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Lennox & Addington Co., 1885

birth place is given before residence


006089-85 James ALLISON, 21, Glasgow Scotland, Portland Tp. Ont., Farmer, s/o Alexander ALLISON & Margaret ALLISON married Margaret PORTIOUS (Porteous?), 18, Edinburg Scotland, Portland Tp., d/o John PORTIOUS & Margaret PORTIOUS. Wtn: Anson STORMS of Odessa and Elva LEACH of Odessa on March 29, 1885 at Odessa

6586-86 Robert BALLANCE, 29, farmer, Richmond, same, s/o William BALLANCE & Ann Jane WINTERS, married Patience NEWMAN, 29, Colebrook, same, d/o no parent’s names given, witn: John NEWMAN & Maria BROWN no residences given on (no month given) 5, 1885 at Colebrook

006090-85 James H. BELL, 22, Kingston Tp., same, Farmer, s/o John BELL & Ellen BELL married Rhoda A. PARROTT, 23, Ernestown, same, d/o John PARROTT & Hannah PARROTT. Wtn: Cartwright PARROTT of Ernestown and Ethel PARROTT of Ernestown on April 8, 1885 at Odessa 006230.85 Charles BENNETT, 19, laborer, Kingston, Napanee, s/o William & Ellen, married Minnie FISH, 18, Napanee, same, d/o Levi & Ruth, witn: Levi WAGER & Louisa SKIINKS both of Napanee on Dec. 28, 1885 at Napanee

6608-86 James BLACK, 25, farmer, Camden, same, s/o James & Mary, married Lucinda RIED, 21, Camden, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Joe Irvine GRAHAM & Elizabeth REID both of Centreville on Dec. 23, 1885 at Centreville

006209-85 William Henry BOYLE, 28, Bath, Napanee, Hardware Merchant, s/o Henry BOYLE & Euretta BOYLE married Rose EMBURY, 22, Richmond, Selby, d/o George Hill EMBURY & Mary Ann EMBURY. Wtn: James A. EMPEY of Napanee and H.B. FRASER of Northport on January 26, 1885 at Napanee 006085-85 Cornelius BRESNEHAM 23, Canada, Ernestown, Farmer, s/o John BRESHEHAM & Margaret BRESNEHAM married Eliza Jane CUMMINS, 21, Canada, Ernestown, d/o Dennis & Hannah CUMMINS. Wtn: Patricia MOHEN of Kingston Tp. and Catherine BRESHEHAN of Ernestown on January7, 1885 at Railton Loborough
006092-85 Henry BROWN, 22, Maryborough Wellington Co., same, Farmer, s/o John Lewis BROWN & Sophia BROWN married Sophia BENJAMIN, 23, Ernestown, same, d/o Henry BENJAMIN & Ann BENJAMIN. Wtn: Mr. F. MILLIGAN of Mill Haven and Minta BENJAMIN of Odessa on May 6, 1885 at Ernestown 006091-85 Henry BURLEY, 22, Portland, Ernestown, Farmer, s/o John BURLEY & Elizabeth BURLEY married Rodemsa SNIDER, 23, Ernestown, same, d/o Conrance (Conrad?) SNIDER & Elizabeth SNIDER. Wtn: William LOVE and Lydia BURLEY of Ernestown on April 22, 1885 at Wilton
006093-85 Chas. E. BURLEY, 20, Bath, same, Farmer, s/o Silas BURLEY & Sarah BURLEY married Mary E. HALL, 27, Stratford, Bath, d/o Ichabod HALL & Elizabeth HALL. Wtn: Mr. TULLEN? of Odessa on May 5, 1885 at Odessa 006246-85 Lewis CALLAGHAN, 28, farmer, Tyendinaga, same, s/o Albert CALLAGHAN & Hannah RYAN, married Hannah PILKINTON, 25, Richmond, same, d/o Thomas PILKINTON & Honorah O'CONNELL, witn: Henry BRENNAN & Mary CALLAGHAN both of Tyendinaga on Oct. 19, 1885 at Napanee
6097-85 Daniel L. CARD, 22, farmer, Camden, same, s/o Lorenzo CARD & Jane WAGAR, married Hellen L. HILL, 21, Portland twp., same, d/o John HILL & Sabra REDDEN, witn: Job CARD & Wiletta WAGAR, both of Camden, 7 Feb 1885 at Yarker  
006248-85 Patrick CASSIDY, 30, farmer, Camden, Richmond, s/o Samuel CASSIDY & Mary HUGHES, married Elizabeth GALLINGER, 20, Camden, same, d/o William GALLINGER & Mary Jane SWEET, witn: James HAWKINS & Sarah HAINES both of Richmond on Nov. 14, 1885 at Napanee 006134-85 George CHAMBERLAIN, 27, Camden, Ernestown, Farmer, s/o John & Nancy CHAMBERLAIN married Rosanna HYMERS, 23, Portland, Witton, d/o Alexander & Catharine HYMERS. Wtn: James CLARK of Camden and Alida HYMERS of Wilton on December 31, 1885 at Newburgh
006133-88 James CLANCY, 28, Camden, Hinchinbrook, Farmer, s/o William & Mary Ann CLANCY married Victoria MILLIGAN, 25, Camden, same, d/o Robert & Sarah Ann MILLIGAN. Wtn: Mrs. E.L. CURTS & Kate CURTS of Newburgh on December 31, 1885 at Newburgh 6121-85 - George A. CLIFF, 37, widower, contractor, Kingston, Napanee, s/o George & Charlotte, married Sarah E. SILLS, 36, South Fredericksburg, same, d/o Conrad & Rebecca, witn: Willett SILLS of S. Fredericksburg & Nancy HUTCHISON of Belleville, 20 Jan 1885 at South Fredericksburg
006249-85 James H. CRAIG, 26, miller, Iroquois Ont., Napanee, s/o Alexander CRAIG & Hessie Craig BILLINGHAM, married Ida DUNHAM, 21, Camden, Napanee, d/o John B. DUNHAM & Annie Durham DOLAN ? (Page cut off), witn: O. LILLIE of Brockville & L. DELL of Toronto on Nov. 11, 1885 at Napanee 006240-85 Wilberforce DALY, 26, dealer in tea, Richmond Tp., Napanee, s/o Charles DALY & Maria PRICE, married Sophia E. BURTON, 24, Kingston, same, d/o John V. BURTON & Annie McMAHON, witn: Minnie SILLS of Napanee & Fred C. HEATH of Kingston on Jan. 22, 1885 at Napanee.
6098-85 William S. DAVIDSON, 38, farmer, Camden, Florence - Lambton, s/o John DAVIDSON & Jane illegible, married Alemeda C. LUCAS (Lewis?), 31, Camden, same, d/o John LUCAS & Mary AYLSWORTH, witn: J. N. & Ann LUCAS of Camden, 25 Feb 1885 at Camden

6609-86 Sandford DEGROFF, 20, farmer, Camden, same, s/o Wilson DEGROFF & Emma HARTMAN, married Nancy Leona HAWLEY, 18, Camden, same, d/o Daniel HAWLEY & Mary M. WAGAR, witn: Milton M. & Mary E. ROMBOUGH no residences given on Dec. 31, 1885 at not given

6125-85 - Robert A. DICKSON, 24, railway employee, Scotland, Brockville, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Cynthia J. PARKS, 25, North Fredericksburg, South Fredericksburg, d/o Samuel M. & Elizabeth, witn: Murney PARKS of S. Fredericksburg & Ida GUNYAN of Tamworth, 2 Dec 1885 at South Fredericksburg 6196-85 John DOWNEY, 33, widower, merchant, Fredericksburg, Napanee, s/o Thomas DOWNEY & Ellen THOMPSON, married Mary PHELAN, 25, Napanee, same, d/o John PHELAN & Bridget GLENOW?, witn: H. ROBINSON & Sarah PHELAN, both of Napanee, 14 Jan 1885 at Napanee
6197-85 Harvey DREDGE, 20, farmer, England, South Fredericksburg, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Minnie Leslie KELLER, 19, Ontario, South Fredericksburg, d/o George KELLER & Laney WOODCOCK, wtn: Paul DREDGE & Emma LUCAS, both of S. Fredericksburg, 22 Jan 1885 at Rectory, Napanee 006234-85 Charles Edward DUNCAN, 23, fireman, Napanee, same, s/o Archibald Hugh DUNCAN & Eliza Ann POST, married Agness LUCAS, 18, N. Fredericksburg, same, d/o George LUCAS & Hephzibah JAMES, witn: Susie ELMSLEY & Sarah SMITH both of Napanee on Sept. 28, 1885 at Napanee.

6639-86 John DUNLOP, 22, farmer, Scotland, Richmond, s/o Robert & Jane, married Edith L. SCHRIMSHAW, 18, Richmond, same, d/o Philip & Nancy, witn: Philip & Nancy SCHRIMSHAW both of Richmond on Dec. 31, 1885 at Napanee.

6212-85: James DUNWOODIE, 38, Widower, Farmer, Ireland, Tyendinaga, s/o William James DUNWOODIE & Elizabeth M. KELLER, married Mattie Eleda JONES, 20, Spinster, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Richard JONES & Maria ARMSTRONG.  Witn: John W. DUNWOODIE & George JONES, both of (blank), on 02 Apr., 1885, at Napanee.  006242-85 Edmond FENWICK, 25, shoemaker, widower, Oswego, Napanee, s/o William FENWICK & Isabelle McILWAIN, married Annie INGRAHAM, 18, Ramsay, Napanee, d/o Allan & Margaret, witn: James DUNBAR & Mrs PEARSON both of Napanee on Mar. 17, 1885 at Napanee
06112-85 - Clarance Hilton FINCLE, 30, carriage manuf., Newburgh, Newburgh, s/o Henry & Jane, married Helen May SPAFFORD, 19, Ernestown, Camden East, d/o Luke & Elizabeth, witn: B. S. O'LAUGHLIN of York & Annie McDONALD of Kingston, 22 Sep 1885 at St. Luke's Church-Camden East #006158-84 - George FOX, 22, farmer, Camden, same, s/o Washington & Martha, married Eva DENISON, 18, Richmond, same, d/o James & Mary E., witnesses were James RICHMOND & Mary Ann DENISON, both of Richmond, 8 Jan 1885 at Selby
6126-85 - Jedediah S. FRY, 53, widower, mechanic, Ernestown, Camden, s/o Christian & Elizabeth, married Martha Jane FREEMAN, 32, widow, Portland, Camden, d/o George W. & Phoebe ASHLEY, witn: Rev. M.J. BATES of Yarker & Matilda BURDETT of Newburgh, 6 July 1885 at Newburgh  

6614-86 George GIBBS, 23, farmer, Sheffield, same, s/o William & Mary, married Anna May SHIELDS, 22, Camden, Tamworth, d/o Luke VANLUVEN (sic) & Levina MATTHEWS, witn: Rev. & Mrs. W. ROBERTS both of Amherst Island on Jan. 20, 1885 at Camden East.

6127-85 - John GIBSON, 35, widower, clergyman, Hawkesbury, Wolfe Island, s/o James GIBSON & Sophia CARKNER, married Alice SHIBLEY, 23, Ernestown, Newburgh, d/o Jacob SHIBLEY & Harriet WARNER, witn: Rev. G.S. REYNOLDS & Leotte BURDETT, both of Newburgh, 22 July 1885 at Newburgh
6215-85: Henry GRAHAM, 36, Farmer, Camden, Richmond, s/o Henry & Mary, married Margaret McNEILL, 36, Richmond, same, d/o Neil & Mary.  Witn: Ellen YOUNG & Fred M. B. YOUNG, both of Napanee, on 08 May, 1885, at Napanee.  006135-85 Joseph GREENWOOD, 29, Wolfe Island, same, Farmer, s/o Maxwell & Elizabeth married Johanna DONOVAN, 40, Bath, same, d/o Richard & Margaret. Wtn: D. DONOVAN of Rochester N.Y. and Jennie O'REILLY on February 2, 1885 at Bath
006211-88 John H. GREER, 24, Leeds Co. Ont., Napanee, Labourer, s/o John GREER & Clara GREER married Ellie A. HANCOCK, 19, Napanee, same, d/o Richard HANCOCK & Lavina HANCOCK. Wtn: J. HANCOCK of Napanee and M. HANCOCK of Napanee on March 4, 1885 at Napanee 006155-85 Willet Smith HAINES, 25, Richmond, same, Farmer, s/o John HAINES & Susanna HAINES married Angeline ARNOLD, 34, Richmond, same, d/o James R. ARNOLD & Emily ARNOLD. Wtn: Matilda HUDGINS and Phoebe CLEWORTH of Richmond on March 11, 1885 at Selby
006137-85 William HAMMOND, 37, Barriefield, Glenvale, Farmer, s/o William & Mary Ann married Sarah Jane LANCASTER, 23, London England, Ernestown, d/o John & Sarah Frances. Wtn. Ella DUKE and Mary Anne DUKE of Bath on December 1, 1885 at Bath 006081-85 James Albert HARPER, 26, carpenter, Ontario, Odessa, s/o parents unknown, married Rosa PATTERSON, 17, Parham, Odessa, d/o Robert & Sophia, witn: J. E. THOMPSON & Arabella DAVY no residences given on Oct. 17, 1885 at Ernestown Tp. (with note: "groom was stolen from home when a child")
6195-85 Thomas HART, 25, laborer, Deseronto, same, s/o Patrick HART & Mary WRIGHT, married Mary MEAGHER, 20, Tyendinaga, Deseronto, d/o James MEAGHER & Mary SHAUGHNESSY & Martin HART, all of Deseronto, 13 Jan 1885 at Napanee  
006247-85 George Douglas HAWLEY, 44, Member of Prov. Parliament, Ontario, S. Fredericksburg, s/o Joseph C. HAWLEY & Mary DOUGLAS, married Sarah Caroline BRISTOL, 27, Ontario, Napanee, d/o Amos Samuel BRISTOL & Sarah M. EVERETT, witn: Fred MILLER & A. S. BRISTOL both of Napanee & George BRISTOL of Hamilton on Oct. 21, 1885 at residence of the bride. 006159-85 William Henry HAYNES, 22, Richmond Tp., same, Farmer, s/o John & Susan HAYNES married Martha MARTIN, 19, Richmond Tp., same, d/o Wm & Mary A. MARTIN. Wtn: Ephraim MARTIN of Richmond Tp. and Lottie WAYTE of Richmond Tp. on July 15, 1885 in the Village of Selby.
6100-85 Thomas Snider HINCHEY, 26, farmer, Camden, same, s/o M?. R. & Isabella, married Isabella HINCHEY, 24, Camden, same, d/o William & Ann, witn: Evelin FLEMING & Jessie TODD, both of Centreville, 11 Feb. 1885 at Centreville

6533-86 Professor T. F. HOLGATE B.A., 26, teacher in college, Hastings Co., Albert College Belleville, s/o Thomas & Eleanor, married Julia SHARP, 22, Ernestown, same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Dr. SHIBLEY & Mary Van DUYCK no residences given on Aug. 12, 1885 at Morven

  006130-85 George HOOPER, 26, Napanee, same, Machinist, s/o John & Elizabeth HOOPER married Ann A. COOK, 20, Camden, same, John & Elizabeth COOK. Wtn: John COOK and Mary Ellen COOK of Camden on October 29, 1885 at Newburgh
6102-85 Jethro Wilson KELLS (Kelly?), 25, farmer, Sheffield, same, s/o William KELLS & Lucy PALMATEER, married Orinda Cecilia WAGER, 19, Camden, same, d/o John J. WAGER & Clarissa CLARK, witn: Peter & Maggie VANDEWATER of Centreville, 21 Feb 1885 at Centreville 006138-85 Charles KILGANNON, 26, Ernestown, same, Butcher, s/o Alexander & Catherine married Jennie SMITH, 18, Ernestown, same, d/o James & Evelias. Wtn: Mary ADAMS and Florence ADAMS of Bath on May 13, 1885 at Bath
006231-85 William KINGSTON, 35, laborer, Ireland, Deseronto, s/o John & Rebecca, married Catherine F. LEWIS, 40, widow, N. Fredericksburg, Deseronto, d/o Caleb & Ann BOWEN, witn: Mrs. C. BETTS & Milton C. JACKSON both of Napanee on Dec. 24, 1885 at Napanee 6218-85: Edgar KNIGHT, 28, Mechanic, Kingston, Ernestown, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Nellie WILLIAMS, 21, N. Fredericksburgh, Ernestown, d/o D. P.? & Orvie?.  Witn: A. L. MORDEN & Miss Emma ALLEN, both of Napanee, on 07 June, 1885, at Napanee.
  006078-85 Herbert Nelson LAPUNE, 20, farmer, Ernestown, same, s/o Nelson R. & Emily, married Alie Helena THOMPSON, 20, Ernestown, same, d/o James & Sarah J., witn: William BURLEY & Florence Alma THOMPSON both of Ernestown on June 23, 1885 at Wilton, Ernestown Tp.
6219-85: Joseph LITTLE, 37, Widower, Carpenter, England, Kingston, s/o George & Hannah, married Minnie DETLOR, 23, Spinster, Ernestown, Napanee, d/o George & Caroline.  Witn: Jacob DETLOR & Lydia DETLOR, both of Napanee, on 15 June, 1885, at Napanee.  006161-85 Robert Ryerson LOCKWOOD, 29, Camden East, same, Blacksmith s/o Jonas & Emily LOCKWOOD married Margaret Jane LONG, 25, Ontario, Richmond Tp., d/o Richard & Jane LONG. Wtn: Alvin VANLUVIN and Nellie LOCKWOOD all of Camden East on November 10, 1885 at Richmond Tp.
6124-85 - John N. LOGAN, 23, barber, Hungerford, Napanee, s/o Ruband & Mary A., married Victoria E. CADMAN, 20, South Fredericksburg, same, d/o Joshua & Catherine, witn: James DICKSON of S. Fredericksburg & Elizabeth LOGAN of Napanee, 7 Sept 1885 at South Fredericksburg  

6534-86 J. B. Aylesworth LUCAS, 23, operator G.T.R., Sydney, Shannonville, s/o David L. & Mary, married Ida Jane SMITH, 18, North Fredericksburg, same, d/o John & Cinderella, witn: Willet SMITH of North Fredericksburg & Mary SMITH of Croydon on Sept. 23, 1885 at Morven

006094-85 George W. LUCAS, 27, Ernestown, same, Farmer, s/o George & Nancy LUCAS married Matilda E. SHAW, 25, Ernestown, same, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth SHAW. Wtn: Joseph H. LUCAS and Eunice SHAW of Ernestown on October 28, 1885 at Ernestown
006147-85 John M. LYMAN, 27, Sheffield, Selby, School Teacher, s/o Christopher LYMAN & Lydia LYMAN married Jane Ann McGUINESS, 17, Selby, same, d/o John McGUINESS & Frances McGUINESS. Wtn: Arnold A. CADMAN of Selby and Phoebe CLEWORTH of Selby on February 5, 1885 at Selby 006245-85 John MANIGAN, 23, laborer, Deseronto, same, s/o John MANGAN (sic) & Catherine THOMAS, married Margaret HAYS, 19, Sheffield, Deseronto, d/o Martin HAYS & Catherine MURPHY, witn: James MANIGAN & Mary Ann MURPHY both of Deseronto on July 24, 1885 at Napanee.
006154-85 Daniel McBRIDE, 24, Richmond, Adolphustown, Farmer, s/o James McBRIDE & Mary McBRIDE married Anne Mary CLARK, 24, Richmond, same, d/o Austin B. CLARK & Jane CLARK. Wtn: Martin Luther CLARK of Richmond and Martha VANDUSEN of Selby on April 6, 1885 at Richmond 006162-85 Andrew McCLEVAIN, 23, Richmond Tp., same, Farmer, s/o James & Elizabeth McCLEVAIN married Carrie WILSON, 16, Richmond Tp., same, d/o Samuel B. WILSON & Sarah SILLS. Wtn: Thomas O. KNAPP and Annie KNAPP of Richmond on October 5, 1885 at Richmond Tp
006243-85 Robert McCRACKEN, 48, farmer, widower, Lanarkshire Scotland, Camden Tp., s/o Archibald & Jane, married Sarah Jane BAWDEN, 44, widow, Kingston, Camden Tp., d/o Samuel McEWEN & Jane MCGOWAN, witn: William C. SCOTT & W. R. MOORE both of Napanee on Aug. 13, 1885 at Napanee 006241-85 James McQUEEN, 28, sawyer, Scotland, Ernestown, s/o Duncan McQUEEN & Janett BETAN (Behan?), married Victoria CLARK, 28, Scotland, Ernestown, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Mrs James HOLYE & Mrs PEARSON both of Napanee on Mar. 7, 1885 at Napanee
6122-85 - Thomas MELLOW, 23, Kaladar, South Fredericksburg, s/o Samuel H. & Mary, married Georgiana CARD, 17, Camden, South Fredericksburg, d/o George B. & Sharlott, witn: Marshall CARD & Fannie MELLOW, both of S. Fredericksburg, 2 July 1885 at South Fredericksburg 006129-85 Ezra Vannorman MILLER, 22, Athol Prince Edward Co., same, Farmer, s/o David & Minerva MILLER married Mahala Maud HICKS, 22, Marysburgh, Newburgh, d/o David & Mary Ann HICKS. Wtn: W.H. SPENCER of Athol and A.E. HICKS of Newburgh on October 7, 1885 at Newburgh

6212-84 John MILLER, 24, farmer, Amherst Island, same, s/o Adam MILLER & Jane GLEN, married Annie MONTGOMERY, 21, Amherst Island, same, d/o James MONTGOMERY & Ellen COCKBURN, witn: Sydney PRINGLE & Nessie MILLER both of Amherst Island on Jan. 1, 1885 at Presbyterian Church, Amherst Island.

6101-85 William Albert MOWBRAY, 24, farmer, Sheffield, same, s/o illegible MOWBRAY & Elizabeth BROWN, married Rebecca ANDERSON, 24, Sheffield, same, d/o Jacob ANDERSON & Julia PATTERSON, witn: Jacob ANDERSON & Maggie MOWBRAY, 18 Feb 1885 at Centreville
6228-85: Samuel MOUNTENY, 25, Farmer, Thurlow, Richmond, s/o James & Jane, married Emma SAGER, 17, Richmond, same, d/o Adam & Emily.  Witn: L. A. SCOTT & Mrs. C. M. BETTS, both of Napanee, on 13 Dec., 1885, at Napanee 6224-85: John NEVILLE, 26, Farmer, Sheffield, same, s/o Denis NEVILLE & Eliza HILLIER, married Rose MITCHELL, 19, Napanee, same, d/o George MITCHELL & Eliza HILLIER (sic).  Witn: William MITCHELL of Trenton & Malinda NEVILLE of Sheffield, on 13 Apr., 1885, at Napanee
006250-85 Austin Y. ODELL, 65, farmer, widower, USA, New Haven - Oswego Co USA, s/o Ira & Jane, married Eliza Ann PALMER, 66, widow, Hastings Co., Belleville, d/o John & Jane CRYSDALE, witn: William LATEMON & Sarah Jane CRYSDALE both of Napanee on Sept. 5, 1885 at Napanee 6199-85 Thomas OSTROM, 24, fruit dealer, Prince Edward Co., Peterborough, s/o Elijah & Catherine, married Florence L. CASEY, 20, Adolphustown, same, d/o Gilbert S. & Ester, witn: H. B. SHERWOOD of Napanee & Marion OUTWATER of Adolphustown, 24 Feb 1885 at Napanee
6223-85: Thomas PERKINS, 28, Bachelor, Farmer, England, Camden, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth Betsy, married Catherine CLEMENT, 28, Widow, Camden, same, d/o William & Mary CLEMENT.  Witn: Isaiah SCKRIMSHAW of Richmond & Hannah MOON? (Moore?) of Napanee, on 04 July, 1885, at Napanee. 6198-85 George PERRY, 27, farmer, Ernestown, same, s/o Jeremiah & Catherine, married Mary Catherine QUACKENBUSH, 23, North Fredericksburg, same, d/o Bernard & Sarah, witn: Ethel WORDEN of Picton & Caroline BETTS of Napanee, 27 Jan 1885 at Napanee
6214-85: John PHIPPEN, 30, Farmer, S. Fredericksburgh, same, s/o William PHIPPIN (sic), & Rosa SOOBELL? (Scobell?), married Eliza P. TURNBULL, 25, Richmond, Napanee, d/o James TURNBULL & Jessie REARING.  Witn: Allan LUCAS & Mary LUCAS, both of Richmond, on 25 Feb., 1885, at Richmond.    006164-85 John POMEROY, 21, Newburgh, Sheffield Tp., Clerk, s/o Martin L. POMERY & Margaret A. POMEROY married Sophia K. WHEELER, 24, Sheffield Tp., same, d/o Luke & Abigal WHEELER. Wtn: Emma FOSTER of Church of England Parsonage in Selby on December 6, 1885 in the Village of Selby
  6194-85 James Alexander POULTON, 25, book keeper, Ontario, Belleville, s/o William Henry POULTON & Mary Eliza CAMPBELL, married Elizabeth WILTON, 21, Ontario, Napanee, d/o James WILTON & Jane GREEN, witn: Rosa BEEMAN & W. C. SCOTT, both of Napanee, 13 Jan 1885 at Napanee
6226-85: Albert PRICE, 24, Merchant, Camden, Northport P. E. Co., s/o Andrew & Adelaide, married Estella MARTIN, 24, Richmond, same, d/o Lewis & Jane.  Witn: Andrew MARTIN of Roblin & Anna PRICE of Camden, on 11 Nov., 1885, at Napanee.  6225-85: Peter RANKET, 23, Laborer, Quebec, Desoronto, s/o Baptiste RANKET & Ann DORIJEE?, married Mary RUSSELL, 18, Peterborough, Deseronto, d/o Joseph RUSSELL & Ann FORNELL.  Witn: Gilbert PRINGLE & Louise RUSSELL, both of Deseronto, on 28 May, 1885, at Napanee
006152-85 Daniel C. RICHMOND, 23, Richmond, same, Farmer, s/o Thomas RICHMOND & Jane RICHMOND married Catherine Elizabeth WEBB, 17, Camden, Roblin, d/o Thomas WEBB & Isabella WEBB. Wtn: George S. RICHARDSON of Roblin and Elizabeth ARMSTRONG of Napanee on May 7, 1885 at Village of Roblin 6123-85 - Orton ROBERTSON, 23, farmer, South Fredericksburg, same, s/o David & Dorothea, married Helen G. CAMPBELL, 21, South Fredericksburg, same, d/o Andrew D. & Sarah, witn: Felix MELLOW & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, both of S. Fredericksburg, 7 Sept 1885 at South Fredericksburg
6213-85: George ROGERS, 28, Baker, Lennox Co., Napanee, s/o Francis ROGERS & Sarah ELMER, married Minnie MOSS, 27, Goderich, Napanee, d/o James MOSS & Eliza SLIGHT.  Witn: Fred MOSS & Alice ROGERS, both of Napanee, on 22 Apr., 1885, at Napanee.  006236-85 John William ROOKS, 26, farmer, Richmond, same, s/o Abel & Christiana, married Sarah Matilda LEVESTON (Leverton?), 18, Richmond, same, d/o James LEVESTON & Keziah ELVIN, witn: Martha J. ROOKS & J. J. LEVESTON both of Richmond on Oct. 12, 1885 at Napanee.
006229-85 Alonzo SAGER, 21, laborer, Shannonville, Napanee, s/o Andrew & Louisa, married Ida JOHNSON, 20, Shannonville, Napanee, d/o Mordecai & Mary Ann, witn: Mr & Mrs George LINDSAY both of Napanee on Dec. 24, 1885 at Napanee 006208-85 Adam M. SAGER, 22, Shannonville, Richmond, Farmer, s/o Adam A. SAGER & Ellen SAGER married Mary POST, 20, North Fredericksburg, same, d/o James T. POST & Helen POST. Wtn: Mrs. T. SYMINGTON of Napanee and Mrs. L. A. BETTS of Napanee on March 19, 1885 at Napanee
006237-85 Fred Martin SALMON, 31, sewing machine agent, Columbia New York-USA, Kingston, s/o Porter SALMON & Mary Jane MARTIN, married Fanny LASHER, 22, Napanee, same, d/o Martin LASHER & Lena RANOUS, witn: Lena & Martin LASHER both of Napanee on Oct. 13, 1885 at Napanee 006252-85 John SAUL, 23, mason, Odessa, Napanee, s/o Hugh & Susan, married Nellie IRISH, 22, Yarker, Camden East, d/o George & Catherine, witn: H. E. WILSON & L. J. ALBERT both of Napanee on Oct. 14, 1885 at Napanee.
006235-85 Robert Wesley SAUL, 25, mason, Odessa, Camden, s/o William & Eliza, married Sarah Jane SHANE, 22, Camden East, Napanee, d/o John SHANE & Mary Jane DOUGLASS, witn: Susie EMSLEY of Napanee & A. G. CROSLEY of Toronto on Oct. 11, 1885 at Napanee. 006132-85 Timothy Dorland SCRIVER, 24, Fredericksburgh, Tamworth, Cabinet Maker, s/o Frazer & Margaret SCRIBER (sic) married Cecilia Caroline SHOREY, 24, Newburgh, same, d/o John S.C. & Samantha SHOREY. Wtn: William P. DEROCHE of Napanee and Miss. M.H. PILE of Deseronto on September 30, 1885 at Newburgh
006150-85 Alexander SEARS, 33, Prince Edward, Hungerford Tp., Farmer, s/o Henry SEARS & Mary SEARS married Mary McFARLAND, 33, Richmond Tp., same, d/o David McFARLAND & Jane McFARLAND. Wtn: David McFARLAND and Margaret Jane GALLIVAN of Richmond on February 24, 1885 at Richmond 006086-85 Cyrus Henry SHARP, 26, Ernestown, same, Farmer, s/o John & Margaret SHARP married Emily V. BELL, 21, Kingston Tp., same, d/o Francis & Catherine BELL. Wtn: Thomas BELL and Ida BELL of Sharpton on January 7, 1885 at Ernestown
006232-85 Fred George SHEPARD, 37, bartender, widower, Cape Vincent New York-USA, Napanee, s/o James & Betsy, married Isabella JOHNSON, 22, Hungerford, Napanee, d/o John & Sarah, witn: W. T. REID & Susie ELMSLEY both of Napanee on Aug. 30, 1885 at Napanee 006082-85 Bernard SHERIDAN, 42, grocer, widower, Kingston, same, s/o William & Margaret, married Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 28, Kingston, Rochester New York-USA, d/o Cornelius & Jane, witn: Jennie E. THOMPSON of Odessa & Jane CAMPBELL of Rochester N.Y. on July 30, 1885 at Odessa
6099-85 John Joseph SHERMAN, 21, wood worker, Canada, Napanee, s/o Neil & Bridget, married Addie A. KELLEY, 21, Camden, Napanee, d/o James & Mary Jane, witn: James & Mary KELLEY of Camden, 21 April 1885 at Camden East  
006233-85 Jesse SILLS, 25, sawyer, N. Fredericksburg, Deseronto, s/o William SILLS & Louisa HOFFMAN, married Maggie NORRIS, 26, Camden, Deseronto, d/o Robert NORRIS & Susan THOMPSON, witn: Susie ELMSLEY & Sarah SMITH both of Napanee on Sept. 15, 1885 at Napanee 6221-85: Charles SMITH, 32, Labourer, Twp. Kingston, N. Fredericksburgh, s/o Thomas & Ellen, married Sarah Ann PEARSON, 25, Napanee, same, d/o Taylor & Sarah Ann.  Witn: John Henry WOOCK of N. Fredericksburgh, & Alice PEARSON of Napanee, on 29 June, 1885, at Napanee
006080-85 Uriah A. SNIDER, 28, farmer, Odessa, same, s/o Valentine & Mary Ann, married Alice A. BROWN, 26, Wilton, same, d/o Wesley & Arabella, witn: Valentine SNIDER of Odessa & Wesley BROWN of Wilton on Dec. 24, 1885 at Wilton, Ernestown Tp 006163-85 John Harmon SNOOK, 26, Brockville, Ernestown Tp., Farmer, s/o Jacob SNOOK & Amanda FRALICK married Armetha BLACK, 17, Kingston, Ernestown, d/o Samuel BLACK & Annie SNIDER. Wtn: Martha J. VANDUSEN and Hannah Mary LOWERY on November 11, 1885 in the Village of Selby
006210-85 William SNYDER, 24, Ernestown, same, Labourer, s/o Joseph SNYDER & Eliza SNYDER married Elizabeth Ann FURZE, 28, England, Napanee, d/o John FURZE & Ann FURZE. Wtn: John FURZE of Fredericksburgh and Alberta YEO of Richmond on February 15, 1885 at Napanee 006087-85 John Crawford SPOONER, 40, Storrington Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Hiram & Jane married Eva Letitia HENZY, 24, Odessa, same, d/o William & Mary Ann. Wtn: William HENZY and Maria KENYON of Odessa on January 19, 1885 at Odessa
  006251-85 James H. J. STAFFORD, 22, mechanic, Montreal, Kingston, s/o R. & M. J., married Emma L. ALLEN, 18, Buffalo USA, Napanee, d/o G. & C., witn: W. N. SAGEN of Napanee & Nettie ALLEN of West Lake - Prince Edw. Co. on Oct. 6, 1885 at Napanee
6227-85: James Rennie STARK, 26, Farmer, Scotland, N. Fredericksburgh, s/o Robert & (blank), married Jane ALLEN, 28, Napanee, same, d/o William ALLEN & Mary Robinson ALLEN.  Witn: William R. ALLEN & Nancy LESLIE, both of Napanee, on 15 Dec., 1885, at Napanee 006088-85 Charles STOVER, 32, Ernestown, same, Farmer, s/o Zachariah STOVER & Margaret STOVER married Hannah BURLEY, 24, Portland Tp., Ernestown, d/o John R. BURLEY & Betsey BURLEY. Wtn: James MILLER of Wilton and Hattie ROBINSON on February 3, 1885 at Wilton
6222-85: Abner STRATTON, 28, Farmer, Tyendinaga, Shannonville, s/o Abner & Eliza, married Matilda SMITH, 25, Richmond, Tyendinaga, d/o James & Ann.  Witn: William HENDERSON & Eliza WILSON, both of Napanee, on 10 June, 1885, at Napanee.   006148-85 Philip Jonas SWITZER,29, Camden, same, Farmer, s/o James C. SWITZER & Sarah SWITZER married Isabella COPELAND, 18, Sheffield, Camden, d/o William COPELAND & Mary Jane COPELAND. Wtn: Bessie CLEWORTH of Selby and William Charles CLEWORTH of Selby on February 24, 1885 at Selby
006095-85 Ezra SWITZER, 54, Camden, Ernestown, Widower, Blacksmith, s/o Samuel & Abigal married Rebecca MOREY, 49, Fredericksburg, Ernestown, Widow, d/o Andrew & Rebecca MOREY. Wtn: George L. MOREY and Ida SWITZER of Ernestown on November 5, 1885 at Violet 6216-85: Thomas THOMPSON, 30, Farmer, Richmond, same, s/o Rensalan THOMPSON & Mary McBRIDE, married Elizabeth GRANGE, 24, Camden, Richmond, d/o William GRANGE & Sarah DENISON.  Witn: H. E. WILSON & D. WILSON, both of Napanee, on 22 Apr., 1885, at Napanee. 
006244-85 Harvey VAN ALLEN, 34, farmer, widower, Prescott, Sophiasburgh, s/o Gilbert & Cornelia, married Phoebe Jane CURLETT, 33, Sophiasburgh, same, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Ellen YOUNG of Napanee & Mrs. WATSON of Hamsworth? on Aug. 13, 1885 at Napanee  

6702-86 George Albert WAGAR, 23, farmer, Richmond, same, s/o George P. WAGAR & Mary HERMAN, married Margaret Ann DEAN, 23, Richmond, same, d/o Nelson DEAN & Charlotte GROOME, witn: Hiram E. & Sarah A. SILLS both of Richmond on Dec. 28, 1885 at Selby

006151-85 Benjamin D. WAGAR, 22, Camden, Deseronto, Farmer, s/o Benjamin WAGAR & Jane WAGAR married Emma Jane WATSON, 19, Richmond, same, d/o John WATSON & Eliza WATSON. Wtn: Dexter WATSON and Eliza WAGAR of Richmond on June 9, 1885 at Richmond
006131-85 George Jehiel WALROTH, 25, Portland, same, Farmer, s/o George & Julia WALROTH married Margaret Euphema LOCKWOOD, 18, Camden, same, d/o Jonas & Emily LOCKWOOD. Wtn: Alvin VAN LUVEN and Victoria LOCKWOOD of Camden on December 29, 1885 at Camden East 006153-85 Isaac N. WATTS, 38, Ernestown, same, Widower, Carpenter, s/o Amos WATTS & Rebecca WATTS married Electa HILL, 27, Newburgh, Richmond, d/o John HILL & Catherine HILL. Wtn: Isaac TAYLOR and Alice TAYLOR  of Richmond on April 1, 1885 at Richmond
006160-85 John WEEKS, 26, Richmond Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Clark & Elizabeth WEEKS married Debby SEDORE, 21, Richmond Tp., same, d/o David & Eliza J. SEDORE. Wtn: Phebe CLEWORTH of Selby and Mary F. CLEWORTH of Selby on July 28, 1885 at Village of Selby 6217-85: Peter WEESE, 23, Farmer, Prov. of Ont., Ernestown, s/o Stephen WEESE & Eliza LOCKRIDGE, married Annie McILWAIN, 20, Prov. of Ont., Richmond, d/o James McILWAIN & Elizabeth GRAHAM.  Witn: Andrew McILWAIN of Richmond & Linda YOUNG of Tyendinaga, on 03 June, 1885, at Napanee.   

6535-86 Samuel WEESE, 25, farmer, Camden, Ernestown, s/o Stephen & Eliza, married Nancy MILLER, 18, Ernestown, same, d/o Norris & Margaret, witn: Norris MILLER of Ernestown & Mina JEWEL of Morven on Nov. 6, 1885 at Morven

006136-85 John B. WHITE, 49, Bath, South Fredericksburgh, Farmer, s/o Robert WHITE & Elizabeth WHITE married Mercy Jane AYLESWORTH, 37, Ernestown, Bath, d/o William & Deborah. Wtn: W.R. YOUNG of Parma and Mary HAWLEY of Bath on March 18, 1885 at Bath
6220-85: William Martin WILDE, 29, Agent, Ont., City of Guelph, s/o John WILDE & Ruth WHITEHALL, married Ella Mattby? (Mallby?) BINGLEY, 23, Ont., Napanee, d/o Thomas BINGLEY & Maria Louisa MOORE.  Witn: William MADDEN & Fanny Louisa MADDEN, both of Napanee, on 16 June, 1885, at Napanee 006146-85 Nathaniel WILSON, 35, Canada, Sheffield, Farmer, s/o John WILSON & Susanna WILSON married Mary Frances ARMSTRONG, 23, Canada, Sheffield, d/o Francis ARMSTRONG & Alice HINCHEY. Wtn: Emma FORSTER of Selby on June 9, 1885 at Selby Parsonage
006096-85 Richard WILSON, 34 of Ernestown, Farmer, s/o George & Sarah WILSON married Louis (Louise?) HUTCHINS, 20 of Ernestown, d/o Wm & Ester HUTCHINS. Wtn: George ROBINSON and Hattie ROBINSON of Wilton on November 18, 1885 at Wilton 6128-85 - Rev. William R. YOUNG, 32, clergyman (Meth.), Pittsburgh Ont., Adolphustown, s/o William YOUNG & Latitia WILSON, married Julia Eliza BLACK, 29, Newburgh, same, d/o John & Amelia E., witn: Oliver CHOWN of Kingston & Couth BURDETT of Newburgh, 23 Sept 1885 at Newburgh
006083-85 Clayton YOUNG, 20, cheese maker, Prince Edward Co., Odessa, s/o Wes Henry & Eleanor, married Etta LARU (Laser?), 15, New York USA, Odessa, d/o John & Sarah Ann, witn: Peter & Amelia BABCOCK both of Odessa on date illegible at Odessa