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013163-1909 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Elzie Burton ANDREW, 22, Butcher, of Gananoque, s/o David W. Andrew, Driver, & Maria WEEKS, married Annie Maud HARRIS, 21, of Gananoque, d/o William G. HARRIS, Butcher, & Annie S. MONOUGHAM, witn: Gordon HARRIS, Laura HARRIS, both of Gananoque. 22 Sep 1909 Gananoque 013081-09 Edward Alexander ARMSTRONG, 24, Farmer, none given, Edwardsburg, s/o Thomas Henry ARMSTRONG & Mary McMILLAN: married May FOOTE, 20, none given, Glasgow Scotland, s/o William Paul FOOTE & Nellie Pearl FOOTE; witn H.B. MERRICK & William CLARKE, both Cardinal, 18 Jan 1909, Cardinal
14147-1910 (Leeds Co) Burton AYCHART, 30, Salesman, of Ottawa, s/o James E AYCHART & Melivia E. ACKER, married Ida Beatrice CHAPMAN, 35, Widow, of Portland, d/o Gilbert AUSTIN & Elizabeth BRESSEE, Witn: Gilbert AUSTIN, Portland, Mary A. RAE, Michigan. 28(?) Dec 1909 Portland 013161-1909 (Leeds & Grenville) George BALDOCK, 20, Farrier, of Pittsburg Tp., s/o Henry BALDOCK, Farrier, & Elizabeth YOUNG, married Jane Ellen DOVE, 28, of Pittsburg Tp., d/o William DOVE & Jane OSBORNE, witn: William John WALSER, Harriet WALSER, 23 Sep 1909 Christ Church Gananoque

012948-09 Charles Albert BALDWIN, 21, Farmer, none given, North Augusta, s/o Eli BALDWIN & Minerva AREIFF?; married Effie Blanche BURNS, 21, none given, North Augusta, d/o Nicholas BURNS & Charlotte BALDWIN; witn Amelia BURNS & Mrs Lara KELLY, both N. Augusta, 13 Dec 1909, North Augusta

012301-09 (Leeds Co.) Charles Wentworth BALFOUR, 28, Telegraph Operator, of Montreal, s/o George BALFOUR, Deceased, & Elizabeth HALL, married Luella May VANCE, 23, of Brockville, d/o John VANCE, R.R. Engineer, & Elizabeth J. THOMPSON, Witn.: Harry S. KEEN? of Ottawa & Mamie BALFOUR of Kingston, June 10, 1909 at Brockville
013045-1909 (Leeds Co) Charles Wesley BARTON, 25, farmer, of South Augusta, s/o George Henry BARTON & Henrietta BROWN, married Emma Eliza COOPER, 22, of New Dublin, d/o Henry COOPER & Catherine ASINO, witn: Frederick BARTON, South Augusta, Nellie B. BROWN, Brockville. 4 Aug 1909 Brockville 12941-09 William Norton BARTON, 24, farmer, of Augusta twp., s/o Amos BARTON, farmer, & Mary Ann PERRIN, married Grace Marilla BASS, 20, of Augusta twp., d/o Asa F. BASS, farmer, & blank, witn: Oscar CARSON of Charlesville & Ruby ROBINSON of Maynard, 10 June 1909 at Maynard
013039-1909 (Leeds Co) Robert BELMONT, 24, Cigar Maker, of Brockville, s/o Robert BELMONT, Labor (sic) & Elizabeth FRASER, married Eva May GODIN, 22, of Brockville, d/o Alphonsis GODIN, Laborer, & Margaret MacCAHAM (McLaham?), witn: Richard PALMER, Minnie PALMER, both of Brockville, 15 July 1909 at Brockville 013116-09 Ernest O BILLINGS, 26, Farmer, none given, Edwardsburg, s/o Adam BILLINGS & Hannah McFADEN; married Effie J. BERRY, 20, none given, Shanly, d/o David BERRY & Catherine E. PHILIPS; witn Miss Euphamia RYLANCE & Miss A. WALLACE, both Shanly, 3 Nov 1909, Shanly

012938-09 Stephen Henry BISHOP, 24, Farmer, none given, Augusta, s/o Franklin F. BISHOP & Margaret Jane BIGFORD; married Vina Blanche DAVIS, 25, Dressmaker, none given, Augusta, d/o Henry DAVIS & Eliza RALPH; witn Thomas RALPH, North Augusta & Lizzie DAVIS, Augusta, 12 Apr 1909, at bride's residence, Augusta

013046-1909 (Leeds Co) James Manly BISHOP, 67, Widower, Painter, of Brockville, s/o Samuel BISHOP & Malissa WELLTON, married Elizabeth BISHOP, 62, widow, of Brockville, d/o Jacob EASTER & Elizabeth SIZELAND, witn: Edna SWEET, Nellie B. BROWN, both of Brockville. 9 Sept 1909 Brockville
012300-09 (Leeds Co.) Olin Cummings BISSELL, 28, of Peterborough, s/o Malcolm Howard BISSELL, Produce Merchant, & Catherine McKENZIE, married Irene MALLORY, 25, of Brockville, d/o Ira MALLORY & Jennie HALLIDAY, Witn.: Clifford BISSELL of Brockville, Helen E. TAYLOR of Knowlton Que., June 3, 1909 at Brockville 012962-1909 (Leeds Co) Lawrence BOWE, 22, Woodworker, of Brockville, s/o Martin BOWE, butter maker, & Catherine SULLIVAN, married Elizabeth POPE, 21, Housemaid, of Brockville, d/o William POPE & Martha EVANS, witn: Martin BOWE, Mamie BOWE, both of Brockville. 15 Jan 1909 Brockville

012945-09 David Shephard BOVAIRD, 26, Labourer, none given, none given, s/o John BOVAIRD & Elizabeth STEEL; married Nellie Blanche ROBINSON, 23, none given, Augusta, d/o William ROBINSON & Anna SPICER; witn Victor ROBINSON & Elma BALL, both Maynard, 13 Oct 1909, Maynard

#013016-09 (Leeds Co): John Hollis BRACE, 25, electrical engineer, of New York, s/o William BRACE, dentist, & Adelia ARNOLD, married Mildred Van MARSHALL, 23, of Brockville, d/o Van Rensallear MARSHALL, lumber merchant, & Margaret KEARNS, witn: G.S. TRICKEY of New York & Marion BRACE of Brockville, 25 Aug 1909 at Brockville
14425-1910 (Leeds Co) James Thomas BRADFORD, 26, Widower, Farmer, of Wolford Tp., s/o Dennison BRADFORD, farmer, & Jane SNOWDON, married Mildred Eva DIER, 19, School Teacher, of Village of Newboro, d/o John E. DIER, Blacksmith, & Alice ELLIOTT, witn: William DIER, Myrtle GORSLINE, both of Newboro. 25 Aug 1909 Newboro

013069-09 Edwin BRAMLEY, 29, Painter, none given, Brockville, s/o Henry BRAMLEY & Susannah SUDDABY; married Mary E. FENNELL, 25, none given, Brockville, d/o Robert FENNELL & Caroline SIMSER; witn Ada M. SPARLING & Pauline G. SPARLING, both Brockville, 13 Dec 1909, Brockville

12942-09 Clifford BRIGGS, 24, farmer, of Elizabethtown twp., s/o Edward BRIGGS, farmer, & Adeline MARSHALL, married Minnie May MOFFATT, 24, of North Augusta, d/o George MOFFATT, merchant, & Adeline WARREN, witn: Norton BRIGGS of Elizabethtown & Annie MOFFATT of N. Augusta, 14 July 1909 at North Augusta

012950-09 William James BROWN, 35, Farmer, none given, Richmond, s/o Thomas BROWN & Sarah CRAWFORD; married Jennie Melinda LINDSAY, 25, Dressmaker, none given, Oxford Mills, d/o James LINDSAY & Melinda HURLBERT; witn William J. FERGUSON, Augusta & Norman H. BROWN, Richmond, 22 Dec 1909, North Augusta
012931-1909 (Leeds Co) Hugh BURAS, 50, Widower, Farmer, of New Boyne, s/o Thomas BURAS deceased & (not given), married Eleanor STEWART, 40, of Newbliss, d/o George STEWART deceased & Elizabeth EDGAR, witn: Belle STEWART, Newbliss, Hattie BECKSTEDT, Athens. 16 June 1909 Newbliss 012986-09 (Leeds Co.) Wilson Perley BURNHAM, 26, Yeoman, of Twp. Yonge, s/o George E. BURNHAM, Carpenter, & Maletta MALLORY, married Mary Ann McKENZIE, 16, of Twp. Yonge, d/o Parents Not Known, Witn.: Heber BURNHAM of Glen Buell Ont., Laura HUGHES of Caintown Ont., April 14, 1909 at Brockville
012989-09 (Leeds Co.) William Patrick BURNS, 29, Gardener, of Twp. Elizabethtown, s/o John BURNS, Laborer, & Annie BURNS, married Mary Ann OHEHIR? (s/b O'Hare?), 27, of Elizabethtown, d/o Daniel OHEHIE, Farmer, & Margaret DISPIERE, Witn.: O.B. DEVLIN of Montreal, Louis E. STALEY of Brockville, May 1, 1909 at Brockville #013025-09 (Leeds Co): William Henry BURNS, 23, carriage trimmer, of Brockville, s/o William, deceased, & Elizabeth, married Mary Ethel KENVILLE, 21, of Brockville, d/o James KENVILLE, moulder, & Jennie CARNEY, witn: Frank FRIGOR & Lottie DOWD, both of Brockville, 15 Sept 1909 at Brockville (Rom Cath)

013242-09 William CAMPBELL, 26, Farmer, none given, Storrington, s/o Henry CAMPBELL & Nora BOND; married Saphrona WARREN, 26, none given, Leeds Twp, d/o Aubrick WARREN & Ann ROSWELL; witn Ernest WARREN, Leeds & Ida CAMPBELL, Storrington, 1 Dec 1908, Seeley’s Bay

14423-1910 (Leeds Co) George Samuel CARR, 25, Saw Mill Labourer, of Bastard Tp., s/o Albert CARR, farmer, & Alfreda OLMSTED, married Eva MOORE, 18, Bastard Tp., d/o Hiram MOORE, farmer, & Mary Ann THOMPSON, witn; Ida B. WOOD, Daniel HOUGHTON, both of Newboro. 27 May 1909 Newboro

013236-09 Harry CLEAVER, 24, Farmer, none given, Lansdowne, s/o James Henry CLEAVER & Sarah Jane OLDFIELD; married Lizzie Mary DU FEN, 27, none given, Brockville, d/o Philip DU FEN & Mary SMITH; witn Mary R. LEECH & Laura E. POTTER, both Lansdowne, 25 Oct 1909, Lansdowne Village

012961-1909 (Leeds Co) William Seymour CLUCAS (?) 21, Barber, of Brockville, s/o James CLUCAS (?), Yeoman, & Jane McCORD, married Emily Ruth McDONALD, 18, of Brockville, d/o John McDONALD, Carpenter, & Estella FITCH, witn: Elizabeth H. REYNOLDS, L.E. Maud REYNOLDS, Brockville. 5 Jan 1909 Brockville

013087-09 Edwin Earle COMSTOCK, 20, Labourer, none given, Cardinal, s/o William Nelson CORNSTOCK (sic) & Alice Jane SCOTT; married Carrie Mary EAMON, 19, none given, Cardinal, d/o William Adams EAMON & Margaret Victorine ANDERSON; witn William Hang TAYLOR, Cardinal & Sarah BUSH, Edwardsburg, 17 Nov 1909, Cardinal

012937-09 Albert CONKLIN, 45, Farmer, Wid, none given, Augusta Twp, s/o Daniel CONKLIN & Jane PATTERSON; married Beatrice FRETWELL, 30, Maynard, Augusta, d/o Philip FRETWELL & Lucinda MULLEN; witn Leonard CONKLIN & Mrs E.D. PINCH, both Maynard, 3 Mar 1909, Maynard

013107-09 Robert Henry CONLEY, 18, Farmer, none given, Edwardsburg, s/o John CONLEY & Lydia A. ROBINSON; married Mary Ellen PERRY, 22, none given, Edwardsburg, d/o Hugh PERRY & Mary GREY; witn Francis McDOUGAL & Christina McDOUGAL, both Spencerville, 13 Jan 1909, Spencerville  013172-1909 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Allen COOKE, 24, River Guide, of Gananoque, s/o Erastus F. COOKE & May RYAN, married Eliza WILSON, 23, of Gananoque, d/o William WILSON & Emma PARKER, witn: Ford APPLIN, Annie HELSEY, both of Gananoque. 10 Aug 1909 Gananoque
013036-1909 (Leeds Co) William Walter COOPER, 20, Labourer, of Brockville, s/o Edward COOPER, Moulder, & Elizabeth DAVISON, married Mary Evlin YOUNG, 19, of Brockville, d/o Lyman YOUNG, farmer, & Easter PETERS, witn: Edward C. BALL, Mary Etta BALL, both of Brockville. 7 Jul 1909 Brockville. 012304-09 (Leeds Co.) Charles D. COWIE, 24, Brakeman, of North Bay, s/o William D. COWIE, Farmer, & Sarah PLATO, married Cora M. LEE, 26, of Brockville, d/o George LEE, Labour, & Ann BOTSFORD, Witn.: Reginald DINGWALL of North Bay, G. McDONALD of Brcokville, June 15, 1909 at Brockville
013051-1909 (Leeds Co) James Andrew CUDDY, 32, Locomotive Engineer, of Smiths Falls, s/o William CUDDY, deceased, & Mary COSTELLO, married Anna Rinette O'CONNELL, 26, of Brockville, d/o Richard O'CONNELL, farmer, & Esther MEEHAN, witn: P.J. O'BRIEN, Brockville, Gertrude B. BEWS, Ogdensburg NY. 19 Oct 1909 Brockville (RC) 013010-1909 (Leeds Co) James CURRAN, 22, Clerk, of Morristown NY, s/o Peter CURRAN, Confectioner, & Anna RUSSELL, married Rose DARLING, 22, of Lyn, d/o Sanford DARLING, farmer, & Jennie SIMPSON, witn: Ada M. SPARLING, Pauline SPARLING, both of Brockville. 12 Aug 1909 Brockville
#013022-09 (Leeds Co): William Richard CURTIS, 27, farmer, of Westport, s/o Frederick CURTIS & Maria WARREN, married Susan HANNINGTON, 27, servant, of Newboro, d/o Henry HANNINGTON & Elizabeth BRIGGS, witn: Edith CUSHWAY & Nellie B. BROWN, both of Brockville, 8 Sept 1909 at Brockville 012951-09 Herbert Leslie DAVIS, 19, Farmer, none given, Elizabethtown, s/o Thomas DAVIS & Francis MACLEAN; married Bertha May SUNDERLAND, 19, none given, Augusta, d/o W.H. SUNDERLAND & Annie CARLEY; witn Thomas RALPH & Sadie McGROWER?, both N. Augusta, 23 Dec 1909, Augusta 
013056-1909 (Leeds Co) Donald Alexander DEWAR, 35, Hospital Attendant, Ogdensburg NY, s/o James DEWAR, Real Estate Agent, & Jessie McKERCHER, married Julia WHEELER, 37, Nurse, of Brockville, d/o Thomas WHEELER, farmer, & Mary Ann HENCORN, witn: William PERKINS, Alice J. SMITH, both of Brockville. 3 Nov 1909 Brockville 12932-09 Robt Benjamin DONEVAN, 32, farmer, of Lansdowne, s/o Robert McKee DONOVAN (sic), farmer, & Sarah Ann CROSS, married Marionete Genevieve ROBINSON, 23, teacher, of Athens, d/o Almeson ROBINSON, gentleman, & Nina Jane TAGGART, witn: Burton C. TAGGART of Westport & Mary L. DONEVAN of Lansdowne, 8 Sept 1909 at Athens
012927-1909 (Leeds Co) Wilbert DRUMMOND, 28, of Toledo, s/o John DRUMMOND & Mary Laura HOLMES, married Della Georgina ROBB, 19, of Toledo, d/o John ROBB & Mary E. STEWART, witn: R.T. TABER, L.B. READ, both of Athens. 13 Feb 1909 Athens 013012-1909 (Leeds Co) James Garfield DUNLEAVY, 19, Candy Maker, of Brockville, s/o James G. DUNLEAVY, Plasterer, & Ellen BRISBEAU, married Mabel Francis POLLY, 22, of Brockville, d/o William Harvey POLLY, Laborer & Sarah Amelia RUSSELL, witn: Sarah POLLY & Ellen DUNLEAVY. (no res. given). 18 Aug 1909 Brockville
012990-09 (Leeds Co.) Edward DWYRE, 30, Wine Clerk, of Brockville, s/o Peter DWYRE, Stone Mason, & Jane ARMON, married Eva Heleanor GEORGE, d/o James GEORGE, Engineer, & Ann Jane HIGGINS, Witn.: James V. MARKEY, Sarah MURPHY, both of Brockville, May 3, 1909 at Brockville

013101-09 John Herbert DWYRE, 26, Farmer, none given, South Crosby Twp, s/o John DWYRE & Margaret CONNORS; married Margaret E. FLEMING, 22, none given, South Crosby Twp, d/o Henry FLEMING & Sarah KENNEDY; witn Joseph DWYRE, Elgin & Lylian H. FLEMING, Chaffeys Locks, 23 Jun 1909, Elgin

013090-09 Albert John ELLIOTT, 33, Miner, none given, Barkerville BC, s/o Robert ELLIOTT & Fanney KINNEY; married Ida May BLAIR, 34, Dressmaker, none given, North Crosby, d/o William BLAIR & Annie FORRESTER; witn John BLAIR & Jennie BLAIR, both North Crosby, 7 Apr 1909, North Crosby

013359-09 Jonas ELLIS, 25, Blacksmith, none given, Rocksprings, s/o Brittania ELLIS & Martha GREAVES; married Eva Alvia EDWARDS, 25, housekeeper, none given, Wolford, d/o Jeremiah EDWARDS & Mary A. BALDWIN; witn Leman EDWARDS & Mary A. SUNDERLAND, both Wolford, 12 March 1909, Wolford Twp

012996-09 (Leeds Co.) Hugo Henry ELSON, 22, Labour, of Elgin, s/o Alfred John ELSON, Laborer, & Elizabeth (not given), married Salina PALIN, 27, of Bromley Kent Co. England, d/o Joseph PALIN, Labour, & Ann MILLS, Witn.: Matilda WOODCOCK, Laure WOODS, May 24,1909 at Brockville

013080-09 Alexander FEADER, 29, Boat Captain, none given, Fort William, s/o James E. FEADER & Lucy McEWEN; married Bertha Edith McDONALD, 30, School Teacher, none given, Prescott, d/o Michael McDONALD & Sarah Jane SWEENEY; witn Frederic FEADER & Emma COMSTOCK, both Cardinal, 3 Mar 1909, Cardinal

12943-09 Robert FERGUSON, 40, farmer, of Athens, s/o Richard FERGUSON & Ann McEWAN, married Evlyn FERGUSON, 26, of Elizabethtown, d/o Thomas FERGUSON & Martha E. HILL, witn: Helena CODE & Mrs. Charles GALBRAITH, both of N. Augusta, 9 Sept 1909 at St. Peters Rectory, North Augusta #013018-09 (Leeds Co): Ross Edward FETTERLY, 22, railroader, of Brockville, s/o Walter FETTERLY & Naomi PICKERING, married Sarah A. DONNELLY, 22, of Brockville, d/o Cornelius DONNELLY & Sarah ROGERS, witn: Thomas GIBSON & Alice DONNELLY, both of Brockville, 25 Aug 1909 at Brockville
#013031-09 (Leeds Co): Thomas Isaac FITZPATRICK, 26, shipper, of Brockville, s/o John FITZPATRICK, moulder, & Jane McKENZIE, married Helen Clara COWIE, 23, of Brockville, d/o William D. COWIE, iron worker, & Sarah PLATO, witn: Charles George PENNOCK of Welland & Rose C. COWIE of Brockville, 23 Sept 1909 at Brockville

013085-09 Charles A. FLETT, 27, Farmer, none given, Matilda, s/o Thomas FLETT & Maria GLOVER; married Annie ARMSTRONG, 25, none given, Matilda, d/o Duncan ARMSTRONG & Mary Ann SHAVER; witn Robert ARMSTRONG & Helen Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, both no place given, 15 Sept 1909, Cardinal

14424-1910 (Leeds Co) John FOLEY, 20, Farmer, of Bastard Tp., s/o Theodore FOLEY, farmer, & Ida EARL, married Isabella COWLES, 19, of Bastard Tp., d/o Henry COWLES, farmer, & Amy EARL, witn: J. G. ELLIOTT, Mrs. J. G. ELLIOTT, both of Athens. 30 June 1909 Newboro

013086-09 John Wilfred FORESTER, 31, Teacher, none given, St. Marys, s/o John FORRESTER (sic) & Brigget (Bridget?) McLUIDE?; married Christine Rose WILLIAMS, 24, Teacher, none given, Cardinal, d/o J.D.R. WILLIAMS & Eliza WIGGINS; witn James C. FORRESTER & Helen RUTHERFORD, both no place given, 21 Oct 1909, Cardinal

#013027-09 (Leeds Co): Arthur Reginald FOWLER, 22, carriage builder, of Brockville, s/o Samuel FOWLER, journalist, & Margaret C. SCOLLIE?, married Florence Margaret PEPPER, 22, of Brockville, d/o William E. PEPPER & Margaret ROTHWELL, witn: Fred G. TAYLOR & Mary C(E?). PEPPER, 15 Sept 1909 at Brockville 013058-1909 (Leeds Co) Morden Edward FOX, 25, Mason, of Brockville, s/o John FOX, Laborer, & Margaret HUTTON, married Alice GRIFFITH, 23, Domestic, of Brockville, d/o not known. witn: William J. CORMACK, Mary Margaret SUTTON, both of Brockville. 3 Nov 1909 Brockville
#012934-09 (Leeds Co) Charles William FRAMPTON, 23, Farmer, of Addison, s/o Japheth FRAMPTON and Salina BECK, married Louisa Jane LANGDON, 25, of Addison, d/o Behjamin CHANK and Amelia GRAY, witn: Charlie CHASLER(?), Mable G. MALE, Sept 8, 1909, at Athens 013060-1909 (Leeds Co) Bertrand Russell FRASER, 22, Machinist, of Brockville, s/o Walter FRASER, barber, & Mary RUSSELL, married Mary RANDALL, 23, of Brockville, d/o Joseph RANDALL, deceased, & Janet SPENCER, witn: John E. RYAN, Annie SHERIDAN, both of Brockville. 3 Nov 1909 Brockville
14575-1910 (Leeds Co) Charles Wans? FRYE, 27, Farmer, Rear of Lansdowne, s/o John FRYE, Painter and Farmer, & Angelia Euphrasia SHEFFIELD, married Eva Euphrasia JOHNSTON, School Teacher, Rear of Escott, d/o Albert W. JOHNSTON, farmer, & Eva Euphrasia EDGAR, witn: Thomas Reginald WHALEY, Soperton, Gladys Mildred JOHNSTON, Charleston. 29 Dec 1909 Leeds 013108-09 (Grenville Co): J. Johnston GILLESPIE, 31, n/g, Pincher Creek Alberta, M.D., d/o James J. GILLESPIE & Sarah HALLIDAY, married Julia Easton MILLAR, 23, n/g, Edwardsburg, d/o William MILLAR & Lena A. MERRICK, wtn: John H. GILLESPIE of Morrisburg & Kathleen DUFF of Spencerville, on June 23, 1909, at Spencerville

013083-09 Thomas Edgar GILMOUR, 28, Farmer, none given, South Gower, s/o James GILMOUR & Elizabeth LUNDY; married Christina RIDDELL, 28, none given, Mainsville, d/o James RIDDELL & Catherine HOPPER; witn Royal RIDDELL & Mamie NESBIT, both no place given, 30 Jun 1909, Pitston

12982-09 Thomas Albert GOODISON, 24, farmer, of Elizabethtown, s/o Thomas GOODISON, farmer, & Annie WHITWORTH, married Lois L. McLEAN, 20, of Brockville, d/o John McLEAN, carpenter, & Annie WRIGHT, witn: John PUBLOW of Kingston & Mae GOODISON of Manhard, 18 March 1909 at Brockville
#013021-09 (Leeds Co): Donald Joseph GRAHAM, 30, railroader, of Brockville, s/o Donald GRAHAM & M. Jane MILTON, married Alice May DONNELLY, 24, of Brockville, d/o Cornelius DONNELLY & Sarah ROGERS, witn: Thomas GIBSON & Anna LATHAM, both of Brockville, 8 Sept 1909 at Brockville

013118-09 Thomas Andrew GRAY, 24, Farmer, none given, Edwardsburg, s/o Gilbert GRAY & Christine FERGUSON; married Irene Elizabeth IRVING, 19, none given, Ventnor, d/o Thomas G. IRVING & Gertrude McCORMICK; witn Francis MACDOUGALL & Florence MACDOUGALL, both Spencerville, 15 Dec 1909, Spencerville

013048-1909 (Leeds Co) George Arthur GREENWOOD, 35, Loom Fixer, of Fulton NY, s/o John GREENWOOD, Machinist, & Anna SAVILLE, married Mary Isabella VanSCOY, 23, of Fulton NY, d/o Cornelius VanSCOY, laborer, & Hattie PAGE, witn: Ernest DOTY, Lula DOTY. 26 Aug 1909 Brockville

013102-09 Percival Duke HAIRD, 22, Farmer, none given, South Crosby Twp, s/o Edwin G. HAIRD & Alice BIDWELL; married Elfa CAIRD, 19, none given, South Crosby Twp, d/o Chester CAIRD & Abigail STEWART; witn Ezra BAXTER & Mary BAXTER, both Jones Falls, 3 Nov 1909, Elgin

013037-1909 (Leeds Co) Harry George M. HARDYMENT, 22, Farmer, of Freeland Ont., s/o Henry Thomas HARDYMENT & Flora Matilda PEEKS, married Violet Olive DAVIES, 20, of Glen Buell Ont., d/o (not given) DAVIES & Kate WOODING, witn: O. CUMMINGS, N.B. BROWN, both of Brockville. 8 July 1909 Brockville  012987-09 (Leeds Co.) Frederick Dewhurst HARRISON, 28, G.T.R. Fireman, of Brockville, s/o Charles Fred HARRISON, Painter, & Elizabeth ARNOLD, married Catherine Jane CARR, 28, of Brockville, d/o John CARR, Laborer, & Margaret KEYES, Witn.: G.A. HARRISON, M.M. HARRISON, both of Brockville, April 21, 1909 at Brockville
01364-1909 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Wellington HAYES, 23, Farmer, of Watertown NY, s/o Robert H. HAYES, farmer, & Eliza Jane CANAD--?(off page, Canada?) married Lena Augusta VALENTINE, 19, of Watertown NY, d/o Alexander W. VALENTINE & Rosabella SHERMAN, witn: Winona J. PITCHER, Grace Ellen PORTER, both of Gananoque. 23 Sept 190(9 - off the page) Gananoque 013170-1909 (Leeds & Grenville Co) George W. HAYES, 61, Widower, Farmer, of Rutland - Jefferson Co. NY., s/o Absolem HAYES, & Elizabeth CRAINE, married Ethel M. HOWELL, 19, of Watertown NY, d/o Jas HOWELL & Estella MASTON, witn: Freeman BRITTON, Annie FINNCAN both of Gananoque. 21 Jul 1909 Gananoque
01365-1909 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Alfred Morris HEILAND, 22, Bricklayer, of Utica, s/o Gustav Herman HEILAND, Bricklayer, & Lena SCHILLING, married Edith May BROWN, 24, of Utica, d/o Nelson Wessels BROWN, R.R. Conductor, & Emma DEO, witn: Freeman BRITTON, Anna FINNCAN, both of Gananoque. 27 Sept 1909 Gananoque 012992-09 (Leeds Co.) Robert Ross HENDRY, 22, Student, of Spokane City Washington, s/o John HENDRY & Helen ROSS, married Helen GANNIGAN, 20, of Kingston, d/o James GANNIGAN & Susie OWIN?, Witn.: Florence SELLERY, Mildred SELLERY, May 6, 1909 at Brockville
012960-1909 (Leeds Co) Robert Lyle HOAR, 28, Merchant, of Edmoncton (sic), s/o William HOAR & Harriett McCULLOCH, married Elizabeth Caroline LEGGETT, 23, of Portland Ont., d/o John LEGGETT, FARMER, & Harriett GREEN, witn: W. P. GREEN, Oak Leaf, Roberta ROSS, Toronto. 29 Dec 1909 Portland 012994-09 (Leeds Co.) Edward John HOBBS, 30, Farmer, of Twp. Throoptown, s/o Alexander HOBBS, Deceased, & Margaret GRANT, married Maud Alice FOLEY, 32, of Brockville, d/o Michael FOLEY, Deceased, & Winnifred HOWELL, Witn.: Paul MIREN, Nellie McCAFFREY, May 11, 1909 at Brockville
013011-1909 (Leeds Co) Roydnal HODGE, 22, Farmer, of Caintown, s/o Thomas HODGE, farmer, & Annie SHAVER, married Helena SHINNICK, 21, of Brockville, d/o William SHINNICK & Hester ROGERS, witn: J.A. MONTGOMERY, Toronto, Pauline G. SPARLING, Brockville. 17 Aug 1909 Brockville  

013072-09 John Joseph HOGAN, 27, Teamster, none given, Utica NY, s/o Michael E. HOGAN & Joanna BARNES; married Neva Bell GIBSON, 29, none given, Utica NY, d/o Erasmus D. GIBSON & Henrietta COLLINS; witn Ada M. SPARLING & Pauline G. SPARLING, both Brockville, 18 Dec 1909, Brockville

 #013026-09 (Leeds Co): Charles Walter HOGAN, 32, carpenter, of Brockville, s/o James HOGAN & Mary CALLAGHAN, married Ella CORNELL, 30, of Brockville, d/o James CORNELL & Ella GONES?, witn: A.M. & Pauline J. SPARLING of Brockville, 11 Sept 1909 at Brockville

013066-09 Napoleon Bonapart HOWARD, 72, Labourer, Wid, s/o Alpheus HOWARD & Theodota SOPER; married Lydia KILBORN, 42, none given, Brockville, d/o Luther KILBORN & Margaret McCRADY; witn Mrs Ernest CLELAND & Frank ROW, both Brockville, 24 Nov 1909, Brockville

012306-09 (Leeds Co.) William Henry HUNT, 26, Manufacturer, of Toronto, s/o George HUNT & Georgina MUNROE, married Irene Elizabeth LAIDLAW, 24, of Brockville, d/o James A. LAIDLAW & Charlotte BLACHFORD, Witn.: Jas. A. LAIDLAW of Brockville, Harold WILSON of Ottawa, June 23, 1909 at Brockville
013109-09 (Grenville Co): Edward J. HUNTER, 29, n/g, Edwardsburg, Farmer, s/o John HUNTER & Ellen SMAIL, married Hester Alice McGUIRE, 21, n/g, Edwardsburg, d/o Jacob McGUIRE & Mary A. DUKELOW, wtn: Charles McGUIRE & Lorita HUNTER both of Spencerville, on September 1, 1909, at Spencerville 012959-1909 (Leeds Co) William James HUNTER, 21, farmer, of Summersville Oregon, s/o Ira William HUNTER & Mary Ann WHITMORE, married Mary Maud LITTLEJOHN, 27, of Chantry, d/o William LITTLEJOHN, farmer, & Ellen WHITMORE, witn: Edward FREEMAN & Clara CHANT, both of Chantry. 22 Dec 1909 Chantry
 013171-1909 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Duncan JEFFREY, 24, Laborer, of Fitzroy, s/o John JEFFREY & Jane ADAMS, married Lena Gertrude MORTON, 19, of Gananoque, d/o Henry MORTON & Cassie CAREY, witn: Winfrey & Bessie MORTON, both of Gananoque. 4 Aug 1909 St. Andrews Church, Gananoque 013053-1909 (Leeds Co) William Reginald JOHNSTON, 30, Labourer, of Dexter NY, s/o John JOHNSTON, farmer, & Minerva BROWN, married Susie ASTLEFORD, 27, of New Dublin Ont., d/o James ASTLEFORD, deceased, & Ann HORTON, witn: John ASTLEFORD, Bellamy's, Maud HORTON, New Dublin. 26 Oct 1909 Brockville
012929-1890 (Leeds Co) Hilliard Amos JONES, 28, Baptist Clergyman, of Lakefield Ont., s/o Joseph JONES & Orpha TOFFEE, married Viola Maude EDGAR, Teacher, of Toledo, d/o Samuel EDGAR deceased & MARY J. McCLURE, witn: Minnie MACKAY, Smiths Falls, Eric L. JONES, Athens. 9 June 1909 Toledo 013034-1909 (Leeds Co) William John KAVANAGH, 43, Farmer, of Yonge Tp., s/o Robert KAVANAGH, Farmer, & Mary Ann SPENCE, married Margaret JENSEN, 24, of Yonge Tp., d/o Jacob JENSEN, Labour (sic) & Mary NELSON, witn: Josiah ACHESON, (sic) Rosanna ATCHESON. 7 July 1909 Brockville

013343-09 Clifford Eugene KELLY, 23, Lineman, none given, Russell Penn, s/o George KELLY & Elizabeth WEAVER; married Edna Mae ALKERTON, 23, none given, Decall Junction NY, d/o George KELLY & Elizabeth WEAVER; witn Irma SACKETT & Sarah SMITH, both Prescott, 28 Oct 1909, Prescott

012935-1909 (Leeds Co) Joseph KELSEY, 34, Boatman, of Charleston, s/o Daniel KELSEY & Elizabeth SPICER, married Lucy LATIMER, 19, of Charleston, d/o Edward LATIMER & Charlotte KELSEY, witn: Sophia KELSEY, Charleston, Lizzie B. READ, Athens. 27 Oct 1909 Athens
012993-09 (Leeds Co.) Howard Delbert KIRKBY, 18, Farmer, of Mallorytown, s/o Joseph KIRKBY, Farmer, & Emily KNEALTY, married Irene Jane TOWE (Lowe?), 18, of Mallorytown, d/o John TOWE & Della McAVOY, Witn.: Florence SELLERY, Mildred SELLERY, May 5, 1909 at Brockville

013082-09 Sula KNUDESON, 23, Labourer, none given, Cardinal, s/o Charles KNUDESON & Antonena JOHNSON; married Maud BRISTO, 19, Servant, none given, Brockville, d/o James H. BRISTO & Electa Ann BELLINGER; witn Herbert SAYEAU? & Mrs Herbert SAYEAU?, 2 Jun 1909, Cardinal

#013019-10 (Leeds Co): Charles LACOY, 23, laborer, of Charlotte NY, s/o Edward LACOY, farmer, & Jessie MYERS, married Martha RIVERS, 25, domestic, of Syracuse NY, d/o Anthony RIVERS, tanner, & Rose SEYMOUR, witn: Annie ANDREWS & S.A. MacLAREN, both of Brockville, 2 Sept 1909 at Brockville 12933-09 Gordon H. LANDON, 34, farmer, of Lansdowne, s/o John B. LANDON & Alice WEBSTER, married Httie M. BULLIS, 34, teacher, of Lansdowne, d/o John BULLIS & Eliza SHIPMAN, witn: William H. RATH of Lansdowne & Fanny STEACY of Lyn, 16 Jan 1909 at Athens
12984-09 James LANGTRY, 29, farmer, of North Augusta, s/o Joseph LANGTRY, farmer, & Maria FOXTON, married Cora May COVILLE, 21, of North Augusta, d/o George COVILLE, farmer, & Elizabeth WRIGHT, witn: Margaret KIDD of Frankville & Matilda WOODCOCK of Brockville, 23 March 1909 at Brockville

013353-09 James LATIMER, 28, Commercial Traveller, none given, Ottawa, s/o William J. LATIMER & Agnes Colonel? KIRK; married Alberta L. CHESTER, 28, housekeeper, none given, Ottawa, d/o Arthur Wellington CHESTER & Abigal L. THOMAS; witn none given, 25 Dec 1909, Jasper

013347-09 Frederick V. LEONARD, 28, Gardener, none given, Augusta, s/o Alfred H. LEONARD & Emma VENNABLES; married Gertrude May PERRIN, 28, domestic, none given, Augusta, d/o Amos PERRIN & Jessie Lavina BALL; witn Alfred LEONARD & Annie LEONARD, both Prescott, 16 Nov 1909, St Johns Prescott

 012985-09 (Leeds Co.) Joseph P. LOCHRIN, 24, Laborer, of Ogdensburg N.Y., s/o Henry LOCHRIN, Laborer, & Amelia BISNELL, married Florence E. NOYES, 20, of Brockville, d/o Frank NOYES, Painter, & Mary Ann McKEE, Witn.: Mrs. Eva DURANT, Amos DURANT, both of Brockville, April 11, 1909 at Brockville
013174-1909 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Ralph Andrews LOOMIS, 26, Student, of Syracuse NY, s/o Frank LOOMIS & Maria ANDREWS, married Marion Agnes NEVILLE, 22, of Syracuse NY, d/o James NEVILLE & Mary FINLAY, witn: Mrs. GRACEY, Letitia GRACEY, both of Gananoque. 18 Aug 1909 12944-09 Don Howard LOVE, 26, North Augusta, same, s/o George LOVE & Estella SMITH, married Almira BALDWIN, 37, widow, North Augusta, same, d/o A.P. BALDWIN & Margaret HALEY, witn: R. B. SMITH & Edith BINNS, 16 June 1909 at North Augusta
#013032-09 (Leeds Co): Dennis MARRON, 39, carpenter, of Niagara Falls Ont, s/o John MARRON, deceased, & Margaret TACKABERRY, married Elizabeth FENTON, 40, of Brockville, d/o William FENTON, deceased, & Bridget O'DONNELL, witn: John MARRON of Niagara Falls Ont. & Margaret FENTON of Brockville, 28 Sept 1909 at Brockville (Rom Cath) 013063-1909 (Leeds Co) John Hamilton MAVER, 37, Electrician, Widower, of Carthage NY, s/o George R. MAVER & Merta DYER, married Anna Elvira CAUFIELD, 27, of Carthage NY, d/o James CAUFIELD & Jeanette DIXON, witn: Ada M. SPARLING, Pauline G. SPARLING, both of Brockville. 16 Nov 1909 Brockville
013060-1909 (Leeds Co) Robert MAWHINNEY, 48, Widower, Labourer, of Brockville, s/o David MAWHINNEY, Stonemason, & Margaret FOWLER, married Elizabeth IRVINE, 34, of Brockville, d/o William IRVINE, farmer, & Mary Ann THOMPSON, witn: Alexander McMATH, Agnes McMATH, both of Brockville. 5 Nov 1909 Brockville #013028-09 (Leeds Co): Peter McBETH, 25, brakeman, of Brockville, s/o David McBETH, mason, & Jane CRERAR, married Chrystal Isabella KINNEAR, 20, of Brockville, d/o Thomas KINNEAR, carpenter, & Anna FOSTER, witn: L.M. ROBINS of Brockville & G.H. WOOD of Clemens USA, 17 Sept 1909 at Brockville

013077-09 Ira Crawford McCLEAN, 27, Bank Manager, none given, Brockville, s/o George Crawford McCLEAN & Ida BILLINGS; married Bessie Smart GATES, 27, none given, Brockville, d/o Rossie GATES & Sarah SMART; witn J.B. HOW, Montreal & Kathleen McCLEAN, Brockville, 25 Dec 1909, Brockville

013117-09 Archibald McCRIMMON, 21, Druggist, none given, North Augusta, s/o F. McCRIMMON & Isabella DEWER; married Mrs Sarah J. DUNN (nee DELANEY), 36, Wid, none given, North Augusta, d/o Edward DELANEY & Hattie SLOAN; witn Francis LAVERTY & Margaret GEARIN, both Spencerville, 15 Dec 1909, Spencerville
013059-1909 (Leeds Co) John Martin McGREGOR, 21, Laborer, of Elgin, s/o Adam McGREGOR, carpenter, & Rachel MARTIN, married Theresa Alberta WALLACE, 18, Domestic, of Theresa NY, d/o John WALLACE, Light House Keeper, & Mary La FIRST, witn: George STEPHENSON, Estella St. JOHN, both of Brockville. 6 Nov 1909 Brockville 013055-1909 James Terrence McGUIRE, 20, Sailor, of Brockville, s/o Alfred P. McGUIRE, machinist, & Ettie JACKSON, married Gertrude Luella NOLAN, 18, of Brockville, d/o Charles NOLAN, labourer, & Jennie MATTHEWS, witn: Mrs. D. MacLAREN, Mrs. C. NOLAN, both of Brockville. 26 Oct 1909 Brockville
013057-1909 (Leeds Co) Collin Fletcher MacINNES, 28, Confectioner, of Prescott, s/o William MacINNES, Mail Contractor, & Jane PATTERSON, married Luella Marilla THROOP, 30, of Prescott, d/o Justus THROOP, Government Employee, & Sarah Anna BIRKS, witn: Lilly THROOP, G.A. THROOP, both of Prescott. 3 Nov 1909 Brockville #013017-09 (Leeds Co): George Wellington MILLER, 23, brakeman, of Brockville, s/o Charles N. MILLER & Ellen POLLEY, married Myrtle Jeanette BROWN, 18?, of Brockville, d/o Thomas BROWN, farmer, & Louisa INKY, witn: Wilson (or Nelson) M. & Paulina G. SPARLING of Brockville, 25 Aug 1909 at Brockville

013115-09 Herbert Edmund MILLS, 31, Farmer, none given, Crystal Rock, s/o John W. MILLS & Eliza Jane BOYD; married Katie Ethel TAIT, 24, none given, Groveton, d/o Osborne TAIT & Elizabeth BAKER; witn, Howard MILLS, Crystal Rock & Laura TAIT, Groveton, 6 Oct 1909, Groveton

013078-09 Ralph MOORE, 31, Moulder, none given, Brockville, s/o Walter MOORE & Emily Ann CHASE; married Alice Maud SPINSLY, 20, none given, Brockville, d/o Frederick George & Alice SPINSLY; witn Frederick NEWMAN & Lizzie HAYTER, both Brockville, 24 Dec 1909, Brockville

013169-1909 (Leeds Co) James Lawrence MOORE, 28, farmer, of McKellar, s/o Andrew MOORE & Sarah MOFFATT, married Florence Winifred CARPENTER, Teacher, of Gananoque, d/o William CARPENTER & Addie McCREA, witn: John G. H. McCREA, Mabel May CARPENTER, both of Gananoque. 22 Sep 1909 Gananoque 012930-1890 (Leeds Co) Franklin Arthur MOORE, 30, Railroad Employee, of Brockville, s/o Charles MOORE & Elizabeth (unknown), married Lucy Amilia KIRKLAND, 28, of Forthton Ont., d/o Robert KIRKLAND deceased & Mary A. McCLELLAND, witn: Isaac KIRKLAND, Sophia KIRKLAND, both of Forthton. 15 June 1909 Forthton
013043-1909 (Leeds Co) Lachlin MORRISON, 23, Railroad Stoker, of Brockville, s/o William MORRISON, deceased, & Margaret DAVIDSON, married Ellen HIGGINS, 20, of Brockville, d/o Michael HIGGINS, Horse Livery, & Catherine TACEY, witn: J. E. RYAN, L.A. WIGHT, both of Brockville. 27 Jul 1909 Brockville

013088-09 Eddie MOUXFELDT, 20, labourer, none given, Cardinal, s/o Henry MOUXFELDT & Mary PETERS; married Effie I. KNUDESON, 17, Starch Packer, none given, Cardinal, d/o Charles KNUDESON & Angeline JOHNSTON; witn Alfred KNUDESON & Nellie KNUDESON, both Cardinal, 4 Nov 1909, Grenville

013050-1909 (Leeds Co) Michael John MULLALY, 29, Clerk, of Montreal, s/o John MULLALY, deceased, & Bridget McCARTHY, married Mary Janet BRADLEY, 30, of Brockville, d/o Dennis BRADLEY, Laborer, & Janet CHISHOLM, witn: Patrick BRADLEY, Carrie BRADLEY, both of Brockville. 18 Oct 1909 Brockville (RC)

013079-09 John MURRAY, 48, Farmer, Wid, none given, Lyn, s/o John MURRAY & Mary SMITH; married Amelia Delilah PETTEM, 30, none given, Brockville, s/o Thomas PETTEM & Mary BRASH; witn Frank MURRAY, Spring Valley & Mary Edith GRIFFIN, Brockville, 29 Dec 1909, Brockville

013089-09 James MYERS, 30, Farmer, Wid, none given, North Crosby, s/o Edward MYERS & Lucy BATTERSBY; married Ethel May HUTCHINGS, 24, none given, North Crosby, d/o William HUTCHINGS & Elizabeth ROWSWELL; witn Hendrick BRESEE & Mrs Hendrick BRESEE both Westport, 17 Feb 1909, North Crosby

#013023-09 (Leeds Co): Peter NOLAN, 43, farmer, of Elgin Ont., s/o Michael NOLAN, farmer, & Mary KELLY, married Sarah SHERIDAN, 29, of Brockville, d/o Henry SHERIDAN, butcher, & Annie MacPHERSON, witn: William G. HAMILTON of Elgin & Margaret SHERIDAN of Brockville, 14 Sept 1909 at Brockville (Rom Cath)
013054-1909 (Leeds Co) Arthur O'DONAHOE, 22, Clerk, of Brockville, s/o Patrick O'DONAHOE, deceased, & Margaret NORAN, married Alice DOHENY, 22, of Brockville, d/o Patrick DOHENY, deceased, & Margaret McCARTHY, witn: George DAILEY, Alice McHENRY, both of Brockville. 27 Oct 1909 Brockville 

013350-09 Fred PARRON, 21, Farmer, none given, Line NY, s/o Charles PARRON & Laura ALDRICH; married Euseba HESS, 18, none given, Fowler NY, d/o Arthur HESS & Eva SCHOOLCRAFT; witn none given, 30 Oct 1909, Prescott

013351-09 Simon Theodore PAUQUETTE (Paquette?), 22, Labourer, none given, Ogdensburg, s/o Samuel PAUQUETTE & Mary Jane OKNERSOUISA?; married Crystal Lavina MASSEY, 17 , none given, Ogdensburg, d/o Jas MASSEY & Ida BELLISLE; witn George Arthur PERO? (Lero?) & Sally PAUQUETTE, both Ogdensburg NY, 25 Nov 1909, Grenville

013044-1909 (Leeds Co) Lester George PIPER, 37, Farmer, Theresa NY, s/o George PIPER, farmer, & Jane BAILEY, married Ella MARTIN, 30, of Alexandria Bay NY, d/o Pitt MARTIN & Julia DIES, witn: Ada M. SPARLING, Pauline G. SPARLING, both of Brockville. 31 Jul 1909 Brockville
013110-09 (Grenville Co): Josiah Esly PITT, 28, n/g, Shanley, Farmer, s/o John PITT & Elizabeth ADAMS, married Annie Ethel COOK, 22, School Teacher, d/o John COOK & Jane McGOWAN, wtn: Sylvester PITT of Shanley & Martha COOK of Spencerville, on September 14, 1909, at Spencerville 012956-1909 (Leeds Co) W. Dan POMEROY, 27, Methodist Minister, of Portland Ont., s/o W.M. POMEROY & Sarah A. BIRD, married Louisa J. FRENCH, 27, Portland, same, d/o Robert FRENCH & Eliza ATCHESON, witn: Frank B. STREET, Montreal, Mabel DERBYSHIRE, Athens. 9 June 1909 Portland
012995-09 (Leeds Co.) William PROCTOR, 28, Carpenter, of Brockville, s/o Hnery PROCTOR & Helen BLACKBURN, married Maggie BLAMIRE, 25, of Brockville, d/o John BLAMIRE, Shoemaker & Annie A. LANGHORN, Witn.: Mildred SELLERY, Margaret SELLERY, both of Brockville, May 17,1909 at Brockville 012307-09 (Leeds Co.) James Gordon RAPPELL, 26, grocer, of Athens s/o John Ayers RAPPELL, grocer, married Mae McCALLUM, 24, of Brockville, d/o James McCALLUM, Coal Dealer, & Sarah POTTER, Witn.: John CARUTH of Brockville, June 30, 1909 at Brockville
012302-09 (Leeds Co.) William Patrick REYNOLDS, 28, Brakeman, of Brockville, s/o William Charles REYNOLDS, Deceased, & Margaret CARNEY, married Isabella Elizabeth CARDINAL d/o Thomas CARDINAL, Moulder, & Jennie BISNET (Bisnett?), Witn.: James V. MARKEY, Gertrude CARDINAL, both of Brockville, June 14, 1909 at Brockville 013111-09 (Grenville Co): William Henry REYNOLDS, 42, n/g, New York, Electrical Engineer, s/o William REYNOLDS & Catherine E COSLEY, married Ida Maud DOOL, 28, n/g, Spencerville, d/o Alfred DOOL & Mary WEIR, wtn: Joseph GOODIN & Lizzie ARMSTRONG both of Spencerville, on September 27, 1909, at Spencerville
012928-1909 (Leeds Co) Edward Thomas RICHARDS, 72, Widower, Farmer, of Kitley Tp., s/o William RICHARDS & Eliza THOMAS, married Maria Victoria PRICE, 43, of Kitley Tp., d/o Charles PRICE & Rebecca THOMPSON, witn: Frank Withrow READ, Lizzie B. READ, both of Athens. 12 Jan 1909 Athens #013029-09 (Leeds Co): John Walker RITCHIE, 27, clerk, of Kingston, s/o John RITCHIE, farmer, & Christina WALKER, married Ida Victoria SUNDERLAND, 22, of North Augusta, d/o Thomas SUNDERLAND, farmer, & Mary PARDY, witn: Sanford W. SUNDERLAND & Mary Emily WOODCOCK, 15 Sept 1909 at Brockville
013042-1909 (Leeds Co) Harold William ROBINSON, 23, Woodworker, of Brockville, s/o William H.. ROBINSON, deceased, & Elizabeth PARSLOW, married Ethel Margaret REYNOLDS, 22, of Brockville, d/o Charles REYNOLDS, deceased, & Margaret CARNEY, witn: Edward Charles REYNOLDS, Teresa Maria REYNOLDS, both of Brockville. 26 July 1909 Brockville 12983-09 Frank E. ROBINSON, 34, widower, plumber, of Prescott, s/o William ROBINSON & Wynn Jane GRANT, married Bertha P. ALKERTON, 30, of Spencerville, d/o Francis W. ALKERTON & Lucy KNAPP, witn: J. S. ELLIOTT of Prescott & Ida WILSON of Brockville, 28 March 1909 at Brockville
#013030-09 (Leeds Co): John Francis ROSS, 20, photographer, of Athens, s/o John ROSS & Sarah DUNN, married Emeline Mary BROOMER, 19, of Brockville, d/o Alexander BROOMER & Emeline ROLPH, witn: Ada M. SPARLING of Brockville, 23 Sept 1909 at Brockville 013049-1909 (Leeds Co) John Percy ROTON, 49, Widower, Policeman, of Alexandria Bay NY, s/o John ROTON & Maria LIGROW, married Eveline WOODWORTH, 59, widow, of Alexandria Bay NY, d/o Chauncey WESTCOTT & Emeline EVERSON, witn: Ada M. SPARLING, Pauline G. SPARLING , both of Brockville. 18 Oct 1909 Brockville
012957-1909 (Leeds Co) Thomas Alex SAMUELS, 28, Cheese maker, of Philipsville, s/o Thomas A. SAMUELS & (not given), married Edna Gertrude LLOYD, 20, of Philipsville, d/o Albert LLOYD & Maria JOHNSON, witn: John MERKELY, Westport, Susie LLOYD, Philipsville. 16 June 1909 Philipsville 012988-09 (Leeds Co.) David L. SANFORD, 29, Wid., Laborer, of Brockville, s/o William SANFORD, Laborer, & Sarah WALLACE, married Lizzie EDWARDS, 30, of Brockville, d/o John EDWARDS, Laborer, & Alice BRITTEN, Witn.: Florence SELLERY, Mildred SELLERY, both of Brockville, April 21, 1909 at Brockville
013047-1909 (Leeds Co) Richard Ernest SAWYER, 24, Commercial Traveller, of Brockville, s/o James Alex SAWYER, carpenter, & Martha FENTON, married Maud May STREET, 27, of Brockville, d/o Samuel STREET & Fanny HISLOP, witn: Thomas B. STREET, Mrs. Fanny STREET, both of Brockville 013113-09 (Grenville Co): Chester B SCOTT, 29, n/g, Cardinal, Farmer, s/o David SCOTT & Jennie HUNTER, married Annie A. WILSON, 30, n/g, Shanley, d/o Alex B. WILSON & Rachel P. WALLACE, wtn: Shanley & Annie M. WALLACE both of Shanley, on September 8, 1909, at Shanley
013112-09 (Grenville Co): George Graham SHARRA, 25, n/g, Matilda, Farmer, s/o William J. SHARRA (Lock Master) & Margaret GRAHAM, married Pearl Daisy JOHNSTON, 23, n/g, Matilda, d/o Archibald JOHNSTON (Farmer) & Margaret IRVING, wtn: Francis & Florence MacDOUGALL, both of Spencerville, on September 23, 1909, at Spencerville 012991-09 (Leeds Co.) Oliver Daniel SHAVER, 23, Clerk, of Newboro Ont., s/o Charles SHAVER, Carpenter, & Eleanor RODGERS, married Cora Bell SLACK, 22, of Brockville, d/o William SLACK, Farmer, & Lydia PERRY, Witn.: G.F. READ, Elizabeth REYNOLDS, both of Brockville, May 2, 1909 at Brockville
013175-1909 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Thomas Arthur SHEA, 21, Hotel employee, of Utica NY, s/o James SHEA & Eliz. GEISER, married Mrs. Delia WILKINSON, 25, Divorced, of Utica NY, d/o George W. HILLS & Louise BROOKS, witn: George W. HILLS, Mrs. George W. HILLS, both of Utica NY. 25 Aug 1909 The Manse-Gananoque 012925-1909 (Leeds Co) Marrion SHELDON, 65, Widower, Gentleman, Copenhagen N.Y., same, s/o Ansel SHELDON, & Belinda ELLIOTT, married Ruth WILTSE, servant, 18, Athens, Copenhagen N.Y., d/o Mahlon WILTSE & Cornelia SCHOFIELD, witn: Charles S. YATES, Charlston Ont, Lenna M. HUDSON, Fairfield, 20 Jan 1909 Charleston
013038-1909 (Leeds Co) Lettrell Henry Percival SHORTLEY, 31, Clergyman, of Hull Que., s/o William SHORTLEY & Mary Ann HIGGINS, married Louise Harris TOMPKINS, 28, Teacher, of Brockville, d/o Charles A. TOMPKINS & Martha Jane MacNISH, witn: George A. MacNISH, Lyn, M.J. THOMPKINS, Brockville. 10 Jul 1909 Brockville 013173-1909 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William Dunlop SHIELDS, 33, Caterer, of Syracuse NY, s/o William & Mary SHIELDS, married Violet BROOKS, 30, of New York City, d/o Charles J. BROOKS & Esther J. DAVIDSON, witn: Mrs. GRACEY, Letitia GRACEY, both of Gananoque. 14 Aug 1909 The Manse-Gananoque
#013033-09 (Leeds Co): William John SIMON, 29, plumber, of Brockville, s/o Frank SIMON & Jennie McCOLL, married Mary Ann McCUNE, 22, of Brockville, d/o David McCUNE, merchant, & Agnes CLARK, witn: Tina TREMBLAY of Kenebec? & John TIMLICK of Brockville, 28 Sept 1909 at Brockville

013098-09 John Nesbit SIMPSON, 21, Farmer, none given, South Crosby, s/o Robert SIMPSON & Julia Ann HUGHSON; married Serena STERRY, 18, none given, South Crosby, d/o Albert STERRY & Ann Mary WARREN; witn Manford STERRY, Elgin & Edna Pearl SIMPSON, Jones Falls, 17 Feb 1909, Elgin

013114-09 William John SLOAN, 26, none given, none given, Matilda, s/o James SLOAN & Eliza HUGGARD; married Iva Pearl HENDERSON, 18, none given, Edwardsburg, d/o William F. HENDERSON & M.E. McNILAGE?; witn Agnes KNOX & K.D. KNOX, Shanley, 6 Oct 1909, Shanly

#013020-09 (Leeds Co): James LeRoy SLOAT, 28, clergyman (Baptist), of Weston Ont., s/o James SLOAT, millwright, & Lydia PARSONS, married Ethel Blanche SHIELDS, 25, of Brockville, d/o Thomas SHIELDS, engineer, & Grace SHILLINGLAW, witn: Fred SHIELDS & Edith FAIRBAIRN, both of Brockville, 11 Aug 1909 at Brockville

013075-09 William John SMITH, 22, Painter, none given, Brockville, s/o John William SMITH & Alice Louise PEARCE; married Lottie Victoria SERVISS, 20, none given, Brockville, d/o Gordon SERVISS & Lydia LENNOX; witn Jennie Louisa SERVISS & Byron C. SERVISS, both Brockville, 22 Dec 1909, Brockville

012958-1909 (Leeds Co) Wesley Martin SNYDER, 34, Merchant, of Spencerville, s/o David P. SNYDER, merchant, & Hannah BENETT, married Agnes Cleo HALLADAY, 27, of Elgin, d/o Edgar W. HALLADAY, farmer, & Sarah JUDD, witn: William H. CONNELL, Spencerville, Lillian E. HALLADAY, Elgin. 13 Oct 1909 Father's home near Elgin

013074-09 William Lorne STEACY, 29, Farmer, Wid, none given, Athens, s/o Jonas N. STEACY & Ellen WEBSTER; married Clara May HAYES, 20, none given, Athens, d/o Manson HAYES & Bertha LOVE; witn Ernest W. CHIVERS & Laura M. ROWSOM, both Athens, 22 Dec 1909, Brockville

013013-1909 (Leeds Co) Robert Easton STEEL, 26, Painter, s/o James STEEL & Jane EASTON, married Elizabeth Campbell BINNIE, 27, d/o Alexander BINNIE & Sarah ALLAN, witn: James McDONALD, Brockville, Sarah BINNIE, Watertown NY. 18 Aug 1909 Brockville
 012997-09 (Leeds Co.) Robert James Hamilton STERLING, 23, Locomotive Fitter, of Greenbush, s/o David STERLING, Baker, & Lizzie MILLER, married Emma Beatrice MILLER, 21, of Greenbush, d/o William W. MILLER, Yeoman, & Isabella BAKER, Witn.: George W. MILLER, Edith V. PEEBLES, May 29, 1909 at Brockville

013084-09 Robert STEWART, 38, Farmer, none given, Brockville, s/o Robert STEWART & Mary WILSON; married Harriet Jane SAVER?, 32, none given, Matilda, d/o John SAVER? & Melinda ARMSTRONG; witn William T. HARBOTTLE & Annie A. CARR, both no place given, 4 Aug 1909, Cardinal

013035-1909 (Leeds Co) John STEWART, 44, Widower, Farmer, of Plum Hollow, s/o William STEWART, Labour (sic), & Ann GREER, married Gertrude Maria SHERMAN, 33, Widow, of Plum Hollow, d/o John IMERSON, Farmer, & Adeline SCHOFIELD, witn: Henry Arden LILLIE, H. A. ARDEN, both of Plum Hollow. 5 July 1909 Brockville 012999-09 (Leeds Co.) William Clinton STEWART, 21, Milk Dealer, of Brockville, s/o Nathaniel STEWART, Cheese Maker, & Margaret CUMMINGS, married Martha KISSOCK, 21, of Toronto, d/o William KISSOCK, Yeoman, & Georgina SUTHERLAND, Witn.: George N. VEITCH, Edna VEITCH, both of Brockville, June 2, 1909 at Brockville
013052-1909 (Leeds Co) George Edward STINSON, 34, Tailor, of Brockville, s/o John STINSON, Tailor, & Mary E. FORD, married Mary Rose RYAN, 28, of Brockville, d/o Michael RYAN, butcher, & Elizabeth CONNORS, witn: James E. RYAN, Anna L. RYAN, both of Brockville. 21 Oct 1909 Brockville  
013009-1909 (Leeds Co) Ryerson Talmage STRATTON, 31, Painter, of Brockville, s/o George STRATTON & Arletta McLEAN, married Susan Estelle SHINNICK, 27, Nurse, of Brockville, d/o William SHINNICK & Esther ROGERS, witn: Roy HODGE, Helena SHINNICK, both of Brockville. 30 June 1909 Brockville 013041-1909 (Leeds Co) Eric McLeod SUTHERLAND, 32, Physician, of Cardinal, s/o William SUTHERLAND & Emma PHIPPEN, married Estella M. BEAL, 22, of Brockville, d/o Lorenzo BEAL & Mary STUART. witn: Katie C. MILROY, Elizabeth MILLER, both of Brockville. 21 Apr 1909 Brockville
01366-1909 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Frederick SWART, 21, Post Office Clerk, of Brockville, s/o Peter SWART, Iron Moulder, & Florence WORDEN, married Lillie Mae WHITLEY, 19, Stenographer, of Prescott, d/o Frank WHITLEY, farmer, & Addie KNIGHT, witn: John PATTERSON, Louella PATTERSON, both of Alexandria Bay. 29 Sep 1909 Gananoque 012955-1909 (Leeds Co) William Wesley TACKABERRY, 27, Farmer, Philipsville, same, s/o William Henry TACKABERRY & Sarah TACKABERRY, married Inez Estella GIBSON, 27, Music Teacher, Chantry, same, d/o William GIBSON & Elizabeth (not given) witn: John GIBSON, Toronto, Elizabeth GIBSON, Chantry. 10 Mar 1909 Chantry
012305-09 (Leeds Co.) Alexander MacKenzie THOMPSON, 27, Teacher, of Brockville, s/o Rev. John THOMPSON, Minister, & Mary MacKENZIE, married Anna Purkis GILL d/o John MacLeod GILL, Manufacturer, & Mary PURKIS, Witn.: John M. GILL of Brockville, Robert THOMPSON of Toronto, June 17, 1909 at Brockville

013065-09 John Albert TIMLICK, 29, Machinist, none given, Brockville, s/o Joseph TIMLICK & Eliza MORRISON; married Louise GROSSEN, 31, Maid, none given, Brockville, d/o John GROSSEN & Elizabeth KAPPELER; witn Mrs Murray CHAPMAN & Jas C. FULLER, both Brockville, 18 Nov 1909, Brockville

014426-1910 (Leeds Co) John Norman TRUELOVE, 23, Cheese Maker, of North Crosby Tp., s/o William TRUELOVE, farmer, & Margaret CAMERON, married Agnes Armoun THORPE, 24, School Teacher, of Newboro Village, d/o Joseph THORPE & Aagnes (sic) McEWEN, witn: Archie CROZIER, Emma FORRESTER, both of Westport.  28 Dec 1909 Newboro

013040-1909 (Leeds Co) William VANDRESER (Vanduser?), 38, Widower, River Pilot, of Alexandria Bay NY, s/o G. H. VANDRESER & Maria TOBBINS, married Georgina M. CLIFFE, 18, of Alexandria Bay-NY, d/o George CLIFFE & Tasse THIRVAN, witn; Alvin CLIFFE, A.M. SPARLING. 15 Jul 1909 Brockville
012998-09 (Leeds Co.) George Norris VEITCH, 34, Workman, s/o Thomas VEITCH, Farmer, & Rachel BROWN, married Edna Agnes WOODCOCK, 22, of Brockville, d/o Joseph WOODCOCK, Painter, & Lillian LYNN, Witn.: W.C. STEWART, Martha KISSOCK, both of Brockville, June 2, 1909 at Brockville

012949-09 William Edgar VINCENT, 25, Baker, none given, Spencerville, s/o James VINCENT & Delia STRONG; married Georgina STEACY, 21, none given, Augusta, d/o William STEACY & Margaret Ann KING; witn Mina KING, North Augusta & Charles H. MILLER, Spencerville, 23 Dec 1909, North Augusta

013062-1909 (Leeds Co) Lonzo VOUT, 23, Labourer, of Brockville, s/o George VOUT & Susie ALBERRY, married Eva May CAIN, 18, of Junetown, d/o Robert CAIN & Alzina NOWLAN, witn: George FENNELL, Mrs. George FENNELL, both of Brockville. 11 Nov 1909 Brockville  012926-1909 (Leeds Co) Melvin J. WALKER, , 25, Physician, Newboyne, Kingston, s/o Jas. H. WALKER & Eleanor LYONS, married Evilena DRUMMOND, 25, Kitley Twp., same, d/o John DRUMMOND & Mary Lura HOLMES, witn: Charles F. YATES, Lura E. YATS (sic) 16 Feb 1909 Athens
#013024-09 (Leeds Co): John Ernest WEEKS (or Wicks), 34, commercial traveler, of Brockville, s/o Freidriech WEEKS, merchant, & Mary Ella LYMAN, married Marie Louise GILMOUR, 28, of Brockville, d/o William A. GILMOUR, collector of customs, & Louise HANNAN, witn: William Norman GILMOUR & Bessie GATES (or Yates), both of Brockville, 15 Sept 1909 at Brockville 13008-09 William W. WELCH, 27, laborer, of Brockville, s/o William WELCH, saddler, & Amelia WATERS, married Lulu V. EYRE, 24, of Yonge Mills, d/o Robert EYRE, mason, & Mary THOMPSON, witn: J. E. WELCH of Brockville & Anna B. COONS of Iroquois, 30 June 1909 at Brockville
012308-09 (Leeds Co.) William W. WELSH, 27, Labour, of Brockville, s/o William WELSH, Saddler, & Amelia WATERS, married Lulu EYRES, 24, of Yonge Mills, d/o Robert EYRES, Mason, & Mary THOMPSON, Witn.: J.E. WELSH of Brockville, Anna B. COONS of Iroqois, June 30, 1909 at Brockville 012303-09 (Leeds Co.) John Henry WHELAN, 29, Carpenter, of Peterborough, s/o John WHELAN, Farmer, & Elizabeth STEWART, married Margaret Elizabeth WHITE, 31, Housemaid, of Brockville, d/o Bernard WHITE, Farmer, & Mary GRANT, Witn.: Isadore WHELAN of Twp. of Marlborough, Sarah E. WHITE of Elgin Ont., June 15, 1909 at Brockville
013162-1909 (Leeds & Grenville Co) James Watson WHITE, 33, Physician, of Florida NY, s/o Richard W. WHITE & Sarah S. MYERS, married Margaret Gertrude MACLELLAN, 30, Nurse, of Gananoque, d/o William MACLELLAN & Elizabeth REID, witn: Joseph Day OLIN, Watertown NY, Emma Maud MACLELLAN, Gananoque. 22 Sep 1909 Gananoque 013096-09 Michael John WHITE, 34, Farmer, none given, South Crosby, s/o Bernard WHITE & Mary GRANT; married Amelia WATTERS, 31, none given, South Burgess Twp, s/o John WATTERS & Ellen IVY; witn Bernard WHITE & Sarah Ellen WHITE, both South Crosby, 26 Jan 1909, Elgin

013246-09 John H. WHITE, 22, Farm Labourer, none given, South Crosby, s/o George WHITE & Rachel RAGGEN; married Gladys MARTIN, 19, none given, South Crosby, d/o Albert E. MARTIN & Jane PERRIN; witn Nellie CROLY, Rear of Leeds & Harriet Jane WHITE, South Crosby, 24 May 1909, Lyndhurst

013014-1909 (Leeds Co) William John WHITTON, 26, R.R. Fireman, of Brockville, s/o William WHITTON, Teamster, & Isabella CATES/GATES, married Laura Bell FEADER, 26, of Brockville, d/o Edward FEADER, Laborer, & Mary Elizabeth WHITE, witn: Mary GRANT, Angus Leslie FEADER, both of Brockville. 21 Aug 1909 Brockville

013243-09 Frank WILSON, 22, Farmer, none given, Lyndhurst, s/o Henry WILSON & Mary Ann PARKER; married Ann CLARKSON, 27, none given, Lyndhurst, s/o George CLARKSON & Jessie SIMPSON; witn Harriet BRUNDAGE & Lois GAINFORD, both Seeley’s Bay, 1 Mar 1909, Leeds

013015-1909 Russell WILSON, 43, Grain Merchant, of Saskatoon Sask., s/o Robert WILSON & Jane RUSSELL, married Ida May DUNHAM, 31, of Brockville, d/o George S. DUNHAM & Ann E. BOOTH, witn: Horatio McGILLIVRAY, Smiths Falls, Emily A. DUNHAM, Brockville. 25 Aug [1909] Brockville
012963-1909 Leeds Co) Albert Edward WOOLF, 24, Bartender, of Brockville, s/o Albert WOOLF & Louisa MAIDEN, married Margaret Evelyn MARK, 17, of Brockville, d/o David MARK & Margaret HERRON, witn: Robert F. THOMPSON, Mrs. D. STRACHAN, both of Brockville. 7 Jan 1909 Brockville

013068-09 Francis Bickford YERDEN, 33, Engineer, Wid, none given, Harrisville NY, s/o Francis YERDEN & Isabella FRASER; married Hattie PERRY, 33, none given, Harrisville NY, d/o George PERRY & Alphna CARPENTER; witn Thomas DUNN & Annie PUBLOW, both Brockville, 25 Nov 1909, Brockville

012947-09 Joseph YORK, no age given, Farmer, Wid, none given, Augusta, s/o Francis Joseph YORK & Johanna REIST, married Jane Ann CARLEY, no age given, Wid, none given, Kitley, d/o Edward DUFFIELD & Eliza TACKABERRY; witn Ambrose COLBOURNE & Susan COULBORNE, both North Augusta, 23 Nov 1909, Augusta

013159-1909 (Leeds & Grenville) Adolphe ZERTSIE, 20, farmer, of Madison NY, s/o H. ZERTSIE & D. ZERTSIE, married Gertrude CHEESEBRO, 18, of Madison NY, d/o L. CHEESEBRO & Eva CHEESEBRO. witn: F. BRITTON, Annie FINNCAN, both of Gananoque. 16 Sep 1909 Gananoque