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Lincoln Co., 1898

birth place is given before residence


9220-98 (Lincoln Co): Moses ALBRIGHT, 23, painter, Clinton twp., same, s/o Jonas & Nancy, married Australia BADGELY, 25, St. Catharines, Clinton twp., d/o Gosquire? & Sarah, witn: Mr. & Mrs. A.H. TALBOYS of Clinton twp., 9 March 1898 at Clinton twp 009197-98 (Lincoln Co.) Franklin E. BADGELY, 25, farmer, Detroit Michigan, Clinton Twp, s/o Edward BADGELY & Sarah HAGERTY, married Matilda NUNNEMAKER, 30, Louth Twp, same, d/o John NUNNEMAKER & Elizabeth CLINE, witn - Rebecca BRADT & Armintha COSENS of Beamsville, 27 April 1898 at Beamsville
009270-98 (Lincoln) Alfred Percy BASSETT, 20, paper maker, Merritton, same, s/o Thomas & Emily, married Louisa Alice YEATHER? 17, St. Catharines, same, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn - John & Louisa BASSETT of Merritton, 18 June 1898 at Merritton 009249-98 (Lincoln Co.) George Alfred BATTYE, 23, farmer, Dunn, North Cayuga, s/o Charles BATTYE & Lydia Ann LAMBERT, married Margaret Bell PIPER, 21, North Cayuga, same, d/o David PIPER & Sarah CROMWELL, witn - Lillie STEWARD & Netta B. HONEY of Wellandport, 21 June 1898 at Wellandport
009420-99 (Lincoln Co.) John Hillyard BEAMER, 20, farmer, Gainsborough, same, s/o Lyman BEAMER & Nancy FISHER, married Alice M. SMITH, 19, Gainsborough, same, d/o Christian SMITH & Mary J. ZINK, witn - Curtis SUNDY (Lundy?) of Moulton & Clara HART of Canborough, 21 December 1898 at Gainsborough  
009195-98 (Lincoln Co.) George S. BEATTIE, 21, gentleman, Wainfleet, Gainsboro, s/o John BEATTIE & Elizabeth CAVILL, married Idith KILLINS, 20, Caistor, Wellandport, d/o John KILLINS & Martha PARKER, witn - George RYCKMAN Jr. & A. COSENS of Beamsville, 10 February 1898 at Beamsville 009205-98 (Lincoln Co.) John A. BENNETT, 24, farmer, Clinton Twp, same, s/o Alexander BENNETT & Hattie HOLLOWAY, married Nellie G. KONKLE, 19, Clinton Twp, same, d/o George KONKLE & Amanda BOUGHNER, witn - William KONKLE of Clinton Twp & Annabelle BOUGHNER of Beamsville, 5 October 1898 at Beamsville
9237-98 (Lincoln Co): Trayton George BEST, 25, laborer, Brighton England, Grimsby Center, s/o Trayton BEST & Ellen WATSON, married Annie DAVIS, 24, Toronto, Grimsby Center, d/o Richard DAVIS & Maria McKENZIE, witn: Martin & Roxie JOHNSON of Grimsby Center, 13 Aug 1898 at Smithville 010006-99 (Lincoln Co.) Paul BETLER, 42, mechanic, widower, Gainsborough, St. Catharines, s/o Paul BETLER & Louisa CLINE, married Gertrude OUTRAM, 30, Warkworth, same, d/o Edward OUTRAM & Abigail LAWRENCE, witn - Maude & Elizabeth PRESSWELL of St. Catharines, 22 December 1898 at St. Catharines
009344-98 (Lincoln Co.) George BETTS, age not given, lumberman, London England, Sturgeon Bay, s/o William & Rachel, married Rosetta S. LATTIMER, age not given, Seneca Haldimand Co, same, d/o Thomas LATTIMER & Susanna AVERY, witn - Jessie ALLAN & H.H. RATCLIFFE of St. Catharines, 26 October 1898 at St. Catharines 009256-98 (Lincoln Co.) Leonard Franklin BLANCHARD, 26, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o James BLANCHARD & Eliza Isabel HANEY, married Sarah Jane ROBINS, 21, Gainsboro, same, d/o Allen W. ROBINS & Agnes WILSON, witn - Arthur Leslie ROBINS of Gainsboro & Amos WILSON of Wainfleet, 3 September 1898 at Gainsboro
009203-98 (Lincoln Co.) Edgar Watson BOOK, 27, barber, St. Ann's, same, s/o William BOOK & Jane COMFORT, married Nellie Ann LINDABERRY, 22, St. Ann's, same, d/o Silas LINDABERRY & Charity BOOK, witn - Ernie PATTERSON of Smithville & Olla BOOK of St. Ann's, 10 August 1898 at Beamsville 009196-98 (Lincoln Co.) James Nelson BOOK, 34, labourer, Nelson Twp Halton Co, Brantford, s/o Absalom BOOK & Elizabeth ZIMMERMAN, married Sarah SHEPHERD, 32, Grimsby, Beamsville, d/o Alexander SHEPHERD & Jane ANDERSON, witn - Joseph SHEPHERD & Bell LONGMIRE of Beamsville, 12 February 1898 at Beamsville
009891-1899 (Lincoln Co) Eli Alfred BOOK, 28, Mechanic, Clinton, Brantford Tp., s/o Absalom BOOK & Elizabeth C ZIMMERMAN, married Edith E STEWART, 19, Caistor, Beamsville Tp., d/o John AUSTIN & Annie SWITZER, witn: Robert MURPHY of Beamsville & Cora McCollum of Dunnville, 2 Nov 1898 at Beamsville 9226-98 (Lincoln Co): William A. BORDEUX, 47, widower, lawyer, Canfield, Pleasantville NJ, s/o Peter & Nancy, married Sarah J. STUBLE, 64, widow, Cohoctin City NY, Rollen Mich., d/o Ambrose & Mary CROUCH, witn: Thomas H. BESSEY & Mrs. Jennie DORR, both of Grantham twp., 22 Dec 1898 at Homer
9308-98 John Henry BOUCK, 24, valise maker, Blackpool England, Louth twp., s/o Edward & does not know, married Margaret Ann VAN DUSEN, 18, Payneville Ont., St. Catharines, illegitimate d/o Mary Elizabeth VAN DUSEN, witn: Jennie H. PERRY & Jennie GIBBON, both of St. Catharines, 4 April 1898 at St. Catharines  
009271-98 (Lincoln) William James BOUCOCK, 23, moulder, Merritton, same, s/o John & Ann Jane, married Flora BLANCHARD, 17, Toronto, Merritton, d/o Joseph & Mary Ann, witn - George A. LONG & L.B. BOUCOCK of Merritton, 29 June 1898 at Merritton 009331-98 (Lincoln Co.) Herbert W. BOWMAN, 22, laborer, Beamsville, St. Catharines, s/o Henry & Maria, married Ellen TAGGERTY, 18, Kilkill, St. Catharines, d/o Jas. & Elizabeth, witn - E.H.R. KER & Jane ROGAN of St. Catharines, 10 September 1898 at St. Catharines
9247-98 (Lincoln Co.) Joseph Leaman BOYINGTON, 22, farmer, New York, Caistor, s/o Walter & Sarah, married Mary Jane VANSLACK, 19, Ontario, Moulton, d/o William & Melissa, witn - Charles & Martha KENNEDY of Gainsboro, 21 January 1898 at Gainsboro 009339-98 (Lincoln Co.) George Joseph BOYT (Boyd?), 25, coachman, St. Catharines, same, s/o George BOYT & Mary ADKINS, married Agnes LAWRIE, 27, Scotland, St. Catharines, d/o Charles WALKER & Jane COLEMAN, witn - James DOUGLAS & Mrs. J. MURRAY of St. Catharines, 6 October 1898 at St. Catharines
009330-98 (Lincoln Co.) Frederick Isaac BRETT, 27, farmer, Ontario, Louth, s/o Morris BRETT & Mary Jane LANE, married Linnie TRAVIS, 30, cook, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o Charles GRANGER & Elizabeth BEAMER, witn - Jas. MARVENS & Isabella PATTERSON of St. Catharines, 5 September 1898 at St. Catharines 009338-98 (Lincoln Co.) Ernest M. BRICKMAN, 27, machinist, Prince Edward Co, St. Catharines, s/o Alpheus BRICKMAN & Annie M. JONES, married Mildred M. HOUTBY, 15, Louth Twp, St. Catharines, d/o George HOUTBY & Maria COOPER, witn - Mr. & Mrs. George MCDOWELL of St. Catharines, 7 February 1898 at St. Catharines
9241-98 (Lincoln Co): William R. BROWN, 22, commercial clerk, Bridgeburg, Buffalo NY, s/o William & Jane, married Lillian E. VAKEY, 21 (or 26), Arkona, N. Grimsby, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Ed McDONALD of Petrolia & E. Florence VAKEY of Bridgeburg, 2 March 1898 at North Grimsby 9312-98 Alpheus E. BROWN, 34, farmer, of St. Johns - Thorold twp., s/o George H. BROWN & Jeannette VANDERBURG, married Margaret WILLIAMS, 32, of St. Johns - Thorold, d/o Richard WILLIAMS & Jane DEACON, witn: William E. BROWN & Grace BARRON, 20 April 1898 at St. Catharines
009277-98 (Lincoln) Edward R. BRYANT, 32, laborer, St. Catharines, Merritton, s/o Richard & Jane, married Mary J. PEARCE, 34, Merritton, same, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn - Frank BRYANT of Merritton & Lilly Maud COOK of Thorold, 22 September 1898 at Merritton  
009342-98 (Lincoln Co.) William James BURLEIGH, 24, butcher, Port Dover, St. Catharines, s/o James BURLEIGH & Jane HEEDSON, married Eliza Jane GIBBONS, 18, St. Catharines, same, d/o William GIBBONS & Annie CASTLE, witn - Gordon Bayford HAMMOND & Rose BYE of St. Catharines, 12 October 1898 at St. Catharines 9219-98 (Lincoln Co): William C. BURRELL, 25, merchant, Caledon, Cardwell twp., s/o Richard R. & Anna M., married Mary A. EVERETT, 30, Clinton twp., same, d/o James H. & Ellen, witn: Harmon CASTOR of Boston Mills & Lillie BURRELL of Caledon East, 5 Jan 1898 at Clinton twp
9265-98 (Lincoln Co): Oscar BURTCH, 28, widower, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o F.O. BURTCH & Emily J. McPHERSON, married Nellie HODGSKINS, 22, Gainsboro, same, d/o Leonard HODGSKINS & Ellen CLARKE, witn: William George OLIVER & Mrs. BOWLBY, both of Jordan Station, 12 Jan 1898 at Jordan Station 9287-98 (Lincoln Co): Thomas James BUTLER, 36, farmer, St. Davids, Niagara twp., s/o Johnson T. BUTLER & Amanda C. CLEMENT, married Maud JAMES, 21, Niagara twp., same, d/o Samuel J. & Gertrude, witn: Johnson BUTLER & Jessie JAMES, both of Niagara twp., 22 Sept 1898 at Niagara twp
9224-98 (Lincoln Co): Robert T. CAMERON, 27, blacksmith, Grantham twp., St. Catharines, s/o Jos. Or Jas. CAMERON & Margaret FRIER, married Catherine L. RICHARDSON, 32, Grantham twp., same, d/o William RICHARDSON & Catherine A. STEEL, witn: Jos CAMERON of St. Catharines & Minnie FLANNIGAN of Niagara, 29 Sept 1898 at res of bride, Homer 9955-99 (Lincoln Co) William Watson CAMP, 30, undertaker, South Grimsby, same, s/o D. W. & Emily (nee MCCOLLIM?), married Jessie OILLE, 25, South Grimsby, same, d/o Elgin & Annie (nee WRONG?), witn: Addie OILLE & John HOPKINS, S. Grimsby, 21 Sep 1898 South Grimsby
009348-98 (Lincoln Co.) Wallace CAMPBELL, 43, farmer, Canada, Jordan Village, s/o James CAMPBELL & Susan HUNTSBERG, married May FOSTER, 20, Canada, Jordan Village, d/o Gideon FOSTER & Annie SMITH, witn - R. C. & Elleanor SMYTHE of St. Catharines, 9 November 1898 at St. Catharines 9300-98 Joseph CHAMBERLIN, 27, cheese maker, London England, Dereham twp., s/o Joseph & Ellen, married Rosa Anna BUTCHER, 25, Suffolk England, Grantham twp., d/o Samuel & Anna, witn: Harry & Emily E. BUTCHER of Grantham twp., 25 Jan 189 at St. Catharines
009210-98 (Lincoln Co.) Samuel CHURCH, 23, farmer, Jordan Station, same, s/o Thomas CHURCH & Nancy MOYER, married Laura MCPHERSON, 18, Gainsboro Twp, Jordan Station, d/o Joel MCPHERSON & Elizabeth CROW, witn - Keziah GARBUTT & A. COSENS of Beamsville, 15 December 1898 at Beamsville 9303-98 Benjamin CLARK, 23, laborer, Moulton, Niagara Falls, s/o Benjamin & Annie, married Sarah ANDERSON, 22, Niagara Falls, same, d/o Robert & Emily, witn: D. W. & Maggie VANDUZEN of St. Catharines, 31 Jan 1898 at St. Catharines
  009322-98 (Lincoln Co.) William Carry CLEMENCE, 21, machinist, Uxbridge, St. Catharines, s/o William CLEMENCE & Mary J. STRACHAN, married Mabel C. PRICE, 19, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o Albert PRICE & Ida E. PICKARD, witn - Earl L. & Olive M. PRICE of St. Catharines, 22 June 1898 at St. Catharines
9227-98 (Lincoln Co): Albert Vance Burkholder CLINE, 22, fruit grower, N. Grimsby, same, s/o George W. & Zilpha L., married Latha May TUFFORD, 23, N. Grimsby, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: John G. CLINE & Ethel TUFFORD, both of N. Grimsby, 26 Jan 1898 at Grimsby 9282-98 (Lincoln Co): Charles J. COLE, 38, vet. Surgeon, Canada, USA, s/o Judson & Eunice, married Mary Georgia LOCKWOOD, 26, USA, Niagara, d/o Albert H. & Henrietta, witn: A.H. & Garnet LOCKWOOD of Buffalo NY, 31 Jan 1898 at Niagara
009261-98 (Lincoln Co.) John COMFORT, 27, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o Benjamin COMFORT & Amanda MOYER, married Lena SNYDER, 26, Gainsboro, same, d/o Isaac SNYDER & Eliza MCCLATCHY, witn - May SNYDER of Gainsboro & William COMFORT of Freemont Michigan, 2 March 1898 at St. Ann's  
009251-98 (Lincoln Co.) Mortimer Sheldon COON, 30, M.D., Redway Orleans NY, Medina NY, s/o Wilford COON & Louisa SHELDON, married Mary J. KENNEDY, 32, Gainsboro, same, d/o John KENNEDY & Margaret COMFORT, witn - Edward KENNEDY of Buffalo & Minnie COON of Medina New York, 15 June 1898 at St. Ann's 009998-99 (Lincoln Co.) Henry COX, 29, bicycle maker, England, St. Catharines, s/o William COX & Annie HOPGOOD, married Hallie LOGAN, 23, Canada, residence not given, d/o Mark LOGAN & Mary CLOW, witn - Milly M. SMYTHE of St. Catharines, 31 December 1898 at St. Catharines
9286-98 (Lincoln Co): Herbert CROSS, 28, farmer, Markham twp., Stamford, s/o William CROSS & Sarah SCOTT, married Estora BRITT, 21, dress maker, Allenburg, Stamford, d/o John BRITT & Emeline BUMPS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Robert DOUGALL of Hallville, 15 Sept 1898 at St. Davids 009246-98 (Lincoln Co.) Leamen CRYSLER, 26, farmer, Townsend, Gainsboro, s/o Michael CRYSLER & Rebecca DENT, married Margaret CARPENTER, 35, widow, Walpole, Gainsboro, d/o Thomas NEWBY & Jane BROWN, witn - John & Arnettie NEWBY of Gainsboro, 16 February 1898 at Gainsboro
009347-98 (Lincoln Co.) Albert CULP, 26, painter, Smithville, same, s/o Solomon & Elizabeth, married Laura May FISHER, 20, Gainsboro, same, d/o Ward F. FISHER & Melissa BROOKS, witn - H. H. RATCLIFFE & Edith BLACK of St. Catharines, 8 November 1898 at St. Catharines 009889-1899 (Lincoln Co) James Henry CULP, 32, Farmer, Beamsville, Jordan, s/o Peter CULP & Sarah OVERHOLT, married Mary Melissa BURKHOLDER, 19, Jordan, Jordan, d/o John BURKHOLDER & Ava BIRTCH, witn: Laura BARKER & Lou STIRLING of Beamsville, 31 Dec 1898 at Beamsville
9288-98 (Lincoln Co): Joseph CURRY, 23, laborer, Toronto, Port Dalhousie, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Clara PRECON, 20, Toronto, Port Dalhousie, d/o Alonzo & Ellen, witn: Nellie CARL of Pt. Dalhousie, 13 April 1898 at Pt. Dalhousie 9310-98 James Whittaker CURTIS, 32, widower, undertaker, Niagara on the Lake, same, s/o William H. CURTIS & Fannie WHITTAKER, married Mary Elizabeth HUTTON, 22, Grantham twp., same, d/o Thomas HUTTON & Bella CARR, witn: Arthur Herbert WELSH of Niagara & Sarah Edith HUTTON of Grantham, 13 April 1898 at St. Catharines
9321-98 (Lincoln Co): Tell? CUTHBERT, 21, machinist, St. Catharines, same, s/o Alex Tell CUTHBERT & Mary Ann ENGLAND, married Mary Lizzie TEWSLEY, 24, St. Catharines, same, d/o James TEWSLEY & Elizabeth TUMMEY, witn: Watson CUTHBERT & Emma Jane COOK, both of St. Catharines, 9 June 1898 at St. Catharines 009337-98 (Lincoln Co.) Frederick DINGMAN, 26, mechanic, Devonshire England, St. Catharines, s/o Thomas DINGMAN & Mary MANNING, married Flory PRESSWELL, 21, St. Catharines, same, d/o David PRESSWELL & Elizabeth BRUNSDEN, witn - R.R. SOANES of Halifax NS & Ruth PRESSWELL of St. Catharines, 15 August 1898 at St. Catharines
9320-98 (Lincoln Co): John Homer DYAR, 24, journalist, London Ont., Toronto, s/o Thomas W. DYAR & Emma W. BALL, married Mabel Gertrude McCORDICK, 22, St. Catharines, same, d/o William. H. McCORDICK & Emily D. HOWELL, witn: Thomas Augustus DYAR of Toronto & Ethel H. McCORDICK of St. Catharines, 8 June 1898 at St. Catharines 009207-98 (Lincoln Co.) George H. ECKHARDT, 53, miller, widower, Clinton Twp, Beamsville, s/o Frederick ECKHARDT & Mae Delane HONSBERGER, married Elizabeth DOAN, 58, widow, Beamsville, same, d/o Jacob CULP & Sarah GILMORE, witn - Robert B. & Maud CULP of Beamsville, 5 October 1898 at Beamsville
  9307-98 Remy ELLER, 38, widower, farmer, Buffalo NY, Thorold twp., s/o Martin & Susan, married Clara Louisa HAIST, 26, Pelham twp., same, d/o Christian & Barbara, witn: Mrs. Thomas J. PARR of Merritton & Mrs. J. H. KENNEDY of St. Catharines, 15 March 1898 at St. Catharines
9222-98 (Lincoln Co): Stephen E. EMMETT, 27, farmer, Homer, same, s/o Johnson EMMETT & Annie E. SECORD, married O. Esther ZIMMERMAN, 23, Tintern, same, d/o William H. ZIMMERMAN & Norah Ann MOOT, witn: Robert J. MILLER of St. Catharines & Laura E. ZIMMERMAN of Tintern, 12 Oct 1898 at Tintern 9223-98 (Lincoln Co): James Richard EMMETT, 29, farmer, Homer, same, s/o Johnson EMMETT & Annie SECORD, married Hattie Alena ZIMMERMAN, 21, Clinton twp., same, d/o William H. ZIMMERMAN & Norah Ann MOOT, witn: Robert J. MILLER of St. Catharines & Laura E. ZIMMERMAN of Tintern, 2 Nov 1898 at Tintern
009343-98 (Lincoln Co.) William EYBEL, 39, farmer, Pelham, same, s/o William EYBEL & Rachel CLARK, married Mary Emily HACK, 18, Grantham, Pelham, d/o Charles HACK & Mary Emily WILSON, witn - Jessie ALLAN & Helen H. RATCLIFFE of St. Catharines, 25 October 1898 at St. Catharines 009335-98 (Lincoln Co.) Thomas FAIRBAIRN, 23, moulder, Canada, Merritton, s/o John FAIRBAIRN & Josephine MARR, married Lillian O. WILSON, 22, Canada, Merritton, d/o William H. WILSON & Sarah HOPE, witn - R.E. & Millie SMYTHE of St. Catharines, 8 August 1898 at St. Catharines
009345-98 (Lincoln Co.) William FISHER, 22, fireman, Merritton, same, s/o Samuel FISHER & Isabella MCKAGUE, married Ethel E. HUFF, 19, Picton, St. Catharines, d/o David L. & Ophelia E., witn - Margaret RADCLIFFE & Jessie ALLAN of St. Catharines, 2 November 1898 at St. Catharines  
009280-98 (Lincoln) Henry FLANNERY, 31, painter, Thorold, same, s/o Walter & Agnes, married Jane BRADLEY, 30, Merritton, same, d/o James A. & Isabella, witn - George O. CAMPLIN & Mary SKEY of Merritton, 22 December 1898 at Merritton 009208-98 (Lincoln Co.) Lafayette Chester FRITSHAW, 26, farmer, Gainsboro Twp, Clinton Twp, s/o Robert FRITSHAW & Christine GESS, married Minnie DASSITT, 23, widow, Clinton Twp, same, d/o William JULKIE & Caroline MAUTKE, witn - Keziah GARBUTT & Aramantha COSENS of Beamsville, 9 November 1898 at Beamsville
009202-98 (Lincoln Co.) Robert B. GARBUTT, 32, laborer, widower, Walpole Twp, Beamsville, s/o Robert GARBUTT & Kezia FIRTH, married Jennie G. ISMOND, 21, Beamsville, same, d/o Palmer ISMOND & Sarah MIKELL, witn - Robert & Kezia GARBUTT of Beamsville, 15 June 1898 at Beamsville 009204-98 (Lincoln Co.) Melvin GAYMAN, 23, farmer, Dunn Twp, Dunnville, s/o Jacob GAYMAN & Catharine MCDOWELL, married Alberta RITTENHOUSE, 23, Clinton Twp, Jordan, d/o John F. RITTENHOUSE & Elizabeth HUNSBURGER, witn - F.W. MUNDAY of St. Catharines & Clara GAYMAN of Jordan, 7 September 1898 at Beamsville
9309-98 George Moses GLENNY, 27, dentist, Pickering Ont., Pittsburg Penn., s/o William GLENNY & Theresa ARMSTRONG, married Frances Amelia DEMILL, 28, Brock Ont., St. Catharines, d/o Alfred Byron DEMILL & Lucelia HURD, witn: Charles DEMILL of Brighton & Eldred M. MACDONALD of Toronto, 11 April 1898 at St. Catharines 009268-98 (Lincoln) Archibald E. GRASS, 22, machinist, St. Catharines, same, s/o Edward & Mary, married Florence TRAPNELL, 25, Welland, St. Catharines, d/o William & Eliza, witn - James A. GATES of St. Catharines & Sadie DUNDAS of Merritton, 27 April 1898 at Merritton
009278-98 (Lincoln) Edward HAGAN, 21, polisher, St. Catharines, same, s/o William & Margaret, married Bertha LAFRANCE, 21, Durham, St. Catharines, d/o Frank & Margaret, witn - James A. GATES & Minnie NORRIS of St. Catharines, 7 November 1898 at Merritton 009257-98 (Lincoln Co.) Reuben Almer HAIST, 25, farmer, Pelham, same, s/o George HAIST & Agatha KLUMP, married Nellie Maud MILLER, 29, Carston, Gainsboro, d/o Henry MILLER & Maryette ROBINSON, witn - Joseph & Eveline DILTS of Gainsboro, 22 May 1898 at Gainsboro
009281-98 (Lincoln) Alphonse HAMMOND, 25, farmer, Wainfleet, Merritton, s/o Alphonse & Harrell A., married Emma E. SOPER, 24, Merritton, same, d/o Alexander & Sarah E., witn - Orval HUIDER & Maggie CRAWFORD of Merritton, 22 December 1898 at Merritton 009349-98 (Lincoln Co.) Jas. Sheriff HEDGE, 23, mechanic, Dakota, St. Catharines, s/o William HEDGE & Emily MCNALLY, married Jessie Vida HOWELL, 18, Burnhamthorpe, St. Catharines, d/o Granger HOWELL & Eliz. TINSLEY, witn - Oscar WHITHAM of St. Catharines & Jennie HOWELL of Niagara Falls New York, 10 November 1898 at St. Catharines
009332-98 (Lincoln Co.) Angus Edward HENDERSON, 29, farmer, Welland Co, Wainfleet, s/o Gilbert HENDERSON & Mary A. HORTON, married Grace Montgomery GRAHAM, 22, saleswoman, St. Catharines, same, d/o Joseph GRAHAM & Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, witn - Maggie B. SUNDY of Winger & Flossie C. MCLEAN of St. Catharines, 14 September 1898 at St. Catharines 9235-98 (Lincoln Co): Daniel HENRY, 28, farmer, USA, N. Grimsby, s/o Patrick & Julia, married Alice MARLOW, 26, N. Grimsby, same, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: Louisa & John S. GILPIN of Smithville, 4 May 1898 at Smithville
009336-98 (Lincoln Co.) William Henry HILTON, 52, builder, widower, Haldimand Co, residence not given, s/o Moses HILTON & Elizabeth SMITH, married Ellen Jane FARRELL, 30, domestic, Donegal Ireland, residence not given, d/o Joseph FARRELL & Elizabeth MCCLAY, witn - Thomas FARRELL & Sarah ALCORN of St. Catharines, 4 October 1898 at St. Catharines 9290-98 (Lincoln Co): Alfred J. HOUSE, 30, widower, mariner, Pt. Dalhousie, same, s/o John & Jane, married Mary Jane WATSON, 29, Pt. Dalhousie, same, d/o Samuel & Anne, witn: William ABEL & Ann McAVOY, both of Pt. Dalhousie, 14 Sept 1898 at Pt. Dalhousie
009201-98 (Lincoln Co.) Joseph J. HUNT, 23, motorman, Thorold, same, s/o Joseph J. HUNT & Sarah STRONG, married Kate C. BIGELOW, 19, Hamilton, same, d/o Joel S. BIGELOW & Kate MERRITT, witn - A. COSENS & Jennie GIBSON of Beamsville, 11 June 1898 at Beamsville 009327-98 (Lincoln Co.) Alfred H. KANE, 43, clerk, United States, Pennsylvania, s/o Benj. KANE & Nancy HILL, married Kate M. DURKIN, 24, United States, Pennsylvania, d/o B. DURKIN & Mary BRYAN, witn - Lizzie KER & Jane ROGAN of St. Catharines, 23 August 1898 at St. Catharines
9239-98 (Lincoln Co): George Franklin KRICK, 24, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o John & Caroline Schrum KRICK, married Susannah JULKIE, 18, Clinton, same, d/o William JULKIE & Caroline MANKIE, witn: L.C. FRITSHAM & M.P. LASSETT, both of Clinton, 2 Nov 1898 at Smithville 9225-98 (Lincoln Co): John H.C. LAMPMAN, 24, farmer, Grantham twp., same, s/o Thomas C. & Priscilla, married Ellen Eliza REID, 23, Grantham twp., same, d/o William W. & Eunice, witn: Frank SECORD & Mary LAMPMAN, both of Grantham twp., 17 Nov 1898 at the Church Rectory, Homer
009323-98 (Lincoln Co.) Amos Jesse LAMPMAN, 30, laborer, widower, Ontario, Gainsboro, s/o Robert LAMPMAN & Magdalina CROW, married Mary Alberta HILTZ, 20, Ontario, Gainsboro, d/o William HILTZ & Malitha DUNN, witn - Mary F. CASSIDY of St. Catharines, 6 July 1898 at St. Catharines 009324-98 (Lincoln Co.) Leslie LAUNDER, 21, laborer, Ontario, St. Catharines, s/o Henry & Caroline, married Alice Maud REES, 20, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o William & Emma, witn - John & Mary REES of St. Catharines, 16 July 1898 at St. Catharines
9299-98 John LEWIN, 59, widower, carpenter, Ontario, St. Catharines, s/o John LEWIN & Mary HINDSON, married Elizabeth Ann SWINTON, 50, widow, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o Robert RODGERS & Elizabeth, witn: Louis SWINTON & Emma RODGERS, both of St. Catharines, 3 Jan 1898 at St. Catharines 009215-98 (Lincoln) Robert H. LEWIS, 31, gardener, birthplace not given, Wentworth Co, s/o John LEWIS & Eliza M. TOOP (Loop?), married Margery GILLESPIE, 31, birthplace not given, Caistor, d/o Edward GILLESPIE & Martha DAVEY, witn - C. W. PACKHAM of Caistor & Ada H. LEWIS, 24 May 1898 at Caistor
9305-98 Thomas Algon LINDEBERRY, 23, farmer, Clinton - Lincoln, same, s/o Thomas J. LINDEBERRY & Alice BOOK, married Mandy McCAFFERY, 18, Clinton - Lincoln, same, d/o Mandy (sic) McCAFFERY & Mary JONES, witn: Mary A. SAUNBY & Ellen FARRELL, 18 Feb 1898 at St. Catharines 009279-98 (Lincoln) John F. LOGAN, 21, caner, Wainfleet, St. Catharines, s/o William Hamilton & Ester, married Eter COLLING, 18, St. Catharines, Merritton, d/o William & Sarah Elizabeth, witn - William WHITEHEAD & Fannie NORRIS of St. Catharines, 23 November 1898 at Merritton
9298-98 Joseph Edward LONGLEY, 23, laborer, Ontario, St. Catharines, s/o Joseph C. LONGLEY & Susan BROWN, married Catherine ALEXANDER, 20, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o Hugh ALEXANDER & Agnes LYNESS, witn: M. HARDING & William ALEXANDER, both of St. Catharines, 5 Jan 1898 at St. Catharines 009262-98 (Lincoln Co.) John Herbert LYMBURNER, 35, blacksmith, Canboro, Gainsboro, s/o Alexander LYMBURNER & Nancy MCLAUGHLAN, married Clara Jane WILSON, 26, Gainsboro, same, d/o James WILSON & Olivia FISHER, witn - A.E. CRUIKSHANK of St. Ann's, 27 July 1898 at St. Ann's
9284-98 (Lincoln Co): Thomas MARKS, 28, journalist, Canada, Rochester NY, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Harriet L. FRANCIS, 28, Canada, Niagara, d/o Abraham & Harriet, witn: R.A. BARTON & Mary MARKS, 14 Sept 1898 at Niagara  
9313-98 William MARSHALL, 27, dry goods salesman, Kingston Canada, Rochester NY, s/o James MARSHALL & Martha WILLIAMSON, married Fannie Lavinia HINDSON, 22, clerk, St. Catharines, same, d/o James HINDSON & Annie JENNINGS, witn: David MARSHALL of Toronto & Nellie HINDSON of Buffalo NY, 25 April 1898 at St. Catharines 9289-98 (Lincoln Co): John William MARSHALL, 21, Port Dalhousie, same, s/o John William & Mary, married Edith? SCHRADER, 20, Bruck Ont., Port Dalhousie, d/o not given, witn: A. BISSELL of Toronto & Miss MARSHALL of Pt. Dalhousie, 14? June 1898 at Pt. Dalhousie
009243-98 (Lincoln Co.) Charles C. MARTIN, 25, farmer, Tintern, same, s/o Benjamin MARTIN & Emma BROWER, married Agnes A. COMFORT, 24, Tintern, same, d/o Benjamin COMFORT & Amanda MOYER, witn - W. COMFORT & Lena MARTIN of Tintern, 22 February 1898 at Tintern 9965-99 (Lincoln Co) John MAY, 26, farmer, Louth, Louth, s/o F. A. & Ellen (nee SEXSMITH?), married Effie HENDERSHOT, 21 Gainsborough, Louth, d/o John & Margaret (nee LANE), witn: W.C. & A BARKER, Louth, 14 Jun 1898 Louth?
009273-98 (Lincoln) William MCCARTY, 25, police officer, St. Catharines, same, s/o Edward & Mary, married Bella WILSON, 27, Merritton, same, d/o William & Mary, witn - Ralph BRADLEY & Emma WILSON of Merritton, 14 July 1898 at Merritton 9285-98 (Lincoln Co): Frederick James McCLELLAND, 26, clerk, Canada, Niagara, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Clara Louisa SHORT, 26, Canada, Niagara, d/o Edwin & Clara, witn: Thomas M. FERGUSON & Belle SHORT, both of Niagara, 2 Nov 1898 at Niagara
009276-98 (Lincoln) John A. MCDONALD, 30, carpenter, Ireland, St. Catharines, s/o Owen & Winnie, married Annie BRENNAN, 30, Geneva NY, Merritton, d/o Thomas & Annie, witn - Peter FLAHERTY & Henry SELA of Merritton, 22 June 1898 at Merritton 009892-1899 (Lincoln Co) Andrew McGREGOR, 21, Farmer, Tp Clinton, Tp Clinton, s/o Unknown & Jessie McGREGOR (Spinster), married Alice MORRIS, 19, England, Tp Clinton, d/o ---- MORRIS & Julia ROSE, witn: Florence BANKS & Eliza M MacINTYRE of Beamsville, 9 Nov 1898 at Beamsville
009264-98 (Lincoln Co.) Orlin A. MCPHERSON, 28, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o Nelson MCPHERSON & Margaret E. DISHER, married Susanna MOOTE, 22, Gainsboro, same, d/o Robert MOOTE & Lena HIPPLE, witn - Judson W. DELLENBACK of Pelham & Nellie MOOTE of Gainsboro, 26 December 1898 at Gainsboro 009328-98 (Lincoln Co.) Omer Hume MILLER, 27, tool maker, Welland Co, St. Catharines, s/o John MILLER & Rosina PAGE, married Christina THURSTON, 28, Kingston, St. Catharines, d/o George THURSTON & Margaret MINARY, witn - Jenny B. SARMAN & Jas. W. THURSTON of St. Catharines, 27 August 1898 at St. Catharines
009248-98 (Lincoln Co.) Henry MONSINGER, 30, clergyman, Gainsboro, same, s/o John MONSINGER & Phoebe ZUMSTEIN, married Clara MCCAFFREY, 25, Gainsboro, same, d/o Jacob MCCAFFREY & Mary Jane BOUSFIELD, witn - William MCCAFFREY & Cora M. MISENER of Gainsboro, 18 May 1898 at Gainsboro 009255-98 (Lincoln Co.) James Oscar MOORE, 31, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o Charles S. MOORE & Catharine BRILLINGER, married Margaret A. MCPHERSON, 23, Gainsboro, same, d/o Nelson MCPHERSON & Margaret Emily DISHER, witn - Orlin A. MCPHERSON & Susie MOOTE of Gainsboro, 31 August 1898 at Gainsboro
009245-98 (Lincoln Co.) William MOOT, 27, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o Robert MOOT & Lena HIPPLE, married Elizabeth Francis MISENER, 22, Wainfleet, Gainsboro, d/o Josiah MISENER & Elizabeth DILTS, witn - Orlan MCPHERSON & Nellie MOOTE of Gainsboro, 16 February 1898 at Gainsboro 009258-98 (Lincoln Co.) Norval B. MOOTE, 26, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o John W. MOOTE & Elenora GREGORY, married Amelia DAWDY, 26, Gainsboro, same, d/o Jas. H. DAWDY & Sarah Ann RINKER, witn - William H. & Evelyn DAWDY of Gainsboro, 23 November 1898 at Gainsboro
009263-98 (Lincoln Co.) Stephen MORLEY, 72, farmer, widower, England, Gainsboro, s/o Nathan MORLEY & Sarah KINGSLOT (Kingshot?), married Elizabeth STOUCK, 41, Gainsboro, same, d/o Henry STOUCK & Elizabeth BECKER, witn - Mr. & Mrs. William LAMBERT of St. Ann's, 6 October 1898 at St. Ann's 009200-98 (Lincoln Co.) James MORWOOD, 55, merchant, widower, Pelham, Welland, s/o John MORWOOD & Margaret MCPHERSON, married Merilda GRACEY, 53, widow, Grimsby, Vineland, d/o John W. LOUNSBERRY & Cynthia HEWITT, witn - (blank) MACINTYRE & Florence BANKS of Beamsville, 24 May 1898 at Beamsville
009272-98 (Lincoln) Horace Llewellyn MOSER, 24, barber, Strathroy, Niagara Falls, s/o John & Julia Ann, married Eliza Ann MAITLAND, 22, Merritton, same, d/o James & Sarah, witn - John Edward MOSER of St. Catharines & Sarah LOWE of Merritton, 29 June 1898 at Merritton 9266-98 (Lincoln Co): Edward Allen MOYER, 28, draughtsman, Campden, Hartford, s/o William W. & Anna, married Eliza DEAN, 23, Campden, same, d/o Andrew & Mary Jane, witn: Andrew DEAN of Campden & Ada DEAN of Buffalo NY, 28 June 1898 at Louth twp
009250-98 (Lincoln Co.) Thomas MURPHY, 32, farmer, S. Grimsby, same, s/o William MURPHY & Elizabeth BURNS, married Sara A. CRANE, 24, Bertie, Caistor, d/o James CRANE & Helen COUSINS, witn - Isabella & Joseph WALKER of Grimsby, 22 June 1898 at St. Ann's 9216-98 (Lincoln Co): John E. NAERGARTH, 21, farmer, Caistor twp., same, s/o John NAERGARTH & Margaret LANE, married Effie P. COOPER, 22, Caistor, same, d/o Samuel COOPER & Emma HEWSON, witn: M.O. NELSON of Caistor & Rose LANE of Gainsboro, 17 Aug 1898 at Caistor twp
009254-98 (Lincoln Co.) Ervin NESBIT, 23, farmer, Springfield, Moulton, s/o John H. & Eva, married Rosa SHAFLY, 20, Charterville? (Chesterville?), Moulton, d/o Oscar & Charlotte, witn - Mrs. MONSINGER & Jacob MCCAFFREY of Gainsboro, 8 June 1898 at Gainsboro  
009275-98 (Lincoln) Michael J. NEWTON, 28, carpenter, Merritton, same, s/o Cornelius & Mary, married Bridget DUKER, 28, Merritton, same, d/o Anthony & Mary, witn - John MCDONALD of St. Catharines & Bertha GENTLEMAN of Niagara Falls NY, 7 June 1898 at Merritton 009325-98 (Lincoln Co.) Robert Thomas NOBLE, 28, physician, Ontario, Brampton, s/o Robert NOBLE & Marion LAING, married Susannah H. HODGETTS, 23, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o George W. HODGETTS & Jessie CLARK, witn- C. Lyle NASMITH & Alex L. NOBLE of St. Catharines, 27 July 1898 at St. Catharines
9236-98 (Lincoln Co): Charles OLIN, 37, railway employee, USA, Buffalo NY, s/o Daniel OLIN & Emily BUTTERFIELD, married Albertha ZUMSTEIN (or Zurnstein), 23, Gainsboro, Smithville, d/o Peter ZUMSTEIN & Elizabeth ALGER, witn: Hetty JOHNSON of Winona & Phoebe ZUMSTEIN of Smithville, 26 May 1898 at Smithville 009260-98 (Lincoln Co.) George Ingram ORTH, 29, blacksmith, Clinton, same, s/o Abram ORTH & Elizabeth EVERLY, married Maud PERRIN, 24, St. Catharines, Clinton, d/o John PERRIN & Martha TURNER, witn - E.A. CRUIKSHANK of St. Ann's, 20 October 1898 at St. Ann's
9304-98 Simon OVERHOLT, 32, farmer, Louth, Jordan, s/o Philip & Anna, married Alice CLARK, 22, Niagara Falls, same, d/o Benjamin & Annie, witn: D. W. & Maggie VANDUZEN of St. Catharines, 31 Jan 1898 at St. Catharines 9291-98 (Lincoln Co): Malcolm McDonald OXLEY, 32, traveler, Fonthill, Chicago USA, s/o Albert & Ann, married Helen Bertha MUIR, 29, Pt. Dalhousie, same, d/o William & Christine, witn: Nancy MUIR of Marine City USA & Jessie MUIR of Pt. Dalhousie, 10 Sept 1898 at Pt. Dalhousie
009267-98 (Lincoln) Edward Napoleon PALYEA, 21, laborer, Uxbridge, Merritton, s/o Edward & Margaret, married Elizabeth BRADLEY, 20, Merritton, same, d/o Robert & Agusta, witn - William J. & Hattie WEAVER of Merritton, 20 April 1898 at Merritton 9318-98 Edwin Argue PARKHILL, 28, book, of St. Catharines, s/o William James & Ann Jane, married Elizabeth Jane McFAUL, 23, of St. Catharines, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Frennah H. MOSEY & Minnie CLINE, 11 May 1898 at St. Catharines
009274-98 (Lincoln) Thomas PARKIN, 27, paper maker, Merritton, same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Mateldia ANDREWS, 21, birthplace not given, Merritton, d/o William & Annie, witn - Margaret ANDREWS of Merritton & Minnie ENGEL of St. Catharines, 10 August 1898 at Merritton 9319-98 James E. PARNALL, 29, farmer, Grantham twp., same, s/o Seymour PARNALL & Susan WILSON, married Nellie Maud GADSBY, 27, St. Catharines, same, d/o Eli GADSBY & Ellen McELROY, witn: Cora KENNEDY & E. J. WHYTE, both of St. Catharines, 1 June 1898 at St. Catharines
9311-98 Graton? Blanshard PEMBERTON, 39, stock dealer, London England, St. Catharines, s/o Charles Davis PEMBERTON & Jane BLANSHARD, married Edith Amelia RIORDAN, 23, St. Catharines, same, d/o Charles & Edith, witn: Kathleen RIORDAN of St. Catharines & Henry GORDON of Toronto, 16 April 1898 at St. Georges Church, St. Catharines 9218-98 (Lincoln Co): Morley Smith PETTIT, 29, Methodist minister, Saltfleet, Rhinelander Wis. USA, s/o James B. PETTIT & Ethelanda SMITH, married Maggie McDOUGALL, 27, Caistor twp., same, d/o Matthew McDOUGALL & Fannie PIETT, witn: John B. PETTIT of Fruitland Ont & Lottie McDOUGALL of Abingdon, 19 Oct 1898 at Abingdon, Caistor twp
9956-99 (Lincoln Co) Thomas PHILLIPS, 27, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o Thomas & Margaret (nee CONNEL), married Lilly REECE, 21, Gainsboro, same, d/o Conlors? & Elizabeth (nee BLANCHARD), witn: John HILL, Smithville & Mary HILL, S. Grimsby, 21 Sep 1898 South Grimsby 9306-98 Walter RECORD, 30, widower, lawyer, Forrestville NY, same, s/o J. G. RECORD & Mary FARNAN, married Minerva WHATFORD, 35, widow, Jefferson Ohio, not given, d/o Addison STRONG & Mary BROWN, witn: Mrs. M. A. SAUNBY & Ellen FARRELL, both of St. Catharines, 16 March 1898 at St. Catharines
009340-98 (Lincoln Co.) Andrew Thomas RIDDELL, 32, plumber, St. Catharines, same, s/o Andrew RIDDELL & Helen ROBERTSON, married Florence E. MOORE, 20, St. Catharines, same, d/o John MOORE & Mary E. EVERITT, witn - W. W. BURLEIGH & Miss G.B. MOORE of St. Catharines, 5 October 1898 at St. Catharines 9217-98 (Lincoln Co): Marvin E. RIPENBURG, 30, agent, Caistor, same, s/o Lavinus RIPENBURG & Mary J. TREMBLEY, married Permilla J. HOWDEN, 22, Binbrook, same, d/o William HOWDEN & Eliza MARTIN, witn: James H. HOWDEN & Elizabeth DANIELS, 31 Aug 1898 at Caistor
009341-98 (Lincoln Co.) George Duncan ROBERTSON, 40, horse trainer, birthplace not given, St. Catharines, s/o Thomas ROBERTSON & Eliz. GIBSON, married Jennie MCLEAN, 18, birthplace not given, St. Catharines, d/o George MCLEAN & Annie MOORE, witn - Mrs. Jas. MURRAY & Lottie PRICE, residences not given, 5 October 1898 at St. Catharines 9315-98 John Herbert RODDY, 23, spinner, Niagara, not given, s/o Joseph B. RODDY & Catherine Jane ARMSTRONG, married Arvilla May WALKER, 21, St. Catharines, not given, d/o David WALKER & Mary Ann CHASE, witn: Edith CHASE & William WALKER, both of St. Catharines, 27 April 1898 at St. Catharines
#009214-98 (Lincoln Co): Parmer P. ROGERS, 20, farmer, Canboro twp., same, s/o Eli ROGERS & Mary LIND, married Eva Jane LYMBURNER, 18, Caistor twp., same, d/o John LYMBURNER & Mary Jane HANNIGAN, witn: Milton ROGERS of Canboro twp & Stella WARNER of Caistor, 24 May 1898 at Caistor 009991-99 (Lincoln Co.) Henry C. ROGERS, 58, farmer, widower, birthplace not given, Virgil, s/o James & Mary Ann, married Jane WOOTTEN, 41, widow, Niagara, same, d/o Robert & Ann Jane BEVAN, witn - Annie SMITH & Louisa M. JORDAN, both of Niagara, 10 October 1898 at Niagara
  009333-98 (Lincoln Co.) James William ROOKS, 25, accountant, birthplace not given, Winnipeg, s/o William Henry & Hannah Isabella, married Mary Evelyn WILSON, 25, birthplace not given, St. Catharines, d/o Archibald WILSON & Emily BEECHER, witn - H.S. ROOKES & Bessie E. WILSON, residences not given, 6 September 1898 at St. Catharines
009899-1899 (Lincoln Co) Albert E SHARP, 24, Blacksmith, Caistor, Caistorville, s/o Henry J SHARP & Sarah KENNEDY, married Annie Bell PACKHAM, 19, Caistor, Caistor, d/o John PACKHAM & Mary Ann GRANT, witn: Frederick C PACKHAM of Binbrook Tp & Rosabelle TWEEDLE of Caistor Ont, 23 Nov 1898 at Caistor 009326-98 (Lincoln Co.) Thomas D. SHEA, 29, forger, Ontario, St. Catharines, s/o Thomas & Catharine, married Edith BOYD, 27, Ontario, St. Catharines, d/o Samuel & Margaret, witn - Charles HENSHAW & Alice MCTINLINE of St. Catharines, 13 July 1898 at St. Catharines
009329-98 (Lincoln Co.) Ernest SIDER, 24, wheel maker, Monck Co, St. Catharines, s/o Peter & Elisabeth, married Elizabeth WALLACE, 18, St. Catharines, same, d/o Robert WALLACE & Emma GOULD, witn - Fred WALLACE & Mary FRENCH of St. Catharines, 24 August 1898 at St. Catharines #010007-99 (Lincoln Co): Thomas. W. SINCLAIR, 23, mechanic, Niagara Falls, Glenville Ohio, b, s/o Alex SINCLAIR & Henrietta VAN RUSSAN, married, Nellie M. LONGLEY, 23, St Catharines, same, s, d/o, George LONGLEY & Melissa CLINE, witn: Minnie SINCLAIR, of St Catharines & Frank DAY, of Cleveland, Ohio, 28 Dec 1898, at St Catharines
9221-98 (Lincoln Co): Albert SINSKE, 24, farmer, Clinton twp., same, s/o Carl SINSKE & Anna C. REDMANN, married Emma ECKER, 22, Clinton twp., Campden, d/o John ECKER & Susanna OVERHOLD, witn: Anna SINSKE of Smithville & Martha SANDER (or Lauder) of Jordan, 16 March 1898 at Lincoln Co 009209-98 (Lincoln Co.) George Gordon SMITH, 32, stone cutter, Milford Haven Wales, Beamsville, s/o George Gordon SMITH & Mary OWENS, married Bessie May FROST, 24, Beamsville, same, d/o William FROST & Louise DRAKE, witn - Grace STEVENS & Maud FROST of Beamsville, 16 November 1898 at Beamsville
009244-98 (Lincoln Co.) Levi Millard SMITH, 26, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o Aussie SMITH & Sarah BROWN, married Abbey Adelaide MISENER, 28, Gainsboro, same, d/o William Duff MISENER & Elizabeth SPRAGUE, witn - Mr. & Mrs. Walter Collver MISENER of Gainsboro, 9 February 1898 at the bride's home in Gainsboro 009269-98 (Lincoln) Edmond STAPLEFORD, 26, carpenter, St. Catharines, same, s/o Edmond & Annie, married Lilly DALE, 24, Thorold, same, d/o James & Mary Jane, witn - Earnest STAPLEFORD & Dora VANDERBURGH of St. Catharines, 8 June 1898 at Merritton
9302-98 J. Allan STEVENS, 22, hotel clerk, St. Davids, St. Catharines, s/o Joseph & Priscilla, married Sarah SULLIVAN, 22, St. Catharines, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: S. W. HORNBROOK of 175 Church St. & N.L. ARCHER of St. Catharines, 26 Jan 1898 at St. Barnabas Church, St. Catharines 9234-98 (Lincoln Co): Asa A. STEWART, 26, farmer, Walpole, same, s/o John STEWART & Elizabeth MATTHIS, married Ida BOUCK, 22, Gainsboro, same, d/o William BOUCK & Mary A. McCOLLUM, witn: Myron A. GEE of Fisherville & Maud FISHER of Smithville, 16 Feb 1898 at Smithville
#009206-02 (Lincoln Co): Jacob STOUCK, 33, farmer, Bismarck, St. Anns, s/o Henry STOUCK & Elizabeth BECKER, married Ada CULP, 30, Merritt's Settlement, Smithville, d/o Solomon & Elizabeth, witn: Joran & Catherine CULP of Beamsville, 21 Sept 1898 at Beamsville  
#009212-98 (Lincoln Co): Alexander STRONG, 28, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o Samuel STRONG & Fanny MASLIN, married Alice L. SPIECE, 28, Caistor twp., same, d/o George SPIECE & Catherine S. THOMAS, witn: Charles & John THOMAS, 16 March 1898 at Caistor 9283-98 (Lincoln Co): Robert Duncan TAYLOR, 30, tailor, Scotland, Canada, s/o John & Rachel, married Ethel CHAMBERLAIN, 22, Canada, Niagara, d/o James & Mary, witn: George S. HENRY of Hamilton & Jennie FIELD of Niagara, 30 March 1898 at Niagara
009259-98 (Lincoln Co.) Edwin TAYLOR, 24, laborer, Lynedock, Wainfleet, s/o Adonijah TAYLOR & Elizabeth EASTMAN, married Hattie MOORE, 20, New York State, Wainfleet, d/o William H. MOORE & Ellen DORAN, witn - Netta B. HONEY & Augusta SELDON of Wellandport, 23 November 1898 at Wellandport 9317-98 Wesley H. TENCH, 28, factory hand, of Port Dalhousie, s/o Bartholomew & Olive, married Rosanna WOODHOUSE, 21, of Port Dalhousie, d/o Daniel & Annie, witn: W. G. MAYBEE & Mrs. J. MURRAY, 7 May 1898 at St. Catharines
009198-98 (Lincoln Co.) Charles Edward TERRYBERRY, 21, farmer, Grimsby, Clinton Twp, s/o Samuel R. TERRYBERRY & Anna Bell WALKER, married Anna KELTER, 16, Beamsville, same, d/o Hugh KELTER & Dorcas HONSBURGER, witn - Samuel R. TERRYBERRY of Clinton Twp & Hugh KELTER of Beamsville, 21 May 1898 at Beamsville 9316-98 James THOMPSON, 40, widower, lumber finisher, Youngstown US, town of Blenheim, s/o William & Annie, married Lizzie DONNAN, 26, widow, St. Catharines, same, d/o William BRYSON & Ann, witn: Jane ROGER & William M. B. KEE, both of St. Catharines, 9 May 1898 at St. Catharines
009253-98 (Lincoln Co.) Henry Edmund TICE, 22, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o William B. TICE & Elizabeth VAUGHAN, married Emily WHITMORE, 21, Gainsboro, Buffalo, d/o Charles B. WHITMORE & Barbara ENGLEHART, witn - Mr. & Mrs. Thomas TREMBLY of Gainsboro, 8 June 1898 at Gainsboro 9314-98 James Gardiner TISDALE, 24, shoe maker, Attercliffe, not given, s/o James K. TISDALE & Susan LYMBURNER, married Sarah Ann JONES, 23, Attercliffe Station, not given, d/o John JONES & Sarah Ann GILSON, witn: Jennie LYMBURNER of Thorold & Willa M. CASSIDY of St. Catharines, 27 April 1898 at St. Catharines
009199-98 (Lincoln Co.) Thomas Henry TREMBLY, 36, farmer, Grimsby, same, s/o Hiram TREMBLY & Jane CHADWICK, married Jane Elizabeth TICE, 22, Gainsboro, Clinton, d/o Wellington TICE & Anna FRALICK, witn - Edward TICE of Gainsboro & Emily Whitmore of Buffalo New York, 1 June 1898 at Beamsville  
009252-98 (Lincoln Co.) Joseph H. WALKER, 26, farmer, Grimsby, same, s/o Isaac WALKER & Amanda MUIR, married Isabella CROWN, 24, Gainsboro, same, d/o Andrew CROWN & Janet WALLACE, witn - Wallace WALKER of Beamsville & Janet WALLACE of Port Robinson, 27 April 1898 at Gainsboro 9957-99 (Lincoln Co) John Henry WALKER, 28, blacksmith, South Grimsby, Grimsby, s/o Thomas & Grace (nee LAIDLAW), married Adah Maud DURHAM, 28, South Grimsby, same, d/o William Book & Jane Elizabeth (nee BUCK), witn: John H. GIBSON & Jessie Ellen WALKER, Smithville, 20 Sep 1898 South Grimsby
#009211-98 (Lincoln Co): James E. WARNER, 30, farmer, Walpole twp., Caistor twp., s/o Erastus WARNER & Melinda LYMBURNER, married Margaret YOUNG, 24, Caistor twp., same, d/o John & Hannah, witn: Edgar WARNER & Mary YOUNG, both of Caistor, 25 Feb 1898 at Caistor 009901-1899 (Lincoln Co) Alfred G WHITWILL, 23, Farmer, Walpool (s/b Walpole?) Ont, Stoney Creek, s/o William & May WHITWILL, married Martha GRANT, 23, Caistor, Caistor Ont, d/o Thomas GRANT & Jane MILLS, witn: William GRANT of Caistor & Sarah WHITWILL of Binbrook Ont, 28 Dec 1898 at Caistor
9238-98 (Lincoln Co): Thomas Darwin WILCOX, 29, farmer, Caistor, same, s/o Ramsey & Christina Maria, married Electa FELKER, 19, Caistor, same, d/o John & Electa Merritt FELKER, witn: Louisa & Nellie GILPIN of Smithville, 4 Oct 1898 at Smithville 009334-98 (Lincoln Co.) W.S. WOOD, 26, merchant, Canada, St. Catharines, s/o James WOOD & Almeda PARNALL, married Janet HOLMAN, 25, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o John HOLMAN & Barbara OGILVIE, witn - J.E. HOLMAN of Detroit & Florence E. WOOD of St. Catharines, 28 September 1898 at St. Catharines
009346-98 (Lincoln Co.) William James WORRALL, 24, machinist, Birmingham, St. Catharines, s/o Samuel WORRALL & Sarah Ann DAVIS, married Annie Roberts TASKER, 34, St. Catharines, same, d/o Walter Sparks TASKER & Ann Miles ROBERTS, witn - John NORRIS & Caroline TASKER of St. Catharines, 5 October 1898 at St. Catharines #009213-98 (Lincoln Co): Walter J. YOUNG, 23, farmer, Caistor twp., same, s/o John YOUNG & Hannah SHEPHERD, married Hannah McDOUGALL, 23, Caistor twp., same, d/o Matthew McDOUAGLL & Frances PIETT, witn: Stanley YOUNG & Maggie McDOUGALL, both of Caistor, 4 May 1898 at Caistor