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Lennox & Addington Co., 1904


011896-04 Rufus ABRAMS, 21, Richmond Tp., same, Freemason G.T.R., s/o Lewis W. ABRAMS & Alya A. OLIVER married Lillie OSBURN, 20, England, Richmond Tp., House Servant, d/o (came from the orphan's home). Wtn: Magor L. ABRAMS of Richmond and Myra OSBURN of Richmond Tp. on February 9, 1904 at Richmond  

11766-04 - James R. ACKERMAN, 28, cheese maker, Camden, Camden, s/o James ACKERMAN & Sarah Amelia BALDWIN married Nellie M. THOMPSON, 19, Camden, Camden, d/o John L. THOMPSON & Sarah CANNIFF, witn: Thomas Albert MARTIN of Camden & Ella Ilene CHAMBERLAIN of Richmond, 30 March 1904, Camden

012373-05 William James AIDE, 23, Raglin Co. Addington, same, Farmer, s/o William J. AIDE & Mary McINNES married Idella HANNAH, 21, Ashby, Bancroft, d/o James HANNAH & Ardella BIRD. Wtn: May AIDE of Hartsmere and Roy CLARK of Hermon on April 27, 1904 at Hartsmere
012366-05 William James AIRHEART, 26, Richmond, Bancroft, Laborer, s/o Charles AIRHEART & Matilda PRINGLE married Alice WOODS, 16, Kaladar, Flinton, d/o John WOODS & Mary JUBY. Wtn: Robert WOODS of Flinton and Eliza WOODS of Flinton on December 17, 1904 at Mr. John WOODS residence

11775-04 - Stewart Edgerton BAKER, 26, farmer, Camden, Richmond, s/o John BAKER & Bathilda BREAULT married Edna Zilphah DEAR, 22, Camden, Camden, d/o George DEAR & Elmira COOK, witn: R. G. L. HUYCK of Overture & Louisa DEAR of Napanee, 28 June 1904, Camden

12332-05 Isaac BALDWIN, 60, widower, butcher, of Clarendon, married Hester Ann VILNEFF, 62, widow, of Denbigh, witn: David & Annie VILNEFF of Denbigh, 1904 at Denbigh [other info is missing] 011898-04 Harry W. BALLARD, 31, Maidstone - Kent Co -  England, Newburgh, Harness Maker, s/o William BALLARD & Katie PARKS married Eva Laura MADDEN, 20, Aurora, Newburgh, House maid, d/o John MADDEN & Mary HUSTON. Wtn: E.R. WILLIAMS of Richmond Tp. and Mrs. E.R. WILLIAMS of Richmond Tp., on June 22, 1904 at Selby
011895-04 George W. BARRAGER, 25, Richmond Tp., same, Farmer, s/o David BARRAGER & Lizzie PRINGLE married Annie BRADSHAW, 28, Richmond Tp., same, Farmer's daughter, d/o John BRADSHAW & Rose THOMPSON, Wtn: John W. BRADSHAW of Roblin and Charlotte DAVIS of Roblin on April 2, 1904 at Roblin 011900-04 Richard Robert BELL, 22, Tyendinaga, same, Farmer, s/o Peter BELL & Catherine CROUSE married Florence BRADSHAW, 21, Tyendinaga, same, Farmer's daughter, d/o Harvey BRADSHAW & Amelia FRENCH. Wtn: Robt Ed McAFEE of Napanee and Annie May YORK of Napanee on July 11, 1904 at Selby

11764-04 - Robert BLAKELY, 23, farmer, Scotland, Ernestown, s/o not given married Laura EMBERLY, 23, Ernestown, Ernestown, d/o Ben EMBERLY & Eleanor SMITH, witn: Allan B. EMBERLY & Mary F. EMBERLEY of Ernestown, 16 Feb 1904, Camden

011886-04 Thomas BRADY, 23, Montreal, London Ont., Clerk, s/o Thomas BRADY & Annie SYM married Agnes CAMPBELL, 23, Peterborough, Napanee, d/o James Hugh CAMPBELL & Suphemia (Euphemia?) Air EDDINTON. Wtn: Thomas BRADY Sr. of Montreal and Willis J. CAMPBELL of Napanee on December 31, 1904 at Napanee 011879-04 William Frederick BRISTOW, 23, Adolphustown, Napanee, Sailor, s/o Thomas BRISTOW & Emma L. SANDERS married Helen RUTLAND, 24, Napanee, same, d/o William RUTLAND & Jane THOMAS. Wtn: Charles BRISTOW of Dorland and Daisy JUDD of Watertown on November 30, 1904 at Napanee
011884-04 Angus C. CAMERON, 24, Beaverton, Oshawa, Line-man, s/o Duncan CAMERON & Almira RUTANE married Caroline JAYNES, 20, Richmond Tp., Napanee, d/o Henry JAYNES & Jane MOORE. Wtn: R.E. McAFEE of Napanee and Minnie YORK of Napanee on December 28, 1904 at Napanee

11765-04 - Fred CLINE, 34, farmer, Canada, Richmond, s/o Jacob CLINE & Irene CHAMBERLAIN married Emma Cornelia MILSAP, not given, Canada, Camden, d/o Hicks MILSAP & Mary Jane MCGILL, witn: Jack MILSAP & Mrs. J. KERR of Moscow, 30 March 1904, Camden


11772-04 - William COUSINS, 30, yeoman, Sheffield, Sheffield, s/o Thomas COUSINS & Charlotte MCMULLEN married Anna May SNIDER, 20, Hinchinbrooke, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Thomas SNIDER & Almira STENTLIFF, witn: Henry KING & Minnie SNIDER of Trafford, 27 April 1904, Enterprise

11768-04 - Thomas Cooper CRAIGHEAD, 36, lumberman, Simcoe, Midland, s/o James C. CRAIGHEAD & Margaret GREEN married Margaret F. LOCKHEAD, 36, teacher, Centerville, Centerville, d/o James LOCKHEAD & Eliza BAKER, witn: Mrs. F. W. WHITE of Enterprise & Helen A. ASSELSTINE of Kingston, 16 March 1904, Centerville

011893-04 George H. DAVEY (sic), 22, Ontario, North Fredericksburg Tp., Farmer, s/o Albert DAVY & Cynthia SPENCER married Ethel ROMBOUGH, 23, North Fredericksburg, same, d/o Edward ROMBOUGH and Janet BARNHARD. Wtn: Lena MADDEN of Newburgh and Maggie MEARS of Newburgh on June 22, 1904 at Newburgh

11786-04 - Robert DOOL, 25, farmer, Denbigh, Denbigh, s/o Adam DOOL & Ellen MCDONALD married Clara EDWARDS, 22, Denbigh, Denbigh, d/o Richard EDWARDS & Caroline PRINGLE, witn: Frank EDWARDS & Hannah DOOL of Denbigh, 23 May 1904, Matawatchan


11899-04 - John DOWDLE, 38, farmer, Camden, Camden, s/o Riley PRINGLE (sic) & Sophia FARNELL married Elsie STORRINGS, 28, widow, Camden, Camden, d/o Edward DOWDLE (sic) & Elizabeth SEDORE, witn: E. DAVIDSON of Selby & A. CARSCALLEN of Richmond, 13 July 1904, Selby

11761-04 - Edward DOWDLE, 31, farmer, Camden, not given, s/o Edward DOWDLE & Sophia PARNELL married Lily ABRAMS, 20, Sheffield, not given, d/o Nelson ABRAMS & Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn: not given of Camden & Sheffield, 16 Dec 1904, Camden (also 11780-04)

12440-05 Samuel DYER, 54, Widower, Labourer, Camden, Marlbank, s/o Ezra B. DYER & Elizabeth McKEOWN, mar. Catherine M. MARSH, 67, Widow, Farmers Daughter, Kingston, Marlbank, d/o Chas. CASSELL & Annie ABRAMS. Witn Mrs. C. H. SPENCER & Mrs. C. W. DEMILLS, both of Roblin, on 10 Dec., 1904, at Roblin 12334-05 Arthur ENDSON, 22, Labourer, England, Wilton, s/o James ENDSON & Catharine A. CRAKMA (?), married Margaret Theresa SHEA, 17, Scotland, Wilton, d/o Samuel & Zelpha STORMS, Guardians. Witn Harvey MILLS & Emaline TAPURS (?), both of Wilton, on 20 Dec., 1904, at Wilton.

11779-04 - John Watkins ENGLAND, 30, florist, Kingston, Kingston, s/o Thomas ENGLAND & Elizabeth RAYMOND married Mary I. L. ROBINSON, 25, housekeeper, Camden, Camden, d/o Robert ROBINSON & Margaret LOCKHART, witn: Herbert SLOUIS & Gertrude SHANE of Kingston, 28 Sept 1904, Camden

011881-04 Charles D. EYVEL, 26, Toronto, Napanee, Clerk, s/o George EYVEL & Ellen JAMES married Edith G. CHATTERSON, 26, Napanee, same, d/o John CHATTERSON & Margaret GRANGE. Wtn: Mrs. J.R. REAL of Napanee and Grace MARTIN of Napanee on December 15, 1904 at Napanee

11778-04 - Frank E. FAWCETT, 26, clerk, Salem Ohio, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Horace A. FAWCETT & Anne R. BALL married Alice A. DELMAGE, 24, Camden, Camden, d/o William J. DELMAGE & Minette PRICE, witn: Herman MARTIN of Cleveland Ohio & Helen DELMAGE of Camden, 14 Sept 1904, Camden

011877-04 Robert Henry GALLOWAY, 34, S. Fredericksburg, same, Farmer, s/o Samuel GALLOWAY & Sarah CONNOR married Eloise BIGGS, 21, Amherst Island, same, d/o Thomas BIGGS & Mary Jane BALENNCE? Wtn: Maud GALLOWAY of Sandhurst and Susie EMSLEY of Napanee on November 23, 1904 at Napanee 11769-04 - Frank C. GEROW, 29, cheese maker, Picton, Centerville, s/o Walter GEROW & Mary VANBLARICOM married Edith M. MCGILL, 25, Camden, Centerville, d/o William MCGILL & Annie COPELAND, witn: Les MCGILL of Centerville & Olive G. GEROW of Napanee, 6 March 1904, Centerville

11784-04 - John Wesley GRANT, 28, farmer, widower, Hungerford, Abinger, s/o Huston GRANT & Margaret LINDSAY married Lucy PALMER, 20, Hungerford, Hungerford, d/o Benjamin PALMER & Mary PALMER, witn: Alexander GRANT & Hatty GRANT of Denbigh, 3 Feb 1904, Vennachar


11762-04 - George Elmer HAWLEY, 28, farmer, Petrolia, Camden, s/o Philo HAWLEY & Martha L. ROGERS married Olive Esther DELMAGE, 25, Camden, Camden, d/o William DELMAGE & Nettie PRICE, witn: Amy HUDGINS of Deseronto & Alice A. DELMAGE of Camden, 3 Feb 1904, Camden

11776-04 - Arthur Sexsmith HAYES, 22, farmer, Townsville, Hinchinbrooke, s/o Robert HAYES & Eliza CANADA married Mary Elizabeth SWITZER, 18, Hinchinbrooke, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Lorenzo SWITZER & Mary BAXTER, witn: John H. SWITZER & Martha SWITZER of Hinchinbrooke, 12 July 1904, Yarker

011903-04 William Edwin JACKSON, 29, Richmond, same, Farmer, s/o Irvine Sanford JACKSON & Margaret BOOTH married Maggie Anetta WINTERS, 25, Richmond, same, Farmer's daughter, d/o Samuel WINTERS & Mary Jane ENGLISH. Wtn: Wilbert WINTERS of Richmond and Libbie JACKSON of Richmond on October 5, 1904 at Richmond 011891-04 Wilford JENKINS, 23, Ernestown Tp., North Fredericksburg Tp., Cheese Maker, s/o Clinton A. JENKINS & Sarah DICKENS married Margaret B. BURKE, 19, Richmond Tp., same, d/o Thomas BURKE & Melinda RHYNDRESS. Wtn: Sarah MARTIN of Ernestown and Homer WRIGHT of Picton on February 15, 1904 at Newburgh
11760-04 - William Meredith KELLAR, 21, laborer, Tamworth, Watertown, s/o Simeon KELLAR & Jane HARTEN married Eveline CLEMENT, 20, Moscow North, Moscow North, d/o Louis CLEMENT & Elizabeth GACY, witn: Wilbert CLEMENT of Moscow & Minerva WALROTH of Verona, 6 Jan 1904, Moscow North

11777-04 - James W. KELLY, 67, gardener, Ireland, Camden, s/o William KELLY & Elizabeth REID married Elizabeth GRANGE, 47, servant, Camden, Camden, d/o Robert & Mary GRANGE, witn: W. B. EDGAR & M. W. SHERLOCK of Camden, 29 June 1904, Camden

011874-04 George LEWIS, 40, Napanee, same, Labour, Widower, s/o George LEWIS & Mary MAISE married Lucy Jane DETLOR, (no age given) Sheffield, same, d/o George DETLOR &  Mary Jane TILMAN. Wtn: Mrs. E.J. SQUIRES of Napanee and Mrs. G.S. WHITE of Napanee on November 2, 1904 at Napanee

11767-04 - William LOCKRIDGE, 45, farmer, Camden, Centreville, s/o Samuel LOCKRIDGE & Elizabeth MERCER married Emma COOK, 30, Camden, Camden, d/o Joseph COOK & Mary MEADOW, witn: not given, 6 April 1904, Camden

011878-04 John LUFFMAN, 22, near Georgian Bay, S. Fredericksburg, Farm Laborer, s/o James LUFFMAN & Mary MASTERS married Tillie SMITH, 18, Napanee, same, d/o Charles SMITH & Sarah PEARSON. Wtn: Harry PEARSON of Napanee and Blanche GRIFFIN of Napanee on November 25, 1904 at Napanee 12330-05 Francis LYON, 28, mill owner, Verona, Clarendon twp., s/o Francis LYON & not given, married Melissa BROWN, 24, Miller twp., Abinger twp., d/o John BROWN & Aldora QUACKENBUSH, witn: Dempster LYON of Clarendon & Sarah BROWN of Abinger, 14 Dec 1904 at Abinger
011902-04 Frank L. MARSHALL, 33, Richmond, Tyendinaga, Cheese Maker, s/o John M. MARSHALL & Maria Jane HARISS married Nellie JAYNES, 18, Richmond, Tyendinaga, Labour's daughter, d/o John JAYNES & Cynthia BRADSHAW. Wtn: John M. MARSHALL of Richmond and Angeline MARSHALL of Richmond on September 14, 1904 at Richmond 011897-04 Harry McGEE, 21, North Fredericksburg, Napanee, Tinsmith, s/o James McGEE & Elizabeth MORGAN married Carrie LAWSON, 21, Napanee, same, Farmer's daughter, d/o Albert DAWSON & Jane M. BOWEN. Wtn: Harry DEAN of Richmond Tp. and Phoebe E. BALFOUR of Richmond Tp. on May 11, 1904 at Selby

11771-04 - Harvey G. MCGINNES, 26, cheese maker, Selby, Camden, s/o John MCGINNES & Fanny HICK married Jennie SAUL, 21, Napanee, Camden, d/o William SAUL & Jane VINE, witn: James STEVENSON of Violet & Maye BRANDON of Morven, 13 April 1904, Camden

011904-04 Joseph McKEAN, 36, Scotland, Tweed, Harness Maker, Widower, s/o James McKEAN & Elizabeth McKEAN married Rebecca Almira OSBORNE, 28, Richmond, same, Farmer's daughter, d/o George OSBORNE & Mary Ann DAVIS? Wtn: James McMath of Richmond and Rebecca McRAE of Tyendinaga on October 26, 1904 at Richmond

11783-04 - Robert MILSAP, 24, farmer, Camden, Camden, s/o John MILSAP & Eliza HANNAH married Margaret Jane MCGREGOR, 22, Camden, Camden, d/o Andrew MCGREGOR & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: Daniel MCGREGOR & Millie HANNAH of Camden, 7 Dec 1904, Croydon

011876-04 Thomas MOWERS, 21, Newburgh, same, Farmer, s/o Stephen MOWERS & Ann Eliz FARRINGTON married Mary Catharine KYLE, 22, Amherst Island, Camden, d/o Peter KYLE & Sarah Elizabeth MORROW. Wtn: J.H. NELSON of Napanee and Hannah NELSON of Napanee on November 16, 1904 at Napanee
011892-04 Henry Ernest PAUL M.D., 28, Newburgh, Fort William, Dr. of Medicine, s/o Henry PAUL & Amy McCREADY married Edith Ruth BEEMAN, 24, Centreville, Newburgh, d/o Milton J. BEEMAN M.D. & Lillian L. HUNEAULT. Wtn: Alettia  PAUL of Newburgh and Annie BEEMAN of Newburgh on April 6, 1904 at Newburgh

11785-04 - John Richard PETTIFER, 22, farmer, Denbigh, Denbigh, s/o Hugh PETTIFER & Mary CLIFFORD married Malina IRVINE, 28, Carleton, Denbigh, d/o James IRVINE & Christina MCGREGOR, witn: Robert FERGUSON & Mrs. M. READY of Denbigh, 6 April 1904, Denbigh

011901-04 Mark PRINGLE, 24, Richmond, same, Farmer, s/o Clark PRINGLE & Minerva HARTEN married Jennie DAVIS, 20, Richmond, same, Farmer's daughter, d/o Jefferson DAVIS & Nancy CLARK. Wtn: W.G. PRINGLE of Richmond and Jennie HARTEN of Richmond on September 14, 1904 at Selby

11770-04 - Baxter REDDEN, 24, farmer, Portland, Kingston, s/o Miles REDDEN & Nancy BARLEY married Luella CARROLL, 18, Camden, Camden, d/o Miles CARROLL & Elsie GARRISON, witn: Hanlon CARROLL of Camden & Lottie HILL of Yarker, 20 April 1904, Camden

12441-05 Frank REID, 29, Farmer, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Robert REID & Andella MORDEN, mar. Olive (?) May McTAGGART, 21, Farmers Dau., Tyendinaga, same, d/o Richard McTAGGART & Margaret CROUSE. Witn Arthur REID & Etta McTAGGART, both of Tyendinaga, on 28 Sept., 1904, at Roblin.

11781-04 - William George SEALES, 20, laborer, he didn't know, Napanee, s/o George SEALES & Mary Ann DRIVER married Mary Katherine SEDORE, 24, domestic, not given, Napanee, d/o Joseph SEDORE & Jane DEAN, witn: George RILEY & Mrs. E. HUGHES of Camden, 17 June 1904, Camden

011880-04 John A. SMITH, 29, Deseronto, same, Machinist, s/o Alexander SMITH & Letitia FELSON married (Mrs.) Maud CLANCY, 23, Napanee, same, Widow, d/o Peter ABRAHAM & Elizabeth POTTS. Wtn: Mrs. William REAL of Napanee and Mrs. ABRAHAM of Napanee on December 12, 1904 at Napanee 12349-05 Charles SMITH Stevens, 23, Farmer, England, Frontenac, s/o Foster Father Tho's STEVENS, Joseph SMITH & Mary M. SMITH, married Nora SPENCER, 22, Lennox, same, d/o Lorne SPENCER & Alice HAWLEY. Witn Roy CLARK of Napanee & Alice E. SPENCER of Hay Bay, on 21 Dec., 1904, at South Napanee.

11782-04 - Percy THOMPSON, 22, farmer, Camden, Camden, s/o Seth THOMPSON & Rosanna HAZELTON married Florabella M. VANESS, 19, Camden, Camden, d/o Cyrus J. VANESS & Mary M. BROWN, witn: Frank THOMPSON & Effie VANESS of Camden, 21 Sept 1904, Camden

011873-04 Edward THOMPSON, 22, Olden Frontenac Tp., Tweed, Baker, s/o Wilson THOMPSON  & Ida LEE married Mary WALLACE, 22, Paisley Scotland, Napanee, d/o Charles WALLACE & Janet KING. Wtn: Ida THOMPSON of Napanee and Edna M. CONN of Napanee on November 15, 1904 at Napanee
011882-04 William H. THOMPSON, 22, Arden, Kennebec Tp., Labour, s/o Willett Wilson THOMPSON & Levina GODFREY married Rachel LOTT, 23, Sheffield Tp., Tamworth,  d/o John G. LOTT & Jane Elizabeth WOODCOCK. Wtn: Carmen THOMPSON of Napanee and Pearl THOMPSON of Napanee on December 27, 1904 at Napanee 011906-04 William John TYNER, 23, Richmond, same, Farmer, s/o Richard TYNER & Isabella YOUNGS married Laura HARTEN, 20, Richmond, same, Farmer's daughter, d/o John HARTEN & Annie BROWN. Wtn: Mary Etta DUKE of Selby and Kathleen DUKE of Selby on November 16, 1904 at Selby
12414-05 John Fair VAN EVERY, 28, high school teacher, Port Hope, Owen Sound, s/o William VAN EVERY & Agnes Jane PATERSON (Peterson?), married Winnifred Beatrice TEMPLETON, 24, Napanee, same, d/o William TEMPLETON & Addie PERRY, witn: W. A. P, WOOD of Toronto & Margaret A. TEMPLETON of Napanee, 27 July 1904 at Napanee

11773-04 - Rufus E. WAGAR, 21, yeoman, Camden, Sheffield, s/o John WAGER & Clarissy CLARK married Alice VANVOLKENBURG, 23, Hinchinbrooke, Hinchinbrooke, d/o Robert VANVOLKENBURG & Mary MCKIRCH, John VANVOLKENBURG & Emily G. SILLS of McLean, 27 April 1904, Enterprise

011885-04 Elias G. WAGER, 21, Enterprise, Richmond Tp., Farmer, s/o Samson WAGER & Mary ASSELSTINE married Lena E. WAGER, 18, Deseronto, same, d/o Dorland WAGER & Emma WATSON. Wtn: Henry YEOMANS of Deseronto and Clairess WAGER of Deseronto on December 28, 1904 at Napanee 011883-04 George H. WHEELER, 23, Tweed, same, Engineer, s/o John WHEELER & Mary Jane HINES married Elizabeth J. BABCOCK, 19, Napanee, same, d/o Reuben BABCOCK & Sarah KELLY. Wtn: F. F. BABCOCK of Napanee and Pearl PETERSON of Napanee on November 24, 1904 at Napanee
011875-04 Donald WHITE, 33, S. Fredericksburg, same, Cheese Maker, s/o Charles WHITE & Margaret RIKELY married Margaret RUTTAN, 23, S. Fredericksburg, same, d/o Thomas RUTTAN & Mary REDMOND. Wtn: Susie EMSLEY of Napanee and Lydia E. EMSLEY of Napanee on November 15, 1904 at Selby 011905-04 Thomas Wilbert WINTERS, 29, Richmond, same, Farmer, s/o Samuel WINTERS & Mary Jane ENGLISH married Libbie Alma JACKSON, 23, Richmond, same, Farmer's daughter, d/o Irvine JACKSON & Margaret BOOTH. Wtn: Archie WINTERS of Richmond and Sarah J. WINTERS of Richmond on December 14, 1904 at Richmond