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Leeds & Grenville Co., 1886, part 2

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006436-1886 (Leeds Co) Charles Abraham AMIES, 29, R.R. Employee, Canada, Brockville, s/o Isaac AMIES & Mary Ann HYSOP, married Maria CUNNINGHAM, 22, Ireland, Brockville, d/o James CUNNINGHAM & Rebecca BANBRICK, witn: George PENNOCK, Eliza PENNOCK, both of Brockville, 16 Aug 1886 Brockville  
006491-1886 (Leeds Co) Buell AVERY, 26, Merchant, Mallorytown, same, s/o Ruggles & Mary A. AVERY, married Luella WILTSE, 21, Farmersville, same, d/o Charles & Emaline WILTSE, witn: Rev. C. E. BLAND, Miss Hattie AVERY, both of Mallorytown, 24 Feb 1886 Farmersville 006706-1887 Elijah BALDWIN, 27, Labourer, Augusta, same, s/o Samuel & Arabella BALDWIN, married Elizabeth BONNEWELL, 29, Widow, England, Augusta, d/o Robert & Elizabeth ROBERTS, witn: John ROLPH, Richard ROLPH, both of Augusta, 23 Nov 1886 at North Augusta
006465-1886 Thomas J. BEDARD, age not given, Laborer, Gananoque, same, s/o John BEDARD & Mary SONNER (?), married Elizabeth LEGER,  age not given, Gananoque, same, d/o Onesime LEGER & Elizabeth BISHOP, witn: Daniel BISHOP, Mary Delphina LEGER, both of Gananoque,  4 Jan 1886 Gananoque (RC)  006425-1886 (Leeds Co) William Walter BLACK, 25, Photographer, Owen Sound, Brockville, s/o John BLACK & Catherine McINDOE, married Leona Adelaide KELSEY, 25, Guelph, Brockville, d/o Norman KELSEY & Susan ALLAN, witn: Miss L. JOHNSTON, Mr. J.H. McNISH, Brockville, 19 Apr 1886 Brockville
006266-1886 John Bernard BOSSE, 36, Book keeper, Germany, Ottawa, s/o Berend BOSSE & Margaret HOEREMAN, married Annie Effie BENDER, 28, West Virginia U.S.A., Prescott, d/o Charles Henry BENDER & Mary RAMSAY, witn: Jamesena McRITCHIE, Mary MILLS, both of Prescott,  9 June 1886 Prescott 006265-1886 John BRADLEY, 32, Widower, Yeoman, United States, Potsdam - York State, s/o James BRADLY (sic) & Margaret GIBSON, married Sarah BOAL, 28, Canada, Potsdam - York State, d/o Robert BOAL & Jane HUME, witn: Jamesena McRITCHIE, Mary MILLS, both of Prescott,  18 May 1886 Prescott
  006500-1886 (Leeds Co) Thomas BRYAN, 24, Farmer, Seeleys Bay, Lyndhurst, s/o Arthur & Julia Ann BRYAN, married Charlotte NOWLAN, 19, Caintown, Junetown, d/o James & Mary NOWLAN, witn: Earnest BARBER, Celia SOVERN, both of Farmersville, Oct 1886 (no day given), Farmersville
006431-1886 (Leeds Co) Willis CHIPMAN, 30, Widower, Civil Engineer, Leeds Co., Brockville, s/o Lewis & Abigail J. CHIPMAN, married Elizabeth Bray FINLAYSON, 18, Winterbourne, Brockville, d/o Henry M. & Eliza FINLAYSON, witn: J.C.T. COCHRANE, Allan TURNER, Brockville, Olivia C. LAVASSEUR, King,  30 June 1886 Brockville.   006498-1886 (Leeds Co) William CLARKSON, 35, Painter,Montreal, Frankville, s/o Edward & Ellen CLARKSON, married Rachel FINLAY, 29, Charleston-Leeds Co., same, d/o Richard & Dorcas FINLAY, witn: Richard FINLAY Jr., Eleanor FINLAY, both of Charleston,  13 Oct 1886 Farmersville
006442-1886 (Leeds Co) William Johnson CLUFF, 27, Produce Dealer, Huntington Co.-Quebec, Brockville, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth CLUFF, married Mary SHARKEY, 24, Montreal, Brockville, d/o William & Martha SHARKEY, witn: James NETTLETON, Mrs. Jennie NETTLETON, both of Brockville, 24 Nov 1886 Brockville 006439-1886 (Leeds Co) James Leonidas CORNER, 27, Bookkeeper, Buffalo N.Y., same, s/o James CORNER & Debetta HAMILTON, married Nellie Naomi PYKE, 27, Brockville, same, d/o James PYKE & Margaret McDOUGALL, witn: John D. POTTER, Buffalo N.Y., Lizzie C. IRWIN, Brockville,  14 Sept 1886 Brockville
006460-1886 David DARLING, 42, Widower, Merchant, Leeds, Gananoque, s/o David DARLING & Isabella BROWN, married Elizabeth Ann WALLACE, 41, Escott, Gananoque, d/o John WALLACE & Jane JOHNSON, witn: R. Edgar COOK, Alice WALLACE, both of Gananoque.  10 Feb 1886 Gananoque 006462-1886 Gordon DAVIDSON, 25, Blacksmith, Scotland, Gananoque, s/o James DAVIDSON & Charlotte DAVIDSON, married Mary SOPER, 22, Farmersville, Gananoque, d/o Sylvester SOPER & Agnes MORROW, witn: Matthew MILLS, Ida MILLS, both of Gananoque,  3 Apr 1886 Gananoque
006489-1886 (Leeds Co) Reuben DAVIS, 26, Yonge Twp, Spring Valley-Elizabethtown, s/o William DAVIS & Samantha SHELDON, married Ida CONNORS, 20, Elgin Twp., Farmersville, d/o Thomas CONNORS & Lucy Ann METIS, witn: William LANG, Spring Valley, Henrietta MADDEN, Farmersville, 13, Jan 1886 Farmersville 006494-1886 (Leeds Co) Albert Edward DONOVAN, 27, Com. Traveller, Farmersville, same, s/o John DONOVAN & Margaret KENDRICK, married Ella Barbara FISHER, 20, Farmersville, same, d/o Duncan FISHER & Helen MITCHELL, witn: Alson A. FISHER, Farmersville, Harriett MERKLEY, Morrisburg, 8 June 1886 Farmersville
  006433-1886 (Leeds Co) William S. DUNCAN, 34, Merchant, Scotland, same, s/o William & Barbara C. DUNCAN, married Agatha CAMPBELL, 28, Stratford, same, d/o Archibald & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: B. W. GRIGG, Susanna GRIGG, of Brockville,  6 July 1886 Brockville
006470-1886 William EMERY, 26, Farmer, Leeds, same, s/o Walter EMERY & Margaret DANIS, married Lura HARRISON, 23, North Augusta, Gananoque, d/o Thomas HARRISON & Mary FIELD, witn: Benjamin HERBISON, Leeds, Luella Mary RANDALL, Gananoque, 9 June 1886 Gananoque 006432-1886 (Leeds Co) Charles L. EVANS, 35, Engineer, Liverpool Eng., Brockville, s/o John E. & Martha EVANS, married Margaret E. HITCHEN, 27, Brantford, Brockville, d/o Frank & Alice M. HITCHON (sic), witn: Frank HITCHON, William EVANS, both of Brockville,  9 Aug 1886 Brockville
0064267-1886 (Leeds Co) Benjamin FOX, 27, Farmer, Augusta, Elizabethtown, s/o William & Alice FOX, married Elizabeth COLQUHOUN, 24, Wentworth Quebec, Brockville, d/o James & Dora COLQUHOUN, witn: Nelson HAWKES, Elizabethtown, Mrs. James FOLEY, Brockville, Hamilton G. WEMYSS, Brockville, 12 May 1886 Brockville 006711-1887 Charles Edward FOX, 22, Farmer, Oswego - US, Augusta, s/o Robert FOX & Sarah A. MONTGOMERY, married Harriet E. McMULLEN, 22, Augusta, same, d/o William McMULLEN & Electa STREIGHT, witn: Albert J. McMULLEN, Annie E. McMULLEN, both of Augusta, 17 Nov 1886 at Augusta
006440-1886 (Leeds Co) William John GREER, 22, Blacksmith, Canada, Brockville, s/o William GREER & Annie DANE, married Addie BRADFORD, 22 United States, Brockville, d/o William BRADFORD & Annie SEELEY, witn: Lizzie DORVELL, George R. EDMONDS, both of Brockville, 18 Oct 1886 Brockville  
006499-1886 (Leeds Co) Cornelius HANCOCK, 44, Widower, Leeds Tp., Yonge Tp., s/o Thomas & Harriet HANCOCK, married Ann BUTTERFIELD, 61, Widow, near Cornwall, Yonge Tp., d/o Joseph & Josette TYLE, witn: James FROST & Annie FROST, Yonge Tp., 19 Oct 1886 Farmersville 006469-1886 (Lees & Grenville Co) Daniel HAUGHTON, 25, Laborer, Newburgh, same, s/o Martin HAUGHTON & Elizabeth MIRACLE,  married Hannah KILLENBECK, 19, Marble Rock, Gananoque, d/o Charles KILLENBECK & Sophia ANDRESS, witn: Mrs. David ANDREW, Mrs. David MARK, both of Gananoque,  31 May 1886 Gananoque
006247-1886 William HIMES, 29, Yeoman, Canada, Prescott, s/o Elisha HIMES & Mary ATKINSON, married Harriet DAVIS, 19, Canada, Augusta, d/o Benoni DAVIS & Phoebe WYLIE, witn: Jamesena McRITCHIE, Ida B. MILLS, both of Prescott, 13 Mar 1886 Prescott 006466-1886 Richard HINTON, 26, Mechanic, Kingston, Gananoque, s/o Edward KEATING & Catherine KEATING, married Emma CHADWICK, 22, Kingston, Gananoque, d/o Robert CHADWICK & Martha FORBES, witn: Edward HINTON, Kingston, S. PYKE, Gananoque, 11 Apr (no yr. given)  Gananoque
006443-1886 (Leeds Co) Thomas JACKSON, 52, Railroad Employee, Ireland, Brockville, s/o Henry JACKSON & Martha BAILEY, married Delia WILKINSON, 50, Canada, Brockville, d/o Charles WILKINSON & Mary ANDERSON, witn: Charlotte WILKINSON, F. L. WILSON, both of Brockville,  8 Dec 1886 Brockville 006434-1886 (Leeds Co) Robert JACOBS, 22, Farmer, Maitland, Brockville, s/o William & Mary JACOBS, married Addie ELLERBECK, 22, Brockville, same, d/o John & Eliza ELLERBECK, witn: John BURNISTON, William J. WOOD, Brockville,  5 July 1886 Brockville (Gospel Army)
006461-1886 George KELLY, 23, Ireland, Gananoque, Mechanic, s/o Thomas KELLY & Mary STINSON, married Sarah Jane KAW, (KARR?) 24, Ireland, Gananoque, d/o James KAW & Mary Ann MOFFATT, witn: James KAW, Julia LYONS, both of Gananoque,  23 Mar 1886 Gananoque 006503-1886 (Leeds Co) John KNIGHT, 24, Laborer, England, Lyn, s/o Joel KNIGHT & Elizabeth GOODLAND, married Christiana BATH, 20, United States, Lyn, d/o Joseph BATH & Mary Ann HARVEY, witn: Thomas MITCHELL, Agnes MITCHELL, Farmersville, 3 Nov 1886 Farmersville
006267-1886 William LANE, 36, Widower, Farmer, Augusta Twp., same, s/o George LANE & Julia LANE, married Jane SMITH, 31, Prescott, Augusta Twp., d/o William SMITH & Mary SMITH, witn: Mrs. Nellia ANDERSON, Mrs. Elizabeth WRIGHT, both of Prescott,  3 June 1886 006429-1886 (Leeds Co) Robert LATIMER, 21, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Hugh LATIMER & Sarah LATIMER, married Mary PERCIVAL, 25, Elizabethtown, same, d/o William PERCIVAL & Ruth PERCIVAL, witn: Richard LATIMER, Lillie PERCIVAL,  22 Apr 1886 Brockville
006710-1887 William H. LEE, 28, Farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Henry LEE & Martha ROLINS, married Kezia Euphema BASS, 19, Augusta, same, d/o James W. BASS & Phoeba Ann CAVERLY, witn: Levi ROBINS, Elizabethtown, Grace THROOP, Augusta, 27 Oct 1886 at Augusta 006426-1886 (Leeds Co) Miles McCAY, 23, Merchant, Lowville, Burlington, s/o George McCAY & Hannah S. McCAY, married Kate L. BELL, 22, Elizabethtown, Brockville, d/o Walter BELL & Margaret BELL, witn: James BELL, Elizabethtown, Minnie McCAY, Burlington, 26 May 1886 Brockville
006464-1886 William McGINTY, age not given, Laborer, Gananoque, s/o James McGINTY & Ann McDONALD, married Rosanna LAPPIN, age not given, Lansdowne, Gananoque, d/o Michael LAPPIN & Catherine TROY (Ivey?), witn: George SQUIRREL, Gananoque, Agnes LAPPIN, Lansdowne, 1 Mar 1886 Gananoque (RC) 006712-1887 Thomas McGINTY, 28, Farmer, Augusta, same, s/o Thomas McGINTY & Betsey McGINTY, married Mary J COLBOURNE (sic), 24, Augusta, same, d/o William COLBORNE & Catherine COLBORNE, witn: Edward EYRE, Ida COLBORNE, both of Augusta, 17 Nov 1886 at North Augusta
006435-1886 (Leeds Co) John McGRAW, 40, Night Watchman, Elizabethtown, Brockville, s/o John McGRAW & Elizabeth BRIAN, married Harriet MURPHY, 39, (marital status not given), Hammond USA, Brockville, d/o Nelson WORDEN & Adeline GOPEY, witn: David SIMPSON, Barbara WRIGHT, Brockville, 13 July 1886 Brockville  
006496-1886 (Leeds Co) John McKAY, 26, Broom Manufacturer, Ont., Hamilton, s/o John William McKAY & Johanna McKENZIE, married Florence Angelia KNAPP, 21, Ont., Farmersville, d/o Israel KNAPP & Electra WHITE, witn: Wesley KNAPP, Mary E. KNAPP, both of Farmersville, 1 July 1886 Farmersville 006438-1886 (Leeds Co) Robert McLEAN, 24, Farmer, Augusta, Mitchell -Dakota U.S., s/o Ezra McLEAN & Mary Ann EARL, married Annie PASK, 22, Augusta, same, d/o John PASK & Sarah SALMON, witn: Katie L. MURRAY, Anne L. MURRAY, 1 June 1886 Brockville
006468-1886 (Leeds Co) George MONTEITH, 36, Mason, Widower, Ireland, Gananoque, s/o Archibald MONTEITH & Ann BARTON?, married Jennie GIBSON, 29, Kitley, Gananoque, d/o Robert GIBSON & Ann MOONEY, witn: Joseph McCAULEY, Leah JOHNSON, both of Gananoque,  27 Sept 1886 Gananoque 006495-1886 (Leeds Co) Andrew MORRISON, 33, Farmer, New Boyne, same, s/o Francis & Eliza MORRISON, married Margaret Jane GIBSON, 35, New Boyne, same, d/o Thomas & Jane GIBSON, witn: Mrs. Jas. ROSS, Mrs. R. M. DOWSLEY, both of Farmersville, 9 June 1886 Farmersville
006492-1886 (Leeds Co) Merrick MOTT, 46, Widower, Laborer, Ontario, Brockville, s/o Peter MOTT & Vicy Eliza BEACH, married Helen CRISTLEY, 29, Ontario, Brockville, d/o Thomas CRISTLEY & Ann BOYD, witn: George LEE, Jeannette LEE, both of Yonge, 8 Mar 1886 Farmersville 006424-1886 (Leeds Co) William MOULTON, 30, Farmer, Yonge Twp., same, s/o James MOULTON & Jane HEWITT, married Maria ROWSOM, 22, Elizabethtown, same, d/o Richard ROWSOM & Sarah ROTH, witn: Mrs. FINDLAY, Montreal, Mrs. George BURNFIELD, Brockville, 12 May 1886 Brockville
006497-1886 (Leeds Co) John Nelson NOBLE, 26, plater, Avon N.Y., Watertown N.Y., s/o John & Frances NOBLE, married Minerva CALDWELL, 22, Leeds Co., Yonge Twp., d/o Henry & Sarah CALDWELL, witn: Henry CALDWELL & Maggie HOLLINGSWORTH, both of Twp. R. of Yonge, 10 Aug 1886 Farmersville 006422-1886 (Leeds Co) Henry T. NUNN, 21, Grocer, Jefferson Co. N.Y., same, s/o William N. NUNN & Martha J. NUNN, married Lucy A. CALKINS, 16, Jefferson Co.- N.Y., same, d/o John CALKINS & Julian ALLAN, witn: Alex STEWART, Agnes JARDINE, both of Brockville, 24 May 1886 Brockville
006437-1886 (Leeds Co) Edward PARSLOW, 24, Carpenter & Joiner, Canada, Brockville, s/o John PARSLOW & Sophia BUTTLE, married Lizzie BENNETT, 18, Canada, Brockville, d/o William BENNETT & Cynthia THROOP, witn: William BENNETT, Lillie LARVIE, both of Brockville, 15 July 1886 Brockville 006245-1886 Anthony Gilman PETERSON, 27, Farmer, Edwardsburgh, same, s/o William PETERSON & Jane PETERSON, married Hannah BAKER, 26, Edwardsburgh, same, d/o Richard BAKER & Sarah BAKER, witn: William Thomas PETERSON, Edwardsburgh, Jane Eliza BAKER, Maitland, 19 Jan 1886 Prescott St. John's Church
006244-1886 Hugh RANKIN, 21, Cabinet Maker, Canada, Cornwall, s/o Robert RANKIN & Martha BELL, married Nelly BRAY, 21, Canada, Prescott, d/o Charles BRAY & Ann Jane BELL, witn: John RANEY, Clara H RANEY, both of Prescott,  13 Jan 1886 Prescott 006421-1886 (Leeds Co) Alexander ROBERTSON, 30, Yeoman, Co. Limerick Ireland, s/o David ROBERTSON & June ROBERTSON, married Annie Maria WILSON, 26, Elizabethtown Twp., same, d/o William F. WILSON & Maria WILSON, witn: George E. WILSON, Miss Ida SHIPMAN, Brockville,  3 May 1886 Brockville.
006504-1886 (Leeds Co) Robert ROSENBERGER, 31, Farmer, Ontario, Bastard Tp., s/o Thomas ROSENBERGER & Lucina HINDAY, married Susan Hester RICHARDS, 21, Ontario, Bastard Tp., d/o Richard RICHARDS & Mary RUDD, witn: Joseph W. CHANT, Sarah Jane RICHARDS, Bastard Tp, 2 Dec 1886 Farmersville  
006463-1886 John Truman STOLIKER, 22, Laborer, Leeds, same, s/o Joseph STOLICKER (sic) & Edeline HARWOOD, married Elizabeth REID, 18, Leeds, same, d/o Father unknown & Emma REID, witn: Claud PRESTON. Emma DAVIS, both of Gananoque,  3 Mar 1886 Gananoque 006467-1886 Giles STONESS, 28, Farmer, Storrington, Battersea, s/o Robert STONESS & Fanny SEARS, married Esther ABBOTT, 24, Storrington, same, d/o John ABBOTT & Nancy RANCIER, witn: G. H. FUNNELL, J.M. MABEE, both of Gananoque,  24 Apr 1886 Gananoque
006445-1886 (Leeds Co) William STRANG, 26, Artisan, Lanark, same, s/o John STRANG & Janet MORRISON, married Ellen GUTHRIE, 25, Lanark, same, d/o James GUTHRIE & Ann MIDDLETON, witn: James GUTHRIE & Emily GUTHRIE, 25 Dec 1886 Brockville 006423-1886 (Leeds Co) James TAGGART, 25, Moulder, Antrim- Ireland, Brockville, s/o William TAGGART & Rebecca HEUSTON, married Margaret Jane DICKSON, 23, Perth, Brockville, d/o William DICKSON & Margaret McFARLAN, witn: William FRANKCOM (Frankorn?), Brockville, Mary A. CUDDY, Perth,  24 May 1886 Brockville
006761-1887 James TAIT, 30, Farmer, Oxford, same, s/o James TAIT & Mary A. COIL, married Mary A. O'CONNOR, 23, Oxford, same, d/o David O'CONNOR & Catherine O'DARE, witn: Edward DURN, Martha TAIT, of Oxford, 7 Sept 1886 at Oxford (RC) 006493-1886 (Leeds Co) Sydney Alden TAPLIN, 56, Widower, Gentleman, Ont., Farmersville, s/o Henry TAPLIN & Melinda HUMPHREY, married Elizabeth TABER) 40, Widow, Ont. Farmersville, d/o Andrew WILSON & Jane BOLTON, witn: William TABER, Minnie TAPLIN, both of Farmersville, 14 Apr 1886 Farmersville
006430-1886 (Leeds Co) Ira TENNANT, 21, Farmer, Caintown, same, s/o David TENNANT & Mary SIMMONS, married Hattie E. QUINSEY, 24, Gananoque, Caintown, d/o Edwin QUINSEY & Harriet AUSTIN, witn: Mrs. George BURNFIELD, Brockville,  29 May 1886 Brockville 006428-1886 (Leeds Co) Allan TILLY, 26, Com. Traveller, Brockville, same, s/o John & Margaret TILLY, married Alice WALBRIDGE, 22, Belleville, Brockville, d/o Robert & Agnes WALBRIDGE, witn: George WALBRIDGE, Belleville, Mrs. Robert WALBRIDGE, Brockville,  27 May 1886 Brockville
006441-1886 (Leeds Co) Allan TURNER, 33, Chemist & Druggist, Brockville, same, s/o Allan TURNER & Mary MILLS, married Florence COCHRANE, 27, Glen View - York Mills, Brockville, s/o John C. T. COCHRANE & Katherine COCHRANE, witn: J. C. T. COCHRANE,  Francis TURNER, Agnes COCHRANE, all of Brockville, 1 Dec 1886 Brockville 006444-1886 (Leeds Co) George Henry VOUGHT, 23, Evangelist, Canada, Brockville, s/o Benjamin VOUGHT & Margaret DOWNEY, married Stella HAWES, 19, Canada, Brockville, d/o Peter HAWES and Mary SHIPMAN, witn: D. M. DUNHAM, Nancy HAWES, Brockville, 10 Nov 1886 Brockville
006420-1886 (Leeds Co) Charles Arthur WALLACE, 28, Druggist, London- Eng., Hastings, s/o Samuel & Mary WALLACE, married Blanche Beatrice CLAYTON, 24, Indiana, Galveston Texas, d/o Samuel & Annie Maude CLAYTON, witn: Joseph HEVALEY, Jemima HAGEN, both of Brockville, 30 Mar 1886 Brockville 006490-1886 (Leeds Co) Amasa WATSON, 21, Ont., Farmer, Yonge Twp., s/o Jabez WATSON & Jane FRENCH, married Sarah Ann HAWKINS, 18, Ontario, Farmersville, d/o Edgar HAWKINS & Louisa STANDARD, witn: Jane WATSON, Mary Ann WATSON, both of Yonge, 28 Jane 1886 Yonge
006501-1886 (Leeds Co) Lester WEEKS, 22, Farmer, Ontario, Lansdowne, s/o George WEEKS & Mary BEERS, married Elizabeth BEVENS, 22, Ontario, Lansdowne, d/o Ira BEVENS & Lucy TOWSLEY, witn: J. P. LAMB, Selina LAMB, both of Farmersville, 7 Oct 1886  Farmersville 006502-1886 (Leeds Co) Mortimer Merlin WILTSE, 21, Farmer, Ontario, Farmersville, s/o Arza M. WILTSE & Sarah ROGERS, married Ann Eliza HILLIS, 22, Ontario, Yonge, d/o William HILLIS & Lucretia WILTSE, witn: Mw. Amos HILLIS, Mary C. McLAUGHLIN, both of Farmersville,  27 Oct 1886 Farmersville
006505-1886 (Leeds Co) Samuel B. WING, 47, Widower, Montreal, Farmersville, s/o Matthew WING & Mary J. RUSSELL, married Clarissa HALL, 27, Smith Falls, same, d/o John W. HALL & Naomi RATHBUN, witn: William WING, Toronto, Jane E. RATHBUN, Smith Falls, 25 Dec 1886 Farmersville 006246-1886 Joseph Benjamin YOUNG, 28, Policeman, Ontario, Brockville, s/o John YOUNG & Jane YOUNG, married Jane FITZPATRICK, 24, Ontario, North Williamsburg, d/o John FITZPATRICK & Catherine FITZPATRICK, witn: Christopher YOUNG, Adelia BAGG, both of Brockville,  10 Feb 1886 St. Johns Church Prescott