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Leeds & Grenville Co., 1910, part 2

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birthplace was usually not given on 1910 registrations


014166-1910 (Leeds Co) Robert William ANDRESS, 23, Fireman, of Brockville, s/o Frederick ANDRESS, Marine Captain, & Lucy MORROW, married Frances TIMLICK, 20, of Brockville, d/o Jason TIMLICK, Machinist, & Elizabeth McCONNELL, witn: George Edwin BAILEY, Edith Maude TIMLICK, both of Brockville.  2 Feb 1910 Brockville

014402-1910 (Leeds Co) Frederick George AUSTIN, 40, Farmer, of Rockfield, s/o Samuel AUSTIN & Mary CLEMENCE, married Lily Jane MOORE, 40, Dressmaker, of Lansdowne, d/o James MOORE, & Nellie AVERY, witn: Jennie Dowsley GRAHAM, William R. GRAHAM, both of Lansdowne.  28 Sept 1910 Lansdowne

014458-10 Clarence Justin AUSTIN, 34, Merchant, none given, Fullerton NY, s/o Simon H. AUSTIN & Altha HAZELTON; married Mabel Julia COREY, 28, none given, Fullerton NY, d/o E.J. COREY & Mary WEBB; witn R.M. YOUNG & Mrs N.D. KEITH, both Prescott, 24 Mar 1910, Prescott

014213-10 Charles Edwin BACON, 32, Florist, Brampton, s/o Edwin John BACON & Harriett NISKEN? (Nielen?); married Harriett PENNIALL, 34, Tooting England, d/o Frederick & Harriett PENNIALL; wit Bina Niven KENNEDY & Estelle Florence ST. JOHN, both Brockville, 15 Aug 1910, Brockville 014207-10 Frank Hackett BAIN, 36, C.P.R. Turner, Toronto, s/o Francis BAIN, fitter, & Phoebe NOBLE; married Elizabeth Margaret BOYD, 34, Dressmaker, Brockville, d/o John BOYD (deceased) & Emily HARRISON; wit Emily BOYD & Estelle F. ST. JOHN, both Brockville, 21 Jul 1910, Brockville
014482-10 Charles Peter BAKER, 22, Sailor, none give, Prescott, s/o John BAKER & Janet JOHNSTONE; married Ethel KING, 17, none given, Prescott, d/o James W. KING & Susan BEATTIE; witn Clarence KING & Florence KING, both Prescott, 8 Jun 1910, Grenville 014332-1910 (Leeds Co) Frank J. BATES, 27, Accountant, of Syracuse NY, s/o W.W. BATES, & Amelia HART, married Lita J. LYNG, 24, of Syracuse, d/o not known - an orphan from birth, brought up in a home. witn: Emily ORSER, Mary WHITE, both of Gananoque.  31 May 1910 Gananoque
014204-10 James Frederick Crawford BEATTY, 25, Clerk, Brockville, s/o William BEATTY, mechanic & Carrie JOHNSTON; married Lizzie SHERIDAN, 25, Brockville, d/o John SHERIDAN, laborer, & Sarah PIERCE; wit John BEATTY, Caintown & Bertha BEATTY, Brockville, 14 Jul 1910, Brockville

014215-10 Roy Milton BEATTY, 28, Manufacturer, Welland, s/o Alvin Oscar BEATTY & Fanny PERINE; married Maud Florence MOORE, 28, Brockville, d/o James MOORE & Martha PIERCE; wit Leopold DE CARLE, Brockville & Alvin Oscar BEATTY, Welland, 23 Aug 1910, Brockville

  014218-10 Henry McLaughlin BILLINGS, 21, Machinist, Brockville, s/o Addison BILLINGS & Margaret McDONALD; married Lottie Alvina DEVAUL, 17, Brockville, d/o David DEVAUL & Annie HAYNES; wit Alvin Edgar STRADER, Cardinal & Sarah Edith DEVAUL, Brockville, 31 Aug 1910, Brockville
014398-1910 (Leeds Co) Gilbert BIRKMAN, 25, Farmer, of Laforageville NY, s/o Gilbert BIRKMAN, Gentleman, & Sophia EDGLEY, married Nettie CHARLEBOIS, 19, of Laforageville NY, d/o Frank CHARLEBOIS, Gentleman, & Rose LALONDE, witn: Matilda STEVENS, Hattie A. BECKSTEDT both of Lansdowne.  22 July 1910 Lansdowne Village 014206-10 Ferdinand George William BIRTHOUT, 31, Civil Engineer, Boston Mass, s/o George William BIRTHOUT, gentleman, & Ann Elizabeth SLADE; married Elizabeth Maud SLADE, 22, Ottawa, d/o Thomas C. SLADE, sergeant in Dominion Police & Jane ARMS; wit Bina Nevin HENDRY & Estelle Florence ST. JOHN, both Brockville, 16 Jul 1910, Brockville

014483-10 Cecil William BLACHFORD, 28, Clerk, none given, Montreal, s/o William Henry BLACHFORD & Ellen COOMBES; married Gertrude Mary FREEMAN, 21, none given, Prescott, d/o William Henry FREEMAN & Mary Catherine FITZGERALD; witn Robert FREEMAN & Julia FITZGERALD, both Prescott, 14 Jun 1910, Grenville

014473-10 Norman BRISSON, 33, Painter, none given, Ogdensburg NY, s/o Ezra ROBINSON & Mary SWEENEY; married Melissa Jane WOOD, 22, none given, Watertown NY, d/o John T. WOOD & Alice A. BEDWELL; witn Mrs Cynthia PERRIN & Mrs S.E. SMITH, both Prescott, 27 May 1910, Grenville

014208-10 John BROUGH, 27, Farmer, Galilee NY, s/o James BROUGH, farmer, & Margaret BAYETTE; married Anna MACDONALD, 25, Domestic, Galilee NY, d/o John MACDONALD, farmer, & Janet KENNEDY; wit Charles E. MORRIS & Janet MORRIS, both Ogdensburg, 22 Jul 1910, Brockville  
014407-1910 (Leeds Co) John Wesley BURNS, 24, Farmer, of Lansdowne, s/o William BURNS, Drover, & Agnes HEASLIP, married Violet Bell TRUESDELL, 23, of Lansdowne, d/o Edward TRUESDELL, Farmer, & Lilian LANG, witn:  William BURNS, Mrs. Edward TRUESDELL, both of Lansdowne.  14 Dec 1910 Lansdowne

014403-1910 (Leeds Co) Hiram Wilburn CARPENTER, 27, Farmer, of Lot 24- Con. 3-Leeds, s/o Hiram CARPENTER, Farmer, & Annie BILLINGS, married Frances Edna NUTTALL, 25, of South Lake, d/o Samuel NUTTALL, Farmer, & Jane MELVILLE, witn;  Malcolm NUTTALL, South Lake, Jennie CARPENTER, Gananoque.  14 Sept 1910 South Lake

014216-10 Elias Worden CHURCHILL, 27, Loco Fireman, Brockville, s/o Duncan CHURCHILL & Salome HUMPHREYS; married Luella Marion BIGFORD, 23, Mallorytown, d/o William N. BIGFORD & Elizabeth McDONALD: wit Nellie B. BROWN & Emma WILDER, both Brockville, 24 Aug 1910, Brockville 014171-1910 (Leeds Co) James R. CLARE, 24, Farmer, of Elizabethtown Tp., s/o Amos CLARE, Farmer, & Mary E. LANDON, married Helena May FOXTON, 25, of Elizabethtown Tp., d/o Alonzo FOXTON, Farmer, & Anna BROWN, witn: A.M. SPARLING, Caroline GILES, both of Brockville.  15 Feb 1910 Brockville

014214-10 James CLUTTERBUCK, 61, General Merchant, Wid, Brockville, s/o William & Catherine CLUTTERBUCK; married Eva Rachel BROWNE, 25, Brockville, d/o Nicholas BROWN (sic) & Margaret GOFF; wit Alfred LAYNG & Nellie LAYNG, both Brockville, 18 Aug 1910, Brockville

014183-1910 (Leeds Co) Allan Edward COATES, 21, Jeweller, of Brockville, s/o Herbert Brock COATES, Jeweller, & Annie Adeline COOK, married Laura Helen SWITZER, 19, of Brockville, d/o Charles SWITZER, deceased, & Mary L. BLACKMORE, witn: Charlotte A. COATES, Mina GIRVIN, both of Brockville.  27 Apr 1910 Brockville

014415-1910 (Grenville Co) George Howard CONNOR, 22, Labourer, of Wolford Tp., s/o Robert CONNOR, Farmer, & Eliza Jane PHILLIPS, married Annie Catherine KELLY, 22, of Wolford Tp., d/o James KELLY, Miner, & Jane COSTAIN, witn: Frederick CONNOR, Julia D. COLEMAN, both of Merrickville.  13 Jul 1910 Merrickville

014197-1910 (Leeds Co) George William COOKSON, 30, Hospital Attendant, of Brockville, s/o Albert COOKSON, Mason, & Emma BOGGENS, married Nellie HUDSON, 33, Widow, Nurse, of Brockville, d/o James CHAMBERLIN, Farmer, & Mary GABIE, witn: Elizabeth M. L. CAMERON, Ed MALONE, both of Brockville.   16 June 1910 Brockville

014170-1910 (Leeds Co) James Erwin DACK, 26, Farmer, of Brockville, s/o Francis DACK & Rosetti BORNHAM, married Beatrice Irene ROBERTS, 19, of Brockville, d/o Richard ROBERTS, Fireman, & Annie GILES., witn: Alma McCAW, Gwendoline ROBINS, both of Brockville.   22 Feb 1910 Brockville


014400-1910 (Leeds Co) George Ernest DARLING, 28, Farmer, of Leeds Front, s/o John M. DARLING, Farmer, & Janet HAIG, married Laura L. LANDON, 23, Housekeeper, of Lansdowne Front, d/o Wellington LANDON, Farmer, & Elizabeth LATIMER, witn: George D. GILBERT, Gananoque, Mrs. J. W. CROSS, Lansdowne.  7 Sep 1910 Lansdowne

014410-1910 (Grenville Co) Howard Alexander DAVIDSON, 27, Labourer, of Smiths Falls, s/o Robert DAVIDSON, Carpenter, & Jessie MUNROE, married Anna Bella HOGOBOOM, 18, of Smiths Falls, d/o Gordon HOGOBOOM, Carter, & Isabella PHILIPS, witn; Robert H. HENRY, & Christina Cassells HENRY.  13 Apr 1910 Merrickville
014361-10 John James DAVIS, 35, Physician, none given, Gananoque, s/o Thomas G. DAVIS & Mary H. DUNCAN; married Orma Lena TAYLOR, 33, none given, Gananoque, d/o Robert TAYLOR & Polly KILBORN; witn G.K. TAYLOR & Eleanor DAVIS, both Gananoque, 20 Oct 1910, Gananoque

014223-10 Marcus Freeman DAVISON, 25, Loco Fireman, Brockville, s/o Marcus DAVISON & Alice DAVIS; married Sarah Bell HARGRAVES, 21, Brockville, d/o Charles HARGRAVES & Sarah BAKER; wit Ebby HARGRAVES & Ruby DAVISON, both Brockville, 7 Sept 1910, Brockville

  014339-1910 (Leeds Co) Harry DAWSON, 23, Tool Maker, of Watertown NY, s/o Samuel DAWSON & Catherine BAGLEY, married Tessa LALONDE, 19, Watertown NY, d/o Eber LALOND (sic) & Bridget LALONE, witn: Alexander AMOS, Louisa GAUTHIER, 4 Jul 1910 Gananoque

014205-10 Victor DE CARLE, 25, Marble Cutter, Brockville, s/o Lanncelot Leopold DE CARLE, marble cutter, & Sarah ROW; married Laura Marjorie GOODALL, 24, School Teacher, Glen Elbe, d/o John GOODALL, painter, & Norah MUNRO; wit Thomas G. KEHOE & Marion KEHOE, both Brockville, Jul 1910, Brockville

014178-1910 (Leeds Co) Charles DEEGAN, 30, Carriage Painter, of Brockville, s/o Richard DEEGAN, R.R. Yardman, & Jane HAMILTON, married Annie CONLON, 19, of Brockville, d/o James CONLON, Carpenter, & Jane GILL,  Hazel THOMSON, Elizabeth CAMERON, both of Brockville.  6 Apr 1910 Brockville

014479-10 Sanford DELANEY, 30, Artist, none given, Pembroke, s/o Edward DELANEY & Harriett SLOAN; married Eva BRADLEY, 20, none given, Prescott, d/o Jas D. BRADLEY & Margaret LUNDY; witn Jas. D. BRADLEY, Prescott & Margaret DE LEURY, Throoptown, 8 Jun 1910, Grenville


014338-1910 (Leeds Co) Cleeson Parker DIETRICH, 22, Barber, of Wana Kena? NY., s/o John S. DIETRICH, & Lettie SMITH, married Janet E. WEIR, 23 Wana Kena NY, d/o Albert C. WEIR & Delia THORPE, witn: Mrs. GRACEY, The Manse-Gananoque.  5 July 1910 The Manse Gananoque

014156-1910 (Leeds Co) William Henry DION, 32, Farmer, of Elizabethtown Tp., s/o Anthony DION, farmer, & Mary E. VIANCE, married Matilda LOZO, Domestic, 25, of Brockville, d/o Joseph LOZO, Farmer, & Julia Ann MARTIN, witn: William E. LECLAIR, Brockville, Adeline LOZO, Spring Valley.  4 Jan 1910 Brockville. (RC)

014408-1910 (Grenville Co) Michael DONOVAN, 63, Widowed, Farmer, of Kitley Tp., s/o Michael DONOVAN, Farmer, & Johanna MALONEY, married Eliza DEVER, 57, Widow, weaver, of Wolford Tp., d/o Jordan JAMES, Farmer, & Mary McCAFFERY, witn: Peter ROCHE, Jennie ROCHE, both of Wolford.  1 Feb 1910 Merrickville (RC)

014476-10 Robert Reid DOWSLEY, 36, Jeweler, none given, Prescott, s/o John DOWSLEY & Eliza REID; married Charlotte Annie MOSSMAN, 30, none given, Prescott, d/o William Home MOSSMAN & Addie Victoria GERALD; witn William H. MOSSMAN & Clara M. HALPIN, both Prescott, 1 Jun 1910, Grenville

  014356-10 Walter Byron DUSTIN, 32, Labourer, none given, Gananoque, s/o John Byron DUSTIN & Nancy Jane SMITH; married Mary WEBSTER, 25, Housemaid, none given, Gananoque, d/o Charles WEBSTER & Nancy JOHNSON; witn John WEBSTER, Lyndhurst & Gertrude DUSTIN, Gananoque, 14 Sept 1910, Gananoque
014396-1910 (Leeds Co) Joseph ELLIS, 30, Stone Cutter, of Leeds, s/o Abraham ELLIS & Mary Ann PORTMAN, married Jennie Eliz LEAKEY, 22, of Leeds, d/o Robert LEAKEY & Martha Jane FERGUSON, witn: Osborne ABRAMS, Mrs. O. ABRAMS, both of Leeds.  24 Feb 1910 Leeds 014334-1910 (Leeds Co) John FAIRLIE, 28, Banker, of Montreal, s/o John FAIRLIE, Presbyterian Minister, & Hannah M. FRASER, married Florence FULLERTON, 26, of Gananoque, d/o William B. FULLERTON, Druggist, & Sylvia C. LEGGO, witn: A. B. FULLERTON, Gananoque, Hannah M. FAIRLIE, Kingston.  21 June 1910 Christ Church Gananoque

014172-1910 (Leeds Co) William P. FERGUSON, 50, Hospital Attendant, of Brockville, s/o William FERGUSON, Farmer, & Mary PURVIS, married Hannah LOWRY, 38, Nurse,  d/o Thomas R. LOWRY, Farmer, & Jane  McILWAIN, witn: Peter FERGUSON, Mrs. P. FERGUSON, both of Brockville.  9 Mar 1910 Brockville

014404-1910 (Leeds Co) William Henry Oswald FOLEY, 26, Farmer, of Escott Tp., s/o William Henry FOLEY, Farmer, & Emily Joyce WEBSTER, married Edith Muriel TRUESDELL, 22, of Leeds Tp., d/o Cornelius M. TRUESDELL, Farmer, & Johanna WILSON,  witn:  Cornelius M. TRUESDELL, Sarah WILSON, both of Gananoque.  23 Nov 1910 Leeds Tp.

014481-10 Albert Edward FORTIER, 26, Barber, none given, Brockville, s/o Michael FORTIER & May McKOWAN; married Emma MILLER, 30, Seamstress, 30, none given, Prescott, d/o Alexander MILLER & Elizabeth WALLACE; witn Albert MILLER, Edwardsburg & May Ella TURNER, Prescott, 8 Jun 1910, Grenville


014219-10 Charles Henry FOX, 28, Bricklayer, Brockville, d/o John FOX & Margaret HUTTON; married Lois LOWE, 23, Brockville, d/o George LOWE & Martha ROLLY; wit Orvis John HUTTON, Roebruck & Georgina JOHNSTON, no place given, 31 Aug 1910, Brockville 014475-10 Edward Louise FULLER, 23, Dentist, none given, Kingston, s/o Louis FULLER & Emma Jane BAXTER, married Ellen WHITNEY, 20, none given, Prescott, d/o Comfort WHITNEY & Mary WEEKS; witn Percy WHITNEY & Bessie MOONEY, both Prescott, 9 Jun 1910, Grenville

014486-10 Charles Earnest GATES, 22, Plumber, none given, Ogdensburg NY, s/o Jas. GATES & Mary J. POTTER; married Bessie May GRAHAM, 18, none given, Ogdensburg NY, d/o Joseph GRAHAM & Amelia REHOME; witn Mrs E.A. BRADLEY & Mrs S.E. SMITH, both Prescott, 3 May 1910, Prescott

014177-1910 (Leeds Co) Herman Peter GATZE, 48, Widowed, Labourer, of Brockville, s/o Rowsom?  GATZE & (blank) STORZNESTER, married Christina Margaret MONTGOMERY, 36, of Brockville, d/o Hugh MONTGOMERY & Elizabeth EWARD, witn: Axel FORSBERG, Hilda FORSBERG, both of Brockville.  23 Mar 1910 Brockville (Salvation Army)

014477-10 John GAUTHIER, 20, Mill Worker, none given, Potsdam, s/o George GAUTHIER & Georgiana BOYD; married Mary Victoria JEBO, 17, none given, Potsdam, d/o Jos JEBO & Pheobe DAVIS; witn H.D. FREEMAN, Prescott & Leon JEBO, Potsdam, 3 Jun 1910, Grenville

014331-1910 (Leeds Co) Charles GERRARD, 26, Press Hand, of Gananoque, s/o William GERRARD & Mary WAINWRIGHT, married Dianah BOLDING, 27, of Gananoque, d/o Thomas BOLDING & Jane HARRIS, witn: George PARRY, Francis PARRY, both of Gananoque.  14 May 1910 Gananoque

014417-1910 (Grenville Co) John James GILL, 24, Railroad man, of North Bay, s/o Patrick GILL, Labourer, & Catherine DONNELLY, married Mary Magdelene McCONNEL, 24, of Montague Tp., d/o Moses McCONNEL, Farmer, & Margaret LYNCH, witn: John William MADDEN, Smiths Falls, Margaret McCONNEL, Montague Tp.  6 Sept 1910 Merrickville (RC)

014480-10 Roy Wheeler GREEN, 26, Banker, none given, Chapleau, s/o Isiah GREEN & Susan CONGO; married Mary Elizabeth ELLIOTT, 24, none given, Prescott, d/o James S. ELLIOTT & Esther HUSHCROFT? (Hutchcroft?); witn Milton ELLIOTT & Eleanor ELLIOTT, both Prescott, 8 Jun 1910, Grenville

014485-10 Hugh HANDYSIDE, 56, Engineer, Wid, none given, Ottawa, s/o John HANDYSIDE & Jane DICK; married Annie Esther DRISCOLL, 51, Wid, none given, Prescott, d/o Edward RUSSELL & Ester DIZELAND; witn John REARDSON, Ottawa & Mrs D.P. EASTER, Prescott, 20 Apr 1910, Grenville

014414-1910 (Grenville Co) William Hebron HARRIS, 26, Farmer, of Marlborough Tp., s/o Thomas HARRIS, farmer, & Mary Ann HOW, married Jessie Jane HANNA, 20, of Marlborough Tp., d/o George HANNA, Farmer, & Sarah MOORE, witn: James RATHWELL, Anne RATHWELL, both of Merrickville.  26 Jul 1910 Merrickville

014451-10 Herbert James HASLEY, 25, Painter, none given, Brockville, s/o Joseph HASTING (sic) & Alice ROSE; married Helen FRASER, 18, none given, Brockville, d/o Charles FRASER & Victoria REDMOND; witn Mrs Cynthia BURIN & Mrs S.C. SMITH, both Prescott, 9 Apr 1910, Prescott

014336-1910 (Leeds Co) Charles Oliver HEATH, 28, Farmer, of Clayton NY, s/o Charles HEATH, Farmer, & Olive DEMOR (Dewar?), married Ethel M. DEROSIA, 20, of Clayton NY, d/o Charles DEROSIA, Farmer, & Mina JULS, witn: Helen C. SPENCER, Mrs. R. LOVELS?, both of Gananoque.  21 June 1910 Gananoque

014340-1910 (Leeds Co) Frederick HEBERT, 26, Piano Maker, of Kingston, s/o Lewis HEBERT & Sarah JUPELL (Jussell?), married Emily Phyllis LaBONTE, 24, of Kingston, d/o Albert LaBONTE & Phyllis DUCHARME, witn: Mrs. GRACEY, Gananoque.  11 July 1910 The Manse Gananoque

014168-1910 (Leeds Co) Hugh Samuel HOLMES, 50, Widowed, Farmer, of Yonge Tp., s/o Hugh P. HOLMES & Rachel BOYCE, married Mary Lavina HEWITT, 58, of Yonge Tp., d/o Jacob HEWITT & Jerusha MOTT, witn: Morley HOLMES, Kitley Tp., Mrs. Pearl SCOTT, Brockville.  7 Feb 1910 Brockville

014180-1910 (Leeds Co) David Forrest HUTTON, 25, Carpenter, of Brockville, s/o William Jas. HUTTON, Carpenter, & Minnie STORY, married Beatrice MONAHAN, 33, of Brockville, d/o Patrick MONAHAN, deceased, & Mary BYRNE, witn: John MONAHAN, Mrs. John MONAHAN, both of Brockville.  13 Apr 1910 Brockville

014176-1910 (Leeds Co) Robert JACKSON, 33, Farmer, of Perth, s/o Oliver JACKSON, farmer, & Eleanor STRONG, married Anna Maude WELLS, 26, of Perth, d/o William WELLS, Farmer, & Mary Ann FERGUSON, witn; William WELLS, Maggie WELLS, both of New Dublin.  30 Mar 1910 Brockville

014337-1910 (Leeds Co) Willie JOHNSTON, 27, Painter, of Alexandria Bay, s/o William Andersen DENMARK, Caretaker, & Anna WAGNER, married Mabel BUCKLEY, 19, of Howe Island, d/o William BUCKLEY, Gardener, & Alice FOOTE, witn: W.W. ESTES,, Alexandria Bay, Emily ORSER, Gananoque.  26 Jun 1910 Gananoque

014472-10 Joseph Lawrence JOHNSTON, 37, Farmer, Wid, none given, Oxford Mills, s/o T.B. JOHNSTON & Martha HOUGH; married Adella POWELL, 20, none given, New York N.Y., d/o Joseph POWELL & Mary J. MURPHY; witn Mrs Mary J. POWELL, New York NY & Mrs S.E. SMITH, Prescott, 14 Apr 1910, Prescott

014209-10 Herbert Burton JOHNSTON, 29, Farmer, Yonge Twp, s/o Samuel JOHNSON (sic) & Elizabeth GILROY; married Murilla BUKER, 22, Yonge Twp, d/o Melvin BUKER & Tina WILEY; wit Nellie B. BROWN, Brockville & Ruth M. EATON, Seeleys Bay, 13 Jul 1910, Brockville
  014355-10 Frank Charles JONES, 23, Bartender, none given, Gananoque, s/o Arthur JONES & Lydia COCHRANE; married Gladys Martha? MACKINTOSH, 20, none given, Gananoque, d/o Frederick MACKINTOSH & Martha LONG; witn Frank McINTOSH & Louisa DE?, both Gananoque, 10 Sept 1910, Gananoque

014154-1910 John Edward KELLY, 26, Farmer, of Lombardy, s/o Hugh KELLY, Farmer, & Eliza DROKER, married Mary Letitia MYERS, 24, of Philipsville, d/o Thomas Henry MYERS, farmer, & Rose Ann HEALEY, witn; John DORKER, (sic) Lombardy, Mary LEADER, Athens.  14 Sept 1910 Philipsville (RC)

014330-1910 Howard Edward KEYES, 22, Spring Finisher, of Gananoque, s/o Robert J. KEYES, & Addie GURAH, married Maud Wilma DEANO (Deans?), 24, of Gananoque, d/o Aaron DEANO, Farrier, & Ida SHURTLIFF, witn: Tom McLENAN, Gananoque, Edna MacFAUL Ivy Lea.  10 May 1910 Gananoque

014164-1910 (Leeds Co) George Frederick KING, 23, Tinsmith, of Brockville, s/o George Frederick KING, Painter, & Annie DAVIS, married Martha Emily MULLIN, 21, of Brockville, d/o Richard John MULLIN, Carpenter, & Julia Margaret COFFEN, witn: L.M. ROBINS, G.L. ROBINS, both of Brockville.  24 Jan 1910 Brockville

014452-10 Harlow James KING, 22, Butcher, none given, Prescott, s/o James William KING & Susan BEATTIE; married Nellie Adeline BISNETT, 25, none given, Prescott, d/o Alfred BISNETT & Susan BEATTIE; witn Charles P. BAKER & Whipple Ethel KING, both Prescott, 30 Mar 1910, Prescott

014217-10 Grant LANGLEY, 50, Foreman, Augusta, s/o William LANGLEY & Maria JACKSON; married Martha PERRIN, 52, Wid, Augusta, d/o Jacob EASTER & Elizabeth LOGILAND?; wit George LANGLEY & Mrs. G. LANGLEY, both Brockville, 27 Aug 1910, Brockville  
014395-1910 (Leeds Co) Frank L. LATIMER, 19, of Lansdowne, s/o David R. LATIMER, Farmer, & Mary A. TOPPING, married Ethel M. McNEELY, Housekeeper, of Lansdowne, d/o James McNEELY, Farmer, & Ella I. YORK, Campbell H. CLENDENNING, Mrs. Campbell CLENDENNING, both of Lansdowne. 16 Feb 1910 Lansdowne

014453-10 Edward LAUSTER, 25, Life Insurance Manager, one given, Ogdensburg, s/o Nicholas LAUSTER & Mary SWAGLER; married Eva Mildred PEARSON, none given, none given, Prescott, d/o Simon M. PEARSON & Sophie D. SNIDER; witn Robert R. DOWSLEY & Charlotte MOSEMAN, both Prescott, 9 Apr 1910, Prescott

014405-1910 (Leeds Co) James LORIMER, 27, Trainman, of Brockville, s/o Samuel LORIMER, Farmer, & Jane BOYD, married Sarah May BURNS, 19, of Lansdowne, d/o William BURNS, Farmer, & Agnes HEASLIP, witn:  William LORIMER, Brockville, Muriel MOLLOY, Lansdowne.  1 Dec 1910 Lansdowne

014406-1910 (Leeds Co) Frederick John LUCY, 30, Farmer, of Joyceville, s/o William LUCY, Farmer, & Mary Elizabeth HOLMES, married Jennie Florence GWYNNE, 19, of South Lake, d/o George GWYNNE, Farmer, & Mary BUCK, witn: George F. LUCY, Joyceville, Lottie CROSS, Wilstead.  14 Dec 1910 South Lake

014167-1910 (Leeds Co) William Henry MADOLE, 28, Farmer, of Mapinka Man., s/o John William MADOLE, Carpenter, & Mary WRIGHT, married Carrie Norma Myrtle HEWITT, 18, of Brockville, d/o William HEWITT, Brick Maker, & Annie BROWN, witn: Richard E. BROWN, Washada Man., Elizabeth CAMERON, Brockville.  2 Feb 1910 Brockville

014461-10 William Gustavus MATHEWS, 22, Farmer, none given, Prescott, s/o Gustavus MATHEWS & Fanzory REED; married Dorothy Edna PERRIGO, 22, none given, Prescott, d/o John PERRIGO & Pheobe PERRIGO; witn R.M. YOUNGE & Mrs R.M. YOUNGE, both Prescott, 28 Jan 1910, Prescott

  014397-1910 (Leeds Co) William Allan McCREADY, 31, Farmer, of Francis-Saskatchewan, s/o Robert Rufus McCREADY, Tanner, & Mary CURTIS, married Lepha SLACK, 28, Housekeeper, of Outlet Ont., d/o John H. SLACK, Farmer, & Delilah RUNNING, witn: Joseph SLACK, Outlet, Roxey McCREADY, Sandbay.   23 Feb 1910 Charleston Lake
014158-1910 (Leeds Co) Michael James McKEON, 27, Labourer, of Brockville, s/o Michael McKEON, Labourer, & Mary Ann DAVIS, married Lillian May LEDGER, 17, of Brockville, d/o Joseph LEDGER, Labourer, & Mary SCOTT, witn: John LEDGER, Mabel LEDGER, both of Brockville.  10 Jan 1910 Brockville

014412-1910 (Grenville Co) George Collins MINOR, 27, Cheese maker, of Manotick, s/o Malcolm MINOR, Electrician, & Emma HAGADORN, married Eva Jane DODD, 22, of Burritts Rapids, d/o William DODD, Labourer, & Sarah LANG, witn: William Elmer WILSON, Lillian Elva WILSON.  11 May 1910 Merrickville

014358-10 Charles James MONAGHAN, 23, Mechanic, none given, Gananoque, s/o Philip & Emma Jane MONAGHAN; married Grace CHENEY, 19, none given, Gananoque, d/o George W. CHENEY & Alice SEYMOUR; witn Ira WATSON & Samantha WATSON, both Gananoque, 23 Sept 1910, Gananoque

014194-1910 (Leeds Co) John Joseph MORAN, 28, Hospital Attendant, of Ogdensburg NY, s/o Bernard MORAN, Farmer, & Elizabeth HARRISON, married Margaret HOBBS, 27, Hospital Attendant, of Ogdensburg NY, d/o Alexander HOBBS, Farmer, & Elizabeth SHEAHAN, witn: Ambrose MORAN, Buffalo, NY, Harriett HOBBS, Ogdensurg NY.  21 June 1910 Brockville (RC)

014457-10 John Samuel MOSS, 33, Marine Engineer, none given, Ogdensburg, s/o Thomas MOSS & Elizabeth COUNTRYMAN; married Mary DASHNEW, 36, Wid, none given, Ogdensburg, d/o John FRENCH & Ann GILBE?; witn R.M. YOUNG & Mrs R.M. YOUNG, both Prescott, 17 Mar 1910, Prescott

014484-10 Ed Franklin MOSS, 23, Lineman?, none given, Canton NY, s/o Charles MOSS & Edith GONYON, married Mildred Amy WHITE, 19, none given, Canton NY, d/o George WHITE & Nellie SMITH; witn Frank POWELL & Mrs R.M. YOUNGE, both Prescott, 21 Jun 1910, Grenville

014221-10 William Benjamin MULLIN (Milton?), 28, Machinist, Brockville, s/o Richard John MULLIN & Julia M. COFFIN; married Maud May WHITE, 23, Brockville, d/o William Henry WHITE & Annie HUMBLE; wit Herbert Leonard WHITE & Mary A. THOMPSON, both no place given, 5 Sept 1910, Brockville  

014474-10 Thomas Jos MURRAY, 22, Mill worker, none given, Ogdensburg, s/o John & Rosanna MURRAY; married Orlena May Belle JOHNSTON, 21, none given, Ogdensburg, d/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Mary COLETHORP?; witn R.M. YOUNGE & Mrs R.M. YOUNGE, both Prescott, 30 May 1910, Grenville

014222-10 Thomas NOCK, 26, Machinist, Brockville, s/o James NOCK & Sarah GRIFFIS; married Mary Elizabeth KNIGHT, 23, Brockville, d/o John KNIGHT & Christina BATH; wit George K. PURVIS & George KNIGHT, both Brockville, 6 Sept 1910, Brockville

014357-10 Cecil Morris? PALMER, 19, Bell-maker, none given, Brockville, s/o Herbert W. PALMER & Jennie VEITCH; married Lulu Mae BIERMAN, 19, none given, Gananoque, d/o Edward W. BIERMAN & Addie BULLIS; witn Myrtle SMITH & Emma J. HURD, both Gananoque, 21 Sept 1910, Gananoque

014333-1910 (Leeds Co) Murton B. PEARCE, 29, Mail Carrier, of Alexandria Bay, s/o G. F. PEARCE, Painter, & C. WAGGONER, married Margaret E. WHITE, 22, of Alexandria Bay, d/o Charles WHITE, Engineer, & C. WRIGHT, witn: G. A. HUTCHINSON, Alexandria Bay, E. ORSER, Gananoque.  17 June 1910 Gananoque
014455-10 James Melvin PEMBERTON, 26, Farmer, none given, Waddington NY, s/o Samuel PEMBERTON & Ellen WALLACE; married Ida Eva PEMBERTON, 19, none given, Waddington NY, d/o James PEMBERTON & Hina HARPER, witn Kate TYPER & Sarah E. SMITH, both Prescott, 9 Mar 1910, Prescott

014212-10 Mansel Neil PLACE, 22, Farmer, Algonquin, s/o Job PLACE & Electra TREMBLEY; married Carrie LA VERE, 19, Spencerville, d/o James Thomas LA VERE & Charlotte E. RICKETT; wit Joseph PLACE & Ida May EUCHER?, both Algonquin, 13 Aug 1910, Brockville

014155-1910 (Leeds) John Anthony PRESTON, 30, Widower, Farmer, of Plum Hollow, s/o Anthony PRESTON, Farmer, & Anna LAYNG, married Mary Jane BARKER, 18, of New Boyne, d/o William Francis BARKER, Farmer, & Eliza WILLIS, witn: Samuel BARKER, Bastard, Mary PRESTON, New Boyne.  20 Sep 1910 New Boyne

014175-1910 (Leeds Co) Milford H. PRICHARD, 30, Farmer,  of Kemptville, s/o John PRICHARD & Martha McKIM, married Myrtle K. DIXON, 18, of Elizabethtown, d/o Isaac DIXON & Jane WIGGINS, witn: Mary E. PURVIS, Mary M. TENNANT, both of Brockville.  29 Mar 1910 Brockville

014165-1910 (Leeds Co) Sidney R. PRUE (PRICE?), 22, Farmer, of Algonquin, s/o Henry PRUE (PRICE?), Farmer, & Cazima LAVAL, married Ruby EASTER, 18, of Algonquin, d/o Henry EASTER, Farmer, & Sophia LANGLEY, witn: Henry EASTER, George A. EASTER, both of Algonquin.  27 Jan 1910 Brockville

014487-10 Luther Edwin PYKE, 47, Steam Drill Runner, Wid, none given, Gouveneur NY, s/o Wesley PYKE & Hannah SPICER; married Maggie FORDHAM, 44, Wid, none given, Gouveneur NY, d/o Robert ANDERSON & Elizabeth O'BRIEN; witn Mrs J. ELLIOTT & Mrs S.E. SMITH, both Prescott, 4 May 1910, Prescott

014354-10 Harold Frederick RANDALL, 21, Tailor, none given, Seeleys Bay, s/o John RANDALL & Jane SMITH; married Anna Bell DAWSON, 19, none given, Morton, d/o Charles DAWSON & Lurena EDGERS; witn Clinton DAWSON, Jones Falls & Jessye STEVENS, Morton, 7 Sept 1910, Gananoque  
014196-1910 (Leeds Co) William RANEY,  75, Widower, Clergyman, of Brampton, s/o Farley RANEY Deceased, & Hannah WALKER, married Amelia LANDON, 65, Widow, of Brockville, d/o William MARTIN, Deceased, & Amelia CHARTERS, witn: Alice LANDON, Cecil LANDON, both of Brockville.  30 June 1910 Brockville 014169-1910 (Leeds Co) George Joseph RANGER, 28, Cook, of Brockville, s/o David RANGER, Labourer, & Margaret PILON, married Edith Minerva CARDINAL, 20, of Brockville, d/o Thomas CARDINAL, Moulder, & Mary Jane BECKETT, witn: A. F. GAULKE, W. H. RANGER, both of Brockville.   8 Feb 1910 Brockville

014353-10 Andrew RATHWELL, 24, Farmer, none given, s/o John RATHWELL & Kattie BAGLEY; married Jessie McMILLAN, 18, none given, Smith Falls, d/o John McMILLAN & Maria ANDERSON: witn Emily ORSER, Gananoque & Lillian SCOTT, Haileybury, 1 Sept 1910, Gananoque

014159-1910 (Leeds Co) John Ernest William ROBINSON, 25, Machinist, of Brockville, s/o John ROBINSON & Rebecca Janet PUGH, married Emily McFARLAND, 22, of Brockville, d/o William McFARLAND & Mary GIRVIN,  witn: Jessie SMITH, A.M. SPARLING, both of Brockville.  11 Jan 1910 Brockville.

014335-1910 (Leeds Co) J. S. Stanley ROWSOME, 29, Farrier, of Athens, s/o William Willoughby ROWSOME & Ann Jane BOLTON, married Zoe Katherine LEITH, 25, of Lansdowne, d/o William M. LEITH, & Eliz. DINEAU (Dinean?), witn: F. W. LEITH, Lansdowne, Mrs. A. GRACEY, Gananoque.  22 June 1910 The Manse, Gananoque

014394-1910 (Leeds Co) Chester RUNNING, 24, Farmer, of Lansdowne, s/o William RUNNING, Farmer, & Andacie STORMS, married Mary M. MacDONALD, Housekeeper, 21, of Mallorytown, d/o John R. MacDONALD, Farmer, & Matilda STAFFORD, witn: Lily M RUNNING, Lansdowne, W. Walter MacDONALD, Mallorytown.  5 Jan 1910  Lansdowne

014220-10 David RUTHERFORD, 26, Farmer, Lyndhurst, s/o David RUTHERFORD & no first name MACLAREN; married Della GODKIN, 25, Lyndhurst, d/o Samuel GODKIN & Nancy McMACHON; wit Mamie M. TENNANT & Nellie B. BROWN, both Brockville, 31 Aug 1910, Brockville 014363-10 Walter B. RYDER, 29, Teacher, none given, New York, s/o Bruce RYDER & Lydia PATRICK; married Madge HAYS, 19, Teacher, none given, New York, d/o Edgar HAYS & Sarah HORTON; witn Emma BLACKHURST & Emily ORSER, both Gananoque, 18 Nov 1910, Gananoque

014224-10 Albert SAYDE, 23, Moulder, Brockville, s/o Alexander SAYDE & Archie CONNOR; married Margaret FRASER, 24, Brockville, d/o Charles FRASER & Victoria BREBANT; wit Napoleon BREBANT & Ida BREBANT, both Brockville, 17 Sept 1910, Brockville


014409-1910 (Grenville Co) William Andrew SCOTT, 38, Farmer, of Oxford Tp., s/o John SCOTT, Farmer, & Martha PERCIVAL, married Jessie PATTERSON, 30, of Marlborough Tp., d/o Benjamin PATTERSON, Farmer, & Sarah KIDD, witn: Richard Levi PERCIVAL, Rebecca Alberta KIDD, both of Oxford Tp., 30 Mar 1910 Burritts Rapids

014182-1910 (Leeds Co) Leon C. SEAMAN, 32, Book keeper, of Syracuse NY, s/o Horace SEAMAN, Book keeper, & Hattie SEAMAN, married Mattie NOXON, 42, of Syracuse NY, d/o Keating NOXON, Labourer, & Bridget MURRAY, witn: Annie PUBLOW, Lizzie PUBLOW, both of Brockville.  18 Apr 1910 Brockville

014456-10 Daniel Bruce SPICER, 23, Farmer, none given, Augusta, s/o Hiram SPICER & Delilah YOUNG; married Anna Bell PYKE, 17, none given, Algonquin, d/o Patrick PYKE & Eliza AZNOE; witn Orpah SPICER, Maynard & S.E. SMITH, Prescott, 9 Mar 1910, Prescott

014211-10 Lee Butterfield SPRINGSTEEN, 32, Printer, Auburn NY, s/o Francis SPRINGSTEEN & Prudence BRIGGS; married Laura ROWE, 22, Auburn NY, d/o Murray ROWE & Orilla LOYD; wit Mrs. W.A. PUBLOW, New York & Lizzie PUBLOW, Brockville, 13 Aug 1910, Brockville

014162-1910 (Leeds Co) Havalah Lawson STEWART, 20, Cheese Maker, of Bastard Tp., s/o John STEWART, Farmer, & Julia HAWSE, married Florence Lafey COWLES, 18, of Bastard Tp., d/o George COWLES, Farmer, & Maria TROTTER, witn: L.M. ROBBINS, M. BEAL, both of Brockville.  18 Jan 1910 Brockville

014459-10 Walter Livingstone STORIE, 42, Farmer, Wid, none given, Gouveneur, s/o Kennedy STORIE & Isabel LAIDLAW; married Annie Helen PATTERSON, 27, none given, Gouveneur, d/o John PATTERSON & Sarah NEELY; witn R.M. YOUNG & Mrs N.D. KEITH, both Prescott, 30 Mar 1910, Grenville

014192-1910 (Leeds Co) Jerry Corbett SUDDABY, 31, Loco Engineer, of Souris Man., s/o William SUDDABY, Carpenter, & Mary MASON, married Lillian May FOXTON,  27, of Brockville, d/o John FOXTON, Carpenter, & Nancy HILLIS, witn: Albert E. FOXTON, Mildred FOXTON, both of Brockville.   15 June 1910 Brockville

014173-1910 (Leeds Co) John Worthington SWART, 24, Carriage Maker, of Brockville, s/o James SWART, Foundryman, & Sarah Jane TUCKER, married Agnes McCLOY, 23, of Brockville, d/o George McCLOY, Foundryman, & Sarah DAVISON, witn: Margaret SOMERVILLE, Fitzroy Harbor, Elizabeth CAMERON, Brockville.  10 Mar 1910 Brockville

014193-1910 (Leeds Co) Frederick George TAYLOR, 27, Baker, of Brockville, s/o James TAYLOR, Mechanic, & Catherine STINSON, married Evelyn Mary PEPPER, 24, of Brockville, d/o William PEPPER, Mechanic, & Margaret ROTHWELL, witn:  Arthur H. FOWLER, Florence M. FOWLER, both of Brockville.  20 June 1910 Brockville

014462-10 Arthur Thomas James THOMPSON, 31, Teck Engineer, none given, Prescott, s/o Thomas P. THOMPSON & Elizabeth RODDEN; married Eleanor Loretta MURDOCK, 22, none given, Prescott, d/o Patrick C. MURDOCK & Harriet Theresa MURPHY; witn S.E. THOMPSON, Kingston & Korleen MURDOCK, Prescott, 2 Feb 1910, Prescott

014163-1910 (Leeds Co) Herbert Burton TIMMERMAN, 30, Widowed, Farmer, of Adams NY, s/o Peter TIMMERMAN & Evelyn GARNER, married Stella May DENNIE, 20, of Adams NY, d/o Romeyn DENNIE & Eunice SPENCER, witn: Mary E. PURVIS, Nellie B. BROWN, both of Brockville.   22 Jan 1910 Brockville

014454-10 Louis Frederick TUNKE (FUNKE?), 39, Fireman, none given, Blessville NY, s/o C.J. TUNKE & Mary MEITH; married Henrietta Dorothy KIMBALL, 39, none given, Blessville NY, s/o William KIMBALL & Elizabeth GRASSAL; witn Mrs D. PERRIN & Mrs S.E. SMITH, both Prescott, 19 Mar 1910, Prescott

014362-10 William David WALKER, 25, Plumber, none given, Kingston, s/o Marcus WALKER & Emeretta YOUNG; married Annie MULLIN, 21, none given, Kingston, d/o Henry & Mary MULLIN; witn Mrs A. GRACEY, Gananoque, 1 Nov 1910, Gananoque


014160-1910 (Leeds Co) Robert WALLACE, 26, Farmer, of Greenbush, s/o James WALLACE & Alice TACKABERRY, married Effie May DAVIS, 22, of Greenbush, d/o George DAVIS & Maggie SMITH, witn: A. M. SPARLING, Pauline G. SPARLING, both of Brockville.  12 Jan 1910 Brockville

014460-10 Newton Nutting WARD, 30, Storekeeper, none given, Fulton NY USA, s/o George WARD & Rhoda BRYANT; married Maud CUSACK, 22, none given, Fulton NY USA, d/o William CUSACK & Metie JACKSON; witn Samuel HENRY & Mrs S.E. SMITH, both Prescott, 20 Jan 1910, Prescott

014359-10 Joseph Walter WARREN, 27, Farmer, none given, Lansdowne Twp, s/o William WARREN & Anne STERN?; married Adeline BURNS, 20, none given, Lansdowne Twp, d/o Thomas BURNS & Sarah Ann BEVINS; witn Mrs W.H. BARNES & Ella MATHEWSON? both Gananoque, 28 Sept 1910, Gananoque

014401-1910 (Leeds Co) Urban Jonathan Benjamin WARREN, 23, Farmer, of Lansdowne, s/o Erastus Edwin WARREN, Farmer, & Mary Elizabeth WEBSTER, married Alice Mildred JOHNSTON, Housekeeper, 21, of Lansdowne, d/o David B. JOHNSTON, Farmer, & Lottie HURST, witn: H.H. MURPHY, M.D., Lansdowne, Gertrude E. JOHNSTON, Oak Leaf.  14 Sept 1910 Lansdowne

014399-1910 (Leeds Co) William J. WEIR, 32, Teacher, of Bathurst, s/o John WEIR, Farmer, & Margaret CUTHBERTSON, married Luella E. SHIELDS, 28, of Lansdowne, d/o John SHIELDS, Gentleman, & Margaret HEASLIP, witn: Mrs. H. E. ATWATER,  H. E. ATWATER, both of Ottawa.  14 Jul 1910 Lansdowne Village

014210-10 Stuart John WILSON, 24, Stock Broker, Toronto, s/o William George WILSON & Annie SMITH; married Gladys Anna BRACKEN, 22, School Teacher, Brockville, d/o Ephaim M. BRACKEN & Alberta GILBERT; wit Ephaim M. BRACKEN, Brockville & Jean BRYSON of Lyn, 11 Aug 1910, Brockville

014478-10 Peter Homer WOODS, 24, Sailor, none given, Ogdensburg, s/o Jesse WOODS & Emma LARUE; married Margaret Helena DEVLIN, 24, none given, Ogdensburg, d/o Felix DEVLIN & Elizabeth MILLS; witn R.M. YOUNG & Mrs N.D. KEITH, both Prescott, 4 Jun 1910, Grenville 014410-1910 (Grenville Co) William Wallace WYLIE, Farmer, 33, of Wolford Tp., s/o James WYLIE, Farmer, & Mary Ann BOYD, married Mary NEWMAN, 28, of Montague Tp., d/o George NEWMAN, Carpenter, & Margaret WILSON, 12 Apr 1910 Montague Tp