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Leeds & Grenville Co., 1881

birth place is given before residence


6101-1882 (Grenville Co) Willard ADAMS, 27, Farmer, Edwardsburgh, Mainsville Ont., s/o Henry & Mary Jane ADAMS, married Sarah RANEY, 27, Edwardsburgh, Mainsville Ont., d/o Neil & Eliza Ann RANEY, witn: Albert RANEY, Annie ADAMS, both of Edwardsburgh. 21 Dec 1881 at the Residence of Brides Father, Edwardsburgh 5902-82 Francis AICHAND (Archand?), 48, widower, laborer, Papineauville Que., Kemptville, s/o Peter AICHAND (Aichaud?) & Mary TREMBLEY, married Sarah EVOY, 36, widow, London Ont., Kempville, d/o Jeremiah EVOY & Honor KNIGHT, witn: Henry LACOMBE & Kemptville & Mary CARMICHAEL of Oxford, 26 April 1881 at Oxford twp
#005770-81 (Leeds Co) Wellington ALDRICH, 22, painter, Leeds Co, Brockville, s/o Simeon ALDRICH & Alvira JONES; married Sarah June STEWART, 20, Leeds Co, Brockville, d/o James STEWART Caroline BLACKMORE; witn: FV. FRAYER (Frazer?) & Kate GALBRAITH, Brockville, 25 April 1881, Brockville 5903-81 George AITCHISON, 29, cabinet maker, Merrickville, Erving Mass. USA, s/o James & Catherine, married Martha DePENCIER, 25, Burritts Rapids, Oxford Mills, d/o Uriah & Hannah, witn: James MILLS of Merrickville & Caroline DePENCIER of Oxford Mills, 6 April 1881 at Oxford twp
005986-81 (Leeds Co.) John Henry ALDBERRY, 26, Farmer, Twp. of Elizabethtown, Twp. of Wolford, s/o Samuel & Besada ALDBERRY, (buried as Samuel & Bathshiba ALBERRY), married Margaret TURNER, 24, Wolford, Same, d/o Thomas & Alice TURNER, Witn.: Thomas B??JESS, Ebenezer BUELL, Elizabethtown, April 2, 1881, at Elizabethtown #005898-81 (Grenville Co) Reid Burnett ALGUIRE, 30, gentleman, Farmersville, Farmersville, s/o Harmonius & Jerusha ALGUIRE; married Aurelia M. MERRICK, 23, Merrickville, Merrickville, d/o William & Jane MERRICK; witn: N.T. MERRICK, Gananoque & Ella MERRICK, Merrickville 22 February 1881, Oxford
005984-81 (Leeds Co.) William ANDREWS, 24, Clerk, England, Ottawa, s/o Stephen & Harriet ANDREWS, married Annie Eliza GRANT, 25, Elizabethtown Twp., Elizabethtown Twp., d/o Charles & Eliza GRANT, Witn.: Fred GRANT of Elizabethtown, Harriett A. ANDREWS of Brockville, September 11, 1881, at Elizabethtown #005895-81 (Grenville Co) Iin? ANNABLE, 34, teacher, Winchester, West Winchester, s/o ? ANNABLE & Margaret BRASONELL; married Janet H. Ann CHRISTIE, 24, Oxford, Oxford, d/o Duncan CHRISTIE & Sarah SELLECK; witn: Duncan CHRISTIE & Duncan CHRISTIE Jr., both Oxford, 11 January 1881, Oxford
006058-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Francis ARCAIN, 48, Wid, labourer, Papineauville Quebec, Kemptville, s/o Peter ARCAIN & Marg TROMBEY; married Sarah THOMPSON, 36, Wid, Goullbourn, Kemptville, d/o Jerry EVOY & Harriet; witn Mary CARMICHAEL & Mr. W. COMB, both Kemptville, 26 Apr 1881, Kemptville 5829-81 (Leeds Co): Samuel ARMOUR, 24, merchant, Ireland, Brockville, s/o Andrew & Sarah, married Ettie SMITH, 22, Elizabethtown, Brockville, d/o Reuben & Almaretta, witn: Ezekial SMITH of Brockville & Margaret PATTERSON of Elizabethtown, 21 Dec 1881 at Brockville
005803-1881 (Leeds Co) George ATCHESON, 36, Farmer, Ontario, Elizabethtown Twp., s/o George ATCHESON & Eleanor BOLTON, married Cecelia Jamesina HAYES, 28, Ontario, Yonge Twp., d/o Charles HAYES & Martha KNOWLES, witn: Henry BOLTON, Elizabethtown, William C. HAYES, Yonge, 7 Sept 1881 at Brockville 6139-81 Duane William ATKINS, 27, hotel keeper, Waddington NY, Prescott, s/o Almon ATKINS & Letitia WILSON, married Hattie L. HIBBARD, 23, Prescott, same, d/o Josph HIBBARD & Harriet MORGAN, witn: James HIBBARD & Emma J. CALLAGHAN, 31 Aug 1881 at Prescott
005887-81 (Leeds Co) John BARKER, 24, farmer, South Elmsley, Bastard, s/o William BARKER & Mary J BARKER; married Eva WEBSTER, 22, Lansdowne, Bastard, d/o William & Patience WEEBSTER; witn: William WEBSTER & Joseph MORRIS, both Bastard, 28 June 1881, Bastard 006045-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William BARKLEY, 32, Farmer, Ontario, Mountain Twp, s/o Adam BARKWELL & Catherine MARKET; married Mary BARKLEY, 21, Ontario, Mountain, d/o Henry C. BARKWELL & Anne E. MARCELIS; witn Isiah WHITLAKE, Williamsburgh & Hetty BARKLEY, South Mountain, 21 Sept 1881, Kemptville
006046-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Alexander N. BARNES, 29, Tinsmith, Ontario, Kemptville, s/o William? J. BARNES & Mary Ann TURNER; married Lillie SHAVER, 25, United States, Kemptville, d/o William & Maria SHAVER; witn Emma ALLEN & Annie SHAVER, both Kemptville, 8 Nov 1881, Kemptville 6144-81 Nelson BARNUM, 25, laborer, Lombards Corners, Dickens, s/o J. B. & Hester, married Hannah BROWN, 22, Yonge, same, d/o James & Christine, witn: George & Effie BOOTH of Yonge, 27 July 1881 at Rear of Yonge & Escott
6116-81 (Grenville Co): William James BARTON, 25, painter, Augusta, Prescott, s/o George & Jane, married Emma CONNELL, 25, Prescott, same, d/o Richard & Ruth Elizabeth, witn: Fred NEWMANS & Ann CONNELL, both of Prescott, 6 April 1881 at Prescott 6119-81 (Grenville Co): Fred H. BASTION, 21, machinist, Fowlerville NY, Ogdensburg, s/o William BASTION & Catherine PARKER, married Mary Catherine DELANY, 22, Prescott, same, d/o Robert DELANY & Mary REVILS, witn: M.M. & Agnes A. WILLIAMS of Prescott, 20 April 1881 at Prescott
#005881-81 (Leeds Co) Henry BEACH, 28, yeoman, Elizabeth, Bastard, s/o Sephen & Catherine BEACH; married Hariet HASKINS, 22, Bastard, Bastard, d/o Solomon E. & Elizabeth HASKINS; witn - Miss Susan & Mrs Hester A. DUNHAM?, no place given, 14 March 1881, Bastard 005809--1881 (Leeds Co) William BEATTIE, 31, Cheese Maker, Yonge Twp., Brockville, s/o John BEATTIE & Margaret Ann STRONG, married Caroline JOHNSTON & Alvina EMPEY, witn: Nancy JOHNSTON of Brockville, 5 Sept 1881 at Brockville
005838-1881 (Leeds Co) William BEAUMONT, 20, Laborer, Brockville, same, s/o Peter BEAUMONT & Esther DION, married Sarah TYHAN, 19, Richmond, Brockville, d/o Dennis TYHAN & Johnanna O'BRIEN, witn: John FORD, Johanna MULDOON, Brockville, 27 Sept 1881 at Brockville (RC)  
5827-81 (Leeds Co): James BECKETT, 29, laborer, Pakenham, Sand Point - Renfrew Co., s/o Charles, deceased, & Mary, married Matilda McFARLAND, 27, Drummond, same, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: W. Samuel McKAY of Brockville & Caroline McFARLAND of Drummond, 24 Nov 1881 at Brockville 005817-1881 (Leeds Co) John BELISLE, 45, Widower, Laborer, St. John -Quebec, Brockville, s/o Batiste BELISLE & Judie MENAUR, married Emma REID, 25, Huntington Ont, Brockville, d/o Samuel REID & Hannah LYNDS, witn: Frank FRASER, Addie ELLERBECK, both of Brockville, 29 Oct 1881 at Brockville
#006071-82 (Leeds Co): Warren Wilton BELLAMY, 27, farmer, Kitley, same, s/o James & Euphemia, married Martha MOORE, 22, not given, Kitley, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Chancey BELLAMY & Eldad NICHOLS, 12 Dec 1881 at Kitley 6148-81 Nathaniel K. BENEDICT, 52, widower, yeoman, Bastard, same, s/o John & Phebe, married Melissa BLANCHER, 40, Yonge, Farmersville, d/o Charles & Huldah, witn: Francis B. & Emeline BLANCHARD of Farmersville, 26 Oct. 1881 at Farmersville
#005966-81 (Leeds Co) William BERRY, 31, farmer, Lansdowne, Leeds, s/o Thomas & Sarah BERRY; married Viola CHACE (Chase?), 21, Leeds, Leeds, d/o Lewis & Malvina CHACE; witn: Michael CARNEY & Electa MAINSE, both Leeds, 7 December 1881, Leeds 05990-81 (Leeds Co.) William Henry BIGFORD, 28, Cabinet Maker, Twp. of Escott, Twp. of Escott, s/o William & Mary Ann BIGFORD, married Thurza E. McDONALD, 21, Twp. of Escott, Twp. of Escott, d/o Vincent & Eliza Ann McDONALD, Witn.: H. PERLEY & Ann HALL, both of Elizabethtown, October 12, 1881, at Elizabethtown
#005897 -81 (Grenville Co) Alfred L. BISHOP, 21, insurance agent, Bishop Mills, Bishop Mills, s/o Stephen BISHOP & Witiney LEE; married Mary Jane McCARGAN?, 21, Bishop Mills, Kemptville, d/o Henry McCARGAN & Agnes FINLAYSON; witn Eliza WALDRON, ? Mills & I.K. McCARGAN?, Kemptville, 16 February 1881, Oxford 6371-1883 (Grenville Co) Franklin F. BISHOP, 22, General Workman, Bishops Mills, same, s/o Stephen L & Welthy BISHOP, married Margaret J. BEGFORD, 21, Oxford, same, d/o Henry & Nancy BEGFORD, witn: Edgar SEELY, Mary M. BEGFORD, of Oxford. 18 Nov 1883 Oxford
#005883-81 (Leeds Co) Charles Edward BLACKMAN, 22, farmer, Leeds, Leeds, s/o Charles & Bridget BLACKMAN; married Ann PRATT, 20, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o John PRATT & Rubize PRATT; witn: Benjamin JOHNSTON, Seeleys Bay & Olidu? PRATT, Elgin, 28 May (no year given) Delta  
005836-1881 (Leeds Co) William BLAINE, 30, Widower, Carter, Ireland, Brockville, s/o Francis BLAINE & Bridget JENNINGS, married Bertha MOFFATT, 20, Kingston, Brockville, d/o Benjamin MOFFATT & Ann Mahood CASSIDY, witn: Wellington MOFFATT, Annie BOLAND, Brockville, 27 July 1881 at the Roman Catholic Priest House Brockville 006132-1882 (Leeds Co) William BLAINE, 30, Widower, Carter, Ireland, Brockville, s/o Francis BLAINE & Bridget JENNINGS, married Bertha MOFFATT, 20, Kingston, Brockville, d/o Benjamin MOFFATT & Ann MAHOOD, witn: Wellington MOFFATT, Ann BOLAND, of Brockville, 27 Jul 1881 at Brockville
  005955-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Joseph BOIVIN, 28, budget clark, St. Johns, Gananoque, s/o Peter BOIVIN & Rebecca NEBUT; married Margaret FOLEY, 23, Gananoque, Gananoque, d/o Michael FOLEY & Catherine NESBET; witn James LORY & Mary A. McMAHON, both Gananoque, 25 Oct 1881, Gananoque
#005882-81 (Leeds Co) Henry J. BOLBON, 35, farmer, Bastard, Newboro, s/o John & Margarett BOLBON; married Margaret ELLIOTT, 27, Bastard, Bastard, d/o James & Elizabeth ELLIOTT; witn: A.A. FERGUSOn & Sarah SMITH, both DELTA, 27 April 1881, Delta 5860-81 (Grenville Co): William BONNEWELL, 59, widower, farmer, England, Augusta, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth ROBERTS, 26, England, Augusta, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Anna & Mary BURNS of Augusta, 7 April 1881 at Augusta
005992-81 (Leeds Co.) James BOODRE, 35, Wid., Farmer, Twp. of Escott, Twp. of Escott, s/o Louis & El--? BOODRE, married Josephine HAGERMAN, 28, Twp. of Escott, Twp. of Escott, d/o Charles & Nance HAGERMAN, Witn.: J.M. MOORE, Miss Louisa AYLSWORTH, Twp. Both of Elizabethtown, November 5, 1881, at Elizabethtown 6156-81 George BOOTH, 26, blacksmith, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Willard & Sarah Jane, married Effa BROWN, 26, Elizabethtown, same, d/o James & Christine, witn: Alsom BARNUM of Dickens & Hannah BROWN of Elizabethtown, 23 Feb 1881 at Elizabethtown
006004-81 (Leeds Co.) Israel James BOWEN, 54, Wid., Farmer, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o John BOWEN & Mary DOWSLEY, married Jane CLIFFE, 41, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o John CLIFFE & Elizabeth RUTTLE, Witn.: Robert CORNETT, Sarah Jane CORNETT, both of Lansdowne, July 7, 1881, at Lansdowne 6131-81 John BOYD, 30, mechanic, Prescott, same, s/o John BOYD & Johannah SEXTON, married Sarah Ann REDMOND, 21, Prescott, same, d/o Thomas REDMOND & Catherine KELLY, witn: Thomas REDMOND & Mary McCARTIN?, both of Prescott, 14 June 1881 at Prescott
#005961-81 (Leeds Co) Ephraim M. BRACKEN, 23, farmer, Leeds, Leeds, s/o John BRACKEN & wife; married Alberta GILBERT, 20, Seeleys Bay, Seeleys Bay, d/o John GILBERT & wife; witn: Wm RICHARDSON (M.P.P.), Seeleys Bay & William J. BRACKEN, Leeds, 28 July 1881, Seeleys Bay 6332-1883 M. J. BRAINARD, 22, Cheese Maker, N.Y.-U.S., Cardinal, s/o Michael BREANARD (sic) & Mary SEYMOUR, married Anna SULLIVAN, 23, Cardinal, same, d/o Michael SULLIVAN & Mary LEAHY, witn: Joseph MOONEY, Margaret MOONEY, both of Johnstown. 1 Nov 1881 Prescott (RC)
#005967-81 (Leeds Co) William BRENNAN, 22, mechanic, Gananoque, Gananoque, s/o not given; married Harriet Jane MASON, 20, Morton, Gananoque, d/o not given; witn: Thomas FLYNN & Mrs. S. ELLERTY, both Seeley’s Bay, 27 January 1881, Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne #005896-81 (Grenville Co) Augustus BRICELAND, 21, moulder, s/o John BRACELAND & Sophia LABRANT; married Christiann Ann LAFLEUR, 29, Merrickivlle, Merrickville, d/o Alexr. LAFLEUR & Marcella BILLAIRE?; witn: James CAMPBELL, of ? Marcella LAFLEUR, Oxford, 27 January 1881, Oxford
006083-1881 (Leeds Co) Henry BROOKER, 25, Laborer, New York, Bedford, s/o Charles BROOKER & Hulday TANNY, married Lucina McSHANE, 15, South Crosby, Bedford, d/o Richard McSHANE & Louisa RANDALL, witn: Louisa RANDALL, Bedford, 24 Oct 1881 Newboro 6155-81 Samuel BROOKER, 19, farmer, Fairfield, Yonge twp., s/o Reuben & Martha, married Hattie A. KNAPP, 17, Yonge twp., same, d/o Darius & Amelia, witn: Saxon & Minta WASHBURN of Yonge twp., 3 Feb 1881 at Cape Loyada?, twp Rear of Yonge & Escott
005848-1881 (Leeds Co) John W. BRUCE, 28, Blacksmith, Kitley, same, s/o Robert & Mary BRUCE, married Clarissa A. JOHNSON, 22, Bastard, Kitley, d/o Peter & Rebecca JOHNSTON, witn: Peter & Rebecca JOHNSTON, witn: William JOHNSON & Mary LOCKWOOD, Kitley, 16 Feb 1881 at Kitley  
006127-1882 (Leeds Co) Ira Heather BRUSH, 26, General Agent, Cambridge Vermont, Chicago, s/o Solomon & Leviah BRUSH, married Elizabeth Helen GRANT, 20, Brockville, same, d/o John & Catherine GRANT, witn: W. J. WRIGHT, L.A. FLEMING, of Brockville, 9 Nov 1881 at Brockville #006110-81 (Grenville Co): William P. BUCKLEY, 34, doctor, Prescott, same, s/o Timothy BUCKLEY & Julia NAGLE, married Margaret SWEENEY, 24, Prescott, same, d/o James SWEENEY & Mary Ann MORAN, witn: James BUCKLEY & Elizabeth MORAN, both of Prescott, 16 Feb 1881 at Prescott (Rom Cath)
005788-1881 (Leeds Co) Thomas BURNS, Major age, Butcher, Morristown NY, Brockville, s/o Edward BURNS & Eliza McCULLOUGH, married Mary FITZSPATRICK (Fitzpatrick?), Major age, Brockville, same, d/o Patrick FITZSPATRICK & Ann FENNIL, witn: Joseph FITZSPATRICK, Ellen FITZSPATRICK, of Brockville, 28 Feb 1881 at Brockville (RC) 005876-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William Henry BURRETT, 30, farmer, Marlborough Twp, Marlborough Twp, s/o Daniel H & Esther BURRETT; married Margaret Orpha OLMSTEAD, 20, Merrickville, South Gower, d/o William CAMPBELL & Jane OLMSTEAD; witn Reuben J. OLMSTEAD, South Gower & Lizzie PELTON, Kemptville, 20 Apr 1881, South Gower
6151-81 Truman CADWELL, 27, engineer, Gananoque, Kinion? (Kenyon?) twp., s/o S. N. & Catherine, married Lizzie STURROCK, 26, Scotland, Kinion twp., d/o James & Frances, witn: George & Emma CADWELL of Newington, 24 Dec 1881 at Farmersville 005936-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Delbert CAIN, 22, Labouer, Leeds, Leeds, s/o George & Margaret CAIN; married Martha Ida ACKERMAN, 22, Ernestown, Gananoque, d/o James ACKERMAN & Ellan DAVEY; witn Hamilton KENNEY?, Seeley’s Bay & Catherine ACKERMAN, Gananoque, 4 Apr 1881, Gananoque
6123-81 Donald M. CAMERON, 26, officer - inland revenue dept., Kingston, London, s/o Angus CAMERON & Mary Ann BOWERY, married Lucy Olive PURKIS, 24, Prescott, same, d/o Isaac D. PURKIS & Maria BRADY, witn: Aggie PURKIS of Prescott & Harry GREGGOR of Toronto, 28 Sept 1881 at Prescott 006062-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) J.C. CAMPBELL, 24, Farmer, Osgoode, Mountain, s/o J.S. CAMPBELL & Ellen CAMERON; married Isabella ROBERTSON, 23, Osgoode, Osgoode, d/o David ROBERTSON & Isabella CRERAR; witn Mrs. C.G. McLAURIN, Kemptville & Ellen LAFLAMME, West Winchester, 10 May 1881, Kemptville
005999-81 (Leeds Co.) Mark CHANT, 26, Farmer, England, Twp Bastard, s/o Levi CHANT & Mary CHANT, married Sarah Alice LITTLEJOHN, 19, Front of Yonge, Front of Yonge, d/o George LITTLEJOHN & Nancy LITTLEJOHN, Witn.: Mary Ann LITTLEJOHN of Front of Yonge, Noah CHANT of Bastard, March 7, 1881, at Twp. of Yonge 6152-81 Noah CHANT, 24, farmer, Bastard twp, same, s/o Joseph & Grace, married Emily BULFORD, 21, Island of Guernsey, Farmersville, d/o George & Jane, witn: John CHICK & Clara BULFORD, both of Farmersville, 29 Nov 1881 at Farmersville
005812-1881 (Leeds Co) James CHATSON, 25, Engine Driver, Canada, Brockville, s/o John CHATSON & Jane GREEN, married Sarah Gertrude FERGUSON, 25, Canada Brockville, d/o Israel FERGUSON & Agnes LOVE, witn: William Israel FERGUSON, Bradford, Theresa GILBERT, Brockville, 24 Aug 1881 at Brockville 005813-1881 (Leeds Co) Thomas Henry CHELLER, 21, Farmer, Canada, North Augusta, s/o William Henry CHELLER & Fanny BROWNBRIDGE, married Margaret HOUGH, 19, Canada, North Augusta, d/o Charles HOUGH & Jane KING, witn: Mrs. George BURNFIELD, of Brockville, 24 Aug 1881 at Brockville
  005993-81 (Leeds Co.) D.J. CHISAMORE, 27, Farmer, Escott, Twp. Escott, s/o Marsee (elsewhere as Marsey) & Pheobe CHISAMORE, married Esther HUDSON, 25, Fitzroy, Lansdowne, d/o John & Mary HUDSON, Witn.: Mrs. C.M. BETTS, Mrs. J.A. WARREN, both of Mallorytown, July 6, 1881, at M.E. Parsonage, Mallorytown
005928-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Thomas CLARE, 22, Railroad Employee, England, Leeds, s/o William & Ann CLARE; married Charlotte E. STOLIKER, 19, Leeds, Leeds, d/o Ambrose & Mary Ann STOLIKER; witn Miron LONG?, Leeds 7 Elizabeth COWENS?, Gananoque, 27 Jan 1881, Gananoque 005811-1881 (Leeds Co) Robert CLELAND, 25, Moulder, Brockville, same, s/o Matthew CLELAND & Catherine CAMERON, married Helen Felecia SEATON, Brockville, same, d/o William SEATON & Helen McINTOSH, witn: Sara BURNFIELD, of Brockville, 24 Aug 1881 at Brockville
#005968-81 (Leeds Co) William COCKERILL, 34, farmer, Canada, Leeds, s/o William COCKERILL & Susan HORTON; married Almeda Jane HICOCK, 26, Canada, Leeds, d/o Reuben HICOCK & Harriet HALLADAY; witn - George HICOCK & Lydia HICOCK, both Leeds, 1 March 1881, Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne 006055-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) George CODE, 31, Farmer, Canada, South Gower, s/o no parents given; married Malina SCHWARDEFEGER, 19, Canada, South Gower, d/o no parents given; witn Susan BECKETT & Fannie BECKETT, both Kemptville, 2 Nov 188_, Kemptville
005760-1881 (Leeds Co) William Henry COLBORN, 26, Brakesman, Morrisburg, Brockville, s/o William COLBORN & Maria COLBORN, married Mary E. HUME, Major age, Kingston, Brockville, d/o William HUME & Margaret HUME, witn; George BROWN, Maggie WILLIAMS, 29 Dec 1880 at Brockville  
005819-1881 (Leeds Co) Jonas Horton COLE, 19, Laborer, Lyn, Brockville, s/o Smith COLE & Rachel HORTON, married Mary Ana STOTTS, 18, Brockville, same, d/o Peter STOTTS & Jane CUMMINGS, witn: Isaac STOTTS, Mary STOTTS, of Brockville, 20 Nov 1881 at Brockville 005985-81 (Leeds Co.) Frank George Myers COLE, 21, Farmer, Not Given, Twp. of Yonge, s/o Isaac & Elizabeth COLE, married Ella Jane CLOW, 21, Twp. of Elizabethtown, Same, d/o William & Maria Jane CLOW, Witn.: Archibald DAVIDSON, Mary Eunice (?) DAVIDSON, both of Elizabethtown, October 19, 1881, at Elizabethtown
005960-81 (Leeds Co) Robert COOK, 27, farmer, Brockville, Crosby, s/o William & Ann CROOK; married Calista CHACE (Chase?), 19, Leeds, Leeds, d/o Henry B. CHACE & Amy POPE; witn: Mary & Milton McQUADE, both Lyndhurst, 27 July 1881, Lansdowne 5864-81 (Grenville Co):William COOK, 22, farmer, Edwardsburg, same, s/o James COOK & Rose McGARY, married Jane CAMPBELL, 20, Edwardsburg, same, d/o Hector CAMPBELL & Rachel SONDEN, witn: Hiram BASS of Edwardsburg & R.C. BROWN of Augusta, 24 Feb 1881 at Augusta
006003-81 (Leeds Co.) Thomas Henry CORNETT, 26, Farmer, Lansdowne, Artemesia, s/o Thomas & Mary CORNETT, married Agnes Delia JOHNSTON, 24, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Robert & Charlotte JOHNSTON, Witn.: Jennie JOHNSTON, William A. CORNETT, Both of Lansdowne, July 6, 1881, at Lansdowne 6150-81 John COUSINS, 26, machinist, England, Brockville, s/o James & Martha, married Bertha V. KING, 18, Farmersville, same, d/o Luis & Barbara, witn: Daniel KING & Charlotte COLBORN, both of Farmersville, 22 Dec 1881 at Farmersville
006048-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William CRAIG, 26, Farmer, Burritt’s Rapids, North Gower, s/o Andrew CRAIG & Sarah COATES; married Mary Elizabeth RATHWELL, 19, Burritts Rapids, North Gower, d/o John COATES & Elizabeth BALLANCE; witn George DEPENCIER & Eva HINTON, both Marlboro, 27 Dec 1881, Kemptville  
006054-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William R. CRAWFORD, 40, Wid, Farmer, Ireland, Marlborough, s/o no parents given; married Eletia DOBSON, 28, Ontario, Marlborough, d/o no parent given; witn William CRAWFORD & Hanna Jane CRAWFORD, both Marlborough, 8 Mar 1881, Kemptville 006052-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William CRAWFORD, 23, Blacksmith, Goderich, North Gower, s/o Hugh CRAWFORD & Maria DUNLOP; married Anna Eliza PATTAPIECE, 19, Ontario, North Gower, d/o William PATTAPIECE & Ellen GRAHAM; witn T.G. WILLIAMS, Prescott & Emma ALLAN, Kemptville, 2 Jan 1882, Kemptville
  005814-1881 (Leeds Co) William Hardingham CRISPIN, 30, Commercial Traveller, Plymouth-England, Toronto, s/o William CRISPIN & Elizabeth HARDINGHAM, married Sarah MURPHY, 26, Augusta Twp., Brockville, witn: Thomas MURPHY & Mary Ann KELLY, witn: Thomas MURPHY & Hattie MURPHY, of Brockville, 29 Sept (no year given) at Brockville
5975-82 Joseph CUMMINGS, 22, cooper, Merrickville, same, s/o Elijah & Matilda, married Josephine CHURCH, 18, Irish Creek, Merrickville, d/o Jeremiah & Jane, wit: Basil CHURCH & Kate REID, both of Merrickville, 16 Aug 1881 at Merrickville 006051-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) George Alex CUMMINGS, 22, farmer, Kemptville, Kemptville, s/o Thomas FLEMMING (sic) & Jane BAILEY; married Christie SHARP, 25, Osgoode, Osgoode, d/o Peter CHRISTIE & blank SMISER; witn Peter SHARP & Christie Ann SMISER, both Osgoode, 27 Dec 1881, Kemptville
005835-1881 (Leeds Co) James CURRAN, Major age, Merchant, Brockville, same, s/o John CURRAN & Mary RONEY, married Ellen HAYES, Major age, Brockville, same, d/o Martin HAYES & Ann GINNOLT, witn: Timothy BROWN & Annie HAYES, 4 Oct 1881 at (not given)  
6115-81 (Grenville Co): William Christopher CURRISTON, 24, farmer, Mountain twp., North Gower, s/o Nathaniel & Sophia, married Ida LINDSEY, 19, North Gower, same, d/o William & Susan, witn: D.L. & E.D. POLLY of Rochester NY, 1 March 1881 at Prescott 6160-81 Allan CURTIS, 28, farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Northrop & Elizabeth, married Ivy BOTTSFORD, 19, Delta, Yonge twp., d/o Horace & Sarah, witn: Alphonso BOTTSFORD & Maria Jane MOULTON, both of Yonge twp., 20 April 1881 at Farmersville
006007-81 (Leeds Co.) William Patrick DAILEY, 29, Merchant, Theresa - Jefferson Co. N.Y., Escott, s/o Peter DAILEY & Mary DAILEY, married Mary PECK, 21, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o George PECK & Susan PECK, Witn.: David John HALLADAY, Harriet PECK, both of Gananoque, August 16, 1881, at Lansdowne 005954-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William P. DAILEY, 29, Merchant, Theresa NY, Escott, s/o Peter & Mary [DAILY]; married Mary PECK, 25, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o George & Susan PECK; witn Thomas KELLY & Bridget KELLY, both Gananoque, 9 Aug 1881, Gananoque
#005964-81 (Leeds Co) Edward Adelbert DANBY, 24, farmer, State of Michigan, Lansdowne, s/o James & Mary Ann DANBY; married Sarah Jane GAMBLE, 30, Leeds, Leeds, d/o William & Ann GAMBLE; witn: John & Margaret GAMBLE, both Leeds, 25, 1881, Lyndhurst 5828-81 (Leeds Co): George Walker Wesley DAWSON, 24, merchant, Ireland, Clarendon twp., s/o Abraham DAWSON & Ann Jane GRAHAM, married Amy Elizabeth ORFORD, 23, England, Alcombe Denster England, d/o not given, witn: Robert K. HOLLAND of Montreal & Alice DAWSON of Clarendon, 20 Dec 1881 at Brockville
  006043-1882 (Leeds Co) Dormon R. DeWOLFE, 25, Harness Maker, Kitley, Newboro, s/o Richard C. DeWOLFE & Laurinda HASKINS, married Edith L. SAUNDERS, 21, North Crosby, same, d/o Henry SAUNDERS & Ollie JONES, witn: Henry SAUNDERS, Edgar SAUNDERS, both of North Crosby, 26 Dec 1881 at Newboro
6142-81 Isaiah H. DILLABOUGH, 27, farmer, Winchester, Morrisburg, s/o Gordon DILLABOUGH & Maria Schewtz? YEAGER, married Nora L. MOORE, 18, Morrisburg, same, d/o Jerome MOORE & Margaret CHAPEL, witn: James E. COATES & Mr. M. WILLIAMS, both of Prescott, 8 Nov 1881 at Prescott 005837-1881 (Leeds Co) Thomas DIONNE, 26, Painter, Brockville, same, Charles DIONNE, Josephine BILLETTE, married Mary McNALLY, 27, Perth, Brockville, d/o Thomas McNALLY & Mary CUNNINGHAM, witn: Stephen RYAN, Ellen MORGAN, Brockville, 2 Aug 1881 at Brockville (RC)
005851-1881 (Leeds Co) Joseph DIXON, 30, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o James DIXON & Letecia YOUNG, married Sarah J. STACEY, 21, Mitchell Ont, Frankville, d/o Edward STACEY & Eliza JOHNSON, witn: Mrs. Rev. E. TENANT, Miss Mary J. JOHNSTON, Frankville, 8 June 1881 at Frankville #006107-81 (Grenville Co): Andrew DONNEN, 23, farmer, Oxford, Edwardsburgh, s/o Hugh DONNEN & Melissa EADE, married Charlotte WALLACE, 21, Edwardsburgh, Augusta, d/o Joseph WALLACE & Nancy GAMBLE, witn: Andrew & Lucy FAIRBAIRN of Leadville Colorado, 2 Feb 1881 at Prescott
006040-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) John DOUGLAS, 24, none given, Mountain, South Gower, s/o James DOUGLAS & Esther STACEY; married Sarah Ann DILLON, 21, North Gower, North Gower, d/o John DILLON & Margaret DOBSON; witn Campbell Agnes DILLON, no place given, 1 Nov 1881, Kemptville 005807-1881 (Leeds Co) Peter DOWNEY, 37, Laborer, Montreal, Lansdowne, s/o Arthur DOWNEY & Sarah DOWNEY, married Ellen HORTEN (Horton?), 29, Lansdowne, same, d/o John HORTEN & Margaret HORTON (sic), witn: L. M. BOOTH, Ira B. WALKER, 25 Aug 1881 at St. Lawrence Campground near Brockville
6146-81 Robert Norman DOWSLEY, 29, carriage maker, Frankville, Farmersville, s/o David & Margaret, married Arsula ALGUIRE, 23, Plum Hollow, Farmersville, d/o Reuben & Lydia, witn: Isaac C. & Mrs. I.C. ALGUIRE of Farmersville, 22 Sept 1881 at Farmersville 006080-1881 (Leeds Co) Calvin DRYSDALE, 26, Laborer, Bathurst, same, s/o John DRYSDALE & Nancy TROWBRIDGE, married Emma Rosamond PREVOST, 20, Ellimburg, North Crosby, d/o Francis PREVOST & Mary Elizabeth BATES, witn: Alma DRYSDALE, Lizzie A. WAR--?, 3 Aug 1881 at Newboro [faded reg’n]
6136-81 Sidney A. DUNBAR, 34, civil service, Quebec, Montreal, s/o Gerald George & Marianne, married Anna Louise SHARPE, 33, Ontario, Prescott, d/o William H. & Anna Hawley SHARPE, witn: James C. McDONALD of Ottawa & Blanche SHARPE of Prescott, 24 Aug 1881 at Prescott 005781-1881 (Leeds Co) K.T. DUNN, 40, Widower, Physician, Ireland, Augusta, s/o George & Mary DUNN, married Jennie McMEEKIN, 25, Brockville, same, d/o John & Nancy McMEEKIN, witn: Mrs. John N. ABBOTT, Mrs. Edwin ABBOTT, of Brockville, 9 June 1881 at Brockville
005924-1881 (Leeds Co) James EAGAN, 34, Farmer, North Crosby, same, s/o Thomas EAGAN & Mary MULVAHILL, married Mary Ann BENNETT, 21, North Crosby, same, d/o Michael BENNETT & Mary RYAN, witn: John BENNETT & Bridget BENNETT, both of North Crosby, 7 June 1881 at North Crosby (RC) 005820-1881 (Leeds Co) William Henry EAGLESON, 30, Clerk in Civil Service Ottawa, same, s/o Alanson EAGLESON & Jane HACKET, married Hattie Burrett HOWARD, 29, Augusta Twp., Maitland, d/o James HOWARD & Sally BURRETT, witn: D. C. ROBERTSON, Ottawa, C. WOOD, Maitland, 31 Oct 1881 at Brockville
005866-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Jacob Milton EARL, 27, farmer, New York State, Augusta, s/o Joel & Clarissa EARL; married Frances Ann McLEAN, 20, Augusta, Augusta, d/o James & Hannah McLEAN; witn Abraham CUMMINGS & Matilda McLEAN, both Augusta, 22 Jun 1881, Augusta 005983-81 (Leeds Co.) Allen EARL, 21, Farmer, Twp. of Escott, Twp. of Escott, s/o William & Ellen EARL, married Janet McNEIL, 20 yrs., Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Henry & Elizabeth McNEIL, Witn.: Mr. D. NELSON, Mrs. D. NELSON, both of Lyn Ont., August 31, 1881, at Lyn
#005773-81 (Leeds Co) Aron EARL, 23, school teacher, Winchester, Twp of Elizabethtown, s/o Hiram & Ann EARL; married Eliza Ann DOWELL, 20, Prescott, Brockville, d/o John & Grissselda DOWELL; witn: Duncan EARL, W. Winchester & John DOWELL, Brockville, 1 January 1881, Brockville 005995-81 (Leeds Co.) William EATON, 29, Farmer, Twp Bastard, Twp. Bastard, s/o Hugh & Jane EATON, married Amy A. TENNANT, 23, Twp. Yonge, Twp. Yonge, d/o David & Mary TENNANT, Witn.: George TENNANT, Frank THOMSON, both of Twp. of Yonge, September 8, 1881, at Twp. of Yonge
#005890-81 (Leeds Co) Horton Craig EMMONS, 22, yeoman, Elizabeth, Bastard, s/o Abraham & Elizabeth EMMONS; married Mary WATTS, 25, England, Bastard, d/o William & Eliza CHANT; witn: John CHANT & Jesse COPELAND, both Bastard, 1 October 1881, Bastard 005791-1881 (Leeds Co) John ENGLISH, 24, Cooper, Canada, Brockville, s/o Joseph ENGLISH & Mary A. STRATTON, married Mary Jane ELLIOTT, 18, Brockville, same, d/o George ELLIOTT & Mary ELLIOTT, witn: Mrs. George DUFF, Mrs. Charles LILLIE, of Brockville, 1 Aug 1881 at Brockville
005784-1881 (Leeds Co) Anthony FARLEY, 21, Labourer Augusta, same, s/o Henry FARLEY & Lenah FARLEY, married Lucy PLACE, 17, Augusta, same, d/o Thomas PLACE & Martha PLACE "deceased", witn: Lester PLACE, Mississippi Co. Parlmaton, Lenah BOUT, Brockville, 16 June 1881 at Brockville 005833-1881 (Leeds Co) Charles FLETCHER, 25, Plumber, Brockville, Kingston, s/o Charles FLETCHER & Elizabeth FLETCHER, married Bessie FORSEY, 24, Dundee Scotland, Kingston, d/o Robert FORSEY & Margaret FORSEY, witn: Mrs. Samuel WILTSIE, Samuel WILTSIE, Brockville, 3 Nov 1881 at Brockville
006037-1882 (Leeds Co) Robert John FOLEY, 28, Farmer, Yonge, Morton, s/o William & Sarah FOLEY, married Annetta KILBORNE, 28, Leeds, Morton, d/o Arden & Adeline KILBORNE, witn: John WEBSTER, Fanny OSBORNE, both of Lyndhurst, 13 Dec 1881 at Lyndhurst 005988-81 (Leeds Co.) Francis FOLEY, 25, Cheesemaker, Twp. of Leeds, Twp. of Yonge, s/o William & Susannah FOLEY, married Mary L. JARVIS, 22, Cornwall, Twp. of Elizabethtown, d/o Nelson & Pheobe JARVIS, Witn.: Josephine BARNETT, Eveline ? ??, Elizabethtown, December 1, 1881, at Elizabethtown
005798-1891 (Leeds Co) James FORTIER, 28, Photographer, Leeds - Magantic Co. Que., Inverness - Megantic Co. Que., s/o Andrew FORTIER & Ann Reed FORTIER, married Victoria Elizabeth SHERWOOD, 20, Brockville, same, d/o Augustus SHERWOOD & Elizabeth SHERWOOD, witn: Samuel FORTIER, of Danville Que., Francis SHERWOOD, of Brockville, 1 Sept 1881 at Brockville 005795-1881 (Leeds Co) Thomas FOSTER, 22, Organ Maker, Brockville, same, s/o Thomas & Margaret FOSTER, married Jennie SERVICE, 25, Iroquois, Brockville, d/o Nicholas SERVICE & Ann SHULER, witn: Charles JACKSON, Artey SERVICE, of Brockville, 22 June 1881 at Brockville
  005761-1881 (Leeds Co) George Thomas FULTON, 22, Machinist, Canada, Brockville, s/o Thomas FULTON & Elizabeth SHERIDAN, married Margaret Jane STEVENSON, 22, Canada, Brockville, d/o William John STEVENSON & Anne Jane REYNOLDS, witn: Annie M. STEVENSON & Charles L. EVANS, Brockville, 9 Feb 1881 at Brockville
005797-1881 (Leeds Co) John Newton GACOIGNE (sic), 22, Fireman, Stawick England, Brockville, s/o George GASCOIGNE & Ellen SMITH, married Jane ROWLEDGE, 21, Cleeve England, Brockville, d/o William ROWLEDGE & Phoebe HENSON, witn: Thomas ROWLEDGE & Mary KALBFLEISCH of Brockville, 24 Aug 1881 at Brockville #005970-81 (Leeds Co) William C. GAINFORD , 36, widower, merchant, Leeds, Seeley’s Bay, s/o James GAINFORD & Jane GILBERT (now Jane CHAPMAN); married Lois YOUNG, 22, Leeds, Seeley’s Bay, d/o only thing written is YOUNG; witn: Sarah ELLERY & Alberta GILBERT, both Seeley’s Bay, 24 March 1881, Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne
05821-1881 (Leeds Co) Henry L. GALLAGHER, 29, Miner, Ontario, Bathurst-Lanark Co, s/o Thomas GALLAGHER & Ellen HARPER, married Ida Alberta HOLMES, 24, Ontario, Brockville, d/o David HOLMES & Sophia M. FRARY?, witn: William E. TAPRELL, Robert DUFFILL, of Elizabethtown, 8 Sept 1881 at Brockville 6122-81 William H. GAUGE, 24, baker, Woodstock Ont., Oswego NY, s/o Edwin H. GAUGE & Ann BALDWIN, married Melinda CHARTIER, 21, Prescott, same, d/o Antoine CHARTIER & Fleusey? SERRIER, witn: Nelson PETERS of Prescott & T. H. NOEL of Pembroke, 18 Aug 1881 at Prescott
5901-81 Samuel Thomas GIBSON, 32, farmer, Wolford, same, s/o William GIBSON & Ann KIRKLAND, married Margaret Ann McCRUM, 32, Oxford, same, d/o Edward McCRUM & Eliza FLETCHER, witn: Joseph McCRUM of Oxford & Wesley EDWARDS of N. Gower, 9 March 1881 at Oxford twp 006085-1881 (Leeds Co) Thomas H. GIBSON, 34, Farmer, Bastard, same, s/o Thomas GIBSON & Jane GIBSON, married Jane MULLIGAN, 29, Kitley, Bastard, d/o Henry MULLIGAN & Mary MULLIGAN, witn: Sarah J. WRIGHT, Newboro, 4 Jan 1881 at Newboro
  006082-1881 (Leeds Co) Allen John GIRDEN, 25, Laborer, Bastard, Bedford, s/o James GIRDEN & Rachel MOORE, married Sarah Adelaide BARKER, 23, South Crosby, North Crosby, d/o E. R. BARKER & M. G. WHITE, witn: William BARKER, South Crosby, Mary A. GIRDEN, Bedford, 8 Sept? 1881
006070-1881 (Leeds Co) George GODKIN, 31, Farmer, Lansdowne Tp, same, s/o William GODKIN & Leshia GODKIN, married Dorothy WHALEN, 21, South Crosby Tp, same, d/o Clark Rice WHALEN & Jane WHALEN, witn: Sidney WHALEN, Mary Agnes WHALEN, both of South Crosby, 6 Sept 1881 at South Crosby 006059-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William John GOOD, 31, Farmer, North Gower, North Gower, s/o James GOOD & Catherine TAYLOR; married Catherine TAYLOR, 26, Marlborough, Marlborough, d/o Thomas TAYLOR & Mary Ann MONTGOMERY; witn George KEATING & N.H. ANDERSON, both Kemptville, 8 Jan 1881, Kemptville
6102-1882 (Grenville Co) John GRAHAM, 28, Railway Overseer, Gloucester, Prescott, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann GRAHAM, married Margaret SNYDER, 18, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o David & Hannah SNYDER, witn: Richard BEAMISH & Laura SNYDER, both of Edwardsburgh. 28 Dec 1881 Spencerville 5894-81 William James GRAHAM, 26, farmer, Elmsley, same, s/o William & Margaret, married Jessie Euphemia McKENNEY, 17, Elmsley South, same, d/o William & Jessie, witn: Theodore McKENNEY & Robert GRAHAM, both of Elmsley, 12 Sept 1881 at Elmsley South
#005774-81 (Leeds Co) George GREEN, 41, widower, merchant, Co. Carlow Ireland, Kingston, s/o William GREEN & Catherine BURRIOS; married Hannah Maria RALPH, 26, N. Augusta Village, same, d/o William RALPH & Henrietta HOPKINS; witn: John COCHRANE & Margaret McKILBOURN, both Brockville, 22 May 1881, Brockville 005963-81 (Leeds Co) Henry GREEN, 57, Widower, merchant, Yonge, Lyndhurst, s/o William & Sarah GREEN; married Annie FAIR, 30, Gananoque, Lyndhurst, d/o Thomas & Mary FAIR; witn: Henry H. TURNER & Fanny OSBORNE, both Lyndhurst, 24 October 1881, Lyndhurst
005800-1881 (Leeds Co) Jonathan GREENE, 33, Bookseller, Farmersville, Brockville, s/o Samuel GREENE & Elizabeth GREENE, married Etta Edith LeROY, 23 Brockville, same, d/o Orville R. LeROY & Martha A. COLE, witn: W. H. COLE, A. G. McCREADY, of Brockville, 8 June 1881 at Brockville  
005994-81 (Leeds Co.) William A. GUILD, 32, Farmer, Twp. Yonge, Twp. Escott, s/o Alvin & Lydia GUILD, married Emily COLLINS, 22, Twp. Yonge, Twp. Yonge, d/o John & Jane COLLINS, Witn.: Joseph WARREN, Julia Ann WARREN, both of Mallorytown, June 13, 1881, at Mallorytown 006008-81 (Leeds Co.) Robert HAIG, 28, Farmer, Leeds, Leeds, s/o Thomas HAIG & Mary HAIG, married Mary LATIMER, 23, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o John LATIMER & Jane LATIMER, Witn.: Joseph HAIG of Leeds, Sarah LATIMER of Lansdowne, September 14, 1881, at Lansdowne
#005892-81 (Leeds Co) Joshiah W. HALLADAY, 27, merchant, Bastard, Philipsville, s/o Oliver & Margaret HALLADAY; married Addie BULLARD, 25, Bastard, Bastard, d/o Josiah & Lovia BULLARD; witn: John E. BROWN, Delta & Nellie LILLIE, Bastard, 28 December 1881, Bastard 006006-81 (Leeds Co.) David John HALLADY (sic), 22, Moulder, Chesterville, Gananoque, s/o Matthew HALLADAY & Elizabeth HALLADAY, married Harriet PECK, 21, Lansdowne, Gananoque, d/o Noah PECK & Mary PECK, Witn.: William Patrick DAILEY of Escott, Mary PECK od Lansdowne, August 17, 1881, at Lansdowne
006069-1881 (Leeds Co) Clinton X HALLADAY, 23, Yeoman, South Crosby, same, s/o Truman J. HALLADAY & Dorothy HALLADAY, married Eva Jane LEGGETT, 25, South Crosby, same, d/o Robert LEGGETT & Charlotte LEGGETT, witn: George MUSTARD, Mary CHIPMAN, both of South Crosby, 10 Aug 1881 at South Crosby 005801-1881 (Leeds Co) Robert HANNAH, 55, Widower, Farmer, County Down Ireland, Wolford Twp., s/o William HANNAH & Jane BEARD, married Mary Anne EDMONDS, 30, Widow, Wolford Twp, same, d/o Thomas BEGLEY & Catherine MOFFATT, witn: Asmon KINCH, Wolford, Addie HANNA, Farmersville, 12 July 1881 at Brockville
006089-1881 (Leeds Co) William E. HARDING, 36, Widower, Engineer, England, Oswego - NY, s/o Alfred HARDING & Mary BEAL, married Sarah Ann KERR, 25, South Crosby, same, d/o John KERR & Matilda STANTON, witn: James STANTON, Mrs. E. KERR, both of South Crosby, 7 Apr 1881 at Newboro 6130-81 Herbert HAWLEY, 25, Canada, Cardinal, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Louise WICKS, 22, Canada, Cardinal, d/o John & Ellen, witn: Comfort & Mary WHITNEY of Prescott, 20 Sept 1881 at Prescott
005845-1881 (Leeds Co) Alexander HEARRILL?, 26, Oarsman, Escott, same, s/o John & Rosanna, married Mariah Elizabeth HUNT, 27, Escott, same, d/o Francis HUNT & Almira HUNT, witn: George WHITE, Georgina HUNT, Escott, 5 May? 1881 at Escott [faded reg’n] 005843-1881 (Leeds Co) John HOLLINGSWORTH, 39, Widower, Farmer, Escott, Escott Front, s/o Samuel HOLLINGSWORTH & Ellen HOLLINGSWORTH, married Lucy HODGE, 22, Yonge Tp, Escott, d/o John & Mary HODGE, witn: Daniel HOLLINGSWORTH, Front of Escott, Sarah Ann HODGE, Front of Yonge, 22 Mar 1881 at Front of Escott
5912-82 Henry J. HOLMES, 29, builder, Brockville, New York, s/o William & Elizabeth Staley HOLMES, married Lutherine Elwilder SHAVER, 28, Edwardsburg, same, d/o George B. & Sarah, witn: James SANDERSON & Angus BUCHANAN, both of Kemptville, 27 Dec 1881 at Edwardsburg  
005792-1881 (Leeds Co) James HOMICK (Hornick?), 25, Laborer, Ontario, Brockville, s/o Philip HOMICK & Jane JOHNSON, married Milly Ann HOBBS, 24, Clarendon Que., Brockville, d/o Edward HOBBS & Ricea HOBBS, witn: W. J. JENKINSON, Sarah DIXIE, of Brockville, 15 July 1881 at Brockville 006064-1882 (Leeds Co) Samuel Henry HORNICK, 45, Farmer, Kitley, same, s/o not given, married Rachael FERGUSON, 26, Wolford, same, d/o George & Mary FERGUSON, witn: George & Mary FERGUSON, of Wolford, 21 Dec 1881 at Wolford
005822-1881 (Leeds Co) Eugene Elgin HOWARD, 27, Farmer, Ontario, Yonge Twp., s/o Peter G. HOWARD & Doherty CARTER, married Eliza Ann WOOD, 24, Ontario, Yonge Twp., d/o John WOOD & Mary A. WHITE, witn: Albert HOWARTH, Sarah HOWARD, 9 Sept 1881 at Brockville 006073-1881 (Leeds Co) Cornelius W. HUGHSON, Farmer, 27, Storrington Tp, same, s/o Cornelius HUGHSON & Johanna HUGHSON, married Sarah Francis GIPSON, 19, South Crosby, same, d/o Edward GIPSON & Louis GIPSON, witn: William H. KEELER, Julia Ann HUGHSON, Storrington 14 Dec 1881 at South Crosby
005996-81 (Leeds Co.) Alfred Addison HUNT, 23, Sailor, Twp. of Escott, Twp. of Escott, s/o Francis & Almira HUNT, married Frances Samantha EDGLEY, 21, Twp. of Escott, Twp. of Escott, d/o Hiram & Fanny EDGLEY, Witn.: William EDGLEY, Georgiana WHITE, both of Escott, October 11, 1881, at Mallorytown, Twp. of Yonge 6140-81 Cyrus HUTT, 27, farmer, Matilda, same, s/o Cyrus HUTT & Eliza LAHUE?, married Sarah Ann CROWDER, 28, Williamsburgh, Mountain, d/o Andrew CROWDER & Julia Ann LAHUE, witn: James V. MILLER of Prescott & Jane BROWN of Aultsville, 6 Oct 1881 at Prescott
6133-81 Robert Leroy INGERSOLL, 61, widower, banker, Shinano? NY, Oswego NY, s/o Ebenezer INGERSOL (sic) & Lilly RICH, married Susannah MOODY, 45, widow, Oswego NY, same, d/o John CRAWFORD & Jane PATTERSON, witn: Henry & Francis C. CRAWFORD of Syracuse, 25 May 1881 at Prescott 005808-1881 (Leeds Co) John Alexander IRVINE, 27, Laborer, Ottawa, Brockville, s/o Robert IRVINE & Ann IRVINE, married Margaret McLEAN, 29, Sand Point, Brockville, d/o William McLEAN & Margaret McLEAN, witn: William CASSELMAN, Mary CASSELMAN, of Brockville, 8 Sept 1881 at Brockville
005923-1881 (Leeds Co) Michael IVY, 50, Widower, Farmer, Gananoque, same, s/o John IVY & Nora DONAGHUE, married Mary Ann GRENNON, 19, North Crosby, same, d/o Thomas GRENNON & Catherine KELLY, witn: Edward GRENNON & Mary GRENNON, North Crosby, 1 June 1881 at North Crosby (RC)  
006043-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) John A. JACKSON, 29, Farmer, Ontario, Edwardsburg Twp, s/o not given; married Margaret Ellen CAIRNS, 22, Ontario, Edwardsburg Twp, d/o not given; witn Samuel WRIGHT, Prescott & Wesley FENTON, Kemptville, 14 Sept 1881, Kemptville 6153-81 John JACQUES, 28, widower, farmer, Prescott, Yonge twp., s/o Richard & Mary, married Maggie DUNN, 28, Bastard twp, Escott twp., d/o John & Mary, witn: William FINLAY of Escott & Mary Ann MORRIS of Yonge twp., 5 Jan. 1881 at Escott
005780-1881 (Leeds Co) Charles Wesley JOHNSTON, 28, Clerk, Brockville, same, s/o William JOHNSTON & Jeanette McDOUGALL, married Jane Maria BELLEGRADE, 25, of Brockville, d/o Antoine BELLEGRADE & Lucinda RABB, witn: Ezra McDOUGALL, Caroline MOTT, both of Brockville, 1 June 1881 at Brockville #005886-81 (Leeds Co) Joshua P. JOHNSTON, 26, farmer, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o Thomas & Sarah JOHNSTON; married Hattie WHITE, 19, Forfar, Lansdowne, d/o John & Amanda WHITE; witn: Eber WILTSE & Lillie WILTSE both Farmersville, 23 June (no year given but on page of 1881), Lansdowne
#005775-81 (Leeds Co) William Cochrane JOHNSTON, 20, moulder, Jersey City U.S., Brockville, s/o David JOHNSTON & Mariam McNALLY; married Anne Jane CARR, 21 Brockville, Brockville, d/o William CARR & Margaret DRIVER; witn: A. MURPHY & Margaret HICK, both Brockville 005875-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) James Robert JOHNSTON, 27, farmer, Mountain Twp, Mountain Twp, s/o James S. JOHNSTON & Mary MULLOY; married Miriam Theresa VAN CAMP, 19, Mountain Twp, Mountain Twp, d/o Reuben & Mary VAN CAMP; witn Henery E. HURD, Augusta & Cynthia Sophia HUGHES, South Gower, 14 Jan 1881, South Gower
005846-1881 (Leeds Co) Thomas B. JOHNSTON, 35, Miller, Toronto, Alpean Michigan, s/o John & Margaret JOHNSTON, married Lucy J. KILBORN, 30, Kitley, same, d/o Truman & Elizabeth KILBORN, witn: Dr. R. K. KILBORN & Miss Delila KILBORN, Kitley, 1 Feb 1881 at Kitley 005847-1881 (Leeds Co) Lewis B. JOHNSTON, 41, Widower, Bastard, same, s/o Peter JOHNSTON & Rebecca BULLARD, married Emily EATON, 28, Kitley, same, d/o Thomas EATON & Alvira SOPER, witn: Mrs. Rev. E. Tenant, Miss Mary J. JOHNSON, Frankville, 9 Feb 1881 at Frankville
#005889-81 (Leeds Co) Thomas Heiber JONES, 28, farmer, Bastard, South Crosby, s/o John & Caroline JONES; married Maggie GIBSON, 21, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o John & Maria GIBSON; witn: J.M. SMITH, Westbury & Cavill DAVISON, Delta, 14 September 1881, Delta 6157-81 George W. JUDSON, 25, physician, Kitley, Westport, s/o Vincent & Ordelia, married Lucinda ALGUIRE, 24, Farmersville, same, d/o Sterling & Eliza H., witn: F. L. ALGUIRE & C.A. HALLIDAY, both of Farmersville, 22 March 1881 at Farmersville
005850-1881 (Leeds Co) John KARLEY, 27, Commercial Traveller, Kitley, Montreal, s/o George KARLEY & Catherine TACABERRY (Tackaberry?), married Eva GILES, 28, Farmersville, same, d/o William H. GILES & Permelia BELLAMY, witn: David J. FORTH, Elizabethtown, Alma GILES, Farmersville, 8 June 1881 at Farmersville #005762-81 (Leeds Co) James S. KELSO, 23, merchant, Canada, Brockville, s/o Charles KELSO & Jane SMITH; married Lilian FRASER, 22, Canada, Brockville, d/o William FRASER & Ellen DEWEY; witn - Mrs. George BURNFIELD & George BURNFIELD, both Brockville, 22 February 1881, Brockville
006057-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) John KERR, 30, Farmer, Osgoode, Osgoode, s/o George KERR & Sarah WILSON; married Jane RUSSELL, 28, North Gower, Osgoode, d/o Thomas RUSSELL & Elizabeth CALENDER; witn Mrs John McINTYRE, Kemptville, 5 Apr 1881, Kemptville  
6163-81 James Stone KILBORN (or Kilburn), 55, widower, carpenter, Bastard twp, Kitley twp., s/o James & Sarah, married Catherine STAFFORD, 43, widow, Leeds, Farmersville, d/o William GILBERT & Mary Ann, witn: Louis E. STAPLES of Dickens & Genevieve STAFFORD of Farmersville, 25 March 1881 at Farmersville 005842-1881 (Leeds Co) Charles KILBORNE, 63, Widower, Farmer, Bastard Tp, Farmersville, s/o Samuel & Abigail KILBORNE, married Cordelia BROWN, 44, Widow, Farmersville, same, d/o Joel & Susannah PARISH, witn: George W. BROWN, Mrs. G. W. BROWN, Farmersville, 16 June 1881 at Farmersville
005841-1881 (Leeds Co) Wellington B. KILBORNE, 21, Farmer, Bastard Tp, Farmersville, s/o Charles & Olive KILBORNE, married Minnie FRANKLIN, 18, Morton, Farmersville, d/o (blank) & Louise FRANKLIN, witn: James SMITH & Mrs. James SMITH, both of Aultsville, 2 May 1881 at Farmersville 6112-81 (Grenville Co): Alexander KING, 22, farmer, Cardinal, same, s/o Bernard KING & Barbara HERSHMAN, married Ann RAYNAULT, 21, Cardinal, same, d/o William RAYNEAULT (sic) & Mary Catherine STORY, witn: John KING & Mary RAYNEAULT, both of Cardinal, 23 Feb 1881 at Prescott (Rom Cath)
#005778-81 (Leeds Co) Edwin KNAPP, 22, widower, farmer, Bastard, Farmersville, s/o Eshiver? KNAPP & Hannah KNAPP; married Ida BROWN, 22, Bastard, Farmersville, d/o Calvin BROWN & Elizabeth BROWN; witn: Case BROWN & Sarah BROWN, Farmersville, 16 March 1881, Brockville 005920-1881 (Leeds Co) Melbourne KNAPP, 24, Farmer, Bastard, Osceola County Michigan, s/o William KNAPP & Charlotte KNAPP, married Euphemia EWING, 24, North Crosby, same, d/o James EWING & Isabelle CAMERON, witn: Joseph KNAPP, Bastard, Robert EWING, North Crosby, 1 Mar 1881 at North Crosby
#005899-81 (Grenville Co) Hilary Eli LABRANT, 22, farmer, South Gower, South Gower, s/o Peter LABRANT & Margaret VALCOUR; married Mary Ann RIVET, 23, South Gower, South Gower, d/o anothony RIVET & Harriet BEAUDRY; witn: Jos. RIVET & Angeline ARCHAND, both South Gower, 28 February 1881, Oxford 006067-1881 (Leeds Co) Joel LAISHLEY, 26, Merchant, Elgin - South Crosby, same, s/o Henry LAISHLEY & Almidia LAISHLEY, married Angelia HALLADAY, 20, South Crosby, same, d/o Truman J. HALLADAY & Doretha HALLADAY, witn: Clinton X HALLADAY, Jennie LEGGETT, South Crosby, 20 Apr 1881 at Elgin
  005799-1881 (Leeds Co) Franklin LANDON, 24, Fireman C.P.R.R., Augusta Twp., Brockville, s/o James LANDON (deceased) & Eliza LANDON (deceased), married Annie Amelia SECAR, 26, Elizabethtown, Brockville, d/o Thoret SECAR & Elizabeth SECAR, witn: Edwin SECAR, Brockville, Lucy THOMAS, Elizabethtown, 7 Sept 1881 at Brockville
5830-81 (Leeds Co): Aaron LAPOINTE, 25, yeoman, Elizabethtown twp., same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Ellen HEFFERNAN, 23, Escott twp., Charleston - Elizabethtown, d/o Owen & Maria, witn: Carrie WRIGHT & M. Minnie McCOY, both of Brockville, 29 Nov 1881 at Brockville 005932-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William A. LARHA, 21, Sadlor?, Gananoque, Gananoque, s/o William & Almira LARHA ; married Lena GALLIPEAU, 18, Smith Falls, Gananoque, d/o Joseph & Marcelin GALLIPEAU; witn Rev D.A. BROWN, Odessa & Mrs S.G. WHITE, Gananoque, 23 Mar 1881, Gananoque
005931-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Francis LATIMER, 19, spring maker, Canada, Gananoque, s/o William & Rebecca LATIMER; married Cassie CURBOY (Carboy?), 18, Canada, Gananoque, d/o Thomas & Catherine CURBOY; witn Sarah RUSHWOOD & George RUSHWOOD, both Gananoque, 21 Feb 1881, Gananoque 006049-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William LATIMER, 26, Farmer, Arran Co Bruce, North Gower, s/o Mathew LATIMER & Margaret FLEMMING; married Janet McIntosh THOMPSON, 21, North Gower, North Gower, d/o Robert McIntosh THOMPSON & Margaret THOMPSON; witn Gilbert THOMPSON & Ellen BROWN, no place given, 21 Dec 1881, Kemptville
6158-81 William G. LEE, 35, widower, farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Gardner & Mary M., married Edith Jane COLE, 23, Kitley, same, d/o Archibald & Mary Jane, witn: Benson & Thankful WILTSE, 6 April 1881 at Farmersville 006001-81 (Leeds Co.) Robert LEEDER, 32, Farmer, Twp. Yonge, Twp. Yonge, s/o Robert LEEDER & Jane LEEDER, married Bridget Ann HEALEY, 20, Twp. of Kitley, Twp. of Kitley, d/o Francis HEALEY & Mary HEALEY, Witn.: Robert john LEEDER of Front of Yonge, Hannah HEALEY of Kitley, February 25, 1881, at Twp. of Kitley
006086-1881 (Leeds Co) Alexander LEWIS, 24, Farmer, Drummond, same, s/o James LEWIS & Elizabeth FLEMING, married Maryann QUINN, 21, Bedford, same, d/o Edward QUINN & Rosanna FLEMING, witn: Alexander EDWARDS, Montague?, Caroline FLEMING, Montague, 5 Mar 1881 at Newboro  
006077-1881 (Leeds Co) William Theodore LIVINGSTON, 21, Farmer, Kitley Tp, same, s/o Robert LIVINGSTON & Elizabeth LIVINGSTON, married Adalaide DARLING, 22, Leeds Co, Yonge Tp, d/o Walter DARLING & Mother's name not known, witn: Elijah B. ROBESON, Sarah E. ROBESON, both of South Crosby, 6 Aug 1881 at South Crosby 6145-81 Alpheus James LOVE, 28, blacksmith, North Augusta, Lyndhurst, s/o James & Harriet, married Ella WILTSE, 24, Rear of Yonge, same, d/o Smith & Mary, witn: M. M. & Mrs. McVEIGH of Rear of Yonge, 7 Sept 1881 at twp of Rear of Yonge & Escott
#005776-81 (Leeds Co) Hugh LOVEY, 24, farmer, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o Hugh LOVEY & Rebecca LOVEY; married Emma CORK, 17, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Joseph & Mary Ann CORK; witn: Mary LOVEY, Lansdowne & Abbie Ann TRAVELLER, Brockville 6114-81 (Grenville Co): David LUNDY, 31, farmer, Edwardsburgh, same, s/o John LUNDY & Susan MURPHY, married Sarah MOONEY, 23, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o Thomas MOONEY & Mary Ann McAULEY, witn: Daniel MOONEY & Ellen NUGENT, both of Johnstown, 17 Jan 1881 at Prescott (Rom Cath)
005839-1881 (Leeds Co) Louis MALETTE, 20, Laborer, Brockville, same, s/o Louis MALETTE & Ellen AUBE, married Agnes CHARBONNEAU, 18, Brockville, same, d/o Philip CHARBONNEAU & Mary St.DENIS, witn: James FERREAU, Ellen MELINDA, Brockville, 24 Oct 1881 at Brockville (RC) 005998-81 (Leeds Co.) Omar O. MALLORY, 32, Wid., Merchant, Ontario, Lyn, s/o Hiram MALLORY, & Jane MALLORY, married Lovenia A. JUDD, 26, Ontario, Front of Yonge, d/o Henry S. JUDD & Mercy JUDD, Witn.: Laura ALGUIRE & Isaac ALGUIRE, both of Farmersville, Ont., January 5, 1881, at Twp. of Yonge
005802-1881 (Leeds Co) W. H. MARSH, 31, Merchant, Ameliasburg, same, s/o Abraham MARSH & Abigal WHITTIER, married Ella Fowler COSSITT, 26, Smiths Falls, Brockville, d/o German COSSITT & Ann VANSLYKE, witn: Cora COSSITT, Charles S. COSSITT, of Brockville, 29 June 1881 at Brockville 6138-81 William Ivin MARSHALL, 28, merchant, Ontario, Port Hope, s/o David & Jane, married Dolly HAMILTON, 22, Lindsay Ont., Nashua NH, d/o George & Mary, witn: Georgia & Mary LEWIN of Prescott, 5 Oct. 1881 at Prescott
006076-1881 (Leeds Co) William MASON, 45, Widower, Farmer, Leeds Co, South Crosby, s/o Harvey MASON & Mary MASON, married Sarah GIPSON, 36, Leeds Co, South Crosby, d/o John GIPSON & Maria GIPSON, witn: Henry SMITH, John GIPSON, South Crosby, 8 May 1881 at South Crosby #005772-81 (Leeds Co) Oliver McADOO, 48, widower, farmer, Co Donegal Ireland, Twp of Pittsburg, s/o William McADOO & Nancy HUNTER; married Hannah CLARK, 30, Twp of Pittsburg, Twp of Pittsburg, d/o Henry CLARK & Hannah RIDER; witn: William JACOBS & Margaret McGIBBON, both of Brockville, 8 March 1881, Brockville
005927-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Patrick McCANN, 24, labourer, North Crosby, North Crosby, s/o Michael McCANN & Anne KEARNS; married Maria HAGAN, 22, North Crosby, North Crosby, d/o Hugh HAGAN & Bridget FAGAN; witn Thomas McCANN & Allice HAGAN, 21 Nov 1881, Westport 005925-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Edward McCANN, 28, Farmer, North Crosby, North Crosby, s/o Edward McCANN & Margaret FRAYNOR (Traynor?); married Margaret Ann DONNELLY, 16, North Crosby, North Crosby, d/o Arthur DONNELLY & Mary MURPHY; witn John McCANN & Anne McCANN, both North Crosby, 8 Aug 1881, Westport
5862-81 (Grenville Co): David H. McCREADY, 32, widower, joiner, Lyn, same, s/o John W. & Eleanor, married Annie CROMWELL, 31, Elizabethtown, Lyn, d/o Phillip & Phoebe, witn: Ebenezer & Nancy BUELL of Elizabethtown, 19 April 1881 at North Augusta #005885-81 (Leeds Co) Andrew McDONALD, 47, farmer, Bastard, Bastard, s/o Thomas & Mary McDONALD; married Jane HEWITT, 40, Co Antrim Ireland, Bastard, d/o William & Jane HEWITT; witn: William & Jane McKENNY, Bastard, 18 June 1881, Bastard
006129-1882 (Leeds Co) James McELHINNEY, 66, Widower, Gentleman, Ireland, Brockville, s/o John McELHINNEY & Francis MUNRO, married Sophia BRECKENRIDGE, 52, Widow, Lyn, Brockville, d/o Zacchus BOOTH & Ann CLOW, witn: W.C. BOOTH, Lyn, D. F. HAYES, Brockville, 15 Dec 1881 at Brockville 006053-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) James McFARLAND, 38, Farmer, Lanark, Oxford Twp, s/o James & Ann McFARLAND; married Jane PORTER, 33, Oxford Twp, Kemptville, d/o Alexander & Catherine PORTER; witn Jas B. PORTER & Martha C. PORTER, both Kemptville, 16 Feb 1881, Kemptville
#005884-81 (Leeds Co) Thomas MACKAY, 71, butcher, Co Mayo Ireland, Bastard, s/o Thomas & Maria MACKAY; married Rebecca CHANT, 42, Somerset England, Bastard, d/o Joseph & Grace CHANT; witn: Eli CHANT & H.S. ADRAIN, both Bastard, 23 May 1881, Bastard 6124-81 William McKENZIE, 30, journalist, Strathspey Scotland, Cornwall, s/o John McKENZIE & E. BURGESS, married Bella McLEAN, 28, Inverness Scotland, Prescott, d/o Robert McLEAN & Jessie TOLBES?, witn: Alex M. BURGESS of Ottawa & Angus R. McLENNAN of Glengarry, 4 Nov 1881 at Prescott
#005779-81 (Leeds Co) William Jas. McKINLEY, 24, farmer, Augusta, Augusta twp, s/o John McKINLEY & Margaret STEELE; married Martha McCULLOUGH, 25, Augusta, Brockville, d/o John McCULLOUGH & Camilla GRAHAM; witn Braden BISSELL, Augusta & Emerelda DAVIS, Brockville, 20 March 1881, Brockville 6223-1882 (Grenville Co) James McQUADE, 29, Farmer, Edwardsburg, same, s/o Bernard McQUADE & Elizabeth VALLALEY, married Julia A. McREYNOLDS, 22, Oxford, same, d/o Patrick McREYNOLDS & MARY McCAHILL, witn: D. HORAN, Edwardsburg, Mary McREYNOLDS, Kemptville. 3 Nov 1881 Oxford (RC)
005997-81 (Leeds Co.) Andrew B. McVEIGH, 31, Farmer, Yonge, Yonge, s/o James McVEIGH & Murrilla McVEIGH, married Phrona KILBORN, 21, Twp. Leeds Co. Leeds, Yonge, d/o Arden & Aoline (or Adeline) KILBORN, Witn.: William LANGSTAFF & Caroline BETTS, both of Mallorytown, October 22, 1881, at Mallorytown, Twp. of Yonge 006065-1881 (Leeds Co) Hiram Frank METCALF, 22, Farmer, Bastard Tp, South Crosby, s/o Charles METCALF & Isabella METCALF, married Evelyn MILLOY, 33, Widow, Bastard Tp, Leeds, d/o William P. GREIR & Alice GREIR, witn: John GOULD, Mrs. J. S. BELL, 27 Jan 1881 at South Crosby
#005962-81 (Leeds Co) Orleans MIDDLETON, 26, farmer, South Crosby, South Crosby, s/o Albert MIDDLETON & Rhoda CHENEY; married Ella WING, 20, Leeds, Leeds, d/o Jas. B. WING & Sarah SHORT; witn: Henry & Lydia WING, Leeds, 31 August 1881, Leeds 006088-1881 (Leeds Co) John MILLER, 22, Blacksmith, Kingston, South Crosby, s/o Robert MILLER & Jane FREEMAN, married Lydia Ann WHALEN, 27, South Crosby, same, d/o Clark WHALEN & Jane TAYLOR, witn: George M. LYMAN, Bastard, Dorothea WHALEN, South Crosby, 29 Mar 1881 at Newboro
005782-1881 (Leeds Co) Robert MILNE, Major, Loco. Engineer, Belleville, same, s/o Peter MILNE & Margaret ROBINSON, married Mary RUTHERFORD, Major, Ogdensburg, Brockville, d/o William RUTHERFORD & Margaret BARRY, witn: William BUCKLEY, Elizabeth CONNELL, of Brockville, 13 June 1881 at Brockville 5968-82 Alexander MILNE, 78?, widower, yeoman, Scotland, Cardinal, s/o Alex MILNE & Grace GRAY, married Sarah Jane GRAHAM, 43, widow, Edwardsburg, Cardinal, d/o John & Agnes MONTGOMERY, witn: R. V. & Margery E. McKIBBIN of Cardinal, 8 Nov 1881 at Cardinal
6134-81 John MITCHELL, 24, farmer, Haddington Scotland, North Gower, s/o Michael MITCHELL & Margaret NIXON, married Lucy HINNAN, 18, North Gower, same, d/o John HINNAN & Mary McDONALD, witn: Jane W. DURANT of Prescott & Edward PAYNE of North Gower, 4 May 1881 at Prescott 006050-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Thomas MOFFATT, 30, Merchant, Riceville, Tayside Roxborough, s/o James MOFFATT & Marth CALWELL; married Agness MAGEE, 20, Berwick, Kemptville, d/o William John MAGEE & Phoebe Elvira MACCORGAR; witn Marth MOFFATT & Cyrus H. MACCARGAR, 28 Dec 1881, Kemptville
005789-1881 (Leeds Co) Richard MONEHAN, Major, Moulder, St. Johns-New Brunswick, Brockville, s/o Dennis MONEHAN & Catherine POWERS, married Sarah McLENNAN, Major, Scotland, Brockville, d/o Oswald McLENNAN & Catherine GILLIS, witn: George CODINS, Mary CULHANE, 3 May 1881 at Brockville (RC) 005818-1881 (Leeds Co) John Henry MULOCK, 25, Clerk for Canada Pacific Railway, Fredericksburgh Ont, Brockville, s/o John Augustus MULOCK & Martha Catherine ROBINS, married Amy Elizabeth COCHRANE, 25, York Mills Ont, Brockville, d/o John Charles Thomas COCHRANE & Catherine SHARPE, witn: A. F. ANGUS, Kate COCHRANE, both of Brockville, 24 Sept 1881 at Brockville
6117-81 (Grenville Co): James Lindley MUNDLE, 23, station agent, Prescott, Ottawa, s/o Edward & Mary, married Ada Amelia FREEMAN, 21, Montreal, Prescott, d/o William & Fanny, witn: Mary CAIRNS of Prescott & W.H. SCOTT of Montreal, 25 May 1881 at Prescott 5863-81 (Grenville Co): James W. MURRAY, 47, widower, carriage maker, Scotland, Augusta, s/o William & Jane, married Almeda Ann PURDY, 41, widow, Augusta, same, d/o John & Sally SMITH, witn: Solomon & Henrietta TANNEY? of Augusta, 10 May 1881 at North Augusta
005806-1881 (Leeds Co) William Frederick MYER, 50, Widower, Brewer, Baden-Germany, Brockville, s/o Frederick MYER & Barbara MYER, married Delphena ABBOTT, 47, Widow, Elizabethtown, Brockville, d/o John RACE & Margaret RACE, witn: James M. SNELL, Marion S. SNELL, of Brockville, 31 May at Brockville 006039-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Duncan NESBITT, 26, Wid, Mechanic, Winchester Springs, s/o Robert NESBITT & Eliza BOLTON; married Mary JACKSON, 28, Wid, Oxford, Edwardsburg, d/o William SHIELDS & Sarah CLYDE; witn Alex McLELLAN & Sarah SHIELDS, both Oxford, 26 Oct 1881, Kemptville
#006106-81 (Grenville Co): Elisha NETTLETON, 21, widower, cooper, Kemptville, Spencerville, s/o Philomon NETTLETON & Abigail GREEN, married Caroline A. SMITH, 21, Spencervile, Prescott, d/o W.E. SMITH & Mary ENGLISH, witn: James Albert SMITH & Adelia SHIPMAN, 15 Jan 1881 at Prescott 005816-1881 (Leeds Co) Richard Teapam NEWMARSH, Farmer, 24, England, Milton - Halton Co., s/o John NEWMARSH & Mary Eliza FEALTES, married Blanche BURNHAM, 33, Port Hope, Brockville, d/o William & Susan BURNHAM, witn: W. F. BURNHAM, T. M. BURNHAM, both of Brockville, 3 Nov 1881 at Brockville
6147-81 Christie Ernest NIBLOCK, 23, farmer, Leeds Co., Lyndhurst, s/o Arthur & Phebe, married Alice Aletta PENNOCK, 22, South Crosby, Lyndhurst, d/o John & Ruth, witn: Mrs. W. A. PHILLIPS & Miss Mary LIVINTON, both of Farmersville, 28 Sept 1881 at Farmersville 005793-1881 (Leeds Co) Frank NOBLE, 42, Shoemaker, Ireland, Orillia, s/o James NOBLE & Margaret BLESSING, married Hannah PIERCE, 30, Widow, Hamilton, Kingston, d/o Samuel ARMSTRONG & Ann COLWELL? (Colsall?), witn: M. CUNNINGHAM, Kingston, Ellen HUME, Brockville, 2 Jul 1881 at Brockville
005930-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William John NUTTALL, 30, Wid, Farmer, s/o John & Susan NUTTALL; married Susan BEADLEY (Bradley?), 20 Canada, Lansdowne, d/o Richard & Jane BEADLEY; witn John McALPINE, Leeds & Agnes BEADLEY, 12 Jan 1881, Gananoque 005956-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Francis O'BRIEN, 24, Mechanic, Brockville, Gananoque, s/o Francis O'BRIEN & Catherine MURPHY; married Harriet WHITE, 20, St. John's Island, Gananoque, d/o Joseph WHITE & Mary MARSHAL; witn Adolphus WHITE & Mary O'BRIEN, both Gananoque, 14 Nov 1881, Gananoque
5832-81 (Leeds Co): George Bates OLDS, 26, yeoman, Elizabethtown, Greenbush, s/o David & Sarah, married Ida Maria GREY, 26, Elizabethtown, Addison, d/o Samuel & Maria, witn: Jennie BRIGGS & Edward GREY, both of N. Augusta, 28 Dec 1881 at Brockville 006041-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Reuben James OLMSTEAD, 25, farmer, Ontario, not given, s/o William OLMSTEAD & Jane DUNN; married Margaret McCUAIG, 21, Ontario, South Gower, d/o John McCUAIG & Catherine McRAE; witn C.H. ADAMS, Burretts Rapids & Jenny OLMSTEAD, South Gower, 16 Nov 1881, Kemptville
005786-1881 (Leeds Co) John O'TOOLE, Major, Book Keeper, Cumberland, same, s/o Thomas. O'TOOLE & Catherine FINNEGAN, married Mary Ann HIGGINS, Major, Brockville, same, d/o James HIGGINS & Mary KERR, witn: William HIGGINS, Eliza GEORGE, of Brockville, 10 Jan 1881 at Brockville (RC) #005972-81 (Leeds Co) William E. PARKER, 25, farmer, South Crosby, Lansdowne, s/o Jervis PARKER & Caroline ROSWELL; married Hannah STEVENS, 21, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Enos STEVENS & Ruth BEWELL; witn: Jas. ERNEY & Agnes STEVENS, both Lansdowne, 7 May 1881, Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne
#005965-81 (Leeds Co) Charles PARKER, 27, South Crosby, Lansdowne, s/o Jairus PARKER & Caroline ROWSWELL; married Agnes STEVENS, 35, Kitley, Lansdowne, d/o Enos & Ruth STEVENS; witn: Emma & May WING, both Leeds, 11 November 1881, Leeds #005768-81 (Leeds Co) William PARKER, 23, widower, farmer, Ontario, Yonge Co, s/o Joseph PARKER & Eliza READY; married Eliza PERCIVAL, 22, Ontario, Elizabethtown twp, d/o Richard PERCIVAL & Sarah ENNIS; witn: R.H. PERCIVAL, Elizabethtown & Margaret PARKER, Yonge, 16 February 1881, Brockville
5861-81 (Grenville Co): James H. PARSONS, 30, farmer, Hope, same, s/o Arthur & Elizabeth, married Margaret COCHRANE, 20, Augusta, same, d/o Martin & Fanny, witn: C. REYNOLDS & Ida COCHRANE, both of Augusta, 23 March 1881 at Augusta #005765-81 (Leeds Co) Joseph Roger PEARCE, 25, employee of T.P., no birth place, Brockville, s/o Joseph PEARCE & Margaret Catherine; married Annie Margaret WALKER, 23, no birth place, Brockville, d/o John WALKER & Bella WALKER, both of Brockville, 1 March 1881, Brockville
  006074-1881 (Leeds Co) Sterling PENNOCK, 24, Farmer, South Crosby, Bastard Tp, s/o Wellsley PENNOCK & Phoebe Ann PENNOCK, married Eliza Ann HASKINS, 20, Bastard, same, d/o Solomon HASKINS & Hester HASKINS, witn: George HASKINS, Bastard, Annie DUNCAN, North Crosby, 29 Nov 1881 at South Crosby
5911-82 Thomas PERRY, 22, yeoman, Edwardsburg, same, s/o Thomas & Mary McGowan PERRY, married Lucinda HOLMES, 23, Edwardsburg, same, d/o George & Rosanna Davidson HOLMES, witn: George HOLMES & Maggie PERRY, both of Edwardsburg, 15 Dec 1881 at Edwardsburg 6135-81 Robert PERRY, 50, farmer, Co. Down Ireland, Augusta, s/o John PERRY & Elizabeth LINDSAY, married Mary DAVIDSON, 40, Augusta, same, d/o John DAVIDSON & Elizabeth McINTYRE, witn: Thomas HENRY & Margaret DAVIDSON, 19 July 1881 at Augusta
5967-82 George Sebenns? PETERS, 21, farmer, Edwardsburg, same, s/o William Thomas PETERS & Diana SMITH, married Ellen McGANNON, 22, Edwardsburg, same, d/o Patrick McGANNON & Elizabeth HODGE, witn: James H. & Emma JENKISON of Edwardsburg, 21 April 1881 at Cardinal 5966-82 Joseph Jeland PHILLIPS, 27, sergeant A Battery, England, Kingston, s/o William & Jane, married Sophia Frances REYNOLDS, 26, Ottawa, Cardinal, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Abraham A. BLACK & Marcella MALTON?, both of Cardinal, 13 April 1881 at St. Pauls Church, Cardinal
005926-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William PIELOW, 59, Wid, Harness Maker, s/o John & Sarah PIELOW; married Mary DIER, 53, Wid, Co Wexford Ireland, North Crosby, d/o John & Susan JEACLE; witn J.W. RESTON, Newboro & D.A. McKIE, North Crosby, 3 Nov 1881, North Crosby 05834-1881 (Leeds Co) John PIERCE, 25, Moulder, England, Brockville, s/o John PIERCE & Elizabeth ROBERTS, married Jennie McCULLOUGH, 24, Dublin Ireland, Brockville, witn: Albert DOWSLEY & Sarah GRIFFIN, of Brockville, 28 Dec 1881 at Brockville
005867-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Wright PLACE, 68, Wid, Farmer, England, Augusta Twp, s/o Thomas & Catherine PLACE; married Clarissa EARL, 47, Augusta Twp, Algonquin, d/o Ephraim & Elizabeth EARL; witn Nelson EARL & Uriah BISHOP, both Augusta Twp, 9 Nov 1881, Algonquin 6129-81 Andrew POUPORE, 22, tanner, Canada, Edwardsburg, s/o Edward & Elizabeth, married Sintha GILMORE, 21, Canada, Edwardsburg, d/o George & Sarah Jane, witn: Mary & James VAN CAMP of Edwardsburg, 14 June 1881 at M.E. Church, Prescott
#005891-81 (Leeds Co) Joseph PRESTON, 30, yeoman, Bastard, Bastard, s/o Anthony PRESTON & Margery PRESTON; married Jessie Maria BARKER, 23, Bastard, Bastard, d/o William & Mary BARKER; witn: Joseph MORRIS & William BARKER, both Bastard, 28 December 1881, Bastard 005987-81 (Leeds Co.) Francis PRESTON, 25, Farmer, Elgin, Twp. of Elizabethtown, s/o Thomas & Sarah PRESTON, married Mary LEE, 25, Twp. of Elizabethtown, Same, d/o Henry & Laura LEE, Witn.: Willim H. LEE, Ida M. ROBBINS, both of Elizabethtown, December 19, 1881, at Elizabethtown
005922-1881 (Leeds Co) Thomas Richard PRESTON, 29, Farmer, North Crosby, same, s/o Richard Allen PRESTON & Jane BELL, married Mary EWING, 23, North Crosby, same, d/o James EWING & Isabelle CAMERON, witn: Richard Allen PRESTON & James EWING, both of North Crosby, 23 May 1881 at North Crosby 006047-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Joshua PURCELL, 25, Farmer, Oxford, Dakota US, s/o James & Jane PURCELL; married Elizabeth HINTON, 24, Marlboro, Marlboro, d/o William HINTON & Adaline DAVIDSON; witn none given, 23 Nov 1881, Kemptville
006068-1881 (Leeds Co) John Wesley RANDALL, 21, Sailor, Loughboro Ont, Kingston, s/o Jamie RANDALL & Sarah RANDALL, married Jane Ann SMITH, 17, South Crosby, same, d/o Zebulon SMITH & Jane SMITH, witn: John SMITH, Mary Ann SMITH, both of South Crosby, 8 June 1881 at South Crosby  
006084-1881 (Leeds Co) Joseph READY, 23, Farmer, Burgess, same, s/o William READY & Elizabeth READY, married Mary E. BUFFAM, 21, McNab, North Elmsley, d/o Henry BUFFAM & Maybell BUFFAM, witn: Robert READY, Burgess, Maggie HOLLIDAY, Almonte, 21 Dec 1881 at Newboro 005815-1881 (Leeds Co) Lexivus REID, 52, Widower, Farmer, Jefferson County NY, St. Lawrence County NY, s/o Henry REID & Elizabeth REYNOLDS, married Ada GORDON, 18, St. Lawrence Co NY, same, d/o Normon GORDON & Delany BLACKMEYER, witn: Normon GORDON, Delaney GORDON, of St. Lawrence County NY, 15 Sept 1881 at Brockville
005849-1881 (Leeds Co) John Alex REYNOLDS, 26, Farmer, Wolford, same, s/o John REYNOLDS & Ellen McCOY, married Carrie HARE, 23, Wolford, same, d/o Richard HARE & Eliza BOLTON, witn: Mrs. PORTEOUS & George PORTEOUS, both of Kitley, 24 May 1881 at Kitley 005796-1881 (Leeds Co) Edmund John REYNOLDS, 26, Barrister at Law, Brockville, same, s/o Thomas REYNOLDS deceased & Eleanor Sarah REYNOLDS, married Margaret Crawford SMART, 25, Brockville, same, d/o James SMART & Ann SMART, witn: Thomas William REYNOLDS, Brockville, Elizabeth B. SMART, of Brockville, 18 Aug 1881 at Brockville
005934-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Freeman ROBAR, 21, Farmer, United States, Leeds, s/o Frank ROBAR & Margaret MYERS; married Agnes Theresa MURPHY, 22, Leeds, Leeds, d/o Thomas MURPHY & May DOHERTY; witn N.B. CARROLL & Mary Ann CARROLL, both Gananoque, 16 Feb 1881, Gananoque 6164-81 George Wellington ROBESON, 21, cheese maker, Elbe, twp of Yonge Front, s/o Abram & Clarinda, married Kitty YATES, 18, twp of Yonge Rear, d/o Gershom & Cynthia, witn: John D. & Mary A. REDMOND of Farmersville, 28 April 1881 at Farmersville
6113-81 (Grenville Co): Robert William ROSS, 30, merchant, Co Cavan Ireland, Prescott, s/o John & Margaret, married Ida FIELDE (Fields?), 23, Prescott, same, d/o Tulford Baslard FIELDE & Catherine FIELD (sic), witn: Edmond C. & Anny (or Amy) FIELDE, 1 March 1881 at Prescott 6127-81 John Owen ROWLANDSON, 37, accountant, England, Port Huron Mich., s/o Robert & Mary Ann, married Olivia Adelaide LESLIE, 25, Ontario, Prescott, d/o Edward & Alice, witn: Robert Charles Stuart WRAY of Pt. Huron, 28 Sept 1881 at St. Johns Church, Prescott
  006087-1881 (Leeds Co) John R. ROWSWELL, 34, South Crosby, same, s/o William ROWSWELL & Mary WHALEN, married Jane Ann ROWSWELL, 28, South Crosby, same, d/o Robert ROWSWELL & Ann CHICK, witn: James ROWSWELL, Elizabeth ROWSWELL, both of South Crosby, 23 Mar 1881 at Newboro
#006108-81 (Grenville Co): James RUSSELL, 25, carpenter, Augusta, same, s/o Edward & Esther, married Emma MELLON, 24, Oswego, Augusta, d/o James & Eliza, witn: William HENRY & Sarah SHAVER, both of Prescott, 22 Feb 1881 at Prescott 6137-81 John RUSSELL, 26, farmer, Ontario, Osgoode, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Ad. Isabella FORBES, 20, Ontario, Merrickville, d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: Edward SPRIGGS & Martha REILLY, both of Ogdensburg, 7 Sept 1881 at St. Johns church, Prescott
005794-1881 (Leeds Co) Joseph RUSSELL, 24, Laborer, Brockville, same, s/o Robert RUSSELL & Margaret McMURDY, married Maria CARR, 22, North Augusta, Brockville, d/o John CARR & Dorothy ZIMELIE, witn: George McGOOKIN, Rachael CARR, of Brockville, 4 July 1881 at Brockville 005787-1881 (Leeds Co) Michael RYAN, Major, Butcher, Brockville, same, s/o Jeremiah RYAN & Mary SULLIVAN, married Elizabeth SULLIVAN, Major, Brockville, same, d/o Thomas CONNORS & Rose FLANAGAN, witn: none given, 25 Jan 1881 at Brockville
005929-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Frank A. SALTER, 31, mechanic, United States, United States, s/o Thomas & Catherine SALTER; married Mary RICHARDSON, 20, Scotland, Gananoque, d/o Robert & Jane RICHARDSON; witn Lyman S. KNAPP & Philena SHUTLIFF, both Gananoque, 15 Feb 1881, Gananoque #005959-81 (Leeds Co) Robert SAMPSON, 61, weaver, Ireland, Storrington, parents unknown; married Ann HENERY, middle aged woman exact age unknown, Widow, Ireland, Pittsburgh, parents unknown; witn: David JOHNSTON & Sarah ELLERY, both Seeleys Bay, 2 June 1881, Seeleys Bay
005919-1881 (Leeds Co) Terrance SCANLAN, 24, Farmer, North Crosby, same, s/o Terrance SCANLAN & Ellen LAVELLE, married Julia LYNCH, 21, North Crosby, same, d/o John LYNCH & Ann BULGER, witn: Francis McCUE, Mary MORIARTY, both of Bedford, 1 Feb 1881 at North Crosby (RC)  
6141-81 William Henry SCOTT, 25, telephone agent, Ogdensburg NY, Montreal, s/o John SCOTT & Sarah McGEAHY?, married Mary Jane CAIRNS, 28, Osnabruck, Prescott, d/o James CAIRNS & Eliza BRADSHAW, 2 Nov 1881 at Prescott 6126-81 Robert Alder SCOTT, 22, merchant, Augusta twp., Prescott, s/o William SCOTT & Abigail PERRING, married Mary Sophia HENRY, 20, Augusta twp., Prescott, d/o Robert HENRY & Sarah Jane PERRY, witn: Emma SCOTT of Augusta & Eliza LANE of Prescott, 27 Dec 1881 at Prescott
005805-1881 (Leeds Co) William Alder SCOTT, 24, Yeoman, Augusta, same, s/o Evan SCOTT & Minerva SCOTT, married Mary Louisa WOOD, 22, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Thomas F. WOOD & Artemesia WOOD, witn: Calvin WHITNEY, Cornelia WHITNEY, 13 July 1881 at Glen Buell 005823-1881 (Leeds Co) James SCOTT, 23, Painter, Ontario, Smiths Falls, s/o Robert SCOTT & Charity JOHNSTON, married Ellie KINCAID, 21, Ontario, Yonge Twp., d/o John KINCAID & Lodemia WILSEY, witn: George KILFOYLE, Smiths Falls, Annie RICKEY, Brockville, 19 Sept 1881 at Brockville
#005900-81 (Grenville Co) ?n SELLECK, 55, Widower, farmer, Oxford, Oxford, s/o John & Mary SELLECK; married Mary YELDON, 51, Drummond, Oxford, d/ John & Jane YELDON; witn: Robert RONEY & Sarah Ann RONEY, both Oxford, 28 February 1881, Oxford 6132-81 George A. SEYMOUR, 31, widower, engine driver, New York City, same, s/o William SEYMOUR & Phebe SAUNDERS, married Ann FORTIER, 20, Prescott, same, d/o Francis FORTIER & Barbara LAROSE, witn: Michael & Fannie FORTIER of Prescott, 10 July 1881 at Prescott
6125-81 William H. SHAVER, 24, widower, railroad man, Prescott, Ogdensburg NY, s/o Cash SHAVER & Adeline LENNOX, married Sarah Ann BRIEN, 21, Newboro, Prescott, d/o William BRIEN & Sarah BISCUM?, witn: Jane Ann STUART & Martha DAVISON, both of Prescott, 15 Oct. 1881 at Prescott #005971-81 (Leeds Co) George Napier SHEFFIELD, 23, farmer, Lansdowne Rear, Lansdowne Rear, s/o Richard & Sarah SHEFFIELD; married Helen MANUEL, 18, Morton, Morton, d/o David & Fanny MANUEL; witn: George H. MANUEL, Morton & Dora MANUEL, Lansdowne, 20 April 1881, Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne
6162-81 Samuel SHELDON, 22, teacher, Bastard twp, Farmersville, s/o Samuel & blank, married Willamette STAFFORD, 19, Lansdowne, Farmersville, d/o William H. & Catherine, witn: Louis E. STAPLES of Dickens & Genevieve STAFFORD of Farmersville, 28 Jan 1881 at Farmersville 006075-1881 (Leeds Co) William Henry SHERWOOD, 21, Labourer, South Crosby, same, s/o Alexander SHERWOOD & Hannah SHERWOOD, married Venella Adalaide CHASE, 18, Leeds Tp, same, d/o Henry CHASE & mother's name not known, witn: Cynthia ROBESON, Ruby Adda STUART, South Crosby, 25 June 1881 at South Crosby
  005785-1881 (Leeds Co) George E. SHIELDS, Major, Merchant, Brockville, same, s/o Edward SHIELDS & Frances REILLY, married Ellen WHALEN, Major, Brockville, same, d/o Thomas WHALEN & Helen KEHOE, witn: Dr. Lefevre PYKE, of Brockville, 10 Jan 1881 at Brockville (RC)
#005973-81 (Leeds Co) Francis Wesley SINGLETON, 23, tinsmith, Lyndhurst, Lansdowne Station, s/o John SINGLETON & Eleanor PIERCE; married Charlotte Frances RICHARDS, 25, Kitley, Lyndenhurst, d/o Francis & Rachel Ann RICHARDS; witn: Thomas SINGLETON, Toledo & Sarah SHEFFIELD, Lyndenhurst, 1 June 1881, Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne 6161-81 William E. SLOAN, 21, farmer, Bastard twp, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Mercy E. JERU, 18, Bastard twp, same, d/o Daniel & Adelaide, witn: William HICKS & Helen M. KILBORN, both of Farmersville, 2 June 1881 at Farmersville
006064-1881 (Leeds Co) Daniel SMITH, 21, Farmer, South Crosby, same, s/o Zebulon SMITH & Jane SMITH, married Margaret GAMBLE, 23, Barbadoes West Indies, South Crosby, d/o Robert GAMBLE & Margaret GAMBLE, witn: John RANDLE, Jane Ann SMITH, South Crosby, 26 Jan 1881 at South Crosby 6120-81 (Grenville Co): George SMITH, 23, railway employee, Spencerville, same, s/o George SMITH & Emily WALLACE, married Mary Jane GOGGIN, 21, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o Morris GODDIN & Margaret LILLIO?, witn: Ella SMITH of Spencerville & M.M. WILLIAMS of Prescott, 19 April 1881 at Prescott
006071-1881 (Leeds Co) John SMITH, 26, Farmer, South Crosby, same, s/o Zebulon SMITH & Jane SMITH, married Caroline STEWART, 18, South Crosby, same, d/o Israel SMITH (sic) & Lovina, witn: Henry FRASER, Mary STEWART, South Crosby, 9 Nov 1881 at South Crosby 006066-1881 (Leeds Co) Robert H. SOMERVILLE, 28, Farmer, Leeds Tp, same, s/o James SOMERVILLE & Mary Ann SOMERVILLE, married Janet HENDERSON, 26, Lansdowne Tp, Village of Morton, d/o James HENDERSON & Elizabeth HENDERSON, witn: William GAMBLE, Leeds, Annie CARMICHAEL, Kingston, 28 Feb 1881 at Morton Village
005783-1881 (Leeds Co) John SPELMAN, Major, Widower, Laborer, Queens Co.Ireland, Brockville, s/o John SPELMAN & Mary CONNORS, married Elizabeth FLANAGAN, Major, Greenbush, Brockville, d/o John FLANAGAN & Elizabeth BROOKS, witn: Paul VIANCE, Charlotte FLANAGAN, of Brockville, 17 May 1881 at Brockville 6121-81 Harry B. SPENCER, 27, widower, train dispatcher, Oxford, Brockville, s/o Charlie SPENCER & Eliza BUSH, married Josephine BARS, 23, Spencerville, Brockville, d/o David & blank, 16 Nov 1881 at Prescott
6118-81 (Grenville Co): John Harding STENTIFORD, 21, machinist, Ogdensburg, Prescott, s/o Emma & Charles Halse STENTIFORD, married Mary Ellen BEATTY, 19, Edwardsburgh, Prescott, d/o John & Eliza Jane, witn: William KEEVIL of Prescott & James BEATTY of Edwardsburgh, 7 June 1881 at St. Johns Church, Prescott  
006024-1882 (Leeds Co) Nathan STEVENS, 75, Widower, Farmer & Grover, Bastard, same, s/o Daniel STEVENS & Amy STEVENS, married Louisa JONES, 39, Bastard twp, South Crosby twp, d/o John JONES & Caroline JONES, witn: Joel LAISHLEY, Zephamih SEXTON, Elgin, 29 Aug 1881 at Elgin #005973-81 (Leeds Co) George W. STEVENS, 28, blacksmith, Bastard Twp, Lansdowne, s/o Enos STEVENS & Ruth BEWELL; married Lydia KELSEY, 21, Yonge twp, Yonge twp, d/o Daniel KELSEY & Jane SPICER; witn: Henry KELSEY, Yonge & Minerva STEVENS, Lansdowne, 16 June 1881, Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne
005991-81 (Leeds Co.) Widdis STEWART, 26, Farmer, Twp. of Yonge, Elizabethtown, s/o Charles & Ann STEWART, married Margaret BRYAN, 24, Twp. of Leeds, Twp. of Elizabethtown, d/o John & Alice BRYAN, Witn.: J.M. MOORE, William D. SHARP, Elizabethtown, November 16, 1881, at Elizabethtown 006081-1881 (Leeds Co) Elijah STORR, 31, Laborer, England, Bedford, s/o John STORR & Sarah STORR, married Lucy Ann GIRDEN, 23, North Crosby, Bedford, d/o James GIRDEN & Rachel MOORE, witn; illegible GIRDEN, J. GIRDEN, both of Bedford, 3 Sept 1881 at Newboro
005810-1881 (Leeds Co) Frederic SUDDABY, 45, Shoe Maker, Widower, Ontario, Winchester, s/o James SUDDABY & Jane SUDDABY, married Pricilla KELSEY, 41, Widow, Mallorytown, Brockville, d/o Joseph MALLORY & Polly MALLORY, witn: Thomas BENNETT, Mrs. Thomas BENNETT, of Brockville, 13 Sept 1881 at Brockville 006072-1881 (Leeds Co) Albert W. TAYLOR, 23, Mechanic, Elizabethtown, South Crosby, s/o Sylvester TAYLOR & Sarah Ann TAYLOR, married Sarah Eliza SEED, 23, South Crosby, same, d/o Samuel SEED & Abigald SEED, witn; Gershom EARL, Addie EARL, both of South Crosby, 23 Nov 1881 at South Crosby
6143-81 Edward Telfer TENNANT, 29, harness maker, Yonge Front, Farmersville, s/o Thomas & Grace, married Mary Ann WILTSE, 36, widow, Rear of Yonge, Farmersville, d/o Amos & Ann Eliza WILTSE, witn: James W. WILTSE of Rear of Yonge & Sheldon Y. BROWN of Addison, 5 Oct 1881 at Farmersville 005790-1881 (Leeds Co) Samuel THOMPSON, 54, Widower, Farmer, Glasgow-Scotland, Augusta Twp., s/o John THOMPSON & Margaret ROBINSON, married Jane BARR, 43, Widow, Canada, Wolford, d/o Richard ROWSOM & Mary RATHWELL, witn: Elizabeth ROWSOM, Brockville, William ROWSOM, Wolford, 26 May 1881 at Brockville
#005771-81 (Leeds Co) Thomas Alfred THOMPSON, 27, machinist, London England, Brockville, s/o William THOMPSON & Elizabeth CRONYN?; married Mary Ann EATON, 25, Stafford England, Brockville, d/o George EATON & Annie DAVISON; witn: E.H. EATON & L.S. HOUSTON, both of Brockville, 7 March 1881, Brockville 006042-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Edward THOMPSON, 30, Wid, Farmer, Ontario, Marlborough, s/o John THOMPSON & Jane REYNOLDS; married Melissa ROBINSON, 21, Ontario, Oxford Twp, d/o George ROBINSON & Beulah SAWYER; witn Emma ALLAN & Annie EASTON, both Kemptville, 7 Nov 1881, Kemptville
006090-1881 (Leeds Co) Arthur THOMPSON, 40, Farmer, Widower, Ireland, Bedford, s/o Robert THOMPSON & Mary Ann THOMPSON, married Sarah BARR, 30, Bedford, same, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Robert & Susannah (Illegible - Barr?) of Bedford, 12 May 1881 at Newboro [faded reg’n] 005844-1881 (Leeds Co) James THOMSON, 19, Farmer, Front of Escott, same, s/o James THOMSON & Phoebe THOMSON, married Maggie THOMSON, 23, Front of Escott, d/o John W. THOMSON & Nancy THOMSON, witn: David MAY & Eliza BURTCH, both of Escott, 10 Feb 1881 at Escott Front
6159-81 William T. THORPE, 19, farmer, Howick twp., Yonge twp., s/o Henry & Frances, married Emma Luella HUNTER, 24, Bastard twp, Farmersville, d/o Livicus & Abigail, witn: Ira M. & Mary A. HUNTER of Bastard twp, 7 April 1881 at Farmersville 5831-81 (Leeds Co): James TIMLICK, 25, machinist, North Augusta, Brockville, s/o Jason & Frances, married Mary HITCHCOCK, 23, Wolford, Brockville, d/o Andrew & Martha, witn: John F. & Mrs. J.F. COLE of Brockville, 21 Dec 1881 at Brockville
5963-82 George TODD, 26, painter, Belfast Ireland, Cardinal, s/o William TODD & Jane CRAIG, married Hester Rebecca BURNSIDE, 19, Edwardsburg, Cardinal, d/o William BURNSIDE & Elizabeth WHALEN?, witn: none, 4 June 1881 at Cardinal 005804-1881 (Leeds Co) Frank Leslie TOOKER, 21, Painter, Napanee, Kingston-New York state, s/o Matthew TOOKER & Matilda C. TOOKER, married Lucinda WILKINSON, 19, Brockville, same, d/o Mark WILKINSON & Betsey WILKINSON, witn: George GEDDES, Charlotte WILKINSON, of Brockville, 6 Sept 1881 at Brockville
#005777-81 (Leeds Co) Howard? A. TRICKEY, 21, blacksmith, Lansdowne, Twp of Leeds, s/o William TRICKEY & Nancy TRICKEY; married Mary E. LANDON, 20, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o George LANDON & Olive LANDON; witn: Hiram SCOTT, Mallorytown & Carrie LANDON, Lansdowne, 4 May 1881, Brockville 6128-81 James VAN CAMP, 38, widower, farmer, Canada, Edwardsburg, s/o John & Isabella, married Mary CLAYTON, 20, Canada, Edwardsburg, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Andrew POUPORE & Sintha GILMORE, both of Edwardsburg, 14 June 1881 at M.E. Church, Prescott
#006109-81 (Grenville Co): Richard WALSH, 31, mechanic, Prescott, same, s/o Lewis WALSH & Margaret MORROW, married Harriet McGANNON, 24, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o Edward McGANNON & Mary O’CONNOR, witn: William McGANNON of Morrisburgh and Dora WALSH of Prescott & Julia ROONEY of Edwardsburgh, 27 Jan 1881 at Prescott (Rom Cath) 006078-1881 (Leeds Co) Ubricus WARREN, 36, Laborer, South Crosby, same, s/o Noah WARREN & Lydia WHALEN, married Ann ROSWELL, 25, South Crosby, same, d/o Robert ROSWELL & Ann CHICK, witn: Phebe PRESTON, South Crosby, 6 June 1881 at Newboro
005989-81 (Leeds Co.) Charles M. WARREN, 55, Wid., Farmer, United States, Twp. of Elizabethtown, s/o Samuel & Mary WARREN, married Amelia FRANCIS, 35, Wid., Twp. of Yonge, Same, d/o Samuel & Mary BUELL, Witn.: Rev. T.C. BROWN of Farmersville, Hannah PERLEY (?), of Lyn, November 28, 1881, at Elizabethtown 006078-1881 (Leeds Co) Ubricus WARREN, 36, Laborer, South Crosby, same, s/o Noah WARREN & Lydia WHALEN, married Ann ROSWELL, 25, South Crosby, same, d/o Robert ROSWELL & Ann CHICK, witn: Phebe Preston, S. Crosby, 6 June 1881 at Newboro
005840-1881 (Leeds Co) George Richard WEBSTER, 28, Barrister at Law, Lansdowne, Brockville, s/o Robert & Joyce WEBSTER, married Sarah J. BOYD, 22, Kitley, Brockville, d/o Robert & Jane BOYD, witn: John A. WEBSTER & Henry O. WEBSTER, both of Lansdowne, 21 Dec 1881 at Brockville 005852-1881 (Leeds Co) John WEBSTER, 34, Clergyman, Mariposa Ont, Gaspe PQ, s/o William & Mary WEBSTER, married Emma LEVERETTE, 19, Frankville, same, d/o William & Elizabeth LEVERETTE, witn: George PERCIVAL & Armina LEVEEITTE, Frankville, 14 June 1881 at Frankville
5859-81 (Grenville Co): James WEIR, 26, farmer, of Augusta, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Charlotte PERCIVAL, 21, Augusta, same, d/o Roger & Jane, witn: Samuel PERCIVAL & Sarah REYNOLDS, both of Augusta, 6 April 1881 at Augusta 6111-81 (Grenville Co): Jola WHALEN, 26, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o Timothy WHALEN & Susan BLACK, married Ann Pauline BRADY, 20, Augusta, same, d/o James BRADY & Mary KENSULA (Kinsella?), witn: Denis HORAN & Grace BLACK, both of Augusta, 12 Jan 1881 at Prescott (Rom Cath)
005921-1881 (Leeds Co) John WHITE, 53, Widower, Gaoler, Elizabethtown Tp, Brockville, s/o John WHITE & Sarah WELDON, married Agnes RORISON, 38, Kingston City, North Crosby, d/o Basil Dunbar RORISON & Mary Ann KILBOURN, witn: William RORISON & Mrs. William RORISON, both of North Crosby, 23 Mar 1881 at North Crosby  
006005-81 (Leeds Co.) Richard WILLIAMS, 24, Farmer, Renfrew, Lansdowne, s/o Henry WILLIAMS & Sarah WILLIAMS, married Jane McCORMACK, 26, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o James McCORMACK & Mary Jane McCORMACK, Witn.: None Given, June 1, 1881, at Lansdowne #005888-81 (Leeds Co) Samuel WILSON, 23, Grey Co, Manioulan Island, s/o Henry & Eliza WILSON; married Anna DOWSETT, 25, Bastard, Bastard, d/o James & Eliza DOWSETT; witn: Russell DOWSETT & Sarah J. DOWSETT, both Bastard, 7 July 1881, Bastard
#005769-81 (Leeds Co) Osman John WILSON, 26, yeoman, Morristown N.Y., Morristown N.Y., s/o Hercules W. WILSON & Harriet SEVINNING; married Stella Adelaid HOLISTER, 21, Ontario, Brockville, d/o Charles J. HOLLISTER & Caroline ELERICK; witn: Clarence CARPENTER, Morristown & Emma HOLLISTER, Brockville, 16 March 1881, Brockville #005969-81 (Leeds Co) James WILSON, 24, farmer, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o James WILSON & Mary THOMPSON; married Gussie WING, 22, Leeds, Leeds, d/o Jas. B. WING & Mary SHORT; witn: Ella WING & Orleans MIDDLETON, both of Leeds, 8 March 1881, Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne
6149-81 James W. WILTSE, 27, farmer, Rear of Yonge & Escott, same, s/o Amos & Eliza Ann, married Maria HENDERSON, 21, Oxford, Bastard twp, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Thomas TOPPING & Maggie HENDERSON, both of Rear of Yonge & Escott, 22 Dec 1881 at Rear of Yonge 06056-81 (Leeds & Grenville Co) John WRIGHT, 26, Farmer, Brockville, Wolford, s/o John WRIGHT & Ellen WALKER; married Agnes BARKLEY, 27, Oxford, Wolford, d/o William BARKLEY & Agnes MULLIGAN; witn Agnes McINTYRE & James WALLACE, no place given, 17 Feb 1881, Kemptville
006079-1881 (Leeds Co) James YOUNG, 50, Widower, Farmer, Glengarry, Storrington, s/o William YOUNG & Mary CAMERON, married Lydia Jane RANDALL, 20, South Crosby, Storrington, d/o John RANDALL & Phebe RANSEER, witn: (appears to have been erased), 4 Jul 1881 at Newboro