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Lennox & Addington County, 1864

from Ontario Archives microfilm M.S. 248 - Reel 10, vol 32

transcribed by Lenore Wright

FORMAT: his name, age, birth place, residence, parents; her name, age, birth place, residence, parents; witnesses, date of marriage


Page 9, return 6346, by Rev. Stephen Miles

Joseph HARTIN, 26, Camden, same, s/o H. D. & Margaret, married Margaret A. WARD? (Shard?), 25, Ernestown, Camden, d/o Sam'l & Margaret.  Witn: Stephen M. SHENTLIFF of Ernestown, on 01 Jan., 1864.   

Hugh O'ROURK, 24, Co. Hicklon? Ireland, Ernestown, s/o Mich'l & Margaret, married Mary CANOLL? (Carroll?), 15, Dublin Ireland Co?, Ernestown, d/o James & Julia.  Witn: Stephen M. SHENTLIFF of Ernestown, on 17 Feb., 1864.   

William PRINGLE, 22, Newburgh, Ernestown, s/o D. Y. & Mary Jane, married Sarah Elenor WARD? (Shard?), 17, Ernestown, same, d/o (illigible) & Margaret.  Witn: Steh'n & (illegible) SHENTLIFF, both of Ernestown, on 10 Mar., 1864.  

Henry L. STOVER, 24, Ernestown, same, s/o Martin & Catharine, married Adeline MONTGOMERY, 21, Camden, same, d/o Isaac & Ann.  Witn: George BAILEY of Camden, on 17 June, 1864.   

William (illegible) SHILLER? (Hiller?), 21, Tp. Kingston, Ernestown, s/o Henry & Eliza, married Catharine SIGSWITH?, (blank), Tp. Kingston, Loughborough, d/o Gillmin? & Anny?.  Witn: Eliza? TERONSE? & H? (W?) BAILEY, of Tyendinaga & Ernestown, on 17 June, 1864.   


Page 9, Number:  6355 - Rev. John Wesley GERMAN, Wesleyan Minister    

Lazarus SPOONER, 24, Storrington, same, s/o Hiram & Mary, married Sarah IRVINE, 18, Kingston, Elginburgh, d/o Jas. & Margaret.  Witn: Sarah I. GERMAN of Bath, on 26 Mar., 1864.  

Wilson I? or F? DAFOE, 28, Fredericksburgh, same, s/o John M. & Hannah, married Rosanna LOYST, 18, Fredericksburgh, same, d/o John & Eleanor.  Witn: Michael D. LOYST of Fredericksburgh, on 12 Apr., 1864.   

Nelson GERMAN, 23, Athol, Marysburgh, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Flora GRAHAM, 24, Ireland, Marysburgh, d/o John & Rosanna.  Witn: Sarah I. GERMAN of Bath, on 04 July, 1864.   

Stephen BENNETT, 30, England, Violet, s/o John & Mary, married Jemima AYLSWORTH, 32, Can. W., Ernestown, d/o Henry R. & Catharine.  Witn: Ira Q.? HAINES of Ernestown, on 10 Oct., 1864.  

Isaac BENJAMIN, 19, Ernestown, same, s/o Lewis & Hannah, married Amelia MILLER, 23, Ernestown, same, d/o Alpheus & Anna.  Witn: James MILLER of Ernestown, on 25 Dec., 1864.   

Chas. A. HAMB? (Hamlin?), 25, Isle of Wight, Keene, s/o Dairel? & Sarah, married Alice A. AMEY, 25, Mill Haven, Ernestown, d/o Jeremiah & Marg't-Ann.  Witn: Agnes AMEY of Mill Haven, on 28 Dec., 1864.   


Page 9, Number:  6360 - Rev. G. HENCH,   Methodist Episcopal Minister.

William PARRY, 21, Richmond, Napanee, s/o (blank), married Sarah J. BABCOCK, 18, Richmond, Napanee, d/o Alex & Hannah.  Witn: Jesse BABCOCK & G. MACKLE, both of Napanee, on 09 Oct., 1864.   

John L. WHEELER, 32, Ohio, Napanee, s/o William & (blank), married Mary Alice KENDLE, 28, (blank), Newburgh, d/o Henry & (blank).  Witn: William ROBISON & Jesse BABCOCK, both of Napanee, on 24 Oct., 1864.   



Page  10, Number:  6597 - James John BOGART - M. A.,   Rector of Napanee

Jas. Harvey BRANDON, 33, Canada, Ernestown, s/o Jas. & Ellen, married Margaret DALY, 20, Canada, Tyendinaga, d/o Francis & Ellen.  Witn: D. McFARLAND? & R. FLETCHER, both of Richmond, on 31 Jan., 1864.   

Thomas Moore Deyler THELLER? (Keller?), 24, Canada, Cobourgh, s/o William & Mary, married Eliza Scott EDGAR, 27, Canada, Napanee, d/o David & Mary.  Witn: G. J. STELLER? (Keller?) & R. ESSON, of Cobourgh & Napanee, on 09 Feb., 1864.   

Nicholas HINCH, 26, Canada, Camden, s/o John & Mary, married Annie DULMAGE, 22, Canada, Camden, d/o Jns. & Esther.  Witn: E. J. BOGART & C. HICKS, both of Napanee, on 15 Mar., 1864.   

John GLENN, 48, Ireland, Newburgh, s/o Jas. & Eliz., married Nancy GIBBONS, 40, Ireland, Newburgh, d/o John & Sarah.  Witn: E. J. BOGART & C. HINCH, both of Newburgh, on 21 Apr., 1864.   

Peter Jas. FLINDALL, 26, Canada, Trenton, s/o Jas. & Sarah, married Emily Anna ROBLIN, 18, Canada, Napanee, d/o D. & Pamelia.  Witn: J. B. CHRISTIE & K? ROBLIN, both of Napanee, on 27 Apr., 1864.   

James DUNN, 24, Prince Edward, Hungerford, s/o Nathan & Ellen, married Sarah A. JARMIN, 18, Hungerford, same, d/o Jas. & Sarah.  Witn: R. HALE & A. MARCKESTON, of Hungerford & Kingston, on 02 June, 1864.   


Page 10, Number:  6375 - Rev. G. McKITCHIE,  Rev. H. W. Poole,  Rev. D. McDONALD  

Richard H. BAKER, 23, Fredericksburgh, same, s/o Henry & Charlotte, married Mary E. RICHARDSON, 17, Fredericksburgh, same, d/o Anias & Nancy.  Witn: Albert & Ann BAKER of Belleville & Fredericksburgh, on 11 Apr., 1864.   

Benjamin DEVAUL, 17, Richmond, Napanee, s/o James & Clarissa, married Anna M. HUNTON, 17, Kingston, Napanee, d/o Alfred & Electa.  Witn: Jas. STOODCOCK (Woodcock?) & A. DEVAL (sic), both of Napanee, on 17 July, 1864.   

James RICHARDSON, 21, Fredericksburgh, Bath, s/o Asa & (blank), married Emily PAPA, 20, Bath, same, d/o Francis & Margaret.  Witn: Chris. THOMPSON & Mary WILSON, of Sheffield & Napanee, on 01 Aug., 1864.   

John McDANIEL, 35, Richmond, Tyendinaga, s/o Major & Mary, married Christina FRASER, 27, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Lewis & Margaret.  Witn: Jas. STELLS & Jennet WILSON, both of Napanee, on 19 Dec., 1864.  

Joseph WHITMAIN?, 24, Portland, Richmond, s/o Alonzo & Debora, married Rachael E. ABRAMS, 16, Portland, Richmond, d/o Joshua & Susan.  Witn: Ed Boutowell? VANDEWATERS of Napanee, on 20 Dec., 1864.   

Michael FOX, 21, Ireland, Sheffield, s/o Owen & Mary, married Hannah COOK, 22, Kingston, Sheffield, d/o Rich. & Elizabeth.  Witn: James & Mary WILSON, both of Napanee, on 22 Dec., 1864.   

Paul HUYCK, 23, Fredericksburgh, same, s/o John & Maria, married Catharine BAINHART? (Barnhart?), 24, Fredericksburgh, same, d/o Sam'l & Mary Ann.  Witn: W. RICHARDSON  & I. BAINHART, both of Fredericksburgh, on 22 Dec., 1864.   

George H. HAWLEY, 21, Fredericksburgh, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Aliza HOUGH, 18, Fredericksburgh, same, d/o Duncan & Lucy.  Witn: James & Mary WILSON, both of Napanee, on 25 Dec., 1864.    Number:  6369 - Rev. David WILSON    

Henry EMBURT? (Emburly?), 24, Camden, same, s/o Chas. & Elizabeth, married Minerva AMEY, 21, Canada, Ernestown, d/o Chas. & Elizabeth.  Witn: C. AMEY of Camden, on 25 Feb., 1864.   

Edward WELSH, 25, Ireland, Belleville, s/o (not known), married Mary Ann GRANT, 19, Ireland, Newburgh, d/o (not known).  Witn: Julia MURPHY of Camden, on 02 Apr., 1864.   

George HUFFMAN, 24, Canada, Fredericksburgh, s/o Michael & Amelia, married Hester Ann JOHNSTON, 21, Canada, Camden, d/o Jas. & Ann.  Witn: Jas. JOHNSON (sic) of Camden, on 15 Aug., 1864.   

John Wesley BEYNIR? (Begnor?), 24, Canada, Perth, s/o George & Mary Ann, married Mary Jane EAKNIS? (Eakins?), 25, Canada, Newburgh, d/o George & Ann.  Witn: W. H. GRANT of Perth, on 01 Nov., 1864.   

Edward C. PERRY, 21, Canada, Camden, s/o Peter & Sabrina, married Marg't A. ANDERSON, 21, Canada, Richmond, d/o Jas. & Frances.  Witn: Robert CUMMING of Newburgh, on 04 Nov., 1864.   

Reuben W. VANDEWATER, 28, Canada, Tamworth, s/o Francis & Elizabeth, married Anna Maria PETEENN? (Peterson?), 18, Canada, Tamworth, d/o John & Orra?.  Witn: Cath. DOWLING of Newburgh, on 10 Nov., 1864.   

Matthew VANALSTINE, 23, Canada, Camden, s/o Rich'd & Hannah, married Maria BAKER, 24, Canada, Camden, d/o Thomas & Clarissa.  Witn: Inle? BAKER of Camden, on 27 Nov., 1864.   

William PERRY, 25, Canada, Camden, s/o (not known), married M. J. ANDERSON, 20, Canada, Richmond, d/o (not known).  Witn: Marg't A.   PERRY of Richmond, on 28 Dec., 1864.   


            Page 11?  

John C. WILSON, 24, Camden, same, s/o George & Sarah, married Ann SWITZER, 23, Canada, Richmond, d/o D. & S?.  Witn: E. McCULLOUGH & D. BRETHORN, both of Napanee, on 11 Jan., 1864.   

George H. GARRISON, 21, Camden, Ernestown, s/o G. & H., married Mary W? PERRY, 24, Canada, Camden, d/o E. & R.  Witn: Jas. PERRY & Ednia FRALICK, both of Ernestown, on 04 Feb., 1864.    

Alexander HENRY, 27, Ireland, Napanee, s/o H. & S. HENY (sic), married Catharine McHENY, 22, Canada, Napanee, d/o A. & E.  Witn: G. BOGART & D. McHENY, both of Napanee, on 03 Mar., 1864.   

Isaiah LEWIS, 27, Canada, Madoc, s/o J. & Mary, married Catharine BOWEN, 17, Canada, Napanee, d/o E. & A.  Witn: Amos? & J. G. RICHARDSON, both of Napanee, on 16 Mar., 1864.   

Thomas R? OKE, 22, Canada, Darlington, s/o W? & G., married Alicia BOWEN, 21, Canada, Richmond, d/o J. A. & J.  Witn: J. M? & J. N? BOWEN, both of Richmond, on 11 June, 1864.   

Robert FAIRBAIRN, 35, Canada, Richmond, s/o J. & M., married Clarinda HAM? (Harn?), 30, Canada, Richmond, d/o Tho's & Jane.  Witn: W. S. & Lucy McCULLOUGH, both of Napanee, on 28 June, 1864.   

John HUFFMAN, 27, Canada, Camden, s/o J. & J?, married Janet FRASER, 25, Canada, Fredericksburgh, d/o D. & H.  Witn: Peter & Mary FRETTS, both of Fredericksburgh, on 06 July, 1864.   

B. B. VANSLYCK, 30, Canada, Ernestown, s/o B. & C., married Lydia Ann FRALICK, 24, Canada, Ernestown, d/o R'd H.  Witn: J. FRASER & H. GIRDANIER?, both of Ernestown, on 13 Aug., 1864.   

William MILBORNE, 21, Canada, Tyendinaga, s/o J. & L., married Mary A. DOWNING, 18, Canada, same, d/o J. & M.  Witn: A. & Mary EDGAR, both of Napanee, on 15 Aug., 1864.   

William W? ELLIS, 30, England, Richmond, s/o J. & J., married Sarah E. WILL? (Mill?), 20, Canada, Tyendinaga, d/o J. & R.  Witn: John? WILL & R. H? McCULLOUGH, both of Napanee, on 01 Sept., 1864.   

Thomas BATESON, 30, Canada, Ernestown, s/o A. & M?, married Charity? STORMS, 28, Canada, Tyendinaga, d/o J. & E.  Witn: R. H? & Lucy McCULLOUGH, both of Napanee, on 15 Sept., 1864.   

George H? (W?) SEXSMITH, 21, Canada, Richmond, s/o D. S., married Maria HALDRON? (Waldron?), 20, Canada, same, d/o J. & E.  Witn: A. & E. McCULLOUGH, both of Napanee, on 20 Sept., 1864.   

Jas. SEXSMITH, 24, Canada, Richmond, s/o E. & M., married Hannah McCAMBER, 21, Canada, Kingston, d/o H? & S.  Witn: S. SAGAR & R. McCULLOUGH, both of Napanee, & H? THOMPSON & J. H? CASEY, both of Ernestown, on 26 Oct., 1864.   

James HAM? (Harn?), 22, Canada, Fredericksburgh, s/o E. & C., married Annie KELLER, 24, Canada, Richmond, d/o G? & N.  Witn: E. MAXWELL, R. PIGEON & A. McCULLOUGH, of Richond & Napanee, on 14 Sept., 1864. 


Page 12, return 6432, by Rev. J. W. Jeffrey

Jacob VANALSTINE, 24, Fredericksburg, same, s/o Abram & Mary, married Mary Jane HALE, 22, Napanee, same, d/o Ralph & Susan, witn: James & Martha CAMERON? of Napanee, 1 March

Robert MAXWELL, 25, Kingston, Richmond, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Harriet Rosetta LOUCKS, 22, Fredericksburg, same, d/o Joseph & Nancy, witn: Charles JAMES & James PERRY, both of Napanee, 5 April

Garret ALLEN, 31, near Wilton, NY state, s/o William & Cyrenia, married Catherine LOUCKS, 23, Fredericksburg, same, d/o Abraham & Catherine, witn: R. C. JONES & Mary LOUCKS of Napanee, 23 April

Thomas BROOKS, 51, England, Fredericksburg, s/o John & Mary, married Ermina FRALICK, 18, Fredericksburg, same, d/o James & Jane, witn: D. McLIVES? & Luther J. FRALICK, both of Ernestown, 12 Feb


Page 12, return 6433, by Rev John Scott

John RUTTER, 34, Kingston, Adolphustown, s/o John & Harriet, married Nancy FORREST? (Prevost?), 40, Napanee, Adolphustown, d/o James & Eusebia Hawley HART, witn: Samuel & Elizabeth SAGAR of Richmond, 7 Jan

Thomas HOWES, 50, Co. Cork Ireland, Richmond, s/o George & Sarah Hearn HOWES, married Margaret A. BROOKS, 39, Co. Castlereigh Ireland, Napanee, d/o Thomas & Margaret Matthew BROOKS, witn: John RENNIE & Mathew FEDDIS, both of Napanee, 2 March

Cornelius PRINGLE, 32, Richmond, same, s/o David & Hannah B. Oliver PRINGLE, married Mary Jane HEARNS, 22, Sheffield, Richmond, d/o Thomas Reny & Cath. Anderson HEARNS, witn: William APPLEBY of Napanee & Joanna WOODHOUSE of Toronto, 8 march

Xavier S. DUPRE, 24, Fredericksburg, same, s/o James & Elizabeth Sherman DUPRE, married Charlotte FORSHEN, 23, Richmond, Fredericksburg, d/o Alexander & Hannah Parks FORSHEE (sic), witn: Joanna WOODHOUSE of Toronto & Mrs. John SCOTT of Napanee, 7 April

William Henry NELSON, 26, Sidney, en, s/o Abram & Delilah Fralick NELSON, married Jane Aleda IRISH, 22, Ernestown, same, d/o Seth & Margaret Palse IRISH, witn: William R. GORDANIER of Ernestown & Dr. Sydney J. CLEMENT of Napanee, 11 May

James McKINE, 24, Camden, same, s/o James & Margaret Woodcock McKINE, married Elizabeth JATE, 21, Camden, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Whalen JATE, witn: John & Edward STEVENSON of Napanee, 13 Aug

Samuel SHANNON, 26, Co. Derry Ireland, Fredericksburg, s/o James & Margaret Booth SHANNON, married Mary Jane LOUK (Louse?), 21, Fredericksburg, same, d/o Abram & Catherine Shannon LOUSE, witn: James LOUSE of Fredericksburg & Mrs. John SCOTT of Napanee, 18 Nov


Page 12, return 6434, by Rev. John A. Dowler

Daniel DAFOE, 29, Fredericksburg, Kaladar, s/o Andrew & Mary, married Catherine CAMPBELL, 26, Sheffield, Kaladar, d/o Archibald & Barbara, witn: C. R. FLINT of Kaladar, 22 Feb

William N. WINHONE?, 21, England, Kaladar, s/o William & Elenor, married Martha DORLAND, 21, Prince Edward, Kaladar, d/o Levi & Julia Ann, witn: Frederick YORK of Kaladar, 4 April


Page 12, return 6434, by Rev. R. Robinson

Josiah SCOUTEN, 31, Percy, Kaladar, s/o George & Lavina, married Martha THOMPSON, 24, Ireland, Kaladar, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Ephraim EMPEY of Kaladar, 17 Aug

Adam BRYDEN, 22, Brockville, Kaladar, d/o John & Isabella, married E. A. WEIR, 18, Hungerford, Kaladar, d/o William & Margaret, witn: John BRYDEN of Kaladar, 18 Nov

Richard SEDORE, 36, Richmond, Kaladar, s/o Isaac & Hannah, married Margaret DANSON, 25, Marysburgh, Kaladar, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Robert DANSON of Kaladar, 6 Oct


Page 12, return 6435, by Rev William Newton

Joel PENNEY, 57, Alford, Camden, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Ann HAINS, 41, Hampshire, Richmond, d/o John & Ann, witn: James ROBINSON of Richmond, 17 March

William N. DELINE, 23, Richmond, same, s/o Jacob & Linda, married Caroline KENDALL, 20, Sheffield, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: William VANDEWATER of Richmond, 4 April

William J. HUGHS, 23, Camden, same, s/o Hugh & Mary, married Sarah Ann DENNISON, 20, Richmond, same, d/o Amos & Mary, witn: Joseph NEWTON of Richmond, 3 June

John JURRY, 26, Ireland, Fredericksburg, s/o Michael & Sarah, married Rosanna THOMPSON, 24, Camden, same, d/o William & Hannah, witn: Joseph NEWTON of Richmond, 20 June

John JOHNSON, 42, Ireland, Hungerford, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Mary WALLACE, 22, Tyendinaga, Richmond, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Joseph NEWTON of Richmond, 6 Sept

Rheinaldo LUCAS, 22, Fredericksburg, same, s/o George & Eliza, married Margaret WHEELER, 17, Fredericksburg, same, d/o Seth & Margaret, witn: Seth WHEELER of Richmond, 4 Oct.

George KENNADA, 20, Canada, Sheffield, s/o Patrick & Jane, married Martha J. McNIGHT, 20, Ernestown, Sheffield, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Henry McLAUGHLIN of Sheffield, 28 Dec


Page 13, return 6441, by Rev. John G. Bull

Aylsworth P. BELL, 23, Canada, Camden, s/o John & Sarah, married Theresa BREAN, 23, Camden, same, d/o Baptist & Anna, witn: P. & M. BULL of Ernestown, 3 July

Wesley BABCOCK, 33, Ernestown, Odessa, s/o Keba & Sarah, married Isabel SMITH, 36, Ramsay, Ernestown, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: P. & M. BULL of Odessa, 16 Aug

Henry ALPORT, 28, Canada, Ernestown, s/o Thomas & Delia, married Harriet Ann SMITH, 34, Canada, Ernestown, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: H. BENJAMIN & N. ALPORT, both of Ernestown, 23 Oct.

George H. HAMILTON, 21, Canada, Ernestown, s/o George & Mary, married Jane E. HARLEY, 26, Canada, Ernestown, d/o William & Ester, witn: J. BULL & H. HARLEY, both of Wilton, 9 Nov

Jenman? (Imman?) HILLIER, 25, Canada, Ernestown, s/o Peter & Catherine, married Emiline LAUGHLIN, no age given, Canada, Ernestown, d/o John & Mary, witn: J. BABCOCK & E. LAUGHLIN, both of Ernestown, 23 Nov

Byron DERBYSHIRE, 24, Leeds, Odessa, s/o James & Mary, married Alice TIMMERMAN (Simmerman?), 19, Ernestown, Odessa, d/o Parker & Mary, witn: H. DERBYSHIRE & M. HILTON, both of Ernestown, Dec

Daniel SALER, 22, Canada, Kingston, s/o James & Mary, married Ann SMITH, 19, Canada, Kingston, d/o William & Julia, witn: H. & B. DAVID of Ernestown, 1 July


Page 13, return 6443, by Rev Richard Clark

Silas H. BURLY, 24, Bath, same, s/o William & Esther, married Sarah E. HARTMAN, 19, Bath, same, d/o P. & Catherine, witn: Joseph HARTMAN of Bath, 18 Aug

William HACKE, 36, Kingston, same, s/o Thomas & Maria, married Sarah J. DAVIS, 27, Kingston, same, d/o Isaac & Martha, witn: John J. WILSON of Kingston, 30 Oct.


Page 13, return 6450, by Rev. James McIntosh

James ROBERTSON, 32, Ireland, Goderich, s/o Hugh & Janet, married Esther MACVEEN, no age given, Amherst Island, same, d/o John & Helen, witn: James MacFADYEN Jr. of Amherst Island, 27 Jan


Page 13, return 6482, by Rev. Samuel D. Shorts

Jacob DELINE, 20, New Brunswick, Richmond, s/o John & Freelove, married Eliza Ann DELINE, 44, Richmond, same, d/o Thomas & Hannah, witn: S. BABCOCK & S?. DELINE, both of Richmond, 22 June

William C. PRINGLE, 20, Richmond, same, s/o Calvin & Margaret, married Julia DELINE, 16, Richmond, same, d/o John & Eliza, witn: M. DELINE & D. CLARK, both of Richmond, 20 July


Page 13, return by Edward A. Ward, Wilton

Absalom STOVER, 25, C. West, Ernestown, s/o Valentine & Rebecca, married Lavinia HARTMAN, 23, Ernestown, same, d/o Dayley & Mary, witn: Jacob SCOUTEN of Ernestown, 14 Feb

Benjamin PETERS, 23, C. West, Olden, s/o John & Polly, married Maria PARKE, 20, C. West, Olden, d/o Reny? (Henry?) & Lucy, witn: James PETERS of Ernestown, 6 March

Henry JINKLE, 40, Ernestown, Camden, s/o William & Hannah, married Martha SHIBLEY, 21, Ernestown, same, d/o Jacob & Harriet, witn: Sidney HAUSER of Ernestown, 7 March

Simon DUFFIN (Duffie?), 22, Ireland, Odessa, s/o Patrick & Mary, married Martha LEROIS?, 22, Ernestown, same, d/o Hiram & Margaret, witn: Harvey HAUSER? of Ernestown, 5 April

Winett? A. MAYBEE, 19, Hallowell, same, s/o Isaac & Jemima, married Emily LAMPKINS, 17, Camden, same, d/o Robert & Harriet, witn: John GARRISON of Camden, 3 May


Page 13, return 6577, by Rev William Briden

Abner (Abram?) BOYCE, 22, Ireland, Camden, s/o Abram & Mary, married Lavina SMITH, 23, Ernestown, Camden, d/o James & Ann, witn: Ann BRIDEN of Ernestown, 2 Oct.

John CHAPMAN, 39, Ernestown, same, s/o Timothy & Kate, married Elmina LAKE, 40, Ernestown, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Ann BRIDEN of Ernestown, 6 Nov

Hugh CAMBRIDGE, 26, Ireland, Camden, s/o Samuel & Agnes, married E.J. PATTERSON, 20, Camden, same, d/o John & Agnes, witn: James COLLINS of Camden, 5 Dec

Walter CASTADAY, 25, Seymour, Camden, s/o James & Janet, married Clarissa SCOTT, 18, Yarker, Colebrook, d/o James & Eliza, witn: Elizabeth SCOTT of Yarker, 18 Dec