George WHITE, b. Bathurst twp & Elizabeth HASTIE, witn: Mervyn Smith WATT & Lillian Vera WHITE, both of Perth, 10? Jan 1926 at Perth
38531-26 Burton Alfred HAYTER, 31, stove mounter, Madoc Ont., Carleton Place, s/o John HAYTER & Ella CLARKE, married Mary Margaret LINTOCK, 22, sales lady, Bridgenorth Ont., Carleton Place, d/o John LINTOCK & Florence MORRISON, witn: Dr. J.A. JAMES & Cora CASWELL, both of Carleton Place, 13 May 1926 at Carleton Place 38532-26 Frederick James HEDDERSON, 59, widower, London England, Copper Cliff, s/o Joseph HEDDERSON, b. England & Ann HOPKINS, married Georgina Beatrice MORRISON, 42, widow, Carp, Carleton Place, d/o Samuel HAWKSHAW, b. Canada & Martha WILSON, witn: Andy & Mrs. Edith HERRON of Carleton Place, 29 June 1926 at Carleton Place
38533-26 Joseph John HEWITT, 34, dentist, Ninga Manitoba, Smiths Falls, s/o William HEWITT, b. Ireland & Mary Jane ANDERSON, married Bertha Jane TWEEDY, 22, teacher, Smiths Falls, same, d/o Hiram TWEEDY & Margaret Jane WILLS, witn: Harold HEWITT of Smiths Falls & William Albert TWEEDY of Ottawa, 4 Aug 1926 at Smiths Falls 38534-26 William HILL, 33, train man, Hinchinbrooke twp., Smiths Falls, s/o John HILL, b. Hinchinbrooke twp & Mary Jane BRADT (Brash?), married Anna Louise EVANS, 26, Kitley twp., Smiths Falls, d/o Thomas EVANS, b. Kitley twp & Sarah Isabel KLYNE, witn: Ernest & Ethel Isabel ROE of Smiths Falls, 22 Sept 1926 at St. Johns Church, Smiths Falls
38536-36 Ernest Edmond HOGAN, 22, laborer, Smiths Falls, same, s/o Nicholas HOGAN, b. Perth Ont & Minnie MURPHY, married Annie Grace MILLER, 18, Lanark twp., Perth, d/o Hugh MILLER, b. Lanark twp & Beatrice BUCHANAN, witn: Harold HOGAN & Omer O'BRIEN, both of Smiths Falls, 26 July 1926 at Smiths Falls 38535-26 Ambrose B. HOGAN, 29, civil servant, Ottawa, same, s/o James J. HOGAN & Mary Ann BRENNAN, married Marcella NOONAN, 28, clerk, Stanleyville, Ottawa, d/o Richard NOONAN & Rose McPARLAN, witn: Desmond NOONAN & Marcella QUIGLEY, both of Stanleyville, 21 Oct. 1926 at Stanleyville
38537-26 James Edwin HOWE, 28, CPR bridge man, Uxbridge, Toronto, s/o Ira HOWE, b. Canada & Eliza Ann VAN LUVEN, married Ida Mae KIRKHAM, 18, Maberly, same, d/o Isaac KIRKHAM, b. Canada & Helen VALLERY, witn: James A. MORROW of Maberly & Georgina KIRKHAM of Port Elmsley, 8 Sept 1926 at Port Elmsley 38538-26 Ernest Robert HUGHES, 28, moulder, Carleton Place, same, s/o Robert HUGHES & Ann McFADDEN, married Margaret Mary YACK, 25, Bathurst, same, d/o Gustave YACK & Matilda NOONAN, witn: Reginald McCANN & Ellenor NOONAN, both of RR1 Balderson, 28 June 1926 at Perth
38539-26 Roy Clifford HUNTER, 23, farmer, Albermarle twp., Kitley twp., s/o Russell HUNTER, b. Albermarle twp & Rebekah HUTCHISON, married Ivy Annie WELSTED, 23, London England, Kitley twp., d/o William John WELSTED, b. London England & unknown, witn: Mrs. Nellie BROWN & Mrs. Bessie PERRY, both of Smiths Falls, 25 Feb 1926 at Smiths Falls  
38540-26 William James ILLINGWORTH, 21, mill operative, Almonte, same, s/o William ILLINGWORTH, b. Ont & Nellie DAVIS, married Edna Beulah BLAKELEY, 20, mill operative, Toronto, Almonte, d/o John BLAKELEY, b. England & Emma WILSON, witn: Rosa BOUGHNER of Carleton Place & Charles ILLINGWORTH of Almonte, 17 Nov 1926 at Almonte 38541-26 Frederick Claude IRVINE, 25, carpenter, Montague twp., same, s/o Thomas IRVINE, b. Montague twp & Sarah FERGUSON, married Zelda Kathleen ANDERSON, 27, clerk, Beckwith twp., same, d/o blank & Elizabeth ANDERSON, witn: Abraham CODE & Edith TABB, both of Montague twp., 7 Sept 1926 at St. Bedes Church, Montague
38542-26 Stanley Alexander JACKSON, 29, farmer, Drummond twp., Dalhousie twp., s/o Alexander JACKSON, b. Dalhousie & Jessie BORROWMAN, married Mary Elizabeth FORBES, 18, Lanark twp., Dalhousie twp., d/o James A. FORBES, b. Dalhousie & Mary Ann McINNES, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Stewart FORBES of Middleville, 23 June 1926 at Dalhousie 38543-26 Raymond Algernon JAMIESON, 31, barrister, Almonte, same, s/o Harold JAMIESON, b. Canada & Cynthia COLE, married Evelyn May BLAKE, 19, Almonte, same, d/o Harry L. COLE, b. Canada & Beatrice KING, witn: C.L. JAMIESON & F.J. BLAKE, both of Almonte, 2 Sept 1926 at Almonte
38544-26 John Allan JOHNSTON, 29, physician, North Gower, Carleton Place, s/o James JOHNSTON & Martha ALLAN, married Annie Maria THOMPSON, 27, teacher, Ramsay twp., same, d/o Thomas Alfred THOMPSON & Elizabeth Wallace MORRIS, witn: Russell Albert JOHNSTON of RR2 Kars & Mary Elizabeth THOMPSON of RR Almonte, 5 April 1926 at Almonte 38545-26 Archie KAYE-PAGE, 22, chef, Yorkshire England, Smiths Falls, s/o Archibald Duncan KAYE, b. Yorkshire England & Mary Ellen GRIFFIN, married Olive VAN DUSEN, 19, Smiths Falls, same, d/o Elmer Uriah VAN DUSEN, b. Chesterville Ont & Emma Caroline WOODCOCK, witn: Louisa McNABB of Smiths Falls & Arthur HUGHSTON of Ottawa, 16 June 1926 at Smiths Falls
38546-26 Orvil Edwin KEAN, 21, laborer, Bathurst twp., Smiths Falls, s/o Thomas Edwin KEAN & Lily DOWALL, married Margaret Viola JACKSON, 19, Watsons Corners, Smiths Falls, d/o Albert JACKSON & Margaret MOODY, wtn: Myna? & Elizabeth Edna HURLBERT of Smiths Falls, 26 July 1926 at Perth 38547-26 James Victor KELLOUGH, 27, farmer, Ramsay twp., same, s/o Robert George KELLOUGH, b. Lanark Co & Margaret Brown YOUNG, married Cynthia Gladys PAUL, 26, Clayton Ont., Ramsay twp., d/o William Burke PAUL, b. Clayton & Cynthia Matilda TIMMS?, witn: Earl KELLOUGH of RR4 Almonte & Effie PAUL of Appleton, 9 June 1926 at Carleton Place
38548-26 Francis Joseph KELLY, 26, farmer, Montague twp., North Elmsley twp., s/o Patrick KELLY & Catherine McPARLAND, married Grace Winifred SHANKS, 21, doctor's clerk, Smiths Falls, same, d/o James SHANKS & Hannah GRACE, witn: Francis KANE & Mary SHANKS, both of Smiths Falls, 21 Sept 1926 at Smiths Falls 38549-26 Archibald Edward KING, 26, farmer, Bathurst twp., same, s/o James KING, b. Elmsley twp - Lanark Co & Catherine DAVIDSON, married Mary Minola HART, 25, Dalhousie twp., Bathurst twp., d/o James HART, b. Dalhousie twp & Martha McDOUGALL, witn: Stella HART of Poland & George DAVIDSON of Lanark, 25 Aug 1926 at Lanark village
38550-26 Thomas James KIRKHAM, 22, laborer, Clarendon Station, same, s/o Thomas Henry KIRKHAM, b. Frontenac Co & Susan CONBOY, married Olive WHITE, 18, Mississippi, same, d/o Thomas WHITE, b. Frontenac Co & Annie FERGUSON, witn: Viola WHITE of Mississippi Ont & Mrs. James GRIFFITH of McDonalds Corners, 24 March 1926 at McDonalds Corners

038551-26 Hal Birkmyre KIRKLAND, 30, Clerk, Almonte, Montreal Quebec, s/o Joseph F. KIRKLAND (b. Ontario) & Margaret JOHNSTON; married Elizabeth Florence STEELE, 27, Ramsay Twp, Ramsay Twp, d/o John STEELE (b. Ontario) & Anny COULTER; wit E. Dorothy ROTHWELL, Lanark & James H. STEELE, Almonte 11 Dec 1926, Clayton

038552-26 John KOWALSKI, 27, Labourer, Trombola Poland, Smith Falls, s/o Ambrose & Ann KOWALSKI; married Anne WOSNEK, 33, Domestic, Trombola Poland, Smith Falls, d/o Paul WOSNEK & Frances KOWLCHUK; wit Garnet GILLIGAN & Margaret YANOSIK, both Smiths Falls, 21 Aug 1926, Smith Falls

038553-26 James LEACH, 59, Farmer, Wid, Montague Twp, Montague Twp, s/o Edmund LEACH (b. Ireland) & Jane ARMSTRONG; married Ellen MATHESON, 50, Teacher, Drummond Twp, Drummond Twp, d/o Roderick Edward MATHESON (b. Perth) & Jane FARREL; wit J. Fairburn DIZZELL & Lulu DIZZELL, both Montague Twp, 28 Sept 1926, Montague

038554-26 Edgar John LEE, 29, Electrician, Lamoor England, Almonte, s/o Thomas William LEE (b. England) & Emily ELLIOT; married Margaret Ellen McKAY, 24, Middleville, Middleville, d/o Alexander J. McKAY (b. Lanark Twp) & Mary RINTOUL; wit Gordon Scott FRASER, Almonte & Mary Elizabeth McKAY, Middleville, 31 Oct 1926, Middleville

038555-26 Walter Alexander LEWIS, 29, Farmer, Drummond, Drummond, s/o Henry LEWIS (b. Drummond Twp) & Emma HALL; married Edna Rose CRAMPTON, 30, Drummond, Drummond, d/o Samuel CRAMPTON (b. Drummond Twp) & Elizabeth BOLTON; wit Thomas ROTHWELL & Sarah A. McMUNN, both Clayton, 7 Apr 1926, Clayton

038556-26 Harry LOGAN, 31, Bridge Worker CPR, Ross Twp, Haley's Station, s/o John LOGAN (b. Ross Twp) & Louise HUGABOOM; married Violet Pearl WEEDMARK, 19, Montague Twp, Montague Twp, d/o George Frederick WEEDMARK (b. Marlboro Twp) & Ellen PIPER; wit Arthur WEEDMARK, Montague North & Dorothy May ROSE, Smiths Falls, 3 Mar 1926, Smith Falls

038557-26 Edward Bryce LOWE, 35, Farmer, Ashton, Appleton, s/o Bryce McNeeley LOWE (b. Ramsay Twp) & Christina WHYTE (deceased); married Marion Ruth NICHOLS, 38, Weaver, Huntley Twp, Appleton, d/o Martin Thomas JAMES (deceased) (b. Labrador?) & Marion AITKEN; wit Rosena C. HANES & Laura B. THOMAS, both Appleton, 23 Mar 1926, Appleton

038558-26 Crossham Samuel LYTE, 25, Salesman, Bristol England, Lindsay, s/o John LYTE (b. England) & Rhoda HARRIS; married Jessie Vivian ROW, 18, Smiths Falls, Smith Falls, d/o James Leslie ROW (b. Brockville) & Jessie BECKETT; wit Ivan LYTE, Lindsay & Ruby E. LICH, Eganville, 1 Sept 1926, Smiths Falls

038559-26 John MAGILL, 21, Woodworker, Brockville, Smiths Falls, s/o Samuel MAGILL (b. Belfast Ireland) & Annie HERBINSON; married Noreen Clara McGRAW, 21, Drill Presser, Dayton Ohio, Detroit, d/o John McGRAW (b. Dublin Ireland) & Clara JOHNSON; wit Clara WOOD, Detroit & Mrs. Sam MAGILL, Smith Falls, 21 May 1926, Smiths Falls

038560-26 Gordon Eckhart MARSH, 30, Undertaker, Spencerville, Smith Falls, s/o John MARSH & Annie LAWRENCE; married Mary Isobel MACLEAN, 26, Nurse, Perth, Bathurst Twp, d/o James MACLEAN & Rebecca BEVERIDGE; wit W.J. MORTON & Helen Heloise D. TAYLOR, both Carleton Place, 14 Jun 1926, Carleton Place

038561-26 William Alison MATHER, 25, Farmer, Middleville, Balderson, s/o Henry MATHERS & Helen BAIRD; married Sadie Elizabeth FOSTER, 24, Fallbrook, Bathurst, d/o Archie FOSTER & Fannie GIBSON; wit Scott MATHER, Balderson & Jessie FOSTER, Perth, 1 Sept 1926, Perth

038562-26 Godfrey George MAXWELL, 31, Telegraph Operator, Toronto, Montreal Quebec, s/o William Alex MAXWELL (b. Co. Tyrone Ireland) & Sarah McCLUNG; married Leila May DOCKRILL, 28, Teacher, North Elmsley Twp, North Elmsley Twp, d/o John George DOCKRILL (b. Frontenac Co) & Elizabeth O'HARA; wit J.E. MAXWELL, Smith Falls & M.E. DOCKRILL, North Elmsley, 26 Oct 1926, North Elmsley

038575-26 Hugh George McCLELLAND, 55, Car Foreman CPR, Wid, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o George McCLELLAND (b. Ireland) & Miss WOODS; married Edith Isabel KELLS, 47, Ireland, Carleton Place, d/o Matthew KELLS (b. Ireland) & Sarah DOWNEY; wit Mrs. C.F. BURGESS & Mr. C.F. BURGESS, both Carleton Place, 20 Jun 1926, Carleton Place

038576-26 Thomas McCRACKEN, 27, Labourer, Ayr Scotland, Valleyfield Quebec, s/o Charles McCRACKEN (b. Ayr Scotland) & Cathleen? CAMPBELL; married Mary Myrtle PORTEOUS, 21, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, d/o Frank PORTEOUS (b. Picton? Ont) & Gertrude WILLIAMS?; wit W. & L. PORTEOUS, both Carleton Place, 21 Aug 1926, Carleton Place

038577-26 George Arnold McCULLOCH, 24, Barber, Perth, Brighton, s/o George Laughlan McCULLOCH (b. Perth) & Rebecca WALKER; married Myrtle Flora SAUNDERS, 24, Carleton Place, Perth, d/o Henry Francis SAUNDERS (b. Carleton Place) & Isabella Evy HUSTON; wit Clarence H. SAUNDERS, Perth & Isabel SMITH, Ottawa, 7 Sept 1926, Perth

038578-26 Allan Francis MACDONALD, 30, Claims Adjuster, Montreal Quebec, Montreal Quebec, s/o Archibald MACDONALD & Mary CAYER: married Mary Genevieve SYLVAIN, 30, Railway Clerk, Merrickville, Smith’s Falls, d/o Francis SYLVAIN & Ida Anne PAYER; wit Douglas A. MACDONALD, Montreal Quebec & Augusta SYLVAIN, Smiths Falls, 8 Sept 1926, Smith’s Falls

038579-26 Alex James McGREGOR, 19, Lineman (telephone), Ramsay Twp, Almonte, s/o Alexander McGREGOR (b. Canada) & Eleanor DELARGE; married Frances Lilian May ENAULT, 19, Alumette Island, Almonte, d/o Thomas John ENAULT (b. Canada) & Mary Elizabeth STEWART; wit Joseph T. BURROWS, Carleton Place & Mrs. Gordon DUPUIS, Almonte, 21 Aug 1926, Carleton Place

038580-26 James Ernest McKELLAR, 32, Butter Maker, Scotland, Perth, s/o Duncan McKELLAR (b. Scotland) & Kate SMITH; married Alice Faith FENWICK, 18, Maid, Merrickville, Smiths Falls, d/o Robert FENWICK (b. Ireland) & Annie TUCK; wit Edward C. PHILLIPS & Hattie R. PHILLIPS, both Smiths Falls, 1 Dec 1926, Smiths Falls

038581-26 Ralph Martin MACKENZIE, 25, Farmer, Ninmawokan? Nebraska, Pakenham Twp, s/o William MACKENZIE (b. Monaughty - Elgin Co Scotland) & Mary MARTIN; married Myrtle Winifred ROSS, 25, Westmeath Twp, Pakenham Twp, d/o Thomas A. ROSS (b. Foresters Falls) & Alice FRASER; wit Edna G. ROSS, Pakenham & J.K. MCKENZIE, Montreal Quebec, 21 Apr 1926, Pakenham

038582-26 Michael McKEVITT, 56, Mill Operative, Wid, Ireland, Almonte, s/o Owen McKEVITT (b. Armagh Ireland) & Bridget MURPHY; married Anna NAGLE, 38, Wid, Almonte, Almonte, d/o James FARRELL (b. Almonte) & Ann CORBETT; wit Michael McKEVITT & Mrs. Mary ROONEY, both Almonte, 12 Nov 1926, Almonte

038583-26 Hugh Osborne McKINNON, 22, Railway Employee, Lavant Twp, Lavant Station, s/o James McKINNON (b. Mississippi) & Mary SALVISTER (Sylvester?), married Mary FAIR, 21, Domestic, Dalhousie Twp, Lavant Station, d/o George FAIR (b. Watsons Corners) & Mabel CRAIG; wit Vera A. SHERMAN & Mrs. Ben WILLIS, both Lanark, 4 Aug 1926, Lanark

038584-26 James McLAREN, 25, Railroad, Bathurst Twp, Bathurst Twp, s/o Robert McLAREN (b. Bathurst) & Elizabeth TRUELOVE; married Alice Mae DOWDALL, 20, Bathurst Twp, Bathurst Twp, d/o Edward DOWDALL (b. Bathurst) & Alice DOWDALL; wit William DOWDALL & Mrs. McLAREN, both Wemyss, 8 Dec 1926, Bathurst Twp

038585-26 James Herbert McLAUGHLIN, 24, Labourer, Newington, Maberly, s/o Oscar McLAUGHLIN (b. Newington ) & Lea WALKER; married Mary Pearl DENNIS, 18, Clarendon Twp, Maberly, d/o Irvine DENNIS (b. Jones Falls) & Sylva WILLIAMS; wit John Patrick O’NEIL, Cornwall & Lepha DENNIS, Maberly, 8 Sept 1926, Maberly

038586-26 Scott Hutchison McLEOD, 32, Physician, Nova Scotia (near Truro), Langham Sask, s/o William Archibald McLEOD (b. Nova Scotia) & Josephine ANNAND; married Miriam McKenzie ROGERS, 27, Perth, Perth, d/o Joseph McKenzie ROGERS (b. New Boyce Ont) & Caroline Susannah WEBSTER; wit T.A. ROGERS & Gertrude COVE, both Perth, 8 Sept 1926, Perth

038587-26 Dilbert William McMULLEN, 23, Farmer, North Elmsley Twp, North Elmsley Twp, s/o Mitchell McMULLEN (b. Ramsay Twp) & Elizabeth NONTELL (Nantell?); married Mary Johnston FULTON, 23, Pakenham Twp, Pakenham Twp, d/o John FULTON (b. Pakenham Twp) & Margaret STEELE; wit Annie FULTON & Leonard FULTON, both Pakenham Twp, 16 Jun 1926, Pakenham Twp

038588-26 Fraser Wilson McMUNN, 23, Farmer, North Dakota USA, Ramsay Twp, s/o John McMUNN (b. Ramsay Twp) & Estella HOFFMAN; married Alice Catherine RATH, 24, Ramsay Twp, Ramsay Twp, d/o James RATH (b. Ramsay Twp) & Catherine McMUNN?; wit Herbert J. RATH, Ramsay Twp & Annie E. HALPENNY, Lanark Twp, 1 Sept 1926, Clayton

038589-26 Brice Willard McNEELY, 29, Farmer, Beckwith Twp, Beckwith Twp, s/o Brice McNEELY & Sarah Jane GILLAN; married Margaret Ethel GILES, 28, Ramsay Twp, Almonte, d/o Enoch GILES & Margaret MANLEY; wit Francis E. McNEELY, Carleton Place & Jessie Mary Edith FITCH, Almonte, 30 Jun 1926, Ramsay Twp

038590-26 George Walter McTAVISH, 25, Machinist, Perth, Perth, adopted s/o Robert S. McTAVISH (b. Drummond Twp) & Sarah HUGHES; married Pearl Elizabeth HUGHES, 21, Bathurst, Drummond Twp, d/o Robert HUGHES (b. Bathurst Twp) & Gillie GONELOVE; wit Stuart LAWRENCE & Oliver CAMERON, both Balderson, 15 Dec 1926, Perth


038563-26 James Edward MILLER, 21, Lineman, Burgess, Burgess, s/o Samuel MILLER (deceased) (b. Perth) & Mary LABRON; married Mildred Effa DURHAM, 21, Kitley Twp, Kitley Twp, d/o Hamilton Alfred DURHAM (b. Toledo) & Anna Blanche EARL; wit Ewen McEWEN & Belle Mae D. BRYANT, both Smiths Falls, 7 Jan 1926, Smiths Falls

038564-26 John Joseph MILLER, 22, Motorman, Renfrew, Renfrew, s/o Bertram MILLER (b. Ontario) & Sarah CLEMENT; married Marie Isobel CLEROUX, 22, Weaver, Renfrew, Carleton Place, d/o David CLEROUX (b. Ontario) & Pauline CHAMIONIOX wit Charles KURETSKI, Renfrew & Elvina CLEROUX, Carleton Place, 22 Jun 1926, Carleton Place

038565-26 Merrick MINNIE, 26, Labourer, Tweed, Smiths Falls, s/o Sydney MINNIE (b. Elzevir Twp) & Matilda BORDEN; married Cecelia Rose HEALEY, 19, Montague Twp, Montague Twp, d/o Owen HEALY (b. Montague Twp) & Mary McDERMOTT; wit Philip RACINE & Mildred McALPINE, both Smiths Falls, 6 Oct 1926, Smiths Falls

038566-26 James Henry MITCHELL, 22, Farmer, Lanark Twp, Lanark Twp, s/o John MITCHELL (b. Lanark Co) & Ester McKAY; married Cassie Ethel BARR, 19, Domestic, Lanark Twp, Lanark Twp, d/o David BARR (b. Lanark Co) & Catherine McGUIRE; wit Dora S. MITCHELL, Middleville & Annie McINTOSH, Almonte, 11 Aug 1926, Lanark

038567-26 Russell David MONROE, 25, Farmer, Drummond Twp, Drummond Twp, s/o Thomas C. MONROE & Annie DAVIDSON; married Rebecca Pearl CHAMNEY, 27, Teacher, Beckwith Twp, Carleton Place, d/o Edward CHAMNEY & Mary JAMES; wit Bert B. ANDERSON, Perth & Sadie M. CHAMNEY, Carleton Place, 15 Sept 1926, Carleton Place

038568-26 Ernest Seward MONTGOMERY, 27, Farmer, Kitley Twp, Kitley Twp, s/o John Wesley MONTGOMERY (b. Kitley Twp) & Caroline BROWN; married Etta May MORAN, 26, Kitley Twp, Kitley Twp, d/o William MORAN (b. Kitley Twp) & Margaret NASH; wit Mabel C. FOSTER & G.C. FOSTER, both Smiths Falls, 23 Jun 1926, Smiths Falls

038569-26 Douglas Campbell MOORE, 23, Marble Dealer, Belleville, Belleville, s/o Charles B. MOORE (b. Three Rivers Quebec) & Elizabeth BRIKAN; married Marjory SHEFFIELD, 25, Arnprior, Carleton Place, d/o William A. SHEFFIELD (b. Arnprior) & Mary VEAN (Viau?); wit W.A. SHEFFIELD & Wilma A. STEVENS, both Carleton Place, 24 Jan 1926, Carleton Place

038570-26 George Ernest MORRIS, 21, Labourer, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, s/o Samuel MORRIS (b. Beckworth) & Nellie COOK; married Margaret Edna DRUMMOND, 23, Textile Worker, Franktown, Carleton Place, d/o Henry DRUMMOND (b. Franktown) & Julia FERGUSON; wit Beatrice MACE & Robert McDANIEL both Carleton Place, 30 Jul 1926, Carleton Place

038571-26 John Hubert MORRIS, 23, Fireman CPR, Massey, Smiths Falls, s/o John MORRIS (b. Ayr Ont) & Ella KAVANAGH; married Mary Ailsa Elsie HOGAN, 21, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o Nicholas HOGAN (b. Perth) & Minnie MURPHY; wit Harold HOGAN & Mildred HOGAN, both Smiths Falls, 5 Apr 1926, Smiths Falls

038572-26 Richard MORRIS, 41, Auto Mechanic, Wid, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, s/o William John MORRIS (b. Bastard Twp) & Catherine FRIZZELL, married Emma Irene ANDREWS, 30, Bookkeeper, Pakenham, Carleton Place, d/o Adam ANDREWS (b. Pakenham Twp) & Selina THOMPSON; wit Rosana C. HANES & Laura B. THOMAS, both Appleton, 23 Mar 1926, Appleton

038573-26 Harold Adam MUNRO, 25, Farmer, Darling Twp, Darling Twp, s/o John MUNRO (b. Darling Twp) & Elizabeth YOUNG; married Rebecca FOSTER, 22, Lanark Twp, Lanark Twp, d/o James FOSTER (b. Lanark) & Grace SCANLER (Scouler?) wit Isabel HUTCHINSON, Moncton NB & Irvine FOSTER, Clayton, 23 Jun 1926, Carleton Place

038574-26 Michael MURRAY, 22, labourer, Port Arthur, Fergusons Falls, s/o William MURRAY (b. Darling Twp) & Agnes McGUIRE; married Agnes Annie WARK, 21, Darling twp, Fergusons Falls, d/o John WARK (b. Darling Twp) & Rose VIRGIN; wit Lawrence WARK, Tatlock & Ethel BARR, Clayton, 5 Feb 1926, Middleville

038591-26 Alex Irvin NESBITT, 25, Bridge man, Westmeath, Carleton Place, s/o Edward Thomas NESBITT (b. Carleton Place) & Ida POFF; married Laura Mary LEMAISTRE, 27, Mill Operative, Almonte, Almonte, d/o Edward LEMAISTRE (b. Jersey Channel Islands) & Christina CURRIE; wit Edward J. LE MAISTRE & Christina LE MAISTRE, both Almonte, 7 Aug 1926, Almonte

038592-26 Thomas Phillip NICHOLS, 39, Musician, Taunton Somerset England, Smiths Falls, s/o Richard WILLIAM (sic) (b. England) & Sarah Jane JONES; married Elsie PARTRIDGE, 34, Clerk, Bristol England, Smiths Falls, d/o Thomas PARTRIDGE (b. England) & Martha HARDWICK; wit Robert MOORE & Grace MOORE, both Smiths Falls, 22 Jun 1926, Montague

038593-26 Gordon Austin NOKES, 28, Stationary Engineer, Toronto, Smiths Falls, s/o Edward NOKES (b. Toronto) & Martha SMITH; married Mary Etta FOWLIE, 20, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, d/o William FOWLIE (b. Smiths Falls) & Mary Etta CODE; wit Mrs. William FOWLIE & Mary E. WILKINSON, both Perth, 27 Sept 1926, Perth


038594-26 Charles Ross PARK, 30, Farmer, Dalhousie Twp, Dalhousie Twp, s/o Stephen PARK (b. Dalhousie Twp) & Ellen FERGUSON; married Isabelle Catherine CAMERON, 22, Bathurst Twp, Dalhousie Twp, d/o Thomas CAMERON (b. Dalhousie Twp) & Eliza Ann BUCHAN; wit George CAMERON, McDonalds Corners & Agnes C. CRAIG, Watsons Corners, 21 Sept 1926, Dalhousie Twp

038595-26 Frederick Douglas PATTERSON, 20, Film Operator, Wolford Twp, Smiths Falls, s/o George PATTERSON (b. Bathurst Twp) & Marie McLEAN; married Doris Marion Phillips BROWN, 20, Pianist, Toronto, Smiths Falls, d/o William BROWN (b. Cardiff Wales) & Florence WAGAR; wit James McCULLOCH, Lenna McCULLOCH, both Smith Falls, 29 Aug 1926, Christie Lake

038597-26 William Andrew PAUL, 31, Dentist, Innisville, Tweed, s/o Andrew PAUL (b. Almonte) & Isabella SCOTT; married Constance Hedmore NOAD, 25, Lachine Quebec, Smiths Falls, d/o Douglas S. NOAD (b. Montreal Quebec) & Lillian K. CRAIG; wit H.S. PAUL & Bessie Lillian NOAD, both Smiths Falls, 23 Jun 1926, Smiths Falls

038596-26 Clement John PAUL, 30, Hotel Clerk, Dalhousie Twp, Saskatoon Sask, s/o John R. PAUL (b. Lanark Twp) & Jessie A. CLOSS; married Margaret Delia DONALDSON, 19, Drummond Twp, Saskatoon Sask, d/o Christopher DONALDSON (b. Drummond Twp) & Theresa CRAIG; wit David DONALDSON, Lanark & Carmel Alethea POND, Poland, 30 Jun 1926, Lanark

038598-26 George Stead PEACOCK, 22, Farmer, Alexandria, Lanark Twp, s/o William PEACOCK & Phoebe Jane STEAD; married Anna Hazel McGIBBON, 25, Lanark Twp, Lanark Twp, d/o Alexander McGIBBON & Rebecca Anne IRETON; wit William McGIBBON & Ida McGIBBON both Carleton Place, 9 Jun 1926, Clayton

038599-26 Norman Edward PEGG, 24, Farmer, Bathurst Twp, Elmsley Twp, s/o William Rolland PEGG (b. Uxbridge) & Mary Elizabeth LOOBY; married Myrtle Evelyne LAWSON, 24, teacher, South Elmsley, South Elmsley, d/o William LAWSON (b. Elmsley) & Letitia STEPHENS; wit Mona Marguerite ROBINSON, Smiths Falls & Jack PEGG, Lombardy, 4 Aug 1926, Lombardy

038600-26 Elwood PEPPER, 24, Labourer, Sault St. Marie, Montague Twp, s/o Silas A. PEPPER (b. Elizabethtown Twp) & Margaret NOALTON; married Loretta BARBER, 18, Hospital Maid, South Elmsley, Smiths Falls, d/o William BARBER (b. Merrickville) & Agnes JANCE; wit Herbert EVOY & Edna EVOY, both Smiths Falls, 13 Sept 1926, Smiths Falls

038601-26 Grant Goldwin PERCY, 23, Clerk, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls, s/o Thomas PERRY (b. Smith Falls) & Amy LOCKWOOD; married Ethel Mae McVEIGH, 21, Clerk, Winchester, Smiths Falls, d/o Daniel McVEIGH & Caroline CAVANAH; wit Hermiona Availl POTTER & Eliza S.M. CLAYTON, both Smiths Falls, 2 Jul 1926, Smiths Falls

038602-26 James Henry Matthew PERRY, 39, Labourer, Wid, Carleton Place, Sudbury, s/o Matthew PERRY & Melissa? MAJOR; married Edith RANGER, 19, Domestic, Darling Twp, Sudbury, d/o Leon RANGER & Anne McFARLANE; wit Paul LALONDE, Green Mountain & Winnifred SMITH, White, 11 Aug 1926, Brightside

038603-26 Thomas James PETERS, 41, Labourer, Brooke, Brooke, s/o James PETERS (b. Canada) & Maria STRONG; married Julie ATWOOD, 18, Bobs Lake, Bobs Lake, d/o Brook Seymour ATWOOD (b. Canada) & Martha WRIGHT; wit William Leslie PETERS of Maberly & Bertha WOOD of Bobs Lake, 14 Sept 1926 at Perth

038604-26 Edward Carswell PHILLIPS, 34, Labourer, Merrickville, Smiths Falls, s/o Alexander PHILLIPS (b. Merrickville) & Elizabeth EASTER; married Harriett Rebecca SMITH, 39, Wid, Merrickville, Smiths Falls, d/o Merriot William TUCK (b. Merrickville) & Dinah PHILLIPS; wit David GAUTHIER & Allice FENWICK, both Smiths Falls, 21 Aug 1926, Smiths Falls

038605-26 Wesley Robert PLAYFAIR, 31, Farmer, Bathurst Twp, Drummond Twp, s/o Robert B. PLAYFAIR (b. Lanark Co) & Amanda B. BROWN; married Annie BLAIR, 26, Domestic, Drummond Twp, Drummond Twp, d/o James BLAIR (deceased) (b. Lanark Co) & Catherine MUNRO; wit Harold M. BLAIR & Jean F. BLAIR, both Lanark, 14 Apr 1926, Drummond Twp

038606-1926 Charles Leslie POOLE, 27, Farmer, Bishops Mills, Elizabethtown twp, s/o Samuel Joseph POOLE (b. Elizabethtown twp) & Elizabeth Victoria FERGUSON, married Mary Edith McCULLOCH, 22, McDonalds Corners, same, d/o William Andrew McCULLOCH (b. Dalhousie twp) & Mary Brownlee DUNLOP, witn: Elmer Leonard POOLE, RR#3 Brockville, CHRISTINE McCULLOCH, McDonald's Corners, 21 Sept 1926 at Dalhousie twp 038607-1926 Forrest Stewart PORTER, 28, Farmer, Montague twp, same, s/o William James PORTER (b. Montague twp) & Mary Jane STEWART, married Katherine Priscilla FLYNN, 27, Montague, Smiths Falls, d/o Ed William FLYNN (b. Montague) & Julia Ann BENNET, witn: Annie I. SCOTT, Thomas SCOTT, both of Montague, 8 Dec 1926, Smiths Falls
038608-1926 William Ernest PORTUGUESE, 21, Laborer, Arnprior, same, s/o same, s/o Robert Edward PORTUGUESE (b. England) & not known, married Iva Elizabeth STEVENS, 19, Textile Worker, Essex England, Carleton Place, d/o William John STEVENS (b. England) & Elizabeth Ann POINTER, witn: Edward LASCELLE, Arnprior, Beatrice MACE, Carleton Place, 4 Nov 1926 at Carleton Place 038609-1926 Thomas D. PROCTOR, 21, Well Operative, Macellus NY, Almonte, s/o Thomas PROCTOR (United States) & Helen DWYER, married Georgina C. BOND, 22, Well Operative, Arnprior, Almonte, d/o George BOND (b. England) & Mary WHYTE, witn: John TOMPKINS, Annie GARVEY, both of Almonte, 2 Dec 1926 at Almonte
  038610-1926 William George QUINTON, 39, Roads Contractor, Scotland, Jasper Ont., s/o Unknown (b. Scotland) & Unknown, married Laura Mildred TIMLECK, 26, Wolford twp, Jasper Ont., d/o Harvey TIMLECK (b. Wolford twp) & Sarah STEVENS, witn: Carrie Taylor POPE, Daisy Ella WILKINSON, both of Perth, 1 Dec 1926 at Perth
038611-1926 Omer Charles RABB, 39, Conductor C.P. Ry, Bastard twp, Smiths Falls, s/o David RABB, (b. Bastard twp) Alice Jane SHARKEY, married Alice Mazie COLQUHOUN, 30, Widow, Smiths Falls, same, d/o James Hamilton BECKETT (b. North Elmsley twp) & Caroline SCOTT, witn: J. McBURNIE, Smiths Falls, Julia WALKER, Lombardy, 4 Aug 1926 at Smiths Falls 038612-1926 Robert Harrison RAMSBOTTOM, 22, Farmer, RR#4 Lanark, same, s/o Robert RAMSBOTTOM (b. Rosetta Ont.) & Marion CREIGHTON, married Blanche Irene LASHLEY, 20, Dalhousie twp, RR#3 Dalhousie twp, d/o George LASHLEY (b. Lanark) & Esther CALDWELL, witn: Evelyn LASHLEY, Lanark, Leslie BROWNLEE, Sudbury, 9 Sept 1926 at home of her father
038613-1926 James Herbert RATH, 26, Farmer, Ramsay twp, same, s/o James RATH (Ramsay twp) & Margaret McMUNN, married Laura Myrtle PAUL, 17, Ramsay twp, same, d/o Robert A. PAUL (Ramsay twp) & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: Georgina C. GARDINER, RR#1 Carleton Place, Muriel E. RATH, Clayton Ont., 4 Dec 1926 at Almonte 038614-1926 George Wellington RAYCROFT, 27, Labourer, Darling twp, same, s/o Robert RAYCROFT (b. Darling twp) & Jane Ann MILLER, married Catherine Jessie BARRIE, 17, McNab twp, same, d/o Joseph A. BARRIE (b. Pakenham) & Lyla BARRIE, witn: Melville RAYCROFT, Raycroft Ont, Edith M. MULE, Waba Ont., 1 Sept 1926 at Almonte
038615-1926 John Stanley REID, 27, Laborer, Kitley twp, Montague twp, s/o William REID (b. Kitley twp) & Hannah CASSEL, married Mary Adeline Bertina BURROWS, 21, Montague twp, same, d/o James BURROWS (b. Montague twp) & Eleanor CASSEL, witn: Cartila G. WELBURN? of Perth, Hazel BURROWS, Smith Falls, 22 Apr 1926 at Perth 038616-1926 Starr Russell REYNOLDS, 24, Fireman NYB, Wolford twp, Watertown NY, s/o John REYNOLDS (b. Wolford twp) & Caroline HARE, married Erma Victoria WILSON, 25, Smiths Falls, same, d/o William WILSON (b. Kitley) & Lucy CHECKLEY, witn: Seymour REYNOLDS, Watertown NY, Hilda WILSON, Smiths Falls, 16 Aug 1926 at Smiths Falls
038617-1926 Frederick James RICHARDSON, 41, Gentleman, Ontario, Detroit , s/o Henry Proctor RICHARDSON (b. England) & Jane DENNING, married Lillian Adelaide ROWLAND, 36, Ontario, Carleton Place, d/o William J. ROWLAND (b. Ontario) & Evangeline BOLTON, witn: William ROTHWELL, Esq, Mabel ROTHWELL (Mrs), both of RR#1 Lanark, 27 Oct 1926 at St. John's Church, Innisville Village 038618-1926 James Allan RING, 27, Laborer, White Lake Ont, Almonte, s/o John RING (b. Canada) & Ida ANDERSON, married Mabel PUCKETT, 19, Almonte, same, d/o Thomas PUCKETT (b. England) & K. KNIGHT, witn: Mrs. J. T. E. BLANCHARD, Amos BLANCHARD, both of Almonte, 18 Nov 1926 at Almonte
038619-1926 Dr. James Evans RITCHIE, 28, Physician, Pakenham, Cobden, s/o Alexander Evans RITCHIE & Annie FERGUSON, married Elora Belle STEELE, 27, Bank Clerk, Ottawa, Pakenham, adopted d/o William STEEN (sic) & Elizabeth Louise STEEN, witn: Wilbur RITCHIE, Lillian STEEN, both of Pakenham, 14 Oct 1926 at Pakenham 038620-1926 Howard ROBERTS, 29, Farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o Robert ROBERTS (b. England) & Annie BARR, married Ruby Mae KIRKHAM, 23, Bathurst, Perth, d/o Ephraim KIRKHAM (b. Perth) & Margaret DAVIS, witn: Bert D. FERGUSON, Mrs. Bert D. FERGUSON, both of Perth, 29 Dec 1926 at Perth
038621-1926 Edward Charles RODGER, 28, Farmer, Lanark twp, same, s/o Hugh RODGER (b. Middleville) & Annie WOODS, married Annie Ida RODGER, 28, Dressmaker, Dalhousie twp, Lanark twp, d/o James RODGER (b. Watsons Corners) & Catherine KNOWLES, witn: Ivan J. RODGER, Lanark, Kathleen RODGER, Middleville, 22 Dec 1926 at Lanark 038622-1926 James Francis ROSE, 30, Paper maker, Ramsay twp, Pakenham twp, s/o Nathaniel ROSE & Margaret Frances CORE, married Kathleen Almedia ARTHUR, 26, Clerk, Ramsay twp, same, d/o John ARTHUR & Jessie STEWART, witn: John Arthur BENT, Omemee Ont., Ethel GARVIN, Almonte, 3 Nov 1926 at Almonte
038623-1926 William George ROTHWELL, 29, Farmer, Lanark twp, same, s/o Thomas J. ROTHWELL (b. Lanark twp) & Matilda Jane GRAHAM, married Mabel Evangeline BOWLAND, 26, Ramsay twp, Beckwith twp, d/o William J. BOWLAND (b. Ramsay twp) & Evangeline BOLTON, witn: Beatrice B. BOWLAND, Ramsay twp, T. J. Harold ROTHWELL, Lanark twp, 22 Sept 1926 at St. John's Church, Boyd's Settlement 038624-1926 John Lloyd ROWSOME, 22, Machinist, Montague twp, Detroit , s/o John ROWSOME (Augusta twp) & Harriet STOUT, married Bessie MOSTON, 21, Smiths Falls, Montague twp, d/o Thomas MOSTON (b. England) & Mary Ann GOLDEN, witn: Nellie McCOY, Edward McCOY, both of Smiths Falls, 14 Oct 1926 at Smiths Falls
038625-1926 Lindsay Holden SCOTT, 26, Farmer, Bathurst twp, same, s/o Archie SCOTT (b. Bathurst) & Ellen HALL, married Jessie McDONALD, 27, Dalhousie twp, Bathurst twp, d/o Hugh MacDONALD (sic) (b. Dalhousie) & Mary McCULLOCH, witn: Orley SCOTT, Fallbrook, Cora CAMPBELL, Macdonalds Corners, 30 June 1926 at St. John's Church Balderson 038626-1926 Thomas Aylmer SCOTT, 35, Supt of Hydro, Kincardine, Dundas, s/o James Henderson SCOTT & Elizabeth Martha STANLEY, married Amy Esther MENZIES, 29, Registered Nurse, Illegible - erased?, Dundas, d/o Robert MENZIES & Maude Nettiana BICKNELL, witn: Alfred Leonard MENZIES, RR Perth, Helen Estella SCOTT, Perth, 15 May 1926 at Scotch Line, Bathurst
038627-1926 Robert Glen SHIELDS, 26, Weaver, Galashiels Scotland, Carleton Place, Robert SHIELDS (b. Scotland) & Jane Angus HOUSLER, married Margaret Scott HOGG, 31, Innerleithen Scotland, d/o George HOGG (b. Scotland) & Jane WILSON, witn: Mr. Albert CHABOT, Mrs. Albert CHABOT, both of Carleton Place, 1 Jul 1926 at the Zion Manse - Carleton Place  
038628-1926 Norval Frederick SIMPSON, 27, Farmer, Montague twp, Kitley twp, s/o Peter SIMPSON (b. South Elmsley twp) & Jane FINDLAY, married Myrtle Belle SOUTH, 30, Bastard twp, Kitley twp, d/o Frank SOUTH (b. Bastard twp) & Ladorna POPE, witn: William E. SOUTH, Mrs. William E. SOUTH, both of RR#4 Smiths Falls, 30 Sept 1926 at The Manse 038629-1926 William George SIMPSON, 36, Nickle Plater, Carleton Place, same, s/o William R. SIMPSON & Minnie PATTERSON, married Gertrude CAMPBELL, 36, Widow, Pakenham twp, Carleton Place, d/o Robert BOAL & Susan STANLEY, witn: John K. SIMPSON, Mrs. John K. SIMPSON, both of Carleton Place, 26 Apr 1926 at Carleton Place
  038630-1926 Thomas Ernest SMITH, 22, Farmer, Maberly, same, s/o William SMITH (b. Canada) & Ann PARKS, married Lottie May PRATT, 22, Maberly, same, d/o John PRATT (b. Canada) & Charlotte PAPPA, witn: Joseph Carl PRATT, Mary Eva Irene PRATT, both of Maberly, 1 Mar 1926 at Perth
038631-1926 Francis Harold SOUTH, 34, Farmer, Bastard twp, South Elmsley twp, s/o Francis Herbert SOUTH (b. Bastard twp) & Ladorna POPE, married Anna HUDDLESTON, 24, Elmsley North, Perth, d/o Richard HUDDLESTON (b. North Elmsley) & Jane DUNHAM, witn: J. W. WILSON, Perth, Myrtle SOUTH, Smiths Falls, 28 Apr 1926 at Perth 038632-1926 William Ernest SOUTH, 32, Farmer, Bastard twp, South Elmsley twp, s/o Francis Herbert SOUTH (b. Bastard twp) & Ladorna POPE, married Gertrude Velera MOORE, 25, North Elmsley twp, same, d/o Albert E. MOORE (b. Elmsley N twp) & Agnes Gertrude FINDLEY, witn: Harold SMITH, Smiths Falls, Anna HUDDLESTON, Perth, 10 Mar 1926 at North Elmsley twp
038633-1926 Percy Holiford STANLEY, 22, Farmer, Pakenham twp, same, s/o Henry STANLEY (b. Pakenham twp) & Jane WATCHORN, married Mabel Alma DENGE, 21, Pakenham twp, same, d/o John Silas DENGE (b. Pakenham twp) & Isabel HUNT, witn: Melvin STANLEY, Carleton Place, Luella DENGE, Pakenham, 25 Aug 1926 at Pakenham 038634-1926 William Joshua STANZEL, 28, Loco. Fireman, Carleton Place, same, s/o Richard Milton STANZEL (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Ida SAUNDERS, married Mamie Emeline WHALEN, 26, Ramsay twp, Carleton Place, d/o William WHALEN (b. Canada) & Fannie DRINNEN, witn: Herman STANZEL, 25 Lett St - Ottawa, Alma WHALEN, Carleton Place, 10 Aug 1926 at Carleton Place
038635-1926 James Warren STEWART, 24, Clerk, Carleton Place, same, s/o S. E. STEWART (b. Brockville) & Elizabeth WARREN, married Hazel Aileen CASWELL, 24, Teacher, Smiths Falls, same, d/o Byron CASWELL (b. Smiths Falls) & Sarah E. FRANCE, witn: Byron CASWELL, Smiths Falls, Elizabeth J. STEWART, Carleton Place, 6 Nov 1926 at Smiths Falls 038636-1926 Alfred McDonald STORIE, 32, Farmer, McNab twp, same, s/o James STORIE (b. McNab twp) & Agnes STEPHENS, married Mabel Eveline STRONG, 21, Nurse, Cobden, Renfrew, d/o George L. STRONG (b. Horton) & Agnes May COWDRAY, witn: William J. McGARVEY, Ellen McGARVEY, both of 301 Brownson Ave - Ottawa, 29 May 1926 at Carleton Place
038637-1926 John Caleb STRONG, 27, Shoemaker, Bathurst, Perth, s/o John STRONG (b. Lanark Co) & Elizabeth FOURNIER, married Bertha Pearl SMITH, Fenelon Falls, Perth, d/o Alfred SMITH (b. Fenelon Falls) & Elizabeth TAGGART, witn: Neil ANDERSON, RR#4 Perth, Myrtle STRONG, Perth, 11 Feb 1926 at Perth 038638-1926 Ellard Edwin SUFFEL, 24, Fireman CPR, Smiths Falls, same, s/o Edward SUFFEL (b. Mountain twp) & Flora CUNNINGHAM, married Kathleen Eleanor JOHNSTONE, 21, Nurse, Ottawa, Smiths Falls, d/o James H. JOHNSTONE (b. Carleton Place) & Sarah RAMSAY, witn: Mrs. Jennie RIDEWOOD, Mrs. Nellie B. BROWN, both of Smiths Falls, 30 Aug 1926 at Smiths Falls
038639-1926 William James SUTHERLAND, 24, Farmer, Ramsay twp, same, s/o William Edward SUTHERLAND & Edna TRAVERS, married Nora May LOWRY, 25, School Teacher, Pakenham twp, same, d/o John LOWRY & Rachel HILL, witn: Annie LOWRY, Pakenham, J. Frances SUTHERLAND, RR#2 Almonte, 3 July 1926 at Pakenham 038640-1926 Leo SWIFT, 34, Merchant, Harwood Parish - Peterboro diocese, Harwood Parish, s/o John SWIFT & Elizabeth REYNOLDS, married Catherine Ann GLEESON, 28, School Teacher, Almonte, same, d/o James GLEESON & Catherine HUNT, witn: Thomas SWIFT, Plainville Ont., Rosa GLEESON, Almonte, 29 June 1926 at Almonte (RC)
038641-1926 George Edgar SWINBURNE, 23, Farmer, Portland Ont., Carleton Place, s/o Robert SWINBURNE (b. London England) & Sarah BRYDEN, married Mary DOWNEY, 19, Textile Worker, Appleton, Carleton Place, d/o John DOWNEY (b. Morinan? Sask) & Helmay WAY, witn: R. WATCHELL?, L. M. Raeburn GIBSON, both of Carleton Place, 23 Mar 1926 at St. Andrews Manse, Carleton Place 038642-1926 Lawrence Franklin TACKABERRY, 29, C.P.R., Smiths Falls, same, s/o John TACKABERRY (b. Oxford Mills) & Jessie FAIRGRIEVE, married Sarah Isabel LACKEY, 21, Textile Hand, Perth, same, d/o William LACKEY (Beckwith twp) & Ellen SPRATT, witn: James A. LACKIE,, Elsie LACKIE, both of Perth, 1 Nov 1926 at Perth
038643-1926 Joseph TAITE, 22, Laborer, Kingston, same, Robert James TAITE (b. Kingston) & Ethel Lena BREWSTER, married Harriett SHAW, 20, Bolingbroke Ont., same, d/o William Delbert SHAW (b. Maberly) & Alice LEWIS, witn: Donald BEDORE, Crow Lake Ont., Doris McEWEN, Bolingbroke Ont., 18 July 1926 at Bolingbroke 038644-1926 Edward Flemming TAYLOR, 28, Fireman CPR, Bathurst twp, Smiths Falls, s/o Robert TAYLOR (b. England) & Elizabeth FLEMING, married Eady Joanna JOHNSTON, 23, Forelady at N. Buttons, Mountain twp, Smiths Falls, d/o James Elbert JOHNSTON b. Mountain twp) & Eliza JACKSON, witn: M. E. TAYLOR, Bathurst, Michael TAYLOR, RR#4 Maberly, 4 May 1926 at St. James, Perth
038645-1926 Thomas TEBO, 20, Laborer, St. Regis Quebec, Smiths Falls, s/o David TEBO (b. St. Regis - Quebec) & Mildred MITCHEL, married Charlotte COOK, 18, St. Regis Quebec, Smiths Falls, d/o John COOK (b. St. Regis) & Mary PHILLIPS, witn: Robert John ROBINSON, Smiths Falls, Elizabeth CREE, St. Regis Quebec, 14 Apr 1926 at Smiths Falls (RC) 038646-1926 Nicholas TESLUK, 35, Widower, Painter, Panasowka Poland, Smiths Falls, s/o John TESLUK & Mary GARDINS, married Ann DOKTYCZ, 23, Panasowka Poland, Smiths Falls, d/o Simon DOKTYCZ & Josephine ZINAK, witn; Joseph BRUNSHAW, Margaret YANOSIK, both of Smiths Falls, 23 Jan 1926 at Smiths Falls (RC)
038647-1926 Walter Hilliard THOMAS, 56, Widower, Carter, Wolford twp, Smiths Falls, s/o Eli THOMAS (b. New York State) & Eliza HALLIDAY, married Daisy Belle KERR, 57, Widow, Nurse, Oneida NY, d/o George DYER (b. New York State) & Clarissa SHERMAN, witn: James THOMAS, Mary Alice KERR, both of Smiths Falls, 22 Oct 1926 at Smiths Falls 038648-1926 Robert Lindsay THORNBURY, 27, Office Manager, Perth, same, s/o Samuel THORNBURY (b. Canada) & Anna Margaret LILLIE, married Agnes Susan Elliott DAVIDSON, 24, School Teacher, Scotland, Perth, d/o John DAVIDSON (b. Scotland) & Jessie KELLY, witn: J. Adebert THORNBURY, Archie M. DAVISON, both of Perth, 22 Sept 1926 at Perth
038649-1926 Charles Dinghurst TINKLER, 38, Painter, Brighton England, Carleton Place, s/o Charles D. TINKLER (b. London Eng) & Ellen MILLER, married Alice TINSLAY, 38, Widow, Surrey England, Carleton Place, d/o William CROUCHMAN (b. Margaret - Ruthing Essex Eng) & Hannah STAINES, witn: Laura M. GIBSON, Mrs. Sarah S. FERGUSSON, both of Carleton Place, 24 Sept 1926 at Carleton Place 038650-1926 Arthur James VANDUSEN, 31, Laborer, Lansdowne, Smiths Falls, s/o Wilbert VANDUSEN (b. Leeds twp) & Annie NOWLAN, married Lillian Margaret ARNOLD, 18, Scott twp, Smiths Falls, d/o George ARNOLD (b. Scott twp) & Mahalia CLODD, witn: Mrs. Annie VANDUSEN, Rosie HIMES, both of Smiths Falls, 5 Aug 1926 at St. Johns Church - Smiths Falls
038651-1926 John Elmer VELEY, 30, Widower, Laborer, Hinchinbroke, Oso twp, s/o Ira VELEY & Zilpha BABCOCK, married Lillian VANDUSEN, 18, Elmsley North, same, d/o Isaac VANDUSEN & Adelaide HARMAN, witn: Joseph SOMORDORE?, Miss Nettie VELEY, both of Sharbot Lake, 26 Aug 1926 at St. Johns Church, Smiths Falls 038652-1926 Guy Philip WATKINS, 29, Farmer, Ardoch Ont., same, s/o Robert Grenville WATKINS & Elsie Gacalia KELLER, married Mary Elizabeth Evelyn IRETON, 26, School Teacher, Ramsay twp, same, d/o John IRETON & Lilian SHALES, witn: John Eldon IRETON, RR#2 Clayton Ont., Berna A. RAYCE, White Lake Ont., 30 June 1926 at St. George's Church - Clayton
038653-1926 Aldon Gilbert WATT, 28, Farmer, Bathurst twp, Dalhousie twp, s/o William WATT (b. Dalhousie - Lanark) & Elizabeth WARRINGTON, married Muriel Jean McILQUHAM, 19, Domestic, Drummond twp, Dalhousie twp, d/o John McILQUHAM (b. Drummond Ont.) & Jennie STEWART, witn: Mrs. Edith CASWELL, Mrs. Effie CREIGHTON, both of Watsons Corners, 28 Apr 1926 at Watsons Corners 038654-1926 Mervyn Smith WATT, 30, Chemists Assistant, Lanark, Perth, s/o John Alston WATT (b. Canada) & Marion SMITH, married Lillian Vera WHITE, 23, Bathurst twp, Perth, d/o George WHITE (b. Canada) & Elizabeth HOSSIE, witn: John Harold WATT, Maria Jeannette BLAIR, both of Perth, 19 July 1926 at Perth
038655-1926 Reginald James WEBBER, 37, Farmer, London Eng, Bathurst, s/o Nicholas WEBBER (b. Cornwall Eng) & Annie (died when groom was an infant), married Amelia Olive CHAPLIN, 21, Bathurst, same, d/o Alfred Daniel CHAPLIN (b. Bathurst twp) & Sarah Rebecca GILES, witn: Barton CHAPLIN, RR#4 Perth, Irene GIBSON, Royal Oak Mich., 30 Dec 1926 at Perth 038656-1926 Walter Alfred WHITEN, 27, Fireman CPR, Kemptville, Montague twp, s/o George Alfred WHITEN (b. England) & Almina HURLBERT, married Ida Alvena (or Elvena) COURRIER, 26, Button Worker, Kemptville, Smiths Falls, d/o Louis COURRIER (b. Kemptville) & Louise (Eloise) ARCAND, witn: Michael A. COURRIER, Margaret Mae COURRIER, both of Smiths Falls, 10 Feb 1926 at Smiths Falls
038657-1926 Harold Elmer WHITMORE, 21, Laborer, Smiths Falls, same, s/o William WHITMORE (b. Ireland) & Rose MacILVANA, married Verna Stella EVOY, 16, Dining Room Girl, Smiths Falls, same, d/o Francis EVOY (b. Ireland) & Margaret RATHWELL, witn: Robert H. WHITMORE, Margaret Dorothy WHITMORE, both of Smiths Falls, 20 July 1926 at Smiths Falls 038658-1926 Harry James WHITMORE, 22, Laborer, Wolford twp, Smiths Falls, s/o William WHITMORE (b. England) & Rose MacILVANNA, married Sarah Lavice EVOY, 19, Kitchen Maid, Smiths Falls, same, d/o Francis EVOY (b. Scotland) & Maggie RATHWELL, witn: Herbert F. EVOY, Mrs. Herbert F. EVOY, both of Smiths Falls, 9 July 1926 at Smiths Falls
038659-1926 Mansel Patrick Earl WHYTE, 27, Farmer, Burgess, same, s/o Patrick WHYTE (b. Burgess twp) & Ann HANLEN, married Alice Ida JAMES, 22, Hopetown, same, d/o John A. JAMES (b. Darling twp) & Margaret Lockert JAMES, witn: Mrs. James Edward MARSHALL, Mr. James Edward MARSHALL, both of Ashton, 8 Sept 1926 at Hopetown, Lanark twp 038660-1926 Harvey WILSON, 33, Blacksmith, Dalhousie twp, Hopetown, s/o John WILSON (b. Scotland) & Charlotte? ELLIS, married Myrtle STEWART, 27, Nurse, Hopetown, same, d/o Hugh STEWART (b. Hopetown) & Mary McNICOLL, witn: Edna McNICOL, Roy McNICOL, both of Lanark, 24 Mar 1926 at Hopetown - Lanark twp
  038661-1926 William Alfred WILSON, 23, Merchant, Perth, Timmins, s/o John WILSON & Elizabeth O'NEILL, married Mary Ruberta WHITE, 20, Perth, same, d/o Joseph WHITE & Susan HAUGHIAN, witn: Harold McCABE, Montreal, Mary SMITH, Detroit , 23 Aug 1926 at Perth (RC)