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014346-1910 (Leeds Co) Everett ALDRICH, 25, Farmer, Antwerp N.Y., s/o Syris ALDRICH, Farmer, & Roxinia CLOSS, married Mina HALLADAY, 20, Antwerp N.Y., d/o Alvin HALLADAY, Farmer, & Clara PRATT, witn: Minnie KNIGHT, Maggie FUGE, both of Gananoque.  4 Aug 1910 Gananoque

 14471-1910 (Grenville Co) Mathew Stanley ARMSTRONG, 27, Laborer, of Brouseville Ont., s/o James ARMSTRONG, Butcher, & Elizabeth WEBB?, married Anna Belle SEELEY, 18, of Mainsville Ont., d/o Joseph SEELEY, farmer, & Susan COOPER, witn: Mrs. Cynthia PERRIN, Mrs. S. E. SMITH, both of Prescott. 19 Jan 1910 Prescott
14134-1910 (Leeds Co) Charles Watson ARNOLD, 30, Farmer, of Athens, s/o Henry Hazelton ARNOLD, merchant, & Lucy PARISH, married Edith Jennie PURCELL, 34, Dressmaker, of Athens, d/o Frank PURCELL, farmer, & Sarah Ann TABER. witn: Edward Justus PURCELL, Jessie Lulu ARNOLD, both of Athens. 15 Mar 1910 Athens 14191-1910 (Leeds Co) Morford Cummings ARNOLD, 38, Storekeeper, of Athens, s/o Henry H. ARNOLD, Storekeeper, & Lucy A. PARRISH, married Rebecca Maud BROUSE, 28, of Brockville, d/o William H. BROUSE, Traveller, & Mary Ann BYERS, witn: Hubert S. BROUSE & Jessie L. ARNOLD, both of Brockville. 8 June 1910, Brockville

014174-1910 (Leeds Co) Mearl BARKER, 21, Butcher, of Bastard Tp., s/o William BARKER & Emma GREEN, married Bella CHASE, 18, of Bastard Tp., d/o Wilson CHASE & Mercy LAMB, witn: Wilson CHASE, Bastard Tp., Roy Taylor ONUR?  15 Mar 1910 Brockville

014347-1910 (Leeds Co) John M. BARNEY, 20, Student, of Syracuse, s/o Fred L. BURNEY (sic), Accountant, & Elvira MAYNARD, married Lulu Jane EXEVER (Exener?), 19, of Syracuse, d/o Lewis EXEVER, farmer, & Elizabeth DAIGUNE, witn: Freeman BRITTON, Anna FINNCAN   10 Aug 1910 Gananoque

14184-1910 (Leeds Co) Ernest Loudon BARNHART, 25, Baker, of Brockville, s/o John William. BARNHART, Railway Engineer & Mary A. CAMERON, married Edith May SHERWOOD, 28, of Brockville, d/o Ebin Wyatt SHERWOOD, labourer, & Mary Ann TIMLICK, witn: Percy F. SHERWOOD, Bella BARNHART, both of Brockville. 4 May 1910, Brockville

013352-09 William Henry BAXTER, 25, Printer, none given, Ottawa, s/o John BAXTER & Margaret LANSHWAY; married Mary Loughead ROWE, 23, none given, Prescott, d/o Frederick ROWE & Annabel CAMERON; witn C.F. McPHERSON, Prescott & Cora M. ELLIOTT, Rochester NY, 9 Jan 1910, Grenville

  #014445-10 (Grenville Co): Allan BEAMISH, 26, contractor, of Ogdensburg USA, s/o Allan BEAMISH, farmer, & Margaret WEST, married Dolly ROBERTSON, 24, of Oxford on Rideau twp., d/o Albert ROBERTSON, farmer, & Eliza PAYNE, witn: Moody & Jane BEAMISH of Bayster NY, 7 Sept 1910 at Oxford Mills
14308-1910 (Leeds Co) Joseph Hill BEATTY, 29, Moulder, of Brockville, s/o John BEATTY, farmer, & Eliza Jane TAYLAR, married Gertrude Pricilla CARDINAL, 27, of Brockville, d/o Thomas CARDINAL, Moulder, & Jennie BRECKETT, witn: Mrs. T. A. SMITH, Mrs. John SQUARE, both of Lyn. 6 Sept 1910 Lyn

014428-1910 (Leeds Co) William Thomas BEDOR (Bedore?), 39, Widowed, of N. Crosby Tp., s/o Henry BEDOR, farmer, & Tiny Ann TAYLOR, married Amy Amelia SLY, 33, N. Crosby Tp., d/o William SLY, farmer, & Charlotte BEWEN, witn: Gertrude A. STANTON, Mary J. BUTLER, both of Newboro.  18 May 1910 The Rectory, Newboro

14294-1910 (Grenville Co) Manson George BELL , 40, Widower, Farmer, of Sacramento Cal., s/o John BELL & Margaret J. KENNEDY, married Bertha Elizabeth SMITH, 26, Dressmaker, of Domville, d/o Ira SMITH, farmer, & Mary Ann SMITH, witn: William. Smith, Domville, Lilian FOXTON, Merrickville. 12 Oct 1910 Domville, Grenville  
14314-1910 (Leeds Co) Isaac Anderson BENNETT, 25, Farmer, of Kitley, s/o John BENNETT, farmer, & Jane WOODS, married Rena May DODD, 19, of Kitley, d/o Simeon DODD, farmer, & Maggie DALEY, witn: James BENNETT, Stella DODD, both of Toledo. 13 Apr 1910 Lombardy 14284-1910 (Leeds Co) Chandler Atwood BENNETT, 33, Miller, of Battersea Ont., s/o James H. BENNETT & Ruth Olive CHEEVER, married Florence Isabella JACKSON, 25, of Jones Falls-South Crosby Twp., d/o Reuben F. JACKSON, farmer, & Jane RICHARDS, witn: Victoria May JACKSON, Fred C. JACKSON, Jones Falls. 24 Jan 1910 Jones Falls
14504-1910 (Grenville Co) Frederick Anson BERRY, 30, Farmer, of North Augusta, s/o Anson BERRY, farmer, & Margaret BARRINGTON, married Maggie Rubie LANGTRY, 24, of North Augusta, d/o Robert LANGTRY & Martha Jane HART, witn: Cynthia PERRIN, Sarah SMITH, both of Prescott. 30 Apr 1910 Grenville 14312-1910 (Leeds Co) Hugh BOLTON, 50, Widower, Farmer, of South Elmsley, s/o Hugh BOLTON, farmer, & Rosanna FLOYD, married Helen LIVINGSTON, 36, of South Elmsley, d/o Alexander LIVINGSTON, farmer, & Helen HEWITT, witn: Edward BOLTON, William LIVINGSTON, both of Smiths Falls. 23 Mar 1910 South Elmsley
14561-1910 (Leeds Co) Oscar A. BOUCHET, 28, Banker, of Montreal, s/o Octave Ernest BOUCHER (sic), Notary Public, & Frances Catherine ALLEN, married Lela E. DIER, 32, Music Teacher, of Westport, d/o James DIER, Carriage Builder, & Adelaide Louisa CAMERON, witn: Arthur L. McLAURIN, Lachine-Que., Adelaide DIER, Westport. 22 Sept 1910 Westport 14292-1910 (Grenville Co) John Freeman BOYD, 25, Farmer, of Roebuck, s/o Thomas BOYD, farmer, & Isabella GALLAGHER, married Maria Adeline DOOL, 26, of Cardinal, d/o John DOOL, farmer, & Elizabeth BISHOP, witn: William STEELE, Margaret J. ROBINSON, of Roebuck. 25 May 1910 Spencerville
14305-1910 (Leeds Co) Morden BRAYTON, 24, Farmer, of Elizabethtown, s/o Frank BRAYTON, farmer, & Emily LEPOINTE, married Eva BRAWNE, 21, of Young Tp., d/o Samuel BRAWNE, farmer, & Jane CHURCH, witn: Harry BRATON, Esther BRAWN, both of Addison. 2 Mar 1910 Addison 14143-1910 (Leeds Co) John F. BRYAN, 38, Farmer, of Seeley's Bay, s/o John BRYAN, farmer, & Alice WHALEY, married Mary E. UPDIGROVE, 19, of Keelorville Ont., d/o Albert UPDIGROVE, farmer, & Mary WILLIES, witn: L. Beatrice READ, Athens, Nancy TENNANT, Caintown. 9 Nov 1910 Athens
  14573-1910 (Leeds Co) William BULGER, 32, Widower, Engineer, of Davis Mass USA, s/o William. BULGER, Laborer, & Arillia WATSON, married Mamie SHEA, 23, Teacher, of Athens, d/o Edmond SHEA, farmer, & Elizabeth HENNESSY, witn: Ambrose SHEA, Athens, Nellie NOONAN, Brockville. 17 Aug 1910 Trevelyan, Leeds
14420-1910 (Grenville Co) Edward BURCHILL, 25, Farmer, of Wolford, s/o John BURCHILL, farmer, & Adeline MAGUIRE, married Viola Mary BAKER, 18, of Wolford, d/o Henry BAKER, farmer, & Isabella CODE, witn: Henry BAKER, Georginia BURCHILL, both of Merrickville. 9 Nov 1910 Merrickville 14571-1910 (Leeds Co) Heber Henry BURNHAM, 21, of Glen Buell, s/o George BURNHAM & Merita MALLORY, married Emma SALTER, (no age given) of Escott, d/o Walter SALTER, farmer, & Lucy HEARNES, witn: Clark BURNHAM, Glen Buell, Mary HUTCHISON, Escott. 23 Feb 1910 Mallorytown
14565-1910 (Grenville Co) William H. BURNS, 41, Widower, farmer, of Kitley Tp., s/o Thomas BURNS, farmer, & Ellen MULVANEY, married Ella BRADFORD, 39, Widow, of Jasper, d/o Andrew FOSTER, shoemaker, & Eliza REYNOLDS, witn: Herman WILLS, Newboyne, Emma BATES, Jasper. 23 Feb 1910 Jasper 14468-1910 (Grenville Co) Robert Fay BUTLER, 21, of Mexico NY, s/o Addison Charles. BUTLER, Laborer, & Mary BROWN, married Mary Myrtle GAGNON, 18, of Mexico NY, d/o Louis E. GAGNON, gardener & Lucy CAREY, witn: Sarah SMITH, Luke GRAHAM, both of Prescott. 2 Mar 1910 Prescott

014431-1910 (Leeds Co) William CARBANO, 24, Farmer, of Bastard Tp., s/o William CARBANO, Farmer, & Lucy (blank), married Letitia LEE, House Servant, 19, of Bastard Tp., d/o Willard LEE, Farmer's Laborer, & Letita CARR, witn: Mrs. James LEE, James LEE, both of Harlem.  3 Aug 1910 Village of Newboro

14130-1910 (Grenville Co) Alder Earnest CARSON, 33, Farmer, of Charleville Ont., s/o John George. CARSON, farmer, & Alder MAHALEY, married Eva Maud HOUGH, 21, of Augusta, d/o George. HOUGH, Blacksmith, & Hester PYKE, witn: Oscar L. CARSON, M. Maud MOREY. 20 Apr 1910 Charleville.
#014450-10 (Grenville Co): Thomas Cornelius CARTER, 30, widower, blacksmith, of Canton NY, s/o Hale CARTER, blacksmith, & Abia? E. O'NEIL, married Victoria Mae THURSTON, 26, widow, of Canton NY, d/o George THURSTON, farmer, & Julia SCOTT, 31 March 1910 at Prescott

014195-1910 (Leeds Co) William Wesley CASSEL, 25, Paper Maker, of Brockville, s/o John CASSEL & Sarah FERGUSON, married Dora OWEN, 19, of Brockville, d/o Henry OWEN & Clara Jane FALCONER, witn: Anthony BELFOY, Mrs. Anthony BELFOY, both of Brockville.  29 June 1910 Brockville

14325-1910 (Leeds Co) Joseph Beverley CLARK, 34, Farmer, of Leeds Tp., s/o William CLARK & Elizabeth CLARK, married Elizabeth GILLESPIE, 34, of Howe Island, d/o Robert GILLESPIE & Ann Jane BRAKLEY, witn: Wilford E. CLARK, Leeds Tp., Sabina GILLESPIE, Howe Island. 2 Mar 1910 Home of Bride, Howes Island. 14291-1910 (Grenville Co) William. Andrew CLIFFORD, 26, Teamster, of New Dublin, s/o John CLIFFORD, farmer, & Mary E. PETERSON, married Jennie Mabel THROOP, 19, of Spencerville, d/o William. THROOP, farmer, & Frances PASSLOW, witn: John A. GILMORE, Hattie Pearl THROOP, of Spencerville. 29 June 1910 Spencerville
14501-1910 (Grenville Co) Benjamin Harold CLOE (Clow?), 21, farmer, of Potsdam NY, s/o James CLOE, farmer, & Frances STORES, married Ella May BUTTERFIELD, 18, of Potsdam NY, d/o Charles. BUTTERFIELD, farmer, & May TRUIS, witn: Lillian RUNNELLS, Sarah BARKLEY, both of Prescott. 11 Jul 1910 Grenville

014392-1910 (Leeds Co) George William CLOSE, 35, Silver Plater, of Toronto, s/o Hector CLOSE, farmer, & Mary BENNETT, married Lenora SIMPSON, 29, of Seeleys Bay, d/o John SIMPSON, farmer, & Rachel SIMPSON, witn: Samuel WILLS, Morton, Isabella SIMPSON, Seeleys Bay.  28 Dec 1910 Seeleys Bay

014381-1910 (Leeds Co) Samuel Barber COAD, 34, Civil Engineer, of Smiths Falls, s/o William COAD, farmer, & Francis BARBER, married Phoebe Ruana? SINGLETON, 26, of Toledo, d/o Thomas SINGLETON, Tinsmith, & Florence MERRICK, witn; John Tobias SHAUGHNESSY, 176 Bank St. Ottawa, Marien MILLER, Spencerville.  21 Sept. 1910 St. Thomas Church, Frankville

14126-1910 (Grenville Co) John Graham COCHRANE, 23, Farmer, of East Oxford, s/o William. James COCHRANE, farmer, & Eleanor HARE, married Maud KING, 22, of Augusta, d/o Edward KING, farmer, & Ellen PURDY, witn: Clayton KING, Mildred COCHRANE, North Augusta. 19 Jan 1910 Augusta Tp.

014179-1910 (Leeds Co) Roy Lincoln COLLINS, 33, Stationery Engineer, of Watertown NY, s/o William Howard COLLINS, farmer, & Mary Alice COUPER (Cooper?), married Edna Mae CATLIN, 28, of Redwood NY, d/o Charles A. CATLIN, Druggist, & Martha WICKS, witn: Sarah MacLAREN, Elizabeth CAMERON, both of Brockville.  7 Apr 1910 Brockville

#014299-10 (Grenville Co): Andrew George CONNELL, 34, farmer, of Spencerville, s/o Thomas CONNELL, miller, & Elizabeth BENNETT, married Lizzie Maria ALKERTON, 31, dressmaker, of Domville, d/o Francis ALKERTON, farmer, & Lucy KNAPP, witn: Herbert ALKERTON & Bessie CONNELL, both of Spencerville, 2 Nov 1910 at Domville
#014448-10 (Grenville Co): Albert Edward CONSTABLE, 42, farmer, of Saskatoon, s/o Thomas W. CONSTABLE, clergyman, & Diana MATHESON, married Fannie Hall COATES, 34, of Prescott, d/o John COATES, tinsmith, & Isabell TURNASE, witn: Minnie B. COATES of Prescott & J. Douglas BENNET of Spencerville, 30 March 1910 at Prescott

014436-1910 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Marcel COUSINEAU, 24, Laborer, of Millers Corners, s/o Peter COUSINEAU, farmer, & Caroline BELISLE, married Julia CORBY, 21, of Kemptville, d/o William CORBY, farmer, & Honora ROSLIN, witn: Napoleon BOYER, Laura COUSINEAU, both of Kemptville.  5 Apr 1910 Grenville (RC)

14316-1910 (Leeds Co) Henry E. COVELL, 22, Farmer, of south Elmsley, s/o John J. COVELL, farmer, & Margaret J. HOUZE, married Florence L. LOVLEY (Lovely?), 22, of South Elmsley, d/o Edward LOVLEY, farmer, & Margaret TWEEDY, witn: George COVELL, Perth, Laura M. WOOD, Lombardy. 28 Sept 1910 South Elmsley

014352-1910 (Leeds Co) Ora Welden CRANDALL, 25, Salesman, of Syracuse N.Y., s/o Frank Weeden CRANDALL & (not given), married Ella M. ROGERS, 18, of Clay N.Y., d/o George ROGERS & Elnora SIMPSON, witn: James W. BIXLEY, Mrs. James W. BIXLEY, both of Syracuse N.Y.  5 Sep 1910 Gananoque

14283-1910 (Grenville Co) William Henry CROWDER, 23, Farmer, of Edwardsburg, s/o George Ira CROWDER, farmer, & Mary SAVERE, married Myrtle COLLISON, 20, of Mountain, d/o Silas COLISON (sic), farmer, & Margurette SEIZERT, witn: Herbert  &  SAYEAU of Cardinal. 28 Nov 1910 Cardinal 14465-1910 (Grenville Co) Josiah CROWDER, 53, Laborer, of Eneryville NY USA, s/o John CROWDER, farmer, & Rebecca CUSHMAN, married Lilian WORKMAN, 49, widow, of Hammond NY USA, d/o John VANEVERY? (Vanexan?), Laborer, & Mary BROWN, witn: Mrs. George LESLIE, Mrs. S. E. SMITH, both of Prescott. 14 Feb 1910 Prescott

013119-09 Hugh DEWAR, 42, Farmer, none given, Moose Creek, s/o Hugh DEWAR & Mary BETHUNE; married Mary Hannah HUTCHCROFT, 32, Dressmaker, none given, d/o John HUTCHCROFT & Mary KENNEDY; witn Merrick HUTCHCROFT & Linda HUTCHCROFT, 4 Jan 1910, Spencerville


014439-1910 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Charles L. DICKINSON, 50, Widower, of Oxford Tp., s/o John DICKINSON, farmer, & Eliza TOMPKINS, married Myrtle JOHNSTON, 46, Oxford Tp., d/o Henry JOHNSTON, farmer, & Rachael ROSE, witn: George DICKINSON, Alice JOHNSTON, Kemptville.   27 April 1910 Grenville

14141-1910 (Leeds Co) Alexander DICKSON, 31, Farmer, of Athens, s/o unknown, married Mary Grace AVERY, 24, of Athens, d/o William Delbert AVERY, farmer, & Isabel YATES, witn: John C. AVERY, Laura Maud BLANCHER, both of Athens. 31 Aug 1910 Athens (Holiness Movement)
14321-1910 (Leeds Co) James Vincent DONNELLY, 38, widower, Vet Surgeon, of Smiths Falls, s/o Peter DONNELLY, Farmer, & Mary DERMODY married Hanora Louise BREEN, 31, Nurse, of Lombardy, d/o Thomas BREEN, farmer, & Mary VAUGHAN, witn: James DERMODY Mary BREEN, both of Lombardy. 26 Sept 1910 Lombardy (RC) 14187-1910 (Leeds Co) Andrew Claudius DUCLIN, 46, Widower, Manufacturer, of Alexandria Bay NY, s/o Claudius DUCLIN, Labourer, & Sophia CURLE (CURB?), married Gertrude Maude EVANS, 20, of Athens, d/o George EVANS, Labourer, & Lucinda DUCLIN, witn: George EVANS, Athens, Lizzie PUBLOW, Brockville. 19 May 1910 Brockville
14140-1910 (Leeds Co) Ezra S. EARL, 35, Farmer, of Athens, s/o Thomas Isaac EARL, farmer, & Maria BOYD, married Effie L. BLANCHER, 20, Teacher, of Athens, d/o Francis BLANCHER, Carpenter, & Jessie WRIGHT, witn: Asher C. EARL, Keitha BROWN, both of Athens. 17 Aug 1910 Athens

014383-1910 (Leeds Co) John EARL, 25, farmer, of Oak Leaf, s/o Allen EARL, farmer, & Lucy EARL (maiden), married Margaret Essie SHIRE, 20, of Sand Hill, d/o George SHIRE, farmer & Dorcas WHITE, witn: Charles WOODS, Chantry, Margaret H. SHIRE, Delta.  12 Jan 1910 Lyndhurst

014344-1910 (Leeds Co) Orin J. EMMONS, 24, Boat builder, of Beaverton N.Y., s/o Osborne S. EMMONS, Boat builder, & Venus A. WARING, married Elizabeth E. PECHIN, 19, of Beaverton N.Y., d/o Lewis PECHIN, Farmer, & Elizabeth HESS, witn: F. BRITTON, Emily ORSER, both of Gananoque.  3 Aug 1910 Gananoque 14495-1910 (Grenville Co) Harvey Hiram FARR, 44, Farmer, of Pamelia, s/o Hiram FARR, soldier, & Emily SAYERS, married Nellie Malina NICHOLS, (no age given), of Watertown, d/o Ward NICHOLS, farmer, & Sarah L. BANISTER, witn: R.M. YOUNGE, Mrs. N. D. KEITH, both of Prescott. 21 May 1910 Grenville
014442-1910 (Grenville Co) Victor Earnest FENNELL, 23, Merchant, of Bulyea Sask., s/o Richard R. (FENNELL), farmer, & Hildah DIXON, married Violet Helena SCOTT, 23, of Oxford on Rideau Tp./, d/o John SCOTT, Farmer, & Mary A. MORRISON, witn: Charles DIXON, North Gower, Margaret McLEAN 6 July 1910 Oxford Twp.

014390-1910 (Leeds Co) Frederick FINDLEY, 26, Farmer, of Delta, s/o William FINDLEY, farmer, & Mary Ann MORRIS, married Hazel FRANKLIN, 19, of Delta, d/o Sydney FRANKLIN, farmer, & Theresa STERRY, witn: Alfred DOGGETT, Jennie H. CURTIS, both of Seeleys Bay.  20 Sept 1910 Seeleys Bay

014433-1910 (Leeds Co) Edward FLEMING, 41, Marine Captain, of Village of Newboro, s/o William FLEMING, Marine Captain,  & Margaret DOYLE, married Charlotte Maria STURGEON, 22, of Newboro, d/o William H. STURGEON & Adelaide LEECH, witn: William H. STURGEON, Harriet Mary TETT, both of Newboro.  13 Sept 1910 Newboro

14328-1910 (Leeds Co) Ernest George FLEMING, 24, Engineer, of Gananoque, s/o George FLEMING & Clara Jane WHYAT, married Mary Jessie RUNNETT, 19, of Gananoque, d/o Robert RUNNETT [father’s occupation given as Louisa PELOW & mother of the bride given as Jessie WILLIAMSON], witn: Mrs. GRACEY, Gananoque. 6 Apr 1910 The Manse, Gananoque.

014435-1910 (Leeds Co) George Nelson FOLEY, 20, Rwy Station Agent, of Athens Village, s/o Francis FOLEY, Farmer & Mary JARVIS, married Catherine LANDON, 20, of Newboro, d/o Charles Frederick LANDON, Boat Builder, & Sarah SIMMONS, witn; Jack DONALD, Lansdowne, Grace LANDON, Newboro.  21 Sept 1910 Newboro

14466-1910 (Grenville Co) Frank FRETWELL, 34, Farmer, of Maynard, s/o Ebisen FRETWELL, farmer, & Jane TRENHOLM, married Mary Ellen KING, 34, of Prescott, d/o David KING, Stonemason, & Jane GOODIN, witn: Bertha KING, Prescott, Howard FRETWELL, Maynard. 16 Feb 1910 Prescott

014157-1910 (Leeds Co) William Ezra GANNIE, (TANNIE?), 48, Labourer, of Brockville, s/o Josiah GANNIE & Mary Ann LAFLAVIE, married Eliza Jane BURLEY, Housekeeper, 56, of Brockville, d/o Gordon BURLEY & Barbara FRALICK, witn:   Charles ROSE, Nellie B. BROWN, both of Brockville.  4 Jan 1910 Brockville (Salvation Army)

14151-1910 (Leeds Co) Andrew GARDINER, 20, Farmer, of Plum Hollow,, s/o Royal GARDINER, farmer, & Annie MOEN, married Iva Maud DARLING, 21, of Delta, d/o John DARLING, laborer, & Harriett WHITMARSH, witn: John GARDINER, Clara DARLING, both of Delta. 16 Feb 1910 Delta

14186-1910 (Leeds Co) David James GAUTHIER, 19, Labourer, of Brockville, s/o Charles James GAUTHIER, Moulder, & Pauline BAKER, married Florence CRAIG, 18, of Brockville, d/o John CRAIG, farmer, & Katherine PHILLIPS, witn: Thomas McCARLIN, Margaret FRANKUM, both of Brockville. 7 May 1910 Brockville

014348-1910 (Leeds Co) Christian GEORGE, 23, Pianist, of Richmond Hill N.Y., s/o John GEORGE & Mamie HURROLD, married Geraldine RUYLE (Reigle?), 34, of Brooklyn N.Y., d/o Rudolph RUYLE & Barbara RUEILE (Ruieli?), witn; D. J. LLOYD, Mrs. Sid GRIFFIN, both of Gananoque.  11 Aug 1910 Gananoque
14311-1910 (Leeds Co) Albert E. GILES, 34, Widower, Machinist, of Smiths Falls, s/o Reuben GILES & Annie DUNCAN, married Lucy OLDS, 34, Widow, of Greenbush, d/o Asa ROGERS & Letetia WILTSIE, witn: Manfurd DAVIS, Annie DAVIS, both of Smiths Falls. 9 Nov 1910 Greenbush 14497-1910 (Grenville Co) Jackson Bailey GORDON, 35, Mechanic, of Ottawa, s/o Oscar GORDON & Louise WAGNER, married Louisa DESCHAMP, servant, 25, of Ottawa, d/o Frank DESCHAMP, farmer, & Lisabella BOISVENUE, witn: W.N. LISTER, Ethel FIELDING, both of Nepean. 4 June (s/b July) 1910 Prescott
14327-1910 (Leeds Co) David Angus GRANT, 22, Painter, of Gananoque, s/o David Angus GRANT & Elizabeth SMITH, married Lena BAKER, 18, of Gananoque, d/o Alfred BAKER, Mechanic, & Louisa PELOW, witn: Peter T. BAKER, Bessie MORTON, both of Gananoque. 6 Apr 1910 Gananoque 14562-1910 (Leeds Co) Michael James GRANT, 38, farmer, of North Crosby Tp., s/o Michael GRANT, farmer, & Mary McVEIGH, married Bridget Mary McANDREWS, 33, of North Crosby Tp., d/o Michael McANDREWS, farmer, & Mary McCABE, witn; Michael John GRANT, North Crosby, Susanna McCAFFREY, Burgess. 14 Nov 1910 Westport (RC)

014427-1910 (Leeds Co) Robert Henry GRAY, 23, Farmer's son, of South Crosby, s/o Thomas GRAY, farmer, & Esther WHITE, married Emma Jane GRAY, 18, of  S. Crosby Tp., d/o Charles GRAY, farmer, & Jane LANGDON, witn; James S. GRAY, Newboro, Susannah GRAY, Crosby.  8 Feb 1910 Newboro

14522-1910 (Grenville Co) Joseph GREER, 48, Widower, Farmer, of Bishop Mills, s/o John GREER, farmer, & Ellen CROZIER, married Cora Atta NOTELL, 25, of B. Mills, d/o King NOTELL, farmer, & Jane ATCHERSON, witn: R.M. YOUNG, & Mrs. N. D. KEITH, 27 Sep 1910 Grenville 14138-1910 (Leeds Co) William Stanley GREY, 33, Farmer, of Athens, s/o William Coleman GREY, farmer, & Emeliine Exelena GREY, married Sarah Jane FREE, 21, of Sand Bay, d/o Reuben FREE, farmer, & Emily Jane HILL, witn: Sarah Jane BROWN, Lucinda PRICE. 6 July 1910 Athens. (Holiness Movement)
14329-1910 (Leeds Co) Hubert GROVES, 27, Manager, of Westmount, s/o Samuel GROVES & Annie BECKWITH, married Jessie TOMPKINS, 24, of Brockville, d/o William G. TOMPKINS & Sarah CALWELL, witn: Thomas G. BERRY, Margaret V. BERRY, both of Gananoque. 27 Apr 1910 Gananoque #014449-10 (Grenville Co): Leonard Roy HANNAH, 21, farmer, of Prescott, s/o W.E. HANNAH, laborer, & Hattie J. THORN, married Phoebe TYPAIR, 20, of Garriton, d/o Louis TYPHAIR (sic), farmer, & Josephine HORNBY, witn: Mable P. BEULAH & Herbie TYPHAIR, both of Garreton, 30 March 1910 at Prescott
14146-1910 (Leeds Co) John C. HARDY, 23, Machinist, of Alexandria Bay NY, s/o Ovais Gene HARDY, farmer, & Alice KRUIG, married Chrystal RAPPELL, 22, Teacher, of Athens, d/o John A. RAPPELL, merchant, & Mary MACKIE, witn: George E. HOLMES, Mary Eliza DOOLAN, both of Athens. 28 Dec 1910 Athens 14142-1910 (Leeds Co) Charles M.B. HAWKINS, 31, Widower, Laborer, of Athens, s/o Henry HAWKINS, laborer, & Hannah LASHER, married Minnie MATTHEWS, 22, of Athens, d/o John MATTHEWS, laborer, & Annie CARRY, witn: L.B. READ, Mary J. BELL 24 Sep 1910 Athens
14152-1910 (Leeds Co) Wesley Burton HAYES, 28, Farmer, of Athens, s/o William. C. HAYES, farmer, & Meriam SHELDEN, married S.B, SHERMAN, 22 of Plum Hollow, d/o John A. SHERMAN, farmer, & Ida E. WILTSE, witn: Burt SHELDON, Saranne Quebec, Grace Eston CHAPMAN, 19 Apr 1910, Plum Hollow.

014382-1910 (Leeds Co) Richard Thomas HAYES, 23, Farmer, of Frankville, s/o Joseph HAYES, farmer, & Julia PELLIDGE, married Marion MACKIE, 22, of Frankville, d/o Robert MACKIE, farmer, & Elizabeth BERNEY, witn: John N. STINSON, Violet BRIGGINGBANE, both of Toledo.  28 Dec 1910 St. Thomas Church, Frankville

14502-1910 (Grenville Co) Robert HAZLETON, 42, Widower, Farmer, of Hammond NY, s/o Thomas HAZLETON, farmer, & Mentra PERRIN, married Sarah LEWIS, 24, of Hammond NY, d/o Frank LEWIS & Sarah LEWIS, witn: Cynthia PERRIN, Lillian RUNNELLS, both of Prescott. 2 Jul 1910 Grenville 14148-1910 (Leeds Co) George HEALY, 28, Draftsman, of Syracuse, s/o George A. HEALY & Relief C. BRESSEE, married Lulu SMITH, 18, of Plum Hollow, d/o Henry SMITH, farmer, & Phebe KNAPP, witn: A. M. LEE, Eliza LEE, both of Athens. 12 Jan 1910 Plum Hollow

014430-1910 (Leeds Co) Robert HENDERSON, 75, Widowed, Farmer, of North Crosby Twp., s/o John HENDERSON, farmer, & Jane SLOAN, married Martha BEADLE (nee CHURCH), 65, widow, North Crosby Tp., d/o Joseph CHURCH, farmer, & Electa BENEDICT, witn: George A. PERKINS, Annie ELSWORTH, both of Westport.  13 June 1910 Newboro

14492-1910 (Grenville Co) Charles Francis HENRY, 32, Boats, of Prescott, s/o John HENRY, farmer, & Abigail LANE, married Mary Maud BLACK, 24, of Prescott, d/o John BLACK, farmer, & Rhoda SCOTT, witn: E. H. PATTON, Prescott, M.L. LUKE, Cheltenham Eng. 4 May 1910 Grenville
14307-1910 (Leeds Co) James Ezra HEWITT, 70, Widower, Blacksmith, of Frankville, s/o Jacob HEWITT, farmer, & Jerusha MOTT, married Levina GARRET, 58, Widow, of Athens, d/o John APPLETON & Theresa DUBINET, witn: Mrs. C. J. CURTIS, Effie McKEGGAN, both of Addison. 17 May 1910 Addison 14463-1910 (Grenville Co) Maddon HEWITT, 47, Widower, cheese maker , of Athens, s/o Jacob HEWITT & Jerusha MOTT, married Mabel ALLINGHAM, 25, of Athens, d/o Walter ALLINGHAM & Lucinda COLE, witn: R.M. YOUNGE, Mrs. R.M. YOUNGE, both of Prescott. 9 Feb 1910, Prescott
14491-1910 (Grenville Co) George Asa HOLMES, 27, Farmer, Brouseville, s/o Albert HOLMES, farmer, & Matilda MONTGOMERY, married Ethel HUMES, 21, of Brouseville, d/o Jas HUMES & Sarah JONES, witn: Mrs. R. M. YOUNGE, Mrs. N. D. KEITH, both of Prescott, 13 May 1910 Grenville 14500-1910 (Grenville Co) Almon HUGGARD, 28, R.R. Employee, of Matilda, s/o Joseph HUGGARD, farmer, & Hannah HUGGARD, married Mabel HULME, 22, of Edwardsburg, d/o James HULMES (sic), farmer, & Jane TOYE, witn: Thomas BURCLAY, Maggret HAGGARD. 28 Jun 1910 Grenville
14422-1910 (Grenville Co) Joseph Holmes HYLAND, 31, Widower, Farmer, of Marlborough, s/ George HYLAND, farmer, & Mary BENNETT, married Eliza Evelyn WHITING, 25, of Marlborough, d/o William WHITING, farmer, & Ann JAMES, witn: Benjamin A. ROBINSON, Oxford Twp., Mary E. WHITNEY, Marlborough. 20 Dec 1910 Merrickville 14303-1910 (Grenville Co) James IMERY, 47, Farmer, of Ventnor, s/o James IMERY, farmer, & Margaret CONNELL, married Eleanor Marshal PAYNE, 35, of Groveton, d/o Thomas PAYNE, farmer, & W.A. TAIT, witn: James PAYNE, Mary PAYNE, of Groveton 30 Nov 1910 Edwardsburg
14132-1910 (Grenville Co) Walter JACKSON, 23, Laborer, of Maitland, s/o Erastus JACKSON, farmer, & Mary COOPER, married Minnie FOX, 24, of Brockville, d/o William FOX & (not given) witn: Mr. E.C. BELL, Mary BELL. 21 Dec 1910 Maitland 14293-1910 (Grenville Co) Robert. George JACOBS, 23, Confectioner, of Brockville, s/o Robert JACOBS & Addie ELLENBACK, married Ida Isabella KING, 20, of Brockville, d/o Nelson KING & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Clarence KING, Mary KING, of Crystal Rock. 8 June 1910 St. James Ch., Crystal Rock
14533-1910 (Grenville Co) Frederick A. JANNACK, 23, Widower, Moulder, of Brockville, s/o George A. JANNACK, farmer, & Julie HUTT, married Milinda BILLINGS, general servant, of Prescott, d/o William BILLINGS, farmer, & Catherine BILLINGS, witn; A. BILLINGS, Mrs. BILLINGS, both of Prescott. 21 Dec 1910 Grenville (Holiness Movement) 14574-1910 (Leeds Co) Lewis R.R. JOHNSON, 21, Farmer, of Graham, s/o Lewis B. JOHNSON & Emily EATON, married Elleda M. MARSHALL, 19, of Graham, d/o Norman MARSHALL & Ella McCREADY, witn: Mansell R. WEATHERHEAD, Toledo, Maude MARSHALL, Graham. 1 June 1910 Graham
14319-1910 (Leeds Co) James Mervin JOYNT, 22, Farmer, of Bastard Twp. s/o James W. JOYNT, farmer, & Annie BURNS, married Phoebe WOOD, 23, of South Elmsley Tp., d/o John WOOD, farmer, & Maria WILLS, witn; Dudley C. JOYNT, Lombardy, Effie WOOD, South Elmsley. 28 Dec 1910 South Elmsley

014161-1910 (Leeds Co) Joseph Sydney KALLETT, 24, Book keeper, of 20 Cottage St. Auburn NY., s/o Samuel KALLETT, Com. Traveller, & Sarah KALLETT, married Jane Bennett FITZPATRICK, 21, of 43 Laurel W. Syracuse N.Y., d/o John FITZPATRICK, Tel. operator, & Mary CAREY, witn: Sarah MacLAREN, Elizabeth CAMERON, both of Brockville.   2 Jan 1910 Brockville

14317-1910 (Leeds Co) William. Lawrence KEAYS, 27, Locomotive foreman, of Sudbury, s/o John Atwood KEAYS, farmer, & Jane ROLESTONE, married Effie Pearl NICHOLS, 21, of Lombardy, d/o George NICHOLS, farmer, & Susanna WILTSE, witn: J.A. KEAYS, Mrs. J.A. KEAYS, both of Smiths Falls. 12 Oct 1910 Lombardy

014443-1910 (Grenville Co) Wesley KEEGAN, 37, of Oxford on Rideau Twp., s/o Robert KEEGAN, farmer, & Elizabeth MULLOY, married Bertha M. KEEGAN, 31, of Oxford on Rideau Twp., d/o William KEEGAN, farmer, & F. A. BARLOW,  witn:  Miller KEEGAN, Kemptville, A. KEEGAN, Bishops Mills.  27 Jul 1910 Oxford on Rideau Twp.
14139-1910 (Leeds Co) William Walker KENNEDY, 28, Lawyer, of Winnipeg, s/o William KENNEDY, contractor, & Selina WRIGHT, married Maude Elaine WILTSE, 26, Teacher, of Athens, d/o Irwin WILTSE, merchant, & Sarah L. FRYLAND, witn: Frederick Charles KENNEDY, Winnipeg, Jennie May WILTSE, Athens. 10 Aug 1910 Athens #0142300-10 (Grenville Co): Frederick Charles KINGSTON, 30, maltster, of Prescott, s/o Benjamin KINGSTON, dead, & Jane WOODWARD, married Ethel May BRADFORD, 19, of Crystal Rock, d/o George William BRADFORD, farmer, & Sarah LANGTRY, 30 Nov 1910 at Spencerville
14531-1910 (Grenville Co) Percy KIRKBY, 23, farmer, of Prescott, s/o Joel KIRKBY, farmer, & Sarah Ann RAMSEY, married Martha Ann RATHWELL, 25, of Ogdensburg NY, d/o William RATHWELL, farmer, & Dorothy DAVIS, witn: Lillian RUNNELLS, Florence MOFFATT, both of Prescott. 7 Dec 1910 Grenville 14560-1910 (Leeds Co) Reynolds Nelson KNAPP, 20, farmer, of Westport, s/o William KNAPP & Elizabeth HANNAH, married Mary Selena CUNNINGHAM, 29, of Westport, d/o (not given), witn: Matilda MARS, Jean PHILP, both of Westport. 18 May 1910 Westport
 14285-1910 (Leeds Co) Jesse Delong KNOWLTON, 74, widower, Farmer, of South Crosby Tp., s/o Stephen KNOWLTON, farmer, & Melissa DELONG, married Clara S. DYER, 66, widow, of South Crosby Tp., d/o Asa S. SHERMAN & Cordelia BURLEIGH, witn: Cordelia R. DYER, Redwood NY, Daisy D. KERR, Crosby. 4 May 1910 Crosby 14144-1910 (Leeds Co) Claude E. LAFORTY, 29, Farmer, of Bastard Tp., s/o Hiram A. LAFORTY, farmer, & Amelia HARTWELL, married Mabel Edna IRWIN, 22, of Soperton, d/o William. H. IRWIN, farmer, & Maggie THOMPSON, witn: Lloyd IRWIN, Pearl IRWIN, both of Soperton. 16 Nov 1910 Athens

014391-1910 (Leeds Co) Victor LANDON, 26, Farmer, of Lyndhurst, s/o Adelbert LANDON, farmer, & Malissa KNOWLTON, married Estella WILLOUGHBY, of Olivet, d/o John WILLOUGHBY, farmer, & Harriet BRADLEY, witn: Roy LANDON, Lyndhurst, Bertha WILLOUGHBY, Kingston.  26 Dec 1910 Seeleys Bay

14125-1910 (Grenville Co) Frank L. LANDON, 43, Tinsmith, of Olds-Alberta, s/o William. LANDON, farmer, & Annie TAYLOR, married Lucy BISSELL, 41, of North Augusta, d/o Lyman BISSELL, farmer, & Eliza McCRADY, witn: A.E. WARREN, North Augusta, L. E. BISSELL, Elora Ont. 12 Jan 1910 North Augusta
14228-1910 (Leeds Co) Clarence LANGLEY, 19, Farmer, of Algonquin, s/o George LANGLEY & Millie PERRIN, married Lena COVILLE, 18, of Algonquin, d/o Ira COVILLE & Sarah WYLIE, witn: Mary E. PURVIS, Millie B. BROWN, both of Brockville. 26 Sept 1910 Brockville #014447-10 (Grenville Co): Malcolm Stanley LEHIGH, 39, clergyman, of Bishop Mills, s/o Herbert LEHIGH, farmer, & Norah COWELL, married Sadie BIGFORD, 20, of Bishop Mills, d/o Abraham BIGFORD & Maria BEULAH, witn: Mabel McLELLAN of Bishop Mills & Charles DAVIS of Merrickville, 15 Nov 1910 at Bishop Mills
14296-1910 (Grenville Co) Joseph LOVETTE, 29, Hackman, of Ogdensburg NY, s/o Napoleon LOVETTE, Hackman, & Francis ROBILLARD, married Florence FINNCANE, 23, of Throoptown, d/o James FINNCANE, farmer, & Isabella McMANUS, witn: Vincent FINNCANE, Throoptown, Mary COSGROVE, Ogdensburg NY. 4 Oct 1910 Thooptown 14323-1910 (Leeds Co) Henry Stevenson LYNN, 35, Farmer, of Sunbury-Frontenac, s/o David LYNN, farmer, & Matilda BRUCE, married Frances Helen SCOTT, 39, of Gananoque, d/o John B. SCOTT, Gentleman, & Elizabeth CONNER, witn: James BEATTY, Philadelphia Penn., Hattie CONNER. 26 Jan 1910 Gananoque
14419-1910 (Grenville Co) Aaron MAITLAND, 59, Widower, Farmer, of Wolford, s/o Peter MAITLAND, farmer, & Charlotte DERRICK, married Julia McCARTHY, 45, of Wolford, d/o John McCARTHY, farmer, & Catherine BROWN, witn: James MAITLAND, Annie MAITLAND, both of Kilmarnock. 29 Sept 1910 Merrickville 14489-1910 (Grenville Co) Robert Sanford MAITLAND, 39, Laborer, of Black River NY, s/o Robert MAITLAND, Laborer, & Susan STYLES, married Isora Maud HOOKER, widow, 35, of Black River NY, d/o John BRIST, farmer, & Jennie BELROSE, witn: T.H. LUKE, Hereford Eng., M. L. LUKE, Cheltenham Eng. 9 May 1910 Prescott
144641910 (Grenville Co) Frank Alexander MARCEAU, 40, Widower, Hackman, of Canton NY USA, s/o Alexander MARCEAU, Blacksmith, & Laura PERKINS, married Christiana GREEN, 39, widow, of Canton NY USA, d/o James MURREY, Wood Carver, & Ann MOORE, witn: Mr. D. PERRIN, Mrs. S.E. SMITH, Prescott. 12 Feb 1910 Prescott 14467-1910 (Grenville Co) William Frank MATTHIE, 19, Farmer, of Longbow NY, s/o James MATTHIE & Laura HUTCHISON, married Blanche Lyde WARD, 18, of Longbow NY, d/o Russell WARD & Lizzie BECKSTEAD, witn: R.M. YOUNGE, Mrs. R. M. YOUNG (sic), of Prescott. 25 Feb 1910 Grenville
14563-1910 (Leeds Co) Michael James McANDREWS, 28, farmer, of North Crosby, s/o Michael McANDREWS, farmer, & Mary McCABE, married Anastasia WHITE, 21, of North Crosby, 21, d/o (not given), witn: Daniel McCARTH, Rose Mary WHITE, Burgess. 3 Nov 1910 Westport 14287-1910 (Leeds Co) Leonard McBRATNEY, 27, cheese maker, of South Crosby Tp., s/o John C. McBRATNEY, farmer, & Easily LANDON, married Artemesia BAXTER, 20, South Crosby Tp., d/o Robert BAXTER, farmer, & Annie RANSUR, witn: William. C. HUTCHINGS, Mary E. BASETIR, both of Jones Falls. 20 Dec 1910 South Crosby.
14310-1910 (Leeds Co) Earl McCARTNEY, 22, Painter, of Gloversville NY, s/o George McCARTNEY & not given, married Annie E. HARTAN, (Horton?) 25, of Greenbush, d/o Nicholas HARTAN, farmer, & Sarah Ann WILSON, witn: Charles H. HARTAN, Greenbush, Mrs. A. W. FORSYTHE, North Augusta. 28 Dec 1910 Greenbush #014302-10 (Grenville Co): James Joseph McCOY, 29, farmer, of Throoptown, s/o Richard McCOY, "diseased" , & Sarah BURNS, married Sarah Stella CULLEN, 24, of Throoptown, d/o James CULLEN, deceased, & Sarah RUSSEL, witn: Joseph O'NEIL & Maud CULLEN, both of Throoptown, 15 Nov 1910 at Throoptown (Rom Cath)
14559-1910 (Leeds Co) Matthew McCOY, 43, Farmer, of North Crosby, s/o Thomas McCOY, farmer, & Bridget KEARNS, married Catherine HOLLERN, 34, of North Crosby, d/o Charles HOLLERN, farmer, & Bridget HASTINGS, witn: James HOLLERN, Ellen McCOY, both of North Crosby. 15 June 1910 St. Edwards, Westport (RC) 14290-1910 (Grenville Co) Samuel J. McCREA, 58, Widower, Farmer, of Farmers Union, s/o Samuel McCREA, farmer, & Martha WOODS, married Catherine BARTON, 51, of Roebuck, d/o Stephen BARTON, farmer, & Rebecca WHITE, witn: J. W. CORBETT, Ida F. CORBETT, both of Prescott. 24 Mar 1910 Roebuck
14421-1910 (Grenville Co) Herbert Melvin McDONALD, 25, Farmer, of Oxford Tp., s/o Edward Harry McDONALD, farmer, & Charlotte HARE, married Elizabeth Ann BALLANCE, 21, of Oxford Twp., d/o James Edmond BALLANCE, farmer, & Sarah Jane SCOTT, witn: Mellia DRINKWATER, Julia D. COLEMAN, both of Merrickville. 14 Dec 1910 Merrickville

014429-1910 (Leeds Co) William McDONNELL, 27, Bank Montreal Accountant, of Moose Jaw Sask., s/o William McDONNELL, Barrister, & (blank) FORTYE, married Frances Goatwick LEWIS, 27, d/o Levi Sidney LEWIS, Merchant, & Julianna TETT, witn: Walter R. CREIGHTON, Bank Clerk, Picton Ont., Elizabeth P. LEWIS, Newboro.  29 June 1910 St. Mary's Church Newboro

14230-1910 (Leeds Co) James McFAULDS, 23, Baker, of Brockville, s/o Daniel McFAULDS, Stevedore, & Helen(?) Lindsay McFARLEND, married Jean BOYCE, 29, of Brockville, d/o Charles BOYCE, Water Works Employee, & Jean McBridge DICK, witn: David McFAULDS, Bena N. HENDRY, both of Brockville. 17 Oct 1910 Brockville  14570-1910 (Grenville Co) Thomas McKINNON, 18, Farmer, of Eastons Corners, s/o Thomas McKINNON Sr., Farmer, & Ellen BEGLEY, married Bernice M. GARDINER, 21, of Wolford Centre, d/o Thomas GARDINER, farmer, & Mary YORK, witn: Walter BEGLEY, Agnes BEAMISH, both of Easton's Corners. 14 Dec 1910 Eastons Corners
14322-1910 (Leeds Co) William Lees McLAREN, 30, Miner, of Perth, s/o Peter McLAREN, Senator, & Sophia Elizabeth LEES, married Anna Lees GEMMILL, 26, of Perth, d/o Lawrence James GEMMILL & Elizabeth Marjorie KELLOCK, witn: Hugh ROBERTSON, Marjorie E. HALL, both of Perth. 8 Oct 1910 South Elmsley 14188-1910 (Leeds Co) Thomas Archibald McLEAN, 28, Farmer, of Elmsley-Lanark Co., s/o William R. McLEAN, farmer, & Mary WILSON, married Eliza Maud HOWE, 23, of Portland Ont., d/o Henry HOWE, Lake Guide, & Odeline KENNEDY, witn: R.C. STRUTHERS, A.M. SPARLING, both of Brockville. 25 May 1910 Brockville
14153-1910 (Leeds Co) Ziba McMACKEN, 29, Farmer, of South Crosby, s/o Hugh McMACKEN, farmer, & Mary McMACKEN, married Lizzie FANCEY, 23, Widow, of Delta, d/o parents not given, just mother's maiden name which is SMITH, witn: Sydney GILBERT, Mrs. Effie GILBERT, both of Delta. 8 Dec 1910 Delta 14318-1910 (Leeds Co) Joseph William McNAMEE, 31, Farmer, of Toledo, s/o John McNAMEE, farmer, & Bridget O'CONNOR, married Mary Lilian JORDAN, 26, of Lombardy, d/o Frank JORDAN, farmer, & Julia Ann McCANN, witn: Charles McNAMEE, Toledo, Annie JORDAN, Lombardy. 12 Oct 1910 Lombardy (RC)
14494-1910 (Grenville Co) William Frances METCALF, 31, Builder, of Alexandria Bay NY, s/o Edwin METCALF, Carpenter, & Fannie STOODLEY, married Florence Viola PETRIE, 21, Macombe NY, d/o John Henry PETRIE, farmer, & Mary BEADLE, witn: R. M. YOUNGE, Mrs. R.M. YOUNGE, both of Prescott. 30 May 1910 Grenville 14505-1910 (Grenville Co) William MICHAUD , 25, Carpenter, of Prescott, s/o Ephraim MICHAUD , Carpenter, & Lenora DENSMORE, married Rhoda Mary CARPENTER, domestic, 22, of Prescott, d/o John William CARPENTER, builder, & Rhoda HICE?, witn: Joseph PURTELL, Lily May FOX, both of Prescott. 20 Jun 1910 Grenville
014343-1910 (Leeds Co) Edward Charles MIERKE, 22, Farmer, of Lyon N.Y., s/o Charles T. MIERKE & Elizabeth STILE, married Jessie May PRUNER, 20, of Lyon N.Y., d/o William A. PRUNER & Carol B. SHERBURN, witn: Walter S. ABBOTT, Winnie J. PITCHER, both of Gananoque.  1 Aug 1910 Gananoque

14569-1910 (Grenville Co) Henry Bruce MOORE, 30, farmer, Whitehurst - Grenville Co, s/o Ezra H. MOORE, farmer, & (not given), married Mary FERGUSON, 29, of Eastons Corners, d/o Robert FERGUSON, farmer, & Margaret THOMPSON, witn: Wesley MOORE, Lydia McANDREW, both of Eastons Corners, 28 Sep 1910 Eastons Corners

014413-1910 (Grenville Co) Edward John MORRIS, 33, Engineer, of Smiths Falls, s/o Joseph MORRIS, Blacksmith, & Elizabeth KENT, married Amelia VANEXAN, 23, of Wolford Tp., d/o John E. VANEXAN, Farmer, & Sarah A. CORBET, witn: John E. VANEXAN, Georgina C. VANEXAN.  23 May 1910 Merrickville

14498-1910 (Grenville Co) Philip MORRIS, 31, Mechanic, of Malone NY, s/o Jos MORRIS, farmer, & Marie PARIS, married Lorna TUNICLIFFE, 24, of Richfield NY, d/o Clarence TUNICLIFFE & Nora TUNICLIFFE, witn: Lillian RUNNELLS, Sarah BARKLEY, both of Prescott. 25 June 1910 Prescott
14189-1910 (Leeds Co) Walter Arnold MOTT, 22, Factory Workman, of Brockville, s/o George MOTT, Carter, & Katherine KELLY, married Lily BELANGER, 21, of Brockville, d/o Gregoire BELANGER, Workman, & Mary GRAVES, witn: S. DONOHUE, Brockville, Marian BUTTON, Gananoque. 24 May 1910 Brockville 14488-1910 (Grenville Co) William MURDOCK, 45, Farmer, of Twp. of Edwardsburg, s/o Edmond MURDOCK, farmer, & Agnes GILMORE, married Maud SCOTT, 26, Nurse, of Twp. of Edwardsburg, d/o William. H. SCOTT, farmer, & Cyril WHARTON, witn: W.B. SCOTT, North Channel, Margaret SCOTT, Prescott. 4 May 1910 Prescott
14286-1910 (Leeds Co) Matthew MURPHY, 38, farmer, of South Crosby Tp., s/o Philip MURPHY, farmer, & Alice JOYCE, married Sara Anne HAMILTON, 27, d/o Alex HAMILTON, farmer, & Mary Anne DUNN, Witn: Daniel JOYCE, Sydenham, Maggie HAMILTON, South Crosby. 9 Nov 1910 Elgin (RC)  014416-1910 (Grenville Co) Wallace MURRY, 28, Labourer, of Burritts Rapids, s/o Harry MURRY, Farmer, & Lydia BALANCE, married Martha THOMPSON, 21, of Burritts Rapids, d/o Edward THOMPSON, Farmer, & Melissa ROBINSON, witn: William P. HILL, Julia D. COLEMAN, both of Merrickville.  14 Sept 1910 Merrickville
14229-1910 (Leeds Co) Walter William NEALE, 31, Labourer, of Brockville, s/o Elijah NEALE, Baker, & Martha ROBINS, married Elizabeth Amelie CARLISLE, 25, of Brockville, d/o David CARLISLE, Soldier, & Elizabeth McGOWAN, witn: James McMATH, Agnes McMATH, both of Brockville. 26 Sept 1910 Brockville 14288-1910 (Grenville Co) Herbert Edwin NEWMAN, 26, Farmer, of Trossacks Sask., s/o Francis NEWMAN, farmer, & Mary Ann KINGSTON, married Ida Mary WHITLEY, 21, of Edwardsburg, d/o Frank WHITLEY, farmer, & Ada Flora KNIGHT, witn: Harvey WHITLEY, New Toronto, Effie WHITLEY, Spencerville. 9 Mar 1910 Spencerville
14309-1910 (Leeds Co) Frederick NOYS, 23, Labourer, of Brockville, s/o Frank NOYS, Stone Mason, & Mary Ann McGEE, married Alvira CROMWELL, 17, Seamstress, of Lyn, d/o Seymore CROMWELL, Laborer, & Edith CROMWELL, witn: Amos DURANT, May TRUESDELL, both of Lyn. 27 Aug 1910 Lyn

014181-1910 (Leeds Co) Charles Henry OWENS, 40, Machine Hand, of Brockville, s/o Maurice OWENS, Church Sexton, & Maria OWENS, married Mary Francis HOOKER, 35, of Brockville, d/o John HOOKER, Tailor, & Margaret McGOWAN, witn: Jas. McFAULDS, David McFAULDS, both of Brockville.  14 Apr 1910 Brockville

14564-1910 (Leeds Co) William Burton PAGE, 25, Miner, of Westport, s/o Frederick PAGE, miner, & Kathleen TOLE, married Isabella Maud McKEE, 23, of Westport, d/o David McKEE, Laborer, & Annie DEACON, witn; Burton PAGE, Vanessa McKEE, Westport. 20 Oct 1910 Westport 14568-1910 (Grenville Co) William Leslie PAUL, 22, Moulder, of Smiths Falls, s/o William Robert PAUL, carpenter, & Jessie Clare OATWAY, married Georgina C. VANEXAN, 22, of Wolford Tp., d/o John E. VANEXAN, farmer, & Sarah A. CORBETT, witn: Adeline CARLEY, Sarah A. VANEXAN, both of Merrickville. 31 Aug 1910 Wolford Tp
14227-1910 (Leeds Co) William Robert PERKINS, 32, Blacksmith, of Brockville, s/o George William PERKINS, deceased, & Gertrude Maria EDGER, married Alice Ann SMITH, 33, of Brockville, d/o Joseph SMITH, farmer, & Kate MADDON, witn: George Alford SMITH, Beatrice SMITH, both of Brockville. Sept 1910, Brockville

014389-1910 (Leeds Co) Levi PERRIN, 24, Farmer, of South Crosby, s/o William PERRIN & Sarah CHASE, married Hattie WHITE, 20, of South Crosby, d/o George WHITE & Rachael MUCHMORE, witn: Florence W. SMITH, Lena ABBOTT, both of Lyndhurst.  7 Jul 1910 Lyndhurst

#014298-10 (Grenville Co): Thomas James PERRY, 29, farmer, of Edwardsburg, s/o Thomas John PERRY, captain, & Eliza MARTIN, married Linda HUTCHCROFT, 28, of Edwardsburg, d/o John HUTCHCROFT, farmer, & Mary KENNEDY, witn: Merrick HUTCHCROFT & Lavina BOYD, both of Pittston, 13 Sept 1910 at Edwardsburg 14566-1910 (Grenville Co) Thomas Edwin PETEPIECE (Pettipiece?), 38, Post Office Clerk, of Cornwall, s/o George Lawson PETEPIECE, farmer, & Sarah NEWMAN, married Effie Maud LEMAX, 32, of Jasper, d/o James LEMAX, Carpenter, & Urania CHURCH, witn: John H. STEARNS, Louise STEARNS, of Eldon Missouri USA. 29 June 1910 Jasper

014440-1910 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Maurice Fitzgerald PHALEN, 32, Surveyor, of Ottawa, s/o Michael PHALEN, farmer, & Rebecca FITZGERALD, married Bertha Cecelia LAUGHLIN, 32, of Oxford Tp., d/o Michael LAUGHLIN, farmer, & Jane BUCKLES, Henry DUNLOP, Cape Britton (Breton?) Nova Scotia, Ethel LAUGHLIN, Kemptville.  1 June 1910 Oxford Tp. (RC)

 14499-1910 (Grenville Co) Stephen Henry PHILLIPS, 21, Farmer, of Watertown, s/o Millard PHILLIPS & Fanny COLYER, married may Cornelia KESSEBURGH, 34, widow, of Watertown NY, d/o Orin KESSELBURGH (sic) & Laura Marie PERIN, witn: A.M. Younge, Mrs. N. D. KEITH, both of Prescott. 2 Jul 1910 Grenville
14127-1910 (Grenville Co) Morley Wright PLACE, 22, cheese maker, of Roebuck, s/o William H. PLACE, cheese maker, & Mary Jane BROWN, married Sarah Marilla PERRIN, 23, of Roebuck, d/o M. PERRIN, farmer, & Rosa LENNOX, witn: Richard BROWN, Waskada Ma(rest of Prov/State off page...), Lena M. PLACE, Roebuck. 16 Feb 1910 North Augusta 14324-1910 (Leeds Co) Walter Eugene POTTER, 25, Farmer, of Grindstorie Island-USA, s/o Albert POTTER & Addie KITTLE, married Mary Eva WHITE, 20, of Gananoque, d/o Thomas WHITE & Mary WHITE, witn: W.G. DENNY, A.J. DENNY, both of Gananoque. 8 Feb 1910 Gananoque
14136-1910 (Leeds Co) Seymour PRATT, 25, Farmer, of Kitley Tp., s/o Square PRATT, farmer, & Adeline SOPER, married Maggie DILLABOUGH, 18, of Frankville, d/o John DILLABOUGH, mason, & Edith SOPER, witn: L.B. READ, Athens, Valencia PRATT, Frankville. 20 Apr 1910 Athens

014388-1910 (Leeds Co) William Henry PRITCHARD, (no age), Master Mechanic, of Cobalt, s/o Charles PRITCHARD & Martha HAYES, married Catherine Ann SOMERVILLE, 39, of Leeds Tp., d/o James SOMERVILLE & Sarah Jane McMILLAN, witn: Clifford C. SOMERVILLE, Sault St. Marie Ont., Rhea PRITCHARD, Elizabethtown Tp.  22 June 1910 Leeds

014393-1910 (Leeds Co) Edward RANDALL, 27, Operator, of Gananoque, s/o William RANDALL & Jane INGATE, married Mary M. MALLORY, 18, of Gananoque, d/o Jacob MALLORY, Carpenter, & Margaret SNIDER, witn: Mrs. Suylina D. BUCK, Gananoque, Mrs. Mary E. KELLY, Lansdowne.  4 Jan 1910 Lansdowne (Salvation Army)

14185-1910 (Leeds Co) George Clifford RANSON, 26, Engineer, of Toronto, s/o Gilko RANSON, Works Manager, & Maggie WILSON, married Edith Phelps DAVISON, 20, of Brockville, d/o Hiram DAVISON, Hack Driver, & Maud PHELPS, witn: William QUINN, Toronto, Verna DAVISON, Brockville. 11 May 1910 Brockville

14150-1910 (Leeds Co) Ambrose READY, 28, Farmer, of Portland, s/o William READY & Eletia Marjery POLK, married Elizabeth JOYNT, 24, of New Boyne, d/o Bournes JOYNT, farmer, & Rachel BARRY, witn: C. Frank READY, Smiths Falls, Mina JOYNT, New Boyne. 2 Feb 1910 New Boyne 014434-1910 (Leeds Co) Benjamin Augustine READY, 23, of Bastard Tp., s/o William READY, Farmer, & Alecia POLK, married Laura Belle MERRIMAN, of Bastard Tp., d/o Norman MERRIMAN & Eva SEXTON, witn: Earl READY, Mary MERRIMAN, both of Crosby.  14 Sept 1910 Crosby  
14129-1910 (Grenville Co) John William. ROBINSON, 23, Farmer, of Augusta, s/o James ROBINSON, farmer, & Sarah McKINLEY, married Annie Maud JOHNSTON, 20, of Augusta, d/o Robert James JOHNSTON, farmer, & Letitia J. GOLDSMITH, witn: Orville W. GAMBLE, Eva J. JOHNSTON. 6 Apr 1910 Augusta 14137-1910 (Leeds Co) O. Eugene ROBINSON, 30, Salesman, of Boston Mass., s/o William. W. ROBINSON, farmer, & Icy Delight PARISH, married Jessie Lulu ARNOLD, 22, of Athens, d/o Henry H. ARNOLD, merchant, & Lucy Amelia PARISH, witn: Arthur PARISH, Athens, Belle BROWN, Chantry. 22 June 1910 Athens

014351-1910 (Leeds Co) Arthur N.B. ROGERS, 26, Banker, of Dorchester Ont., s/o Charles B. ROGERS & W. J. BONE, married Bessie Isola HALLIDAY, 26, of Gananoque, d/o D. J. HALLIDAY & Harriet PECK, witn: Annie M. SHANEMAN (?), Edith M. ROGERS, both of Gananoque.  3 Sep 1910 Gananoque

014350-1910 (Leeds Co) Glayde Gerald ROSECRANS, 21, Furniture finisher, of Pulaski N.Y., s/o C. Fisher ROSECRANS & Zilpha BOWMAN, married Reba Anice MOREY, 18, of Pulaski N.Y., d/o W. N. MOREY, mechanic & Emma LEONARD, witn: Emily ORSER, Gananoque, Lillian SCOTT, Haileybury.    28 Aug 1910 Gananoque

#014446-10 (Grenville Co): David Henry QUINN, 53, widower, farmer, of Oxford Mills, s/o Robert QUINN, farmer, & Ellen RONSOM, married Sarah Lizzie HUTCHINS, 34, of Hutchins Corners, d/o Phineus HUTCHINS, farmer, & Mary CHRISTIE, witn: David HUTCHINS of Hutchins Corners & Eva FAUSETT of Throoptown, 14 Dec 1910 at Hutchins Corners #014301-10 (Grenville Co): Michael H. QUINN, 27, farmer, of North Channel, s/o John QUINN, farmer, & Ann HOGAN, married Nellie O'NEIL, 23, of Throoptown, d/o John O'NEIL, farmer, & Ellen TOBIN, witn: John REDMOND & Julia BANNON, both of Prescott, 23 Nov 1910 at Throoptown (Rom Cath)
14225-1910 (Leeds Co) Valentine Lewis SARGENT, 39, Dairyman, of Anaconda Montana USA, s/o Peter Valentine SARGENT, deceased, & Sarah Jane BURWASH, married Sarah Julia EDEN, 31, of Brockville, d/o Reuben EDEN, Shoemaker, & Julia SAUNDERS, witn: Stanley Garrett EDEN, Pearl May EDEN, both of Brockville. 20 Sep 1910 Brockville 14496-1910 (Grenville Co) Lorne Stanley SAUNDERS, 21, Farmer, of Prescott, s/o William SAUNDERS, farmer, & Jane CAMERON, married Gladys Olive Irene WATTERS, 18, of Prescott, d/o Patrick WATTERS, Watchman, & Sophia QULLIVAN, witn: Delbert BAKER, Mrs. D. BAKER, Rivers Man. 25 May 1910 Grenville
14231-1910 (Leeds Co) John SCANLON, 72, Widower, Clergyman, of Jasper Ont., s/o Mark SCANLON, deceased, & Ann THORPE, married Lucy BOYCE, 64, Widow, d/o Joseph SLACK, deceased, & Margaret ATKINSON, witn: Charles E. JOHNSTON, Mrs. C.E. JOHNSTON, both of Brockville. 4 Oct 1910 Brockville 14567-1910 (Grenville Co) Norton Albert SCOTT, 29, Baker, of Athens, s/o Joshua SCOTT, farmer, & Caroline LOVE, married Lou MILLS, 26, of Jasper, d/o Wilbert MILLS, Tailor, & Augusta HINTON, witn: John WALSH, Ottawa, Mabel MILLS, Jasper. 26 Jul 1910 Jasper

014349-1910 (Leeds Co) William SEYMOUR, 23, of Clayton N.Y. s/o William SEYMOUR & Margaret LALONDE, married Muriel PARKER, 25, of Gananoque, d/o Henry PARKER, Mechanic, & Emma BEAVERSTOCK, witn: John R. COMO, Clayton N.Y., Florence BAKER, Gananoque. 16 Aug 1910 Gananoque

#014297-10 (Grenville Co): Arthur SHAVER, 21, farmer, of South Gower, s/o Nicholas SHAVER, farmer, & not given, married Irene DUNLOP, 23, of Edwardsburg, d/o John DUNLOP, farmer, & not given, witn: Elizabeth GILROY & Sarah SMITH, 7 Sept 1910 at Spencerville
14135-1910 (Leeds Co) Elijah SIGNETT, 29, Laborer, of Athens, s/o George SIGNETT, farmer, & Hannah O'LEARY, married Maggie WHITFORD, 26, Hand-maid, of Athens, d/o not given & Nancy WHITFORD, witn: L.B. READ, Sarah L. WILKE, both of Athens. 23 Mar 1910 Athens

014387-1910 (Leeds Co) Ross SLY, 31, Farmer, of South Crosby, s/o Lorenzo SLY, farmer, & Sarah ROWSWELL, married Florence WARREN, 23, of Leeds Rr., d/o Ulrich WARREN, farmer, & Ann ROWSWELL, witn: Earnest WARREN, Mrs. Alma CAMPBELL, both of Seeleys Bay.  16 May 1910 Seeleys Bay

14320-1910 (Leeds Co) Amassa SMITH, 52, Laborer, of Berriton, s/o Joseph SMITH & Mary SERSON, married Ellen FREE, 27, of Berriton, d/o Henry FREE & Margaret CARPENTER, witn: Ed SMITH, Willday SMITH, both of Smiths Falls. 15 Aug 1910 Lombardy 14315-1910 (Leeds Co) James L. SMITH, 25, Florist, of Smiths Falls, s/o O.L. SMITH, Florist, & Matilda DAVIS, married Ella May WOOD, 23, of Lombardy, d/o John R. WOOD, farmer, & F.E. WOOD, witn: H. E. SMITH, Smiths Falls, John R. WOOD, Lombardy. 2 Sept 1910 S. Elmsley Note at bottom of registration says: Maiden name for mother was "Wood"
14418-1910 (Grenville Co) Harry Beacher SMITH, 19, Labourer, of Merrickville, s/o Ward SMITH, Labourer, & Mary CROWDER, married Hattie Rebecca TUCK, 22, of Merrickville, d/o William M. TUCK, Labourer, & Dina PHILLIPS, witn: William Merritt TUCK, Gracie May TUCK, both of Merrickville. 5 Oct 1910 Merrickville 14490-1910 (Grenville Co) Henry Clarence SMITH, 28, Telegraph Operator, of Prescott, s/o Hugh Robert SMITH, farmer, & Ellen McDONALD, married Sadie May DRYSDALE, 26, of Prescott, d/o Samuel DRYSDALE, farmer, & Catherine ANDERSON, witn; James R. HENRY, Catherine DRYSDALE. (no res given) 11 May 1910 Prescott
14532-1910 (Grenville Co) Charles Lester SMITH, 25, Manager of Paper Mill, of Broghan NY, s/o William SMITH, Manager of Paper Mill, & Elizabeth ARGUE, married Emma Lauretta KNAPP, 26, of Great Bend NY, d/o Franklin KNAPP, Merchant, & Mary REYNOLDS, witn: L. RUNNELLS, H. BRADFORD, both of Prescott. 14 Dec 1910 Prescott 14133-1910 (Leeds Co) Charles Simpson SNIDER, 58, Farmer, of Yonge Tp., s/o Joseph SNIDER, farmer, & Polly HENDERSON, married Mary Ann IRWIN, 42, of Lansdowne Tp., d/o Henry IRWIN, farmer, & Sarah LATIMER, witn: W. H. IRWIN, Margaret IRWIN, both of Soperton, 1 Mar 1910 Athens
14523-1910 (Grenville Co) Walter STAFFORD, 29, Steel Contractor, of Buffalo NY, s/o James STAFFORD, Real Estate Broker, & Harriette E. HOLLAWAY, married Mildred Blackie KNAPP, 21, of Prescott, d/o Frederick KNAPP, Inventor, & Elleanor Lydia BLACKIE, witn; Phyllis KNAPP, Prescott, George STAFFORD, Buffalo. 28 Sept 1910 Grenville

014342-1910 (Leeds Co) James STOCKS, 23, Painter, of Gananoque, s/o William STOCKS & Mary BEEBEE, married Grace DEUDY, 23, of Gananoque, d/o William DEUDY & Mary PLUMMER, witn: W. J. WEAVER, Eliza WEAVER, both of Gananoque.  16 Jul 1910 Christ Church Gananoque

014345-1910 (Leeds Co) Jesse Monroe STREETER, 19, Farmer, of Edwards N.Y., s/o Robert STREETER, Farmer, & Lucy YERDEN married Lillian HALLADAY, 19, of Antwerp N.Y., d/o Alvin HALLADAY, Farmer, & Clara PRATT, witn: Minnie KNIGHT, Maggie, FUGE, both of Gananoque.  4 Aug 1910 Gananoque 14493-1910 (Grenville Co) William Benjamin TANZER, 30, Widower, Dentist, of Watertown NY, s/o Fred TANZER & Caroline MERTZ, married Edith Margaret PETRIE, 30, widow, of Clayton NY, d/o Chasa PETRIE & Eugene E. BRITTS, witn: R.M. YOUNGE & Mrs. R.M. YOUNGE, Prescott. 18 May 1910 Grenville
14145-1910 (Leeds Co) William THOMAS, 20, Laborer of Athens, s/o not given, married Ethel VANORMAN, 22, of Sand Bay, d/o Daniel VANORMAN, farmer, & Lydia GOFF, witn: Clarence GREY, Lucinda PRICE, both of Athens. 24 Nov 1910 Athens (Holiness Movement) 14524-1910 (Grenville Co) William Henry THRASHER, 23, farmer, of Waddington, s/o Samuel THRASHER, Blacksmith, & Eliza PHILLIPS, married Bertha Alivilda HEVERLY, 33, of Waddington, d/o Jas. HEVERLY, farmer, & Catherine HAWN, witn: R. ALDER, Mrs. R. ALDER, both of Prescott. 29 Sept 1910 Grenville
14572-1910 (Leeds Co) Michael TODEY (Fodey?), 23, farmer, of Lansdowne, s/o Michael TODEY, farmer, & Catherine OGRADY, married Harriet LEEDER, 22, of Cainstown, d/o Joseph LEEDER, farmer, & Margaret HUNT, witn: W.J. OGRADY, Lansdowne, Hannah LEEDER, Trevelyan. 2 Feb 1910 Trevelyan 14506-1910 (Grenville Co) Robert VALANCE, 49, Widower, Engineer, of Ogdensburg, s/o Jas. VALLANCE, farmer, & Isabella VALLANCE, married Martha COHOON, 39, widow, of Ogdensburg NY, d/o James TUCK, farmer, & Elizabeth WELCH, witn: Mabel PARKER, Lillian RUNNELLS, both of Prescott. 25 Jul 1910 Grenville
14190-1910 (Leeds Co) Fred VATCHER, 26, of Brockville, s/o Richard VATCHER, Mason, & Lucy BESANT, married Edith LEVER, 26, of London Eng., d/o George LEVER, Carpenter, & Annie EPPS, witn: Harry LEVER, Florence LEVER, both of Brockville. 30 May 1910 Brockville

014341-1910 (Leeds Co) Harry WAGONER, 21, Boat Captain, of Alexandria Bay, s/o Jacob WAGONER & Clara DEYOUNG, married Ruby FALL, 24, House Maid, of Alexandria Bay, d/o Weston FALL & Lena PALLIORUNS?, witn: Mrs. W. H. GREGORY, Miss Sarah E. GREGORY, both of Gananoque.   22 Jun 1910 Gananoque

  014437-1910 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Phillip WALKER, 41, farmer, of Bishops Mills, s/o George WALKER, farmer, & Sarah WALKER, married Edith Jane DILLABOUGH, School Teacher, of Heckston, d/o Albert DILLABOUGH, farmer, & Jane DILLABOGH (sic), witn: James JACKSON, Mrs. James JACKSON, both of Heckston.   2 Mar 1910 Grenville
14295-1910 (Grenville Co) Hilliard R. WALLACE, 22, Undertaker, of Brinston's Corners, s/o R. Wallace & E. MILLS, married J.W. Gertrude WEBB, 20, of Pittston, d/o C.W. WEBB & E. DONALDSON, witn: C.W. WEBB, Pittston, J.W. KNOX, Shanly. 6 Sept 1910 Shanly  14128-1910 (Grenville Co) Duncan WARREN, 23, cheese maker, of Yonge Tp., s/o James WARREN & Janet FOLEY, married Ethel NEWANS, 20, of Augusta, d/o Byron NEWANS, farmer, & Lucy CONKLIN, witn: Byron NEWANS, Myrtle NEWANS, both of Maynard. 9 Mar 1910 Maynard, Father's Res
14503-1910 (Grenville Co) Lelon Arthur WATSON, 33,(83?) Widower, Merchant, of Utica NY, s/o Alex WATSON & Wealthy BANCROFT, married Etha Mae WOOD, 26, Widow, of Utica, d/o E.J. WOOD & Celia E. HARVEY, witn: A.M. YOUNGE, Mrs. N.D. KEITH, both of Prescott. 5 Jul 1910 Grenville 14149-1910 (Leeds Co) John WATTS, 33, Farmer, of Carberry Manitoba, s/o Andrew WATTS & Elizabeth LYONS, married Sarah Estella SHERIDAN, 23, of New Boyne, d/o John SHERIDAN, farmer, & Jane DRUMMOND, witn: Robert WATTS, Carberry Man., Mary E. SHERIDAN, New Boyne. 1 Feb 1910 New Boyne
14226-1910 (Leeds Co) Wellington John WEIR, 25, Farmhand, of Brockville, s/o John WEIR & Ada HUTTON, married Mary Gladys BARNUM, 18, of Brockville, d/o William Henry BARNUM & Eliza Jane LEHIGH, witn: Thomas WEIR, John MORGAN. 21 Sept 1910 Brockville 14576-1910 (Leeds Co) Wallace (William?) Henry WHALEY, 32, Farmer, of Lansdowne Tp., s/o Henry WHALEY, farmer, & Mary Jane HOGG, married Charlotte Anne FORTUNE, 28, of Rear of Younge, d/o John FORTUNE, farmer, & Charlotte FERGUSON, witn: Harold Percy GREEN, Oak Leaf, Lily Belle MORRIS, Athens. 21 Sept 1910 Athens
14313-1910 (Leeds Co) Albert John WHITE, 26, Farmer, of Micaville, s/o Michael WHITE, farmer, & Ann McPARLAN, married Mary Ellen HUGHES, 24, Seamstress, of Lombardy, d/o James HUGHES, farmer, & Julia THOMAS, witn: John HUGHES, Lombardy, Maggie NOONAN, Micaville. 6 Apr 1910 Lombardy

014432-1910 (Leeds Co) Alfred George WHITELAND, 23, Farmer, of Bastard Tp., s/o James E. WHITELAND, Farmer & Susan ROACH, married Lora Floy CHAPMAN, 19, of Bastard Tp., d/o Joseph CHAPMAN, farmer,  & Martha WHITING, witn: Frederick HUTCHINGS, Leafy HUTCHINGS, both of Harlem.  23 Aug 1910 Newboro

14469 & 14470-1910 (Grenville Co) Albert WHITNEY, 69 (or 64), widower, Clerk, of Prescott, s/o Richard Leeb WHITNEY, farmer, & Clarissa Jane FAIRNOW, married Annie Halpin McDUNNAGH, 46, widow, of Prescott, d/o Patrick HALPIN, farmer, & Margaret KERNAN, witn: P.K. HALPIN, Ellen MASTERSON, Prescott. 11 Jan 1910 Prescott

014441-1910 (Grenville Co) Herman Edwin WHITTAKER, 24, clerk, of Williamsburg, s/o Herman, farmer, & Mary WHITTAKER, married Sarah Jean McNEILL, 25, of Oxford on Rideau Tp., d/o John McNEILL, farmer, & Margaret PATTERSON, witn: Robert S. McNEILL, Joseph M. McNEILL, Oxford Tp.   7 Sept 1910 Oxford on Rideau Tp.


014438-1910 (Leeds & Grenville Co) John Sidney WILLISCRAFT, 23, farmer, of Oxford Mills, s/o James WILLISCRAFT, farmer, & Martha Jane HARRIS, married Alice Felicia TODD, 22, of Oxford Mills, d/o John J. TODD, farmer, & Caroline DEPENSIER, witn: John H. CHRISTIE, Augusta, M. TODD, Oxford Mills.  20 April 1910 Oxford Mills

14289-1910 (Grenville Co) Harvey Royal WILSON, 21, Farmer, of Shanly, s/o John C. WILSON, farmer, & Mary HOLMES, married Winnifred GAMBLE, 19, of Ventnor, d/o George GAMBLE, carpenter, & Rose McCARLEY, witn: J. Wallace WILSON, Orville GAMBLE, both of Shanly. 16 Mar 1910 Spencerville 14306-1910 (Leeds Co) Milo Coleman WILTSIE, 25, Farmer, of Athens, s/o Charles P. WILTSIE, farmer, & Nellie ROSS, married Bertha Mary COLE, 19, of Young Tp., d/o Ambrose T. COLE, farmer, & Minnie Grace WILTSIE, witn: Mrs. Robert. MILLAR, Mr. Robert MILLAR, of Lyn. 2 Mar 1910 Lyn
14326-1910 (Leeds Co) John Norman WRIGHT, 23, Spring Maker, of Gananoque, s/o Norman Miles WRIGHT & Alice M. ACTON, married Jennie Eliz. DEMPSTER, 22, of Gananoque, d/o Joseph DEMPSTER & Margaret WEBSTER, witn: Robert. R. WRIGHT, Mary Hazel WRIGHT, both of Gananoque. 7 Mar 1910 St. Andrews Church, Gananoque 14131-1910 (Grenville Co) Elford Wesley WYLIE, 19, Farmer, of Glenmore Augusta, s/o William WYLIE, farmer, & Adelia AZNOL, married Bertha May TYPHER, 16, of Charleville, d/o (no given name) TYPHER, farmer, & Lottie TYPHER, witn: Seymour Anson WYLIE, Charlotte TYPHER. 9 Nov 1910 Maynard Parsonage