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Leeds & Grenville Co, 1918

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011973-1918 (Grenville Co) Walter Franklin ALBERRY, 24, Farmer, Wolford Tp, North Augusta, s/o Silas Benjamin ALBERRY & Louise ALBERRY, married Effie May PERRIN, 16, Wolford Tp, Spencerville, d/o Frederick Milton PERRIN & Bertha Luella ALBERRY, witn: Almerian ALBERRY, North Augusta, Ida WILKINS, Spencerville, 6 Nov 1918 at North Augusta 011975-1918 (Leeds Co) Harold Ireton ALBERY, 26, Ogdensburg NY, Brockville, s/o William H. ALBERY & Sarah IRETON, married Edith SIMMONS, 24, England, England, d/o Thomas SIMMONS & Edith ALBERY, witn: Sara ALBERY, Bessie SMART, both of Brockville, 8 Jan 1918 at Brockville
011974-1918 (Grenville Co) Sylvester Pierce ALKERTON, 26, Farmer, Hamilton, Domville, s/o Thomas ALKERTON & Cynthia DAVIDSON, married Mary Gladys BALDWIN, 17, Domville, same, d/o James H. BALDWIN & Elizabeth DORAN, witn: Russell J. BROWN, Mrs. Russell J. BROWN, both of Spencerville, 11 Sept 1918 at Maynard Parsonage 011977-1918 (Grenville Co) Clarence Frederick ALLEN, 25, Machinist, Prescott, Kingston, s/o James Samuel ALLEN & Martha DANIELS, married Mary Catherine McCARNEY, 23, Augusta, same, d/o James McCARNY (sic) & Catherine SMITH, witn: P.C. McCARNY, Prescott, Beatrice FLANIGAN, Maitland, 23 Apr 1918 at Prescott (RC)
011972-1918 (Grenville Co) James Harold ANDERSON, 22, Farmer, Oxford Tp, same, s/o John ANDERSON & Bella HOLMES, married Eva Beatrice MARTIN, 21, England, Smiths Falls, d/o Benjamin MARTIN & Mary WINTERBOTTOM, witn: Eunice A. MacLEOD, Kemptville, John ANDERSON, Oxford Mills, 11 Dec 1918 at Kemptville 011976-1918 (Leeds Co) George Ellsworth ARNOLD, 31, Railway Employee, Roxborough Tp - Stormont Co, Smiths Falls, s/o John ARNOLD & Elizabeth HEALEY, married Emma RICE, 22, Jasper, Smiths Falls, d/o Robert RICE & Elizabeth LUCAS, witn: Gorge F. YOUNGELISS, Smiths Falls, Letty RICE, Jasper, 5 June 1918 at Home of Bride's Parents - Kitley Tp
011979-1918 (Leeds Co) Freeman BAIN, 34, Labor, Algonquin, Brockville , s/o William BAIN & Sarah DURANT (or Durand), married Maud FLANNIGAN, 19, Cornwall, Brockville, d/o George FLANNIGAN & Georgina MERON (or Mern) witn: Samuel PYKE, Ethel FLANNIGAN, both of Brockville, 16 Nov 1918 at Brockville 011994-1918 (Leeds Co) William Heycourt BALL, 31, Ammunition Inspector, England, Brockville, s/o Frederick BALL & Ellen WALTERS, married Hazel Victoria JACOBS, 22, Kingston, Brockville, d/o W. JACOBS & Hattie BERANCE, witn: W. J. JACOBS, Edythe Jacob GRAHAM, both of Brockville, 1 July 1918 at Brockville
011999-1918 (Leeds Co) John George BAYNHAM, 48, Farmer, Edwardsburg, Augusta Tp, s/o Henry BAYNHAM & Mary RAINEY, married Ethel May VALLANCE, 26, Woodland Ont, Augusta Tp, d/o Alexander VALLANCE & Agnes CROSS, witn: Margaret GARDNER, Annis BYRNE, both of Brockville, 30 May 1918 at Brockville 011988-1918 (Leeds Co) Lotan Giles BAXTER, 20, Farmer, Jones Falls, same, s/o Robert BAXTER & Anna RANCIER, married Mary SLY, 21, Lyndhurst, same, d/o Thomas SLY & Mary STEACY, witn: Thomas Hayward WILLS, Jones Falls, Gladys SLY, Lyndhurst, 23 Oct 1918 at Seeleys Bay
011981-1918 (Leeds Co) Charles Square BEACH, 42, Widower, Forger, Elizabethtown, Brockville, s/o George BEACH & Margaret OAKES, married Flora Elizabeth HAYES, 31, England, Brockville, d/o Daniel HAYES & Elizabeth SHAW, witn: Peter T. MacLAURIN, Alice H. KELLY, both of Brockville, 14 Oct 1918 at Brockville  
011997-1918 (Leeds Co) George William BEATTIE, 32, Merchant, Wellandport, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Alex J. BEATTIE & Jane WILSON, married Ella J. STEWART, 33, Gananoque, same, d/o Harvey J. STEWART & Martha J. REID, witn: Mrs. Clara R. TAYLOR, Gananoque, Fred A. BEATTIE, St. Catharines, 18 June 1928 at Gananoque 011998-1918 (Leeds Co) James Cranston BEECHER, 49, Baggage Agt, London Ont, Brockville, s/o George M. BEECHER & Margaret M. CRANSTON, married Agnes Barber McCULLOCH, 42, Brockville, same, d/o George McCULLOCH & Mary CASTLE, witn: J. McCULLOCH, Westport, Mae ELLENBERG, 62 Hall St - St. George - Staten Is, 3 June 1918 at Brockville
011978-1918 (Leeds Co) Charles John BELL, 35, Soldier, Port Colborne, Toronto, s/o Henry BELL & Latitia BURROUGHS, married Dorothy Ethel SHERIDAN, 23, Army Nurse, Brockville, Toronto, d/o James SHERIDAN & Martha NAPPER, witn: Charles Edward SHERIDAN, Florence Margie SHERIDAN, both of Brockville, 26 Dec 1918 at Brockville 011992-1918 (Leeds Co) Thomas Stuart BELL, 24, Farmer, Pittsburg Tp, Leeds Tp, s/o Thomas BELL & Sarah WILSON, married Florence May CARPENTER, 18, Leeds Tp, same, d/o William CARPENTER & May McGOVERN, witn: Nellie LAKE, Mary S. HOLLINGSWORTH, both of Gananoque, 11 Sep 1918 at Gananoque
012003-1918 (Grenville Co) Ivan George BERRY, 24, Farmer, Prescott, Ventnor, s/o David BERRY & Catharine PHILLIPS, married Eva Amelia PHILLIPS, 19, Lynn, South Mountain, d/o Benjamin PHILLIPS & Lillian CAIN, witn: John IRVING, Margaret BERRY, both of Ventnor, 26 June 1918 at Shanly 011983-1918 (Leeds Co) James Ephraim BERRY, 32, Leeds Tp, same, s/o William John BERRY & Viola CHASE, married Almeda Experience SIMPSON, 21, Leeds Tp, same, d/o James SIMPSON & Artemisia WASHBURN, witn: Oliver M. SIMPSON, Seeleys Bay, Mary Catherine BERRY, Lyndhurst 18 Dec 1918 at Seeleys Bay
11990-1918 (Leeds Co) Wilber Elliot BEST, 36, Farmer, North Emsley (s/b Elmsley) , Port Emsley (s/b Elmsley), s/o John Howard BEST & Eliza Janie FERGUSON, married Gladys R. RICE, 26, Farming, Kitley Tp, same, s/o Robert RICE & Elizabeth LUCAS, witn: William H. PORTER, Smiths Falls, Letitia RICE, RR#2 Jasper, 25 Sept 1918 at home of bride's parents Kitley Tp 012001-1918 (Leeds Co) Allan Albert BIRKS, 25, Mechanic, Brockville, same, s/o William BIRKS & Charlotte MACK, married Ethel Marguerite GWYNNE, 24, Brockville, same, d/o Robert GWYNNE & Margaret CATER, witn: Margaret GWYNNE Bertha GWYNNE, both of Brockville, 29 Jan 1918 at Brockville
011993-1918 (Grenville Co) Angus John Archibald BLAINE, 36, Farmer, Mountain Tp, same, s/o John BLAINE & Margaret McLAIN, married Vernie Lulu May ADAMS, 22, Mountain Tp, Oxford Tp, d/o James ADAMS & Margaret MALCOMSON, witn: James ADAMS, Pearl ADAMS, both of Kemptville, 4 Sept 1918 at Kemptville 011980-1918 (Leeds Co) Edmund BOLTON, 31, R.R. Engineer, Portland, Brockville, s/o Thomas BOLTON & Annie MOSS, married Bertha ABBOTT, 30, Brockville, same, d/o Amos ABBOTT & Ann FULFORD, witn: William G. WATSON, M. ABBOTT, both of Brockville, 19 Nov 1918 at Brockville
012002-1918 (Leeds Co) Robert Hamilton BOND, 30, Farmer, England, Bastard Tp, s/o Joshua BOND & Emma Jane HAMILTON, married Myrtle May POWELL, 30, Canada, Bastard Tp, d/o Henry W. POWELL & Julia POOLE, witn: Edmond DeWOLFE, Mary M. POOLE, both of Portland, 3 July 1918 at Mallorytown 011986-1918 (Leeds Co) Bruce Gower BOYD, 22, Farmer, Augusta Twp, same, s/o Albert BOYD & Alice BARR, married Caroline Edna FULFORD, 22, Elizabethtown Tp, same, d/o Horace FULFORD & Emma BELLINGER, witn: Travess W. QUARTUS, RR#2 Prescott, Tena V. FULFORD, RR#1 Fairfield, 23 Dec 1918 Elizabethtown Tp
  011982-1918 (Leeds Co) Robert Cecil BRIEN, 22, Soldier, Mattawa Kingston, s/o William BRIEN & Jane BUCHANAN, married Florence May SHOTTER, 25, London Eng, Brockville, d/o William S. SHOTTER & Edith A. CROWE, witn: Willis S. SHOTTER and Flo I SHOTTER, both of Brockville, 31 July 1928 at Brockville
011989-1918 (Grenville Co) John BROOKS, 35, Farmer, Suffolk England, Mountain Tp s/o William BROOKS & Rosina F. CRANE, married Edith Dea COUGHLER, 24, Widow, South Gower Tp, Mountain Tp, d/o Malcom WORKMAN & Ida Elizabeth JACKSON, witn: W. J. BROOKS, Mountain, Bertha PIXLEY, Kemptville, 2 Oct 1918 at Kemptville 011996-1918 (Leeds Co) Thorfinnson BROWN, 36, Farmer, LaShulz Que, Claresholm Alberta, s/o Gerald C. BROWN & Annie DENNIS, married Laura Isabell Moir CURRY, 33, Minden?, Brockville, d/o Fred R. CURRY & Madeline DELAMERE, witn: B. E. SLOMAN, Ottawa, Dorothy CURRY, Brockville, 26 June 1918 at Brockville
012007-1918 (Leeds Co) Robert BROWN, 18, Farmer, Fairfield East, Augusta, s/o Charles N. BROWN & Hannah PEER, married Myrtle Viola THROOP, 19, Augusta, same, d/o Amos THROOP & Edith FRANCIS, witn: Lily BROWN, Newton BROWN, both of Fairfield East, 12 June 1918 at Elizabethtown 011987-1918 (Grenville Co) Willie James BROWN, 19, Farmer, Edwardsburg Tp, same, s/o William John BROWN & Rachel KENNEDY, married Margaret Elizabeth MURDOCK, 22, Matilda Tp, Edwardsburg Tp, d/o Wilson MURDOCK & Jennie LANGTRY, witn: William H. MURDOCK, L. R. BROWN, both of RR#3 Spencerville, 11 Dec 1918 at Edwardsburg Tp (7th line)
011995-1918 (Leeds Co) Robert Russell BUCHANAN, 26, Almonte, 567 1/2 Church St Toronto, s/o John Adam BUCHANAN & Christina RUSSELL, married Onadell BELWAY, 26, Winchester, Brockville, d/o Joseph BELWAY & Margaret HUGHES, witn: Ernest SHANNON, 14 Hill St Brockville, Christina BUCHANAN, 40 Broad St, 26 June 1918 at St. Johns Manse Brockville 011984-1918 (Leeds Co) William Fred BUELL, 25, Farmer, Mallorytown, same, s/o Cherry BUELL & Annie GRAHAM, married Dorothy Alice LAKE, 18, Cloyne, Mallorytown, d/o Henry LAKE & Sarah TOPPING, witn: F. H. MALLORY, Mallorytown, Mrs. W. H. WALKER 192 Selby St Montreal, 24 Dec 1918 at Mallorytown
011985-1918 (Leeds Co) Thomas Burton BURTCH, 20, Farmer, Seeleys Bay, South Crosby, s/o Burton BURTCH & Mary Ann FLYNN, married Florence Gertrude WILTSE, 23, South Crosby, same, d/o Burton WILTSE & Margaret MEGGS, witn: Annie M. DUSTIN, Seeleys Bay, Sarah DUSTIN, Gananoque, 28 Dec 1918 at Gananoque 011991-1918 (Leeds Co) Roy BURTCH, 18, Chease Box WFG, Seeleys Bay, Brewers Mills, s/o Reuben BURTCH & Lucie FREE, married Hazel DARLING, 18, Athens, same, d/o Wallis DARLING & Teneth LaROSE, witn: Mrs. John STEVENSON, Mrs. J. H. McKINLEY, both of Seeleys Bay, 12 Sept 1918 at Seeleys Bay
12022-18 Frank Arthur CHATSON, 37, railway engineer, Denbigh, Brockville, s/o Frank CHATSON & Bertha STEIN, married Margaret Irene RACE, 25, trainer nurse, Brockville, same, d/o Charles RACE & Mary Alice GAMBLE, witn: Janet E. MORROW & J. HAY, both of 65 King St. East, Brockville, 18 Sept 1918 at St. Johns Manse, Brockville 12054-18 William Henry Brown DOUSLEY, 43, postmaster, Prescott, same, s/o John DOUSLEY & Eliza REID, married Bernadette Clair TAYLOR, 33, milliner, Brockville, Prescott, d/o Harry TAYLOR & Catherine Agnes WHITE, witn: Anna & Monica JOHNSON of Prescott, 2 Sept 1918 at St. Marys Church, Prescott
011840-1918 (Grenville Co) John Edward GILLONS, 38, Farmer, Matilda, Iroquois, s/o Edward GILLONS & Mary Ann McGUIIRE, married Winifred KING, 25, Mountain, Edwardsburg, d/o Samuel KING & Agnes LEFEIVE, witn: John E. McCARTHY, Iroquois, Gertrude KING, Cardinal, 7 Oct 1918 at Prescott 012182-1918 (Leeds Co) Gordon Ross MIDDLETON, 28, Farmer, Lyndhurst, s/o Orleans MIDDLETON & Ella WING, married Alma DAWSON, 22, Lyndhurst, same, d/o William DAWSON & Bertha DANBY, witn: Eccless CHARTHAM, Delta, Ernest DAWSON, Lyndhurst, 11 Sept 1918 at Lyndhurst
012264-1918 (Leeds Co) David Howard SEE, 27, Farmer, Brewers Mills, same, s/o David SEE & Edith VANALSTINE, married Mildred Laura MAINS, 20, Lyndhurst, Brewer Mills, d/o Edward MAINS & Susan BERRY, witn: Frederick J. SEE, Brewers Mills, Jennie M. GALWAY, Lyndhurst, 25 Sept 1918 at Lyndhurst 012263-1918 (Leeds Co) Charles Herbert SIMPSON, 24, Soldier, Trenton NJ, Brockville, s/o William SIMPSON & Phoebe Jane DELINE, married Stella Beatrice PERRIN, 19, Stenographer, Toronto, Brockville, d/o Gourlay PERRIN & Emma Eliza MOSHER, witn: Janie MATHEWS, Arnold A. MATHEWS, both of Algonquin, 28 July 1918 at Algonquin
012265-1918 (Leeds Co) Clair STANTON, 28, Farmer, South Crosby, Seeleys Bay, s/o Joseph STANTON & Ellie IMERSON, married Pearl McMILLAN, 27, Leeds Tp, Seeleys Bay, d/o James McMILLAN & Lizzie PRITCHARD, witn: Hayden STANTON, Seeleys Bay, Rhett PRITCHARD, Brockville, 4 Sept 1928 at Ellisville