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Lincoln Co., 1908









012772-08 (Lincoln Co.) Malcolm AULD, 35, mechanical foreman, of London, s/o John AULD, farmer, & Isabella MCPHEE, married Ellen Mabel COLLINS, 33, of Port Dalhousie, d/o John COLLINS, storekeeper, & Cecilia MCAVOY, witn - John COLLINS Jr. & Janet F. MUIR, both of Port Dalhousie, 16 September 1908 at Port Dalhousie
012769-08 (Lincoln Co.) Francis John BAKER, 24, assistant foreman R.F., Port Dalhousie, same, s/o Joseph BAKER & Sarah DYER, married Maybelle HOWE, 21, rubber worker, Chicago, Port Dalhousie, d/o John HOWE & Catharine FLANNERY, witn - Leonard YORK & Ina BAKER, both of Port Dalhousie, 23 June 1908 at Port Dalhousie 012775-08 (Lincoln Co.) Joseph N. BAKER, age not given, moulder, of Port Dalhousie, s/o Joseph BAKER, baggage man, & Sarah DYRE, married Mary J. BOYLE, age not given, of Port Dalhousie, d/o William BOYLE, foreman Gale yard, & Mary WARD, witn - B. BOYLE of Port Dalhousie & Ed MASTERSON of St. Catharines, 14 October 1908 at Port Dalhousie
012669-08 (Lincoln Co.) Herbert BANKS, 38, farmer, Clecheston England, Beamsville, s/o Joseph BANKS & Elizabeth ASHURST, married Agnes CARTLEDGE, 27, Sheffield England, Beamsville, d/o James CARTLEDGE & Catherine HIGGINS, witn - Adam & Lydia ZIMMERMAN of Beamsville, 5 August 1908 at Beamsville 012680-08 (Lincoln Co.) Norwood BARTLETT, 23, farmer, of Caistor Twp, s/o Albert BARTLETT, farmer, & Addie MERRITT, married Clara May STEPHENSON, 20, of Caistor Twp, d/o George STEPHENSON, farmer, & Alice MERRITT, witn - Sophia & Mrs. MONSINGER of Abingdon, 5 December 1908 at Caistor Twp
012763-08 (Lincoln Co.) Alfred BISSELL, 22, farmer, of s/o Thomas H. BISSELL, farmer, & Mary REID, married Clara A. GORDON, 18, of Niagara Twp, d/o James R. GORDON, farmer, & Emma BROOKER, witn - James M. GORDON & Mrs. W. GATES, both of Niagara Twp, 6 October 1908 at Niagara Twp 012710-08 (Lincoln Co.) Arthur E. BRACKEN, 29, dairy man, of St. Catharines, s/o William BRACKEN & Clarissa LONGLEY, married Frances H. DYON, 17, of St. Catharines, d/o John DYON & Kate BAILEY, witn - Harriett ISAAC of St. Catharines & Gertrude H. ISAAC of Saskatoon, 1 August 1908 at Grantham Twp
012760-08 (Lincoln Co.) John CARPENTER, 55, farmer, widower, of Queenston, s/o Elisha CARPENTER, farmer, & Sarah FORD, married Ellen ARNOLD, 45, of Niagara Twp, d/o Edward ARNOLD, farmer, & Emma SMITH, witn - Frank & Viola ARNOLD of Queenston, 21 October 1908 at Queenston 012691-08 (Lincoln Co.) James Henry CASTLE, 24, farmer, of Lincoln Co., s/o James CASTLE & Mary Alice KINSLEY, married Emily Alice BURTENSHAW (Birkenshaw?), 23, of Lincoln Co., d/o Frederick BURTENSHAW & Catharine TURNER, witn - Ethel Maud BURTENSHAW & George Edward CASTLE, both of Lincoln Co., 25 December 1908 at Lincoln Co.
12712-08 (Lincoln Co): William CHASE, 33, farmer, of St. Catharines, s/o Jacob CHASE & Mary DISTRAW?, married Huldah WISMER, 39, of St. Catharines, d/o Eli WISMER & Catherine HIGH, witn: Vivian & Harriet ISAACS of Grantham twp., 26 Sept 1908 at Grantham twp 12753-08 George Lewis COLE, 34, farmer, Grantham twp., Homer, s/o William COLE & M. WILKINSON, married Maude S. CUDNEY, 33, Niagara twp., same, d/o John CUDNEY & Eliza DUNN, witn: James LAMPMAN of Homer & Jessie CUDNEY of Niagara twp., 15 Jan 1908 at Niagara twp
012694-08 (Lincoln Co.) John Benjamin COON, 24, farmer, Gainsborough, Tintern, s/o Chauncey COON & Permilla GREEN, married Laura Bell UPPER, 20, Gainsborough, same, d/o Walter UPPER & Emily BOOK, witn - John W. UPPER & Lena P. COON, both of Gainsborough, 11 March 1908 at Gainsborough 012764-08 (Lincoln Co.) John J. CRAISE, 30, farmer, of Niagara Twp, s/o James CRAISE, farmer, & Janet STEWART, married Annie E. HUTCHINSON, 31, of Niagara Twp, d/o James HUTCHINSON, farmer, & Matilda BEGGS, witn - ? HUTCHINSON of Niagara Twp & Howard CRAISE of Port Dalhousie, 6 January 1908 at Niagara Twp
012696-08 (Lincoln Co.) Arthur Joseph CROWN, 22, GTR employee, Gainsborough, Niagara Falls, s/o Matthew CROWN & Hulda GLINTZ, married Edith E. FELKER, 19, Gainsborough, same, d/o John D. FELKER & Jenie PATTERSON, witn - John O. FELKER & Annie GLINTZ, both of Gainsborough, 6 May 1908 at Gainsborough 12715-08 (Lincoln Co): Leland P. CROSTHWAITE, 34, farmer, of St. Catharines, s/o Thomas P.S. CROSTHWAITE, gentleman, & Emily MURRAY, married Mary KELLY, 30, of Homer, d/o John KELLY, gentleman & Alice ALLAN, witn: William H. CROSTHWAITE of Niagara Falls NY & Doris MacLEOD of Stamford twp., 28 Nov 1908 at Grantham twp
12759-08 Charles A. DALBY, 35, farmer, Niagara twp., St. Davids, s/o John DALBY & Julia A. STEWART, married Emma K. KRAMP, 30, house maid, Fisherville, St. Davids, d/o Henry KRAMP & Susanna PHILLIPS, witn: George D. DALBY & Annetta KRAMP, both of St. Davids, 30 June 1908 at St. Davids 012683-08 (Lincoln Co.) Albert Franklin DALE, 25, farmer, Grantham, Louth Twp, s/o Robert DALE & Martha EMERY, married Margaret Gertrude MOYER, 25, Clinton Twp, same, d/o Jacob H. MOYER & Caroline HIGH, witn - J. Murray BAGWELL of Sanborn NY & Marjorie J. MOYER of Vineland, 5 February 1908 at Vineland
12713-08 (Lincoln Co): Robert G. DAWSON, 25, fruit grower, of Niagara twp., s/o George DAWSON, dead, & Hannah NIVEN, married Bertha TRUMAN, 21, of Homer, d/o William H. TRUMAN, lock tender, & Elsie BALL, witn: Cecil R. FISHER of Niagara twp & Laura TRUMAN of Homer, 21 Oct 1908 at Grantham twp 012770-08 (Lincoln Co.) William John DEVLIN, 42, foundry man, widower, of North Bay, s/o Charles DEVLIN, farmer, & Annie HURLBURT, married Clara McHARRY, 41, widow, of North Bay, d/o Gregory JOHNSTON, farmer, & Augusta READ, witn - L. FOSTER of Hailebury & Gladys MUIR of Port Dalhousie, 15 July 1908 at Port Dalhousie
012768-08 (Lincoln Co.) Harry F. DILLBOUGH, 25, carriage trimmer, Crysler Leeds Co., St. Catharines, s/o A.H. DILLBOUGH & Sarah C. BRADLEY, married Edna COOMBS, 18, Hamilton, St. Catharines, d/o Ephraim COOMBS & Ellen Jane DRIVER, witn - Euphemia COOMBS of St. Catharines & J.B. BLACK of Brockville, 6 June 1908 at Port Dalhousie 012776-1908 (Lincoln Co.) Frederick DORSEY, 25, laborer, Ontario, St. Catharines, s/o Allan & Lida A. DORSEY, married Nellie NICKERSON, 18, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o Adam & Mary NICKERSON, witn: Alonzo URDACE of Owen Sound & Josephine WILLIAMS of Lockport USA, 8 Jan 1908 at St. Catharines
012709-08 (Lincoln Co.) Henry DUNCAN, 24, merchant, Port Colborne, Boston Mass, s/o Charles DUNCAN & Margaret KITTLES, married Elizabeth ROBSON, 23, Beamsville, Power Glen, d/o John ROBSON & Mary SCOTT, witn - D.C. MCINTYRE of Beamsville & Rosa MORNINGSTAR of Power Glen, 30 June 1908 at Power Glen 012688-08 (Lincoln Co.) Edward Arunah DUNLOP, 31, merchant, Pembroke, same, s/o Arunah DUNLOP & Mary Ellen DEACON, married Emily Mabel FERGUSON, 24, Simcoe Co., Beamsville, d/o Donald FERGUSON & Margaret Elizabeth ROSE, witn - J. Lorne HALE of Pembroke & J. Madge MCCULLOUGH of Ottawa, 17 June 1908 at Lincoln Co.
012671-08 (Lincoln Co.) Alexander EARLE, 54, merchant, widower, Manvers, Creemore, s/o William EARLE & Catharine CRAWFORD, married Catherine Amelia CORCORAN, 30, bookkeeper, St. Catharines, Beamsville, d/o Thomas John CORCORAN & Mary Ada HARTMAN, witn - John W. CRAWFORD of Toronto & Ethel M. CORCORAN of Beamsville, 26 August 1908 at Beamsville 012750-08 (Lincoln Co.) Herman Ernest ELLICKER, 25, machine hand, of Toronto, s/o Isaac ELLICKER & Mary Ann DUNN, married Jessie CAMPBELL, 26, of Niagara, d/o James Edward CAMPBELL & Jessie Jane DAVEY, witn - Minnie CAMPBELL & Tom DEACON, both of Toronto, 30 September 1908 at Niagara
012682-08 (Lincoln Co.) Matthew Ferris FISHER, 23, painter, Lucknow, Grimsby, s/o Matthias FISHER & Margaret FERRIS, married Maud MYERS, 24, Beamsville, Clinton Twp, d/o John MYERS & Frances Alice CULP, witn - James P. BLACK of Beamsville & Matilda CULP of Lincoln Co., day not given, January 1908 at Clinton Twp 012670-08 (Lincoln Co.) Sidney GLOVER, 21, farmer, Cheshire England, Clinton Twp, s/o Joseph GLOVER & Rosa Elanor BIBBEY, married Gertrude BIBBEY, 24, Staffordshire England, Beamsville, d/o Nehemiah BIBBEY & Betsey Elleen WRIGHT, witn - Rachel CHANCE & Mrs. D. MACINTYRE, both of Beamsville, 24 August 1908 at Beamsville
12757-08 William T. GATES, 25, farmer, Niagara twp., Queenston, s/o William GATES & Ada BROOKER, married Elizabeth ANSELL, 24, maid, Scotland, Queenston, d/o not known, witn: W. H. WINSON of Queenston & Sarah DOLBY of St. Davids, 30 May 1908 at St. Davids 012762-08 (Lincoln Co.) George Henry HINTON, 26, farmer, of Niagara Twp, s/o William HINTON, farmer, & Annie BUTLER, married Mellie HARTON, 26, of Niagara Twp, d/o Daniel HARTON, labourer, & Nellie STEWART, witn - George H. HARTON & Nellie STEWART, both of St. David's, 29 August 1908 at St. David`s
012767-08 (Lincoln Co.) Charles HOAG, 33, manufacturer, New Lebanon NY, Berlin ON, s/o Orrie HOAG & Martha HUNT, married Lena Agnes EDDY, 21, Caistor Twp, Port Dalhousie, d/o Rudolph D. EDDY & Helen RUSS, witn - Howard L. CRAISE & Laura A. EDDY, both of Port Dalhousie, 5 May 1908 at Port Dalhousie

012706-08 (Lincoln Co.) Howard HODGKINS, 31, farmer, of Gainsborough Twp, s/o Leonard HODGKINS & Ellen CLARK, married Cora Estella HAINER, 23, of Gainsborough Twp, d/o John HAINER, mason, & Emma FELKER, witn - Eli W. BEAMER & Alice M. ROBINS, both of Gainsborough Twp, 9 December 1908 at Gainsborough Twp

012702-08 (Lincoln Co.) Emery Alvin HOLLOWAY, 21, farmer, of Campden, s/o William HOLLOWAY, farmer, & Margaret WARDELL, married Evelyn LANE, 20, of Silverdale, d/o Freeman LANE, farmer, & Ella HODGKINS, witn - Frank MARTIN of Tintern & Cora LANE of Silverdale, 14 October 1908 at Silverdale  
012773-08 (Lincoln Co.) Walter Percival HOLMES, 32, bookkeeper, of St. Catharines, s/o Edmund HOLMES, farmer, & Mary WATSON, married Sarah Alice HUTTON, 25, of Port Dalhousie, d/o Richard HUTTON, farmer, & Margaret TRESTAM, witn - F.H. CLARK of Midland & A.L. READ of Port Dalhousie, 16 September 1908 at Port Dalhousie 012771-08 (Lincoln Co.) Harold E. HOUTBY, 25, farmer, of Louth Twp, s/o John S. HOUTBY, farmer, & Louisa MARGETTS, married Margaret M. COX, 19, of Port Dalhousie, d/o George A. COX, teamster, & Margaret M. STEVENSON, witn - Hiram MCDOUGALL of Abingdon & Ina E. HOUTBY of Louth Twp, 16 September 1908 at Port Dalhousie
012664-08 (Lincoln Co.) Frank Smith HOWELL, 25, farmer, Nelson Twp Halton Co., Cartwright Manitoba, s/o George HOWELL & Elizabeth Mary NICHOLSON, married Henrietta HOUSE, 24, Welland Co., Grimsby, d/o Lafayette HOUSE & Martha MOODY, witn - Mrs. Annie WRIGHT of Buffalo NY & Isaac SWEET of Beamsville, 18 March 1908 at Beamsville 012779-1908 (Lincoln Co.) Herbert J. HUGHESDON, 29, moulder, England, Niagara Falls, s/o Harry W. HUGHESDON & J. BACKWAY, married Francis E. TURNBULL, 26, England, Niagara Falls, d/o Robert TURNBULL & Francis SHERMAN, witn: Lizzie & Edith L. KER, both of St. Catharines, 4 Feb 1908 at St. Catharines.
012692-08 (Lincoln Co.) Avery HYATT, 32, blacksmith, widower, Gainsborough, Silverdale, s/o Isaac HYATT & Sara LOYT, married Jennie STRONG, 18, Tintern, same, d/o John STRONG & Emily COMFORT, witn - Iva BEAMER of Silverdale & Florence WALKER of Wellandport, 15 January 1908 at Wellandport 012708-08 (Lincoln Co.) Joseph JOHNSON, 60, shoe merchant, widower, Cumberland Co. England, St. Catharines, s/o Joseph JOHNSON & Sarah BIRKET, married Gertrude A. SERVOS, 51, McNab, Homer, d/o Jacob A. SERVOS & Gertrude HALL, witn - James SERVOS & Josephine JOHNSON, both of St. Catharines, 25 May 1908 at Homer
012777-1908 (Lincoln Co.) George KALLS, 23, saw smith, St. Catharines, same, s/o Thomas KALLS & Martha CHOMN?, married Edna May HUBE, 22, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o Esau HUBE & Loretta LUTZ, witn: Arthur BROWN & June KALLS both of St. Catharines, 10 Jan 1908 at St. Catharines. 012766-08 (Lincoln Co.) Walter Perry KELLAR, 23, labourer, Brighton, Orillia, s/o James KELLAR & Sarah LLOYD, married Mabel Annie BROOKS, 19, Port Dalhousie, same, d/o Joseph BROOKS & Nellie AIRD, witn - Thomas WRIGHT & Helen MALONE, both of Port Dalhousie, 30 March 1908 at Port Dalhousie
012675-08 (Lincoln Co.) Royal KELTER, 21, clerk, of Beamsville, s/o Hugh KELTER & Ann HONSBERGER, married Annie Caroline GLOVER, 16, of Beamsville, d/o Walter GLOVER & Caroline ADAMS, witn - Walter & Caroline GLOVER of Beamsville, 14 November 1908 at Beamsville 012695-08 (Lincoln Co.) William Richard KING, 26, farmer, Wainfleet, Fonthill, s/o William Henry KING & Margaret GRACEY, married Clara Bell CAVERS, 21, Wellandport, same, d/o William CAVERS & Mary Ann GRACEY, witn - William & Florence CAVERS of Wellandport, 31 March 1908 at Wellandport
012666-08 (Lincoln Co.) Arthur Lovell LAMPMAN, 21, bookkeeper, South Grimsby, same, s/o Leonard LAMPMAN & Emma LOUNSBERRY, married Emma Charlotte EVERETT, 18, Glencoe, same, d/o Henry EVERETT & Barbara HATGOOD, witn - C.W. & D.C. MACINTYRE of Beamsville, 18 June 1908 at Beamsville

012684-08 (Lincoln Co.) Nelson Delano LANE, 25, farmer, Gainsborough Twp, same, s/o R.W. LANE & Emily MCPHERSON, married Sarah Ellen HOLLOWAY, 18, Clinton Twp, same, d/o W.H. HOLLOWAY & Margaret WARDELL, witn - E.A. HOLLOWAY of Campden & Evelyn LANE of Silverdale, 4 March 1908 at Clinton Twp

012701-08 (Lincoln Co.) Richard LIGHTLE, 39, merchant, of Tintern, s/o David LIGHTLE & Margaret MORTON, married Ida May TUCKER, 37, of Tintern, d/o Gordon TUCKER, farmer, & Mary HUNTER, witn - Ernest TUCKER of Tintern & Alice WRIGHT of St. Ann's, 8 September 1908 at St. Ann's 12758-08 Hinton G. McBRIDE, 38, farmer, Canada, Mount Charles, s/o Thomas E. McBRIDE & Monica CHAPMAN, married Jessie J. CUDNEY, 29, Niagara twp., same, d/o John CUDNEY, farmer, & Eliza DUNN, witn: Luther CUDNEY of Homer & Emma McBRIDE of Toronto, 3 June 1908 at Niagara twp
12717-08 (Lincoln Co): Charles Henry McDONALD, 25, farmer, Teeswater, same, s/o Roderick McDONALD & Henrietta EDGAR, married Nellie MARTIN, 25, Smithville, same, d/o Joseph MARTIN & Margaret PEARSON, witn: Andrew GRASSIE of Smithville & Agnes JOHNSON of Toronto, 1 Jan 1908 at Smithville 12755-08 James MacKAY, 28, Presby. minister, Rosshire Scotland, St. Davids, s/o William MacKAY & Mary Ann GRANT, married Jennie TULLOCK, 28, Rosshire Scotland, St. Davids, d/o Alexander TULLOCK & Bella GRANT, witn: John MacKAY & Mary TULLOCK, both of St. Davids, 19 May 1908 at St. Davids
012676-08 (Lincoln Co.) George Allen MCKINNELL, 22, farmer, Caistor, same, s/o Alexander MCKINNELL & Maggie CLOUGH, married Ada Mary PACKHAM, 20, Caistor, same, d/o John PACKHAM & Mary J. GRANT, witn - Thomas PACKHAM of S. Grimsby & Edna SPRINGSTED of Caistor, 17 June 1908 at Caistor 012689-08 (Lincoln Co.) Hugh MCMARTIN, 28, butcher, of Hensall, s/o Hugh MCMARTIN & Margaret MCCARTNEY, married Nellie SHEPHERD, 19, of Clinton Twp, d/o Isaac Wellington SHEPHERD & Elizabeth FISHER, witn - Roy WALKER & Hattie SHEPHERD, both of Beamsville, 4 November 1908 at Clinton Twp
012697-08 (Lincoln Co.) Harley C. MERRITT, 22, farmer, Gainsborough, same, s/o John E. MERRITT & Annie ROSZEL, married Violet BEAMER, 21, Gainsborough, same, d/o Francis BEAMER & Emma POLLARD, witn - Mrs. George S. WARRENDER & Carrie TAYLOR, both of St. Ann's, 1 June 1908 at St. Ann's 012679-08 (Lincoln Co.) David Christopher METCALF, 36, cheese maker, widower, of Walkerton, s/o Jotham METCALF, farmer, & Mary Ann WILSON, married Euphemia Maud Lewis BROWN, 32, of Caistorville, d/o Hugh BROWN, farmer, & Donna HANEY, witn - William J. MOFFATT of Naiva & M.A. Florence TAYLOR of Dundas, 7 November 1908 at Caistorville
012707-08 (Lincoln Co.) Peter D. MIDDAUGH, 55, farmer, St. David's, same, s/o Thomas C. MIDDAUGH & Caroline GORING, married Ida A. SPEERWAY, 51, Niagara Co NY, Niagara Twp, d/o William R. SPEERWAY & Elizabeth SAPH, witn - Thomas L. ROBINSON of Grantham Twp & Mrs. Fannie PRICE of Niagara Twp, 22 April 1908 at Homer 012700-08 (Lincoln Co.) Walter MISENER, 60, insurance agent, widower, of Wellandport, s/o Philip MISENER & Elizabeth BECKER, married M. Jennie GRIER, 40, of Silverdale, d/o Matthew GRIER & Sarah M. WHYTE, witn - J.B. & S.A. SIMMERMAN of Gainsborough Twp, 2 September 1908 at Gainsborough
012672-08 (Lincoln Co.) Robert Hance MONTGOMERY, 49, fruit grower, widower, Beamsville, same, s/o Robert MONTGOMERY & Martha CORRIGAN, married Mary Kezia WADDELL, 41, Smithville, Beamsville, d/o Francis WADDELL & Margaret CROWN, witn - John CROWN & Annie McIntosh GIBSON, both of Beamsville, 26 August 1908 at Beamsville 012667-08 (Lincoln Co.) William Henry MOORE, 24, farmer, Wentworth Co., same, s/o Alexander MOORE & Corinthia FULLER, married Pearl DENNIS, 19, Grimsby, same, d/o Murry DENNIS & Ann SMITH, witn - Almer BOWMAN & Mabel DENNIS, both of Grimsby, 1 July 1908 at Beamsville
012699-08 (Lincoln Co.) Alfred MORRIS, 42, merchant, of Hamilton, s/o Philip MORRIS & Mary ARNOLD, married Millicent HANHAM, 27, nurse, of Wellandport, d/o Ephraim HANHAM & Jane PHILLIPS, witn - Annie HANHAM of Wellandport & H.H. LEMON of Hamilton, 26 June 1908 at Wellandport 012678-08 (Lincoln Co.) Walter MORTENSON, 34, farmer, Waterloo Co., same, s/o William MORTENSON & Rebecca FENTON, married Ida GOETZ, 24, Waterloo Co., same, d/o Michael GOETZ & Mary SCHNURR, witn - Mrs. H. & Miss S. MONSINGER of Abingdon, 9 September 1908 at Caistor
012685-08 (Lincoln Co.) Orlando MOYER, 22, farmer, Clinton, same, s/o Olliver MOYER & Sarah RITTENHOUSE, married Lenore STOUFFER, 21, Berlin Ont, Clinton, d/o Nelson STOUFFER & Charlotte MOYER, witn - Wayne MOYER of Clinton Twp & Alma WERNER of Rainham Centre, 15 April 1908 at Clinton 012687-08 (Lincoln Co.) Sidney F. MOYER, 23, driver, Campden, Hamilton, s/o Henry W. MOYER & Mary FRY, married Melissa BABCOCK, 22, Belleville, Hamilton, d/o W.J. BABCOCK & Isabella GANNON, witn - A.J. SMITH of Hamilton & Maggie O'LAUGHLIN of Campden, 10 June 1908 at Campden
12752-08 Alexander Roy NIVEN, 20, farmer, of Niagara twp., s/o William NIVEN, farmer, & Ada ANDERSON, married Elizabeth ALLEN, 22, of Niagara, d/o Richard W. ALLEN, merchant, & Elizabeth COURTNEY, witn: William B. NIVEN of Niagara twp & Christine ALLEN of Niagara, 11 Nov 1908 at Niagara


012665-08 (Lincoln Co.) George OLIVER, 24, teacher, Winona, same, s/o John OLIVER & Sharlottie ADAMS, married Iona Adele BOOK, 28, St. Ann's, same, d/o William BOOK & Jane COMFORT, witn - B.F. MOORE of St. Ann's & Lillie OLIVER of Winona, 21 April 1908 at Beamsville

012761-08 (Lincoln Co.) Daly Robert ORR, 28, labourer, of St. David's, s/o Robert ORR, labourer & Isabella DALBY, married Laura W. FRENCH, 26, of Stamford, d/o George FRENCH, labourer, & Martha BROWN, witn - James STEWART & Flora WOODRUFF, both of St. David's, 11 August 1908 at St. David's
012677-08 (Lincoln Co.) Hilton PARK, 34, farmer, Caistor, same, s/o William PARK & Sarah SLOAN, married Ethel STEWART, 22, Caistor, same, d/o George STEWART & Jane BLAXILL, witn - William MCKINNELL & Mary STEWART, both of Caistor, 23 September 1908 at Caistor 012748-08 (Lincoln Co.) George PATTERSON, 62, barrister, widower, of Winnipeg, s/o James PATTERSON & Jane B. POYNTER, married Gertrude Viola GEDDES, 31, of Niagara, d/o Forbes GEDDES, RR agent, & Elizabeth BEGNE?, witn - Ambrose H. BEAVIN of Pittsburg PA & Elsie H. GEDDES of Niagara, 24 August 1908 at Niagara
012781-1908 (Lincoln Co.) Earl Clifford PRICE, 18, ? maker, St. Catharines, same, s/o John PRICE & Laura LONGFIELD, married May SIMMINGTON, 18, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o William SIMMINGTON & Elizabeth BODY, witn: Alex & Laura WARNER, both of St. Catharines, 10 Feb 1908 at St. Catharines. 012751-08 (Lincoln Co.) Jacob Howard PUTMAN, 23, manufacturer, of Niagara, s/o Jacob PUTMAN & Mary BOVEY, married Clara Beatrice KERNSLEY, 20, of Niagara, d/o Jared A. KERNSLEY, carpenter, & Harriet JOHNSTONE, witn - Carrie KERNSLEY & John P. SCOTT, both of Niagara, 21 October 1908 at Niagara
012704-08 (Lincoln Co.) George Alfred RAND, 23, farmer, of Medina NY, s/o George Ervin RAND & Leonora S. JONES, married Florence Christina CAVERS, 23, of Wellandport, d/o William CAVERS, farmer, & Mary Ann GRACEY, witn - W.W. CAVERS of Wellandport & B.A. RAND of Medina NY, 4 November 1908 at Wellandport 012698-08 (Lincoln Co.) Henry S. RICKER, 32, farmer, Wainfleet, same, s/o Elisha RICKER & Jennie HEASLIP, married Florence BEAMER, 32, Gainsborough, same, d/o Calvin BEAMER & Nancy RINKER, witn - Emma E. BEAMER of Gainsborough & William M. RICKER of Wainfleet, 24 June 1908 at Wainfleet
12714-08 (Lincoln Co): James A. ROGERS, 67, widower, butcher, of Grantham twp., s/o Elkanah ROGERS, farmer, & Mary A. TRUDEAU, married Lavina WARNER, 49, widow, of Niagara twp., d/o John CUDNEY, farmer, & Eliza BROWNLEE, 27 Oct 1908 at Grantham twp 012693-08 (Lincoln Co.) George ROSEHART, 35, farmer, Norwich, Aurora NY, s/o Willoughby ROSEHART & Susanna SANDERS, married Bessie Cirrilla MISENER, 24, Gainsborough, same, d/o David MISENER & Elizabeth NELSON, witn - John A. BOOK of Gainsborough Twp & Lizzie FESTER of Jordan Village, 29 January 1908 at Gainsborough Twp
  012703-08 (Lincoln Co.) Casper Henry SHELDRICK, 21, insurance agent, of Fulton, s/o Richard SHELDRICK & Martha JACOBS, married Jennie BEAMER, age not given, of Gainsborough Twp, d/o John & Jane HUFF, witn - Richard SHELDRICK of Fulton & Oakley W. BEAMER of Gainsborough Twp, 16 September 1908 at Gainsborough
012673-08 (Lincoln Co.) William Alvin SHEPHERD, 51, farmer, widower, of Clinton Twp, s/o John SHEPHERD & Elizabeth READY, married Emma Amelia GORDON, 52, widow, of Clinton Twp, d/o John HONSBURGER & Ann CULP, witn - Charles & Anna TERRYBERRY of Beamsville, 21 October 1908 at Beamsville 12719-08 (Lincoln Co): Leslie T. SHRINER, 37, farmer, Gainsboro twp., North Pelham twp. , s/o Barnett C. SHRINER & Eliza Ann VAUGHAN, married Anna C. BRUM (or Breem), 26, Gainsboro twp., same, d/o George C. BRUM & Margaret EBERT, witn: Nellie FIELD & Ethel BAKER, both of Smithville, 11 March 1908 at Smithville
012674-08 (Lincoln Co.) William Alexander SKIRROW, 20, student, of Bloomsbury, s/o E.C. SKIRROW & Margaret TAYLOR, married Pearl Lota BROWN, 21, of Beamsville, d/o G.B. & Ida BROWN, witn - Mrs. G.B. BROWN & Jessie COLLVER, both of Beamsville, 28 September 1908 at Beamsville  
012778-1908 (Lincoln Co.) Charles SMITH, 21, teamster, St. Catharines, same, s/o John SMITH & Hannah PAGE, married Mary LONG, 19, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o Oliver LONG & Elizabeth MARSHALL, witn: George SNYDER & Mrs Pearl SNYDER both of St. Catharines, 28 Jan 1908 at St. Catharines 012711-08 (Lincoln Co.) Alexander A. SMITH, 29, farmer, Grantham Twp, same, s/o Leonard SMITH & Dora CARSON, married Nettie A. BROOKER, 29, Grantham Twp, same, d/o Charles E. BROOKER & Druscilla HODGKINSON, witn - V.C. SCHEWACKED of Fisherville & Aggie B. PRINGLE of St. Catharines, 2 September 1908 at McNab
012686-08 (Lincoln Co.) John A. SPIECE, 28, carpenter, Campden, same, s/o Simon SPIECE & Jessie GRASSIE, married Jennie M. COMFORT, 24, Tintern, same, d/o Jacob COMFORT & Maggie YOUNG, witn - John A. PURSEL of Grassies Corners & Ada UPTON of Buffalo, 3 June 1908 at Tintern 12754-08 Russel R. STEPHENSON, 24, farmer, Allenburg, same, s/o Samuel STEPHENSON & Susan S. BROWN, married Alice M. MacKEAN, 23, Canfield, St. Davids, d/o Matthew MacKEAN & Sarah J. COVERDALE, witn: W. STEPHENSON of Toronto & Annie McKEAN (sic) of Canfield, 4 March 1908 at St. Davids
13631-09 (Lincoln Co): Frank Webb TAPPLY, 28, fruit grower, Streatham Surrey England, Louth twp., s/o William TAPPLY & Mary WEBB, married Ethel Lillian PARKER, 19, Sunderland England, Louth twp., d/o Frederick PARKER & Louisa DEAN, witn: Rodney A. GOODWIN & Flossie MOTTER, both of Louth twp., 31 Dec 1908 at Louth twp 12716-08 (Lincoln Co): Roy Frederick TEETER, 30, clerk, of Connellsville PA., s/o Fred H. TEETER, locomotive engineer, & Carrie A. BRASHEAR, married Jessie Irene CLOUGHLEY, 18, of Grimsby North, d/o John CLOUGHLEY, section foreman, & Mary GRANT, witn: John W. CLOUGHLEY of Davisville – York Co. & Alice D. CLOUGHLEY of Hamilton, 30 Sept 1908 at North Grimsby
012774-08 (Lincoln Co.) Hamlet D. THOMPSON, 25, physician, of Port Dalhousie, s/o William THOMPSON, farmer, & Ellen BROOKS, married Bertha Levinia HENRY, 34, of Port Dalhousie, d/o Michael HENRY, superintendent Welland Canal, & Almeda MANN, witn - H.B. & May R. HOLMES of St. Catharines, 7 October 1908 at Port Dalhousie 012780-1908 (Lincoln Co.) George Charles TILDEN, 18, treasurer, St. Catharines, same, s/o Charles A. TILDEN & Lillian DAWSON, married Mary SHAVER, 18, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o Edward SHAVER & Mary HAYNES, witn: Margaret & Jean J. RATCLIFFE of St. Catharines, 4 Feb 1908 at St. Catharines
012705-08 (Lincoln Co.) Percy L. TREMBLEY, 23, farmer, of S. Grimsby, s/o James H. TREMBLEY & Minnie M. KEMP, married Laura G. BOOK, 20, of St. Ann's, d/o Edward BOOK, labourer, & Mary C. ROBINS, witn - Harmon HODGKINS of Bismark? & Lazelle TREMBLEY of Smithville, 9 December 1908 at St. Ann's 012668-08 (Lincoln Co.) Charles Peter VAN EVERY, 35, livery keeper, Beamsville, same, s/o William VAN EVERY & Catharine MURRAY, married Mabel Estella HUFF, 30, Clinton Twp, Beamsville, d/o Solomon HUFF & Sophia Amelia HENRY, witn - Ross VAN EVERY of Hamilton & Ethel HUFF of Beamsville, 15 July 1908 at Beamsville
012690-08 (Lincoln Co.) Roy Harry WALKER, 23, merchant, of Beamsville, s/o Robert WALKER & Elizabeth WILSON, married Hattie SHEPHERD, 18, of Clinton Twp, d/o Isaac Wellington SHEPHERD & Elizabeth FISHER, witn - Stanley STIRLING & Clara SHEPHERD, both of Beamsville, 23 December 1908 at Clinton Twp

012749-08 (Lincoln Co.) Albert William WHOLLS, 24, machinist, of St. Thomas, s/o Thomas WHOLLS & Sarah HALL, married Gertrude Laurie MATHEWS, 21, Niagara, same, d/o James MATHEWS, farmer, & Sarah EVANS, witn - Trueman WHOLLS & Mabel ANDREWS, both of St. Thomas, 15 September 1908 at Niagara

012765-08 (Lincoln Co.) Thomas WRIGHT, 22, labourer, Buffalo NY, Port Dalhousie, s/o Frank WRIGHT & Nellie FRAWLEY, married Helen MALONE, 19, Scotland, Port Dalhousie, d/o James MALONE & Mary HANLEY, witn - Walter KELLAR of Orillia & Mabel BROOKS of Port Dalhousie, 30 March 1908 at Port Dalhousie