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Leeds & Grenville Co., 1901

birth place is given before residence


010427-01 (Leeds Co.) John ALGUIRE, 38 (58?), Farmer, Cardinal, Rock Creek Minnesota, s/o William ALGUIRE & Mary FRASER, married Margaret JOHNSTON, 43, Domestic, Glasgow Scotland, Brockville, d/o Frank JOHNSTON & Jean DUNLOP, Witn.: Humphrey B YOUNG of Brockville, Maggie LAURIN of Greenbush, July 24, 1901 at Brockville 010528-1901 (Leeds Co) James ANDERSON, 23, Hotel Keeper, Scotland, Montreal, s/o William ANDERSON & Margaret NIBLOCK, married Estella JOHNSTON, 23, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Samuel JOHNSTON & Margaret FULFORD, witn: I. J. HOLLAND, Montreal, Nora JOHNSTON, Elizabethtown, 18 June 1901 at Elizabethtown
010770-01 (Leeds Co.) Anson Albert ANDRESS, 21, Farmer, Twp. Escott, same, s/o William ANDRESS & Mary THERRETT, married Laura FERGUSON, 26, Twp. Escott, same, d/o James F. FERGUSON & Margaret SHANNON, Witn.: Albert A. FERGUSON, Mrs. Albert A. FERGUSON, both of Rockport, April 3, 1901 at Twp. of Escott, 010777-01 (Leeds Co.) William, AUMELL (Arnell?), 39, Wid., Laborer, Cardinal, Cardinal, s/o William AUMELL (1901 census as AMELL) & Teresa BOWER, married Julia FOSTER, 35, Housekeeper, Charleston, Charleston, d/o John FOSTER & Catherine SLACK, Witn.: Thomas FOSTER, Bridget FORD, both of Charleston, July 12, 1901 at Ballycanoe, Front of Escott
010766-01 (Leeds Co.) Egbert AVERY, 35, Farmer, Twp. Escott, same, s/o Isaac AVERY & Mary TRICKEY, married Rachel Mary McCLARY, 19, Indian Head N.Y.?, Twp. Yonge, d/o William McCLARY & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, Witn.: Henry Avery THOMSON, of Twp. Escott, Elizabeth Ellen McCLARY of Twp. Yonge, July 18, 1901 at St. Luther Church, Twp. Yonge #010367-01 (Grenville Co): William J. BARTON, 22, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o John BARTON & Mary GRAHAM, married Clara BARTON, 20, Augusta, same, d/o Amos BARTON & Mary PERRIN, witnesses were Joseph & Katie BARTON of Maynard, 20 Aug 1901 at Maynard
#010397-01 (Leeds Co): Ebenezer George BATTEN, 42, farmer, New Dublin, same, s/o William J. BATTEN & Dorothy DAVIS, married Florence J. DUNHAM, 21, Brockville, same, d/o James DUNHAM & Eveline MOORE, witnesses were James DUNHAM & Eveline MOORE, both of Brockville, 20 March 1901 at Brockville #010366-01 (Grenville Co): Willard M. BELL, 35, widower, farmer, Stockholm NY, Massena NY, s/o Morgan BELL & Cornelia PHILLIPS, married Clara CAVAN, 29, widow, Souseville, Norfold NY, d/o Andrew J. CAVAN & Annie FARMER, 29 Aug 1901 at Maitland
010432-01 (Leeds Co.) Henry BIGFORD, 50, Wid., Carpenter, Elizabethtown Twp., Wolford Twp., s/o Henry BIGFORD & Maria BERRIE, married Priscilla ROGERS, 34, Elizabethtown Twp., same, d/o William ROGERS & Hester HAMILTON, Witn.: Joseph ROGERS, Maggie BLAIR, both of Elizabethtown, Sept. 18, 1901 at Brockville 010527-1901 (Leeds Co) George Ira BILLINGS, 24, Druggist, Elizabethtown, Moose Jaw NWT, s/o Marble BILLINGS & Ruth KILBORN, married Ellen Eliza TAPLEY, 22, Ingersol, Moose Jaw NWT, d/o George TAPLEY & Jane SUTTON, witn: Walter BILLINGS, Maggie BILLINGS, both of Elizabethtown, 12 May 1901 at Lyn

#010593-01 (Grenville Co): William BLAIR, 21, farmer, USA, South Mountain, s/o George BLAIR & illegible CARLYLE, married Annie FRANCIS, 21, USA, South Mountain, d/o Paston FRANCIS & Hannah WOOD, witn: W.H. PUTNAM & Mrs. W.L. HADDEN, both of Kemptville, 15 May 1901 at Kemptville

010664-02 Charles H. BLOUNT, 36, proof reader, United States, Boston, s/o Edward BLOUNT & Ann KELLY; married Margret ONEIL, 25, Canada, Augusta, d/o James ONEIL & Margaret KESLIN?; wit Joseph CASEY & Annie ONEIL, both Augusta, 24 Jul 1901, Spencerville
#010371-01 (Grenville Co): Julian C. BOYD, 27, baker, Lyn, North Augusta, s/o Robert P. BOYD & Annie TILLIE, married Letitia Ann JOYNT, 29, New Boyne, North Augusta, d/o John JOYNT & Ann REID, witnesses were A.E. WARREN & Mary JOYNT, both of North Augusta, 4 April 1901 at St. Peters Church, North Augusta, dup reg #10346-01 010467-01, (Leeds), Thomas BRIGGS, 28, Farmer, Maberly, Maberly, s/o Christopher BRIGGS & Mary BUCHANAN, married Emily ANDERSON, 21, Bedford, Bedford, d/o James ANDERSON & Jane THOMPSON, witn-William MOORE & Isabella ANDERSON, January 1 1901 at Westport
010508-1901 (Grenville Co) George Henry BROWN, 26, Cheese Maker, Roebuck, same, s/o Wilson BROWN & Hannah MOORE, married Rhoda HUNTER, 27, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o John HUNTER & Helen ?--MEIL, witn: Eddie HUNTER, Edwardsburgh, May BRACKENRIDGE, both of Edwardsville NY, 6 Mar 1901 at Edwardsburgh #010396-01 (Leeds Co): George E. BROWN, 44, farmer, Phillipville, same, s/o Albert BROWN & Eliza EDDUKIN, married Edna A. VALOON, 35, Frankville, Delta, d/o Malon VALOON & Eliza REDMOND, witn: Sarah ANDERSON of Brockville, 28 Feb 1901 at Brockville
  #010389-01 (Leeds Co): William Henry BRYANT, 35, builder, England, Brockville, s/o Richard BRYANT & Kezia LANG, married Edith Alma MURRAY, 35, widow, Lansdowne, Brockville, d/o John HESTEN & Edith CRANT, witnesses were Alice BOWIE & Laura BRYANT, both of Brockville, 23 Jan 1901 at Brockville
010782-01 (Leeds Co.) Charles L. BUELL, 22, Machinest, Brockville, Brockville, s/o S.S. BUELL & Jeanette SPALDING, married Blanche CLOW, 20, Housemaid, Twp. Yonge, Twp. Yonge, d/o Hiram CLOW & Susan LANGDON, Witn.: W.A. CLOW, Lillie EATON, both of Twp. Yonge, Oct. 9, 1901 at Mallorytown #010362-01 (Grenville Co): Nathan BUKER, 43, farmer, Maynard, same, s/o Jacob BUKER & Jane LAVERTY, married Ida May PLACE, 20, Algonquin, same, d/o Joseph PLACE & Electa LANGLY, witnesses were A. SPICER of Algonquin & Mrs. S. BAUL of Aultsville, 10 June 1901 at Algonquin
#010399-01 (Leeds Co): Herbert W. BURNETT, 33, widower, clergyman (Meth), Sheffield England, Maitland, s/o Joseph BURNETT & Jane SMITH, married Georgina Mary DUNHAM, spinster, 28, Augusta twp., same, d/o George SHERWOOD & Annie Elizabeth BOOTH?, witnesses were Alfred C. BURNETT of Toronto & Ida M. DUNHAM of Augusta, 20 March 1901 at Brockville 010480-01, (Leeds), Peter BURNS, 30, Farmer, North Crosby, Bedford, s/o Peter BURNS & Mary McALISTER, married Margaret GILHULY, 24, Westport, Westport, d/o Jainus GILHULY & Anne KEILLHER, witn- John CALLAGHAN & Kate McALISTER, October 29 1901 at Westport
010484-01, (Leeds), Mark Joseph CAULEY, 23, Laborer, Westport, Westport, s/o Patrick CAULEY & Bridget GAIN, married Maud McCAFFREY, 19, Westport, Westport, d/o Eugene McCAFFREY & Agnes WHELAN, witn-William J. HART & Mary A. McCAFFREY, November 06 1901 at Westport 010387-01 (Leeds Co): Ormand CHANT, 21, mill hand, Chantry, same, s/o Eli CHANT & Julia KYLE, married Lucy POWELL, 43, Plum Hollow, Delta, d/o Israel POWELL & Ordelia IRELAND, witnesses were B. RYCKMAN & Mary E. SYCAMORE, 16 Jan 1901 at Brockville
010490-1901 (Leeds Co) David John CHANT, 20, Farmer, Bastard Tp, same, s/o Robert CHANT & Mary BROWN, married May JOHNSTON, 19, England, South Crosby, Robert JOHNSTON & Lily M. WAKEFIELD, witn: George DUNN, Amey DUNN, both of South Crosby, 13 Feb 1901 at South Crosby 010773-01 (Leeds Co.) Ernest Edward CHANT, 21, Farmer, Twp. Bastard, Twp. Yonge, s/o Wesley CHANT & Isadora SMITH, married Maggie Jane HOGAN, 24, Lyn, Twp. Yonge, d/o Robert HOGAN & Ellen HUGHES, Witn.: Ellon LITTLEJOHN of Ridgetown Co. Kent, Laura E. BEATTY, Twp. Yonge, April 23, 1901 at Cainstown
#010330-01 (Leeds Co): Mills CHURCH, 22, farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Levi CHURCH & Mary Ann BARLOW, married Mamie WALFORD, 21, Elizabethtown, Cleveland Ohio, d/o Thomas WALFORD & Sarah ROBERTS, witnesses were, James BELL of Addison & Belle WILLSE of Athens, 19 March 1901 at Athens #010592-01 (Grenville Co): Owen CLARK, 23, farmer, Matilda, South Gower, s/o Adam CLARK & Susan STEWART, married Maude HEMPINSTALL, 18, USA, South Gower, d/o William HEMPINSTALL & Mariah PHELPS, witn: Elmira MAVERTY & Etta NELSON, both of Kemptville, 30 April 101 at Kemptville
#010364-01 (Grenville Co): William B. COLLIER, 34, farmer, Maitland, Augusta, s/o John COLLIER & Elizabeth MORAY, married Evelina THOMPSON, 23, Maynard, Maitland, d/o Amos THOMPSON & Angeline CONNORS, witnesses were T? C. BROWN of Richmond & Mary CONNORS of Carleton Place, 26 June 1901 at Maitland #010354-01 (Grenville Co): George B. COMPTON, 28, commercial traveler, Toronto, Brockville, s/o Benjamin COMPTON & Grace BURT, married Margaret E. BOYD, 28, Maitland, same, d/o James BOYD & Agnes McGILL, witnesses were M. GILHOOLY of Brockville & Ida DUMBRILLE of Maitland, 25 March 1901 at Maitland
#010386-01 (Leeds Co): J. Berkley CONNOR, 26, undertaker, Greenbush, North Augusta, s/o Thomas CONNOR & Henrietta KILBORN, married Minnie PATTERSON, 25, Brockville, same, d/o Nelson PATTERSON & Emma DARLING, witnesses were George N. WHITE of Lansdowne & Sarah MILLS of Brockville, 1 Jan 1901 at Brockville #010596-01 (Grenville Co): Angus COOK, 20, tinsmith, Matilda, same, s/o James COOK & Tena? STRATER?, married Mabel CAMERON, 19, Mountain, same, d/o Alexander CAMERON & Isabella ORTON, 26 July 1901 at Kemptville
#010459-01 (Grenville Co): Robert M. COOPER, 27, engineer, Winchester, Cardinal, s/o Edward COOPER & Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, married Frances CASEL, 18, Morrisburg, Cardinal, d/o Reuben CASEL & Mary HOLMES, witnesses were John & Annie A. KERR of Cardinal, 20 Aug 1901 at Cardinal 010771-01 (Leeds Co.) Vernal Henry CROSS, 24, Farmer, Twp. Lansdowne, same, s/o Martin CROSS & Annie Florence McRADY, married Cora Belle WILSON, 18, Twp. Lansdowne, same, d/o James Thomson WILSON & Gussie ? (maybe Gracie) WING, Witn.: Arthur MOORE, Mrs. Arthur MOORE, both of Escott, March 20, 1901 at Twp. of Escott
#010590-01 (Grenville Co): William Royal CROWDER, 22, farmer, Inkerman, same, s/o George CROWDER & Adela ELBAN, married Emma Isabella KENDRICK, 19, South Mountain, same, d/o John KENDRICK & Nancy WATSON, witn: William John CLARK of Inkerman & Maggie CHRISTIE of Pleasant Valley, 20 March 1901 at Kemptville #010363-01 (Grenville Co): James E. DALTON, 28, clerk, Augusta, New York, s/o George DALTON & Clarissa KEELER, married Fanny HORNIBROOK, 25, teacher, Augusta, same, d/o William HORNIBROOK & Rebecca IRVINE, witnesses were George Stewart TRICKY of New York & Catherine McEWAN of White Plains NY, 24 July 1901 at Algonquin
  010524-1901 (Leeds Co) Stanley DAVIS, 30, Farmer, Renfrew County, Elizabethtown, s/o Henry DAVIS & Eliza DAVIS, married Minnie BERRY, 28, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Joseph BERRY & Harriet THETFORD, witn: C.W. LAWSON, Addison, 26 Mar 1901 at Addison
#010353-01 (Grenville Co): Herbert S. DAWSON, 25, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o James DAWSON & Rebecca SHAW, married Annie M. GALLINGER, 21, dress maker, North Augusta, same, d/o Matthew GALLINGER & Maggie SEELEY, witnesses were Ernest WHITE of Augusta, & -ttie A. CHECKLEY of Elizabethtown, 27 Feb 1901 at North Augusta 010469-01, (Leeds), Albert Webster DIER, 29, Farmer, North Crosby, North Crosby, s/o Thomas DIER & Margaret THOMPSON, married Mary Ann MARKS, 26, United States, North Crosby, d/o Joseph MARKS & Louisa BROWN, witn-Albert MARKS & Mary Ann DIER, March 6 1901 at Westport
010478-01, (Leeds), George Israel DIER, 28, Farmer, North Crosby, Westport, s/o Thomas DIER & Margaret THOMPSON, married Alice Maud PORTER, 25, Westport, Westport, d/o James PORTER & Jane BROWN, witn-Fred PORTER & Mary A. DIER, November 20 1901 at Westport #010465-01 (Grenville Co): Edward V. DODGE, agent, Edwardsburgh, same, s/o Hiram DODGE & Elizabeth ADAMS, married Eliza REID, 30, Cardinal, same, d/o John REID & Jane DONNALEY, witnesses were William CAMPBELL of Cannamore & Helen REID of Cardinal, 23 Oct 1901 at Cardinal
#010458-01 (Grenville Co): Edward DONALD, 27, fireman, Brockville, same, s/o David DONALD & Agnes MURCHY, married S.A. JONES, 24, Cardinal, same, d/o William JONES & Alecta RATHER?, witnesses were Francis GRANT of Brockville & Aurelia JONES of Cardinal, 18 Sep 1901 at Cardinal 010511-1901 (Grenville Co) William DOVE, 24, Farmer, Canada, Edwardsburgh, s/o William DOVE & C. McCORTIN, married Mary E. O'NEIL, 22, Seamstress, Canada, Throoptown, d/o John O'NEIL & Ellin TOBIN, witn: William LEAKY, Spencerville, Annie O'NEIL, Throoptown, 6 Feb 1901 at Spencerville (RC)
  #010586-01 (Grenville Co): David Wallace DOWNEY, 27, baker, Bowmanville, same, s/o George & Emma, married Margaret A. CALLANDER, 30, North Gower, Kemptville, d/o Andrew CALLANDER & Tenna? HOLDEN, witn: George COULTHARD of Lunenburgh? & Alice GIBSON of Kemptville, 9 Jan 1901 at Kemptville
#010347-01 (Grenville Co): Earnest M. DOYALL, 20, cheese maker, Fairfield, same, s/o Walter DOYALL & Maggie WALKER, married Ethel CARR, 23, North Augusta, Fairfield, d/o George CARR & Sarah FLETCHER, witnesses were, A.H. & Jeny CARR of Fairfield, 20 March 1901 at Fairfield 010486-1901 (Leeds Co) Thomas DOYLE, 28, Farmer, South Crosby, same, s/o Michael DOYLE & Elizabeth DUNN, married Mary Jane CARTY, 28, South Crosby, same, d/o Orven CARTY & Catherine JORDAN, witn: Joseph A. KENNEY, Jones Falls, Jennie CARTY, Newboro, 11 Feb 1901 at Elgin (RC)
#010350-01 (Grenville Co): Rufus Charles EARL, 20 cheese maker, Augusta, same, s/o Rufus EARL & Lucy Aldma ANDREWS, married Minnie PERVELL (or Pewell), 25, Augusta, same, d/o William PERVELL & Lydia McLAREN, witn: Edith BAKER of Maitland, 3 April 1901 at Maitland  
010473-01, (Leeds), Persis J. EARL, 31, Gardener, Algonquin, Watertown, s/o Edward EARL & Silvia THROOP, married Susie SICKLER, 23, North Crosby, North Crosby, d/o George SICKLER & Lois DUNHAM, witn- Wright SICKLER & Calvin SICKLER, April 29 1901 at Westport 010431-01 (Leeds Co.) Robert EARL, 31, Farmer, Twp. of Yonge, same, s/o George EARL & Elizabeth DUMBRILL (?), married Elizabeth DAVIS, 26, Twp. of Yonge, Twp. of Elizabethtown, d/o Thomas DAVIS & Mary GILROY, Witn.: Albert EARLE of Twp. of Yonge, Ada JOHNSTON of Addison Ont., Sept. 18, 1901 at Brockville
#010355-01 (Grenville Co): W. Henry EASTON, 39, stove mounter, Ottawa, Merrickville, s/o Henry EASTON & Felicia LESLIE, married Susan EASTON, 39, widow, grocer, Ottawa, Merrickville, d/o Thomas FOSTER & Mary PEARCE, 26 March 1901 at Roebuck 010769-01 (Leeds Co.) George E. EDDY, 29, Farmer, Theresa ? N.Y., Theresa ? N.Y., s/o Milon EDDY & Mary HOSINER, married Lora ROOT, 31, Grenadier Island Escott Twp., same, d/o Albert ROOT & Sarah Jane BURTCH, Witn.: Charles E. ROOT of Twp. Escott, Katherine CROW ? of N.Y., Sept. 4, 1901 at Rockport, Twp. Escott
010485-1901 (Leeds Co) Alexander L. ELIOTT, 32, Farmer, Bastard Tp, same, s/o James H. ELIOTT & Elizabeth LOGAN, married Eleanor HALLADAY, 25, South Crosby, same, d/o Henry HALLADY (sic) & Margaret L. STEVENS, witn: William J. SEED, Emily ELIOTT, both of South Crosby, 16 Jan 1901 at Elgin 010505-1901 (Grenville Co) John Millar ELLIOTT, 44, Carpenter, Perth, Beachburgh, s/o Walter ELLIOTT & Jenet MILLAR, married Elizabeth GRAHAM, 39, Smiths Falls, Spencerville, d/o William GRAHAM & Margaret FOS?TER, witn: R. E. MILLAR, Ida May BALLANTINE, both of Ottawa, 16 Jan 1901 at Spencerville
  010497-1901 (Leeds Co) Burton E. FAILING, 24, Clayton NY, Philadelphia NY, s/o Spencer FAILING & Patience COON, married Daisy JOHNSTON, 21, London England, South Crosby, d/o Robert JOHNSTON & Matilda WAKEFIELD, witn: Herman COON, Lura COON, both of South Crosby, 18 June 1901 at South Crosby
010767-01 (Leeds Co.) Fred James FERGUSON, 23, Cheesemaker, Twp. Escott, Junestown, s/o Benjamin FERGUSON & Jane FORTUNE, married Alice TRUESDALE, 18, Twp. Escott, Rockfield, d/o John Nelson TRUESDALE & Ellen HERBISON, Witn.: Charles BAILE, May TACKABERRY, both of Yonge Twp., July 27, 1901 at Rockfield, Twp. Escott #010351-01 (Grenville Co): William FITZGERALD, 32, laborer, Wolford, Augusta, s/o James FITZGERALD & Nancy WILSON, married Marget DAVIS, 31, Elizabethtown, Augusta, d/o John & Catherine, witnesses were Robert FITZGERALD & Mary McDONALD, both of Wolford twp, 20 March 1901 at North Augusta,
010778-01 (Leeds Co.) Robert FOSTER, 35, Hotelkeeper, Charleston, Charleston, s/o John FOSTER & Catherine SLACK, married Bridget FORD, 27, Servant, Napanee, Charleston, d/o John FORD & Alice McGRAW, Witn.: Thomas FOSTER of Charleston, Teresa HOOD of Ballycanoe, April 23, 1901 at Ballycanoe, Front of Yonge 010428-01 (Leeds Co.) David John FOX, 21, Teamster, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Austin FOX & Eliza STEAR..?, married Ethel Doretta TURNER, 23, Fairfield, Brockville, d/o James TURNER & Matilda FOX, Witn.: Frances J. FITZPATRICK, Marg. S. FITZGERALD Both of Brockville, August 20, 1901 at Brockville
010517-1901 (Grenville Co) John FRASER, 66, Widower, Gentleman, Perth, Spencerville, A. FRASER, M. HALLIDAY, married Mary A. McKNIGHT, 51, Elizabethtown, Edwardsburgh, d/o William McKNIGHT & Mary ALLAN, witn: Mrs. McDOUGALL, Miss CHILDERHOSE, both of Spencerville, 30 Oct 1901 at Spencerville 010498-1901 (Leeds Co) Benjamin GAVIN, 28, Farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Benjamin GAVIN & Bridget BULGER, married Edith HAMILTON, 22, South Crosby, same, d/o Charles HAMILTON & Eleanor FITZGERALD, witn: John GAVIN of Lansdowne & Margaret HAMILTON of Westport, 16 June 1901 at Elgin
010430-01 (Leeds Co.) John GILROY, 32, Car Mounting, Spring Hadey?, Brockville, s/o Thomas GILROY & Margaret DOCKRITTER (?), married Sadie A. PHILIPS, 20, Escott, Brockville, d/o John & Mary PHILIPS, Witn.: Richard ROWSOME, Lois L. PHILLIPS, both of Brockville, August 20, 1901 at Brockville #010331-01 (Leeds Co): William John GILROY, 24, tinsmith, Athens, A--?, s/o Eli E. GILROY & Jane WHITE, married Rose Victoria BRECKENRIDGE, 19, Athens, Southfield, d/o George A. BRECKENRIDGE & Sarah IRELAND, witnesses were Gordon GILROY of Brockville & M. Lena STEWART of Kingston, 13 March 1901 at Athens
010516-1901 (Grenville Co) Richard GOODWIN, 36, Farmer, Edwardsburgh, same, s/o E. WILKINSON & William GOODWIN, married Mary WALLACE, 32, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o Jeremiah WALLACE & M. A. GAMBLE, witn: Robert MURDOCK, Edwardsburgh, D. E. WILKINSON, Shanly, 2 May 1901 at Edwardsburgh #010461-01 (Grenville Co): Joseph GORE, 26, farmer, Edwardsburgh, Cardinal, s/o Sam? GORE & Elizabeth FAIRGRAY, married Sarah Elizabeth SCOTT, Edwardsburgh, Cardinal, d/o Hugh T. SCOTT & Sarah WARNER, witnesses were Hugh M. ADAMS & Agnes GORE, both of Edwardsburgh, 18 Dec 1901 at Cardinal
010492-1901 (Leeds Co) John Hilliard GREEN, 36, Farmer, North Crosby, same, s/o William GREEN & Mary E. POWER, married Amelia Janet HARRISON, 21, South Crosby, same, d/o William H. HARRISON & Ellen TROTTER, witn: Elmer E. HARRISON, South Crosby, Lucy COWLE, Lake Eloida, 28 Mar 1901 at South Crosby #010365-01 (Grenville Co): Harry GREEN, 23, carriage builder, Fairfield, Algonquin, married Anna M. ORR, 18, Algonquin, same, d/o William ORR & Rose KIRKBY, witnesses were Georgie BURNETT of Maitland & Maud MORRY of Algonquin, 28 Aug 1901 at Algonquin
010779-01 (Leeds Co.) Frederick William GREER, 28, Merchant, Escott, Escott, s/o James GREER & Susannah THOMPSON, married Lucy Alberta HOLLINGSWORTH, 19, School Teacher, Escott, Escott, d/o John HOLLINGSWORTH & Lucy HODGE, Witn.: Edward Joseph & Henrietta HOLLINGSWORTH of Escott, Sept. 4, 1901 at Escott #010360-01 (Grenville Co): Charles HALEY, 24, farmer, North Augusta, same, s/o John HALEY & Ving FERGUSON, married Maggie EVANS, 19, North Augusta, same, d/o John EVANS & Jean HYATT, witnesses were Edward HALEY & Maggie E. FORREST, both of North Augusta, 10 July 1901 at North Augusta
010424-01 (Leeds Co.) Hubert C. HAWKINGS, 20, Cheese Maker, Athens, Athens, s/o Hiram & Rachel HAWKINGS, married Florence POTTER, 18, London England, Athens, d/o William POTTER & Emily MITCHELL, Witn.: Anna GILL, Henrietta LAIRD, both of Brockville, July 3, 1901 at Brockville  
010526-1901 (Leeds Co) William Joseph HAY, 32, Mechanic, Dundas Co, Smiths Falls, s/o William HAY & Ann STEAD, married Viola WILTSIE, 29, Addison, same, d/o Ezra WILTSIE & Mary WILTSIE, witn: David WILTSIE, Sybil WILTSIE, both of Smiths Falls, 30 Apr 1901 at Addison #010388-01 (Leeds Co): James Elseng? HELLEN-LANSEN, 25, commercial traveller, Springfield Illinois, Souris Manitoba, s/o Emil H-L & Elizabeth HICKS, married Georgia Maud COOLIDGE, 23, Brockville, same, d/o Isaac COOLIDGE & Mary WAFER, witnesses were Georgina FOWLER of Ottawa & Allan CAMERON of Brockville, 21 Jan 1901 at Brockville
010496-1901 (Leeds Co) Franklin A. HELLMAN, 34, Railway Brakeman, Papineauville, Chapleau Ont, s/o Joseph E. HELLMAN & Harriet E. MILLAR, married Eliza Lodence ROBESON, 28, South Crosby, same, d/o Horatio S. ROBESON & Elizabeth PUTNAM, witn: George D. GILBERT, Seeleys Bay, Ella KERR, Newboro, 12 June 1901 at South Crosby 010521-1901 (Leeds Co) William R. HENDERSON, 32, Butcher, Brockville, Elizabethtown, s/o James J. HENDERSON & Elizabeth M. HUNTER, married Christenia McCRIMMON, 23, Victoria Co. Ont, Elizabethtown, d/o Donald McCRIMMON & Ellen McDONALD, witn: James J. MORRIS, Rachel McCRIMMON, both of Elizabethtown, 13 Feb 1901 at Elizabethtown
010783-01 (Leeds Co.) Jacob HERBISON, 26, Merchant, Twp. Escott, Twp. Lansdowne, s/o John HERBISON & Emily HOGABOOM, married Luella Phenia ? TENNANT, 22, Housemaid, Twp. Yonge, Twp Yonge, d/o David D. TENNANT & Mary SYMMONDS, Witn.: Joseph Still WARREN of Lansdowne, Fanny GUILD of Kingston, Nov. 6, 1901 at Twp. of Yonge 010780-01 (Leeds Co.) Ernald (Ernold?), HERBISON, 23, Farmer, Rockfield, Rockfield, s/o John HERBISON & Emily HOGABOOM, married Martha HUNT, 23, Housemaid, Escott, Escott, d/o Henry HUNT & Eleanor REID, Witn.: Frank WARREN of Rockfield, Flossie REDMOND of Lansdowne, Sept. 25, 1901 at Escott
#010335-01 (Leeds Co): William Anson HILL, 27, pedlar, Halton Co., Athens, s/o Robert & Julia, married Elizabeth Ann STONE, 25, London England, Athens, d/o Thomas & E.M., witnesses were Thomas & E.M. STONE of Athens, 12 June 1901 at Athens 010434-01 (Leeds Co.) William Jas. HODGES, 27, Loco Fireman, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Henry HODGES & Genie LESLIE, married Effie Violet PITTS, 20, Morrisburg, Brockville, d/o Robert E. PITTS & Lydia A. FADER, Witn.: Robert W. PITTS of Brockville, Mabel Maud HODGES of Ottawa, August 14, 1901 at Brockville
  #010352-01 (Grenville Co): Henry HOLINGSWORTH, 33, widower, cheese maker, Young twp., Athens, s/o Nicholas HOLINGSWORTH & Jane BERNIE, married Eliza Jane DAVIS, 30, Renfrew, Elizabethtown, d/o Henry & Eliza, witnesses were, Morley EARL of Athens & Kate DAVIS of Elizabethtown, 1 Jan 1901 at Jellyby?
#010370-01 (Grenville Co): Thomas HOOKER, 25, tailor, Brockville, Toronto, s/o John HOOKER & Maggie McGOWAN, married Maud BROMBRIDGE, 24, North Augusta, same, d/o Albert BROMBRIDGE & Fanny McBRATNEY, witnesses were John WARREN & Bella NORTON, both of North Augusta, 9 July 1901 at North Augusta 010474-01, (Leeds): Charles Leonard HOPKINS, 23, Miller, Carasville?, Bedford Mills, s/o Robert HOPKINS & Sarah DEVILLE, married Cassie CHAPMAN, 20, Bedford Mills, Bedford Mills, d/o Leonard CHAPMAN & Catherine DUNCAN, witn-Norman NICHOLSON & Ben LETT Jr., June 5 1901 at Westport
#010348-01 (Grenville Co): Alfred John HOUGH, 27, farmer, Elizabethtown, Algonquin, s/o Thomas HOUGH & Johanna RACE, married Ella LANE, 26, Augusta, Maynard, d/o William LANE & Annie HOUGH, witnesses were Alonzo HOUGH of Fairfield & E.E. B. SHEPPERD of Brockville, 2 Jan 1901 at Maynard 010774-01 (Leeds Co.) Wallace Lafayette HOWARD, 23, Farmer, Lyn, Lyn, s/o Herman HOWARD & Nancy HARRISON, married Ethel IMERSON, 20, Harlem, Twp. Yonge, d/o Charles John IMERSON & Millisent PENNOCK, Witn.: Webster McCRADY of Brockville, Ella IMERSON of Twp. Yonge, May 22, 1901 at Twp. Yonge
010433-01 (Leeds Co.) Luther J. HUNT, 23, Jeweller, Oshawa, Spokane Washington U.S. s/o William George HUNT & Ida BARTON, married Daisy P. COATES, 19, Brockville, Brockville, d/o Willis COATES & Phillis NUTTALL, Witn.: H.B. COATES, E.C. HUNT, both of Brockville, July 8, 1901 at Brockville 010776-01 (Leeds Co.) Robert M. HUNT, 32, Farmer, Larue ? Island, Larue ? Island (Leroux?) s/o Thomas HUNT & Nora McGRATH, married Nellie L. POOLE, 26, Housekeeper, Grenadier Island, Grenadier Island, d/o James POOLE & Louisa SENECAL, Witn.: Thomas HUNT of Alexandria Bay N.Y., Agnes SENECAL of Grenadier Island, January 31, 1901 at Rockport, Front of Escott
010772-01 (Leeds Co.) William H. HUNT, 27, Farmer, Twp. Escott, Twp. Escott, s/o Henry HUNT & Ellen REID, married Agnes FERGUSON, 27, Twp. Yonge, Twp. Yonge, d/o Archie FERGUSON & Mary BUELL, Witn.: Ernold HERBISON of Rockfield, Martha E. HUNT of Escott, April 17, 1901 at Cainstown, Twp. of Yonge 010775-01 (Leeds Co.) Delmar C. HUNT, 22, Farmer, Twp. Escott, Twp. Escott, s/o Henry HUNT & Ellen REID, married Annie HERBISON, 20, Twp. Escott, Twp. Escott, d/o John HERBISON & Mary HOGABOOM, Witn.: Ernold HERBISON, Mattie HUNT, both of Twp. Escott, June 26, 1901 at Twp. Escott
010907-1902 (Leeds Co) David W. HUTCHISON, 21, Farmer, Front of Escott, same, s/o David HUTCHISON & Martha MOXLEY, married Florence GUILD, 20, Front of Escott, Front of Yonge, d/o William A. GUILD & Emma COLLINS, witn: Howard B. McDONALD, Lena TENNANT, both of Mallorytown, 11 Mar 1901 at Mallorytown #010462-01 (Grenville Co): Thomas Burton HYDE, 25, cheese maker, Athens, Edwardsburgh, s/o Joseph A. HYDE & Mary Ann ARMSTRONG, married Lola Gertrude FROOM, 19, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o John FROOM & Alma BURNS, witn: Aggie J. SHARP of Cardinal, 16 Dec 1901 at Cardinal
010707-1902 (Leeds Co) John A. JENKINSON, 21, Farmer, Brockville, Elizabethtown, s/o George JENKINSON & Rebecca HICHCOCK, married Cora Bell PLUNKETT, 18, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Orman PLUNKETT & Addie HUTCHESON, witn: H. M. FRANCIS, Jessie FRANCIS, both of Elizabethtown, 9 Dec 1901 at Elizabethtown #010369-01 (Grenville Co): Thomas A. JINKINSON, 26, farmer, Augusta, Carleton Co., s/o Thomas JINKINSON & Margaret LITTLE, married Angie D. PROCTOR, 18, Burritts Rapids, Walford, d/o Thomas PROCTOR & Caroline BEANEDEN?, witnesses were John PROCTOR of Burritts Rapids & Ella PROCTOR of Walford, 4 Sept 1901 at North Augusta
#010591-01 (Grenville Co): Francis Teistor JOHNSTON, 27, farmer, North Augusta, Oxford twp., s/o Boyton JOHNSTON & Martha HAUGH, married Helen BUSTARD, 24, Ireland, Kemptville, d/o Hamilton BUSTARD & Ann CARSON, witn: H. BUSTARD of Kemptville & Maggie McCAULEY of Hickston, 12 March 1901 at Kemptville #010333-01 (Leeds Co): William Robert JOHNSTON, 27, farmer, Peterborough twp., same, s/o William JOHNSTON & Dinah CUMINGS, married Edith Ann HALL, 25, Yonge twp., same, d/o Charles HALL & Harriet BARTLETT, witnesses were Albert H. HALL & Diantha E. HULL, both of Athens, 10 April 1901 at Athens
  #010373-01 (Grenville Co): Howard JONES, 27, farmer, Garreton, same, s/o William JONES & Ruth McKIM, married Mabel WALKER, 19, Garreton, same, d/o William WALKER & Dorcas McNISH, witnesses were Wesley JONES of Garreton & Edith WALKER of Fairfield, 4 Dec 1901 at Garreton
#010328-01 (Leeds Co): George Edward JUDSON, 39, cabinet maker, Athens, same, s/o Rufus D. JUDSON & Hannah BOWREN, married Bertha Elizabeth LOVEREIN (Soverein?), 30, Addison, Athens, d/o Bethnel LOVEREIN & Lucretia WARNER, witnesses were Athelyn ARNOLD & Alice LAMBE, both of Athens, 30 Jan 1901 at Athens #010585-01 (Grenville Co): Thomas KANE, 27, farmer, Edwardsburgh, same, s/o Thomas KANE & Margaret VINCENT, married Ida LITTLE, 24, Oxford, same, d/o William J. LITTLE & Jane PETERS, witn: Ahzian? DILLABOUGH & Emma MAVETY, both of Kemptville, 9 Jan 1901 at Kemptville
010507-1901 (Grenville Co) James Alfred KELLEY, 27, Edwardsburgh, Idaho U.S., Carpenter, s/o Richard KELLEY & E. BENNETT, married Sarah Jane McGUIRE, 26, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o Jacob McGIRE (sic) & M. A. DUKELOW, witn: Allan CONNELL, Spencerville, Eliza RIDDLE, Edwardsburg, 6 Feb 1901 at Edwardsburgh  
010520-1901 (Leeds Co) William H. KING, 26, Blacksmith, Bishop Mills, Rockspring, s/o Samuel KING & Selina GIBSON, married Celia STEWART, 19, Addison, Union Valley, d/o Widdis STEWART & Margaret BRYAN, witn: Joseph HAUGH, Bishops Mills, Minnie M. KING, North Augusta, 23 Jan 1901 at Addison 010500-1901 (Leeds Co) William J. LAROSE, 22, Farmer, unknown, Lansdowne, s/o Isaac LAROSE & Mary LIVINGSTON, married Hattie J. WESCOME, Grenville Co, Bastard Tp, d/o Seth WESCOME & Frances GRAHAM, witn: Annie R. PHILP, Hattie E. PHILP, both of Elgin, 19 Aug 1901 at Elgin
010488-1901 (Leeds Co) Allan LAST, 26, Miner, Labelle Co Que, South Crosby, s/o Henry LAST & Jane POLLOCK, married Ella LEAVINE, 20, South Crosby, same, d/o Joseph LEAVINE & Mary RUSSELL, witn: Edward LEVINE, William LEAVINE, both of South Crosby, 18 Feb 1901 at Elgin #010597-01 (Grenville Co): William LATOURELL, 34, farmer, South Gower, same, s/o William LATOURELL & Elizabeth SMITH, married Matilda G. BROWN, 28, South Gower, same, d/o David BROWN & Matilda LESTER, witn: C.E. CLARK & Maggie SMITH, both of South Gower, 12 June 1901 at Kemptville
#010595-01 (Grenville Co): James Ambrose LEACH, 28, farmer, South Gower, same, s/o George LEACH & Martha WILLIS, married Catherine Alie JAMES, 22, North Gower, South Gower, d/o Henry JAMES & Margaret MYER witn: William J. LEACH of S. Gower & Sadie JAMES of N. Gower, 26 June 1901 at Kemptville

010562-02 Charles H. LECLAIR, 31, Merchant, Lancaster, Brockville, s/o Adolphe [LECLAIR] & Elizabeth STENSON, 28, Brockville, Brockville, d/o John [STENSON] & Elizabeth FORD; witn Louis LE CLAIRE & Elizabeth TASEY, both Brockville, 30 Jul 1901, Brockville

#010361-01 (Grenville Co): Herman Edwin LEE, 25, carpenter, Rochester NY, same, s/o Elia LEE & Marion CATHARM (Cathraw?), married Ethel COLLIER, 24, Maitland, same, d/o John COLLIER & Elizabeth MORAY, witnesses were J.J. PECK of Rochester NY & Evelina THOMPSON of Maitland, 22 May 1901 at Maitland


010494-1901 (Leeds Co) Lyman LYON, 41, Widower, Farmer, Storrington Tp, same, s/o William LYON & Margaret PAYNE, married Eliza Ann MUSTARD, 40, South Crosby, same, d/o Robert MUSTARD & Sarah STEVENS, witn: Lewis MUSTARD, South Crosby, Bessie WRIGHT, Newboro, 10 Apr 1901 at South Crosby 10561-02 Ernest MARKS, 21, Actor, Smith Falls, Smith Falls, s/o Thomas [MARKS] & Maggie FARMER; married Catharine REYNOLDS, 18, Brockville, Brockville, d/o Charles [REYNOLDS] & Maggie KENNEY; wit John MARKS, Smith Falls & Lizzie DEACON, Brockville, 24 Jul 1901, Brockville
#010470-01 (Leeds Co): Albert Richard MAYNARD, 25, farmer, England, North Crosby, s/o J. MAYNARD & Jane ILES, married Sarah Louisa BRESEE, 20, North Crosby, samme, d/o James BRESEE & Catherine BRASH, witnesses were Charles & Addie WHALEY of Newboro, 26 March 1901 at Westport 010515-1901 (Grenville Co) Herbert L. McAULEY, 24, Farmer, Canada, Ventnor, s/o J. McAULEY & M. LEAHY, married Catherine BANNEN, 21, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o Peter BANNEN & Catherine CARTER, witn: S. E. BANNEN, New York, Mary McAULEY, Ventnor, 12 June 1901 at Spencerville
#010398-01 (Leeds Co): William J. McCONNELL, 48, farmer, Mountain, Matilda twp., s/o William McCONNELL & Mary ANDERSON, married Mary E. CLARK, 23, New Bliss, Brockville, d/o Robert CLARK & Elizabeth HOUSE, witnesses were Richard McCONNELL of Matilda & Lena CLARK of Brockville, 13 March 1901 at Brockville 010502-1901 (Leeds Co) Elgin A. McCREADY, 28, Farmer, Lansdowne Tp, same, s/o James McCREADY & Elizabeth McCREADY, married Lily GRAY, 24, South Crosby, same, d/o Andrew GRAY & Elizabeth WATERS, witn: Thomas WALLACE, Lansdowne, Maggie WARREN, Lyndhurst, 28 Aug 1901 at South Crosby
010510-1901 (Grenville Co) George O. McDONALD, 33, Clerk, Montreal, same, s/o Donald McDONALD & M.E. ALLOW, married Adie C. ADAMS, 28, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o Alphius ADAMS & Adaline ADAMS, witn: W. J. HACK, Montreal, Josie PERRY, Cardinal, 30 Apr (1901) at Edwardsburgh 010529-1901 (Leeds Co) Earnest McDOUGALL, 21, Cheese Maker, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Walter McDOUGALL & Maggie WALKER, married Ethel CARR, 24, North Augusta, Elizabethtown, d/o George CARR & Sarah FLETCHER, witn: A. H. CARR, Inez CARR, both of Fairfield, 20 Mar 1901 at Fairfield East
#010475-01 (Leeds Co): William John McEWEN, 35, farmer, Sherbrooke, same, s/o Thomas McEWEN & Rebecca DUFFY, married Margaret HANNAH, 24, Scotland, Bedford, d/o William HANNAH & Isabella McCLARCK, witnesses were J.L. & Lizzie McEWEN of Westport, 21 June 1901 at Westport 010509-1901 (Grenville Co) Thomas O. McFADDEN, 27, Cheese Maker, Edwardsburgh, same, s/o Alan/Adam McFADDEN & Mary ROBINSON, married Minnie Alice SLOAN, no age given, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o William SLOAN & M. DILLABOUGH, witn: Burten SLOAN, C. E. McFADDEN, both of Edwardsburgh, 17 Apr 1901 at Edwardsburgh
#010468-01 (Leeds Co): John Edward McKNIGHT, 32, farmer, Ireland, Westport, s/o Joseph McKNIGHT & Margaret TRIPP, married Agnes FULTON, 32, Ireland, Westport, d/o William FULTON & Susan DOHERTY, witnesses were Joseph McKNIGHT & Maggie DUNCAN, both of Westport, 23 Jan 1901 at Westport 010512-1901 (Grenville Co) John McLARRY, 51, Farmer, Canada, Spencerville, s/o Patrick McLARRY & Rose WEIR, married Nancy ARMSTRONG, 46, Canada, Spencerville, d/o  S. ARMSTRONG & Bridget BENSON, witn: James RUSSELL, Spencerville, Mary? A. CULLIN, Throoptown, 4 Jan 1901 at Spencerville
010503-1901 (Grenville Co) Charles McLEAN, 22, Undertaker, Spencerville, same, s/o S. C. McLEAN & H. WALDREN, married Ida M. SMITH, 23, Teacher, Spencerville, same, d/o Robert SMITH & Margaret BENNETT, witn: B. L. DANIELS, Ottawa, Eva A. McLEAN, Spencerville, 4 July 1901 at Spencerville 010479-01, (Leeds), William John MILLER, 37, Farmer, Huron, Huron, s/o George MILLER & Jane MILLER, married Dorotha Maria NORTH, 31, School Teacher, Westport, Westport, d/o John NORTH & Margaret DIER, witn- William W. NORTH & Mrs. METZLER, December 25 1901 at Westport
010425-01 (Leeds Co.) Richard MITCHELL, 24, Foundry Man, Ireland, Brockville, s/o John MITCHELL & Bridget LEE, married Margaret CHARLTON, 28, Wid., Scotland, Brockville, d/o William McINTYRE & Margaret SOLOMAN, Witn.: James MURRAY, Henry A. SIMS, both of Brockville, July 9, 1901 at Brockville 010426-01 (Leeds Co.) James MOFFATT, 28, Machinest, Norten Creek Que., Montreal, s/o Samuel MOFFATT & Mary GALT, married Bella GALLON, 24, Girvan Ayrshire Scotland, Brockville d/o John GALLON & Agnes WILSON, Witn.: Ea?? COLL (Cole?), Fred J. CLUTTERBUCK, both of Brockville, July 14, 1901 at Brockville
  010483-01, (Leeds), James A. MURPHY, (age not given), Farmer, Burgess, Burgess, s/o George MURPHY & Anne McCANN, married Kate O’GRADY, (age not given), N. Crosby, N. Crosby, d/o Michael O’GRADY & Kate O'BRIEN, witn-Daniel O’GRADY & Kate MURPHY, November 21 1901 at Westport
#010471-01 (Leeds Co); John Porter NEIL, 35, farmer, South Sherbrooke, same, s/o not given, married Rose Ann GORDON, 21, Bathurst, same, d/o not given, 26 March 1901 at Westport 010472-01, (Leeds), Jason Seymour ORSER, 33, Farmer, New York, Sydenham, s/o James ORSER & Sarah SNOOK, married Mary Emma PORTER, 21, Westport, Westport, d/o James PORTER & Jane BROWN, witn- George DIER 7 Alice PORTER, April 9 1901 at Westport
010429-01 (Leeds Co.) John A. PATTERSON, 27, Polisher, Pakenham, Brockville, s/o Andrew PATTERSON & Elizabeth M. VICAR (?), married Mary HARRINGTON, 24, Peterboro, Peterboro, d/o Thomas HARRINGTON & Mary (illegible – might be Harris), Witn.: Sidney BELMONT, Annie BIGLEY, both of Brockville, Sept. 2, 1901 at Brockville #010589-01 (Grenville Co): James PERRY, 31, brick layer, Kemptville, same, s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Annie McDONALD, 24, Kemptville, same, d/o John McDONALD & Jane McVEY, witn: George DICKINSON of Kemptville & Edith ALLEN of Reids Mills, 30 Jan 1901 at Kemptville
010514-1901 (Grenville Co) Thomas PETERS, 42, Merchant, Edwardsburgh, Portland-Oregon, s/o Richard PETERS & Ellin GROGGIN, married Lucinda LAWRENCE, 40, Edwardsburgh, d/o John LAWRENCE & S. BASS, witn: Edwin LAWRENCE, Spencerville, A. H. LAWRENCE, Roebuck, 19 June 1901 at Edwardsburgh #010329-01 (Leeds Co): Joseph F. PULLAH, 25, painter, Athens, same, s/o Joseph PULLAH & Eliza FOLEY, married Ida May SHERMAN, 22, Athens, same, d/o Arga N. SHERMAN & Charlotte HALLODY, witnesses were James & Dolphene BURN of Plum Hollow, 6 March 1901 at Athens
  #010392-01 (Leeds Co): Joseph QUINLAN, 40, widower, RR employee, Montreal, same, s/o William QUINLAN & Philomene BARRY, married Blanche McGANNON, 24, Arkansas USA, Brockville, d/o Peter McGANNON & Eleanor BYRENS, witnesses were, T.E. St.ARMAND & Cora McGANNON, both of Brockville, 23 Jan 1901 at Brockville, (Rom Cath)

010666-02 James P. QUINN, 21, Farmer, Canada, Edwardsburg, s/o Patrick QUINN & Catherine LESKY; married Annie DELANEY, 21, Canada, Augusta, d/o Edward DELANEY & Mary GORE; witn Charles QUINN, Edwardsburg & Mary McCOY, North Augusta, 21 Nov 1901, Throoptown

#010594-01 (Grenville Co): William John QUINN, 46, farmer, Oxford twp., same, s/o Robert QUINN & Ellen POWSON, married Mary Jane McLENNAN, 30, Oxford twp., same, d/o Robert McLENNAN & Ann WEIR, witn: Bertha MAIN & Ann Jane PUTTENHAM, both of Kemptville, 30 May 1901 at Kemptville
#010395-01 (Leeds Co): John Charles REID, 28, RR engineer, Kingston Mills, Brockville, s/o Joseph REID & Mary McNEIL, married Florence HUSSEY, 19, Brockville, same, d/o Michael HUSSEY & Mary Ann BLAINE, witnesses were George FOSTER & Thomas BURNS, both of Brockville, 19 Feb 1901 at Brockville, (Rom Cath) 010487-1901 (Leeds Co) Walter Merrick RIPLEY, 22, Farmer, South Crosby, same, s/o Lee C. RIPLEY & Charlotte A. PENNOCK, married Violet DELONG, 24, South Crosby, same, d/o Jesse DELONG & Ardella PENNOCK, witn: Lee C. RIPLEY, Nellie M. PENNOCK, both of South Crosby, 16 Jan 1901 at South Crosby
#010393-01 (Leeds Co): Charles A. RIXON, 27, farmer, England, Kitly twp., s/o Henry RIXON & Eliza CARISE?, married Bertha E. BAKER, 20, Augusta, same, d/o James BAKER & Hulda PHILIPS, witnesses were Anson LEE of Frankville & Edith BAKER of Augusta, 6 Feb 1901 at Brockville 010519-1901 (Leeds Co) Thomas ROBINSON, 29, Mechanic, Quebec, Benson Mills-New York State, s/o William ROBINSON & Elizabeth ALEXANDER, married Elizabeth ROOT, 21, Gananoque, Lyn Village, d/o Alba ROOT & Louise LOYD, witn: Alfred ROOT, Brockville, Lillie A. ROOT, Lyn Village, 3 Jan 1901 at Lyn Village
010484-1901 (Leeds Co) John H. ROWSWELL, 30, Carpenter, South Crosby, same, s/o William T. ROWSWELL & Eunice HUTCHINGS, married Leefa KERR, South Crosby, same, d/o Wellington KERR & Margaret SMITH, witn: Wellington KERR, Norman KERR, both of South Crosby, 16 Jan 1901 at South Crosby 010669-02 Amos M. SARGENT, 21, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, s/o Samuel SARGENT & Maria MER__S?; married Carie BARTON, 22, Augusta, Augusta, d/o George BARTON & Henrietta BROWN; wit W.T. BROWN & Eva M. BARTON, both Roebuck, 11 Dec 1901, Edwardsburg

010768-01 (Leeds Co.) Arthur Jackson SEAMAN, 32, Farmer, Twp. Escott, Rockport, s/o Samuel SEAMAN & Mary PATTERSON, married Lizzie SUMMERS, 30, Alexandria Bay N.Y., same, d/o William SUMMERS & Lizzie MacKEE, Witn.: Walter SEAMAN, Nettie SEAMAN, both of Rockport, Sept. 2, 1901 at Rockport,

#010334-01 (Leeds Co): Stephen L. SHELDON, 25, cheese maker, Yonge twp., Athens, s/o James SHELDON & Hermie WILLSE, married Georgina GIFFORD, 24, Bastard twp., Athens, d/o Sam GIFFORD & Frances SH--TON, witnesses were Levi RONSIN & Hattie SHELDON, both of Athens, 5 June 1901 at Athens
010499-1901 (Leeds Co) William SHERWOOD, 26, Cheese Maker, South Crosby, same, s/o James SHERWOOD & Mary SMITH, married Nina TOPPING, 27, South Crosby, same, d/o William TOPPING & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, witn: Norman KERR of South Crosby & Nellie PENNOCK of Elgin, 19 June 1901 at South Crosby 010491-1901 (Leeds Co) Robert James SHERWOOD, 27, Farmer, South Crosby, same, s/o James SHERWOOD & Mary SMITH, married Hattie E. ROWSWELL, 19, South Crosby, same, d/o William T. ROWSWELL & Eunice HUTCHINGS, witn: William T. ROWSWELL, Eunice ROWSWELL, both of South Crosby, 6 Feb 1901 at South Crosby
010477-01, (Leeds), Peter SIMMS, 22, Laborer, of Newboro, s/o Robert SIMMS & Rachel (not given), married Lillie JOHNSON, 19, North Crosby, Westport, d/o John H. JOHNSON & Zattie SANDERS, witn- G. E. STAUTON & Ida GALLAGHER, November 05 1901 at Westport  
010501-1901 (Leeds Co) George SMITH, 21, Laborer, England, Deseronto, s/o William SMITH & Elizabeth SMITH, married Ethel LEAVINE, 18, Elgin, same, d/o Joseph LEAVINE & Mary RUSSELL, witn: Edward LEAVINE, Margerey LEAVINE, both of Elgin, 28 Sept 1901 at Elgin #010391-01 (Leeds Co): Norman H. SMITH, 21, RR station man, Fairfield, Brockville, s/o Charles SMITH & Letitia BAYFORD, married Alma J. DAVY, 21, Brockville, same, d/o George S. DAVY & Rebecca HYMERS, witnesses were H.R. & Lena DE WOLFE of Brockville, 23 Jan 1901 at Brockville,
010523-1901 (Leeds Co) Leslie Robert SOPER, 22, Farmer, Frankville, same, s/o Eanos SOPER & Margaret PARKER, married Ethel Maud McCRUM, 22, Toledo, same, d/o Robert McCRUM & Margaret McCLURE, witn: Lillie A. ROOT, Mary A. COLEMAN, both of Lyn, 13 Mar 1901 at Lyn Village 010482-01, (Leeds) James SPEAGLE, (not given), Carpenter, Westport, Westport, s/o James SPEAGLE & Catherine McARDLE, married Mary HAZELTON, (not given), Westport, Westport, d/o James HAZELTON & Sarah DUNN, witn-John SPEAGLE & Fanny HAZELTON, November 13 1901 at Westport
#010394-01 (Leeds Co): Walter S. STORIE, 33, divorced, farmer, Thegateket? - St. Lawrence Co NY, Oxbow - Jefferson Co NY, s/o Kennedy STORIE & Isabella LAIDLAS, married Mary J. CUNNINGHAM, 45, divorced, Morristown NY, same, d/o John CUNNINGHAM & Isabella STORIE, witn: Robert W. SHAVER of Brockville, 23 Jan 1901 at Brockville 010525-1901 (Leeds Co) William Fred STURGEON, 23, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o John STURGEON & Maria WILLIS, married Ella May MANHARD, 25, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Hiram J. MANHARD & Louise LANGRICK, witn: Leonard BISSELL, North Augusta, Ethel STURGEON, Glen Buell, 30 Jan 1901 at Elizabethtown
010495-1901 (Leeds Co) Fred Wellington SUFFEL, 27, Farmer, Dundas Co, same, s/o Peter SUFFEL & Elizabeth JOYCE, married Ella Belle SEXTON, 27, School Teacher, South Crosby, same, d/o Zephamiah SEXTON & Eliza Ann HALLADAY, witn: Edgar W. SEXTON, Ada M. BROWN, both of South Crosby, 11 June 1901 at South Crosby 010437-01 (Leeds Co.) Arthur TENNANT, 24, Farmer, Mallorytown, Mallorytown, s/o John TENNANT & Sarah To.... ( maybe TOUGH), married Ella May RACE, 21, Brockville, Not Given, d/o Charles RACE & Alice GAMBLE, Witn.: Maggie MILLES, Helen STRACHAN, both of Brockville, Sept. 25, 1901 at Brockville
#010344-01 (Grenville Co): George R. TINKESS, 27, mechanic, Avonmore, same, s/o Levi TINKESS & Lucy SHAVER?, married Alice F. WALKER, 22, Augusta, same, d/o William WALKER & Dorcas McNISH, witnesses were James TINKESS of Avonmore & Bertha McELREE of Augusta, 9 Jan 1901 at Augusta #010460-01 (Grenville Co): James TRIPP, 49, widower, cooper, Kemptville, Cardinal, s/o James or Joseph TRIPP & Mary ROBINSON, married Lucy A. HYNDMUSH, 36, Augusta, Cardinal, d/o John HYNDMUSH & Abbie Jane McLEAN, witnesses were Walter CUMMINGS & H. Rae ANDERSON, both of Cardinal, 13 Nov. 1901 at Cardinal
010435-01 (Leeds Co.) Fred WARNER, 40, Wid., Farmer, Augusta, Elizabethtown s/o James WARNER & Eliza Jane MONEY, married Lucy A. DAVIS, 18, Wolford, Wolford, d/o Ralph DAVIS & Bertha POTTER, Witn.: John W. MOTT of Lyn, Vina DAVIS of Bishops Mills, Sept. 13, 1901 at Brockville #010390-01 (Leeds Co): Frederick Ed. WENNAN, 34, farmer, Kent England, Souris Manitoba, s/o William WENNAN & Aurelia B--KLEN?, married Ellen Kate FOWLER, 20, stenographer, Chaske? Minn., Brockville, d/o Samuel FOWLER & Margaret Char. SCOLLIE, witnesses were Samuel ENNIS & Margaret E. FOWLER, both of Brockville, 22 Jan 1901 at Brockville
010781-01 (Leeds Co.) James Thompson WERKS, 24, Laborer, Lansdowne, Escott, s/o W.H. WERKS & Julia Ann THOMPSON, married Florence Livinia KELLY, 21, Housemaid, Twp. Escott, Mallorytown, d/o Nathan KELLY & Ruth THOMSON, Witn.: Alex THOMPSON of Escott, Mabel GREER of Lyn, Sept. 25, 1901 at Mallorytown  
010493-1901 (Leeds Co) James Edward WHITE, 20, Laborer, Portland, South Crosby, s/o Charles WHITE & Jane PURCELL, married Mary AMES, 22, Burgess Tp, South Crosby, d/o William AMER & Ellen WILLS, witn: Jane WHITE, South Crosby, G.H.P. GRANT, Newboro, 30 Apr 1901 at South Crosby 010436-01 (Leeds Co.) Charles WHITTAKER, 32, Wid., RR Employee, Stafford, England, Montreal, s/o John WHITTAKER & Annie PORTER, married Elizabeth FOX, 27, Elizabethtown, Brockville, d/o John FOX & Margaret HOLTEN (?), Witn.: Bertie FOX, Amy BYWATER, both of Brockville, Sept. 23, 1901 at Brockville
#010463-01 (Grenville Co): William WHITTEN, 24, laborer, Isle of Man, Cardinal, s/o Henry G. WHITTEN & Hattie A. McINSEY, married Ada HIGGINSON, 22, Mountain, Cardinal, d/o Thomas HIGGINSON & Priscilla BALDWIN, witnesses were A. BALDWIN of Winchester & D. BALDWIN of Cardinal, 19 Nov 1901 at Cardinal #010372-01 (Grenville Co): William WING, 23, farmer, Merrickville, Augusta, s/o Allen WING & Mary THOMPSON, married Mabel CONKLIN, 18, Augusta, same, d/o Elizabeth CONKLIN & Not known, witnesses were Byron & Mrs. B. WING of Brockville, 20 Nov 1901 at Maynard
#010587-01 (Grenville Co): Stewart A. WOODS, 31, clergyman, Bridges Mills, Richmond, s/o John WOODS & Jane CLARKE, married Desta BROWN, 26, Hickston, Kemptville, d/o John BROWN & Jane MOORE, witn: W.C. BROWN of Prescott & Maggie WOODS of Bridges Mills, 23 Jan 1901 at Kemptville #010368-01 (Grenville Co): Edward YOUNG, 21, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o William YOUNG & Mary HALEY, married Celestia M. FRETWELL, 28, Augusta, same, d/o Eleson FRETWELL & Jane TRANHOLME, witnesses were, Joseph W. YOUNG & Lucy M. HENRY, both of Maynard, 4 Sept 1901 at Maynard