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Leeds & Grenville County, 1865

FORMAT: birth place comes before residence

transcribed from microfilm MS248, reel 9, vol 28


Page 102,  by Arthur William Cooke, United Church of England & Ireland

Robert KING, 23, Augusta, same, s/o Robert & Margaret KING, married Jane FOLEY, 21, Augusta, same, s/o James & Mary FOLEY, witn: David HOUGH, AUGUSTA,  2 Aug 1865

William H. MURAY, age not given, Ireland, Augusta, s/o Hugh & Rebecca MURREY (sic), married Isabella DAVIS, 26, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Matthew & Dorothy DAVIS, witn: Robert BLAKE, Augusta, 6 July 1865 

Humphrey Boil YOUNG, 23, Augusta, Elizabethtown, s/o John & Jane YOUNG, married Sarah Ann LONE, 28, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth LONE, witn: George LONE, Elizabethtown, 29 Nov 1865 

John CARDIFF, 28, Elizabethtown, same, d/o John & Jane CARDIFF, married Abigail LONE, 26, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth LONE, witn: George LONE, Elizabethtown, 29 Nov 1865 

George S. CLITHREW, 24, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Michael & Ann CLITHREW, married Alice Ruth McLEAN, 26, Elizabethtown, same, d/o James & Ruth McLEAN, witn: William McLEAN, Elizabethtown, 6 Dec 1865 


Page 102,  by Rev'd A. Campbell, Wesleyan Methodist Church

George H. LEE, 21, Canada, Pittsburgh, s/o David & Catharine LEE, married Sarah A. PRETTY, 18, Canada, Pittsburgh, d/o Charles & Sophia PRETTY, witn: Robert GREEVES, Kingston, Elizabeth LEE, Pittsburgh,  4 Dec 1865


Page 103,  by James Norris, Minister of Wesleyan Methodist Church

Henry BIDOR (Bedore?), 34, Canada, North Crosby, s/o Francis & Mary BIDOR, married Lydia A. TAYLOR, 16, Canada, North Crosby, d/o James & Mary TAYLOR, witn: Thomas BIDOR, North Crosby, 10 Jan 1865 

George BRUNTTON (Brunton?), 23, Canada, South Crosby, s/o Stephen & Melissa BRUNTTON, married Martha BRUCE, 19, Canada, South Crosby,  d/o Simon & Margaret BRUCE, witn: James STANTON, South Crosby, 21 Feb 1865 

Simon FRAZIER, 22, Canada, Oxford, s/o Simon & Margaret FRAZIER, married Mary GAUTHIER, 33, Canada, North Crosby, witn: Richard & Elizabeth GAUTHIER, witn: Edward DYER, South Crosby, 17 Apr 1865 

William G. MITCHELL, 27, Canada, South Crosby, s/o Ira & Hulda MITCHELL, married Jane TAYLOR, 31, Canada, South Crosby, d/o Robert & Lavinia TAYLOR, witn: Alzina STEVENS, 18 Apr 1865

Doatha (Arthur?)  WHITMARSH, 23, Canada, North Crosby, s/o John & Betsey WHITMARSH, married Mary A. TOMSLEY (Towsley?), 23, Canada, North Crosby, d/o Thomas & Alice TOMSLEY, witn: John TOMSLEY, North Crosby, 18 Aug 1865 

Jonathan WRIGHT, 28, United States, North Crosby, s/o Cyrus & Sophia WRIGHT, married Amista JONES, 24, Canada, Bedford, d/o Stephen & Hattie JONES, witn: Eleazar JONES, Bedford, 24 Aug 1865

Archibald MUSTARD, 25, Canada, North Crosby, s/o Archibald & Ellen MUSTARD, married Almida DANCEY, 21, Canada, North Crosby, d/o Haibridge & Ellen DANCY (sic), witn ; Sarah STRATFORD, Newboro, 3 Sept 1865

Robert GIBSON, 26, Canada, North Crosby, s/o James & Mary GIBSON, married Charlotte KENNEDY, 23, Canada, North Crosby, d/o Charles & Ann KENNEDY, witn: Charlotte Norris, Newboro, 4 Nov 1865 


Page 103, Marriages Solemnized by Rev. J. Roy

Edward MURPHY, 25 Canada, Pittsburgh, s/o Thomas & Mary (MURPHY) married Jane MURPHY, 23, Canada, Pittsburgh, d/o James & Ellen (MURPHY), witn: Richard SEABROOK, Pittsburgh, 19 Jan 1865

John ROBINSON, 28, Canada, Gananoque, s/o Richard & Charlotte (ROBINSON) married Catherine GRAY, 22, Scotland, Lansdowne, d/o Charles & Margaret (GRAY), witn: Richard ROBINSON, Gananoque, 28 Feb 1865


Page 103, Marriage Solemnized by Edward Barrass

Alex C. JACKSON, 21, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, s/o John & Elizabeth (JACKSON) married Mary A. VALLER, 20, England, Pittsburgh, d/o Richard & Matilda (VALLER), witn: William MAY, Pittsburgh, 7 Oct 1865 


Page 103, Marriage Solemnized by Edmund John SUCKLER

Charles O'DOHERTY, 29, St. Eustache, Brockville, s/o Charles O'DOHERTY & Lavinia PERKINS, married Margaret Ann HOWIE, 20, Cornwall, Brockville, d/o James HOWIE & Mary (Late HENRY) witn: R. G. HENRY, L. HINNE, both of Brockville, June 22 1865


Page 104,  by W. McGill, Minister of Wesleyan Methodist Church

Isaac BARBER, 24, Berlin C.W., s/o Robert (BARBER) & Harriet BONERS, married Adelade KILBORNE, 18, Kitley, same, d/o Charles (KILBORNE) & Olive BENEDICT, witn: Charles KILBORNE, Kitley, Robert BARBER, Farmersville, 8 Mar 1865

Joseph MURRY, 30, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Michael (MURRY) & Elitia DAVIS, married Harriet HETTFORD (STETTFORD?) 18, Merrickville, Elizabethtown, d/o Henry and Elizabeth GREEN, , witn: Rev. A. YOUNG, Bruceville, Duncan FISHER, 11 Sept 1865 


Page 104,  by William Morton, Minister of the Wesleyan M. Church

James BULLOCH, 39, Glasgow, Elizabethtown, s/o L. & W. BULLOCH, married L. THOMPSON, 35, Elizabethtown, same, d/o L. & M. THOMPSON, witn: W. THOMPSON, Elizabethtown, W. BULLOCH 9 Feb 1865

Lyman BISSELL, 28, Augusta, same, s/o G. & L. BISSELL, married E.I. McCRADY, Elizabethtown, same, d/o J. & E. McCRADY, witn: D. CLOW, D. McCRADY, both of Elizabethtown, 28 Feb 1865

William MOXLEY, 30, Escott, same, s/o J. & D. MOXLEY, married M.A. FOLEY, 21, Yonge, Escott, d/o S. & E. FOLEY, witn:  J. HERLESTON, M. MOXLEY, both of Escott, 23 Mar 1866 


Page 104,  by Joshua P. Lewis, Minister of the Wesleyan M. Church

William John OLIVER, 24, Brockville, Escott, s/o Nathaniel & Catherine OLIVER, married Mary A. STORY, 18, Escott, same, d/o William & Mary GRUE, witn: M. Oliver, Gananoque, 24 Dec 1865


Page 105,  by Rev. W. H. Poole, Minister of the Wesleyan M. Church

David STEELE, 22, Augusta, same, s/o William & Rachel STEELE, married Mary JOHNSTON, 23, Augusta same, d/o Samuel & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: John MONE, Emily J. COLE, Brockville, 21 Feb 1865 

Robert SMITH, 24, Augusta, same, s/o John & Mary SMITH, married Mary FURNESS, 22, Prescott, same, d/o John & Mary FURNESS, witn: George C. CAUGLIN, Isabella FURNESS, Augusta, 5 Apr 1865

Alex G. COLE, 22, Brockville, same, s/o Alex & Cath COLE, married Margaret HOLMES, 21, Brockville, same, s/o William & Elizabeth HOLMES, witn: A.A. HOLMES, W.P. COLE, Brockville, 1 June 1865 

Virgil C. HART, 25, Watertown, U. States, s/o Augustus HART & Ann (not given), married Adalade GILLSLAIN, 19, Yonge, same, d/o John & Charlotte GILLSLAIND (sic), witn: William BAILIE, Jane N. BAILIE, Leeds, 31 Aug 1865 

Richard WALDRON, 25, Ireland, Escott, s/o Mitchell & Mary WALDRON, married Mary NICHOLSON, 23, Escott, same, d/o David & Elizabeth NICHOLSON, witn: D. B. TACKABERRY, Mary F. TACKABERRY, Brockville, 9 Dec 1865

Samuel SIMPSON, 27, Canada, same, s/o George & Lucinda SIMPSON, married Orpha SIMPSON, 24, Augusta, same, d/o Charles & Abigail SIMPSON, witn: G. R. SNIDER, Sarah SNIDER, Augusta, 12 Dec 1865

John Arthur CARSON, 24, Canada W., Prescott, s/o James & Elida CARSON, married Jane COOMS, 22, Prescott, same, d/o James McCOOMS (sic) & Susan (not given), witn: J. R. WELSH, Maria COOMS, Prescott, 25 Dec 1865 

David ORR, 26, Ireland, Elizabethtown, s/o James & Sarah ORR, married Martha M. REILY ?, 25, Ireland, Augusta, d/o John & Margaret REILEY?, witn: M. ORR, George BASS, Brockville, 25 Dec 1865 

David RANDOLPH, 34, Ireland, Canada, Samuel & Myers RANDOLPH, married Gracy A. ACHLAND (Ackland?), Canada, Yonge, d/o John & Agnes ACHLAND, witn: Sherwood GILFORD, Augusta, Martha POOLE, Carleton, 25 Dec 1865 

Robert A. HOPE, 25, Canada, Newburgh, s/o Robert HOPE & not given, married Lydia J. MILLS, 18, Leitrim (?), Newburgh, d/o Allan & Mary MILLS, witn: Alma ROBINSON, William MILLER, Newburgh, 28 Dec 1865


Page 143

William WEBSTER, 28, Canada, Escott, s/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth WEBSTER; married Ellen MAUD, 23, Canada, Lansdowne, d/o Robert & Ann MAUD; witn Edward WEBSTER, Prescott & Robert MAUD & Elizabeth MAUD, both Lansdowne, 9 Feb 1865

Samuel Copeland GREEN, 29, Canada, Leeds, s/o James Copeland GREEN & Ann GREEN; married Jemima GANEFORD, 30, Ireland, Yonge, d/o James & Ann GANEFORD; witn Edward WEBSTER, Escott & Charlotte GREEN, Lansdowne, 16 Feb 1865,

John GODKIN, 28, Ireland, Yonge, s/o Foster & Alice GODKIN; married Lucy A. MURPHY, 23, Canada, Lansdowne, d/o George & Alice MURPHY; witn John MURPHY & George H. JOHNSON, both Lansdowne, & Sarah GODKIN, Yonge, 22 Mar 1865,

Edward WEBSTER, 34, Canada, Escott, s/o Robert & Alice WEBSTER; married Jane EYRE, 34, Canada, Escott, d/o Henry & Mary EYRE; witn John CARSS, Bastard & Elizabeth WEBSTER, Escott 7 Jun 1865,

John CARES or CARSS, Canada, Bastard, s/o James & Alice CARES or CARSS; married Elizabeth WEBSTER, 19, Canada, Escott, d/o Robert & Alice WEBSTER; witn Edward WEBSTER & Jane WEBSTER, both Escott, 7 Jun 1865,

James SOMERVILLE, 31, Ireland, Leeds, s/o John & Catherine SOMERVILLE ;married Sarah Jane McMILLAN, 22, Ireland, Leeds, d/o James & Ann McMILLEN; witn William JACOB, South Crosby & Jane SOMERVILLE, Leeds, 4 Nov 1865,