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Leeds & Grenville Co., 1877, part 2

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005642-77 George W. ABRAMS, 19, Farmer, Kingston, Leeds, s/o Jonathan & Sarah ABRAMS; married Mary Ann STOLIKER, 18, Leeds, Leeds, d/o Ambrose & Mary STOLIKER; witn Edward DAVIS & Philinda STOLIKER, both Leeds, 1 Feb 1877, Leeds 005546-77 Nassau ACTON, 36, Wid, Chief Constable, Lansdowne, Gananoque, s/o Robert & Susannah ACTON; married Edith STEVENS, 23, Philipville Ont, Gananoque, s/o Squire & Ann STEVENS; witn Holmes ACTON & Sarah E. ACTON, both Gananoque, 24 Jan 1877, Gananoque
005690-77 George J. ALLBERRY, 25, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, s/o Benjamin & Isabella ALLBERRY; married Olive CARL, 18, Young, Bastard, s/o Richard W & Nancy CARL; witn Richard W. CARL, Bastard & Margaret TURNER, Woolford, 2 Oct 1877, Bastard 005574-77 Egbert ALLEN, 24, Farmer, Pierpont, Pierpont, s/o Mary & David ALLEN; married Eva BURNS, 22, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Nicholas & Mary BURNS; witn Charles ALLEN, Pierpont & Aaron BURNS, Augusta, 23 Sept 1877, Augusta
0095563-77 David ANDERSON, 35, Gardener, Ireland, Brockville, s/o David & Sarah ANDERSON; married Annie ARNOLD, 25, Ireland, Kitley, d/o Isaac & Sarah ARNOLD; witn John MOOR & wife, Fairfield, 19 Nov 1877, Kitley 5316-78 Thomas BAIRD, widower, of Edwardsburgh, married Mary BURROWS, Montague, same, d/o George & Catherine, witn: Mary E. PHILLIPS & Robert BURROWS, 25 Sept 1877 at Kemptville [info missing]
005558-77 Richard BANNON, no age given, Wid, no profession given, Edwardsburg, Edwardsburg, s/o Peter & Judith BANNON; married Catherine O'NEIL, no age given, Augusta, Augusta, d/o John & Agnes O'NEIL; witn John BANNON, Edwardsburg & Elizabeth CONLIN, Augusta, 9 Jan 1877, Augusta 005461-77 Robert BARKER, 35, Wid, Carpenter, North Crosby, Bedford, s/o Ralph & Abigail BARKER; married Elizabeth SIMMONS, 32, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o James SIMMONS & Angeline A. WARREN; witn William C. SIMMONS & Thomas SIMMONS, 26 Feb 1877, Newboro
5315-78 William BEAMAN, 26, teacher, Carleton Co., Kemptville, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Lizzie COLEMAN, 21, Oxford, same, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: Given HANNAH & Martha BEACH, both of Kemptville, 6 Sept 1877 at Kemptville 005475-77 Richard BEAMISH, 21, Farmer, Wolford, Wolford, s/o John & Betsy BEAMISH; married Sarah Ann CROSS, 19, Wolford, Wolford, d/o William & Phoebe CROSS; witn James I PHILLIPS, Wolford & Maggie CROSS, Kemptville, 12 June 1877, Kemptville
005441-78 (Leeds Co.) Justus BEECH, 41, Wid., Farmer, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, s/o Enos & Betsey BEECH, married Samantha BONSTEEL, 43, Wid., Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o John & Miranda CUMMINGS, Witn.: Mrs. William BLAIS of Lyn, November 21, 1877, at Lyn 005489-77 Richard J. BENNETT, 29, Farmer, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o Thomas & Margaret BENNETT; married Emaline SCOTT, 20, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o Robert & Nancy SCOTT; witn Loblanch DETLAR, Prescott & Hattie AKIN, Edwardsburgh, 26 June 1877, Edwardsburgh
005503-77 William George BERNEY, 25, Carpenter, Bastard Twp, Lyndhurst, s/o Thomas & Anne BERNEY; married Lucinda LANDON, 23, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Anson & Abagal LANDON; witn Joseph STEACY & Dinah STEACY, both Lansdowne, 3 June 1877, Lansdowne 005520-77 John E. BLAIR, 24, Dry Goods Merchant, Dumfrieshire Scotland, Prescott, s/o Dougall BLAIR & Helen LINSDAY?; married Rose Anne GLASGOW, 24, Prescott, Prescott, d/o Samuel GLASGOW & Mary DESTON; witn John Kelly DOWSLEY & Margaret DOWSLEY, both Prescott, 19 Apr 1877, Prescott
005699-77 D.F. BOOTH, 42, Wid, Bailiff, Elizabethtown, Farmersville, s/o Zacius & Ann BOOTH; married Arta Missa DAVISON, 27, Bastard, Bastard, d/o Hiram S. & Julia DAVIDSON; witn Adam ARMSTRONG & Caroline A. ARMSTRONG, both Yonge Twp, 19 Sept 1877, Bastard Twp 005521-77 Charles BOVAIRD, 23, Farmer, Augusta, Augusta, s/o James & Esther BOVAIRD; married Sarah SNYDER, 19, Macomb N.Y., Potsdam N.Y., d/o Cornelius SNYDER & Abigail MYERS: witn Rev N. JORSAY, N. Foundland & Mrs A. HENDERSON, Prescott, 19 Apr 1877, Prescott
5425-1878 (Grenville Co) Joseph BRADFORD, 28, farmer, Wolford, same, s/o John BRADFORD & Eliza CARR, married Mary Elizabeth SNOWDEN, 20, Wolford, same, d/o James SNOWDEN & Mary ARMSTRONG, witn: Richard BRADFORD, Isabella SNOWDEN, Wolford. 19 Dec 1877 Oxford 005413-77 Thomas BRISTON (Bristow?), 28, farmer, Bastard Twp, Seeleys Bay, s/o Dominick & Ruth BRISTON; married Sarah TUTTLE, 24, Kingston, Seeleys Bay, d/o Isaac & Mary A. TUTTLE; witn William N. & Mrs. A. JOHNSON, both Seeleys Bay, 24 Apr 1877, Seeleys Bay
005615-77 Lewis BROWN, 20, Farmer, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o Lorenzo D--- & Margaret Sophia BROWN; married Katie LUDLOW, 19, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Thomas & Charlotte LUDLOW; witn Ezra BROWN, Gananoque & Mary BARTON, Augusta, 25 Oct 1877, Spencerville 005697-77 John BRYANS, 21, Farmer, Newboro, Bastard, s/o William & Sarah Ann BRYANS; married Ruth STEVENS, 25, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o George & Lucy Ann STEVENS; witn George ROBINSON & Hattie ROBINSON, both Delta, 1 Sept 1877, Delta
005736-77 A. Austin BURROWS, 21, Merchant, United States, Nashville Michigan, s/o J. William BURROWS & R.E. BOBBIT; married Josephine GRIFFITH, 20, Brockville, Brockville, d/o Richard GRIFFITH & Elizabeth MOAR; witn J. William WRIGHT & Mary McCAN, 13 Feb 1877, Brockville 005425-77 William CAMPBELL, 24, Yeoman, Montague, Montague, s/o Joseph & Abigail CAMPBELL; married Rachel Ann ARMROD, 18, Marlborough, Marlborough, d/o Thomas & Rachel ARMROD; witn Thomas ARMROD, Marlborough, John LEE & Sarah CAMPBELL, both Montague, 3 Apr 1877, Merrickville
5357-1878 (Leeds Co) Hugh CAREY, 27, Teacher, Prince Edward Co., Renfrew, s/o Hugh & Margaret CAREY, married Jane MULVAGH,(sic) 28, Kitley, same, d/o William & Mary Ann MULVAUGH, witn: Robert EVANS & Mrs. EVANS, of Kitley. 6 Aug 1877 Kitley  
005732-77 Henry CARMICHAEL, 26, Mechanic, Canada, Edwardsburgh, s/o John CARMICHAEL & Mary PRICE; married Emily KENNEDY, 23, Canada, Brockville, d/o William KENNEDY & Annie FINLIE; witn Mrs. G. BURNFIELD & Mrs. A. YOUNG, both Brockville, 2 Jan 1877, Brockville 005564-77 Alexander CARPENTER, 26, Farmer, Augusta, North Augusta, s/o Peter & Electra CARPENTER; married Mary ALLEN, 23, Canada, Elizabethtown, d/o William & Margaret ALLEN; witn William ALLEN, Elizabethtown & Mary GUNN?, Augusta, 5 Dec 1877, Elizabethtown
005727-77 John CARR, 27, Labourer, Co Wexford Ireland, Brockville, s/o William CARR & Margaret DRIVER; married Maggie KEYS, 29, Co Fermanagh Ireland, Brockville, d/o Robert KEYS & Jane ALLEN; witn William MUIRHEAD & Mary A. FOX, Brockville, 27 Feb 1877, Brockville 00591-1878 (Leeds Co) William Smith CHAPIN, 26, Widower, Farmer, Bastard, Elizabethtown, s/o John & Hannah CHAPIN, married Mary Isabella HYDE, 19, Canada, Leeds Co., d/o (not given), witn: R.Y. STRATTON & Wife, Brockville, 25 Dec 1877 at Brockville
  005640-77 William CHARLAND, 23, Farmer, Bastard Twp, South Crosby, s/o Francis & Mary CHARLAND; married Theresa PENNOCK, 30, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o Philomin & Chloe PENNOCK; witn Jared PENNOCK & Eva BOOTH, both South Crosby, 1 Aug 1877, Lyndhurst
005415-77 Ephraim CHURCHILL, 27, Labourer, Lansdowne Rear, South Crosby, s/o Albert & Pollie CHURCHILL; married Margaret WARD, 18, Odessa Kingston Twp, d/o John & Mary WARD; witn Oscar CHURCHILL & Sarah Ann MIDDLETON, both South Crosby, 15 Sept 1877, N. Lyndhurst 005648-77 Joseph CLIFF, 29, Farmer, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o Anthony & Lucinda CLIFF; married Allice WEBSTER, 21, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Thomas & Allice WEBSTER; witn J.W. BROWN & Allice BROWN, both Lansdowne, 20 Sept 1877, Lansdowne
005734-77 George COLLIN (Collier?), 24, Brakesman, Canada, Brockville, s/o Stephen COLLIN & Eliza KAYLEY; married Gertrude GLAZIER, 22, Canada, Brockville, d/o William GLAZIER & Eliza COOK; witn Eliza BISSETT & Robt McCONACHIE, both Brockville, 1 Jan 1877, Brockville 005418-77 George COLLINSON, 39, Farmer, Leeds Rear, Leeds Rear, s/o William & Christina COLLINSON; married Rebecca BERRY, 19, Leeds Rear, Leeds Rear, d/o George & Ann Jane BERRY; witn John CHAPMAN J.P & Jane BERRY, both Leeds Rear, 29 Nov 1877, Leeds
005474-77 Thomas CONLEY, 25, Wid, merchant sailor, Antrim Co. Ireland, Kemptville, s/o Robert & Mary CONLEY; married Letitia McLAUGHLIN, 20, South Gower, Kemptville, d/o William & Susannah McLAUGHLIN; witn Henry Taylor, Napean & Hester CONLEY, Goulbourn, 29 May 1877, Kemptville 005424-77 Joseph William CONLIN, 25, Farmer, Montague, Montague, s/o John & Margaret CONLIN; married Julia Ann DILLABOUGH, 25, Montague, Montague, s/o Peter & Eliza DILLABOUGH; witn Francis CONLIN & Cornelia Jane DILLABOUGH, both Montague, 13 Feb 1877, Merrickville
005472-77 John CONNELL, 40, Farmer, Ireland, Edwardsburg, s/o John & Elizabeth CONNELL; married Elizabeth McKNIGHT, 30, Elizabethtown, Edwardsburg, d/o William & Martha McKNIGHT; witn Lydia R. CLARK & Maria G. CLARK, both Kemptville, 1 May 1877, Kemptville 005429-77 Robert CONNOR, 40, Farmer, Ireland, Wolford, s/o James & Ruth CONNOR; married Louisa PHILLIPS, 20, Wolford, Montague, d/o William & Nancy PHILLIPS; witn Charles BAGLEY & Catharine RATHWELL, 20 Feb 1877, Wolford
005500-77 Robert Alexander CORNETT, 23, Farmer, Lansdowne, Augusta, s/o Thomas & Mary CORNETT; married Sarah Jane RUTTLE, 20, Drummond Twp, Lansdowne, d/o Thomas & Agnes RUTTLE; witn F.H. CORNETT, Lansdowne & Rebecca RUTTLE, Leeds, 24 Jan 1877, Lansdowne 005645-77 Walter James CRANSTON, 27, Farmer, Ireland, Leeds, s/o John & Sarah CRANSTON; married Agnes A. COWAN, 20, Canada, Leeds, d/o John & Rachel COWAN; witn Albert COWAN, Leeds & Sarah CLIFFORD, Gananoque, 17 Oct 1877, Leeds
005578-77 Thomas CRAWFORD, 27, Carpenter, Mountain Twp, North Mountain, s/o Samuel & Sarah CRAWFORD; married Sarah CAMPBELL, 24, Osgoode Twp, Osgoode Twp, d/o Thomas & Agnes CAMPBELL; witn William CAMPBELL, Osgoode & Jane CARLYLE, Mountain, 23 Aug 1877, South Gower 5352-1878 (Leeds Co) Charles F. CROSS , 32, Carriage Maker, Kitley, Merrickville, s/o Hiram & Esther, married Emma Dora LIVINGSTON, 23, Kitley, same, d/o Duncan LIVINGSTON & Clarinda LIVINGSTON, witn: Roland KILBORN & Maria STONE, both of Kitley. 19 Dec 1877 Kitley
  005726-77 Timothy CURTIN, major, Reeve, Escott, Escott, s/o Charles CURTIN & Bridget CONNER; married Ellen NICHOLSON, major, Escott, Escott, d/o David NICHOLSON & no mother given; witn Ann McDONALD & Mary RICKABY, 30 Nov no year given, Brockville
005505-77 David DARLING, 32, Merchant, Gananoque, Gananoque, s/o David & Isabella DARLING; married Sarah Elizabeth GRIER, 22, Escott, Lansdowne, d/o James & Susan GRIER; witn Thomas DARLING, Gananoque & H.J. TAYLOR, Escott, 22 May 1877, Lansdowne 005735-77 Simon L. DAVIDSON, 23, Farmer, Canada, Bastard, s/o Hiram DAVIDSON & Julia PHILIP; married Lucindy DUCLOW, 22, Canada, Farmersville, d/o Francis DUCLOW & Sarah GILROY; witn John WHITE & A. ROBINSON, both Brockville, 20 Dec 1877, Brockville
005502-77 William DAVIS, 26, Farmer, Yonge, Artemesia Twp, s/o Thomas & Eleanor DAVIS; married Latecia Emma SMITH, 16, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o William & Mary A. SMITH; witn George H. ARMSTRONG & Lizzie MOORE, both Lansdowne, 16 Apr 1877, Lansdowne 005633-77 Martin DELANY, 25, Labourer, Prescott, Prescott, s/o Patrick DELANY & Sarah KELLY; married Bridget Ann JENNINGS, 25, Edwardsburgh, Prescott, d/o Patrick JENNINGS & Mary HALLINAN? (Hallman?); witn Patrick BARNS & Margaret CARNEY, both Prescott, 28 Nov 1877, Prescott
005417-77 John Jarvis DOCKERILL, 36, Farmer, not known, Yonge, s/o John Jervis & Mary DOCKERILL; married Sarepta Jane MANSELL, 24, Yonge, Yonge, d/o Levi & Matilda MANSELL; witn Mrs and Master COLEMAN, of Lyndhurst, 2 Nov 1877, Lyndhurst 005492-77 Thomas DONAHUE, 37, Farmer, Ramsay Twp, North Crosby, s/o John DONAHUE & Elizabeth CANNING; married Mary Ann BELL, 20, Newboro, North Crosby, d/o William BELL & Joanna SHAY; witn Elma May NASH, Farmersville, 25 Jan 1877, Farmersville
005709-77 John DWYER, Major, Farmer, Kitley, Kitley, s/o Andrew & Catherine KELLY; married Margaret CONNERS, Major, Yonge, Yonge, d/o Thomas & Ellen CONNERS; witn John MURPHY & Margaret FLOOD, both Yonge, 28 Feb, 1877, Brockville 005427-77 Melchior EBERTS, 31, Civil Engineer, Chatham, Ottawa, s/o William D and Mary B. EBERTS; married Anna Maria BURRITT, 24, Merrickville, Wolford, d/o Edmund Jr & Hester BURRITT; witn Edmund BURRITT (Jr), Wolford, D.M. EBERTS, Chatham & Martha MERRICK, Kingston, 26 Feb 1877, Wolford
  005743-77 H. ELDRIDGE, 21, Locomotive Fireman, South Hampton, Brockville, s/o Henry & Sarah ELDRIDGE; married Catherine WINTERS, 20, Brockville, Brockville, d/o Elijah & Margaret WINTERS; witn Charles ELDRIDGE & Elizabeth ROMBOUGH, both Brockville, 26 June 1877, Brockville
005443-77 Dain ELLIOTT, 28, Farmer, Fitzroy, Fitzroy, s/o Thomas & Eleanor ELLIOTT; married Sarah R. BOOTH, 20, Lyn, Lyn, d/o John & Maria BOOTH; witn Thomas J. MANSEL & Louisa M. COLEMAN, both Lyn, 10 Jan 1877, Lyn 005471-77 James FAWCETT, 47, Wid, Farmer, Matilda, Winchester Co Dundas, s/o William Daniel & May FAWCETT; married Caroline Emma WAGER, 26, Williamsburgh Dundas Co, Winchester Dundas Co, d/o John & Catharine WAGER; witn Joseph HAY, Mountain, Margaret HARTLEY, Kemptville, 6 Apr 1877, Kemptville
005511-77 William FERGUSON, 27, Confectioner, Prescott, Prescott, s/o John & Mariah E. FERGUSON; married Rachel N. BIRKS, 23, Augusta, Prescott, d/o Edward & Mary BIRKS; witn William BIRK & Charlotte BIRKS, both Prescott, 4 Jan 1877, Prescott 5614-78 Simon FERGUSON, 25, farmer, Leeds, same, s/o Robert FERGUSON & Patience, married Mary RYAN, 17, Leeds, same, d/o Thomas RYAN & Mary Ann, witn: William LLOYD & Elizabeth FERGUSON, both of Leeds, 3 Dec 1877 at Gananoque
005490-1878 (Leeds Co) Hugh FLAHERTY, 26, Mechanic, Canada, Brockville, s/o James FLAHERTY, Jane MCKAY, married Annie LOVE, 16, Canada, North Augusta, d/o Joseph LOVE & Susanna McCONKEY, witn: Harriet MOREY, Elizabethtown, James EASTON, Augusta, 29 Nov 1877 at Brockville 005501-77 Thomas A. FOLEY, 23, Farmer, Escott, Escott, s/o Thomas & Catherine FOLEY; married Susan Emily WEBSTER, 19, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Robert B & Jane C. WEBSTER; witn Jonathan WEBSTER & Robert B. WEBSTER, both Lansdowne, 3 Apr 1877, Lansdowne
005689-77 Thomas FORBES, 25, Yeoman, Wolford, Wolford, s/o Thomas & Mary FORBES; married Mary BOYD, 23, Wolford Twp, Wolford Twp, d/o Richard & Mary BOYD; witn John BOYD & Susan FORBES, both Wolford Twp, 5 Dec 1877, Merrickville 005554-77 Joseph FORBES, 23, Farmer, Oxford, Oxford, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth FORBES; married Eliza McDONALD, 16, Wolford, Wolford, d/o John & Mary McDONALD; witn William McDONALD & George McDONALD, both Wolford, 1 Jan 1877, North Augusta
5610-78 William Joseph GATES, 23, farmer, Pittsburg twp., same, s/o William GATES & Ellen NELSON, married Hannah GASCOIN, 20, Ernestown, Pittsburg twp., d/o William GASCOIN & Ann MARCHAM, witn: James & Ann BERRY of Gananoque, 3 Dec 1877 at Gananoque 005620-77 Ezra GILROY, 27, Wid, carriage maker, Elizabethtown, Ventnor, s/o Edward & Eliza GILROY; married Manerva LAMMON, 26, Spencerville, Ventnor, d/o Daniel & Jannett LAMMON; witn Daniel LAMMON & Margaret LAMMON, both Ventnor, 26 Dec 1877, Ventnor
005524-77 Maurice GOGGIN, 55, Wid, Yeoman, Ireland, Edwardsburgh, s/o John GOGGIN & Ellen REGAN; married Catherine SWEETMAN, 50, Wid, Ireland, Prescott, d/o Michael GORMAN & Mary COLLINS; witn Lawrence REDMAN & Mary DIGMAN, both Prescott, 6 May 1877, Prescott 005572-77 Thomas GOODDISON, 25, Farmer, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Luke & Margaret; married Annie Helen WHITWORTH, 19, Augusta, Augusta, d/o George & Hannah ; witn John DALES & Elizabeth DALES, both Augusta, 21 Nov 1877, Augusta
005661-77 James GORMAN, 39, Timber Merchant, Marlboro, Wisconsin, s/o John GORMAN & Ann McGINLAY?; married Margaret BENNETT, 25, Marlboro, Marlboro, d/o Thomas BENNETT & Ann GILROY; witn William GORMAN & Elizabeth BENNETT, both Marlboro, 9 Oct 1877, Oxford 005599-77 Christopher GREENIZEN, 22, Farmer, Leeds, Leeds, s/o Christopher & Charlotte GREENIZEN; married Esther Ann BABCOCK, 16, Portland, Gananoque, d/o Ira & Catherine BABCOCK; witn Richard GREENIZEN & Lucy TRUESDALE, both Gananoque, 19 June 1877, Mallorytown
005644-77 Alfred John GREER, 30, Gentleman, Ireland, Ottawa, s/o Thomas Beatus? & Margaret GREER; married Henrietta Mary MORTON, 25, Canada, Lansdowne, d/o Thomas Mercer & Bessa Louisa MORTON; witn Mrs R. L. HOUSTON, Lansdowne & Mrs COATS, Gananoque, 15 Sept 1877, Lansdowne 005499-77 William GREER, 24, Farmer, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o Thomas & Mary GREER; married Martha Victoria JOHNSTON, 17, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Robert & Catherine JOHNSTON; witn Jennie STEWART & Anne LATIMER, both Lansdowne, 24 Jan 1877, Lansdowne
005733-77 William G. GRIFFITH, 25, Salesman, Brockville, Brockville, s/o Richard GRIFFITH & Elizabeth MOAT; married E. Rebecca LOVERIN, 20, Greenbush, Greenbush, d/o Simeon LOVERIN & Amanda WESTLAKE; witn Frank R. McCRADY & Josephine GRIFFITH, both Brockville, 1 Jan 1877, Greenbush 5314-78 Given HANNA, 25, dentist, Leeds Co., Kemptville, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Martha BEACH, 21, Kemptville, same, d/o Albert & Armenia, witn: Alson BEACH & Minerva MAGEE, both of Kemptville, 6 Sept 1877 at Kemptville
005476-77 Robert HARE, 24, Farmer, Oxford, Oxford, s/o Robert HARE & Ann FLETCHER; married Mary A. COCHRANE, 24, Oxford, Oxford, d/o Robert COCHRANE & Eliza CHRISTIE; witn William James COCHRANE & Charlotte HARE, both Oxford, 3 Jan 1877, Oxford 005569-77 Hanson HILLIS, 28, Farmer, Canada, Augusta, s/o James & Mary HILLIS; married Eliza Ann BERRY, 26, Canada, Elizabethtown, d/o Henry & Jemima BERRY; witn William BOLTON of Doublin & Sophy HILLIS of North Augusta, 21 June 1877, North Augusta
005497-77 William Samuel HORTON, 32, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, s/o William HORTON & Ella SHAW; married Susan RUDD, 27, Yonge, Yonge, d/o William RUDD & Jane HORTON; witn Ruth HOWARD, Farmersville & Mahlon YATES, Yonge, 22 Mar 1877, Farmersville  
5609-78 Edwin HUNTER, 23, carpenter, New York, Gananoque, s/o William HUNTER & Hannah, married Mary Jane PATTERSON, 20, Gananoque, same, d/o Henry PATTERSON & Matilda, witn: William & Harriet PATTERSON of Gananoque, 15 Dec 1877 at Gananoque 005487-77 John HUNTER, 36, Farmer, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o Andrew & Jennet HUNTER; married Jane Ann ELBARE, 21, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o Henry & Jane ELBARE; witn Allan WALSH & Jennet HUNTER, both Edwardsburgh, 26 Apr 1877, Edwardsburgh
005641-77 William HUTCHINGS, 20, Farmer, Bedford, North Crosby, s/o Alfred & Susan HUTCHINGS; married Elizabeth ROWSWELL, 22, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o Robert & Ann ROWSWELL; witn Isaac MERRIMAN & Tabitha A. WHITE, both South Crosby 14 Nov 1877, South Crosby 005433-77 Thomas B. HUTTON, 27, Carpenter & Joiner, Wolford, Pulaski N.Y., s/o William HUTTON & Maria BURNEY; married Ada LOGAN, 23, Niagara Falls, Brockville, d/o James LOGAN & Maria JACKSON; witn Catharine SANDERSON & R.J. SANDERSON, both Wolford, 1 Jan 1877, Easton’s Corners
005626-77 John C. JACOB, 40, Attorney, Newfoundland, Elora, s/o John & Hannah JACOB; married Augusta FIELD, 28, Canada, Prescott, d/o Fulford B. & Catherine FIELD; witn James F. FIELD, Mount Forest & Ida FIELD, Prescott, 26 Sept 1877, Prescott 005567-77 Alonzo JOHNS, 30, Farmer, Canada, Canada, s/o Marzy? & Ellen JOHNS; married Sarah Elizabeth FORRESTER, 25, Canada, North Augusta, d/o Alexander & Flora FORRESTER; witn William EARL, Fairfield & Mary HOUGH?, North Augusta, 27 June 1877, North Augusta
005498-77 Robert JOHNSON, 28, Carpenter, Lansdowne, Lansdowne Rear, s/o Thomas & Lucinda JOHNSON; married Mary Ann GREEN, 26, Yonge Rear, Yonge Rear, d/o William GREEN & Mary WEBSTER; witn Walter L. JOHNSON, Lansdowne & Alice CORBETT, Escott, 25 Apr 1877, Yonge 005454-77 George Henry JOHNSON, 23, Carpenter, Lansdowne Rear, Lyndhurst, s/o John F & Margaret JOHNSON; married Amelia Louisa EARL, 22, Lansdowne, Lyndhurst, d/o Allan & Rachael EARL; witn George H. STEACEY & Margaret EARL, both Lyndhurst, 28 Mar no year given, Lyndhurst
005458-78 George JOHNSTON, 25, Farmer, Inkerman, Inkerman, s/o James N & Hannah JOHNSTON; married Catherine STIRTON, 19, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o George & Melissa STIRTON; witn Isabella ANSON & Loby QUACKENBUSH, both South Gower, 14 Nov 1877, Heckston 5402-1878 (Grenville Co) Robert JONES, 50, Widower, Farmer, Ireland, Logan Tp. Perth Co., s/o James & Ann JONES, married Ann SMITH, 45, Widow, Ireland, Kitley Tp., d/o Thomas & Susan SCOTT, witn; James LOVE, Kitley Tp., James ANDERSON, Village of Smiths Falls. 28, Nov 1877 Kitley Tp.
  005568-77 Lovejoy JOYNER, 31, Barber, Norwich Canada, Brockville, s/o Thomas & Catherine JOYNER; married Mary Elizabeth WHITE, 24, Rockville, Brockville, d/o Henry & Ruth WHITE; witn Eliza B. LEWIS, Maitland & Isabella SMITH, Prescott, 23 July 1877, Maitland
005473-77 George Morris KELLY, 26, Hotel Porter, Ottawa, Ogdensburg N.Y, s/o Charles William & Janet KELLY; married Sarah EWING, 20, Kemptville, Ottawa, d/o John & Ellen EWING; witn Margaret HOOKER & Mary MILLS, both Kemptville, 28 May 1877, Kemptville 005656-77 Richard KENNY, 36, Wid, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Oxford, s/o John KENNY & Mary CLISSALL; married Mary A. POOLE, 20, Oxford, Oxford, d/o James POOLE & Ann KYLE; witn William POOLE & Mrs J. CANNING, both Oxford, 8 May 1877, Oxford
005512-77 John G. KEYON, 33, Wid, Blacksmith, Govennora? US, Govennora? US, s/o John H. & Lucy KEYON; married Mary Ellen WEST, 29, Wid, Govennora? US, Govennora US, d/o Alonson & Catherine WEST; witn Frank A. WEST & Emilin WEST, both South Onondaga US, 28 Nov 1877, Prescott 005506-77 William L. LANDON, 23, Farmer, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o William & Elizabeth LANDON; married Elizabeth Harriet Jane GRAY, 19, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Charles & Margaret GRAY; witn Delbert LANDON & Margaret BUSH, both Lansdowne, 20 June 1877, Lansdowne
005662-77 Robert LANG, 60, Wid, Farmer, Co Cavan Ireland, Wolford, s/o Thomas LANG & Ann CAMPBELL; married Ann MOORE, 50, Wid, Co Armagh Ireland, s/o Robert PATTON & Marg McGIFFEN; witn John WRIGHT, Wolford & Martha ROSS, Oxford, 24 Oct 1877, Oxford 005674-77 William LATOURELL, 45, Wid, Farmer, Edwardsburg, South Gower, s/o Francis & May Ann LATOURELL; married Ellen CHRISTIE, 30, Oxford, Oxford, d/o Duncan & Sarah CHRISTIE; witn John SELLECK, Kemptville & John A. CHRISTIE, Oxford, 6 Nov 1877, Kemptville
005543-77 Joseph ? LAUGHTON (Langhton?), 23, Grocer, Gananoque, Gananoque, s/o James K. & Charlotte LAUGHTON; married Julia Ann HEMSLEY, 20, London Ont, Lyn, d/o George & Martha HEMSLEY; witn Mary BELL & Shirlie BELL, both Gananoque, 25 Jan 1877, Gananoque 005612-77 Elias LAWRENCE, 26, Farmer, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o Elias & Barbara LAWRENCE; married May CARMICHAEL, 18 Spencerville, Spencerville, d/o Andrew & Isabella CARMICHAEL; witn Daniel CARMICHAEL & Elizabeth WYLIE, both Spencerville, 20 Sept 1877, Spencerville
005435-77 John H. LAYNG, 26, Shoemaker, Bastard, Bastard, s/o James LAYNG & Jane HAMILTON; married Priscilla ROGERS, 21, Bastard, Bastard, d/o John ROGERS & Ann FITZPATRICK; witn Sarah Jane ROGERS, Bastard & James PARKER, Toledo, 21 Dec 1877, Bastard 005490-77 Henry LAYING, 26, Merchant, Bastard Twp, Smith Falls, s/o John & Maria LAYING; married Rachel Maria HAYES, 22, Farmersville, Farmersville, d/o Thomas & Isabella HAYES; witn William Thomas HAYES, Farmersville, 23 Jan 1877, Farmersville
005414-77 John N. LEADBEATER, 28, Farmer, Leeds Rear Twp, Seeleys Bay, s/o David & Margaret LEADBEATER; married Margaret E. LEE, 23, Leeds Rear Twp, Leeds Rear Twp, d/o Calvin & Keziah LEE; witn Wallace P. SLITER & Sophia R. STRUTHERS, both N. Sweet’s Corners, 1 May 1877, Seeleys Bay  
5455-1878 (Leeds Co) William G. LEE, 32, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Gardiner & Melissa LEE, married Mary WILSON, 20, Yonge, same, d/o Ezekiel & Mary WILSON, witn: John R. FOLEY, Agnes LORRANER, both of Yonge. 26 Sep 1877 Lyn 005580-77 Joseph LEESON, no age given, Farmer, Kitley, Kitley, no parents given; married Agnes J. FITZGERALD, no age given, Kitley, Kitley, d/o not known; witn Mrs William SERVICE, Farmersville, 15 June 1877, Farmersville
005522-77 Edward MAJOR, 29, Blacksmith, Prescott, Prescott, s/o Francis MAJOR & Emily PHILIPS; married Sarah Ann McDONELL, 21, Prescott, Prescott, d/o James McDONNELL & Eliza FLYNN; witn Daniel CANFIELD & Eliza FLYNN, both Prescott, 22 Apr 1877, Prescott 005487-1878 (Leeds Co) Archibald Edward MALLOCH, 33, Widower, Doctor of Medicine, Brockville, Hamilton, s/o George MALLOCH & Elizabeth STEWART, married Frances Mary REYNOLDS, 24, Brockville, same, d /o Thomas REYNOLDS & Eleanor Sarah JENKLIN, witn: Jessie ROBERTSON, Montreal, E.J. REYNOLDS, Brockville, 14 Nov 1877 at Brockville
  005539-77 Herbert Scaman MANHARD, 19, Lumber Dealer, Elizabethtown, Brockville, s/o Scaman (Seaman?) & M. MANHARD; married Carrie Maud CORNELL, 18, Toledo, Toledo, d/o S.S. & Mariah CORNELL; witn 23 May 1877, Toledo
005562-77 Thomas MARE, 26, Farmer, Wolford, Wolford, s/o Richard & Margaret MARE; married Jane Elizabeth MARE, 28, Wid, Wolford, Wolford, d/o John & Hannah GARDINER; witn Wilson RILEY & Hannah GARDINER, both Wolford, 27 Mar 1877, North Augusta 005710-77 Patrick McCAN, Major, none given, Ireland,, Brockville, s/o John & Mary FOLEY; married Bridget M. BYRNE, Major, Ireland, Brockville, d/o John BYRNE & Mary SHANLEY?; witn Michael QUAIL & Mary SHOOB?, both Brockville, 28 Feb 1877, Brockville
005510-77 Philip McCARTIN, 26, Butcher, Edwardsburgh, Prescott, s/o David McCARTIN & Margaret McMAIL; married Mary HORAN, 22, Prescott, Prescott, d/o Daniel HORAN & Ann SWEENEY, witn Timothy HORAN, Prescott & Susyan (Lucyan?) McCARTIN, Edwardsburgh, 24 Jan 1877, Prescott 005545-77 Robert C. McCULLOCH, 24, Clerk, Kitley, Gananoque, s/o John & Jane McCULLOCH; married Isabella WATT, 22, Montreal, Gananoque, d/o James & Isabella WATT; witn William LATIN? & Alex C. WATT, both Gananoque, 24 Jan 1877, Gananoque
005651-77 Joseph McCULLY, 40, Farmer, Co Derry? Ireland, Oxford, s/o Henry McCULLY & Mary HUNTER; married Margaret McCLELLAN, 32, Oxford, Oxford, d/o Alexander McCLELLAN & Eliza MORRISON; witn Andrew McCLELLAN, Oxford, 5 Dec 1877, Oxford 005470-77 Robert McCULLY, 23, Farmer, Marlborough, Marlborough, s/o William & Eliza McCULLY; married Maria MILLS, 21, Oxford, Marlborough, d/o James & Mary MILES; witn William McCULLY & Margaret Jane BEAMER?, both Marlborough, 3 Apr 1877, Kemptville
005602-77 Ernest Albert McDONALD, 19, Farmer, Oswego NY, Mallorytown, s/o Simon & Ellen Rachel McDONALD; married Alferetta A. GUILD, 23, Mallorytown, Mallortytown, d/o Jeremiah & Aseneth GUILD; witn Jeremiah GUILD & Lucy HARKNESS, both Mallorytown, 29 July 1877, Mallorytown 005557-77 Edward McDONALD, 21, Farmer, Wolford, Wolford, s/o John & Elizabeth McDONALD; married Charlotte EARL, 22, Wolford, Wolford, d/o Robert & Ann EARL; witn John EARL & Levina ELLIOTT, both Wolford, 30 Jan 1877, North Augusta
005550-77 James McDONALD, 25, Farmer, Cornwall Co Stormont, Escott, s/o Alexander McDONALD & Margaret McMULLEN; married Sarah M. DOWSLEY, 23, Escott, Escott, d/o George DOWSLEY & Lucinda AVERY; witn Sophia STEVENSON & Bellia WAKER, both Brockville, 12 Sept 1877, Brockville 005464-77 Thomas McDONALD, 30, Farmer, Bastard, Bastard, s/o Thomas & Mary McDONALD; married Mary BOLTON, 24, Bastard, Bastard, d/o Henry & Elizabeth BOLTON; witn Richard PRESTON & Daniel McGONEGAL?, both Newboro, 16 Apr 1877, Newboro
005678-77 Daniel Jacob McDONALD, 26, Yeoman, Ontario, Yonge, s/o Vincent B & Eliza A McDONALD; married Eliza Amellia RASH, 25, Ontario, Kemptville, d/o John & Ann RASH; witn Samuel N. PERCIVAL & Phoebe Maria RASH, both Kemptville, 2 June 1877, Kemptville 005488-1878 (Leeds Co) James McDONALD, 25 Farmer, Escott, same, s/o Alexander McDONALD & Margaret McMILLAN, married Sarah DOWSLEY, 23, Escott, same, d/o George DOWSLEY & Lucinda AVERY, witn: Mrs. S. STEPHENSON, Bella WALKER, both of Brockville, 12 Sept 1877 at Brockville
  005493-77 William McKENZIE, 34, Farmer, Scotland, Kitley, s/o John & Christina McKENZIE; married Rhoda WILTSE, 21 or 24, Yonge, Yonge, d/o Sydney & Laura WILTSE; witn Franklin GILBERT & Mary M. HOWARD, both Yonge, 21 Feb 1877, Farmersville
005570-77 John McLEAN, 33, Wid, Farmer, Augusta, Elizabethtown, s/o Solomon & Mary McLEAN; married Easter Ann EARL, 25, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Robert & no mother given EARL; witn Joseph & Catherine MCLEAN, both Augusta, 25 July 1877, North Augusta 005740-77 John McNEALE, 47, Carpenter, Yonge, Brockville, s/o George & Jane McNEALE; married Lucretia QUARTE, 28, Wid, Brockville, Brockville, d/o Martin & Marie DEWEY; witn George WARWICK & Mary WARWICK, both Brockville, 22 Mar 1877, Brockville
005594-77 Rev George McRITCHIE, 50, Wid, Minister, Scotland, Almonte, s/o James McRITCHIE & Elizabeth MILLER; married Jamiesena Dunlop FRENCH, 30, Wid, Canada, Newboro, d/o Asenah? DUNLOP & Mary JARDINE, witn H.W. HUTTON, Admaston & Sarah KILBORN, Newboro, 9 Oct 1877, Newboro 005565-77 Thomas MEEHAN, 22, Farmer, England, Elizabethtown, s/o William & Lucinda MEEHAN, married Mary JOHNS, 19, Canada, Fairfield, d/o Aulden & Minerva JOHNS; witn Mrs MULLEN & Mary COLBORNE, both North Augusta, 31 Dec 1877

#005389-78 (Grenville Co) Joseph MERAULT (or MERON), 24, yeoman, Province of Quebec (exact place not known), Montague, s/o Louis MERAULT & Louisa PAYEA; married Olive PAYEA, 20, Montague, Merrickville, d/o Joseph PAYEA Olive GILBEAULT; witn – Joseph PAYEA Junior, Olive PAYEA, both Merrickville & Eliza GILLPAT, Montague, 29 December 1877, Merrickville

005579-77 Charles Henry MIDDAGH, 30, Farmer, Mountain, Mountain, s/o John & Lucy MIDDAGH; married Mary Ann SHAW, 25, South Gower, South Gower, d/o William & Elizabeth SHAW; witn Sidney SHAW, South Gower & Lucy MIDDAGH, Mountain, 24 Sept 1877, South Gower
005456-77 Cyrene MIDDLETON, 24, Farmer, Rear Leeds, Rear Leeds, s/o James MIDDLETON & Margaret STRUTHERS; married Rhoda CHASE, 18, Rear Leeds, Rear LEEDS, d/o Lewis CHASE & Levinia MIDDLETON; witn Charles CHASE & Josephine WING, both Rear Leeds, 12 May 1877, Rear Leeds 005457-77 Schuyler MIDDLETON, 21, Yeoman, South Crosby, Oro, s/o Darwin MIDDLETON & Clara WHELAN; married Jane Lorida JONES, 21, Bedford, Oro, d/o John JONES & Sarah MILLIGAN; witn Stephen H. JONES, & George E. JONES, both Bedford, 10 Jan 1877, Newboro
005491-77 Joseph MILLAR, 28, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, s/o Joseph MILLAR & Nancy HANNA; married Lucretia DUCOLON, 28, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o Peter DUCOLON & Martha SHARP; witn Elma May NASH, Farmersville, 30 Jan 1877, Farmersville 005538-77 William MILLS, 22, Farmer, South Burgess, South Burgess, s/o James & Susan MILLS; married Mary Ann FERGUSON, 24, Kitley, Yonge, d/o Richard & Ann FERGUSON; witn Robert FERGUSON, Yonge Twp, Mary Ann MILLS, South Burgess, 22 Mary 1877, Frankville
005657-77 James Moore MINISH, 28, Farmer, Wolford, Marlboro, s/o James MINISH & Elizabeth MOORE; married Jane GREER, 20, Oxford, Oxford, d/o Nathaniel GREER & Jane TENCHEN; witn William J. CANNING & Mrs J. CANNING, both Oxford, 26 June 1877, Oxford 5403-1878 (Grenville Co) William James MOFFATT, 28, Farmer, Brockville, Wolford, Tp., s/o Robert MOFFATT & Anna MURPHY, married Sarah FITZGERALD, 19, Wolford Tp., same, d/o James FITZGERALD & Anna WILSON, witn: Edward FITZGERALD, Rachel MOFFATT, both of Wolford. 27 Dec 1877 Wolford Tp.
005540-77 David John MOORE, 24, Blacksmith, Canada, Gananoque, s/o George & Elizabeth MOORE; married Margaret Jane McINTYRE, 22, Canada, Gananoque, d/o John & Elizabeth McINTYRE; witn Joseph John MOORE & Sarah MOORE, both Gananoque, 1 Mar 1877, Gananoque 5611-78 Joseph John MOORE, 28, blacksmith, Canada, Gananoque, s/o George MOORE & Elizabeth, married Martha BRYANT, 26, Canada, Gananoque, do Daniel BRYANT & Sarah, witn: Robert BARTLETT of Kingston & Marion BRYANT of Gananoque, 31 Dec 1877 at Gananoque
  005527-77 Asher A. MORGAN, 31, Farmer, Bastard Twp, Bastard Twp, s/o Elijah MORGAN & Elmira BUELL; married Harriet L. CHAPIN, 22, Bastard Twp, Elizabeth Twp, d/o John CHAPIN & Hannah KING; witn Marianna HANSFORD & Jeffery E. HANSFORD, both Prescott, 20 May 1877, Prescott
005616-77 Edward P. MURPHY, 23, Engineer (SL &GRR), Throoptown, Prescott, s/o William & Temple MURPHY; married Laura A. WALLACE, 24, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o Richard & Elizabeth WALLACE; witn James HOLMES & Elizabeth WALLACE, both Edwardsburgh, 30 Oct 1877, Edwardsburgh 005453-77 William James NIBLOCK, 21, Labourer, Leeds, Leeds, s/o Samuel NIBLOCK & Eliza Ann HANIFORN; married Jane CHASE, 21, Leeds, Leeds, d/o Lewis CHASE & Lavina MIDDLETON; witn Cyrene MIDDLETON & Rhoda CHASE, both Leeds Rear, 21 Mar no year given, Leeds
005571-77 John O’NEAL (Jr), 35, Farmer, Augusta, Augusta, s/o John & ANN O’NEAL; married Ellenor TOBLIN, 25, Ireland, Augusta, d/o Michael & Ellenor TOBLIN; witn Margaret COSGROVE, Augusta & William SHAW, Elizabethtown 19 July 1877, Augusta 005489-1878 (Leeds Co) Robert OWENS, 65, Widower, Laborer, Ireland, Brockville, s/o David OWENS & Mary WILSON, married Elizabeth HURST, 61, England, Brockville, d/o Samuel HURST & Sarah COPLEY, witn: Mrs. G. BURNFIELD, Mrs. Mary JOHNSTON, Brockville, 27 Oct 1877 at Brockville
005469-77 John Grant PARKER, 27, Mechanic, South Mountain, South Mountain, s/o William & Esther PARKER; married Alice Ortensa? DEZELL, 21, South Mountain, South Mountain, d/o Charles & Nancy DEZELL; witn John C. RUTHERFORD, Oxford & Margaret HOOKER, Kemptville, 26 Feb 1877, Kemptville 005653-77 William PATTON, 57, Wid, Farmer, Tyrone Ireland, Oxford, s/o William PATTON & Martha WOODS; married Alice KEEGAN, 36, Plantagenet, Oxford, d/o Richard KEEGAN & Alice DARLINGTON; witn Reuben SCOVILLE & John ALEXANDER, both Oxford, 4 Apr 1877, Oxford
005649-77 Nelson Byron PECK, 20, Farmer, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o William & Eliza Amelia PECK; married Clara Mary WARREN, 20, Escott, Lansdowne, d/o Benjamin & Martha WARREN; witn Benjamin WARREN & William PECK, both Lansdowne, 25 Dec 1877, Lansdowne 005647-77 Noah PECK, 21, Farmer, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o George & Susan PECK; married Sarah Maret CROSS, 18, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Reuben & Jennet CROSS; witn Lewis LANDON & Mary Jane PECK, both Lansdowne, 26 Sept 1877, Lansdowne
005468-77 Daniel Gearney PELTON, 42, Wid, Farmer, South Gower, Oxford, s/o Phineus & Rachel PELTON; married Margaret NORTON, 39, Oxford, Oxford, d/o William & May NORTON; witn William PELTON & Martha A. JOHNSTON, both Oxford, 15 Feb 1877, Kemptville 005650-77 George M. PENNOCK, 25, Railway Brakesman, Brockville, North Augusta, s/o George & Amy Pennock; married Eliza Ann AMIES, 21, Port Hope, Lansdowne, d/o Isaac & Mary Ann AMIES; witn Charles AMIES & Jennie GOWAN, both Lansdowne, 25 Dec 1877, Lansdowne

#005388-78 (Grenville Co) Wellington PERCIVAL, 23, yeoman, Oxford, Marlboro, s/o William PERCIVAL & Ann WILLIS; married Elizabeth Hephzibal FULCHER, 25, Burretta Rapids, Montague, d/o Edward FULCHER & Hephzibal BULLIS; witn – Robert LEACH, Montague, Martha George FULCHER, Brockville & Keziah PERCIVAL, Oxford, 12 December 1877, Merrickville

005659-77 Abner POOLE, 27, Farmer, Prospect, Prospect, s/o Adam POOLE & Jane WIGGINS; married Mary Ann SLOAN, 24, Oxford, Oxford, d/o William SLOAN & Jane COLEMAN; witn John COLEMAN, South Gower & Lydia P. CLARK, no place given, 26 Sept 1877, Oxford
005556-77 James E. PRATE, 27, Farmer, Marlborough, North Gower, s/o Francis & Charlotte PRATE; married Maria REYNOLDS, 23, Augusta, Augusta, d/o James & Sarah REYNOLDS; witn Albert PRATE & Sarah REYNOLDS, both Augusta, 14 Feb 1877, N. Augusta 005460-77 William Charles PRITCHARD, 23, Yeoman, South Crosby, South Crosby, s/o William PRITCHARD & Maryann KELLY; married Sarah Ann DENISON, 21, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o Robert DENISON & Catherine Ann PERCAL; witn Thomas DENISON & Catherine DENISON, both South Crosby, 15 Feb 1877, Newboro
005660-77 Edward QUINN, 33, Farmer, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o James QUINN & Marge MAURICE; married Mary JENNINGS, 25, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o Patrick JENNINGS & Mary HALLISON; witn Daniel LEAHY & Mary DERRICK, both Edwardsburgh, 22 Oct 1877, Oxford 5392-1878 (Grenville Co) John READ, 24, Montague, same, s/o Thomas READ & Sarah BENNETT, married Catherine Elizabeth MUSSELL, 25, Wolford, same, d/o Thomas MUSSELL & Alice MALONEY, witn: Grimes READ, Montague, Charlotte MUSSELL, Wolford. 18 Jun 1877 at Residence of Rev. G. J LOWE
005655-77 Michael ROACH, 36, Wid, Farmer, Ireland, mountain, s/o John ROACH & Ellen NELSON; married Minerva HANIBAL, 44, Wid, Cornwall, Kemptville, d/o Hiram HANIBAL & Sarah LAMPING; witn Henry FITZSIMS? & Minerva SLOAN, both Kemptville, 18 June 1877, Oxford 005739-77 Robert ROBINSON, 45, Wid, Pensioner, Ireland, Brockville, s/o John & Ann ROBINSON; married Margaret McGIBBON, 39, Wid, Ireland, Brockville, d/o James & Elizabeth BOWES; witn Robert BRYENS & Mary A. BRYENS, both Brockville, 24 Apr 1877, Brockville
005613-77 Normal RUNIONS, 23, Farmer, Rocksbury, Rocksbury, s/o Adam H & Elizabeth RUNIONS; married Esther Ann RIDDLE, 20, Pittston Ont, Pittston Ont, d/o Peter & Caroline RIDDLE; witn Joseph R. RUNIONS & Elizabeth HUTCHCROFT, both Edwardsburgh, 16 Oct 1877, Pittston 005442-77 Daniel RUNS, 25, Filler, Lachine, Brockville, s/o William & Rosanna RUNS; married Mary McCRACKEN, 24, Brockville, Brockville, d/o Joseph & Janet McCRACKEN; witn Agnes BROWN (Sr) & Agnes BROWN (Jr), both Lyn, 1 Feb, no year given, Lyn
5426-1878 (Grenville Co) William RUTHERFORD, 21, Blacksmith, Oxford, same, s/o Adam RUTHERFORD & Isabella JOHNSTON, married Phoebe McCARGAR, 20, Oxford, same, d/o Henry McCARGAR & Agnes McCARGAR, witn: Asa FARRSIT (Fansit?) Alfred BISHOP, Oxford. 25 Dec 1877 Oxford  
005484-77 Charles SAZZA?, 21, Farmer, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o Lewis & Emaline SAZZA?; married Maggie McFARLAND, 16, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o George & Hannah Jane McFARLAND; witn Henry MARKETT & Hannah SAZZA?, both Edwardsburgh, 10 Mar 1877, Edwardsburgh 005504-77 William SCOTT, 44, Farmer, North Elmsly, Bathurst, s/o James & Jane SCOTT; married Ellen BEATTY, 37, Yonge, Lansdowne, d/o William & Ellen BEATTY; witn William BEATTY, Delta & Mary BEATTY, Yonge, 4 Jan 1877, Lansdowne
005643-77 James SEALS, 29, Blacksmith, Quebec, Leeds, s/o James & Mary SEALS; married Lois Foster ANDREW, 17, Yonge, Leeds, d/o Adam & Susan ANDREW; witn J.F. ANDREW & S.S. ANDREW, both LEEDS, 17 Apr 1877, Leeds 005552-77 Charles Edgar SHAVER, 23, Farmer, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Levi & Adaline SHAVER; married Hannah SERVICE, 23, Matilda, Augusta, d/o Edward & Phebe SERVICE; witn Stephen POLITE & L. SHAVER, both Augusta, 28 Jan 1877, Augusta
005537-77 Joseph Metcalf SHEFFIELD, 30, Wid, Farmer, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o Thomas & Margaret SHEFFIELD; married Margaret Ann LOVE, 20, Bastard, Kitley, d/o Alexander & Latecia LOVE; witn Alexander LOVE & Latecia LOVE, both Kitley, 1 Feb 1877, Kitley 005600-77 Freeman SHIPMAN, 25, Farmer, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o David & Elizabeth SHIPMAN; married Alace FAIR, 20, Leeds, Leeds, d/o Thomas & Mary FAIR; witn N.C. STEPHENSON & Mariette SHIPMAN, both Lansdowne, 17 July 1877, Mallorytown
005561-77 Thomas SMAIL, 35, Farmer, Canada, Spencerville, s/o Andrew & Amelia SMAIL; married Mary Emily TRIPP, 23, Canada, Spencerville, d/o Archibald & Fanny TRIPP; witn Mrs E. MULLEN & Mrs GATES, both North Augusta, 6 Mar 1877, North Augusta 5454-1878 (Leeds Co) Julius Charles SNIDER, 21, Farmer, Leeds County, Elizabethtown, s/o William & Mary SNIDER, married Sarah Ann BROWN, 19, Elizabethtown, same, d/o James and Christine BROWN, witn: James & Christine BROWN, of Elizabethtown. 5 Sep 1877 Elizabethtown
  005582-77 William Egre STACEY, 39, Yeoman, Yonge, Yonge, s/o John & Esther STACEY; married Melissa Jane BOLTON, 21, Bastard, Yonge, d/o Richard BOLTON & Hester MURPHY; witn John STACEY, Yonge & Josephine JOHNSON, Farmersville, 27 Sept 1877, Farmersville
005465-77 Jeremiah STEELE, 20, Yeoman, North Crosby, North Crosby, s/o Samuel STEELE & Trephena SMITH; married Sarah Jane PERKINS, 18, North Crosby, North Crosby, do Joshua PERKINS & Anna STONE: witn Jonathan A. PERKINS, North Crosby & Emily C. ROBINSON, Newboro, 21 Apr 1877, Newboro 005601-77 Norman H. STEPHENSON, 28, Wid, Carpenter, Elizabethtown, Lansdowne, s/o John & Electa STEPHENSON; married Mariott SHIPMAN, 28, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o David & Elizabeth SHIPMAN; witn Freeman SHIPMAN, Lansdowne & Alace FAIR, Leeds, 17 July 1877, Mallorytown
005452-77 Samuel Wesley STURGEON, 23, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, s/o Robert STURGEON & Margaret STEARN; married Margaret Lillian BOYD, 22, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o John BOYD & Ann COLEMAN; witn Robert STURGEON, Elizabethtown & Frances Caroline BOYD, Lansdowne, 1 Mar 1877, Lansdowne Rear 005438-77 John TAITE, 28, Yeoman, Kitley, Kitley, s/o Alexander TAITE & Mary KEER (Kerr?); married Emma Rebecca De WOLF, 22, Bastard, Bastard, d/o Samuel DE WOLF & Caroline HOLSTEAD; witn Melborn F. DE WOLF, Bastard & Thomas HUNTER, Kitley, 28 Feb 1877, Bastard
005459-77 John TAYLOR, 22, Yeoman, South Crosby, North Crosby, s/o James TAYLOR & Mary MOOR?; married Lydia MOORE, 28, Bastard, North Crosby, d/o Allen MOORE & Tryphena PARKER; witn William Thomas TAYLOR & Henry BADOR, both North Crosby, 31 Jan 1877, Newboro 5549-77 Jerome THOMSON, 25, Farmer, Escott, Escott, s/o John K THOMAS & Nancy ROOT; married Mercy AVERY, 20, Escott, Escott, d/o Isaac AVERY & Mary TRICKEY; witn Melzar AVERY & Maggie THOMSON, both Escott, 28 Feb 1877, no place given
005742-77 Alexander TIMLICK, 34, Wid, Joiner, Elizabethtown, North Augusta, s/o William TIMLICK & Jane SEELY; married Marsha EDWARDS, 26, Beckwith Twp, Elizabethtown, d/o Robert EDWARDS & Mary Ann HOBB; witn N.B. WARREN, North Augusta & Rebecca EDWARDS, Brockville, 2 May 1877, Brockville 5613-78 Lewis VALLEY, 54, widower, carpenter, Montreal, Gananoque, s/o Joseph VALLEY & Margaret, married Jessie HOWARD, 24, New York, Gananoque, d/o George HOWARD & Jessie, witn: Sarah McDONALD & Isabella KIRKWOOD, both of Gananoque, 22 Dec 1877 at Gananoque
005526-77 Alexander Stirling WALLACE, 22, Druggist, Scotland, Prescott, s/o Robert WALLACE & Margaret McLAREN; married Mary Elizabeth WILKISON, 20, England, Edwardsburgh, d/o David Chandler WILKISON & Honorah KYLE; witn James BUCKAM, Prescott & Louisa WILKISON, Edwardsburgh, May 1877, Prescott 005523-77 Thomas WARD, 35, Yeoman, Ireland, Edwardsburgh, s/o Thomas WARD & Hannah McGOWAN; married Catherine QUINN, 35, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o James QUINN & Margaret MORRIS; witn Patrick LACEY, Edwardsburgh & Honorah McCREA, Augusta, 23 Apr 1877, Prescott
005482-77 Albert WEBSTER, 33, Farmer, Montague, Wolford, s/o Asa & Clara WEBSTER; married Eliza Ann PATTON, 30, Wid, Wolford, Oxford, d/o James FLETCHER & Jane MARSHALL; witn Thomas COOK & Annie Berta PATTEN (sic), both Oxford, 13 July 1877, Oxford 005449-77 John WEBSTER, 25, Farmer, Escott, Escott Rear, s/o Nathaniel WEBSTER & Elizabeth JOHNSON; married Martha M. MOLES, 24, Elizabethtown, Lansdowne Rear, d/o George MOLES & Clarissa JOHNSON; witn Samuel JOHNSON & Eva WEBSTER, both Lansdowne Rear, 7 Feb 1877, Lansdowne Rear
005496-77 George WHALEY, 20, Yeoman, Lansdowne, Yonge, s/o William WHALEY & Ellen HORTON; married Rachel COLEMAN, 20, Bastard, Lansdowne, d/o John COLEMAN & Elizabeth WRIGHT; witn Ruth HOWARD & Mattie HOWARD, both Farmersville, 21 Mar 1877, Farmersville 005495-77 Alexander WHERRY, 21, School Teacher, Lansdowne, Jefferson Co N.Y, s/o Robert WHERRY & Dorothy GILBERT; married Gertrude McDONALD, 20, Yonge, Yonge, d/o John McDONALD & Clarissa BOTSFORD; witn Hiram BOTSFORD & Rufus BOTSFORD, both Yonge Twp, 23 Feb 1877, Yonge Twp
005541-77 Charles WHITE, 41, Wid, Carpenter, England, South Crosby, s/o James & Ann WHITE; married Jane PURCELL, 37, Canada, South Crosby, d/o John & Jane PURCELL; witn Christopher CASE & Charlotte CASE, both Gananoque, 22 Mar 1877, Gananoque 005544-77 Thomas Henry WHITE, 27, Divorced, Machinist, Ireland, Gananoque, s/o Thomas & Harriet WHITE: married Mary WHITE, 24, Merrickville, Gananoque, d/o Robert & Jane WHITE; witn Mary Bell & Shirlie BELL, both Gananoque, 9 Feb 1877, Gananoque
005486-1878 (Leeds Co) Holland Albert WHITE, 27, Mariner, Picton, same, s/o Henry WHITE & Sophia BIRKET, married Addie Fanny JONES, 31, Brockville, same, d/o David JONES & Catherine Eliza HAYES, witn: C. J. McCUAIG, Picton, Kate COCHRANE, Brockville, 16 Oct 1877 at Brockville 005566-77 John WILMORE, 27, Farmer, Wolford, Wolford, s/o John & Julia WILMORE; married Ellen STEACY, 18, Augusta, Augusta, d/o John & Eliza STEACY; witn Samuel WILMORE, Wolford & Eliza STEACY, Augusta, 18 Apr 1877, North Augusta
005494-77 George L. WITHERELL, 25, Farmer, Bastard, Bastard, s/o Nathaniel WITHERELL & no mother given; married Julia WOOD, 24, Bastard, Bastard, d/o Amos WOOD & Emily EYRES; witn Adelbert WOOD & Paul LILLIE, both Bastard, 22 Feb 1877, Farmersville  
005442-78 (Leeds Co.) Morton M. WORDEN, 25, Miner, United States, Elizabethtown, s/o George & Eliza WORDEN, married Eliza BILLINGS, 27, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o Abiathar & Anna BILLINGS, Witn.: Marya? & Ira BILLINGS, both of Elizabethtown, December 24, 1877, at Lyn 005547-77 Charles Kenneth WRIGHT, 24, Manufacturer, Montreal, s/o Joseph M & Thites M. WRIGHT; married Ellen JOHNSTON, 21, Gananoque, Gananoque, d/o Edward & Mary JOHNSTON; witn Andrew SHIELS & Richard JOHNSTON, both Gananoque, 14 May 1877, Gananoque
005596-77 Lester Adelbert YOUNG, 25, Blacksmith, Bastard, Leeds, s/o Abraham YOUNG & Sarah HILL; married Annie McLEAN, 22, Newboro, North Crosby, d/o Alexander McLEAN & Mary Ann HARTWELL; witn Mary STEVENS & G.W.S. CHESTERMAN, both Newboro, 20 Nov 1877, Newboro 005553-77 George D. YOUNG, 29, Farmer, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Joseph & Mary YOUNG; married Mary Ann YOUKER, 22, Edwardsburg, d/o Walter & Susanna YOUKER; witn James SPICER & Charles YOUKER, both Augusta, 7 Mar 1877, Augusta
5612-78 Archie YULE, 25, farmer, Scotland, Leeds, s/o William YULE & Jessie, married Nancy FERGUSON, 18, Leeds, same, d/o Simon FERGUSON & Elizabeth SEALS, witn: Robert YULE & Marion MELLVILLE, both of Leeds, 25 Oct. 1877 at Gananoque