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Leeds & Grenville Co., 1909, part 2

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birth place is given before residence


013221-1909 (Leeds Co) James ALLAN, 36, Farmer, of Palmerston, s/o Samuel ALLAN, Farmer & Eliza ERVIN, married Helena Jeff--? (Jeffries?) McKENZIE, of Kitley twp., d/o Hugh McKENZIE, Farmer & Mariah CONNERTY, witn: Hugh McKENZIE, Bertha McKENZIE, both of Smiths Falls, 30 June 1909 at Kitley twp 13526-09 Morris F. ARMSTRONG, 25, carpenter, of Cannan Gay Alberta, s/o Daniel F. ARMSTRONG, farmer, & Ella ROOT, married Ella M. JORDAN, 20, of Mallorytown, d/o Albert E. JORDAN, undertake & Mary J. HULL (Hall?), witn: Clifford E. HODGE & Bessie ARMSTRONG, both of Mallorytown, 29 Dec 1909 at Mallorytown

013238-09 Robert Allen AUSTIN, 30, Blacksmith, none given, Watertown NY, s/o Robert AUSTIN & Margaret SLACK; married Stella Isabella SUMMERS, 24, none given, Escott Twp, d/o Theophilus SUMMERS & Elizabeth WARREN; witn George Roy SUMMERS & May SUMMERS both Escott, 27 Dec 1909, Lansdowne

013225-1909 (Leeds Co) William Henry AUSTIN, 23, Cheese maker, of Sandbay, s/o Robert AUSTIN, Blacksmith, & Margaret SLACK, married Florence May LANDON, 18, of Lansdowne, d/o Warren LANDON, Farmer, & Margaret TRICKEY, witn: D. John LANDON & Maggie LANDON, both of Lansdowne, 31 Mar 1909 at Lansdowne

013071-09 Edward James BARBER, 31, Labourer, none given, Brockville, s/o John BARBER & Mary CARR; married Mary Elizabeth DIER, 21, none given, Brockville, d/o Edward DIER & Annie FEEDER; witn Matilda L. WOODCOCK & Margaret Dealtry KIDD, both Brockville, 15 Dec 1909, Brockville

013361-09 James B. BARKLEY, 25, Farmer, none given, Wolford, s/o Gideon BARKLEY & Sarah JONES; married Carrie PATTERSON, 23, Housekeeper, none given, Wolford, d/o Delormie PATTERSON & Eliza McKIM; witn Gershem PATTERSON & Nellie BARKLEY, both E. Corners, 22 Dec 1909, Eastons Corners
013365-1909 (Leeds Co) Ernest BELL, 23, Farmer, of Newboro, s/o Clinton STRUTHERS, Stage Driver, and Martha BELL, married Bertha THOMPSON, 25, of Newboro, d/o Samuel THOMPSON, Farmer, & Hannah LYONS, witn: John MERKLEY, Maggie LYONS, both of Westport, 23 June 1909 at Westport 013268-1909 (Leeds Co) George BELL, 41, Labourer, of Newboro, s/o William BELL & Johannah SHEA, married Frances BLACK, 22, domestic servant, of England, d/o Henry BLACK & Sarah BLACK, witn: Ernest BELL, Florence DONAHOE, both of Newboro, 23 Feb 1909 at Newboro

012940-09 William Wallace BRADLEY, 23, Farmer, none given, Augusta, s/o Isaac BRADLEY & Sarah CAMPBELL; married Julia Alison LANE, 20, none given, Augusta, d/o Joseph H. LANE & Alice LAIDLAW; witn Isaac BRADLEY, Prescott & Blanch CARSON, Charleville, 2 Jun 1909, at bride's home

012946-09 Isaac Winifield BRADLEY, 26, Farmer, s/o Isaac BRADLEY & Sarah CAMPBELL; married Grace Anna Caroline ROWE, 26, of Augusta, d/o Charles H. ROWE & Caroline KEELER; witn Walter KEELER & Gertrude KEELER, both Prescott, 17 Nov 1909, Maynard

013180-1909 (Leeds Co) Martin Fred BRENNAN, 28 , Labourer, of Gananoque, s/o Thomas BRENNAN, Labourer & Hannah FOLEY, married Margaret MIRANDI, 19, of Gananoque, d/o Francis MIRANDI, Labourer & Sarah ROOM, witn: David TOMPKINS, Murtle (Marth?) MIRANDI, both of Gananoque, 21 Jan 1909 at Gananoque (RC) 013366-1909 (Leeds Co) William Francis BYRNES, 28, Undertaker, of Westport, s/o Andrew BYRNES, Plasterer, & Margaret MORRISSEY, married Ethel Bernadette LENNON, 21, of North Crosby, d/o Nicholas LENNON, Farmer, & Jane McCANN, witn: Arthur Joseph BENNETT, Mary FLYNN, of Westport, 8 Nov 1909 at Westport (RC)

013348-09 Cornelius Patrick CARROLL, 28, Jeweler, none given, Tupper Lake NY, s/o Patrick CARROLL & Ellen CRAVLEY; married Sarah May FENTON, 28, none given, Norwood NY, d/o David FENTON & Mary CANLEY; witn Mrs M.J. COWLES, Fulton NY & Sarah SMITH, Prescott, 18 Nov 1909 at Prescott


013073-09 Ernest William CHIVERS, 28, Farmer, none given, Athens, s/o William CHIVERS & Emily ETHEL; married Laura Maria ROWSOM, 30, none given, Athens, d/o Erastus ROWSOM & Martha S. CLOW; witn William Lorne STEACY & Clara May HAYES, both Athens, 22 Dec 1909, Brockville

013099-09 George Clarence CHURCHILL, 22, Farmer, none given, South Crosby, s/o Ephraim CHURCHILL & Parthena NEWMAN; married Kathleen Francis BAXTER, 20, none given, South Crosby, d/o Robert BAXTER & Mary Ann RANCIER; witn Leonard McBRATNEY & Artymiss BAXTER, both Jones Falls, 26 Apr 1909, South Crosby Twp

013230-1909 (Leeds Co) Edwin J. COATES, 29, Farm Laborer, of Lansdowne, s/o William John COATES & Sarah Maria LOBEY, married Alice ROSTRON, 20, of Lansdowne, d/o Henry ROSTRON & Elizabeth (not given), witn: John BAILE, Florence HEENEY, both of Lansdowne, 17 July 1909 at Lansdowne 013227-1909 (Leeds Co) William James COOK, 25, Farmer, of Dulsemaine, s/o William H. COOK, Farmer, & Dorothy SLACK, married Zelma C. HASKIN, 23, of Dulsemaine, d/o Goss HASKINS (sic), Farmer, & Carrie E. HORTON, witn: Mrs. M.E. PEARSON, Mrs. J. H. SINGLETON, both of Lansdowne, 14 Apr 1909 at Lansdowne

013362-09 Elmer I. DAVIS, 28, Hotel keeper, none given, Jasper, s/o Levi DAVIS & Ladomia TALLMAN; married Effie BEAMISH, 26, none given, Jasper, d/o Richard BEAMISH & Sarah CROSS; witn Charles SWIRTH & Agnes BEAMISH, both Eastons Corners, 20 Dec 1909 Eastons Corners

013235-09 Norman Bernard DICKSON, 23, Brakeman, none given, Brockville, s/o John DICKSON & Clara JOHNSON; married Debina LLOYD, 32, none given, Maple Grove, d/o James LLOYD & Hannah SEALE; witn George Humphrey TODD, Leeds & Laura A. FERIS, Gananoque, 9 Oct 1909, Maple Grove

013245-09 John DILLON, 40, Mason, none given, Seeley’s Bay, s/o Benjamin DILLON & Eliza DUNN; married Alice COLEMAN, 37, Dressmaker, Wid, none given, Seeley’s Bay, d/o Moses DEAN & Sarah Ann LUSH; witn Edward CURTIS & Hannah CURTIS, both Seeley’s Bay, 14 Apr 1909, Seeley’s Bay

013220-09 William John DONOVAN, 29, Farmer, of Toledo, s/o Daniel DONOVAN & Elizabeth BERN; married Mary Teresa DERRIG, 20, Seamstress, of Toledo, d/o John DERRIG & Catharine BUCHANAN; witn William REYNOLDS, Frankville & Clara DERRIG, Toledo, 22 Jun 1909, Toledo

013103-09 Thomas John DOYLE, 36, Farmer, Wid, none given, South Crosby Twp, s/o Michael DOYLE & Bridget DUNN; married Anne E. BURTCH, 20, none given, South Crosby twp, d/o Charles A. BURTCH & Elizabeth RANKIN; witn Henry BURTCH & Sara Jane BURTCH, both Jones Falls, 16 Aug 1909, South Crosby Twp

013190-09 David DROLEAU, 27, Baseball Player, of Gananoque or Toronto, s/o Daniel DROLEAU & Mary RONAN; married Estella CORBOY, 25, of Gananoque, d/o William CORBOY & Bridget HEFFERNAN; witn Austin DROLEAU & Eliza CORBOY, both Gananoque, 31 Oct 1909, Gananoque

013356-09 Thomas E. FERGUSON, 27, Farmer, none given, Wolford, s/o Thomas FERGUSON & Mary J. CARDIFF; married Ethel WILSON, 22, housekeeper, none given, Wolford, d/o Jas C. WILSON & Margaret KENNEDY; witn Elmer FERGUSON & Maggie WILSON, both Eastons Corners, 8 Dec 1909, Eastons Corners


013231-1909 (Leeds Co) Thomas FERRIS, 22, Barber, of Gananoque, s/o Thomas FERRIS, Stone Mason, & (not given) married Sadie APLIN, 20, of Gananoque, d/o Herbert ALPIN (sic), Plasterer, & Isabella MAJOR, witn: Elizabeth GURTON, Mary LEECH, both of Lansdowne, 26 July 1909 at Lansdowne 013191-09 Robert G. FORBES, 33, Farmer, of Parry Sound District, s/o William FORBES & Beatrice STOCKS; married May CAMPBELL, 26, School Teacher, of Gananoque, d/o James CAMPBELL & Dorcas HOLDCOAT; witn Albert CAMPBELL & Mrs Edward HARDY, both Gananoque, 27 Dec 1909, Gananoque
013240-09 T. Earnest FOSTER, 30, Merchant, none given, Lansdowne, s/o Thomas FOSTER & no mother given; married Anna L. FREDENBURG, 38, Music Teacher, none given, Lansdowne, d/o Ambrose FREDENBURG & Sarah J. SHIPMAN; witn Floyd S. FREDENBURG & Minnie E. VAN CAMP, both Lansdowne, 30 Dec 1909, Lansdowne

013342-09 William Clark GARBUTT, 26, Civil Engineer, none given, Ogdensburg, s/o William GARBUTT & Mary Ann CLARK; married Cecily Havelock BURN, no age given, none given, Ogdensburg, d/o James BURN & Mary FAIRLESS; witn Max JAMESON & Margaret PHELAN, both Ogdensburg, 20 Oct 1909, Grenville

013188-09 Frederick GAUTHIER, 33, Artisan, of New York, s/o Cleophis GAUTHIER & Julia MANDEVILLE; married Rosanna BEAUREGARD, 28, of NY, d/o Francis BEAUREGARD & Eleanor DUCLOIS; witn Alexander WHITE & Joseph ROBRICK, both Gananoque, 16 Jan 1909, Gananoque

013368-1909 (Leeds Co) Lawrence GAVIN, 49, Farmer, of Yonge twp., s/o James GAVIN, Farmer, & Ellen DONOHOE, married Sarah Ann RYAN, 33, of North Crosby, d/o Thomas RYAN, Farmer, & Christina MADDEN, witn: Francis Joseph LYNETT, Margaret Julia LYNETT, of Westport, 26 Oct 1909 at Westport
  013367-1909 (Leeds Co) Charles GIBSON, 30, Farmer's help, of North Crosby, s/o Robert GIBSON, Farmer, & Charlotte KENNEDY, married Florence Mary COBURN, 19, of North Crosby, d/o James COBURN, Farmer, & Mary Jane FARRELL, witn: Michael James McANDREWS, Mary Loretta ANDERSON, of Westport, 23 Nov 1909 at Westport (RC)
013222-1909 (Leeds Co) Henry GRAHAM, 31, Sawyer, of McIntosh Mills, s/o Henry GRAHAM, Farmer, & Selena HUTCHINGS, married Catherine HASTINGS, 25, Widow, of Lyn, d/o Samuel KENNEDY & Mary NEILL, witn: Adelaide M. EMPY, Mary R. LEECH, both of Lansdowne, 13 Jan 1909 at Lansdowne 013358-09 William HALFPENNY, 24, Liveryman, none given, Wolford, s/o Jacob HALFPENNY & Mary HANNAH; married Mary E. BARRY, 24, housekeeper, none given, Wolford, s/o Watson BARRY & Henrietta DAVIS; witn Lorne BARRY & E. Maud SMITH, Easton, 18 May 1909 Eastons Corners

013218-09 John HEALEY, 23, Farmer, of Toledo, s/o William [HEALY] & Ellen O’GRADY; married Mary YATES, 18, of Toledo, d/o Philip YATES & Theresa KENNEDY; witn Michael John O’GRADY & Johannah LAFFAN, both Lansdowne, 28 Apr 1909, Toledo

013248-1909 (Leeds Co) Clifford H. HEWITT, 28, Farmer, of Elizabethtown Twp., s/o William HEWITT & Isabell ROWSOME, married Eva Bell EARL, 29, of Lansdowne Twp., d/o William J. EARL, Farmer, & Matilda BOYD, witn: Herbert H. HEWITT, Kitley Twp., Annie F. EARL, Lansdowne Twp., 29 Sept 1909 at Leeds

013070-09 Edson Samuel HOLLISTER, 56, Blacksmith, Wid, none given, Brockville, s/o Charles J. HOLLISTER & Caroline ELI; married Eliza Ann McNISH, 46, none given, Brockville, d/o Levi James McNISH & Mary FRANCIS; witn G.F. READ & Nellie R. BROWN, both Brockville, 14 Dec 1909, Brockville 013223-1909 (Leeds Co) William Hanlan HUTCHISON, 24, Telegraph Operator, of Leeds, s/o William HUTCHISON, Farmer, & Mary Jane RAMIER, married Myrtle Anna HEASLER, 18, of Leeds, d/o Philip HEASLER, Farmer, & not given, witn: Clarence HUTCHISON, Blanche HEASLER, both of Leeds, 17 Feb 1909 at Leeds

013217-09 Richard JOHNSTON, 28, Farmer, of Kitley Twp, s/o William JOHNSTON & Caroline STACEY; married Clarah H. STRATTON, 23, of Toledo, d/o Joseph STRATTON & Lydia GIFFORD; witn John E. WRIGHT, Newlline?, 24 Feb 1909, Toledo


013216-09 Joseph JORDAN, 27, Farmer, of Lombardy, s/o Francis JORDAN & Julia McCANN; married Margaret McNAMEE, 23, of Toledo, d/o John McNAMEE & Bridget Theresa O'CONNOR; witn John JORDAN, Lombardy & Bertha FLOOD, Trevelyan, 16 Feb 1909, Toledo 013364-1909 (Leeds Co) William Andrew JORDAN, 29, Farmer, of Elgin, s/o John JORDON, Farmer, & Johanna NOLAN, married Elizabeth GRANT, 31, of South Crosby, d/o Michael GRANT, Farmer, & Anne O'NEILL, witn: Joseph JORDAN, Catherine Mary GRANT, both of Elgin, 29 June 1909 at Westport (RC)

013372-09 Arthur Hamilton JUDSON, 27, Physician, of Mallorytown, s/o George W. JUDSON & Lucinda ALGUIRE; married Lena Kate MALLORY, 25, of Mallorytown, d/o Charles E. MALLORY & Emily C. PURVIS; witn George W. JUDSON & Emily C. MALLORY, both Mallorytown, 22 Jun 1909, Mallorytown

013266-1909 (Leeds Co) James Henry LEE, 25, Farmer, of Bastard twp, s/o Willard LEE & not given, married Lucy Jane CARBONO, 19, Domestic Servant, of Bastard twp., d/o William CARBNO (sic) & not given, witn: George CAREN, Forfar, Ida B. WOOD, Newboro, 13 Jan 1909 at Newboro

  013189-09 George Wilfred LELONDE (Lalonde?), 26, Labourer, of Gananoque, s/o Francis LELONDE & Ann LACHAPELLE; married Julia COMBEAU, 24, of Gananoque, d/o Joseph COMBEAU & Mary GARRAH; witn Ann LACHAPELLE & Mary GARRAH, both Gananoque, 23 Jun 1909, Gananoque

013183-1909 (Leeds Co) Archibald LUCY, 24, Plater, of Gananoque, s/o George LUCY & Eliza Jane McHENDRY, married Charlotte Alberta LASHA, 27, of Gananoque, d/o William LASHA & Almira GRANT, witn: William Lasha Mills, Elmira MILLS, both of Gananoque, 20 Oct 1909 at Gananoque

013369-09 James Harold MANHARD, 21, Farmer, of Caintown, s/o James MANHARD & Nettie CHICK; married Agnes Estella TENNANT, 20, of Caintown, d/o Albert TENNANT & Catherine NUNN; witn Maggie TENNANT & Hastie GREEN, both Lyn 10 Feb 1909, Caintown
013179-1909 (Leeds Co) John MARSHAL, 26, laborer, of Chicago, s/o Prosper MARSHAL, Labourer, & Ann McPHERSON, married Grace HENDERSON, 23, of Gananoque, d/o Robert HENDERSON, Clerk, & Philena GRUNIZAN, witn: John Lee, Harriett Lee, both of Gananoque, 26 Sept 1909 at Gananoque 013237-09 Benjamin MARSHALL, 29, Farmer, none given, Yonge Twp, s/o James MARSHALL & Isabel WENS; married Maria NOWLAN, 16, none given, Escott Twp, d/o Edward NOWLAN & Kate CURRY; witn Georgina McCONNELL, Lansdowne & Edward NOWLAN, Rockfield, 17 Nov 1909, Lansdowne
  013247-1909 (Leeds Co) George Frederick MATHEWS, 21, Farmer, of town of Starington, s/o George H. MATHEWS & Ella CLARKS, married Caroline W. GALWAY, 21, Leeds Twp., d/o Robert A. GALWAY & Melissa RHODES, witn: Harold R. GALWAY, Jennie GALWAY, 09 Sept 1909 at Leeds
013181-1909 (Leeds Co) Sanford McDONALD, 24, Insurance Agent, of Gananoque, s/o William McDONALD, Stone Mason & Mary SULLIVAN, married Mary PARKER, 21, of Gananoque, d/o William PARKER, Labourer & Mary LANNIGAN, witn: William BEDORE, Katherine PELOW, both of Gananoque, 22 June 1909 at Gananoque (RC)

013219-09 Oscar McDONALD, 31, Farmer, of Portland, s/o Thomas McDONALD & Mary BOLTON; married Lulu Bell LOCKWOOD, 30, of Toledo, d/o Walter LOCKWOOD & Miss COAD; witn Milburn McDONALD, Portland & Harriett LOCKWOOD, Toledo, 16 Jun 1909, Toledo

013185-1909 (Leeds Co) John Joseph McDONALD, 21, Mechanic, of Gananoque, s/o John Finly McDONALD & Elizabeth DESHAW, married Bernice Lillian COWAN, 20, of Gananoque, d/o Harrison COWAN & Dorothia BROWN, witn: Albert APLIN, Helena C. SPENCER, 1 Nov 1909 at Gananoque 013345-09 Frank Joseph McMANUS, 32, Labourer, none given, Watertown NY, s/o Michael McMANUS & Jordia SMITH; married Jessie Gillette CATTANACH, 27, Wid, none given, Watertown NY, d/o Frank GILLETTE & Leona CLORBRIDGE?; witn Nellie ELLIOTT & Rhea WHITNEY, both Prescott, 1 Nov 1909, Prescott

013226-1909 (Leeds Co) Peter Ross McVEIGH, 56, Contractor, of Ottawa, s/o John McVEIGH & Isabella McCALLUM, married Emily Louise MONFORT, 38, of Lansdowne, d/o John MONFORT, Retired Tinsmith, & Martha IMERSON, witn: Ethel A. IMERSON, Seeley's Bay, M. Maud LITTLEJOHN, Chantry, 15 April 1909 at Lansdowne


013355-09 George MERCIER, 27, Farmer, none given, Kitley, s/o Martin MERCIER & Eliza J. HUNT; married Mary GARDNER, 26, Housekeeper, none given, Kitley, d/o James GARDNER & Mary McLEAN; witn Lizzie GARDNER, Wolford & Hanna HILL, Eastons Corners, 2 June 1909 at Eastons Corners 013092-09 John MERKLEY, 22, Farmer, none given, North Crosby, s/o Daniel MERKLEY & Mary Ann THOMPSON; married Mary LYONS, 23, none given, North Crosby, d/o Thomas LYONS & Elizabeth HANLON; witn Robert G. POLK & Elizabeth POLK, both Westport, 15 Sept 1909, North Crosby
013228-1909 (Leeds Co) Robert Moses MILNE, 25, Farmer, of Brewers Mills, s/o Peter MILNE & Elizabeth DOYLE, married Alice Cecelia FODEY, 21, of Warburton, d/o John FODY (sic), Farmer, & Catherine Ann DIER, witn: Peter MILNE, Brewers Mills, Mary DIER, Lansdowne, 15 Feb 1909 at Lansdowne (RC) 013232-1909 (Leeds Co) Peter MILNE, 27, Lock Master, of Brewers Mills, s/o Charles MILNE, Lock Master, & (not given) married Mary DEIR, 23, of Lansdowne, d/o Thomas DEIR, Farmer, & Sarah McDONALD, witn: William DEIR, Warburton, Briget MILNE, Brewers Mills, 15 June 1909 at Lansdowne


013354-09 William B. MOFFATT, 29, Railway Employee, none given, Wolford, s/o Robert MOFFATT & Jane BELL; married Lucy May HARKINS, 29, none given, Wolford, d/o Hymeneus HARKINS & Theresa J. McMANUS; witn W.W. STEWART & Jennie HARKINS, no place given, 22 Jun 1909, Eastons Corners


013360-09 Robert A. MORRISON, 30, Farmer, none given, Kitley, s/o Robert MORRISON & Emily GREAVES; married Mabel T. CRUMMY?, 22, housekeeper, none given, Wolford, d/o Thomas CRUMMY? & Jane CONNER; witn Agnes BEAMISH & Lucy SWIRTH, both E. Corners, 15 Dec 1909, E. Corners

013187-1909 (Leeds Co) William W. MORROW, 21, Labourer, of Lansdowne, s/o W.A. MORROW & Agnes TRICKEY, married Margaret W. ROBERTSON, 20, of Lansdowne, d/o James ROBERTSON, Laborer & Mary SURPLUS, witn: A. CHISAMORE, Mary A. CHISAMORE, both of Lansdowne, 21 Dec 1909 at Gananoque

013106-09 John Joseph MURRAY, 24, Farmer, none given, South Crosby Twp, s/o Michael MURRAY & Hester JORDAN; married Veronica Frances KENNEY, 23, none given, Jones Falls, d/o Thomas KENNEY & Ellenor DONOHUE; witn William DOYLE, Elgin & Bernadetta KENNY, Jones Falls, 29 Sept 1909, Elgin 013249-1909 (Leeds Co) Thomas Waldron MYERS, Farmer, 25, of Bastard Twp., s/o John A. MYERS, Farmer, & Amy Jane WEBSTER, married Anna Bell JOHNSON, 28, dressmaker, d/o Peter JOHNSON, Farmer, & Eliza MORRIS, witn: Margaret GARDINER, George GARDINER, both of Seeleys Bay, 29 Sept 1909 at Leeds
013267-1909 (Leeds Co) Francis Edward NELLIS, 25, Miner, of Loughborough twp., s/o Jacob NELLIS & Martha VanKOUGHNET, married Violet WHALEN, 19, domestic servant, of Loughborough twp., d/o Alfred WHALEN & Susan CARR, witn: William GREEN, Bedford Mills, Ida B. WOOD, Newboro, 8 Feb 1909 at Newboro 013229-1909 (Leeds Co) Olga Wilmer NUTTALL, 19, Farmer, of South Lake, s/o William J. NUTTALL, Farmer, & Susan BRADLEY, married Mary Alice HUTCHISON, 20, of Taylor, d/o William HUTCHISON, Farmer, & Mary Jane RANCIER, witn: Mrs. J. W. BRADLEY, Gananoque, Mr. William HUTCHISON, Taylor, 23 June 1909 at South Lake

013064-09 George PAPPAS, 26, Store keeper, none given, Brockville, s/o Peter PAPPAS & Marie PAPAKENAGIS; married May BILLINGS, 18, Clerk, none given, Brockville, d/o Henry BILLINGS & Laura RICKINSALE (Bickinsall?); witn George COOK & Emma SCHUTS, both Brockville, 15 Nov 1909, Brockville

013186-1909 (Leeds Co) Arllian (Arthan?) PATTERSON, 22, Farmer, of New York State, s/o Chancy PATTERSON & Lucy STEVENS, married Jennie McKINNON, 19, of Gananoque, d/o John McKINNON & Elizabeth McKINNON, witn: W. V. BULLOCK, Gananoque, Robert COFFEE, Kingston, 10 Nov 1909 at Gananoque

013184-1909 (Leeds Co) Leon PLUMMER, 20, Plumber, of Clayton NY, s/o Robert PLUMMER & Emma FOWLER, married Nina BOVEE (Bovie?), 19, of Clayton NY, d/o Burton BOVEE & Grace WALWORTH, witn: Emma PLUMMER, Helena C. SPENCER, 1 Nov 1909 at Gananoque 013100-09 Timothy John P. PLUNKETT, 30, Painter, none given, Elgin, s/o Peter PLUNKETT & Margaret REDMOND; married Mary Helena MURPHY, 21, none given, Elgin, d/o Patrick MURPHY & Margaret BURNS; witn John LEAKEY, Elgin & Mary BRADY, Bedford Mills, 14 Jun 1909, Elgin

013104-09 George W. PRESTON, 35, Hotel Proprietor, none given, Newboro, s/o John Wesley PRESTON & Margaret Ann SINGLETON; married Jane McNALLY, 30, none given, Brockville, d/o Edward McNALLY & Margaret LOGAN; witn Theresa PARSLEY, Brockville & J.F. McNALLY, Chicago, 4 Aug 1909, South Crosby

013091-09 Bert QUINCEY, 25, Blacksmith, none given, Rochester NY USA, s/o James E. QUINCEY & Ellen BLAND; married Calista MOORE, 26, Seamstress, none given, North Crosby, d/o William H. MOORE & Rebecca M. CARR; witn Ida MOORE, Newboro & Clarence H. CARR, Rochester NY, 30 Jun 1909, North Crosby

013357-09 Clarence Davis REYNOLDS, 21, Farmer, none given, Oxford, s/o Crawford REYNOLDS & Nellie DAVIS; married Carrie Pauline PROCTER, 22, Housekeeper, none given, Wolford, d/o Thomas PROCTER & Caroline BEAMAN; witn J.A. JENKERSON, Ashton & Helena R. CODE, N. Augusta, 29 Dec 1909, Wolford

012939-09 James Johnston RILEY, 36, Manager of company, none given, Montreal, s/o James J. RILEY & Jane ENGLISH; married Jean Augusta HERVEY, 28, none given, Maitland, d/o Robert HERVEY & Lucy SAVIN; witn George E. RILEY, Montreal & Robert HERVEY, Maitland, 27 May 1909, St. James Church, Maitland

013346-09 William ROOKSKY, 41, Shipping Clerk, none given, Brockville, s/o Jacob ROOKSKY & Eliza LILLINGHAM; married Eliza THORP, 41, Cook Wid, none given, Prescott, d/o Henry THORP & Margaret BYRNE; witn John LOSEY? & Margaret BERTRAND, both Prescott, 2 Nov 1909, Prescott

13527-09 Robert Stanley ROTTERS, 24, of Moose Jaw Sask., s/o Robert E. ROTTERS, farmer, & Ruth Duna HINTON, married Anna Belle BRADLEY, 22, of Front of Yonge, d/o George BRADLEY & Eleanor HALL, witn: William ROTTERS of Gananoque & Ethel BRADLEY of Kingston, 29 Dec 1909 at not given

13528-09 George SALTER, 22, laborer, of Rockport, s/o Walter SALTER, farmer, & Lucy HERONS, married Gertrude HART, 21, of Mallorytown, d/o Edward HART, farmer, & Catherine KEYES, witn: Lawrence GAVIN of Mallorytown & Irene LEEDER of Trevelyan, 27 Oct 1909 at Trevelyan 012936-09 Thomas H. SANDERSON, 33, Farmer, Oxford Twp, Oxford Twp, s/o John SANDERSON & Martha Jane McCARMEN; married Minnie FERGUSON, 33, Augusta, Augusta, d/o John FERGUSON & Eliza Jane GARRETT; witn, John FERGUSON, Augusta Twp & Eliza SANDERSON, Oxford, 25 Jan 1909, Augusta
013234-09 Thomas Edgar SEAL, 29, Blacksmith, none given, Gananoque, s/o James SEAL & Lois ANDRESS; married Martha Jane CLARK, 22, none given, Leeds Twp, d/o William Henry CLARK & Elizabeth FERGUSON; witn Stewart CLARK & Lelia SEAL, both Leeds, 6 Oct 1909, Leeds Twp

013250-1909 (Leeds Co) Francis Clifton SHEFFIELD, 30, Farmer, of Lyndhurst, s/o Francis SHEFFIELD, retired farmer, & Susanna (not given), married Emma Josephine HARVEY, 25, of Lyndhurst, d/o Richard G. HARVEY, Miller, & Josephine (not given), witn: Clarence W. WEBSTER, Anna Ester HARVEY, both of Lyndhurst, 12 Oct 1909 at Lyndhurst

013340-09 Anton STAVERSMAN, 24, Steward, none given, Ogdensburg, s/o Wennerman Herdrick STAVERSMAN & Roselina Josephine OSTEN; married Helen Genevieve LANDON, 18, none given, Ogdensburg, d/o George LANDON & Ella JESMER; witn Franklin CRAIG, Ogdensburg & Grace BRADLEY, Brockville, 14 Oct 1909, Grenville

013182-1909 (Leeds Co) Charles Roy STEPHENSON, 20, Woodworker, of Gananoque, s/o John STEPHENSON & Nancy Jane BAXTER, married Edith BEWS, of Gananoque, d/o D. W. BEWS & Lydia V. PECK, witn: D. W. BEWS, Nellie G. BEWS, both of Gananoque, 12 Oct 1909 at Residence of bride's father, Gananoque

013344-09 Jay STEINBERGE, 29, Fireman, none given, Plattsburg NY, s/o William STEINBERGE & Emaline DALY; married Rosa BROOKS, 27, none given, Plattsburg NY, d/o William BROOKS & Bessie LACOUNT; witn R.M. YONGE & Mrs KEITH, both Prescott, 8 Nov 1909, Grenville

013239-09 James Edgar TEDFORD, 30, Farmer, none given, Lansdowne, s/o William TEDFORD & Mary BRECKENRIDGE; married Harriet Mona FAIR, 22, none given, Escott, s/o James FAIR & Mary Ann LAKINS; witn David Alexander TEDFORD, Lansdowne & Margaretta Ann FAIR, Escott, 24 Dec 1909, Lansdowne
013105-09 David THOMPSON, 49, Carpenter, Wid, none given, Bastard Twp, s/o William THOMPSON & Catherine CANE; married Jane COGHER, 45, Wid, none given, Bastard Twp, d/o Hugh ADRAIN & Isabella GILLESPIE; witn A.L. CAMPBELL & M.E. PEARSON, both Elgin, 11 Aug 1909, Elgin

013341-09 John Drummond THOMSON, 44, Farmer, none given, Augusta, s/o Thomas THOMPSON (sic) & Maria DRUMMOND; married Jane Alice HENRY, 42, none given, Augusta, d/o Robert HENRY & Sarah PERRY; witn Mrs. N.D. KEITH & Miss Laura ENGLISH, both Prescott, 17 Mar 1909, Grenville

013371-09 William VANCOUGHNET, 51, Carpenter, Wid, of Watertown NY, s/o William VANCOUGHNET & Mary WRIGHT; married Martha WADE, 45, Wid, of Rockport, d/o Amos FERGUSON & Maria DOUGHTY; witn N.J. GRAHAM & Mrs B. GRAHAM, both Caintown, 17 Jun 1909, Front of Leeds

013370-09 William VANDOZEN (Vanduzen?), 45, Farmer, of Mallorytown, s/o Jacob VANDOZEN & Margaret DINWOODY; married Estella J. DICKEY, 23, of Yonge Mills, d/o James C. DICKEY & Agnes FERGUSON; witn Charles DICKEY & Hastie DICKEY, both Brockville, 6 Jan 1909, Yonge Mills

013067-09 Eddie VAN VASSEL, 44, Labourer, none given, Wilna NY, s/o Henry VAN VASSEL & Zorra CRIMPS; married Mystie SIMSER, 31, none given, Wilna NY, d/o Fred SIMSER & Loranda SAUNDERS; witn Ada M. SPARLING & Pauline G. SPARLING, both Brockville, 24 Nov 1909, Brockville

013363-1909 (Leeds Co) Homer Parpon WAFFLE, 31, Farmer, of Sask, s/o George WAFFLE, Farmer, & Margaret PUFFER, married Leona CHAMBERLIN, 32, of Westport, d/o Elisha CHAMBERLIN, Farmer, & Sarah WHITMARSH, witn: Noah WHITMARSH, Charles CHAMBERLIN, both of Westport, 25 Feb 1909 at Westport

013097-09 Clinton WARREN, 22, Farmer, none given, South Crosby, s/o Fletcher WARREN & Jane WHALEN; married Mabel TOLE, 21, none given, South Crosby, d/o James TOLE & Ella GRAHAM; witn Charles R. TAYLOR & Mrs Charles R. TAYLOR, both Elgin, 10 Feb 1909, Elgin

013233-09 William James WEBB, 41, Yeoman, none given, Leeds Twp, s/o William James WEBB & Mary SNIDER; married Victoria Elizabeth STEACY, 32, none given, Lansdowne Twp, d/o John E. & Eliza STEACY; witn Rev T. LEECH & Mrs T. LEECH, both Lansdowne, 8 Sept 1909, Warburton

  013224-1909 (Leeds Co) Thomas John WEBSTER, 29, Yeoman, of Warburton, s/o William Nelson WEBSTER, Yeoman, & Victoria STOREY, married Adeline Amelia TRUESDELL, 25, Dressmaker, of Lansdowne, d/o Isaac Brock TRUESDELL, Retired Farmer, & Eliza FOLEY, witn: Robert WEBSTER, Tilley P.O., Susan TRUESDELL, Lansdowne, 17 Mar 1909 at Lansdowne

013349-09 Bower Franklin WEIR, 24, Farmer, none given, Richville NY, s/o W.H. WEIR & Amelia HEATH; married Lena CONKLIN, 28, none given, Richville NY, d/o G.C. CONKLIN & Isabella McQUADE; witn Mrs M.J. COROLES, Fulton NY & Sarah P. SMITH, Prescott, 18 Nov 1909, Prescott

013076-09 Charles Edward WILSON, 39, Farmer, none given, Altamont Manitoba, s/o Robert WILSON & Sarah LEACH; married Alice May HALL, 32, none given, Brockville, d/o Nicholas HALL & Catherine HOBIN (Herbin?) witn James GEMMELL, Prescott & James HALL, Maberly, 22 Dec 1909, Brockville

013373-09 Douglas Harold WILSON, 22, P.O. Clerk, of Brockville, s/o Richard WILSON & Eleanor MANUEL; married Helen Hazel GIBSON, 20, of Yonge Mills, d/o George GIBSON & Elizabeth FIELDS; witn Flosie GIBSON, Yonge Mills & William WILSON, Smith Falls, 26 Aug 1909, Mallorytown