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Lanark Co., 1881


#005676-81 (Lanark Co): Richard P. ABBEY, 26, salesman, Carlow Ireland, Arnprior, s/o William ABBEY & Ann NICHOLSON, married Christena Campbell GARDNER, 22, Montreal, Almonte, d/o Thomas GARDNER & Jane PATTERSON, witn: William R. GARDNER of Almonte & James GRANT of Arnprior, 24 June 1881 at Almonte #005742-81 (Lanark Co): Hugh McDougall ADAMS, 45, farmer, Paisley Scotland, North Sherbrooke twp., s/o Hugh & Marion, married Agnes RUTHERFORD, 19, North Sherbrooke twp, same, d/o William & Ann, witn: Alexander CRAIG of Dalhousie twp., 23 Dec 1881 at Lanark village
#005593-81 (Lanark Co): Francis ALLAN, 38, saw miller, North Burgess, Perth, s/o John & Ann, married Emily Ann WILSON, 18, Arnprior, Perth, d/o James & Jane. witnesses were Alexander KEPPLER of Perth & Margaret ALLAN of Bathurst, 13 Dec., 1881 at town of Perth #005741-81 (Lanark Co): William ALLAN, 21, railway servant, Bathurst twp., same, s/o not given (illegitimate), married Elizabeth McMULLEN, 19, Dalhousie twp., same, d/o not given, witn: Mary Jane GA--? of Drummond and Mrs. HOGG of Lanark, 25 Nov 1881 at Lanark village
  005604-81 (Lanark Co): Walter J. ATKINSON, 30, moulder, Vaughan twp., Smiths Falls, s/o Joshua & Jane, married Mary Jane HAYHT, 23, Montague, Smiths Falls, d/o Samuel D. HAYHT & Mary Jane TYNDAL, witnesses were G.R. BEAL & Adda HAYHT, both of Smiths Falls, March 16, 1881 at Smiths Falls
#005611-81 (Lanark Co): William Herbert AULT, 21, station agent, Canada Jasper, s/o Samuel AULT & Catherine LOUCKS, married Bella NEIL, 19, Canada, Carleton Place, d/o John NEIL & Ann HUNTER, witn: William R. NEVINS of Jasper & Susan HAWKINS of Carleton Place, 2 Aug 1881 at Smith Falls #005723-81 (Lanark Co): Andrew BAIN, 27, farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o James BAIN & Jane POLLOCK, married Margaret AVERY, 22, Dalhousie, same, d/o Benjamin AVERY & Christina CAMERON, witn: David McOUAT & George AVERY, both of Dalhousie, 21 June 1881 at Dalhousie
#005629-81 (Lanark Co): George BALFOUR, 43, pump maker, Long island, Arnprior, s/o John BALFOUR & Ann COOK, married Helen LEE, 23, McNab, Arnprior, d/o John LEE & Rose PIKE, witn: Nelson CUROM? of Arnprior & John FOY of Pakenham, 11 March 1881 at Pakenham 5644-81 (Lanark Co): William BARKER, 25, farmer, Ramsay, same, s/o James BARKER & Johanna HOOD, married Annie COXFORD, 21, Ramsay, same, d/o James COXFORD & Mary KENNEDY, witn: Jessie BARKER & Esther COXFORD, both of Ramsay, 12 April 1881 at Ramsay
#005735-81 (Lanark Co): Thomas BEATON, 27, farmer, Ramsay twp., Darling twp., s/o John & Janet, married Jane STEWART, 21, Scotland, Darling twp., d/o William & Catherine, witn: Janet STEWART of Darling twp, 29 April 1881 at Lanark village 5573-81 (Lanark Co): Joseph BEAUCHAMP, 24, farmer, Palmerston, Dakota Territory, s/o Paschal & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth LEGARY, 19, Dalhousie Ont., same, d/o James & Ellen, witn: William LEGARY of Dalhousie, 10 Jan 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath)
  5572-81 (Lanark Co): Patrick BENNETT, 29, farmer, North Crosby, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Ellen BYRNE, 21, North Burgess, same, d/o Owen & Ellen, witn: James BYRNE of N. Burgess, 10 Jan 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath)
#005651-81 (Lanark Co): J.A. BENNIE, 37, merchant, Canada, Chelsea, s/o J. BENNIE & Helen CARSWELL, married W. GERKHE, 25, Germany, Almonte, d/o F. & blank, witn: J.W. GEMMILL of Almonte, 8 Feb 1881 at Almonte #005627-81 (Lanark Co): Benjamin Martin BOLTON, 24, carder, Almonte, Pakenham, s/o Samuel & Johanna, married Bridget RYAN, 24, Pakenham, same, d/o Denis & Bridget, witn: Michael RYAN & Margaret MOONEY, both of Pakenham, 21 Aug 1881 at Pakenham (Rom Cath)
#005688-81 (Lanark Co): Thomas BOTHWELL, 28, cooper, Perth, same, s/o Joseph BOTHWELL & Isabella SCOTT, married Christena G. McPHAIL, 25, Drummond, same, d/o Donald McPHAIL & Christena THOMSON, witn: James WILLIAMS of Perth & Peter McPHAIL, 17 Nov 1880 at Drummond #005727-81 (Lanark Co): James BOWES, 23, farmer, Dalhousie, same, s/o Thomas BOWES & Mary McMILLAN, married Isabella McDOUGALL, 21, Dalhousie, Lanark, d/o Charles McDOUGALL & Isabella RANKIN, witn: James RANKIN of Lanark, 2 Dec 1881 at Dalhousie
#005639-81 (Lanark Co): Thomas BOWES, 24, farmer, Fitzroy, same, s/o James BOWES & Mary WADDEL, married Jessie WADDEL, 25, Ramsay, same, d/o John WADDELL (sic) & Jane BOWES, witn: James WADDEL of Ramsay & James BOWES of Fitzroy, 5 April 1881 at Ramsay #005686-81 (Lanark Co): Thomas BRADLEY, 25, yeoman, Beckwith twp., same, s/o Thomas BRADLEY & Eliza DEACON, married Ann EBBS, 30, Drummond, same, d/o John EBBS & Ann APPLEBY, witn: George BRADLEY of Beckwith & Ann Jane GARDNER, 16 March 1881 at res of John EBBS, Drummond
#005725-81 (Lanark Co): Samuel BRIEN, 26, farmer, Darling, Lanark, s/o Edward BRIEN & Martha DUNN, married Euphemia McINTOSH, 22, Dalhousie, same, d/o John McINTOSH & Mary WATT (or Wall), witn: Thomas PERCY of Lavant & Sarah McKENZIE of Dalhousie, 2 Sept 1881 at Dalhousie 5560-81 (Lanark Co): Henry BUFFAN, 28, yeoman, Canada, Bathurst, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Mary FLOOD, 24, Canada, Bathurst, d/o Patrick & Mary, witn: James LEE & William CLINE, both of Bathurst, 3 May 1881 at Perth
5601-81 (Lanark Co): Jacob A.B. BURKE, 30, farmer, Drummond, West Point USA, s/o Timothy & Sarah, married Mary Jane McEACHERN, 18, Drummond, same, d/o Alexander & Janet, witn: Edmund BURKE of Drummond, 28 Dec 1881 at Perth #005596-81 (Lanark Co): John BYRNE, 28, miner, North Burgess, same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Margaret MccDONALD, 21, Palmerston, same, d/o John & Alice, witness was Rosa C. STEPHENSON of Perth, 16 June 1881 at town of Perth
5578-81 (Lanark Co): Bernard BYRNE, 30, farmer, Drummond, same, s/o James & Ann, married Jane DEVLIN, 25, Drummond, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: James DOYLE of Drummond, 2 May 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath)  
5692-82 (Lanark Co): Samuel F. CALDWELL, 23, farmer, Huntley, same, s/o Samuel CALDWELL & Frances MAXWELL, married Fanny FLEMING, 22, Ashton, same, d/o James FLEMING & Frances KINCAID, witn: Robert JOHNSTON of Huntley & Mary J. FLEMING of Ashton, 29 Sept 1881 at Almonte #005679-81 (Lanark Co): Duncan M. CAMERON, 27, medicine, Sarnia, Emerson Manitoba, s/o Peter CAMERON & Maggie YOUNG, married Annie Emily CAMERON, 24, Drummond, same, d/o Ewen & Catherine, witn: J.H. CAMERON of Perth, 21 Sept 1881 at Drummond
#005685-81 (Lanark Co): John D. CAMPBELL, 27, farmer, Drummond, same, s/o Donald J. & Mary, married Elizabeth McLENAGHAN, 23, Drummond, same, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: Donald McINTYRE of Balderson & Maggie McLENAGHAN of Drummond, 25 March 1881 at Drummond 5569-81 (Lanark Co): Thomas CARDINAL, 24, moulder, Canada, Brockville, s/o Gregory & Fanny, married Jane BECKETT, 22, Canada, Perth, d/o Henry & Agnes, witn: Alonzo PATTERECK? of Perth & Catherine FOSELAY? of South Elmsley, 1 Oct 1881 at Perth
#005640-81 (Lanark Co): Henry CARPENTER, 23, clerk, Cornwall, same, s/o David CARPENTER & Theresa SCOTT, married Margaret A. TAIT, 24, Pakenham, Cornwall, d/o Robert TAIT & Jane SMITH, witn: William SMITH & Kate STEWART, both of Ramsay, 22 Feb 1881 at Ramsay #005636-81 (Lanark Co): Thomas CAVERS, 33, widower, farmer, Canada, Ramsay, s/o Thomas CAVERS & Margaret LOCKHART, married Margaret Miller THOM, 23, Canada, Ramsay, d/o John THOM & Marion NEILSON, witn: John THOM of Ramsay, 4 Nov 1881 at Ramsay
#005677-81 (Lanark Co): John W. CHESTER, 23, farmer, Fallbrook - Bathurst twp., same, s/o Jesse & "mother dead", married Olive WHITE, 19, Drummond, same, d/o Ann WHITE & "father dead", witn: Christopher & Charlotta BELL of Bathurst, 18 May 1881 at Drummond #005672-81 (Lanark Co): George CLARK, 23, saddler, Fitzroy, Pakenham, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Margaret M. RIDDELL, 23, Pakenham, same, d/o John & Jeanie, witn: Thomas CLARK of Fitzroy & Margaret M. SNEDDEN of Ramsay, 23 Feb. 1881 at Almonte
#005746-81 (Lanark Co): James CLOSE, 28, farmer, Ontario, Lanark twp., s/o Edward & Hannah, married Margaret BALLENTINE, 27, Ontario, lanark village, d/o Matthew & Elizabeth, witn: Charles CLOSE of Lanark twp & Elizabeth BALLENTINE of Lanark, 20 Sept 1881 at Lanark village 5580-81 (Lanark Co): James CLOSS, 30, farmer, Lanark, Dalhousie, s/o Henry & Marcella, married Elizabeth ROGERS, 25, Dalhousie, same, d/o James & Rose Ann, witn: Richard R. SHERIDAN of Dalhousie, 22 June 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath)
#005681-81 (Lanark Co): John E. CODE, 27, yeoman, widower, Canada, East Wawanosh, s/o Thomas CODE & Mary PRICE, married Eliza Ann JAMES, 25, Canada, Drummond, d/o John JAMES & Sarah TETLOCK, witn: Wesley JAMES & Eliza Ann TETLOCK, both of Drummond, 23 Nov 1881 at Drummond 5555-81 (Lanark Co): John CODE, 30, widower, yeoman, Canada, Drummond, s/o James & Eliza, married Rebecca PALMER, 27, Canada, Bathurst, d/o John & Jane, witn: Enoch CODE of Drummond & Sarah PALMER of Bathurst, 2 March 1881 at Perth
5586-81 (Lanark Co): James CONLAN, 27, blacksmith, Bathurst, Glen Tay, s/o James & Margaret, married Margaret BYRNE, 21, Drummond, same, d/o James & Ann, witn: Michael CONLAN of Glen Tay, 10 Oct 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath) 5609-81 (Lanark Co): George H. CONNER, 45, widower, grain merchant, Canada, Smith Falls, s/o Thomas CONNER & Ann BIGGAR, married Annie S. McGILLIVRAY, 34, Ontario, Smith Falls, d/o John McGILLIVRAY & Martha FORGIE, witn: John & James McGILLIVRAY of Smith Falls, 6 April 1881 at Smith Falls
#005734-81 (Lanark Co): Charles Stewart CRAIG, 25, farmer, Darling twp., same, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Maria BARR, 21, Darling twp., same, d/o Peter & Maria, witn: Adam CRAIG of Darling twp & William CRAIG of Lanark, 7 April 1881 at village of Lanark #005737-81 (Lanark Co): William CRAIG, 21, shantyman, Palmerston, same, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Margaret CLARKE, 17, Palmerston, same, d/o Samuel & Mary Ann, witn: Adam CRAIG of Palmerston & Isaiah CRAIG of Lanark, 17 Aug 1881 at village of Lanark
005744-81 (Lanark Co): Isaiah CRAIG, 22, shoe maker, Canada, Lanark village, s/o Stewart & Mary, married Margaret BOWES, 22, Canada, village of Lanark, d/o James & Jessie, witn: James McINNES & Janet BOWES, both of Lanark village, 18 Oct 1881 at Lanark village #005724-81 (Lanark Co): Henry CREIGHTON, 26, farmer, Lanark, same, s/o William & Ann, married Jane ELLIS, 27, Dalhousie, same, d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn: Edwin KEPTON of Lanark & Margaret ELLIS of Dalhousie, 22 June 1881 at Dalhousie
#005626-81 (Lanark Co): Daniel CROSS, 29, farmer, St. Chrystophore? Que, same, s/o William CROSS & Catherine HICKEY, married Mary Charlotte ARMAND, 28, Pakenham, Fitzroy, d/o Michael ARMAND & Caroline KAVANAH, witn: Michael J. ARMAND of Pakenham & Julia Ann KEYS of Arnprior, 4 July 1881 at Pakenham (Rom Cath) #005706-81 (Lanark Co): John CURRY, 23, shoe maker, Dalhousie, same, s/o Daniel & Ann, married Sarah Ann DUFFY, 26, South Sherbrooke, same, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Stewart CURRY of Dalhousie & Rebecca DUFFY of S. Sherbrooke, 27 Sept 1881 at Maberly, S. Sherbrooke twp
5600-81 (Lanark Co): John DAVIS, 24, blacksmith, Oso, same, s/o Joseph & Eliza, married Elizabeth Jane HUGHES, 20, S. Sherbrooke, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Joseph CHARLTON of Oso, 28 Dec 1881 at Perth  
#005736-81 (Lanark Co): Antoine DESJARDINS, 26, laborer, Montebello, Ottawa, s/o Casimir & Christena, married Janet CLOSS, 22, Blythfield - Renfrew Co, same, d/o David & Jane, witn: Charles CLOSS of Blythfield, 8 Aug 1881 at Lanark village #005637-81 (Lanark Co): Arthur DEVITT, 23, weaver, England, Almonte, s/o James DEVITT & Mary HOWARD, married Helen Jane DONALDSON, 21, Canada, Ramsay, d/o S. DONALDSON & H. FUMERTON, witn: S. DONALDSON of Ramsay, 26 Sept 1881 at Ramsay
5576-81 (Lanark Co): David DION, 28, blacksmith, Glen Tay, same, s/o David & Zoe, married Philomene CARON, 24, Glen Tay, same, d/o Joseph & Philomene, witn: James T. NOONAN of Bathurst, 18 Jan 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath) 5599-81 (Lanark Co): William DODD, 23, laborer, Philadelphia USA, Oso, s/o David & Rachel, married Ellen Jane ENGLAND, 21, Oso, same, d/o William & Letitia, witn: William GARRETT of Oso, 16 Nov 1881 at Perth
#005693-81 (Lanark Co): James DONNELLY, 22, laborer, McNab twp., Carleton Place, s/o Patrick & Sarah Jane, married Jane STEWART, 21, Pittsburg twp., Carleton Place, d/o Erastus & Rachel, witn: Edmund & Clara STEWART of Carleton Place, 24 Oct 1881 at Carleton Place 5577-81 (Lanark Co): James DOWDALL, 26, blacksmith, Drummond, same, s/o Lawrence & Margaret, married Mary Ann McDONAGH, 24, Perth, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Patrick L. DOWDALL of Perth, 18 Jan 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath)
5702-81 (Lanark Co): William DOWDALL, 37, farmer, Ontario Drummond twp., s/o John DOWDALL & Elizabeth SHANNON, married Margaret KING, 32, Ontario, Montague, d/o James KING & Ann McARTHUR, witn: James & Colin KING of Montague, 11 May 1881 at Montague twp 5581-81 (Lanark Co): John DOYLE, 25, merchant’s clerk, Drummond, Perth, s/o John & Margaret, married Sarah KEARNS, 21, Bathurst, Glen Tay, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Patrick J. SHERIDAN of Perth, 30 June 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath)
  #005598-81 (Lanark Co): Richard DUFFIELD, 30, yeoman, South Elmsley, same, s/o John & Susan, married Adelia Maria CLINE, 22, Bastard, South Elmsley, d/o Joseph & Anna, witness was Joseph MARKS of Perth, 29 August 1881 at town of Perth
#005634-81 (Lanark Co): Robert DUNCAN, 27, farmer, Canada, Louisa, s/o James DUNCAN & Elizabeth LOCKHART, married Helen McPherson HAMILTON, 21, Canada, Ramsay, d/o Gavin HAMILTON & Margaret NEILSON, witn: Gavin HAMILTON of Ramsay, 10 June 1881 at Ramsay #005667-81 (Lanark Co): George DUNLOP, 23, farmer, Canada, Westneath, s/o John DUNLOP & Rebecca BARRAY, married Catherine FULTON, 24, Canada, Pakenham, d/o Robert FULTON & Agnes MEIKLE, witn: James FULTON of Pakenham, 19 Dec 1881 at Almonte
5714-81 (Lanark Co): Edwin Dennis EDWARDS, 29, yeoman, Beckwith twp., same, s/o John & Lucy Ann, married Annie Caroline Vincent TIGHE, 20, Beckwith twp., same, d/o Rev. Stearne & Eliza, witn: William E.D. TIGHE of Toronto & Anna Bella HUGHTON of Franktown, 27 July 1881 at Franktown 5564-81 (Lanark Co): Andrew ELLIOTT, 25, medical student, Galt, Almonte, s/o Andrew & Mary, married Jane PEDDAR, 24, Doon Ont., Almonte, d/o Joshua & Frances, witn: Elizabeth ROUSHAW? of Almonte & Elizabeth THORNE of Perth, 12 Feb 1881 at Perth
#005638-81 (Lanark Co): William ELLIOTT, 65, widower, weaver, Ireland, Ramsay, s/o Robert ELLIOTT & Sarah SIMPLE, married Janet CAMPBELL, 68, widow, Scotland, Ramsay, d/o William & Mary McBRIDE, witn: Isabella CAMPBELL of Ramsay, 14 Sept 1881 at Ramsay #005738-81 (Lanark Co): Charles ERKINS, 28, farmer, Pakenham, Souris Dist. of NWT, s/o Frederick & Charlotte, married Annie MILLER, 24, Lanark twp., same, d/o William S. & Annie, witn: Matthew MILLER of Lanark twp., 5 Sept 1881 at Lanark village
5582-81 (Lanark Co): John S. FEEHAN, 25, station master, Trenton, Picton, s/o Patrick & Mary, married Minnie NORTHGRAVES, 24, Perth, same, d/o George & Harriet M., witn: William NORTHGRAVES of Perth, 14 July 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath) #005719-81 (Lanark Co): James FERGUSON, 21, farmer, Lavant, same, s/o James FERGUSON & Janet CAMERON, married Agnes CAMERON, 20, Dalhousie, same, d/o James CAMERON & Elizabeth McCULLOCH, witn: James & Peter CAMERON of Dalhousie, 15 April 1881 at Dalhousie
#005696-82 Robert FINNERS, 26, shantyman, Fitzroy Twp, Almonte, s/o Benjamin FINNERS & Mary MANTLE, married Mary LUNN, 26, Perth, Almonte, widow, d/o William TURNER & Ann HOWARD, witn: not given, 13 Dec 1881 at Almonte #005695-81 (Lanark Co): William FLEGG, 25, machinist & boiler maker, Franktown, Ottawa, s/o Samuel & Margaret, married Ellen WEDGE, 26, Staffordshire England, Carleton Place, d/o Joseph & Ellen, witn: Joseph & Eliza WEDGE of Carleton Place and George FLEGG of Sand Point, 23 Nov 1881 at res of illegible, Carleton Place
5568-81 (Lanark Co): John FLETT, 23, laborer, Perth, same, s/o James & Mary, married Eliza Ann FLETT, 23, Bathurst, Oso, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Clara MacGILLIVRAY of Perth & D.M. CAMPBELL of Collingwood, 27 Sept 1881 at Perth 5623-81 (Lanark Co): George W. FLUKER, 25, salesman, Ontario, Ottawa, s/o George FLUKER & Frances LOWE, married Mary Maud TAYLOR, 22, Smith Falls, same, d/o James TAYLOR & Ann TWEEDY, witn: Jane Ann TAYLOR of Smith Falls & Sarah FLUKER of Pembroke, 26 Dec 1881 at Smith Falls
5590-81 (Lanark Co): Patrick FURLONG, 24, blacksmith, Bathurst, Perth, s/o Patrick & Catherine, married Mary Eliza McCABE, 22, Bathurst, Glen Tay, d/o Michael & Catherine, witn: Thomas MITCHELL of Bathurst, 23 Nov 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath) #005690-81 (Lanark Co): William Henry GIBSON, 40, widower, laborer, Beckwith twp., Carleton Place, s/o William & Sarah, married Catherine GRAHAM, 42, Lanark twp., Carleton Place, d/o Armour & Catherine, witn: George GRAHAM & Joseph GIBSON, both of Carleton Place, and Catherine E. McFARLANE of Drummond, 7 Sept 1881 at res of George GRAHAM, Carleton Place
#005695-82 Robert John GILES, 24, factory operative, Ramsay, same, s/o Reuben GILES & Anne DUNCAN, married Isabella MANEARY, 22, Darling, Ramsay, d/o William MANEARY & Margaret WHITE, witn: F.L. & L.B. STEPHENSON, both of Almonte, 5 Dec 1881 #005647-81 (Lanark Co): Archibald GILLIES, 48, widower, wagon maker, Beckwith twp., same, s/o Archibald GILLIES & Margaret CAMERON, married Elizabeth BROWN, 40, Ireland, Beckwith , d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Sadie POTTER of Almonte & Bella WILSON of Carleton Place, 5 July 1881 at Almonte
#005595-81 (Lanark Co): Robert GREY, 25, railway employee, Ramsay, same, s/o John & Mary, married Harriet GREENLY, 21, Bathurst, same, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witness was William J. McCULL of Ramsay, 30 March, 1881 at town of Perth #005708-81 (Lanark Co): William Robert HANNA, 24, farmer, South Sherbrooke, same, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Janet WATSON, 20, Bedford, South Sherbrooke, d/o John C. & C., witn: James MELROSE & Alice HAYLOCK, both of Bathurst, 23 Nov 1881 at Bathurst
#005621-81 (Lanark Co): William J. HATTON, 26, tailor, Kingston, same, s/o James HATTON & Euphemia GILCHRIST, married Susan HAND, 25, London England, Loneland?, d/o Isaac HAND & Eliza CREW, witn: George & Mrs. DAVIS of Smith Falls, 27 Sept 1881 at Smith Falls #005688-81 (Lanark Co): John HERRON, miller, Lanark, same, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Gould SULIS, 21, Drummond, same, d/o David & Matilda, witn: Thomas HERRON of Lanark & David SULIS Jr. of Drummond, 25 May 1881 at Drummond
005689-81 (Lanark Co): Thomas HILLIARD, 29, yeoman, Ramsay, same, s/o Thomas HILLIARD & Ann BOLAND, married Susan Elizabeth PLUNKETT, 20, Montague, same, d/o Roger PLUNKETT & Ann EVANS, witn: HenryHILLIARD & Janet EVANS, both of Ramsay, 13 July 1881 at Parsonage, Carleton Place 5589-81 (Lanark Co): Daniel T. HOGAN, 31, farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o Thomas & Alice, married Bridget BYRNE, 25, North Burgess, same, d/o Owen & Ellen, witn: Martin DOWDALL of Drummond, 21 Nov 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath)
5575-81 (Lanark Co): Dennis HOGAN, 28, farmer, Huntley, same, s/o John & Marcilla, married Mary DEVLIN, 21, Drummond, same, d/o James & Bridget, witn: John WHELAN of West Huntley, 10 Jan 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath) 5567-81 (Lanark Co): James F. HOLMES, 19, cabinet maker, Canada, Brockville, s/o David & Sophia, married Eliza FOLEY, 18, Canada, Bathurst, d/o Thomas FOLEY & Elizabeth HARPER, witn: Annie BALL of Perth & Mary FOLEY of Bathurst
#005612-81 (Lanark Co): George HONE, 29, farmer, England, Kitley, s/o James HONE & Eliza CREW, married Augusta WELSIE, 22, Famersville, Kitley, d/o James WILSIE & Eliza LYN, witn: John BEST & Rachel Caroline WELSIE, both of Kitley, 20 Aug 1881 at Smith Falls #005653-81 John HOUSTON, 38, widower, farmer Ireland, Huntley, s/o J. HOUSTON & B.E. HAZLEFORD, married Ann MOORE, 30, Canada, Almonte, d/o Hugh & blank, witn: Mary BENNETT of Almonte, 16 July 1881 at Almonte
#005678-81 (Lanark Co): William ILAN, 31, Matawan - Renfrew Co., same, s/o not given, married Jane STRONG, 29, South Sherbrooke, same, d/o not given, witn: Fanny ILAN & Charles STRONG, 21 June 1881 at Drummond  
#5570-81 (Lanark Co): Henry JACKSON, 23, conductor, Canada, Pembroke, s/o John JACKSON & Rachel PRICE, married Jennie FREE, 19, Canada, Perth, d/o Edward & Mary Jane, witn: William SMITH of Montreal & Ellie FREE of Perth, 31 Oct 1881 at Perth #005684-81 (Lanark Co): George JAMES, 36, farmer, Drummond, same, s/o Benjamin & Jane, married Agnes Duncan EWART, 31, Perth, Drummond, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Benjamin JAMES & Mary Jane EWART, both of Drummond, 6 Jan 1881 at Drummond
5693-82 (Lanark Co): William JAMES, 24, laborer, Smiths Falls, Almonte, s/o John JAMES & Jane ACHESON, married Esther BRYDGES, 24, Ramsay, same, d/o Samuel BRYDGES & Ann RICHARDSON, witn: John & Jane JAMES of Almonte, 31 Oct 1881 #005696-81 (Lanark Co): Stewart JOHNSON, 27, engine driver, Brockville, same, s/o Patrick & Louisa, married Catherine FORBES, 21, North Sherbrooke, Carleton Place, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Duncan McDIARMID & Jennie GRAHAM, both of Carleton Place, 29 Nov 1881 at res of Rev. G.S. LOW, Carleton Place
#005669-81 (Lanark Co): Wellington JOHNSTON, 35, merchant, Ontario, Lyndhurst, s/o John JOHNSTON & Margaret GODKIN, married Laura A. JOHNSTON, 22, Lansdowne, Almonte, d/o Samuel JOHNSTON & Amelia McNAISH, witn: Mathew JOHNSTON of Lansdowne & Mary Jane MONTGOMERY of Lanark, 5 Jan 1881 at Almonte 5574-81 (Lanark Co): James KANE, 26, painter, Perth, same, s/o Dennis & Jane, married Catherine ADAMS, 22, North Burgess, same, d/o James & Agnes, witn: Peter ADAMS of N. Burgess, 10 Jan 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath)
  #005594-81 (Lanark Co): William KEAYS, 19, farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o William & Mary Jane, married Angelina CHURCHILL, 20, Bathurst, same, d/o Thomas & Angelina, witness was John CHURCHILL of Bathurst, 30 March 1881 at town of Perth
#005628-81 (Lanark Co): James KELLY, 33, farmer, Torbolton, same, s/o Patrick & Catherine, married Alice COYLE, 36, Torbolton, same, d/o Michael & Margaret, witn: Joseph KILLAM & Mary Ann BURKE, both of Pakenham (Rom Cath) #005648-81 (Lanark Co): E. KINCHE, 21, butcher, Canada, Carleton Place, s/o Alexander KINCHE & M. WARREN, married E. AID, 21, Canada, Whitelake, d/o W. AID & A. GILMOUR, witn: Jessie AID of Almonte, 16 Dec 1880 at Almonte
#005701-81 (Lanark Co): Peter KING, 38, farmer, Beckwith, same, s/o John KING & Ann McLAREN, married Mary McLAREN, 28, Osgoode, same, d/o Samuel McLAREN & Catherine GRIFFIN, witn: E.H. ROSS of Carleton Place & Marion CROSBY of Dalhousie, 21 April 1881 at Carleton Place #005654-81 (Lanark Co): William KINGSTON, 27, farmer, Canada, Lanark, s/o R. KINGSTON & M. KEATON, married Sarah Ann LEE, 22, Canada, Darling, d/o J. LEE & S. RAECROFT, witn: James LAROQUE of Darling, 12 Aug 1881 at Almonte
5566-81 (Lanark Co): William Abbot LABRON, 24, vet surgeon, North Elmsley, Perth, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Marion ROBERTSON, 21, USA, Bathurst, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: J.W. & P?.A. CHESTER of Fallbrook, 10 Aug 1881 at Perth  
#005614-81 (Lanark Co): Charles LACKEY, 38, farmer, Goulbourn, Montague, s/o William LACKIE (sic) & Sarah CLARKE, married Hester Ann WILLOUGHBY, 38, widow, Montague, same, d/o Thomas WILLOUGHBY & Margaret HILL, witn: Charles G. & Era (Eva?) J. DAVIS, both of Smith Falls, 3 Sept 1881 at Smith Falls #005615-81 (Lanark Co): George Franklin LANDON, 25, machinist, Smith Falls, Watertown NY, s/o Henry & blank, married Hattie GREY, 22, Merrickville, Smith Falls, d/o James GREY & Matheson FALLAHEY?, witn: Nellie GREY of Smith Falls & Ephraim WEBSTER of Merrickville, 20 Sept 1881 at Smith Falls
5584-81 (Lanark Co): John LARKIN, 27, laborer, Perth, same, s/o Peter & Mary, married Ann Jane McDONALD, 20, Bathurst, same, d/o Edward & Elizabeth, witn: John MALONE of Drummond, 1 Aug 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath) 5624-81 (Lanark Co): Henry LEE, 22, lock laborer, Wolford, same, s/o Alfred LEE & Julia INGRAM, married Margaret McGRATH, 29, Montague, same, d/o William McGRATH & Nancy McCAW, witn: R.C. MYHER? Of Smith Falls & James McCONNEL, 20 Dec 1881 at Smith Falls
#005733-81 (Lanark Co): James Hard LEES, 21, miller, Bathurst twp., same, s/o William & Margaret, married Elizabeth CLINE, 18, Lavant twp., Bathurst twp., d/o Louis & Margaret, witn: Peter CLINE of Bathurst twp., 26 Jan 1881 at Lanark village #005607-81 (Lanark Co): William LEWIS, 40, widower, laborer, Montague, North Gower, s/o William & Catherine, married Mary MYNE, 36, Ireland, Smiths Falls, d/o Michael & Margart, witnesses were James ATKINSON & George LEWIS, both of Smiths Falls, April 21, 1881 at Smiths Falls
5558-81 (Lanark Co): Thomas LIDDLE, 27, blacksmith, Canada, Middleville, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Charlotte Ann CODE, 24, Canada, Drummond, d/o James & Eliza, witn: John C. MORRIS & Mary D. CODE, both of Drummond, 10 May 1881 at Perth #005709-81 (Lanark Co): John LINTON, 23, farmer, Perth, North Sherbrooke, s/o Andrew & Eliza, married Ann CLARK, 23, Ireland, Bathurst, d/o Samuel & Mary A., witn: James & Matilda LINTON, both of S. Sherbrooke, 23 Aug 1881 at S. Sherbrooke twp
#005616-81 (Lanark Co): William LOCKWOOD, 27, engineer, Ontario, Chesterville, s/o Charles LOCKWOOD & Adeline CROSS, married Ellen LAYCOCK, 18, Ontario, Smith Falls, d/o Edward LAYCOCK & Elizabeth ROSS, witn: George ^ Edward LAYCOCK of Smith Falls, 28 Sept 1881 at Smith Falls #005602-81 (Lanark Co): Isaac LOMAX, 26, Kitley, same, s/o William LOMAX & Sarah SAUNDERS, married Catherine CODE, 22, Kitley, same, d/o Thomas CODE & Eliza MARTIN, witnesses were Henry CODE & Rebecca LOMAX, both of Kitley, 5 Jan., 1881 at Smiths Falls
5732-81 (Lanark Co): John LYLE, 26, farmer, Darling, Dalhousie, s/o Thomas LYLE & Mary LETT, married Janet PAUL, 23, Lavant, Dalhousie, d/o John PAUL & Sarah FAIR, witn: James & Thomas LYLE of Oso, 11 March 1881 at Dalhousie 5709-81 (Lanark Co): Philip MARR, 26, laborer, Bathurst twp., North Crosby, s/o Philip MARR & Ann DONOHUE, married Margaret McMANUS, 27, South Sherbrooke, same, d/o Edward McMANUS & Catherine CURRIE, witn: John KORRIE & Edward McMANUS, both of S. Sherbrooke, 21 March 1881 at South Sherbrooke
5591-81 (Lanark Co): Arthur MARTIN, 35, farmer, Ontario, Westport, s/o Thomas & Ellen, married Ann BYRNE, 35, North Burgess, same, d/o Bernard & Elizabeth, witn: James MARTIN of Westport, 23 Nov 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath) #005657-81 (Lanark Co): James Massie MASSON, 25, designer, Scotland, Massachusetts USA, s/o John & Isabella, married Jeannie E. McCARTER, 22, Ramsay, Almonte, d/o John McCARTER & Agnes YOUNG, witn: Andrew YOUNG of Almonte & Annie McINTOSH of Ramsay, 1 Sept 1881 at Almonte
5557-81 (Lanark Co): Neil McALLUM, 24, carriage maker, Scotland, Perth, s/o John & Grace, married Annie BROWN, 22, Canada, Perth, d/o Frederick & Helen, witn: Wesley JAMES & Susan McALLUM, both of Perth, 9 May 1881 at Perth #005632-81 (Lanark Co): Thomas McARTHUR, 24, merchant, Ireland, Appleton, s/o Wiliam ARTHUR (sic) & M. CAMPBELL, married Mary Agnes TURNER, 20, Canada, Ramsay, d/o James TURNER & Mary THOM, witn: James TURNER of Ramsay, 21 June 1881 at Ramsay
#005605-81 (Lanark Co): John Cameron McDIARMID, 23, station master, Canada, Head twp., s/o James McDIARMID & Mary CAMERON, married Anna Bella McDONALD, 21, Canada, Smiths Falls, d/o William John McDONALD & Isabella RICHEY, witnesses were Hugh McDIARMID & illegible RICHEY, both of Smiths Falls, 22 March 1881 at Smiths Falls #005680-81 (Lanark Co): John McDIARMID, 34, farmer, Beckwith twp, same, s/o James McDIARMID & Susan MALLOCK, married Emily C. ROBERTSON, 25, Drummond twp., same, d/o Robert ROBERTSON & Mary CODE, witn: Daniel McEWEN of Drummond & Sarah Ann ROBERTSON, 14 Oct 1881 at Drummond twp
5717-81 (Lanark Co): Peter McDONALD, 30, woolen manufacturer, Carleton Place, same, s/o Allan & Margaret, married Grace Morrison McARTHUR, 29, Beckwith twp., same, d/o Peter McARTHUR & Ann ANDERSON, witn: Daniel C. McARTHUR of Beckwith & John McDONALD of Carleton Place, 25 May 1881 at Beckwith twp  

005848-82 Duncan McEWEN, 29, farmer, Beckwith, same, s/o James and Catherine McEWEN, married Mary ROBERTSON, 21, Drummond, same, d/o Robert ROBERTSON and Mary CODE, witn: James McEWEN of Beckwith and Sarah Ann ROBERTSON of Drummond, 22 January 1881 at Drummond

#005698-81 (Lanark Co): Finlay McEWEN, 31, farmer, Beckwith, Louise Manitoba, s/o James & Catherine, married Catherine McDONALD, 26, Carleton Place, same, d/o Allan & Margaret, witn: Duncan & James McEWEN of Beckwith, 2 March 1881 at Carleton Place
#005656-81 (Lanark Co): James McFARLANE, 43, farmer, Beckwith, same, s/o James McFARLANE & Grace McLAREN, married Agnes WHITE, 37, Beckwith, same, d/o Thomas WHITE & Ellen DRUMMOND, witn: Robert WHITE of Beckwith & Sarah WHITE of Smith Falls, 7 July 1881 at Almonte 5588-81 (Lanark Co): Alexander McGARRY, 35, farmer, Drummond, same, s/o Peter & Mary, married Julia HOLLINGER, 30, Ferguson Falls, same, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: Barnard HOGAN of Bathurst, 9 Nov 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath)
14131-81 (Lanark Co): James Daniel McINNES, 24, book keeper, Lanark, same, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Margaret GUTHRIE, 27, Darling, same, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: James M. CALDWELL of Lanark & Robert POLLOCK of Almonte 5642-81 (Lanark Co): Robert McINTOSH, 35, laborer, Ireland, Almonte, s/o William McINTOSH & Rachel PATTON, married Annie McCANN, 24, Ramsay, same, d/o James McCANN & Mary KEMPT, witn: William ARMSTRONG & Jane McCANN, both of Ramsay, 12 May 1881 at Ramsay
#005720-81 (Lanark Co): Duncan McINTOSH, 26, farmer, Dalhousie, same, s/o John McINTOSH & Mary WATT, married Martha RODGER, 24, Dalhousie, same, d/o William RODGER & Martha HOOD, witn: Alexander McINTOSH of Dalhousie, 28 April 1881 at Dalhousie #005745-81 (Lanark Co): Aleander McINTYRE, 29, widower, shoe maker, Canada, Lanark twp., s/o Alexander & Jane, married Sarah Ann SMITH, 25, Canada, Lanark village, d/o William & Hannah, witn: William McINTYRE of Middleville & Minnie SMITH of Lanark, 18 Oct 1881 at Lanark village
#005662-81 (Lanark Co): John A. McKERRACHER, 25, harness maker, Perth, Lanark, s/o John McKERRACHER & Rebecca HILL, married Matilda DUNLOP, 20, Almonte, same, d/o Neil Stewart DUNLOP & Catherine McMULLEN, witn: Thomas WILSON of Lanark & Margaret BLACKALL of Perth, 29 Aug 1881 at Almonte 5752-81 (Lanark Co): James McLAREN, 31, yeoman, Drummond, same, s/o Daniel McLAREN & Mary MORRIS, married Eliza Ann MORRIS, 21, Beckwith, same, d/o Thomas MORRIS & Mary Ann COPELAND, witn: William CRAMPTON of Drummond & Maggie A. MORRIS of Beckwith, 25 March 1881 at St. Johns Church, Lanark twp
  5658-82 Donald McLEAN, 28, farmer, Dalhousie twp., same, s/o Alexander McLEAN & Christena McNINES?, married Christena DUNCAN, 21, Dalhousie twp., same, d/o James DUNCAN & Jane PURDON, witn: Thomas MAY & Elizabeth DUNCAN, both of Dalhousie, 11 Feb 1881 at Manse, North Elmsley
#005618-81 (Lanark Co): Martin McLEAN, 30, laborer, Montague, Lansdowne, s/o James & Jane, married Catherine S. CONLIN, 20, Montague, Smith Falls, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: John LEARN? of Montague & Eliza CONLIN of Smith Falls, 27 Sept 1881 at Smith Falls #005692-81 (Lanark Co): David McLENAGHAN, 23, farmer, Drummond twp., same, s/o John & Christena, married Maggie HUNTER, 21, Scotland, Drummond twp., d/o James & Margaret, witn: Austin --MAN of Pakenham & Beaulah HARVEY (or Henry) of Drummond twp., 12 Oct 1881 at Carleton Place
5715-81 (Lanark Co): John McLEOD, 37, widower, yeoman, Scotland, Carleton Place, s/o Kenneth McLEOD & Emily LIVINGSTON, married Christine ANDERSON, 34, Beckwith twp., same, d/o John ANDERSON & Jessie COMRIE, witn: Peter ANDERSON of Michigan USA & Jessie ANDERSON of Beckwith, 17 Feb 1881 at Beckwith #005687-81 (Lanark Co): John A. McMAHON, 23, laborer, Hinchenbrooke, same, s/o John & Jane, married Annie C (or E) MITCHELL, 21, South Sherbrooke, Drummond, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: William H. COP of Hinchenbrooke, 13 April 1881 (or 1880) at Drummond
5694-82 (Lanark Co): Thomas McMUNN, 23, farmer, Clayton – Ramsay twp., Carleton Place, s/o Henry & Ann, married Maggie WEIR, 22, Drummond twp., Carleton Place, d/o James WEIR & Eleanor CORNETT, witn: Mrs. F. STEPHENSON & Annie CAMELON, both of Almonte, 14 Nov 1881 at Almonte 5563-81 (Lanark Co): Peter McNEE, 40, farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o Peter & Margaret, married Fannie CAVERS, 29, Ramsay, Bathurst, d/o John & Mary, witn: Annie CAMPBELL of Bathurst & illegible P. ANDERSON of Lanark, 15 April 1881 at Perth
5713-81 (Lanark Co): John McPHERSON, 32, widower, millwright, London England, Ottawa, s/o Daniel McPHERSON & Elizabeth WING?, married Margaret CARNEGIE, 22, Edinburgh Scotland, Port Elmsley, d/o John B. CARNEGIE & Elizabeth FEATHERSTONE, witn: John PYE of Port Elmsley & Lizzie CARNEGIE, 24 May 1881 at Baptist Parsonage, Smith Falls 5625-81 (Lanark Co): John McSUIRE, 34, farmer, Pakenham, same, s/o Michael & Honora, married Margaret FAUGHNAHAN, 36, Pakenham, same, d/o James & Bridget, witn: Charles McSUIRE & Mary KAVANAGH, both of Pakenham, 10 Nov 1881 at Pakenham
5712-81 (Lanark Co): John McTAVISH, 22, farmer, South Elmsley, same, s/o John & Ann, married Caroline MOORE, 17, North Elmsley, same, d/o James MOORE & Mary O’HARA, witn: Hartford & John O’HARA of North Elmsley, 20 Dec 1881 at North Elmsley #005633-81 (Lanark Co): Alexander METCALF, 27, shingle manufacturer, Canada, Almonte, s/o H. METCALF & Jane McLEAN, married Cyrene FUMERTON, 23, Canada, Ramsay, d/o Mary FUMERTON & blank, witn: James METCALF of Almonte, 28 July 1881 at Ramsay [Finnerton?]
5561-81 (Lanark Co): Joseph MILLIKEN, 29, yeoman, Canada, South Sherbrooke, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Mary CAMPBELL, 21, Canada, Bathurst, d/o Robert & Charlotte, witn: Alma & Georgie JONES of S. Sherbrooke, 16 May 1881 at Perth 5565-81 (Lanark Co): James MILLIKEN, 23, yeoman, Canada, North Elmsley, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Eliza FRIZALL, 23, Canada, North Elmsley, d/o Richard & Janet, witn: James McVITIE & Jane FRIZELL (sic), both of North Elmsley, 16 Aug 1881 at Perth
#005635-81 (Lanark Co): Walter MILLIONS, 26, farmer, Ramsay, Turtle Mountain - Manitoba, s/o John MILLIONS & Jane BAIN, married Annie Jane WATSON, 20, Westneath, Ramsay, d/o John WATSON & Isabella BOYD, witn: Walter McLEOD of Almonte & Minnie THOMPSON of Ramsay, 30 June 1881 at Ramsay 5729-81 (Lanark Co): Thomas MOLYNEAUX, 21 (or 27), blacksmith, Lanark, Hopetown, s/o Thomas MOLYNEAUX & Jessie McKINLEY, married Jessie McLEAN, 20, Dalhousie, same, d/o James McLEAN & Catherine GUNN, witn: Hugh & James McLEAN of Dalhousie, 19 Jan 1881 at Dalhousie
5710-81 (Lanark Co): Thomas MOODIE, 40, widower, farmer, Burgess twp., North Elmsley, s/o Andrew MOODIE & Elizabeth FARNELL, married Elizabeth McMULLEN, 28, North Elmsley, same, d/o Luke & blank, witn: Andrew Jr. & Joseph MOODIE of North Elmsley, 12 Oct 1881 at North Elmsley #005652-81 (Lanark Co): William MORRIS, 24, farmer, Scotland, Lanark, s/o W. MORRIS & C. STRUTHERS, married Elizabeth Taylor DODSON, 20, Canada, Lanark, d/o Mary DODSON & blank, witn: W. CREIGHTON of Lanark, 2 Aug 1881 at Almonte
5556-81 (Lanark Co): William MORRIS, 20, yeoman, Canada, Beckwith, s/o William & Jane, married Catherine FRIZZELL, 20, Canada, North Elmsley, d/o Richard & Janet, witn: James MILIKEN & Eliza FRIZZELL, both of North Elmsley, 23 March 1881 at Perth 5559-81 (Lanark Co): John Alexander MORRIS, 24, yeoman, Canada, Drummond, s/o William & Jane, married Mary Dorinda CODE, 20, Canada, Drummond, d/o James & Eliza, witn: Thomas LIDDLE of Middleville & Charlotte A. CODE of Drummond, 10 May 1881 at Perth
5711-81 (Lanark Co): Peter MORRISON, 38, farmer, North Elmsley, same, s/o Alex MORRISON & Mary GRAHAM, married Eliza Ann McFARLAND, 30, Drummond twp., same, d/o James & Ann, witn: Catherine FERGUSON of Drummond & John ARMSTRONG of Port Elmsley, 24 Nov 1881 at Perth #005726-81 (Lanark Co): William MOYLES, 27, farmer, Osgoode, Palmerston, s/o David MOYLES & Catherine DOUGLAS, married Agnes WARDROPE, 23, Ross, Palmerston, d/o John WARDROPE & Hester McMEEKIN, witn: Mrs. McKENZIE of Dalhousie, 11 Nov 1881 at Dalhousie
#005666-81 (Lanark Co): Thomas MUNRO, 22, farmer, Canada, (Lanark Co): twp., s/o Samuel & Margaret, married Martha SHANE, 18, Canada, Clayton, d/o John & Helen, witn: Addie C. WILSON & Eleanor CURRY, both of Almonte, 14 Oct 1881 at Almonte 5585-81 (Lanark Co): Simon MURPHY, 26, farmer, Lanark, Wisconsin USA, s/o Michael & Mary, married Margaret McKETTRICK, 24, Lanark, same, d/o James & Margaret, witn: John McKETTRICK of Lanark, 24 Aug 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath)
#005721-81 (Lanark Co): Archibald A. NAIRN, 28, farmer, Dalhousie, same, s/o Archibald NAIRN & Grace GALBRAITH, married Euphemia PAUL, 21, Dalhousie, same, d/o Robert PAUL & Margaret WALL, witn: James GIBSON & James NAIRN, both of Dalhousie, 29 April 1881 at Dalhousie 005655-81 (Lanark Co): R.T. NEEDHAM, 23, farmer, Canada, Pakenham, s/o J. NEEDHAM & B. JACKSON, married E. DOWDALL, 22, Canada, Beckwith, d/o J. DOWDALL & E. SHANNON, witn: W. DOWDALL of Beckwith, 17 Aug 1881 at Almonte
#005674-81 (Lanark Co): William Willis NEIL, 23, laborer, Canada, Carleton Place, s/o James & Mary Ann, married Louisa POOLE, 18, Canada, Drummond, d/o John & Ann, witn: James UMPHRIESON & Sarah J. LOCKHART, both of Carleton Place, 18 May 1881 at Almonte #005603-81 (Lanark Co): William Alfred NEWSOME, 32, lock master, Ottawa, Kilmarnick?, s/o George NEWSOME & Ann OSBORNE, married Charlotte PHILLIPS, 26, Wolford,same, d/o John PHILLIPS & Catherine JORDAN, witnesses were George NEWSOME of Brockville & Maria PHILLIPS of Wolford, Jan. 5, 1881 at Wolford
#005641-81 (Lanark Co): Stewart NONTELL, 23, farmer, Ramsay, same, s/o Israel MONTELL (sic) & Christina LEACH, married Elizabeth GEMMILL, 23, Ramsay, Almonte, d/o James GEMMILL & Janet BRIDGES, witn: Alexander McPHAIL & Maggie GEMMILL, both of Ramsay, 23 March 1881 at Ramsay #005660-81 (Lanark Co): Patrick OAKLEY, 32, laborer, Huntley, Almonte, s/o James OAKLEY & Mary MANION, married Mary DWYRE, 20, Huntley, Almonte, d/o Edward DWYRE & Julia CORBETT, witn: James Walt. O’HARA & Mary KELLY, both of Almonte, 13 Aug 1881 at Almonte (Rom Cath)
5716-81 (Lanark Co): Thomas PAINTER, 27, joiner, England, Toronto, s/o George & Eliza Cox PAINTER, married Esther Ann LEECH, 23, Beckwith twp., Ottawa, d/o Robert LEECH & Ellen WILLIS, witn: William & Keziah LEECH of Beckwith, 2 May 1881 at res of Robert LEECH, Beckwith #005671-81 (Lanark Co): Henry Charles PATTERSON, 26, stationer, Cornwall, same, s/o Henry & Isabella, married Isabella Morton GLOVER, 27, Edinburgh Scotland, Cornwall, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John & Maggie GLOVER of Almonte, 3 Jan 1881 at Almonte
5728-81 (Lanark Co): Andrew PAUL, 22, farmer, Dalhousie, same, s/o Robert PAUL & Janet McDOUGALL, married Christena McLEAN, 18, Dalhousie, same, d/o James McLEAN & Catherine GUNN, witn: James McLEAN of Dalhousie & Thomas MOLYNEAUX of Hopetown, 14 Dec 1881 at Dalhousie #005705-81 (Lanark Co): Martin PELTON, 38, widower, farmer, South Gower twp., Oxford twp., s/o Elijah PELTON & Margaret BR--?, married Louise Almina WATTS, 22, North Gower, Montague twp., d/o Henry WATTS & Melissa WEBSTER, witn: David PELTON of Oxford & A. WATTS of Montague, 23 March 1881 at Montague twp
5571-81 (Lanark Co): John L. PRATT, 29, fruit grower, Highland USA, same, s/o Aldin & Jane, married Sarah M. CAMPBELL, 29, North Elmsley, Perth, d/o Duncan & Jane, witn: Peter McKINLEY of N. Elmsley & Jane CAMPBELL of Perth, 14 (or 16) Nov 1881 at Perth  
#005700-81 (Lanark Co): Samuel PRICE, 35, hostler, Wicklow Ireland, Carleton Place, s/o James & Hannah, married Eliza Ann CODE, 23, Drummond twp., Carleton Place, d/o John & Maratta, witn: William PRICE & Sarah A. HILLIARD, both of Ramsay, 1 March 1881 at Carleton Place #005694-81 (Lanark Co): Andrew John PURDY, 21, farmer, Marlborough twp., North Elmsley twp., s/o Robert & Catherine, married Elizabeth FEATHERSTONE, 23, Goulbourn twp., Montague twp., d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: William CLAREY of Ottawa & Bella PURDY of N. Elmsley, 18 Nov (Fri) 1881 at Parsonage, Carleton Place
#005617-81 (Lanark Co): Francis M. PUTNAM, 21, merchant, Easton Corners, same, s/o Franklin PUTNAM & Phoebe McGANYAN?, married Margaret E. McKUIRE?, 24, Eastons Corners, same, d/o Andrew McKUIRE & Phoebe GARLAND, witn: G.H. & Charles DAVIS of Smith Falls, 27 Sept 1881 at Smith Falls 5608-81 (Lanark Co): Michael RADY, 22, laborer, Smith Falls, same, s/o Michael & Helen, married Catherine KINCHELLA, 23, Montague, Smith Falls, d/o Patrick & Margaret, witn: Jane J. & Eva DAVIS of Smith Falls, 19 April 1881 at Smith Falls (Rom Cath)
#005659-81 (Lanark Co): Louis RANGER, 24, laborer, Darling, same, s/o Louis RANGER & Sarah WALKER, married Hermine LAROCQUE, 22, Darling, same, d/o Moise LAROCQUE & Mary DENIS, witn: Theophilus LAROCQUE of Darling & Jean CARBERRY of Lanark, 12 Sept 1881 at Almonte (Rom Cath) #005691-81 (Lanark Co): John RATHWELL, 26, farmer, Drummond twp., same, s/o Samuel & J--?, married Annie APPLEBY, 22, Drummond twp., same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Alex RATHWELL of Beckwith & Mary APPLEBY of Drummond, 5 Oct 1881 at Carleton Place
5645-81 (Lanark Co): John REA, 35, farmer, Ramsay, same, s/o William REA & Susan McLENNAN, married Jane HOUSTON, 35, Ramsay, same, d/o William HOUSTON & Alice LECKIE, witn: Joseph HOUSTON & Bella RUSSELL, both of Almonte, 8 June 1881 at Ramsay #005658-81 (Lanark Co): John REGAN, 28, laborer, Pakenham, same, s/o John REGAN & Francis DUFFY, married Bridget Mary FOY, 25, Darling, Almonte, d/o Andrew FOY & Eliza O’LEARY, witn: Robert POWELL of Arnprior & Margaret GUTHRIE of Darling, 13 Sept 1881 at Almonte (Rom Cath)
5730-81 (Lanark Co): James REID, 29, farmer, Dalhousie, same, s/o James REID & Mary EASTON, married Mary CURRIE, 29, Dalhousie, same, d/o Daniel CURRIE & Ann EASTON, witn: James GIBSON & James REID Sr., both of Dalhousie, 11 Feb 1881 at Dalhousie  
#005668-81 (Lanark Co): Robert REYNOLDS, 28, farmer, Canada, Dakota USA, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Ermina SHIPMAN, 23, Canada, Almonte, d/o Samuel SHIPMAN & Mary WHITE, witn: James R. MILLER of Almonte, 22 Dec. 1881 at Almonte #005675-81 (Lanark Co): John RINGROSE, 27, laborer, London England, Almonte, s/o Thomas RINGROSE & Sarah BERRY, married Tabitha Sophia WOODWARD, 19, London England, Almonte, d/o Joseph WOODWARD & Alice Sophia LESTER, witn: William TOOP & Henrietta RINGROSE, both of Almonte, 23 May 1881 at Almonte
#005619-81 (Lanark Co): Alex RUTLEDGE, 29, merchant, Goulbourn, North Gower, s/o John & blank, married Ella B. TAYLOR, 26, Smith Falls, same, d/o James TAYLOR & Ann TWEEDIE, witn: Maude & Jane A. TAYLOR of Smith Falls, 23 Oct 1881 at Smith Falls #005649-81 (Lanark Co): Alexander SCOTT, 50, farmer, Canada, Beckwith, s/o J. SCOTT & W. DOUGLAS, married Ann McNORTON, 45, Canada, Beckwith, d/o F. McNORTON & C. ANDERSON, witn: Mrs. D. McNORTON of Almonte, 22 April 1881 at Almonte
5731-81 (Lanark Co): Daniel Ronald SCOTT, 27, farmer, Dalhousie, Port Huron USA, s/o John SCOTT & Ellen MAXWELL, married Christine PURDON, 23, Dalhousie, same, d/o William PURDON & Isabella CHALMERS, witn: Henry PURDON of Dalhousie & Benjamin MILLER of Sarnia, 11 March 1881 at Dalhousie 5718-81 (Lanark Co): Robert SCOTT, 30, yeoman, Beckwith twp., Luise? Manitoba, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Catherine FERGUSON, 21, Beckwith twp., same, d/o Dugald & Margaret, witn: Dugald FERGUSON & James SCOTT, both of Beckwith, 30 June 1881 at Beckwith
#005664-81 (Lanark Co): William H. SCOTT, 25, farmer, Ramsay, same, s/o William SCOTT & Elizabeth HEMPTON, married Rachel EVANS, 22, Ramsay, Almonte, d/o William EVANS & Betsy MUNROE, witn: James ROBB & James McGILL, both of Almonte, 28 April 1881 at Almonte 5643-81 (Lanark Co): John SCOULAR, 48, widower, farmer, Drummond, Lanark, s/o Samuel & Margaret, married Elizabeth B. FOSTER, 22, Lanark, same, d/o John FOSTER & Margaret WILSON, witn: Holmes B. MATTHIE & Betsy McMUNN, both of Lanark, 18 Feb 1881 at Ramsay
#005606-81 (Lanark Co): Thomas SEYMOUR, 32, yeoman, Kitley, same, s/o Henry SEYMOUR & Ann MONTGOMERY, married Eliza EVANS, 28, Kitley, same, d/o James EVANS & Catherine IRETORS?, witnesses were James FERGUSON & Harriet EVANS, both of Kitley, 23 March 1881 at Smiths Falls #005673-81 (Lanark Co): David SHEPPERD, 25, factory operative, Scotland, Almonte, s/o David SHEPPERD & Margaret LECKIE, married Sarah Jane FORGIE, 18, Almonte, same, d/o William FORGIE & Sarah McPHEE, witn: John JOHNSTON & Jeannie McCARTER, both of Almonte, 29 April 1881 at Almonte
5592-81 (Lanark Co): Peter SKEFFINGTON, 24, farmer, Dalhousie, same, s/o Terence & Margaret, married Mary ENRIGHT, 21, Renfrew, Lanark, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: John ROGERS of Dalhousie, 23 Nov 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath) 5579-81 (Lanark Co): Michael SMITH, 28, farmer, North Burgess, same, s/o Peter & Rose, married Agnes KERR, 23, North Burgess, same, d/o Thomas & Catherine, witn: John ADAMS of N. Burgess, 13 June 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath)
#005646-81 (Lanark Co): Frederick SMITH, 20, manufacturing, England, Almonte, s/o Benjamin & Hannah, married Sarah Ann ANDERTON, 20, England, Almonte, d/o William & Hannah, witn: Alfred SUNDERLAND & William JAMES, both of Almonte, 1 July 1881 at Almonte #005597-81 (Lanark Co): David S. SMITH, 29, classical teacher, Aberdeen Scotland, Perth Ont., s/o James & Mary Ann, married Mary Elizabeth STEPHENSON, 21, Perth, same, d/o R.L. & Rosa C., witnesses were Henry D. SHAW & A.J. MATTHESON, both of Perth, 17 August, 1881 at town of Perth
#005743-81 (Lanark Co): Roderick SMITH, 27, lumberer, Perth, Minnesota USA, s/o Roderick & Ann, married Elizabeth Jessie THORNTON, 21, Perth, Lanark twp., d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Andrew DRYSDALE of Lanark, 19 Dec 1881 at Lanark village 5583-81 (Lanark Co): George H. SMITH, 28, Bathurst, same, s/o George H. & Honora, married Mary Ann MITCHELL, 24, Bathurst, same, d/o John & Johanna, witn: William A. SMITH of Bathurst, 28 July 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath)
#005747-81 (Lanark Co): George STEWART, 25, farmer, Darling twp., same, s/o George & Ann Jane, married Elizabeth Ann JAMES, 19, Darling twp., same, d/o William & Jane, witn: Andrew JAMES of Darling twp., 28 Dec 1881 at Lanark village #005739-81 (Lanark Co): James Lang STEWART, 24, farmer, Scotland, Darling twp., s/o William & Catherine, married Jane PAUL, 19, Dalhousie twp., same, d/o James & Jenny, witn: William STEWART of Darling twp., 17 Nov 1881 at Lanark village
  #005610-81 (Lanark Co): George H. SWAN, 36, widower, illegible occupation, Hartford Conn., Smith Falls, s/o Benjamin & Margaret, married Victoria GOODFELLOW, 26, Smith Falls, same, d/o Archibald & Martha, witn: William JONES of Oshawa & Isabella GARRETT of Smith Falls, 26 July 1881 at Smith Falls
#005661-81 (Lanark Co): Patrick SWEENY, 29, farmer, Darling, same, s/o Timothy SWEENY & Margaret CONNORS, married Rose Ellen DRUMMOND, 18, Ramsay, same, d/o William DRUMMOND & Sally MAJURY, witn: Edward SWEENY of Darling & Margaret DRUMMOND of Ramsay, 31 Aug 1881 at Almonte #005740-81 (Lanark Co): Peter McDougall TAIT, 27, wheelwright, Pakenham, same, s/o William & Isabella, married Annie McGUIRE, 26, Lanark, same, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Thomas McGUIRE & John WRIGHT, both of Lanark village, 28 Nov 1881 at Lanark village
#005703-81 (Lanark Co): John Wesley TATLOCK, 24, farmer, Drummond twp., same, s/o George & Sarah, married Sarah Teskey KERFOOT, 22, Montague twp., same, d/o William H. KERFOOT & Margaret TESKEY (deceased), witn: Wesley JAMES of Drummond & Lucy? KERFOOT of Montague, 26 Jan 1881 at Montague twp #005665-81 (Lanark Co): George THOMPSON, 23, laborer, USA, Almonte, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Rose Ellen LAMB, 20, England, Almonte, d/o William & Harriett, witn: John LAMB of Almonte & Mary Ann BALL of Carleton Place, 21 Sept 1881 at Almonte
#005613-81 (Lanark Co): William C. THOMPSON, 30, painter, Perth, Ohio USA, s/o James THOMPSON & Eliza FERGUSON, married Charlotte BOTHWELL, 28, Perth, same, d/o Joshua BOTHWELL & Isabella SCOTT, witn: J.G. THOMPSON & Lizzie BOTHWELL, both of Perth, 22 Aug 1881 at Smith Falls 5587-81 (Lanark Co): James TOVEY, 30, farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o Richard & Johanna, married Mary SHIRLEY, 24, Bathurst, same, d/o James & Catherine, witn: James SHIRLEY Jr. of Bathurst, 7 Nov 1881 at Perth (Rom Cath)

005849-82 John TULLIS, 27, farmer, Drummond , same, s/o Sinclair & Jennet TULLIS, married Catherine M WATSON, 22, Bathurst, Drummond, d/o David and Marion WATSON, witn: William TULLIS and John WATSON both of Drummond, 15 December 1881 at Drummond

5562-81 (Lanark Co): William Tower WALKER, 31, Canada, Perth, s/o Walter & Isabella, married Eva CAMPBELL, 23, Franktown, Perth, d/o John G. & Hellen, witn: James M. WALKER and Mary & Annie CAMPBELL, all of Perth, 8 June 1881 at Perth 005750-81 (Lanark Co): Robert WALTERS, 24, farmer, Lanark, same, s/o James WALTERS & Janet JAMIESON, married Isabella FRANCIS, 17, Ontario, Lanark, d/o William FRANCIS & Mary PETERS, witn: William WALTERS of Lanark & Maggie ECHLIN of Drummond, 21 Dec 1881 at Middleville
#005748-81 (Lanark Co): Joseph WALTERS, 29, farmer, Lanark, same, s/o James & Janet, married Agnes Caroline McALLISTER, 20, Lanark, same, d/o Gavin & Agnes, witn: Robert WALTERS & Ellen Elizabeth McALLISTER, both of Lanark, 29 Nov 1881 at Middleville #005663-81 (Lanark Co): David WARD, 21, mill operative, London England, Almonte, s/o John WARD & Herritta BURY, married Mary Ann KELLY, 26, Ramsay, Almonte, d/o Patrick KELLY & Honora CURTIN, witn: George LUDFORD & Lizzie CUNNINGHAM, both of Almonte, 27 Aug 1881 at Almonte
#005704-81 (Lanark Co): William A. WHITNEY, 46, widower, teacher, Augusta twp., Matilda twp., s/o David & Sophronia, married Amelia Emaline DERRICK, 38, widow, South Mountain twp, Merrickville, d/o William & Sarah VANCAMP, witn: A. DERRICK of Montague & Sterling VANCAMP of Merrickville, 12 March 1881 at Montague twp #005682-81 (Lanark Co): James W. WHYTE, 23, farmer, Blandford - Oxford Co., same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Ellen McFARLANE, 23, Drummond, same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Kate McDONALD & William McFARLANE, both of Drummond, 26 Dec 1881 at Drummond
#005620-81 (Lanark Co): John WILLISCRAFT, 42, watch maker, Smith Falls, same, s/o John & Rachel, married Mary J. NETTLES, 43, Smith Falls, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: Samuel CARLEY & Charles FLAGGE & Annie HONICK?, 28 Sept 1881 at Smith Falls #005699-81 (Lanark Co): Alfred WILLOWS, 25, farmer, Drummond, Lanark, s/o John & Eleanor, married Catherine HALFPENNY, 25, Ramsay, same, d/o William & Eleanor, witn: Thomas CHURCHILL of Drummond & Margaret HALFPENNY of Ramsay, 9 March 1881 at Ramsay
5722-81 (Lanark Co): Thomas WILSON, 32, farmer, North Sherbrooke, same, s/o David WILSON & Helen SMITH, married Mary MILLER, 22, North Burgess, North Sherbrooke, d/o John MILLER & Mary WILSON, witn: John MILLER & James WILSON, both of N. Sherbrooke, 2 June 1881 at North Sherbrooke 5751-81 (Lanark Co): Andrew WILSON, 28, farmer, Scotland, Lanark, s/o John WILSON & Mary BOYD, married Ellen BULLOCH (Bullock?), 29, Lanark, same, d/o Thomas BULLOCH & Ellen CRAIG, witn: Stewart BULLOCH & John WILSON, both of Lanark, 4 March 1881 at Lanark twp
#005749-81 (Lanark Co): John WILSON, 26, farmer, Scotland, Lanark, s/o John WILSON & Mary BOYD, married Elizabeth BULLOCH (Bullock?), 23, Lanark, same, d/o Thomas BULLOCH & Ellen CRAIG, witn: Andrew WILSON & Thomas BULLOCH Jr., both of Lanark twp., 14 Dec 1881 at Lanark twp 5622-81 (Lanark Co): Edward WYNN, 25, farmer, Montague, same, s/o Michael & Margaret, married Ann Mariah SAUNDERS, 18, Franktown, Montague, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Michael WYNN & Henrietta SAUNDERS, both of Montague, 23 Nov 1881 at Smith Falls