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Leeds & Grenville Co., 1895, part 2

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007071-95 Edward Thomas ALGIE, 26, Leveling Agent, Glasgow, Brockville, s/o John & Agnes ALGIE; married Mary Rebecca HITCHCOCK, 28, Wolford, Kitley, d/o Silas & Rubyanne HICHCOCK (sic), witn Joel BALDWIN, Wolford & Alma HITCHCOCK, Kitley, 12 Jun 1895, Newbliss

007058-1895 George AMEY, 32, Farmer, Loborough, same, s/o Grant AMEY & Rosetta BIXLEY (Pixley?), married Celia STEPHENSON, 32, Widow, Battersea, Kingston, d/o Isaac JAMIESON & Jane AYKROYD, witn: Mrs. GRACEY, Mabel A. GRACEY, both of Gananoque, 4 Sept 1895 at Gananoque

006795-95 James ARMSTRONG, 22, Moulder, Cavan Ireland, Brockville, s/o Francis ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth PHILIPS; married Jane McCLOY, 25, Antrim Ireland, Brockville, d/o William McCLOY & Agnes McMILLAN; witn James GORDON & Mary LOCKINGTON, both Brockville, 30 Dec 1895, Brockville

006825-95 William Crawford BAKER, 25, Farmer, Singleton, South Crosby Twp, s/o William & Jane BAKER; married Lucy Melita DOUSETT, 27, Bastard Twp, Bastard Twp, d/o James & Eliza DOUSETT; witn Henry BASS, Singleton & Sarah DOUSETT, Portland, 24 Dec 1895, Bastard Twp

006811-95 Edward BANSER (Bauser?), 29, Farmer, Bastard Twp, Bastard Twp, s/o Elija & Lavinia BANSER; married Eliza Jane COPELAND, 26, South Elmsley, South Elmsley, d/o Edwar Samuel & Margaret COPELAND; witn Steven Joase STEVENS of, Bastard Twp & Mary Hunter Hunter TATE of Perth, 26 Feb 1895, Lombardy

006928-1895 Stephen Taber BARR, 30, Widower, Bedford, Westport, s/o George BARR & Mary BARR, married Gertrude MERKLEY, 20, North Crosby, same, d/o Daniel MERKLEY & Mary S. MERKLEY, witn: A. W. DIER, Westport, Georgina BARR, Bedford, 6 Nov 1895 North Crosby
007334-96 George BATES, 31, Farmer, Wid, Macomb NY USA, Russell St. Lawrence Co NY, s/o John & Margaret BATES; married Julia E. GARDINER, 22, Wolford, Wolford, d/o Richard & Margaret GARDINER; wit Milburn GARDINER, Wolford & Libbie SCRIVENER, Lansing, 26 Jun 1895, Wolford 007047-1895 George BEARANCE, 23, Fireman, Elginburgh, Kingston Twp., s/o Thomas BEARANCE & Mary Ann CAMPSON (Campion?),married Rosella May SALISBURY, 20,Loughboro, Kingston, d/o Benjamin SALISBURY & Sarah SILVER, witn: Maude REYNOLDS, M.J. BENNETT, both of Gananoque, 18 Mar 1895 Gananoque
006719-1895 (Leeds Co) Henry BEDARD, 23, Carriage Trimmer, Gananoque, Brockville, s/o John BEDARD & Mary SOMERS, married Henrietta DONEVAN, 22, Brockville, same, d/o James DONEVAN & Mary HOUSON, witn: David D. DONEVAN, Mary Ann DONNELLY, of Brockville, 5 Jan 1895 at Brockville (RC) 006925-1895 Thomas BERTRIM, 23, Farmer, Hinchinbrooke, Olden, s/o Alex BERTRIM & Sarah BERTRIM, married Mary Jane (no surname given), 25, Sherbrooke, same, d/o William PALMER & Eliza PALMER, witn; Isaac THOMPSON, Bedford, Maggie PALMER, Sherbrooke, 10 Sept 1895 Westport
007093-1895 (Leeds Co) Edward BOLIN, 34, Farmer, Bastard, Plum Hollow, s/o John BOLIN & Catherine DAV--?(off page), married Mary BULG--?(off page), 20, South Crosby, same, d/o Augustus BUL--?( off page), & Ellen ONAR--?(off page), witn: Daniel R. ROGE--?(off page), Portland, Elizabeth RIC--?(off page), South Crosby, 5 Nov at Catholic Church, Philipsville

006913-95 Philip K. BOTTING, 25, Factory Hand, Fermoy, Westport, s/o Alfred BOTTING & Elizabeth JONES; married Elmina SANDERS, 25, Westport, Westport, d/o Henry SANDERS & Olive JONES; witn Jennie SICKLER, Westport & William TAGGART, no place given, 13 Mar 189(cut off), Westport

006920-1895 Albert E. BOYDEN, 23, Farm Laborer, Liverpool England, Newboro, s/o John BOYDEN & Elizabeth BOYDEN, married Angelina GRAY, 20, Somerset England, North Crosby, d/o Charles GRAY & Jane GRAY, witn: John H, GRAY, Westport, Margaret BOYDEN, Montreal, 13 Mar 1895 St. Pauls Church Westport 006921-1895 Albert C. BRADLEY, 22, Cheese maker, Domville, Westport, s/o Henry & Amelia BRADLEY, married Margaret ADAMS, 17, Westport, same, d/o Edward & Elizabeth ADAMS, witn: Albert ADAMS, Minnie O'CONNOR, both of Westport, 8 July 1895 Westport 

006818-95 Frederick BRETT, 23, Farmer, New York State, North Crosby, s/o Henry BRETT & Anne HOBAN; married Margaret AHEARN, 28, North Crosby, North Crosby, d/o Martin AHEARN & Johanna A. O'CONNOR; witn Maurice HEALY, New York & Ellen HOBAN, Westport, 18 Jun 1895, Westport

006905-95 Robert James BROWN, 26, Teacher, Glenelg Twp - Grey Co, Beamsville Lincoln Co, s/o Isaac BROWN & Mary COZENS; married Edith TENNANT, 23, Yonge Front, Yonge Front, d/o John W. TENNANT & Isabella KINCAID; witn Bertha TENNANT & Fred TENNANT, both Yonge Front, 16 Jul 1895, Yonge Front

006741-1895 (Leeds Co) William Senkler BUELL, 26, Barrister, Ontario, Brockville, s/o Jacob Dockstader BUELL & Margaret Sophia SENKLER, married Sophia Elizabeth BOWIE, 21, Ontario, Brockville, d/o Robert BOWIE & Margaret Emily McLEAN, witn: W. J. SENKLER, St. Catharines, M. E. BOWIE, Brockville, 1 June 1895 at Brockville St. Peter Church

7188-96 Jay BYAM, 25, bath attendant, Byron NY, Dansville NY, s/o Delbert BYAM & Frances SHERWOOD, married Mary RAMSAY, 21, Gananoque, same, d/o Alexander RAMSAY & Martha ROBINSON, witn: William H. RAMSAY & Bertha COWAN, both of Gananoque, 30 Sept 1895 at Gananoque

  007184 (Leeds Co) John CARDIFF, 27, Farmer, Bastard, same, s/o Richard CARDIFF & Sarah MOULTON, married Harriet A. SNIDER, 25, Leeds, Bastard, d/o John SNIDER & Lucinda POPE, witn: James BELL, Melissa BELL, both of Leeds, 3 Jul 1895 Gananoque
007079-95 John CLYNE, 33, Farmer, Perth, Perth, s/o Edmund CLYNE & Catherine CENNETT (Sennett?) married Bridget CAREY, 30, Kitley, Kitley, d/o John CAREY & Mary Ann KELLY; witn Francis CLYNE, Perth & Sarah CAREY, Kitley, 30 Oct 1895, Kitley 007051-1895 Thomas COMSTOCK, 20, Farm Hand, Brampton, Lansdowne Tp., s/o Francis COMSTOCK & Louise JACOB, married Kate SEYMOUR, 19, Smiths Falls, Lansdowne, d/o Frank SEYMOUR & Charlotte BEEF, witn: May BOWEN, Mabel A. GRACEY, both of Gananoque, 14 Mar 1895 at Gananoque
006994-1895 (Leeds Co) William B. COOK, 31, Liquor Vendor, Onedia (Oneida?) U.S., Rome NY, s/o Allen P. COOK & Caroline PERRY, married Lillian COY, 29, Balston U.S., Rome, d/o Zera COY & Juilette GREGORY, witn: Charles FREDENBURGH, A. TENNANT, Lansdowne, 27 Nov 1895 Lansdowne 006930-1895   John COOPER, 25, Blacksmith, N. Crosby same, s/o Henry COOPER & Margaret BYRNES, married Ellen HOBAN, 23, North Crosby, same, d/o John HOBAN & Honora DONAVAN, witn: Maurice HEALY, Watertown N.Y., Susan COOPER, Bathurst, 13 Nov 1895 St. Edwards Church, Westport (RC)

007064-1895 William James CORNETT, 38, Farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o Thomas CORNETT & Mary CORNETT, married Margaret Jane BRADLEY, 31, Lansdowne, same, d/o Richard BRADLEY & Jane BRADLEY, witn: John W. BRADLEY, Gananoque, Anne L. BRADLEY, Mountain, 16 Oct 1895 at Gananoque

006715-1895 (Leeds Co) William COUGHLIN, 32, Laborer, Morristown NY, same, s/o Patrick COUGHLIN & Ellen GRAY, married Mary BURNS, 23, Elizabethtown, Brockville, d/o Edward BURNS & Eliza McCULLOUGH, witn: Ephriam BURNS, Nellie COUGHLIN, 7 Jan 1895 at Brockville at St. Francis X Church (RC)
007082-18905 (Leeds Co) James Lewis COULTER, 31, Widower, Accountant, Ramsay Twp., Almonte, s/o Thomas COULTER & Catherine McNEILL, married Almyria Jemima BROWN, 25, Kitley, same, d/o Benson BROWN & Taymer LEESON, witn: William BROWN & Manda BROWN, both of Kitley, 22 May 1895 at Kitley Twp 006751-1895 (Leeds Co) Alonzo Brock COWAN, 44, Widower, Butcher, Elizabethtown, Brockville, s/o William COWAN & Lois ROWLAND, married Angeline GIFFIN, 26, Elizabethtown, Brockville, d/o John GIFFIN & Mary WHITE, witn: James F. HOLMES, James WARDROPE, of Brockville, 19 Apr 1895 at Brockville
007153-96 William Ethan CRIPPIN, 30, Yeoman, Augusta Twp, Augusta Twp, s/o Elisha & Frances CRIPPIN; married Lucy ORR, 24, Elizabethtown Twp, Elizabethtown Twp, d/o James & Mary Ann ORR; wit Hattie ORR, Elizabethtown Twp & William EASTER, Algonquin, Augusta Twp, 24 Dec 1895, Elizabethtown Twp

007090-1895 (Leeds Co) George CROSS, 24, Farmer, Wolford, same, s/o Lewis CROSS & Elizabeth McMANUS, married Mary GARDINER, 19, Plum Hollow, Bastard, d/o John GARDINER & Cora GARDINER of Bastard, witn: Owen WILLIAMS of the Rectory in Frankville, 16 Oct 1895 at the Rectory in Frankville

007338-96 James C. CURRIE, 29, Locomotive Engineer, England, Smiths Falls, s/o Jean & Martha CURRIE; married Ada McLEAN, 21, Carleton Place, Smiths Falls, d/o John & Ann Jane McLEAN; wit Thomas CHESTER & Kate CHESTER, both Jasper, 2 May 1895, Jasper

006742-1895 (Leeds Co) William DANIELS, 27, Clerk, North Augusta, Prescott, s/o Henry & Esther Ann DANIELS, married Avis SMITH, 26, Brockville, same, d/o J.E. & Eliza SMITH, witn: Henry DANIELS, Lovetta DANIELS, both of Prescott, 16 May 1895 at Brockville
  7186-96 Charles Thomas DAW, 33, farmer, Lansdowne, same, s/o James DAW & Jane SURTLIFF, married Mary Ella DONALDSON, 34, Boston Mass., Gananoque, d/o James DONALDSON & Mary HORTON, witn: W.S. & H.A. JACKSON of Gananoque, 30 July 1895 at Gananoque
007056-1895 Edward Charles DEAN, 28, Journalist, Kingston, same, s/o William DEAN & Margaret CASSIDY, married Caroline Miriam Gertrude REYNER, 21, Lakeview, Kingston, d/o John REYNER & Sarah GRAHAM, witn: Lizzie GRACEY, Mabel A. GRACEY, both of Gananoque, 27 Aug 1895 at Gananoque 007065-1895 William DENNY, 42, Widower, Farmer, Smiths Falls, Lyndhurst, s/o Joseph DENNY & Delia DENNY, married Sephronia BOLTON, 45, Widow, Leeds, Lyndhurst, d/o Samuel NIBLOCK & Eliza Ann NIBLOCK, 4 Dec 1895 at Gananoque
007092-1895 (Leeds Co) Wesley W. DEVITT, 28, merchant, Eastons Corners, Nuyack NY, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Etta SOPER, 24, Frankville, same, d/o Enos & Margaret, witn: Howard DEVITT, Eastons Corners, Cynthia SOPER, Frankville, 2 Oct 1895 at Frankville 007061-1895 Robert Lindsay DODDS, 23, Farmer, Lansdowne, Leeds, s/o Joseph DODDS & Mary MULDIE, married Beatrice Robina PURVIS, 27, Leeds, Gananoque, d/o John PURVIS & Agnes HAIG, witn: William DODDS, Lansdowne, Alice HAIG, Brockville, 28 Sept 1895 at Gananoque
006724-1895 (Leeds Co) James DORAN, 22, Laborer, Iroquois, Brockville, s/o Simeon & Annie DORAN, married Georgina BIRTCH, 18, Kingston, Brockville, d/o Daniel & Maggie BIRTCH, witn: Joseph LACHAPELLE & Mary SALMON, of Brockville, 16 Feb 1895 at Brockville 006916-95 John Edward DOWDALL, 24, Farmer, South Sherbrooke, South Sherbrooke, s/o Thomas DOWDALL & Eliza DEACON; married Annie NEIL, 26, South Sherbrooke, South Sherbrooke, d/o Patrick & Jane NEIL; witn John McCONNELL, Sherbrooke & Sapphira DE WATTS, Bathurst, 12 Jun 1895, Westport

007078-95 Michael DOYLE, 27, Boatman, Chaffeys Lock, Chaffeys Lock, s/o Moses DOYLE & Anne MURRAY; married Margaret REGAN, 27, Chaffeys Lock, Chaffeys Lock, d/o John REGAN & Mary HAMILTON; witn Moses DOYLE & Catherine REGAN, both Philipsville, 27 Nov 1895, Philipsville

007068-95 Joseph DOYLE, 24, Boat maker, South Crosby, South Crosby, s/o Moses DOYLE & Anne MURRY; married Mary E. SIMMINS, 23, South Crosby, South Crosby, d/o Thomas SIMMINS & Bridget BRADY; witn Thomas? DOYLE & Catherine SIMMINS, both South Crosby, 17 Jan 1895, Philipsville

006922-1895 William Arthur ELLIOT, 21, Mechanic, Philipsville, Westport, s/o Jefferson ELLIOT & Sarah PENNOCK, married Aggie C. HASKINS, Westport, same, d/o David HASKINS & Harriet PALMER, witn: Wallace PALMER, Lillie PALMER, both of North Crosby, 4 Sep 1895 Westport  

006984-95 Thomas Isaac ELLIS, 25, Farmer, Carp, Ellisville, s/o George ELLIS & Ellen POUNSEL?; married Ida Ann PIERCE, 22, Seeleys Bay, Ellisville, d/o William Henry PIERCE & Elizabeth SINGLETON; witn George ELLIS & Elizabeth A. PIERCE, both Ellisville, 4 Sept 1895, Ellisville

007048-1895 George Maley ELLIS, 21, Yeoman, Matilda Twp., Iroquois, s/o Thomas ELLIS & Harriet TOMPKINS, married Eliza WARREN, 33, Leeds, Lansdowne, d/o Benjamin WARREN & Martha GRAHAM, witn: George ARMSTRONG, Morrisburgh, Ettie WARREN, Lansdowne, 20 Mar 1895 Gananoque
007053-1895 Charles Alfred ELWOOD, 26, Book keeper, Rochester NY, same, s/o Alfred ELWOOD & Julia Susan CRANE, married Grace Clara WILLIAMS, 25, Rochester NY, Oneida NY, d/o Henry WILLIAMS & Gertrude GAY, witn: L. H. GARDNER, Louise GARDNER, both of Rochester NY, 16 Aug 1895 at Gananoque

006808-95 Peter FERGUSON, 28, Spinner, Scotland, Westport, s/o Peter & Betsy Bain FERGUSON; married Mary Agnes JEACLE, 26, Westport, Westport, d/o George JEACLE & Agnes Hewitt GIBSON; witn Nellie MULVILLE & William E. JEACLE, both Westport, 29 Oct no year given, Westport

007074-95 Thomas FITZGERALD, 37, Husbandman, Kitley, Kitley, s/o Patrick FITZGERALD & Margaret SMITH; married Gerta MURPHY, 21, Kitley, Kitley, d/o James MURPHY & Jane BURN; witn William BALDWIN, Kitley & Elizabeth RYAN, Smith Falls, 19 Feb 1895, Kitley

007080-95 George Edward FLOOD, 23, Tinsmith, Athens, Eastons Corners, s/o John & Ann Jane FLOOD; married Mona Jane EDMUND, 16, Wolford, Wolford, d/o Charles & Mary Ann EDMOND; witn Fred FLOOD, Soperton & Ella EDMOND, Eastons Corners, 4 Dec 1895, Frankville

006819-95 Henry FORD, 25, Clerk in a store, St. Lawrence Co NY, Watertown NY, s/o James FORD & Mary MALONE; married Jane Ann HAMILTON, 27, Bedford, Watertown NY, d/o George HAMILTON & Eliza BROWN; witn Henry HAMILTON & Hannah HAMILTON, both Bedford, 26 Jun 1895, Westport

006923-1895 Oscar FORRESTER, 42, Farmer, Mallorytown, same, s/o William FORRESTER & Sophia WEEKS, married Sarah M. THOMPSON, 32, Westport, Bedford Twp., d/o William J. THOMPSON & Rebecca SHELDON, witn: W.S. RIPLEY, Westport, B.S. SHELDON, Portland, 4 Sept 1895 Westport

007168-96 George Charles FOSTER, 20, Labourer, Prescott, Prescott, s/o Francis R. FOSTER & Barbara LAROSE; married Alice PREVOST, 20, Prescott, Prescott, d/o Leonard PREVOST & Catherine NILAS; wit John PREVOST & Clara FITZGERALD, both Prescott, 14 Oct 1895, Prescott

006747-1895 (Leeds Co) Alfred FOX, 21, Laborer, Brockville, same, s/o William FOX & Julia LANON, married Vina OBA, 20, Hull, Brockville, d/o Francis OBA & Maggie GIBEAU, witn: Annie TRUESDALE, William BARR, of Brockville, 18 June 1895 at Brockville
007052-1895 George Edward FRASER, 21, Laborer, Kaladar Ont., Thousand Island Park NY, s/o George Daniel FRASER & Josephine WALROTH, married Minnie May BROPRA, 14, Gananoque, Thousand Island Park NY, d/o Myron BROPRA & Ida CUPPERNELL, witn: Mary E. ABBOTT, Syracuse NY, Ida BROPRA (Bropen?), Jefferson Co NY, 22 Aug 1895 at Gananoque 006718-1895 (Leeds Co) William Oran FULFORD, 28, Farmer, Elizabethtown Twp., same, s/o Alonzo FULFORD & Malinda RICHFORD, married Lizzie McNAMARA, 24, Elizabethtown Twp., Brockville, d/o John McNAMARA & Ann Jane McNAMARA, witn: Fanny COAD, William A. SCANLON, of Brockville, 21 Jan 1895 at Brockville
007091-1895 (Leeds Co) Alfred GALLINGER, 24, Farmer, Bathurst, Montague, s/o John & Mary, married Annie GRAHAM, 24, Kitley, same, d/o Dave & Elizabeth Ann, witn: David & Elizabeth Ann GRAHAM, of Kitley, 4 Nov 1895 at Kitley 007321-1896 (Leeds Co) Richard Pearson GARDINER, 22, Tanner, Farmer, Yonge Front, same, s/o George Wellington GARDINER & Mary Ann BOOTH, married Euphemia Stephenson TENNANT, 24, Mallorytown, Yonge Front, witn: Christopher TENNANT & Mary Sutherland CHICK, witn: J. F. PURVIS, Lyn, Clara LANDON, Montreal, 25 Dec 1895 at Front Yonge
  007057-1895 George GEDDES, 35, General Manager, Onondaga NY, Prescott, s/o James GEDDES & Frances TERRY, married Gertrude RANKIN, 24, Onondaga NY, Buffalo NY, d/o Orlando RANKIN & Anna FISHER, witn: Mrs. Orlando RANKIN, Buffalo, Lizzie GRACEY, Gananoque, 27 Aug 1895 at Gananoque

006911-95 James GIBSON, 27, Farmer, North Crosby, North Crosby, s/o Robert GIBSON & Charlotte KENNEDY; married Cassie PRITCHARD, 18, Chaffeys Locks, Bedford Mills, s/o Charles PRITCHARD & Ann BECKWITH; witn Mrs J.W. JONES, Westport & Mary MACLEAN, Kingston, 25 Feb 1895, Westport

007073-95 James GIBSON, 22, Farmer, England, Elizabethtown, s/o Uncertain -  from a home; married Rebecca H. ARMSTRONG, 42, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, d/o Robert & Mary ARMSTRONG; witn David & Jane JOHNSTON, both Kitley, 9 Jan 1895, Kitley
007062-1895 Vince Buell GOFF, 26, Cheese Maker, Sand Bay, Lansdowne, s/o Samuel GOFF & Huldah GOFF, married Manira LARKINS, 20, Lansdowne, same, d/o William LARKINS & Jane Ann LARKINS, witn: Annie GAYE, Isabella Williamson, both of Gananoque, 9 Oct 1895 at Gananoque 006903-95 William Ralph GRAHAM, 30, Farmer, Escott, Escott, s/o Joseph GRAHAM & Hannah EARL; married Mary Frances GREER, 29, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o David GREER & Mary MOXLEY; witn Robert Rostie GRAHAM & Sarah Ida HUTCHESON, both Escott, 22 May 1895, Lansdowne
006924-1895 Walter GREEN, 24, Farmer, Bedford Mills, same, s/o not given, married May SMITH, 21, Watertown N.Y., same, d/o not given, witn: Edith WEBSTER, Maggie BLACK, both of Westport, 7 Sept 1895  007323-1896 (Leeds Co) George GRIER, 39, Clerk, Iroquois, Mallorytown, s/o James GRIER & Eliza GRIER, married Olive E. MUNRO, 34, Yonge, Mallorytown, d/o Alfred Alpheus MUNRO & Lydia MUNRO, witn: I. Cole, V. BUELL, both of Mallorytown, 19 Sept 1895 at Mallorytown
007066-1895 John Gibson HAIG, 25, Farmer, Leeds, same, s/o John HAIG & Janet HAIG (now DURLING), married Isabella WALDIE, 27, Lansdowne, same, d/o Robert WALDIE & Eliza WALDIE, witn: Adam Joseph WALDIE, Lansdowne, Annie DURLING, of Leeds, 15 Dec 1895 at Gananoque  
006996-1895 (Leeds Co) James Malcolmson HALL, 25, Farmer, Yonge Twp., same, s/o Josephus & Lydia HALL, married Catherine WARREN, 27, Escott, Yonge Twp., d/o James & Marry WARREN, witn: W. G. JOHNSTON, Lansdowne, H. FERGUSON, Escott, 18 Dec 1895 at Lansdowne

006810-95 Sylvester HAMILTON, 25, Farmer, Bedford, Bedford, s/o George HAMILTON & Eliza BROWN; married Hannah LUNN, 24, Bedford, Bedford, d/o John LUNN & Susannah FORSYTH; witn Henry HAMILTON & Anna HAMILTON, both Bedford, 16 Jan no year given, Westport

007060-1895 Hugh Cowan HARDING, 23, Painter, Pittsburgh Ont, Kingston, s/o Henry HARDING & Ann COWAN (? ink smudged), married Lutie May CHURCH, 20, Gananoque, same, d/o Joseph W. CHURCH & Maria GILLICK, witn: Joseph W. CHURCH, Susie May THOMSON, both of Gananoque, 18 Sept 1895 at Gananoque 007067-1895 Mathias HEUSTON, 38, Carpenter, Kitley, same, s/o William HEUSTON & Joanna BARNTON, married Ella Aline VanLOAN, 28, Athens, Delta, d/o Malcolm VanLOAN & Eliza REDMOND, witn: Mabel A. GRACEY, Lettie G. GRACEY, both of Gananoque, 31 Dec 1895 at Gananoque
006754-1895 (Leeds Co) Joseph R. HITCHON, 25, Machinist, Brantford, Belleville, s/o Frances HITCHON & Alice MARSON, married Margaret Smith HOSIE, 24, London Ont, Brockville, d/o John HOSIE & Jane WALKER, witn: Agnes HOSIE, Brockville, William C. HITCHON, Belleville, 27 Feb 1895 at Brockville

007337-96 Colone George HOLLIDAY, 23, Farmer, Montague, Montague, s/o George & Catherine HOLLIDAY; married Isabella McCAW, 18, Montague, Montague, d/o Milton & Martha McCAW; wit Bruce McGRATH & Racheal McCAW, both Montague, 1 May 1895, Jasper

006743-1895 (Leeds Co) Thomas Henry HOY, 20, Laborer, Hullville, Prescott, s/o Samuel & Catherine HOY, married Jennie B. FORSYTH, 19, Greenbush, Bellamy, d/o John & Agnes FORSYTH, witn: W.W. PECK, Kingston, Agnes GRIFFITH, Brockville, 7 June 1895 at Brockville 007081-95 William McKenzie HUGHES, 29, Farmer, Kitley, South Elmsley, s/o Patrick & Mary Ann HUGHES; married Harriett PRICE, 21, Kitley, Newblis, d/o William & Betta PRICE; witn Charles PRICE, Christina McKENZIE & Albert HUGHES, all Kitley, 24 Dec 1895, Frankville
007087-1895 (Leeds Co) Jabez William HULL, 25, Farmer, England, Young Twp., s/o Charles HULL & Harriett HULL, married Margaret Ann PARKER, 26, Bastard, Toledo village, d/o John PARKER & Mary Ann MITCHELL, witn: Earney HULL, Athens, & Laura MITCHELL, Kitley, 26 Feb 1895 at Toledo 007089-1895 (Leeds Co) Alfred IRELAND, 30, Farmer, Kitley, same, s/o Ezra IRELAND & Fannie LOVE, married Mary REYNOLDS, 26, Kitley, same, d/o John REYNOLDS & Mary BERN, witn: William REYNOLDS & Margaret HANTON, both of Kitley, 4 Sept 1895 at R.C. Church Kitley
006748-1895 (Leeds Co) Wesley IRVINE, 28, Physician, Carp Carleton Co., Royalton Wisconsin, s/o Robert IRVINE & Jane JAMIESON, married Euphemia MORAY, 25, Brockville, same, d/o Rufus MORAY of Brockville & Isabella CAMPBELL of Renfrew, witn: Blanche J. MORAY, George D. CAMPBELL, 2 Jan 1895 at Brockville  

006907-95 William Julius KAHUT, 22, Farmer, Escott Twp, Escott Twp, s/o Julius & Catherine KAHUT; married Addie Agnes ROOT, 18, Escott Twp, Escott Twp, d/o Wilson Abel ROOT Sr. & Parny GUILD; witn Emma CONNOLLY, Caintown & Lottie E. WILLIAMS, Rockport, 25 Sept 1895, Brockville

007050-1895 William Riley KANE, 21, Laborer, Gananoque, same, s/o Nelson KANE & Henrietta CROSS, married Maggie MIRANDA, 20, Gananoque, same, d/o John MIRANDA & Julia BEAVERSTOCK, witn: Frank MIRANDA, Sarah MIRANDA, both of Gananoque, 30 Apr 1895 Gananoque
7185-996 Lorenzo KING, 34, widower, merchant, Daysville NY, same, s/o James KING & Susanna STACEY, married Mary TEW, 40, Three Rivers Que., Oswego NY, d/o Nelson TEW & Mary CLOUTER, witn: H. A. & W. JACKSON of Gananoque, 23 July 1895 at Gananoque 006995-1895 (Leeds Co) William Henry KING, 36, Farmer, Leeds, same, s/o William KING & Eliza BREATHOUR, married Louisa WEBSTER, 35, Widow, Lansdowne, same, d/o William McCULLOUGH & Essa WHITE, witn; Peter MORGEN (Morgan?), Leeds, Mary McCULLOUGH, Lansdowne, 11 Dec 1895 Lansdowne
007086-95 (Leeds Co) Edgar LARGUAY, 29, Traderman, Glengarry, Athens, s/o Collin LARGUAY & Mary BOEY, married Elizabeth HEFFERNAN, 33, United States, Kitley, d/o Owen HEFFERNAN & Mary HART, witn: Dennis KENNEDY, Athens, Catherine BOLIN, Plum Hollow, 2 Jul 1895 at R. Catholic Church Kitley (RC) (also 007088-1895) 006902-95 George T. LEADER, 24, Farmer, McIntosh Mills, Escott Twp, s/o John & Helen LEADER; married Elizabeth DAVIS, 24, Yonge Twp, Escott Twp, d/o Joseph & Jane Elizabeth DAVIS; witn Philip LEADER & Anna DAVIS, both Yonge Twp, 20 Feb 1895, Ballycanoe

006720-1895 (Leeds Co) Clinton LENNOX, 26, Moulder, Augusta Tp., Brockville, s/o Sidney LENNOX & Jane ALBERRY, married Mary A. REDGATE, 25, Quebec, Brockville, d/o Joseph REDGATE & Alice KEENAN, witn; Ellen M. BAKER, James REDGATE, of Brockville, 13 Feb 1895 at Brockville

006926-1895 Nelson LEPOINT, 22, Farmer, Seeleys Bay, Singletons Corners, s/o John LEPOINT & Olive FAFFEY, married Elizabeth LAMOND, 17, Singletons Corners, same, d/o Robert LAMOND & L. PARRE, witn: Mrs. L.E. BURKE, Westport, 23 Sept 1895 Westport

006746-1895 (Leeds Co) Robert Eldar LEWIS, 27, Widower, Laborer, Glasgow-Scotland, Brockville, s/o Robert LEWIS & Harriet ELDAR (Eldon?), married Mary SMILEY, 25, Glasgow-Scotland, Brockville, d/o John SMILEY & Elizabeth WALKER, witn: Mrs. James LEWIS, Mr. James LEWIS, of Brockville, 2 Jan 1895 at Brockville

006906-95 John MALLORY, 31, Yeoman, Wid, Yonge Front, Yonge Front, s/o Archibald MALLORY & Sarah MONFORT; married Sarah Jane BROWN, 30, Yonge Front, Yonge Front, d/o William BROWN & Jane ABERNATHY; witn John AVERY & Eliza AVERY, both Yonge Front, 26 Jun 1895, Yonge Mills
  006752-1895 (Leeds Co) William James MANAHAN, 29, Baker, Oswego-NY, Brockville, s/o James MANAHAN & Mary Jane ROGERS, married Minnie FAICHNEY, 24, Brockville, same, d/o Alexander FAICHNEY & Margaret BELL, witn: Alexander W. DUNN, Edna FAICHNEY, both of Brockville, 11 Apr 1895 at Brockville
007183-1896 William MATHEWS, 23, Farmer, Lansdowne, Leeds, s/o Charles MATTHEWS & Eliza WALKER, married Ruthie Lucetia PRITCHARD, 18, Leeds, same, d/o James PRITCHARD & Sarah A. SERSON (Leeson?), witn: H. A. JACKSON, L. BAILEY, Kingston, 25 June 1895 Gananoque 006712-1895 (Leeds Co) George Anderson MATTHEWS, 30, Tinsmith, Brockville, North Dakota, s/o John & Sarah MATTHEWS, married Ida Gertrude OXLEY, 22, Gosford, Brockville, d/o Thomas D. & Martha GOSFORD (sic), witn: John POWER, Maggie M. OXLEY, of Brockville, 7 Feb 1895 at Brockville

006915-95 Michael J. McCANN, 26, Commercial Traveller, Ontario, Ottawa, s/o Michael J. McCANN & Anne KEARNS; married Mary Ellen MARTIN, no age given, Ontario, Westport, d/o Owen MARTIN & Elizabeth McARDLE; witn Francis McCAFFREY, Westport & Margaret MARTIN, North Crosby, 4 Jun 1895, Westport

007069-95 William McDONALD, 26, Husbandman, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, s/o Fordy? McDONALD & Ann GARRETT; married Mary MAXWELL, 22, Brewers Mills, South Crosby, d/o Robert MAXWELL & Sarah MUCHMORE; witn John BEEMARK, Lansdowne & Hattie MORAN?, Morton, no date given, Philipsville

006714-1895 (Leeds Co) John McEWAN, 23, Undertaker, Brockville, same, s/o Harry McEWAN & Catherine BELL, married Nellie BRANIFF, 23, Brockville, same, d/o Thomas BRANIFF & Ann J. WRIGHT, witn: Adolphus POULIN, Carrie BRANIFF, of Brockville, 31 Jan 1895 at Brockville at St. Francis Xavier Church 006753-1895 (Leeds Co) Charles MacNAMARA, 25, Laborer, Elizabethtown, Brockville, s/o John MacNAMARA & Ann Jane MAGEE, married Mary Elizabeth TURNER, 18, Elizabethtown, Brockville, d/o Samuel TURNER & Osana CRUMWELL, witn: Charles ROSE, Samuel TURNER, both of Brockville, 5 Mar 1895 (no place given)
007049-1895 George Manhard MILLIONS, 25, Yeoman, Loughboro, Pittsburgh, s/o George MILLIONS & Sarah RAYMOND, married Jane BENNETT, 29, Pittsburgh, same, d/o Robert BENNETT & Sarah BREBNER, witn: Robert BENNETT, Rettoo? MILLIONS, both of Pittsburgh, 20 Mar 1895 Gananoque

006723-1895 (Leeds Co) W.J. MOORE, 24, Farmer, Glen Buell, same, s/o J & Mary MOORE, married Minnie COLE, 21, Lake Loyalo, same, d/o S. & J. COLE, witn: Delmere COLE, Susie MOORE, 29 Jan 1895 at Brockville

007072-95 Eisrael MUNROE, 55, Farmer, Wid, Elizabethtown, Frankville, s/o Daniel & Peggy MUNROE; married Cynthia WEATHERHEAD, 39, Elizabethtown, Kitley, d/o Jacob & Ann WEATHERHEAD; witn James & Elma McEWEN, both Kitley, 7 Feb 1895, Kitley 006726-1895 (Leeds Co) James MURRAY, 21, Labourer, Scotland, Plumb Hollow, s/o William & Nettie MURRAY, married Nettie A. BAILEY, 21, Scotland, Brockville, d/o William & Maggie BAILEY, witn: Charles SIMES, Lake Loyada, Mrs. C. M. BELTS, Brockville, 5 Mar 1895 at Brockville
006717-1895 (Leeds Co) William Henry NATE, 25, Blacksmith, England, Brockville, s/o Will James & Mary Ann NATE, married Alice BROWN, 27, Montreal, Brockville, d/o Charles B. & Isabella BROWN, witn: Lizzie BROWN, John E. NATE, of Brockville, 30 Jan 1895 at Brockville 7187-96 William B. O’NEIL, 37, widower, engineer, Ottawa, Kingston, s/o Michael O’NEIL & Janet McPHERSON, married Susan HUSKER, 29, widow, Sydenham, same, d/o Allan HUSKER & Jane CORNEIL, witn: John LINDSAY & Jane SLACK, both of Opinicon, 6 Aug 1895 at Gananoque
006722-1895 (Leeds Co) Robert PARKER, 31, Widower, Farmer, Bastard, Yonge, s/o John & Jenett PARKER, married Margaret BUSHFIELD, 34, Leeds Co., Brockville, d/o Joseph & Eliza BUSHFIELD, witn: Miss C.M. BELT, Miss Jennie CARRIGAN, of Brockville, 6 Feb 1895 at Brockville

007170-96 John PARR, 26, Railway Employee, Prescott, Prescott, s/o Joseph PARR & Catherine DEVEREAUX; married Elizabeth JAMES, 23, Prescott, Prescott, d/o William JAMES & Maria WRIGHT; wit J. COLLEN & Bertha BLACK, both Augusta, 4 Feb 1895, Prescott

006750-1895 (Leeds Co) William Herbert PARSLEY, 34, Widower, Locomotive Engineer, Franktown, Brockville, s/o William PARSLEY & Margaret COPELAND, married Rose DODD, 21, Brockville, same, d/o Henry DODD & Susan HOLBROOK, witn: Leslie DODD, Walter DODD, of Brockville, 29 Apr 1895 at Brockville 006810-95 Frederick James PAYMAN, 22, Labourer, Perth Ontario, Bastard Twp, s/o Arthur & Hester PAYMAN; married Margaret Ann BOURKE, 28, South Burgess, South Burgess, d/o John & Elizabeth BOURKE; witn Edward Fossel? JONES & Mary Loise BOURKE, both South Burgess, 3 Apr 1895, Lombardy

6716-1895 (Leeds Co) Louis Alexander PEARGAN, 23, Miller, Governeur NY, Lyn, s/o Alexander & Jane PEARGAN, married Ida JACKSON, 23, Maitland, same, d/o Erastus & Mary JACKSON, witn: William A McLEAN, Carrie PEARGAN, of Lyn, 12 Jan 1895 at Brockville

006985-95 James Gillespie POPE, 30, Farmer, Leeds, Leeds Twp, s/o George POPE & Isabella GILLESPIE; married Essie JOHNSON, 19, Canada, Leeds Twp, d/o David JOHNSON & Sarah LAMPSON; witn Charles H. GARDINER, Wilstead & Etta A. LAMPSON, Elgin, 6 Nov 1895, Seeleys Bay

006727-1895 (Leeds Co) Elias PRATT, 54, Widower, Engineer, Brownsville NY, Brockville, s/o Samuel & Gustava PRATT, married Mary YOUNG, 53, Widow, Glengarry, same, d/o Frank & Catherine TYERS, witn: Mrs. E. NAPPER, Mrs. William. BECKINGHAM, of Brockville, 19 Mar 1895 at Brockville

007336-96 Albert PRICE, 28, Farmer, Kitley, Kitley, s/o Charles & Rebecca PRICE; married Lena MONTGOMERY, 20, Windsor, Kitley, d/o George & Letitia MONTGOMERY; wit David JELLY & Hattie HANNAH, both Kitley, 25 Mar 1895, Wolford

006749-1895 (Leeds Co) Thomas Fulton ROBERTSON, 26, Physician, Spencerville, Brockville, s/o James ROBERTSON & Harriet REID, married Margaret Annie KYLE, 25, Brockville, same, d/o John KYLE & Jane ROWE, witn: Annie E. NICHOLSON, Morristown NY, M.M. TAPLIN M.D., Copenhagen NY, 30 Apr 1895 at Brockville 007054-1895 George Philimon RODDICK, 23, Miller, Lyndhurst, same, s/o James RODDICK & Mary NETTLETON, married Catherine RODGER, 19, Scotland, Lyndhurst, s/o Peter RODGER & Janet GALBRAITH, witn: Bryce WHITE, Lizzie RODDICK, both of Lyndhurst, 21 Aug 1895 at Gananoque
006744-1895 (Leeds Co) Charles Ambert ROGERS, 34, Painter, Watertown NY, Alexandria Bay NY, s/o William ROGERS & Mary M. WAGONER, married Louise Mary LAMONTE, 21, Montreal, Alexandria Bay NY, d/o George LAMONTE & Mary LAMONTE, witn: John MURRAY, Mary DAVEY, both of Brockville, 5 June 1895 at Brockville

006931-1895 George S. ROGERS, 25, Farmer, New Boyne, same, s/o George ROGERS & Elizabeth ROGERS, married Hattie DEACON, 22, Sherbrooke, Oso, d/o Ephraim DEACON, witn: Albert ROGERS, Portland, Minnie DEACON, Sherbrooke, 27 Nov 1895 St. Pauls Church, Westport


007133-96 William George SAYEAU, 25, Farmer, Wid, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o Philomire SAYEAU & Sarah HUNOT; married Mary BILLINGS, 18, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o John & Lucinda BILLINGS; wit James BILLINGS & Annie ARMSTRONG, both Edwardsburgh, 27 Nov 1895, Cardinal

007084-1895 (Leeds Co) James Henry SEXTON, 28, Teacher, Elgin, Gananoque, s/o Zephariah SEXTON & Eliza Ann HALLADY, married Helena EDGAR, 27, Kitley, Toledo, d/o Samuel EDGAR & Mary Jane McLURE, witn: Dr. George S. McGHIE, Elgin, Margaret McFARLANE, Smiths Falls, 30 Jul 1895 at Toledo 006755-1895 (Leeds Co) George Joseph SHAVER, 42, Widower, Laborer, Ogdensburg NY, Prescott, s/o John & Nancy SHAVER, married Mary Ann DUNCAN, 31, Waterford, Prescott, d/o Thomas & Francis DUNCAN, witn: Thomas P. CHRISTOPHER & Mary LOUCKS, of Brockville, 5 June 1895 at Brockville
007063-1895 Alexander SHIRLEY, 30, Spring Helper, Gananoque, same, s/o Joseph SHIRLEY & Angeline SHIRLEY, married Elizabeth June GOFF, 24, illegible Bay Ont., Gananoque, d/o Samuel GOFF & Huldah GOFF, witn: Anna GAGE, Henry GAGE, both of Gananoque, 14 Oct 1895 at Gananoque 006912-95 Frederick Albert SICKLER, 25, Farmer, Westport, Westport, s/o George L. SICKLER & Lois DUNHAM; married Ida Almeda SANDERS, 27, Westport, Westport, d/o Henry SANDERS & Olive JONES; witn Jennie SICKLER & William TAGGART, both Westport, 13 Mar 1895, Westport

006983-95 Rev. J.A. SINCLAIR, 33, Clergyman, Carleton Place, Spencerville, s/o Peter & Elizabeth SINCLAIR; married Laura McCUTCHEON, 23, Seeleys Bay, Seeleys Bay, d/o James & Sarah McCUTCHEON; witn J.M. MILLAR, Norwich & Minnie GALLEY, Ottawa, 4 Sept 1895, Seeleys Bay

006982-95 Richard Edwin SLY, 28, Farmer, Canada, South Crosby, s/o Thomas SLY & Ann GROTHER; married Winnie (or Minnie) FYE, 25, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o Frederick FYE & Ruth WING; witn Andrew W. GRAY & Sarah E. SHELDON, no place given, no date, Lansdowne

006725-1895 (Leeds Co) Edwin SMITH, 21, Mechanic, Brockville, same, s/o J.D. & Mary SMITH, married Isabella KENNEDY, 23, Ireland, Brockville, d/o Samuel & Mary KENNEDY, witn: R. B. DARGAVEL & Mrs. C. M. BELT, of Brockville, 18 Feb 1895 at Brockville 006927-1895 R. N. STEADMAN, 40, Farmer, Singleton, same, s/o Bartholomew & Letitia STEADMAN, married Lizzie YOUNG, 29, Westport, same, d/o William YOUNG & Jane STEADMAN, witn: Sandy BARR, Effie RIPLEY, both of Westport, 24 Sept 1895 Westport
006993-1895 (Leeds Co) George STEVENS, 27, Carpenter, Wolford, Lansdowne, s/o Edward STEVENS & Barbara JOHNSTON, married Susan Matilda ALLEN, 22, Lansdowne, same, d/o Robert ALLEN & Sarah LANDON, witn; Marcus KING, Elizabeth Laura McNEIL, both of Lansdowne, 9 Oct 1895 Lansdowne 007055-1895 Rufus STEWART, 27, Farmer, Lyn, same, s/o Donald STEWART & Ruth EARL, married Alice Maud McNIEL, 21, Lansdowne, same, d/o Daniel McNIEL & Harriet SEAMON (Scamon?), witn: Cyrus GRACEY Ida GRACEY, both of Gananoque, 24 Aug 1895 at Gananoque

007333-96 Moses STRATFORD, 45, Farmer, Wid, Wolford, Montague, s/o Thomas & Isabella STRATFORD; married Racheal CODE, 40, North Elmsley, North Elmsley, d/o Thomas & Jane CODE; wit Myron STREET & Georgina STRATFORD, both Wolford, 12 Jun 1895, Jasper

006817-95 Aubrey A. TAGGART, 21, Carpenter, Westport, Westport, s/o Adiel TAGGART & Margaret DEACON; married Minnie PALMER, 21, Westport, Westport, d/o A. Pharis PALMER & Matilda HAMILTON; witn Wilmer TAGGART & Lillie PALMER, both Westport, 12 Jun 1895, Westport

007059-1895 John Alexander THOMPSON, 29, Widower, Tobacconist, Cleveland Ohio, Hamilton, s/o William Henry THOMPSON & Eliza FERGUSON, married Sarah Isabella WING, 21, Gananoque, Hamilton, d/o John WING & Mary DICK, witn: William R. CONNER, Norah DONOVAN, both of Gananoque, 17 Sept 1895 at Gananoque

007132-96 Smith TOYE, 27, Farmer, Matilda, Matilda, s/o Samuel & Eliza TOYE; married Lizzie BASS, 24, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o Ezra & Sarah BASS; wit Franklin BASS & L.A. BASS, both Edwardsburgh, 18 Dec 1895, Edwardsburgh

006809-95 Edward Joseph TRAYNOR, 23, Farmer, North Crosby, North Crosby, s/o Bryan TRAYNOR & Bridget SMITH; married Catharine Jane BENNETT, 22, North Crosby, North Crosby, d/o Michael BENNETT & Mary DONOLLY; witn George McCANN & Bridget BENNETT, both North Crosby, 16 Jan no year given, Westport 007083-1895 (Leeds Co) Melvin Orvil TRICKEY, 20, Cheese maker, Athens, Young Twp., s/o Smith TRICKEY & Ordelia TRICKEY, married Letitia Jane HENDERSON, 25, Kitley Tp., same, d/o Thomas HENDERSON & Jane HENDERSON, witn; Mrs. G. H. PORTER, Miss Jennie BROUGHTON, both of Frankville, 3 Apr 1895 at Frankville

006745-1895 (Leeds Co) Omar TRUESDELL, 24, Farmer, Escott Tp., Brockville, s/o James TRUESDELL & Sophia FREEDY, married Elizabeth Maria THOMPSON, 23, Bishops Mills, Brockville, d/o Samuel THOMPSON & Jane CUDDIE, witn: Isabella BROWN, Thomas SHAW, of Brockville, 5 June 1895 at Brockville

006929-1895 Evan WARREN, 22, Farmer, Westport, same, s/o David WARREN & Margaret WARREN, married Nancy BEADLE, 21, Westport, same, d/o Miriam BEADLE & Martha BEADLE, witn: E. W. BADOUR, North Crosby, Maggie WARREN, Westport, 11 Nov 1895 Westport

007169-96 Joseph Ignatius WELLER, 22, Barrister, Washington DC, Washington DC, s/o Michael J. WELLER & Rita REPETTI; married Charlotte McCARTHY, 22, Augusta, Augusta, d/o John McCARTHY & Catherine MAHONEY; wit Joseph O’REILLY & ? McCARTHY, both Prescott, 25 Nov 1895, Prescott

006798-95 Thomas A. WESTON, 20, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Elizabethtown, s/o Thomas & Sophia WESTON; married Emma BARR, 23, Augusta Twp, Brockville, d/o James W & Sarah BARR; witn Alexander STEWART & Mrs. W.F. WESTLEY, both Elizabethtown, 23 Jan 1895, Elizabethtown Twp

006932-1895 William H. WHALEY, 37, Contractor, Newboro, same, s/o Jas. WHALEY & Agnes BARKER, married Addie PAUL, 31, Newboro, same, d/o William PAUL & Margaret PAUL, witn: John PAUL, Anna RICHARDS, both of Newboro, 28 Nov 1895 Newboro

006914-95 William John WHITE, 56, Farmer, Wid, Leeds Co, Artemesia Grey Co, s/o James WHITE & Ann SCOTT; married Jane NORRIS, 47, Wid, Perth Lanark Co, Sherbrooke Twp, d/o John KERRY & Christina PORTER; witn Mrs. J.R. JACKSON, Westport & W. THOMPSON, Sherbrooke Twp, 25 Mar 1895, Westport

006904-95 Thomas WILLIAMS, 26, Cooper, Yonge Twp, Brockville, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann WILLIAMS; married Bridget TOBIN, 29, Escott Twp, Brockville, d/o Matthew & Elizabeth TOBIN; witn James WILLIAMS & Susan WILLIAMS, both Yonge Twp, 23 May 1895, Ballycanoe

006740-1895 (Leeds Co) Thomas WILLIAMS, 27, Cooper, Yonge Twp., Brockville, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann WILLIAMS, married Bridget TOBAN, 26, Yonge Twp., Brockville, d/o Elizabeth TOBAN, witn: James WILLIAMS, Susan WILLIAMS, of Brockville, 23 May 1895 at Yonge Twp
006933-1895 Walter WOODS, 23, Farmer, Bedford, same, s/o William WOODS & Urana WOODS, married Rosanna BRASH, 19, Bedford, same, d/o John BRASH & (not given), witn: Joseph WOODS, Jennie BOTTING, both of Fermoy, 18 Dec 1895 Westport 006721-1895 (Leeds Co) Charles S. WORDEN, 24, Farmer, Elizabethtown, Lyn, s/o George & Louisa WORDEN, married Kate L. GARDNER, 19, Elizabethtown, Lyn, d/o Mortimer & Johanna GARDNER, witn: Cada BILLINGS & Mary MILLER, of Lyn, 6 Feb 1895 at Brockville

006986-95 Philip YATES, 30, Farmer, Chantry, Bastard Twp, s/o John & Dorotha YATES; married Lucy GODKIN, 26, Lansdowne, Lansdowne, d/o William & Ann GODKIN; witn Bryan YATES, Athens & Berta GODKIN, Oak Leaf, 4 Dec 1895, Lansdowne