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Leeds & Grenville Co., 1904


#011859-05 (Grenville Co.) Elmer BURNS 25, farmer, --, Augusta twp., s/o Aaron BURNS & Mary ALLEN, married Barbara ARMSTRONG 17, servant, --, Augusta twp., guardians of the bride William BOUCHER & Lucy BRUTEN, wit: Robert METCALF & Edna BURNS both of Augusta, 21 Dec 1904, at Augusta.  
11890-05 Thomas CHANT, 24, butcher, England, Bastard, s/o Anthony CHANT & Jane LOVLESS?, married Bessie CHANT, 19, Bastard, same, d/o Mark CHANT & Louisa PATERSON, witn: John & William CHANT of Bastard, 17 Aug 1904 at Chantry 11524-04 Malcolm COLTON, 24, mechanic, England, Gananoque, s/o Daniel COLTON & Winifred EARL, married Annie Eliza LUCY, 31, laborer, Syracuse NY, Gananoque, d/o George LUCY & Elizabeth McKENDRY, witn: Agnes & Lettie GRACEY of Gananoque, 27 April 1904 at Gananoque
#012136-05 (Leeds Co) Edward COVELL, 30, farmer, Lombardy, Lombardy, s/o William COVELL & Mary Jane NOLAN; married Theresa McGUIRE, 21, Toledo, Toledo, d/o Patrick McGUIRE & Mary Ann BOLGER; witn – Thomas BREEN, Lombardy & Lucy ?FLY, Elgin; 22 November 1904, Toledo Kitley 11317-04 Gilford COVILLE, 26, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o David COVILLE & Mary VOUT, married Grace BROWN, 23, Scotland, Augusta, d/o not given, witn: M. & Mrs. Joseph WHITE of Augusta, 16 Feb 1904 at Maitland, Augusta twp
11527-04 William DE GRAFF, 40, barrister, Richmondville NY, Rochester NY, s/o Nicholas DE GRAFF & Emily V. DE--?, married Jessie Elizabeth GREEN, 21, Gananoque, same, d/o Josephus GREEN & Jane ROGERS, witn: J. B. ABBOTT & A. Maude GREEN, both of Gananoque, 12 April [1904] at Gananoque 11534-04 George W. DEMPSTER, 29, farmer, Gananoque, same, s/o William DEMPSTER & Lydia JACKSON, married Hattie Rae WEBSTER, 26, Gananoque, same, d/o Ephraim WEBSTER & Eliza COLLARD, witn: Gussie DEMPSTER & Maggie WEBSTER, both of Gananoque, 11 June 1904 at Gananoque
11528-04 Winfred William ESTES, 27, sailor, Alexandria Bay NY, same, s/o William J. ESTES & Almina LOCKE, married Geraldine ESTES, 17, Seeleys Bay, Howe Island, d/o William ESTES & Alice ROOT, witn: Joseph WILLARD of Alexandria Bay & William BUCKLEY of Howe Island, 10 May 1904 at Gananoque 11532-04 Horace James FISHER, 27, harness maker, Goderich, Gananoque, s/o Amos FISHER & Jemima FAIRANS?, married Sarah WHITE, 26, Gananoque, same, d/o Edward WHITE & Catherine BURKE, witn: Harry MOORE & Leah WILLIAMS, both of Gananoque, 8 June 1904 at Gananoque
11530-04 Philip FLINT, 45, widower, farmer, Watson - Louis? Co., Utica NY, s/o Philip FLINT & Mary Ann FLINT, married Sophia CLEMONS, 43, widow, Three Mile Bay NY, Utica NY, d/o David CLEMONS & Hannah WEAVER, witn: Lydia GRANT & Nellie GRANT, both of Gananoque, 31 May 1904 at Gananoque 11525-04 William GARDNER, 31, laborer, Syracuse NY, Gananoque, s/o Louis GARDNER & Carrie St.LOUIS, married Mrs. MUTCHMORE, 31, widow, Gananoque, same, d/o William BRENAN & Mary LYON, witn: John & Annie BRENAN (Brennan?) of Gananoque, 16 Feb 1904 at Gananoque
11313-04 Joseph HART, 23, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o William HART & Mary LANGTRY, married Annie M. RATHWELL, 18, Wolford, same, d/o John RATHWELL & Margaret DAVIS, witn: Charles & Florence ELLIOTT of N. Augusta, 13 Jan 1904 at North Augusta 11315-04 Clark W. JERRARD, 33, widower, engineer, Redwood, 32 Gate St. in Ogdensburg, s/o John JERRARD & Ann WARREN, married Maggie HICKS, 19, Muskoka, Wolford, d/o Charles HICKS & Charlotte TURNER, witn: Richard & Annie HICKS of Wolford, 6 Feb 1904 at North Augusta
11531-04 Harold Bedford JONES, 34, clerk in holy orders, Ottawa, Brockville, s/o Thomas Bedford JONES & Sarah Stewart CARTWRIGHT, married Margaret Holland BRITTON, 27, Gananoque, same, d/o Charles E. BRITTON & Marion HOLLAND, witn: H. E. SIMPSON of Toronto & Muriel BRITTON of Gananoque, 7 June 1904 at Gananoque #012064-05 (Leeds Co.) Henry Ellwood JOYNT 26, farmer, Bastard twp., Elmsley S. twp., s/o Henry & Mary Ann JOYNT, married Mary Kathleen MARTIN 24, Elmsley S. twp., same, d/o John MARTIN & Mary LOVELY, wit: John M. JOYNT & John A. MARTIN both of Elmsley twp., 28 Dec 1904, at illegible, Elmsley twp
11322-04 Eugene MARRICK, 32, Elizabethtown, Brockville, s/o John MARRICK & Bessie WILLIS, married Ida MILLAR, 30, Elizabethtown, Brockville, d/o Amos MILLAR & Emeline SMITH, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Charles BROWN of Ottawa, 23 May 1904 at Augusta 11321-04 George McLEAN, 33, farmer, Maitland, same, s/o James McLEAN & Frances BOWYER, married Estella THOMPSON, 24, Maynard, same, d/o Aaron? THOMPSON & Anyline CONNORS, witn: Robert J. McLEAN & Edith THOMPSON, both of Maitland, 4 May 1904 at Maitland
11318-04 Michael McSORLEY, 24, farmer, Augusta, Roebuck, s/o John McSORLEY & Jane PARKS, married Catherine BLACK, 21, of Throoptown, d/o Cornelius BLACK & Mary McGRATH, win: Thomas McSORLEY of Augusta & Mary SWEENEY of Kemptville, 27 April 1904 at Throoptown 11320-04 James MOSHER, 20, farmer, Glenmore, same, s/o Malcolm MOSHER & Lizzie PERRIN, married Lura LENNOX, 20, Maynard, same, d/o Vincent LENNOX & Lucy ALBERRY, witn: Mrs. Joseph WRIGHT & Mrs. H. A. REID, both of Algonquin, 10 May 1904 at Algonquin
11529-04 Mitchel William O'HARA, 22, wood worker, Bridge Port Ont., Gananoque, s/o William O'HARA & Eliza McMULLEN, married Mabel GRAY, 21, Gananoque, same, d/o Charles H. GRAY & Mary SWITZER, witn: Charles H. & Mary GRAY of Gananoque, 11 May 1904 at Gananoque #012137-05 (Leeds Co) Patrick OMARAH, 30, farmer, Lombardy, Lombardy, s/o Patrick OMARAH & Catherine McGUIRE; married Ellen Elizabeth DONOVAN, 22, Toledo, Toledo, d/o Jeremiah DONOVAN & Ellen DONOVAN, witn – Joseph OMARAH, Lombardy & Mary DONOVAN, Toledo, 20 September 1904, Toledo Kitley
11533-04 Frank Wesley PECK, 30, laborer, Deseronto, Gananoque, s/o Daniel PECK & Elizabeth HARRIS, married Harriet HARDING, 38, widow, Pittsburgh twp., Gananoque, d/o Levi LYONS & Sarah Jane LYONS, witn: Joseph Ambrose WHITE & Minnie McDONALD, both of Gananoque, 6 June 1904 at Gananoque 11316-04 George E. SEELEY, 27, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o Lundy SEELEY & Mary A. BROADFOOT, married Jessie A. MILLAFONT, 22, Augusta, same, d/o John MILLAFONT & Elizabeth HALL, witn: Elmer SEELEY & Edith WHITE, both of Augusta, 16 Feb 1904 at Augusta
11526-04 Michael SHORTALL, 43, farmer, Brewers Mills, same, s/o John SHORTALL & Elicia FLANIGAN, married Sarah E. IVEY, 31, Ivey Lea, same, d/o John IVEY & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn: Patrick SHORTALL of Brewers Mills & Minnie IVEY of Ivey Lea, 25 April [1904] at Gananoque 11319-04 John Wesley SNIDER, 36, farmer, New York, Augusta, s/o Henry SNIDER & Margaret WILSON, married Nellie SCOTT, 24, Scotland, Augusta, adopted d/o William SCOTT & Abigal PERRIN, witn: William CRANNIE & Mabel SCOTT, both of Prescott, 4 May 1904 at Augusta