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Leeds & Grenville Co, 1914

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014178-1914 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Fred S. BAINS, clerk, 23, of Algonquin, s/o William James BAIN & Sarah Ann DURRANT (?), married Gertrude Lila VOUT, 17, of Algonquin, d/o John D. VOUT & Jane A. WRIGHT, witn: Florence A. BOYD,W. Roy McLEAN, both of Algonquin,  14 April 1914 Augusta Tp 014180-1914 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Floyd Lynn BISSELL, 29, Farmer, Augusta, South Augusta, s/o Tom BISSELL & (not given), married Jean Alexandra ROBERTSON, 23, of South Augusta, d/o (not given), witn: C.E.. BISSELL, Brockville, Flossie P. METCALFE, North Augusta,  4 Feb 1914,  South Augusta 3rd Con
014232-1914 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Andrew Carmichael DORAN, 28, Farmer, Brockville, same, s/o Norman DORN (sic) & Elizabeth WYLIE, married Rose Ella WOODS, 21, North Elmsley, Kitley Tp., d/o George WOODS & Ellen Jane CASTLE, witn: George Woods, Mrs. George Woods, both of Smiths Falls,  29 Apr 1914 Kitley Tp.  
014250-1914 (Leeds Co) William Joseph EGAN, 30, Farmer, of North Crosby, s/o John Bernard EGAN, Farmer, & Mary Anne RICE, married Mary Helena GRANT, 24, School Teacher, of North Crosby, d/o Michael GRANT, Farmer, & Anne ONEILL, witn: James Edward EGAN, Rose Anne GRANT, both of Westport,  29 June 1914 Westport (RC) 014249-1914 (Leeds Co) David EMPEY, 22, Farmer, Stormont, Wales, s/o Charles EMPEY & Elizabeth CARTER, married Murial HUTTON, 19, Brockville, same d/o George HUTTON & Anne CRAIG, witn: Mary Cathy WOODCOCK, Matilda WOODCOCK, both of Brockville,  14 Mar 1914 Brockville
014259-1914 (Leeds Co) John J. FARRELL, 26, Lumberman, Arnprior, Renfrew, s/o Thomas FARRELL & Esther McLEAN, married Minnie Isabel WOOD, South Elmsley, same, d/o Jas. WOOD & Ann WILLS, witn: Jessie PHILLIPS, F. B. PHILLIPS, both of Smiths Falls,  29 Sept 1914 South Elmsley 014257-1914 (Leeds Co) Hartley FERGUSON, 22, Farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o James FERGUSON & Margaret DAVIS, married Evalyn Irene LANDON, 21, Lansdowne, same, d/o Warren LANDON & Margaret TRICKEY, witn: Mrs. Agnes GRACEY, Gananoque, Mrs. E. D. BANFIELD, Vancouver,  3 Dec 1914 The Manse-Gananoque
014255-1914 (Leeds Co) Matthew Joseph FLANAGAN, 27, Comm. traveller, Brockville, Montreal , s/o John FLANAGAN & Margaret LEARY, married Maud Pearl DUNN, 29, Brockville, same, d/o Thomas DUNN & Manette (? smudged) MORRISON, witn: Harry MULDOON, Anna L. RYAN, both of Brockville.  20 Oct 1914 Brockville 014253-1914 (Leeds Co) Albert FOURNIER, 25, Labourer, Montreal PQ, Brockville, s/o Napoleon FOURNIER & Aldi BEAUPRE, married Mary MONAHAN, 21, Brockville, same, d/o James MONAHAN & Margaret McNAMARA, witn: Amos ABBOTT, Mrs. William MANON, both of Brockville.  28 Nov 1914 Brockville (RC)
014254-1914 (Leeds Co) John Philip FRANCIS, 29, Book Accountant, London England, Brockville, s/o John Sydenham FRANCIS & Ada UPWARD, married Laura Margaret HOLLISTER, 21, Brockville, same, d/o Edson Samuel HOLLISTER & Warrender GALLINGHER, witn: Albert WRIGHT, Mrs. Albert WRIGHT, both of Brockville,  2 Dec 1914 Brockville 014252-1914 (Leeds Co) Alexander Laing FRASER, 29, Scotland, Stores Conn.,   USA, s/o George FRASER & Elizabeth MacPHAIL, married Mary Muir HARDING, 33, Widow, Scotland, Brockville, d/o Robert MUIR & Margaret RUSSELL, witn: Elizabeth BELL, Lawrence BELL, both of Brockville,  24 Aug 1914 Brockville
01456-1914 (Leeds Co) Arthur FREE, 22, Farmer, Sand Bay, Bessaton? Tp. - Leeds Co, s/o Ruben FREE & Emily J. HILL, married Lizzie EARL, 24, Lansdowne, same, d/o Alan EARL & Lucy EARL, witn: Robert EARLE, Yonge, Anna EARL, Lyndhurst,  16 Nov 1914 Athens 014272-1914 (Leeds Co) Thomas John GARDINER, 21, Farmer, Plum Hollow, Athens, s/o Royal GARDINER & Annie MOORE, married Lucy GREEN, 21, Glen Elbe, Yonge Twp., d/o George GREEN & Artie BONSTEALE, witn: May J. JAMIESON, Brockville, Isabella A. HEGADORN, Kingston,  12 Nov 1914 Brockville
014262-1914 (Leeds Co) John Ford GILLESPIE, 28, Civil Servant, Leeds Co., Ottawa, s/o Edward GILLESPIE & Sarah CUNNINGHAM, married Margaret Elizabeth ROOT, 25, Leeds Co., Gananoque, d/o Gilbert ROOT & Margaret POLLOCK, witn: James Kelly ROOT, Montreal, J.C. GILLESPIE, North Bay,  24 June 1914 Gananoque 014271-1914 (Leeds Co) Joseph Sinclair GILPIN, 27, Letter Carrier, Brockville, same, s/o James GILPIN & Alice PETTEN, married Frances Adelaide Wilson GRAY, 24, Armagh Co Ireland, Brockville d/o Robert GRAY & Margaret GILPIN, witn: Thomas J. GILPIN, Mary E. GILPIN, both of Brockville,  19 August 1914 Brockville
014273-1914 (Leeds Co) Robert Andrew GLENN, 31, Farmer, Carmuggh Ireland, Maitland, s/o Samuel GLENN & Rosa RAMSAY, married Ellen BROWNE, 21, Antrim Ireland, Brockville, d/o Robert BROWNE & Mary McELWEE, witn: Jeanie GLENN, J.B. O'ROARKE, both of Brockville,  22 Dec 1914 Brockville 014267-1914 (Leeds Co) William Osborne GLIDDON, 26, Medical illegible,  Ottawa, same, s/o William Searle GLIDDON & Julia Agnes SCHAGEL, married Elizabeth Mackay TURNER, 25, Gananoque, same, d/o John B. TURNER & Eugenie MACKAY, witn: John B. TURNER, Gananoque, Mrs. D. CAMPBELL, Toronto,  7 Feb 1914 Christ Church, Gananoque
014270-1914 (Leeds Co) Robert Mount Joy GOLD, 24, Engineer, Boston Mass., Brockville, s/o Edward Lee GOLD & unknown, married Gladys Pearl WOODCOCK, 18, Athens, Brockville, d/o Joseph WOODCOCK & Lilly LYN, witn: Florence WOODCOCK, Jack BEATY, both of Brockville,  14 July 1914 Brockville 014269-1914 (Leeds Co) Samuel Marshall GRAHAM, 24, Moulder, West Luther Tp., Brockville, s/o John GRAHAM & Catherine STRUTHER, married Margaret Eliza DOWD, 22, Canton NY, Brockville, d/o James DOWD & (not given), witn: John J. HALL, Rose M. DOWD, both of Brockville,  21 May 1914 Brockville
014263-1914 (Leeds Co) Thomas Arthur GRAY, 20, Barber, Crosby, Newboro, s/o Charles GRAY & Jane LANGDON, married Susanna Jane LLOYD, 20, Gananoque, Elgin, d/o Albert LLOYD, & Lizzie JOHNSON, witn: Edward ROWSWELL, Singleton, Elva LLOYD, Elgin,  23 June 1914, Elgin 014268-1914 (Leeds Co) Hiram GREEN, 41, Cheese Maker, Westport, Newboro, s/o Thomas GREEN & Jerusha BARKER, married Frances CANDY, 38, Brenmore? England, Newboro, d/o Frederick CANDY & Fanny WATERMAN?, witn: W. U. BAKER,  24 Feb 1914 Newboro Village [faded reg’n]

11117-14 (Leeds Co) David John HUGHSON, 28, farmer, of Opinicon, s/o Seth HUGHSON, farmer & Elizabeth RANSIER married Edith Mary CLAXTON, 18, of Opinicon, d/o James Henry CLAXTON, farmer & Esther WESTON, witn: Ethel BARNES & Herbert BARNES of Crosby, 1 June 1914, Bedford

14417-1914 (Leeds Co) John PENNYFATHER, 23 A tenant, White Plans NY, Brockville, John PENNYFATHER & Catherine McKAY, married Flora Irene SHERWOOD, 20, Maitland, Brockville, d/o Melvin SHERWOOD, & Mary MORGAN, witn: Mary Wilhelmina JAMIESON, Annie MOORE both of Brockville. 2 Mar 1914 Brockville  
14419-191 4 (Leeds Co) William Harvey PERRYMAN. 26, Mica Business, of Kingston, s/o John T. PERRYMAN & Emma MOUEK, married Myrtle Gertrude HAYES, 20, of Elgin, d/o Albert HAYES & Dora WOOD, witn: Sinclair SMITH, Nellie PINKERTON, both of Elgin. 26 Aug 1914 Elgin 14423-1914 (Leeds Co) William Marcus PHILLIPS, 37, Tailor, of Brockville, s/o William Marcus PHILLIPS & Johanna KEHOE, married Helen Catherine GILLERAN, 31, Trained Nurse, of Brockville, d/o James GILLERAN & Mary FEE, witn: Lucien NOURY Elizabeth GILLERAN, both of Brockville. 9 Sept 1914 Brockville (RC)
14424-1914 (Leeds Co) John Henry POOLE, 32, Artizan (sic), of Brockville, s/o Henry POOLE & Emily CHANDLER, married Rosina Mary BENSON, 29, of Brockville, d/o Frank BENSON & Mary WEBSTER, witn: Harry LEON & Elizabeth LEON of Brockville. 9 Dec 1914 Brockville 14421-1914 (Leeds Co) James Alfred POOLE, 28, Farmer, Grenadier Island, same, s/o William POOLE & Susan MORRIS, married Cassie MILLER, 19, Mallorytown, same d/o James MILLER & Ellen McEVOY, witn: Lena M. HAY, N. Mac D. BURNS, both of Brockville. 22 Sept 1914 Brockville
14420-1914 (Leeds Co) John Herbert POPE, 27, Farmer, Plum Hollow, Elgin, s/o Robert POPE & Olive PRATT, married Florence MATTICE, 23, Delta, Elgin, d/o Henry MATTICE & Charlotte BRYAN, witn: D.E. McCLEMENT, Katie McCLEMENT, both of Westport. 23 Sep 1914 Westport 14418-1914 (Leeds Co) George Hamilton POTTER, 23, Trainman, Brockville, same, s/o James POTTER & Ann LACKIE, married Agnes Leona HENNESSY, 18, Brockville, same, d/o James HENNESSY & Caroline POULEN, witn: George Gardner KIRLIN, Nora May KIRLIN, both of Brockville. 19 June 1914 Brockville
14429-1914 (Leeds Co) Arthur Edward RAISON, 21, Farmer, of Harlem, s/o John RAISON & Tabitha LANGDON, married Maude Victoria PATTEMORE, 21, of Harlem, d/o George PATTEMORE & Martha LEADER, witn: Asa PATTEMORE, Leila GALLAGHER, both of Harlem. 18 Feb 1914 Bastard Tp. 14431-1914 (Leeds Co) Allan Hugh RALPH, 24, Farmer, Morrisburg, Rear of Lansdowne, s/o Nicholas RALPH & Mary RANKIN, married Emma Louise SHEFFIELD, 21, Lyndhurst, same, d/o Christopher A. SHEFFIELD & Clara MOORE, witn: Sloan Dewey RALPH, Maitland, Helen Gertrude SHEFFIELD, Lyndhurst. 30 Dec 1914 St. Luke's Church Lyndhurst
14433-1914 (Leeds Co) Alexander REDMOND, 40, Farmer, Widower, Pine Grove-Leeds Tp., same, s/o Johnston REDMOND & Mary Ann BRUCE, married Edith NORTHEN (Worthen?), 35, Manchester England, Pine Grove-Leeds Tp., d/o George NORTHEN & Julie RICHARDSON, witn: Annie LOUCKS, Ruth LOWE, both of Gananoque. 29 Dec 1914 Gananoque 14435-1914 (Leeds Co) Charles Osborne RICHARDSON, 34, Farmer, Balderson, same, s/o Thomas RICHARDSON & Catherine Stewart McLENAHAN, married Mabel Marjorie FORRESTER, 24, Westport, same, d/o John FORRESTER & Bridget Ellen McCARDLE, witn: T. M. RICHARDSON, Balderson, Elizabeth FORRESTER, Westport. 30 Sept 1914 Westport
14427-1914 (Leeds Co) James Anthony RUNNING, 54, Widower, Caretaker, of Toronto, s/o Hugh RUNNING & Jean KNOX, married Sarah TRICKEY, 21+, widow, of Lansdowne, d/o Alex HEASLIP & Sarah MOORE, witn: John Wesley BURNS Mrs. William. BURNS, Lansdowne. 6 Apr 1914 Lansdowne 14437-1914 (Leeds Co) Alexander RUSSELL, 23, Edinburgh, Brockville, s/o Robert RUSSELL & Eliza PRINGLE , married Lydia E. TYE, 20, Lyndhurst, same, d/o Emsley TYE & Susan WEEKS, witn: Mrs. McALPINE, Delta, Wayne CONANT, Lyndhurst. 17 Sept 1914 Delta
14459-1914 (Leeds Co) William Rowan SARGENT, 22, Tinsmith, Ayrshire Scotland, Brockville, s/o James SARGENT & Janet ROWAN, married Myrtle May HEWITT, 21, Algonquin, Brockville, d/o William HEWITT & Mary Jane DURANT?, witn: George SARGENT, Martin SARGENT, both of Brockville. 17 Jan 1914 Brockville 14455-1914 (Leeds Co) Paul Oscar SCHEABEL, 20, Farm Laborer, Hamburg Germany, Gananoque, s/o August Earet SCHEABEL & Augustus FUHL (Zuhl?), married Amly HUNTLEY, 18, Escott, Gananoque, d/o Jacque HUNTLEY & Louise SEYMORE, witn: Carl WAYNKE (?),T. Demster, Miss Madeline WILSON, Deseronto. 18 Nov 1914 Gananoque
14456-1914 (Leeds Co) Alexander Gorham SHARPE, 28, Widower, Butler, Douglas Scotland, Brockville, s/o Alexander SHARPE & Catherine GORDON, married Margaret DOUGHERTY, 30, Onslow Quebec, Brockville, d/o William DOUGHERTY & Mary COPELAND, witn: Florence KENNEY, Elizabeth WILLIAMS. (no res. given). 17 Sept 1914 Brockville 14461-1914 (Leeds Co) Edward Harrison SHARPE, 42, Hotel Keeper, Brooklyn NY, Brockville, s/o James SHARPE & Harriett FARR, married Catherine (or Katheline) Josephine O'BRIEN, 29, Brockville, same, d/o Thomas O'BRIEN & Hannah RYAN, witn: Thomas O'BRIEN, Sadie O'BRIEN, both of Brockville. 11 June 1914 Brockville
14438-1914 (Leeds Co) Albert Tupper SHEETS, 33, Machinist, Mallorytown, Gananoque, s/o Matthew SHEETS & Emily ELIGH, married Emily Gertrude DUSTIN , 31, Gananoque, same, d/o William Mackie? DUSTIN & Sarah SMITH, witn: William J. DUSTIN, Lusina LLOYD, both of Gananoque. 10 Aug 1914 Gananoque 14460-1914 (Leeds Co) William John SHEPPARD, 34, Farmer, County Down Ireland, Brockville, s/o Samuel SHEPPARD & Mary Jane ALLAN, married Henrietta GRIBBIN, 32, County Down Ireland, Brockville, d/o Thomas GRIBBIN & Mary HAFFERTY, witn: Alfred James McLAUGHLIN, Matilda WOODWELL, both of Brockville. 22 August 1914 Brockville
14450-1914 (Leeds Co) Samuel Washington SHUGARS, 27, Farmer, Virginia, Washington-USA, s/o Jas. J. SHUGARS & Cassandra STREEBERNIE, married Margaret COCHRANE, 25, of Gananoque, same, d/o Samuel COCHRANE & Catherine HAESKE?, witn: Henry G. COCHRANE, & Kathryn COCHRANE, both of Leeds. 15 Apr 1914 At residence of Bride's father, Gananoque, Leeds 14454-1914 (Leeds Co) Burns SIMPSON, 20, Farmer, of Seeley's Bay, s/o Samuel SIMPSON & Louisa Ann BENNETT, married Mary Mathield STEWART (or Stuart, both given), 23, of Morton, d/o William John STEWART & Margaret BLACKMAN, witn: James H. SIMPSON, Seeley's Bay, Estella SLY, Morton. 4 Nov 1914 Leeds Twp
14458-1914 (Leeds Co) Charles O. SNELL, 25, Shoe Salesman, Potsdam NY, Watertown NY, s/o Ovetta(?) SNELL & Margaret IRVING, married Anna PREVO, 24, Kingston, Augusta? Ont, d/o James PREVO & Mary BUSH, witn: Matilda WOODWELL, Mary L WOODWELL, both of Brockville ? Mar 1914 Brockville 14440-1914 (Leeds Co) William George STEDMAN, 29, Farmer, Crosby, same, s/o William. F. STEDMAN & Lucy STOUT, married Mary Etta JOHNSTON, 18, Crosby, same, d/o Thomas. JOHNSTON & Ina HALLIDAY, witn: Sherman STOUT, Edna STOUT both of Crosby. 24 June 1914 Crosby
14439-1914 (Leeds Co) William. E. SUMMERS, 26, Farmer, Brockville, Mallorytown, s/o Edmond SUMMERS & Jennie JENKINS, married Myrtle E. JORDAN, 23, Mallorytown, same, d/o Albert JORDAN & Margaret HALL, witn: Laura PORAEN? , Clifford HODGE, both of Mallorytown. 4 Aug 1914 Mallorytown (faded)

008401-14 (Leeds Co) Gordon McCullough SUMMERS, 28, Farmer, none given, Rockfield, s/o Culbert & Harriet A. SUMMERS; married Blanche Addie LONEY, full age, none given, Warburton, d/o Harriet A. McCULLOUGH & Addie EARL; witn G.E. LONEY, Warburton & M.E. SUMMERS, Rockfield, 15 Oct 1914, Warburton

14457-1914 (Leeds Co) Francis William SUNDERLAND, 30, Machinist, of Augusta Twp., s/o Thomas SUNDERLAND & Mary PURDY, married Dora May EDWARDS, 19, of Elizabethtown Twp., d/o John EDWARDS & Florence GLAZIER, witn: Mary J, JAMIESON Eva M. JAMIESON, both of Brockville 23 Dec 1914 Brockville

014492-14 (Leeds Co) Ross VANORMAN, 23, Farmer, none given, Sand Bay, s/o Daniel VANORMAN & Lydia TOUGH; married Emma Sophia KELSEY, 23, none given, Long Point, d/o James KELSEY & Lily TAYLOR; witn Roy VANORMAN, Lansdowne & Gertrude KELSEY, Long Point, 6 May 1914, Lansdowne Twp

014501-14 (Leeds Co) Haley WATSON, 58, none given, Wid, Butternut Bay, Charlton Outlet, s/o William WATSON & Jane FRENCH; married Elizabeth WOOD (or WOODS), 40, Wid, Alexander Bay US, Charlton Outlet, d/o John MAYERS? & Jane FIELDS; witn A. WATSON & Sarah WATSON, both Athens, 11 May 1914, Athens Village

014501-14 (Leeds Co) William Joseph WEBSTER, 26, Clerk, Elizabethtown, Brockville, s/o Thomas A. WEBSTER & Annie HOUSTON; married Edith Mary BATTISTON (Bathston?), 24, Brockville, Brockville, d/o Ben? BATTISTON & Christy MARTIN?; witn C. WHITE? & W.C. BATTISTON, both Brockville, 5 Mar 1914, Brockville

014492-14 (Leeds Co) Melville WEIR, 22, Farmer, Oso Station, Havelock, s/o William WEIR & Elizabeth WARREN; married Melissa Maud BEDARD, 19, North Crosby, Harlem, North Crosby, d/o William BEDARD & Agnes KERR; witn Edward WEIR, Sharbot Lake & Mary BEDARD, Harlem, 24 Jun 1914, Athens

014515-14 (Leeds Co) Hamlet Eslie WHITCOMB, 41, Civil Servant, Hull Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Samuel Bacon WHITCOMB & Elizabeth STORY; married Ruby Elizabeth ROSE, 27, King Ontario, Brockville, d/o John H. [STORY] & Agnes STEWART; witn Leslie E. ROSE, Niagara Falls NY US & Agnes L. ROSE, Brockville, 3 Jun 1914, Brockville

014513-14 (Leeds Co) Francis WHITE, 23, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, s/o James WHITE & Anne CHARLTON; married Mary Margaret AMO, 20, Brockville, Brockville, d/o Louis AMO & Catherine WHITFORD; witn William & Nellie WHITE of Brockville, 2 Feb 1914, Brockville

014516-14 (Leeds Co) Horace WILKINSON, 22, Birmingham, Kingston, s/o Joseph WILKINSON & no mother given; married Alice May PATTERSON, 20, Washburn? - Storrington twp, Seeley’s Bay, d/o no father given & Annie McCLEMENT; witn Bertram Joseph WILKINSON, Seeley’s Bay & Christina BATES, no place given, 23 Sept 1914, Seeley’s Bay

014497-14 (Leeds Co) James WILLIAMS, 25, Farmer, Lansdowne Twp, Lansdowne Twp, s/o Richard WILLIAMS & Jane McCORMACK; married Sarah Jane GAMBLE, 22, Cresworth? - Douglas twp., South Crosby, d/o William GAMBLE & Elizabeth McCARN; witn Robert WILLIAMS, Lansdowne Twp & Maude E. GAMBLE, South Crosby, 3 Jun 1914, Lyndhurst

014508-14 (Leeds Co) George Henry WILLIS, 29, Clerk, Montreal, Montreal, s/o Alex Parker WILLIS & Jean Burnease DUNCAN; married Loleta Banks WOOD, 29, Brockville, Brockville, d/o James Alex WOOD & Emily KEELER; witn James Alex WOOD & Mrs James Alex WOOD, both Brockville, 9 Sept 1914, Brockville

014510-14 (Leeds Co) Alfred WILSON, 30, Clerk, Meyersburg Ont, Ottawa, s/o James WILSON & Margaret VARCOE; married Gertrude DAVIS, 26, Brockville, Brockville, d/o William Jas DAVIS & Berderina E. ROBERTS; witn Owen DAVIS & George W. DAVIS, both Brockville, 31 Oct 1914, Brockville

014520-14 (Leeds Co) Harry Arthur WILSON, 43, Civil Servant, Wid, none given, Brockville, s/o Thomas WILSON & Elizabeth SEABRIDGE; married Anny KEHOE, 38, none given, Brockville, d/o Michael J. KEHOE & Mary Jane BRANNIFF; witn J.C. GOULD, Syracuse NY & Alice KEHOE, Brockville, 13 Jun 1914, Brockville

014503-14 (Leeds Co) Daniel Correl WILTSE, 24, Farmer, Newboro, Newboro, s/o Eli Avil? WILTSE & Elizabeth HOUGHTON; married Amanda GRAY, 19, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o Thomas GRAY & Ellen W--? (Wiltse?); witn Benjamin GRAY & Margaret L. GRAY, both Newboro, 5 May 1914, Newboro Village

014514-14 (Leeds Co) Claude Cornell WILTSE, 24, Farmer, Athens, Athens, s/o Christopher WILTSE & Lucy CORNELL; married Maude Mary HEWETT (or HEWITT), 30, Sutton England, Brockville, d/o John HEWETT & Anna MURRAY; witn Sadye Ophelia WILTSE, Athens & Lewis HEWITT, Brockville, 27 Jan 1914, Brockville

014506-14 (Leeds Co) Robert William WING, 25, Cheese maker, Westport, Westport, s/o William J. WING & Ida LAWSON; married Merald Estella GORSLINE, 19, Elgin, Bedford Mills, d/o James GORSLINE & Lola ALFORD; witn Lucy WING & Lizzie BALDWIN, both Westport, 24 Nov 1914, Westport

014509-14 (Leeds Co) Hugh Daniel WISEMAN, 30, Barber, Wid, Wyevale Simcoe Co, Brockville, s/o John WISEMAN & Lucy LOGAN; married Gertrude GEORGE, 27, Brockville, Brockville, d/o James GEORGE & Ann Jane HIGGINS; witn James GEORGE & Florence GEORGE, both Brockville, 25 Aug 1914, Brockville

014496-14 (Leeds Co) Edward WOOD, 32, Farmer, Lombardy, Lombardy, s/o Robert WOOD & Joanna LOOBY; married Sarah Jane BROWN, 32, Frankville, Frankville, d/o Wesley BROWN & Jane LANG; witn Albert E. WOOD, Lombardy & Estella McEWEN? (McCuin?), Toledo, 24 Jun 1914, Frankville

014511-14 (Leeds Co) Edgbert WOOD, 32, Farmer, Bastard, Bastard Twp, s/o John WOOD & Ellenor DRUMMOND; married Bertha CROSS, 32, Lansdowne Young Twp, d/o Dennis CROSS & Mary Ann DAY; witn Garfield CREIGHAM? & Kistha CROSS, both Athens, 23 Dec 1914, Brockville

014493-14 (Leeds Co) Charles Brock WOODS, 29, Farmer, Bastard Twp, Bastard Twp, s/o Delorma WOOD & Annie BRISTLEN; married Grace Hazel SHIER, 24, Bedford Mills, Rear of Lansdowne, d/o George SHIER & Dorcas WHITE; witn James Herbert SHIRE or SHIER & Dorcas SHIER, both Lansdowne, 7 Jul 1914, Lansdowne