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Leeds & Grenville County

Source:  County Marriage Registers of Ontario, Canada, 1858-1869. Vol. 20 - Leeds & Grenville.  Compiled & edited by Elizabeth Hancocks, C.G.  1987. Pub. Agincourt, Ontario: Generation Press, Inc.  pp. 37 & 78.

Format:  Groom's Forename(s) SURNAME (age) of Place of residence at time of marriage (b. Place of birth) parents ----- and ----- (Mother's maiden name, when given), married Bride's Forename(s) SURNAME (age) of Place of residence at time of marriage (b. Place of birth) parents ----- and -----.  Date of marriage.

submitted by Alison Causton


William EVANS (age 24) of Rifle Brigade Ottawa (b. Ireland) parents John and Ann (DOYLE), married Jane McVEY (age 33) of Ottawa (b. Ottawa) parents William and Eliza.  July 7, 1868.

William EVANS (age 30) of Edwardsburgh (b. England) parents Geoffry and Martha, married Elizabeth JOHNSTON (age 25) of Edwardsburgh (b. Maitland) parents Matthew and Mary (WHARTON).  September 8, 1862.

Samuel EVERETT (age 24) of Matilda (b. Merrickville) parents Elisha and Margaret (KELLY), married Mary SUPPLE (age 22) of Oswego NY (b. Ireland) parents David and Catherine.  May 26, 1868.

John EWEN (age 24) of S. Gower (b. GlenLung Ireland) parents Thomas and Martha (HUSTON), married Isabella SMITH (age 34) of S. Gower (b. S. Gower) parents David and Anne (GRANT).  February 10, 1862.

Thomas EWING (age 31) of N. Crosby (b. N. Crosby) parents William and Eliza, married Amanda TAGGERT (age 22) of Bedford (b. Bedford) parents J.M. & J.A. March 7, 1867.

Gideon FAIRBAIRN (age 33) of Edwardsburgh (b. Dumfrieshire Scotland) parents James and Ellen (GOODFELLOW), married Rhoda SPENCER (age 25) of Edwardsburgh (b. Edwardsburgh) parents George and Clarissa (WRIGHT).  December 1, 1864.

Thomas FAIRBAIRN (age 37) of Spencerville (b. Calso Scotland) parents James and Ellen, married Jane NEWMAN (age 21) of Spencerville (b. Johnstown) parents John and Elizabeth.  May 12, 1859.

James FAITH (age 25) of Winchester (b. LC) parents James and Eleanor, married Jane GRIER (age 24) of Augusta (b. Ireland) parents Moses and Alice. July 5, 1865.

Selius FALKNER (age 24) of Elizabethtown (b. Canada) parents Dan and Maria (ROWLEY), married Harriet DUDLEY (no age given) parents Charles and Minerva (WRIGHT).  March 18, 1862.

William FALKNER (age 25) of Prescott (b. Inverness Scotland) parents Charles and Elizabeth, married Mary Ann PERKIN (age 28) of Prescott (b. Edwardsburgh) parents Andrew and Anna.  September 15, 1865.

Thadeus FARNHAM (age 28) of Bastard (b. Bastard) parents Archelaus and Naomi, married Cynthia HALLADAY (age 18) of Bastard (b. Essex Co NY) parents Alvin and Rebecca.  June 1, 1858.

William A. FARQUHAR (age 22) of Prescott (b. Hinchinbrooke) parents Robert and Catherine (WILSON), married Jeannie GLASGOW (age 21) of Prescott (b. Prescott) parents John and Jane (FERGUSON).  May 4, 1865.

John FARRELL (age 29) of Pittsburgh (b. Co Wexford Ireland) parents Jerry and Bridget (NOLAN), married Catherine MOYNER (age 22) of Pittsburgh (b. Pittsburgh) parents John and Catherine (McMULLEN).  February 11, 1861.

William H. FARRELL (age 27) of Quebec (b. Ireland) parents John and Mary, married Elizabeth HOCKSTRON? (age 21) of Brockville (b. Canada) parents Oliver and Mary Ann.  September 15, 1864.

George FELL (age 22) of Augusta (b. Hammond US) parents Jacob and Anne, married Phoebe McLEAN (age 27) of Augusta (b. Yonge) parents James and July (ROBINSON).  December 14, 1864.

Hamilton FELL (age 22) of Augusta (b. Prescott) parents Erastus and Jane (TRENHOLME), married Selina SMITH (age 17) of Augusta (b. Augusta) parents Robert and Agnes (BUCHANAN).  February 14, 1861.

John Nelson FELL (age 27) of Augusta (b. Augusta) parents John and Catherine, married Sylva R. PERER (age 21) of Augusta (b. Augusta) parents Oren and Hannah.  June 1, 1859.

William FELL (age 51) of Prescott (b. Augusta), parents Daniel and Ruth, married Hannah PERRIN (age 22) of Augusta (b. Augusta) parents Andrew and Annie.  September 29, 1868.

Andrew FERGUSON (age 25) of Kitley (b. Ireland) parents Robert and Charlotte, married Mary MAXWELL (age 30) of Kitley (b. Kitley) parents Alex and Margaret.  Between August 17 - November 21, 1867.

David FERGUSON (age 39) of Augusta (b. Co Down Ireland) parents Samuel and Eleoner (HALLADAY), married Mary KILPATRICK (age 23) of Prescott (b. Co Derry Ireland) parents Samuel and Jane (McKAY).  October 9, 1866.

Arthur Stevens McLEAN (age 36) of Brockville (b. Brockville) parents dead, married Mary Alicia BELL (age 22) of Elizabethtown (b. Elizabethtown) parents John and Martha.  June 25, 1867.

David McLEAN (age 25) of Augusta (b. Augusta) parents Duncan and Sarah, married Olive HAYNER (age 18) of Edwardsburgh (b. Edwardsburgh) parents Russell and Ann.  February 23, 1859.

Duncan McLEAN (age 25) of Augusta (b. Augusta) parents Solomon and Mary, married Maria HAYNER (age 21) of Edwardsburgh (b. Edwardsburgh) parents Russell and Ann.  April 13, 1859.

Harry McLEAN (age 22) of Augusta (b. Augusta) parents S. & L., married H.G. DULMAGE (age 22) of Brockville (b. Brockville).  March 7, 1865.

James McLEAN (age 20) of Augusta (b. Augusta) parents Duncan and Sarah, married Hannah STRINGER (age 21) of Elizabethtown (b. Cornwall) parents Joseph and Emma.  February 29, 1860.

James McLEAN (age 23) of Augusta (b. Augusta) parents Archy and Nancy (MOORE), married Frances M. BOWER (age 19) of Augusta (b. Prescott) parents George and Mary (SHIELDS).  May 4, 1865.

James McLEAN (age 24) of Augusta (b. Augusta) parents Duncan and Sarah, married Hanah GOLDSMITH (age 19) of Augusta (b. Augusta) parents William and Essida?.  May 4, 1864.

Joseph McLEAN (age 36) of Augusta (b. Augusta) parents Solomon and Sarah, married Catherine WHITE (age 19) of Augusta (b. Augusta) parents N. & M. February 4, 1867.

Marius? Easton McLEAN (age 23) of Wolford (b. Wolford) parents Joseph and Eliza Sophia, married Camelia Ann DOUGHERTY (age 18) of Wolford (b. Wolford) parents Mathew and Malissa.  October 9, 1867.

Robert McLEAN (age 29) of Elizabethtown (b. Ontario) parents James and Ruth, married N.F. GARVEY (age 21) of Lyn (b. Ontario) parents Edward and Arolia. December 18, 1867.

Robert McLEAN (age 34) of Augusta (b. Augusta) parents A. & L., married M.A. WILCOX (age 32) of Augusta (b. Augusta) parents J. & E.  April 25, 1865.

William McLELLAN (age 32) of Oxford (b. Ireland) parents Samuel and Elizabeth, married Elizabeth BEULAH (age 23) of Oxford (b. Ireland) parents Thomas and Eliza Amelia.  September 26, 1864.

James McLENINN (age 40) of Belleville (b. Scotland) parents Drumond? and Martha, married Jane A. STEHR (age 25) of Belleville (b. Murray) parents William and Elizabeth.  January 8, 1866.

William Charles McLEVERTY (no age given) of Brockville (b. Halifax NC) parents Alexander and Ellen, married Elizabeth BRACKEN (no age given) of Brockville (b. Brockville) parents Richard and Martha.  January 20, 1860.

Archibald McLISTER (age 36) of Whitby (b. Co Antrim Ireland) parents Daniel and Mary, married Mary KILPATRICK (age 20) of Prescott (b. Co Derry Ireland) parents Samuel and Jane.  August 2, 1858.

John McMACKEN (age 21) of S. Crosby (b. S. Crosby) parents Hugh and Eliza, married Maria WHITE (age 18) of Bastard (b. Bastard) parents John and Nancy. May 13, 1858.

James McMANUS (age 25) of Wolford (b. Wolford) parents Barnabas and Mary (LYNTON), married Eliza PEPPER (age 21) of Wolford (b. Wolford) parents Edward and Catherine (FITZGERALD).  October 8, 1863.

William L. McMANUS (age 25) of N. Crosby (b. Ireland) parents William and Mary (MYERS), married Melinda BRASSEN? (age 20) of N. Crosny [sic] (b. Montreal) [no parents named].  1867.

Peter A. McMARTIN (age 23) of Martintown (b. Martintown) parents Peter and Ellen, married Margaret B. CLARKSON (age 22) of Martintown (b. Martintown) parents James and Ellen (KINLOCK).  September 3, 1866.

Peter Knox McMILLAN (age 25) of Brockville (b. Scotland) parents Peter and Helen, married J.S. DARGAVEL (age 26) of Brockville (b. Brockville) parents William and Helen.  June 24, 1869.

James H. McMULLAN (age 30) of Chatham (b. Ireland) parents Alexander and Mary, married Charlotte GRAHAM (age 31) of Escott (b. Escott) parents William and Martha.  February 18, 1864.

John McMURCHY (age 27) of Gananoque (b. Glengarry) parents Angus and Janet (maiden name illegible), married Eunice AUCHINVOLE (age 20) of Gananoque (b. Gananoque) parents Alexander and Maria (BACKUS).  December 28, 1869.