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#006329-86 (Leeds Co): Alpheus ABERNATHY, 42, widower, farmer, Lombers Corners, Yonge, s/o Wallace & Emily, married Elizabeth SMITH, 21, Crosby, Seeleys Bay, d/o Jebulon & Jennie, witn: Mrs. William SERVICE of Elizabethtown, 16 Nov 1886 at Elizabethtown  

006185-1886 (Leeds Co) William ANDERSON, 32, Widower, Farmer, Ramsay Tp., same, s/o William ANDERSON & Elizabeth ANDERSON, married Margaret E. AUSTIN, 28, Campbellford, Portland, d/o Charles G. AUSTIN & Letitia AUSTIN, witn: G.S. AUSTIN, Ida B. AUSTIN, both of Portland. 19 Apr 1886 Portland Village

6153-86 Thomas ANDERSON, 28, blacksmith, South Gower, same, s/o Samuel ANDERSON & Nancy THOMPSON, married Mary SHAVER, 27, South Gower, same, d/o Jared SHAVER & Nancy WILSON, witn: Albert BEACH & M. Louse AWDE, both of Kemptville, 13 Dec 1886 at Kemptville
006208-86 John ASHFIELD, 30, merchant, Ottawa, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Catharine McLEAN, 27, Elizabethtown, same, d/o James & Margaret, witn: William MOFFITT of Montreal & Ettie M, JOYCE of Augusta on June 15, 1886 at North Augusta #006324-86 (Leeds Co): James AWDE, 39, Methodist clergyman, England, Kemptville, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Mary Louisa MOORE, 32, Elizabethtown, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: George & Harriet Ann MOORE of Elizabethtown, 6 Oct 1886 at Elizabethtown
#006300-86 John A. BAILEY, 27, farmer, Williamsburg, Oxford, s/o Thomas BAILEY & Julian BECKSTEAD, married Mary Jane BAKER, 20, Oxford, same, d/o Albert BAKER & Elizabeth LINDSAY, witn: Isaac MINELY & May LINDSAY, both of Oxford, 19 Jan 1886 at Oxford

006242-1886 (Leeds Co) Joseph BAIN, 27, Farmer, Bedford twp.,  same, s/o Israel BAIN & Eliza BADOUR, married Alfas Olive HAMPTON, 20, of Bedford twp., d/o father not known & Loretta KISH, witn: Michael NOLAN, A. BAIN, Bedford. 13 Nov 1886 Westport (RC)

006776-87 John BARNETT, 50, Yeoman, Wid, Ireland, Wolford Twp, s/o William & Sarah BARNETT; married Maria ANDERSON, 37, Wolford Twp, Wolford Twp, d/o William & Alice ANDERSON; witn Fanny OSBORNE, Frankville, 15 Sept 1886, Frankville

006229-1886 (Leeds Co) John Bennet BARRINGTON, 21, Blacksmith, Ontario, Front of Yonge Tp., s/o Bennet & Elizabeth BARRINGTON, married Alice KAVNAGH (sic, Kavanagh?), 21, Ontario, Front of Yonge Tp., d/o Thomas & Martha KAVNAGH, witn: William KAVNAGH & Alice BARRINGTON, both of Front of Yonge Tp. 25 Aug 1886 St. Luke's Church, Front of Yonge Tp

  6163-86 Thomas Johnston BEACH, 25, yeoman, South Gower, same, s/o Mary & Benjamin, married Eliza Jane McKEEN, 23, South Gower, same, d/o Robert & Grace, witn: Bella HAMMOND & Etta AGNEW, both of Kemptville, 21 April 1886 at Kemptville
#006879-87 (Leeds Co): Francis Wise BELL, 30, widower, farmer, Ontario, Sharpton, s/o Francis BELL & Catherine BROWN, married Jane Dorothy WOOD, 26, Ontario, Brockville, d/o Thomas WOOD & Ann CORNALL, witn: J.A. BELL of Sharpton, 24 March 1886 at Brockville #006260-86 (Leeds & Grenville): Robert James BLACK, 26, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o Alexander BLACK & Charlotte Ann BAKER, married Caroline McGANNON, 23, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o William & not given, witnesses were Mrs. LANE & Minnie CROWBY, both of Prescott, March 9, 1886 at Prescott
#006264-86 (Grenville Co): William BLAKE, 22, carpenter, Canada, Prescott, s/o William BLAKE & Susan TYF-E, married Eliza DEPOTSIE, 20, Canada, Precott, d/o Chalres SEPOTSIE & Mina CAMERON, witnesses were William & Susan BLAKE of Prescott, May 13, 1886 at Prescott 6335-86 (Leeds Co): Fred J. BLANCHARD, 22, teacher, Elizabethtown, Brockville, s/o Ames? W. & Isabella, married Rachel Ann PRITCHARD, 20, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Joseph & Rebecca, witn: Levi STONE of Winnipeg & Mary CONNOL of Whitehurst, 21 Dec 1886 at Elizabethtown

006410-1886 (Leeds Co) Henry Francis BOHL, 42, Widower, Jeweler, Montreal, Brockville, s/o Henry Samuel & Elizabeth BOHL, married Hannah Jane ROGERS, 29, Portland, Elizabethtown Tp., d/o William & Hester ROGERS, witn: Samuel Henry ROGERS, Robert GIBBONS, of Brockville. 26 Jan 1886 Brockville

006419-1886 (Leeds Co) Alphonso BOTSFORD, 26, Farmer, Delta, Farmersville, s/o Horace & Sarah BOTSFORD, married Margaret WRIGHT, 26, Farmersville, same, d/o William & Sarah WRIGHT, witn: Florence BOTSFORD, William WRIGHT, Farmersville. 6 May 1886 Brockville

006591-1887 (Leeds Co) Andrew BOWMAN, 30, Farmer, Augusta, Yonge Tp., s/o James BOWMAN & Bridget BOWMAN, married Parmelia WATSON, 18, Yonge Tp., same, d/o James & Jane WATSON, witn: Jane WATSON, Yonge Tp., Miss A. SIMPSON, Farmersville. 24 Dec 1886 Farmersville


006675-1887 (Leeds Co) Malcolm BOYD, 35, Farmer, Grenville Co., same, s/o Andrew & Mary BOYD, married Margaret FORSYTH, 28, Edwardsburg, same, d/o Andrew & Isabella FORSYTH, witn: William J. D. CANNING, Catharine K. CANNING, Elizabethtown. 23 Nov 1886 Elizabethtown

006402-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Archibald BOYD, 21, Farmer, Ontario, Merrickville, s/o Joseph BOYD & Alice HORNBROOK; married Bessie FINNERTY, 24, Ontario, Merrickville, d/o William FINNERTY & Catherine McMARTIN; witn Alexander CUMMING & Lizzie BURNS, both Brockville, 7 Jan 1886, Brockville
#006287-86 (Grenville Co): George BOYLE, 28, farmer, Edwardsburg, Augusta, s/o Hugh BOYLE & Susannah McPARTLAND, married Rosilla O'REILLY, 24, Augusta, same, d/o Terence O'REILLY & Mary MURPHY, witn: Miles O'REILLY of Augusta & Helena O'BRIEN of Prescott, 1 June 1886 at Prescott (Rom Cath) 006212-86 Edward Simpson BRADFORD, 24, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o Richard & Amelia, married Sarah Jane GILPIN, 23, Lansdown Ont., Augusta, d/o James & Ellen, witn: Albert BRADFORD of Augusta & Mary J. McNISH of Elizabethtown on Oct. 6, 1886 at North Augusta
#006233-86 (Leeds Co): Dugold (or Reynold) BRASH, 24, farmer, Bedford twp., same, s/o W. Finlay BRASH & Margart MATCHETT, married Ann Eliza BRADLEY, 19, Bedford, same, d/o William BRADLEY & Adaline CHURCHILL, witn: David BRADLEY & Sarah CAMERON, both of Bedford, 7 June 1886 at Presbyterian Manse, Westport 006205-86 Robert BROWN, 58, farmer, widower, Augusta, same, s/o David H. BROWN & Phoebe MOSHER, married Norina CORBET, 38, widow, Augusta, same, d/o Anson BURRETT (Barrett?) & Huldah WELLS, witn: John & Eliza BEAN both of Augusta on Apr. 22, 1886 at Augusta

006369-1886 (Leeds Co) William BUELL, 23, Farmer, Canada, South Crosby, s/o Alexander & Alpha BUELL, married Amy JOHNSON, 20, Canada, South Crosby, d/o David JOHNSON & Sarah JOHNSON, witn: Robert CODD, Lucy CODD, both of Lyndhurst. 22 Apr 1886 Lyndhurst

006209-86 James BURKE, 29, stage driver, Augusta, same, s/o Alexander & Rebecca, married Rebecca COOPER, 29, Augusta, same, d/o Robert & Ann, witn: Samuel COOPER & Lettie JOHNSON both of Augusta on June 16, 1886 at North Augusta 6813-87 Miles BURKE, 28 (21?), candy manufacturer, Brockville, same, s/o Thomas BURKE & Marg LAFFUR, married Catherine LEONARD, 23, Brockville, same, d/o John LEONARD & Bridget KANE, witn: C. K. FRASER & Kate MALLEN, both of Brockville, 11 Nov 1886 at St. Francis Xavier Church, Brockville (Rom Cath)
#006261-86 (Leeds & Grenville): Patrick BURNS, 38, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o John BURNS & Catherine HICKEY, married Catherine ELLIS, 24, Edwardsburgh, Augusta, d/o Edward ELLIS & Maria LUNDY, witnesses were William ELLIS & Elizabeth BURNS, both of Augusta, March 8, 1886 at Prescott

006187-1885 (Leeds Co) George BURT, 21, Laborer, England, Delta, s/o William & Mary Ann BURT, married Minnie DUFF, 18, not known, Delta, d/o not known, witn: Samuel GRAY, Delta, Annie SEAWARD, (not given). 30 Apr 1886 Delta


006406-1886 (Leeds Co) John Wesley BUSHFIELD, 26, Blacksmith, Burgess, South Crosby, s/o James BUSFIELD (sic) & Deborah MURPHY, married Isabella Jane GOODALL, 22, Brockville, same, d/o John GOODALL & Marjorie GOODALL, witn; William BUELL, Sarah GOODALL, (no res. given). 3 Mar 1886 Brockville

006211-86 James Ward CAMPBELL, 23, telegraph operator, South Durham, York Ont., s/o William & Jane, married Mary A. BOYD, 21, Mattawa Ont., same, d/o James & Agnes, witn: William BOYD of Mattawa & Annie ELDRIDGE of Prescott on June 23, 1886 at Maitland, Augusta Twp 006393-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Edward CARNOHAN, 29, Farmer, Scotland, Wolford Twp, s/o John CARNOHAN & Susan McLOUD (McLeod?); married Ella STEACY, 20, Kitley, Kitley, d/o Edward STEACY & Eliza JOHNSTON; witn Christina PORTEOUS & G. PORTEOUS, both Toledo, 15 Dec 1886, Toledo

006189-1886 (Leeds Co) George Robert CARR, 25, Labourer, of Bastard, s/o George Robert CARR & Sarah CARR, married Margaret LEADER, 38, Widow, Bastard, same, d/o Hugh EATON & June EATON, witn: George WHALEN, Susan WHALEN, both of Bastard. 26 Nov 1886 Bastard


006409-1886 (Leeds Co) Joseph Charles CASSEL, 26, Yeoman, Kitley, same, s/o William & Elizabeth CASSEL, married Elizabeth COGHLAN, 27, Kitley, same, d/o Charles & Avice COGHLAN, witn; Thomas DONAHOE, Kitley, Jennie HAGUE, Brockville. 22 Mar 1886 Brockville

06236-1886 (Leeds Co) Elias CHAMBERLAIN, 62, Widower, Brick maker, Bastard, Parkhill - Middlesex Co., s/o Elias CHAMBERLAIN & Catharine COWDRY, married Mary Ann CHAMBERLAIN, 47, North Crosby, same, d/o Peter CHAMBERLAIN & Charity MATTICE, witn: William CHAMBERLAIN, Annie CHAMBERLAIN, North Crosby. 20 Sep 1886 North Crosby

006366-1886 (Leeds Co) Abel CHASE, 21, Farmer, Leeds, same, s/o Lewis CHASE & Lavina MIDDLETON, married Addie NICHOLSON, 23, South Crosby, same, d/o George NICHOLSON & Susan MYERS, witn: George CHEETAM, Stella CHEETAM, South Crosby. 16 June 1886 South Crosby

#006326-86 (Leeds Co): Richard Thomas CHECKLEY, 38, yeoman, Ireland, North Augusta, s/o Thomas F. & Mary, married Maggie MAUD, spinster, 22, Matilda, Elizabethtown, d/o Robert & Deborah McCONKEY, witn: William MAUD of Elizabethtown & Maggie McCONKEY of Winchester, 16 Nov 1886 at Elizabethtown

006356-1886 (Leeds Co) Samuel John CLARKE, 25, Farmer, United States, Leeds, s/o William CLARKE & Elizabeth McCAHIE (McCahil?), married Mary LOYD, 21, Canada, Leeds, William LOYD, Julia FERGUSON, witn: Elijah B. JACKSON, Edward W. JACKSON, Leeds. 3 Nov 1886 William Loyd's House, Leeds

6148-86 John Herbert CLOTHIER, 22, painter, Kemptville, same, s/o Ambrose CLOTHIER Rachel ADAMSON, married Flora McDONALD, 24, Kemptville, Oxford twp., d/o John McDONALD & Jane McVEY, witn: Wilson TOMPKINS & Ellen BANKS, both of Kemptville, 24 Nov 1886 at Kemptville 6318-86 (Leeds Co): Joseph COAD, 36, widower, farmer, Kitley, Franklin, s/o George & Jane, married Elizabeth G. STEINN, 26, Lanark, Franklin, d/o George & Eliza, witn: Mrs. & Millie SERVICE of Elizabethtown, 21 June 1886 at Addison
6155-86 Halmet COLBORNE, 27, Burritts Rapids, Wrights Corners, s/o Henry COLBORNE & Mary Ann YOUNG, married Almira STITT, 22, Kemptville, same, d/o John STITT & Frances Ann MOFFATT, wit: James Henry STITT of Kemptville, 17 Feb 1886 at St. James Church, Kemptville

006362-1886 (Leeds Co) Samuel COLEMAN, 30, Widower, Farmer, Canada, Yonge, s/o John COLEMAN & (blank) WRIGHT, married Rebecca PATTERSON, 25, Bastard, Yonge, d/o (blank) PATTERSON & Eliza WALKER, witn: H.W. COLEMAN, L. A. KELLY, both of Yonge. 3 Mar 1886 Lyndhurst


006412-1886 (Leeds Co) Patrick CONNORS, Major age, Widower, Hackman, Ireland, Brockville, s/o (not given), married Susan TEEVENS, Major age, Ireland, Brockville, d/o Thomas TEEVENS & Sarah O'REILLY, witn: John LUNNY, Mrs. LUNNY, Brockville. 12 Jan 1886 Brockville (RC)

006417-1886 (Leeds Co) Thomas COOKE, 21, Laborer, Kingston, Brockville, s/o George COOKE & Amelia MEDILL, married Annie BOYD, 30, Unionville, Brockville, d/o Thomas BOYD & Ann COMPTON, witn: George McILVENNA, Maria COOKE, both of Brockville. 15 Apr 1886 Brockville

6750-87 (Leeds Co): George Albert COOKE, 21, farmer, Canada, Lansdowne, s/o Joseph & Mary Ann, married Victoria Joyce STEACY, 24, Canada, Lansdowne, d/o Richard & Ann, witn: Thomas S & Mary Jane SLY of Lyndhurst, 13 Dec 1886 at Lyndhurst
#006631-87 (Leeds Co): Sherman COON, 24, merchant, South Crosby, Elgin, s/o Justus & Lucy, married Lillie MOTT, 19, Bastard twp., Delta, d/o Joel & Amelia, witn: Hiram COON of South Crosby & Cyrena SEED? of Elgin, 24 March 1886 at Delta, Bastard twp #006342-86 (Leeds Co): Robert John CORNETT, 20, farmer, Lansdowne, Proton twp., s/o Alexander CORNETT & Mary WEBSTER, married Margaret WALDIE, 20, Lansdowne, same, d/o Robert WALDIE & Eliza A. OLIVER, witn: RObert WEBSTER & Jessie WALDIE, both of Lansdowne, 23 March 1886 at Lansdowne
#006284-86 (Grenville Co): James COTTEN, 30, clerk, Prescott, same, s/o Maurice COTTEN & Catherine WELSH, married Teresa BOLTON, 26, Prescott, same, d/o George BOLTON & Mary FITZPATRICK, witn: Lawrence REDMOND & Margaret BLACK, both of Prescott, 29 Sept 1886 at Prescott 6154-86 James Henry COVENTRY, 37, widower, farmer, Ireland, Moose Jaw NWT, s/o William COVENTRY & Ellen JOHNSTON, married Catherine JAMES, 32, Oxford twp., same, d/o Henry JAMES & Sarah SCOTT, witn: Joseph JAMES & Ellen CAPIRA, both of Oxford twp., 26 Jan 1886 at St. Paul's Church, Marlborough
006395-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Mathew Henry CROMACK, 35, Woolen Manufacturer, Wid, England, Burritts Rapids, s/o Charles CROMACK & Jane CARNOHAN, married Isabella KELLEY, 25, S. Wolford, Wolford, d/o John KELLEY & Mary Ann ATKINSON; witn William DODDS & Sarah DODDS, both Kitley, 25 Dec 1886, Kitley #006321-86 (Leeds Co): Seymore CROMWELL, 23, laborer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Stephen & Phoebe, married Edith SMITH, 21, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Abel & Elizabeth, witn: Hamilton GRIFFIN & Mrs. Simon CLOW, both of Elizabethtown, 29 Sept 1886 at Elizabethtown
006389-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Norman George CROSS, 22, Operator, Jasper, Jasper, s/o George CROSS & Alice SOPER; married Susan CARNAHAN, 24, Scotland, Wolford, d/o John CARNAHAN, & Susan McLEOD; witn Christina PORTEOUS & C.G. PORTEOUS, no place given, 26 May 1886, Toledo #006296-86 Clarence Adelbert CUMMINS, 27, yeoman, Oswego Co U.S., Oswego Co N.Y., s/o Abraham CUMMINS & Elizabeth POMATIER (s/b Palmateer?), married Florence Teodosia LITTLEJOHN, 18, Canada, Prescott, d/o Francis LITTLEJOHN & Hannah Carlysle ROOD, witn: William CUMMINS, Oswego N.Y. & Mary ROOD, Prescott, 23 Dec 1886 at Prescott

006317-1886 (Leeds Co) James DAVIDSON, 21, Clerk, England, Brockville, s/o James & Mary DAVIDSON, married Sarah SIMPSON, 24, Elizabethtown, Brockville, d/o George & Lucinda SIMPSON, witn: Charles P. SIMPSON, Brockville, Florence DALTON, Elizabethtown, 17 Feb 1886 Elizabethtown

006228-1886 (Leeds Co) Archibald DAVIDSON, 25, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Britt - Hancock Co.-Iowa, s/o James DAVIDSON & Harriet FOXTON, married Margaret Ann BURNHAM, 24, Front of Yonge Tp., Caintown, d/o William BURNHAM & Sarah ARMSTRONG, witn: Wilson BURNHAM, Front of Yonge Tp., Maggie DAVIDSON, Elizabethtown Tp. 10 Mar 1886 Front of Yonge Tp

006376-1886 (Leeds Co) Delorma DEACON, 24, Merchants Clerk, Westport, same, s/o John DEACON & Phoebe DEACON, married Isabella Maud TOLE, 23, b. Westport, d/o William TOLE & Isabella TOLE, witn; John BLAIR, Nancy PAUL, both of North Crosby. no date given, at Newboro

006377-1886 (Leeds Co) John E. DIER, 23, Blacksmith, North Crosby Tp., same, s/o John DIER & Mary Ann DIER, married Alice M. ELLIOTT, 22, Bastard Tp., North Crosby Tp., d/o William ELLIOTT & Fanny ELLIOTT, witn; Archie ELLIOTT, Sarah J. WRIGHT, Newboro. 28 Oct 1886 Newboro

14702-1885 (Leeds Co) James DIXON, 22, Farmer, Scotland, Leeds, s/o Thomas DIXON & Janet STORY, married Alice WILSON, 19, Lansdowne, Leeds, d/o George WILSON & Margaret THOMPSON, witn: Wellington CLUTE, Margaret WILSON, Leeds. 1 Jan 1886 Leeds

006405-1886 (Leeds Co) Richard DOWDALL, 23, Blacksmith, Carleton Place, same, s/o Abraham DOWDALL & Ann DOUGLAS, married Hannah HALL, 21, Carleton Place, same, d/o Robert HALL & Sarah CHRISTOPHER, witn: John HALL, Kingsley Iowa, Maggie J. DICKSON, Brockville. 4 Mar 1886 Brockville

006214-86 Henry Elgin EASTON, 27, machinist, Brockville, Nova Scotia, s/o Joel & Ann Sophia married Hattie BRYANT, 19, Elizabethtown, Augusta, d/o William & Mary A., witn: Robert EASTON & William HOUGH both of Brockville on Nov, 24, 1886 at Augusta

006355-1886 (Leeds Co) Joshua EMERY, 30, Widower, Laborer, Leeds, same, s/o Levi EMERY & Rosa LEGGE, married Lucy Ann CARPENTER, 26, Leeds, same, s/o Stephen CARPENTER & Lelia DAVIS, witn: Ira WATSON, Symantha WATSON, both of Leeds. 6 Oct 1886 Leeds

006413-1886 (Leeds Co) John Hamilton ENGLISH, 27, Chemist, Brockville, Alexandria-Glengarry, s/o John ENGLISH & Joanna CANFIELD, married Elizabeth HURLEY, Major age, Brockville, same, d/o William HURLEY & Alice LEAR? , witn: John HURLEY, Alice HURLEY. (no res. given). 3 Feb 1886 Brockville (RC)

006415-1886 (Leeds Co) John William FITTON, 26, Grocer, Brockville, same, s/o James & Margaret FITTON, married Ella MASON, 23, Brockville, same, d/o Richard & Caroline MASON, witn: Richard MASON, father, Michael McPARLAND, Gananoque, Alice DOWSLEY, Brockville. 7 Apr 1886 Brockville

#006285-86 (Grenville Co): Michael Henry FOLEY, 30, contractor, Canada, USA, s/o John FOLEY & Julia O'BRIEN, married Helena Agatha WHITE, 27, Prescott, same, d/o Bartholomew WHITE & Elizabeth BUCKLY, witn: David G. WHITE of Prescott & Bessie E. WHITE of Cincinnati, 12 May 1886 at Prescott  
#006303-86 Richard FORBES, 29, farmer, Ireland, Oxford, s/o David FORBES & Helen KINGSTON, married Jane MOORE, 32, Oxford, same, widow, d/o George ROBINSON & Buela SAWYER, witn: William A. & Alice BAKER, both of Oxford, 25 Feb 1886 at Oxford

006316-1886 (Leeds Co) George FOX, 27, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Augusta, s/o Austin & Lucy FOX, married Mary Anne LOVE, 28, Yonge Tp., same, d/o Richard & Jane LOVE, witn: George CARDIFF, Elizabethtown, Jennie LOVE, Yonge. 18 Feb 1886 Elizabethtown

006263-86 (Grenville Co): William McAuslan FRASER, 36, printer, Canada, Ottawa, s/o George FRASER & Eliza LITTLE, married Louisa ALDER, 35, Canada, Prescott, d/o William ALDER & Phoebe SCOTT, witnesses were Ellis G. & Louisa M. LANE of Prescott, May 6, 1886 at Prescott 006387-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Lorenzia FRAYNE, 23, Farmer, Kitley, Kitley, s/o Saunders & Jannet FRAYNE; married Frances GARDINER, 23, Kitley, Kitley, d/o Joseph & Sarah GARDINER; witn William J. GARDINER & Jennet E. FRAYNE, both Kitley, 15 Apr 1886, Kitley
6146-86 Joseph GENGUE? (Gurgue?), 26, farmer, Switzerland, Bathurst, s/o Charles GENGUE? & Elenette CURD (Card?), married Mary LOUCKS, 23, Montague, same, d/o Simon LOUCKS & Josephine LAKE, witn: D. J. HYLAND of Oxford Mills & Carrie LOUCKS of Montague, 14 Oct 1886 at Kemptville #006319-86 (Leeds Co): James GILPIN, 23, laborer, Armagh Ireland, Elizabethtown, s/o Thomas & Alice Jane, married Alice PELLAM (could be Pettam or Peltam), 22, USA, Elizabethtown, d/o Joseph & Mary Ann, witn: J.R. McLEAN & C.E. GROUT, both of Elizabethtown, 8 Aug 1886 at Elizabethtown
006243-1886 (Leeds Co) Edward GOLDEN, 32, Farmer, Bedford, same, s/o Patrick GOLDEN & Katharine JUNCO, married Mary MULVIHILL 26, Bedford, same, d/o James MULVIHILL & Margaret MORIARTY, witn: Thomas MULVIHILL, Mary GOLDEN, Bedford. 23 Nov 1886 Westport 006216-86 Able GOULD, 23, farmer, North Elmsley, same, s/o William & Catherine, married Annie Maria COVELL, 25, Elmsley South, same, d/o Arthur & Maria, witn: Henry SIMPSON of North Burgess & Elizabeth COVELL of South Elmsley on Nov. 2, 1886 at Lombardy, South Elmsley.

006365-1886 (Leeds Co) Ferris GRAHAM, 24, Farmer, Canada, Canada, s/o Thomas GRAHAM & Mary Ann GRAHAM, married Eugenie KENDRICK, 23, Canada, Lansdowne, d/o Peter & Mary KENDRICK, witn: Joseph E.C. MARKS, Eva EDGAR, Lyndhurst. 3 Mar 1886 Lyndhurst

#006488-88 (Grenville Co): John GRAHAM, 33, widower, farmer, Oxford twp., same, s/o William GRAHAM & Mary Ann McCALLUM, married Mary BEGGS, 20, Amherst Island, Oxford, d/o Thomas BEGGS & Mary Jane BALLANCE, witnesses were David MAGEE of Oxford & Janie BALLANCE of Kemptville, 20 June 1886 at Kemptville
6872-87 (Leeds Co): Thomas GUILBOARD, 23, brakeman, Ontario, Brockville, s/o George & blank, married Sarah STAFFORD, 21, Quebec, Rodstick Kildaire Quebec, s/o Thomas STAFFORD & Mary HARRIS, witn: William GREER & Helen FAWCETT, both of Brockville, 19 Aug 1886 at Brockville 6330-86 (Leeds Co): Ira GUINNESS, 22, farmer, Kitley, Elizabethtown, s/o Charles & Jane Ann, married Frances P--? BRYAN, 21, Leeds Co., same, d/o John & Alice, 17 Nov 1886 at Elizabethtown
006200-86 William Edmond HANNA, 22, none given, Augusta, same, s/o John & Isabella, married Hattie THORN, 23, Augusta, same, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: George WOOD & Ida BURNS both of Augusta on May 12, 1886 at Augusta 6164-86 John James HARPER, 27, mechanical engineer, Birmingham England, Schenactady NY, s/o John & Susan, married Ann Watson STOREY, 27, North Shields England, Kemptville, d/o William & Isabella, witn: Robert STOREY of Kemptville & Isabella WATSON of Michigan, 22 July 1886 at Kemptville
#006286-86 (Grenville Co): Samuel HEALY, 36, widower, Augusta, same, s/o William HEALY & Rosanna D--, married Honora Cecilia COLLINS, no age, widow, Augusta, same, d/o Peter COLLINS & Hannah McKEOWN, witn: Francis LONEY & Ann McKEOWN, both of Prescott, 14 June 1886 at Prescott  

006338-1886 (Leeds Co) William James HEASLIP, 24, Farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Thomas HEASLIP & Elizabeth McCORMACK, married Mary Lavina ROTTERS, 18, Lansdowne, same, d/o Henry ROTTERS & Catherine McCULLOUGH, witn; Thomas HEASLIP, Miss M. ROTTERS, Lansdowne. 14 Jan 1886 Lansdowne

6331-86 (Leeds Co): Richard Boyd HEATHER, 35, florist, Yonge, Brockville, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Jessie H. SAUL, 28, widow, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Andrew & Agnes WILSON, witn: Andrew & Agnes WILSON, 22 Nov 1886 at Elizabethtown
006399-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Samuel HERRON, 25, Gardener, Lyn, Lyn, s/o Robert HERRON & Elizabeth ACHESON; married Hannah Mary EASTON, 27, Brockville, Brockville, d/o Solomon EASTON & Ann HOWARD; witn James HERRON & Emma CHURCH, both Brockville, 3 Feb 1886, Brockville 6322-90 (Leeds Co): James HEWITT, 24, blacksmith, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Jacob & Margaret, married Isa Jane SMITH, 23, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Thomas & Nancy, witn: William MATTHEWS & Effie SMITH, both of Elizabethtown, 22 Sept 1886 at Elizabethtown
6810-87 Michael HIGGINS, 24, hostler, of Brockville, s/o Patrick HIGGINS & Louisa GEOGHAIN, married Catherine TESSIER, 20, Brockville, same, d/o Ruben TESSIER & Elizabeth SHIELDS, witn: Francis BISONETTE & Eliza TESSIER, 12 Oct 1886 at St. Francis Xavier Church, Brockville (Rom Cath) 006210-86 James HILLIS Jr., 30, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o James & Mary, married Harriet BERRY, 27, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Henry & Jemima, witn: Joseph GREER of Augusta & Cecilia FRANCIS of Augusta on July 7, 1886 at Garrotton, Augusta Twp.

006184-1886 (Leeds Co) George HOCKEY, 29, England, Bastard, s/o Isaac HOCKEY & Eliza HOCKEY, married Sarah Ann GORE, 19, Bastard, same, d/o Robert GORE & Lydia GORE, witn: Henry LANDON, Amelia BATH, both of Bath. 24 Mar 1886 Delta

006315-1886 (Leeds Co) James Franz HOLMES, 24, Widower, Mechanic, Kitley, Elizabethtown, s/o David & Sophia HOLMES, married Sarah WILSON, 23, Elmsley, Perth, d/o Thomas & Anna WILSON, witn: William H. BURRIS, Anna WILSON, Elizabethtown. 13 Jan 1886 Elizabethtown
#006234-86 (Leeds Co): Owen HUGHES, 30, North Crosby, same, s/o Owen HUGHES & Ann MURPHY, married Theresa McCANN, 20, North Crosby, same, d/o Terence McCANN & Allice HAGAN, witn: Michael HAGAN & Anastatia McCANN, both of North Crosby, 17 Jan 1886 at Westport (Rom Cath)

006358-1886 (Leeds Co) James HUNKINS, 40, Widower, Carpenter, Lower Canada, Lansdowne, s/o Morris P. HUNKINS & Solomia GILFILLAN, married Sarah RIPLEY, 23, Lansdowne, same, d/o James RIPLEY & Charlotte DENBY, witn: Henry H. WING, Emma WING, both of Leeds. 13 Jan 1886 Leeds

006788-87 Horace HURD, 27, Bookkeeper, Kemptville, Brockville, s/o Andrew & Mary Jane HURD; married Lizzie WILSON, 25, Brockville, Brockville, d/o William & Maria WILSON; witn Sarah WILSON & John HURD, both Brockville, 29 Dec 1886, Brockville

006370-1886 (Leeds Co) George INMAN, 35, Laborer, Ireland, Bathurst, s/o Stephen & Jane INMAN, married Susannah MORRIS, 32, Canada, South Crosby, d/o William & Sarah MORRIS, witn: Stephen INMAN, Bathurst, Susan MORRIS, (res. not given). 30 June 1886 (no place of marriage given- but registered in Rear of Leeds & Lansdowne)

006240-1886 (Leeds Co) William Henry IRWIN, 34, Cheese Maker, South Crosby, Lansdowne, s/o Henry IRWIN & Sarah LATIMORE, married Margaret THOMPSON, 21, South Burgess, North Crosby, d/o David THOMPSON & Mary HUETT, witn: William THOMPSON, North Crosby, Mary IRWIN, Lansdowne. 1 Dec 1886 North Crosby

6162-86 William ISABELL, 28, yeoman, Mountain, same, s/o Lewis & Elizabeth, married Charlotte CROWDER, 27, Mountain, same, d/o Eli & Jane, witn: Bella HAMMOND & Ettie CLOTHIER, both of Kemptville, 3 April 1886 at Kemptville
6147-86 Robert Wesley JACKSON, 23, farmer, Edwardsburg twp., same, s/o John JACKSON & Angelina BROWN, married Maria HUTCHINS, 19, Oxford twp., same, d/o John HUTCHINS & Catherine HARRIS, witn: Edmund DELL & M. Louise AWDE, both of Kemptville, 17 Nov 1886 at Kemptville  

006372-1886 (Leeds Co) Albert William JOHNSON, 28, Farmer, Canada, Lansdowne (Rear), s/o Henry & Alice JOHNSON, married Eva Euphemia EDGAR, Canada, Lyndhurst, d/o David W. & Almina E. EDGAR, witn: John V. MOLES, Farmersville, Addie BELL, Brockville. 29 Sep 1886 Lyndhurst

#006349-86 (Leeds Co): David Wesley JOHNSTON, 27, farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o David & Margaret, married Elizabeth GREEN, 22, Lansdowne, same, d/o Samuel & Margaret, witn: James B. FOLEY & Mary McNEIL, both of Lansdowne, 28 April 1886 at Lansdowne
006397-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Robert JOHNSTON, 30, Painter, Kitley Twp, Brockville, s/o Robert JOHNSTON & Elizabeth ABEL; married Gertrude CONNOR, no age given, Kitley Twp, Brockville, d/o Samuel CONNOR & Charlotte BURNETT: witn John DECARLE & Ellie CONNOR, both Brockville, 27 Jan 1886, Brockville 006391-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William JOHNSTON, 25, Farmer, Yonge, Yonge, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth JOHNSTON; married Ida May CHURCH, 19, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o Levi & Mary Ann CHURCH; witn William CHURCH & Mary JOHNSTON, both Elizabethtown, 24 Feb 1886, Elizabethtown
#006352-86 (Leeds Co): Samuel E. JOHNSTON, 23, farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Samuel & Frances, married Margaret Ann LATIMER, 22, Lansdowne, same, d/o David & Isabella, witn: Frederick W. JOHNSTON of Lansdowne & Nellie LATIMER of Gananoque, 8 Sept 1886 at Lansdowne 006201-86 John KEYS, none given, farmer, Augusta, same, no parents given, married Margret FLETCHER, no age given, no residence given, no parents given, witn: G. D. LEWIS & Fannie HIGGINS both of Augusta on April 29, 1886 at Augusta
#006343-86 (Leeds Co): Albert LANDON, 45, widower, farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Daniel & Margaret, married Elizabeth Emily DONEVAN, 30, Lansdowne, same, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Erastus LANDON & Sarah H. McKEE, both of Lansdowne, 24 March 1886 at Fairfax, Lansdowne

006230-1886 (Leeds Co) William Blackstock LANEGAN, 27, C.P.R. Agent, Province of Quebec, Toronto, William & Almena, married Arvilla AVERY, 26, Escott Tp., same, d/o Isaac & Mary AVERY, witn: Charles Edgar CAREY, Sharbot Lake, Harriet AVERY, Escott Tp. 5 Oct 1886 Yonge Tp.

6814-87 Napoleon LAUZON, 21, painter, Brockville, same, s/o Toussant LAUZON & Amelia VERMER? (Vernier?), married Johannah RODGERS, 19, Prescott, same, d/o John RODGERS & Mary CULLEN, witn: Felix & Mrs. Felix CLOUTIER of Prescott, 21 Nov 1886 at St. Marys Church, Prescott (Rom Cath) #006295-86 Napoleon LAUZON, 25, mechanic, Berche, Brockville, s/o not given, married Johannah RODGERS, 22, Prescott, Brockville, d/o not given, witn: Felix & Mrs Felix CLOUTHIER, both of Prescott Ont, 21 Nov 1886 at Prescott

006368-1886 (Leeds Co) David Albertus LEADBEATER, 22, Carpenter, Leeds, same, s/o David LEADBEATER & Margaret LEADBEATER, married Martha THURSTON, 20, Leeds, same, d/o Franklin THURSTON & Clarinda THURSTON, witn; William GILBERT, R. A. OLIVANT, both of Seeley's Bay. 16 Feb 1886 Seeley's Bay

#006257-86 (Grenville Co): David LEAHY, 26, carpenter, Edwardsburg, same, s/o Michael LEAHY & Mary HANNIGAN, married Catherine LUNDY, 32, widow, Edwardsburg, same, d/o John LUNDY & Susan MURPHY, witnesses were Michael & Nellie LEAHY of Edwardsburg, Jan. 26, 1886 at Prescott (Rom. Cath.)
006392-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William Agman LEESON, 28, Yeoman, Kitley, Kitley, s/o Richard & Sarah LEESON; married Tryphena Jane FOSTER, 21, Kitley, Kitley, d/o Isaac & Elizabeth FOSTER; witn Albert Edward FOSTER & Anna Marie LEESON, both Kitley, 9 Jun 1886, Frankville 6144-86 John LEONARD, 42, laborer, Kings Co. Ireland, Merrickville, s/o Simon LEONARD & Mary DUNLEVY, married Charlotte MUSSELL, 30, Wolford twp., Merrickville, d/o Thomas MUSSEL & Alice MALONEY, witn: W. H. ANDERSON of Kemptville & Jane MUSSELL of Merrickville, 13 Oct 1886 at St. James Church, Kemptville
6152-86 James Edward LIGHTLE, 24, farmer, South Gower, same, s/o Thomas LIGHTLE & Jane FLOYD, married Mary Elizabeth McINTYRE, 17, Marlborough, same, d/o Albert McINTYRE & Martha McFERRAN, witn: John RATH & Alice LIGHTLE, both of South Gower, 22 Dec. 1886 at Marlborough  

006367-1886 (Leeds Co) Sidney LUMBARD, 21, Farm Laborer, Somersetshire England, Yonge Tp., s/o George LUMBARD & Sarah LUMBARD, married Minnie PRUE, 18, Brockville, Yonge Tp., d/o Henry PRUE & Mary PRUE, witn: James KIRKLAND, Addie MORRIS, Lansdowne. 16 June 1886 Seeley's Bay

6149-86 David MAGEE, 35, widower, farmer, Marlborough twp., Oxford twp., s/o David MAGEE & Martha LATIMER, married Isabella BEGGS, 24, Amherst Island, Oxford twp., d/o Thomas BEGGS & Mary Jane BALLANCE, witn: George & Mary Ann BALLANCE of Kemptville, 8 Dec 1886 at St. James church, Kemptville
006374-1886 (Leeds Co) Joseph MAILE, 26, Farmer, Somersetshire England, Bastard Tp., s/o John MAILE & Mary Ann MAIL(E), married Ursula KILBORN, 30, Widow, North Crosby Tp., Bastard Tp., d/o Benjamin PALMER & Alice PALMER, witn: William J. HART, C.M. HART, Newboro. 2 Jan 1886 Newboro

6143-86 William MAJOR, 25, laborer, Mountain twp., same, s/o James & Mary, married Catherine DUNCAN, 19, Matilda twp., Mountain twp., d/o William & Jane, witn: R. POWELL of S. Mountain & Mrs. D. D. McARTHUR of Kemptville, 3 Feb 1886 at Kemptville

006408-1886 (Leeds Co) John MALLORY, 22, Farmer, Mallorytown, same, s/o Archibald MALLORY & Sarah MOMFORT, married Jerusha VANDUSEN, 25, Mallorytown, same, d/o Jacob VANDUSEN & Margaret DUNREADY, witn: W.J. MALLORY, Maria VANDUSEN, Mallorytown. 24 Mar 1886 Brockville

6334-86 (Leeds Co): Seaman MANCHARD [Manhard], 35, widower, farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Hiram & Rebecca, married Sarah TRUESDELL, 30, Lansdowne, Elizabethtown, d/o George & Adaline, witn: William BISSELL of Augusta & Charles J. JOHNS of Elizabethtown, 22 Dec 1886 at Elizabethtown
#006301-86 Albertis MARQUETTE, 29, farmer, South Mountain, same, s/o Benjamin MARQUETTE & Caroline LALONE, married Margaret JENNINGS, 23, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o Patrick JENNINGS & Mary HILLMAN, witn: William MARQUETTE, South Mountain & Leila JENNINGS, Edwardsburgh, 8 Feb 1886 at Oxford 006386-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) George MARQUIETTE, 33, Baggage Master CPR, Kitley, Smith Falls, s/o John MARQUIETTE & Charlotte PHILLIPS; married Nettie McCRUM, 22, Oxford, Jasper, d/o Samuel McCRUM & Elizabeth FLETCHER: witn Charles GALBRAITH, Jasper & Maggie PHILLIPS, Smith Falls, 28 Apr 1886, Toledo
  6552-87 (Grenville Co): Andrew MARTIN, 22, farmer, Edwardsburgh, same, s/o William MARTIN & Mary MASON, married Mary PETERS, 20, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o William PETERS & Dianah SMITH, witn: Henry HOLMES & Hannah SMITH, both of Edwardsburgh, 9 Dec 1886 at Prescott
6158-86 Andrew MARTIN, 23, farmer, Mountain, same, s/o Andrew MARTIN & Maria CHRISTIE, married Eliza Jane LOGAN, 19, Matilda, South Gower, d/o Andrew LOGAN & Jane MURDOCH, witn: Mrs. H. J. McDIARMID & Mary Ann SINCLAIR, both of Kemptville, 31 march 1886 at Manse, Kemptville #006292-86 Samuel MARTINDALE, 28, carpenter, Edwardsburg, same, s/o Thomas MARTINDALE & Ruth ROBICHARD, married Margaret KNIGHT, 21, Edwardsburg, same, d/o Peter KNIGHT & Sarah MANNION, witn: F. Edgar ROBINSON, Edwardsburg Ont & Mary GILLIGAN, Cardinal Ont, 11 May 1886 at Prescott

006407-1886 (Leeds Co) William McCORMACK, 37, Widower, Stone Cutter, Elizabethtown, same, s/o William McCORMACK & Jane STEWART, married Susan MILLER, 34, Ireland, Elizabethtown, d/o Alexander MILLER & Susan KELLY, witn: J. E. MILLER, Kingston, M. E. HENDERSON, Elizabethtown. 4 March, at Elizabethtown

#006345-86 (Leeds Co): Frederick McDONNELL, no age given, farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Margaret Ann REID, no age given, Lansdowne, same, d/o William REID & Alice BURNS, witn: Charles McDONNELL & Catherine FODEY, both of Lansdowne, 28 Feb 1886 at Gananoque (Rom Cath) #006347-86 (Leeds Co): Charles McDONNELL, no age given, farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o James McDONNELL & Margaret O'CONNOR, married Catherine FODEY, no age given, Lansdowne, same, d/o John FODEY & Bridget RIPE, witn: Lewis SULLIVAN & Mary McNAMARA, both of Lansdowne, 3 March 1886 at Gananoque (Rom Cath)
6145-86 William McELROY, 38, widow, merchant, Richmond, same, s/o Patrick McELROY & Elizabeth CRAIG, married Emily Hyacinth CHEEVERS, 17, Jamaica, Kemptville, d/o Dr. Charles E. CHEEVERS & Jane Elizabeth, witn: Robert H. McELROY of Richmond & Catherine CHEEVERS of Kemptville, 13 Oct. 1886 at St. James Church, Kemptville

006238-1886 (Leeds Co) David A. McKEE, 29, Farmer, Drummond Tp, North Crosby, s/o William McKEE & Eliza SCOTT, married Annie DEACON, 21, North Crosby, same, d/o John DEACON & Phoebe MERCLEY, witn: Ophraim VANDERHOOF, North Crosby, Emeline BARKER, Westport. 20 Oct 1886 Westport

006357-1886 (Leeds Co) Henry McLAUGHLIN, 38, Ireland, Lansdowne, G.T.R. Laborer, s/o John & Susannah McLAUGHLIN, married Mary HEASLIP, 38, Ireland, Lansdowne, d/o Samuel & Mary Jane HEASLIP, witn: David McLAUGHLIN & Martha HEASLIP. (no res. given) 24 Nov 1886 Lansdowne

#006304-86 Hugh MCNEILLY, 26, farmer, Oxford, same, s/o Hugh MCNEILLY & Eliza TURNER, married Mary Jane LINDSAY, 21, Oxford, same d/o John LINDSAY & Eliza TEMPLETON, witn: Finnas WARBURN & Sarah Ann MCNEILLY, both of Oxford, 10 Mar 1886 at Oxford
006283-86 (Grenville Co): Samuel McROBERTS, 37 (or 40), sailor (or laborer), USA, Augusta, s/o Samuel McROBERTS & Ellen DOWLING, married Mary Elizabeth BELL, 24, Augusta, same, d/o Peter BELL & Margaret McMAHON, witn: Jerome CAULFIELD of Augusta & Mary KENNEDY of Ogdensburg, 26 Jan 1886 at Prescott (also 006258-86) #006293-86 Peter MITTEN, 32, farmer, Edwardsburg, same, s/o Thomas MITTEN & Catharine REDWOOD, married Margaret POOR, 25, Prescott, same, d/o Joseph POOR & Catharine DEVEREAUX, witn: Francis DEVEREAUX, Edwardsburg & Nellie POOR, Prescott Ont, 7 June 1886 at Prescott
6306-86 Robert MOFFATT, 35, farmer, North Gower, same, s/o Robert MOFFATT & Susan GRAHAM, married Mary SCOTT, 26, Oxford, same, d/o Joseph & Sarah, witn: Sarah & Allen SCOTT of Oxford twp., 6 April 1886 at Oxford  

#006327-86 (Leeds Co): Alexander MOORE, 25, laborer, Grenville Co., Brockville, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Annie GLAZIER, 24, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Horace & Ethan, witn: Ezekiel & Phoebe GLAZIER of Elizabethtown, 10 Nov 1886 at Elizabethtown

006388-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Albert MORRIS, 40, Farmer, Wid, Yonge, Yonge, s/o Thomas MORRIS & Mary MOULTEN; married Mary Jane RABB , 31, Newboro, Bastard, d/o Samuel RABB & Mary BLAKELY; witn John MORRIS, Yonge & Robert James SEYMOUR, Bastard, 20 May 1886, Bastard

006375-1886 (Leeds Co) Nathan B. MORRISON, 30, Farmer, Bastard, same, s/o Francis MORRISON & Elizabeth MORRISON, married Rebecca THOMPSON, 27, Bastard Tp., same, d/o William THOMPSON & Catherine THOMPSON, witn: George BELL, Sarah J. WRIGHT, Newboro. 8 Apr 1886 Newboro

006778-87 Joseph MORRISON, 29, Yeoman, Kitley, Dakota, s/o James & Laticia MORRISON; married Edith CUMMING, 20, Kitley, Kitley, d/o Richard & Esther CUMMING; witn Eva Estella, Newboro & W.J. CUMMING, Frankville, 29 Dec 1886, Frankville


006418-1886 (Leeds Co) George Walter MOTT, 28, Laborer, Brockville, same, s/o Francis MOTT & Hannah COOK, married Catherine KELLY, 23, Ireland, Brockville, d/o Barney KELLY & Bridget ARMSTRONG, witn: William HORTON & Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, both of Brockville. 20 Apr 1886 Brockville

006796-87 Hiram MUNRO, 35, Sawyer, Wid, Canada, Duluth Minnesota US, s/o George & Margaret MUNRO; married Rosie BLACKMAN, 32, Canada, Farmersville, d/o Charles & Bridget BLACKMAN; witn Mrs PUBLOW & Mrs WILSON, both Brockville, 28 Dec 1886, Brockville

006204-86 Charles Billings MURRAY, 22, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o Hugh Telford & Caroline, married Nellie MOREY, 18, Augusta, same, d/o William & Abigail, witn: Mary SIMPSON & Elina JACKSON both of Mattawa on Mar. 17, 1886 at Mattawa
6812-87 James NEILSON, 28, moulder, Gaspe Que., Brockville, s/o Thomas NEILSON & Mary GRANT, married Margaret KELLY, 30, Maitland, Brockville, d/o Charles KELLY & Sarah DOWDELL witn: Francis WHITEHALL & Helen TANCETT, both of Brockville, 8 Nov 1886 at St. Francis Xavier Church, Brockville (Rom Cath) #006232-86 (Leeds Co): George NICHOLSON, 24, farmer, South Crosby, same, s/o George NICHOLSON & S-? SCOTT, married Frances FORESTER, 18, North Crosby, same, d/o John Henry FORESTER & Jessie TAYLOR, witn: Wm BROWN of Bedford Mills & Sarah NICHOLSON of South Crosby, 3 March 1886 at Westport
006262-86 (Grenville Co): Wheeler Horace ODELL, 34, brick maker, Brockville, same, s/o Amos & Caroline, married Tilly SMITH, 28, Prescott, same, d/o Jacob & Mary, witnesses were Jacob WILKINSON of Marmora & Mary SMITH of Prescott, April 28, 1886 at Prescott #006294-86 Terrance O'REILLY, 33, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o Terrance O'REILLY & Mary MURPHY, married Sarah MCCREA, 23, Prescott, same, d/o James MCCREA & Catharine DEVLIN, witn: Albert O'REILLY, U.S. & Mary MCCREA, Prescott Ont, 15 June 1886 at Prescott

006359-1886 (Leeds Co) John W. PARKER, 35, Widower, Farmer, S. Crosby, Lansdowne, s/o Jervis PARKER & Caroline LEEL, married Euphemia LATIMER, 19, Lansdowne, same, d/o George LATIMER & Lucy BOYL, witn: John SINGLETON, Alonzo WASHBURNE, Lansdowne. 26 Jan 1886 Lansdowne

#006320-86 (Leeds Co): William Henry PARR, 21, mechanic, Ireland, Elora, s/o Henry & Susan, married Ada Bella MILLAR, 22, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Joseph & Nancy, witn: Joseph PETERSON & Annie MILLER (sic), both of Elizabethtown, 16 Aug 1886 at Elizabethtown #006351-86 (Leeds Co): Henry PELO, 21, laborer, Leeds twp., Lansdowne, s/o Peter PELO & Tina LE CLAIR, married Rhona ANDREWS, 20, Lansdowne, same, d/o William ANDREWS & Margaret KYES, witn: Eva ATKINSON & Susan PYKE, both of Gananoque, 11 Aug 1886 at Gananoque
6150-86 James Kelly PELTON, 32, widower, farmer, South Gower, same, s/o Elijah PELTON & Peggy BROWN, married Anna L. MAGEE, 25, South Gower, same, d/o William MAGEE & Elizabeth CROWDER, witn: P. M. PELTON & Mary McDIARMID, both of Kemptville, 8 Dec 1886 at Kemptville 6157-86 William G. PELTON, 29, dealer in musical instruments, South Gower, Kemptville, s/o Phineas Clinton PELTON & Margaret Eliza CAMPBELL, married Sarah Jane HUNTER, 27, Kemptville, same, d/o Anthony HUNTER & Martha McFARLANE, witn: Phineas M. PELTON & Martha A. HUNTER, both of Kemptville, 31 March 1886 at Kemptville
006221-86 George Henry PERRIN, 27, farmer, Canada, Montague, s/o Robert & Mary, married Eliza RICHARDSON, 22, USA, Montague, d/o James & Fanny, witn: Charles Edward RICHARDSON, & Isabella PERRIN both of Montague on Mary 17, 1886 at Merrickville

#006325-86 (Leeds Co): Luke PIKE, 23, laborer, England, Yonge, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Mary HAWKINS, 18, Yonge, same, d/o Henry & Hannah, witn: William J. COMPO & Henrietta HAWKINS, both of Yonge, 2 Oct 1886 at Elizabethtown

006186-1885 (Leeds Co) Samuel POLK, 26, Farmer, South Burgess, same, s/o Nelson POLK & Priscilla, married Margaret Delia POLK, 26, Bastard, same, d/o Henry POLK & Letitia POLK, witn: James Henry POLK, South Burgess, Mary a. REID, Bastard. 21 Apr 1886 St. Peters Church Newboyne

6165-86 William Albert QUINN, 25, farmer, Oxford twp., same, s/o Hugh QUINN & Ann MALLY, married Annie VAN CAMP, 23, Mountain twp., same, d/o John & Philana, witn: Joseph & Minerva McTAGGART of Kemptville, 23 June 1886 at Kemptville
006400-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) John Robert QUINSEY, 25, Farmer, Caintown, Caintown, s/o Thomas QUINSEY & Louisa CLAIR?; married Minerva TENNANT, 23, Caintown, Caintown, d/o Alex TENNANT & Mary Jane DICKEY; witn Mrs George BURNFIELD, Brockville, 20 Jan 1886, Brockville 006398-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) George F. READ, 27, Gentleman, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Guy C. READ & Clarissa STEWART; married Sarah ARMOUR, 20, Scotland, Brockville, d/o Andrew ARMOUR & Sarah AGNEW; witn William ROSS & Elizabeth ARMOUR, both Brockville, 20 Jan 1886, Brockville
6384-1886 - John REID, 24, Cardinal, Cardinal, Labourer, s/o William & Jane Reid, married Annie MURDOCK, 23, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Joseph & Margaret (sic, s/b Elizabeth) Murdock, witn: Mr. & Mrs. FAWCETT of Cardinal, Dec. 6, 1886 at Cardinal #006235-86 (Leeds Co): Thomas REILLY, 24, carpenter, Brockville, Westport, s/o J. REILLY & Bridget POOLE, married Elizabeth DONNELLY, 26, Wisconsin USA, North Crosby, d/o Patrick DONNELLY & Ann McPARLAND, witn: James & Mary McCANN of North Crosby, 17 May 1886 at Westport
#006348-86 (Leeds Co): Thomas RICHARDSON, 23, farmer, Lansdowne, Gananoque, s/o William & Marion?, married Sarah Sibel TRUESDELL, 27, Lansdowne, Gananoque, d/o William & Alice, witn: John COOK of Lansdowne & Maggie STEVENS? of Gananoque, 23 April 1886 at Lansdowne

006361-1886 (Leeds Co) Modess Zepanes RIVERS, 46, Farmer, Leeds, South Crosby, s/o Modess RIVERS & Parmelia HOWARD, married Rachel HURLEY, 23, Pittsburg, South Crosby, d/o Joseph HURLY (sic) & Elizabeth PETERS, witn: Seth B. STEVENS, Mary STEVENS, both of South Crosby. 13 Feb 1886 South Crosby

006390-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William ROBB, 35, Mechanic, Kitley, Carthage NY, s/o Isaiah & Martha ROBB; married Emeline Ida TALLMAN, 23, Kitley, Kitley, d/o William & Matilda TALLMAN; witn Burton & Jennie TALLMAN, both Kitley, 7 Jul 1886, Toledo

006339-1886 (Leeds Co) Andrew ROBERTSON, 27, Grain Buyer, Spencerville, Lansdowne, s/o William ROBERTSON & Harriet ROBERTSON, married Marion McNEIL, 21, Lansdowne, same, d/o William Henry McNEIL & Agnes McNEIL, witn: Andrew MILLAR, Spencerville, Jessie McNEIL, Lansdowne. 23 Feb 1886 Lansdowne

  006396-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Henry RUSSEL, 22, Moulder, Somerset Co England, Brockville, s/o John RUSSEL & Elizabeth (Neil) RUSSEL; married Charlotte LOFTUS, 26, Niagara, Brockville, d/o George LOFTUS & Alice McBREARTY; witn John STEELE & Marsha FRASER, both Brockville, 14 Jan 1886, Brockville

006336-1886 (Leeds Co) Christopher John RUTTLE, 28, Farmer, Leeds, same, s/o John RUTTLE & Mary KILPATRICK, married Elizabeth THOMPSON, 20, California U.S., Leeds, d/o John THOMPSON & Sarah GATES, witn; Thomas NUTTALL, Addie THOMPSON, both of Leeds. 5 Jan 1886 Leeds

6161-86 Henry SEABROOK, 27, farmer, North Gower, same, s/o Henry SEABROOK & Jane Eliza WILSON, married Mary Jane TAYLOR, 19, Marlborough, same, d/o Peter TAYLOR & Margaret GEDDES, witn: John W. SEABROOK of North Gower & Margaret A. TAYLOR of Marlborough, 23 June 1886 at St. James Church, Kemptville
006203-86 William SHANNON, 26, farmer, Augusta, Elizabethtown, s/o John & Caroline, married Susannah THOMPSON 27, West Winchester, Augusta, d/o James & Eliza, witn: Abraham CUMMING & Georgie DOWELL both of Brockville on Jan. 20, 1886 at Mattawa 006213-86 Moses Henry SHANNON, 20, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o William & Rachel, married Jane PERRIN, 22, Augusta, same, d/o Elvin & Elizabeth, witn: Robert PERRIN & Mary MOSHER both of Augusta on Aug. 13, 1886 at Augusta Twp

006360-1886 (Leeds Co) Richard L. SHEFFIELD, 27, farmer, Canada, Lansdowne, s/o William SHEFFIELD & Dorcas SHEFFIELD, married Amelia STAFFORD, 25, Canada, Lansdowne, d/o John C. STAFFORD & Elizabeth STAFFORD, witn: Charles T. LAMBERT, Hollie TABER, Lansdowne. 3 Feb 1886 Lyndhurst

006584-1888 (Leeds Co) James SHERIDAN, 32, Tinsmith, Ireland, Brockville, s/o James SHERIDAN & Mary Ann WILLIAMS, married Margaret SLOAN, 28, Ireland, Brockville, d/o James SLOAN & Mary Ann FLACK, witn: George CRUMMY, Isabella MERROW, both of Brockville.  8 Sept 1886 Brockville

#006328-86 (Leeds Co): Franklin SHERMAN, 24, blacksmith, Lansdowne, Lombardy, s/o Philo & Lydia, married Agnes CAIRNS, 23, Montague, Kitley, s/o James & Agnes, witn: Mrs. William & Millie? SERVICE of Elizabethtown, 3 Nov 1886 at Elizabethtown 6159-86 James SHIELDS, 25, farmer, Oxford, same, s/o William SHIELDS & Sarah CLYDE, married Mary Ann TORRANCE, 21, Oxford, same, d/o Samuel TORRANCE & Elizabeth ELLIOTT, witn: Mrs. W. H. COCHRANE & Miss MAGEE, both of Kemptville, 29 April 1886 at Kemptville
#006353-86 (Leeds Co): William Wallace SHIPMAN, 22, farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Charles SHIPMAN & Ann TRICKEY, married Mary Elizabeth McNEIL, 21, Lansdowne, same, d/o A. McNEIL & Margaret LANDON, witn: Charles & Mrs. Charles FREDENBERG of Wells Island USA, 13 Sept 1886 at Lansdowne

006188-1886 (Leeds Co) George SHIRE, 24, Farmer, England, Forfar, s/o James SHIRE & Mary SHIRE, married Dorcas WHITE, 17, England, Forfar, d/o James WHITE & Eliza WHITE, witn: Edwin WHITE, Letitia J. WHITE, both of Lansdowne. 13 Jul 1886 Lansdowne

0064-1886 (Leeds Co) John SINGLETON, 26, Farmer, Canada, Lansdowne, s/o John SINGLETON & Eleanor SINGLETON, married Annie WILTSIE, 20, Canada, Lansdowne, d/o Elisha WILTSIE & Martha WILTSIE, witn: E. B. PIERCE, Delta, Alice E. SINGLETON, Lansdowne. 30 Mat 1886 Lansdowne

6160-86 Richard SKUCE, 22, farmer, Mountain, same, s/o Francis SKUCE & Fanny McQUE? (McQueen?), married Annie MARTIN, 19, Mountain, same, d/o Andrew MARTIN & Maria, witn: John SKUCE of Hallville & Mary McDEARMID, 26 May 1886 at the Manse, Kemptville
006220-86 Thomas SIMPSON, 23, farmer, Canada, Marlborough, s/o George & Estelle, married Emma NELSON, 20, Canada, Wolford, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Fidelia L. NILSON f Merrickville & James NILSON of Wolford on Mar. 3, 1886 at Merrickville #006256-86 (Grenville Co): James SMITH, 28, laborer, Edwardsburg, same, s/o Thomas SMITH & Mary LEAHY, married Caroline A. YELDON, 23, Edwardsburg, same, d/o William YELDON & Mary COTTON, witnesses were Patrick SMITH & Mary KUFER, both of Edwardsburg, Jan. 12, 1886 at Prescott (Rom. Cath.)

006363-1886 (Leeds Co) Wesley STAFFORD, 25, farmer, Canada, Lansdowne, s/o John C. STAFFORD & Elizabeth STAFFORD, married Emma A. BRACKEN, 20, Canada, Leeds, d/o John BRACKEN & Mary BRACKEN, witn: Thomas H. BOWERS, Pittsburg, Emma DUNN, Leeds. 24 Mar 1886 Seeley's Bay

006182-1886 (Leeds Co) Joseph STANTON, 26, Farmer, Newboro, South Crosby Tp., s/o George STANTON & Sarah STANTON, married Ella IMESON, 22, Bastard Tp., same, d/o Thomas IMESON & Emily IMESON, witn: James STANTON, South Crosby, Hattie IMESON, Leeds. 7 Jan 1886 Bastard Tp.

006341-1886 (Leeds Co) Robert STEACY, 27, Farmer, Canada, Lansdowne, s/o William STEACY & Charlotte ENNIS, married Jane WEBB, 20, Canada, Leeds, d/o William WEBB & Mary SNIDER, witn: Thomas STEACY, Abby SHIPMAN, Lansdowne. 17 Mar 1886 House of Bride's Father, Leeds

006354-1886 (Leeds Co) John STEVENS, 38, Widower, Gentleman, Delta, Bastard, s/o Nathan STEVENS & Orillia WALKER, married Charlotte RIPLEY, 36, Widow, Elgin, South Crosby, d/o Prosper PENNOCK & Nancy McEHRON (McElron?), witn: Tillia ELLIOTT, Gananoque, Ida PENNOCK, Elgin. 6 Oct 1886 Gananoque

006791-87 William Travers STEVENSON, 24, Journalist, Brockville, Brockville, s/o Charles & Annie STEVENSON; married Minnie CAIN, 20, Ottawa, Brockville, d/o William & Jane CAIN; witn Thomas E. STEVENSON & Travers E. STEVENSON, no place given, 28 Jul 1886, Brockville

006777-87 Richard John STEWART, 22, Labourer, Elizabethtown, Kitley, s/o William & Ann STEWART; married Julia HANSE (House?), 19, Elgin, Kitley, d/o John & Minerva HANSE; witn Zola JACKSON & Dorma JACKSON, both Pillipsville, 17 Oct 1886, Frankville

006215-86 Alfred W. STILWILL, 28, farmer, Hampshire England, Elmsley South, s/o William & Charlotte, married Edith L. VICKERY, 23, Bastard Twp., Elmsley South, d/o William & Ellen, witn: John George HUNTER & Annie VICKERY both of Elmsley on Sept. 20, 1886 at Lombardy 6333-86 (Leeds Co): Levi STONE, 26, farmer, Leeds Co., Manitoba, s/o Erwin & Flora, married Mary A. CONNOL, 23, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Robert & Rebecca, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Fred J. BLANCHARD of Elizabethtown, 23 Dec 1886 at Elizabethtown

006340-1886 (Leeds Co) Robert B. STOREY, 21, Farmer, Escott, same, s/o Thomas STOREY & May STOREY, married Hilda MORGAN, 19, Aultsville, same, d/o David MORGAN & Sarah MORGAN, witn: W. P. MOORE, Dema (Dennis?) M. MILLS, both of Lansdowne. 27 Feb 1886 Lansdowne

6752-87 (Leeds Co): Frederick Bradley TABOR, 27, mason, Kingston, Morton, s/o Samuel TABOR & Annie LITH--?, married Frances Abigail RODDICK, 22, Spencerville, Lyndhurst, d/o James E. RODDICK & Mary NETTLETON, witn: John E. RODDICK of Lyndhurst & Philena STITT of Ogdensburg, 22 Dec 1886 at Lyndhurst #006231-86 (Leeds Co): Alexander TEEPLES, 35?, yeoman, Storrington, same, s/o John & Sarah, married Elizabeth McLEAN, 27, North Crosby, same, d/o Alexander McLEAN & Mary A. HARTWELL, witn: J.W? McLEAN & A. STEVENS, both of N. Crosby, 13 Jan 1886 at Westport
  6166-86 George A. THOMPSON, 27, painter, Matilda, same, s/o David THOMPSON & Isabella ELLICE, married Elizabeth CLARK, 20, Edwardsburg, Matilda, d/o William CLARK & Mary Ann MILLER, witn: W. G. PELTON of Kemptville & Minnie J. PATTON of Oxford Mills, 11 March 1886 at Manse, Kemptville

006241-1886 (Leeds Co) John TOBAN, 33, Farmer, North Crosby, same, s/o James TOBAN & Catharine TOLE, married Elizabeth JORDAN, 28, North Crosby, same, d/o Patrick JORDAN & Jane HAMILTON, witn: James KALAGHER, Bedford, Mary JORDAN, North Crosby. 4 Nov 1886 Westport (RC)

006206-86 Wesley TOTTEN, 22, farmer, Elizabethville, Augusta, s/o Samuel & Jane, married Vettie M. TROOP, 21, Algonquin Augusta Twp., same, d/o Marshall F. & Margret H., witn: Torrence A BISSELL & Emma J. EARLE, both of Algonquin on June 16, 1886 at Algonquin

006190-1886 (Leeds Co) John TOWN, 29, Saloon Keeper, Ogdensburgh N.Y. U.S.A., same, s/o William TOWN & Ann J. TOWN, married Nancy WELLS, 24, Escott, Delta, d/o Richard WELLS & Jane WELLS, witn: Chas F. ENGLISH, Mrs. C. F. ENGLISH, both of Delta. 29 Dec 1886 Delta

#006350-86 (Leeds Co): Charles J. TRICKEY, 21, carpenter, Escott, same, s/o Charles & Letitia, married Elizabeth FERGUSON, 16, Escott, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Mrs. MILLARD & F.W. SINGLETON, both of Lansdowne, 2 June 1886 at Lansdowne
006202-86 Alden TROOP, 25, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o James & Rachel, married Mary ANDERSON, 23, Augusta, same, d/o Benjamin & Eliza, witn: Joseph & Mary Anne McKINTY both of Augusta on Mar. 16, 1886 at Augusta

006674-1887 (Leeds Co) Luke WALKER, 28, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o George & Adaline WALKER, married Bertha Jane JOHNSTON, 17, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Ransom & Sarah JOHNSTON, witn: Alice BROWN, Augusta, Nathanial MARSHALL, Elizabethtown. 17 Nov 1886 Elizabethtown

  #006288-86 (Grenville Co): Thomas WALSH, 32, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o Thomas WALSH & Margaret CONLAN, married Catherine DELANEY, 27, Augusta, same, d/o Margaret DELANEY & Bridget CAHILL, witn: Edmund McCRAE of Augusta & Sarah J. DELANEY of Prescott, 29 June 1886 at Prescott
#006344-86 (Leeds Co): William Harry WARREN, 30, farmer, Escott, same, s/o Benjamin & Mary, married Jenny E. JOHNSTON, 21, Lansdowne, same, d/o Robert & Catherine, witn: Katie A. JOHNSTON & Benjamin WARREN, both of Lansdowne, 7 April 1886 at Lansdowne #006302-86 Michael WARREN, 25, farmer, Cornwall, same, s/o Edward WARREN & Bridget CLEAREY, married Catharine ROACH, 23, Kemptville, same, d/o Michael ROACH & Margaret MCGAHAY, witn: John CLEARY(as written), Cornwall & Ellen ROACH, Kemptville, 23 Feb 1886 at Oxford

006371-1886 (Leeds Co) Edward WEBSTER, 50, Farmer, Leeds Co., Escott Tp., s/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth WEBSTER, married Sarah JOHNSON, Escott Tp., same, d/o Henry & Alice JOHNSON, witn: William JOHNSON, Farmersville, Maggie BARLOW, Leeds Co. 22 Sept 1886 Trinity Church, Lansdowne (Rear)

6151-86 Albert WEIR, 20, farmer, Oxford twp., same, s/o John WEIR & Mary ALEXANDER, married Hattie McLENNAN? (Utman?), 20, Mountain twp., Oxford twp., d/o Henry McLENAN & Harriet VAN CAMP, witn: W.H. ANDERSON & M. Louise AWDE, both of Kemptville, 29 Dec. 1886 at Kemptville #006305-86 James W. WELSH, 25, farmer, Walford, Oxford, s/o Richard WELSH & Elizabeth HICKLEY, married Melissa PATTERSON, 23, Oxford, same, d/o Robert PATTERSON & Margaret MCCARLIN, witn: E.R. HANTON & Lottie M. WILLIAMS, both of Oxford, 15 Mar 1886 at Oxford
006207-86 William J. WHALEY, 30, farmer, Oxford, same, s/o David & Elizabeth, married Letitia FERGUSON, 19, Augusta, same, d/o James & Maria, witn: George FERGUSON & Carrie REYNOLDS both of Augusta on June 8, 1886 at Augusta Twp. 6811-87 Samuel WILEY, 24, moulder, Staffordshire England, Brockville, s/o John WILEY & Theophilia JOHNSTON, married Mary CALLAGHAN, 21, Brockville, same, d/o Michael CALLAGHAN & Julia COUGHLIN, witn: Edwin WILEY & Julia CALLAGHAN, both of Brockville, 3 Nov 1886 at St. Francis Xavier Church, Brockville (Rom Cath)
6808-87 William WILKINSON, 26, driver on railway, Prescott, Brockville, s/o David Charles WILKINSON & Hannah KAYLE, married Emma BOTSFORD, 22, Brockville, same, d/o Charles W. BOTSFORD & Margaret McMULLEN; witn: J. & Annie WILKINSON, 5 Oct 1886 at not given [reg’d in Brockville ] 006789-87 Thomas WILKINSON, 68, Farmer, England, Elizabethtown, s/o Thomas WILKINSON & Mary HANDESIDO?; married Margaret USHER, 50, Lesbourne Ireland, Almonte, d/o Arthur USHER & Charlotte YOUNG; witn Maggie HUGHES & I.R. REID, both Brockville, 18 Nov 1886, Brockville

6332-86 (Leeds Co): Richard F. WILSON, 35, carpenter, Yonge twp., Brockville, s/o William F. & Maria, married Ella M. MANUAL, 26, Lansdowne, Brockville, d/o Richard & Eliza, witn: George WILSON of Brockville & Nancy MANUAL of Crosby, 15 Dec 1886 at Elizabethtown

006373-1886 (Leeds Co) Charles P. WILTSIE, 32, Widower, Farmer, Yonge Tp., Farmersville, s/o Coleman & Semantha WILTSIE, married Jane FINLEY, 30, Charleston, same, d/o Richard & Dorcas FINLEY, witn: Richard FINLEY, Farmersville, Elenor FINLEY, Charleston. 10 Nov 1886 Trinity Church, Lansdowne (Rear)

006394-86 (Leeds & Grenville Co) George WOODS, 22, Farmer, Oxford, Kitley, s/o Isaac WOODS & Margaret SANFORD; married Ella CASSELS, 21, Kitley, Kitley, d/o William CASSELS & Elizabeth TUCKER; witn Thomas KERNSHAW, Bastard & Michael McMANIS (McManus?), Kitley, 21 Dec 1886, Kitley

006416-1886 (Leeds Co) John WRIGHT, 53, Widower, Farmer, Aberdeen-Scotland, Brockville, s/o John WRIGHT & Margaret GREY, married Margaret McTAGGART, 40, Syracuse N.B., Brockville, d/o Ebenezer McTAGGART & Janet COULTHARD, witn; Abm. HEATH, Lydie McTAGGART, of Brockville. 15 Apr 1886 Brockville

006239-1886 (Leeds Co) James YATEMAN, 35, Farmer, of North Crosby, s/o James YATEMAN & Jemima YATEMAN, married Elizabeth TRYON, 46, Widow, North Crosby, Bedford Tp., d/o Allen MOORE & Tryphena MOORE, witn: (none given). 18 Nov 1886 Westport

#006323-86 (Leeds Co): Thomas YOUNG, 24, laborer, Scotland, Brockville, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Christine WORDEN?, 19, Canada, Elizabethtown, d/o Eliza & George Washington WORDEN, witn: E.H. GRANT of Brockville & Addie WORDEN of Elizabethtown, 27 Oct 1886 at Elizabethtown