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Lanark Co., 1880

birth place is given before residence


005401-80 James Henry ADAMS, 24, laborer, Ottawa City, Arnprior, s/o William H and Elizabeth ADAMS, married Clara A HATTON, 23, London England, Arnprior, d/o Henry and Christina HATTON, witn: Curtis KYLE, 1 March 1880 at Almonte

005387-80 Alexander ARMSTRONG, 29, cabinet maker, Canada, Clinton Ont, s/o William and Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, married Alma BELLAMY, 25, Canada, Almonte, d/o Hiram BELLAMY and Adaline KEELER., witn: John DULMAGE of Almonte and Alonza MANNING of Toronto, 1 September 1880 at Almonte

005382-80 David BAIN, 37, farmer, Ramsay, same, s/o Daniel and Mary BAIN, married Isabella ELLIS, 25, Pakenham, Lanark, d/o Henry and Mary ELLIS, witn: Duncan TAYLOR and Isabella BARBER of Ramsay, 14 January 1880 at Ramsay

5483-80 Robert James BAIN, 22, farmer, Bathurst, Dalhousie, s/o James BAIN & Jane POLLOCK, married Jane McOUAT, 37, Glasgow Scotland, Dalhousie, d/o William McOUAT & Jane McHAFFEY, witn: William & Daniel McOUAT of Dalhousie, 1 June 1880 at Dalhousie

  005394-80 David BARR, young man, farmer, Canada, Darling, s/o Peter BARR and Ann PRETTY, married Margaret KHULL, no age, d/o John KHULL & blank, witn: none, 2 July 1880 at Almonte

005393-80 John L BEATTY, 25, Blacksmith, Scotland, Almonte, s/o J J BEATTY and M LEONARD, married Eliza Jane GILMOUR, 25, Canada, Almonte, d/o John GILMOUR and R KILGORE, witn: Robert MORAN, 17 June 1880 at Almonte

005376-80 William Edmond BISHOP, 23, farmer, Bishop Mills, South Sherbrooke, s/o Alson and Mary Ann BISHOP, married Isabella DONNELLY, 23, Oso Twp, same, d/o Edward and Agnes DONNELLY, witn: Josephus BISHOP of South Sherbrooke and Sophia DONNELLY of Oso Tp, 23 June 1880 at Maberly

005405-80 James BLACK, 30, farmer, Ramsay, same, s/o James BLACK and Janet JOHNSON, married Margaret STEELE, 21, Ramsay, same, d/o Alexander STEELE and Agnes WHITE, witn: Agnes BLACK and Alexander STEELE, both of Ramsay, 13 August 1880 at Almonte

005413-80 William BOLTON, 30, miner, Bathurst, Village of Lanark, s/o William and Jane BOLTON, married Isabella STEPHENSON, 17, Pakenham Tp, Drummond, d/o Gorge and Eliza STEPHENSON, witn: Watson LOUCKS of Perth and William DUNN of the Village of Lanark, 14 April 1880 on the Village of Lanark

5488-80 Walter Taylor BRIGGS, 37, teacher, Canada, Smith Falls, s/o Solomon BRIGGS & Amelia TAYLOR, married Eva FOSTER, 24, Canada, Smith Falls, d/o James C. FOSTER & Mary CLARK, witn: Simpson & Retta FOSTER of Smith Falls, 5 Jan 1880 at Smith Falls 5532-80 (Lanark Co) George BUFFAM, 24, miller, Bathurst, Bathurst, s/o George BUFFAM & Elizabeth SCOTT married Sarah STONE, 23, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o Robert STONE & Agnes GEMMILL, witn: Henry BUFFAM of Bathurst & Robert STONE of Dalhousie, 18 Aug 1880, Middleville
5511-80 Jason BURCHILL, 28, farmer, Montague, same, s/o Henry BIRCHALL & Ellen NICHOLSON, married Mary TACKABERRY, 19, Oxford, Merrickville, d/o Abraham TACKABERRY & Maria FLOWERS, witn: George & Elizabeth BUCKLES of Smith Falls, 15 Dec 1880 at Smith Falls 5527-80 (Lanark Co) Oliver CALDWELL, 19, farmer, Darlington, Darlington, s/o John CALDWELL & Agnes WHITTEN married Caroline LEE, 19, Darling, Darling, d/o James LEE & Sarah RACROFT, witn: Adam CRAIG of Darling & Peter REID of Lanark, 30 April 1880, Lanark
5494-80 Peter CAMPBELL, 28, farmer, Beckwith, same, s/o John D. CAMPBELL & Elizabeth, married Emma J. McGREGOR, 22, Beckwith, same, d/o Duncan McGREGOR & Amelia, witn: John CAMPBELL of Beckwith & D.A. FERGUSON of Smith Falls, 5 April 1880 at Smith Falls  
5534-80 (Lanark Co) Thomas N. CODE, 29, farmer, Lanark, Lanark, s/o Thomas & Mary CODE married Mary PRICE, 21, Pakenham, Drummond, d/o Charles BECKET & Mary PRICE, witn: Richard A. CODE of Lanark & Mary Ann MCFARLANE, 5 March 1880, Drummond 5516-80 Hugh COMRIE, 27, yeoman, Montague twp., same, s/o Alexander COMRIE & Janet, married Margaret Wright CARLEY, 26, Franktown, same, d/o Samuel CARLEY & Mary, witn: Donald STEWART of Ramsay & Elizabeth CARLEY of Franktown, 24 March 1880 at Franktown
5504-80 Patrick Francis CONLIN, 23, freight foreman, Montague, same, s/o John CONLIN & Margaret NEILSON, married Mary Ann LEACH, 20, Montague, same, d/o James LEACH & Mary DILLABOUGH, witn: Thomas & Ellen LEACH of Montague, 31 Aug 1880 at Smith Falls 5698-80 George Thomas CONLIN, 20, yeoman, Merrickville, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Elizabeth LEACH, 19, Montague, same, d/o John & Alice, witn: William & Susannah LEACH of Montague, 2 March 1880 at Merrickville (s/b Montague?)
5504-80 Patrick Francis CONLIN, 23, farmer, Montague, same, s/o John CONLIN & Margaret NEELON, married Elizabeth Ann LEACH, 20, Montague, same, d/o James LEACH & Mary DILLABOUGH, witn: Thomas & Ellen LEACH of Montague, 31 Aug at Smith Falls 5497-80 Richard W. CONN, 43, farmer, North Elmsley, same, s/o Thomas CONN & Mary Ann, married Maggie Louisa FOSTER, 28, Montague, same, d/o John FOSTER & Sarah, witn: T.R. CONN & E. FINLEY, both of Smith Falls, 15 April 1880 at Smith Falls

005384-80 James Edward COOKE, 30, farmer, Drummond Ont, same, s/o Richard COOKE and Janet SEELEY, married Elizabeth DEZELL, 21 Tp of Brant, Ramsay, d/o James DEZELL and Margaret McCREARY, witn: Seeley COOKE of Drummond and Elizabeth HALPENNY of Carleton Place, 18 March 1880 at Ramsay

#005435-80 (Lanark Co): John Adam DODDS, 21, farmer, Glen Tay, same, s/o Ralph & Louisa, married Agnes McEWAN, 22, Carleton place, Glen Tay, d/o John & Susan, witn: George LAFERTY & Mrs. W. BURNS, both of Perth, 17 Dec 1880 at town of Perth #005650-81 (Lanark Co): Frederick DRANSFIELD, 24, finisher, Canada, Almonte, s/o F. DRANSFIELD & Jane GLENDINNING, married Melinda LAQUIE, 22, Canada, Almonte, d/o F. & not given, witn: John DUNLOP of Almonte, 24 Dec 1880 at Almonte
5509-80 John DUFFIELD, 30, farmer, South Elmsley, same, s/o John DUFFIELD & Susan TETLOCK, married Mary Ann WILLIS, 21, New Boyne, South Elmsley, d/o Joseph WILLIS & Frances GARDNER, witn: Richard WILLIS of Lombardy & Margaret A. LYONS of New Boyne, 18 Nov 1880 at Smith Falls 005410-80 Richard DUNN, 24, fireman, Rutherglen England, Lanark, s/o William and Magdalene DUNN, married Rose Ann McGUIRE, 24, Perth, Lanark, d/o John and Rebecca McGUIRE, witn: William DUNN Jr, of Lanark, 23 December 1880 in the Village of Lanark
  5514-80 Thomas ELLIOTT, 39, widower, engineer, Eastons Corners, Kingston, s/o James ELLIOTT & Martha, married Charlotte MURPHY, 28, South Burgess, same, d/o Arthur MURPHY & Elizabeth, witn: Richard WILLIS of South Burgess & Melissa STEACY of Brockville, 29 Dec 1880 at Smith Falls

5502-80 James FARRELL, 23, farmer, Burgess, same, s/o Joseph FARRELL & Elizabeth HOUSE, married Eliza Jane SAUNDERS, 19, Montague, same, d/o Henry SAUNDERS & Elizabeth Ann WHALLEY, witn: Sarah & Thomas John SAUNDERS of Montague, 15 June 1880 at Smith Falls

005394-80 Charles H FERGUSON, 35, asst postmaster, Canada, Almonte, s/o W FERGUSON and Ann STEWART, married Mary V P McGREGOR, 25, Canada, Almonte, d/o Duncan McGREGOR and Mary P GEMMILL, witn: William MOSTYN, MD of Almonte, 17 September 1880 at Almonte
5477-80 (Lanark Co) Alexander FERGUSON, 32, widower, farmer, North Sherbrooke, North Sherbrooke, s/o Duncan FERGUSON & Violet MCDOUGAL married Agnes GEDDES, 22, North Sherbrooke, North Sherbrooke, d/o Daniel GEDDES & Agnes FERGUSON, witn: Joseph ROBERTSON of Minnesota & Duncan FERGUSON of North Sherbrooke, 23 Jan 1880, Manse, Dalhousie 5555-80 (Lanark Co) Duncan FERGUSON, 30, carpenter, Beckwith, Beckwith, s/o Alexander FERGUSON & Ann FERGUSON married Eliza Ann DEWAR, 18, Beckwith, Beckwith, d/o Archibald DEWAR & Ellen DEWAR, witn: Bella C. SCOTT & Letitia TOOLY of Carleton Place, 4 Nov 1880, Carleton Place

005404-80 George Henry GILBERT, 21 hair dresser, Smith Falls Ont, Almonte, s/o George GILBERT and Caroline LAURIE, married Elizabeth Ann HAYDON, 19, North Gower Ont, Almonte, d/o Joseph R HAYDON and Eliza Jane GRAHAM, witn: Thomas A ROBB and Melissa HAYDON both of Almonte, 9 March 1880 at Almonte

5481-80 (Lanark Co) William GILMOUR, 23, farmer, North Sherbrooke, North Sherbrooke, s/o James GILMOUR & Janet CRAWFORD married Mary MCDONALD, 18, Palmerston, Palmerston, d/o John MCDONALD & Agnes MCDOUGALD, witn: James GILMOUR & John DE HERTEL of Sherbrooke, 19 April 1880, North Sherbrooke

5506-80 Henry GRAHAM, 23, carter, Perth, same, s/o William GRAHAM & Susan, married Barbara Ann RICHARDSON, 19, North Elmsley, Perth, d/o John RICHARDSON & Helen, witn: Charles MILLAR of North Burgess & Elizabeth ARTHUR of Perth, 1 Sept 1880 at Smith Falls 005388-80 Richard GREEN, 30, cooker, Fitzroy Ont, Appleton, s/o Thomas GREEN and Margaret ANDREWS, married Susan LISTON, 19, Huntley Ont, Fitzroy, d/o Cornelius LISTON and Margaret STYLE , witn: James and Henry GREEN of Appleton, 24 Sept 1880 at Almonte
5538-80 (Lanark Co) William GRIFFITH, 25, yeoman, Ramsay, Ramsay, s/o William GRIFFITH & Eliza KIDD married Sarah Jane BOLTON, 22, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, d/o Thomas BOLTON & Jane BURY, witn: Samuel MOFFET of Ramsay & Martha M. WILLIS of Carleton Place, 10 Feb 1880, St. James Church, Carleton Place 5545-80 (Lanark Co) Benjamin M. GRIFFITH, 27, tinsmith, Ramsay, Eganville, s/o Thomas GRIFFITH & Margaret LAKE married Margaret a. MCTAVISH, 22, Horton, Douglas, d/o Adam MCTAVISH & Janet STEDMAN, witn: Adam MCTAVISH of Eganville & Sarah STEWART of Drummond, 28 April 1880, St. James Church, Carleton Place
5479-80 (Lanark Co) John GUNN, 32, farmer, Lanark, Lanark, s/o Finley GUNN & Jessie MCKINLAY married Margaret EASTON, 19, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o Mathew G. EASTON & Janet BARR, witn: Thomas MOLYNEAUX & George MOLYNEAUX of Lanark, 25 March 1880, Dalhousie 5529-80 (Lanark Co) George HATTON, 21, laborer, London England, Alpena Michigan, s/o William HATTON & Mary Ann MARTIN married Alice WEBSTER, 19, London England, Ottawa, d/o William WEBSTER & illegible EDWARDS, witn: William FLEGG & Lizzie FLEGG of Carleton Place, 16 Sept 1880, St. John’s Church, Lanark
5551-80 (Lanark Co) William HERRICK, 24, yeoman, Drummond, Drummond, s/o William HERRICK & Harriet WALKER married Sarah POWERS, 23, Drummond, Drummond, d/o Robert POWERS & Jane MOULTON, witn: Joseph MOULTON of Carleton Place & Mary Ann POWER of Drummond, 17 Aug 1880, House of Rev. Geo. F. G. Groul 5552-80 (Lanark Co) John Arthur HOUSTON, 29, high school teacher, Ramsay, Hawkesbury Quebec, s/o Stuart HOUSTON & Barbara PAUL married Elizabeth POOLE, 24, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, d/o James POOLE & Elizabeth AUSTIN, witn: F. MCEWEN MD & Jennie POOLE of Carleton Place, 25 Aug 1880, Carleton Place
5525-80 (Lanark Co) Hugh HUNTER, 26, farmer, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, s/o James HUNTER & Janet NAIRN, married Alice DAROU, 21, Bathurst, Lanark, James DAROU & Rachel ELLIOTT, witn: Archibald NAIRN & James illegible, both of Dalhousie, 24 March 1880, Lanark 5544-80 (Lanark Co) Alexander HUNTER, 20, blacksmith, Lanark, Carleton Place, s/o Alexander HUNTER & Emily PLAYFAIR married Eunice Bethelda MERIAM, 21, Campbellford, Carleton Place, d/o Joseph MERIAM & Margery STANBERY, witn: Franklin SWITZER & Emma KEYS of Carleton Place, 20 April 1880, Carleton Place
5518-80 Alfred HUTCHINGS, 29, yeoman, Crosby twp., Hay Lake NWT, s/o Elijah HUTCHINGS & Harriet, married Mary Agnes CRAM, 23, Goulbourne twp., Beckwith twp., d/o John CRAM & Margaret, witn: Peter CRAM of Beckwith & Ellen F. LATIMER of Carleton Place, 7 July 1880 at Beckwith  
5533-80 (Lanark Co) William JOHNSTON, 22, farmer, Lanark, Lanark, s/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Janet LAING married Jane RANKIN, 17, Lanark, Lanark, d/o John RANKIN & Jane STERLING, witn: John CRAIG & Sophia JOHNSTON of Lanark, 27 Aug 1880, Middleville 5521-80 Arthur JOHNSTON, 23, machinist, Smith Falls, same, s/o Stewart JOHNSTON & Ann, married Eliza ROE, 23, Montague twp., same, d/o John ROE & Maria, witn: Thomas JOHNSTON of Smith Falls & Emily ROE of Montague, 10 Dec 1880 at Beckwith twp
5492-80 Edward KENNEDY, 22, farmer, Kitley, same, s/o William KENNEDY & Esther WILSON, married Ellen Jane GARDNER, 19, Elmsley, same, d/o Andrew GARDNER & Mary A. STEACY, witn: George GARDNER of Brockville & Jennie LOGAN of Kitley, 10 March 1880 at Elmsley 5496-80 Thomas KIDD, 24, farmer, Montague, same, s/o George KIDD & Sarah, married Helen PERRIN, 28, Montague, Smith Falls, d/o Humphrey PERRIN & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas LEESON & Lizzie KIDD, both of Montague, 9 April 1880 at Smith Falls

005391-80 David KNOX, 29, carpenter, Canada, Carleton Place, s/o R KNOX and Sarah CASSIT, married Helen RORRISON, 23, Canada, Carleton Place, d/o John RORRISON, witn: Sarah MANN , 24 February 1880 at Almonte

005409-80 James Alexander LAURIE, 20, store keeper, Perth, same, s/o James and Jane LAURIE, married Rachel Isabella DOBBIE, 18, Lanark, same, d/o James and Margaret DOBBIE, witn: James T ROBERTSON, 25 August 1880 in the Village of Lanark

5499-80 Thomas LEACH, 28, farmer, Montague, North Gower, s/o George LEACH & Mary LOWE, married Mary Ann SALTER, 23, Montague, same, d/o John SALTER & Ellen GARLAND, witn: William BEGG of North Gower & Sophia A. LEACH of Smith Falls, 29 April 1880 at Smith Falls  
5530-80 (Lanark Co) Joseph LORIMER, 22, farmer, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, s/o John LORIMER & Margaret EASDALL married Annie MCINTOSH, 19, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o John MCINTOSH & Mary HALL, witn: Charles LORIMER & Euphemia MCINTOSH, 11 Oct 1880, Middleville 5542-80 (Lanark Co) John MARSHALL, 28, laborer, Lanark, Lanark, s/o Isaiah MARSHALL & Jane THOMPSON married Elizabeth PANE, 18, Lanark, Ramsay, d/o Andrew PANE & Janet MUNROE, witn: Samuel THOMPSON & Jane A. PAUL of Ramsay, 12 March 1880, Carleton Place
5500-80 Charles MARQUETTE, 31, baggage master, Kitley, Irish Creek, s/o John MARQUETTE & Charlotte, married Ann Jane MASTERTON, 34, widow, Brockville, same, d/o Thomas PRICE & Eliza, witn: James J. PHILLIPS of Irish Creek & Maria MARQUETTE of Smith Falls, 19 April 1880 at Smith Falls 5519-80 John McARTHUR, 31, yeoman, Beckwith twp., same, s/o Peter McARTHUR & Ann, married Jessie CAMERON, 30, Beckwith twp., same, d/o Allan CAMERON & Helen, witn: Donald C. & James B. McARTHUR of Beckwith, 22 Sept 1880 at Beckwith

005412-80 Alexander McDONALD, 23, farmer, Dalhousie, same, s/o Alexander and Mary McDONALD, married Jennie BARTRAM ( nee PURDY), wid, 29, Dalhousie, same, d/o William and Isabella PURDY, witn: John GALLINGER of McDonalds Corners, 7 February 1880 in the Village of Lanark

005392-80 James McDOWELL, 30, shoe maker, Ireland, Carp, s/o A McDOWELL and J RICHARDS, married Mary WILSON, 25, Canada, Ramsay, d/o Hugh WILSON and blank, witn: S CALDWELL of Carp, 26 March 1880 at Almonte

005378-80 Joseph McEWEN, 29, farmer, Emsley North, South Sherbrooke, s/o John and Martha CRAWFORD, married Mary PALMER, 27, Bathurst, South Sherbrooke, d/o William and Elizabeth PALMER, witn: Robert and Martha WILLIAMSON of South Sherbrooke, 7 Jan 1880 at Bollingbrooke, South Sherbrooke

5517-80 Duncan McEWEN, 30, yeoman, Beckwith twp., Hay twp., s/o Duncan McEWEN & Catherine, married Margaret McEWEN, 29, Beckwith twp., same, d/o John McEWEN & Christena, witn: John McEWEN of 2nd Con of Beckwith twp & Mary McEWEN of Hay twp., 26 March 1880 at res of the bride's father, 5th Con of Beckwith twp

005414-80 James McFARLANE, 28, farmer, Drummond Tp, same, s/o John and Agnes McFARLANE, married Charlotte Corry DOBBIE, 21, Village of Lanark, same, d/o Thomas and Mary DOBBIE, witn: James MAXWELL of the Village of Lanark, 23 June 1880 in the Village of Lanark 005385-80 Alexander McGILL, 29, farmer, Ottawa City, Pakenham, Ont, s/o John McGILL and Jane McCANN, married Jane ARMSTRONG, 25, Pakenham, Ramsay, d/o Charles and Mary Ann ARMSTRONG, witn: William ARMSTRONG and Elizabeth McCANN of Ramsay, 8 April 1880, at Ramsay
005408-80 Bernard McGOWEN, 29, Shoemaker, Perth, Almonte, s/o Philip McGOWEN and Mary BOHARAN (Buchanan?), married Annie FINNELL, 29, Perth, Almonte, d/o John FINNELL and Elizabeth MURPHY, witn: Daniel MALONE and Elizabeth FINNELL both of Almonte, 14 June 1880 at Almonte

5546-80 (Lanark Co) Alexander MCLAREN, 27, carpenter, not given, Carleton Place, s/o Robert MCLAREN & Margaret MCLEAN married Dorenda HARVEY, 28, Drummond, Carleton Place, d/o Henry HARVEY & Ann SMYTH, witn: James C. KNOX & Beulah A. HARVEY of Carleton Place, 7 May 1880, Carleton Place

5547-80 (Lanark Co) William Kenneth MCLEOD, 24, printer, Pakenham, Brighton, s/o James MCLEOD & Janet RIDDELL married Sarah Shepherd MCINTYRE, 24, Bagot, Almonte, d/o John MCINTYRE & Mary PHILLIPS, witn: E. L. AVISON of Carleton Place & Annie J. KNOX of Almonte, 8 June 1880, Carleton Place

005398-80 Norman McLEOD, 26, furniture manufacturer, Canada, Almonte, s/o James and Janet McLEOD, married Matilda CAMPBELL, 25, Canada, Almonte, d/o Donald and Matilda CAMPBELL, witn: William McLEOD of Brighton and Elizabeth CAMPBELL of Almonte, 4 June 1880 at Almonte

5556-80 (Lanark Co) John MCPHERSON, 28, widower, bailiff, Ramsay, Almonte, s/o George & Jane L. MCPHERSON married Mary Elizabeth SINCLAIR, 22, Drummond, Carleton Place, d/o Finley & Janet SINCLAIR, witn: P. M. CAMPBELL & Bella WILSON of Carleton Place, 17 Nov 1880, Carleton Place 5537-80 (Lanark Co) Norman A. MCRAE, 27, bible agent, Glengarry, Carleton Place, s/o Alexander MCRAE & Christina MORRISON married Isabella TAIT, 22, Scotland, Carleton Place, d/o George TAIT & Christina CAMPBELL, witn: Alexander MCRAE & Alexander MENZIES of Carleton Place, 8 Jan 1880, Carleton Place
5476-80 (Lanark Co) Thomas MCVEETY, 30, farmer, Elmsley, Minnesota USA, s/o James MCVEETY & Janet MCLEAN married Mary Ann BURNS, 23, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o Walter BURNS & Mary Ann ROBERTS, witn: William GARDNER of Winnipeg & Samuel BURNS of McDonalds Corner, 15 Jan 1880, Dalhousie 005389-80 A. McVICAR, 36, farmer, Canada, Pakenham Ont, s/o John McVICAR and Mary RAE, married Margaret RIDDLE, wid, 36, Canada, Pakenham Ont, d/o William McVICAR and Margaret FERGUSON, witn: Mary BENNETT of Almonte, 4 February 1880 at Almonte

5539-80 (Lanark Co) George MILLER, 27, shoemaker, Lanark, Lanark, s/o William MILLER & Ann GRAHAM married Melvinnah CASSIDY, 18, Goulbourne, Goulbourne, d/o James CASSIDY & Agnes GREEN, witn: Thomas CASSIDY & Mary HANNAH of Goulbourne, 23 Feb 1880, Carleton Place

5489-80 Thomas MILLS, 21, cabinet maker, Merrickville, same, s/o John MILLS & Susan MacDONALD, married Sarah Fleming REEVES, 19, Merrickville, same, d/o John REEVES & Margaret FLEMING, witn: Robert & Mary READ of Smith Falls, 10 Feb 1880 at Smith Falls
#005670-81 (Lanark Co): John MITCHESON, 29, cabinet maker, Almonte, same, s/o Edward MITCHESON & Rachel WATKINSON, married Edith Louina KYLE, 20, Elizabethtown, Almonte, d/o William KYLE & Mary Ann BARR, witn: John H. & John C. WHITE of Almonte, 30 Dec 1880 at Almonte  

005380-80 Alexander MOFFATT, 27, farmer, Darling Ont, same, s/o John MOFFATT and Jane WHITTON, married Ellen Jane WHITTON, 20 , Darling Ont, same, d/o James and Ellen WHITTON, witn: James ROGERS and Eliza Ann FOSTER of Darling, 26 December 1880 at Ramsay

#005631-81 (Lanark Co): David MOIR, 24, farmer, Canada, Ramsay, s/o G. MOIR & C. SNEDDEN, married Margaret NAISMITH, 29, Canada, Ramsay, d/o L. NAISMITH & L. CARSWELL, witn: G. MOIR of Almonte, 16 March 1880 at Almonte
5512-80 William John MOORHOUSE, 23, farmer, Elmsley, same, s/o John MOORHOUSE & Ann STEACY, married Sarah Jane HOLMES, 24, Kitley, same, d/o Edward HOLMES & Elizabeth MAGEE, witn: John HOLMES & Charlotte R. CHALLIS, both of Kitley, 17 Dec 1880 at Lombardy church 5480-80 (Lanark Co) Louis MORIAN, 24, farmer, Ottawa, Palmerston, s/o Louis MORIAN & Mary MORIAN married Jane CAMPBELL, 24, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o Alexander W. CAMPBELL & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, witn: James CAMPBELL of Dalhousie, 31 March 1880, Dalhousie
  5540-80 (Lanark Co) Robert MOULTON, 23, farmer, not given, Drummond, s/o Robert MOULTON & Annie HORRICK married Mary Jane SUITOR, 19, Drummond, Carleton Place, d/o Thomas SUITOR & Isabella CALVERT, witn: J. C. SUITOR of Carleton Place, Margaret WEIR of Ramsay, 25 Feb 1880, Carleton Place
5553-80 (Lanark Co) Peter MUNROE, 25, acrobat, Beckwith, Carleton Place, s/o Charles MUNROE & Margaret PETSON (Person?) married Cassie MCDONALD, 22, Toledo Ohio, Beckwith, d/o James MCDONALD & Catherine NICHOLS, witn: John B. SINCLAIR of Carleton Place & Kate SCOTT of Beckwith, 26 Sept 1880, St. James Church, Carleton Place 5491-80 William H. MURPHY, 24, farmer, Burgess South, same, s/o Arthur MURPHY & Elizabeth HANDMAN, married Margaret WILLIS, 19, Burgess, same, d/o Samuel WILLIS & Maria GARDNER, witn: Richard WILLIS & Cynthia MURPHY, both of South Burgess, 9 March 1880 at Smith Falls
#005697-81 (Lanark Co): James NEIL, 25, farmer, Beckwith, Montague, s/o Patrick NEIL & Marion SHIPMAN, married Eliza Jane CAVANAGH, 18, Drummond, same, d/o Edward CAVANAGH & Harriet TETLOCK, witn: John A. MORRIS of Drummond & Ann Jane Catherine TETLOCK of Bathurst, 22 Dec. 1880 at Carleton Place

5536-80 (Lanark Co) Andrew NEILSON, 23, watchmaker, Glasgow Scotland, Perth, s/o Andrew NEILSON & Jane HOLIDAY married Isabella Richey MCLAREN, 23, Drummond, Drummond, d/o James & Christina MCLAREN, witn: William HOPE of Perth & Maggie SINCLAIR of Drummond, 20 Oct 1880, Drummond

5548-80 (Lanark Co) William Robert NEVENS, 22, hotel keeper, Vankleek Hill, Eastons Corners, s/o John NEVENS & Elizabeth GILPIN married Rosa NEILL, 21, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, d/o John NEILL & Anna HUNTER, witn: J. M. FERGUSON of Eastons Corners & Esther NEILL of Carleton Place, 18 June 1880, Carleton Place 5507-80 Albert Edward NEWSOME, 26, farmer, Canada, Wolford, s/o George NEWSOME & Ann CONNORS, married Margaret Jean MOIR, 24, Canada, Smith Falls, d/o John MOIR & Elizabeth SHIELDS, witn: John SHIELDS of Smith Falls & Peter MOIR of Montague, 10 Nov 1880 at Smith Falls
  5543-80 (Lanark Co) Robert NOLAN, 26, yeoman, Ramsay, Ramsay, s/o Peter NOLAN & Sarah BARKER married Mary WEIR, 21, Beckwith, Ramsay, d/o James WEIR & Eleanor CORNET, witn: Thomas MCMUNN & Margaret WEIR of Ramsay, 7 April 1880, St. James Parsonage, Carleton Place
5503-80 George PEARSON, 45, widower, mechanic, Hastings Co., Bastard twp., s/o Robert PEARSON & Hulda, married Emily Jane SLY, 38, Leeds, same, d/o Richard & Jane KEAYS of Bathurst, 30 June 1880 at Smith Falls 5478-80 (Lanark Co) George PEPPER, 35, widower, farmer, Oakville, Palmerston, s/o William PEPPER & Eliza TAYLOR married Margaret MCOUAT, 27, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o William MCOUAT & Jane MCHAFFEY, witn: William MCOUAT & David MCOUAT of Dalhousie, 4 Feb 1880, Dalhousie
5528-80 (Lanark Co) George PORTERFIELD, 24, farmer, Ramsay, Ramsay, s/o John PORTERFIELD & Christina DRYNAN married Maggie BROWNING, 18, Lavant, Lavant, d/o J. BROWNING & Martha MA--? (Mayhew?), witn: William PORTERFIELD of Ramsay & Joan BROWNING of Lavant, 10 June 1880, Middleville 005383-80 George Goodson PRETTY, 31, farmer, Darling, same, s/o Daniel PRETTY and Margaret WARK, married Agnes BELLAMY, 21, Ramsay, same, s/o Edward BELLAMY and Agnes SUTHERLAND, witn: John GUTHRIE of Darling and Permilla J BELLAMY of Ramsay, 21 January 1880 at Ramsay
5515-80 William RATTRAY, 30, yeoman, Beckwith twp., same, s/o William RATTRAY & Ann DUFF, married Sarah Jane THACKABERRY (Tackaberry?), 22, Ireland, Beckwith, d/o John THACKABERRY & Eliza, witn: James RATTRAY & Mary Jane BRADLEY, both of Beckwith, 19 Feb 1880 at res of the bride's father, Beckwith 5487-80 Ira REID, 24, farmer, East Wawanosh, same, s/o Adam REID & Eliza AGNEW, married Katie MILLIKEN, 29, Elmsley, Montague, d/o John MILLIKEN & Eliza TOMLINSON, witn: Thomas REID of Wawanosh & Hettie MILLIKEN of Montague, 1 Jan 1880 at Montague

005402-80 James RINGROSE, 31, labor, London England, Almonte, s/o James and Sarah RINGROSE, married Alice WOODWARD, 22, London England, Almonte, d/o Joseph WOODLAND and Alice S WOODWARD, witn: John RINGROSE and Tabitha S WOODWARD both of Almonte, 7 December 1880 at Almonte

005399-80 William Caldwell ROBERTSON, 30, agent, Canada, Lanark, s/o William And Marion ROBERTSON, married Isabella McLEAN, 25, Carleton Place, same, d/o George and Catherine McLEAN, witn: William DOCHARTY and Mary RORRISON both of Carleton Place, 16 June 1880 at Almonte

5513-80 Thomas RUTHERFORD, 29, farmer, Sherbrooke, Minnesota US, s/o Thomas RUTHERFORD & Mary LORE, married Margaret Abernathy ARMSTRONG, 22, North Elmsley, same, d/o James ARMSTRONG & Ann TROTTER, witn: William McPHERSON of Olivers Ferry & Annie ARMSTRONG of North Elmsley, 22 Dec 1880 at Smith Falls 5520-80 Robert SAUNDERS, 22, yeoman, Montague twp., same, s/o Robert SAUNDERS & Margaret, married Mary Ann LEWIS, 22, Alice twp., same, d/o James LEWIS & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas & Sarah SAUNDERS of Montague, 19 Oct. 1880 at Franktown

005400-80 Archibald SCOTT, 27, farmer, Canada, Fitzroy, s/o Thomas SCOTT and Margaret WILSON, married Ann Jane KNOX, 24, Canada, Almonte, d/o William KNOX and Ann FOSTER, witn: H WARK and W A KNOX, 21 December 1880 at Almonte


5531-80 (Lanark Co) John SHANE, 23, shoemaker, Ramsay, Ramsay, s/o John SHANE & Alice Ellen GIBBS married Marion Agnes MUNRO, 21, Darling, Darling, d/o John MUNRO & Marion MCKAY, witn: James HOGAN of Ramsay & Catherine MUNRO of Darling, Middleville, 4 Aug 1880 at Middleville 5501-80 Charles E. SHAVER, 27, farmer, Charlotteville - Norfolk Co., same, s/o Gabriel SHAVER & Hannah SLAGHT, married Addie S. FOSTER, 23, Smith Falls, same, d/o James C. FOSTER & Mary CLARK, witn: J.S. FOSTER & Hattie LAMB, both of Smith Falls, 1 June 1880 at Smith Falls
5549-80 (Lanark Co) Walter SHIELDS, 22, farmer, Montague, Montague, s/o John & Sophie SHIELDS married Esther Elizabeth LIVINGSTON, 19, Montague, Montague, d/o Robert & Mary LIVINGSTON, witn: Robert LIVINGSTON of Montague & Maria LEWIS of Smith Falls, 14 July 1880, Carleton Place 5475-80 John S. SPARLING, 26, agent, Pembroke, same, s/o John SPARLING & Mary Jane, married Martha A. DACK, 19, Ramsay, Pakenhan, d/o George DACK & Lucy, witn: David HEMMENWAY & Minnie DICKSON, both of Pakenhan, 1 July 1880 at Pakenhan
005411-80 William STEAD, 21, Miller, Dalhousie Tp, same, s/o George and Elizabeth STEAD, married Catherine Jane LEE, 17, Inniskillen, Dalhousie Tp, d/o Peter and Jane LEE, witn: John GALLINGER of Dalhousie Tp, 29 January 1880, in the Village of Lanark 5557-80 (Lanark Co) Sidney John STEWART, 25, hardware merchant, Fort Covington NY, Fort Covington NY, s/o John STEWART & Sarah OWNEY married Florence Henrietta Maud MEARS, 25, Fort Covington NY, Carleton Place, d/o H.B. MEARS & Louisa JACKSON, witn: A.H. MEARS of Carleton Place & W.J.  MEARS of Fort Covington NY, 15 Dec 1880, Carleton Place

005390-80 William SUTHERLAND, 29, farmer, Canada, Ramsay, s/o James SUTHERLAND and Isabella NICHOL, married Agnes KHULL, 25, Canada, Ramsay, d/o John KHULL, witn: Mary BENNETT of Almonte, 14 February 1880 at Almonte

005403-80 Sidney SWITZER, 28, farmer, Pakenham, same, s/o Christopher SWITZER and Ellen DONOVAN, married Elizabeth BOYLE, wid, 27, Montreal, Pakenham, d/o Robert ARMSTRONG and Margaret ECCLES, witn: Francis COCKBURN and F L STEPHENSON both of Almonte, 11 February 1880 at Almonte

5493-80 Harmonius TAPLIN, 24, merchant, Canada, Farmersville, s/o S.A. TAPLIN & Allida ALGUIRE, married Mary A. BAIRD, 22, Smith Falls, same, d/o Robert BAIRD (deceased) & Janet MAITLAND, witn: George LEWIS of Addison & James M. CLARK of Smith Falls, 16 March 1880 at Smith Falls 5495-80 Joseph TAYLOR, 21, farmer, Kitley, same, s/o Henry TAYLOR & Sarah, married Sarah J. MARK, 21, Kitley, same, d/o Alexander MARK & Margaret, witn: Eva J. DAVIS of Smith Falls & A.A. HICK of Brockville, 3 April 1880 at Smith Falls

005397-80 James THOMPSON, 20, laborer, Canada, Almonte, s/o William THOMPSON and Margaret GEMMILL, married, Mary Ann PENFOLD, 21, Yorkshire England, Almonte, d/o George and Eliza PENFOLD, witn: Walter TOWNSEND and Sarah POTTER, both of Almonte, 14 October 1880 at Almonte

5490-80 William H. THOMPSON, 22, farmer, South Elmsley, same, s/o Joseph THOMPSON & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Maggie KERR, 22, North Elmsley, same, d/o William KERR & Harriet McINTYRE, witn: L.D. McKAY of North Elmsley & Eva DAVIS of Smith Falls, 11 March 1880 at Smith Falls

5505-80 William E. TOOMBS, 42, widower, plasterer, Elizabethtown, Smith Falls, s/o Blaney TOOMBS & Mary Ann, married Theresa BARKLEY, 27, widow, Kitley, Smith Falls, d/o Charles LOCKWOOD & Adeline, witn: Edward & Maria LOCKWOOD of Smith Falls, 5 Oct. at Smith Falls  
5541-80 (Lanark Co) Beacham Albert UMPHREY, 23, farmer, of Wolford, s/o Alex UMPHREY & Sarah WARREN married Maria HUNT, 23, Frankville, Franktown, d/o Absalom HUNT & Elizabeth GIBSON, witn: William UMPHREY of Wolford & Addie HUNT of Frankville, 9 march 1880, Carleton Place 005407-80 John WALLACE, 29, bricklayer, Almonte, same, s/o William WALLACE and Bridget BURNS, married Alice WARREN, 22, England, Almonte, d/o Charles WARREN and Hannah BROWN, witn: Thomas CORCORAN and Annie CURRIER both of Almonte, 14 June 1880 at Almonte
5550-80 (Lanark Co) John WALTERS 24, policeman, Rawdon Quebec, Montreal, s/o Patrick WALTERS & Eliza CLINT?, married Mary Ann DUNLOP, 22, Ramsay, Carleton Place, d/o Alexander DUNLOP, & Catherine LETT, witn: William WALTERS & Mary Ann WALTERS 17 Aug 1880, House of Rev. George F. G. Groul 5484-80 John WATT, 26, farmer, Lanark, Palmerston, s/o John WATT & Janet ANGUS, married Annie JAMIESON, 20, Lanark, Lavant, d/o Robert JAMIESON & Mary Ann DUNN, witn: Thomas JAMIESON of Lavant & Annie WATT of Palmerston, 29 June 1880 at Dalhousie
5526-80 (Lanark Co) James WHITTEN, 29, farmer, Darling, Darling, s/o James WHITTEN & Ellen MCINTYRE married Elizabeth MCKIRDY, 22, Lanark, Lanark, d/o Michael MCKIRDY & Eliza MCLELLAND, witn: Peter DONOLY & Sarah MCKIRDY of Lanark, 23 Apr 1880, Lanark 005386-80 Thomas WILLIAMSON, 25, Carder Scotland, Appleton Ramsay Tp, s/o Thomas and Margaret WILLIAMSON, married Susan STEWART, 20, England, Ramsay, d/o James & blank, witn: R MERCER and N CURRY of Almonte, 15 August, 1880 at Almonte

5510-80 Robert WILLIS, 20, farmer, South Burgess, South Elmsley, s/o Joseph WILLIS & Frances GARDINER, married Sarah Jane DUFFIELD, 23, South Elmsley, same, d/o John DUFFIELD & Susan TETLOCK, witn: Richard DUFFIELD & Adeline Maria LYONS, both of South Elmsley, 18 Nov 1880 at Smith Falls

005396-30 William J WILSON, 22, blacksmith, Canada, Manotick, s/o Wardell WILSON and Elizabeth GAMBLE, married Maggie GILMOUR, 19, Ramsay, Almonte, d/o Allan GILMOUR and Margaret MOORE, witn: Anna LOCHEAD and Jane C WALLACE, 19 February 1880 at Almonte

5482-80 (Lanark Co) John Pounder WILSON, 38, farmer, Glen Tay, Palmerston, s/o Robert & Mary WILSON married Sophia CALVERT, 25, Oso, Oso, d/o William CALVERT & Mary THOMSON, witn: J. B. STEWART & Jessie MCKENZIE of Dalhousie, 26 July 1880, Dalhousie 5535-80 (Lanark Co) John WILSON, 28, farmer, Campbelltown Scotland, Drummond, s/o Malcolm WILSON & Isabella MILLER married Janet McDonald CAMPBELL, 27, Drummond, Drummond, d/o Alexander CAMPBELL & Margaret MCGREGOR, witn: Daniel M. CAMPBELL & Thomas B. MOORE of Drummond, 31 March 1880, Drummond
5498-80 John Marshall YOUNG, 24, clerk, Fitzroy Harbour, York Nebraska, s/o George Andrew YOUNG & Eveline SHEPPHERD, married Bertha Mary READ, 21, Smith Falls, same, d/o Emery B. READ & Jessie GILMOUR, witn: James G. READ & Minnie RATH, both of Smith Falls, 20 April 1880 at Smith Falls 5554-80 (Lanark Co) Walter YUILL, 22, laborer, Lanark, Lanark, s/o Walter YUILL & Alice LETT married Olive Almira NICHOLS, 20, Kemptville, Carleton Place, d/o Abner NICHOLS & Emily JONES, witn: William PRESCOTT & Anne E. PRESCOTT of Carleton Place, 11 Oct 1880, Carleton Place