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12368-1908 (Grenville Co) Archibald Lorne ANDERSON, 21, Cheese maker, Wolford, Kemptville, s/o Samuel James ANDERSON & Margaret FITZGERALDS, married Ruby Jane BENNETT, 18, Oxford, same, d/o William John BENNETT & Emma Jane HUTCHESON, witn: G.B. MAGEE, L. Beatrice READ, both of Merrickville. 12 Feb 1908 Merrickville  
12360-1908 (Leeds Co) John A. ANGLIN, 28, Farmer, Brewers Mills, same, s/o John ANGLIN & Esther ANGLIN, married Florence M. HALL, 26, Leeds, same, d/o John HALL & Annie CHAPMAN, witn: William ANGLIN & Sarah ANGLIN, both of Taylor. 2 July 1908 Taylor (Holiness Movement) 12429-08 (Grenville Co): Clarence ANTHONY, 21, ax finisher, of Brockville, s/o Francis Eugene ANTHONY & Ella NELSON, married Catherine Harriet SEARS, 24, of Roebuck Ont., d/o James SEARS & Mary TRAVIS, 18 Aug 1908 at Prescott
12388-1908 (Grenville Co) Francis J. ARCAND, 27, farmer, Kemptville, same, s/o Francis ARCAND & Sarah EVOY, married Sarah SABOURIN, 24, Kemptville, same, d/o Eli SABOURIN & Mary A. RIVOTTE, witn: Isaac ARCAND, Maggie SABOURIN, both of Kemptville. 5 Feb 1908 Oxford (RC) 12376-1908 (Grenville Co) Clinton Bruce BARBER, 22, Laborer, s/o Ezra BARBER & Hester BAKER, married Margaret Anne PHILLIPS, 20, of Merrickville, d/o John PHILLIPS & Mary MURRAY, witn: D.N. DAY, Florence PHILLIPS, both of Merrickville. 30 Sept 1908 Merrickville
12369-1908 (Grenville Co) James H. J. BARR, 22, Laborer, Chatham Co., Merrickville, s/o James BARR & unknown, married Mary A. TOOTH, 21, Devonshire Eng., Merrickville, d/o Unknown & Unknown, witn: Mrs. A. J. McMULLEN, Bella RICHARDSON, both of Merrickville. 3 June 1908, Merrickville #012421-08 (Grenville Co): Ralph BASTIEN, 19, machinist, Ogdensburg NY, same, s/o Alphonse BASTIEN & Alice WOODS, married Vivian FORTIER, 19, Prescott, same, d/o Michael FORTIER & Mary McKEON, witn: William LACHOSURE of Ogdensburg & Lillian M. FORTIER of Prescott, 30 June 1908 at Prescott (Rom Cath)
12322-1908 (Grenville Co) Henry BIGFORD, 60, Widower, Carpenter, of Brockville, s/o Benjamin BIGFORD & Maria BERRY, married Charlotte EARL, 20, widow, of Oxford Tp., d/o Ralph DAVIS & Alberta BERRY, witn: J. A. HUGHES & M. W. HUGHES, both of Kemptville. 23 Dec 1908, Kemptville 12438-1908 (Grenville Co) Lambert Rolland BLANCHARD, 59, widower, carpenter & joiner, of Degranse NY, s/o Richard A. BLANCHARD & Maritte HALL, married Mary BANCROFT, 51, widow, of Edwards NY, d/o Robert. PARKIN & Malissa BARBER, witn: Miss Iverna I. SACKETT, Mrs. R. SMITH, both of Prescott. 23 Sept 1908, Prescott
12315-1908 (Grenville Co) Frank Alexander BOTTEAU, 20, Printer, of Kemptville, s/o Sereno BOTTEAU & Ida SHAVER, married Margaret Jennie MOORE, 20, Typesetter, of Kemptville, d/o Henry MOORE & Jane DOBBIE, witn: Henry MOORE, Mrs. Henry MORE, both of Kemptville. 7 Sept 1908 Kemptville 12378-1908 (Grenville Co) Soney? BOULTON, 59, Farmer, of Augusta, s/o George BOULTON & Mable BEAUDRAU (Bearedrau?), married Amelia Matilda SPERLING, 49 of Wolford, d/o Fred SPERLING & Elizabeth SPERLING, witn: Winnie McRAE, Grant THOMAS, both of Merrickville. 2 Dec 1908 Merrickville
12400-1908 (Grenville Co) George BRADY, 22, Laborer, Hawkesbury, Renster Falls, NY, s/o Eli BRADY & Catharine BERTRAM, married Grace JESMUR? (Jesmin?), 18, Dixon Centre, NY, Renster Falls, NY, d/o John JESMUR & Maggie EMLAW, witn: Sarah E. SMITH, Mrs. Marie L. WEIR, both of Prescott. 27 Apr 1908 Prescott 12316-1908 (Grenville Co) Lewis Samuel BRADY, 27, Bank Official, of Katonah N.Y., s/o Joseph BRADY, & Harriett E. MILLER, married Eva Ethel Maud McPHERSON, 29, Nurse, of Kemptville, d/o George. McPHERSON & Jane McNABB, witn: Robert. E. BRADY, Katonah N.Y. , Sarah M. McPHERSON, Kemptville. 8 Sept 1908 Kemptville
12335-1908 (Leeds Co) Franklin Thomas BRISTLOW, 21, Cheese maker, of Gananoque, s/o Thomas BRISTLOW & Sarah Jane TUTTLE, married Jennie MEAD, 21, of Kingston, d/o Charles MEADE (sic) & Elmira GIBSON, witn: Lettie GOODALL, Robina HEINLEY, both of Lansdowne. 16 Jul 1908 Lansdowne Village 12363-1908 (Grenville Co) Nathan Alan? BRODERIC, 30, Engineer, Cardinal, Merrickville, s/o Michael BRODERIC & Diana BOLTON, married Ida Elizabeth BOYD, 20, Wolford, same, d/o John BOYD & Eliza DRISCOLL, witn: Agnes M. MacMORINE, Kingston, Julia D. COLEMAN, Merrickville. 7 Jan 1908 Merrickville
12446-1908 (Grenville Co) Herbert Stephen BRYETTE, 30, Widower, Laborer, of Ogdensburg, N.Y., U.S.A., s/o Stephen BRYETTE & Mary EDWARDS, married Estella May McINTYRE, 31, of Ogdensburg, N.Y., U.S.A., d/o Louis McINTYRE & Phelius FLUNO, witn: Mrs. M.R. SACKETT, Mrs. S.E. SMITH, both of Prescott 10 Dec 1908 Prescott 12095-1908 (Leeds Co) George Henry BUCHANAN, 24, Boat Builder, Cornwall, Brockville, s/o Patrick BUCHANAN & Adelaide ROMBOUGH, married Mary Margaret WATCHORN, 28, Cornwall, Brockville, d/o John WATCHORN & Emily PICOTTE, witn: William C. BUCHANAN, Louise O'CONNOR, both of Brockville. 29 June 1908 Brockville (RC)
12338-1908 (Leeds Co) John Joseph BURNASH, 28, Farmer, of Brewers Mills, s/o Francis BURNASH & Marianna MAXWELL, married Mary McDONALD, 23, Seamstress, of Lansdowne, d/o Thomas McDONALD & Catherine ALMAN, witn: William DUNDON, Brewers Mills, Della McDONALD, Lansdowne. 24 Feb 1908, Lansdowne (RC) 12106-1908 (Leeds Co) William Patrick BYRNE, 35, Widower, Prescott, same, s/o James BYRNE & Elizabeth WALSH, married Monia Elizabeth Esther SHINNICK, 29, Yonge Tp., Brockville, d/o William SHINNICK & Esther ROGERS, witn: John H. SHINNICK, Brockville, Mary Maud BYRNE, Prescott. 25 Feb 1908 Brockville (RC)
12343-1908 (Leeds Co) Frank Adams CARLTON, 44, Machinist, of Syracuse N.Y., s/o John CARLETON & Ellen GAGAN, married Hattie PILGER, 36, of Syracuse N.Y., d/o John PILGER & Martha ACHESON, witn: Mrs. William. PEARSON, Mrs. John F. SINGLETON, both of Lansdowne. 12 August 1908 Lansdowne (RC) 12425-08 (Grenville Co): Frank CASE, 45, farmer, of Ellenburg Centre, s/o John & Mary, married Abigail KENT, no age given, of Ellenburg Center NY, d/o Seth & Matilda, witn: Laura ENGLISH of Prescott, 29 July 1908 at Prescott (Rom Cath)
12094-1908 (Leeds Co) William Murray CHAPMAN, 27, Carriage Builder, Brockville, same, s/o Thomas CHAPMAN & Mary WATSON, married Margaret E. TIMLICK, 24, Brockville, same, d/o Joshua TIMLICK & Louisa HARRISON, witn: Leonard CALDWELL, M. Elma GRIGG, both of Brockville. 26 Jun 1908 Brockville 12358-1908 (Leeds Co) George H. CHAPMAN, 38, Commercial Traveller, Morton, Seeleys Bay, s/o George C. CHAPMAN & Julia GAINFORD, married Phoeba Jane SWEET, 30, Clerk, Seeleys Bay, same, d/o Allen H. SWEET & Alice HICOCK, witn: William H. SOMERVILLE, Morton, Emma SWEET, Seeleys Bay. 8 June 1908 Seeleys Bay
12424-08 (Grenville Co): William CLELAND, 21, waiter, Brockville, same, s/o Robert CLELAND & Helen SEATON, married Ellen RAWORTH, 22, Yoxall? England, Brockville, d/o William RAWORTH & Mary TEMPLAR, witn: Mrs. R. D. KEITH of Prescott, 8 July 1908 at Prescott 12415-1908 (Grenville Co) Edward Jas. CLOBRIDGE, 24, Plumber, Watertown NY, Gouveneur NY, s/o Edgar CLOBRIDGE & Annie Mae GOVERN (or Annie MacGovern?), married Florence GARDNER, 18, Gouveneur NY, same, d/o Joseph GARDNER & Anna NEWCOMBE, witn: Sarah E. SMITH, Prescott, C.L. GARDNER, Gouveneur, NY. 21 Mar 1908 Prescott
12289-1908 (Leeds Co) Albert D. CLOSE, 21, Farmer, of Lansdowne, s/o Albert CLOSE & Elizabeth HOWE, married Sarah M. BURNS, 21, of Long Point, d/o Thomas BURNS & Mary BEVANS, witn: Mrs. C. B. GREGORY, L.E. GREGORY, both of Gananoque 9 Dec 1908 Gananoque 12490-1908 (Leeds Co) Charles D. COLE, 31, Farmer, of Kitley Twp., s/o Archibald COLE & Elizabeth GREENHAM, married Essie M. EARL, 30, of Yonge, d/o Thomas Isaac EARL & Maria BOYD, witn: M. H. PRICHARD, Frankville, Annie Maria EARL, Athens. 15 Sep 1908 Residence of Bride, Yonge
12486-1908 (Leeds Co) Albert Ernest COLLINSON, 29, of Seeley's Bay, Leeds, s/o George COLLINSON & Rebecca BERRY, married Mary E. SHEFFIELD, 19, Teacher, Soperton, Yonge near Athens, d/o Albert SHEFFIELD & Laura CHANT, witn: George COLLINSON, Leeds, Maud CHANT, Brockville. 18 Jun 1908 near Athens 12334-1908 (Leeds Co) James Allen COOEY 39, Bricklayer, Grey Co., Toronto, s/o William John COOEY & Ann Jane ALLEN, married Jeanette WARREN, 39, Clerk, Lansdowne, same, d/o Benjamin WARREN & Martha GRAHAM, witn: Wesley COOEY, Toronto, Kathleen FOLEY, Lansdowne. 24 June 1908 Lansdowne
12414-1908 (Grenville Co) Adelbert CRANKER, 33, Widower, Farmer, Orleans, NY, same, s/o Jacob H. CRANKER & Eliza Ann JEFFRIES, married Bertha Anabelle WOOD, 19, Clayton Centre NY, Orleans NY, d/o Stanley WOOD & Lydia CRANKER, witn: Sarah E. SMITH, Prescott, Rozella HOUSE, Orleans NY. 17 Mar 1908 Prescott 12402-1908 (Grenville Co) Clark CUMMINGS, 44, Farmer, Sandy Creek, NY, same, s/o Louis CUMMINGS & Mary McDOUGAL, married Mabel CASTER, 23, Lower Range Jefferson Co. NY, Sandy Creek, NY, d/o Joseph CASTER & Alice WHITAKER, witn: Sarah E. SMITH, Mrs. M. L. WEIR, both of Prescott. 11 May 1908 Prescott
12274-1908 (Leeds Co) Charles Mayo CURRY, 34, Printer, Utica N.Y., same, s/o Charles E. CURRY & Emily J. McINNY?, married Maria Frances GOODRICH, 30, Utica N.Y., same, d/o Julia (sic) GOODRICH & Emily POTTER, witn: Minnie J. BENNETT, Ethel BENNETT, both of Gananoque. 31 Aug 1908 Gananoque 12489-1908 (Leeds Co) Wesley Clarence DACK, 17, Cheese Maker, Elizabethtown, same, s/o David DACK & Sarah Cecelia McLEAN, married Dora BARRINGTON, 18, Yonge Rear, same, d/o John BARRINGTON & Alice KAVANAGH, witn: Burton Wesley HAYES, Athens, Eva Euphemia JOHNSTON, Charleston, 4 Dec 1908 Mion? Valley, near Athens
12306-1908 (Grenville Co) Samuel Russell DAVIDSON, 26, Mechanic, Kemptville, same, s/o John DAVIDSON & Sarah LEE, married Mary Edythe CODE, 25, Oxford, Kemptville, d/o James CODE & Jane WILSON, witn: H. CODE Jennie WARREN, both of Kemptville. 17 Dec 1907 Kemptville 12283-1908 (Leeds Co) John DAVIS, 28, Laborer, Gananoque, same, s/o John DAVIS & Margaret MURPHY, married Emma LAFRANCE, 24, Gananoque, same, d/o Charles LAFRANCE & Eliza MARSHALL, witn: Charles LAFRANCE, Rosella McGRATH, both of Gananoque. 19 Feb 1908 Gananoque (RC)
12345-1908 (Leeds Co) Carman Elmer DAY, 22, farmer, not given, Leeds, s/o John W. DAY & Eliza SHAW, married Loretta Pearl NUTTALL, 18, not given, South Lake, d/o Thomas NUTTALL & Mary McDONALD, witn: Clark DAY of Leeds, Max McDONALD of Brockville, 2 Sept 1908 Leeds Tp. 12404-1908 (Grenville Co) John Tutthell DECKER, 36, Widowed, Machinist, Werltown, NY, Middletown, NY, s/o John C. DECKER & Sarah C. SWART, married Josephine MASHAW (Masham?), 23, Ogdensburg, NY, same, d/o Joseph MASHAW & Amelia BUSHEY, witn: Cynthia PERRIER, Sarah E. SMITH, both of Prescott. May 15 1908 Prescott (RC)
12449-1908 (Grenville Co) Rollie Joseph DeMARSE, 22, Bricklayer, of Watertown, N.Y. U.S.A., s/o Joseph DeMARSE & Rose SHARLOW, married Gertrude Eloise BULLIS, 20, of Watertown, N.Y. U.S.A., d/o Joseph BULLIS & Martha VANDEVELKES, witn: Sarah E. SMITH, R. G. FREEMAN, both of Prescott. 16 Nov 1908 Prescott 12340-1908 (Leeds Co) Dennis DONOVAN, 25, Farmer, of Lansdowne, s/o Michael DONOVAN & Unknown, married Mary Jessie CRANKER, 22, Seamstress, of Ivy Lea, d/o George CRANKER & Eunice ELLIOTT, witn: William J. LAPPAN, Margaret L. LEEDER, both of Lansdowne. 10 Jun 1908 Lansdowne (RC)
12356-1908 (Leeds Co) William Warren DOOL, 29, Sanitary Inspector, Bishops Mills, same, s/o John DOOL & Mary BISHOP, married Sarah E. DORMER, 24, School Teacher, Berryton, same, d/o John DORMER & Bell GALWAY, witn: F.A. DOOL, Bishops Mills, Eva DORMER, Berryton. 15 Apr 1908 Berryton 12383-1908 (Leeds Co) John DORNES, 32, Farmer, Scotland, Bastard twp., s/o Daniel DORNES & Susan MATTHEWS, married Lucy HOCKEY, 21, Domestic, Leeds Co., Newboro, d/o George HOCKEY & Sarah GORE, witn: Henry HOCKEY, N. Crosby twp., Alma CONNELL, Bastard twp. 8 Jan 1908 St. Marys Church, Vill Newboro
12313-1908 (Grenville Co) Paul DORROW, 24, Farmer, Arnprior, West Toronto, s/o Henry DORROW & Bertha PRETIE, married Lena May McNABB, 30, milliner, Carleton Place, Kemptville, d/o David McNABB & Mary Ann NOLAN, witn: S. BAIN, Carleton Place, Mrs. George. McPHERSON, Kemptville. 30 June 1908 Kemptville 12331-1908 (Leeds Co) George S. DULMAGE, 23, Clerk, of Deseronto, s/o Thomas R. DULMAGE & Annie WRIGHT, married Etta E. MOORE, 22, Housemaid, of Eden Grove, d/o Ira MOORE & Mildred M. BRADY, witn: Charles MOORE, Ellen MOORE, both of Eden Grove. 12 May 1908, Eden Grove
12291-1908 (Leeds Co) John EDDY, 29, of Kingston, s/o Richard EDDY & Jane OSBORN, married Nina BINDELL? 26, Widow, of Kingston, d/o Riley CUMMINGS & Alvinia HOWE, witn: Alfie & Spencer A. CUMMINGS. 25 Dec 1908 Gananoque 12105-1908 (Leeds Co) Nelson Garfield ELIGH, 18, Laborer, Brockville, same, s/o Alvin ELIGH & Sarah WARREN, married Edith Deina CHURCHILL, 23, Bastard Tp., Brockville, d/o Duncan CHURCHILL & Salome HUMPHREY, witn: Worden CHURCHILL, Watertown NY, Mrs. George SARGEANT, Brockville. 22 Feb 1908 Brockville
12399-1908 (Grenville Co) Howard ELLIS, 22, Farmer, South Mountain, Bishops Mills, s/o Wesley ELLIS & Margaret VINCEN (Vinseu?), married Jennette FORSYTHE, 21, McReynolds Crs., same, d/o David FORSYTHE & Susan TYPHER (Sypher?), witn: Mrs. A. FORSYTHE, Andrew FORSYTHE, both of Bishops Mills. 22 Apr 1908 Prescott 12460-1908 (Leeds Co) Thomas ERVIN, 32, Farmer, Bathurst Tp., Sherbrook Tp., s/o John ERVIN & Jennie HUGHES, married Ellen Florence EGAN, 29, School Teacher, North Crosby, same, d/o Michael EGAN & Margaret QUINN, witn: Eugene EGAN, Burgess, Annie FERGUSON, Calabogie. 25 Feb 1908 Westport (RC)
12273-1908 (Leeds Co) Leslie Hayt EVANS, 22, Cotton Broker, New Hartford N.J., same, s/o Richard EVANS & Catherine (blank), married Nina Vada LONG, 23, Dion N.Y, Utica N.Y., d/o Charles A. LONG & Josephine BROWN, witn: Francis A. FALES, Catherine BENNETT, both of Gananoque. 19 Aug 1908, at Gananoque 12285-1908 (Leeds Co) Edwin EVANS, Farmer, 50, Widower, of State of New York, s/o William F. EVANS & Margaret TUCKER, married Clara Agnes EVANS, 26, Widow, of Gananoque, d/o Jerdin? ANDRESS & Eliza SHERWIN?, witn: Thomas Edgar SEAL, Mabel SEAL, both of Gananoque Oct 1908 Gananoque
12292-1908 (Leeds Co) Irwin Wilbur FAWCETT, 24, Laborer, of Gananoque, s/o Thomas FAWCETT & Ellen S. JACKSON, married Ellen Eugene SLY, 27, of Gananoque, d/o Myron T. SLY & Anne E. ELLIOTT, witn: John Henry FAWCETT , Georgina Lucy MOORE. 30 Dec 1908 Gananoque 12349-1908 (Leeds Co) William A. FERGUSON, 22, Farmer, of Sandbay Lansdowne, s/o John FERGUSON & Mary HORTON, married Flora Estella MODLER, 23, of Lansdowne, d/o John MODLER & Charlotte TOPPING, witn: George Adam MODLER, Cobalt, L.R.O. FERGUSON, Sandbay. 21 Oct 1908 Lansdowne
12411-1908 (Grenville Co) James Jos. FITZGERALD, 41, Mechanic, Prescott, Montreal, s/o Michael FITZGERALD & Mary SHEA, married Mary GAHAN? 35, Prescott, same, d/o Patrick GAHAN & Jane BURGESS, witn: Mary LEBLANC, J.O. LEBLANC, both of Ottawa 26 Feb 1908 Prescott (RC) 12385-1908 (Grenville Co) Peter FITZGERALD, 52, Widower, Farmer, Wooler Ont., same, s/o Jas . FITZGERALD & Elizabeth TRIPP, married Barbara SHILLINGTON, 44, Widow, North Gower, same, d/o William MAINS? & Ann J. SHILLINGTON, witn: S. RAYCROFT, Spencerville, S. F. HAMMAND?, Bishops Mills. 16 Jun 1908 Oxford (Holiness Movement)
12405-1908 (Grenville Co) John Albert FLEMMING, 27, R.R. Fireman, New Haven, VT, Ogdensburg, NY, s/o Michael FLEMMING & Sarah HICKEY, married Annie DAVID, 30, Ogdensburg, NY, same, d/o Gilbert DAVID & Annie ROSS, witn: Willie GORE, Prescott, Mrs. Davis COLBORNE, Ogdensburg, NY. 3 June 1908 Prescott (RC) 12341-1908 (Leeds Co) Joseph FLOOD, 34, farmer, of Trevalin, s/o John FLOOD & Julia Ann SLACK, married Ellen LAPPAN, 28, of Lansdowne, d/o John LAPPAN & Mary ANGLIN, witn: Edward LEEDER, Trevalin, Mary LAPPAN, Lansdowne. 22 Jun 1908 Lansdowne (RC)
12068-1908 (Grenville Co) Alex W. FORSYTHE, 28, Barber, Elizabethtown, North Augusta, s/o Albert FORSYTHE & Nancy WILSON, married Arley May LOVE, 22, Milliner, Augusta, North Augusta, d/o Joseph LOVE & Anna FAULKNER, witn: Harry CASTER, Celia CASTER, both of Alexander (sic) Bay NY. 22 Jan 1908 North Augusta 12447-1908 (Grenville Co) Charles FOX, 23, Farmer, of Augusta Tp., s/o Austin FOX & Eliza STERRETT, married Annie Mary MYERS, 21, of Augusta Tp., d/o Edward MYERS & Rhoda PARENT, witn: Frances May MYERS, John Royale McLEAN, both of Augusta Tp. 16 Dec 1908 Prescott
12441-1908 (Grenville Co) Robert George FREEMAN, 40, Widower, Undertaker, of Prescott, s/o William FREEMAN & Fanny McGRATH, married Eva Louise SMITH, 21, of Prescott, d/o John SMITH & Eliza Ann WHITE, witn: Lillie M. HALL, Maynard, Sarah E. SMITH, Prescott. 7 Oct 1908 Prescott 12413-1908 (Grenville Co) Herbert Floyd FROST, 26, Barber, Athens Ont., Watertown NY, s/o John FROST & Anna BUTTERFIELD, married Nettie Mae DAVIS, 24, Dressmaker, Gananoque, same, d/o Richard DAVIS & Mary MURPHY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J. W. WILMOTT, both of Prescott. 4 Mar 1908 , Prescott (RC)
12409-1908 (Grenville Co) Alonzo GALLINGER, 36, Plumber, Stormont Co., blank, s/o Philip GALLINGER & Betsy HOOPLE, married Julia Frances NYHAM (?) 29, Co. Cork Ireland, blank, d/o David NYHAM & Mary WALSH, witn: J. W. JONES, Tamworth, Emily H. PATTON, Prescott. 17 Feb 1908 Prescott 12370-1908 (Grenville Co) Louis GERALDI, 23, Laborer, Gananoque, Merrickville, s/o Oliver GERALDI & Margaret GALLIPO, married Lillie WHITE, 22, Merrickville, same, d/o William WHITE & Mary Ann STUART, witn: Richard Ambrose GERALDI, Isabel McGILL, both of Merrickville. 20 Jun 1908, Merrickville (RC)
12329-1908 (Leeds Co) George Douglas GILBERT, 33, traveller, Seeleys Bay, same, s/o William GILBERT & Annie ENNIS, married Annie Isabel DARLING, 29, Leeds, same, d/o John McD. DARLING & Janet HOIG, witn: George E. DARLING, Leeds, Grace E. DARLING, Gananoque. 4 Mar 1908, Leeds 12320-1908 (Grenville Co) George F. GILLESPIE, 25, Farmer, of Ventnor Edwardsburg Tp., s/o James GILLESPIE & Mary FERGUSON, married Lulu Josephine CARSON, 19, of Kemptville , d/o Joseph A. CARSON & Sarah Ann McCARLEY, witn: Jos. A. CARSON & Sarah A CARSON, both of Kemptville. 7 Oct 1908 Kemptville
12485-1908 (Leeds Co) Enoch GODWIN, 55, Insurance Agent, of Kingston, s/o Thomas GODWIN & Anna ALLEN, married Alice Emmeressa RYAN, 38, widowed, of Kingston, d/o Israel BROWN & Elizabeth McCONNELL, witn: Ida WELLS, Grace WELLS, both of Mallorytown. 30 Dec 1908 Mallorytown 12067-1908 (Grenville Co) Thomas William Garnet GOOD, 24, Farmer, Kitley, Augusta, s/o Thomas GOOD & Sarah FARNETT (Fawcett?), married Bertha EVERTS, 26, Augusta, South Augusta, d/o Horace EVERTS & Sarah PEARSON, witn: Samuel L. GOOD, Addison, Florence J. ROBERTS, Lyn. 1 Jan 1908 South Augusta
12432-08 (Grenville Co): Arthur GRAHAM, 28, railway engineer, of Watertown NY, s/o William GRAHAM & Maria RAWLSTON, married Susan WOODWARD, 25, of DeKalb Junction NY, d/o Robert WOODWARD & Katherine SAHWITZER, witn: Wesley Roberts STONE of Watertown NY, 2 Sept 1908 at Prescott 12324-1908 (Leeds Co) William GRAHAM, 28, Boiler Maker, Yonge, Brandon, Man, s/o Henry GRAHAM & Celina HUTCHINGS, married Sarah Elizabeth WILCOX, 21, Sand Bay, Yonge, d/o Charles Henry WILCOX & Agnes VANDUSEN, witn: Mrs. Mary E. LEECH, Agnes PETTIGREW both of Lansdowne, 29 Jan 1908 Lansdowne
12456-1908 (Grenville Co) Henry Charles GRAHAM, 38, Clerk, of Inkerman, s/o Harry George GRAHAM & Rebecca SALMON, married Mary Alice ARIS, 38, Tailoress, of Prescott, d/o Edward ARIS & Rebecca GRAHAM, witn: Mary ARIS, Grace JARVIS, both of Prescott. 30 Nov 1908 Prescott 12484-1908 (Leeds Co) Burton Beake GRAHAM, 25, Farmer, of Cainstown, s/o William GRAHAM, Sr., & Dawney FERGUSON, married Ellonora Alberta KINCAID, 29, of Junestown, d/o John KAINCAID (sic) & Patience EARL, witn: William A. GRAHAM, Cainstown. & Mrs. H. FRANKLIN of Janetown, 2 Sept 1908 Cainstown
12355-1908 (Leeds Co) Thomas GREEN, 27, Farmer, Crosby, Westport, s/o S. GREEN & Ellen PORTER, married Laura L. McMILLAN, 22, Ellisville, same, d/o James McMILLAN & Elizabeth PRITCHARD, witn: Earnest BOTTING, Westport, Pearl McMILLAN, Ellisville. 7 Apr 1908 Lyndhurst 12347-1908 (Leeds Co) Edward Grandy HALFERTY, 24, farmer, of Pittsburg, s/o Joseph HALFERTY & Mary Jane WILSON, married Lottie Maudoline GWYNNE, 24, of South Lake, d/o George GWYNNE & Mary BUCK, witn: George. C. VALLEAU, Morven, Florence GWYNNE, South Lake. 16 Sep 1908 South Lake
#012180-08 (Leeds Co): William HARPER, 21, laborer, not given, Brockville, s/o William HARPER, laborer, & Effie ALBERY, married Clara HARPER, 18, not given, Morrisburg, d/o Aphsimes HARPER, laborer, & Sophia HUTT, witn: William J. & Laura HARPER of Brockville, 30 Nov 1908 at Brockville 12314-1908 (Grenville Co) William. H. HARDY, 45, Farmer, of Bowesville, s/o Francis HARDY & Jane ARMSTRONG, married Edith A. HUGHES, 24, Teacher, of Kemptville, d/o Rev. S. J. HUGHES & Julia A. PERRY, witn: H. ARMSTRONG, Ottawa, M.H. HUGHES, Kemptville. 5 Aug. 1908 Kemptville
12365-1908 (Grenville Co) Nathaniel Isles HARRISON, 35, Accountant, Pembroke, not given, s/o John HARRISON & Margaret ISLES, married Helena Esther SCOTT, 27, Stenographer, Packenham (sic), Merrickville, d/o David E. SCOTT & Helen YOUNG, witn: George Douglas SCOTT, Merrickville, Flossie E. M. CHRISLETT, Port Hope. 20 Jan 1908 Merrickville 12367-1908 (Grenville Co) Thomas HART, 34, Farmer, Wolford, Merrickville, s/o William HART & Mary Jane DAVIS, married Violet HARE, 22, Wolford, Merrickville, d/o Robert HARE & Jane HARE, Witn: Mary Love, Mrs. A. J. McMULLEN, both of Merrickville. 8 Apr 1908 Merrickville
12318-1908 (Grenville Co) James H. HENDERSON, 23, Farmer, of Marlborough Tp., s/o Andrew HENDERSON & Elizabeth BECKETT, married Isabella SHAW, 23, Stenographer, of Kemptville, d/o Joseph SHAW & Anna DEMPSEY, witn: A. SHAW, A. HENDERSON, both of Kemptville. 23 Sept 1908 Kemptville 12098-1908 (Leeds Co) Robert HENDERSON, 35, Journalist, Morrisburg, Kingston, s/o Warren L. HENDERSON & Unknown, married Marie G. CORBETT, 28, Kingston, same, d/o Charles H. CORBETT & Hannah SMITH, witn: Hazel SEAMAN, Mildred E. SELLERY, both of Brockville. 20 June 1908, Brockville
12375-1908 (Grenville Co) John James HILL, 34, Railway Official, s/o John Hill & Jessie GRANT, married Louise Arletta CROZIER, 34, of Merrickville, d/o Demetrius CROZIER & Elizabeth HARRISON, witn: Harry B. JOHNSTON, Chesterville, Lillian Maud CROZIER, Rochester. 8 Sep 1908 Merrickville 12406-1908 (Grenville Co) Edward Eugene HILL, 28, Carpenter, Rodman, U.S., Watertown, U.S. s/o George E. HILL & Addie STAFFORD, married Susie Estella CRAWFORD, 26, Watertown, U.S., same, d/o Wheeler CRAWFORD & Jane ROBB, witn: E. H. PATTON, Elizabeth BALDWIN, both of Prescott. 15 Jan 1908 Prescott
12311-1908 (Grenville Co) Aaron R. HITZMAN (sic), 30, Farmer, Kemptville, Russell, same, s/o John H. HITSMAN & Jane HAW, married Drucilla SULLIVAN, 20, Governeur NY, Kemptville, d/o Joseph SULLIVAN & Dorcas JACKSON, witn: T. A. HITSMAN, RUSSELL, Bessie SULLIVAN, Kemptville. 15 April 1908 Kemptville #012420-08 (Grenville Co): Charles Addison HOOVER, 39, widower, canvasser, Jefferson Co NY, Ogdensburg NY, s/o Adam HOOVER & Anna PETRIE, married Anny Maude ATKINSON, 31, widow, Manchester England, Ogdensburg NY, d/o Thomas B. ATKINSON & Jennie GIBSON, witn: S.J. HIBBLE of Ogdensburg, 29 June 1908 at Prescott
12089-1908 (Leeds Co) Joseph Bertrand HOWE, 29, Methodist Minister, Kitley Twp., Athens, s/o Napoleon HOWE & Eliza A. JOHNSTON, married Helena Viola McLEAN, 27, Brockville, same, d/o Charles A. McLEAN & Emma WILSON, witn: C. Wyatt McLEAN, Brockville, Addie B. HOWARD, Athens. 17 June 1908 Brockville 12323-1908 (Grenville Co) John Morley HUGHES, 30, Merchant, 30, Heckston Ont., s/o Hugh HUGHES & Sophia FLYNN, married Rosa Bella DULMAGE, 26, of Kemptville, d/o Jas. W. DULMAGE & Catharine WHITNEY, witn: G. E. CONLEY, Heckston, Nora PATTERSON, Kemptville, 30 Dec 1908 Kemptville
12384-1908 (Leeds Co) Arthur Victor HULL, 24, Farmer, Leeds Co., Newboro, s/o Charles HULL & Harriet BARTLETT, married Emma Elizabeth THOMPSON, 25, North Crosby twp., same, d/o Samuel THOMPSON & Ann LYONS, witn: Howard THOMPSON, Bertha THOMPSON, both of N. Crosby twp. 4 Feb 1908 Home of Bride's Father, N. Crosby twp. 12312-1908 (Grenville Co) Trueman HURLBURT, 24, Farmer, Oxford Tp, same s/o Adam HURLBURT & Margaret MAYHEW, married Katie DOOL, 22, Domestic, Oxford Tp., Wolford Tp., d/o Robert DOOL & Sarah GAMBLE, witn: Mrs. Martha McBRIDE, Grace A. HOWARD, both of Kemptville. 20 May 1908 Kemptville
12386-1908 (Grenville Co) Robert HYNDMAN, 34, Farmer, Mountain twp., Oxford, s/o Robert HYNDMAN & Mary CLARK, married Josephine SMITH, 23, Oxford, same, d/o Alex SMITH & Margaret BEGGS, witn: William J. SMITH, Millers Corners, Emma J. HYNDMAN, Hallville. 17 June 1908, Oxford 12397-1908 (Grenville Co) William John IRVINE, 52, widower, Surveyor,, Lisbon NY, Osegatchie NY, s/o Joseph IRVINE & Mary A. BURFORD, married Anna HATHAWAY, 49, Widow, Diana NY, unknown, d/o John HATHAWAY & Mary ANGUS, witn: Marie L. WEIR, Sarah E. SMITH, both of Prescott. 8 Apr 1908, Prescott
12267-1908 (Leeds Co) Cecil JACKSON, 24, Farmer, Gananoque, same, s/o Patrick JACKSON & Nina BURTIN, married Norah Irene POTTER, 18, Gananoque, same, d/o William POTTER & Harriet GARRAH, witn: Frank HARPER, William CLARKE, both of Gananoque. 22 Apr 1908 Gananoque 12380-1908 (Leeds Co) Alexander JACKSON, 24, Farmer, Frontenac Co., Keelerville twp. Frontenac Co., s/o Hiram JACKSON & Maria YATEMAN, married Marian SPICER, 25, Store Clerk, Newboro, same, d/o William SPICER & M. A. KILLENBECK, witn: Thomas FORD, Gananoque, Libby SPICER, Newboro. 25 May 1908 Newboro
12410-1908 9 (Grenville Co) Bert Josiah JONES, 21, Farmer, Lisbon, N.Y., same, s/o Charles J. JONES & Ellen TODD, married Adah Elgis (sic) TRACY, 20, Lisbon, N.Y., same, d/o Allen E. TRACY & Laura A. BUSH, witn: Sarah R. SMITH, Camelia B. PERRIN, both of Prescott. 26 Feb 1908 Prescott  
12374-1908 (Grenville Co) William KAVANAGH, 46, Widowed, Farmer, of Richmond, s/o Peter KAVANAGH & Margaret KEMPILL, married Margaret Anne HALPIN, 40, of Montague, d/o Patrick HALPIN & Hannah McGRATH, witn: George KAVANAUGH, Marinstes (?), Nellie BAKER, Ottawa. 16 Sept 1908 Merrickville (RC) #012179-08 (Leeds Co): Michael Francis KEHOE, 23, tailor, not given, Brockville, s/o Michael J. KEHOE, merchant, & Mary Jane BRANIFF, married Inga Clarissa YOUNG, 24, not given, Brockville, d/o Adam YOUNG, RR conductor, & Margaret ROSS, witn: George Herbert & Ann KEHOE of Brockville, 25 Nov 1908 at Brockville (Rom Cath)
#012178-08 (Leeds Co): George KENDALL, 41, not given, Clayton NY, s/o Edward KENDALL, shoe maker, & Catherine DORAN, married Martina McCASKELL, 39, not given, Newboro Ont., d/o Malcolm McCASKELL & Margaret McGILVERY, 24 Nov 1908 at Brockville 12444-1908 (Grenville Co) Edward Charles KENNEDY, 24, Laborer, of Prescott, s/o John KENNEDY & Mary Ann GOHEN, married Ida May KNAPP, 18, of Prescott, d/o George KNAPP & Annie LAVERY, witn: Anna WOODWARD, Domville Ont., Frank KENNEDY, Brockville. 15 Oct 1908 Prescott
12379-1908 (Leeds Co) Hammond Cameron KERR, 20, Labourer, Leeds Co, S. Crosby twp., s/o Lucas H. KERR & Sarah CAMERON, married Maud GRAY, 19, Leeds Co., S. Crosby Twp., d/o Charles GRAY & Jane LANGDON, witn: Robert GRAY & Emma GRAY, both of S. Crosby twp. 17 Feb 1908 Newboro 12309-1908 (Grenville Co) John Alexander KERR, 27, Farmer, Mountain, same, s/o Henry H. KERR & Martha HOY, married Martha WYLIE, 29, Mountain, same, d/o John WYLIE & Nancy DIXON, witn: David H. KERR, Ella C. CARLYLE, both of Mountain. 4 Mar 1908 Kemptville
12269-1908 (Leeds Co) William KERRISTON, 28, Stone Cutter, Gananoque, same, s/o Walter KERRISTON & Adeline ROLLINS, married Philomena GONYEAU, 26, Gananoque, same, d/o Edward GONYEAU & Mary Jane AMO, witn: Joseph GONYEAU, Lucy GONYEAU, both of Gananoque. 5 Jul 1908 Gananoque (RC) 12093-1908 (Leeds Co) William Ennis KIDD, 29, Clerk in Holy Orders, Burritts Rapids, Frankville, s/o Thomas A. KIDD & Esther ENNIS, married Margaret Dealley? WOODCOCK, 26, New Hamburg, Brockville, d/o Francis D. WOODCOCK & Matilda O'CONNOR, witn: Herbert F. WOODCOCK, Brantford, Mary E. WOODCOCK, Brockville. 24 June 1908 Brockville
12436-08 (Grenville Co): Andrew James KNIGHT, 28, farmer, of Edwardsburg twp., s/o Peter KNIGHT & Sarah MANION, married Mary Ellen McELLEN, 26, of Prescott, d/o Patrick McELLEN & Catherine POORE, witn: Bernadette McELLEN & John Trephley? REDMOND, both of Prescott, 23 Sept 1908 at Prescott (Rom Cath) 12389-1908 (Grenville Co) James LaFLEUR, 32, gardener, Kemptville, same, s/o Alexander LaFLEUR & Pricilla BELLAIR, married Mary McENRY, 30, Widow, Kemptville, same, d/o Michael ROACH & Mary McGAHEY, witn: John SLAVIN, Mrs. John SLAVIN, both of Kemptville 25 May 1908, Oxford (RC)
12439-1908 (Grenville Co) John William LaMERE, 39, Laborer, of Prescott, s/o Peter LaMERE & Julia SULLIVAN, married Catherine Lorinda ANNABLE, 38, of Prescott, d/o Nelson ANNABLE & Mary Ann MEADE, witn: John C. DEPOTSIE, Sarah B. SMITH, both of Prescott. 24 Sept 1908 Prescott 12336-1908 (Leeds Co) Robert Vincent LAMIN, 51, Widowed, farmer, of Bastard, s/o William LAMIN & Isabella SMITH, married Phoeba JONES, 55, widowed, of Bastard, d/o Nathan STEVENS & Amelia WAKELY, witn: John STEVENS, Elgin, John C. THOMPSON, Gananoque. 28 July 1908 Leeds Front
12350-1908 (Leeds Co) Maurice C. LAMSON, 30, Farmer, Sandbay Leeds Twp., s/o Allen LANSOM (sic) & Annie GIBSON, married Myrtle EARL, 22, d/o Allen EARL & Jeanette McNEIL, witn: Mrs. William. PEARSON, Mrs. W. P. MOORE, both of Lansdowne. 4 Nov 1908 Lansdowne Village 12288-1908 (Leeds Co) Edward Rowland LANDON, 27, of Gananoque, s/o David LANDON & Louisa COVEY, married Margaret Patrick REIDMAN, 28, of Gananoque, d/o Edward REIDMAN & Christina MILLER, witn: Walter William NOBIS, Ruth HOLDEN, both of Gananoque. 2 Nov 1908 Gananoque
12332-1908 (Leeds Co) Dennis LATIMER, 29, Farmer, Gananoque, Leeds, s/o Solomon LATIMER & Mary OHEARN, married Alice Eliza CURRIE, 29, Lancaster, same, d/o Joseph CURRIE & Julia HARRIMAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Fred C. GRAY, Leeds. May 28, 1908, Leeds 12395-1908 (Grenville Co) Milo LAWRENCE, 49, Farmer, widower, Lisbon N.Y., same, s/o Henry LAWRENCE & Jane FINAMORE, married Louise PURVIS, 49, Widow, Iroquois, Lisbon N.Y., d/o William ROBINSON & Margaret MOREHEAD, witn: Hattie C. WRIGHT, Brighton Ont., Sarah E. SMITH, Prescott. 1 Apr 1908, Prescott
#012181-08 (Leeds Co): William LAWRENCE, 24, painter, not given, Brockville, s/o Horace Walter LAWRENCE, foreign correspondent, & Edith SMITH, married Wava Pearl McDONALD, 23, not given, Brockville, d/o John McDONALD, carpenter & Estella FITCH, witn: Walter James LOGAN & Lizzie EDWARDS, both of Brockville, 3 Dec 1908 at Brockville 12337-1908 (Leeds Co) Francis LAWRENCE, 36, Sailor, of Kingston, s/o Francis LAWRENCE & Lucy MARLOW , married Bridget O'GRADY, 26, Seamstress, of Warburton, d/o Michael O'GRADY & Bridget IVEY, witn: Thomas SUGHRUE, Kingston, Amelia HODEY, Lansdowne. 28 Feb 1908 Lansdowne (RC)
12286-1908 (Leeds Co) John Baptiste LEGER, Shop Assistant, of Gananoque, s/o James LEDGER & Elizabeth BISHOP, married Clara GRAHAM, servant, d/o Robert GRAHAM & Margaret LATIMER, witn: Albert HARRIS, Hanna GRAHAM, both of Gananoque. 16 Oct 1908 Gananoque 12443-1908 (Grenville Co) Carlisle Haile LYTLE, 21, Traveller, of New York City, s/o Cassins LYTLE & Mary HAILE, married Mabel Smith SHELDON, 22, of Dekalb NY, d/o George SHELDON & Ida SMITH, witn: Mrs. N.D. KEITH, Miss Laura ENGLISH, both of Prescott. 9 Oct 1908 Prescott
12394-1908 (Grenville Co) Archibald MacFARLAND, 38, widower, R.R. Man, Carleton Place, Rochester, N.Y. s/o Peter (blank) & Eliza MONIS, married Mae McGINNESS, 26, Rochester N.Y., same, d/o Nicholas McGINNESS & Mary KAVINSH, witn: Mrs. C. PERRIN, Mrs. S. E. SMITH, Prescott. 30 Mar 1908 Prescott 12392-1908 (Grenville Co) Thomas Frederick MALEY, 39, widowed, merchant, of Smith Falls, s/o Thomas MALEY & Mary BIGGS, married Eva Mary MALEY, 33, widowed, of Oxford twp., d/o Joseph SCOTT & Mary A. PERCIVAL, witn: E. M. BARNARD, Mgt. McCLENAGHAN, both of Oxford Mills. 28 Oct 1908 Oxford Mills
12364-1908 (Grenville Co) Joseph Patrick MALONEY, 22, Bridge Laborer, Cornwall, Merrickville, s/o Patrick MALONEY & Mary Jane MASTERSON married Emma WHITE, 22, Merrickville, same, d/o William WHITE & Mary Ann STUART, witn: J.A. McGILLIS, Cornwall, Lillie WHITE, Merrickville. 17 Jan 1908 Merrickville (RC) 12085-1908 (Leeds Co) Alexander MARTIN, 32, Baggageman, Pittsburg Twp., Brockville, s/o James MARTIN & Catherine JOYCE, married Ann Winnifred BURNS, 26, Brockville, same, d/o Thomas BURNS & Mary FITZPATRICK, witn: J.H. SHINNICK, Brockville, Cicelia BURNS, Toronto. 15 June 1908 Brockville (RC)
12366-1908 (Grenville Co) Albert Henry MASELES, 22, bridge man, Glenn Williams, same, s/o Stephen MASELES & Ida CAMERON, married Jessie WYLIE, 22, Wolford, same, d/o James WYLIE & Mary Ann BOYD, witn: Fred J. BOYD, Merrickville, Florence WYLIE, Wolford. 15 Apr 1908, Wolford 12382-1908 (Leeds Co) Charles G. McCANN, 22, Farmer, N. Crosby twp., same, s/o John A. McCANN & Julia PYNE, married Isabella M. CHEETHEM, 22, Ompah, Burgess twp., d/o William E. CHEETHEM & Etta JOHNSTON, witn: Samuel S. McCANN, N. Crosby, Jennie M. CHEETHEM, Burgess twp. 1 Jan 1908 Burgess twp.
12070-1908 (Grenville Co) Richard McCASLIN, 59, Farmer, Widower, Matilda, same, s/o James McCASLIN & Maria MERKLEY, married Margaret McKINLEY, 46, Prince Edward Co., Augusta, d/o Andrew McKINLEY & Mary BAXTER, witn: Hugh KELSO, Maggie ROBINSON, both of Augusta. 25 Mar 1908 Roebuck 12100-1908 (Leeds Co) Robert McCOMBRIE?, 30, Carriage trimmer, Brockville, Watertown NY, s/o William McCOMBRIE? & Mary Jane LAWSON, married Florence E. McINTOSH, 29, Brockville, same, d/o John B. McINTOSH & Margaret DULMAGE, witn: Alberta S. DOWSLEY, Fred McINTOSH, both of Brockville. 1 Jan 1908 Brockville
#012423-08 (Grenville Co): Edward James McCONVILLE, 32, bar tender, Ogdensburg NY, same, s/o Edward McCONVILLE & Sarah COOL, married Marie Ada BUCKMAN, 26, widow, Ogdensburg NY, same, d/o Allan BUCKMAN & Julia ROSE, witn: Fred KELLY of Prescott, 6 July 1908 at Prescott 12327-1908 (Leeds Co) William H. MCCORMACK, 30, Farm Laborer, Yonge Twp., same, s/o Archibald MCCORMACK & Elizabeth GOODBODY, married Ardena MORROW, 31, Yonge Twp., same, d/o William MORROW & Lois BAXTER, witn: Mrs. E. HUMPHRIES, Emma ROSE, both of Brockville. 26 Feb 1908, Lansdowne
12344-1908 (Leeds Co) Richard J. McCREADY, 26, farmer, not given, Dulcemaine, s/o Alexander McCREADY & Augusta McCREADY, married Orma M. WILSON, 22, not given, Warburton, d/o James WILSON & Augusta WING, witn: Mary SHIELDS, Sarah STEVENS both of Lansdowne, 26 Aug 1908 Lansdowne 12328-1908 (Leeds Co) Arthur Landon MCCREADY, 29, Farmer, Lansdowne, Escott, s/o Richard MCCREADY & Harriet MCLEAN, married Cecelia L. DONEVAN, 28, dressmaker, Lansdowne, same, d/o Robert M. DONEVAN & Sarah A. CROSS, witn: Gertie MOORE, Robert B. DONEVAN, both of Lansdowne, 4 Mar 1908, Lansdowne
12308-1908 (Grenville Co) Joseph Ernest McCURDY, 22, Carpenter, Marlborough, same, s/o Daniel McCURDY & Elizabeth EWANS, married Mary Alice DILLON, 20, North Gower, same, d/o Campbell DILLON & Annie DOUGLASS, witn: Katharine McKEENE, Martin BOWKER, both of Kemptville. 1 Jan 1908 Kemptville 12342-1908 (Leeds Co) Michael McDONALD, 23, farmer, of Lansdowne, s/o Thomas McDONALD & Catherine ALMAN, married Mary MURRAY, 21, Seamstress, of Brewers Mills, d/o John MURRAY & Rosanna CUNNINGHAM, witn: Michael O'CONNOR, Lansdowne, Rosanna MURRAY, Brewers Mills. 8 June 1908 Lansdowne (RC)
12087-1908 (Leeds Co) William Mordent McEATHRON, 37, Wine Clerk, Brockville, same, s/o John McEATHRON & Mary WILSON, married Anna Maude DOYLE, 31, Maitland, same, d/o Patrick DOYLE & Anna LOFTUS, witn: Dr. R.N. NORTON, Robert H. THOMPSON, both of Brockville. 10 June 1908 Brockville 12430-08 (Grenville Co): Lyman James McGEE, 45 (or 40), carpenter, of Heckston Ont., s/o James McGEE & Jane ADAMS, married Elizabeth BAILEY, 30, of Van Camp Ont., d/o John BAILEY & Catherine HAINES, witn: Cynthia PERRIN of Prescott & Christiana CHISHOLM of Utica NY, 18 Aug 1908 at Prescott
12319-1908 (Grenville Co) James McILVENNA, 24, Farmer, of Smiths Falls, s/o Thomas McILVENNA & Maria BUKER (Baker?), married Annettie PHILLIPS, 28, of Burritts Rapid, d/o Thomas PHILLIPS & Isabelle DORMAN, witn: J.A. HUGHES, D. McCONNELL, both of Kemptville. 19 Sep 1908 Kemptville 12408-1908 (Grenville Co) Hugh McKEEVER, 49, Farmer, Edwardsburg, same, s/o Michael McKEEVER & Mary Ann McHUGH, married Rose Evelyn McCORD, 39, Edwardsburg, same, d/o James McCORD & Rosetta COYLE, witn: John M. KEHOE, Clara M. KEHOE, both of Brockville. 27 Jan 1908 Prescott (RC)
#012182-08 (Leeds Co): John Royal McLEAN, 20, farmer, not given, Maitland, s/o John, farmer, & Agnes, married Frances May MYERS, 19, not given, Augusta twp., d/o Oran Edward MYERS, farmer, & Rhoda PERRIN, witn: Charlotte DUNN of Brockville, 14 Dec 1908 at Brockville 12426-08 (Grenville Co): James McNEIL, 30, fireman, of not given, s/o Daniel McNEIL & Alice HEALY, married Maude May TANNEY, nurse, 21, born Glenmore Ont., residence not given, d/o John TANNEY & Emily VONT, witn: C.E. BILLINGS of Ottawa, 5 Aug. 1908 at Prescott
12357-1908 (Leeds Co) James L. MIDDLETON, 33, Farmer, Lyndhurst, same, s/o Servetus MIDDLETON & Hannah BEGORDIS (Bogardis?), married Florence L. SHOOK, 21, Domestic, Sweets Corners, same, d/o Hiram SHOOK & Violet WEEKS, witn: Thomas J. BURME, Long Point, Annie CLARKSON, Lyndhurst. June 16, 1908 Sweets Corners 12268-1908 (Leeds Co) Wilson MILLER, 28, Laborer, Gananoque, same, s/o John Henry MILLER & Mary McDONALD, married Mary Ann McLENNAN, 23, Gananoque, same, d/o John McLENNAN & Elizabeth DOREY, witn: Laurena CUNNINGHAM, Lilly McLENNAN, both of Gananoque. 7 Apr 1908 Gananoque
12431-08 (Grenville Co): Elmer Garnet MOORE, 24, traveler, of Brockville, s/o Mathew MOORE & Elizabeth DUNN, married Mildred Marguerite STEVENSON, 21, of Brockville, d/o William STEVENSON & Elizabeth LAUNDREVILLE, witn: Miss N. DOWSLEY of Brockville, 29 Aug 1908 at Prescott 12433-08 (Grenville Co): Philander Wellington MOORE, 23, farmer, of Edwardsburg twp., s/o Samuel MOORE & Phoebe BARTON, married Elma CONKLIN, 24, of Edwardsburg twp., d/o Stephen CONKLIN & Eva SPICER, 22 Sept 1908 at Prescott
12435-08 (Grenville Co): John Murphy MURDOCK, 28, government employee, of Prescott, s/o Patrick C. MURDOCK & Harriet S. MURPHY, married Helena Victoria LINNEN, 19, of Ogdensburg NY, d/o Robert H. LINNEN & Charlotte A. NUMBY, witn: Elenor & Joseph Leon MURDOCK of Prescott, 23 Sept 1908 at Prescott 12310-1908 (Grenville Co) Moses Elmer MURDOCK, 30, Farmer, Matilda, Osgoode, s/o Michael MURDOCK & Sarah COWAN, married Emma Lizetta SMITH, 38, South Gower, Osgoode, d/o Elijah SMITH & Mary LOUCKS, witn: L.E. REYNOLDS & L.M. REYNOLDS, both of Kemptville. 26 Mar 1908 Kemptville
12412-1908 (Grenville Co) Richard MURPHY, 45, Widower, Mechanic, Ont., Watertown N.Y., s/o Michael MURPHY & Catherine HAYES, married Maria ENGLISH, age unknown, Edwardsburg, same, d/o Samuel ENGLISH & Mary STOREY, witn: Thomas CORLEY, Matilda, Sara ENGLISH, Edwardsburg. 2 Mar 1908 Prescott (RC) 12459-1908 (Leeds Co) Bernard MURPHY, 24, Brick layer, South Crosby, same, s/o John MURPHY & Honora JORDAN, married Mary Ann BENNETT, 23, School Teacher, Westport, same, d/o Arthur BENNETT & Margaret QUIGLEY, witn: Joseph MURPHY, Pittsburgh Tp., Ellen BENNETT, Westport. 19 Feb 1908 Westport (RC)
#012418-08 (Grenville Co): Otis Jesse OATMAN, 25, widower, painter, Rodman NY, same, s/o Edward OATMAN & Philey PARKER, married Edna Carrie BUTLER, 20, Worth Centre NY, Rodman NY, d/o Edward BUTLER & Flora WOODARD, witn: Violet HENDERSON of Toronto & Irma SACKETT of Prescott, 9 June 1908 at Prescott 12391-1908 (Grenville Co) William O'DAIR, 37, farmer, of Oxford twp., s/o William O'DAIR & Jane WALL, married Rose Kathleen McGOVERN, 19, of Oxford twp., d/o Elijah McGOVERN & Catherine MALLON, witn: Michael SWEENEY, Margaret McGOVERN, both of Oxford. 4 Nov 1908, Oxford Twp
12287-1908 (Leeds Co) William Willard OVIATT, 57, Widower, Carpenter, of Gananoque, s/o Benjamin OVIATT and Lucy BARTTELL, (?) married Anna YOUNG, 46, of Gananoque, d/o Miles YOUNG & Margaret DENNISON, witn: Lucy BARTTELL, (?) Freeman MOORE, both of Gananoque, 4 Nov 1908 Gananoque 12377-1908 (Grenville Co) Marshall PAGE, 24, bridge man, s/o John PAGE & Mary GREGG, married Lillian MERKLEY, 24, d/o Ebenezer MERKLEY & Clarissa SMITH, witn: Charles W. POSTTELLWAITE, Merrickville. 9 Nov 1908, Merrickville [no other info given]
12403-1908 (Grenville Co) Joseph PARIDIS, 50, laborer, Que. Prov., Prescott, s/o Peter PARIDIS & Teresa COCHON, married Elizabeth OWENS, 43, Widow, Montreal, Prescott, d/o Thomas McDERMOTT & Mary A. McLOMBRY, witn: Elizabeth OWENS, William GORE, both of Prescott. 14 May 1908 Prescott (RC) 12333-1908 (Leeds Co) James Anson PEAK (Peck?), 39, Farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Ephraim PEAK & Caroline LANDON married Hellen Josephine WALLIS, 28, Railway Agents Assistant, Lansdowne, same, d/o William H. WALLIS & Matilda PATRICK, witn: William W. FREW, Lansdowne, Nellie ROBINSON, Lyn. 24 June 1908, Lansdowne
12387-1908 (Grenville Co) (Blank) PERCIVAL, 32, farmer, Oxford, same, s/o Walter PERCIVAL & Margaret ARMSTRONG, married Eva WEEDMARK, 24, Oxford, same, d/o Walter WEEDMARK & Bella STEVENS, witn: Walter & Bella WEEDMARK, Oxford. 30 Jan 1908 Oxford 12061-1908 (Grenville Co) Albert James PERRIN, 24, Farmer, (no further info) married Eva CHANT, 37, widow, of Glenmore, witn: William CHANT, Martha CHANT, Glenmore. 4 Nov 1908, Glenmore
#012419-08 (Grenville Co): Harlow Cleveland PERRIN, 20, farmer, Maynard Ont., same, s/o Amos PERRIN & Jessie BALL, married Florence Edith SWARTZ, 24, Homville?, same, d/o John SWARTZ & Norsina HEWETT, witn: Cornelia PERRIN of Maynard, 16 June 1908 at Prescott 12417-1908 (Grenville Co) Andrew PERRIN, 46, Widower, Laborer, Augusta Ont, Johnstown, s/o Robert PERRIN & Margaret SWART, married Elizabeth REID, 36, Johnstown, same, d/o Joseph REID & Emily KING, witn: William RAWLINS, Prescott, Nellie PERRIN, Johnstown. 30 Mar 1908 Prescott
12401-1908 (Grenville Co) Hubert Ronald PETTIT, 25, Gentleman, England, same, s/o Edward PETTIT & Maria PUTTMAN, married Isabel Margaret RYAN, 26, Brockville, Montreal Que., d/o John RYAN & Margaret J. McSWEEN, witn: J.R. RYAN, Montreal, Que., Florence B. PETTIT, England. 30 Apr 1908 Prescott 12065-1908 (Grenville Co) Robert Joseph PEVERE, 23, Farmer, of Charleville, s/o Joseph PEVERE & Elizabeth DAVIS, married Celestia COVILLE, 24, of Glenmore, d/o David COVILLE & Mary Ann VOUT, witn: Mrs. E.D. PINEL, Miss H.L. PINEL, both of Maynard. 16 Sep 1908 Maynard
12457-1908 (Grenville Co) George Frederick POTTER, 26, farmer, of Domville Ont., s/o William H. POTTER & Emily PRESTON, married Edith FOX, 31, of Spencerville, d/o Charles FOX & Elizabeth S. HASSELL, witn: Herbert ALLESTON, Ethel M. POTTER, both of Domville. 23 Dec 1908 Prescott #012422-08 (Grenville Co): Michael Joseph POWELL, 30, clerk, Prescott, same, s/o John Joseph POWELL & Elizabeth C. McFARLANE, married Mary Catherine QUINN, 22, Edwardsburg, same, d/o Edward QUINN & Mary JENNINGS, witn: Julia DELANEY & Francis H. POWELL, both of Prescott, 30 June 1908 at Prescott (Rom Cath)
12103-1908 (Leeds Co) John POWER, 38, Merchant, Augusta, Brockville, s/o Jacob POWER & Margaret SUMMON, married Annie HANTON, 37, England, Brockville, d/o Thomas HANTON & Elizabeth D. WHITE, witn: Thomas SHERIDAN, Teressa SHERIDAN, both of Brockville. 19 Feb 1908 Brockville 12073-1908 (Grenville Co) Fred James PRITCHARD, age unknown, Engineer, Gananoque, same, s/o James PRITCHARD & Sarah SEARSON, married Alice J. SUNDERLAND, age unknown, Augusta, same, d/o W.H. SUNDERLAND & Annie CARLEY, witn: Thomas RALPH, Bertha SUNDERLAND, both of North Augusta. 28 Apr 1908 Augusta
12325-1908 (Leeds Co) David Norman PURVIS, 57, Widower, farmer, Lansdowne, Lyn, s/o John PURVIS & Catherine CLARKE, married Susan WARREN, 39, Rockfield, same, d/o Benjamin WARREN & Mary CHINNECK, witn: Mrs. D. ANDERSON, W. H. WARREN, Rockfield, 3 Feb 1908, Warburton 12427-08 (Grenville Co): John Arthur PYKE, 21, merchant, of Wolfe Island, s/o George H. PYKE & Emma GRIMSHAW, married Fannie Maxine BRIGHTMAN, 18, of Brockville, d/o Fred BRIGHTMAN & Kate MARCHNER, witn: W. PETERSON & Mrs. Marie L. WEIR, both of Prescott, 11 Aug 1908 at Prescott
12393-1908 (Grenville Co) Charles Edmond PYKE, 18, cheese maker, of North Augusta, s/o Patrick PYKE & Eliza AGNOL, married Annie Violet PERRY, 17, of North Augusta, d/o Harvey PERRY & Lydia TYE, witn: Harry PERRY, North Augusta, Sarah HAMMOND, Bishops Mills. 26 Sept 1908 Grenville 12361-1908 (Leeds Co) John RALPH, 26, Farmer, Agusta Grenville Co, Oak Leaf, s/o John RALPH & Lora SUNDERLAND, married Elva Elizabeth GREEN, 26, Lansdowne Rear, Oak Leaf, d/o Watson R. GREEN & Elizabeth DOBBS, witn: Clifford GREEN, Lansdowne, Bill McANDREWS, Leeds. 7 Sep 1908 Oak Leaf
12326-1908 (Leeds Co) William H. RATH, 27, Farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Charles F. RATH, & Hester GREEN, married Florence Mary ROTTERS, 26, Lansdowne, same, d/o Robert C. ROTTERS & Ruth HINTON, witn: Stanley ROTTERS, Jean CROSS, both of Lansdowne. 19 Feb 1908, Lansdowne 12416-1908 (Grenville Co) Angus REID, 22, Laborer, Prescott, same, s/o John REID & Maria PATTERSON, married Maude YOUNG, 24, Augusta, Prescott, d/o William YOUNG & Mary HAILEY, witn: Mrs. William REID, Sarah E. SMITH, both of Prescott. 26 Mar 1908 Prescott
12434-08 (Grenville Co): William John REYNOLDS, 20, cheese maker, of Prescott, s/o George REYNOLDS & Mary LAYCOCK, married Ethel Elizabeth McFARLANE, 19, of Prescott, d/o William McFARLANE & Mary Jane SIMONS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Thomas HUNTER of Prescott, 22 Sept 1908 at Prescott 12437-1908 (Grenville Co) William Henry ROBINSON, 26, farmer, of Augusta, s/o William ROBINSON & Ann Eliza SPICER, married Fanny Maria DANIELS, 28, of Augusta, d/o William DANIELS & Sarah DANIELS, witn: Nellie Blanche ROBINSON, Maynard, H.A. EWART, Montreal. 23 Sept 1908, Prescott
12272-1908 (Leeds Co) William J. RUDY, 39, Massage Operator, New York City, Jersey City NJ., s/o James RUDY & Margaret DUGAN, married Annie GERMAN, 32, Widow, Germany, Jersey City N.J., d/o Philip GERMAN & Johanna SMITH, witn: Mrs. GRACEY, Letitia GRACEY, both of Gananoque. 4 Aug 1908 Gananoque 12321-1908 (Grenville Co) Richard SANDERSON, 30, Farmer, of Oxford Tp., s/o John SANDERSON & Martha McCANNON, married Agnes May DAVISON, 21, of Oxford Tp., d/o George DAVISON & Elizabeth CHAMBERS (Clemens?), witn: G. N. DAVISON, M. T. COURSE (?). 7 Nov 1908 Kemptville
12062-1908 (Grenville Co) Clarence Delbert SARGENT, 19, Fireman, (no further info) married Nellie Rose NAPPER, 19, of South Augusta, witn. Mr. & Mrs. Manley FIELDS, South Augusta. 25 Nov 1908 Algonquin 12102-1908 (Leeds Co) C. Ernest SELLERY, 24, Add. Writer, Charing Cross, Ottawa, s/o Samuel SELLERY & Margaret SWARM, married Edna L. MARSHALL, 25, Brockville, same, d/o Van R. MARSHALL & Maggie KEARNS, witn: C. Morley SELLERY, Mildred MARSHALL, both of Brockville. 17 Feb 1908, Brockville
12359-1908 (Leeds Co) Lambert SERSON, 20, Laborer, Marble Rock, Seeleys Bay, s/o William SIERSON (sic) & Mary WATSON, married Esther Ann HOLDER, 19, Widow, Marble Rock, Berryton, d/o Henry FREE & Margaret CARPENTER, witn: Elgin SIERSON, Berryton & Bertha SIERSON. 24 June 1908 Seeleys Bay 12407-1908 (Grenville Co) Carrol Dungey SHANNON, 34, Accountant, Brantford, Prescott, s/o John Carrol SHANNON & Clara Jane DUNGEY, married Mary Louisa WHITNEY, 30, Prescott, same, d/o Albert WHITNEY & Charlotte C. JAMES, witn: E.E. NEWMAN, Emily A. PARTON, both of Prescott. 11 Jan 1908 Prescott
12101-1908 (Leeds Co) James SHERIDAN, 51, Widower, Merchant, County Cavan Ireland, Brockville, s/o James SHERIDAN & Mary Ann WILLIAMS, married Sarah WILLIAMS, 38, County Cavan Ireland, Brockville, d/o John WILLIAMS & Mary Ann KEMP, witn: Margaret SELLERY, Florence SELLERY, both of Brockville. 30 Jan 1908 Brockville 12097-1908 (Leeds Co) Charles John SIMPSON, 34, Farmer, Kingston, South Augusta, s/o James SIMPSON & Martha HOLLAND, married Catherine ERLY, 37, Kingston, Brockville, d/o Thomas ERLY & Mary O'DONNELL, witn: Helena FARLEY, Nellie FARLEY, both of Brockville. 30 June 1908 Brockville
12330-1908 (Leeds Co) David Myles SLITER, 22, Farmer, Lansdowne, Leeds, s/o Alexander SLITER & Charlotte M. LLOYD, married Eva Myrtle ABRAMS, 20, Leeds, same, d/o George W. ABRAMS & Mary STOLIKER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. ABRAMS, Brockville, 8 Apr 1908, Leeds 12362-1908 (Leeds Co) George Ernest SLY, 30, farmer, of Olivet, s/o Benjamin SLY & Lizzie CHAPMAN, married Maud Lillian BERRY, 22, of South Lake, d/o John BERRY & Lizzie NUTTALL, witn: Benjamin SLY, Ellisville, John BERRY, South Lake. 31 Aug 1908 Olivet
12440-1908 (Grenville Co) William Lawrence SMITH, 36, Laborer, of Ogdensburg NY, s/o Lanty SMITH & Maria MAXWELL, married Francis McUe (McCue?) SKUCE, 42, Widow, of Ogdensburg NY, d/o Francis SKUCE & Frances McUe (McCue?), witn: M.J. CAWLIS, Fulton NY, Sarah E. SMITH, Prescott. 30 Sept 1908 Prescott 12317-1908 (Grenville Co) George SNYDER, 75, Widowed, Farmer, of Middleport N.Y., s/o John SNYDER & Abigail JOHNSTON, married Jane Ella STYLES, 51, widow, of Birgen N.Y., d/o Amos MANN & Polly FARLEY, witn: Martha McBRIDE, G. L. HOWARD, both of Kemptville. 16 Sept 1908 Kemptville
12092 -1908 (Leeds Co) Bert SOPER, 24, Liveryman, Kitley Tp., Brockville, s/o Enos SOPER & Margaret PARKER, married Florence McLENNAN, 24, Cornwall, Brockville, d/o John M. McLENNAN & Elizabeth DEROSHY, witn: Fred McLENNAN, Edith GRAHAM, both of Brockville. 23 June 1908 Brockville 12066-1908 (Grenville Co) James H. SPICER, 25, Farmer, of Maynard, s/o James SPICER & Roxy PEARSON, married Anna Bell KNAPP, 21, of Maynard, d/o Daniel KNAPP & Sarah PERMILLA [surname?], witn: Joseph E. KNAPP, Prescott, Mrs. Carman HOUGH, Maynard. 30 Sept 1908 Maynard
12107-1908 (Leeds Co) Edwin MacDonald STANTON, 28, Surgeon, Ames Iowa, Schenectady NY, s/o Edwin W. STANTON & Maraset McDONALD, married Maud E. MacDOUGALL, 27, Brockville, same, d/o Albert E. MacDOUGALL & Joanna WILTSIE, witn: Edward G. BUCHAN, MD, Racine Wis., Margaret B. STANTON, Ames Iowa. 26 Feb 1908, Brockville 12468-1908 (Leeds Co) Milton Harding STEELE, 27, Engineer, Westport, same, s/o Jeremiah STEELE & Sarah Jane PERKINS, married Ida BOTTING, 25, Westport, same, d/o James BOTTING & Gussie HASKINS, witn: William STEELE, Westport, Fannie MUSTARD, Elgin. 5 Aug 1908 Westport
12060-1908 (Grenville Co) William STEPHENSON, 22, Farmer, of Charleville, s/o Robert STEPHENSON & Almera DAVIS, married Stella LENNOX, age unknown, of Glenmore, d/o Vincent LENNOX & Lucy ALBERRY, witn: Joseph WHITNEY, Ethel PINEL?, both of Maynard. 11 Nov 1908 Maynard 12074-1908 (Grenville Co) Alison R. STEPHENSON, 24, Farmer, Augusta, same, s/o Thomas STEPHENSON & Clara L. CASWELL, married Addie Irene WARREN, 24, Teacher, Augusta, North Augusta, d/o William B. WARREN & Rebecca THOMPSON, witn: William PERRIN, Maitland, Annie FITZGERALD, Wolford. 10 June 1908 North Augusta
12076-1908 (Leeds Co) Albert STERRY, 22, Farmer, Long Point, Athens, s/o George STERRY & Elizabeth KALINBECK, married Donna WILTSE, 18, Soperton, same, d/o Martin WILTSE & Emma MARSHALL, witn: Allan GIBSON, Rosa STERRY, both of Lyndhurst. 25 Mar 1908 Athens 12373-1908 (Grenville Co) Ernest William STEWART, 26, Engineer, s/o John H. STEWART & Elizabeth WARDELL, married Violet Pearl PROSSER, 19, of Merrickville, d/o Jas. PROSSER & Harriet BAIRD, witn: George B. GUY, Mina PROSSER, both of Merrickville. 19 Aug 1908 Merrickville
12458-1908 (Leeds Co) John Edward SULLIVAN, 28, Miner, Loughboro Tp., Olden Twp., s/o Michael SULLIVAN & Mary McDONALD, married Mary Irene SCANLON, 24, Book keeper, Bedford Tp., same, d/o Terence SCANLON & Lynda Julia ROSE, witn: V. Joseph SULLIVAN, Loughboro, E. Genevieve SCANLON, Bedford. 3 Jan 1908 Westport (RC) 12445-1908 (Grenville Co) Charles SULLIVAN, 35, Widower, Machinist, of Brockville, s/o Daniel SULLIVAN & Mary CLARK, married Laura McNISH, 32, of Brockville, d/o Torrance McNISH & Elizabeth DOUSITT, witn: Mrs. N.D. KEITH, Laura ENGLISH, both of Prescott. 30 Nov 1908 Prescott
12381-1908 (Leeds Co) Benjamin TETT, 28, Chemist of Minerology, Bedford Mills Frontenac Co., Midland Ont., s/o John Poole TETT & Harriet Ida HOPKINS, married Effie May GALLAGHER, 24, Newboro, same, d/o James T. GALLAGHER & Sarah WILTSE, witn: Arthur H. TETT, Ida GALLAGHER, both of Newboro. 24 Jun 1908, Home of Bride's Father- Newboro 12454-1908 (Grenville Co) Herbert Clarence THORNHILL, 29, Book keeper, of Ogdensburg, N.Y. U.S.A. s/o Stephen N. THORNHILL & Jennie E. EUSTIS, married Winnifred Fiddis YULE, 25, of Prescott, d/o Archibald YULE & Janet BALLANTYNE, witn: B.A. YULE, Brockville, A.U. EWARTT, Prescott. 17 Nov 1908 Prescott
12390-1908 (Grenville Co) William TOBIN, 29, farmer, of Oxford twp. s/o John TOBIN & Ann DOHERTY, married Elizabeth GAFFNEY, 27, of Oxford twp., d/o Philip GAFFNEY & Bridget EARLY, witn: Michael TOBIN, Edith TOBIN, both of Kemptville. 23 Nov 1908 Oxford twp. (RC) 12348-1908 (Leeds Co) Thomas W. TODD, 37, farmer, of Lansdowne, s/o Humphrey TODD & Elizabeth WESTGATE, married Maggie Olive AUSTIN, 28, Seamstress, of Lansdowne, d/o Robert M. AUSTIN & Margaret A. SLACK, witn: M. E. PEARSON, Lora M. SINGLETON, both of Lansdowne. 29 Sep 1908 Lansdowne
12448-1908 (Grenville Co) Peter TYLDASLEY, 27, Machinist, of Watertown, N.Y., s/o William TYLDASLEY & Amy BURY, married Elsa Mary HAVERSTOCK, 21, of Watertown, N.Y., d/o Fred HAVERSTOCK & Esther HAMILTON, witn: Mrs. M. R. SACKETT, Mrs. S.E. SMITH, both of Prescott. 14 Nov 1908 12450-1908 (Grenville Co) Stetson Herman VAUDRY, 26, Farmer, of Ogdensburg N.Y. U.S.A., s/o Leander VAUDRY & Orila VAUDRY, married Susie Mae PLATTE, 19, of Ogdensburg, N.Y. U.S.A., d/o Solomon PLATTE & Jennie BARKLEY, witn: M.A. J. SACKETT, Sarah E. SMITH, both of Prescott. 19 Nov 1908 Prescott
12305-1908 (Grenville Co) Jeremiah WALLACE, 28, Farmer, Ventnor, same, s/o Champion WALLACE & Luca MURDOCK, married Ada CUMMINGS, 29, Widow, Ventnor, same, d/o Ephraim PAYNE & Agnes CAMPBELL, witn: L.E. REYNOLDS, L.M. REYNOLDS, both of Kemptville. 12 Nov 1907 Kemptville 12064-1908 (Grenville Co) William Benjamin WARREN, 26, Merchant, of North Augusta, s/o Thomas E. WARREN & Margaret KIRKLAND, married Sadie Louise GREEN, 26, Milliner, of North Augusta, d/o George B. GREEN & Maria RALPH, witn: Isabelle BEST, Helena CODE, both of North Augusta. 1 Aug 1908 St. Peters Rectory, North Augusta
12091-1908 (Leeds Co) Holton Purdy WASHBURN, 26, Trainman, Leeds Tp., Montreal, s/o Luther H. WASHBURN & Louisa SEAMAN, married Jennie Rebecca SHERIDAN, 27, Brockville, same, d/o James SHERIDAN & Martha NAPPER, witn: Colonel SHERIDAN, Edith C. SHERIDAN, both of Brockville. 15 June 1908 Brockville 12071-1908 (Grenville Co) William J. WATSON, 21, Farmer, of Augusta, married Dora May PREW, 19, Augusta, Algonquin, d/o Henry PREW & unknown, witn: Henry LOMBARD, Bessie LOMBARD, both of Elizabethtown. 4 Mar 1908 Algonquin, Ont (no further info on parents of this couple)
12099-1908 (Leeds Co) Douglas Thomas WATSON, 24, Agent, Chicago IL., Beauvois USA., s/o William WATSON & Jessie POLSON, married Grace Ogilvie MOSEBY, 20, Montreal, same, d/o Edward MOSEBY & Ida OGILVIE, witn: Mrs. John OGILVIE, Brockville, Ida MOSEBY, Montreal. 2 Jan 1908 Brockville 12455-1908 (Grenville Co) Roy WEAVER, 22, Farmer, of Richville N.Y.., s/o Nathan WEAVER & Lida WEEGAR, married Nina Marguerite CAMERON, 19, of Winchester Springs, d/o John CAMERON & Margaret STEELE, witn: Mrs. N. D. KEITH, Laura ENGLISH, both of Prescott 17 Nov 1908 Prescott
12290-1908 (Leeds Co) Arthur Robert WEBSTER, 34, Electrical Engineer, of Montreal, s/o John A. WEBSTER & Eliza Ann HUMPHREY, married Grace Elizabeth DARLING, 28, of Gananoque, d/o David DARLING & Elizabeth GRACE, witn: John W.W. WEBSTER of Montreal, Edith M. FISK of Gananoque. 25 Dec 1908 Gananoque 12346-1908 (Leeds Co) Charles Robert WEBSTER, not given, Kingston s/o William A. WEBSTER & Mary ALEXANDER, married Lydia J. FOLEY, 30, widow, not given, Lansdowne, d/o Charles F. RATH & Hester GREEN, witn: B.E. WEBSTER of Kingston, Margaret HUTCHISON OF Escott, 7 Sept 1908 Lansdowne
12372-1908 (Grenville Co) John Blake WHALEY, 23, Grocer, of North Toronto, s/o John McLean WHALEY & Fanny SEWELL, married Margaret Annie ANGUS, 28, of Merrickville, d/o James E. ANGUS & Sarah McDOUGAL, witn: Sydney George WHALEY, North Toronto, Christena ANGUS, Merrickville. 2 Sept 1908 Merrickville 12396-1908 (Grenville Co) William Herbert WICKS, 55, widower, Trader, Lowville Lanes Co N.Y., Theresa N.Y., s/o Benjamin WICKS & Emily PUFFER, married Alta Viola WALTS, 47, Jefferson Co. N.Y., Theresa N.Y., d/o George HAUSE (House?) & Julia FORD, witn: Sarah E. SMITH, Marie L. WEIR, both of Prescott. 7 Apr 1908, Prescott
12077-1908 (Leeds Co) Carl T. WILLIAMS, 30, Minister- Church of God, Camden New Jersey, Buffalo NY, s/o E.R. WILLIAMS & Ida C. STOCKTON, married Margaret ALLINGHAM, 41, Evangelist- Holiness Movement, Athens, same, d/o John ALLINGHAM & Mary ALLHOUSE, witn: Herbert E. RANDALL, Eleanor JUDSON, both of Athens. 26 May 1908 Athens 12428-08 (Grenville Co): Leon Jacob WILLIAMS, 21, merchant, of Lacona NY, s/o Ezra D. WILLIAMS & Mary A. KENYON, married Ruth Dowena RICE, 16, of Lacona NY, d/o William A. & Hortense Mary, witn: Hortense Mary RICE of Lacona NY & Emily H. PATTON, 13 Aug 1908 at Prescott
12371-1908 (Grenville Co) Christopher WILLOUGHBY, 32, Widowed, Farmer, of Montague Twp., s/o William WILLOUGHBY & Margaret (sic) ROSS, married Julia GORMAN, 26, of Montague Twp., d/o blank & Mary E. GORMAN, Witn: Julia D. GORMAN, Lillie V. FOXTEN, both of Merrickville. 19 Aug 1908 Merrickville 12488-1908 (Leeds Co) Howard John WILLOWS, 25, Farmer, Phillipsville, same, s/o Alfred WILLOWS & Catherine HALFPENNY, married Florence Ardell BROWN, 29, Nurse in Asylum, Near Athens, same, d/o Ransom M. BROWN & Martha WILTSE, witn: Roy WILLOWS, Phillipsville, Gertrude STURGEON of Carleton Place. 12 Feb 1908 near Athens (Holiness Movement)
#012177-08 (Leeds Co): Joseph William WOODING, 26, farmer, not given, Janetown, s/o William WOODING & Rosina CHILDS, married Lucy APPS, 24, not given, Janetown, d/o George & Jane, 7 Nov 1908 at Brockville