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Lanark Co., 1883

birth place is given before residence


5866-83 James ALLAN, 24, blacksmith, North Burgess, same, s/o Robert & Christena, married Jannet Ann WILSON, 23, North Burgess, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Abraham FERRIER & Martha WILSON, both of N. Burgess, 19 Jan 1883 at Perth

005971-83 John Joseph ANNABLE, 23, laborer, North Gore, Carleton Place, s/o John Sidney ANNABLE and Elizabeth McCAFFERTY, married Alice DELANEY, 23, Almonte, same, d/o Maurice DELANEY and Maria WALKER, witn: Charles DELANEY of Almonte and Sarah ANNABLE of Carleton Place, 30 April 1883 at Almonte

5878-83 George Earl ARMSTRONG, 28, salesman, Perth, same, s/o William & Maria Isabel, married Margaret Isabella ALLAN, 27, Perth, same, d/o James 7 Janet, witn: Arthur W. BURT? & Anna GEMMELL, both of Perth, 6 June 1883 at Perth

6007-83 (Lanark Co) John ASHBY, 27, farmer, Bathurst, Bathurst, s/o William & Elizabeth ASHBY married Mary Ann CLARK, 24, Brockville, Bathurst, d/o James & Mary Ann CLARK, witn: Samuel BOLTON of Lanark, 11 July 1883, Lanark

5839-83 (Lanark Co) George Albert AVERY, 30, farmer, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, s/o Benjamin & Christina AVERY married Emma Jane PLAYFAIR, 28, Bathurst, Bathurst, d/o Elijah & Louisa PLAYFAIR, witn: Thomas AVERY of Dalhousie & Angelina PLAYFAIR of Bathurst, 20 April 1883, Playfair 005960-83 Alexander BARR, 22, farmer, Canada, Darling Tp, s/o Peter BARR and M PRETTY, married Caroline WHEALAN, 19, Canada, Ramsay, s/o Thomas WHEALAN and Helen DEAN, witn: William WHEALAN of Ramsay. 3 January 1883, at Almonte
5877-83 John Rawden BEAL, 27, marble cutter, Woolwich England, Pembroke, s/o Charles BEAL & Mary Ann RAMSHAW, married Lizzie Ewart McKERRACHER, 26, Perth, same, d/o Duncan & Agnes Rupell McKERROCHER, witn: Robert BEAL & Jennie McKERROCHER, both of Perth, 30 May 1883 at Perth 5865-83 Christopher J. BELL, 26, farmer, Bathurst, same, s/o Thomas & Esther, married Sarah BUTLER, 22, Bathurst, same, d/o Pierce & Sarah, witn: James HUGHES of Bathurst, 16 Jan 1883 at Perth
5864-83 Henry BOLTON, 34, farmer, South Burgess, North Burgess, s/o William & Alice, married Elizabeth WILLS, 22, South Burgess, same, d/o James & Susan, witn: George BOLTON of N. Burgess, 10 Jan 1883 at Perth

6027-83 (Lanark Co) Charles BRESEE, 28, machinist, widower, Lanark, Carleton Place, s/o Amery & Nancy BRESEE married Rosa UMPHERSTON, 23, Dalhousie, Carleton Place, d/o James & Maria UMPHERSTON, witn: James UMPHERSTON & Mary HALCROFT of Carleton Place, 28 May 1883, Carleton Place

6017-83 James BROWN, 36, widower, miner, Ireland, Levant, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Janet Cameron FERGUSON, 42, widow, Dalhousie Ont., Levant, d/o Robert & Harriet CAMERON, witn: Mary & Sarah LAVALLEE of Carleton Place, 29 March 1883 at Carleton Place

005990-83. Richard BRUNTON, 25, farmer, Ireland, Beckwith, s/o John BRUNTON and Isabella DEWAR, married Helen NAIRN, 27, Canada, Almonte, d/o Archibald NAIRN and Grace GALBRAITH, witn: Mary BENNETT of Almonte, 30 March 1883 at Almonte
5867-83 George Pierce BUTLER, 27, farmer, Oso, same, s/o Pierce & Sarah, married Ellen JOHNSON, 26, Olden, Perth, d/o Robert & Ellen, witn: John JOHNSTON of Olden, 25 Jan 1883 at Perth

5853-83 (Lanark Co) Charles CAIN, 21, farmer, Brockville, North Elmsley, s/o Alonzo & Maria CAIN married Amelia EMMERSON, 19, Perth, Perth, d/o John & Mary Ann EMERSON, witn: William M. KELLOCK & Mary Jane LEGGATT of Perth, 17 January 1883, Perth

005984-83 John CALLAHAN, 29, laborer, County Cavan Ireland, Almonte, s/o Michael CALLAHAN and Margaret WALSH, married May Elizabeth FAY, 25, Randolph Mass, USA, Almonte, d/o Hugh FAY and Mary VANN, witn: Denis DELANEY and Mary Ellen CALLAHAN both of Almonte , 15 October 1883 at Almonte 5950-83 (Lanark Co) Duncan CAMERON, 25, blacksmith, Ramsay, Carleton Place, s/o James & Elizabeth CAMERON married Ann Jane BOLE, 21, Pakenham, Pakenham, d/o Thomas & Maria BOLE, witn: Robert A. BARTLETT & Frances W. POOLE of Pakenham, 14 June 1883, Pakenham

6011-83 (Lanark Co) Thomas Phillip CASSADY, 22, harness maker, Ottawa, Pakenham, s/o James & Agnes CASSADY married Annie Maria JOHNSON, 22, Smith Falls, Pakenham, d/o Wilson & Louisa CASWELL, witn; Percy JOHNSON & Lizzie JOHNSON of Carleton Place, 12 Feb 1883, Carleton Place

005983-83 Pierre CODERRE, 27, laborer, La Peche Que, Almonte, s/o Edward CODERRE and Philenie SINEENNES? , married Ann RENAUD, 21, La Peche Que, Almonte, d/o Michael RENAUD and Marianne MAGUIRE, witn: Joseph E and Hermidas CODERRE of Almonte, 13 August 1883 at Almonte

005968-83 Benjamin COLBORNE, 25, merchant, County of Lanark, Smith Falls, s/o Alexander COLBORNE and Lydia WILLIAMS, married Mary Edith VENN, 28, Toronto, Almonte d/o John VENN and Mary TURNER, witn: James McCREARY of Smith Falls, and Fanny VENN of Almonte, 25 April 1883 at Almonte

5872-83 Charles CONDIE, 24, yeoman, North Elmsley, same, s/o Malcolm & Christena, married Jane Anna GILHULY, 26, Montague, same, d/o James & Ann Eliza, witn: Daniel A. CONDIE of N. Elmsley, 28 Feb 1883 at Perth

6022-83 James COOK, 28, farmer, Drummond, same, s/o Benjamin & Mary Ann, married Isabella May INNES, 18, Bathurst, same, d/o Arthur & Rebecca, witn: Austin TROTMAN & Bea--? Annie HARVEY, both of Carleton Place, 7 May 1883 at Carleton Place

005981-83 William Henry COX, 28, laborer, Bastard twp, Smith Falls, s/o George COX and Lucy DOWCETT, married Eliza GRIFFITH, 23, Ramsay, same, d/o William GRIFFITH and Eliza KIDD, witn:, Samuel GRIFFITH of Tp of Ramsay and Lizzie SCOTT of Beckwith, 5 June 1883 at Almonte 5592-83 (Lanark Co) William Hunt CRAIG, 32, shantyman, widower, Darling, Darling, s/o John & Mary Ann CRAIG married Jane CURRIE, 26, Dalhousie, Dalhousie, d/o Daniel & Ann CURRIE, witn: George CURRIE of Dalhousie & Andrew CRAIG of Darling, 7 march 1883, Lanark
5854-83 (Lanark Co) William DAVIES, 30, inspector of mines, England, Perth, s/o not given, married Mary Agnes THOMPSON, 28, Perth, Perth, d/o James & Catherine THOMPSON, witn: William THOMPSON & R. Y. DRUMMOND of Perth, 24 January 1883, Perth 5855-83 (Lanark Co) Joseph DAVIS, 30, farmer, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, s/o Mathew & Dorothy DAVIS married Mary MCLAREN, 24, North Elmsley, North Elmsley, d/o William & Frances MCLAREN, witn: William MCLAREN & Jane MCLAREN of North Elmsley, 26 January 1883, Perth

005970-83 Christopher DELISLE, 25, laborer, Pakenham, same, s/o Stephen DELISLE and Euphemia PELON, married Catherine Ann O'SHAUGHNESSY, 24, Almonte, same, d/o John O'SHAUGHNESSY and Julia TRACY, witn: Stephen DELISLE of Pakenham and Bridget O'SHAUGHNESSY of Almonte, 17 April 1883 at Almonte

5873-83 Walter DETTERICK?, 37, machinist, Perth, same, s/o William & Christena, married Elizabeth McLEAN, 30, North Elmsley, Perth, d/o William McLEAN & Elizabeth McKAY, witn: Alexander KIPPEN Jr. & Janet STEWART, both of Perth. 25 April 1883 at Perth
#005856-83 Walter James DIXON, 33, London England, Perth, widower, time keeper CPR, s/o George & Ann DIXON, married Janet Bruce SOUR?, 25, Carleton Place, same, widow, d/o John & Christina GRAHAM, witn: George & Mrs. G. DOUGLAS of Perth, married 7 March 1883, Perth

5846-83 (Lanark Co) John DOCKRILL, 25, laborer, Ontario, Smith Falls, s/o Thomas DOCKRILL & Jane WORDS married Elizabeth O'HARA, 21, Elmsley North, Elmsley North, d/o William O'HARA & Mary McTAVISH witn: Elswood DOCKRILL of Smith Falls & John O'HARA of Elmsley North, 18 July 1883, Elmsley

6030-83 (Lanark Co) John DONALDSON, 36, furniture merchant, widower, Ramsay, Almonte, s/o Samuel & Ellen DONALDSON married Jane Gray GREIG, 31, Ramsay, Ramsay, d/o James & Francis J. GREIG, witn: John MCPHEE of Pembroke & Lena GRAY of Carleton Place, 13 June 1883, Carleton Place 6015-83 William John ELLIOT, 23, laborer, Pakenham, Almonte, s/o Robert John & Sarah Jane, married Lizzie Harriet THOMAS, 23, Ross, Ramsay, d/o Richard & Eliza, witn: Mary SIMPSON & Eleanor JACKSON, both of Carleton Place, 16 March 1883 at Carleton Place

5837-83 (Lanark Co) John FERGUSON, 26, farmer, Dalhousie, North Sherbrooke, s/o William & Mary FERGUSON married Sarah ENNIS, 18, Bathurst, Bathurst, d/o David & Matilda ENNIS, witn: David ENNIS & Rachel CAMPBELL of Bathurst, 10 January 1883, Playfair

6001-83 (Lanark Co) Thomas FERRILL, 25, spinner, East Whitby, Lanark, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann FERRILL married Isabella Jane BARRIE, 19, Lanark, Lanark, d/o David & Margaret BARRIE, d/o James DRYSDALE of Lanark & Robert DRYSDALE of Perth, 12 September 1883, Lanark
005977-83 Robert FORGIE, 28, farmer, Ramsay, same, s/o Gilbert FORGIE and Agnes BAIRD, married Mary CAMPBELL, 24, Beckwith Tp, Almonte, d/o Donald CAMPBELL and Martha SIMPSON, witn: John N SMITH of Ramsay and Lizzie CAMPBELL of Almonte, 25 September 1883 at Almonte 5951-83 (Lanark Co) James FULTON, 31, farmer, Pakenham, Pakenham, s/o Robert & Agnes FULTON married Annie COMELON, 24, Darling, Pakenham, d/o David & May COMELON, witn: Alexander FULTON & Fannie COMELON of Pakenham, 3 January 1883, Pakenham
5778-85 Robert Ray GARVIN, iron moulder, of Smiths Falls, s/o Martin GARVIN & Mary WILLIAMSON, married Frances B. HALLIDAY, Montague, Smiths Falls, d/o William HALLIDAY & Elizabeth WILTON, witn: Martin GARVIN & Robert CAIRNDUFF, both of Smiths Falls, 24 Dec 1883 at Smiths Falls 005967-83 George GARVIN, 26, cabinet maker, North Elmsley, Brockville, s/o George GARVIN and Catherine McKAY, married Mary Effie ROBINSON, 24, Farmersville, Almonte, d/o William ROBINSON and Jane MORROW, witn: Duncan GARVIN and Margaret J ROBINSON of Almonte, 24 April 1883 at Almonte
5879-83 Lawrence James GEMMELL, 26, manufacturer, Perth, same, s/o Robert & Joanna, married Elizabeth Margaret KELLICK?, 28, Perth, same, d/o Daniel KELLOCK? & Elizabeth MILLER, witn: Edwin A. WADDELL & James KELLOCK, both of Perth, 4 June 1883 at Perth

005989-83 James Burns GILMOUR, 25, farmer, Ramsay, same, s/o William GILMOUR and Ellen BURNS, married Jessie Ann McGIBBON, 20, Beckwith, same, d/o John McGIBBON and Janet STEWART, witn: Thomas and Margaret McGIBBON of Beckwith, 12 December 1883 at Almonte

  6028-83 (Lanark Co) Adam GRAHAM, 29, machinist, East Kilbride Scotland, Carleton Place, s/o John & Elizabeth GRAHAM married Kate Dunlop ANDERSON, 24, Almonte, Carleton Place, d/o Robert & Catherine ANDERSON, witn: Hugh M. WILLIAM of Lanark & Maggie H. ANDERSON of Carleton Place, 5 June 1883, Carleton Place
5842-83 (Lanark Co) James GRAHAM, 28, merchants clerk, widower, Scotland, Ottawa, s/o David & Margaret GRAHAM married Eleney Ann RATTRAY, 22, Beckwith, Beckwith, d/o William & Ann RATTRAY, witn: Robert MARTIN of Ottawa & Ellen RATTRAY of Beckwith, 2 March 1883, Beckwith 5999-83 (Lanark Co) William Armour GRAHAM, 26, school teacher, Lanark, Warnock, s/o Thomas & Ann GRAHAM married Agnes Smith STEWART, 21, Lanark, Lanark, d/o Robert & Catherine STEWART, witn: William DEACHMAN & Peter STEWART of Lanark, 1 August 1883, Lanark
5594-83 (Lanark Co) William GRANT, 37, physician, Ontario, Perth, s/o Donald & Colhoun GRANT married Mary CALDWELL, 24, Lanark village, Lanark village, d/o Boyd & Dinah CALDWELL, witn: William CALDWELL & Boyd CALDWELL of Lanark village, 3 January 1883, Lanark village 5840-83 (Lanark Co) George GRIER, 30, farmer, South Sherbrooke, Bathurst, s/o John & Maria GRIER married Mary C. GRAHAM, 22, Perth, Bathurst, d/o George & Annie GRAHAM, witn: William BURROWS & Mrs. Robert GREASLY of Bathurst, 6 June 1883, Bathurst
5868-83 Edward John GRIFFITH, 25, butcher, Perth, same, s/o Edward & Mary Ann, married Annie McCABE, 21, Bathurst, Perth, d/o Michael & Catherine, witn: James JACKMAN of Perth, 5 Feb 1883 at Perth 005971-84 (Lanark Co) Samuel GRIFFITHS, 25, none given, Ramsay Twp, Carleton Place, s/o William & Eliza GRIFFITHS; married Dora M. CRAMPTON, 22, Drummond Twp, Drummond Twp, d/o William & Susan CRAMPTON; wit Stewart HOUSTON & Sus. Margaret CRAMPTON, both no place given, 5 Dec 1883, Lanark Twp

005966-83 James GUTHRIE, 30, rail road employee, Darling, same, s/o Peter GUTHRIE and Mary KING, married Eliza STEWART, 27, Darling, same, d/o George STEWART and Ann Jane KELLS, witn: John GUTHRIE and Maggie STEWART both of Darling, 28 March 1883 at Almonte

005969-83 Robert William HAYDON, widower, 41, tailor, England, Almonte, s/o James HAYDON and Eliza SOUTH, married Margaret Eleanor WILLOUGHBY, 21, Canada, Almonte, d/o William WILLOUGHBY and Ellen STRINGER, witn: William P McEWEN and Ella REA both of Almonte, 25 April 1883 at Almonte

005964-83 John Glennon HAYES, widower, 43, merchant, Simcoe, Almonte, s/o David HAYES and Maria Theresa GLENNON, married Manetta BELLAMY, 18, Almonte, same, d/o Herman H BELLAMY and Adeline KELLER, witn: Edward Morton BELLAMY and Mrs STEPHENSON both of Almonte, 16 February 1883 at Almonte

6002-83 (Lanark Co) James HENDERSON, 23, farmer, Lanark, Lanark, s/o James & Georgiana HENDERSON married Margaret McDonald ELLIS, 18, Bathurst, Lanark, d/o Henry & Mary Barbara ELLIS, witn: William HEADRICK of Drummond & John DEACHMAN of Lanark, 25 September 1883, Lanark

5849-83 (Lanark Co) Webster Lynd HENDRICK, 26, merchant, USA, Richville New York, s/o S. HENDRICK & Helen LYNDE, married Jennet BEATON, 18, Canada, Darling, d/o John BEATON & Janet PATON, witn: T. B. RUTHERFORD, 18 January 1883, Darling

6023-83 (Lanark Co) Robert HUGHES, 29, shoemaker, Ramsay, Carleton Place, s/o Thomas & Mary HUGHES married Annie MCFADDEN, 23, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, d/o James & Susan MCFADDEN, witn: Robert SINCLAIR & Lizzie MCFADDEN of Carleton Place, 5 May 1883, Carleton Place 5595-83 (Lanark Co) John HUGHES, 28, farmer, Ireland, Bathurst, s/o Henry & Ann HUGHES married Catherine Campbell MCLAREN, 27, Bathurst, Bathurst, d/o Duncan & Sarah MCLAREN, wit; William SPALDING of Elmsley, 27 March 1883, Lanark
005975-83 Benjamin HYNES, 30, yeoman, Canada, Clarendon Que, s/o James HYNES and Elizabeth SADDLER, married Addie WILSON, 21, Canada, Almonte, d/o Robert WILSON and Mary GUNN, witn: George HYNES of Clarendon Que, and Louisa WILSON of Almonte, 8 August 1883 at Almonte 6006-83 (Lanark Co) John F. JACKSON, 33, cabinet maker, Lanark, Lanark village, s/o William & Catherine JACKSON married Catherine BAIRD, 23, Lanark, Lanark village, d/o Thomas & Janet BAIRD, witn: William HILLIS & Aggie STEWART of Lanark, 4 June 1883, Lanark

005978-83 Thomas JAMES, widower, 28, farmer, Smith Falls, Almonte, s/o John JAMES and Jane ATCHESON, married Jane R DEACHMAN, 23, Lanark, Almonte, d/o John DEACHMAN and Elisa PAPPA, witn: Willard GEMMILL and Sarah Jane BARRIE of Almonte, 9 August 1883 at Almonte

6021-83 Sidney Charles JANES, 28, section man, Labrador, Carleton Place, s/o Elijah & Ruth, married Sarah CAPES, 22, North Augusta, Carleton Place, d/o Peter & Sarah, witn: James WEEKS of Carleton Place & Sarah WEEKS of Lombardy, 25 April 1883 at Carleton Place

005979-83 Eli JARVIS, 22, blacksmith, Smith Falls, Almonte, s/o James Thomas JARVIS and Mary DRIVER, married Elizabeth GEMMILL, 18, Ramsay, Almonte, d/o James GEMMILL and Isabella LAWFORD, witn: James MORDY and Margaret LANG, both of Almonte, 17? September 1883 at Almonte  

005962-83 Perry William JOHNSON, 24, harness maker, Smith Falls, same. s/o William JOHNSON and Elizabeth CASWELL, married Elizabeth KINCH, 23, Ramsay, Carleton Place, d/o Alexander KINCH and Mary WARREN, witn: Annie WARREN of Ramsay and Thomas JOHNSON Smith Falls, 15 January 1883 at Almonte

#005766-84 (Lanark Co): John KEMPFER, no age given, Merrickville, Smith Falls, s/o James KEMPFER & Emily SABHANS?, married Charlotte Ann CLEMOW, no age given, Smith Falls, same, d/o Thomas CLEMOW & Catherine RYLAND, witn: Annie CLEMOW & Eliz. H. KEMPFER, both of Smith Falls, 7 Nov 1883 at Smith Falls (Rom Cath)

6012-83 (Lanark Co) James KILFOYLE, 26, shoemaker, Montague, Franktown, s/o Francis & Mary KILFOYLE married Sarah Ann COPELAND, 22, Montague, Almonte, d/o William & Alice COPELAND, witn; Francis KILFOYLE of Montague & Alice DOLLEY of N. Williamsburg, 14 Feb 1883, St. James Church, Carleton Place

005961-83 Warden KING, 31, farmer, Darling Tp, same, s/o James KING and Margaret WARK, married Margaret THOMPSON, 25, Lanark, same, d/o Thomas THOMPSON and Grace SCULAR, witn: Thomas KING of Darling, and Annie MASSEN of Lanark, 12 January 1883 at Almonte

6014-83 John KNOX, 24, butcher, Carleton Place, Dominion City Manitoba, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Ellen WARREN, 23, Ramsay, Carleton Place, d/o George & Ann, witn: George KNOX, Eliza WEDGE & George WARREN, all of Carleton Place, 16 March 1883 at res of George J. Love?

6016-83 Wesley LAWFORD, 21, farmer, Montague, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Margaret FERGUSON, 18, Montague, same, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: James STEWART & Isabella FERGUSON, both of Carleton Place, 19 March 1883 at Carleton Place

6008-83 (Lanark Co) John LEACH, 41, yeoman, Beckwith, Montague, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth LEACH married Jane KILFOYLE, 31, Montague, Montague, d/o Francis & Mary KILFOYLE, witn: William KILFOYLE & Jane SALTER of Montague, 3 January 1883, Carleton Place 6010-83 (Lanark Co) William Henry LEACH, 24, yeoman, Beckwith, Ramsay, s/o James & Margaret LEACH married Eliza Jane LYNCH, 22, Ramsay, Ramsay, d/o Daniel & Jane LYNCH, witn: Robert GALBRAITH & Isabella SCOTT of Ashton, 7 February 1883, Carleton Place
5949-83 (Lanark Co) Alexander LESAGE, 23, shoemaker, Pakenham, Pakenham, s/o Joseph & Christine LESAGE married Elizabeth MCFARLANE, 19, Pakenham, Pakenham, d/o William & Mary MCFARLANE, witn: Edward LESAGE & May BURKE of Pakenham, 14 may 1883, Pakenham 5952-83 (Lanark Co) Peter Thompson LYONS, 32, farmer, Ramsay, Ramsay, s/o Peter & Jessie LYONS married Sarah MCGILL, 25, Pakenham, Pakenham, d/o John & Jane MCGILL, witn: Thomas MCGILL of Pakenham & Jessie TOOK of Ramsay, 1 May 1883, Pakenham
  6005-83 (Lanark Co) George I. MACHAU (Machan?), 28, farmer, Dalhousie, Russell Manitoba, s/o John & Margaret MACHAU married Margaret SALMOND, 26, Scotland, Lanark, d/o George & Isabella SALMOND, witn: William DOUGHERTY of Appleton & Margaret GRAY of Lanark, 21 March 1883, Lanark

6013-83 John MAHON, 31, laborer, Drummond, Haliburton, s/o Thomas & Maria, married Annie McGREGOR, 22, Griffith, Arnprior, d/o Thomas & Catherine, witn: Joseph E. & Sarah BROWN of Carleton Place, 20 Feb 1883 at Carleton Place

005988-83 John MANSON, 21, farmer, Ramsay Tp, Almonte, s/o George MANSON and Elizabeth CLARKE, married Lettitia MANNARY, 21, Ireland, Almonte, d/o William MANNARY and Margaret WHITE, witn: Jane MANSON and William Robert GILES both of Ramsay, 2 November 1883 at Almonte

5876-83 Allan James McADAM, 24, merchant, Pakenham, Almonte, s/o James & Jennie, married Margaret Elizabeth ALLAN, 23, Perth, same, d/o Alexander & Euphemia, witn: Walter A. McLEOD of Almonte & Euphemia F. ALLAN of Perth, 8 May 1883 at Perth 5875-83 William John McADAM, 26, station agent, Pakenham, Carberry Manitoba, s/o James & Jennie, married Mary Eleanor KIPPEN, 22, Perth, same, d/o Duncan & Ellen, witn: Thomas A. CODE & Kate KIPPEN, both of Perth, 8 May 1883 at Perth
5955-83 (Lanark Co) George MCARTHUR, 30, clergyman, Elgin Ont., Finch, s/o Donald & Anne MCARTHUR married Maggie Glendennan Rainey MANN, 29?, Pakenham, Pakenham, d/o Alexander & Mary illegible, 22 April 1883, Pakenham [very faded reg'n]  
5847-83 (Lanark Co) John MCCHESNY, 21, laborer, Lanark village, Perth, s/o Samuel MCCHESNY & Margaret MCDONALD married Ann Jane WEEKS, 21, Elmsley North, Elmsley North, d/o James WEEKS & Anne SMITH, witn: Joseph & Alexander WEEKS of North Elmsley, 22 August 1883, North Elmsley 5948-83 (Lanark Co) James MCCUDDEN, 19, laborer, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, s/o James & Mary Anne MCCUDDEN married Bridget A. KELLY, 38, Torbolton, Torbolton, d/o Patrick & Catherine A. KELLY, witn: John A. KELLY of Torbolton & Joseph KILLEEN of Pakenham, 24 April 1883, Pakenham
005963-83 William Ross McCULLOUGH, 21, moulder, Canada, Smith Falls, s/o James McCULLOUGH, and Elizabeth WOOD, married Adelia SCOTT, 20, Canada, Carleton Place., d/o Walter SCOTT and Mary CASHION, witn: Michael GRIFFIN and Jennie BRIDGET o f Almonte, 6 January 1883 at Almonte 5838-83 (Lanark Co) Archibald MCDONALD, 21, farmer, Lanark twp, Lanark twp, s/o John & Annie MCDONALD married Christina Loyd FERGUSON, 22, Drummond, Drummond, d/o Henry & Annie FERGUSON, witn: John MCDONALD of Lanark & Sarah FERGUSON of Drummond, 24 January 1883, Bathurst

5957-83 (Lanark Co) William Paul MCEWEN, 25, editor, Almonte, Almonte, s/o Dugald & Margaret MCEWEN married Bella O'NEIL, 19, Pakenham, Pakenham, d/o John & Isabella O'NEIL, witn: William STEWART of Almonte, 19 September 1883, Pakenham

6018-83 Finley McEWEN, 42, physician, Beckwith, Carleton Place, s/o Alexander & Janet, married Nellie GILLIES, 29, Lanark, Carleton Place, d/o John & Mary Callaghan GILLIES, witn: Hugh McEWEN of Beckwith & Lizzie GILLIES of Carleton Place, 11 April 1883 at Carleton Place

6003-83 (Lanark Co) George MCFARLANE, 24, farmer, Lanark, Lanark, s/o Robert & Margaret MCFARLANE married Margaret Dick RODGERS, 20, Lanark, Lanark, d/o David & Mary RODGER, witn: James RODGER of Lanark, 27 September 1883, Lanark 005982-83 William McGREGOR, 23, farmer, Ramsay Tp, same, s/o Alexander McGREGOR and Aley BRIDGES, married Lilly Jane WILSON, 18, Almonte, Huntley, d/o Charles L WILSON and Sarah Jane SMITH, witn: Richard A WILSON of Huntley and Ann Elizabeth McGREGOR of Ramsay, 29 October 1883 at Almonte
#005764-84 (Lanark Co): Michael McIMRIE, no age given, laborer, Montague, Smith Falls, s/o James McIMRIE & Mary RAGAN, married Ellen O'BRIEN, no age given, Montague, Smith Falls, d/o Patrick O'BRIEN & Ellenor O'REILLY, witn: John BRENNAN & Maria PHILLIPS, 23 Sept 1883 at Smith Falls (Rom Cath)

5841-83 (Lanark Co) Thomas MCKERRACHER, 25, farmer, Bathurst, Bathurst, s/o Donald & Sarah MCKERRACHER married Elizabeth MARKS, 18, Bathurst, Bathurst, d/o Matthew & Mary Ann MARKS, witn: Donald MCKERRACHER & Lizzie ROGERS of Bathurst, 13 June 1883, Bathurst

5843-83 (Lanark Co) Peter McLAREN, 30, yeoman, Beckwith, Beckwith, s/o Duncan & Mary McLAREN, married Jessie MCARTHUR, 24, Beckwith, Beckwith, d/o Peter & Ann MCARTHUR, witn: John McLAREN & John MCARTHUR of Beckwith, 25 April 1883, Beckwith 6031-83 (Lanark Co) Donald MCLAREN, 29, farmer, Beckwith, Beckwith, s/o Peter & Catherine MCLAREN married Kate Ferguson MCGIBBON, 22, Beckwith, Beckwith, d/o John & Jane MCGIBBON, witn: John MCLAREN & Jessie MCGIBBON of Beckwith, 20 June 1883, Carleton Place
  005976-83 Alexander McMANNUS, 28, farmer, Pakenham, same, s/o Alexander McMANNUS and Jane HETRICK, married Margaret HETRICK, 29, Pakenham, same, d/o John HETRICK and Ellen GLEESON, witn: Bella McMANNUS of Almonte and William HETRICK of Pakenham, 5 October 1883 at Almonte
5852-83 (Lanark Co) Thomas MCMULLEN, 25, harness maker, North Elmsley, Grand Forks USA, s/o Luke & Ann MCMULLAN married Elizabeth BELL, 25, Perth, Perth, d/o John & Margaret BELL, witn: Robert H. BELL & Jennie MCKERRACHER of Perth, 3 January 1883, Perth 5848-83 (Lanark Co) Duncan MCNAB, 34, farmer, Elmsley North, Elmsley North, s/o Thomas MCNAB of Scotland & Mary MCKAY married Margaret Ann HOOD (Wood?), 23, Montague twp, North Elmsley, d/o Alexander HOOD of Ireland & Sarah LYLE, witn: Robert MCGREGOR & Martha E. WOOD, 22 October 1883, Smith Falls
5844-83 (Lanark Co) Brice MCNEELY, 23, yeoman, Stittsville NY, Carleton Place, s/o Brice & Mary MCNEELY married Maggie Jane DUFF, 20, Beckwith, Beckwith, d/o William & Elizabeth R. DUFF, witn: Joseph MCKAY & Mary MCNEELY of Carleton Place, 4 June 1883, Beckwith 6004-83 (Lanark Co) Henry MOREAU, 21, farmer, Palmerston, Palmerston, s/o Louis & Elizabeth Stacey MOREAU married Mary Ann VOYSE, 17, Delta, Palmerston, d/o Joseph & Sarah Jane VOYSE, witn: Alexander CAMPBELL of Dalhousie & John RYDER of Palmerston, 1 October 1883, Lanark
5591-83 (Lanark Co) James MOFFATT, 24, shantyman, Darling, Darling, s/o John & Jane MOFFATT married Sarah KEATON, 21, Darling, Darling, d/o James & Helen KEATON, witn: Andrew JAMES of Darling, 19 January 1883, Lanark 6032-83 (Lanark Co) John MIDKIFF, 22, laborer, L'Orignal, Carleton Place, s/o William & Jane MIDKIFF married Harriet BOONE, 22, Kildare, Pakenham, d/o George & Maria BOONE, witn: Nellie McDONALD & Minnie GORDON of Carleton Place, 25 June 1883, Carleton Place

6020-83 Robert MOULTON, 27, farmer, Drummond, same, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Charlotte KIDD, 26, Beckwith, same, d/o George & Jane, witn: Joseph POWER of Drummond & Melinda KIDD of Beckwith, 18 April 1883 at St. James Church, Carleton Place

005974-83 John MURRAY, widower, 65, farmer, Ireland, Tp Darling, s/o not given, m Jane NEVILLE, 36, Ireland, Tp Darling, d/o Michael NEVILLE and Sarah KNOX, witn: Oliver and Caroline CALDWELL of Darling, 17 May 1883 at Almonte
#005767-84 (Lanark Co): Peter O'BRIEN, no age given, yeoman, Elmsley, same, s/o not given, married Sophia BISONETTE, no age given, Elmsley, same, d/o Solomon BISONETTE & Orilla MARQUETTE, witn: Frank & Mary BISONETTE, 13 Nov 1883 at Smith Falls (Rom Cath) #005768-84 (Lanark Co): William O'REILLY, no age given, yeoman, Elmsley, same, s/o Thomas O'REILLY & Julia RANHARA, married Eliza Ann KENNEDY, no age given, Elmsley, same, d/o Owen KENNEDY & Catherine JUDGE, witn: Ralph KENNEDY & Margaret FORSYTHE, 21 Oct 1883 at Smith Falls (Rom Cath)
5954-83 (Lanark Co) Ledger OWENS, 27, farmer, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, s/o Edward & Eliza OWENS married Catherine Elizabeth PHAIR?, 2-?, of Fitzroy, s/o William & Elizabeth, at Pakenham [very faded reg'n] 6024-83 (Lanark Co) Oliver PAQUET, 31, laborer, Perth, Carleton Place, s/o Oliver & Amelia PAQUET married Mary Ann NEILL, 20, Carleton Place, Carleton Place, d/o Michael & Margaret NEILL, witn: William SMITH & Sarah PAQUET & Mrs. W. SALTERS of Carleton Place, 15 May 1883, Carleton Place
6029-83 (Lanark Co) Robert PENK, 23, book keeper, Manchester England, Montreal, s/o George & Elizabeth PENK married Annie Elizabeth JACK, 22, Perth, Carleton Place, d/o Francis H. & Jane JACK, witn: John EDWARD of Montreal & Cecilia JACK of Brockville, 14 June 1883, Carleton Place 5596-83 (Lanark Co) James PEPPER, 42, livery stable proprietor, widower, Oakville, Lanark, s/o William & Eliza PEPPER married Olivia HENDERSON, 34, Lanark, Lanark, d/o James & Elizabeth HENDERSON, witn: John GALLINGER of Lanark village, 20 June 1883, Lanark
5863-83 John ROBINSON, 23, laborer, North Elmsley, Perth, s/o Peter & Sarah, married Mary Ann JOHNSON, 19, Drummond, Perth, d/o William & Mary, witn: Abraham ROBINSON of Lanark, 5 Jan 1883 at Perth

5998-83 (Lanark Co) James S. RODGERS, 25, farmer, Lanark, Lanark, s/o William & Jane RODGERS married Margaret Amanda JOHNSON, 24, Lanark, Lanark, d/o Hugh & Margaret JOHNSON, witn: Frank DEACHMAN & John JOHNSON of Lanark, 5 September 1883, Lanark

5956-83 (Lanark Co) Patrick RUDDY, 34, farmer, Pakenham, Pakenham, s/o Michael & Catherine RUDDY married Elizabeth illegible, 22, Ireland, Pakenham, d/o John & illegible, 12 Sept 1883 at Pakenham [very faded reg'n] 005980-83 Joseph SADLER, 22 , operative, England, Almonte, s/o James SADLER, and Ann JOHNSON, married Margaret LENNON, 24, Pakenham, Almonte, d/o Michael LENNON and Elizabeth MILLER, witn: Mrs EDMONDS and Jeannie SHANKS both of Almonte, 13 August 1883 at Almonte
5874-83 Edward SCOTT, 28, farmer, North Burgess, same, s/o William & Ann, married Margaret Jane DEWITT, 22, Bathurst, North Burgess, d/o John & Bridget, witn: George LAYDEN of Perth & Mary Ann DEWITT of N. Burgess, 23 April 1883 at Perth

6009-83 (Lanark Co) Samuel SEVAINE, 27, farmer, Beckwith, Beckwith, s/o John & Sarah SEVAINE married Eleanor Constance MCKERGEN, 20, Glasgow Scotland, Carleton Place, d/o Robert & Annie Ethel MCKERGEN, witn: George GARDEN of Beckwith & Mary WEDGE of Carleton Place, 10 January 1883, Carleton Place

5958-83 (Lanark Co) William SHERLOCK, 27, laborer, Fitzroy, Arnprior, s/o James & Anne SHERLOCK married Mary KEEGAN, 26, Pakenham, Pakenham, d/o Bernard & M--?, witn: Bernard KEEGAN & Ellen FARRELL, both of Pakenham, illegible date, at Pakenham [faded reg'n] 5845-83 (Lanark Co) James SHIELDS, 31, farmer, widower, Montague twp, Montague twp, s/o John SHIELDS & Sophia BRYAN married Margaret J. MCEWEN, 26, Montague twp, Montague twp, d/o Donald MCEWEN & Janet MCPHAIL, witn: James MOIR of Montague & William MILLER of Smith Falls, 25 April 1883, Montague
5953-83 (Lanark Co) Charles Graham SIMPSON, 27, farmer, Ramsay, Pakenham, s/o William & Ann SIMPSON married Matilda MCNAB, 26, McNab, McNab, d/o John & Catherine MCNAB, witn: Alexander MCNAB & Maggie SIMPSON of Pakenham, 27 June 1883, Pakenham 005959-83 William Henry SLATER, 21, machinist, Ross Ont, Almonte, s/o Walter SLATER and Elizabeth HENRY, married Isabella RINGROSE, 17, England, Almonte, d/o Thomas RINGROSE and Sarah BERRY, witn: Francis MATLOCK and Emily WOODWARD both of Almonte, 21 December 1883 at Almonte

005985-83 Samuel SMITH, 21, factory operative, Nova Scotia, Almonte, s/o William George and Mary Jane SMITH, married Theresa MURPHY, 18, Ramsay, Almonte, d/o Thomas and Margaret MURPHY, witn: Frank MATTOCK and Jennie JENKINS, both of Almonte, 6 June 1883 at Almonte

005975-84 (Lanark Co) Charles Metcalfe SMITH, 30, Farmer, Lanark, Lanark, s/o James SMITH & Eliza TENNANT; married Anne McLenaghan RAMSBOTTOM, 23, Lanark, Lanark, d/o John RAMSBOTTOM & Mary FINLAYSON; wit William RAMSBOTTOM & Fanny SMITH, both Lanark, 25 Dec 1883, Lanark Twp
  5870-83 Robert STONE, 38, widower, laborer, Perth, Oso, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Maria CONROY, 28, South Sherbrooke, same, d/o James & Jane, witn: Edward & Maggie CONROY of S. Sherbrooke, 20 Feb 1883 at Perth

005965-83 David SUTHERLAND, 25, tin smith, Ramsay, Lucknow Ont, s/o Alexander SUTHERLAND and Elizabeth McARTHUR, married Bella RUSSELL, 23, Almonte, same, d/o William RUSSELL and Catherine WILSON, witn: Gavin and Minnie RUSSELL of Almonte, 12 March 1883 at Almonte

#005857-83 Thomas F. THORNTON, 28, Perth, Clayton, b, cooper, s/o John & Mary THORNTON, married Cecilia CARMICHAEL, 24, Perth, same, s, d/o Thomas & Janet CARMICHAEL, witn; James THORNTON, Annie BAIRD, both Perth, married 4 April 1883, Perth
6026-83 (Lanark Co) James UMPHERSTON, 21, laborer, Dalhousie, Carleton Place, s/o James & Maria UMPHERSTON married Alice CRAWLEY, 22, London England, Ottawa, d/o Thomas & Jane CRAWLEY, witn: James BRESEE & Mary HALCROFT of Carleton Place, 28 May 1883, Carleton Place 005973-83 Joseph Eugene VARIN, 26, hair dresser, Ottawa, Almonte, s/o Eusele VARIN and Margaret WILLIAMS, married Jane BOWES, 25 Almonte, same, d/o Patrick BOWES and Catherine O'NEIL, witn: Thomas CORCORAN and Margaret BOWES of Almonte, 19 June 1883 at Almonte
6025-83 (Lanark Co) George WEDGE, 22, wool spinner, London England, Carleton Place, s/o Joseph & Ellen WEDGE married Maggie HALL, 22, Scotland, Carleton Place, d/o James & Jessie HALL, witn: Edward WEDGE & Jessie HALL of Carleton Place, 18 May 1883, Carleton Place 5871-83 Peter WHITE, 28, tinsmith, Bathurst, Lanark village, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Annie Matilda HANDS, 22, Drummond, same, d/o Thomas & Caroline, witn: Peter SALTER of Montague, 28 Feb 1883 at Perth

6019-83 John Thomas G--? WHYTE, 28, clerk, Beckwith, Renfrew, s/o James & Mary Elizabeth, married Nelllie CRAIN, 25, Beckwith, same, d/o David & Annie, witn: Willard CLEARY of Renfrew & Maggie RORRISON (Robinson?) of Carleton Place, 11 April 1883 at Beckwith

5997-83 (Lanark Co) Robert WILSON, 21, farmer, Lanark, Lanark, s/o Robert & Margaret WILSON married Ida Virginia ROBERTS, 19, Bathurst, Lanark, d/o James & Agnes ROBERTS, witn: Andrew BAIRD of Lanark, 5 September 1883, Lanark
  5869-83 Charles William WRIGHT, 23, merchant, Kingston, same, s/o Clark & Mary, married Kate Ruth DEVLIN, 19, Perth, same, d/o George & Annie, witn: Robert KEELEY of Kingston, 6 Feb 1883 at Perth

005986-83 Wilson Henry YOUNG, 33, lumberman, Canada, Saginaw Mich., s/o Henry YOUNG and Rachael DOUGHERTY, married Emma DOUGHERTY, 26, Canada, Ramsay, d/o William DOUGHERTY and Sarah CURRY, witn: Charles YOUNG of Ramsay and Sadie E DOUGHERTY of Carleton Place, 28 November 1883 at Almonte

005972-83 Andrew YOUNG, 31, machinist, Ramsay, Almonte, s/o Peter YOUNG and Jean ERSKINE, married Alice Jane GLOVER, 23, Ramsay, Almonte, d/o John GLOVER and Elizabeth JENKINSON, witn: William BAIRD and Margaret GLOVER of Almonte, 16 May 1883 at Almonte

005987-83 Francis YOUNG, widower, 48, yeoman, Canada, McNab, Renfew Co., s/o John YOUNG and Fanny GOODWIN, married Jessie CARREY, widow, 45, Canada, Sand Point, Renfew Co., d/o Robert STEWART and Mary McWHIRTER , witn: James and Annie M DOCHERTY of Ramsay, 11 November 1883 at Almonte