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Lanark Co., 1927

birth place is given before residence


14131-27 Stuart ACLAND, 28, wood worker, Hamilton, same, s/o Robert ACLAND, b. Hamilton & Jessie EAGLESHAM, married Mary Louise LACROIX, 28, waitress, Maniwaki Que., Ottawa, d/o Thomas LACROIX, b. Maniwaki & Mary BAYARD, witn: Benjamin & Irene SMITH of Hamilton, 23 Sept 1927 at Almonte 14132-27 John Borden ARBUCKLE, 22, moulder, Carleton Place, same, s/o Andrew ARBUCKLE, b. Goulbourn Ont & Isabell BROWNLEE, married Harriet Frances BEST, 26, seamstress, Leeds Co., Carleton Place, d/o Benjamin BEST, b. England & Dorcas LANGDON, witn: Agnes Isabel ARBUCKLE & Duncan Findlay Gordon McRAE, both of Carleton Place, 26 Oct. 1927 at Carleton Place
14133-27 Joseph Earl ARCAND, 27, laborer, Kemptville, Smiths Falls, s/o John ARCAND, b. Kemptville & Martha TAYLOR, married Elizabeth Lucinda HUDDLESTON, 23, Wolford twp., Smiths Falls, d/o William HUDDLESTONE, b. North Elmsley twp & Eliza DILLABOUGH, witn: Doris DILLABOUGH of North Elmsley twp & M.J. illegible of Smiths Falls, 26 Dec 1927 at Smiths Falls 14134-27 Francis John ARMSTRONG, 23, farmer, Drummond, same, s/o John ARMSTRONG, b. Elmsley twp & Sarah M. TITLOCK, married Laura Mae CAMERON, 22, Bathurst twp., same, d/o W.E. CAMERON, b. Bathurst twp & Florence BUTLER, witn: Leslie ANDERSON of Port Elmsley & Edna McVEIGH of Balderson, 21 Sept 1927 at Bathurst twp
14135-27 Thomas Hands ARMSTRONG, 27, farmer, Drummond twp., same, s/o William ARMSTRONG, b. Elmsley twp & Caroline HANDS, married Mary Moore LYLE, 20, North Elmsley twp., same, d/o Robert LYLE, b. Elmsley twp & Marguerite SULLIVAN, witn: Mary HAUZE of Lombardy & Alex ARMSTRONG of Perth, 18 Jan 1927 at res of Robert Lyle 14136-27 William Angus Murray ARMSTRONG, 43, field employee for Bell Tel., Montreal, Carleton Place, s/o Thomas E. ARMSTRONG, b. Montreal & Mary Louise MITCHELL, married Ella Edna Galbraith HOUSTON, 39, Ramsay twp., Carleton Place, d/o Thomas HOUSTON, b. Ramsay twp & Margaret GALBRAITH, witn: H.E. ARMSTRONG & Marguerite M. HOUSTON, both of Ottawa, 24 Aug 1927 at Carleton Place
14137-27 Mervile Horace BAIRD, 29, bread salesman, Fitzroy Ont., Carleton Place, s/o Samuel BAIRD, b. Fitzroy & Martha McBRIDE, married Odo Florence FRIZELL, no age given, Goulbourn twp., Carleton Place, d/o Peter FRIZELL, b. Goulbourn & Ellen EADIE, witn: Cecil Lorne RICKEY of Ottawa & Christena FRIZELL of North Gower, 29 June 1927 at Carleton Place 14138-27 Courtney Paul BARKER, 20, switch maker, Exeter England, Cardinal Ont., s/o A.H. BARKER, b. England & F. M. CARTER, married Mary Alexandra LYTELL, 21, Cardinal, same, d/o S.A. LYTELL, b. Danbury Conn. US, & Ellen M. THOMPSON, witn: J.R. CHAPMAN of Hamilton & Mrs. OSTERHOUT of Carleton Place, 24 Aug 1927 at Carleton Place
14139-27 James Ross BARR, 27, laborer, Darling twp., Almonte, s/o David BARR, b. Darling twp & Grace KULL, married Pearl Gillatley FULTON, 25, vice operative, Ramsay twp., Almonte, d/o Alexander FULTON, b. Pakenham twp & Margaret SUTHERLAND, witn: Kenneth BARR & Georgina BERRY, both of Almonte, 27 Aug 1927 at Almonte 14140-27 Warren BARRY, 31, farmer, Darling twp.., Pakenham twp., s/o Joseph BERRY, b. Lanark Co & Rebecca Ann MILLER, married Ellen RAYCROFT, 30, Darling twp., McNab twp., d/o William RAYCROFT, b. Lanark Co & Sarah SMALL, witn: Mrs. L. KERR & Mrs. Herbert BRYANT, both of Smiths Falls, 1 June 1927 at Smiths Falls
14141-27 Albert Ernest BATTEN, 38, farmer, Dummer twp., same, s/o Richard BATTEN, b. Dummer twp & Jennie CALNEN, married Marion Belle KENNEDY, 26, Perth, same, d/o Melville KENNEDY, b. Perth & Elizabeth GREENLEY, witn: Adelaide BATTEN of RR2 Lakefield & J. Alex KENNEDY of Perth, 5 Oct. 1927 at Perth 14142-27 Earl Franklin BENNETT, 26, farmer, North Montague, same, s/o George BENNETT, b. Montague, & Martha LEE, married Lillian Rose SMITH, 18, Toronto, North Montague, d/o George SMITH, b. Ottawa & Mary SMITH, witn: Charles Elliott LECKIE of RR1 Franktown & Lottie May LEE of Smiths Falls, 25 July 1927 at Montague twp (Frankford?)
14143-27 William Dawson BERTRAM, 62, widower, blacksmith, Parham, same, s/o William BERTRAM, b. Wilton Ont & Caroline ROBINSON, married Janet Rothwell BOWICK, 42, widow, Brockvillle, Smiths Falls, d/o James George ROTHWELL, b. Kingston & Euphemia McKAY, witn: Edmund & Viola ROTHWELL of Smiths Falls, 18 Jan 1927 at Smiths Falls 14144-27 Walter Henry BIRCHARD, 30, chemical engineer, Ontario, Montreal, s/o William Henry BIRCHARD, b. Ont & Charlotte CULVERWELL, married Susanna Gertrude THOMAS, 24, nurse, Ontario, Smiths Falls, d/o Wilson THOMAS, b. Ont & Maude GOODFELLOW, witn: Mrs. D.H. GEMMELL of Smiths Falls & Bertha THOMAS of Sydenham, 29 July 1927 at Smiths Falls
14145-27 Alfred Edward BLAIR, 28, farmer, Clayton Ont., Pakenham twp., s/o Levi Wesley BLAIR & Jennie FLEMING, married Lilian Alberta STEER, 25, teacher, Pakenham twp., same, d/o Albert STEER & Margaret Alberta SPARROW, witn: Leslie BLAIR & Edith STEER, both of Pakenham, 29 June 1927 at St. Marks Church, Pakenham 14146-27 Frederick Edwin BOHN, 25, supt. printing, St. Albans - Long Island NY, same, s/o Frederick BOHN, b. Brooklyn NY & Loretta? Ruth DYNES (Byres?), married Edna Irene BURKE, 25, nurse, Bastard twp., Perth, d/o James BURKE, b. Bastard twp & Charlotte Ellen McEWEN, witn: Frederick BOHN Sr. of St. Albans NY & Charlotte BURKE of Perth, 4 July 1927 at Perth
14147-27 Frank Hilland BOLTON, 32, CPR brakeman, Elizabethtown twp., Smiths Falls, s/o Albert BOLTON, b. Elizabethtown twp & Martha STEVENS, married Alice Gladding CUMMING, 28, Roxborough twp., Smiths Falls, d/o James A. CUMMING, b. Roxborough twp & Flora CUMMING, witn: George Arthur PARKE of Palmerston & Hazel CUMMING of Smiths Falls, 29 June 1927 at Smiths Falls 14148-27 Thomas Almer BOURGOUZE, 39, insurance agent, Cap Aux C--?, Montreal, s/o Francis Peter BOURGOUZE, b. Canada & Elizabeth GITTIARD, married Jean Ruth McKAY, 28, stenographer, Elmgrove?, Perth, d/o John McKAY, b. Canada & Jessie PALMER, witn: Samuel Prescott BOWEY? & Beatrice Emily BEATTIE, both of Montreal, 15 Aug 1927 at Perth
14149-27 William Oscar Harvey BOWLAND, 24, farmer, Ramsay twp., same, s/o William James BOWLAND, b. Clayton Ont & Evangeline BOLTON, married Laura Lillian STEWART, 24, North Dakota US, Fallbrook, d/o William STEWART, b. Lanark Ont & Ellen PLAYFAIR, witn: Ruby SHELLINGTON & Fred STEWART, both of Fallbrook, 12 Jan 1927 at Bathurst twp 14150-27 Walter Edward BRODERICK, 22, shoe cutter, Milton Ont., Perth, s/o Edward BRODERICK, b. England & Emma WILLIAMS, married Edna May BROWN, 18, Beckwith twp., Carleton Place, d/o William BROWN, b. Canada & Edith PATTERSON, witn: Samuel BROWN of Carleton Place & Emma BRODERICK of Perth, 30 April 1927 at Carleton Place
14151-27 Berthum BROWN, 22, metal polisher, Montague twp., Carleton Place, s/o William Charles BROWN, b. Montague twp & Edith PATTERSON, married Gladys PATTERSON, 19, Ottawa, Montague twp., foster d/o Andrew PATTERSON, b. Ottawa & Florence LANGMAID, witn: Samuel BROWN & Pearl POXON, both of Carleton Place, 22 June 1927 at Smiths Falls 14152-27 William Lester BROWN, 22, teacher, Mountain twp., same, s/o J. Edgar BROWN, b. Mountain twp & Lucy SHAVER, married Aleta Winnifred McVEAN, 22, teacher, Smiths Falls, same, d/o Howard McVEAN, b. Montague twp & Mary Jane McMARTIN, witn: Ray & Gladys BROWN of Inkerman, 4 July 1927 at Smiths Falls
  14153-27 James Medoss BRUNETTE, 26, laborer, Arnprior, Ottawa, s/o Dumick BRUNETTE, b. Arnprior & Ellen CHERPA, married Nina Dell SCOUTEN, 20, domestic, Orleans NY, Smiths Falls, d/o Ed SCOUTEN, b. NY state & Gertrude WHAN, witn: John WHAN & Mrs. Gertrude SCOUTEN, both of Smiths Falls, 22 Dec 1927 at Smiths Falls
14154-27 John Hilliard BRYDGES, 27, farmer, Ramsay twp., same, s/o Samuel BRYDGES, b. Ramsay twp & Margaret YOUNG, married Eva Mathers? TEMPLEMAN, 22, Ramsay twp., Almonte, d/o Robert TEMPLEMAN, b. Ramsay twp & Annie Hawthorne BAIN, witn: Howard BRYDGES of Almonte & Irene THOMPSON of Clayton, 16 Nov 1927 at Almonte 14155-27 William Bruce BUFFAM, 47, farmer, Fallbrook, same, s/o Samuel BUFFAM, b. Fallbrook & Janet ANDERSON, married Ethel WHITE, 21, Fallbrook, Ottawa, d/o Charles WHITE, b. Wilbur Ont & Bella JOHNSON, witn: Wilner WILLIS of Lanark village & Edith RUSSELL of Ottawa, 6 Jan 1927 at Perth
14156-27 Norman Harrison BUTTLE, 23, farmer, Stafford twp., Bromley twp., s/o William B. BUTTLE, b. Stafford twp & Annie BUTTLE, married Armetta Agnes BOURK, 22, teacher, Stafford twp., Bromley twp., d/o Richard BOURK, b. Grattan twp & Harriet BUTTLE, witn: Sam BUTTLE of Cobden & May BOURK of Pakenham, 4 July 1927 at Pakenham twp 14157-27 John Smail BYRNE, 26, laborer, Edinburgh Scotland, Pembroke, s/o Andrew SMAIL & Mary BYRNE, married Iva Jazel PRICE, 22, Ross twp., Pembroke, d/o Charles W. PRICE & Sarah LEVANS, witn: Marion DICK & G.F. SUMNER, both of Carleton Place, 23 Feb 1927 at Carleton Place
14158-27 Donald Cardwell CAMERON, 28, shoe maker, Wemyss, Perth, s/o Robert CAMERON, b. Bathurst twp & Ella HANNA, married Mary Irene WATT, 21, shoe factory employee, Drummond twp., Perth, d/o Robert WATT, b. Palmerston twp & Margaret GAMBLE, witn: Mrs. Ethel McLAREN & Mr. P.O. McLAREN, both of Perth, 15 Oct. 1927 at Perth 14159-27 Arthur Earl CARDINAL, 20, laborer, Lanark, Perth, s/o Joseph CARDINAL, b. Canada & Mary McDOUGALL, married Mary Agnes Evangeline POWER, 18, North Elmsley, Perth, d/o Henry POWER, b. Canada & Agnes McNALLY, witn: Henry POWER of Perth & Lena FORSHIE of Toronto, 25 July 1927 at Perth
14160-27 Joseph Edward CASEY, 26, farmer, Moncton NB, Glen Tay, s/o Macon CASEY, b. Moncton NB & Elizabeth LEGERE, married Rhoda Elizabeth GOUGH, 19, domestic, England, Drummond twp., d/o Alfred John GOUGH, b. Beth England & Margaret Ann STEPP, witn: Harold LAKE of Glen Tay & Florence Maud SPENCE of Perth, 8 Sept 1927 at Perth 14161-27 Robert Roy CASSELL, 19, laborer, Montague twp., Smiths Falls, s/o Robert CASSELL, b. Aylmer Que & Mary BARRESS (Barrett?), married Rosie HIMES, 19, house maid, NY state, Smiths Falls, d/o Joseph Elisha HIMES, b. Smiths Falls & Almedia VANDUSEN, witn: Silas PEPPER & Gwen CASSELL, both of Smiths Falls, 29 Jan 1927 at Perth
14162-27 Francis Peter CAVANAGH, b. 14 June 1886, farmer, Goulbourn twp., same, s/o Peter CAVANAGH & Ann McCARTHY, married Anna Blanche O'BRIEN, 26, Beckwith twp., same, d/o William O'BRIEN & Mary Julia TIERNEY, witn: Alfred O'BRIEN of Appleton & Aileen McKENNA of Ottawa, 28 June 1927 at Carleton Place 14163-27 Alexander CLOSE, 41, widower, tinsmith, Dalhousie twp., Carleton Place, s/o Michael CLOSE & Catherine MURPHY, married Eleanor LEGARY, 41, Dalhousie twp., Carleton Place, d/o Joseph LEGARY & Elizabeth DUNCAN, witn: Lawrence CLOSE & Gladys PURDON, both of Dalhousie twp., 15 June 1927 at McDonalds Corners
14164-27 Alfred CODE, 55, farmer, Montague twp., same, s/o George CODE, b. Kitley twp & Elizabeth CODE, married Margaret Ann DRENNAN, 36, widow, Montague twp., same, d/o Alex EDWARDS, b. Montague twp & Margaret EDWARDS, witn: Mora & John ELLIOTT of Smiths Falls, 30 Nov 1927 at St. Bedes parish, Montague twp 14165-27 Lorne Wilford CODE, 36, widower, farmer, Drummond twp., same, s/o Enoch CODE, b. Drummond twp & Rebecca Blair CODE, married Gertrude Louise POWERS, 26, Drummond twp., same, d/o Jacob POWERS, b. Dummond twp & Victoria Hall POWERS, witn: Marguerite POWERS of Perth & Alexander WATSON, 26 Oct. 1927 at Perth
14166-27 Frank Andrew COLE, 23, plumber, Perth, same, s/o John COLE, b. Belleville & Maida VANCOTT, married Rebecca Gladys GAMBLE, 22, factory employee, Bathurst twp., Perth, d/o John Andrew GAMBLE, b. Bathurst twp & Jean TRUDOU? (Trudon?), witn: George & Pearl McTAVISH of Perth, 6 Aug 1927 at Perth 14167-27 Arthur Roy COLLINS, 20, bushman, Carleton Place, same, s/o Fred COLLINS, b. Carleton Place & Maria STANZEL, married Annie May PRETTY, 20, Carleton Place, same, d/o Daniel PRETTY, b. Carleton Place & Caroline MANSON, witn: William & Mrs. Myra COCHRANE of Almonte, 7 March 1927 at Almonte
14168-27 Edward Chamney COOKE, 38, Scotch Corners, Carleton Place, s/o Sellery COOKE, b. Drummond twp & Rebecca CHAMNEY, married Hannah Frances McINTYRE, 33, teacher, Ramsay twp., Carleton Place, d/o A.L. McINTYRE, b. Ramsay twp & Mary Jane PRICE, witn: George Price DOHERTY & Laura Effie COOKE, both of Carleton Place, 28 Sept 1927 at Carleton Place 14169-27 Charles Earnest COPE, 31, widower, farmer, England, North Elmsley twp., s/o Edward COPE, b. England & unknown, married Elizabeth READY, 48, Bastard twp., same, d/o William READY, b. Bastard twp & Elicia POLK, witn: William & Sarah READY of Portland, 21 Sept 1927 at Smiths Falls
14170-27 John CORKERY, 24, farmer, Ramsay twp., RR2 Almonte, s/o James CORKERY, b. Ramsay twp & Mary MOORE, married Myrtle MORE, 29, Ramsay twp., Almonte, d/o Charles MORE, b. Ramsay twp & Kathleen GUNN, witn: Walter & Maggie KINGSTON of Carleton Place, 7 Jan 1927 at Carleton Place 14171-27 Harold Gordon CRAIG, 22, farmer, Merrrickville, Wolford twp., s/o John CRAIG, b. Lavant Ont & Catherine PHILLIPS, married Charlotte Retena McDONALD, 18, Wolford twp., Oxford twp., d/o Milton McDONALD, b. Bishops Mills & Alice MURRY, witn: Charlie CRAIG & Elizabeth CRAIG, both of Smiths Falls, 23 May 1927 at Smiths Falls
14172-27 Cecil Richard CULLEN, 35, farmer, Drummond twp., same, s/o Henry R. CULLEN, b, Lanark Co & Alice KEAYS, married Alice Jean STEDMAN, 30, Drummond twp., same, d/o Albert STEDMAN, b. Scotland & Grace CUNNIINGHAM, witn: Howard illegible & Gladys STEDMAN, both of Perth, 31 Aug 1927 at Drummond twp 14173-27 John CUMMING, 22, CPR section man, NY state, Smiths Falls, s/o John Freeman CUMMING, b. Wolford twp & Elizabeth CUMMING, married Gladys Myrtle CURRAN, 22, Montague twp., same, d/o William John CURRAN, b. Montague twp & Lily Anne NOLAN, witn: William John & Vila CURRAN of Smiths Falls, 18 Aug 1927 at Smiths Falls
014174-27 Edward Leslie DANNER, 24, mfg pharmacist, Philadelphia PA, Perth s/o William Edward DANNER (b. Bethlehem PA) & Mary Alice SNODGRASS married Harriet Helen McNEELEY, 26, living at home, Carleton Place, Perth d/o John Sheehan Lewis McNEELEY (b. Lanark Co) & Harriet Helen KOCH wtn: Arthur ROBB & Hilda McNEELEY both of Perth, 10 September 1927 at Perth 014175-27 John Alexander DAWSON, 28, civil servant, Bell's Corners, Britannia Bay s/o Elijah DAWSON & Annie GRAHAM married Margaret Edith BLAIR, 29, teacher, Brooke - Bathurst twp, Britannia Bay d/o Hugh BLAIR & Rebecca PERKINS wtn: Olive BLAIR of Perth & Thomas DAWSON of Britannia Bay, 22 October 1927 at St Stephen's in Bathurst twp
014176-27 Allan Raymond DEACON, 26, farmer, Bolingbroke, same, s/o J.D. DEACON, b. Lanark Co & Elizabeth NORRIS, married Ida Rosa MORROW, 29, Maberly, same, d/o Robert MORROW, b. Lanark Co & Mary Jane DIXON, witn: Kenneth McLEOD of Smiths Falls & Mrs. FLEMING of Maberly, 7 Dec 1927 at Smiths Falls 014177-27 Harry Wilbert DENGO, 20, farmer, Panmure, Pakenham twp s/o Ambrose H. DENGO (b. Pakenham twp) & Lilly M. SWITZER married Edna Stella DICKSON, 20, Pakenham twp, Pakenham twp d/o Robert DICKSON (b. Pakenham twp) & Mary EVANS wtn: Lloyd DICKSON & Luella DENGO both of Pakenham, 19 October 1927 at Almonte
014178-27 Daniel Clayton DEWEY, 41, widower, CPR employee, Wolford twp, Montague twp s/o Jabez DEWEY (b. Wolford twp) & Hilda ARMSTEAD married Eleanor Irene PORTEOUS, 20, living at home, Carleton Place, Carleton Place d/o James Albia Clifton PORTEOUS (b. Richmond in Ontario) & Mary Ellen PERRY wtn: William C. PETERS of Smith's Falls & Verna A. PORTEOUS of Carleton Place, 5 May 1927 at Carleton Place 014179-27 Cecil Ellsworth DILLABOUGH, 27, farmer, Montague twp, Montague twp s/o Peter DILLABOUGH (b. Montague twp) & Louisa Jane WEEDMARK married Nina Gertrude EVANS, 34, living at home, Ramsay twp, Oxford twp d/o Daniel Richard EVANS (b. Ramsay twp) & Eliza Jane GILES wtn: J. Earl ARCAND of Smiths Falls & Mary M. DRYNAN of Almonte, 23 February 1927 at Clayton
014180-27 David William DOBBIE, 21, farmer, Lanark twp, Lanark twp s/o James DOBBIE (b. Lanark) & Emma WRIGHT married Olive Mildred MILLER, 18, domestic, North Sherbrooke twp, Lanark twp d/o Hugh MILLER (b. Lanark) & Beatrice JONES wtn: John W. DOBBIE of RR#4 Lanark & Edith CASWELL of Watsons Corners, 21 December 1927 at Dalhousie 014181-27 John Alexander DODD, 45, farmer, Kitley twp, Kitley twp s/o Richard DODD (b. Kitley twp) & Margaret DALY married Ethel Jane BENNETT, 35, dressmaker, Kitley twp, Kitley twp d/o John BENNETT (b. Kitley twp) & Jane WOOD wtn: Milford DODD of Toledo & Rena BENNETT of Smith's Falls, 14 December 1927 at Smiths Falls
014182-27 Arthur Lancelot DOWNEY, 24, labourer, Pakenham twp, Pakenham twp s/o Thomas Erwin DOWNEY & Ada BETTS married Margaret Ellen CAVANAUGH, 24, house worker, Fitzroy twp, Pakenham twp d/o John Andrew CAVANAUGH & Hanna MULLIGAN wtn: Edwin DOWNEY & Myrtle CAVANAUGH both of Pakenham, 2 August 1927 at St Mark's church in Pakenham 014183-27 John Arnold DOYLE, 23, labourer, Perth, Perth s/o Richard DOYLE & Bridget Ann LENARD married Mary Maude Callish McGLADE, 27, Bathurst, Bathurst d/o Michael McGLADE & Katie HANLON wtn: Wallie DOYLE of RR#6 Perth & Annabell WHAT? of Perth, 28 September 1927 at Bathurst
014184-27 John Ferguson DRUMMOND, labourer, Franktown Ont., Carleton Place s/o Henry DRUMMOND (b. Franktown) & Julia FERGUSON married Norma Isabelle BLACK, living at home, Ramsay twp, Appleton Ont. d/o John BLACK (b. Douglas in Isle of Man) & Agnes RUTHERFORD wtn: James McNEELY & Georgia HARDWICK both of Carleton Place, 26 February 1927 at Carleton Place 014185-27 Wilbur Lorne DRUMMOND, 35, telegraph operator, Almonte, Smiths Falls s/o S. DRUMMOND (b. Almonte) & Mary BURNS married Carolyn BAILEY, 29, Lanark twp, Smiths Falls d/o W.J. BAILEY (b. Lanark twp) & Margaret BUCHANAN wtn: Mrs Agnes McLEAN of Perth & Odessa GOTH of Ottawa, 16 November 1927 at Smiths Falls
014186-27 Ralph Letham DUCLOS, 29, insurance agent, Ottawa, Ottawa s/o Augustus Grant DUCLOS (b. Ironside Que) & Janet STEELE married Rheta May McFADDEN, 30, Bishop's Mills, Ottawa d/o Robert McFADDEN (b. Bishop's Mills) & Annie Elizabeth POOLE wtn: Murray DUCLOS of Ottawa & Clarence McFADDEN of Smiths Falls, 11 August 1927 at Smiths Falls 014187-27 Rex Elwyn DUFF, 23, farmer, Beckwith twp, Beckwith twp s/o Alex John DUFF (b. Beckwith twp) & Carolina EDMUND married Ethel May THOMSON, 19, living at home, Halifax N.S., Carleton Place d/o Ale S. THOMSON (b. Irvine Ayrshire Scotland) & Susan MAXWELL wtn: Alex S. THOMSON of 39 Moore St & A.J. DUFF of Carleton Place, 16 February 1927 at Carleton Place
014188-27 Adam Percival Robert DUNLOP, 27, salesman, Carleton Place, Carleton Place s/o Adam Chambers DUNLOP & Matilda Ray KELLOUGH married Anna Kathleen Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 22, clerk, Drummond twp, Perth d/o William Alexander ARMSTRONG & Caroline Charlotte HANDS wtn: D.A. SUTHERLAND of Carleton Place & Mary M. DUNLOP of 45 Chicora Ave in Toronto, 24 December 1927 at Perth 014189-27 William Clifford Lawrence EARLE, 27, clerk, Perth, Smiths Falls s/o William EARLE (b. Belfast Ireland) & Anna DOYLE married Kathleen Ruth BEST, 18, living at home, Bastard twp, Smiths Falls d/o John BEST (b. Crosby twp) & Edith BAKER wtn: Mrs Mildred McALPINE & Leona BLACK both of Smiths Falls, 7 March 1927 at Smiths Falls
014190-27 Hugh EGAN, 20, CPR employee. Glasgow Scotland, Smiths Falls s/o Martin EGAN (b. Waterford in Ireland) & Elizabeth REID married Ada Elsie HUNT, 18, servant, Merrickvale, Smiths Falls d/o Charles Walter HUNT (b. Oxford England) & Mary Elizabeth TROURAUX wtn: Robert THORN & Janet McROBERTS both of Smiths Falls, 9 August 1927 at the Church in Smiths Falls 014191-27 Samuel Creighton ELLIOTT, 25, brakeman, Smiths Falls, Carleton Place s/o George Frances ELLIOTT (b. Merrickvale) & Sarah Jane DOOLEY married Cora Winnifred LEACH, 27, clerk, Carleton Place, Carleton Place d/o Thomas Henry LEACH (b. Montague twp) & Caroline Jane CONLIN wtn: L.H. BOND of Carleton Place & M. LEACH of Cornwall, 22 June 1927 at Carleton Place
014192-27 Clarence McCallum EMERSON, 29, stripper, Carleton Place, Carleton Place s/o James EMERSON (b. Lanark Co) & Charlotte McCALLUM married Mary COOKE, 27, clerk, Carleton Place, Carleton Place d/o George COOKE (b. Lanark Co) & Elizabeth HUGHES wtn: Clyde EMERSON & Edith COOKE both of Carleton Place, 22 June 1927 at Beckwith twp 014193-27 James Ephraim ENGLAND, 22, labourer, Oso twp, Maberly s/o Alex ENGLAND (b. Oso twp) & Sophia SARGEANT married Mary Elizabeth Pearl STRONG, 19, living at home, Maberly, Maberly d/o John Leslie STRONG (b. Beckwith twp) & Margaret Jane BLAIR wtn: Leslie STRONG & Stella BLAIR both of Maberly, 16 February 1927 at Perth
014194-27 William Thomas EVOY, 47, widower, labourer, Huntley twp, Carleton Place s/o Jonathon EVOY (b. Huntley twp) & Jane CRAIG married Alma McDONALD, 42, widow, Owen Sound Ont., Carleton Place d/o William LEWIS b. Owen Sound) & Marion CREIGHTON wtn: John EVOY & Mary A. EVOY both of Carleton Place, 4 August 1927 at Carleton Place 014195-27 George William FARMER, 33, school teacher, Perth, Perth s/o George FARMER (b. Perth) & Jessie MacNAB married Elizabeth Agnes Myrtle DENNISON, 32, school teacher, Burgess twp, Carleton Place d/o James DENNISON (b. Perth) & Sarah Ann ROBERTSON wtn: Dorothy DENNISON of Carleton Place & Grace B. FARMER of Arnprior, 2 August 1927 at Carleton Place
014196-27 William Joseph FARNELL, 30, mechanic, Burgess twp, Oshawa s/o George Wesley FARNELL (b. North Burgess) & Alicia Jane ROTHWELL married Verla Ann BUCHANAN, 27, living at home, Oso twp, Glen Tay d/o Johnston Wellington BUCHANAN (b. Oso) & Margaret Ann BUKER wtn: Marjorie BUCHANAN of Glen Tay & Bart FARNELL of Perth, 16 November 1927 at Perth 014197-27 James Harcourt Minto FERGUSON, 27, butcher, Montague twp, Montague twp s/o James K. FERGUSON (b. Montague twp) & Jessie SCOTT married Lorena May GARLAND, 18, living at home, Carleton Place, Montague twp d/o Walter GARLAND (b. Carleton Place) & Bertha WYNN wtn: Annie M. ROE & Fred SAUNDERS both of Smiths Falls, 9 March 1927 at Smiths Falls
014198-27 Peter FERGUSON, 19, carder, Newmarket Ont., Carleton Place s/o Peter FERGUSON (b. Ontario) & Mary CLARK married Viola Minnie MacDONALD, 20, weaver, Calgary Alberta, Almonte d/o William R. MacDONALD (b. Scotland) & Mina ROURK wtn: Mrs Mina MacDONALD of Almonte & Mrs Edwin SMITH of Carleton Place, 2 December 1927 at Carleton Place 014199-27 Robert Lloyd FERGUSON, 28, farmer, South Sherbrooke twp, same, s/o William FERGUSON (b. Bathurst? twp - Lanark Co) & Mary CAMERON married Nora Gertrude LARMON, 24, living at home, Oso twp, South Sherbrooke twp d/o Johnston LARMON (b. Oso twp) & Alice TYSICK wtn: Hilred? Steven LARMON & Isabella FERGUSON both of Maberly, 12 January 1927 at Bathurst twp
014200-27 James Henry FITZPATRICK, 34, farmer, Russell twp., same, s/o Andrew George FITZPATRICK (b. Russell) & Elizabeth TWEED married Edith May STEARNS, 22, clerk, Russell twp, Perth d/o George Hiram STEARNS (b. Russell) & Annie May MOFFATT wtn: Mrs George STEARNS of Perth & Miss Lola FITZPATRICK of Smiths Falls, 20 August 1927 at Smiths Falls 014201-27 Velmour Cecil FLEMING, 24, railroad employee, Norwood, Maberly s/o William J. FLEMING (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth A. BLAIR married Hilda Marguerite DEACON, 25, farmer's daughter, Bolingbroke, Bolingbroke d/o John DEACON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Garner NORRIS wtn: Allan DEACON of Bolingbroke & Ida MORROW of Maberly, 22 June 1927 at South Sherbrooke twp
014202-27 Harold William FOURNIER, 22, knitter in knitting mill, Perth, Perth s/o George FOURNIER (b. Westport) & Jennie STEELE married Mary Agnes McMANUS, 17, living at home, Bathurst d/o John McMANUS (b. Westport) & Elizabeth NEWELL wtn: Georgina SWANSON & W.L. SWANSON both of Smiths Falls, 23 April 1927 at Westminster Church Manse 014203-27 Wilbert Augustus FOURNIER, 19, shoemaker, Bathurst twp, Perth s/o Thomas FOURNIER (b. South Sherbrooke twp) & Agnes QUINN married Mabel Winifred WHITICAR, 18, shoe factory employee, Maberly, Perth d/o Charles WHITICAR (b. Oso twp in Frontenac Co) & Agnes CONROY wtn: Charles WHITICAR & Agnes WHITICAR both of Maberly, 12 November 1927 at South Sherbrooke twp
014204-27 Anthony FRANK, 23, labourer, Arnprior, Almonte s/o Joseph FRANK (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann MILLER married Margaret DONAHUE, 20, domestic, Carleton Place, Carleton Place d/o William John DONAHUE (b. Ontario) & Caroline DRUMMOND wtn: Angelina FRANK of Carleton Place & John A. WARK of Tatlock, 11 May 1927 at Carleton Place 014205-27 Gordon Scott FRASER, 24, merchant, Almonte, Almonte s/o Gavin Scott FRASER (b. Scotland) & Carrie Jane PETTIGREW married Edna TURNER, 27, telephone operator, Sowerby Yorkshire England, Almonte d/o William H. TURNER (b. England) & Ada HOWROYD wtn: Kenneth FRASER & Lena TURNER both of Almonte, 4 October 1927 at Almonte
014206-27 Alden GARRETT, 22, carpenter, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls s/o Isaack GARRETT (b. Chesterville Ont.) & Mary McVEIGH married Kathleen Ann Isobel KANE, 26, living at home, Perth, Perth d/o Peter KANE (b. Perth) & Elizabeth DONNELLY wtn: M.M. NELSON & Mrs Herbert BRYANT, both of Smiths Falls, 4 February 1927 at Smiths Falls 014207-27 William Rowatt GILCHRIST, 23, labourer, Mississippi, Mississippi s/o James GILCHRIST (b. Mississippi in Frontenac Co) & Jeanette ROWATT married Ethel Grace OLMSTEAD, 16, farmer's daughter, Mississippi, Mississippi d/o David OLMSTEAD (b. Mississippi in Frontenac Co) & Margaret KIRKHAM wtn: Thomas OLMSTEAD & Annie OLMSTEAD both of Mississipp, 1 June 1927 at Perth
014208-27 Roland GLANDON, 19, dairyman, Aylmer Que, Frasers Que., s/o (illegible, Archibald?) GLANDON (b. Aylmer Que.,) & Elizabeth ARCHAMBAULT married Mary O'CONNELL, 20, servant, Almonte, Almonte d/o Randal O'CONNOR (b. Ramsay twp) & Mary PINNER wtn: John TOMPKINS & Annie GARVEY both of Almonte, 2 February 1927 at Almonte 014209-27 Frank Jenkins GOODLIFF, 28, labourer, England, Lanark twp s/o Frank GOODLIFF (b. Cannington in England) & Frances MILLICENT married Rose COOK, 21, domestic, England, Lanark twp d/o William COOK (b. Overfern England) & Linda THOMPSON wtn: Stephen DADSWELL & Mrs G.W. SHERMAN both of Lanark, 3 September 1927 at Lanark
014210-27 Frederick Christopher GOTLIE, 29, farmer, Bar River, Echo Bay s/o James GOTLIE (b. Denmark) & Mary CROOKSHANK married Sara Agnes SERGEANT, 27, living at home, McDonalds Corners, same, d/o John SERGEANT (b. North Sherbrooke twp) & Marion DONALD wtn: James D. SERGEANT & John SERGEANT both of McDonalds Corners, 18 October 1927 at Perth 014211-27 George Theodore GOUGH, 26, foreman BT Co, Staffordshire England, Smiths Falls s/o George GOUGH (b. England) & Betsy POWIS, married Ida HARRISON, 23, living at home, England, Smiths Falls d/o Ernest HARRISON (b. England) & Florence Ann MELL wtn: Arnold GOUGH & Kathleen WESTON both of Smiths Falls, 27 October 1927 at Smiths Falls
014212-27 George Leslie GREENLEY, 21, labourer, Brooke, Brooke s/o Robert George GREENLEY (b. Brooke) & Alice Maud DIXON married Stella Ann BLAIR, 18, housework, Brooke, Brooke d/o Neil BLAIR (b. Brooke) & Katharine Tabitha DUFFY wtn: Frederick HUTCHINGS of RR#3 Perth & Mary MILLER of Perth, 23 May 1927 at Perth 014213-27 Wilford Alex GREER, 24, labourer, Maberly, Maberley s/o George GREER (b. Canada) & Mary GRAHAM married Laura Elizabeth DIXON, 19, living at home, Bathurst, Bathurst d/o George DIXON (b. Canada) & Jemima DOWDELL wtn: Craig William DIXON & Lily M. DIXON both of Maberly, 18 May 1927 at Perth
014214-27 John HAMILTON, 22, CPR brakeman, Carleton Place, Trenton Ont. s/o Alexander HAMILTON & Teresa SULLIVAN married Margaret Alice Doreen KELLY, 19, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls d/o Patrick KELLY & Mary Etta WHITE wtn: Harold KELLY & Beryl KELLY both of Smiths Falls, 31 August 1927 at Smiths Falls 014215-27 David Montague HART, 33, painter, Perth, Perth s/o Benjamin HART (b. London in England) & Alice BANNARD married Florence Edna May GILES, 20, living at home, Innesville, Innesville, d/o John GILES (b. Ramsay twp) & Mary Elizabeth JACKSON wtn: Margaret Elsie GILES & Annabelle F. MacKINNON, both of Perth, 1 October 1927 at Perth
014216-27 John HAVERON, 27, carder, Burgess twp, Perth s/o John HAVERON (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane FLAHERTY married Sarah HAVERON, 24, domestic, Ireland, Perth d/o Henry HAVERON (b. Ireland) & Margaret STEWART wtn: Mabel FOURNIER & Roy HAVERON both of Perth, 26 July 1927 at Perth 014217-27 Charles HEALY, 31, farmer, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls s/o Peter HEALY & Mary DOYLE married Ethel BADOUR, 29, school teacher, Sharbot Lake, Smiths Falls d/o Louis BADOUR & Catherine BABCOCK wtn: Lawrence DOWDALL of RR#6 Perth & Edith BADOUR R.N. of Smiths Falls, 18 April 1927 at Fergusons Falls
014218-27 Joseph HEFFERMAN, 31, miner, London England s/o Joseph HEFFERMAN (b. England) & Margaret McGREE (McGirr?) married Violet Mary STEEL, 21, Perth, Perth d/o John STEEL (b. Canada) & Jamie OSBORNE wtn: Kenneth Charles CALDER of 108 Metcalfe St in Ottawa & Mary CHRISTIE of Cornwall, 23 June 1927 at Perth 014219-27 John Hamilton HENRY, 31, farmer, Ramsay twp, Ramsay twp s/o Ephraim HENRY (b. Ramsay twp) & Elizabeth THOM married Margaret Frances JAMES, 35, domestic, Lanark twp, Lanark twp d/o William JAMES (b. Lanark twp) & Annie CURRIE wtn: William James HENRY of Carleton Place & Bessie C. CURRIE of Lanark, 16 November 1927 at Lanark twp
014220-27 Harold Joseph HOGAN, 20, grocery clerk, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls s/o Nicholas HOGAN (b. Perth) & Mary MURPHY married Grace Wilhelmina McLEAN, 18, living at home, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls d/o Francis McLEAN (b. Smiths Falls) & Emily BONNER wtn: Manley CARNEGIE & James BRENNAGH both of Smiths Falls, 5 July 1927 at Smiths Falls 014221-27 John Daniel HOGAN, 29, printer, Perth, Carleton Place s/o Michael HOGAN (b. Bathurst twp) & Margaret ADAMS married Margaret Teresa MAHONEY, 25, clerk, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls d/o William J. MAHONEY (b. Elmsley) & Mary BUNETT wtn: Frederick POUNER? & Evelyn MAHONEY both of Smiths Falls, 3 February 1927 at the Church of St Francis, illegible
014222-27 Harold George HOLMES, 33, locomotive engineer, Ottawa, Smiths Falls s/o George William HOLMES (b. Devonshire in England) & Mary BROWN, married Luella SADLER, 28, Almonte, Smiths Falls d/o George Alfred SADLER (b. Almonte) & Margaret Amelia KENNEDY wtn: G. Alfred SADLER & J.M. SEMPLE both of Smiths Falls, 17 October 1927 at Smiths Falls 014223-27 Charles Bertram HORTON, 28, physician, Ontario, Shelburne s/o Charles William HORTON (b. Ontario) & Sarah Alice BLACKWELL married Annie Audrey WILLIAMS, 22, nurse, Ontario, 524 Bathurst St in Toronto d/o David WILLIAMS (b. Ontario) & Ann GLOVER wtn: David WILLIAMS & Beth WILLIAMS both of Almonte, 6 June 1927 at Almonte
014224-27 Kenneth Allan HOUSTON, 21, blacksmith, Almonte, Almonte s/o William HOUSTON (b. Almonte) & Emma LECLAIR married Mabel Alice LANG, 18, Almonte, Almonte d/o Matthew LANG (b. Almonte) & Lillian McDONALD wtn: Mr & Mrs John McFARLANE of Almonte, 16 October 1927 at Almonte 014225-27 Frederick William HUTCHINGS, 22, farmer, England, Burgess twp s/o Frederick William GREENLEY (sic) & Mary Elizabeth SMITH married Mary Dormena MILLER, 18, housework, Burgess twp, Perth d/o Samuel MILLER (b. Canada) & Mary Ellen LABEAU wtn: Leslie GREENLEY & Stella GREENLEY both of Maberly, 23 May 1927 at Perth
014226-27 William Leslie IRELAND, 21, farmer, Kitley twp, Wolford twp s/o William Thomas IRELAND (b. Kitley twp) & Harriet Eliza McMANUS married Laura Mabel McDOUGALL, 20, clerk, Renfrew Ont., Wolford twp d/o Alexander McDOUGALL (b. Admaston twp) & Isobel LAVALLEE, wtn: W.E. CARLEY & Florence CARLEY both of Jasper, 23 February 1927 at Smiths Falls 014227-27 Archibald JACKSON, 26, farmer, Stepps Scotland, Pakenham s/o John JACKSON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth JACKSON married Elizabeth CHAMBERS, 24, Wigtonshire Scotland, Pakenham d/o Alexander CHAMBERS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth HANNAH wtn: D.A. & Jean FARQUHARSON of Pakenham, 15 August 1927 at Pakenham twp
014228-27 Cecil Stanley JACKSON, 25, labourer, Pakenham twp, Clayton s/o Thomas JACKSON (b. Lanark twp) & Ellen STANLEY married Alice Eliza GARDINER, 19, housekeeper, Beckwith twp, Clayton d/o Thomas GARDINER (b. Beckwith twp) & Sarah RATHWELL wtn: George C. GARDINER of RR2 illegible & Velma W. JACKSON of Clayton, 6 July 1927 at Lanark twp

014229-27 Stanley Benjamin JACKSON, 22, farmer, Rideau Ferry, Rideau Ferry s/o Joseph Benjamin JACKSON (b. North Elmsley) & Maud KENNEDY married Georgina KIRKHAM, 20, living at home, Maberly, Elmsley Station, d/o Isaac KIRKHAM (b. Maberly) & Nellie VALERIE wtn: Mary Edna BEVAN & Ross W. COUTTS both of Smiths Falls, 23 August 1927 at Port Elmsley

014230-27 Thomas Milford JACQUES, 29, farmer, Kitley twp, Kitley twp s/o James JACQUES (b. Kitley twp) & Lucy DANTE married Eleanor Mae JACQUES, 18, housemaid, Brockville, Cardinal d/o Richard JACQUES (b. Brockville) & Wilhelmina COOPER wtn: Isabel Frances CODE & Frederick E.T. CODE both of Smiths Falls, 20 July 1927 at Lanark Co 014231-27 Edwin McNeely JAMES, 26, farmer, Lanark twp, Lanark twp s/o Thomas E. JAMES (b. Lanark twp) & Hannah McNEELY married Mary HALEY, 22, domestic, Drummond twp, Lanark twp d/o Edward HALEY (b. Lanark twp) & Christine TULLIS wtn: T.J.W. ROTHWELL Esq. & Miss B.J. HALEY both of Fergusons Falls, 22 June 1927 at Lanark twp
014232-27 Gilbert Roy JAMES, 21, machinist, Muskoka District, Perth s/o Benjamin Franklin JAMES (b. Darling twp) & Flora NAISMITH married Catherine Edith McINNES, 19, shoe factory employee, Dalhousie twp, Perth d/o Donald McINNES (b. Dalhousie twp) & Elizabeth Nairn ANDERSON wtn: John James McMILLAN & Sadie Mae JAMES both of Perth, 5 November 1927 at Smiths Falls 014233-27 Stanley JAMES, 28, farmer, Drummond twp., same, s/o William JAMES (b. Lanark) & Isabella RAMSBOTTOM married Olive Crozier MOORE, 18, living at home, Boyd's Settlement, Boyd's Settlement d/o George Canning MOORE (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth VANCE wtn: William JAMES Jr. & Grace MUNRO both of Boyd's Settlement, 9 November 1927 at Lanark twp
014234-27 James Herbert JAMIESON, 23, salesman, Lanark, Timmins, s/o James JAMIESON & Sarah Ann STEWART married Isobel Blanche MILLAR, 19, domestic, Palmerston Ont., Timmins d/o John Duncan MILLAR & Ann May ALLAN wtn: Allan Duncan MILLAR of Lanark & Vetta KANE of Albany Ave in Toronto, 1 January 1927 at the Boulevard in Perth 014235-27 George Franklin JOHNSTON, 28, banker, Bastard twp, Bastard twp s/o George JOHNSTON (b. Bastard twp) & Laverna MYERS married Evelyn Mary CHURCHILL, 28, bank clerk, Drummond twp, Smiths Falls d/o W.H. CHURCHILL (b. Drummond twp) & Carolyn BUCHANAN wtn: Laura CHURCHILL of Smiths Falls & A.S. HARRIS of Montreal, 1 January 1927 at Smiths Falls
014236-27 Samuel Brown JORDAN, 30, labourer, Montague twp, Montague twp s/o Alex JORDAN (b. North Elmsley twp) & Margaret BROWN married Margaret Merittie COTE, 26, living at home, Buckingham Que., Montague twp d/o George COTE (b. Buckingham Quebec) & Jennie VALLY wtn: Mr & Mrs Robert McCORMICK of Montague twp, 27 April 1927 at Smiths Falls 014237-27 James Clark KANE, 27, barber, Morton in Leeds Co, Westport s/o Alexander KANE (b. Leeds Co) & Grace IRWIN married Viola Jane DOWDELL, 22, farmer's daughter, Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke d/o William DOWDELL (b. Lanark Co) & Margaret Frost THOMPSON wtn: John H. EBBS & Bertha EBBS both of Drummond twp, 27 May 1927 at Perth
014239-27 James Alfred KEAYS, 27, mechanic, Bathurst twp, Oshawa s/o William James KEAYS (b. Bathurst twp) & Elizabeth May DAROU married Elsie May ENNIS, 29, linotype operator, Bathurst twp, Perth d/o David John ENNIS (b. Lanark Co) & Mary Anne ENNIS wtn: Wilfred FENTON of Oshawa & Anna E. MORRIS of Perth, 29 June 1927 at Perth 014238-27 Howard Edward KEAYS, 22, farmer, Bathurst twp, Drummond twp s/o Allan F. KEAYS (b. Balderson Ont.) & Mary Elizabeth WILSON married Helen Jeanette SARGEANT, 20, farmer's daughter, McDonalds Corners, McDonalds Corners d/o John SARGEANT (b. Sherbrooke) & Marion DONALD wtn: George Wilson KEAYS of Balderson & Sara SARGEANT of McDonalds Corners, 19 April 1927 at Dalhousie twp
014240-27 Douglas John KELLY, 26, CPR fireman, Havelock Ont., Toronto s/o John KELLY (b. Havelock) & Bertha McGOWAN married Audrey Aileen FLOOD, 18, student, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls d/o Albert Smith FLOOD (b. Jericho Vermont USA) & Christina Ellinor CONDIE wtn: Christina Ellinor FLOOD of Smiths Falls & Grace W. DIXON of Rednersville, 10 August 1927 at Smiths Falls 014241-27 Ernest Edward KERR, 18, farmer, Drummond twp, Drummond twp s/o Benjamin KERR (b. Bathurst twp) & Hannah IRWIN married Annie Elinor McADAMS, 18, looping, Perth, Perth d/o Horace McADAMS (b. Perth) & Lillian LABORN wtn: Ernest KERR & Hattie McADAMS both of Perth, 4 October 1927 at Smiths Falls
014242-27 Albert Edward KINCH 38, farmer, Kitley twp, Kitley twp s/o Isaac KINCH (b. Kitley twp) & Emma CARLEY married Lily HUGHES, 22, domestic, District of Hamilton Scotland, Kitley twp d/o Patrick HUGHES (b. Scotland) & Annie GINN wtn: Bert CARLEY of Toledo & Margaret HAMILTON of Kitley, 16 November 1927 at Smiths Falls 014243-27 Alexander KINNEAR, 18, labourer, Lanark, Carleton Place s/o George KINNEAR (b. Galeshiels Scotland) & Janet ADDISON married Mary M.R. VALLEE, 18, textile worker, Arnprior Ont., Carleton Place d/o Pierre VALLEE (b. St Eugene Ont.) & Selina DUROCHER wtn: Pierre VALLEE & Mrs Selina VALLEE both of Carleton Place, 14 May 1927 at Carleton Place
014244-27 Merton Egbert Ellsworth KITTRIDGE, 37, civil servant, Lawrenceville Que., 669 Echo Dr in Ottawa s/o David KITTRIDGE (b. Lawrenceville Que.) & Catherine Elizabeth RICHARDSON married Maud Irene HEADLEY, 26, stenographer, Ottawa, 645 Echo Dr in Ottawa d/o David William HEADLEY (b. Chelsey Que.) & Jennie Elizabeth RANDALL wtn: Georgina SWANSON & Aleda I. DAVIES both of Smiths Falls, 14 May 1927 at Smiths Falls 014245-27 John William KLYNE, 47, machinist's helper, South Elmsley twp, Smiths Falls s/o Joseph KLYNE (b. Bastard twp) & Margaret GARDNER, married Jessie Nina BARR, 32, widow, clerk, McNab twp, Smiths Falls d/o Alexander STEWART (b. McNab twp) & Sarah MILLER wtn: G. GILLESPIE & Agnes GILLESPIE both of Smiths Falls, 14 July 1927 at Smiths Falls
014247-27 Robert Eric LAIDLAW, 25, fox rancher, Morris twp, Morris twp s/o William Cole LAIDLAW (b. Morris twp) & Sarah Jane CODE married Annie Clark CHAMNEY, 28, school teacher, Beckwith twp, Beckwith twp d/o George CHAMNEY (b. Lanark Co) & Bertha STANLEY wtn: Irvine WALLACE of Blythe Ont., & Gwendolyn INGLIS of Sault Ste Marie Mich, 28 July 1927 at Lanark twp 014248-27 Peter Lezeim LAROCQUE, 27, machinist, Darling twp, Smiths Falls s/o Mac LAROCQUE (b. Darling twp) & Julia RANGER married Elsie Gertrude CONNORS, 28, living at home, Lanark, Lanark d/o William CONNORS (b. Lanark twp) & Elizabeth BAIRD wtn: Mr & Mrs Orville STEWART of Perth, 29 June 1927 at Perth
014249-27 Hugh Monteith LAUDER, 35, express clerk, Montreal Que., North Bay s/o Robert LAUDER (b. Montreal) & Christina MORRIS married Lillian Marguerite LEVER, 29, stenographer, Carleton Place, North Bay d/o William Henry LEVER (b. Carleton Place) & Susannah TORRANCE wtn: Robert Carns LEVER & Jennie Letitia LEVER both of Carleton Place, 4 August 1927 at Carleton Place 014250-27 James Roy LAVIS, 25, salesman, East Whitby twp, Whitby Ont., s/o W.G. LAVIS (b. East Whitby twp) & Clara Jean CAMERON married Marion Kathleen BARR, 25, school teacher, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls d/o Frank A. BARR (b. Smiths Falls) & Eliza COOMBS wtn: Frank BARR of Smiths Falls & Clara LAVIS of Whitby twp, 26 August 1927 at Smiths Falls
014251-27 Arthur Franklin LEACH, 23, machinist, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls s/o Norman LEACH (b. Montague twp) & Lillian BAKER married Annie Meda MILLAR, 28, nurse, Pakenham twp, Almonte d/o Adam MILLAR (b. Pakenham twp) & Margaret MICK wtn: Harvey MILLAR & Irene MILLAR both of Almonte, 23 July 1927 at Almonte 014252-27 Walter Cecil LEACH, 26, farmer, Beckwith twp, Drummond twp s/o Ezra Lyman LEACH (b. Beckwith twp) & Ada GRIFFITHS married Lorna Jane GILCHRIST, 19, farmer's daughter, Mississippi, Perth d/o James GILCHRIST (b. Frontenac Co) & Laura ROWATT wtn: Elmer L. LEACH of RR#3 Perth & Eva G. MATHESON of RR#5 Perth, 28 December 1927 at Perth
014246-27 Robert Wilson LECKIE, 28, labourer, Goulbourne twp, Carleton Place s/o John Featherstone LECKIE (b. Canada) & Charlotte BENNETT married Florence May SAUNDERS, 19, living at home, Carleton Place, Carleton Place d/o William Joseph SAUNDERS (b. Canada) & Emily TANNER wtn: John Alvin BELILL? & Mrs John H. BENNETT both of Carleton Place, 1 March 1927 at Carleton Place 014253-27 James LEGARY, 37, farmer, Dalhousie twp, McDonalds Corners s/o Joseph LEGARY & Elizabeth DUNCAN married Clara CLOSE, 36, Dalhousie twp, McDonalds Corners d/o Michael CLOSE & Catherine MURPHY wtn: Mr & Mrs Bert DUNCAN of McDonalds Corners, 27 September 1927 at McDonalds Corners
014254-27 Achille Andre LESSARD, 36, aviator, St Phillippe Que., Smiths Falls s/o Felix LESSARD (b. St Phillippe) & Malbiva DESJARDINS married Mary Cecilia EARLE, 29, Perth, Smiths Falls d/o William EARLE (b. Belfast in Ireland) & Ann DOYLE wtn: William EARLE & John EARLE both of Smiths Falls, 2 May 1927 at Smiths Falls 014255-27 William LOGAN, 24, farmer, Pakenham twp, Pakenham twp s/o James LOGAN (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth BENNETT married Clara Aileen BANDY, 17, McNab twp, McNab twp d/o William James BANDY (b. McNab twp) & Mary DUNN wtn: W.E. SCOTT & Harriet M. MacCRIMMON both of Almonte, 14 January 1927 at Almonte,
014256-27 Roland Oliver LOUCKS, 33, farmer, Montague twp, Montague twp s/o John Ezra LOUCKS (b. Montague twp) & Hattie HALLIDAY married Gladys Lola KILBURN, 21, living at home, North Elmsley twp, North Elmsley twp d/o G.H. KILBURN (b. Smiths Falls) & Lillian SLATE wtn: William LOUCKS of Montague twp & Mrs SEMPLE of Smiths Falls, 20 December 1927 at Smiths Falls, 014257-27 John Henry LYONS, 21, weaver, Almonte, Carleton Place s/o John Henry LYONS (b. Richmond Ont.) & Mary MAHER married Mary Rose BRUNETTE, 24, mill operator, Almonte, Almonte d/o Joseph BRUNETTE (b. Almonte) & Mary RUDELY wtn: Edward LYONS & Rose SHEEDY both of Almonte, 15 January 1927 at Almonte
014272-27 Peter McBETH, 29, surveyor, Scotland, Brooks Alberta s/o William Francis McBETH (b. Scotland) & Amelia Robertson BAGGETTE married Annie Johnston CLARK, 21, camera inspector, Scotland, 3 Criscoe St in Toronto d/o George CLARK (b. Scotland) & Ann DIXON wtn: Mrs Ann CLARK of 3 Criscoe St in Toronto & Robert GRAHAM of Pakenham, 29 August 1927 at Pakenham 014273-27 Clarence Galbraith McCANN, 26, car inspector, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls s/o Daniel Galbraith McCANN (b. Smiths Falls) & Adeline CAMERON married Mabel Myra GRAY, 25, telephone operator, North Elmsley twp, Smiths Falls d/o Herbert GRAY (b. England) & Mary Ellen CARTLAND wtn: Janet Stewart McCANN & Gladys Iola JOHNSON both of Smiths Falls, 20 June 1927 at Smiths Falls
014274-27 Edwin Forrest McCUE, 41, widower, farmer, North Elmsley, North Elmsley s/o William James McCUE (b. N Elmsley) & Elizabeth WEATHERHEAD married Pearl DODDS, 24, nurse, North Dakota, Burgess North, d/o Alex DODDS (b. Burgess) & Helena PEGG wtn: Susanna SCOTT of RR#5 Perth & Charlotte H. SCOTT of Perth, 23 March 1927 at the Manse of Bethel Church 014275-27 James Patrick McDERMOTT, 35, postal clerk, Montague twp, Smiths Falls s/o Edward McDERMOTT (b. Montague twp) & Mary CLANCY married Myrtle Anastasia FITZGERALD, 31, clerk, Kitley twp, Smiths Falls d/o Daniel FITZGERALD (b. Kitley twp) & Anne MURPHY wtn: Michael FITZGERALD of Smiths Falls & Rhoda KEAN of Perth, 8 June 1927 at Smiths Falls
014276-27 John McDIARMID, 32, labourer, Beckwith twp, Carleton Place s/o John McDIARMID (b. Beckwith twp) & Emily ROBERTSON married Lillian Marguerite CAMPBELL, 23, living at home, Ramsay twp, Ashton Ont., d/o William CAMPBELL (b. Ramsay twp) & Christina AIKEN wtn: Isobel CAMPBELL of Ashton & Annie McDIARMID of Carleton Place, 24 December 1927 at Carleton Place 014277-27 Colin Archibald McGREGOR, 27, school teacher, Morewood Ont., Morewood s/o Thomas McGREGOR (b. Russell Ont.) & Ellen SMIRLE married Irene Frances Elizabeth SHAW, 24, school teacher, Pakenham, Carleton Place d/o James SHAW (b. Canada) & Francis Loving HALPENNEY wtn: Dengal R. SMIRLE of Billings Bridge & Edna R. SHAW of Arnprior, 31 August 1927 at Carleton Place
014278-27 William Alvin McINNES, 24, farmer, Dalhousie twp, Dalhousie twp s/o Donald McINNES (b. Dalhousie twp) & Elizabeth ANDERSON married Catherine McDOUGALL, 17, farmer's daughter, Dalhousie twp, Dalhousie twp d/o William A. McDOUGALL (b. Dalhousie twp) & Minnie HORNE wtn: Edith CASWELL & John Tristram CASWELL both of Watsons Corners, 11 May 1927 at Dalhousie twp 014279-27 Duncan Arthur McINTOSH, 35, farmer, Dalhousie twp, Dalhousie twp s/o Donald McINTOSH (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Janet KNOWLES, married Barbara Olive LOWERY, 21, domestic, Parham Ont., Dalhousie twp d/o David LOWERY (b. Newburgh Ont.) & Gertrude NEAL wtn: Mrs James MALCOLM of Lavant & Mrs Allan FERGUSON of RR#3 Lanark, 20 April 1927 at Poland
  014280-27 Edwin Pearson McLAREN, 41, farmer, Drummond twp, Drummond twp s/o David McLAREN (b. Lanark) & Margaret McLAREN married Amy Stewart JAMIESON, 30, clerk, Lanark, Drummond twp d/o James JAMIESON (b. Lanark) & Sarah Ann STEWART wtn: Wilbert E. SKIFFINGTON of Lanark & Elizabeth Leighton JAMIESON of 203 McLaren St in Ottawa, 8 October 1927 at Perth
014281-27 Thomas Kenneth McLEAN, 22, farmer, Drummond twp, Drummond twp s/o David McLEAN (b. North Elmsley) & Isabella GALLAGHER married Grace Lockhart WILSON, 23, living at home, Elphir?, Elmsley twp d/o Robert Albert WILSON (b. North Sherbrooke) & Emma BALFOUR wtn: Catharine Munro WILSON & Gordon Allan CAMERON both of Perth, 21 September 1927 at Elmsley twp 014282-27 Thomas Nicol McLEAN, 33, farmer, North Elmsley twp, Perth s/o John F. McLEAN (b. Leeds Ont.) & Nellie PALMER married Jessie May McGREGOR, 34, living at home, Carleton Place, Carleton Place d/o Archibald McGREGOR (b. Lanark) & Jessie ANDERSON wtn: Edith MacKENZIE of Carleton Place & Roy McLEAN of Perth, 14 June 1927 at Carleton Place
014283-27 Ira Duncan McNAUGHTON, 26, labourer, Beckwith twp, Oshawa s/o Lawson McNAUGHTON (b. Drummond twp) & Margaret McNAUGHTON married Jean Victoria FOURNIER, 26, living at home, Burgess twp, Burgess twp d/o James FOURNIER (b. Burgess) & Margaret HOSIE wtn: Enid ALLEN & William R. FOURNIER both of RR#3 Perth, 7 September 1927 at Perth 014284-27 Andrew MacPHERSON, 34, farmer, Olden, same s/o George H. MacPHERSON (b. Canada) & Ellen Jane McCHARLES married Jessie Bell McVEIGH, 28, farmer's daughter, Oso twp, Oso twp d/o Henry McVEIGH (b. Canada) & Mary Elizabeth McPHERSON wtn: Joseph Lloyd McVEIGH of Oso Station & Margaret McPHERSON of Kingston, 27 April 1927 at Perth
014285-27 Ferguson McVEETY, 21, service station agent, Elmsley twp, Perth s/o George A. McVEETY (b. North Elmsley twp) & Nellie FERGUSON married Helen Evelyn MILLER, 20, living at home, Bathurst, Bathurst d/o Andrew W. MILLER (b. Bathurst twp) & Elizabeth JORDAN wtn: Robert Allen RICHARDSON of RR#4 Perth & Ruth MILLER of RR#1 Wemyss, 5 November 1927 at Bathurst twp 014286-27 Nelson Wellington McWILLIAMS, 24, Ford's Factory foreman, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls s/o Fred McWILLIAMS (b. Carleton Place) & Minnie Hattie BARRIE married Bessie MOORE, 23, teacher, Elmsley twp, Elmsley twp d/o James Samuel MOORE (b. Lanark Co) & Isabella Cameron McLELLAN wtn: Dorothy MOORE of RR#5 Perth & George MOORE of Detroit in Mich, 28 December 1927 at Perth
014258-27 Charles Archibald MENZIES, 25, garage man, Harper Ont., Innisville Ont., s/o John Allen MENZIES (b. Harper) & Margaret Ellen GARDINER married Mary Katherine RATHWELL, 26, living at home, Innisville, Innisville d/o Thomas RATHWELL (b. Innisville) & Janet Thompson HERBERT wtn: John C. GARDINER & Edith M. RATHWELL both of RR#1 Carleton Place, 5 September 1927 at Innisville 014259-27 Archie Roy MICK, 34, farmer, Stafford twp, Ramsay twp s/o W.J. MICK (b. Stafford twp) & Agnes SUTHERLAND married Violet Eva SYME, 30, housekeeper, Ramsay twp, Ramsay twp d/o Peter T. SYME (b. Ramsay twp) & Sarah McGILL wtn: Jessie J. JAMES & Harriet M. MacCRIMMON both of Almonte, 21 December 1927 at Almonte
014260-27 James Ernest MILLAR, 35, farmer, North Burgess, North Burgess s/o Charles MILLAR (b. North Burgess) & Margaret Jane BREAM married Katherine Jane FERRIER, 26, farmer's daughter, Cartwright Manitoba, North Burgess d/o Abraham FERRIER (b. North Burgess) & Eva CUNNINGHAM wtn: Ida May FERRIER & James George FERRIER both of RR#3 Perth, 26 January 1927 at Perth 014261-27 Walter MILLAR, 21, labourer, Forester Falls, Forester Falls s/o Herbert T. MILLAR (b. Ontario) & Harriett BULMER married Gladys Marion MacLAREN, 21, Raglan twp, Forester Falls d/o Malcolm MacLAREN (b. Ontario) & Francis DAVIDSON wtn: W.W. FOSTER & Mrs R. Mae NOBLE both of Smiths Falls, 15 October 1927 at Smiths Falls,
014262-27 Harry Arthur MILLER, 28, painter, Hastings England, Smiths Falls s/o (none given) (b. England) & Miss Clara (step mother) married Louise KATES, 24, waitress, Newfoundland, Smiths Falls d/o Charles KATES (b. Newfoundland) & Naomi KATES wtn: Richard A. WHITE & Mrs Annie WHITE both of Smiths Falls, 18 June 1927 at Smiths Falls, 014263-27 Robert Ross MILLER, 34, farmer, Bathurst twp, South Elmsley twp s/o Robert MILLER & Sarah DODDS married Marion Elma WRIGHT, 20, living at home, Lombardy, South Elmsley twp d/o Ormand Wesley WRIGHT & Mildred GREER wtn: Mr & Mrs Garnet F. DODDS of Perth, 1 September 1927 at South Elmsley twp
014264-27 William Jerrold MOORE, 42, electrician, Sand Point Ont., Stoney Creek Ont., s/o David MOORE (b. Onslow twp Que.) & Mary BYRON married Evelyn Rebecca MORPHY, 33, stenographer, Carleton Place, Carleton Place d/o Abram Lincoln MORPHY (b. Ramsay twp) & Rebecca CONN wtn: Howard Conn MORPHY of Smiths Falls & Martha Lucretia MORPHY of Pembroke Ont., 4 May 1927 at Carleton Place 014265-27 Edwin Lorne MORE, 36, farmer, Ramsay twp, Ramsay twp s/o William MORE (b. Ramsay twp) & Minnie Julia TOOP married Mina RICHARDS, 27, housework, Ramsay twp, Ramsay twp d/o Henry RICHARDS (b. Ramsay twp) & Mary Elizabeth DUNLOP wtn: Cecil S. MORE & Anne BOLGER both of Ramsay twp, 14 September 1927 at Clayton,
014266-27 Joseph MOREAU, 25, railway man, Lavant twp, Lavant Station s/o Joseph MOREAU (b. Quebec ) & Jennie WARNER married Mabel Lorna FAIR, 18, domestic, Dalhousie twp, Lavant Station d/o George FAIR (b. Watsons Corners) & Mabel CRAIG wtn: Rankin BARRIE & Jean M. MALLARD both of Lavant Station, 28 May 1927 at Lanark 014267-27 John Erwin MORRISON, 58, widower, retired farmer, Maberly, Maberly s/o George MORRISON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BUCHANAN married Mary LAIDLEY, 49, dressmaker, Maberly, Maberly d/o Robert LAIDLEY (b. Ontario) & Matilda BUCHANAN, wtn: David MOORE of Chicago & Miss Agnes LAIDLEY of Maberly, 16 November 1927 at South Sherbrooke,
014268-27 Charles F. MORROW, 21, mill operative, Chalk River Ont., Almonte s/o William Clement MORROW (b. Chalk River) & Venada KOOPS married Ethel Daisy DRAY, 18, mill operative, Godalming Surrey England, Carleton Place d/o Archibald Joseph DRAY (b. Surrey England) & Minnie TAYLOR wtn: Harold ARMITAGE of Arnprior & Lillian HORTON of Carleton Place, 6 May 1927 at Almonte 014269-27 Earl Melvin MORSE, 21, musician, Carthage NY, Heuverton NY s/o Morgan Lawson MORSE (b. Carthage NY) & Laura BROWN married Dorothy Mary LAWRENCE, 19, Waddington NY, Almonte d/o Charles LAWRENCE (b. Waddington NY) & Bertha KENTNER wtn: Mr & Mrs Stanley MORSE of 25 Government St in Canton NY, 29 August 1927 at Almonte
014270-27 Jacob MOULTON, 28, farmer, Drummond, Drummond s/o James MOULTON (b. Canada) & Margaret CRAWFORD married Helen Jane CLOSE, 18, farmer's daughter, Poland, Poland d/o Robert CLOSE (b. Canada) & Jessie Helen McINNES wtn: William POWERS of RR#6 Perth & Jessie Helen CLOSE of Poland Ont., 1 June 1927 at Perth 014271-27 Ozias Clifford MUNRO, 25, farmer, Lanark twp, Lanark twp s/o John Henry MUNRO (b. Lanark Ont.) & Margaret Ellen MENARY, married Florence RAMSBOTTOM, 21, living at home, Lanark twp, Lanark twp d/o John Finlayson RAMSBOTTOM (b. Lanark) & Elizabeth GILES wtn: Gladys P. MUNRO & William MUNRO both of RR#5 Almonte, 13 September 1927 at Perth
014287-27 Allan Herbert NEILSON, 24, hairdresser, Appleton Ont., 385 Second Ave in Ottawa s/o George NEILSON (b. Canada) & Annie WOODS married Maud Mabel LYONS, 26, Ashton Ont., Carleton Place d/o Thomas LYONS (b. Canada) & Margaret LEE wtn: Mr & Mrs A.G. McLAREN of 95 Spadina Ave in Ottawa, 24 September 1927 at Carleton Place 014288-27 William John NEVIN, 27, assistant superintendent, Rafanton Fermangh Ireland s/o Anthony NEVIN (b. Ireland) & Margaret MARTIN married Viola Margaret CAVANAUGH, 22, saleslady, Bathurst twp, Perth d/o Joseph Edward CAVANAUGH (b. Lanark Co) & Margaret Isobel PETTAPIECE wtn: J. SHIELDS of RR4 Sherbrooke & Laura CAVANAUGH of Bathurst twp, 11 April 1927 at Perth
014289-27 Stuart Horton ORMROD, 24, farmer, Ashton, Ashton s/o Joseph Albert ORMROD (b. Montague twp) & Sarah Jane HORTON married Flora May BOLTON, 24, teacher, Carleton Place, Carleton Place d/o Ebenezer George BOLTON (b. New Dublin) & Florence Jeanette DUNHAM wtn: Mary Florence FEE of Ashton & Annie Ethel BOLTON of Carleton Place, 17 August 1927 at Smiths Falls 014290-27 Cecil Burton PALMER, 28, bank clerk, Kingsville Ont., Carleton Place s/o Charles Augustus PALMER & Emma Estelle BROADWELL married Dorothy CARR, 25, clerk, Carlton Place, Carleton Place d/o John Alexander CARR & Maria Jane LEWIS wtn: Rolfe Jackson PALMER of Kingsville & Bertha CARR of Carleton Place, 15 June 1927 at Carleton Place
014291-27 Fred PATTERSON, 35, widower, drug factory employee, Harden in Leeds Co, Perth s/o Oliver PATTERSON (b. England) & Sildonia PARISH, married Elizabeth Mabel DAVIS, 36, widow, drug factory employee, Maberly, Perth d/o John McQUITTY (b. Ohio) & Phemia McINNIS wtn: James McFARLANE & Maxwell McIntosh McFARLANE both of Perth, 3 September 1927 at Perth 014292-27 Stanley Victor PATTERSON, 21, marble cutter, London England, Smiths Falls s/o Daniel Coapman PATTERSON (b. England) & Lillie GRAY married Bertha HIGNETT, 21, living at home, Rock Ferry England, Smiths Falls d/o Paul HIGNETT (b. England) & Bertha BAKER wtn: Geraldine ANDRESS of Brockville & Harry HIGNETT of Smiths Falls, 27 June 1927 at Smiths Falls
014293-27 James Lancelot PAUL, 22, labourer, Dalhousie twp, Caldwells Mills , s/o John Albert PAUL (b. Poland) (deceased) & Agnes McDOUGALL married Lila Pearl GARRETT, 19, domestic, Lavant twp, Caldwells Mills , d/o Newton GARRETT (b. Sharbot Lake Ont.) & Annie BURLEY wtn: John H, CAMPBELL of Caldwells Mills & Mrs Laura JOHNSTON of Lanark, 20 April 1927 at Lanark 014294-27 Mervyn Paul RANKIN, 25, farmer, Lanark twp, Drummond twp s/o James RANKIN (b. Hopetown Ont.) & Agnes PAUL married Ivy Luella TRAILL, 20, domestic, Drummond twp, Drummond twp d/o James TRAILL (b. Darling twp) & Elizabeth CALDWELL wtn: Boyd TRAILL & Florence N. BULLOCK both of Lanark, 23 November 1927 at Drummond twp
014295-27 George Percival RATHWELL, 31, Royal Canadian Air Force, Ottawa, Westborough s/o Robert RATHWELL (b. Canada) & Ruby OBRIE married Lola Agnes CASSIDY, 31, civil servant, Goulbourn twp Ont., 219 Echo Dr in Ottawa d/o James CASSIDY (b. Canada) & Mary Ann MALORY wtn: Donna CASSIDY of RR#3 Carleton Place & Irene F. CAMPBELL of Ottawa, 5 July 1927 at Carleton Place 014296-27 Samuel Edward RATHWELL, 27, farmer, Innisville Ont., Innisville s/o Thomas RATHWELL (b. Innisville) & Janet Tomson? HERBERT married Ida Harriett GARDINER, 26, living at home, Scotch Corners, Scotch Corners d/o George GARDINER (b. Scotch Corners) & Ida STANLEY wtn: Herb RATHWELL of Innisville & Agnes POOLE of RR#1 Innisville, 16 November 1927 at Innisville
014297-27 Arthur Douglas RICHARDSON, 26, dentist, Montreal, Montreal s/o Peter L. RICHARDSON (b. Quebec) & Sarah Olive FERNS married Mary Elizabeth Dorothy JOHNSON, 25, nurse, Brockville, Almonte d/o George R. JOHNSON (b. Ontario) & Emma BOYCE wtn: George R. JOHNSON & Emma JOHNSON both of Almonte, 9 July 1927 at Almonte

014298-27 George Alva RINTOUL, 24, farmer, Darling twp, Ramsay twp s/o Charles RINTOUL (b. Darling twp) & Jessie TAYLOR married Helen Elizabeth SOMMERVILLE, 24, domestic, Lanark twp, Ramsay twp d/o John T. SOMMERVILLE (b. Lanark twp) & Elizabeth RODGER wtn: John H. RINTOUL of Carleton Place & Ida C. SOMMERVILLE of Middleville Ont., 1 September 1927 at Lanark twp

014299-27 George Clifford Umberto ROBERTSON, 30, CPR trainman, Drummond, Smith's Falls s/o Robert ROBERTSON (b. Lanark twp) & Euphemia SIMPSON married Mary Elizabeth Reta Matilda McCORD, 26, domestic, Scotland, Perth d/o James McCORD (b. Scotland) & Mary GARRETT wtn: Mrs Paul GRIFFIN & Mrs Robert TURNBULL both of Perth, 24 December 1927 at Perth 014300-27 James Leonard RODGER, 20, farmer, Lanark twp, Lanark twp s/o Harry RODGER (b. Middleville) & Bella BURNS married Carrie May FERGUSON, 20, domestic, Lavant twp, Lanark twp d/o William FERGUSON (b. Thurlow in Lanark Co?) & Mary McCLELLAND wtn: Carrie RODGER of RR#2 Lanark & Mrs Laura Johnston of Lanark, 2 February 1927 at Lanark
014301-27 James Milford RODGERS, 25, widower, fireman, Huntingdon twp, Smith's Falls s/o David RODGERS (b. Huntingdon twp) & Mary PAPST married Annie May BLACK, 23, button sawyer, Smith's Falls, Smith's Falls d/o James D. Stevenson BLACK (b. Darling twp) & Catherine McGINNIS wtn: R.J. EDMONDS & Charlotte EDMONDS, 7 December 1927 at Perth 014302-27 Anthony RUBINO, 42, widower, salesman, Italy, Cornwall Ont., s/o Michael Angelo RUBINO (b. Italy) & Marie ARENA married Gladys Irene BOUGHNER, 23, mill hand, Carleton Place, Carleton Place d/o John BOUGHNER (b. England) & Anna BLANCHETTE wtn: Florence SCOTT & George L. WILSON both of Carleton Place, 27 April 1927 at Carleton Place
  014303-27 Bernard Michael SANDS, 33, civil servant, Curklewood? England, Ottawa s/o Richard SANDS & Ellen BITSWORTH (Betsworth?) married Veronica Isabel LESAGE, 26, stenographer, Pakenham, Pakenham d/o Alex LESAGE & Elizabeth McFARLANE wtn: William SANDS of Ottawa & Alex LESAGE of Pakenham, 7 May 1927 at Pakenham
014304-27 Thomas John SAUNDERS, 62, widower, farmer, Montague twp, Montague twp s/o Henry SAUNDERS (b. Montague twp) & Elizabeth WHALEN married Bella KNAPP, 60, widow, keeping house, Bastard twp, Smith's Falls d/o Frederick SHAW & Mary PARSON wtn: Mr & Mrs Cecil DILLABOUGH of Smith's Falls, 11 May 1927 at illegible 014305-27 Albert Laurie SCOTT, 32, cheese maker, Dalhousie twp, Watsons Corners s/o John SCOTT (b. Dalhousie twp) & Mary McNICHOL married Annie Margaret McNICHOL, 26, domestic, Dalhousie twp, Watsons Corners d/o Archie McNICHOL (b. Dalhousie twp) & Minnie PENMAN, wtn: Ronald McNICHOL of RR#1 Lanark & Isabel CHARLTON of Perth, 5 October 1927 at Perth
 014306-27 Clifford James SCOTT, 20, farmer's helper, Bathurst twp, Wemyss s/o James SCOTT (b. Bathurst twp) & Elizabeth DIXON married Mary Isabel PRATT, 21, domestic, Bathurst twp, Perth d/o Henry PRATT (b. Bathurst twp) & Margaret PERRY wtn: James MILLER of Elphin & Anna FERGUSON of Maberly, 23 November 1927 at Perth 014307-27 Thomas Orville SCOTT, 18, farmer, Dalhousie twp, Dalhousie twp s/o William SCOTT (b. Dalhousie twp) & Ellen MACPHERSON married Gladys Kathleen PURDAN, 18, domestic, Dalhousie twp, Dalhousie twp d/o Alexander PURDAN (b. Dalhousie twp) & Irene Ellen McCRAE wtn: Arthur FORBES & Frances Vera SCOTT both of Dalhousie twp, 30 September 1927 at Dalhousie twp
014308-27 George William SEABROOKE, 25, farmer, North Elmsley twp, North Elmsley twp s/o Ellard SEABROOKE (b. Goulbourn twp) & Elizabeth WATSON married Mae Lila KILBURN, 23, living at home, North Elmsley twp, North Elmsley twp d/o George KILBURN (b. North Elmsley twp) & Lillian SLATER wtn: Gladys KILBURN & Harris SEABROOKE both of North Elmsley, 19 April 1927 at Smith's Falls 014309-27 William Harold Cecil SHAIL, 27, farmer, Beckwith twp, RR#2 Carleton Place s/o James Ireton SHAIL (b. Beckwith twp) & Florence Ida IRETON, married Merle Leona CROMPTON, 30, living at home, Drummond twp, RR#1 Carleton Place d/o James K. CROMPTON (b. Grey Co) & Sarah Jane CROMPTON wtn: Preston SHAIL of Beckwith twp & Frances Pearl CROMPTON of Drummond twp, 14 June 1927 at Clayton
014310-27 John Joseph SHEAN, 28, labourer, Osceola Ont., Pakenham s/o Peter SHEAN & Matilda CHARTRAND married Bridget Christena DOOL, 20, dairy maid, Esmonds? Ont, Pakenham d/o Francis DOOL & Ellen O'BRIEN wtn: Gordon DOOL of Pakenham & Margaret SHEAN of Cobden, 22 June 1927 at Pakenham 014311-27 Emerson Frederick SHIER, 18, labourer, Wellwood Ont., Perth s/o Irvine Luke SHIER (b. Ontario) & Blanche Ethel VANNESS, married Edith May JONES, 18, of Belleville d/o Thomas Byron JONES (b. Ontario) & Mabel McCOY wtn: Ardella MACKINNON & Jean L. PATTERSON both of Perth, 17 January 1927 at Perth
014312-27 James Havelock SINCLAIR, 27, florist, Perth, Perth s/o Peter Richmond SINCLAIR (b. Canada) & Margaret HILLIS married Matilda May HUGHES, 19, farmer's daughter, Balderson, Balderson d/o Harry HUGHES (b. Canada) & Mary Elizabeth RAMSBOTTOM wtn: Charlotte F. DYKES of Galt & Madeline WRIGHT of Carleton Place, 8 July 1927 at Carleton Place 014313-27 James Havelock SINCLAIR, 27, florist, Perth, Perth s/o Peter Richmond SINCLAIR (b. Perth) & Margaret HILLIS married Matilda May HUGHES, 19, domestic, Drummond twp, Perth d/o Harry HUGHES (b. Bathurst twp) & Mary Elizabeth RAMSBOTTOM wtn: Albert Oswald ALLAN of Balderson & Olive Dewar SINCLAIR of Perth, 31 December 1927 at Balderson
014314-27 Charles Richard SOUTHWELL, 31, railway employee, Roberts Bridge Sussex England, 565 Albert St in Ottawa s/o John SOUTHWELL (b. England) & Mary STONE married Elizabeth Rose HAMMOND, 32, Arnprior Ont., Carleton Place d/o Wallace James HAMMOND (b. England) & Rose Emma LEWORTHY, wtn: J. SOUTHWELL of Ottawa & M. SOUTHWELL of Almonte, 8 June 1927 at Carleton Place 014315-27 Samuel SPENCE, 22, carpenter, Belfast Ireland, 174 Van Horne Ave in Ottawa s/o James SPENCE (b. Ireland) & Anna CARSON married Doris Iliene DEY, 18, stenographer, Ottawa, 554 Gladstone Ave in Ottawa d/o William DEY (b. Ottawa) & Mary CRANDELL wtn: Hazel G. CRAWFORD & J.E. CRAWFORD both of 238 Gilman St in Ottawa, 21 February 1927 at Smiths Falls
014316-27 Charles Edward SPROULE, 22, farmer, Palmerston twp, Palmerston s/o Robert James SPROULE (b. Ireland) & Leticia GILGRACE married Hilda Grace JOHNSON, 23, Palmerston twp, Palmerston d/o Henry Stewart JOHNSON (b. Ontario) & Eliza Adelaide BADOUR?, wtn: John Louis MORROW of Donaldson Ont., & Edna Olive JOHNSTON of Ompah Ont., 1 June 1927 at Perth 014317-27 Thomas Joseph STANTON, 33, carpenter, Fitzroy Harbour, Detroit s/o Thomas STANTON & Agnes McDERMOTT married Stella Kathleen DOYLE, 25, bookkeeper, Fergusons Falls, Detroit d/o Patrick Joseph DOYLE & Catherine LALLY wtn: Patrick John McDERMOTT of Arnprior & Julia Mary DOYLE of Fergusons Falls, 30 August 1927 at Fergusons Fall's
014318-27 Harold Maynard STORM, 25, cheese maker, Smiths Falls, Lanark twp s/o William Henry STORM (b. Carleton Place) & Alice HAWKINS married Hazel Pearl WILLOWS, 26, living at home, Lanark twp, Lanark twp d/o Colin WILLOWS (b. Carleton Place) & Harriet BAILEY wtn: Mr & Mrs James CHURCHILL of Ennisville, 16 April 1927 at Carleton Place 014319-27 John Nathaniel STODDARD, 22, machinist, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls s/o Charles Ross STODDARD (b. Elizabethtown twp) & Mary A. BURGESS married Mary Harriett CHAPLIN, 25, clerk, Perth, Perth d/o David CHAPLIN (b. Bathurst twp) & Isabel B. BRUCE wtn: Ruby BUTLER of Perth & P. Roy BAURN (Banen?) of Smiths Falls, 26 March 1927 at Smiths Falls
014320-27 John Thomas TAYLOR, 20, farmer, Lanark twp, Lanark twp s/o John Alexander TAYLOR (b. Middleville) & Nellie Lora Bell BRISCO married Christina Elizabeth FOSTER, 20, domestic, Lanark twp, Lanark twp d/o Robert S. FOSTER (b. Galbraith) & Sarah Jane WHITE wtn: William R. FOSTER & Abby TAYLOR both of Lanark, 7 December 1927 at Lanark twp 014321-27 Ernest James TROMBLEY, 19, labourer, Snow Road, Snow Road s/o John TROMBLEY (b. Snow Road) & Margaret McINTYRE, married Margaret Edith DUNCAN, 21, domestic, McDonalds Corners, Snow Road d/o John DUNCAN (b. McDonalds Corners) & Mary MATHIS wtn: John S. MUNRO? & Eva SOMERVILLE both of Perth, 3 November 1927 at Perth
014322-27 Mervin Harold TROTMAN, 20, labourer, Smiths Falls, Smiths Falls s/o Victor Abel TROTMAN (b. Carleton Place) & Mary Elizabeth CASSEL married Helen Mae LAMING, 18, factory employee, Morton, Perth d/o Hiram LAMING (b. Canada) & Sarah Jane NIXON wtn: Violet Aline LAMING & Jelona Omar LEMING both of Perth, 1 July 1927 at Perth 014323-27 Harry David UMPHREY, 29, salesman, Carleton Place, Carleton Place s/o Harry UMPHREY (b. Canada) & Mary Jane NIBLETT married Eady Elizabeth McFADDEN, 26, living at home, Carleton Place, Carleton Place d/o Hiram McFADDEN (b. Canada) & Annie CLARKE wtn: James Howard DACK & Ellen PATTERSON both of Carleton Place, 1 January 1927 at Carleton Place
014324-27 Frederick John VICKERY, 23, pattern maker, England, Smiths Falls s/o Stephen VICKERY (b. England) & Louise WOODLAND married Gladys Amelia BRIGGS, 20, teacher, England, Smiths Falls d/o William BRIGGS (b. Perth) & Hester WORSLEY wtn: Amelia FISHER & George FISHER both of Smiths Falls, 22 February 1927 at Smiths Falls 014325-27 Norman Roy WALKER, 25, woollen mill worker, Perth, Perth s/o Adam WALKER (b. Bathurst Ont.) & Jennie CURRY married Eva SOMERVILLE, 26, domestic, Lanark twp, Perth d/o Matthew SOMERVILLE (b. Middleville) & Annie REID wtn: William Earl WALKER & Lena Blanch CAMELON both of Perth, 28 September 1927 at Perth
014326-27 Leo Basil WALSH, 27, civil servant, Almonte, Carleton Place s/o Thomas WALSH & Mary KITTS married Julia Ann MOSCOW, 28, domestic, Renfrew Ont., Detroit d/o John MOSCOW & Margaret ROUBLE wtn: Valery WALSH of Carleton Place & Katherine ROUBLE of Renfrew, 28 September 1927 at Carleton Place 014327-27 Alexander WARK, 25, farmer, Darling Twp, Darling twp s/o John WARK (b. Darling twp) & Rosie VERIGEN married Vera Grace DORAN, 21, living at home, Darling twp, Darling twp d/o Richard DORAN (b. Perth) & Sarah Jane CAMPBELL wtn: James WARK of Tatlock & Ethel CONNARD of Clayton, 7 September 1927 at Lanark
014329-27 Lawrence Nathaniel WARK, 26, farmer, Tatlock, Tatlock s/o John WARK (b. Canada) & Rose VIRGIN married Ida Luella PHILLIPS, 18, housework, Douglas Ont., Clayton d/o Herbert Phillips (b. Canada) & Agnes PATTERSON wtn: Sandy WARK of Tatlock & Maggie MORROW of Almonte, 1 January 1927 at Almonte 014328-27 John Andrew WARK, 25, farmer, Darling Twp, Darling twp s/o John WARK (b. Darling twp) & Rosie VERIGEN married Ruby Pearl YUILL, 17, domestic, Lanark twp, Darling twp d/o Alexander YUILL (b. Lanark twp) & Annie McGUIRE wtn: James WARK of Tatlock & Nettie YUILL of Clayton, 2 November 1927 at Lanark
014330-27 Hayes Egert WARRINGTON, 22, farmer, Bathurst twp, Bathurst twp s/o James WARRINGTON (b. Ontario) & Helita MATHIS married Lillian SMITH, 19, domestic, North Sherbrooke, Bathurst twp d/o Thomas SMITH (b. Ontario) (deceased) & Annie SMITH wtn: Neil BLAIR & Alice BLAIR both of RR#4 Perth, 24 August 1927 at Lanark 014331-27 John WHITE, 58, widower, labourer, Montague twp, Smiths Falls s/o Robert WHITE (b. Ireland) & Jennett McCAW married Minnie Lillian WRIGHT, housemaid, Dalhousie twp, Smiths Falls d/o James WRIGHT (b. Quebec) & Annie DUNN wtn: Clinton BARBER & Margaret BARBER both of Smiths Falls, 9 April 1927 at Smiths Falls
014332-27 Thomas Darroch WHITICAR, 22, foreman CPR, Frontenac Co, Glen Tay s/o Thomas WHITICAR (b. Canada) & Minerva BAKER married Laura Isabel CAMPBELL, 21, stenographer, Rideau Ferry, Perth d/o William Duncan CAMPBELL (b. Canada) & Margaret Ellen BARR, wtn: Edward Charles CLARK of Smiths Falls & Jessie CAMPBELL of Rideau Ferry, 3 September 1927 at Perth 014333-27 Norman Campbell WHYTE, 33, farmer, Beckwith twp, Beckwith twp s/o Robert WHYTE (b. Beckwith twp) & Annie CAMPBELL married Annie Wilma TURNER, 24, living at home, Beckwith twp, Beckwith twp d/o William TURNER (b. Beckwith twp) & Annie FERGUSON wtn: Wilma Etheline WHYTE & Violet May TURNER both of Carleton Place, 9 November 1927 at Carleton Place
014334-27 Charles Joseph WILLIAMS, 24, delivery, Perth, Perth s/o George WILLIAMS (b. Perth) & Julia McCABE married Cora May WARRINGTON, 19, living at home, Dalhousie twp, Dalhousie twp d/o James WARRINGTON (b. Dalhousie twp) & Elizabeth MATTHIS wtn: William COOPER & Mary Ethel WILLIAMS both of Perth, 25 April 1927 at Lanark 014335-27 Leslie WINTERBURN, 19, textile operative, Yorkshire England, Perth s/o Fred WINTERBURN (b. England) & Susanna LONGBOTTOM married Evelyn Jane BRODERICK, 20, factory employee, Milton Ont., Perth d/o Edward BRODERICK (b. England) & Emma WILLIAMS wtn: Daisy E. WILKINSON & Carleton G. WILKINSON both of Perth, 12 March 1927 at Perth
014336-27 Cecil Harold WOOD, 26, farmer, Lombardy, Lombardy s/o John Robert WOOD (b. Canada) & Fanny E. WOOD married Kathleen KING, 23, bookkeeper, Rideau Ferry, Perth d/o Peter KING (b. Canada) & Annie WELLS (Wills?) wtn: Helen Mary BAKER & Daisy E. WILKINSON both of Perth, 26 January 1927 at Perth 014337-27 Dell Henry WOOD, 28, farmer, Snow Road, Snow Road s/o Delbert Wood & May DOUGALL married Ethel Jane TROMBLEY, 26, stenographer, Snow Road, Perth d/o John Balfour TROMBLEY & Margaret McINTYRE wtn: Alva McDougall WOOD & Edith Margaret TROMBLEY both of Snow Road, 5 June 1927 at Perth
014338-27 George Foster YOUNGCLISS, 34, CPR trainman, New Hampshire USA, Smiths Falls, s/o John YOUNGCLISS, b. St. John NB & Mary Elizabeth KIRKPATRICK, married Jessie Vivian BRICKWELL, 29, operator, Nepean twp., Smiths Falls, d/o George BRICKWELL, b. Lanark Ont & Jessie DAUGHERTY, witn: Jean VANSLYKE & George W. FARMER, both of Perth, 23 June 1927 at Perth 014339-27 Archibald YUILL, 25, farmer, Lanark twp, Lanark twp s/o Samuel David YUILL (b. Renfrew Co) & Isabella SOMERVILLE married Margaret Ann Scott McINTYRE, 23, domestic, Lanark, Lanark twp d/o John Yuill McINTYRE (b. Lanark twp) & Margaret Ann RANKIN wtn: Walter M. YUILL of RR#2 Clayton & Anne A. RINTOUL of RR#1 Clayton, 30 March 1927 at Lanark