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Lincoln Co., 1899


9974-99 (Lincoln Co) John ACKERMAN, 25, miller, Buffalo, Effingham, s/o John ACKERMAN & Margaretat CROLL, married Catherine SIZELAND, 16, Baden, Winona, d/o George Henry SIZEMAN & Sarah MORLEY, witn: Margaret ACKERMAN & Sophia ACKERMAN & Bertha SAUNDERS, Louth, 29 Nov 1899 Louth 9949-99 (Lincoln Co) W. F. ALEXANDER, 24, at loan company, Ancaster, Winnipeg, s/o Matthew ALEXANDER & Mary ENGLISH, married Edith M. BEAMER, 26, Grimsby, Grimsby, d/o Andrew C. BEAMER & Susan MUIR, witn: D.A. MCARTHUR, Toronto & N. J. DICKSON, Hamilton, 29 May 1899 Grimsby
009988-99 (Lincoln Co.) Frederick Charles ALLAN, 28, labourer, England, Niagara Twp, s/o Joseph ALLAN & Mary WALKER, married Jennie MOODY, 20, England, Niagara Twp, d/o John MOODY & Jane NEWMAN, witn - William MOODY & Flora A. GOFF, both of Niagara Falls, 22 July 1899 at St. Davids 009931-1899 (Lincoln Co) James A AWREY, 25, Farmer, North Grimsby, Caistor, s/o Ebenezer AWREY & Deborah ANDERSON, married Sarah ANGLEMAN, 19, Pelham, Pelham, d/o Samuel ANGLEMAN & Rose EXKER, witn: Ida ANGLEMAN of Caistor & George JOSHLIN of S. Grimsby, 13 Sep 1899 at St. Anns Gainsboro
009890-1899 (Lincoln Co) Thomas BAKER, 22, Laborer, Thorold, Beamsville, s/o Michael BAKER & Elizabeth BURNS, married Maud COMFORT, 21, Beamsville, Beamsville, d/o Ephriam COMFORT & Margaret ZIMMERMAN, witn: George BAKER & Mabel COMFORT of Beamsville, 4 Jan 1899 at Beamsville 9973-99 (Lincoln Co) Orlan M. BEAMER, 31, farmer, Rosedine, same,  s/o Nathaniel BEAMER &  Sarah C. JAMESON, married Pheobe M. HOFFMAN, 30, of Grimsby, d/o Philip HOFFMAN & Margaret KONKLE, witn: Alva STETZINGER, Lintown? & Ellen HOFFMAN, Lintown?, 5 Oct 1899, Jordan Station
010252-1900 (Lincoln Co.) Adam E. BEAMER, 38, farmer, Gainsborough, same, s/o George A. BEAMER & Priscilla SIMMERMAN, married Mary J. LANE, 21, Gainsborough, same, d/o Leonard LANE & Alice J. COMFORT, witn: D. Hartley GRIFFIN & Theresa RAILTON, both of Wainfleet, 6 Dec 1899 at the residence of Leonard LANE Gainsborough 010357-1900 (Lincoln Co.) Peter David BECKET, 27, laborer, North Pelham, St. Catharines, s/o Restore BECKET & Mary LOYD (sic), married Nellie Irene CLARK, 20, Pelham Centre, St. Catharines, d/o Abraham CLARK & Josephine BURROWS, witn: Fred R. & Maggie PARNELL, both of St. Catharines, 13 Dec 1899 at St. Catharines
9969-99 (Lincoln Co) Frederick Barton BENNETT, 25, banker, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o Frederick BENNETT & Isabella YOUNG, married Nettie May JOHNSON, 25, Louth, Louth, d/o James B. JOHNSON & Elizabeth MCGREGOR, witn: William John MILLER, Hamilton & Laura G. MCINTYRE, London, 22 Jun 1899 Louth

009995-99 (Lincoln Co.) Charles William BISHOP, 24, merchant, Niagara, same, s/o Robert BISHOP & Jennet LANG, married Julia Ann BALL, 25, Niagara, same, d/o Albert BALL & Fanny GORING, witn - John HARTLEY & Anna BISHOP, both of Niagara, 28 November 1899 at Niagara

009925-1899 (Lincoln Co) William H BOOKER, 30, Farmer, Rainham, Moulton, Widower, s/o Thomas BOOKER & Alfena DELESKA, married Louisa DOLAN, 31, Townsend Tp, Wainfleet, Widow, d/o Michael CRYSLER & Rebecca DENT, witn: Margaret CRYSLER & Leeman CRYSLER of Gainsboro, 20 Sep 1899 at Gainsboro 009898-1899 (Lincoln Co) Jacob Arthur BOWMAN, 30, Farmer, Gainsboro, Tp of Gainsboro, Widower, s/o Simeon BOWMAN & Merilda LANES, married Lillie Ann SMITH, 18, Gainsboro, Caistor Tp, d/o James SMITH & Eliza J BOWMAN, witn: D R McKENZIE of Toronto & Mrs. H CALDWELL of Abingdon, 9 Jan 1899 at Caistor
9970-99 (Lincoln Co) Charles Jacob BROBAKER (Brubaker?), 41, clerk, Halifax PA, same,  s/o Henry  BROBAKER & Margaret J. SHANNON, married Zillah Esmaralda CHURCH, 18,  Jordan Station, same, d/o Andrew CHURCH & Clara CRITTEN?, witn: Abraham HECKADON?, Jordan & Maggie E. BARKER, Jordan Station, 6 Sept 1899 Jordan Station 9966-99 (Lincoln Co) George B BROWN, 39, mechanic, Yorkshire England, Merritton, s/o Thomas & Ann BROWN, married Eliza M. MCPHERSON, 38, wid, Clinton twp, Louth, d/o David & Ann BROWN, witn: Ann NARDIN, Moulton & Agnes HARTLY, Merritton, 23 Mar 1899 Louth
9916-99 (Lincoln Co) Joseph BURKHOLDER, 25, farmer, Pickering, Pickering s/o David & Susann BURKHOLDER, married Edith GAYMAN, 21, Pickering, Vineland, d/o John & Sarah GAYMAN, witn: Harvey GAYMAN, Vineland & Sarah BURKHOLDER, Pickering, 18 May 1899 Vineland 010010-99 (Lincoln Co.) Alexander CAMPBELL, 35, tailor, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Arch CAMPBELL & Elizabeth WILSON, married Ellen NICHOLSON, 25, England, St. Catharines, d/o Henry NICHOLSON & Matilda CORT, witn - Mabel S. NICHOLSON & William J. VICKERS, both of St. Catharines, 28 July 1899 at St. Catharines
009422-99 (Lincoln Co.) Fred C. CARR, 27, blacksmith, Villa Nova, Jordan Station, s/o Peter CARR & Esther CLINE, married Mary STOUCK, 27, Bismarck, St. Catharines, d/o Henry STOUCK & Elizabeth BECKER, witn - Annie STOUCK & John TAYLOR, both of St. Anns, 26 April 1899 at St. Anns 009999-99 (Lincoln Co.) Francis William CLARK, 31, cooper, London England, St. Catharines, s/o Joseph Mowle CLARK & Sarah Ann TUPMAN (Tripman?), married Elizabeth TICKELL, 28, London England, St. Catharines, parents unknown, witn - Samuel & Agnes CANUTE of St. Catharines, 5 January 1899 at St. Catharines
9975-99 (Lincoln Co) Melvin William COMFORT, 24, farmer, Clinton, same, s/o Ephraim COMFORT & Margaret SIMMERMAN, married Martha DEAN, 30, Clinton, same, d/o Andrew DEAN & Mary Jane PATTERSON, witn: Henry & Ada DEAN, Clinton, 20 Dec 1899 Jordan Station 9953-99 (Lincoln Co) William CROUCH, 25, wid, fruit grower, Wimbledon England, North Grimsby, s/o Edmund James CROUCH & Sophia WEAVER, married Mary Bertha SNYDER, 25, North Grimsby, same, d/o Thomas SNYDER & Mary Jane DUNN, witn: Ernest Alford LEWIS, Toronto & Annie CHELAND, Carlisle, 16 Nov 1899 North Grimsby
  9971-99 (Lincoln Co) Edward CULP, 31, blacksmith, of St Catharines, s/o William CULP & Matilda RICE, married Mary Ann MOORE, 32, of St Catharines, d/o William James & Mary Gray STEPHENS, witn: Leon RICE & Florence WOOD, St Catharines, 19 Oct 1899 Louth
009893-1899 (Lincoln Co) Arthur CULP, 22, Farmer, Tp Clinton, Tp Clinton, s/o Aaron CULP & Jane JAMES, married Millie TUFFORD, 19, Tp Clinton, Tp Clinton, d/o Isaiah TUFFORD & Matilda BOOK, witn: Mahlon & Belle TUFFORD of Beamsville, 15 Feb 1899 at Beamsville 009930-1899 (Lincoln Co) George Arthur DAVIDSON, 27, Thresher, Humberston, Wainfleet, s/o George DAVIDSON & Elizabeth CLOW, married Jane Amanda GREY, 34, Caistor, Pelham, d/o John GREY & Martha MURDOC, witn: Matthew & Hilda C CROWN of Gainsboro, 3 Dec 1899 at Gainsboro
010000-99 (Lincoln Co.) John DAVIS, 24, carpenter, St. Catharines, same, s/o Thomas Andrew DAVIS & Bridget McREARY, married Helen Maud RODDY, 21, St. Davids, residence not given, d/o James Bernard RODDY & Catharine ARMSTRONG, witn - Willa M. & Mary F. CASSIDY of St. Catharines, 11 January 1899 at St. Catharines 009937-99 (Lincoln Co.) Charles G. DEAN, 32, farmer, Grantham, same, s/o George C. & Annie, married Jennie VAN CAMP, 21, England, Grantham, d/o Gidder & Eliza, witn - G.S. WOOD of St. Catharines & Julia VAN CAMP of Guelph, 1 November 1899 at the residence of John ARBOTHNOTT, city not given
009979-99 (Lincoln Co.) James DELL, 24, flour packer, Merritton, same, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Kate BRADLEY, 18, Merritton, same, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn - William FISHER & Nellie BRADLEY, both of Merritton, 3 October 1899 at Merritton 010005-99 (Lincoln Co.) Daniel B. DETWILER, 38, manufacturer, widower, Roseville, Berlin, s/o Enoch & Abigail, married Arah Adelaide MOYER, 30, Campden, St. Catharines, d/o Tilman S. & Elizabeth, witn - D.W. & Arminta PARR of Tintern, 25 May 1899 at St. Catharines
009933-99 (Lincoln Co.) William H. DIXON, 25, farmer, Thorold Twp, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Jennie CARROLL, 25, U.S., Grantham Twp., d/o S. & Margaret, witn - W.A. WARNER & Sarah MOFFETT, both of Merritton, 14 June 1899 at Homer 10300-00 (Lincoln Co) Albert DOBRINDT?, 20, farmer, Ontario, Louth s/o John DOBRINDT, married Nellie Pearl MCKENZIE, 20, Ontario, Louth, d/o Alexander MCKENZIE, witn: Henry T. & Almeda MCKENZIE, Louth, 25 Dec 1899 Louth
9910-99 (Lincoln Co) Frederick ECKHARDT, 23, farmer, Clinton, Clinton, s/o George & Annie (nee OVERHOLT), married Alanda CLAUS, 24, Clinton, Clinton, d/o Ira & Catherine (nee HAIST), witn: Albert MOYER & Clara CLAUS, Clinton, 22 Feb 1899 Clinton 9952-99 (Lincoln Co) Robert O. FARRELL, 25, teamster, North Grimsby, same, s/o James FARRELL & Caroline MITCHEL, married Mabel Gertrude HAMILTON, 20, Bobcaygeon, Grimsby, d/o John & Eliza HAMILTON witn: James & Sarah A. FARRELL, Grimsby, 7 Nov 1899 North Grimsby
9959-99 (Lincoln Co) Jacob FISHER, 36, wid, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o Jacob & Annie M. (nee SMITH), married Annie A. MCPHERSON, 37, wid, Gainsboro, same, d/o Henry G. MCCAFFERY & Rebecca M. (nee LYNBURNER?), witn: John S. & Nettie GILPEN, Smithville, 1 Mar 1899 South Grimsby 010317-1900 (Lincoln Co.) Hamilton FOREST, 23, traveling agent, Chicago Ill, Montreal, s/o James FOREST & Emelia WALLER, married Mary J. BROWN, 19, Montreal, St. Catharines, d/o Thomas BROWN & Eliza JONES, witn: J. G. NORTON & Helen CORCORAN, both of St. Catharines, 27 Dec 1899 at Merritton. (Rom Cath)
  009895-1899 (Lincoln Co) W Wallace FOWLER, 27, Salesman, Eastwood, Niagara Falls NY, s/o James FOWLER & Melissa AIKENS, married Laura E BARKER, 27 Beamsville, Beamsville, d/o William BARKER & Augusta PRICE, witn: Nellie FOWLER & Judson BARKER of Beamsville, 5 Apr 1899 at Beamsville
9945-99 (Lincoln Co) N.A. FURRY, 21, farmer, Ontario, Saltfleet, s/o Silas & Amanda married Laura JACOBS, 18, Ontario, Winona, d/o Daniel & Delana, witn: Ira S. JACOBS, Winona & Alice M. JACOBS, Grassie Corner, 22 Nov 1899 Grimsby

009980-99 (Lincoln Co.) George GALBRAITH, 33, pattern maker, Thorold, Rochester NY, s/o George & Eliza, married Lizzie ALBRIGHT, 32, Camden, Merritton, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth, witn- Herbert S. GREENWOOD & Alice MEARS, both of Merritton, 10 October 1899 at Merritton

9954-99 (Lincoln Co) William Ferguson GEDDES, 33, fruit grower, Cayuga, Saltfleet, s/o Isaac GEDDES & Agnes FERGUSON, married Dora Evelyn SMITH, 26, North Grimsby, same, d/o George SMITH & Sarah Catherine WILSON, witn: James GEDDES, Chicago & D. Ruby SMITH, North Grimsby, 21 Dec 1899 North Grimsby 009983-99 (Lincoln Co.) William GRIMM, 26, cigar maker, St. Catharines, same, s/o Frederick & Mary, married Delsie GENDRON, 26, Arden, St. Catharines, d/o Joseph GENDRON & Mary CLARK, witn - Fred HENRY & Georgania GENDRON, both of St. Catharines, 11 July 1899 at Merritton
009894-1899 (Lincoln Co) Moses HAIST, 27, Farmer, Tp Clinton, Tp Clinton, s/o John HAIST & Elizabeth SCLEIGH, married Eliza Algaretta LIND, 23, Tp Clinton, Tp Clinton, d/o Thomas LIND & Mary Elizabeth STEWART, witn: Jacob LIND & Alberta STEWART of Tp of Clinton, 22 Feb 1899 at Beamsville 9967-99 (Lincoln Co) Curtis B. HAYNES, 31, farmer, Louth, Louth, s/o John S. HAYNES & Angelina BIBLE, married Mary Eleanor BEAMER, 26, Louth, Louth, d/o Orlando BEAMER & Caroline TEETER, witn: Archibald HENDERSHOT & Annie BEAMER, St Catherines, 7 Jun 1899 Louth
009897-99 (Lincoln Co.) Francis Bond HEAD, 34, farmer, Galt, Beverly Twp, s/o Thomas & Agnes A., married Ella Lavina PHILP, 17, Waterloo, Beamsville, d/o Arthur C. PHILP & Thirsa HILL, witn - Arthur C. & Edith PHILP of Beamsville, 14 November 1899 at Beamsville  
#010008-99 (Lincoln Co): Isaac E. HILL, 26, farmer, Grimsby twp, not given, s/o Tilman HILL & Jane DOULY, married, Gustay M. KLOY, 20, St Catharines, not given, d/o, Charles KLOY & Mary PETER, witn: Willa M. CASSIDY & Mary A. SAUNBY, both of St Catharines, 7 Feb 1899, at St Catharines 9944-99 (Lincoln Co) George HOPKINS, 27, railway trackman, Ontario, Grassie Corner, s/o Richard HOPKINS & Margaret MURPHY, married Alice Grace PENFOLD, 23, Ontario, Grassie Corner, d/o Noah HOPKINS & M.A. BURT, witn: Walter HOPKINS, Grassie Corner & Eliua ALTHOUSE, Tweedside, 11 Oct 1899 Grimsby
010001-99 (Lincoln Co.) Rowland Oscar HOWSER, 26, machinist, Niagara Twp, Toronto, s/o Esau HIEBE & Loretta LIETZ, married Caroline E. SHERWOOD, 28, clerk in store, St. Catharines, same, d/o Charles SHERWOOD & E.E. ANDREWS, witn - George SHERWOOD & Electa HOWSER, both of St. Catharines, 11 January 1899 at St. Catharines 009896-99 (Lincoln Co.) William Franklin HURST, 27, farmer, Grimsby Twp, same, s/o Richard Alfred HURST & Elizabeth Catharine BELL, married Margaret REEVES, 27, Harriston, Grimsby Twp, d/o George Edward REEVES & Margaret MCDOUGALL, witn - C.W. & Mrs. D.C. MACINTYRE of Beamsville, 19 July 1899 at Beamsville
009987-99 (Lincoln Co.) Charles Austin HUTCHINSON, 25, farmer, Niagara Twp, same, s/o James HUTCHINSON & Matilda BEGGS, married Annie May BROOKER, 21, Grantham Twp, Niagara Twp, d/o William BROOKER & Amanda HODGKINSON, witn - Charles W. BISHOP & Julia BALL, both of Niagara, 5 July 1899 at St. Davids 009934-99 (Lincoln Co.) Edward INWOOD, 25, telegrapher, birthplace not given, Merritton, s/o William INWOOD & Emma BOWLER, married Minnie WILSON, 19, Grantham, same, d/o George B. WILSON & Adeline HARRIS, witn - Albert WILSON & Miss NICHOLLS, residences not given, 6 September 1899 at residence of bride's father, city not given
009941-99 (Lincoln Co.) Archibald JOHNSON, 20, farmer, Indian Reserve Haldimand Co., N. Grimsby, s/o Arthur & Julia, married Margaret May HILL, 19, Indian Reserve Haldimand Co., N. Grimsby, d/o John & Lydia, witn - N.M. & Eliza GROUT of Grimsby, 14 June 1899 at Grimsby 9912-99 (Lincoln Co) Charles Jacob JULKE?, 21, farmer, South Grimsby, Clinton, s/o William & Caroline (nee MAUKE?), married Mahatabel ECKER, 19, Clinton, Clinton, d/o John & Susanna (nee OVERHOLT), witn: Albert A. & Emma SENCKE?, Smithville, 15 Feb 1899 Campden
009927-1899 (Lincoln Co) Judson Wesley KELLENBAUGH, 25, Farmer, Pelham Tp, Pelham Tp, s/o Leonard DELLINBAUGH & Agatha HAIST, married Nellie MOOT, 21, Gainsboro, Gainsboro, d/o Robert MOOT & Lena HIPPLE, witn: Oscar Wesley HAIST of Pelham & Florence SCHRAM of Gainsboro, 11 Oct 1899 at Robert Moot’s residence. 9950-99 (Lincoln Co) Frederick C. KENNEDY, 21, salesman, Napanee, Toronto, s/o Edward & Louise KENNEDY, married Ethyl M. WOODS, 19, Brantford, Toronto, d/o William & Minnie WOODS, witn: Mary N. CREWS, St Thomas, 3 Aug 1899 Grimsby Park
  009994-99 (Lincoln Co.) William Henry KEYSER, 51, merchant, widower, U.S., Philadelphia, parents unknown - adopted, married Laura Elizabeth SERVOS, 23, Niagara Twp, same, d/o Jacob SERVOS & (no given name) HOSTETLER, witn - Harry K. CAREY, M.D., of Philadelphia & Stella SERVOS of Niagara Twp, 10 October 1899 at Niagara
10301-00 (Lincoln Co) George William KRATZ, 33, fruit grower, Ontario, Louth, s/o W. F. & Mary Jane (nee CLINE), married Saloma CULP, 32, Ontario, St Catherines, d/o Isaac R. & May A. (nee ABBS), witn: James F. REID & Olive A. KRATZ, Jordan Station, 20 Dec 1899 Jordan Station 009423-99 (Lincoln Co.) Frederick KUMMER, 37, farmer, widower, Germany, Moulton, s/o Leonard KUMMER & Minnie JESKE, married Amanda BROOKS, 34, widow, Moulton, same, d/o Robert JONES & Sarah ECKER, witn - Metta B. HONEY & Augusta SELDON, both of Wellandport, 10 May 1899 at Wellandport
009900-1899 (Lincoln Co) John Moote LANE, 25, Farmer, Gainsboro, Tp of Gainsboro, s/o Lenard LANE & Alice COMFORT, married Edith RAILTON, 24, Caistor, Caistor, d/o James RAILTON & Lydia SNYDER, witn: William B McCAFFREY & Mary Jane LANE of Gainsboro, 11 Jan 1899 at Caistor 009926-1899 (Lincoln Co) John Albert LANE, 21, Farmer, Gainsboro, Gainsboro, s/o Clark LANE & Lorenda DILTS, married Elizabeth Alberta NELSON, 20, Gainsboro, Gainsboro, d/o Isaac NELSON & Abigail McPHERSON, witn: Arthur NELSON & Nellie McPHERSON of Gainsboro, 12 Oct 1899 at Gainsboro

009992-99 (Lincoln Co.) Harvey Hiram LEETE, 36, painter, Verona NY, same, s/o Robert, married Sarah Elizabeth PARDY, 37, widow, U.S., Verona NY, d/o George & Sarah BACKUS, witn - Edward OMELIA & Louie V. CORNISH, both of Niagara, 15 May 1899 at Niagara

009908-99 (Lincoln Co.) Oliver M. LYMBURNER, 21, farmer, Caistor, same, s/o George LYMBURNER & Margaret BROOKS, married Carrie NEVILLS, 18, Caistor, same, d/o Abraham NEVILLS & Meloah PARKER, witn - Anderson ASHER & Emma J. SILVERTHORN, both of Caistor, 27 December 1899 at Caistor
9951-99 (Lincoln Co) James M. MARLOW, 38, farmer, Queenston, Grimsby, s/o Peter & Mary MARLOW, married Sarah Adelaide KEMP, 24, North Grimsby, same, d/o Thomas & Adelaide KEMP, witn: Walter RIDDEFORD, Grimsby & Annie KEMP, N Grimsby, 20 Sep 1899 North Grimsby 009903-1899 (Lincoln Co) Rhinaldo E MARSHALL, 26, Farmer, Caistor, Caistor, s/o Israel MARSHALL & Mary MEIRTT (MERRITT ?), married Mary PACKHAM, 24, Caistor, Caistor, d/o Chas. W PACKHAM & Elizabeth GILLESPIE, witn: Alpheus MARSHALL & Ell??but MERRITT of Caistor, 15 Mar 1899 at Caistor
10302-00 (Lincoln Co) Joseph Ohio MARTIN, 29, farmer, Ontario, Clinton, s/o Joseph & Flora (nee HUNTSMAN), married Celia Ann BOOK, no age given, Ontario, Louth, d/o Daniel & Mary J.(nee PYSHIR?), witn: Laura PYSHIR?, S. Grimsby & Ora TALLMAN, Pelham, 13 Oct 1899 Louth 009907-99 (Lincoln Co.) Ansley MCGRAW, 42, mining superintendent, widower, Paisley Ont, B.C., s/o John & Isabella, married Ada Margaret KILLINS, 32, school teacher, Caistor, same, d/o John KILLINS & Annie BUCHANAN, witn - Robert J. KILLINS of Caistor & Lottie M. JOLLEY of Toronto, 22 November 1899 at Caistor
9960-99 (Lincoln Co) John Wesley MERITHEW, 23, laborer, Saltfleet, S. Grimsby s/o George & Mary Jane MERITHEW, married Sarah Ann ELLIS, 22, London England, N. Grimsby, d/o Matthew & Mary ELLIS, witn: Frederick J. FYDELL?, Smithville & Ethel L. DUNCAN, Lycoming, 18 Jul 1899 Smithville 9915-99 (Lincoln Co) Norman S METZ, 24, farmer, Louth, Louth, s/o Jacob & Lena METZ, married Sarah CULP, 21, Clinton, Clinton, d/o Isaac G & Matilda CULP, witn:Clayton CULP, Vineland & Arminta? METZ, Jordan Center, 7 Jun 1899, Clinton
009935-99 (Lincoln Co.) Franklin MICHINER (Michener?), 24, butcher, Clinton Twp, St. Catharines, s/o Jacob MICHINER & Eliza C. PATTERSON, married Mabel A. MONEYPENNY, 19, Grantham Twp, St. Catharines, d/o David MONEYPENNY & Emma PATTERSON, witn - Roy A. BLAIN & Allie MICHINER, both of Clinton Twp, 24 September 1899 at Grantham Twp  
9943-99 (Lincoln Co) Curtis Elgier MILLER, 22, farmer, Ontario, Grimsby Park, s/o Henry MILLER & Margaret NAERGATH, married Elena (Elma?) KENNEDY, 26, Ontario, Grimsby Park, d/o Hiram KENNEDY & Deborah COON, witn: George VANDUGAS (Vanduzen?) & Eunice FERGUSON, Grimsby, 27 Sept 1899 Grimsby 9947-99 (Lincoln Co) William P. MILLWARD, 21, photographer, Ontario, Grimsby, s/o W. P. & Charlotte A., married Florence B. WISENER (Wismer?), 22, Ontario, Grimsby, d/o Soloman & Susan, witn: Esther SMITH & Della M. WISENER, Grimsby, 6 Dec 1899 Grimsby
9963-99 (Lincoln Co) John Wesley MINGLE, 22, farmer, Gainsboro, Gainsboro, s/o William & Mary (nee HILTS), married Anna Maria HOFFMAN, 18, Gainsboro, Gainsboro, d/o Jacob & Rebecca (nee WILCOX), witn: Jane FYDELL & Bertha HOUSE, Smithville, 15 Nov 1899 Smithville

009986-99 (Lincoln Co.) Frederick MITTLEFEHLDT, 30, school teacher, Canada, Niagara Twp, s/o Frederick MITTLEFEHLDT & Catharine ZUMSTEIN, married Ada Alida LEE, 20, Canada, Niagara Twp, d/o William H. LEE & Emma MISENER, witn - Frank MITTLEFEHLDT (residence illegible) & Maggie FERRY of Virgil, 5 July 1899 at Virgil

  9946-99 (Lincoln Co) Delmar NELSON, 28, farmer, Ontario, Saltfleet, s/o N. & Lydia married Edith JACOBS, 19, Ontario, Winona, d/o Daniel & Delana, witn: Harry GREEN?, Smithville, & Edna JACOBS, Winona, 22 Nov 1899 Grimsby
#010002-99 (Lincoln Co): Thomas. Maitland NULLAR, 29, farmer, Grantham twp, same, s/o, Thomas & Helen NULLAR, married, Edith Rosland BERNARD, 28, Richmond Hill, Niagara-on-the-Lake, d/o, John Goodwin Russell & Catharine BERNARD, witn: Fredric Avanda TUCKER of Omaha, Neb, & Arthur Llewllyn WOODS, of Niagara, 5 Jan 1899, at St Catharines 9917-99 (Lincoln Co) William H. NUNNAMAKER, 29, carpenter, Jordan Station, same, s/o John & Elizabeth (nee CLIVE), married Mary E. ROGERS, 23, Ingersoll, Beamsville, d/o Abram G. & Eliza (nee MONTGOMERY), witn: Willett FORESTER, St Catherines & Nellie BALISTER, New York, Buffalo, 30 Aug 1899 Beamsville
009904-1899 (Lincoln Co) Frederick C PACKHAM, 21, Farmer, Caistor, Binbrook Ont, s/o John PACKHAM & Mary Ann GRANT, married Rosabelle TWEEDLE, 19, Caistor, Caistor, d/o John TWEEDLE & Mary E THOMAS, witn: Emery B TWEEDLE & Bertie J PACKHAM of Abingdon, 19 Apr 1899 at Caistor 9964-99 (Lincoln Co) Lewis A. PARNELL, 26, farmer, Grantham, Grantham, s/o Sydney PARNELL & Maggie COOK, married Elsie Margaret WISMER, 25, Louth, Louth, d/o Alfred WISMER & Barbary MOYER, witn: Clara WISMER, St Catherines & George PARNELL, Grantham, 12 Jan 1899 Louth
009909-99 (Lincoln Co.) Parmer PATTERSON, 26, farmer, Caistor, same, s/o Andrew PATTERSON & Sarah J. WILCOX, married Edith Alberta HOOVER, 22, Seneca Twp, Caistor, d/o Franklin HOOVER & Eliza J. ELLIOTT, witn - George W. ROY of Caistorville & Annie M. SPRINGSTED of Caistor, 28 November 1899 at Caistor 9972-99 (Lincoln Co) Walter PRIESTMAN, 27, clerk, Toronto, Buffalo, s/o Joseph PRIESTMAN & Salli A SCOTT, married Mary E. PRICE, 20, of Jordan Station, d/o Soloman PRICE & Flora WALROTH, witn: Arthur PRIESTMAN, Buffalo & Birdie MYERS, Jordan Station, 3 Oct 1899 Jordan Station
#010009-99 (Lincoln Co): Augustus S. PROTZ, 22, tailor, Niagara Falls, St Catharines, b, s/o, A. & F. PROTZ, married, Mable L. PRESCOTT, 18, London England, St Catharines, s, d/o, William & E. PRESCOTT, witn: M. L. WASHINGTON & Thomas HAWKINS, both of St. Catharines, 19 Feb 1899, at St Catharines 009905-1899 (Lincoln Co) James Wesley RIDGE, 27, Farmer Binbrook, Binbrook Ont, s/o John RIDGE & Mary A BODEN, married Martha Ann BUSH, 22, Caistor, Caistor, d/o Charles BUSH & Mary E McKINNELL, witn: Charles E RIDGE of Binbrook & Clara E Piett of Stoney Creek, 24 May 1899 at Caistor
009902-1899 (Lincoln Co) John Daniel RIPLEY, 28, Mechanic, Caistor, Caistor, Widower, s/o Thomas RIPLEY & Esther THOMAS, married Hattie MAYHEW, 30, Saltfleet, Saltfleet, d/o John MAYHEW & Elizabeth PACKHAM, witn: Alfred MAYHEW & Lydia M MAYHEW of Caistor, 14 Feb 1899 at Caistor 009940-99 (Lincoln Co.) Fred Abraham ROSEBURGH, M.D., 31, physician, Hamilton, same, s/o J.W. ROSEBURGH, M.D., & Mary E., married Mary L. PALMER, 24, Grimsby, same, d/o E.J. & Emma, witn - Charles E. BURNS of Toronto & Florence G. WOOLVERTON of Grimsby, 25 May 1899 at Grimsby
9958-99 (Lincoln Co) Omar Oscar ROSZEL, 26, farmer, Gainsboro, same, s/o Abraham & Elizabeth A. (nee CULP), married Elma Maria SPECK, 20, Gainsboro, same, d/o Henry William & Susannah (nee MARLETT), witn: Arthur BARTLETT, Abington & Fannie SPECK, Smithville, 25 Jan 1899 South Grimsby 9919-99 (Lincoln Co) James Tudor ROUP?, 33, undertaker, Clinton, Fonthill, s/o John & Lucille (nee COMFERT), married Lily May BROOKS, 20, Cauderville?, same, d/o William & Emma (nee ROBINS), witn: M. A. HORTON, Wellandport & A. B. SIMMERMAN, Glendale, 25 Oct 1899 Lintern?
09938-99 (Lincoln Co.) Sylvester F. RUSS, 20, farmer, Beamsville, same, s/o John N. & Annie, married Lillian O. HEWITT, 23, Oshawa, Grimsby, d/o James A. & Alice, witn - A.C. GOODWIN & Lottie HEWITT, both of Grimsby, 18 January 1899 at Grimsby 010004-99 (Lincoln Co.) Thomas Elijah RYCKMAN, 31, farmer, Canada, Beamsville, s/o Elijah RYCKMAN & Elizabeth WARDELL, married Sarah Loretta PANTER, 20, Canada, Beamsville, d/o Edgar PANTER & Delila HONSBERGER, witn - R.E. SMYTHE of St. Catharines & M.M. SMYTHE of Cleveland OH, 8 January 1899 at St. Catharines
009936-99 (Lincoln Co.) George W. SCHMIDT, 23, farmer, Grantham, same, s/o Leonard & Dora, married Beatrice L. DURHAM, 21, Grantham, same, d/o John & Annie, witn - Hilliard DURHAM of Grantham & Maggie FERRY of Virgil, 25 October 1899 at residence of bride's father, city not given 9913-99 (Lincoln Co) Harvey SEVENPIPER, 23, farmer, Campden, Campden, s/o David & Sarah (nee HIGH), married Louise MOOTE, 22, New York City, Campden, adopted d/o Eugena COLLINS, witn: S. H. MOYER & Florence NASH, Campden, 3 Apr 1899 Campden
009939-99 (Lincoln Co.) Joshua G. SHERTON, 25, farmer, Caistor, same, s/o Charles SHERTON & Mary Ann ZARTER, married Emma A. IRVINE, 20, S. Grimsby, same, d/o Edward IRVINE & Martha Augusta MERRITT, witn - Arthur WALKER & Stella IRVINE, both of S. Grimsby, 24 May 1899 at S. Grimsby 009421-99 (Lincoln Co.) Elliott G. SHRINER, 26, farmer, N. Pelham, same, s/o Barnett C. SHRINER & Eliza A. VAUGHAN, married Rosetta J. HUNSBURGER, 29, Dunn Twp, Gainsborough, d/o Henry HUNSBURGER & Mary MARTIN, witn - Robert & Adeline ZUMSTEIN of Elcho, 15 February 1899 at Elcho
009984-99 (Lincoln Co.) Frances SLADE, 26, farmer, Grantham, same, s/o Michael & Kathleen, married Harriett DELANEY, 37, Prescott, St. Catharines, d/o Robert & Mary A., witn - William MELVILLE of St. Catharines & Mrs. John PRISTELL of Grantham, 2 August 1899 at Merritton 9911-99 (Lincoln Co) Charles Morris SUMNER, 22, fruit grower, Louth, Vineland, s/o Cyrus & Elizabeth (nee SWEENEY), married Anna Maud OVERHOLT, 18, Louth, Louth, d/o Solomon & Alica OVERHOLT, witn: Mrs Samuel GOUDIE & Ada BISSELL, Vineland 22 Mar 1899 Vineland
9961-99 (Lincoln Co) Samuel SWEET, 71, wid, farmer, Saltfleet, S. Grimsby, s/o Leighton & Martha (nee LEE), married Cornelia HOOVER, 67, wid, illegible birth place, S. Grimsby, d/o Darius TRAVIS & Charity (nee KENNEDY), witn: Jane FYDELL & Emma G. WARDELL, Smithville, 25 Oct, 1899 South Grimsby 009932-1899 (Lincoln Co) John E TAYLOR, 24, Farmer, Gainsboro, Gainsboro, s/o Israel Taylor & Azuba SNYDER, married Annie STOUCK, 20 Gainsboro, Gainsboro, d/o not known & Elizabeth STOUCK, witn: Charles TAYLOR & Carrie TAYLOR of Gainsboro, 27 Sep 1899 at St. Anns Gainsboro
009942-99 (Lincoln Co.) Jesse LaGrande THOMPSON, 25, printer, New York, Buffalo NY, s/o G.W. & Mary L., married Louisa HOUGH, 25, Wellandport, Buffalo NY, d/o Horace & Jane, witn - John W. OSWALD & Carrie HOUGH, both of Grimsby, 19 June 1899 at Grimsby 9968-99 (Lincoln Co) John W. THOMPSON, 25, farmer, Grimsby, Pelham Centre, s/o D. J. & Lydia THOMPSON, married Clara HIGH, no age, Louth, Louth, d/o D. K. HIGH & Nancy MOYER, witn: John MAWBERRY, Marshville & Anna R. FOY, Jordan Center, 26 Apr 1899 Louth
  009928-1899 (Lincoln Co) William C TOWNSEND, 37, Farmer, (not given), Middleton Tp, Widower, s/o Charles TOWNSEND & Eilnor HERBERT, married Leona E ROBINS, 27, (not given), Gainsboro, d/o Gorge ROBINS & Martha J LAMBERT, witn: Charles & Jennie ROBINS of Gainsboro, 16 Oct 1899 at Gainsboro
9962-99 (Lincoln Co) Frances Henry TRIMBLE, 33, farmer, Binbrook, Binbrook, s/o Frances Henry & Ann Eliza (nee PERDUE), married Clara Bell PARK, 35, Seneca, South Grimsby, d/o Peter E. & Alice (nee KING), witn: Albert W. BLAXILL?, Abington & Amelia TRIMBLE, Blackheath, 25 Oct 1899 South Grimsby 009989-99 (Lincoln Co.) Salem N. VANEVERY, 56, farmer, widower, Grantham, Ridgeville, s/o William VANEVERY & Elizabeth BESSEY, married Helena MIDDAUGH, 45, Stamford, St. Davids, d/o Smith MIDDAUGH & Eliza HUTT, witn - J.L. MIDDAUGH of Kingsville & Thomas LAMPMAN of Thorold, 25 October 1899 at Niagara Twp
009929-1899 (Lincoln Co) Karl VAN KEUREN, 19, Farmer, (not on card), Moulton Tp, s/o George VAN KEUREN & Annie HARRIS, married Maud V BARKER, 20, (not on card), Alphena City N.S., d/o John BARKER & Jennie MORSELY, witn: Joanna GRANDY & Augusta SELDON of Wellandport, 4 Nov 1899 at Wellandport 009993-99 (Lincoln Co.) Arthur WARD, 36, painter and paper hanger, widower, Lincoln England, Niagara, s/o Tom Barton WARD & Lucy SMITH, married Ada May BAYLEY, 19, Forest, Niagara, d/o George M. BAYLEY & Hannah GAMMON, witn - Mrs. George LOUNDS & Miss Ida PATTERSON, both of Niagara, 15 September 1899 at Niagara
009981-99 (Lincoln Co.) William A. WARNER, 24, paper maker, Niagara Twp, Merritton, s/o Robert & Eliza, married Sarah MOFFATT, 26, Merritton, same, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn - Samuel & Maria MOFFATT of Merritton, 26 October 1899 at Merritton 009906-99 (Lincoln Co.) Courtland M. WHITE, 20, farmer, Caistor, same, s/o William H. WHITE & Matilda A. BRIDGMAN, married Mahala MAYHEW, 18, Caistor, same, d/o John MAYHEW & Elizabeth A. PACKHAM, witn - Alfred MAYHEW of Caistor & Eliza Jane MAYHEW of Hamilton, 11 October 1899 at Caistor
10273-00 (Lincoln Co) Arthur Robert WHITLAW, 26, fruit grower, Ontario, N. Grimsby, s/o Robert & Frances WHITLAW, married Vida Rosa----? ALLEN, 24, Ontario, Grimsby, d/o David F. & Jane ALLEN, witn: Henry G. RHODES & Dorothy ALLEN, Grimsby, 30 Nov 1899 Grimsby 10287-00 (Lincoln Co) Robert WILLIAMS, 25, farmer, Ontario, Saltfleet, s/o Samuel & Jane (nee WILSON), married Rachel C. PARKER, 24, Ontario, S. Grimsby, d/o Alanson G. & Nancy A. (nee SWICK), witn: Sidney J. HOWES, Oakville & E. J. WILLIAMS, Saltfleet, 15 Dec 1899 S. Grimsby
009982-99 (Lincoln Co.) John WILLS, 22, labourer, Merritton, same, s/o William & Margaret, married Alice M. CHANNELL, 26, Merritton, same, d/o John & Mary, witn - Thomas Charles WRIGHT of Dundas & Berth CHANNELL of Merritton, 8 November 1899 at Merritton 009990-99 (Lincoln Co.) Frank B. WILSON, 25, farmer, Virgil, Grantham Twp, s/o Thomas W. & Hulda, married Effie Maria TAY, 21, Grantham Twp, Niagara Twp, d/o Henry & Lydia, witn - Henry BOGARDUS of Grantham Twp & Bertie TAY of Virgil, 8 November 1899 at Niagara Twp
9918-99 (Lincoln Co) Archie WISMER, 24, farmer, Louth, Louth, s/o Freeman & Mary WISMER, married Sarah Ann MOYER, 24, Clinton, St Catherines, d/o William & Margaret MOYER, witn: Harper MOYER, Clinton & Hattie WISMER, Louth, 18 Oct 1899 Vineland #010011-99 (Lincoln Co): Lorenzo W. W. WOODRUFF, 28, gardener, Pickering twp, Grantham, s/o, Lorne WOODRUFF & Destimona CORNELL, married Mildred May PRICE, 16 , St Catharines, same, d/o, William E. PRICE & Samantha J. McCOMB, witn: Edgar B. Price of St Catharines & Mary Louisa PRICE of Grantham, 1 Mar 1899, at St Catharines
010003-99 (Lincoln Co.) Arthur Llewllyn WOODS, 23, farmer, Deal Kent England, Niagara, s/o Henry C. & Elizabeth, married Emily Maud GRIFFITH, 19, Toronto, Niagara-on-the-Lake, d/o Frederic David & Octavia Maud, witn - Fredrick Avanda TUCKER of Omaha Nebraska & Thomas Maitland HULLAR of Grantham, 5 January 1899 at St. Catharines 009978-99 (Lincoln Co.) James WRIGHT, 29, loom fixer, Hastings, Dundas, s/o James & Dorthy, married Edith RAPSEY, 26, St. Catharines, Merritton, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn - Thomas C. WRIGHT of Dundas & Alice Maude RAPSEY of Merritton, 16 September 1899 at Merritton
9914-99 (Lincoln Co) William Metz YOST, 25, baker, Pennsylvania, Bedminister s/o Edward S & Lucinda YOST, married Martha METZ, 25, Louth, Campden, d/o Henry & Anna METZ, witn: Sylvester Kratz & Sarah Metz, Campden, 28 Jun 1899 Campden