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Leeds & Grenville Co., 1885

birth place is given before residence


#006298-86 George A. ACTON, 21, farmer, Oxford, same, s/o Abraham & Margaret ACTON, married Mary Ann MEALY (MESLY?), 20, Oxford, same, d/o John & Jane , witn: Albert E. GREER & Catherine A. MALEY, both of Oxford, 17 Dec 1885 at Oxford


006452-1885 (Leeds Co) Peter ADAMS, 26, Farmer, North Burgess, same, s/o James ADAMS & Agnes BYRNE, married Annie McCANN, 24, North Crosby, same, d/o Edward McCANN & Margaret TRAYNOR, witn: John ADAMS, North Burgess, Annie McCANN, North Crosby. 7 Jan 1885 Westport (RC)

006572-1885 (Leeds Co) William Esia AIMOND (Armond?), major, Journeyman, New York State, Brockville, s/o Israel AIMOND & Maria FLANAGAN, married Elmira DION (YOUNG), Brockville, same, d/o Charles DION & Sarah Jane CAR, witn: M.J.. HIGGINS, Catherine TESSIER, Brockville. 1st June 1885 Brockville (RC)

006493-85 (Grenville Co) William ALLAN, 26, farmer, Mountain, Mountain, s/o John ALLAN & Jane MILLOY; married Margaret E. SLOAN, 21, Oxford, Oxford, d/o William SLOAN & Jane COLEMAN; witn Robert BIGGS, Mountain & Alice COLEMAN, Oxford, 2 Dec 1885, Oxford 006513-85 (Leeds Co) William ALLEN, 25, farmer, Ramsay, Ramsay, s/o William ALLEN & Jane BENSON; married Mary Ann SEYMOUR, 24, Kitley, Kitley, d/o Joseph SEYMOUR & Susan HALL; witn Thomas DRUMMOND & Robert BOYD, both Kitley, 23 Dec 1885, Kitley

006428-1885 (Leeds Co) Stanley ANDERSON, 25, Teacher, Ontario, Grey Tp., s/o Jacob ANDERSON & Elizabeth J. MAYBEE, married Eliza Ann WILTSE, 22, Ontario, Yonge Tp., d/o George WILTSE & Julia Ann ELLIOTT, witn: George A. WILTSE, Minnie MOLES, both of Yonge. 9 Jul 1885 Farmersville

006563-1885 (Leeds Co) Peter William ANDRESS, 21, Farmer, Mallorytown, same, s/o Stephen E. ANDRESS & Elizabeth PURVIS, married Elizabeth A. TENNANT, 21, United States, Caintown, d/o Alexander TENNANT & Mary Jane DICKE, witn: William GRIFFIN, Mary SIMPSON, both of Brockville. 28 Jan 1885 Brockville

006560-1885 (Leeds Co) Alexander Forrest ANGUS, 28, Bank Clerk, Scotland, Montreal, s/o Alexander ANGUS & Mary RANKEILER, married Mary Louisa GILMOUR, 22, Brockville, same, d/o William GILMOUR & Nancy McNISH, witn: E. S. BUELL, Brockville, J.H. ROBINSON, Montreal. 19 May 1885 Brockville

#6282-85 - William ANSELL, 24, laborer, Edwardsburgh, same, s/o William ANSELL & Luisa BOW, married Mary HYSLOP, 23, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o William HYSLOP & Margaret McMURRAY, witn: Eli FAIRFIELD of Kemptville & Elizabeth ANSELL of Edwardsburgh, 27 Oct 1885 at Prescott
  006357-1885 (Leeds Co) Robert BARKER, 44, Widower, Mill Wright, North Crosby, Bedford Twp, s/o Ralph BARKER & Abagail BARKER, married Eliza FREEMAN 42, Bastard, same, d/o William FREEMAN & Elizabeth FREEMAN, wit: George FREEMAN, Philipsville, Francis SOUTH, Newboro, 2 Nov 1885 at Residence of her Brothers George & William, Bastard Tp
006504-85 (Leeds Co) William BARR, 21, blacksmith, Bedford, Smith Falls, s/o George BARR & Mary ?--RESIER; married Ella RABB, 22, Bastard, Bastard, d/o Samuel RABB & Mary BLAKELY; witn Carlyle PERTIONS? & Janet PERTIONS?, no place given, 25 Apr 1885, Toledo 006492-85 (Grenville Co) Hanna BATES, 27, Mountain, ? McLeod NWT, s/o John BATES & Jannett CHRISTIE; married Mary E. STORY, 24, Oxford, Oxford, d/o Michael STORY & Mary A MAIN; witn Robert M. STORY, Kemptville & Mary BATES, Hall?, 24 Nov 1885, Oxford

006555-1885 (Leeds Co) James BATSTONE, 24, Shoemaker, St. John Newfoundland, Brockville, s/o William C. BATSTONE & Louisa GRUCHY (GREECHY?), married Cara CLARKE, 26, Toronto, Brockville, d/o James CLARKE & Margaret BREDIN, witn: C.C. LYMAN, Brockville, Alice G. STEENE, Ferrin Point, 20 May 1885 Brockville

006601-85 William BEAULNE, 23, Labourer, Coteau Quebec, Brockville, s/o Israel BEAULNE & Adalinda OUIMET, married Catherine McLAUGHLAN, 34, Athlone Ireland, Brockville, d/o Martin McLAUGHLIN & Ann STORVES?; witn Edward MOUSHAW & Sarah LEE, both no place given, 19 Oct 1885, Brockville

006540-1885 (Leeds Co) William Henry BEGLEY, 20, Mechanic, Eastons Corners, Brockville, s/o John BEGLEY & Jane TACKABERRY, married Mary DRYSDALE, 20, Lanark, Brockville, d/o Frederick DUFFY, of Brockville, Maggie DRYSDALE, of Lanark, witn: Alexander DRYSDALE & Mary CLARKE,  9 Mar 1885 Brockville. [as written]  
#006291-85 (Grenville Co): John BENNETT, 42, farmer, Oxford, same, s/o William BENNETT & Mary McDONALD, married Mary Jane JACKSON, 24, Oxford, same, d/o Robert JACKSON & Jane McGEE, witn: Julia STUART of Kirkwell & William BRUNNING of Prescott, 8 April 1885 at Prescott

006451-1885 (Leeds Co) Stephen BENNETT, 28, Farmer, North Crosby, same, s/o Michael BENNETT & Mary DONNELLY, married Mary Ellen GRADY, 18, North Crosby, same, d/o Michael GRADY & Julia OBRIEN, witn: Peter McCANN, Sarah BENNETT, both of North Crosby. 4 Jan 1885 Westport (RC)

006303-1885 (Leeds Co) John BERRY, 25, Farmer, Leeds, same, s/o Henry BERRY (deceased) & Mary BERRY, married Lizzie NUTTALL, 26, Leeds, same, d/o George NUTTALL & Frances NUTTALL, witn: Benjamin JOHNSTON, Mary J. BERRY, both of Leeds, 18 Mar 1885 at Leeds  
#006299-86 John BIGFORD, 35, carpenter, Oxford, same, s/o Benjamin & Maria BIGFORD, married Mary Maria ENNIS, 20, Loughton, Oxford, d/o William & Eliza ENNIS, witn: Adam & Bertha ENNIS, both of Oxford, 22 Dec 1885 at Oxford 006517-85 (Grenville Co) John J. BITTER, 27, engineer, NewYork, same, s/o William BITTER & Margaret IRVIN; married Sarah MONAHAN, 20, Iroquois, Cardinal, d/o Patrick MONAHAN & William MORRIS; witn Thomas DILLON & Catherine MONAHAN, Cardinal, 20 Jan 1885, Cardinal

006418-1885 (Leeds Co) George BOLTON, 22, Shoemaker, Bastard Tp., same, s/o Henry BOLTON & Elizabeth BOLTON, married Hannah WHITING 21, Bastard Tp., same, d/o Arza WHITING & Jane WHITING, witn; James LYONS, Mary Ann MONROE, both of Newboro. 1 Dec 1885 Newboro

006426-1885 (Leeds Co) Andrew BOOTH, 41, Widower, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Yonge Tp., s/o D. S. & M. A. BOOTH, married Mrs. W. McMURRY, 40, Elizabethtown Tp., same, d/o John & Mary A. EVANS, witn: Mrs.. W. BLAIR, Farmersville. 14 May 1885 Meth. Parsonage Farmersville

  006546-1885 (Leeds Co) William Alan BOWESS, 20, Marble Cutter, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Alan BOWESS & Chloe SHERMAN, married Euphemia McKAY, 20, Brockville, Elizabethtown, d/o George McKAY & Catherine STOREY, witn: Hiram BOWESS, Etta STOREY, both of Brockville. 25 Mar 1885 Brockville
#006289-85 (Grenville Co): Daniel BOWYER, 33?, farmer, St. Johns Quebec, Augusta, s/o George BOWYER & Margaret SHIELDS, married Susan WILSON, 33, Augusta, same, d/o Andrew WILSON & Jane BOLTON, witn: Jane A. STUART & Florence RICKEY, both of Prescott, 7 May 1885 at Prescott 006500-85 (Leeds Co) James BRACKENRIDGE, 22, farmer, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o Hugh & Jane BRACKENRIDGE; married Elizabeth McFADDEN, 19, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o David & Margaret Jane McFADDEN; witn Norman WEBSTER & Emma PECK, both Lansdowne, 29 Sept 1885, Lansdowne
006499-85 (Leeds Co) Ogle R. BRADLEY, 28, farmer, Gananoque, Lansdowne, s/o Richard & Jane BRADLEY; married Agnes LATIMER, 21, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o John & Jane LATIMER; witn William LATIMER & Maggie BRADLEY, both Lansdowne, 16 Sept 1885, Lansdowne #6251-85 - James D. BRADLEY, 24, laborer, Augusta, Prescott, s/o Francis BRADLEY & Mary A. DAVIDSON, married Margaret E. LUNDY, 19, Prescott, same, d/o Patrick LUNDY & Emilia CHAPPIN, witn: John BRADLEY of Augusta & Margaret KING of Prescott, 30 Sep 1885 (RC)
006461-1885 (Leeds Co) Robert BRASH, 36, Farmer, Bedford Tp., same, s/o Greville BRASH & Mary BRASH, married Rebecca MOULTON, 30, Bedford, North Crosby, d/o John MOULTON & Jane MOULTON, witn: George H. MOULTON, Lillie WYANTE, North Crosby. 20 Oct 20 1885 North Crosby

6677-85 Charles Edward BRENNAN, 24, carriage maker, Gananoque, same, s/o Richard BRENNAN & Lucy, married Addie Wakeman BULLIS, 25, Gananoque, same, d/o John BULLIS & Flora McGINNIS, witn: George LLOYD & Jennie SMITH, both of Gananoque, 14 July 1885 at Gananoque

006609-85 Charles W. BROWN, 24, Farmer, United States, Antwerp NY, s/o John BROWN & Anna WRIGHT: married Louisa COLEMAN, 22, Ontario, Bishops Mills, d/o Robert COLEMAN & Christie HOLLESTON; witn J.J. SWEENEY & Mary HOLMES, both Brockville, 7 Oct 1885, Brockville

006566-1885 (Leeds Co) Timothy BROWNE, major, Merchant, Ireland, Brockville, s/o James BROWNE & Johanna REGUEY, married Mary CROWLEY, major, Prescott, Brockville, d/o John CROWLEY & Mary ALLAN, witn: William MORROW, Jennie BROWLEY. (no res. given) 28 Jan 1885 Brockville (RC)
#006346-86 (Leeds Co): John BULGER, no age given, farmer, Yonge, same, s/o John BULGER & Margaret CONNORS, married Mary Jane LAPPIN, no age given, Lansdowne, same, d/o Patrick LAPPIN & Margaret DONOVAN, witn: P. BULGER of Yonge & Julia ROAFEL? of Lansdowne, 3 Nov 1885 at Gananoque (Rom Cath) 006306-1885 (Leeds Co) Thomas Martin BURNS, 37, Farmer, Toronto, Michigan, s/o Patrick BURNS & Catherine BURNS, married Martha RUDD, 37, Lansdowne, same, d/o George RUDD & Hannah RUDD, witn: Ogle BRADLEY & Agnes BRADLEY, both of Lansdowne 1 Apr 1885 at Lansdowne
006404-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Albert BURRETT, 40, Farmer, Maitland, Augusta, s/o Charlie BURRETT & Martha DULMAGE; married Agnes Edith ROBERTSON, 20, Augusta, Augusta, d/o David ROBERTSON & Jane BOYLE; witn Edward N. McCREA of Maitland & Isabella ROBERTSON, Augusta, 22 Aug 1885, no place given 006358-1885 (Leeds Co) Samuel BUSHFIELD, 27, Farmer, South Burgess, same, s/o John & Janet BUSHFIELD, married Annie Francis JOYNT, 25, Bastard, same, d/o John B. JOYNT & Rebecca Jane JOYNT, witn: Robert BOLTON, Portland, Rebecca June JOYNT, Portland, 4 Nov 1885 at Bastard Tp
006219-86 Charles Thomas CAMPBELL, 27, farmer, Montague Twp., same, s/o Joseph & Abigail, married Mary SCOTT, 24, Wolford Twp., Merrickville, d/o Richard & Sarah Anne, witn: Richard PHILLIPS of Wolford & Hattie SCOTT of Montague on Dec. 23, 1885 at Merrickville.

006425-1885 (Leeds Co) Horace CARLEY, 23, Express Driver, Smiths Falls, same, s/o William & Jane CARLEY, married Huldah FOLEY, 23, Yonge Tp., Smiths Falls, d/o William & Susan FOLEY, witn; James FOLEY, Hard Island, Maggie WOOD, Yonge Tp. 29 Apr 1885 Hard Island, Farmersville

006384-1885 (Leeds Co) Alfred A. CHAPMAN, 22, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Edward & Lucinda CHAPMAN, married Alice HAWKINS, 23, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Samuel & Mary HAWKINS, witn: Henry RATH, Brockville, Kate McLARREN, Elizabethtown, 22 Dec 1885 Elizabethtown

014703-1885 (Leeds Co) Almond CHEETHAM, 21, Farmer, Leeds, Clarendon, s/o George CHEETHAM & Isabella CHEETHAM, married Susannah SIMMONS, 16, Leeds, Leeds, d/o Joseph SIMMONS, Martha SIMMONS, witn; Eliza J. HASKINS, James McMILLAN, both of Leeds. 4 Nov 1885 Seeley's Bay
006515-85 (Leeds Co) John Charles CHRISTMAN, 29, farmer, N.Y. City, Kitley, s/o John Charles & Caroline F. CHRISTMAN; married Emma Caroline EMPEY, 23, Canada, Kitley, d/o John & Annie EMPEY; witn John & Emma EMPEY, Frankville, 1 Sept 1885, Frankville

006389-1885 (Leeds Co) James S. CHURCH, 24, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Kitley, s/o Joel & Nancy CHURCH, married Jennie FREEMAN, 35, Yonge, Kitley, d/o John & Fannie FREEMAN, witn: George FREEMAN, Deila (s/b Delia) FREEMAN, both of Kitley. 14 Oct 1885 Elizabethtown

  006314-1885 (Leeds Co) Ephraim CHURCHILL, 34, Widower, Farmer, South Crosby, same, s/o Albert CHURCHILL & Mary CHURCHILL, married Parthena NEWMAN, 15, South Crosby, same, d/o Torrance NEWMAN & Susannah NEWMAN, witn: Wesley CHURCHILL, Clara CHURCHILL, South Crosby, 17 Mar 1885 at South Crosby
006307-1885 (Leeds Co) William Henry CLIFFE, 28, Widower, Farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o John CLIFFE & Ann CLIFFE, married Margaret Ann BRADLEY, 21, Lansdowne, Leeds, d/o Benjamin BRADLEY & Frances BRADLEY, witn: David BRADLEY, Lansdowne, Alma BRADLEY, Leeds 22 Apr 1885 at Gananoque

006599-85 Robert M. CLINK, 48, Butcher, Wid, Aryshire Scotland, Redwood New York, s/o Robert CLINK & Sarah THOMPSON; married Mrs Annie PARISH, 28, Wid, Brockville, Oshawa, d/o James BROWN & Sarah COOPER; witn Harriet BROWN, Oshawa & M.B. STACK, Mallorytown, 4 Nov 1885, Brockville

006375-1885 (Leeds Co) William Franklin CLOW, 30, Photographer, Yonge Tp., Dakota USA, s/o Charles & Sally CLOW, married Sarah Ann BROWN, 24, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Ezekiel & Margaret BROWN, witn: Peter MULLEN, Prescott, Maria ROWSOM, Elizabethtown. 15 Jul 1885 Addison

#006293-85 (Grenville Co): William S. CODY, 27, teacher, Newmarket, Kemptville, s/o Allan CODY & Elizabeth DICKSON, married Sarah Lauretta McPHERSON, 21, Wellington Co., Prescott, d/o Crawford McPHERSON & Elizabeth TERRY, witn: Elizabeth CODY of Newmarket & Frank McPHERSON of Baton, 8 July 1885 at Prescott
006489-85 (Grenville Co) Samuel B. COLEMAN, 32, farmer, Oxford, Oxford, s/o Robert COLEMAN & Jane RUTHERFORD; married Martha BUCK, 29, Edwardsburg, Oxford, d/o S.M. BUCK & Marg CRAIG; witn S.M. BUCK & John RUTHERFORD, both Oxford, 14 Nov 1885, Oxford

006427-1885 (Leeds Co) John Sheridan COLEMAN, 24, Farmer, Ontario, Bastard Tp., s/o John COLEMAN & Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Ella Victoria POWELL, 19, Ontario, Bastard Tp., d/o Ezra POWELL & Mahala DAY, witn: Samuel COLEMAN, Yonge, Eva RICHES, Bastard. 30 June 1885 Farmersville

#006250-85 - James CONLON, 22, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o Thomas CONLON & Catherine KEHOE, married Jane GILL, 19, Prescott, Augusta, d/o Lawrence GILL & Mary ORTON, witn: James McCREA & M?illegible HAYDEN, both of Prescott, 30 Sep 1885 at Prescott (Rom Cath)


006543-1885 (Leeds Co) John Albert COOK, 21, Railroad Labourer, Elizabethtown, Brockville, s/o Andrew COOK & Susan FARRAR, married Jennie Earl ADAMS, 19, Potsdam N.Y., Brockville, d/o Henry H. ADAMS & Ann Eliza ADAMS, witn: Edwin SUMMERS, Jennie JENKINS, both of Brockville, 11 Mar 1885 Brockville 006567-1885 (Leeds Co) William COOLEY, 23, Mechanic, Scotland, Brockville, s/o Alexander COOLEY & Margaret COOK, married Catherine CAMPBELL, major, of Brockville, d/o Arthur CAMPBELL & Mary MURPHY, witn: Dennis BRADY, Mary CAMPBELL, (no res. given) 22 Jan 1885 Brockville (RC)
006491-85 (Grenville Co) William J. COOPER, 21, farmer, Augusta, Oxford, s/o John COOPER & Mary CAMPBELL; married Mary TYFAIR?, ?, Augusta, Oxford, d/o ? TYFAIR & Elizabeth S?, with W. J.D. CANNING & Susan TYFAIR?, both Oxford, 14 Nov 1885, Oxford

006541-1885 (Leeds Co) John COOPER, 29, Widower, England, Yonge Twp., s/o Richard COOPER & Elizabeth ROSS, married Victoria Ann KIRKLAND, 18, Escott Twp., Escott, d/o Andrew KIRKLAND & Mary FINLAY, witn: Richard FINLAY, Edward FINLAY, both of Escott, 11 Mar 1885 Brockville

006589-85 John CRANSHAW, 45, Clerk, Wid, Ganton England, Brockville, s/o Isaac CRANSHAW & Elizabeth SUTCLIFFE; married Hannah Jane CASTLE, 33, Smith Falls, Brockville, d/o George CASTLE & Margaret KEARNS; witn Mrs George BURNFIELD, Brockville, 14 Sept 1885, Brockville 006539-1885 (Leeds Co) William CREIGHTON, 25, Farmer, Ireland, Brockville, s/o Robert CREIGHTON & Mary Jane WILSON, married Mary REYNOLDS, 25, Ireland, Brockville, d/o James REYNOLDS & Marjorie DUNN, witn: James MORRISON, Maria REYNOLDS, both of Brockville, 5 Mar 1885 Brockville
006382-1885 (Leeds Co) Milton DANCY, 24, Farmer, Leeds Co., same, s/o John & Sarah DANCY, married Sarah Jane HALL, 24, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Boyd & Ellen HALL, witn: Watson PERCIVAL, Elizabethtown, Mary A. SEYMOUR, Kitley. 18 Nov 1885 Elizabethtown

006575-1885 (Leeds Co) George Edmond DAVIS, 29, Bookkeeper, Woburn England, Brockville, s/o W. H. DAVIS & Mary Ann JARVIS, married Annie WADE, 37, Brockville, same, d/o Robert T. WADE & Rose McMILLAN, witn: W.J. DAVIS, A. DEACON, both of Brockville. 28 Jul 1885 Brockville (Brethern)

006581-1885 (Leeds Co) Peter DAVIS, 31, Merchant, Elizabethtown Tp., Brockville, s/o Ralph & Mary, married Mary Elizabeth DOWSLEY, 25, Brockville, same, d/o Richard & Catherine, witn: Joseph Eastman DAVIS, Ella DOWSLEY, Brockville. 30 Jun 1885 Brockville

006585-1885 (Leeds Co) George Joseph DAVIS, 28, Farmer, Bellamy Station-Elizabethtown Tp., same, s/o Ralph & Susan DAVIS, married Sarah June CROFTS, 19, Augusta Tp., same, d/o William & Elizabeth CROFTS, witn: James BAKER & June Martha RINGLAND, Brockville. 16 Sep 1885 Brockville

006511-85 (Leeds Co) Sanford DAVIS, 21, merchant, Elizabethtown, Frankville, s/o Ralph L. DAVIS & Susan RALPH; married Emma PARKER, 18, Bastard, Frankville, d/o Robert PARKER & Jane REYNOLDS; witn Helen PARKER & Flora DAVIS, both Frankville, 2 Sept 1885, Frankville 006369-1885 (Leeds Co) Albert Andrew DAVIS, 32, Widower, Produce dealer, Leeds Co. Brockville, s/o Benjamin & Eliza DAVIS, married Lucy Clara LEWIS, 22, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Coleman LEWIS & Melinda LEWIS, witn: H. R. FAIRCLOUGH, Brockville, Minnie P. LEWIS, Addison. 11 Feb 1885 Elizabethtown
#006283-85 - Abraham DAVISON, 19,yeoman, Canada, Augusta, s/o John DAVISON & Abigail DAKINS?, married Christie CASWELL, 20, USA, Augusta, d/o Elson CASWELL & Irene COOMB, witn: Thomas & Clara STEPHENSON of Augusta, 18 Nov 1885 #006281-85 - Benonia DAVISON, 21, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o M.E. DAVISON & Mary WHITLEY, married Bridget CONLON, 23, Augusta, same, d/o Thomas CONLON & Catherine KEHOE, witn: Edmond P. McCREA & Elizabeth CONLON, both of Augusta, 18 June 1885 at Prescott (also 6248-86)
006353-1885 (Leeds Co) Hiram C. DAVISON, 19, Farmer, Bastard, same, s/o Hiram S. DAVISON & Julia Ann PHILIPS, married Lucy Maud PHELPS, 18, Philipsville - Bastard Tp, same, d/o William B. PHELPS & Hannah M. BROWN, witn: William LAISHLEY, E. V. HALLADAY, both of Elgin, 12 Feb 1885 at Philipsville 006351-1885 (Leeds Co) Thomas Henry DeLANCEY, 30, Widower, Farmer, Sterlingville - Jefferson Co NY, same, s/o Thomas L. DELANCEY & Phoebe S. DELANCEY, married Susannah EATON, 25, Leeds Tp, same, d/o Cyrus EATON & Ann EATON, witn: Henry BARNETT, Josephine BARNETT, both of Delta, 11 Feb 1885 at Delta

006593-85 Thomas DELL, 25, Miller, Marlborough Twp, Marlborough Twp, s/o Henry John DELL & Mary MORGAN; married Mary Ann REDDICK, 29, Marlborough Twp, Marlborough Twp, d/o John REDDICK & Sarah Jane JOY; witn P.D. DAILY & J. BLAKE, both Brockville, 28 Oct 18885, Brockville

006354-1885 (Leeds Co) Philip E. DERBYSHIRE, 23, Farmer, Farmersville, Forfar, s/o Isaac DERBYSHIRE & Ruth ALFORD, married Sarah JOHNSTON, 20, South Crosby, same, d/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Mary HARRISON, witn: Thomas JOHNSTON, South Crosby, Della DERBYSHIRE, Bastard, 19 Feb 1885 at Delta
006505-85 (Leeds Co) George DERRICK, 27, farmer, Marlborough, Marlborough, s/o Almon & Levinia DEARRICK; married Elizabeth CHRISTMAN, 20, Newton, Kitley, d/o John Charles & Frederica CHRISTMAN; witn Caroline CHRISTMAN, 10 Feb 1885, Kitley

006414-1886 (Leeds Co) Richard DEVEREUX, Major age, Farmer, North Augusta, Brockville, s/o Richard DEVEREUX & Margaret DOYLE, married Julia KENNEDY, Major age, Osgoode, Brockville, d/o Patrick KENNEDY & Ann KAIN, witn: Thomas DEVEREUX, Bridget MULLEN, 23 November 1885 Brockville. (RC) (also 6603-85),

006564-1885 (Leeds Co) George DEVOE, 33, Widower, Carriage Painter, Parishvile NY. US., Farmersville, s/o Peter DEVOE & Orila SUTHERLAND, married Fidelia FINLEY, 23, Escott, same, d/o Richard FINLEY & Dorcas STEDMAN, witn: Edward FINLEY, Rachal FINLEY, both of Escott. 23 June 1885 Brockville

006569-1885 (Leeds Co) Filippo Colosmo diANGELO, 23, Laborer, Kingdom of Naples Italy, Brockville, s/o F. C. diANGELO & Lucretia SERRANI, married Delima RANGER, 17, Lower Canada, Brockville, d/o Andre RANGER & Philomine LAUZON, witn: George LAFRANCE, Mrs. LAFRANCE, both of Brockville. 15 Feb 1885 Brockville (RC)
006506-85 (Leeds Co) William DOOLAN, 36, farmer, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, s/o William & Mary DOOLAN; married Jane Ann MacKEE, 31, Kitley, Kitley, d/o James & Ann MacKEE; witn none given, 25 Feb 1885, Frankville

006608-85 Charles J. DRESSOR, 26, Tailor Cutter, Montreal, Brockville, s/o Joseph D & Susan L. DRESSOR; married Ella HUDDLESTON, 23, Morrisburg, Brockville, d/o George & Elizabeth HUDDLESTON; witn William A. DRESSOR & George W. HUDDLESTON, both Brockville, 24 Dec 1885, Brockville

006422-1885 (Leeds Co) Daniel DUNHAM, 21, Farmer, Toledo, same, s/o Daniel & Mary DUNHAM, married Annie DOWSLEY, 21, Frankville, same, d/o William & Permelia DOWSLEY, witn: Mrs. William BLAIR (no res. given). 4 Feb 1885 Farmersville 006350-1885 (Leeds Co) Clifford EAGAR, 27, Carpenter, Morristown NY, same, s/o Charles B. EAGAR & Mary EAGAR, married Ida HUMPHREY (sic), 20, Brockville, Phillipsville Village, d/o Samuel J. UMPHREY & Mary UMPHREY, witn: Albert UMPHREY, Mrs. A. UMPHREY, both of Philipsville, 10 Jan 1885 at Delta Village
  006312-1885 (Leeds Co) William EDGAR, 58, Widower, Yeoman, Ireland, Escott, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann BUELL, 37, Pittsburgh, Escott, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth, witn: Walter WILLIAMS, Catherine WILLIAMS, both of Escott, 30 Apr 1885 at Escott

006414-1885 (Leeds Co) George T. ELLIOTT, 29, Blacksmith, Bastard Tp., same, s/o William ELLIOTT & Frances ELLIOTT, married Ellen MORRISON, 30, Bastard Tp., same, d/o Francis MORRISON & Elizabeth MORRISON, witn: Mathew R. MORRISON, Lizzie ROGERS, both of Bastard Tp. 16 June 1885 Newboro

006485-85 (Grenville Co) Thomas H. ELLIOTT, 26, merchant, Wolford, Port Arthur, s/o Archibald & Sarah ELLIOTT; married Rachel MORRISON, 28, Oxford, Oxford, d/o William MORRISON & Ann McCRUM; witn Francis MORRISON, Oxford & Jeanie ELLIOTT, Wolford, 25 Aug 1885, Oxford
006503-85 (Leeds Co) William Albert FAIR, 27, yeoman, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o John FAIR & Hester BARRINGTON; married Lilla COOK, 21, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Joseph COOK & Mary Ann WHITE; witn Willard C. WEEKS, Farmersville & James B. FOLEY, Escott, 30 Dec 1885, Lyn


006598-85 Barney FARRELL, 27, Moulder, Ireland, Brockville, s/o James FARRELL & Jane CANLEN?; married Georgia CAMPBELL, 26, Osnabruck, Woodlands, d/o John CAMPBELL & Julian PITTS; witn Sarah JOHNSTON, Brockville & John A. CAMPBELL, Woodlands, 31 Oct 1885, Brockville

006565-1885 (Leeds Co) James FARRELL, major, Cheese maker, of Elizabethtown, s/o Thomas FARRELL & Bridget BURNS, married Harriet WARNER, 18, of Elizabethtown, d/o James WARNER & Eliza MOREY, witn: (none given). 27 Jan 1885 (no place given-but registered in Brockville) (RC)
  006403-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Robert FERGUSON, 26, Farmer, Wid, Augusta, Brockville, s/o David & Eliza FERGUSON; married Sarah COOLY, 20, Ireland, Brockville, d/o Alexander & Margaret J. COOLEY (sic); witn Samuel FERGUSON, Augusta & Maggie HOUSTON, Elizabethtown, 25 Nov 1885, Brockville

006462-1885 (Leeds Co) James FOLEY, 24, Boatman, Bedford Tp., North Crosby, s/o Andrew FOLEY & Catharine MILLAN, married Margaret BRYANS, 22, North Crosby, same, d/o John BRYANS & Mary CONNORS, witn: Mrs. D.Y. ROSS, Mrs. McCALLUM, both of Westport. 24 Dec 1885 Westport Presbyterian Manse

006388-1885 (Leeds Co) David FORTH, 31, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o John & Jane Ann FORTH, married Alma JILES, 29, Yonge, same, d/o William Henry & Permelia JILES, witn: Mrs. William SERVICE, William SERVICE, Elizabethtown. 17 Feb 1885 Elizabethtown

0064-58-1885 (Leeds Co) Robert FORESTER, 44, Farmer, North Crosby, same, s/o Gabriel FORESTER & Catharine McGREGOR, married Margaret BROWN, 34, Bedford, North Crosby, d/o Lewis BROWN & Ann BARNETT, witn: Lewis BROWN & George S. SICKLER, both of North Crosby. 11 Mar 1885 Westport

006313-1885 (Leeds Co) Robert FRANKLIN, 35, Yeoman, Escott, same, s/o John & Bridget, married Aletia M. WARREN, 24, Escott, same, d/o William & Fannie, witn: William B. WARREN, Escott, Rebecca SUMMER, Brockville, 7 Apr 1885 at Escott

006453-1885 (Leeds Co) John GALLAGHER, 28, Farmer, Ireland, Pembroke, s/o John GALLAGHER & Allice WARD, married Allice HAGAN, 20, North Crosby, same, d/o Hugh HAGAN & Mary FLANNAGAN, witn: John McCANN, Margaret McPARLAND, both of North Crosby. 7 Jan 1885 Westport (RC) 006412-1885 (Leeds Co) William GAMBLE, 28, Farmer, Leeds Co., South Crosby Tp., s/o William GAMBLE & Ann GAMBLE, married Elizabeth McCANN, 28, North Crosby Tp., same, d/o Samuel McCANN & Sarah McCANN, witn: George GAMBLE, South Crosby Tp., Lizzy MURPHY, South Burgess Tp. 7 Jan 1885 Newboro
006377-1885 (Leeds Co) Horrace N. GARDINER, 28, Merchants clerk, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Anton & Louisa GARDINER, married Josephine BENNETT, 22, Mallorytown, Delta, d/o William & Emily BENNETT, witn: James PERGAN, A.C. BENNETT, Elizabethtown. 22 Jul 1885 Elizabethtown 006138-1885 (Leeds Co) William James GEARY, 25, Salesman, Stirling, same, s/o Joseph GEARY & Maria McCAUGHEN, married Annie TABER, 23, Kingston City, South Crosby Tp, d/o Samuel TABER & Anna LEATHERLAND, witn: Frederick TABER, Emma TABER, Morton - Ont, 20 May 1885 at Morton
006349-1885 (Leeds Co) Samuel GODKIN, 28, Farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o William GODKIN & Alice GODKIN, married Nancy A. McMAKIN (sic), 23, Bastard Tp, same, d/o John McMACKIN & Maria McMACKIN, witn: David & Jennie McMACKEN of Bastard Tp, 9 Jan 1885 at Bastard Tp

006498-85 (Leeds Co) Charles GOKIE, 24, labourer, Clayton. N.Y., Lansdowne, s/o Anthony & Sarah GOKIE; married Lois Martha THOMPSON, 21, Gananoque, d/o Dinsmore & Ruth THOMPSON; witn Daniel J. BRADLEY & Alice E. WEBSTER, 23 Sept 1885, Lansdowne

006381-1885 (Leeds Co) Charles F. GRAY, 24, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Samuel & Maria GRAY, married Harriet M. BOYCE, 19, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Stephen & Lucy BOYCE, witn: Charles WILSON, Lydia HUNT, both of Elizabethtown. 14 Oct 1885 Elizabethtown 006300-1885 (Leeds Co) Francis W. GREEN, 27, Railway Employee, Elizabethtown, Gretna Manitoba, s/o Samuel GREEN & Margaret GREEN, married Margaret Ann BRADLEY, 27, Lansdowne, same, d/o Henry BRADLEY & Susan BRADLEY, witn: E. R. BRADLEY, Lizzie GREEN, both of Lansdowne, 8 Jan 1885 at Lansdowne
06308-1885 (Leeds Co) James GRIER, 30, Farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Thomas GRIER & Mary Ann WHITE, married Bella Ann JOHNSTON, 23, Lansdowne, same, d/o Robert JOHNSTON & Catherine RAMSAY, witn: Wesley JOHNSTON, Catherine JOHNSTON, both of Lansdowne, 22 Apr 1885 at Lyn 006487-1886 (Leeds Co) William James GRUNDY, 28, Carpenter, Ont., Kingston, s/o William GRUNDY & Margaret CORBETT, married Iva Melissa WILTSE, 30, Ont., Farmersville, d/o Abel WILTSE & Julia PARISH, witn: Allen Exeri WILTSE, Farmersville, Lovisa PIERCE, Yonge, 21 Oct 1885 Farmersville

006586-1885 (Leeds Co) William GUNN, 26, Printer, Clone - Co Monaghan Ireland, Brockville, s/o James & Jane GUNN, married Margaret WHITE, 35, Augusta, Brockville, d/o William & Abigail WHITE, witn: George DRIVER, Sarah GUNN. (no res. given). 28 Sep 1885 Brockville

006615-85 Edward James HALL, 24, Farmer, United States, Lyndhurst, s/o Alexander HALL & Esther GREEN; married Amelia TYE, 19, Ontario, Lyndhurst, d/o John TYE & Isabel WALKER; witn Maggie BROWN & Emma ALLAN, both Brockville, 10 Oct 1885, Brockville

6263-85 Timothy HARRISON, 30, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Matawatchan, s/o Robert HARRISON & Huldah, married Julia LE CLAIR, 37, Mount St. Patrick, Matawatchan, d/o Batice LE CLAIR & Harriet, witn: G.W. SWEETMAN & Mrs. E. C. SANDERSON, 7 Oct. 1885 at Vennachar  
006356-1885 (Leeds Co) Evan Goss HASKIN, 27, Farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Ephraim D. HASKIN & Ellenor, married Carrie E. HORTON, 20, Escott, Lansdowne Co of Leeds, d/o Samuel HORTON & Margaret HORTON, witn: Mrs. H. N. GARDINER, Lyn, Mrs. F. W. BARNETT, Binscarth Manitoba, 24 Sept (no yr) at Delta 006302-1885 (Leeds Co) David Lillie HASKINS, 29, Farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Ephraim D. HASKINS & Elenor HASKINS, married Laura J. McCREADY, Lansdowne, same, d/o James McCREADY & Elizabeth McCREADY, witn: Dema MILLS, Sarah ACTON, Lansdowne, 10 Feb 1885 at Lansdowne
006510-85 (Leeds Co) William Francis HEFFRON, 21, labourer, Fall Brook, same, s/o John HEFFRON & Julie WESTERDICK; married Martha CLARK, 22, Brockville, Frankville, d/o James CLARK & Mary Ann GILESPIE; witn John CLARK & Maria CLARK, both Kitley, 16, Sept 1885, Frankville 6553-85 (Leeds Co): George S. HERITAGE, 31, electrician, Montreal, Winnipeg, s/o William HERITAGE & Sarah SELWAN?, married Josephine Florence DRESSER, 30, USA, Brockville, d/o Joseph DRESSER & Susan SMITH, witn: Mrs. J. D. & C.J. DRESSER, 9 April 1885 at Brockville
  006310-1885 (Leeds Co) John HOLLINGSWORTH, 43, Merchant, Charleston, Escott Tp, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Mary Ann LAWRENCE, 38, Lansdowne, Escott, d/o Michael & Margaret, witn: John FINTON, Mrs. O'BRIEN, both of Escott, 24 Nov 1885 at Escott

006596-85 Samuel HOOPER, 44, Hair Dresser, Wid, England, not given, s/o John HOOPER & Mary McAR; married Agnes Maria KELLY, 30, Brockville, Brockville, d/o Frederick BOWES & Elizabeth FOSTER; witn Albert VANALLEN & Sarah VANALLAN, both Elizabethtown Twp, 22 Oct 1885, Brockville

006385-1885 (Leeds Co) John Albert HORTON, 24, Farmer, Kitley, Elizabethtown, s/o Nicholas & Ann HORTON, married Emma Elizabeth WHITMAN, 18, Ireland, Elizabethtown, d/o William & Elizabeth WHITMAN, witn: Wesley RONSON, Sarah Ann STEVENS, both of Elizabethtown. 22 Dec 1885 Elizabethtown

006591-85 Arthur Richard Graves HOWARD, 26, Sea Officer C.P.B., Montreal, Montreal, s/o Augustus & Frances HOWARD; married Sarah Efa JONES, 22, Brockville, Belvedere, d/o Chilion & Eliza Maria JONES; witn E.M. HOWARD, Montreal, Elsie JONES & Chilion JONES (father) both Brockville, 20 Oct 1885, Brockville

006570-1885 (Leeds Co) Patrick HUGHES, Major, Widower, Farmer, Ireland, Kitley, s/o Patrick HUGHES & (blank) LACEY, married Jane CURRY, Major, Ireland, Brockville, d/o Matthew CURRY & Martha GARMON, witn: Phillip CURRY, Anna CURRY, (no res. given). 13 Apr 1885 Brockville (RC)

006607-85 Charles HURLEY, major, Mechanic, Port Hope, Brockville, s/o Patrick HURLEY & Mary CURRY; married Mary CARMARY, major, Canada, Brockville, d/o Michael CARMARY & Bridget MAHONEY; witn Alex SUTHERLAND & Catherine CARMARY, both no place given, 9 Sept 1885, Brockville

#006297-86 Malcolm M. JACKSON, 25, farmer, Mountain, same, s/o Elisha & Mary JACKSON, married Sophia BARRAGER, 23, Winchester, Mountain, d/o Andrew & Mary BARRAGER, witn: Ira & Martha ADAMS both of Oxford, 28 Oct 1885 at Oxford
006317-1885 (Leeds Co) Thomas JOHNSTON, 24, Farmer, South Crosby, same, s/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Mary HARRISON, married Ina HALLIDAY, 22, South Crosby, same, d/o Truman J. HALLADAY & Martha DAVISON, witn: Elkins V. HALLIDAY, Robert J. WHALEY, Elgin, 8 Apr 1885 at South Crosby 006483-85 (Grenville Co) Thomas N. JOHNSTON, 39, telegrapher, Oxford, Gloucester, s/o David & Sarah JOHNSTON; married Hanna L. TOMPKINS, 19, Osgoode, Gloucester, d/o Henry & Ann TOMPKINS; witn Robert DUNLOP & Ellen J. MORTON, both Oxford, 16 May 1885, Oxford

006370-1885 (Leeds Co) Henry JOHNSTON, 27, Farmer, Kitley, same, s/o William & Eliza JOHNSTON, married Ida CORNELL, 25, Elizabethtown, same, d/o David & Judith CORNELL, witn: A. H. PARKER, Kitley, Lucy CORNELL, Lyn. 25 Feb 1885 Elizabethtown

006371-1885 (Leeds Co) George Melvin JOHNSTON, 25, Harness driver, Canada, Yonge, s/o Christopher & Lois JOHNSTON, married Helen LANDER (LAUDER?), 32, Widow, Canada, Kitley, d/o Uriah & Sophia STONE, witn: William STAFFORD, Henrietta LILLIE, Elizabethtown. 24 May 1885 Elizabethtown

006372-1885 (Leeds Co) Thomas JOHNSTON, 21, Farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Thomas & Sarah JOHNSTON, married Arzinia JUDD, 17, Lansdowne, same, d/o Alexander & Amanda JUDD, witn: Samuel J. BARNES, Eliza J. BARNES, both of Lansdowne. 24 Mar 1885 Addison

006557-1885 (Leeds Co) Albert JOHNSTON, 24, Grocer, Kitley, Brockville, s/o William JOHNSTON, Eliza STEACY, married Annie HUDSON, 25, Manchester England, Brockville, d/o Thomas HUDSON & Margaret STONE, witn: Harry HITCHCOCK, Mary Ann VANCE, both of Brockville. 21 Apr 1885 Brockville

  006542-1885 (Leeds Co) Frank JORDON, 23, Hotel Clerk, Perth, Brockville, s/o Thomas JORDON & Mary Ann MAJOR, married Kate McGUIRE, 19, Brockville, same, d/o Terence McGUIRE & (not given), witn: Maggie McGUIRE, Rebecca McGUIRE, both of Brockville, 2 Mar 1885 Brockville
006416-1885 (Leeds Co) James JOYNT, 22, Farmer, Burgess Tp., same, s/o Arthur JOYNT & Fannie JOYNT, married Annie BURNS, 21, Burgess Tp., same, d/o Thomas BURNS & Eleanor BURNS, witn: William BURNS, Eliza Ann JOYNT, both of Burgess Tp. 28 Oct 1885 Newboro

006602-85 Michael Francis KILMARTIN, major, Labourer, Ireland, Brockville, s/o Michael KILMARTIN & Mary FITZPATRICK; married Margaret O’CALLAGHAN, major, Ireland, Brockville, d/o Patrick O’CALLAGHAN & Mary ROCHE; witn Henry W. TURNER, Brockville, 8 Nov 1885, Brockville

006508-85 (Leeds Co) Isaac KINCH, 18, farmer, Kitley, Kitley, s/o Edward & Sarah KINCH; married Emma Jane KARLEY, 16, Kitley, Kitley, d/o William KARLEY & Jennie STREETS, both Kitley, 16 Mar 1885, Frankville 006507-85 (Leeds Co) Samuel KLYNE, 40, farmer, Bastard, Bastard, s/o Samuel & Mary KLYNE; married Ella CONNOR, 29, Kitley, Kitley, d/o Thomas & Mary [CONNOR]; witn Henry CONNOR & Anna BENNETT, both Kitley, 11 Mar 1885, Kitley

006616-85 John J. LANE, 45, Farmer, Ontario, Elizabethtown, s/o Henry LANE & Annie DAVIDSON; married Caroline ACHESON, 40, Ontario, Elizabethtown, d/o George ACHESON & Ellen BOLTON; witn George ACHESON, Jemima C. ACHESON & Dublin CORNER, all no place given, 22 Dec 1885, Brockville


006417-1885 (Leeds Co) Henry LANGDON, 23, Farmer, Breadport Dorsetshire England, Bastard Tp., s/o Peter LANGDON & Elizabeth LANGDON, married Emma GORE, 23, Bastard Tp., same, d/o Robert GORE & Lydia GORE, witn: John RAISON, Tabitha RAISON, both of Bastard. 18 Nov 1885 Newboro

006379-1885 (Leeds Co) William R. LANGDON, 34, Labourer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o David & Sarah LANGDON, married Annie COVEY, 33, Gananoque, Farmersville, d/o James Y. & Isabella COVEY, witn: Mrs. CLOW, Farmersville. 7 Oct 1885 (no place given -but was registered in Elizabethtown)

006373-1885 (Leeds Co) James Albert LEE, 24, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Henry & Laura LEE, married Maggie McNISH, 20, Elizabethtown, same, d/o George & Catherine McNISH, witn: Henry LEE, Muriel McNISH, both of Elizabethtown. 27 May 1885 Lyn

6552-85 (Leeds Co): William LEITHEAD, 29, mechanic, Detroit USA, Brockville, s/o James & Janet, married Ella LEHIGH, 24, Brockville, same, d/o John LEHIGH & Jane DACK, witn: Sophronia LEHIGH & Michael DOYLE, both of Brockville, 18 March 1885 at Brockville

006611-85 Francis Graham LETT, 29, Clergyman, Ontario, Portage du Fort, s/o Ralph LETT & Sarah GRAHAM; married Ann Jane SHERWOOD, 26, Ontario, Brockville, d/o William SHERWOOD & S.J. SHERWOOD, both Brockville, 15 Sept 1885, Brockville

006378-1885 (Leeds Co) Samuel LOVE, 27, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Joseph & Susannah LOVE, married Margaret WILSON, 23, Kitley Tp., same, d/o John & Margaret WILSON, witn: Isaac WILSON, Kitley, Jennie LOVE, Elizabethtown. 20 Sep 1885 Elizabethtown

006581-1885 (Leeds Co) Robert LOVE, 33, Farmer, Edwardsburgh Tp., same, s/o John LOVE & Elizabeth HUME, married Eleanor H. MOORE, 27, Richmond Village, same, d/o Irwin MOORE & June DUKE, witn: George FRAYNE, Kate McEWAN, both of Brockville. 19 Aug 1885 Brockville

6676-85 Samuel George LOWERY, 25, laborer, Canada, Newburg, s/o Thomas LOWERY & Mary, married Catherine Margaret REID, 23, Canada, Lansdowne, d/o Duncan REID & Electa, witn: Jonathan & Henrietta EVERINGHAM of Gananoque, 25 July 1885 at Gananoque  
006568-1885 (Leeds Co) Edward MALEY, major, Laborer, of Brockville, s/o (not given), married Susan GRANT, major, of Brockville, d/o (not given), witn: Sydney GALBRAITH, Margaret HACKETT, (no res. given). 29 Jan 1885 Brockville (RC) 006587-1885 (Leeds Co) Lewis Edson MANHARD, 29, Blacksmith, Elizabethtown Tp., Augusta Tp., s/o Nehemiah MANHARD & Emily CLARK, married Lily DEWEY, 22, Brockville, same, d/o Charles I DEWEY & Mary Jane REYNOLDS, witn: Annie DEWEY, Nicholas RALPH, (no res. given). 23 Sep 1885 Brockville

006556-1885 (Leeds Co) John Watson MANSELL, 23, Farmer, Yonge, Escott, s/o Eli MANSELL & Abagail HUNT, married Sarah Catherine IRWIN, 23, Elizabethtown, same, d/o John IRWIN & Ann STEWART, witn: Mrs. Richard WILLIAMS, Onida (?) WILLIAMS, both of Brockville. 22 Apr 1885 Brockville

006455-1885 (Leeds Co) James H. MARTIN, 40, Cattle Dealer, North Crosby, Westport, s/o Patrick MARTIN & Catherine MURPHY, married Doratha KELLY, 26, Westport, same, d/o Henry KELLY & Doratha Rebecca DAGG, witn: Edward KELLY, Mary HARRINGTON, both of Westport. 21 Jan 1885 Westport (RC)
  06309-1885 (Leeds Co) George W. MAY, 20, Yeoman, Escott, same, s/o George & Martha, married Mollie MALLORY, 17, Young, Escott, d/o Arch & Margaret, witn: J.J. SANDERSON, J. E. HAWSE, both of Young, 24 Feb 1885 at Young

006617-85 Solomon MAYLE, 29, Miner, Wid, England, Lyn, s/o Stephen MAYLE & Eliza BOLETHA; married Hadasseh DICKEY, 23, Ontario, Lyn, d/o John DICKEY & Margaret WILSON; witn Bella LAIDLAW & Emma ALLEN, both Brockville, 14 Oct 1885, Brockville

006400-1885 (Leeds Co) John McALLISTER, 24, Farmer, Bedford, same, s/o John McALLISTER & Mary BURNS, married Mary BURNS, 22, Bedford, same, d/o Edward BURNS & Bridget BURNS, witn: John BURNS & Margaret BURNS, both of Bedford. 24 June 1885 Westport (RC)
006484-85 (Grenville Co) William John McCLENAGHAN, 26, farmer, Oxford, Oxford, s/o James & Sarah McCLENAGHAN; married Harriet ELLIS, 26, Oxford, Kemptville, d/o Haron & Sarah A. ELLIS; witn Samuel PALLIPEU, Oxford & Lizzie DAVIDSON, Marlboro, 4 Feb 1885, Oxford

006364-1885 (Leeds Co) Charles Leander McCREADY, 31, Cheese Maker, Elizabethtown, s/o William & Eliza McCREADY, married Margaret Louisa CHAPMAN, 27, Elizabethtown, same, d/o William & Mary Ann CHAPMAN, witn: Henry A. CHAPMAN, Lucy CHAPMAN, both of Elizabethtown. 1 Jan 1885 Elizabethtown

006367-1885 (Leeds Co) Allan McDONALD, 24, Farmer, Carleton Place, same, s/o Allan & Margaret McDONALD, married Ina SMITH, 20, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Joel & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Everett E. SMITH, Sarah McNISH, Elizabethtown. 1 Jan 1885 Elizabethtown


006545-1885 (Leeds Co) Alexander McDOUGALL, 38, Widower, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Daniel McDOUGALL & Mary BROWN, married Elizabeth Ambrozian HAYES, 35, Yonge, same, d/o Chauncy HAYES & Martha KNOWLES, witn: Fred J. B. FINCH, M.M. WILLIAMS, both of Brockville, 14 Mar 1885 Brockville 006561-1885 (Leeds Co) James McEVOY, 23, Farmer, Yonge Tp., same, s/o Silvester McEVOY & Eliza HOLINSWORTH, married Hattie MALLORY, 19, Yonge Tp., same, d/o Archibald MALLORY & Sally MONFORT, witn: Lucy McEVOY, Yonge, Mrs. George BURNFIELD, Brockville. 26 May 1885 Brockville
6183-1886 (Leeds Co) William J. McFADDEN, 23, Farmer, Ashton Village, Bastard, s/o Isaac McFADDEN & Ann Jane McFADDEN, married Pheoba Ann M. CARR, 21, Bastard Tp., same, d/o James CARR & Freelove CARR, witn: George WHALEN, Bastard, Emily BARNETT, Delta. 23 Dec 1885 Delta

006612-85 Colin Campbell McGLASHEN, 29, Merchant, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Peter McGLASHEN & Sarah MAYNE; married Ella Howard PARR, 21, Ontario, Brockville, d/o Arthur PARR & no mother given; witn Arthur PARR & D.B. JONES, both Brockville, 20 Sept 1885, Brockville


006604-85 James McGOVERN, major, Farmer, Canada, Kemptville, s/o Owen McGOVERN & Eliza WHALEN; married Angelina CAHILL, minor, Augusta, Augusta, d/o James CAHILL & Johanna REIRDON; witn Thomas E.D. WALSH & Catherine DELANY, both Augusta, 1 Sept 1885, Brockville

006494-85 (Grenville Co) John McGURN, 30, labourer, Owen Sound, Kemptville, s/o Hugh McGURN & Margaret Mc?; married Margaret O'NEIL, 38, South Gower, South Gower, d/o Charles O'NEIL & Marg McVENEY; witn John Fitz?, Kemptville & July O’NEAL, South Gower, 1 Dec 1885, Oxford

006430-1885 (Leeds Co) James Henry Stewart MACKAY, 24, Clerk, Ontario, Farmersville, s/o John MACKAY & Jane TAYLOR, married Annie Elizabeth HAMBLIN, 23, Ontario, Yonge, d/o Silas HAMBLIN & Martha YATES, witn: John H. MOULTON, Jennie MOULTON, both of Delta. 21 Sep 1885 Yonge
6549-85 (Leeds Co): Almiron McKELLAR, 25, farmer, Evans Mills - Jefferson Co NY, same, s/o Aaron McKELLAR & Louisa HELMER, married Rosanna FULTS, 22, Orleans NY, Evans Mills NY, d/o Jacob FULTS & Fanny JEFFERS, witn: M. M. & A.B. WILLIAMS of Brockville, 26 March 1885 at Brockville 006488-1886 (Leeds Co) Joseph Henry McLAUGHLIN, 27, Merchant Clerk, Ontario, Farmersville, s/o Jos. H. V. McLAUGHLIN & Catharine REDMOND, married Jennie Louisa NASH, 21, Ont., Farmersville, d/o George NASH & Elizabeth BLANCHARD, witn: Herbert W. KINCAID, Farmersville, Arloa FAIRBAIRN, Spencerville, 9 Dec 1885 Farmersville
006537-1885 (Leeds Co) Clifton J. McLEAN, 26, Clerk, Widower, Augusta, Brockville,  s/o George N. McLEAN & Mary Wilson NEWELL, married Clara KING, 28, Leeds Co., Brockville, d/o Nelson KING & (no name given), witn: M. M. WILLIAMS, Mary FIELD, both of Brockville, 12 Feb 1885 Brockville #006294-85 (Grenville Co): Robert McLEAN, 28, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o Archibald McLEAN & Nancy MOORE, married Janetta SMITH, 24, Augusta, same, d/o William SMITH & Mary JOHNSON, witn: Jane SMITH & R.D. MOWATT, both of Prescott, 30 June 1885 at Prescott
006482-85 (Grenville Co) Alex McLELLAN, 25, farmer, Oxford, Oxford, s/o Robert & Ann McLELLAN; married Ruth BIGFORD, 18, Oxford, Oxford, d/o Henry & Nancy J BIGFORD; witn Abram BIGFORD & Nancy A. BOYLE, both Oxford, 3 Mar 1885, Oxford #006290-85 (Grenville Co): Henry S. McMONAGH, 25, stenographer, St. Johns NB, Prescott, s/o P.S. McMONAGH & Sarah S. MILNE, married Victoria LEE, 24, Prescott, same, d/o Elizabeth LEE & blank, witn: James S. DUNNET & J.A. STUART, both of Prescott, 4 May 1885 at Prescott
006519-85 (Grenville Co) Johnson McNAIR, 30, miller, Iroquois, Cardinal, s/o Johnson & Margaret McNAIR; married Mary Elizabeth SPOTSWOOD, Shanly, Cardinal, d/o Frederick & May SPOTSWOOD; witn James George REID & Margaret HUNTER, both Cardinal, 12 May [no yr given], Cardinal  

006411-1886 (Leeds Co) M. J. MacNAMARA, Major age, Merchant, Kingston, Brockville, s/o Michael (or Patrick)  MacNAMARA & Margaret BUTLER, married Florence EARING, Major, U. States, Brockville, d/o W. L. EARING & Martha KENNY, witn: W. L. EARING, Mrs. ERING (sic) (Martha HENRY) Brockville. 28 Nov 1885 Brockville (RC) (also 6600-85)

#006613-85 (Leeds Co) William Duncan McRAE, 25, merchant, Kingston, Kingston, s/o William Ross McRAE and Maggie RIDDELL, married Delia UPHAM, 22, Ontario, Brockville, d/o John M. UPHAM and Jane SWITZER, witn: Norman J. FRASER, Maggie A. McRAE, July 8, 1885 Brockville
6548-85 (Leeds Co): Thomas Opie MIDDLETON, 30, lumber merchant, Cornwall England, Gananoque, s/o Henry MIDDLETON & Elizabeth OPIE, married Mary RAYMOND, 24, Lyn, same, d/o Samuel RAYMOND & Mary OUR, witn: William & Jennie RAYMOND of Lyn, 25 March 1885 at Brockville

006559-1885 (Leeds Co) David Shepherd MILKS, 45, Farming, Augusta, same, s/o David MILKS & Amelia WHITE, married Eva COLE, 26, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Henry COLE & Mary STEWART, witn: Jane STEWART, Josie D. EASTON, both of Elizabethtown. 6 May 1885 Rows Corners

006421-1885 (Leeds Co) William MONTGOMERY, 21, Farmer, Kitley, New Boyne, s/o William & Mary MONTGOMERY, married Annie WATSON, 20, New Boyne, same, d/o James & Mary Ann WATSON, witn; James PATTERSON, Rebecca PATTERSON, both of Farmersville. 31 Mar 1885 Christ Church Farmersville 006454-1885 (Leeds Co) Daniel MORAN, 45, Carpenter, North Crosby, New Orleans, s/o William MORAN & Mary TRAYNOR, married Catharine ODONELL, 30, Peterboro, North Crosby, d/o William ODONELL & Mary ODONELL, witn: John McGONIGAL, Ella McGONEGAL, both of Newboro. 18 Jan 1885 Westport (RC)

006456-1885 (Leeds Co) Dennis MORIARTY, 28, Engineer, North Crosby, Newboro, s/o Dennis MORIARTY & Mary LYNCH, married Catharine JORDAN, 26, Newboro, North Crosby, d/o James JORDAN & Rose KENNEDY, witn: Patrick JORDAN, Margaret MORIARTY, both of North Crosby. 21 Jan 1885 Westport (RC)

006580-1885 (Leeds Co) James R. MORRISON, 24, Mechanic, Kingston, Rochesterville, s/o William R. MORRISON & Elizabeth E. MORRISON, married Mary E. SHIPMAN, 24, Augusta, Brockville, d/o Alexander SHIPMAN & Christina SHIPMAN, witn: George C. WOOD, Jennie WOOD, (no res given). 20 May 1885 Brockville

006301-1885 (Leeds Co) Benjamin MOULTON, 29, Farmer, Bastard, Dawn - Lambton, s/o Benjamin MOULTON & Mary MOULTON, married Dorothy Ann GRIER, 29, Lansdowne, same, d/o David GRIER & Mary GRIER, witn: Thomas MOULTON, Down Lambton, Emma GRIER, Lansdowne, 4 Feb 1885 at Lansdowne 006387-1885 (Leeds Co) Collins MULLEN, 25, Farmer, Kitley, same, s/o David & Ruth MULLEN, married May Etta MOULTON, 21, Yonge, same, d/o William & Ann Eliza MOULTON, witn: Peter MULLEN, Prescott, Ann Eliza MOULTON, Yonge. 25 Feb 1885 Elizabethtown
006304-1885 (Leeds Co) Frederick J. MUNRO, 26, Farmer, Mallorytown, Lansdowne, s/o James MUNRO & Annis MUNRO, married Emma J. RUNNING, 19, Lansdowne, same, d/o Hugh RUNNING & Jane RUNNING, witn: Washington WEART, Maggie RUNNING, both of Lansdowne, 10 Mar 1885 at Lansdowne  

006457-1885 (Leeds Co) James MURPHY, 30, Farmer, Bedford, same, s/o William MURPHY & Hannah CANNING, married Elizabeth BURKETT, 19, Bedford, same, d/o William BURKETT & Margaret HOPKINS, witn; Patrick MURPHY & Calista MURPHY, both of Bedford. 8 Feb 1885 Westport

006433-1885 (Leeds Co) Patrick MURPHY, 56, Widower, Carpenter, Brockville, Yonge, s/o Timothy MURPHY & Catherine BURNS, married Clarissa McDANIEL, 50, Widow, Elizabethtown, Yonge, d/o Henry BOTTSFORD & Margaret LASHER, witn: Henry McCLARENCE, Almira McCLARENCE, both of Farmersville. 13 Dec 1885 Yonge

006579-1885 (Leeds Co) John OSMOND, 26, Widower, Mechanic, England, Brockville, s/o George OSMOND & Elizabeth OSMOND, married Elizabeth M. HOWE, 18, England, Brockville, d/o William HOWE & Sarah HOWE, witn: Samuel GARRETT, Kate McDONALD, (no res. given). 28 May 1885 Brockville

006573-1885 (Leeds Co) Robert A. OWENS, 28, Farmer, Fitzroy Tp., same, s/o William OWENS & Mary Anne WILSON, married Julia CALDWELL, 22, North Gore (sic) Tp., same, d/o William CALDWELL & Catherine MEREDITH, witn: Annie H. CRAWFORD and Laura (blank), both of Brockville. 24 June 1885 Brockville

006516-85 (Leeds Co) William T. PARKER, 30, carpenter, Bastard, Kitley, s/o Robert & Jane PARKER; married Penelope FERGUSON, 27, Kitley, Kitley, d/o Robert & Mary FERGUSON; witn Robert & Annabella FERGUSON, 17 Sept 1885, Kitley 006352-1885 (Leeds Co) Charles PATTEMORE, 23, Farmer, West Chinook England, Harlem - Bastard Tp, s/o Thomas PATTEMORE & Ann PATTEMORE, married Maggie SOUTH, 23, South Burgess, Harlem - Bastard Tp, d/o John SOUTH & Dorothy SOUTH, witn: Frank SOUTH, Bastard, Sarah KERR, Bedford, 25 Feb 1885 at Delta
006459-1886 William PATTERSON, 23, Farmer, Fairfield, same, s/o Henry PATTERSON & Ann GLAZIER (?) , married Eliza YOUNG, 20, Lansdowne, same, d/o Thomas YOUNG & Mary Ann EARL, witn: Opus GRACEY, A. H. GRACEY, both of Gananoque,  19 Aug 1885 Gananoque 006486-85 (Grenville Co) Joseph A. PATTERSON, 25, farmer, South Gower, South Gower, s/o Robert & Margaret PATTERSON; married Margaret McCLENAGHAN, 23, Oxford, Oxford, d/o James & Sarah McCLENAGHAN; witn Armand BAINARD & Ellen SAMUEL, both Oxford, 7 Oct 1885, Oxford
  006319-1885 (Leeds Co) William Alonzo PENNOCK, 25, Farmer, South Crosby Tp, Bastard Tp, s/o James PENNOCK & Olive DAY, married Hester TOPPING, 26, South Crosby, same, d/o John TOPPING & Sarah CHESNEY, witn: N. H. HOWARD, Ruth HOWARD, both of Elgin, 25 Sept 1885 at Elgin
06429-1885 (Leeds Co) John Henry PERCIVAL, 21, Tinsmith, Ontario, Farmersville, s/o John PERCIVAL & Deborah MAUDE, married Ada YATES, 19, Ontario, Yonge, d/o Gershom YATES & Cynthia BOOTH, witn: Frederick CLOW, Farmersville, Emma PERCIVAL, Brockville. 26 Aug 1885 Farmersville

006587-1885 (Leeds Co) James PLANTZ, 41, Widower, Carpenter, Hammond NY, same, s/o Rhinard PLANTZ & Mary E. PLANTZ, married Laura BEACH, 24, Farmersville, Hammond NY, d/o William BEACH & Elizabeth BEACH, witn; Mrs. James JOHNSTON, Ida JOHNSTON. (no res. given). 7 Sep 1885 Brockville

006419-1885 (Leeds Co) Robert POLK, 30, Farmer, Bastard Tp., s/o Charles POLK & Essie POLK, married Francis Jane POLK, 27, Burgess Tp., same, d/o Nelson POLK & Priscilla POLK, witn: Samuel POLK, Bastard Tp., Sarah E. POLK, Burgess Tp. 23 Dec 1885 (no res. given-but registered in Newboro)

006576-1885 (Leeds Co) Alexander McColm PRESTON, 43, Widower, Conductor G.T.R., Ayr Scotland, Montreal, s/o Robert & Ann PRESTON, married Katherine HUGHES, 27, Collins Bay, Brockville, d/o William & Rose HUGHES, witn; Frank PIERCE, Brockville, Maggie HUGHES, (res. not given). 22 Jul 1885 St. Peter's Church Brockville

006316-1885 (Leeds Co) John RALPH, 21, Farmer, Bastard Tp, same, s/o James RALPH & Mary JUDGE, married Orulia BROWN, 21, Bastard Tp, same, d/o Benjamin BROWN & Lucy CASWELL, witn: M. J. ANDREWS, Victoria ANDREWS, Elgin - Ont, 16 Apr 1885 at Elgin

006605-85 John RANGER, 20, Tradesman, Gananoque, Brockville, s/o David RANGER & Margaret PILON; married Catherine DEROCHER, 21, Cornwall, Brockville, d/o John DEROCHER & Barbara KENNEDY; witn Louis RANGER & Agnes FLORANT, both no place given, 12 Aug 1885, Brockville

006590-85 William RATHWELL, 25, Confectioner, Kingston, Brockville, s/o John & Jane RATHWELL; married Eliza GRAHAM, 24, Co Fermanagh Ireland, Brockville, d/o Archibald & Mary GRAHAM; witn H.B. COATES & Eliza GEORGE, both Brockville, 7 Oct 1885, Brockville

006595-85 Alfred John RAVEN, 27, Clerk in store, Fincham Norfolk England, Brockville, s/o Thomas Neale & Mary Harper RAVEN; married Ann Amelia PRATT, 20, Hinckley Leicester England, Brockville, d/o Joseph PRATT & no mother given; witn George CRUMMING & Mary PRATT, both Brockville, 25 Nov 1885, Brockville
#006252-85 - Thomas REDMOND, 25, laborer, Prescott, same, s/o Thomas REDMOND & Catherine KELLY, married Ellen McDERMOTT, 27, Prescott, same, d/o Michael McDERMOTT & Sarah MULBU, witn: John REDMOND & Margaret McDERMOTT, both of Prescott, 2 May 1885 at Prescott (Rom Cath) 006487-85 (Grenville Co) Robert H. RICE, 29, farmer, North Gower, North Gower, s/o John & Sarah RICE; married Marg McCRUM, 25, Oxford, Oxford, d/o Edward & Eliza McCRUM; witn John RICE, North Gower & Rebecca J. McCRUM, 14 Oct 1885, Oxford
006544-1885 (Leeds Co) Robert Lorne RICHARDSON, 25, Journalist, Lanark Co., Winnipeg Man., s/o Joseph RICHARDSON & Hannah THOMPSON, married Clara Jane MALLORY, 22, Mallorytown, same, d/o Ira MALLORY & Lydia PURVIS, witn: George I. MALLORY, Claud WOODS, both of Brockville, 11 Mar 1885 Brockville 006305-1885 (Leeds Co) Gordon T. RICHARDSON, 20, Farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o John RICHARDSON & Elizabeth RICHARDSON, married Libbie R. ELLIOTT, 22, Lansdowne, same, d/o Robert ELLIOTT & Elmira ELLIOTT, witn: Eldon W. RUDD & Ella J. RUDD, both of Lansdowne, 31 Mar 1885 at Lansdowne
006547-1885 (Leeds Co) Matthew RIDDELL, 33, Farmer, Carleton Co., Fitzroy Twp., s/o James RIDDELL & Mary RIDDELL, married Jennie Mernerva GRANT, 26, Brockville, Elizabethtown, d/o Charles GRANT & Eliza GRANT, witn: Fred GRANT, Etta BISSELL, 12 Mar 1885, near Brockville 006509-85 (Leeds Co) John ROBB, 47, Wid, farmer, Kitley, Kitley, s/o Isaiah ROBB & Martha MONTGOMERY; married Mary STEWART, 27, Kitley, Kitley, d/o George STEWART & Elizabeth EDGAR; witn David ROBB & Eleanor STEWART, both Kitley, 7 Oct 1885, Kitley
006315-1885 (Leeds Co) Almeron ROBESON, 28, Farmer, Young Tp, same, s/o Isaac ROBESON & Jane WILTSIE, married Nina Jane TAGGART, 24, North Crosby Tp, Westport, d/o Alba TAGGART & Mary A. RIPLEY, witn: Robert JANSON, Mary A. TAGGART, Westport, 25 Feb 1885 at Westport 006514-85 (Leeds Co) John ROBINSON, 50, Wid, moulder, England Co of Kent, Delta, s/o Charles & Mary Ann ROBINSON; married Margaret AYMER, 25, Richmond, Newboyne, d/o Peter & Margaret AYMER; witn Fanny OSBOURN, Frankville, 1 Sept 1885, Kitley
006512-85 (Leeds Co) George Frederick ROCKWARD, 25 Elizabethtown, Bastard, s/o Ebenezer & Adelaid ROCKWARD; married Sarah HAWKINS, 20, Kitley, Frankville, s/o Henry & Hanna HAWKINS; witn George KINCAID?, Kitley & Charlotte EARL, Yonge, 20 Oct 1885, Kitley 006401-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William Nelson ROGERS, 31, Farmer, Canada, Elizabethtown, s/o William ROGERS & Essa HAMILTON; married Martha DISLEY, 31, Kingston, Elizabethtown, d/o Richard DISLEY & Jane PORTER; witn Annie PATTERSON & Robert GIBBON, both Brockville, 23 Dec 1885, Brockville
006355-1885 (Leeds Co) Oliver ROSEWELL, 28, Farmer, South Crosby, s/o Robert OLIVER (sic) & Ann OLIVER, married Elizabeth ROSWELL, 25 South Crosby, same, d/o William ROSWELL & Almira ROSWELL, witn: Minnie EMERY, Marble Rock, Josephine BURNETT, Delta, 8 July 1885 at Delta

006597-85 Samuel ROWSOM, 46, Farmer, Wid, Wolford Twp, Wolford Twp, s/o Richard ROWSOM & Mary RATHWELL; married Eleanor COLE, 42, Wid, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o Robert ACHESON & Ann DAVIS; witn William ACHESON, Elizabethtown & Jane THOMPSON, Brockville, 8 Dec 1885, Brockville

006496-85 (Leeds Co) William John RUNNING, 25, farmer, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o Josiah & Eliza RUNNING; married Charlotte BRADLEY, 23, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o George & Claricy BRADLEY; witn Byron BRITTON & Susan PYKE, both Gananoque, 22 July 1885, Gananoque

006574-1885 (Leeds Co) Hiram RUTTLE, 22, Farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o George RUTTLE & Mary LARBY, married Ellen EARL, 18, Escott, same, d/o William EARL & Ellen MOXLEY, witn: Arthur THOMPSON, Maggie EARL, both of Escott. 10 June 1885 Brockville

#006259-86 - Peter SABAN, 28, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o Patrick SABAN & Ellen PRICE, married Ann ELLIS, 25, Edwardsburgh, Augusta, d/o Edward ELLIS & Maria LUNDY, witnesses were John KIRWIN & Catherine QUINN, both of Augusta, June 10, 1885 at Prescott 006432-1885 (Leeds Co) William H. SHERMAN, 43, Widower, Mason, Yonge, same, s/o Aaron & Joanna SHERMAN, married Alice Etta COLE, 21, Smiths Falls, Bastard, d/o Henry & Sarah COLE, witn; Robert GORDON & Mrs. Robert GORDON, both of Farmersville. 26 Nov 1885 Farmersville

006582-1885 (Leeds Co) Edmund SIMPSON, 27, Farmer, Marlborough Tp., same, s/o George SIMPSON & Esther WHELAN, married Sarah Elizabeth DOUGLAS, 23, Montague Tp., same, d/o William DOUGLAS & Jane BENNET, witn: Thomas SIMPSON, Marlborough, S. V. CRAWFORD, Brockville. 22 Aug 1885 Brockville

006551-1885 (Leeds Co) Joseph SMITH, 21, Carpenter, Lyn, Brockville, s/o Joseph SMITH & Mary SMITH, married Katie CONNELL, 18, Brockville, same, d/o Hugh CONNELL & Jane ELLIOTT, witn: William H. DINGLEY, Elizabeth Jane DINGLEY, both of Brockville 21 Apr 1885 Brockville

006423-1885 (Leeds Co) Walter C. SMITH, 23, Shoemaker, Morton, Elgin, s/o Justus & Louisa SMITH, married Jeannie WHITMORE, 20, Bastard Tp., same, d/o Samuel & (not given) WHITMORE, witn: David DAVISON & Carrie DAVISON, Delta. 11 Feb 1885 Rear of Yonge & Escott Tp.

006386-1885 (Leeds Co) Thomas William SMITH, 26, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Thomas & Sarah SMITH, married Mary Jane GALBRAITH, 20, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Arthur & Eliza GALBRAITH, witn: Joseph GALBRAITH, Lizzie ALLAN, both of Elizabethtown. 30 Dec 1885 Elizabethtown
6551-85 (Leeds Co): Joseph SMITH, 21, carpenter, Lyn, Brockville, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Katie CONNELL, 18, Brockville, same, d/o Hugh CONNELL & Jane ELLIOTT, witn: William H. & Elizabeth Jane DINGLEY of Brockville, 21 April 1885 at Brockville

006380-1885 (Leeds Co) Edward Morton SMITH, 25, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Thomas & Sarah SMITH, married Mary Jane PRITCHARD, 26, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Joseph & Rebecca PRITCHARD, witn: Frederick BLANCHARD, Rachael PRITCHARD, both of Greenbush, 23 Nov 1885 Elizabethtown

006376-1885 (Leeds Co) Frederick M. SPAIDAL, 26, Telegraph Operator, Gananoque, Idaho USA, s/o Matthew & Maria SPAIDAL, married Laura E. HUDSON, 22, Elizabethtown, same, d/o George Albert HUDSON, Maggie E. SPAIDAL, Elizabethtown. 29 Jul 1885 Lyn

006497-85 (Leeds Co) William STEACY, 42, farmer, Ontario, Lansdowne, s/o Richard & Hannah STEACY; married Martha KENDRICK, 35, Wid, Ontario, Lansdowne, d/o Thomas & Alice WEBSTER; witn Eliza TIGHE & Rosa F.S. TIGHE, both Lansdowne, 25 Aug 1885, Lansdowne

006606-85 Frederick STEBEN, major, Merchant, Quebec Province, Brockville, s/o Henry STEBEN & Adele BERQUE; married Mary JENTS, major, Newboro, Brockville, d/o Timothy JENTS & Angeline BRASSOR; witn John PHALEN & Catherine MURRAY, both Brockville, 7 Jul 1885, Brockville

#006292-85 (Grenville Co): Robert Boyd STEED, 28, farmer, Edwardsburg, same, s/o James STEED & Matilda BOYD, married Sarah Ann WALLACE, 28, Matilda, same, d/o Charles WALLACE & Alvina MERKLEY, witn: Edna GIBSON of Prescott, 13 July 1885 at Prescott

006614-85 Thomas Frank STONEHOUSE, 36, Commercial Traveller, Wid, Ontario, Ottawa, s/o Thomas G. STONEHOUSE & Jane DICKENSON; married Caroline Amelia WEBSTER, 34, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William WEBSTER & Louisa THURSLEY; witn Joel JUDSON & Catherine JUDSON, both Brockville, 29 Aug 1885, Brockville

006374-1885 (Leeds Co) Thomas A. STURGEON, 28, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Robert & Margaret STURGEON, married Maggie E. BURRAGE, 26, North Elmsley, Elizabethtown, d/o William & Catherine BURRAGE, witn; Mrs. William SERVICE, Addison. 9 June 1885 Addison

006558-1885 (Leeds Co) Albert E. SUMMERS, 24, Lumberman, Escott, Brockville, s/o William SUMMERS & Mary Jane DAVISON, married Jennie JENKINS, 26, Wolford, Brockville, d/o Hugh JENKINS & Joanna POWERS, witn: M. McWILLIAMS, Lily M. WILLIAMS, Brockville. 24 May 1885 Brockville

006249-1886 Patrick L. SWEENEY, 28, Farmer, Oxford, same, s/o Michael SWEENEY & Catherine FYNN, married Mary A. REDMOND, 24, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o Nicholas REDMOND & Marg MANNION, witn: Thomas REDMOND, Edwardsburgh, Ann SWEENEY, Oxford,  23 June 1885 Prescott

006592-85 John TIGHE, 25, Stone Cutter, Brockville, Brockville, s/o John TIGHE & Mary RYAN; married Martha HUNABLE, 20, Brockville, Brockville, d/o Christopher HUNABLE & Eliza McMANUS; witn Jean JAMIESON, Brockville, 29 Oct 1885, Brockville 006518-85 (Grenville Co) James TOUSANT, 23, labourer, Matilda, Illinois US, s/o Charles TOUSANT & Ellen SAGENT; married Polina? LESPERANCE?, 15, Cardinal, Cardinal, d/o Peter LESPERANCE? & Jerusha LAVERE; witn Ezra LESPERANCE?, both Cardinal, 4 Mar 1885, Cardinal
006463-1885 (Leeds Co) George TOWE, 20 yrs. 10 mths., Laborer, Front of Yonge Tp., same, s/o Matthew & Lois TOWE, married Martha ROWLEY, 17 yrs. Wolfe Island, Front of Yonge Tp., d/o William & Annie ROWLEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William ROWLEY. 9 Sep 1885 Front of Yonge Tp

006571-1885 (Leeds Co) Henry D. TOWNSEND, 42, Widower, Sundry occupations, Athol Mass. U.S., same, s/o Thomas TOWNSEND & Harriet COLLOR, married Margaret HICKEY, Major, Limerick Ireland, Brockville, d/o Lawrence HICKEY & Julia KENNEDY, witn: James DOYLE, Margaret CALLAGHAN, both of Brockville. 3 May 1885 Brockville (RC)

006588-1885 (Leeds Co) Anthony TRIPP, 55, Widower, Miller, Cornwall England, Perth, s/o George TRIPP & June RETULLOCK, married Mary Ann PATTERSON, 42, Tyrone Co. Ireland, Farmersville, d/o Andrew PATTERSON & Mary McCONKEY, witn; Mr. H. W. TURNER, Brockville. 19 Sep 1885 Brockville

006311-1885 (Leeds Co) Jacob WARREN, 51, Widower, Yeoman, Escott, same, s/o Benjamin WARREN & Mary QUINSEY, married Annie TENNANT, 24, Caintown, same, d/o William TENNANT & Agnes FERGUSON, witn: Homer TENNANT, Caintown, Lucy WARREN, Jamestown, 16 Sept 1885 at Lyn

006337-1886 (Leeds Co) Erastus WARREN, 33, Widower, Farmer, Escott, Lansdowne, s/o Benjamin WARREN & Martha WARREN, married Mary E. WEBSTER, 24, Escott, Lansdowne, d/o Jonathan WEBSTER & Susan WEBSTER, witn: Homer WARREN, Alice WEBSTER, both of Lansdowne. 30 Dec 1885 Lansdowne

006413-1885 (Leeds Co) Samuel WARREN, 28, Labourer, Bedford Tp. Frontenac Co., North Crosby Tp. s/o David WARREN & Frances WARREN, married Isabella BOWN, 26, North Crosby Tp., same, d/o Israel BOWN & Margaret BOWN, witn: Benjamin BRASH, Ladorner PALMER, both of North Crosby Tp. 18 May 1885 Newboro
006502-85 (Leeds Co) Norman W. WEBSTER, 22, merchant, Escott, Lansdowne, s/o Jonathan & Susannah WEBSTER; married Emma O. PECK, 24, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Ephram & Caroline PECK; witn William T. HOLNOFF, Kingston & Alice WEBSTER, Lansdowne, 16 Dec 1885, Lansdowne

006431-1885 (Leeds Co) Thomas H. WEBSTER, 27, Blacksmith, Ont., Elizabethtown Tp., s/o (not given) married Ann MOULTON, 18, Leeds, Yonge, d/o Joseph MOULTON & Mrs. MOULTON, witn: Joseph MOULTON, William R. MOULTON. 28 Oct 1885 Yonge

006488-85 (Grenville Co) Francis WHITLEY, 26, farmer, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Thomas & Ann WHITLEY; married Mary A TOMPKINS, 23, Oxford, Oxford, d/o John & Margaret TOMPKINS; witn Joseph WHITLEY & Marg K TOMPKINS, both Oxford, 4 Nov 1885, Oxford

006610-85 Stephen D. WILCOX, 25, Painter, Ontario, Escott Twp, s/o Charles WILCOX & Elizabeth ANDREW; married Isabella BUELL, 20, Ontario, Caintown, d/o William BUELL & Nancy BLAKELY; witn Homer TENNANT & Ettie BUELL, both Caintown, 30 Sept 1885, Brockville

  006554-1885 (Leeds Co) Robert WILLEY, 21, Miller, England, Lyn, s/o Edwin WILLEY & Mary Ann ADAMS, married Maggie JARVIS, 19, Lyn, same, d/o Nelson JARVIS & Phoebe DeROCHER, witn: Anna M. McCRADY, Annie H. CRAWFORD, both of Brockville. 6 May 1885 Brockville

006415-1885 (Leeds Co) James WILSON, 32, Trader, Larne - Co. Antrim Ireland, Bastard Tp., s/o Stafford WILSON & Margaret WILSON, married Liza Ann MONTGOMERY, 24, Kitley Tp., Bastard Tp., d/o William MONTGOMERY & Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, witn: R.L.M. HOUSTON, Merrickville, George BELL, Newboro. 7 Aug 1885 Newboro

006501-85 (Leeds Co) John B. WILSON, 28, yeoman, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o Robert & Ann WILSON; married Emma STAFFORD, 23, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o John C. STAFFORD & no mother given; witn Robert STEACY & Emma TABOR, both Lansdowne, 17 Nov 1885, Lansdowne

014704-1885 (Leeds Co) John WILTSIE, 23, Brick maker, Yonge Tp., Lyndhurst, s/o Artemmus WILTSIE & Rebecca WILTSIE, married Eva E. SWEET, 24, Leeds, same, d/o Ira SWEET & Sybba SWEET, witn: A.S. MAINSE, Ida S. SWEET, both of Leeds, 27 Dec 1885 Leeds

006320-1885 (Leeds Co) James WINDSOR, 25, Farmer, East Lyndford England, South Crosby, s/o William WINDSOR & Jane WINDSOR, married Jane ROBERTSON, 35, South Crosby, Delta, d/o William ROBERTSON & Amy ROBERTSON, witn: John SHAW, Annie SEWARD, South Crosby, 21 Oct 1885 at South Crosby

006424-1885 (Leeds Co) William WING, 27, Clerk, Bastard, Westport, s/o Samuel & Eliza WING, married Ida LAWSON, 20, Bastard Tp., Westport, d/o George & Louisa LAWSON, witn; Robert YOUNG, Rosa WING, both of Westport. 15 Apr 1885 Farmersville

006368-1885 (Leeds Co) George Alexander WOOD, 24, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Augusta, s/o Thomas & Artemiesa WOOD, married Everetta Jane JOHNS, 23, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Mirza & Eliza Ann JOHNS, witn: Henry S. BARR, Ada SMITH, Elizabethtown. 28 Jan 1885 Elizabethtown

006594-85 James Edward WOODWARD, 20, Fireman G.T.R., Cleveland Ohio, Brockville, s/o John WOODWARD & Mary Hannah WATTAM; married Adeline THAROW (Flarow?), 20, Canada, Brockville, Tousaint THAROW & Flora FECKS?; witn Edward SEATON & Henry SMITH, both Brockville, 17 Nov 1885, Brockville

006577-1885 (Leeds Co) William H. WOOTEN, 22, Canada, Gananoque, s/o James WOOTEN & Sarah TRACEY, married Annie SHEPHERD, 28, Lansdowne, Gananoque, d/o George SHEPHERD & Annie McNICHOL, witn; Mrs. George BURNFIELD, Brockville 13 Jul 1885 Brockville

006578-1885 (Leeds Co) William C. WRIGHT, 31, Railway Conductor, Elizabethtown, Brockville, s/o Cyrus WRIGHT & Amanda MANHARD, married Mary F. DOWLING, 26, North Augusta, Brockville, d/o James DOWLING & Annie BELLAMY, witn: Mr. R.J. PERRY, Mrs. R.J. PERRY, both of Napanee. 16 Jul 1885 Brockville

006459-1885 (Leeds Co) William WRIGHT, 32, Farmer, Bastard Tp., Minnedosa North West, s/o Edward WRIGHT & Eliza Ann SLETCUS(?), married Letetia CAMERON, 24, Bedford, same, d/o John CAMERON & Eliza MATCHETT, witn: Joseph TAGGART, Mrs. Joseph TAGGART, both of Bedford. 8 Apr 1885 North Crosby

006562-1885 (Leeds Co) Herbert B. WRIGHT, 28, Merchant, Brockville, same, s/o Wallis B. WRIGHT & Charlotte STOREY, married Martha E. KYLE, 22, Brockville, same, d/o John KYLE & Jane ROWE, witn: T.B. MOWATT, Brockville, J.F. McINTOSH, Almonte. 10 June 1885 Brockville

006383-1885 (Leeds Co) Philip YATES, 29, Farmer, Kitley, Bastard, s/o Vincent & Hester Ann YATES, married Sensa (?) KENADA, 18, Kitley, same, d/o Ody & Catherine KENADA, witn: Mrs. William SERVICE, Charles W. SERVICE, both of Addison. 20 Dec 1885 Elizabethtown


006495-85 (Grenville Co) William John YELDON, 23, farmer, Edwardsburg, Edwardsburg, s/o Edward YELDON & Isabella GRAHAM; married Sarah Jane COCHRANE, 18, Oxford, Oxford, d/o John COCHRAN & Margaret GAMBLE; witn Ann GRAHAM, Edwardsburg & John COCHRAN, Oxford, 3 Dec 1885, Oxford