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Leeds & Grenville Co., 1894, part 1

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#006770-94 (Grenville Co.) George H. ACLAND 24, farmer, Grenville twp., same, s/o Dudley & Laura ACKLAND, married Susannah PERCIVAL 25, Grenville twp., same, d/o Roger & Jane PERCIVAL, wit: Florence I. ROBERTS & Mabel WHITMARSH both of Merrickville, 3 Sep 1894, at rectory Merrickville  
#006812-94 (Grenville Co.), Joel ADAMS, 20, farmer, Canada, Edwardsburgh, s/o Edoin ADAMS & Jane ADAMS; married Maggie E. GRANT, 17, Canada, Edwardsburgh, d/o Loughlin GRANT & Mary GRANT; witn Albert GRANT, Edwardsburgh & Hugh ADAMS, Edwardsburgh, 11 Sept 1894, Shanley 6823-94 Amos ANDERSON, 23, laborer , Cardinal, same, s/o Peter ANDERSON & Julia HAMELL, married Mary RUSSELL, 22, Edwardsburg, same, d/o Peter RUSSELL & Margaret S--TELL?, witn: Andrew BRENNAN & Harriet ANDERSON, both of Cardinal, 7 Jan 1894 at Prescott
#006800-94 (Grenville Co) George ANDERSON, 34, Widower, farmer, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o John ANDERSON & Ellin KELBRATH; married Jane PITT, 31, Widow, d/o Newburry WILSON & Sarah ARMSTRONG; witn James WILSON, Mrs. James WILSON, Mrs William WALLACE, Wilf NELSON, all Edwardsburgh, 28 Mar 1894 #006702-94 (Grenville Co.) William ANDERSON, 66, b. Ireland, of Wolford Grenville Co., Widower, Farmer, s/o Archibald ANDERSON & Mary MONTGOMERY, married Olive ROBINSON, 55, b. Kitley Leeds Co., of Wolford Grenville Co., d/o John ROBINSON & Charlotte GREY, witnesses: William DAVIS & Hattie WYATT, both of Wolford, on 7 March 1894 at Wolford
006845-94 (Grenville Co.) Amos AUBRIEN?, 22, Laborer, Ontario, Cardinal, s/o Peter AUBIENE? (buried as O’Brian) & Julia HOWELL?, married Mary RUSSELL, 22, Cardinal, Illegible (likely Cardinal), d/o Peter RUSSELL & Margaret STRALELL? Witn.: Andrew BRENNAN, Cardinal & Harriott AUBIEN?, January 7, 1894 at Prescott. #006739-94 (Leeds Co.) Reuben John AUSTIN 28, farmer, Bastard twp., Lansdowne twp., s/o Harvey AUSTIN & Olive J. GILE, married Mary Etta Jane MOLES 27, Rear of Yonge twp., Athens, d/o Thomas R. MOLES & Deborah KENDRICK, wit: William H. STANTON of Leeds twp. & Elizabeth E. MOLES of Athens, 12 Sep 1894, at residence of the bride Athens.
#006791-94 (Leeds Co) John Byron AVERY, 32, , farmer, Yonge twp, Yonge twp, s/o Alfred AVERY & Jane HENDRY; married Eliza R. BROWN, 28, Yonge Mills, Yonge twp, d/o William BROWN & Jane ABERNITHY; witn W.A. BROWN & Barbara BROWN, Chicago, Ill., 3 Oct 1894, Yonge twp  
6830-94 George Arthur BAKER, 27, engine driver, Ontario, Dicksons Landing, s/o George & Ellen, married Christena LOUNDERVILLE, 18, Ontario, Augusta, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Samuel EASTER of Augusta & Rev. G. GRANT of Prescott, 28 Feb 1894 at St. Johns Rectory, Prescott #006805-94 (Grenville Co.) George BAKER, 29, farmer, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o Richard BAKER & Sarah FORBES; married Elizabeth NEWMAN, 25, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o Joseph NEWMAN & Alice WILLOUGHBY; witn R.A. TURNER, Cardinal & Alice NEWMAN, Rocbuck, 19 Sept 1894, Edwardsburgh
006971-94 (Leeds Co) William John BALL, 47, Wid, Teamster, Burghouis Que, Brockville, s/o Charles Ball & Ann MURPHY; married Joanna LANGSTAFF, 34, Wid, New Redwood NY, Brockville, d/o Washington HAYES & Elmira STOTTS; witn Alonzo FOX & Margaret Ann BALL, both Brockville, 7 May 1894, Brockville 006950-94 (Leeds Co) Robert BARNUM, 36, Wid, Brakeman, Hastings Sydney Co Ont, Brockville, s/o Samuel BARNUM & Ann FOXTON; married Emily LAKE, 27, Wid, Odessa, Brockville, d/o James MAGEE & Margaret GORING; witn Caroline SCANLON & Charles P. SNIDER, both Brockville, 19 Feb 1894, Brockville
6922-94 William Henry BEACH, 38, widower, farmer, South Gower twp., Oxford twp., s/o Benjamin F. BEACH & Mary JOHNSTON, married Matilda EWING, 40, widow, South Gower twp., same, d/o James MACKEY & Mary Ann ROBINSON, witn: Ann & Mary Elma McDIARMID of Kemptville, 11 Oct 1894 #006717-94 (Leeds Co.) George M. BEACH 29, yeoman, Elizabethtown twp., same, s/o James & Williamina BEECH, married Mary E. McCREADY 24, Michigan USA, Elizabethtown twp., d/o David & Harriet McCREADY, wit: William BOWEN of Elizabethtown twp. & Maggie McLEAN of Augusta twp., 5 Sep 1894, at Elizabethtown twp.
6927-94 Alvin Augustus BEACH, 40, farmer, South Gower twp., Renfrew Co., s/o Alvin & Eleanor, married Mary Ann HALPENNY, 28, Marlborough twp., Oxford twp., d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Jos. STEVENSON of North Gower & Charlotte BOLTON of Oxford twp., 1 Aug 1894 at Kemptville (also 6919-94) 006899-94 (Leeds Co.) Joseph BEADLE, 25, Laborer, North Crosby, North Crosby, s/o Miram BEADLE & Martha CHURCH, married Elizabeth MARTIN, 18, Burgess Lanark Co., Portland, d/o John & Mary MARTIN, Wit: Evans WARREN & Nancy BEADLE both of North Crosby, Oct. 17, 1894 at North Crosby
006898-94 (Leeds Co.) William R. BEDARD, 19, Farmer, Newboro, North Crosby, s/o Joseph BEDARD & Mary MOORE, married Agnes KERR, 19, Scotland, Bastard, d/o unknown (bride is an orphan), Wit: Thomas BARKER & Etta BARKER, both of Delta, October 2, 1894 at res of bridegroom’s parents, North Crosby #006811-94 (Grenville Co.), James O. BEGG, 26, farmer, Canada, Mountain,s/o Hugh BEGG & Mary BEGG; married: Bertha Ella ADAMS, 22, Canada, Shanty, d/o Edoin ADAMS & Jane ADAMS; witn: Wesley O. SHAVER, Wincheser & Lillie ADAMS, Shanly, 6 Sept 1894, Shanley
006867-94 (Grenville Co.) Wesley BIGFORD, 20, Farmer, Wolford Twp. Grenville, Wolford Twp. Grenville, s/o Thomas BIGFORD & Sarah Jane BIGFORD, married Hattie May BROWN, 20, United States, Oxford Twp., d/o Seymour BROWN & Harriett BROWN, Witn.: Freeman BROWN, Oxford, Emma BIGFORD, Wolford, March 28, 1894, at Oxford Twp. 006866-94 (Grenville Co.) Orla Egbert BISHOP, 26, Farmer, Oxford Twp., Oxford Twp., s/o Asa BISHOP & Louisa BISHOP, married Mary Jane WEIS, 23, Oxford Twp., Oxford Twp., d/o Hugh WEISS & Jane WEISS, Witn.: Harold BISHOP & Martha WEISS, both of Bishops Mills, March 13, 1894, at Bishop Mills
#006787-94 (Leeds Co.) S. M. BOOTH 29, farmer, Elizabethtown twp., same, s/o Edward & Elizabeth BOOTH, married Lois MOXLEY 28, Escott, same, d/o Richard & Mary MOXLEY, wit: Miss. BOOTH of Elizabethtown twp. & Mr (J.M.?) CUMMINGS of Lyn Ont., 27 Jun 1894, at Escott 6834-94 Daniel Newell BOYNTON, 26, teacher, NY state, Ausable Forks, s/o John S. & Martha, married Jessie I. ORMISTON, 20, NY state, Goveneur NY, d/o George P. & Minnie A., witn: George & Mary LEWIN of Prescott, 4 May 1894 at St. Johns Rectory, Prescott
7002-95 John Wesley BRADLEY, 28, farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Richard & Jane, married Annie Lavina CLENDENNING, 28, Leeds Co., Lansdowne, d/o Andrew CLENDENNING & Margaret VANAVERY, witn: Ogle BRADLEY & Emma CLENDENNING, both of Lansdowne, 12 Sept 1894 at Lansdowne 006858-94 (Grenville Co.) Henry BRIMSON, 25, Carter?, Prescott, Prescott, s/o James BRIMSON & Lena DEBEAU, married Anna Elizabeth FRY (or FOY), 24, Ontario, Prescott, d/o John & Caroline FRY (or FOY), Witn.: Thomas FOX, Brockville, Clara STALE (?), Prescott, Dec. 12, 1894, at Salvation Army Barracks, Prescott
  06974-94 Shelden L. BROWN, 25, farmer, Elizabethtown, same, s/o Idos? & Maria BROWN, married Mary SMITH, 20, Brockville, same, d/o Edward & Adeline SMITH, wtn: Miss Emma CORRIGAN? & Mrs. C.M. BETTS both of Brockville, June 7, 1894, Brockville
#006756-94 (Grenville Co.) Thomas Albert BURCHILL 20, farmer, Wolford twp., same, s/o John & Mary BURCHILL, married Amanda BORCKLEBANK (s/b Brocklebank?), 23, Montague twp., same, do/ William & Martha BORCKLEBANK, wit: John George JOHNSON & Catherine Adeline BORCKLEBANK both of Montague twp., 9 Jan 1894 at residence of the bride's father Montague twp. [note - witnesses married 24 Jan 1894.] 6692-94 John BURK (Buck?), 2-?, farmer, South Burgess, same, s/o Mr. & Mrs. John, married Annie TOFFEY, 24, South Burgess, same, d/o George & Mary, wtn: John & Angeline TOFFEY of S. Burgess, 14 May 1894 at Lombardy [faded reg'n]
6831-94 Daniel CARPENTER, 26, cheese maker, Ontario, Mille Roche, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth, married Lovena Alice WEEGAR, 22, Ontario, Dicksons Landing, d/o Aliza? & Levina, witn: Georgina & Mary LEWIN of Prescott, 28 Feb 1894 at St. Johns Rectory, Prescott #006832-95 (Grenville Co): James Hopkins CARRINGTON, 38, merchant, Ogdensburg NY, same, s/o James Hopkins CARRINGTON & Anna FLETCHER, married Christabelle BALLANCE, 21, Oxford twp., same, d/o George Edwin BALLANCE & Mary Ann GRAHAM, witn: George E. BALLANCE & Mary Ann GRAHAM, both of Kemptville, 31 Oct 1894 at St. James Church, Kemptville
6747-94 Henry CARSS, 58, commercial traveller, South Crosby, Delta, s/o James Nelles & Alice CARSS, married Abigail COLEMAN, 38, Philipsville, Rear of Yonge, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John CARSS of Athens & William HAMLIN of Yonge, 9 Aug 1894 at Hard Island, Yonge twp  
006970-94 (Leeds Co) Edward Valentine CHAPLIN, 27, Accountant, Quebec Prov, Montreal, s/o Edward CHAPLIN & Annie MILLS; married Agnes Meredith COCHRANE, 27, Ontario, Brockville, d/o John Charles Thomas COCHRANE & Katherine SHARPE; married A. CHAPLIN, Montreal, John COCHRAN, Brockville & Edward CHAPLIN, Montreal, 1 May 1894, Brockville #006810-94 (Grenville Co.), William Emery CINDELL, 34, farmer, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o Ehingar CINDELL & Esther A WHITNEY; married Hannah MURDOCK, 26, Matilda, Edwardsburgh, d/o Robin MURDOCK & Mary Jane WRIGHT; witn: Henry BOYD, Glen Stewart, & Jennie E. CINDELL, ?, 6 Dec 1894, Edwardsburgh
#006714-94 (Leeds Co.) Peter Franklin CLOW 46, wid., livery stable keeper, Elizabethtown twp., Lyn Ont., s/o Daniel & Polly CLOW, married Mary LAVERTY 32, Richmond Ont., Lyn Ont., d/o Daniel (David?) & Nancy LAVERTY, wit: Belle LAVERTY & Andrew M. Wilson of Elizabethtown twp., 22 Aug 1894, at Lyn Elizabethtown twp 6849-94 George H. COLE, 28, laborer, Fowler NY, Edwards NY, s/o Nicholas COLE & Betsy COOK, married Maud ALLAN, 22, Oneida USA, Cranberry Lake, d/o George ALLEN (sic) & Harriet BENTRUK? (Bentink?), witn: Jane A. STUART & John LONEY, both of Prescott, 27 March 1894 at Prescott
  006951-94 (Leeds Co) John COLLINS, 27, farmer, Front of Yonge, Front of Yonge, s/o John & Jane COLLINS; married Edith May GARDNER, 25, Front of Yonge, Front of Yonge, d/o Norris & Grace? GARDNER; witn Charles WARDEN & Kate GONTREN, both Yonge, 7 Mar 1894, Brockville
6820-94 Walter COLLISON, 23, farmer, Matilda twp., same, s/o Peter COLLISON & Mary ROBINSON, married Martha THOMPSON, 19, Matilda twp., same, d/o Edward THOMPSON & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, witn: Andrew MacPHERSON & Colin COOK, both of Cardinal, 31 July 1894 at Cardinal #006797-94 (Grenville Co) Henry Alfred COLLISON, 21, farmer, Matilda, Matilda, s/o Silas COLLISON & Mary WALLREY; married Effie PAYNE, 20, Matilda, Matilda d/o William PAYNE & Lucy PRIEL; witn J.J. MARSH & Mary RICHARDSON, Spencerville, 20 Feb 1894, Spencerville
#006814-94 (Grenville Co.), Thomas H. CONSTABLE, 58, millar, Canada, Spencerville, s/o Thomas CONSTABLE & Diane MATHESON; married Annie Jane ADAMS, 24, Canada, Shanley, d/o Joel ADAMS & Fannie ADAMS; witn: Morley HEAGLE, Montreal & Lillie ADAMS, Shanley; 26 Sept. 1894, Shanley 6929-94 William John CORBETT, 29, grocer, Mono Centre, Kemptville, s/o Richard CORBETT & Martha MARTIN, married Agnes Kirkwood COURTENAY, 26, Markham, Kemptville, d/o Israel COURTENAY & Margaret DICKSON, witn: Samuel SAVAGE of Ottawa & Isabella MARTIN of Kemptville, 12 Sept 1894 at Kemptville
006864-94 (Grenville Co.) Caesar COTTON, 45, Farmer, Wexford Ireland, Augusta Grenville, s/o George COTTON & Mary COTTON, married Sarah E. JOHNSTON, 37, Oxford Grenville, Oxford Grenville, d/o William JOHNSTON & Mary JOHNSTON, Witn.: George REYNOLDS, Ottawa, Margaret JOHNSTON, Oxford Twp., April 11, 1894, at Oxford Twp.  
6917-94 Samuel CRAIG, 49, widower, farmer, North Gower, Manitoba, s/o Robert & Eliza, married Mary Jane FEE, 40, widow, Marlborough twp., Kemptville, d/o Thomas & Hattie, witn: Richard CRAIG & Hatttie FEE, both of Kemptville, 13 Dec 1894 at Kemptville 6910-94 William CRAWFORD, 23, farmer, Marlborough twp., same, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Hannah COWEL, 20, Marlborough twp., d/o John & Susannah, witn: Dr. JANES (Jones?) & E. GRAHAM, both of Kemptville, 10 March 1894 at Kemptville
#006736-94 (Leeds Co.) Alonzo Victor CROMWELL 25, rail road employee, Lyn Ont., Yonge twp., s/o Stephen N. CROMWELL & Phoebe HAYES, married Cynthia Ella CARPENTER 21, Lansdowne Ont., Lyn Ont., d/o Sylvester & Sarah CARPENTER, wit: Wm H. McMASTER & Harriett M. CARPENTER both of Lyn, 11 Aug 1894, at Athens. 6925-94 William DALGLISH (s/b Dalgleish?), 45, widower, Osgoode, same, s/o Alexander DALGLISH & Catherine LEE, married Elizabeth TAYLOR, 32, Osgoode, same, d/o John TAYLOR & Emily DILLON, witn; Henry ROBERTSON & Martha MARSHALL, both of Osgoode, 13 June 1894 at Kemptville
006861-94 (Grenville Co.) Walter S. DALY, 34, M.D., Ogdensburg N.Y., Ogdensburg N.Y., s/o Cornelius DALY & Catherine CASSELMAN, married Mary Elizabeth MORAN, 28, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Peter MORAN & Harriet SCOTT, Witn.:William MORAN, Toronto, Annie FRASER, Toronto, September 29, 1894, at Prescott 06882-94 (Leeds Co) Hollis DANCY, 25, farmer, S. Crosby, S. Crosby, s/o John DANCY & Sarah COON, married Annie KYLES, 20, Canada, Leeds, d/o William KYLES & Mary ATCHESON, witn – Alex KYLES, Leeds & Miss FRENCH, no place given, 6 Sept 1894, Leeds
  6915-94 Lyon McKenzie DAVISON, 27, merchant, Kemptville, Bastard twp., s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Mabel Grace CURRY, 20, of Kemptville, d/o William & Sarah, witn: John H. & Eliza CURRY of Kemptville, 25 Dec 1894 at Kemptville
#006716-94 (Leeds Co.) John Edmund DE CARLE 33, accountant, Lancaster twp. Glengarry Co. Ont., Mills Edy Montana USA, s/o Lancelot & Alice DE CARLE, married Margaret Anna WILSON 30, Elizabethtown twp., same, d/o Andrew & Agnes WILSON, wit: Louisa FOXTON of Elizabethtown twp. & Thomas SHORE of Brockville, 11 Oct 1894, at Elizabethtown twp. 006859-94 (Grenville Co.) Joseph Del’ETIOLE, 52, C.S. Clerg., St. Roch Quebec, Ottawa, s/o Joseph Del’ETIOLE & Elizabeth ASSELIN, married Rose DELANEY, 22, Prescott, Prescott, d/o Robert DELANEY & Mary Ann REVELLS, Witn.: Norman REUTER, Ogdensburg, Eliza REUTER, Ogdensburg, October 16, 1894, at Prescott
006837-94 (Grenville Co.) Orton A. DIMOCK (Dinnock?), 38, Farmer, DeKaleb N.Y., Antwerp N.Y., s/o William DIMOCK & Sarah PIKE, married Lillie Kate ROBINSON, 26, Antwerp N.Y., Fowler, N.Y., d/o Joseph FOWLER & Sylvia A. FOWLER, Witn.: M.A. PERRY & S.J. COWAN of Prescott, January 2, 1894, at Prescott #006727-94 (Leeds Co.) Robert DIXIE 28, farmer, Front of Yonge twp., same, s/o Wm & Nancy DIXIE, married Ellen Nora DOBBS 24, Rear of Yonge twp., same, d/o Robert & Eleanor DOBBS, wit: Jas. LANE of Yonge twp.& Anna SCOTT of Elizabethtown twp., 18 Apr 1894, at Christ Ch. Athens
#006735-94 (Leeds Co.) William John DONALDSON 24, farmer, Bedford twp., Kitley twp., s/o Chas & Maria DONALDSON, married Mary Ann WOODS 18, Oxford Mills Ont., Kitley twp., d/o Isaac & Margaret Ann WOODS, wit: Eliza Jane BENNETT of Kitley & Mrs. J. A. KENNEDY of Athens, 9 Aug 1894, at parsonage Athens #006753-94 (Leeds Co.) John James DRADER 28, farmer, Camden twp. Addington co. [Lennox & Addington co.], same, s/o Nelson DRADER & Matilda VALIER, married Sarah Ann GREEN 20, Bedford twp. Frontenac co., d/o Henry & Melissa GREEN, wit: W. H. CAIRNS of Perth & M. J. JAMIESON of Newboro, 11 Oct 1894, at Newboro
#006773-94 (Grenville Co.) John DRISCOLL 24, labourer, Wolford twp., Merrickville, s/o James & Jane DRISCOLL, married Mary Elizabeth MCINTYRE 25, Merrickville, same, d/o Wm & Mary Ann MCINTYRE, wit: William E. DRISCOLL of Wolford twp. & Maggie MOORE of Oxford twp., 3 Oct 1894, at Trinity Ch. Merrickville #006764-94 (Grenville Co.) Walter EAGLEY 28, painter, Merrickville, same, s/o James & Eliza EAGLEY, married Rebecca RYAN 27, Hawksbury, Montague twp., d/o James & Margaret RYAN, wit: James EAGLEY & Katherine DAVIS both of Merrickville, 6 Jun 1894, at residence of W. BOYLE Merrickville
#006779-94 (Leeds Co.) Allen Norman EARL 34, yeoman, Lansdowne twp., same, s/o John EARL & Elizabeth COOK, married Jennie E. PURVIS 25, McKillop twp. Huron co., Yonge twp., d/o W. Walter PURVIS & Margaret A. WEEKS, wit: Annie McCALLUM of Gananoque & William PURVIS of Caintown, 14 Feb 1894, at Front of Yonge twp. #006803-94 (Grenville Co.), James H. EARL, 25, Carpenter, Augusta, Prescott, s/o Joel EARL & Clarissa TRELT; married Ida B. PADGET, 22, Smith Falls, Prescott, d/o Alex PADGET & Sophia GASCORGNE; witn William Albert WESTLAKE, Glen Huell Alma M. PADGET, Prescott, Mary E. EARL, Racbuck, 23 May 1894, Spencerville
006873-94 (Grenville Co.) William Marcus EARLE, 36, Physician, Winchester Ont., Bishops Mills, s/o Rufus & Catherine, married Annie Jane ELLIOTT, 25, Bishops Mills Ont., same, d/o Archibold & Sarah, Witn.: George EARLE, Winchester Ont., Carrie ELLIOTT, Bishops Mills, June 6, 1894 at Bishops Mills, Oxford Twp. 006842-94 (Grenville Co.) Albert EASTER, 24, Mechanic, Augusta Ont., Prescott, s/o Abram EASTER & Sarah EASTER, married Jennie BRADFORD, 23, Guelph, Prescott, d/o Lundri BRADFORD & Jennie BRADFORD, Witn.: B.A. SHEWELL & E.R. HUGHES of Prescott, June 13, 1894, at Prescott
  006980-94 Herbert Ross EASTON, 22, moulder, Brockville, same, s/o Solomon D. EASTMAN & Herrena? ROSS, married Mary PASK, 20, Newport England, Brockville, d/o John PASK & Elizabeth WHITE, wtn: Thomas BARBOUR & Maggie HAWN both of Newington, April 26, 1894, Brockville
6821-94 Henry EDWARDS, 23, laborer, Edwardsburg, Prescott, s/o George & Adelina, married Mary Bella YELDON, 18, Oxford twp., Prescott, d/o Edward Jessup & Isabel YELDON, witn: Samuel COUNTRYMAN & Elizabeth EDWARDS, both of Prescott, 1 Jan 1894 at Prescott 6835-94 John L. EMPEY, 32, farmer, Matilda, same, s/o Peter EMPEY & Sarah LOUCKS, married Mary M. CASTLEMAN, 21, Matilda, same, d/o Simon T. & Angelina, witn: Simon T. CASTLEMAN & S. J. CONAN, both of Prescott, 2 Aug 1893 at Prescott
#006801-94 (Grenville Co) John Wisley ENGLISH, 26, School teacher, Matilda, Iroquois, s/o John ENGLISH & Louisa ENGLISH; married Edith Jane FAIRBARN, 26, Spencerville, Spencerville, d/o Robert FAIRBAIRN & Mary SPENCER; witn Andre FAIBAIRN, Montreal, Que & Leila FAIRBAIRN, Spencerville, 1 Jan 1894, Spencerville #006767-94 (Grenville Co.) Robert P. ERRETT 25, miller, Merrickville, same, s/o Edward & Clarissa ERRETT, married Catherine BURCHILL 26, Wolford twp., same, d/o John & Mary BURCHILL, wit: Edward ERRETT of Merrickville & Mary BURCHILL of Wolford twp., 1 Aug 1894, at residence of Mrs. J. BURCHILL Wolford twp.
#006883-94 (Leeds & Grenville Co) William FISHER, 19, farmer, Canada, Storrington, s/o William FISHER & Elizabeth JOSTLEN, married Mary Amanda KEELON, 18, Canada, Storrington, d/o William KEELON & Ellen KERNS, witn – William KELLON & Maggie FISHER, both Washborn, Dec 5, 1894, ?lonsville  
#006775-94 (Grenville Co.) Solomon FLINN 22, farmer, Montague twp., same, s/o William & Sarah FLINN, married Isabella SCOTT 17, Montague twp., same, d/o John & Catherine SCOTT, wit: Hezekiah FLINN & Ruth E. SCOTT both of Montague twp., 5 Dec 1894, at rectory Merrickville. 006871-94 (Grenville Co.) Robert Thomas FLYNN, 25, Farmer, Merrickville Grenville, s/o Thomas FLYNN & Sarah FLYNN, married Elizabeth LEACH, 20, South Gower, South Gower, d/o George LEACH & Martha LEACH, Witn.: Mrs. FORSYTHE, Oxford Mills, W. LEACH, Oxford Mills, April 18, 1894, at Oxford Mills, Oxford Twp.
#006737-94 (Leeds Co.) Charles FOLEY 28, wid., farmer, Athens Ont., same, s/o Wm FOLEY & Susannah MOTT, married Mary STINNETT 19, Greenfield Ont., Sand Bay Ont., d/o Thomas STINNETT & Sarah Ann BOYD, wit: Theodore FOLEY & Ida FOLEY of Athens, 15 Aug 1894, at Athens #006786-94 (Leeds Co.) John R. FOLEY 51, farmer, Escott, Lansdowne twp., s/o Robert & Susan FOLEY, married Rosanna AUSTIN 31, Bastard twp., Lansdowne twp., d/o Harvey & Olive AUSTIN, wit: Reuben AUSTIN & S. YOUNG both of Lansdowne, 5 May 1894, at Lansdowne.
#006732-94 (Leeds Co.) William FREEMAN 38, farmer, Bastard twp., same, s/o Wm & Elizabeth FREEMAN, married Rachel ATCHESON 26, Ernestown twp., Bastard twp., d/o William & Ruth ATCHESON, wit: Sarah J. & Joseph T. WRIGHT both of Athens, 26 Apr 1894, at Athens 6879-94 Thomas FREND, 30, merchant, Wolfe Island, same, s/o John & Ann, married Henrietta ROADHOUSE, 20, Bearbrook Ont., Seeleys Bay, d/o Job & Hannah, witn: Antliffe ROADHOUSE & Henrietta McKINLEY, both of Seeleys Bay, 23 May 1894 at Seeleys Bay
  #006715-94 (Leeds Co.) Samuel GIFFIN 26, farmer, Elizabethtown twp., same, s/o James & Martha GIFFIN, married Caroline PEPPER 24, Elizabethtown twp., same, d/o John & Sarah PEPPER, wit: C. M. LAWSON & A. B. LAWSON both of North Augusta, 26 Sep 1894, at North Augusta.
006982-94 David GILLESPIE, 49, barter, County Antrim Ireland, Brockville, s/o William GILLESPIE & Mary MOORE, married Jane MCCHESNIE, 29, Brockville, same, d/o Robert MCCHESNIE & Margaret TAYLOR, wtn: Fred G. HAYWOOD & Birdie RITCHIE both of Brockville, April 11, 1894, Brockville #006760-94 (Grenville Co.) William GOFF 40, wid., confectioner, Carleton Place, Ottawa, s/o George & Mary GOFF, married Mary Ellen CARTER 29, Montague twp., same, d/o Robert & Margaret CARTER, wit: William John CARTER & Annie CARTER both of Montague twp., 29 May 1894, residence of bride's father Montague twp.
006981-94 Bertie Levi GOLBY, 24, farmer, Theresa N.Y., Little Falls Minn., s/o Joseph GOLBY & Elizabeth HEMMINGWAY, married Hannah BICKAN, 18, Theresa N.Y., Little Falls Minn., d/o John BICKAN & Sarah SWEENEY, wtn: John F. SWEENEY & Thomas DUNN both of Brockville, April 25, 1894, Brockville #006720-94 (Leeds Co.) Thomas GRAHAM 28, yepman, North Crosby twp., Yonge twp., s/o Henry & Selina GRAHAM, married Sarah Elizabeth GREEN 27, Elizabethtown twp., same, d/o James & Elizabeth GREEN, wit: Henry GRAHAM & Elizabeth GRAHAM both of Yonge twp. & Ettie & George LATHAM both of Elizabethtown twp., 3 Oct 1894, at the Rectory, Lyn
#006733-94 (Leeds Co.) John R. GRAHAM 31, locomotive engineer, Maguires Bridge Co. Fermanagh Ireland, Brockville, s/o Arch. & Mary GRAHAM, married Minnie STINSON 21, Wolford twp., Athens Ont., d/o Jas. & Anni STINSON, wit: James STINSON of Athens & Arch GRAHAM of Brockville, 20 Jun 1894, at Athens #006755-94 (Leeds Co.) William Frederick GRAHAM 22, labourer, Newboro, same, s/o William GRAHAM & Maria WARREN, married Emily CLARK 24, England, Newboro, d/o John CLARK & Rebecca LINDSAY, wit: Wm Hairy E. WARREN & Rosa B. JOHNSTON both of Newboro, 1 Oct 1894, at Newboro
6918-94 Robert GRAHAM, 35, farmer, North Gower, same, s/o James & Juliet, married Margaret Dorothy TAYLOR, 28, Marlborough twp., same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: E. GRAHAM & Annie BROWN, both of Kemptville, 22 Oct 1894 at Kemptville 006953-94 (Leeds Co) Charles Price GREEN, 26, agent, England, Brockville, s/o Charles Price GREEN & Marian Lucas MARCHMONT; married Helen Leonora TAYLOR, 25, Ontario, Brockville, d/o Francis Daniel TAYLOR & Catherine Augusta CAMPBELL; witn James D. McDONELL & N.G. THACKER, both Brockville, 19 April 1894, Brockville
6970-95 Albert E. GREER, 27, farmer, Oxford, same, s/o Robert & Jane, married Anna K. DAVIS, 23, Oxford, same, d/o John & Catherine, witn: George PETTAPIECE & Eleanor GREER, both of Oxford, 26 Dec 1894 at Oxford Mills #006734-94 (Leeds Co.) William GREY 27, farmer, South Crosby twp., same, s/o Andrew GREY & Elizabeth WATERS, married Eliza Ann WARREN 21, South Crosby twp., same, d/o Henry WARREN & Celia CONNOR, wit: Harriett E. ?_LGER of Athens, 14 Jul 1894, at parsonage Athens
#006700-94 (Leeds Co.) Michael HAGERTY, 37, b. Bastard Twp, of Forfar, Labourer, s/o Michael HAGERTY & Catherine SOUTH(?), married Elizabeth DONNELLY, 27, b.. Westport, of Philipsville, d/o Arthur DONNELLY & Mary MURPHY, witnesses: William J. KENNEDY & Susanna KENNEDY of Bastard Twp, on 3 April 1894 at Philipsville, (Cath) #006752-94 (Leeds Co.) Frank G. HAGGETT 21, liveryman, Ogdensburg NY USA, same, s/o James & Susan HAGGETT, married Mary Ann BISHOP 23, Newboro, same, d/o John & Mary BISHOP, wit: C. H. & Mrs. C. H. BISHOP both of Newboro, 22 Oct 1894, at Newboro
006959-94 (Leeds Co) William Henry HALL, 27, farmer, Unionville, Addison, s/o James HALL & Eliza HEALY; married Bertha May BURNS, 19, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Nicholas & Charlotte Amelia BURNS; witn Thomas D. DOBBS, Athens & Ellen Nora BURNS, N. Augusta, 11 Jan 1894, Brockville #006884-94 (Leeds & Grenville Co) Theodore HALLIDAY, 23, Engineer, Canada, Bastard, s/o Noah HALLIDAY & Malissa PRATT, married Phoebe DEWOLF, 22, Canada, Bastard, d/o Richard DEWOLF & Malissa FORDUR, witn – Mary SWEET, Lyndhurst, 22 Oct 1894, Seeleys Bay
6693-94 Robert HAMILTON, 26?, farmer, Ireland, L--? (Lisbon?), s/o John & Mary, married Kate ANDERSON, 2-?, Ireland, Smith Falls, d/o James & Mary, witn: Charles ANDERSON & Margaret JOYNT of New Boyne, 11 April 1894 at Lombardy 6852-94 Benjamin E. HANNA, 46, widower, farmer, Augusta, Prescott, s/o John HANNA & Rachel SPENCE, married Ilda J. McCORKILL, 26, Ottawa, Prescott, d/o Thomas McCORKILL & Jane HEALY, witn: Isallina & Martha HANNA, both of Brockville, 24 July 1894 at Prescott
#006699-94 (Leeds Co.) Joseph Henry HANNA, 25, b. Kitley, of same, Farmer, s/o John & Margaret HANNA, married Eliza Ann BRADFORD, 17, b. Wolford, of Kitley, d/o Vincent & Mary Ann BRADFORD, witnesses: John HANNA of Jasper(?) & Miss Kate THOMPSON of Bishops Mills, on 14 February 1894 at Kitley, #006750-94 (Leeds Co.) Andrew HANNA 32, cheese maker, Elizabethtown twp., Athens Yonge twp., s/o John & Jane HANNA, married Emma HUTCHINGS 31, Leeds co., North Crosby twp., d/o Elijah HUTCHINGS & Harriet GIFFORD, wit: Mr. & Mrs. Herbert HUTCHINGS both of North Crosby twp., 14 Mar 1894, at North Crosby twp
006965-94 (Leeds Co) Addison J. HART, 46, hay pressor, Plessis, Alexadria Bay NY, s/o Hiram & Susan HART; married Mary L. STORM, 43, Plessis, Plessis Alexandria NY, d/o John B. STORM & Sarah SWAN?, witn Mrs Jas Grant CAMERON & Mrs Chs J. CAMERON, both Brockville, 14 April 1894, Brockville  
#006738-94 (Leeds Co.) Clarence H. HAWKS 36, farmer, Elizabethtown twp., same, s/o Selah & Theresa HAWKS, married Anna RICHARDS 27, Yonge twp., Athens Yonge [twp.], d/o R. & Mary RICHARDS, wit: B. K. EMPEY of Addison & Miss. R. ROWSOM of Brockville, 22 Aug 1894, at Athens. #006731-94 (Leeds Co.) Samuel Munson HAYES 30, wid., farmer, Yonge twp., same, s/o Chauncy HAYES & Martha KNOWLES, married Sarah Ann LOVE 21, Elizabethtown twp., same, d/o George LOVE & Sarah ORR, wit: Marcella POOLE & Marion M. GRENFELL both of Athens, 21 Mar 1894, at Athens
#006707-94 (Leeds Co.) Albert HAYES 28, labourer, Elizabethtown twp., same, s/o Harvey & Mary HAYES, married Dora Stella WARD 24, Napanee, Elizabethtown twp., d/o John & Mary WARD, wit: Albert H. MOORE & Mary E. HAYES both of Elizabethtown twp., 7 Mar 1894, at Elizabethtown twp. 006843-94 (Grenville Co.) Frank HENRY, 21, Labourer, Augusta, Augusta, s/o John HENRY & Abigail LANE, married Cora LITTLEJOHN, 16, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Francis LITTLEJOHN & Hannah ROOD, Witn.: E.R. HUGHES & S.A. COWAN of Prescott, June 19, 1894, at Prescott
6850-94 Clinton HENRY, 24, farmer, Augusta, same, s/o John HENRY & Abigail LOWE, married Sarah PERRIN, 25, Augusta, same, d/o Orin PERRIN & Ann TAYLOR, witn: Jane A. STUART & Edna GIBSON, both of Prescott, 17 May 1894 at Prescott 6832-94 Samuel HENRY, 26, farmer, Ontario, Augusta, s/o John & Abigail, married Edith Mary BOLAND, 22, Ontario, Augusta, d/o Edward & Hannah, witn: Frank HENRY & Cora LITTLEJOHN, both of Augusta, 14 Feb 1894 at St. Johns Rectory, Prescott
  006793-94 (Leeds Co) Francis William HERBISON, 21, farmer, Caintown, Caintown, s/o John HERBISON & Rachael WHITE; married Mary Ellen HASKINS, 18, Marickville, Escott, d/o William HASKINS & Ellen LONG; witn Hannah M. FAIRLIE, Lansdowne & Mary Jane GOODALL, Lansdowne, 22 May 1894, Lansdowne
006844-94 (Grenville Co.) Thomas HICKS, 60, Gentleman, Ireland, North Gower, s/o Robert HICKS & Margaret Brownlee, married Sarah Ann LILE, 30, North Gower, North Gower, d/o John LILE & Ann Jane KELLY, Witn.: M.A. PERRY & Emma WHITNEY of Prescott, July 4, 1894, at Prescott #006774-94 (Grenville Co.) George HILL 25, mechanic, Ogdensburg NY USA, Smith Falls Ont., s/o Robert HILL & Sarah PHILIPS, married Margaret KEMPFFER 25, Merrickville, Smith Falls, d/o James KEMPFFER & Amelia SABRAN, wit: Alexander MORION (MOR?ON) & Nellie KEMPFFER both of Smith Falls, 24 Sep 1894, at Merrickville. (RC)
#006710-94 (Leeds Co.) Norton Rowland HILL 30, farmer, Elizabethtown twp., same, s/o William & Francis HILL, married Agnes Ruth THOM 22, Ramsay twp., Elizabethtown twp., d/o David & Amelia THOM, wit: W. S. RALPH & Jessie A. THOM both of Augusta twp., 1 Jan 1894, at Elizabethtown twp. #006743-94 (Leeds Co.) George H. P. HOGAN 24, school teacher, Escot twp., Yonge twp., s/o Robert & Ellen HOGAN, married Carrie E. WILTSE 27, Athens, same, d/o Jerry & Adeline WILTSE, wit: W. B. CRONNORTY? of Athens & Louisa MOORE of Addison, 26 Dec 1894, at Athens
7004-95 John R. HOLDEN, 32, farmer, Matilda, Augusta, s/o William HOLDEN & Ann TRENHOLME, married Mary J. GLEN, no age given, Augusta, same, d/o Alexander GLEN & Jane BAIRD, witn: C.C. (or G.G. ) SARGENT & E. R. HUGHES, both of Prescott, 14 Nov. 1894 at Prescott 6979-95 David HOLIDAY, 24, widower, carpenter, Bastard twp., same, s/o James HOLIDAY & Mary PRATT, married Lucinda SAWYER, 20, Bastard twp., same, d/o Moses SAWYER & Sarah Ann LOYD, witn: Agnes HEWITT & Anna BULFORD, both of Lyndhurst, 24 Dec 1894 at Lansdowne
#006728-94 (Leeds Co.) Henry HOLLINGSWORTH 26, cheese maker, Yonge twp., same, s/o Nicholas & Jane HOLLINGSWORTH, married Letitia J. DAVIS 26, Yonge twp., Bastard twp., d/o Edward & Alice DAVIS, wit: William M. TOPPING of Athens & Anna DAVIS of Bastrad twp., 27 Mar 1894, at Christ Ch. Athens 7042-1895 (Grenville) Thomas HOWES (Homes?), 26, Farmer, Hinchinbrook, Hinchinbrook, s/o George HOWES & Mary A. McKEWEN married Maggie SHIELDS, 20, Camden, Hinchinbrook, d/o Charles SHIELDS & Elizabeth REID, Wtn. Thomas ADAIR on Dec. 22, 1894, at Gananoque
#006758-94 (Grenville Co.) Jabez E. HONEY 42, wid., farmer, Oxford twp., same, s/o William & Sarah HONEY, married Rachel LOVE 33, Edwardsburg twp., Merrickville, d/o John & Elizabeth LOVE, wit: James H. & Mary E. EDWARDS both of Merrickville, 2 Apr 1894, at Merrickville. #006808-94 (Grenville Co.), William Allen HUNTER, 24, farmer, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o Thomas HUNTER & Elizabeth MARTIN; married Nellie BEGG, 21, Scotland, Edwardsburgh, d/o Hugh BEGG & Ann BEDDIE; witn: Aarin GORE, Cardinal & Rachel BEGG, Cardinal, 11 Sept 1894, Edwardsburgh (also 6809-94)
006863-94 (Grenville Co.) Charles Ernest HUTCHINS, 23, Farmer, Oxford, Oxford, s/o Phineas HUTCHINS & Mary Christine, married Elizabeth MURPHY, 24, Oxford Twp., Oxford Mills, d/o William MURPHY & Martha GILLILAND, Witn.: Jim(?) PATTEN & Alicia MURPHY, both of Oxford Mills, March 14, 1894, at Oxford Mills #006768-94 (Grenville Co.) William Adams HUTTON 28, farmer, Montague twp., same, s/o Joseph HUTTON & Elizabeth FERGUSON, married Mary Ida EARL 19, Wolford twp., same, d/o John R. EARL & Mary Jane HILLIS, wit: Wm KERFORD of Smith Falls & Elizabeth HUTTON of Montague twp., 1 Aug 1894, at Wolford twp.
7005-95 William F. IRVINE, 54, widower, gentleman, Kent Ont., Prescott, s/o Gerrard IRVINE & Annie WRIGHTSON, married Sophronia ROBINSON, 47, widow, Augusta, Prescott, d/o Matthew ROBINSON & Eliza HOLDEN, witn: Mrs. E. IRVINE & M. J. ROBINSON, 12 Dec 1894 at Prescott 6694-94 Rufus IRVINE, 25, farmer, Matilda, same, s/o William & Almeda, married Sarah MUNROE, 24, Mountain, same, d/o Martin & Eliza, witn: Catherine LIDSTONE & Wesley ROBINSON of Hickston, 13 June 1894 at Hickston
006972-94 (Leeds Co) John IRWIN, 29, moulder, Ireland, Brockville, s/o William & Ellen IRWIN; married Eliza DOHERTY, 25, Ireland, Brockville, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth DOHERTY; witn Thomas BOWES & Agnes S. BOWES, both Brockville, 22 Mar 1894, Brockville  
#006724-94 (Leeds Co.) Isaac B. JACKSON 50, wid., farmer, Bastard twp., Lansdowne twp., s/o Ephraim JACKSON & Roxy Ann DAY, married Catherine E. WILTSE, 21, Lansdowne twp., same, d/o Anthony WILTSE & Matilda BEADLE, wit: Johnson REED & Ledorma J. REED both of Soperton Ont., 3 Jan 1894, at ---. [Athens? see marriage of witnesses same day] 6976-95 Nelson JACKSON, 31, farmer, Storrington, same, s/o Andrew & Mary J., married Lucy Rosanna TABER, 21, Lansdowne, same, d/o Robert T. & Lucy, witn: Emma TABER of Lansdowne & Dan H. JACKSON of Storrington, 17 Oct 1894 at Lansdowne
#006887-94 (Leeds Co) Nelson JACKSON, 31, farmer, Sunbury, Sunbury, s/o Andrew & Sarah Jane JACKSON, married Lucy Rosa TABER, 21, Soperton, Soperton, d/o R.T. & Lucy TABER, witn – D.H. JACKSON, Sunbury & Emma TABER, Soperton, 17 Oct 1894, Soperton 6868-94 James Bevah? JAMIESON, 33, farmer, Ontario, Fargo North Dakota, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Ida Alberta GUN, 21, Spencerville, Oxford twp., d/o Robert & Elizabeth Jane, witn: Franklin McDON--?(off page) of Wolford & Willimain HO--?(off page) of Brand--?, 14 Feb 1894 at Bishopsville
006872-94 (Grenville Co.) Joseph Lammon JOHN--? (1901 census JOHNSTON), 22, Farmer, Augusta Twp., Oxford Twp., s/o Francis JOHN... (1901 census JOHNSTON) & Martha Hough HIS--? (Cut off), married Frances Jane MURPHY, 21, Oxford Twp., same, d/o John MURPHY & Martha MURPHY, Witn.: James STEWART & Mary E. MURPHY, of Oxford Twp., March 7, 1894, at Oxford Mills #006757-94 (Grenville Co.) John George JOHNSON 24, farmer, Montauge twp., same, s/o George & Sarah JOHNSON, married C.[atherine] Adeline BORCKLEBANK [vid.] 18, Montague twp., same, do/ William & Martha BORCKLEBANK, wit: William JOHNSON & S. Emma BORCKLEBANK both of Montague twp., 24 Jan 1894 at residence of the bride's father Montague twp. [note - sister Amanda married 9 Jan 1894.]
#006708-94 (Leeds Co.) Alva JOHNSTON 22, manufacturer, Morrisburg, Yonge twp., s/o Charles & Ann JOHNSTON, married Louisa ALGUIRE 21, Yonge twp., same, d/o James & Mina ALGUIRE, wit: Walter JOHNSTON & Lillie EARL both of Yonge twp., 27 Apr 1894, at Elizabethtown twp. 6930-94 Thomas JOHNSTON, 24, farmer, North Gower, same, s/o John JOHNSTON & Bessie CRAIG, married Adella ALLEN, 18, Osgoode twp., same, d/o Robert ALLEN & Matilda TAYLOR, witn: Mrs. McDIARMID & Flora A. EWING, both of Kemptville, 12 Sept 1894 at Kemptville
#006719-94 (Leeds Co.) Malcolm JUDSON 21, farmer, Kitley twp., same, s/o Benson & Ordelia JUDSON, married Flossie B. HOLMES 19, Kitley twp., same, d/o George & Harriet HOLMES, wit: Jessie & A. W. KNOX both of Elizabethtown twp., 10 Oct 1894, at Addison Elizabethtown twp. 006862-94 (Grenville Co.) William Austin KAVANAGH, 40, Book Keeper, Ottawa, Toronto Ont., s/o Timothy KAVANAGH & Ellen REILLY, married Mary Ann O’REILLY, 39, Kingston, Toronto d/o James O’REILLY & Mary Jane REDMOND, Witn.: Mr. & Mrs. J.R. O’REILLY, Prescott, no date given, at Prescott.
#006792-94 (Leeds Co) Allan KAVANAGH, 23, farmer, Yonge twp, Yonge twp, s/o Thomas KAVANNY & Martha KAVANNY; married Mary Jane SPENCE, 22, Yonge twp, Yonge twp, d/o John SPENCE & Mary Ann SPENCE; witn Samuel SPENCE & Carry KAVANAGH, Yonge twp, 3 Oct 189?, Ballycan-? 6928-94 Alexander KELLEY, 32, farmer, Wolford twp., same, s/o John & Mary, married Agnes WILSON, 23, Wolford twp., Merrickville, d/o William & Mary, witn: D. A. WILSON of Wolford twp., Martha KARR of Merrickville, 23 Aug 1894 at Kemptville
006857-94 (Grenville Co.) James KERNS, 73, Labourer, Ireland, Philadelphia N.Y. [sic], s/o Matthew & Rhoda KERNS, married Emily A. LEE, 48, State of New York, Philadelphia N.Y., d/o Benjamin & Susan MOTT, Witn.: Georgiana LEWIS, Annie KINGSTON, Prescott, Dec. 3, 1894, at St. John's Rectory, Prescott 6923-94 William KERR, 33, farmer, Osgoode twp., same, s/o George KERR & Sarah WILSON, married Ruth DAVIS, 26, Osgoode twp., same, d/o Whitcomb DAVIS & Jannie? LOVETT, witn: Mrs. H. J. McDIARMID of Kemptville & Mamie BROWN of Hallville, 23 Oct 1894 at Kemptville
#006759-94 (Grenville Co.) Edward KEYES 32, wid., farmer, Montague twp., North Gower twp., s/o Robert & Ann KEYES, married Esther CODE 29, Kitley twp., Montague twp., d/o Abram & Jane CODE, wit: Thomas JONES & Ann CODE both of Montague twp., 24 Apr 1894, at rectory Merrickville. #006772-94 (Grenville Co.) John Eastman KNAPP 22, clerk, Montague twp., Merrickville, s/o Abram KNAPP & Cenv [Cenr?] EASTMAN, married Eliza Ann MURPHY 21, Oxford twp., Wolford twp., d/o Robert & Katie MURPHY, wit: William MISKELLY of Merrickville & Amy MURPHY of Oxford Mills, 12 Sep 1894, at Wolford twp
006977-94 Roy Ernest KNAPP, 23, travelling agent, Vineland New Jersey USA, same, s/o Egbert W. & Louise M. KNAPP, married Elizabeth WARD, 21, Vineland New Jersey USA, same, d/o Allan & Anna WARD, wtn: Annie MCEACHRON? & Emily E. SAUNDERS both of Brockville, April 10, 1894, Brockville 6833-94 William James KYLE, 33, farmer, Ontario, Augusta twp., s/o John & Mary Ann, married Maggie Maud CARR, 22, Ontario, Augusta twp., d/o George & Sarah, witn: William S. FALKNER of Augusta & Mary MURDOCH of N. Augusta, 21 March 1894 at St. Johns Rectory, Prescott
006813-94 (Grenville Co.), James LAGART, 21, farmer, Canada, Matilda, s/o Abraham LAGART & Rozanna LAGART; married Aleda LEVIERE, 19, Canada, Edwardsburgh, d/o Henry LEVIERE & Annie LEVIERE; witn W.C. WEBB, Pittston & A.J. McARMAND, 11 Sept 1894, Pittston #006754-94 (Leeds Co.) David John LAIDLAW 23, farmer, North Crosby twp., same, s/o David & Eliza LAIDLAW, married Alicia Jane WHALEY 28, North Crobsy twp., same, d/o Samuel & Eliza WHALEY, wit: Susannah WHALEY of N. Crosby & J. D. WRIGHT of Athens, 26 Sep 1894, at residence of bride's mother North Crosby twp
#006885-94 (Leeds & Grenville Co) J.N. LAPOINT, 21, labourer, Canada, Bastard, s/o John & Olive LAPOINT, married Ida DELONG, 19, Canada, S. Crosby, d/o John & Letitia DELONG, witn – N.F. MOORE & N.N. HUDSON, both Leeds, 6 Sept 189(cut off) on page of 1894, Lyndhurst 006973-94 (Leeds Co) John Henry LATHAM, 60, Wid, Ontario, Elizabethtown, s/o unknown; married Isabella THORNHILL, 42, Elizabethtown, Addison, d/o S & J. THORNMHILL; witn Mrs C. McBETTS (McBeth?) & Mrs Sallie LAFAYETTE, both Brockville, 7 May 1894, Brockville
#006798-94 (Grenville Co) Charles LAVIERE, 21, laborer, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o ?aclury LAVIERE & Hannah BELLINGER; married Annie LAVIERE, 18, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o Henry LAVIERE & Annie LOGAN; witn Albert LAVIERE, Edwardsburgh & Mary BELLINGER, Edwardsburgh, 19 Feb 1894, Spencerville #006709-94 (Leeds Co.) Arthur Edward LAVINE , 21, labourer, Gananoque, Elizabethtown twp., s/o Charles Albert & Margaret Ann LAVINE, married Ida EVERETTS 14 or 19, Augusta, Elizabethtown twp., d/o George & Catherine EVERETTS, wit: Byron JUDSON & Mary L. BRYSON of Elizabethtown twp., 31 Mar 1894, at Elizabethtown twp.
6853-94 Albert Edward LAW, 31, merchant, Ottawa, Brantford, s/o William LAW & Susan GOODALL, married Maud M. NUNN, 22, Liverpool England, Prescott, d/o William NUNN & Elizabeth ALLARD, witn: Frank A. NUNN & Julia A. HUGHES, both of Prescott, 31 July 1894 at Prescott 006870-94 (Grenville Co.) Joshua LEACH, 25, Farmer, South Gower, South Gower, s/o George LEACH & Martha LEACH, married Ellen FLYNN, 21, South Gower, South Gower, d/o Thomas FLYNN & Sarah FLYNN, Witn.: Robert LEACH & Elizabeth LEACH, Feb. 7, 1894, at Oxford mills, Oxford Twp
006897-94 (Leeds Co.) Thomas LEE, 29, Farmer, Bedford, Portland, s/o William LEE & Eliza LEE, married Anna PLOWMAN, 23, Portland, Portland, d/o Charles PLOWMAN & Emma PLOWMAN, wit: James BREWSTER & Mrs. PLETTS, both of Westport, September 26, 1894, at Westport 006816-94 (Grenville Co.), Alexander LEGART, 23, farmer, Canada, Edwardsburgh, s/o Miles LEGART & Mary Laura LEGART; married Maggie BICCUM, 19, Canada, Matilda, d/o William BICCUM & Landa BICCUM, witn: R.B. & Laura McAMMOND, Cardinal; 25 Dec. 1894, Cardinal
#006889-94 (Leeds Co) Albert Myles LEIGHTON, 26, blacksmith, Harpers Corners, same, s/o Myles & Eliza LEIGHTON, married Sarah KEYS, 22, Bathurst, same, d/o James & Eliza KEYS, witn – Merria? KEYS & Clifford STANTON, 23 Jan 1894, Westport  
6916-94 William LUCAS, 24, farmer, Oxford twp., same, s/o John & Mariah, married Martha CAPES, 22, Oxford, same, d/o John & Martha, witn: Elenor GRAHAM & Etta AGNEW, both of Kemptville, 6 Nov 1894 at Kemptville 6909-94 William MACKEY, 33, farmer, South Gower twp., Oxford twp., s/o William MACKEY & Terza MOARN, married Mary Elizabeth BENNETT, 25, Oxford twp., same, d/o Samuel BENNETT & Ellen BARTLEY, witn: S. J. MACKEY of S. Gower & Ella BENNETT of Oxford twp., 14 Feb. 1894 at Kemptville
006865-94 (Grenville Co.) Robt. MALEY, 27, Farmer, Oxford Twp., Oxford Twp., s/o William MALEY & Margaret MALEY, married Martha SCOTT, 24, Oxford Twp., Oxford Twp., d/o Joseph SCOTT & blank SCOTT, Witn.: Fred MALEY, Brockville, Winnifred HOWEY, Manitoba, March 28,1894, Oxford Twp. 6911-94 Israel Courtney MARTIN, 32, farmer, Oxford twp., same, s/o William MARTIN & Eliza COURTNEY, married Eliza Jane MARTIN (sic), 27, South Gower twp., Kemptville, d/o William MACKEY & Tressa MORIN, witn: Samuel J. MARTIN & Annie McDONALD, both of Kemptville, 18 April 1894 at Kemptville
006901-94 (Leeds Co.) Michael McCANN, 29, Farmer, Ontario, North Crosby, s/o Michael McCANN & Mary FERRIGAN married Margaret Jane LENNON, 20, d/o Nicholas LENNON & Jane McCANN, Wit.: John McCANN of North Crosby & Margaret McARDLE of Perth on November 14, 1894 at St. Edwards Church, Westport 006847-94 (Grenville Co.) William C. McCARTEY, 30, Barrister at Law, Augusta, Toronto, s/o John McCARTY & Catherine McCARTY, married Ellen MURPHY, 27, Prescott, Prescott, d/o John MURPHY & Jane McCREA, Witn.: Charles A McCARTY, Augusta, Kaline? MURDOCK, Augusta, April 25, 1894, at Prescott
#006795-94 (Leeds Co) John Griffis Hicks McCREA, 25, merchant, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o John McCREA & Jemima HICKS; married Margaret Ann SOMERS, 21, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o James SOMERS & Caroline ACTON; witn Marcus KING, Lansdowne, & Maggie KEATING, Lansdowne, 10 Oct. 1894, Lansdowne  
#006826-95 (Grenville Co): Hugh Anderson McCUAIG, 24, farmer, Matilda twp., same, s/o Henry McCUAIG & Margaret HAGGERTY, married Margaret GRAHAM, 28, widow, Matilda twp., same, d/o Alexander GALLAGHER & Margaret WOODROW, witn: Mrs. H.J. McDIARMID of Kemptville & Rev. Orr BENNETT of Russell, 25 Dec 1894 at Manse, Kemptville 006841-94 (Grenville Co.) Howard McFADDEN, 26, Farmer, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o Allen McFADDEN & Mary ROBINSON, married Sarah ELBARE, 25, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburg, d/o Henry ELBARE & Jane TODD, Witn.: E.R. HUGHES & Fannie COATES of Prescott, May 24, 1894, at Prescott
6913-94 William McFEETORS?, 28, farmer, Ross twp., same, s/o William & Susannah, married Susannah (or Laura) McFEETORS, 30, widow, Marlborough twp., Kemptville, d/o John & Jane PIERCE, witn: Henry DELL (or Dillon) & Mary (or Margaret) PIERCE, both of Kemptville, 26 June 1894 at Kemptville [also 6914-94 with differences in parentheses] #006802-94 (Grenville Co), Mathew MCGUIRE, 22, farmer Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o Jacob MCGUIRE & May Ann; married Maggie Scott TRAVET(?), 21, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o John TRAVET(?) & Jane WEIR; witn William WRIGHT, Glen Stewart & Lizzie CARRUTHERS, Prescott, 25 Apr 1894, Edwardsburgh
6766-94 James McKENNA, 40, Burrits Rapids, same, s/o John McKENNA & Margaret CARROLL, married Emily DURKIN, 18, Ireland, Burrits Rapids, d/o Anthony DURKIN & Ann DARCEY, witn: William McKENNA of Burrits Rapids & Maggie E. JORDAN of Smith Falls, 10 July 1894 at Merrickville #006741-94 (Leeds Co.) Joseph McKENNEY 22, farmer, Bastard twp., same, s/o Hiram & Catherine McKENNEY, married Ellen TROTTER 18, Bastard twp., same, d/o Wm & Anna TROTTER, wit: Hiram McKENNEY & Sarah TROTTER both of Bastard, 14 Nov 1894, at Athens.
#006749-94 (Leeds Co.) Edward H. MILLS 30, merchant, Chelsea [Que.], Ottawa, s/o Alex & Jane MILLS, married Amelia BILTON 28, Newboro, same, d/o Wm & Catherine BILTON, wit: Wm BILTON & Libbie LEGGETT both of Newboro, 23 May 1894, at Newboro 6765-94 Thomas MINSHALL, 24, mason, Liverpool England, Smith Falls, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann HOLNAN, 20?, Wolford twp., Merrickville, d/o Jason & Rebecca, witn: William HALNAN & Miriam BUTTINOR, both of Merrickville, 27 June 1894 at Rectory, Merrickville
  #006877-94 (Grenville Co) William MOFFAT, 27, farmer, Scarboro, Scarboro, s/o Alexander MOFFAT & Nancy Alice THORNBECK, married Margaret May LAW, 22, Oxford, Oxford, d/o James LAW & Matilda HILL, witn – William John LAW, Oxford & Martha Ann McELROY, South Gower, 12 Dec 1894, Oxford
#006713-94 (Leeds Co.) Thomas MOLES 32, yeoman, Bastard twp., Elizabethtown twp., s/o John & Martha MOLES, married Lattie HALL 22, Morrisburg, Elizabethtown twp., d/o George & Mary HALL, wit: A. E. CUMMING & J. B. L. ?GRAICH? both of Elizabethtown twp., 6 Sep 1894, at Elizabethtown twp #006789-94 (Leeds Co.) Hilton MOORE 23, school teacher, Elizabethtown twp., Athens, s/o John MOORE & Frances MOORE, married Annie JACKSON 28, Mallorytown, Athens, d/o George & Charlotte JACKSON, wit: Manford PRISCE? of Athens & Jennie JACKSON of McIntosh Mills, 26 Dec 1894, at Ballycanoe, Front of Yonge twp
006881-94 (Leeds Co) John MORRIS, 45, farmer, South Crosby, same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth MORRIS, married Catherine SOMERVILLE, 42, South Crosby, d/o John SOMERVILLE & no mother given, witn – J. DENNISON & Ann JACOB, both S. Crosby, 3 June 1894, Leeds #006878-94 (Grenville Co) James MORRISON, 36, farmer, Bishops Mills, Bishops Mills, s/o William & Ann MORRISON, married Ellen McCOY, 26, Augusta, Augusta, d/o John & Mary McCOY, witn – John & Mary McCOY, Augusta, 12 Dec 1894, Oxford
5598-94 Alanson Wilson MORROW, 26, farmer, Yonge, same, s/o William & Lois, married Agnes TRICKEY, 22, Lansdowne, same, d/o William & Agnes, witn: Joseph CHISMORE & Mary LANDON, both of Lansdowne, 29 Oct 1894 at Lansdowne #006805-94 (Grenville Co.) John MURRY, 25, farmer, Augusta, Augusta, s/o John MURRY & Rebecca STEPHENSON; married Maggie M. PETERS, 21, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o William PETERS & Eliza DUKELOW; witn David COOPER, Algonquin & Sarah NEWMAN, Rocbuck, 11 July 1894, Spencerville
006896-94 (Leeds Co.) Archibald NEILL, 22, Farmer, South Sherbrooke, South Sherbrooke, s/o James NEILL & Ruth McNEILL (NEILL?), married Jane DEACON, 20, South Sherbrooke, South Sherbrooke, d/o William DEACON & Eliza PALMER, wit: W.A. NORRIS & Annie DEACON, both of South Sherbrooke, September 5, 1894, at Westport 6854-94 - E. P. NELLINS, 33, tailor, North Gower, South Mountain, s/o James NEELIN & Ellen CALLENDAR, married Ena RANEY, 21, Matilda, Prescott, d/o James RANEY & Hannah WALLACE, witn: William & Margaret McDONALD, 6 Sept 1894 at Prescott
#006799-94 (Grenville Co) Gilbert E. NELSON, 23, farmer, Lisbon Center, N.Y., Lisbon Center, N.Y., s/o Robert NELSON & Lecetir(?) E. SAMONS; married Margret Marie MILLAR, 23, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o Joseph MILLAR Catherine CASTIN; witn Alexander MILLAR, Cardinal & Hettie MILLAR, Cardinal, 13 Mar 1894, Edwardsburgh 006875-94 (Grenville Co.) James NEWANS, 68, Farmer, Oxford Twp., same, s/o James NEWANS & Hannah CHESTER, married Mary CROSS, 40, Wolford Twp., Wolford Twp., d/o Henry OLMSTEAD & Charlotte WRIGHT, Witn.: William NEWANS & Annie NEWANS, of Oxford Mills, Sept. 3, 1894, at Oxford Mills, Oxford Twp.
006975-94 John George NEWSOM, 33, clergyman, Ireland, Brockville, s/o John NEWSOM & Emily Geraldine KEOGH, married Evelyn Gertrude LEWIS, 25, Ireland, Brockville, d/o Joseph William LEWIS & Mary Louisa STRICKER, wtn: James L. GILMOUR & Maria L. LEWIS both of Brockville, June 14, 1894, Brockville 006900-94 (Leeds Co.) James NOLAN, 34, Farmer, Ontario, Bastard Twp., s/o Michael NOLAN & Mary KELLY, married Mary HART, 37, Ontario, Newboro, d/o John HART & Anna KENNEDY, Wit.: Peter NOLAN of North Crosby & Margaret HART of Newboro, October 17, 1894, at St. Edwards Church, Westport.
#006697-94 (Leeds) Patrick O’GRADY, 29, husbandman, Kitley, Kitley, s/o James O’GRADY & Cathern McANDREWS, married Elizabeth MANSFIELD, 19, England, Kitley, d/o James MANSFIELD & Elizabeth GREAVE?, witn Joseph O’GRADY & Julia HEALY, both Kitley 006958-94 (Leeds Co) Patrick O'NEIL, 21, Labourer, Co Tyrone Ireland, Brockville, s/o James O'NEIL & Annie LACKEN; married Elizabeth STUCKEY, 19, Bath England, Brockville, d/o none given; witn William HORTON & Ruby EDGAR, 31 Jan 1894, Brockville
  006740-94 (Leeds Co.) Charles J. PATTERSON 28, farmer, Sherbrooke twp., South Burgess twp., s/o Jas. & Ellen PATTERSON, married Bertha JONES 21, South Burgess twp., Bastard twp., d/o John & Fanny JONES, wit: Jas. & Lucy A. PATTERSON both of Athens, 31 Oct 1894, at Athens
6903-94 Daniel G. PELHAM (or Pelton?), 59, widower, cheese maker, South Gower twp., Ottawa, s/o Phineas PELHAM & Rachel GURNSEY, married Elizabeth Jane GLENDAY, 59, Augusta Maine, Kemptville, d/o Benjamin GLENDAY & Jane ANDERSON, witn: Elizabeth L ORR of Ottawa & Sarah H. SHALER? of Kemptville, 14 March 1894 at Kemptville #006698-94 (Leeds Co.) William L. PERCIVAL, 27, b. Kitley, of same, Farmer, s/o George & Mary Louise PERCIVAL, married Lydia DAVIS, 30, b. Kitley, of same, d/o William & Sarah DAVIS, witnesses: Matthias HA?TON & Helen DAVIS of Kitley, on 24 January 1894 at Residence of father,
#006703-94 (Grenville Co.) Charles PETERS, 26, b. Spencerville, of same, Farmer, s/o John & Eliza PETERS, married Lizzie Jane WILLOUGHBY, 26, b. Wolford, of same, d/o Abraham & Mary WILLOUGHBY, witnesses: Charles WILLOUGHBY of Wolford & Addie PETERS of Spencerville, on 27 June 1894 at Wolford #006718-94 (Leeds Co.) Robert PICKETT (RICKETT?) 32, labourer, England, Elizabethtown twp., s/o George & C.E. PICKETT , married Jennie KERR 24, Elizabethtown twp., same, d/o Richard & L.C. KERR, wit: Lambert & Hattie KERR both of Elizabethtown twp., 3 Oct 1894, at Elizabethtown twp.
006960-94 (Leeds Co) William John PLUNKETT, 26, bamboo finisher, Leeds Co, Brockville, s/o Isaac PLUNKETT & Jane MORRISON; married Eva MONTGOMERY, 18, Kitley, Brockville, d/o William MONTGOMERY & Jane GRAY; witn Mrs Jas Grant CAMERON & C. Alice CAMERON, both Brockville, 28 Feb 1894, Brockville  
6912-94 Andrew PORTER, 56, widower, farmer, Ireland, Oxford twp., s/o Alexander PORTER & Catherine KERNAHAN, married Matilda CLAIR, 53, widow, Oxford twp., same, d/o John STREIGHT & Jane McDOWELL, witn: Annie M. McDIARMID of Kemptville, 12 April 1894 at Kemptville 6902-94 Charles PROVOST, 37, widower, cooper, Elginburg, Westport, s/o Francis & Mary, married Elizabeth GREEN, 28, South Sherbrooke, Westport, d/o Thomas & Jerusha, witn: Hiram GREEN & Annie HOUNSLOW, both of Westport, 13 Dec 1894 at Westport
#006819-94 (Grenville Co.), William Alford PRUNER, 21, farmer, Williamsburgh twp, Morrisburg, s/o John Leslie PRUNER & Catharine Eliza Rich--?; married Henrietta WILLOUGHBY, 20, Carleton Place, Cardinal, d/o Isaac WILLOUGHBY & Henrietta BOND; witn: Mrs WILLOUGHBY, and Joseph & Annie WILLOUGHBY all Cardinal, May 7, 1894, (at house of Mr. Isaac WILLOUGHBY) Cardinal #006769-94 (Grenville Co.) John PURCELL 38, wid., carpenter, Jasper Ont., Kitley twp., s/o John & Rachel PERCILL, married Ida HANNA 22, Eastons Corners, same, d/o John & Clarissa HANNA, wit: R. J. PEEBLES & M. PEEBLES both of Merrickville, 27 Aug 1894, at residence of R. J. PEEBLES Merrickville.
#006778-94 (Leeds Co.) Zaccheus PURVIS 41, yeoman, Front of Yonge, same, s/o William PURVIS & Jane PERCIVAL, married Mary Jane TENNANT 31 Front of Yonge twp., same, d/o David D. TENNANT & Mary SIMMONS, wit: Eli & Ella TENNANT both of Front of Yonge twp., 18 Oct 1893, at Front of Yonge twp. [note 'Ella' may be Etta wife of Eli.] #006892-94 (Leeds Co) John C. RAUSHORN, 39, widower, farmer, Wilmar, Wilmar, s/o Elmer & Rebecca RAUSHORN, married Lilli WYANT, 25, Bedford Mills, Bedford Mills, d/o William & Ann WYANT, witn Jas ROLLINS, Kingston & Mrs E. DIER, Westport, 25 June 1894, Westport
#006725-94 (Leeds Co.) Johnson REED 25, farmer, Lansdowne Rear twp., Lansdowne twp., s/o James REED & Eleanor JACKSON, married Ladorna Jane JACKSON 24, Lansdowne twp., same, d/o Coleman JACKSON & Maria KILBORN, wit: Isaac B. JACKSON & Catherine JACKSON both of Lyndhurst, 3 Jan 1894, at Athens 6856-94 Jos--? E. REED, 31, farmer, Herman NY, same, s/o Silas REED & Julia HOELELLEY?, married Cora JOYCE, 19, widow, Schyler Falls NY, Herman NY, d/o Samuel GOFF & Mary KINDRED, witn: M. A. PERCY & M. W. WOODS, both of Prescott, 28 Sept 1894 at Prescott
#006890-94 (Leeds Co) John REGAN, 30, farmer, South Crosby, South Crosby, s/o John REGAN & Mary HAMILTON, married Mary A. BURNS, 21, Ont, Bedford, d/o Lawrence REGAN, South Crosby & Elizabeth BURNS, Bedford, 30 Jan 1894, Westport #006729-94 (Leeds Co.) Elmer REID 21, farmer, Plum Hollow Ont, same, s/o William & Martha REID, married Sarah Jane KNAPP 18, Lansdowne twp., same, d/o Charles C. & Isabella KNAPP, wit: Mrs. J. W. SCHOFIELD & Carrie GRENFELL both of Athens Ont., 23 May 1894, at Athens
6978-95 John Wesley RICHARDS, 23, farmer, Bastard twp., same, s/o Thomas H. & Eliza Ann, married Angelia EARL, 21, Lansdowne, same, d/o William & Sarah, witn: William T. EARL of Athens & Maggie J. RICHARDS of Bastard, 19 Dec 1894 at Lansdowne #006711-94 (Leeds Co.) Samuel George RILEY 28, farmer, Wolford twp., same, s/o William & Mary Ann RILEY, married Lydia Eliza MOORE 21, Elizabethtown twp., same, d/o Ezra & Mary Jane MOORE, wit: Thomas BAGLEY of Wolford twp. & Nettie J. MOORE of Elizabethtown twp., 21 Feb 1894, at Elizabethtown twp.
  006979-94 Alexander ROBERTSON, 28, stone cutter, Stirling Scotland, Belleville, s/o Alexander ROBERTSON & Mary MCARTHUR, married Harriet RUTLEDGE, 21, Detroit, Belleville, d/o David RUTLEDGE & Helen REID, wtn: Ada SPARHAM & Mrs. Hester MCCORD? both of Brockville, May 17, 1894, Brockville
6851-94 Fred George ROBINSON, 21, carpenter, Prescott, same, s/o W. G. ROBINSON & Jennie GRANT, married Emma M. FERGUSON, 23, Prescott, same, d/o John FERGUSON & Agnes B. McNAUGHTON, witn: W. H. FERGUSON & Joseph STEELE, both of Prescott, 11 July 1894 at Prescott 6926-94 Moris (Moses?) SAGGAN, 21, farmer, Edwardsburgh twp., same, s/o Phileman SAGGAN & Sarah HUNTER, married Laura KENNEDY, 18, Mountain twp., same, d/o James KENNEDY & Eliza GILMOUR, witn: Ida M. DURANT & Minnie E. McDIARMID, both of Kemptville, 12 July 1894 at Kemptville
#006815-94 (Grenvlle Co.), John SAYER, 24, farmer, Canada, Edwardsburgh, s/o Philamin SAYER & Sarah SAYER; married Cynthia SWISS, 18, Canada, Iroquois, d/o Amus SWISS & Margaret SWISS; witn: William SAYER, Edwardsburgh & Lillie SWISS, Iroquois; 5 Dec 1894, Cardinal 006978-94 Rolly? Skiff SEAMAN, 30, book keeper, Brockville, same, s/o Stephen J. SEAMAN & Betsey R. SKIFF, married Emily J. SCOTT, 29, Smiths Falls, Brockville, d/o James SCOTT & Amalia MANHACAT?, wtn: Jean A. DODDS & Charles J. HAY both of Brockville, June 27, 1894, Brockville
6907-94 Charles P. SHARP, farmer, Winchester twp., same, s/o Thomas & Emma, married Maggie MONTEITH, 23, Mountain twp., South Mountain, d/o David & Annie, witn: George GRAY & Rosa JACKSON, both of Winchester, 8 Jan 1894 at Kemptville #006891-94 (Leeds Co) Robert SHAW, 35, farmer, Seeleys Bay, Plevna, s/o Jas & Abbie SHAW, married Martha DONALDSON, 20, Bedford, North Crosby, d/o Charles & Maria DONALDSON, witn – John PERKINS & Mary PERKINS, both N. Crosby, 21 April 1894, North Crosby
006880-94 (Leeds Co) John H. SINGLETON, 24, farmer, Leeds, Leeds, s/o Richard SINGLETON & Jane TYE, married Margaret J. SLY?, 24, Leeds, Leeds, d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth SLY?, witn – J. SINGLETON & Ann SLY?, 6 Oct 1894, Leeds 006860-94 (Grenville Co.) Vincent C. SKILLY (Skelly?), 26, Ry. Employee, Ogdensburg N.Y., same, s/o John SKILLY & Ann HALLADY, married Harriet REDMON (Redman?), 23, Edwardsburg, Edwardsburg, d/o William REDMON & Anne RELICHAUD?, Witn.: John CAIBEAU?, Ogdensburg N.Y., Catherine REDMON, Edwardsburg, September 23, 1894, at Prescott
6924-94 Thomas SMITH, 20, farmer, North Gower, same, s/o James SMITH & Catherine TAYLOR, married Adeline Victoria MITCHEL, 20, North Gower twp., same, d/o Thomas MITCHEL & Margaret GOOD, witn: Alex J. & Mrs. A. J. CLARK of Mountain, 14 Nov 1894 at Kemptville 006952-94 (Leeds Co) John Charles STAGG, 22, Cattle Dealer, Brockville, Brockville, s/o John & Martha STAGG; married Florence May COLCOCK, 22, Welland, Brockville, d/o Neville A. & Susan COLCOCK; witn James W. STAGG & Minnie COLCOCK, both Brockville, 3 April 1894, Brockville
6848-94 James H. STEVENS, 22, harness maker, Lanark Co., Morrisburg, s/o George STEVENS & Eliza CARROL, married Fannie E. ERWIN, 23, Smith Falls, Lanark, d/o James & F., witn: Mary KENNEDY & Martha BROWN, both of Prescott, 21 Feb 1894 at Prescott 006955-94 (Leeds Co) Joseph STOKES, 27, Mechanic, Wraxall England, Geneva NY, s/o Charles STOKES & Lavinia SPARHAM; married Minnie CARR, 23, Brockville, Brockville, d/o John CARR & Dorothy TIMLICK; witn Anson CARR & Miss PEPPER, both Brockville, 29 Jan 1894, Brockville
  6963-95 (Grenville Co): Bruce SUFFEL, 20, farmer, Mountain, same, s/o John & Frances, married Annie FADER, 18, Matilda, Mountain, d/o Gordon & Annie, witn: Catherine LIDSTONE of Hickstown, 19 Oct 1894 at Hickstown, South Gower
#006776-94 (Leeds Co.) Fred W. THOMPSON 23, railway employee, Hastings co., Brockville, s/o William & Theda THOMPSON, married Loretta PHILLIPS 22, Escott twp., Brockville, d/o John & Susan PHILLIPS, wit: Samuel DAVISON of Brockville & Belle PHILLIPS of Escott twp., 17 Jan 1894, at St. Pauls Ch., Escott. 6895-94 - W. J. THOMPSON, 31, farmer, Bedford, same, s/o William & Catherine, married Martha BONNER, 19, Bedford, same, d/o Matthew & Susan, wtn: Maude WARDROBE of Westport & Jessie W. ANDERSON of Sarnia, 5 Sept [1894] at Westport
6869-94 William Thomas TODD, 28, farmer, Oxford twp., same, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Sarah Eliza ELLIS, 22, Oxford twp., same, d/o William & Margaret Eliza, witn: Joseph Richard TODD & Julia ELLIS, both of Oxford twp., 7 Jan 1894 at Oxford Mills #006721-94 (Leeds Co.) Alexander Mack TURKINGTON 28, electrical engineer, Yonge twp., Brockville, s/o Solomon & Georgine Ann TURKINGTON, Joannah MORRISON 28, (single), Elizabethtown twp., same, d/o Kenneth & Diana STEWART, wit: Robert TURKINGTON & Florence M. STEWART both of Brockville, 21 Nov [1894], at Elizabethtown twp.
006839-94 (Grenville Co.) Alvin Leslie VanALLEN, 27, Farmer, Williamsburg, Matilda, s/o Frederick VanALLEN & Sarah CROWTHER, married Emma Letitie ELLIS, 18, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Thomas ELLIS & Harriet JUNKINS, Witn.: Peter HOTCHCROF & Minerva ELLIS of Matilda, January 24, 1894, at Prescott #006751-94 (Leeds Co.) Joseph VAN KOUGHNANT 23, farmer, Loughboro twp. Frontenac co., same, s/o Elijah VAN KOUGHNANT & Maria GREEN, married Julia GREEN 16, Bedford twp. Frontenac co., same, d/o Henry GREEN & Melissa VAN KOUGHNANT, wit: Henry GREEN & his wife of Bedford twp., 9 Mar 1894, at Newboro.
#006777-94 (Leeds Co.) Fred VICKERY 25, farmer, England, Harlem Ont., s/o 'father deceased' & Mary A. HARRIS (Eng.), married Lucy MARSHALL 29, Yonge twp., same, d/o James John & Isabell MARSHALL, wit: Benjamin MARSHALL of Yonge [twp.] Ont. & Anabell SHAVER of Brockville, 23 Jan 1894, at Yonge [may be Yonge Mills] 006840-94 (Grenville Co.) Joseph WALLACE, 60, Farmer, Augusta, Edwardsburgh, s/o John WALLACE & Hannah CHAMPION, married Ellen BISHOP, 54, Oxford, Augusta, d/o Patrick BISHOP & Elleanor McLEIS, Witn: R.A. NUNN & J.A. HUGHES of Prescott, May 4, 1894, at Prescott
#006780-94 (Leeds Co.) Elmer Ellsworth WALLACE 29, horse trainer, Lisborn Centre NY USA, Gananoque, s/o Orrie WALLACE & Charlotte HATCH, married Maggie E. DICKEY 22, Front of Yonge twp. (Caintown), Front of Yonge, d/o James C. DICKEY & Agnes FERGUSON, wit: Frav--e?? R. FITZPATRICK of Brockville & ?Netta TENNANT of Mallorytown, 28 Feb 1894, at Front of Yonge twp. #006771-94 (Grenville Co.) James Richard WALLINGTON 22, farmer, Smith Falls, same, s/o James WALLINGTON & Margaret HYLAND, married Clarenda HINES 28, Osgoode Ont., Smith Falls, d/o Elisha HINES & Mary ATKINSON, wit: George HINES & Nancy HINES both of Wolford twp., 10 Sep 1894, at Merrickville
#006874-94 (Grenville Co) Arthur Herbert WALSH, 28, farmer, Bearbrook, Bearbrook, s/o John & Mary WALSH, married Maggie Emelia BLACK, 22, Oxford Station, Oxford Station, d/o William John & Elizabeth BLACK, witn – Charles E. ARMSTRONG, Bearbrook & Martha BLACK, Oxford Station, 27 June 1894, Oxford Station

007335-96 Beecham WARREN, 66, Farmer, Wid, Wolford, Wolford, s/o William & Elizabeth WARREN; married Elizabeth Reid MASON, 48, Scotland, Wolford, d/o Joseph & Ann MASON; wit Charles J. MASON & Jane MASON, both Wolford, 22 Mar 1894, Wolford

#006748-94 (Leeds Co.) James WATTS 27, farmer, Somerset Eng., Bastard twp., s/o John & Mary WATTS, married Katie (Catherine) GRAY 21, Somerset Eng., North Crosby twp., d/o Robert & Sarah (dead) GRAY, wit: Fred BEST & Annie GRAY both of North Crosby twp., 14 Feb 1894, at St. Mary's Church Newboro. 006976-94 William John Wesley WEBSTER, 22, Lansdowne, Brockville, s/o Robert B. & Jane E. WEBSTER, married Ethel Grace NEWELL, 21, Algonquin Augusta, Brockville, d/o James A. & Elizabeth NEWELL, wtn: Ruby Edna NEWELL & Elizabeth MCKENZIE both of Brockville, April 18, 1894, Brockville
#006876-94 (Grenville Co) William George WEEDMARK, 21, farmer, Plympton, Watford, s/o William WEEDMARK & Delilah DILLIBOUGH, married Mary McMILLAN, 23, Marlboro, Oxford, d/o Joseph McMILLAN & Sarah Jane WHALLY (Whaley?), witn – William Nelson WEEDMARK, Oxford & Martha McMILLAN, Marlboro, 12 Dec 1894, Oxford #006726-94 (Leeds Co.) Amos Mortimer WEEKS 29, cheesemaker, Rear of Lansdowne twp., same, s/o Harvey WEEKS & Margaret WORTHINGTON, married Lucy GIBSON 21, Elgin Ont., same, d/o Edward GIBSON & Eliza BOYLE, wit: George GIBSON of Lyndhurst & Ellen GIBSON of Elgin, 31 Jan 1894, at Athens
#006804-94 (Grenville Co.) William Albert WESTLAKE, 47, Widower, farmer, Elizabeth Town, Elizabeth Town, s/o John WESTLAKE & Sarah ROWLEY; married Mary Estella EARL, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Joel EARL & Clarisse Ann Tralt, witn William H. Rowley, New Dublin & Eunice HILLIS, North Augusta, 13 June 1894, Augusta 6722-94 George WESTON, 35, cheese maker, widower, Escott, same, s/o James & Frances, married Alice L. STOREY, 24, Escott, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Thomas & Sophia WESTON of Lyn, 19 Dec 1894 at Lyn, Elizabethtown twp
6893-94 John Earle WHALEY, 22, tailor, Newboro, Westport, s/o James WHALEY & Agnes BAKER, married Isabella NORRIS, 24, South Sherbrooke, Westport, d/o John NORRIS & Margaret DOWDALL, witn: Alexander BARR of Westport & Lizzie NORRIS of S. Sherbrooke, 28 June [1894] at St. Pauls Church, Westport #006763-94 (Grenville Co.) John WHITE 29, labourer, Montague twp., Merrickville, s/o Robert WHITE & Jane MCCANE (MCCAW), married Mary MCINTYRE 24, Bishops Mills, Merrickville, d/o Nathan MCINTYRE & Susan HUTCHESON, wit: Richard MCMAHON of Montague twp. & Margaret DEVER of Merrickville, 6 Jan 1894, at Merrickville. (RC)
#006794-94 (Leeds Co) Levi WILLIAMS, 44, W, teamster, South Crosby, Gananoque, s/o Nelson WILLIAMS & Mary SHAPRON; married Mary KAINE, 37, Widow, Leeds, Gananoque, d/o Stephen CARPENTER & Sarah DAVIS; witn Milton REYNOLDS & Mrs. N.P. MOORE, both of Lansdowne, 3 Sept 1894, Lansdowne 6894-94 William A. WHITMARSH, 23, farmer, North Crosby, Westport, s/o John WHITMARSH & Rachel WAFFLE, married Anna CAMERON, 23, Bedford, Westport, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Duncan CAMERON & Bella CROSKERY, both of N. Crosby, 11 Sept 1894 at Westport
#006806-94 (Grenville Co.) Peter Ambrose WILSON, 22, merchant, South Gower, Osgoode, s/o Alexander WILSON & Elizabeth SWALFEGER; married Margaret Julia PAKE, 19, Matilda, Matilda, d/o John PAKE & Elizabeth SHANK; witn T.H. WILSON, Kemptville & Mary JOHNSTON, Glen Stewart, 12 Sept 1894, Spencerville 006846-94 (Grenville Co.) Samuel WILSON, 50, Farmer, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Andrew WILSON & Jane BOLTON, married Elizabeth BURNS, 37, Augusta, Augusta, d/o John BURNS & Catherine HICKEY, Witn.: John BURNS, Augusta, P?? A. Fav???(maybe Favell), Augusta, February 5, 1894, at Prescott
6822-94 Samuel WILSON, 53, farmer, widower, Augusta, same, s/o Andrew WILSON & Jane BOLTON, married Elizabeth BURNS, 39, Augusta, same, d/o John BURNS & Catherine HICKEY, witn: John BURNS & Rose A. FARRELL, both of Augusta, 5 Feb 1894 at Prescott #006788-94 (Leeds Co.) John Meloin? WILTSE 29, blacksmith, Athens, Escott, s/o Smith & Mary WILTSE, married Josephine STUNDEN 25, Gananoque, Escott, d/o George & Mary STUNDEN, wit: Alex. THOMSON of Escott & Maggie WILTSE of Athens, 17 Dec 1894, Escott
6744-94 Joshua WILTON, 24, farmer, Lyndhurst, same, s/o Elisha WILTON & Margaret EARL, married Lillie B. PARISH, 17, Rear of Yonge, same, d/o Joel PARISH & Harriet MOORE, witn: William J. WILL of Morton & Edith L. BISELL of Addington, 18 April 1894 at Rear of Yonge #006742-94 (Leeds Co.) Jas. M. WING 23, cheese maker, Yonge twp., Elizabethtown twp., s/o Allan & Mary Ann WING, married Alice BARRINGTON 23, Yonge twp., same, d/o Bennett & Elizabeth J. BARRINGTON, wit: Wm BARRINGTON of Yonge twp. & Cora E. WING of Elizabethtown twp., 26 Dec 1894, at Athens.
6908-94 John Wesley WOOD, 17, farmer, Winchester twp., South Gower twp., s/o Samuel WOOD & Hannah TERRY, married Jane MITCHELL, 19, Scotland, South Gower twp., d/o John MITCHELL & Jane DOUGAL, witn: Thomas WOOD & Thomas HAGAN, both of S. Gower, 2 Feb. 1894 at Kemptville 006839-94 (Grenville Co.) James WYNN, 40, Farmer, Matilda, Matilda, s/o Christopher WYNN & Mary WALL, married Margaret KNOWLES, 35, Edwardsburg, Edwardsburgh, d/o Robert KNOWLES & Margaret KINGSTON, Witn.: Robert KNOWLES of Edwardsburgh & S.J. COWAN of Prescott, March 6, 1894 at Prescott
  #006790-94 (Leeds Co) Herbert Hooker YOUNG, 33, Liveryman, Elizabethtown, Brockville, s/o John YOUNG & Jane KERR; married Isabella Armstrong SHIPMAN, 29, Yonge Front, Yonge Front, d/o Luther Moss SHIPMAN & Barbara McDONALD; witn Ernest SMITH, Brockville & Mary V. SHEPHERD, Brockville, 2 Aug 1894, Yonge Front