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Lincoln Co., 1890

birth place is given before residence


7401-90 Thomas D. ALLEN, 32, farmer, South Grimsby, same, s/o Thomas A. & Mary Jane, married Mary C. TRAVIS, 23, Caistor, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: Israel ALLEN & Harriet V. MERRITT, both of South Grimsby, 24 Dec 1890 at Caistor #007037-91 (Lincoln Co): Charles George ARCH, 26, railway man, not given, International Bridge, s/o not given, married Sarah Ann BROWN, 22, Niagara, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: George GOFF & Isabella BROWN, both of Niagara, 25 June 1890 at Niagara
7400-90 Lawrence ATKINSON, 26, farmer, Caistor, same, s/o Nicholas & Hannah, married Dorothy NELSON, 22, Caistor, same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: John & Elizabeth McKEADY? of Caistor, 29 Oct 1890 at Caistor 007301-90 (Lincoln Co.) Francis Shaw BAKER, 26, bank clerk, Goodwinstone Dorsetshire England, Grimsby, s/o Fred Aug. & Frances Martha, married Harriet Westley READ, 31, widow, Grimsby, same, d/o John Westley LEWIS & Sara Ann, witn: Harry Fred BAKER of Grimsby & Fred W. LEWIS of Toronto, Grimsby, 1 January 1890 at Grimsby
7360-90 George A. BANER, 28, wheel maker, Ohio, St. Catharines, s/o John William & Caroline BANER, married Clara QUILLE, 21, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o Harmon & Adelaide QUILLE, witn: Maria T. VAN WYCK & James Roy VAN WYCK, both of St. Catharines, 29 Jun 1890 at St. Catharines 7371-90 Charles D. BARBER, 19, steam driller, Tillsonburg, Beamsville, s/o Jonathan & Rosa A. BARBER, married Lettie B. CULP, 16, Clinton Twp., same, d/o Peter & Sarah CULP, witn: James H. CULP & Judson CULP, both of Clinton Twp., 16 Sep 1890 at Clinton Twp.
7346-90 George A. BARNES, 26, barber, Cayuga, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William Alex & Henrietta C. BARNES, married Lavinia EVANS, 26, London, St. Catharines, d/o John J. & Eliza J. EVANS, witn: W.A. BARNES of Cayuga & Miss J. STEWART of St. Catharines, 16 Jan 1890 at St. Catharines  
7398-90 William BELL, 25, farmer, Binbrook, same, s/o David & Betsy, married Jennie LYMBURNER, 26, Caistor, same, d/o John Gilman & Mary, wit: G. W. LYMBURNER & Joanna LAIDLAW, both of Caistor, 25 June 1890 at Caistor 7399-90 Robert Albert BLACK, 28, farmer, Canada, Ontario, s/o William & Mary Elizabeth, married Rosalie Jane SMALL, 20, London England, Ontario, d/o William & Mary Jane, witn: James BLACK of Abingdon & Maria PENMAN of Blackheath, 25 Aug 1890 at Blackheath
007276-90 (Lincoln Co.) Thomas BOOK, 40, farmer, Spring Creek, same, s/o Isaac BOOK & Barbara SNYDER, married Ada MOORE, 36, Gainsborough, Beamsville, d/o Andrew MOORE & Amy POUND, witn: Annie E. CRUIKSHANK of St. Ann’s, 24 June 1890 at St. Ann’s 7322-90 Jesse BOUCK, 29, farmer, Fonthill, same, s/o Peter BOUCK & Mary Ann DARNUDE, married Amy KEARN, 31, Thorold, same, d/o Henry KEARN & Elizabeth BOOTMAN, witn: Maggie RATCLIFFE & Lily BRUCE, both of St. Catharines, 16 Sept 1890 at St. Catharines
007272-90 (Lincoln Co.) Jacob Arthur BOWMAN, 22, farmer, Gainsborough, same, s/o Simon & Kordelia, married Ida Victoria LANE, 25, Gainsborough, same, d/o William H. & Prudence A., witn: Robert ROGERS of Gainsborough & Annie KINGSTON of St. Catharines, 19 March 1890 at Gainsborough 7323-90 John Jefferson BRADFIELD, 27, farmer, Thorold, same, s/o Jonathan BRADFIELD & Mary OSTRANDER, married Alice UPPER, 19, Thorold, same, d/o Joseph UPPER & Sarah CLARK, witn: Thomas KIRKPATRICK of Merritton & Agnes BRADFIELD of Thorold, 17 Sept 1890 at St. Catharines
007274-90 (Lincoln Co.) Louis M. BRADT, 29, farmer, Louth Twp, same, s/o John & Eliza, married Mary E. PATTERSON, 30, Gainsborough, same, d/o Calvin & Mary, witn: Robert PATTERSON of Gainsborough & Jessie TELFER of Grimsby Twp, 14 May 1890 at Gainsborough 7330-90 Charles S. BUNTING, 30, farmer, Canada, St. Catharines, s/o Thomas & Sarah Ann, married Catherine J. WOOD, 22, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o John & Catherine E., wtn: George ARMSTRONG & M. Allie BUNTING, both of St. Catharines, 1 Oct 1890 at St. Catharines
  7359-90 Ernest W. BURGOYNE, 25, printer, St. Catharines, same, s/o Henry & Martha BURGOYNE, married Ina M. COTTON, 20, Lakefield - Peterborough Co, Louth Twp., d/o William & Martha COTTON, witn: Thomas C. CANFIELD of St. Catharines & Louie J. COLE of Louth Twp., 8 Apr 1890 at Louth Twp
007273-90 (Lincoln Co.) George BURNS, 25, labourer, Stamford, same, s/o William & Mary, married Huldi OVERHOLT, 18, Moulton, Gainsborough, d/o Nicholas & Dorothy, witn: William & George BURNS of Gainsborough, 22 April 1890 at Gainsborough 007291-90 (Lincoln Co.) Charles A. BURR, 32, wood turner, Ostego NY, same, s/o Amos A. & Hannah, married Alice Maud HODGE, 24, New York State, Beamsville, d/o L.A. & Malona, witn: William H. MCAULAY & Lida Anna HODGE of Beamsville, 24 December 1890 at Beamsville
7392-90 Phineus BUSH, 35, farmer, widower, Caistor, same, s/o William & Esther, married Phebe GRANT, 20, Caistor, same, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Mrs. PENMAN & Mrs. Robert GRASSIE, both of Blackheath, 19 Feb 1890 at Blackheath 7349-90 Thomas Owen CAMBRAY, 24, plumber, England, St. Catharines, s/o Joseph & Hannah CAMBRAY, married Minnie MCMAUGH, 22, St. Catharines, same, d/o Joseph & Almeda MCMAUGH, witn: Archie MCMAUGH, Jr., Lillie E. MCMAUGH & Mary Isabella MCMAUGH, all of St. Catharines, 5 Feb 1890 at St. Catharines
7372-90 Frank C. CAMPBELL, 20, collector, Missouri USA, NY USA, s/o Sidney & Ursula CAMPBELL, married Nellie B. CULP, 21, Clinton Twp., same, d/o Solomon & Matilda CULP, witn: Mrs. S. KEFFER & Mary S. KEFFER, no location shown, 4 Dec 1890 at Clinton Twp 7246-90 C. W. Franklin CARPENTER, 23, farmer, Binbrook, Saltfleet, s/o Charles P. & Catherine, married Etta C. W. CLINE, 22, Grimsby, same, d/o George W. & Margaret, witn: William GEDDES & Lena BEDELL, both of Winona, 24 Dec 1890 at Grimsby
7258-90 James CARROLL, 26, carpenter, Ireland, Merritton, s/o James & Margaret, married Hattie REYNARD, 21, Merritton, same, d/o James & Catherine, witn: Richard CARROLL & Minnie REYNARD, both of Merritton, 18 Nov 1890 at Merritton

007280-90 (Lincoln Co.) William CARTER, 44, farmer, widower, Wainfleet, Caistor Centre, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Susan BEAMER, 40, Gainsborough, same, d/o Adam & Lydia, witn: Charles & Sarah SHIRTON of Caistor Centre, 4 November 1890 at Gainsborough

  7366-90 George L. CASSELMAN, 34, farmer, Niagara Twp., same, s/o George & Marion CASSELMAN, married Frances Amanda LEE, 20, Burford Twp., Niagara Twp., d/o William Henry & Ermina LEE, witn: Jason SHAVER & Amanda SHAVER, both of Niagara Twp., 11 Sep 1890 at Niagara Twp
007156-91 (Lincoln Co.) Alvin CHASE, 26, moulder, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, s/o Winsor & Mary Ann, married Margory Murray BEARD, 23, St.. Catharines, same, d/o Frederick BEARD & Ellen MURPHY, witn: James DILLON of St.. Catharines & Maud MCCLELLAND of Niagara, 25 December 1890 at St. Catharines 007083-91 (Lincoln Co.) Robert H. CHRISTIE, 27, station agent, Canada, Mimico, s/o Alexander & Jane, married Minnie STRAHAN, 21, Canada, Louth Twp, parents unknown, witn: Alfred CHRISTIE of St. Catharines & Emily DANIELS, residence not given, 24 December 1890 at residence of William SMITH, Louth
#007041-91 (Lincoln Co): David Dudley CLARK, 33, soldier, USA, Fort Niagara NY, s/o not given, married Katie CROSS, 21, Niagara, same, d/o Abram & Mary, witn: A. DIVERICK & Amelia McMUNN, both of Niagara, 18 Nov 1890 at Niagara 007298-90 (Lincoln Co.) William Wellington CLARKE, 36, labourer, widower, Thorold Twp, same, s/o John & Martha, married Jane HEWSON, 30, Caistor, Grimsby, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Maggie S. HAZLEWOOD & Evelyn M. PURVIS, both of Grimsby, 3 September 1890 at Grimsby
7350-90 Richard G. CLEMENT, 27, farmer, Alleghany Mich. Virgil, s/o Joseph T. & Louisa T. CLEMENT, married Mary CUMMINGS, 27, Niagara, same, d/o John & Mary CUMMINGS, witn: Horace D. CLEMENT of Virgil & Carrie L. CLENDENAN of Jordan, 5 Feb 1890 at St. Catharines 7314-90 Fred CLUTTERBUCK, 26, plasterer, St. Catharines, same, s/o George CLUTTERBUCK & Eliza RICHARDS, married Mary MAHONEY, 26, widow, Buffalo, same, d/o Bernard MORGAN & Catherine COLLINS, witn: John & Eliza McINTYRE, no date given, at St. Catharines
007021-91 (Lincoln Co.) Frances Strickland COMFORT, 28, physician, Clinton Twp, same, s/o William A. & Julia A., married Etta Florella BOOK, 24, Clinton Twp, same, d/o Clark & Irene?, witn: Alpheus HIPPLE of Stratford & Eva TEETER of Clinton Twp, 31 December 1890 at Clinton Twp 7261-90 Erwin Benja COMFORT, 23, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o Adam & Harriett, married Almeda HODGKINS, 20, Gainsboro, same, d/o Leonard & Ellan, wtn: Alfred & Lavina COMFORT of Tinturn, 29 Oct. 1890 at Jordan Station
7357-90 George Lafayette COON, 21, farmer, Pelham, same, s/o Lafayette COON & Ellen MCKINNON, married Alm Manerva FOLLICK, 15, no birthplace stated, Pelham, d/o Jesse FOLLICK & Eliza SPURLASH, witn: none shown, 12 May 1890 at St. Catharines  
7356-90 Simcoe Mackintosh DALY, 28, bank clerk, London, Woodstock, s/o Charles Booth & Annie Lee DALY, married Nellie GROVES, 28, London England, St. Catharines, d/o George & Nina GROVES, witn: John Franklin WI (page torn) of Belleville, Maud GROVES of St. Catharines & Annie M. DALY of Kingston, 26 Jun 1890 at St. Catharines 7351-90 Albert Ed Bradburn DAVIS, 28, printer, St. Catharines, same, s/o Robert & Mary Ann DAVIS, married Etta Vincent HILL, 22, St. Catharines, same, d/o Charles & Margaret HILL, witn: George SCOTT & Minnie GILLIS, both of St. Catharines, 13 Mar 1890 at St. Catharines
7387-90 Roman DEAN, 22, miller, Clinton twp., same, s/o Andrew & Mary Jane, married Jessie GROBB, 19, Clinton twp., same, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Aaron GROBB of Clinton twp & Bertha LUCK of Louth twp., 24 June 1890 at Clinton twp 7319-90 Joel DENNIS, 31, farmer, Clinton, same, s/o Isaac DENNIS & Mary GRIFFEN, married Margaret PATTERSON, 25, Caistor, same, d/o Andrew PATTERSON & Sarah J. WILCOX, witn: Margaret RATCLIFFE & Lily BRUCE, both of St. Catharines, 9 Sept 1890 at St. Catharines
007296-90 (Lincoln Co.) Charles DOBRENT, 24, farmer, Damnitz Germany, South Grimsby, s/o Charles & Regina, married Willelmina Auguste LENSKE, 17, Buchlinls? Germany, d/o Charles & Anna, witn: August SCHNICK & Albert JULKE, both of Smithville, Anna FRITSHAW of South Grimsby & Caroline ROEFKE of Louth, 14 April 1890 at South Grimsby #007093-91 (Lincoln Co): George DOHERTY, 22, farm laborer, London England, Grantham twp., s/o George & Catherine, married Annie EVANS, 20, London England, Grantham twp., d/o James & Annie, witn: E.A. TOVELL & Ellen FARRELL, both of St. Catharines, 2 Dec 1890 at St. Catharines
7316-90 George H. DOUGLAS, 26, merchant, Canada, Stratford, s/o Thomas & Cecilia, married Helen MITCHELL, 27, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o Archibald & Helen, witn: Alex L. MITCHELL & Agnes McCLIVE, both of St. Catharines, 15 July 1890 at St. Catharines 7354-90 William DUFF, 51, widower, shoemaker, England, St. Catharines, s/o William & Annie DUFF, married Mary Ann WEST, 55, widow, England, St. Catharines, d/o George & Mary Ann EVERETT, witn: Matilda PATTERSON & Maria F. VAN WYCK, both of St. Catharines, 2 Apr 1890 at St. Catharines
7260-90 George R. DUMVILLE (Dunnville?), 24, farmer, Niagara, Grantham, s/o John & Ann, married Harriett E. COUCHMAN, 25, England, Louth, d/o John & Ann, witn: William CARR of Grantham & Nellie HORNER of Stamford, 9 April 1890 at Louth 7327-90 J. B. DUNHAM, 41, widower, laborer, Wain Co NY, St. Catharines, s/o James & Olive, married E. C. SMITH, 41, widow, Niagara Co NY, St. Catharines, d/o Eli & Betsy CHASE, witn: Charles H. & Maggie CHASE, 8 Oct. 1890 at St. Catharines
7363-90 Charles H. DUNNVILLE, 26, farmer, Niagara Twp., same, s/o John & Annie DUNNVILLE, married Ellie LAWDER, 21, Grantham Twp., same, d/o Charles & Ellen LAWDER, witn: James LAWDER & Lucy BRADLEY, both of Grantham, 12 Oct 1889 at Niagara 7353-90 Frank Benjamin EARL, 36, farmer, Wales, St. Catharines, s/o William & Sarah EARL, married Sophia CONSIDINE, 35, widow, NY USA, Buffalo USA, d/o Frederick & Christina KUHNER, witn: Owen T. KNISELEY & Susie KNISELEY, both of Port Colborne, 13 Mar 1890 at St. Catharines
7396-90 Daniel Cyrus ECKER, 23, yeoman, Canboro, same, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, married Lydia Ann BOYINGTON, 15, York state USA, Caistor, d/o Walter & Sarah, witn: Samson & Elizabeth ECKER of Attercliffe Station, 16 Jan 1890 at Caistor 7318-90 James FAIRBAIRN, 25, photographer, Picton Ont., St. Catharines, s/o Robert FAIRBAIRN & Ann BROWN, married Lizzie A. PARKER, 22, Lansing Mich., St. Catharines, d/o Joseph PARKER & Elizabeth PROBERT, witn: W. R. WATTS & Mary PARKER, both of St. Catharines, 31 July 1890 at St. Catharines
007247-90 (Lincoln Co.) Hiram L. FERO, 24, sailor, Port Dalhousie, same, s/o Alpheus & Margaret, married J. Ettie PETERS, 21, Ohio, Port Dalhousie, d/o Joseph & Annie, witn: Louis V. & Hanna MAY of Port Dalhousie, 5 August 1890 at Port Dalhousie 7367-90 John McCarthy FIELD, 25, farmer, Niagara Twp., same, s/o Murray & Nancy FIELD, married Minnie Etta LEE, 18, Burford Twp., Niagara Twp., d/o William Henry & Ermina LEE, witn: Jason SHAVER & Amanda SHAVER, both of Niagara Twp., 11 Sep 1890 at Niagara Twp.
7334-90 Alfred FLETCHER, 23, labourer, St. Catharines, same, s/o Benjamin & Margaret FLETCHER, married Elizabeth PARKER, 28, St. Catharines, same, d/o James & Liddie PARKER, witn: John STEWART & Nellie BALLARD, both of St. Catharines, 24 Nov 1890 at St. Catharines 7348-90 Edward Henry FLYNN, 24, printer, Liverpool England, St. Catharines, s/o James & Jane FLYNN, married Alice Maud Mary DAVIS, 24, St. Catharines, same, d/o Robert & Mary Ann DAVIS, witn: Albert Edward DAVIS & Catharine Ann DAVIS, both of St. Catharines, 13 Feb 1890 at St. Catharines
  007302-90 (Lincoln Co.) Morrison FOSTER, 25, farmer, Louth, same, s/o Jacob & Sarah Matilda, married Sarah Alberta SINGER, 17, Grimsby, same, d/o Eli & Caroline, witn: Murray DEAN of Winona & Lily SINGER of Grimsby, 1 January 1890 at Grimsby
7377-90 Robert Park FOWLIE, 27, stone cutter, Scotland, Clinton Twp., s/o William & Margaret Park FOWLIE, married Mary Bessie ZIMMERMAN, 24, Clinton Twp., same, d/o James & Prudence ZIMMERMAN, witn: John NOTTLE & Eliza ZIMMERMAN, both of Clinton Twp., 24 Dec 1890 at Clinton Twp. 007279-90 (Lincoln Co.) Alexander FRALICK, 23, farmer, Grimsby, Gainsborough, s/o Franklin & Catharine, married Malinda SMITH, 24, Grimsby, Gainsborough, d/o David & Nancy, witn: Lafayette HOUSE of Gainsborough & Amy Arvilla DAVIS? of Wellndport, 25 August 1890 at Wellandport
7382-90 Edward Wilson FRY, 24, farmer, Pelham Twp., Louth Twp., s/o Abraham & Martha Jane FRY, married Cinderilla RITTENHOUSE, 24, Clinton Twp., same, d/o John F. RITTENHOUSE and no mother's name shown, witn: Wilford B. FRY of Clinton Twp. & Emma FRETZ of Campden 23 Jan 1890 at Campden 7374-90 Wilford Ruby FRY, 28, farmer, Louth Twp., same, s/o Abraham & Martha Jane FRY, married Jessie Allway ZIMMERMAN, 20, Gainsborough Twp., Clinton Twp., d/o William H. & Phoebe Ann ZIMMERMAN, witn: Orlen MCPHERSON of Gainsborough Twp. & Ada ZIMMERMAN of Clinton Twp., 17 Dec 1890 at Clinton Twp.

007278-90 (Lincoln Co.) Charles FULSOM, 24, blacksmith, Pelham, same, s/o Gilbert & Rebecca Ann, married Margaret FRANK, 20, Wainfleet, Gainsborough, d/o Albert & Margaret, witn: Jenette FRANK of Gainsborough & Culver ROBINS of Wainfleet, 30 April 1890 at Gainsborough (also 7073-91)

7358-90 Hamilton GIBSON, 24, farmer, Virgil, Grantham Twp., s/o Hamilton & Elishia GIBSON, married Betsey STEWART, 25, Grantham Twp. same, d/o Charles & Margaret STEWART, witn: Emma King & Margaret KING, both of St. Catharines, 21 May 1890 at St. Catharines 007356-92 (Lincoln) Robert Andrew GIBSON, 25, paper maker, St. Catharines, Merritton, s/o Robert & Elizabeth GIBSON, married Ellen JONES, 21, Thorold, Merritton, d/o Clermont & Mary JONES, witn - Grace E. PARKINS & Sarah MOYER, 30 March 1890 at St. Catharines
  7355-90 John T. GILLIS, 38, stone cutter, St. John - NB, Merritton, s/o Roderick GILLIS & Ellen MILLER, married Rose HUNT, 26, England, Thorold, d/o Joseph HUNT & Sarah LONG, witn: Margaret FLETCHER & Margaret RATCLIFFE, both of St. Catharines, 19 Apr 1890 at St. Catharines
7313-90 Samuel GRANT, 23, sailor, Canada, St. Catharines, s/o Samuel & Catherine, married Mary M. SMITH, 21, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: Emmerta PARNALL & Esther BURSON, both of St. Catharines, 13 May 1890 at St. Catharines 007048-91 (Lincoln Co.) John Thomas GRANT, 23, yeoman, Caistor, same, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Laura LICKMAN, 22, Comber, Caistor, d/o William & Laura, witn: Minnie & Effie TAYLOR of Caistor, 19 December 1890 at Caistor
7243-90 Franklin L. GRASLEY, 28, brick layer, Lincoln Co., North Grimsby, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Henrietta SCHWAB, 22, Saltfleet, North Grimsby, d/o Frederick & Martha, witn: John GRASLEY of Grimsby & Minnie COON of Winona, 1 Jan 1890 at North Grimsby 7336-90 William Watson GRAVES, 30, labourer, Niagara, St. Catharines, s/o Watson & Rachel GRAVES, married Lucy Avinda JONES, 31, St. Catharines, same, d/o Willis & Ellen JONES, witn: Peter TRUMAN & Annie TRUMAN, both of St. Catharines, 11 Dec 1890 at St. Catharines
7393-90 Alway GREEN, 24, carpenter, Canada, Caistor twp., s/o John & Mary, married Annie JACKSON, 21, Canada, Caistor twp., d/o John A. & Nancy M., witn: Cyrus HENDERSHOT of Wentworth Co & Andrew PEARSON of Caistor, 25 Feb 1890 at Caistor twp

7361-90 Francis J. GRIBBLE, 29, railway clerk, Malone NY, Port Dalhousie, s/o Rev. J. & Julia GRIBBLE, married Emily JOLLIFFE, 25, Kingston, St. Catharines, d/o Henry & Jane JOLLIFFE, witn: A.N. GRIBBLE of Welland & Agnes JOLLIFFE of St. Catharines, 19 Jun 1890 at St. Catharines

007067- 91 (Lincoln Co.) John HARCOURT, 26, farmer, birthplace not given, Clinton Twp, s/o John T. HARCOURT & Helen RATCLIFFE, married Martha C. KENNEDY, 32, Gainsborough, same, d/o George KENNEDY & B. MOORE, witn - George HARCOURT of Guelph & B. Theresa KENNEDY of Gainsborough, 24 December 1890 at Gainsborough  
007297-90 (Lincoln Co.) William P. HARRIS, 32, farm labourer, widower, England, Grimsby, parents names not given, married Eliza STEVENS, 30, England, Grimsby, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: W.W. KIDD & Emily M. FISHER, both of Grimsby, 12 July 1890 at Grimsby 7376-90 James HENDERSHOT, 21, carpenter, South Grimsby, Hamilton, s/o Wesley & Rebecca HENDERSHOT, married Annetis LAMPMAN, 23, Caistor Twp., South Grimsby, d/o Leonard & Emma LAMPMAN, witn: George ORTH & Jennie LAMPMAN, both of no location shown, 23 Dec 1890 at Clinton Twp
7381-90 Jonas H. HENRY, 29, farmer, Clinton Twp., same, s/o Franklin HENRY & Matilda Ann CULP, married Margaret STEWART, 25, Caistor Twp., Clinton Twp., d/o Angus STEWART & Elizabeth McORNISH, witn: Alexander STEWART of Clinton Twp. & Christina McNAB of Barton, 1 Jan 1890 at Clinton Twp 7244-90 Norman Robert HENRY, 25, farmer, Clinton twp., North Grimsby, s/o James D. & Caroline, married Mary Ellen WARREN, 19, Clinton twp., North Grimsby, d/o William Jesse & Emma, witn: Donald McQILKIN & Elizabeth O'FIELD, both of Grimsby, 2 April 1890 at North Grimsby
  007159-91 (Lincoln Co.) Frances HENSON, 30, farmer, Moulton Monck Co., Clinton, s/o Francis William & Sarah Jane, married Mary STRONG, 24, Clinton, same, d/o John STRONG & Emma Jane COMFORT, witn: Margaret RATCLIFFE of Albion & W.G. RATCLIFFE of St. Catharines, 31 December 1890 at St. Catharines
#007038-91 (Lincoln Co): William H. HOLMES, 24, soldier, England, Toronto, s/o Henry & Isabella, married Annie BARKER, 21, England, Toronto, d/o William & Nellie, witn: H.L. ANDERSON of Niagara & Nellie CHRISTIE of Toronto, 25 June 1890 at Niagara 7391-90 Benjamin HEWSON, 21, farmer, Caistor, same, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Frances Magdalene WEAVER, 16, St. Catharines, Caistor, d/o James A. & Mary, witn: John HEWSON of Caistor & Rhoda HOUTBY? of St. Catharines, 22 Jan 1890 at Caistor
007310-90 (Lincoln Co.) Joseph HODGINS, 29, occupation not given, St. Catharines, same, s/o Joseph & Margaret, married Anna Almeda WOOD, age not given, St. Catharines, same, d/o James & Almeda, witn: William S. & Florence E. WOOD, address not given, 2 July 1890 at St. Catharines  
007038-91 (Lincoln Co.) William H. HOLMES, 24, soldier, England, Toronto, s/o Henry & Isabella, married Annie BARKER, 21, England, Toronto, d/o William & Nellie, witn: H.L. ANDERSON of Niagara & Nellie CHRISTIE of Toronto, 25 June 1890 at Niagara 7383-90 Byron HONSBERGER, 24, farmer, Louth Twp., same, s/o Joseph & Anna HONSBERGER, married Minerva MOYER, 20, Clinton Twp., same, d/o William H. & Margaret MOYER, witn: Samuel HONSBERGER of Louth Twp. & Emma FRETZ of Campden, 29 Jan 1890 at Clinton Twp
007312-90 (Lincoln Co.) Herman Frederick HOSTETTER (Hostetler?), 22, farmer, Niagara, same, s/o Herman & Rebecca, married Rosa Talitha BLIGH, 29, Brooklyn, Cornwall Lodge, d/o George Martin & Talitha BLIGH, witn: Edith A. BLIGH & John HOSTETTER, both of Niagara Twp, 16 July 1890 at Cornwall Lodge 7369-90 Joshua Moyer HOUSER, 26, farmer, Louth Twp., same, s/o Abraham & Catharine HOUSER, married Sarah Arminta MOYER, 19, Louth Twp., same, d/o Tilman & Sarah MOYER, witn: Jacob M. MOYER & Edniline CULP, 30 Oct 1890 at Louth Twp
007248-90 (Lincoln Co.) George HOUSTON, 34, sailor, Hamilton, Port Dalhousie, s/o William & Mary, married Lucy H. NEWALL, 28, Port Dalhousie, same, d/o George & Catharine, witn: George B. MOOR? & Harriet STANTON, both of Port Dalhousie, 27 February 1890 at Port Dalhousie 007305-90 (Lincoln Co.) Edgar W. HUNTER, 29, farmer, N. Grimsby, same, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Agnes M. SECOR, 24, Scarborough, Grimsby, d/o George R. & Elizabeth, witn: Lily SECOR & Arthur VAN DYKE, both of Grimsby, 21 May 1890 at Grimsby
7326-90 Thornton HUYCK, 28, merchant, Colborne village, same, s/o Selim & Emarilla, married Fannie M. JUNKIN, 30, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o Alexander & Sarah, witn: J. W. JUNKIN & Miss C. NICHOL, both of St. Catharines, 12 Aug 1890 at St. Catharines 007303-90 (Lincoln Co.) Walter KAVANAGH, 42, labourer on GTR, Ireland, Grimsby, s/o Matthew KAVANAGH & Helen Sarah JAMES, married Martha Anne GAME (Gaine?), 40, widow, Canada, same, d/o Henry & Sarah JAMES, witn: James & Mary HARPER of Winona, 8 January 1890 at Smithville
007271-90 (Lincoln Co.) Morden Henry KAY, 28, blacksmith, Wellandport, same, s/o Thomas H. & Anna Emeline, married Catherine Elizabeth ZINK, 26, Wellandport, same, d/o Charles & Victoria, witn: Christian Smith of Gainsborough & Addison PARKER of Townsend, 26 February 1890 at Wellandport #007039-91 (Lincoln Co): Jesse KEITLEY, 81, pensioner, widower, England, Niagara, s/o John & Margaret, married Catherine HUFFA, 70, widow, Ireland, Niagara, d/o Peter & Margaret MURPHY, witn: Robert MURRAY & S.S. GUTSKY, both of Niagara, 23 Aug 1890 at Niagara
7245-90 Herbert G. KENNEDY, 25, nursery man, England, Port Dalhousie, s/o Dymoke & Jane, married Maggie Maude MUIR, 22, Grimsby, North Grimsby, d/o Andrew G. & Jane K., witn: A. A. & Annie G. MUIR of Grimsby, 17 June [1890] at North Grimsby 007245-90 (Lincoln Co.) Herbert C. KENNY?, 25, nursery man, England, Port Dalhousie, s/o Dymoke? & Jane, married Maggie Maude (last name cut off, Muir?), 22, Grimsby, same d/o Andrew & Jane K., witn: A.A. & Annie G. MUIR of Grimsby, 17 June 1890 at N. Grimsby
007282-90 (Lincoln Co.) Harry KILLINS, 22, farmer, Thorold, Canborough, s/o David & Drucilla, married Lillian HODGES, 16, Moulton, Gainsborough, d/o Seth & Elizabeth, witn: Elmer HODGES of Gainsborough, & Anna MONTAGUE of Dunwich, 20 December 1890 at Gainsborough 007275-90 (Lincoln Co.) Norman LANE, 39, farmer, Rosedene, same, s/o David LANE & Helen HODGKINS, married Abigal NELSON, 37, widow, Gainsborough, same, d/o William Henry MCPHERSON & Euphemia LEE, witn: Annie E. CRUIKSHANK & Carrie TAYLOR, both of St. Ann’s, 30 June 1890 at St. Ann’s
7370-90 Benjamin LEE, 36, widower, farmer, Hamilton, Welland, s/o Henry & Esther LEE, married Emily Malissa PRICE, 43, Clinton Twp., same, d/o David & Jemima PRICE, witn: Anna HODGE of Beamsville & Archy HIGH of Clinton Twp., 26 Nov 1890 at bride's residence at Clinton Twp 7324-90 William L. LEGG, 25, cabinet maker, Woolbridge England, St. Catharines, s/o William & Ann E., married Ellen Alberta BOWMAN, 26, Louth, St. Catharines, d/o William & Millie, witn: William BOWMAN of St. Catharines & Miss L. G. GOURLAY of Galt, 17 Sept 1890 at St. Catharines
7257-90 James W. LINCH, 32, carpenter, Port Dalhousie, same, s/o Bartholomew & Olive LINCH, married Margaret Jane REYNARD, 27, Merritton, same, d/o James & Catharine REYNARD, witn: B. LINCH of Port Dalhousie & Minnie RAYMOND of Merritton, 26 May 1890 at Merritton  
7341-90 Peter M. LUFFER (Leiffer?), 28, flour & feed merchant, Canada, Buffalo USA, s/o John & Margaret LUFFER, married Anna I. BURGOYNE, 23, St. Catharines, same, d/o Henry & Martha BURGOYNE, witn: Ernest W. BURGOYNE & Rubena CHAPMAN, both of St. Catharines, 1 Jan 1890 at St. Catharines 007161-91 (Lincoln Co.) Thomas MAY, 28, shoemaker, England, Niagara Twp, s/o William & Julia, married Julia THOMPSON, 21, Niagara Twp, same, d/o John & Charlotte, witn: Thomas SULLIVAN & Jennie WILLIAMSON, both of St. Catharines, 24 December 1890 at St. Catharines
007286-90 (Lincoln Co.) Robert George MCCAULAY, 24, stone cutter, Caledonia, Beamsville, s/o James MCCAULAY & Mary WOOD, married Daisy May LAPHAM, 19, Windsor, Beamsville, d/o Charles LAPHAM & Annie ATHERTON, witn: Fred MCCAULAY & Mary RODGERS, both of Beamsville, 23 July 1890 at Beamsville 007157-91 (Lincoln Co.) Charles Gordon MCGHIE, 23, bookkeeper, Canada, St. Catharines, s/o William & Christina, married Hattie JUNKIN, 24, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o Alex & Sarah, witn: A.G. MCGREGOR & Mary JUNKIN, both of St. Catharines, 12 November 1890 at St. Catharines
007331-1890 (Lincoln Co.) Alex McGLASHANY?, 40, farmer, Canada, Toronto, s/o Andrew & Ann, married Elizabeth HODGSON, 35, Canada, Niagara, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: Peter McCUMESKY? & James Roy VAN WYCK, both of St. Catharines, 9 Oct 1890 at St. Catharines. 7269-90 Samuel Alexander MCKEAGUE, 31, Wellandport, same, doctor, s/o Alexander & Jane MCKEAGUE, married Effie MOOT, 23, Gainsborough, same, d/o Alanson & Margaret MOOT, witn: William MCKEAGUE of Wellandport & Christina SPINK of Toronto, 19 Feb 1890 at Rosedene - Gainsborough Twp.
7335-90 Angus MCLEOD, 21, basket maker, Fergus, Grimsby, s/o Alex MCLEOD & Annie MACKIE, married Laura SMITH, 20, St. Catharines, same, d/o James SMITH & Mary O'BRIEN, witn: W.J. MCCALLA & M. RATCLIFFE, both of St. Catharines, 25 Nov 1890 at St. Catharines 7368-90 Albert M. MCMULLEN, 24, carpenter, Grantham Twp., same, s/o James & Marjory MCMULLEN, married Rhoda Agusta LEE, 21, Burford Twp., Niagara Twp., d/o William Henry & Ermina LEE, witn: Jason SHAVER & Amanda SHAVER, both of Niagara Twp., 11 Sep 1890 at Niagara Twp
  007285-90 (Lincoln Co.) Donald M. MCQUILKAN, 22, baker, Scotland, Grimsby, s/o John MCQUILKAN & Margaret MURRAY, married Edit O’FIELD, 17, Grimsby, same, d/o James & O., witn:James LIVINGSTON of Grimsby & Maggie RUTH of Beamsville, 25 June 1890
7339-90 Austin METLER, 28, farmer, Pelham, same, s/o Woodruff METLER & Margaret SOLTEN, married Olivia WILLS, 25, Pelham, same, d/o Daniel WILLS & Elizabeth THOMAS, witn: Albert WILLS & Mary WILLS, both of no location stated, 1 Jan 1890 at St. Catharines 7385-90 Philip MEYERS, 21, telegraph operator, Markham, same, s/o David & Elizabeth, married Lodema MOYER, 20, Clinton twp., Louth twp., d/o S.A. & Sarah, witn: Sylvania WISMER of Clinton twp., 1 Jan 1890 at Louth twp
7378-90 Andrew MIERS, 24, engineer, Beamsville, same, s/o Andrew & Annie MIERS, married Harriet KONKLE, 19, Clinton Twp., same, d/o Matthias & Amanda KONKLE, witn : Ransom KONKLE & Nellie TEETER, both of Clinton Twp., 21 May 1890 at Clinton Twp. 007249-90 (Lincoln Co.) Isaac MIERS, 25, sailor, Beamsville, same, s/o Andrew & Hannah, married Nellie BURTCH, 18, St. Catharines, East Saginaw Michigan, d/o Ransom & Eliza, witn: Violet & Lily GABLE? Of Port Dalhousie, 8 May 1890 at Port Dalhousie
7362-90 James Thompson MITCHELL, 31, widower, messenger, Grantham, St. Catharines, s/o John MITCHELL & Ann HENRY, married Maria REILLEY, 29, Wexford Ireland, St. Catharines, d/o George REILLEY & Ann STILES, witn: John RILEY & Sarah RILEY, both of St. Catharines, 16 Jun 1890 at St. Catharines 7338-90 Francis MORLAND, 21, farmer, England, Clinton, s/o Henry Thornton & Annie Eliza MORLAND, married Alice Josephine PRICE, 19, England, Clinton, d/o William & Frances Emma PRICE, witn: Stephen BRADLEY & Lavina BRADLEY, both of Jordan, 17 Dec 1890 at St. Catharines
007162-91 (Lincoln Co.) George MORRIS, 21, occupation not given, England, Buffalo NY, s/o Joseph & Mary Ann, married Bella STOREY, 22, England, St. Catharines, parents names not given, witn: Frank B. WAITE & Jamie MORRIS, both of St. Catharines, 26 November 1890 at St. Catharines 7321-90 William MOWAT, 43, widower, clergyman, Cote St. George - Quebec, Merritton, s/o John MOWAT & Annie SERGIS, married Emeranda DIS--?(off page), 44, Port Credit, Merritton, d/o William V. & Elizabeth, witn: M. RATCLIFFE & Lily BRUCE, both of St. Catharines, 17 Sept 1890 at St. Catharines
7388-90 Ira Granden MOWRY?, 32, farmer, Lapeer Co - Mich., Stamford, s/o Henry MOWRY & Margaret BEDSON, married Fannie May GADSBY, 21, St. Catharines, St. Davids, d/o Robert GADSBY & Mary E. DARBY, witn: William N. GADSBY & Emily E. SANDERSON, 30 July 1890 at St. Davids 7268-90 William Hervey MOYER, 27, farmer, Campden, same, s/o Abraham & Barbary MOYER, married Augusta Jane HUBER, 28, Clinton Twp., Campden, d/o Valentine & Elizabeth HUBER, witn: Samuel FLUER & Emma HUBER, both of Gainsborough Twp., 19 Feb 1890 at bride's parents' residence at Gainsborough Twp.
#007040-91 (Lincoln Co): John MUIR, 33, farmer, Grantham twp., Niagara twp., s/o John & Jessie, married Margery HISCOTT, 25, Niagara twp., same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas H. MUIR & Jessie CLEMENT, both of Niagara twp., 29 Oct 1890 at Niagara 7379-90 Andrew MURDOCK, 36, insurance agent, Aberdeen - Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Andrew & Jane MURDOCK, married Ella May ECKHARDT, 29, Jordan, Beamsville, d/o George A. & Mary ECKHARDT, witn: James HARRIS of Toronto & Emma C. HEARL of Beamsville, 10 Jun 1890 at Beamsville
7317-90 Thomas NAYLOR, 25, baker, England, St. Catharines, s/o James & Harriet, married Marion E. DAILLEY, 26, England, St. Catharines, d/o William & Ann, witn: George & Lucy NAYLOR of St. Catharines, 28 July 1890 at St. Catharines  
007311-90 (Lincoln Co.) Edward H. NEELON, 30, merchant, St. Catharines, same, s/o Edward NEELAN & Catharine HARRIS, married Minnie May HARRIS, 28, Fonthill, same, d/o James Caulkins HARRIS and Irene ALLAN, witn: Peter A. M. CALLUM of St. Catharines & Alice H. DUNBAR of Buffalo NY, 15 July 1890 at St. Catharines 7337-90 George OLIVER, 28, labourer, Markham, Beamsville, s/o Joseph OLIVER & Ellen ROSAR, married Sarah Cecilia BOOK, 29, Grimsby, Beamsville, d/o Robert BOOK & Helen DURHAM, witn: Robert BOOK & Helen DURHAM, both of Clinton Twp., 17 Dec 1890 at St. Catharines
007155-91 (Lincoln Co.) Thomas Arthur OWEN, 30, school teacher, widower, Antigua W.I., St.. Catharines, s/o Rev. Thomas & Ellen, married Eleanor Amanda MERRICK, 30, U.S., St.. Catharines, d/o Mr. & Mrs. W.R. MERRICK, witn: Mr. & Mrs. H. O’LAUGHLIN, residence not given, 30 December 1890 at St.. Catharines 7340-90 Samuel PARKS, 25, clerk, Armagh Ireland, St. Catharines, s/o James & Annie PARKS, married Cora Elizabeth REECE, 22, Welland, St. Catharines, d/o Eli & Isabella REECE, witn: William James PARKS & Isabella REECE, both of St. Catharines, 1 Jan 1890 at St. Catharines
7328-90 Charles PECKERHAFER, 32, banker, of Rochester NY, s/o Maurice & Julia, married Minnie Alberta ROWE, 22, Prescott Ont., Rochester NY, d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: T. H. FITZSIMMONS of St. Catharines & Elizabeth ROWE of Rochester, 19 Oct 1890 at St. Catharines 7315-90 George PIRIE, 27, baker, Scotland, Niagara Falls, s/o James & Jessie, married Lizzie ORR, 30, widow, Canada, Niagara Falls, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth TONSDA--?(off page), witn: George B. & Edith BURSON of St. Catharines, 9 June 1890 at St. Catharines
007289-90 (Lincoln Co.) John William POLLARD, 32, farmer, Gainsborough Twp, same, s/o David POLLARD & Caroline CHISHOLM, married Arabella Jane PATTERSON, 34, Cayuga, Clinton Twp, d/o James Alexander PATTERSON & Jane WALKER, witn: Mrs. D.C. MACINTYRE of Beamsville, 7 October 1890 at Beamsville 007307-90 (Lincoln Co.) William Franklin RANDALL, 25, telegraph operator, Ontario, Grimsby, s/o James & Hannah, married Donella May CLARKE, 19, Ontario, Grimsby, d/o George & Amanda, witn: Arthur L. VAN DYKE of Grimsby & Nettie BEATTY of Beamsville, 18 June 1890 at Grimsby
7375-90 Isaac REESOR, 25, farmer, Scarborough Twp., same, s/o Simeon & Susanah REESOR, married Emma Alice RITTENHOUSE, 26, Clinton Twp., same, d/o Abraham & Christina RITTENHOUSE, witn: Albert B. REESOR of Scarborough Twp. & Barbara Elizabeth RITTENHOUSE of Clinton Twp., 16 Dec 1890 at Clinton Twp, (Mennonite) 7380-90 William James REID, 27, barber, Galt, Beamsville, s/o John George REID & Cassie WHITE, married Nettie BEATTY, 23, Beamsville, same, d/o William BEATTY & Isabella MCCONNELL? (McCormick?), witn: William BEATTY & Isabella BEATTY, both of Beamsville, 15 Oct 1890 at Beamsville
007294-90 (Lincoln Co.) Jacob Jeremiah ROBINSON, 21, labourer, Gainsborough, South Grimsby, s/o Alonzo & Mary Jane, married Susan Ann Loretta Jane POTTS, 14, Gainsborough, South Grimsby, d/o Adam & Jemimah, witn: John POTTS & George MERITHEW, both of South Grimsby, 25 December 1890 at Smithville 7270-90 Alexander ROGERS, 30, railroad conductor, New York USA, Escanaba Mich. s/o Benjamin & Jane ROGERS, married Gertrude WHITING, 19, Gloucestershire England, Gainsborough, d/o Albert & Eliza WHITING, witn: John ROGERS of Welland & Jennie MISNER of Gainsborough, 12 Mar 1890 at Gainsborough
  007281-90 (Lincoln Co.) Isaac Nicolas ROSZEL, 40, farmer, Norwich, Durham, s/o Jacob & Dorcas, married Mahala Catherine ROSZEL, 29, Gainsborough, same, d/o George & Julia, witn: George E. ROSZEL of Gainsborough & Thomas ELLIOTT of Smithville, 24 December 1890 at Canborough
007332-1890 (Lincoln Co.) James Edward RUDDLE, 19, mechanic, Quebec, St. Catharines, married Lottie WHITTEN, 20, St. Catharines, same, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Martha RUDDLE & Nellie R. ARMITAGE , both of St. Catharines, 22 Sep 1890 at St. Catharines. 007299-90 (Lincoln Co.) Septimus Edward RUDDLE, 25, England, Saltfleet Twp, s/o William & Jane, married Lillian Araminta COWELL, 22, Saltfleet Twp, same, d/o James & Prudence, witn: James HOSKETH & Estella COWELL, both of Saltfleet Twp, 26 November 1890 at Grimsby
007290-90 (Lincoln Co.) Franklin Balmer RUSS, 31, mechanic, New York State, Grimsby, s/o Morris & Margaret, married Lena Ann PATTERSON, 20, Clinton Twp, same, d/o Robert Byron PATTERSON & Myra MCPHERSON, witn: W.A. ROBINSON of Hamilton & William RUSS of Grimsby, 22 October 1890 at Clinton Twp 7362-90 John A. SCHNECK, 30, merchant tailor, Germany, Smithville, s/o Martin & Anna, married Caroline Mary MILLER, 25, Jordan, same, d/o Casper J. & G. F., witn: Robert N. HUTT of Smithville & Anna S. MILLER of Jordan, 24 Sept 1890 at Jordan
007309-90 (Lincoln Co.) Thomas SCHOFIELD, 22, painter, England, Grimsby, s/o George & Mary, married Rosina BROWN 21, England, Grimsby, d/o John & Mary, witn: Fred BROWN & Jessie WILEY, both of Grimsby, 25 June 1890 at Grimsby 007333-1890 (Lincoln Co.) Lewis SCHRAM, 38, butcher, Niagara, St. Catharines, widower, s/o James & Mary Ann, married Mary BECKETT, 38, Welland, Niagara, widow, d/o David & Catharine LLOYD, witn: Hattie & Charles McKEARNEY?, both of St. Catharines, 24 Nov 1890 at St. Catharines.
007293-90 (Lincoln Co.) William Burton SCHRUMM, 23, farmer, Gainsborough Twp, same, s/o Jonathan & Hannah, married Emma Jane MERRITT, 21, South Grimsby, same, d/o Isaac & Margaret, witn: William TREMBLAY of Gainsborough & Ray ALCOCK of South Grimsby, 23 December 1890 at South Grimsby  
007304-90 (Lincoln Co.) John SHEPHERD, 26, farmer, Clinton Twp, same, s/o Peter & Mary, married Minnie HILL, 21, Grimsby, same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas & Elizabeth HILL of Grimsby, 29 January 1890 at Grimsby 7390-90 James SHEPPARD, 24, farmer, Queenston, same, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Sarah E. PUTMAN, 23, Niagara, same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Robert PUTMAN of Niagara & Mary E. SWAYZE of Thorold, 8 Oct. 1890 at Niagara twp
  7329-90 James Girvin SINCLAIR, 40, dentist, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Samuel & Margaret, married Mary Ellen RIDDLE, 21, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o W. Edmund & Mary, witn: Rev. W. E. PESCOTT of Hamilton & Maggie? TANTON of London, 8 Oct 1890 at St. Catharines
7364-90 William H. SMITH, 32, steamboat clerk, England, Toronto, s/o George & Charlotte SMITH, married Maggie ROGERS, 28, Montreal, Niagara, d/o Robert & Elizabeth ROGERS, witn: P.C. WACUSE? of Picton & Annie SWINTON of St. Catharines, 19 Feb 1890 at Niagara 007277-90 (Lincoln Co.) James SMITH, 20, farmer, Moulton Twp, same, s/o George & Barbary, married Sarah Cecilia BARRICK, 20, Moulton Twp, same, d/o Samuel & Mary Jane, witn: George H. & Martha MILLER of Winslow, 15 September 1890 at Bismarck
7384-90 John Anderson STEPHENSON, 22, farmer, Nassagaweya, Morris Manitoba, s/o William & Jane, married Sarah WISMER, 26, Clinton twp., same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Sandy WISMER & Celesta MARTIN, both of Clinton twp., 19 Feb 1890 at Clinton twp 007306-90 (Lincoln Co.) Donald STEVEN, 26, farm labourer, Caithness Co. Scotland, N. Grimsby, s/o James & Jane, married Elizabeth WEARES, 27, Caithness Co. Scotland, N. Grimsby, d/o John & Isabella, witn: James STEVEN & Clarissa A. ROSS, both of Grimsby, 26 May 1890 at Grimsby
7259-90 Thomas J. STEVENSON, 30, accountant, Black Creek, Merritton, s/o Robert & Agnes, married Hannah Bella HAMILTON, 22, Merritton, d/o James & Eliza, witn: Rev. Alex ABBY of Port Robinson and Eva HAMILTON & Minnie JONES, both of Merritton, 19 Nov 1890 at Merritton 7259-90 Thomas J. STEVENSON, 30, accountant, Black Creek, Merritton, s/o Robert & Agnes STEVENSON, married Hannah Bella HAMILTON, 22, Merritton, same, d/o James & Eliza HAMILTON, witn: Rev. Alex ABBY of Port Robinson & Eva HAMILTON & Minnie JONES, both of Merritton, 19 Nov 1890
007287-90 (Lincoln Co.) William Heywood STEWART, 26, clerk, Kingston, Hamilton, s/o Robert Malcolm STEWART & Agnes BRASH, married Maggie Osborne PATON, 25, Beamsville, same, d/o James PATON & Mary SIBBALD, witn: Malcolm STEWART of Hamilton & Minnie MILNE of Toronto, 9 September 1890 7397-90 Angus STEWART, 27, farmer, Caistor twp., Clinton twp., s/o Angus & Elizabeth, married Clara SNYDER, 24, Caistor twp., same, d/o Elijah Francis & Mary, witn: Alexander STEWART of Clinton twp & Emma REED of Barton twp., 25 June 1890 at Caistor
  7352-90 Jefferson Davis STOKES, 25, butcher, Merritton, same, d/o George H. & Elizabeth STOKES, married Hattie Maud FLACK, 22, St. Catharines, same, d/o James & Eliza FLACK, witn: Charles WHITMORE & James FLACK, both of St. Catharines, 5 Apr 1890 at St. Catharines
7345-90 James Murray SWAYZIE, 40, merchant, Pelham, St. Catharines, s/o William T. SWAYZIE & Phoebe TINLIN, married Lelia Ethel TAYLOR, 31, Pelham, St. Catharines, d/o Alex TAYLOR & Phoebe PRICE, witn: Walter D. SWAYZIE of St. Catharines & Nettie WEBSTER of Wyoming NY, 1 Jan 1890 at St. Catharines 7373-90 Alfred Henry TALBOYS, 20, farmer, Kensington - Middlesex England, Clinton Twp., s/o Charles & Mary Ann TALBOYS, married Susan ALBRIGHT, 19, Louth Twp., Clinton Twp., d/o Jonas & Nancy ALBRIGHT, witn: Courtland OVERHOLT & Josette OVERHOLT, both of Louth Twp., 17 Dec 1890 at Clinton Twp
007288-90 (Lincoln Co.) Burwell DeLos TUFFORD, 32, farmer, Clinton Twp, same, s/o Solomon TUFFORD & Elvira FLEMING, married Mary Araminta TUFFORD, 22, Clinton Twp, same, d/o Isaac TUFFORD & Sarah HIGH, witn: Maggie & Joseph TUFFORD of Beamsville, 16 September 1890 at Beamsville 007300-90 (Lincoln Co.) Wellington B. VAN DYKE, 26, mechanic, Grimsby, same, s/o John & Ann, married Laura E. BEAMER, 29, Grimsby Twp, same, d/o Andrew C. & Susan, witn: Ada J. WOOD of Erin & George M. BEAMER of Grimsby, 19 February 1890 at Grimsby
007068-91 (Lincoln Co.) Richard WADGE, 22, mason, Caistor Twp, same, s/o James & Caroline, married Mary Catherine TEFT, 21, Gainsborough Twp, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn - John TEFT of Gainsborough & Jessie WADGE of Caistor, 24 December 1890 at the residence of the bride's father at Gainsborough 007295-90 (Lincoln Co.) Hugh David WALKER, 22, tin smith, Smithville, same, s/o Thomas & Grace, married Fedora Jane ADKIN, 25, Smithville, same, d/o Edward & Nancy, witn: Lucy ROSS of St. Catharines & John WALKER of Smithville, 1 January 1890 at Smithville
7320-90 William WALTON, 19, sailor, Port Dalhousie, same, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Charlotte Magdalene ALTOFT, 18, St. Catharines, Louth, d/o William & Ellen M., witn: Ada M. GIBSON & Bessie E. STUBBS, both of St. Catharines, 27 Aug 1890 at St. Catharines  
7256-90 Meredith William WHITE, 29, farmer, Sandwich, same, s/o Peter Frederick & Matilda WHITE, married Sarah Crayton MCLAUGHLIN, 23, Thorold, Merritton, d/o Edward & Sarah Ann MCLAUGHLIN, witn: Charles MCLAUGHLIN of Merritton & Minnie O'NEIL of Port Colborne, 18 Feb 1890 at Merritton 007158-91 (Lincoln Co.) Joseph Weston WHITE, 24, machinist, Canada, St. Catharines, s/o James & Fedria?, married Lulu SHELDEN, 20, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o William & Louisa, witn: James & Maria VAN WYCK of St. Catharines, 30 December 1890 at St. Catharines
  7325-90 James A. WILEY, 23, tailor, St. Catharines, same, s/o John B. & Sarah, married Lizzie L. COOKE, 20 (26?), St. Catharines, same, d/o Angus & Susan, witn: Thomas WILEY & Clara COOKE, both of St. Catharines, 10 Sept 1890 at St. Catharines
7389-90 James Richard WOODRUFF, 23, farmer, St. Davids, same, s/o James C. WOODRUFF & Eliza THOMPSON, married Elizabeth Jessie CLEMENT, 23, St. Davids, same, d/o George C. CLEMENT & Elizabeth CAUGHELL, witn: David W. & Josephine WOODRUFF of St. Davids, 14 Aug 1890 at St. Davids 7386-90 Abraham YAGER, 32, Moulton twp., Clinton twp., s/o Amos & blank, married Janet ADAMS, 22, St. Anns, Clinton twp., d/o Joseph & Sharlet, witn: William MOYER of Clinton, no date & location given, reg'd in Clinton twp., 30 June 1890
007308-90 (Lincoln Co.) Henry W. YOUNG, 28, farmer, Brant, Michigan, s/o James A. & Eliza, married Jessie HEWITT, 31, London England, Grimsby, d/o William & Eliza, witn: William E. PHILLIPS & Della M. WISMER, both of Grimsby, 25 June, 1890 at Grimsby 007166-91 (Lincoln Co.) John YOUNG, 25, shoemaker, Seneca Haldimand Co., same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary SMITH, 24, Haldimand Co., Port Dalhousie, d/o Josiah & Alice, witn: Emma A. TOVELL & Eleanor KING, both of St. Catharines, 12 November 1890 at St. Catharines