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Lincoln Co., 1875


5329-75 (Lincoln Co) Jesse Owen ADAMS, 21, butcher, Canborough, Grimsby, s/o George M. & Elizabeth ADAMS, married Sarah SHAW, 19, Grimsby, Grimsby, d/o Hannah MATLOCK, witn: Rev Adam S GEE & Laura FIELD,Smithville?, 25 Aug 1875 Smithville 5294-75 (Lincoln Co) John Dexter ADAMS, 25, carpenter, Bertie, Grimsby, s/o George & Elizabeth ADAMS, married Elizabeth BORLAND, 26, Trafalgar, Grimsby, d/o James & Leah BORLAND, witn: Mary Frith & Ester Ann SAVAGE, Smithville, 26 May 1875 Smithville
005247-75 (Lincoln) James ALLAN, 24, merchant, Ontario, Beamsville, s/o Alexander & Rose ALLAN, married Martha TERRYBERRY, 18, Clinton Twp, same, d/o Frederick & Elizabeth TERRYBERRY, witn - Rev. J.B. HOWARD of Guelph & James REYS of Clinton, 26 August 1875 at Clinton Twp 6018-76 Alford AMOS, 24, laborer, USA, St. Catharines, s/o John & Ann, married Lydia WILSON, 15, St. Catharines, same, d/o blank & Jane WILSON, witn: Manerva YOUNG & John COCHRAN, both of St. Catharines, 25 Nov 1875 at St. Catharines
5276-75 George H. ANDERSON, 30, ship carpenter, St. Catharines, Port Dalhousie, s/o Henry & Catherine, married Mary ROE, 33, Port Dalhousie, same, d/o William & Phillis, witn: William SCOTT & Martha SWIFT, both of Port Dalhousie, 5 May 1875 at Merritton 5321-75 (Lincoln Co) Peter AWRIE?, 28, yeoman, Seneca, Seneca, s/o John & Mary AWRIE?, married Carrie BURKHOLDER, 28, Caistor, Caistor, d/o Daniel & Mary BURKHOLDER, witn: Harvey & Mary Jane ROZEL, Gainsborough, 3 Feb 1875 Gainsborough
5962-76 (Lincoln Co) Benjamin BACK, 28, captain, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o William & Eliza BACK, married Eliza A. GOODWIN, 29?, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o William & Eliza GOODWIN, witn: Henry L. WILSON & Drucilla GOODWIN, St Catharines, 14 Dec 1875 St Catharines 5965-76 (Lincoln Co) John Frazer BEATTIE, 24, carriage maker, Ontario, Wellandport, s/o Robert & Elizabeth BEATTIE, married Elizabeth CAVERS, 23, Ontario, Gainsborough, d/o Walter & Christina CAVERS, witn: Walter & Mary CAVERS, Gainsborough, 1 Dec 1875 Gainsborough
005217-75 (Lincoln) Francis BISHOP, 28, butcher, Queenston, Niagara, s/o William BISHOP & Hannah WARREN, married Mary THOMPSON, 24, Niagara, same, d/o William THOMPSON & Winifred EMERSON, witn - Francis CLARK & Johanna HOLOHAN of Niagara, 10 July 1875 At Niagara 005244-75 (Lincoln) Thomas W. BISSELL, 28, farmer, Hamilton Twp, Grimsby, s/o Daniel N. & Mary A. BISSELL, married Helen M. PRICE, 26, Clinton Twp, same, d/o David & Jemima PRICE, witn - Henry H. PRICE of Clinton & Minerva BISSELL of Grimsbly, 10 November 1875 at Clinton Twp
5958-76 Robert J. BLACK, 25, engineer, Canada, St. Catharines, s/o John & Jane, married Ellen T. RELLEY (Kelley), 21, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o Mark & Mary, witn: John DAVIDSON & Georgina HAINES, both of St. Catharines, 27 Sept 1875 at St. Catharines 5324-75 (Lincoln Co) Amassa P. BOAM, 27, employed by railway, USA, Glencoe?, s/o James & Mary Ann BOAM, married Frances E. COLE, 22, Canada, Glencoe, d/o George & Susan COLE, witn: Charles & Clary COLE, Grimsby, 14 Apr 1875 Grimsby (also 5298-75)
5284-75 (Lincoln Co) William A. BOOK, 24, carpenter, Gainsborough, same, s/o George Henry & Susannah BOOK, married Ellen Louisa DEAN, 18, C--bourg?, Gainsborough, d/o Almond & Elizabeth DEAN, witn: Milton Ernest WILCOX, Clinton & Francis Antenette DEAN, Grimsby, 20 Jan 1875 Gainsborough 005238-75 (Lincoln) F.A.L. BOWLING, 28, merchant, England, Simcoe, s/o Thomas & Phoebe BOWLING, married Selina F. ROWAN, 27, Cobourg, Queenston, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth ROWAN, witn - George ROWAN & Ellie KNOWLSON, 9 June 1875 at Queenston
5140-75 William S. BOYLE (Bazile?), 31, physician, Ontario, Bowmanville, s/o William & Sarah, married Jennie M. DACK, 30, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o William & Mary, witn: Amanda DISHER & S. E. WEBSTER, both of St. Catharines, 8 July 1875 at St. Catharines 5982-76 (Lincoln Co) John BREEN, 36, no occp given, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o Patrick & Elsie BREEN, married Mary DILLON, 30, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o Martin & Mary DILLON, witn; Michael RUSSELL & Mary HOWE, St Catharines, 19 Sep 1875 St Catharines
5981-76 (Lincoln Co) Luke BRENNAN, 35, bookbinder, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o Michael & Mary BRENNAN, married Mary WHITTER, 29, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o James & Jane WHITTER, witn: James J. HYMAN & Lavinia WHITTER, St Catharines, 17 Aug 1875 St Catharines 5963-76 (Lincoln Co) John Henry BRODERICK, 24, farmer, Ontario, Louth, s/o David & Harriett BRODERICK, married Augusta PAWLING, 22, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o William & Clementina PAWLING, witn: John CROW & Clara REID, Port Dalhousie, 27 Oct 1875 St Catharines
#005317-75 (Lincoln Co): Hugh BROWN, 26, farmer, Binbrook, Seneca, s/o William & Jennett, married Donna B. HANEY, 19, Pelham, Caistorville, d/o Robert A. & Phebe Lewis HANEY, witn: John G. & Phemia SPEARS of Caistorville, 24 Feb 1875 at Caistorville 5943-76 Henry BUCHNER, 26, contractor,, Welland Co., Fonthill, s/o Samuel Wesley & Martha, married Sarah Elizabeth POTTER, 26, Digby NS, Grantham twp., d/o James M. & Elizabeth Jane, witn: William BUCHNER of Welland & Dexter DE POTTER of St. Catharines, 20 Oct 1875 at Grantham twp
5164-75 James E. BUFTON, 24, farmer, Niagara, same, s/o John & Mary, married Martha Jane HANON, 19, St. Catharines, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: William HANON & Annie CAMPBELL, both of St. Catharines, 6 Oct 1875 at St. Catharines  
5308-75 (Lincoln Co) Oliver BURKHOLDER, 20, farmer, Caistor, Saltfleet, s/o William & Eliza Ann BURKHOLDER, married Isabella PEARSON, 19, Grimsby, Caistor, d/o John & Christine PEARSON, witn: John BURKHOLDER, Saltfleet & Elizabeth PEARSON, Caistor, 28 Sept 1875 Caistor #005318-75 (Lincoln Co): Phineus BUSH, 20, farmer, Binbrook, Caistor, s/o William & Esther, married Jeannie McINTOSH, 23, Dundee Scotland, Caistor, d/o John & Isabella, witn: John W. SPRINGSTEAD & Elizabeth McINTOSH, both of Caistor, 12 March 1875 at Caistor
5975-76 (Lincoln Co) John BUTLER, 25, carpenter, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o Michael & Ann BUTLER, married Josephine MAHONY, 20, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o Thomas & Susan MAHONY, witn: James MORAN, Oakville & Annie MAHONY, St Catharines, 4 Apr 1875 St Catharines 005237-75 (Lincoln) Charles D. CASSELMAN, 24, farmer, Niagara Twp, same, s/o George & Marian CASSELMAN, married Louise Augusta BUTLER, 30, Niagara Twp, same, d/o James & Ann Jane BUTLER, witn - George SALMON & Ada Louise BOAN of Niagara Twp, 27 May 1875 at Niagara Twp
5275-75 William Arthur CARLING?, 28, grocer, London England, St. Catharines, s/o Thomas William Baxter & Mary L., married Johanna Elizabeth POWELL, 24, Niagara, St. Catharines, d/o John & Ellen, witn: David? WILLIAMS of Merritton & Eliza A. COX of Homer, 5 Jan 1875 at Merritton [very faded registration] 5278-75 George CAUGHEL, 38, farmer, widower, Ontario, Gainsborough, s/o Peter & Mary, married Agnes Henrietta GORMEDY, 22, Ontario, Gainsborough, d/o Peter GORMEDY & Susannah CAUGHEL, witn: John & Amanda Susan NORTH of Gainsborough, 3 Aug 1875 at Gainsborough
5898-76 John M. CAUGHELL, 21, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o Peter & Mary, married Mary DISHER, 18, USA, Grimsby, d/o David & Mary, witn: John ROBINS of Gainsboro & Geneva BRADY? of Pelham, 26 Dec 1875 at Smithville 005213-75 (Lincoln) Nathaniel CHAMBERLAIN, 57, gentleman, widower, Goodland Indiana, same, s/o Jas. CHAMBERLAIN & Johana FETSKY, married Mary Ann SWANSON, 49, United States, St. Catharines, d/o Benjamin SWANSON & Jane RHINEHART, witn - W.S. DOWNEY, M.D. & W.L. CAPITAN, M.D. of St. Catharines, 19 November 1875 at St. Catharines
5332-75 (Lincoln Co) James Douglas CHRISTIE, 24, master of St Catherines high school, Nova Scotia, St Catherines, s/o George & Elizabeth CHRISTIE, married Kate NELLES, 25, Grimsby, St Catherines, d/o Peter B. & Mary NELLES, witn: William B. NELLES, Ingersol & A. R. CREDMORE, Toronto, 29 Dec 1875 St Andrew’s, Grimsby  
5179-75 George CLARK, 26, merchant, Canada, Thorold, s/o Joseph & Mary Jane, married Margaret GIBSON, 25, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o James & Mary, witn: James R. BOYLE & Jennie ROBERTSON, both of St. Catharines, 3 March 1875 at St. Catharines 5152-75 John Charles CLARK, 29, widower, carpenter, Vaughan, St. Catharines, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Camelia Victoria WATSON, 21, Onondaga, St. Catharines, d/o Robert & Camelia, witn: J. CLARK & Susan HERON, both of St. Catharines, 1 July 1875 at St. Catharines
005218-75 (Lincoln) Francis CLARKE, 64, labourer, widower, Ireland, Niagara, s/o John CLARKE & Mary POWER, married Elizabeth YATES, 50, widow, England, Niagara, d/o Robert YATES & Elizabeth ABBOTTS, witn - Patrick NOLAN & Mrs. Thomas SUMMERS of Niagara, 14 August 1875 at Niagara 005219-75 (Lincoln) Francis CLARKE, 31, labourer, New York State, Niagara, s/o Francis CLARKE & Catherine TANSEY, married Johanna HOLOHAN, 28, Amherstburg, Niagara, d/o James HOLOHAN & Ellen GARDNER, witn - Samuel HINDLE & Mary THOMPSON of Niagara, 9 September 1875 at Niagara
5338-75 (Lincoln Co) Joseph CLEMENT, 47, wid, farmer, Niagara, Niagara, s/o Joseph & Ann CLEMENT, married Catherine BUTLER, 35, Niagara, Grantham, d/o James & Jane Anne BUTLER, witn: Elleman? & Priscilla PARKES, Grantham, 25 Feb 1875 Louth 5335-75 (Lincoln Co) Robert D. COLE, 35, farmer, Louth, Louth, s/o James & Jane COLE, married Minnie Amiranda ISMOND, 23, Grimsby, Louth, d/o Isaac & Sarah ISMOND, witn: John GREEN & John C ABBY, Pt Dalhousie, 6 Oct 1875 Louth
5205-75 William COLLETON, 36, tailor, St. Johns Newfoundland, Toronto, s/o William & Annie, married Jane STOVER, 25, St. Catharines, same, d/o Adam & Elizabeth, witn: Jacob EBERHARD & Elizabeth McEWEN, 4 May [no yr given] at H--? Hill, St. Catharines 5136-75 Jeremiah COLLINS, 40, merchant, Toronto, Smithville, s/o Patrick & Catherine, married Minnie A. CARPENTER, 31, Ontario, Smithville, d/o Jeremiah & Mary Ann, witn: Thomas P. LALLY of Thorold & A. A. CARPENTER of St. Catharines, 1 July 1875 at St. Catharines
  005231-75 (Lincoln) Charles COOK, 25, railway employee, Niagara, Fort Erie, s/o Charles & Mary COOK, married Fanny MANSON, 24, Niagara Twp, same, d/o Robert & Matilda MANSON, witn - Joseph WALKER & Bell CUSHMAN of Niagara Twp, 27 April 1875 at Niagara Twp
005248-75 (Lincoln) George A. COON, 29, farmer, Ontario, Grimsby, s/o George & Jemima A. COON, married Eliza A. MARTIN, 24, Ontario, Clinton Twp, d/o Joseph & Charity MARTIN, witn - Alexander COON & Andrew LIDDELL of Clinton Twp, 5 October 1875 at Clinton Twp 5312-75 (Lincoln Co) Jay COOPER, 28, farmer, Caistor, Caistor, s/o Samuel & Sarah COOPER, married Eliza Jane GILMORE, 18, Caistor, Caistor, d/o Moses S. & Sarah GILMORE, witn: Moses S. GILMORE, Caistor & Susanna Catherine HURST, Gainsborough, 22 Dec 1875 Caistor
5143-75 William Lorrin? COPELAND (Capstone?), 24, doctor, St. Catharines, same, s/o William L. & Dancy, married Mary St.JOHN, 20, St. Catharines, same, d/o Samuel L. & Martha Ann, witn: William C. COPELAND & Fred St.JOHN, both of St. Catharines, 23 June [1875?] at St. Catharines 005287-1875 (Lincoln Co.) Fralic Darwin COSBY, 22, farmer, Caistor, same, s/o Samuel Arthur & Elizabeth Catherine, married Mary Catherine DILTS, 22, Gainsborough, same, d/o Samuel Henry & Mary Catherine, witn: William Washington & Synthia Purvilla DILTS, both of Gainsborough, 27 Jan 1875 at Smithville
5201-75 Archibald CRAWFORD, 25 (28?), farmer, Ireland, Grantham twp., s/o William & Leliagh?, married Mary Ann PAY, 17, Grantham, same, d/o Edward & Jemima, witn: Edward PAY & Mary Jane GATES, both of Grantham, April 1875 at St. Georges Church, St. Catharines 5972-76 (Lincoln Co) John CROWLEY, 48, wid, shipwright, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o James & Bridget CROWLEY, married Catherine KEATING, 30, Ontario, Port Dalhousie, d/o Michael & Catherine KEATING, witn: Thomas HANDRAHAN & Mary MCGOWAN, St Catharines, 4 Jan 1875 St Catharines
5290-75 (Lincoln Co) John CROWN, 21, farmer, Gainsborough, Caistor, s/o James & Elizabeth CROWN, married Alma Annetta KILLENS, 21, Caistor, Caistor, d/o George & Eliza KILLENS, witn: James CROWN & Margaret A. HARMAN, Caistor, 19 May 1875 Smithville 5345-75 (Lincoln Co) Isaac Andrew CRYSLER, 27, wid, carpenter, Port Robinson, Fonthill, s/o not given, married Helina Margaret BALL, 21, Grantham, Grantham, d/o Jacob A. & Margaret (nee VANDERLIP), witn: Jacob & Margaret BALL, Grantham, 23 Mar 1875 Grantham
  5899-76 Benjamin CULP, 56?, widower, merchant, Rainham twp., Toronto, s/o Aaron & Mary, married Mary Howell TEETER, 46, widow, Trafalgar, Smithville, d/o Philip & Mary TRILLER, witn: Mrs. Robert MURRAY & illegible (very faded) of Grimsby, 21 Dec 1875 at res of Rev. J. G. Murray, Grimsby
5985-76 (Lincoln Co) Michael DALEY, 25, undertaker, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o John & Catherine DALEY, married Mary LEMON, 23, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o Alexander & Reffie? LEMON, witn: Joseph C. GROBB & Margaret FLANNERY, St Catharines, 6 Oct 1875 St Catharines 5863-76 (Lincoln Co) John Anderson DALRYMPLE?, 23, farmer, Ontario, Gainsborough, s/o Andrew & Elspet DALRYMPLE?, married Minerva HEASLIP, 23, Ontario, Gaimsborough, d/o JohnLeonard & Julia Ann HEASLIP, witn: John Leonard HEASLIP & William Duff MISNER, Gainsborough, 22 Dec 1875
5945-76 John DAVIDSON, 26, engineer, Scotland, St. Catharines, s/o James & Catherine, married Elizabeth E. RELLEY, 22, Canada, Grantham twp., d/o William John & Mary, witn: Robert ROBERTS of Buffalo & Jemima S. RELLEY of Grantham twp., 23 Dec 1875 at Grantham twp 6009-76 Charles Job DAVIS, 19, painter, England, St. Catharines, s/o Job & Lucy, married Elizabeth Mary A. RICHARDSON, 19, England, St. Catharines, d/o George & Sarah Ann, witn: John WHITE & Agnes VIGAR, both of St. Catharines, 25 Jan 1875 at St. Catharines
5135-75 Joseph Wallace DENIS (Dean?), 42, widower, mechanical engineer, England, Niagara, s/o Edward & Esther, married Elizabeth HOBSON, 36, widow, Ontario, Niagara, d/o George & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Isabella A. SANDERSON of St. Catharines, 5 July 1875 at St. Catharines 5293-75 (Lincoln Co) Robert DENNIS, 25, yeoman, Caistor, Caistor, s/o Alexander & Margary DENNIS, married Sarah Elizabeth STADLER, 17, North Cayuga, same, d/o Jacob & Mary STADLER, witn: Mary JOHNSON Canborough & John DENNIS, Seneca, 10 Apr 1875 Smithville
5146-75 George H. DENNISON, 55, widower, merchant, USA, London, s/o Edmond & Martha, married Agnes KNOX, 45, widow, Scotland, St. Catharines, d/o John BALMER & Janet, witn: S. CHADWICK of Hamilton & F. McQUESTON, 4 June 1875 at St. Catharines 5283-75 (Lincoln Co) Samuel Henry DILTS, 23, farmer, Gainsborough, same, s/o Samuel & Mary Catherine DILTS, married Margaret Matilda Clare COSBY, 17, Caistor, Canborough, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth Catherine COSBY, witn: Franklin Adolphus COSBY, Canborough & Sarah Jane DILTS, Gainsborough, 3 Mar 1875 Gainsborough
5280-75 (Lincoln Co) Thomas Richard DISHER, 30, farmer, Gainsborough, same, s/o Thomas & Louisa? Margaret DISHER, married Margaret Ann HARMON, 20, Caistor, Gainsborough, d/o Lawrence & Catherine HARMON, witn: Jacob LANE & Joana SCHRAM, Gainsborough, 13 Oct 1875 Smithville 5311-75 (Lincoln Co) John Henry DOAN, 24, farmer, Oneida, Seneca, s/o Nelson & Louisa DOAN, married Charlotte SWICK, 22, Seneca, Seneca, d/o Robinson & Diana SWICK, witn: Albert HOUSE & Eliza HUGHS, Caistorville, 16 Nov 1875 Caistorville
5984-76 (Lincoln Co) Michael DOUGHERTY, 40, laborer, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o John & Catherine DOUGHERTY, married Catherine CALLAN, 50, Ontario, Port Dalhousie, d/o Edward & Bridget CALLAN, witn: John ROBERTS & Bridget HAYS, Port Dalhousie, 4 Oct 1875 St Catharines 5977-76 (Lincoln Co) Peter DOUGHERTY, 30, mason, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o Peter & Bridget DOUGHERTY, married Sarah DOUGHERTY, 24, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o Dennis & Ann DOUGHERTY, witn: John OCONNOR & Mary GALVIN, St Catharines, 3 Jun 1875 St Catharines
5897-76 John Henry ECKER, 29, farmer, Clinton, Gainsboro, s/o Philip & Elizabeth, married Eliza Ann PIPER, 30, Gainsboro, same, d/o Henry & Mary Margaret, witn: Rev. Moses Smith & Elizabeth DEMMICK of Flamboro West, 11 Dec 1875 at M.E. Parsonage, Smithville  
5171-75 Alfred Cornelius ELLIS, 30, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o Charles R. & Elizabeth, married Philona GORDON, 21, Oswego NY, St. Catharines, d/o Peter & Angeline, witn: Dominck? GORDON & Ella MURPHY, both of St. Catharines, 12 June 1875 at St. Catharines 5342-75 (Lincoln Co) John Charles ELLIS, 23, miller, Drummondville, Grantham, s/o John Charles & Mary ELLIS, married Elizabeth Caroline LAMPMAN, 21, Grantham, Thorold, d/o John W. & Jane LAMPMAN, witn: George W. ELLIS & Cora Edith LAMPMAN, Grantham, 25 Jun 1875 Grantham
5187-75 Jacob FARRELL, 25, farmer, Thorold, Grantham, s/o Richard & Mary Ann, married Mary Ann DAVIS, 30, Clinton, same, d/o Robert & Sarah, witn: Lemantha FARRELL & Peter WARNER, both of Thorold, 4 Feb 1875 at St. Catharines 5971-76 (Lincoln Co) Thomas FINNELLY, 26, sailor, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o Terence & Ann FINNELLY, married Rebecca PERRY, 25, Ontario, Port Dalhousie, d/o James & Ellen PERRY, witn: William MCEVRY? & Mary FINNELLY, Port Dalhousie, 4 Jan 1875 St Catharines
5162-75 Ward Franklin FISHER, 23, farmer, Gainsboro twp., same, s/o Peter & Lydia, married Melissa BROOKS, 23, Caistor twp., same, d/o Joseph & Phoebe, witn: William & Mary FISHER of Gainsboro, 13 Oct 1875 at St. Catharines 5970-76 (Lincoln Co) Frank FITZMAURICE, 24, laborer, Ontario, Louth, s/o Patrick & Johanna FITZMAURICE, married Catherine OBRIEN, 22, Ontario, Louth, d/o Daniel & Catherine OBRIEN, witn: Thomas BEAN & Mary Ann RYAN, St Catharines, 6 Jan 1875 St Catharines
5180-75 Henry FREE, 22, sailor, Canada, St. Catharines, s/o William & Sarah, married Isabella BERGERON, 24, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o Edward & Mary, witn: John & Jane DORAN of St. Catharines, 3 April 1875 at St. Catharines 5989-76 (Lincoln Co) Patrick GALLAHER, 23, sailor, Ontario, St Catherines, s/o John & Hanorah GALLAHER, married Mary G. GALLAHER, 26, Ontario, St Catherines, d/o Farrell & Elizabeth GALLAHER, witn: James GALLAHER & Ann MCNULTY, St Catherines, 15 Nov 1875 St Catherines
5151-75 Albert GAY, 23, farmer, St. Catharines, same, s/o William & Susan, married Sarah Ann WELLS, 23, Huntington, St. Catharines, d/o James & Catherine, witn: A. GAURLEY (Gawley?) & Maggie WELLS, both of St. Catharines, 21 July 1875 at St. Catharines 5181-75 William GIBBONS, 33, laborer, England, St. Catharines, s/o William & Jane, married Phoebe E. MILLS, 21, England, St. Catharines, d/o Joseph & Jane, witn: William BIG & Sarah MILLER, both of St. Catharines, 11 March 1875 at St. Catharines
5159-75 Frederick A. GORING, 23, farmer, Niagara twp., same, s/o John & Beasheba, married Celia STALL, 20, Grantham twp., same, d/o John H. & Sarah, witn: William & Augusta SWORD of St. Catharines, 17 Nov 1875 at St. Georges Church, St. Catharines 5957-76 Samuel P?. GOURLAY, 24, merchant, Canada, St. Catharines, s/o William & Sarah, married Margaret WELLS, 21, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o James & Catherine, witn: William GOURLAY & Jessie WELLS, both of St. Catharines, 20 Oct. 1875 at St. Catharines
5174-75 John GRACE, 22, laborer, Ingersoll, Winona, s/o Michael & Rose, married Jennie KING, 24, Beamsville, same, d/o John & Phebe, witn: E. H. BEAN & Digby KING, both of St. Catharines, 18 March 1875 at St. Catharines 5154-75 William Shelton GROSVENOR, 21, engineer, Buffalo, same, s/o Seth K. & Jane Wey, married Julietta FRAZIN, 20, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o William & Maria, witn: Dr. A. E. KING & George E. MATTHEWS of Buffalo, 20 July 1875 at St. Catharines
  5161-75 Jacob GUINTER, 24, farmer, Louth twp., Pelham twp., s/o Peter & Louisa, married Anna SCALLEN, 19, Toronto, Fonthill, d/o William & Emily, witn: Isaiah HANSLER of Pelham & Charlotte SCALLEN of Fonthill, 27 Nov 1875 at St. Georges Church, St. Catharines
5302-75 (Lincoln Co) Alcimus Morse HALSTED, 23, merchant, Grimsby, Smithville, s/o John & Anthia HALSTED, married Mary Matilda Ann TEETER, 18, Smithville, same, d/o Solomon & Mary TEETER, witn: John HALSTED, Grimsby & Phillip TEETER, Smithville, 9 Jan 1875 Grimsby #006001-76 (Lincoln Co): William Thomas HANEY, 25, teamster, Ireland, St. Catharines, s/o Thomas & mary Ann, married Harriet STAPLES, 19, St. Catharines, same, d/o Amos & Salome, witn: Charlotte SMITH & William BEATTY, both of St. Catharines, 29 Dec 1875 at St. Catharines
5291-75 (Lincoln Co) Albert HARMAN, 21, farmer, Grimsby, Caistor, s/o Lawrence & Catherine HARMAN, married Jane E. SENSABAUGH, 20, Wainfleet, Caistor, d/o Christian & Jane SENSABAUGH, witn: James CROWN & Margaret WARNER, Caistor, 19 May 1875 Smithville 5183-75 Samuel Thomas HARPER, 23, blacksmith, St. Johns Ontario., St. Catharines, s/o John & Phoebe, married Celinda HARRIS, 19, St. Catharines, same, d/o William & Catherine, witn: William PULLAN? & Harriet Ann HARPER, 30 March 1875 at St. Catharines
5331-75 (Lincoln Co) John Lang HARRISON, 24, wheelwright, Canada, Saltfleet, s/o Joseph & Mary Ann HARRISON, married Margaret Jane CLINE, 20, Canada, Saltfleet, d/o John & Hannah CLINE, witn: Wesley CLINE, Saltfleet & Margaret Ann QUANCE, Binbrook, 21 July 1875 Grimsby 5157-75 Jacob Price HAYNES, 22, mechanic, St. Catharines, same, s/o Jacob & blank, married Phoebe Ann HAYNES, 21, St. Catharines, same, d/o Hiram & Phoebe, witn: Amanda HAYNES & Sarah SMITH, both of St. Catharines, 23 Sept 1875 at St. Catharines
5166-75 Rollins Hayward HENRY, 28, photographer, Canada, Bowmanville, s/o George & Polly Ann, married Amelia SIMPSON, 25, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o Melancthon & Esther, witn: Clara? (Charles?) D. HENRY of Bowmanville & Clara SIMPSON of St. Catharines, 23 June [1875?] at St. Catharines 5144-75 Henry HERBERT, 25, mechanic, St. Catharines, same, s/o Henry & Ann, married Caroline HARRIS, 20, London England, St. Catharines, d/o Joseph & Caroline, witn: Joseph HARRIS & Henry HERBERT, both of St. Catharines, 30 June [1875?] at St. Catharines
5158-75 James John HIGMAN, 28, book keeper, Cornwall England, St. Catharines, s/o William & Annie, married Allice KITSON, 21, Halifax - Yorkshire England, St. Catharines, d/o Thomas CROWTHER, Rachel KITSON, Laughlin LEITCH & Emma THOMPSON, all of St. Catharines, 27 Oct 1875 at St. Georges Church, St. Catharines 5167-75 John HILL, 21, mechanic, England, Hamilton, s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Maria STEVENS, 17, Ontario, Hamilton, d/o not given, witn: H. GIDLEY, 19 May 1875 at St. Catharines
5150-75 Frank HILL, 25, Louth, same, s/o Jacob & Sarah, married Leandar Eleanor JOHNSTON, 28, Louth, same, d/o Jabez & Sarah, witn: Andrew GREGORY of Louth & Dr. A. A. HILL of St. Catharines, 12 Oct 1875 at St. Catharines 5142-75 Nathan HILTS, 25, ship carpenter, Port Dalhousie, same, s/o Johnstone & Eliza, married Ellen BACKER, 20, Port Rowan, same, d/o Henry & Jane, witn: Margaret HILTS of Pt Dalhousie & H. ROBINSON of Merritton, 8 July 1875 at St. Catharines
005252-75 (Lincoln) James H. HIXSON, 23, miller, Scotland Canada, Teterville, s/o William & Maria HIXSON, married Ida ZIMMERMAN, 18, Beamsville, same, d/o George A. & Mary ZIMMERMAN, witn - Edwin A. KEMP & Dora ZIMMERMAN of Beamsville, 24 August 1875 at Beamsville 5307-75 (Lincoln Co) Clark HODGE, 22, farmer, Gainsborough, same, s/o Henry & Phebe HODGE, married Phebe Ann KRICK, 21, Gainsborough, same, d/o Philip & Wilhemina KRICK, witn: James ASHER, Caistor & Lavenia PHILLIPS, Caistorville, 19 July 1875 Caistorville
5340-75 (Lincoln Co) Owen HODGES, 44, wid, farmer, England, Floss (Flos?), s/o James & Mariah HODGES, married Matilda HILTON, 27, Haldimand, Louth, d/o Moses & Elizabeth HILTON, witn: James A. & Mary A. HILTON, Louth, 28 Apr 1875 Louth #005998-76 (Lincoln Co): Robert James HODGKINSON, 22, farmer, Grantham, same, s/o Robert James & Rachel, married Frances STEVENS, 18, Grantham, same, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: Benjamin H. REWS? & Maggie J. HODGKINSON, both of Grantham, 25 Nov 1875 at St. Catharines
5281-75 (Lincoln Co) Thomas James HOLLOWAY, 23, farmer, Niagara, Caistor, s/o John & Mary HOLLOWAY, married Mahala GOIT, 22, Caistor, Caistor, d/o Samuel Edward & Mary Ann GOIT, witn: Christopher James FISHER, Gainsborough & Agnes HOLLOWAY, Caistor, 21 Oct 1875 Smithville 005240-75 (Lincoln) Matthias HONSBERGER, 28, farmer, Clinton Twp, same, s/o Abram & Mary HONSBERGER, married Ellen Jane TERRYBERRY, 27, Canada, Grimsby, d/o Morris & Elizabeth TERRYBERRY, witn - Frederick & Annie TEETER of Grimsbly, 26 October 1875 at Clinton Twp (also 5254-75)
005241-75 (Lincoln) Christian HONSBERGER, 27, farmer, South Cayuga, same, s/o John H. & Elizabeth HONSBERGER, married Margaret MOYER, 29, Clinton Twp, same, d/o Samuel B. & Magdalena MOYER, witn - Jacob S. & Magdalena MOYER of Clinton Twp, 23 October 1875 at Clinton Twp (also 5255-75 with date of 25 Nov 1875)  
5305-75 (Lincoln Co) John Kelsey HOPKINS, 32, farmer, W. Hamton, same, s/o Israel Swayze & Jane HOPKINS, married Melissa Jane MILLER, 28, Pelham, Grimsby, d/o Abraham & Jane Rose MILLER, witn: Alenson & Martha MILLER, Grimsby, 6 May 1875 Grimsby 5328-75 (Lincoln Co) Ernest HOUSE, 22, farmer, Grimsby, Grimsby, s/o Freeman & Eliza Jane HOUSE, married Eliza Jane HILL, 18, Grimsby, Grimsby, d/o Tillman & Jane HILL, witn: Silas WARDELL & Emma HILL, Grimsby 25 Aug 1875 Smithville
5330-75 (Lincoln Co) Henry HUGHS, 26, farm laborer, Grimsby, Grimsby, s/o William & Charlotte HUGHS, married Harriett PARRY, 19, England, Grimsby, d/o Edward & Emma PARRY, witn: Frederick SKINNER, Grimsby & Caroline WURN, Niagara, 12 Oct 1875 Grimsby 005225-75 (Lincoln) William HUSTON, 33, coachman, widower, Ireland, Niagara, s/o Joseph HUSTON & Jemima THOMPSON, married Elizabeth O'DONNELL, 32, Ireland, Niagara, d/o Neil O'DONNELL & Margaret MCLAUGHLIN, witn - Charles CAMPBELL of Niagara, 17 May 1875 at Niagara
6019-76 Charles JACKSON, 20, carpenter, Ontario, St. Catharines, s/o John & Susan, married Saphrona BLACK, 18, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o Samuel & Mary TAYLOR (sic), witn: Rev. G. R. BLOUT of Drummondville & Parris LINDSAY of St. Catharines, 31 Dec 1875 at St. Catharines 5964-76 (Lincoln Co) Henry Clarence JAMES, 22, gardener, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o W. & Mary JAMES, married Florinda COVILL, 21, Ontario, Ashfield, d/o John & Florinda COVILL, witn: William JAMES & Janice GILLELAND, St Catharines, 12 Nov 1875 St Catharines
5978-76 (Lincoln Co) John F. JORDAN, 30, salesman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Henry & Elizabeth JORDAN, married Lucinda MCGUIRE, 24, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o Daniel & Mary MCGUIRE, witn: James DOLAN, John SCULLY, Julia MCQUIN & Helena MCGUIRE, St Catharines, 13 Jul 1875 St Catharines 005251-75 (Lincoln) Noble KEITH, 31, labourer, widower, Canada, Saltfleet, s/o Noble & Mary Ann KEITH, married Mary Ann GREENE, 34, widow, Canada, Clinton Twp, d/o William & Lydia Ann KING, witn - William & Simon KING of Beamsville, 30 July 1875 at Beamsville
005216-75 (Lincoln) Henry KEMP, 21, baker, Guelph, same, s/o Lowery & Annie KEMP, married Catherine MCCARTHY, 23, Niagara Twp, same, d/o John & Jane MCCARTHY, witn - John MCCARTHY of Niagara & Eliza RASON of St. Catharines, 21 July 1875 at Niagara Twp 5966-76 (Lincoln Co) Jesse Hawley KILLMAN, 26, farmer, Ontario, Pelham, s/o Robert Garner &Lenna Jane KILLMAN, married Lina Gurney WARD, 26, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o Godfrey R. & Abigail WARD, witn: Robert Garner KILLMAN, Pelham & Abigail WARD, St Catharines, 2 Nov 1875, St Catharines
5990-76 (Lincoln Co) Eli LALONDE, 32, carpenter, Ontario, St Catherines, s/o Joseph & Sophia LALONDE, married Mary MCGOWAN, 30, Ontario, St Catherines, d/o Patrick & Ann MCGOWAN, witn: Frederick & Catherine COFFEE, 22 Nov 1875 St Catherines 5980-76 (Lincoln Co) Patrick LARKIN, 40, laborer, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o John & Eliza LARKIN, married Mary DOYLE, 32, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o Patrick & Margaret DOYLE, witn: Edward QUINN & Ellen BRENNAN, St Catharines, 10 Aug 1875 St Catharines
  5145075 Robert LEEPER, 24, carpenter, Canada, St. Catharines, s/o Dennis & Margaret, married Margaret HAYNES, 24, widow, USA, St. Catharines, d/o Bartholomew RUSSELL & Johanna, witn: Mr. H. & Mr.. H. LUCAS of St. Catharines, 22 July 1875 at St. Catharines
5295-75 (Lincoln Co) Zerah LEWIS, 26, laborer, Grimsby, same, s/o Isaac & Sidney LEWIS, married Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 20, Ontario, same, d/o John & Ann WILLIAMS, witn: Charles LEWIS & Sarah HARDING, Grimsby, 2 Feb 1875 Grimsby 5967-76 (Lincoln Co) Joseph LINDNER, 21, grinder in knife factory, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o George & Annie LINDNER, married Emma Jane SHARP, 18, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o Abraham & Harriet SHARP, witn: Jacob B. & Anna Maria PICKARD, St Catharines, 31 Dec 1875 St George’s, St Catharines
005226-75 (Lincoln) William LONG, 34, trader, Canada, Niagara, s/o Henry LONG & Elizabeth ARCHIBALD, married Marion BRYCE, 25, Scotland, Niagara, d/o John BRYCE & Jane GRAY, witn - Charles CAMPBELL of Niagara, 6 October 1875 at Niagara 005224-75 (Lincoln) James LONGHURST, 27, mechanic, Canada, Niagara, s/o George LONGHURST & Elizabeth COCKLE, married Mary Ellen GRAY, 18, Canada, Niagara, d/o Sarah GRAY & father's name not given, witn - James ROBERTSON of Niagara, 29 April 1875 at Niagara
5267-75 Thomas A. LOTTRIDGE, 21, merchant, Canada, Rochester NY, s/o Lewis & Martha, married Arvilla Melissa FREEMAN, 19, Canada, Reidsville – N. Caroline, d/o Zenes & Miram M., witn: Thomas L.P. & Martha Jane HORNING of Clinton twp., 17 Feb 1875 at Clinton twp. 5169-75 John F. LOWE, 27, carriage maker, Derbyshire England, St. Catharines, s/o John & Sarah, married Kate SAUTHEST?, 21, Plymouth England, St. Catharines, d/o John & Catherine, witn: William LOWE, Francis REMMINTON, John SOUTHEST? & Matilda LOWE, all of St. Catharines, 27 May 1875 at St. Catharines
5147-75 Arthur O. MADDREL, 23, porter, England, St. Catharines, s/o James & Susannah, married Mary Jane BRANNIGAN, 22, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o Robert & Helena, witn: George & M. WILDEY of St. Catharines, 20 May [1875?] at St. Catharines  
5992-76 (Lincoln Co) Maurice MALLOY, 20, laborer, Ontario, St Catherines, s/o Edward & Margaret MALLOY, married Ann NEEDHAM, 23, Ontario, St Catherines, d/o Michael & Ann NEEDHAM, witn: Michael NEEDHAM & Mary Ann TAYLOR, St Catherines, 22 Nov 1875 St Catherines 5325-75 (Lincoln Co) William MANSON, 28, bank agent, Canada, Peterboro, s/o William Bollanson & Jane MANSON, married Florence L. NELLES, 22, Grimsby, Peterboro, d/o John Adolphus & Helen NELLES, witn: R. M. MCCONKEY, Hamilton & Helen E. MCCMASTER, Toronto, 16 June 1875 St Andrew’s, Grimsby
5168-75 John William MARLING, 52, widower, insurance agent, Gloucestershire England, Halifax NS, s/o John F. & Elizabeth, married Emma Sophia BINGHAM (s/b Emma Sophia Bingham BIRCHALL), 35, Toronto, St. Catharines, d/o Thomas W. & Magdelena BROCHART (s/b Birchall), witn: George HENRY of Thorold & Frank KAY of Port Caledonia, 22 May 1875 at St. Georges Church, St. Catharines 5347-75 (Lincoln Co) Johnathan? MARSHALL, 23, carpenter, Niagara, Port Dalhousie, s/o John & Ellen MARSHALL, married Mary Ann BOWMAN, 20, Louth, Port Dalhousie, d/o George & Susan BOWMAN, witn: S. B. DURHAM, M. CUTTING, & W. GREEN, Port Dalhousie, 21 Apr 1875 Port Dalhousie
005246-75 (Lincoln) Benjamin MARTIN, 20, farmer, Clinton Twp, Beamsville, s/o Benjamin & Mary MARTIN, married Phoebe KONKLE, 18, Beamsville, same, d/o John & Phoebe KONKLE, witn - John KONKLE of Beamsville & Bellow TICE of Clinton, 8 December 1875 at Beamsville 5300-75 (Lincoln Co) Melvin Merricle? MCCALLUM, 30, yeoman, Gainsborough, same, s/o Murra Merricle & Susan Ann MCCALLUM, married Eliza Matilda HUNTSMAN, 27, Gainsborough, Smithville, d/o Daniel & Malinda HUNTSMAN, witn: Alva PATTERSON & Electa Victoria HUNTSMAN, Grimsby, 10 Feb 1875 Grimsby
5939-76 Charles McDONALD, 24, laborer, Ayrshire Scotland, Thorold, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Ellen SMITH, 17, Bourg Louis Quebec, Merritton, d/o George & Ann Jane, witn: David RAMSEY of Thorold & Jessie Ann McKENZIE of Merritton, 25 Dec 1875 at Merritton 5959-76 (Lincoln Co) Andrew MCDONALD, 29, street inspector, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o William & Barbara MCDONALD, married Mary LEITCH, 32, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o Donald & Agnes LEITCH, witn: George MCDONALD, Thorold & Minnie GRAHAM, St Catharines, 23 Sep 1875 St Catharines
5974-76 (Lincoln Co) Martin MCDONNELL, 21, laborer, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o Bernard & Mary MCDONNELL, married Lizzie BALDWIN, 19, Ontario, Niagara, d/o Nicholas & Susan BALDWIN, witn: Edward CLARK, St Catharines & Ellen MALLOY, Niagara, 9 Jan 1875 St Catharines 5333-75 (Lincoln Co) William MCFARLANE, 24, machinist, Montreal, Grimsby, s/o Mark & Jane MCFARLANE, married Margaret Jane KING, 20, Grimsby, Grimsby, d/o Thomas & Margaret Jane KING, witn: Mark & Alice E. MACFARLANE, Grimsby, 28 Dec 1875 Grimsby
5343-75 (Lincoln Co) William MCGEACHIE?, 21, carpenter, Grantham, Grantham, s/o William & Mary MCGEACHIE?, married Isabella BRADLEY, 22, Merritton, same, d/o Anthony & Ellen BRADLEY, witn: Robert MCGEACHIE?, Grantham & Margaret BRADLEY, Merritton, 3 Feb 1875 Merritton 005242-75 (Lincoln) Philip D. MCINTYRE, 33, farmer, Grimsby, same, s/o Alexander & Margaret MCINTYRE, married Barbara SMITH, 23, Clinton Twp, same, d/o William & Sarah SMITH, witn - John H. TALLMAN & Jared M. SMITH of Clinton Twp, 21 April 1875 at Clinton Twp
5310-75 (Lincoln Co) John Rennie MCKICHEN, 28, merchant, Glasgow Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Donald & Mary MCKICHEN, married Phebe Elizabeth WARNER, 30, Caistor, Caistor, d/o Matthew & Ann WARNER, witn: John BURK, Canborough & Christopher WARNER, Caistor, 6 Oct 1875 Caistor 5189-75 Patrick McMAHON, 46, farmer, Ireland, Whitechurch Ireland, s/o Edward & Margaret, married Maria Ann STEVENS, 32, Whitby Ontario., Niagara, d/o Alex & Mary M., witn; Calvin & Hattie STEVENS of Niagara, 4 March 1875 at St. Catharines
  5983-76 (Lincoln Co) Thomas MCNERTNEY, 21, laborer, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o Timothy & Hanorah MCNERTNEY, married Ann LEE, 18, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o John & Mary LEE, witn: Michael LEE & Elizabeth ROY, St Catharines, 27 Sep 1875 St Catharines
5976-76 (Lincoln Co) John MCQUADE, 38, farmer, Ontario, Pelham, s/o Henry & Jane MCQUADE, married Margaret PURCELL, 26, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o Patrick & Catherine PURCELL, witn: Peter CORY & Kate MCDONNELL, St Catharines, 7 Apr 1875 St Catharines 6039-77 George Alex MERITHEW, 28, laborer, Grimsby, Gainsboro, s/o William & Susannah, married Jane ROBERTS, 32, widow, NY state, Gainsboro, d/o George & Susannah COOPER, witn: John ROSZEL & Alexander POTTER, both of Gainsboro, 27 Oct 1875 at Gainsboro
5991-76 (Lincoln Co) Alphonsus METZ, 20, no occp given, Ontario, Suspension Bridge, s/o Arthur & Mary METZ, married Helen HOLBISIN, 20, Ontario, St Catherines, d/o John & Mary HOLBISIN, witn: Charles SWITZER & Kate HOLBISIN, St catherines, 23 Nov 1875 St Catherines 5986-76 (Lincoln Co) Anthony MILLER, 26, laborer, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o Anthony & Mary Ann MILLER, married Mary HERR, 17, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o Morandis & Mary Urshala (nee SHANK), witn: Alphuns? HERR & Sarah SHANK, St Catharines, 11 Oct 1875 St Catharines
5304-75 (Lincoln Co) Harman S. MILLER, 30, farmer, Pelham, Pelham, s/o Conrad & Margaret MILLER, married Almedia HAVENS, 25, Louth, Louth, d/o George & Juliana HAVENS, witn: Eliza Bell & Isabell Victoria MURRAY, Grimsby, 23 Mar 1875 Grimsby 5864-76 (Lincoln Co) Simon? MILLER, 27, yeoman, Ontario, Caistor, s/o Andrew & Margarette MILLER, married Mary Ann DILS, 24, Ontario, Caistor, d/o Christopher & Sarah Ann DILS, witn: Emeline MILLER & Joseph DILS, Gainsborough, 22 Dec 1875 Gainsborough
5170-75 Joseph MILLER, 38, farmer, widower, Canada, Grantham twp., s/o William & Mary, married Mary Elizabeth COWELL, 22, Canada, Grantham twp., d/o Philip & G--?, witn: Ezra COWELL of Grantham & Eliza Ann CONKLE? of Smithville, 9 May 1875 at St. George's Church, St. Catharines 5277-75 Jacob MISENER, 37, widower, yeoman, Canada, Gainsborough, s/o Peter & Edith, married Mary Jane ROBBINS, 37, widow, Canada, Gainsborough, d/o Hiram BROOKS & Hannah, witn: Stephen ROBBINS & Emma BROOKS, both of Gainsborough, 21 July 1875 at Gainsborough
5139-75 Samuel MITCHELL, 22, contractor, Toronto, Welland, s/o Robert & Mary, married Nellie BISHOPRIC, 19, St. Catharines, same, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Sarah BISHOPRIC & L. M. SECORD, both of St. Catharines, 14 July 1875 at St. Catharines  
005245-75 (Lincoln) Freeman MOYER, 25, farmer, Clinton Twp, same, s/o Abram M. & Barbara MOYER, married Mary HONSBERGER, 23, Louth, same, d/o Henry & Mary HONSBERGER, witn - George RICHARDSON of Kingston & Samuel S. SANDERSON of St. Catharines, 4 December 1875 at Beamsville 005250-75 (Lincoln) Simeon N. MOYER, 22, wagon maker, Clinton Twp, same, s/o David B. & Rebecca MOYER, married Rhoda MOYER, 19, Clinton Twp, same, d/o John W. & Mary MOYER, witn - F.H. MOYER & J. HOUSSER of Clinton, 28 July 1875 at Clinton Twp
#005341-75 (Lincoln Co): Alexander MUIR, 22, farmer, Canada, Grantham twp., married Agnes PRINGLE, Canada, Grantham twp., d/o David & Janet, witnesses were: Thomas STEWART & Agnes PRINGLE, Mar 18, 1875 at Grantham twp 005243-75 (Lincoln) Peter MURALES, 22, carpenter, Beamsville, Brantford, s/o Elam & Emma Agnes MURALES, married Margaret SWARTZ, 18, Louth Twp, Beamsville, d/o Jacob & Catherine SWARTZ, witn - Jacob SWARTZ & Elam MURALES of Beamsville, 27 October 1875 at Beamsville
5987-76 (Lincoln Co) Roger MURPHY, 31, no occp given, Ontario, Youngstown, s/o Hugh & Ann MURPHY, married Margaret J. GATES, 25, Ontario, Grantham, d/o John & Margaret GATES, witn: James BRADY & Mary LOFTUS, St Catharines, 1 Nov 1875 St Catharines 5175-75 George MURRAY, 35, merchant, St. Catharines, same, s/o William & Margaret, married Jane HALLIDAY, 27, widow, Elgin Co., St. Catharines, d/o William & Ellen HALLIDAY, witn: T. HEALEY & W. GIBSON, both of St. Catharines, 7 April 1875 at St. Catharines
5149-75 Thomas NEIL, 21, boiler maker, Kingston, St. Catharines, s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Mary Ann CAMPBELL, 18, England, St. Catharines, d/o "names not known", witn: Charles & Elizabeth TUCKER of St. Catharines, 25 Aug. 1875 at St. Catharines 5178-75 James H. NEILSON, 26, laborer, Scotland, Chatham, s/o Peter & Jane, married Esther PHIPPS, 22, Canada, Grantham twp., d/o John & Elizabeth, witn Mr. GRABB & Miss PHIPPS, both of St. Catharines, 18 May 1875 at St. Catharines
5173-75 John NESBIT, 26, laborer, Niagara, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Janet FORD, 20, England, Niagara, d/o Thomas & Ellen, witn: W. DICKSON & C. NESBIT, bb St. Catharines, 19 April 1875 at St. Catharines 5177-75 Joseph H. NESS, 25, carpenter, Smithville, same, s/o John & Jane, married Marion COLE, 19, Brampton, St. Catharines, d/o William & Debora, witn: Mr. MANNE? & Miss NESS, both of St. Catharines, 2 May 1875 at St. Catharines
5960-76 (Lincoln Co) John Calvin NEWMAN, 57, wid, sythe maker, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o not given, married Paulina Eliza BOYD, 26, wid, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o Charles VANDERLIP, witn: Hugh VANDERLIP & Eliza CLARK, St Catharines, 31 Dec 1875 St Catharines 5944-76 George NICHOLL, 28, widower, paper maker, England, Merritton, s/o Frederick & Lucy, married Melissa Amelia SQUIRES, 20, Grantham twp., same, d/o Jonathan & Margaret, witn: George WILSON of Grantham & Joseph GREGORY of Merritton, 18 Dec 1875 at Grantham twp
5202-75 James S. NORRIS, 25, merchant, Ontario, St. Catharines, s/o James NORRIS & Saphrona, married Elenor WAND (Wane?), 23, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o Robert & Sarah, witn: Charles E. KING & Maggie WAND, both of St. Catharines, 20 April 1875 at St. Catharines 005233-75 (Lincoln) Abram Henry NORTH, 39, gardener, Gainsborough Twp, Grantham Twp, s/o William & Catharine NORTH, married Caroline BROKER (Booker?), 19, Grantham Twp, same, d/o James & Ann BROKER, witn - James LEE & Adie BROOKS of Niagara Twp, 1 September 1875 at Niagara Twp
  005288-1875 (Lincoln Co.) Dexter D. OVERHOLT, 23, farmer, Gainsborough, same, s/o George William & Lucy Jane, married Eliza SHOLTS, 18, Gainsborough, same, d/o John & Catharine, witn: Sidney Reynolds CARTWRIGHT & Jane HARTLEY, both of Smithville, 3 Feb 1875 at Smithville.
5997-76 (Lincoln Co) Freeman OVERHOLT, 26, farmer, Ontario, Louth, s/o Moses & Susan OVERHOLT, married Mary HONSBURGER, 20, Ontario, Louth, d/o Christopher & Mary HONSBURGER, witn: Moses H. & Daniel N. OVERHOLT, Louth, 2 Nov 1875 St Catharines 5309-75 (Lincoln Co) John PACKHAM, 22, wid, farmer, Caistor, Caistor, s/o James & Elizabeth PACKHAM, married Mary Ann GRANT, 19, Caistor, Caistor, d/o Thomas & Jane GRANT, witn: James H. PACKHAM & Amy Caroline GRANT, Caistor, 6 Oct 1875 Caistor
5320-75 (Lincoln Co) James PACKHAM, 21, yeoman, England, Caistor, s/o William & Lydia PACKHAM, married Sarah STEPHENSON, 19, Caistor, Caistor, d/o John & Mary STEPHENSON, witn: Palmer & Essie STEPHENSON, Caistor, 24 Mar 1875 Caistor 5327-75 (Lincoln Co) Alba Daniel PALMER, 24, tinsmith, Grimsby, Hillsdale, s/o Brock & Catherine Jane PALMER, married Lizzie Clara LOOSLEY, 19, England, Grimsby, d/o Edward E. & Elizabeth LOOSLEY, witn: Hugh H. ANDERSON & Brock PALMER, Grimsby, 23 June 1875 Grimsby
5272-75 Norman PATTERSON, 38, carpenter, Gainsboro, Clinton twp., s/o Nicholas & Catherine, married Emma Jane GILMORE, 29, Canboro, Clinton twp., d/o George M. & Lydia, witn: Thomas R. GILMORE & Salome HOUSSER, both of Clinton twp., 17 Feb 1875 at Clinton twp 5973-76 (Lincoln Co) Samuel PERRY, 23, sailor, Ontario, Port Dalhousie, s/o James & Ellen PERRY, married Louisa HOWES, 19, Ontario, Port Dalhousie, d/o John & Jane HOWES, witn: Patrick CROSBY, St Catharines & Lizzie PERRY, Port Dalhousie, 9 Jan 1875 St Catharines
5337-75 Hiram PLUMSTEEL (Plumsted?), 23, book keeper, Port Dalhousie, Merritton, s/o Harmon & Cinderella, married Sarah PATTERSON, 22, Louth, same, d/o Robert & Selema, witn: John PATTERSON of St. Catharines & Elizabeth PLUMSTEEL of Merritton, 24 May 1875 at Louth 5334-75 (Lincoln Co) John PORTER, 22, confectioner, Glasgow, St Thomas, s/o John & Margaret PORTER, married Margaret C. WALSH, 18, Walsh, Jordan, d/o Richard & Sarah WALSH, witn: John PORTER, St Thomas & Casey GAINES, Jordan, 18 Aug 1875 Jordan
5153-75 James PRIEST, 38, widower, laborer, England, St. Catharines, s/o Richard & Ann, married Elizabeth TANNER, 36, widow, England, St. Catharines, d/o Solomon & Elizabeth SPICER, witn: William AGATE & Charlotte CHARLES, both of St. Catharines, 22 June 1875 at St. Catharines  
5323-75 (Lincoln Co) James Alfred PUTMAN, 22, farmer, Gainsborough, same, s/o James & Mary PUTMAN, married Mary Ann RAHN, 18, Beamsville, Caistor, d/o John & Julia RAHN, witn: Jane & M. DEMMICK, Smithville, 30 June 1875 Smithville 005215-75 (Lincoln) Jacob PUTMAN, 32, farmer, Niagara Twp, same, s/o Jacob & Rebecca PUTMAN, married Mary Ellen SLINGERLAND, 20, Grantham Twp, Niagara Twp, d/o R. & Georgina SLINGERLAND, witn - Thomas COOPER of Niagara Twp & Mary E. SLINGERLAND of St. Catharines, 1 July 1875 at Niagara Twp
5896-76 Peter Talman PYSHER, 20 (26?), farmer, Louth, same, s/o William & Lyda Ann, married Electa Victoria HUNTSMAN, 17, Gainsboro, Smithville, d/o Daniel & Malinda, witn: George Murry BREWER of Gainsboro & Martha Victoria MARTIN of Clinton, 23 Nov 1875 at Smithville 5956-76 Alexander RAMSAY, 34, widower, engineer, Scotland, Port Dalhousie, s/o Robert & Mary, married Irene E. TODD, 39, widow, USA, Port Dalhousie, d/o Smith & Lucinda WEST, witn: John JONES & Esther BENSON, both of St. Catharines, 4 Nov 1875 at St. Catharines
5185-75 James RATHBURN, 21, painter, Newcastle Canada, St. Catharines, s/o Aaron & L. S. , married Almira SPEISS, 22, Caistor, same, d/o George & Catherine Th--?, witn: Wilbert & Nelly RATHBURN of St. Catharines, 5 May 1875 at St. Catharines 5160-75 William Henry READ, 39, accountant, Kingston, St. Catharines, s/o Thomas H. & Martha, married Margaret YALE, 33, St. Catharines, same, d/o Chauncey & Gertrude, witn: Walter William GREENWOOD & Mahetable YALE, both of St. Catharines, 28 April 1875 at St. Catharines
  5186-75 Robert W. RIGGIN, 25, widower, tinsmith, Saltfleet twp., same, s/o Christopher & Ann, married Mary E. McELDREY, 21, Grantham, same, d/o Patrick & Ann, witn: Charles LEINTZ of St. Catharines & Annie McELDREY of Grantham, 23 June 1875 at St. Catharines
005228-75 (Lincoln) Allan Napier RITCHIE, 28, gentleman, Simcoe, Montreal, s/o James W. RITCHIE & Emily HAYCOCK, married Maria Euphemia ALLISON, 23, West Indies, Niagara, d/o J.H. ALLISON & Mary STEPHENSON, witn - H.G. RITCHIE of Montreal & Victorine M. ALLISON of Niagara, 6 February 1875 at the residence of Mrs. STEPHENSON, Niagara 5872-76 (Lincoln Co) Ezra RITTENHOUSE, 26, farmer, Ontario, Louth, s/o John & Mary RITTENHOUSE, married Saloma KRATZ, 21, Ontario, Louth, d/o Jacob & Susan KRATZ, witn: Frank MARTIN, Louth & Anna RITTENHOUSE, Dunn, 13 Oct 1875 Louth
5165075 Llewellyn H. F. ROBERTSON, 31, banker, Dublin Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas J. & Amy, married Annie Flora TAYLOR, 21, St. Catharines, same, d/o James & Letitia, witn: Emily B. BATES & Henry TAYLOR, both of St. Catharines, 17 June 1875 at St. Georges Church, St. Catharines  
5297-75 (Lincoln Co) Elis ROGERS, 23, yeoman, Canborough, same, s/o John & Ellen ROGERS, married Mary LIND, 21, Dunville, Clinton, d/o William & Rachel LIND, witn: Martha SAVAGE & Esther Ann ROGERS, Smithville, 16 Feb 1875 Smithville 5156-75 Benjamin Hawke? ROGERS, 28, mechanic, Ontario, Grantham, s/o Clemens & Catherine, married Mary Jane BELLCHAMBER, 26, Ontario, Grantham, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Hannah & William PIERSON, 21 Sept 1875 at Grantham
5155-75 John RUCH (Roch?), 23, farmer, Alsace France, Louth, s/o George & Kattie, married Susan EBERHARDT, 19, Dunnville, Louth, d/o Frank & Christena, witn: George R. SANDERSON & Christena EBERHARDT, 11 Sept 1875 at St. Catharines 005222-75 (Lincoln) Francis RYE, 27, attorney, England, Barrie, s/o Edward & Maria RYE, married Amy Louise HASLAM, 25, England, Niagara, d/o Joseph & Susannah P. HASLAM, witn - Robert W. & Jane BALL of Niagara Twp, 15 July 1875 at Niagara
  5137-75 William Henry SAXBEE (Sarbee?), 23, teamster, Ontario, St. Catharines, s/o Charles & Charlotte, married Charlotte RYCKMAN, 24, Ontario, Louth, d/o Benjamin & Hannah, witn: Augusta RYCKMAN & W. F. DARLEY, both of St. Catharines, 24 June 1875 at St. Catharines
5993-76 (Lincoln Co) William SCARRY, 24, no occp given, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William & Jane SCARRY, married Mary Ann FLANAGAN, 19, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o Patrick & Ellen FLANAGAN, witn: Thomas CLATTERBUCK & Delia HART, St Catharines?, 25 Nov 1875 St Catharines 005220-75 (Lincoln) Edward SCHORNDOFF, 26, pattern maker, Cleveland, Niagara, s/o Christain SCHORNDOFF & Catha GRUNINGER, married Liz SANDO, 21, Toronto, Niagara, d/o Stephen SANDO & Johanna CAHILL, witn - John W. HUTCHINSON & Agnes SANDO of Niagara, 29 September 1875 at Niagara
5188-75 Robert Read SECORD, 21, farmer, Grantham, same, s/o John & Edna, married Nelly READ, 18, Dunnville, Grantham, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Nancy Ann & Fred READ, 3 March 1875 at St. Catharines 5163-75 Charles E. SECORD, 23, farmer, Grantham, same, s/o John & Edna, married Florence Elva GILLILAND, 22, Port Stanley, Louth, d/o Thomas & Catherine, witn: Aaron BERDAN of Grantham & Zara GILLILAND of Stoney Creek, 30 Dec 1875 at St. Catharines
005221-75 (Lincoln) George Martin SECORD, 28, farmer, widower, Grantham, same, s/o John & Edna SECORD, married Mary Ann OMELIA, 24, Niagara, Grantham, d/o John & Sarah OMELIA, witn - Richard & Mary Ann BRIGGS of Niagara, 5 October 1875 at Niagara Town 5344-75 (Lincoln Co) James Augustus SERVOS, 21, farmer,Grantham, Grantham, s/o James & Gertrude (nee BALL), married Charlotte Julia BALL, 17, Thorold, Grantham, d/o Jacob A. & Margaret (nee VANDERLIP), witn: Jacob A & Margaret BALL, Grantham, 23 Mar 1875 Grantham
005232-75 (Lincoln) Charles E. SHEPPARD, 26, grocer, Richmond Hill, same, s/o Edward & Maria SHEPPARD, married Annie Louisa FIELD, 20, Niagara Twp, same, d/o Murray & Nancy FIELD, witn - Francis BROWN of St. Catharines & Bella BROWN of Niagara Twp, 19 May 1875 at Niagara Twp 005227-75 (Lincoln) William I. SKINNER, 23, farmer, Brantford, same, s/o John SKINNER & Anne OBRIEN, married Maggie ROSE, 22, Niagara, same, d/o Jacob ROSE & Ellen DOLAN, witn - Andrew ROSE of Niagara & Mary SKINNER of Brantford, 12 January 1875 at Niagara
5979-76 (Lincoln Co) Patrick SLOWEY, 49, no occp given, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o Michael & Elizabeth SLOWEY, married Mary CADELEY, 36, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o Timothy & Ann CADELEY, witn: Timothy MCCARTHY & Ellen WELSH, St Catharines, 9 Aug 1875 St Catharines 5346-75 (Lincoln Co) William O. SMITH, 22, farmer, Canada, Port Dalhousie, s/o William P. & Catherine SMITH, married Mary ROSE, 19, Canada, Port Dalhousie, d/o Aaron & Mary ROSE, witn: Oscar SMITH & S. ROSE, Port Dalhousie, 24 Mar 1875 Port Dalhousie
5299-75 (Lincoln Co) Steven G, SMITH, 33, farmer, Louth, Grimsby, s/o Solomon & Hannah SMITH, married Melissa COON, 24, Grimsby, Grimsby, d/o George & Jemima COON, witn: Robert WADDELL & David G. SMITH, Grimsby, 10 Mar 1875 Grimsby 5946-76 Edward Ward SMITH, 24, lumber dealer, St. Catharines, same, s/o William & Eleanor, married Louisa Q?. MIDDLETON, 18, England, Merritton, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Elrod EINON of St. Catharines & Jane SMITH of Merritton, 24 Nov 1875 at Merritton
5194-75 George SMITH, 37, widower, mechanic, USA, New York, s/o Peter & Susan, married Ann Jane RICHARD, 23, USA, St. Catharines, d/o William & Mary, witn: R. H. SMITH & J.J. RICHARD, both of St. Catharines, 20 Oct 1875 at St. Catharines 005239-75 (Lincoln) Theodore SNIDER, 24, farmer, Gainsborough, same, s/o John & Lydia SNIDER, married Sarah TICE, 22, Gainsborough, same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth TICE, witn - George & Lois BOOK of Gainsborough, 27 October 1875 at Beamsville (also 5253-75)
5339-75 (Lincoln Co) Joseph SNIDER, 56, wid, farmer, Niagara, Esquessing, s/o John & Mary SNIDER, married Jemima MERRITT, 41, wid, Grimsby, Louth, d/o Epaphus? & Charlotte ISMOND, witn: J. B. ISMOND & J. GREGORY, Louth, 27 Apr 1875 Louth 5292-75 (Lincoln Co) Joseph STANTON, 29, farmer, England, Grimsby, s/o Thomas & Anne STANTON, married Effa GILMOUR, 19, Canada, Grimsby, d/o William & Martha Jane GILMOUR, witn: John Beamer, Grimsby & E. H. BOON, St Catherines, 16 June 1875 Grimsby
5319-75 (Lincoln Co) William Palmer STEPHENSON, 23, yeoman, Caistor, Caistor, s/o John & Mary STEPHENSON, married Essie? LESTER, 18, Caistor, Caistor, d/o Ebenezer & Mary LESTER, witn: John SMITH & Sarah STEPHENSON, Caistor 24 Feb 1875, Caistor 5322-75 (Lincoln Co) Martin Alpheus STEVENS, 23, carpenter, Niagara, St Catherines, s/o Gilbert & Elizabeth STEVENS, married Lacella Cordelia TREMBLY, 20, Grimsby, Grimsby, d/o Hiram & Ann Jane TREMBLY, witn: Calvin STEVENS, St Catherines & Michael MORGAN, Grimsby, 9 June 1875 Grimsby
5988-76 (Lincoln Co) Henry SULKY, 26, no occp given, Ontario, Merritton, s/o Louis & Margaret SULKY, married Catherine KEARNS, no age given, Ontario, Niagara Falls, d/o Dominick & Mary KEARNS, witn: Timothy & Bridget TOOMEY, St Catharines, 8 Nov 1875 St Catharines 005234-75 (Lincoln) William SWORD, 30, carpenter, Scotland, St. Catharines, s/o Robert & Isabella SWORD, married Eleanor Augusta HUTT, 28, Grantham, Niagara Twp, d/o William E. & Eleanor HUTT, witn - Robert SWORD of St. Catharines & Catharine BALL of Niagara, 28 October 1875 at Niagara Twp
5336-75 (Lincoln Co) John M. TEETER, 28, farmer, Clinton, Grimsby, s/o William & Eliza TEETER, married Jannis E. PATTERSON, 25, Louth, Louth, d/o John & Margaret PATTERSON, witn: George HAYNES, Louth & Eliza HOVA, Merritton, 17 Nov 1875 Louth 005249-75 (Lincoln) Michael M. TEETER, 21, farmer, Ontario, Clinton Twp, s/o Henry & Catherine TEETER, married Edith A. WALKER, 19, Ontario, Clinton Twp, d/o Robert & Martha WALKER, witn - Adam TEETER & James PATTERSON of Grimsby, 18 November 1875 at Grimsby
5285-75 (Lincoln Co) Vannorman TERRYBERRY, 25, carpenter, Grimsby, Grimsby, s/o Morse & Elizabeth TERRYBERRY, married Sedany? BOUCK, 22, Gainsborough, Gainsborough, d/o William & Mary Ann BOUCK, witn: Anson BOUCK & Almira SHAFFER, Gainsborough, 10 Mar 1875 Gainsborough 5326-75 (Lincoln Co) Samuel A. TERRYBERRY, 25, blacksmith, Canada, Grimsby, s/o George & Margaret TERRYBERRY, married Josephine Victoria BUSKIRK, 22, Canada, Grimsby, d/o Lawrence & Elizabeth BUSKIRK, witn: Joseph M. & Ruth TERRYBERRY, Grimsby, 3 Aug 1875 Grimsby
5279-75 Calvin Henry THOMAS, 38, widower, yeoman, Ontario, Caistor, s/o Jeremiah & Anna, married Mary Ann FURLER, 21, Ontario, Caistor, d/o William & Lydia, witn: George FURLER & Hulda Arsenla PUTMAN, 20 Oct 1875 at Gainsborough  
5148-75 John Henry THOMPSON, 22, printer, Wainfleet twp., Ottawa, s/o Hannibal & Eliza Charles THOMPSON, married Bertha OSBORN, 21, St. Catharines, same, d/o William & Jane Gadsby OSBORN, witn: George R. THOMPSON & R. W. OSBORN, both of St. Catharines, 8 Sept 1875 at St. Catharines 5141-75 Archibald THOMPSON, 45, widower, mechanic, Stamford, same, s/o James & Janet, married Amelia M. GILCHRIST, 38, Stamford, same, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: Sarah S. SANDERSON of St. Catharines, 15 June 1875 at St. Catharines
005229-75 (Lincoln) Samuel TRACEY, 40, porter, widower, England, Niagara, s/o Samuel & Matilda TRACEY, married Emily Sarah GREY, 40, widow, England, Niagara, d/o William & Emily Sarah MARTIN, witn - James STAUNTON & Alice HEATHCOTE of Niagara, 7 April 1875 at Niagara 5190-75 George P. TUFFORD, 22, laborer, Ontario, Clinton, s/o Leonard & Mary C., married Eliza Jane BROWNLEE, Ontario, Grantham, d/o Thomas & Phoebe, witn: Levi A. TUFFORD of Grimsby & Lillie BROWNLEE of Grantham, 23 May 1875 at St. Catharines
5303-75 (Lincoln Co) Conrad TUFFORD, 48, wid, farmer, Louth, Grimsby, s/o Phillip & Mary TUFFORD, married Elizabeth Catherine BURCH, 25, Louth, Grimsby, d/o Jacob & Lydia BURCH, witn: Sarah E. HARDING & Eliza B MURRAY, Grimsby, 14 Jan 1875 Grimsby 5878-76 John TWEEDLE, 24, farmer, Caistor, same, s/o Bernard & Deborah, married Mary THOMAS, 221, Caistor, same, d/o Joseph E. & Amanda, witn: Joseph TWEEDLE & Isabella Jane THOMAS, both of Caistor, 17 Sept 1875 at Saltfleet [reg'd in Louth twp]
5879-76 Joseph TWEEDLE, 22, farmer, Caistor, same, s/o Bernard & Deborah, married Isabella Jane THOMAS, 24, Caistor, same, d/o Joseph E. & Amanda, witn: Benjamin TWEEDLE & Harriet GRANT, both of Caistor, 17 Nov 1875 at Saltfleet 5269-75 John UNDERHILL, 25, carpenter & joiner, London England, Beamsville, s/o John & Sarah, married Marion Augusta CORNWELL, 25, Beamsville, same, d/o John & Ann, witn: John HEWITT of Hamilton & Emma KILBORN of Beamsville, 21 April 1875 at Beamsville
  5138-75 Luther Owen UPPER, 20, teamster, Clifton, Merritton, s/o John & Eliza, married Delphine PENNYMAN, 20, Niagara twp., Merritton, d/o Isaac & blank, witn: Jared James UPPER & Julia PENNYMAN, both of Merritton, 12 July 1875 at St. Georges Church, St. Catharines
5282-75 (Lincoln Co) James Albert VAUGHN, 34, farmer, Gainsborough, Gainsborough, s/o Edmund & Mary VAUGHN, married Lydia Catherine LANE, 31, Gainsborough, Gainsborough, d/o Joseph & Charity LANE, witn: Jacob E. LANE & Charlotte RINKER, Gainsborough, 17 Nov 1875 Gainsborough 5306-75 (Lincoln Co) Frank WALKER, 21, farmer, Grimbsy, Grimsby, s/o Isaac & Mary Jane WALKER, married Jane CLINE, 20, Grimsby, Grimsby, d/o Cyrus & Jane CLINE, witn: Walter PALMER & Walter G. HARE, Grimsby, 20 May 1875 Grimsby
#005999-76 (Lincoln Co): Thomas C. WELLS, 24, druggist, Chicago USA, Port Colborne, s/o Walter & Elizabeth, married Frances A. COCKBURN, 23, Thorold, same, d/o Charles & Caroline, witn: Clara L. SANDERSON of St. Catharines & Phoebe BLIGHT of Toronto, 29 Dec 1875 at St. Catharines 5886-76 Richard WHATLY, 34, carpenter, Canada, Drummondville, s/o not given, married Jenny NASH, 22, Niagara town, Drummondville, d/o Frederick George NASH & Mary CHADWICK, witn: Frederick W. NASH & Augusta C. WINTERBOTTOM, both of Niagara, 30 Dec 1875 at Niagara
005223-75 (Lincoln) Richard WHATLEY, 33, occupation not given, Canada, Drummondville, s/o George & Ellen WHATLEY, married Jennie NASH, 23, Canada, Niagara, d/o Frederic G. & Mary NASH, witn - Frederic NASH & Augusta C. WINTERBOTTOM of Niagara, 30 December 1875 at Niagara 5951-76 James WHITE, 28, waiter, Virginia USA, Drummondville, s/o Thomas & Lenior, married Millie? WEBSTER, 22, St. Catharines, Queenston, d/o David & Annie, witn: John Jefferson JENKINS & Eliza Ruth DERRER?, 29 Dec 1875 at Queenston
5230-75 Caleb WEEKS, 23, widower, carpenter, England, Toronto, s/o James & Maria, married Mary Ann DUNN, 21, England, Niagara town, d/o Joseph W. & Sarah, witn: Henry ALLEN & Jane DAVEY, both of Niagara, 24 May 1875 at Niagara town 5172-75 Horatio WICKWIRE, 61, widower, farmer, Maryland US, St. Catharines, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Rachel Ann DAY, 45, widow, Maryland US, Chicago, d/o Peter & Julia DAY, witn: Joseph CRAIG & Arabella STARK, both of St. Catharines, 6 May 1875 at St. Catharines
5184-75 Francis David WILLSON, 29, oil refiner, Plymouth England, London Ontario., s/o Richard & Mary Jane, married Charlotte Elizabeth CLEMENT, 26, Niagara twp., same, d/o Frederick & Charlotte, witn: Calvin ANDERSON of Niagara twp & Elizabeth WILSON (sic) of London, 3 May 1875 at St. Georges Church, St. Catharines  
5176-75 William H. WILSON, 21, laborer, Merritton, same, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Sarah HOPE, 20, Merritton, same, d/o Dominick & Bridget, witn: Catherine & Mary McCARTHEY of St. Catharines, 3 May 1875 at St. Catharines 5274-75 Thomas WILSON, 23, carpenter, Merritton, same, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Elizabeth BRADLEY, 24, Merritton, same, d/o Arthur & Ellen, witn: George GRANT & M. J. BRADLEY, both of Merritton, 5 April 1875 at Merritton
005236-75 (Lincoln) George B. WILSON, 36, farmer, Grantham Twp, Virgil, s/o Alexander & Mary WILSON, married Elizabeth ROSE, 31, Niagara Twp, same, d/o George & Lucy ROSE, witn - Marcia & Joseph B. COLLARD, 30 June 1875 at Niagara Twp 5961-76 (Lincoln Co) Henry Thomas WILSON, 23, engineer, Ontario, St Catharines, s/o George & Ellen WILSON, married Drucilla GOODWIN, 22, Ontario, St Catharines, d/o William & Eliza GOODWIN, witn: Benjamin BACK & Eliza A. GOODWIN, St Catharines, 14 Dec 1875 St Catharines
005235-75 (Lincoln) David William WOODRUFF, 26, farmer, St. David's, same, s/o William H. & Mary WOODRUFF, married Josephine WOODRUFF, 24, St. Catharines, St. David's, d/o James C. & Eliza WOODRUFF, witn - Henry A. & Mary WOODRUFF of St. David's, 14 December 1875 at Mrs. James C. Woodruff's. 5182-75 John Colborne WRIGHT, 33, horse keeper, Hull Que., Renfrew, s/o Benjamin Hooper & Sarah Cole WRIGHT, married Elizabeth Frances MICHAEL, 24, Perth Ontario., St. Catharines, d/o Charles & Catherine, witn: Joseph SLEEMAN of Renfrew & Mary L. FRALICK olf Drummondville, 4 Jan 1875 at res of M. Cawker, Hayner St., St. Catharines