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Lennox & Addington Co., 1890 


7061-90 L. V. ANDERSON, 25, farmer, Canada, Richmond, s/o Thomas & Katurah, married Jennie L. WAGER, 25, Canada, Camden, d/o Marshall & Martha, witn: G. O. WAGER & Nettie STAFFORD no residences given on March 18, 1890 at Napanee

7051-90 Perry Melville ANDERSON, 26, farmer, North Fredericksburgh, Ernestown, s/o Thomas W. & Eunice, married Minnie Estella SWITZER, 22, Centreville, Napanee, d/o Wilson Irvine & Margaret, witn: George D. ANDERSON of Ernestown & Phillis Euphemia ANDERSON of Napanee on Sept. 3, 1890 at Napanee

7054-90 Thomas Edwin ANDERSON, 33, barrister, Ontario, Napanee, s/o Joshua ANDERSON & Mary Jane SHIBLEY, married Helena Elizabeth R. ASHTON, 23, Ontario, Napanee, d/o John ASHTON & Mary McKENZIE, witn: R. A. LEONARD of Napanee & C. F. GILDERSLEEVE of Kingston on Sept. 17, 1890 at Church of St. Mary Magdaline Napanee

7128-90 John F. ANDERSON, 32, widower, merchant, Scotland, Niagara Falls, s/o Robert & Catherine, married Victoria VANALSTINE, 23, North Fredericksburgh, same, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Francis PELLY (Perry?) & Bertha VANALSTINE, 24 Dec 1890 at North Fredericksburgh

7062-90 John ARMSTRONG, 25, farmer, Richmond, Roblin, s/o Henry ARMSTRONG & Letitia PERRY, married Augusta WOOD, 20, Selby, same, d/o Alfred WOOD & Essey TAYLOR, witn: John N. WOOD & Annie McNEILL both of Selby on March 19, 1890 at Napanee 7158-90 John BARKER, 28, engineer, England, Bristol, s/o Thomas & Hannah, married Agnes McCHESNEY, 22, North Sherbrooke, Kaladar, d/o Samuel & Margaret, witn: J. W. & H. L. ALKENBRACK both of Kaladar on Oct. 30, 1890 at Kaladar.
7115-90 William James BEAUBIEN, 33, farmer, Amherst Island, same, s/o Francis & Mary, married Jane McCORMICK, 25, Amherst Island, same, d/o Hugh & Anne, witn: Peter BEAUBIEN & Sarah McCORMICK both of Amherst Island on Dec. 10, 1890 at Amherst Island 7147-90 Thomas H. BELL, 35, farmer, North Fredericksburgh, same, s/o William & Catherine, married Lidia Matilda HAMBLEY, 32, North Fredericksburgh, same, d/o John & Mary Jane, witn: Ezra HAMBLEY of North Fredericksburgh & Ella ROBESON of Selby on Dec. 3, 1890 at Selby.

7071-90 Florence (sic) BENN, 23, farmer, Canada, Richmond, s/o Murvale & Caroline, married Isabelle YOUNG, 21, Canada, Richmond, d/o William & Sarah, witn: J.W. & Hester SPROUL both of Richmond on Sept. 4, 1890 at Napanee

7057-90 James BENNETT, 22, cabinet maker, Kingston, Napanee, s/o William BENNETT & Ellen WESTON, married Elizabeth O'HARE, 22, Napanee, same, d/o George O'HARE & Ann DONEY, witn: George O'HARE of Napanee & Annie BRAULT of Deseronto on Jan. 13, 1890 at Napanee

7068-90 Robert BLAKE, 48, labourer, widower, Canada, Deseronto, s/o Robert & Isabella, married Agness LLOYD, 41, widow, Canada, North Fredericksburgh, d/o Duncan & Lucy LLOYD, witn: John GARBUTT & Minnie SWITZER both of Napanee on June 17, 1890 at Napanee

7154-90 Walter BOWEN, 22, farmer, Kaladar, Flinton, s/o Calif (Caleb?) & Angel, married Christina McCHESNEY, 18, Lanark, Flinton, d/o Samuel & Margaret, witn: J. H. STONE & Hattie OSTERHOUT, both of Flinton on March 5, 1890 at Flinton.
7084-90 Alfred Freeman BURLEY, 34, farmer, Ernestown, same, s/o John Sanford BURLEY & Esther BRISTOL, married Ella FRALICK, 20, widow (of the late Sidney Lemon), Ernestown, same, d/o Elhanen Alonzo FRALICK & Elizabeth McGUINESS, witn: Frances McGUINESS of Selby & Louisa M. CHAMBERS of Napanee on April 26, 1890 at Napanee 7072-89 M. CARD, 29, carpenter, Canada, Lennox Co., s/o George B. & Elizabeth, married E. M. FRETTS, 22, Canada, Lennox Co., d/o William & Susan, witn: J. W. CARD & Emma YOUNG both of Lennox Co. on Sept. 11, 1890 at Napanee

7157-90 Thomas W. CASSADA, 23, farmer, Kaladar, same, s/o Thomas & Mary A., married Hester Hawley CARSCALLEN, 19, Barrie, Kaladar, d/o Coleman & Rosanna, witn: Rosa KLENSTEUBER & Frank WILSON no residences given on April 16, 1890 at Bridgewater

7052-90 William James CHALLIS, 26, mechanic, Portland twp., Deseronto, s/o James & Catherine, married Jennie Edwidge BARRINGTON, 22, Montreal, Deseronto, d/o Thomas & Almina, witn: Thomas & Emma EMPEY both of Napanee on Sept. 8, 1890 at Napanee

7159-90 Lewis DOWCAT (Doucat?), 28, farmer, Elziver, same, s/o Alexander & Angeline, married Louise LEVESQUE, 23, Elziver, same, d/o Leander & Jane, witn: Malgoire (Magloire?) & Bertie LEVESQUE both of Elziver on Aug. 24, 1890 at Elziver 7116-90 Hugh FILSON, 22, farmer, Amherst Island, same, s/o Hugh FILSON & Anne POGUE, married Mary Eliza HENDERSON, 26, Amherst Island, same, d/o John & Nancy, witn: Robert F. HENDERSON of Amherst Island & Sarah A. POLLEY of Nile on June 4, 1890 at Amherst Island.
7117-90 David FINNIGAN, 39, farmer, Amherst Island, same, s/o James & Jane, married Letitia Anne HILL, 37, Amherst Island, same, d/o Andrew & Jane, witn: Thomas HILL & Jane P. HENDERSON both of Amherst Island on Sept. 10, 1890 at Amherst Island 7153-90 John FLAKE, 30, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Denbigh Village, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Margret HALL, 26, Montreal Quebec, Anglesey Tp., d/o Edward CONNOR of Cloyne & Margret, witn: William & Emma CONNOR of Thurlow on April 9, 1890 at Cloyne

7173-90 Benjamin GALLOWAY, 27, farmer, Ernestown, same, s/o John & Jane, married Emma HARTMAN, 23, Ernestown, same, d/o Lewis & E. , witn: Lewis & E. HARTMAN both of Asselstine on April 28, 1890 at Bath.

7055-90 Andrew Wakefield GARRETT, 44, railway conductor, Cobourg, Brockville, s/o George & Margaret, married Elizabeth CRAIG, 22, Napanee, same, d/o Alexander & Hettie, witn: James GAULT of Deseronto & James H. CRAIG of Napanee on Oct. 22, 1890 at Napanee

7174-90 Richard GREENE, 34, farmer, widower, Farmersville, same, s/o William & N., married Edna HOGLE, 24, Ernestown, Bath, d/o John & Susanna, witn: James HOGLE & Berty BOOTH both of Kingston on June 11, 1890 at Bath  

7122-90 Charles HAGGADORE, 22, laborer, Ernestown, Deseronto, s/o Henry & Druscilla, married Minnie HUFFMAN, 19, Percy, North Fredericksburgh, d/o Thomas & Emily, witn: F. & Effie WILSON, 29 June 1890 at North Fredericksburgh

7123-90 James HAGGADORE, 28, laborer, Ernestown, Deseronto, s/o Henry & Drucilla, married Charlotte CORNELIUS, 18, Percy, North Fredericksburgh, d/o Peter & Lucinda, witn: George W. & Mahala FOX, 29 June 1890 at North Fredericksburgh

7074-90 George HALLINGTON, 28, mechanic, London England, Belleville, s/o George HALLINGTON & Sarah WATSON, married Caroline S. PECKHAM, 25, widow, Newburgh, Napanee, d/o Charles WESTBROOK & mother unknown, witn: H. J. RIDDLE of St. Catherines & W. F. HALL of Napanee on Jan. 1, 1890 at Napanee 7160-90 John HARTIN, 24, farmer, Kennebec, same, s/o Joheal HARTIN & Ellen JARDIN (James?), married Eunice PARKS, 18, Kennebec, same, d/o Wesley & Sarah Jane, witn: James PARKS & Minerva HARTIN no residences given on April 20, 1890 at Kaladar.

7066-90 Walter S. HERRINGTON, 29, lawyer, Ontario, Napanee, s/o Stillman & Caroline, married Marriell TILLEY, 22, Ontario, Napanee, d/o William & Eleanor, witn: J. WILBERFORCE & Margaret E. TILLEY both of Napanee on May 7, 1890 at Napanee

7080-90 Chauncey John HICKS, 21, labourer, Napanee, North Fredericksburgh, s/o William & Sarah, married Ella MARVIN, 22, North Fredericksburgh, same, d/o Dan & Jane, witn: Alexander McKECHNIE of Napanee & Sarah HICKS of North Fredericksburgh on June 11, 1890 at Napanee

#007162-90 (Addington Co): William E. HORNE, 30, farmer, Wolfe Island, same, s/o Thomas & Angeline, married Harriet Maria HASLER, 23, Kaladar twp., same, d/o Henry & Emma, witn: Kate HASLER & George J. PORTE, both of Flinton, 25 Dec 1890 at Kaladar twp 7151-90 Thomas P. HORNICK, 23, farmer, Kaladar, same, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Ida PEEBLES, 23, Kaladar, same, d/o George & Mary, witn: Perry PEEBLES & Bessie HORNICK both of Kaladar on March 10, 1890 at Kaladar.
#007161-90 (Addington Co): James Albert JOHNSON, 22, farmer, Elzevir, same, s/o Charles & Ellen, married Elizabeth LOWERY, 21, Elzevir, same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Robert LOWERY & J.M. HODGINS, 22 Jan 1890 at Flinton 7152-90 Albert JOHNSON, 22, farmer, Elziver, same, s/o Charles & Ellen, married Elizabeth LOWRY, 20, Elziver, same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: J. M. HUDGINS & Robert LOWRY both of Flinton on Jan. 22, 1890 at Flinton
7083-90 Samuel Saltern JOYCE, 30, mechanic, Richmond, Havelock, s/o George & Sarah Jane, married Sarah PHILLIPS, 28, Perth Co., Norwood, d/o Richard & Eliza, witn: John H. GORDON of Belleville & Miss S. CARD of Napanee on July 1, 1890 at Napanee. #007164-90 (Lennox Co): Jacob Wellington KELLAR, 47, widower, carpenter, Sheffield Canada, Desoronto, s/o Peter & Mary Ann, married Allie E. MORRISON, 43, widow, Camden, Desoronto, d/o Aaron & Margaret CARNAHAN, witn: Fred & William & Mrs. ALBERTINA SILLS of S. Fredericksburgh, 15 Feb 1890 at S. Fredericksburgh
   7058-90 Joseph LAMANDON, 21, labourer, Quebec, Deseronto, s/o Thomas LAMANDON & Philomen RITCHIE, married Rose St. LOUIS, 16, Deseronto, same, d/o Eli St. LOUIS & Almyra PAYETTE, witn: Arthur LAMANDON & Philomin HERBERT both of Deseronto on Nov. 18, 1890 at Napanee
7148-90 Nelson LASHER, 22, labourer, Richmond, Camden, s/o James & Mary, married Barbara THOMPSON, 23, Camden, same, d/o Elias & Eliza, witn: T. C. ROBESON & Fanny McGUINESS both of Selby on Dec. 28, 1890 at Selby. 7156-90 Joseph LESSARD, 27, labourer, Kaladar, same, s/o Peter LESSARD & Rose Ann BAQUET (Bagnet?) (?), married Annie YANCH, 28, Deseronto, Anglesey, d/o Gustavius YANCH & Louise CLYDER, witn: Sophie LESSARD & Frank YANCH no residences given on Nov. 9, 1890 at not given

 7127-90 Wellington E. LOYST, 25, farmer, South Fredericksburgh, s/o William H. & Elizabeth A., married Emma A. DOLLER, 20, North Fredericksburgh, same, d/o Lewis F. & Catherine, witn: A. V. DOLLER & A. F. VANSLYCK, 10 Sept 1890 at Morven

7081-90 James Nelson LUCAS, 25, baker, North Fredericksburgh, Napanee, s/o George & Hepzibah, married Martha Jane HUMPHREY, 20, Sheffield, Napanee, d/o William & Ann, witn: David FRISKIN & Mary HUMPHREY both of Napanee on June 11, 1890 at Napanee

7172-90 John MATTES, 35, farmer, widower, USA, Ernestown, s/o W. & E., married Margaret McNABB, 27, Fredericksburgh, Ernestown, d/o A. & E., witn: Ann ALLEN of Bath on April 8, 1890 at Bath  

7070-90 W. F. McCONNELL, 28, farmer, Canada, Richmond, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Nancy E. JAYIN, (?) 22, Canada, Richmond, d/o James & Clarissa, witn: John GARBUTT & L. P. JOHNSTON both of Napanee on June 18, 1890 at Napanee

#007166-90 (Lennox Co): William H. McDONALD, 33, widower, merchant, s/o John & G., married Ella Maud CADMAN, 21, S. Fredericksburgh, same, d/o Jacob & R.E., witn: Robert CADMAN & Ida MILLER, 14 May 1890 at Sandhurst
 #007165-90 (Lennox Co): John Lester McGUIRE, 26, business man, Ontario, Belleville, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Hattie SILLS, 22, Ontario, S. Fredericksburgh, d/o Alice & Egerton Ryerson SILLS, witn: John & Maud SILLS of S. Fredericksburgh, 25 Feb 1890 at res of the bride's father, S. Fredericksburgh

7141-90 James Fletcher McKIM, 35, farmer, Richmond, same, s/o James McKIM & Margaret McBRIDE, married Rose EMPEY, 26, Richmond, same, d/o Daniel EMPEY & Susannah HANNAH, witn: Thomas J. OSBORNE of Napanee & Jane McKIM of Richmond on May 29, 1890 at Richmond

7143-90 Angus McQUAIG, 33, farmer, Camden, same, s/o Reynold & Caroline, married Aldora
Adelaide STORR, 30, Richmond, same, d/o Elijah & Jane, witn: Jane & Margaret STORR both of Richmond on Jan. 29, 1890 at Richmond
7077-90 James MEGARRY (Megany?), 36, police officer, widower, County Down Ireland, Kingston, s/o Henry MEGARRY & Jane LOWERY, married Nettie SEELY, 22, Stirling, Napanee, d/o David SEELY & Melissa HODGE, witn: William Henry HUNTER & Charles ANDERSON both of Napanee on May 1, 1890 at Napanee

7069-90 L. MOORE, 21, labourer, Canada, Napanee, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth, married Lucy GURNEY, 24, England, Napanee, d/o James & Annie E., witn: Annie GURNEY & J. S. KALES both of Napanee on June 18, 1890 at Napanee

7082-90 James MORRISON, 31, labourer, Napanee, same, s/o Robinson MORRISON & Annie PARKS, married Margaret WALKER, 31, Camden twp., Napanee, d/o Alexander WALKER & Jane STEVENS, witn: Emma & Mrs. Thomas EMPEY both of Napanee on June 27, 1890 at Napanee

7067-90 J. H. NELSON, 28, labourer, Canada, Napanee, s/o John & Eleanor, married Hannah DAVY, 20, Canada, Napanee, d/o Samuel & Hannah, witn: Lottie NELSON & Mattie DAVY both of Napanee on May 7, 1890 at Napanee

7155-90 Edward NOLAN, 28, labourer, Elziver, Tp., Kaladar Tp., s/o John NOLAN & Hevegal PLATT, married Margaret MULVAHILL, 31, Prince Edward Co., Kaladar Tp., d/o Patrick MULVAHILL & Anne CONDREA, witn: James MURPHY & Hannah NOLAN no residences given on Sept. 28, 1890 at St. John The Evangelist Church Flinton

7079-90 Hiram Horatio PARKS, 25, labourer, North Fredericksburgh, Deseronto, s/o William Henry & Adelaide, married Helen RENNICK, 18, Tyendinaga, North Fredericksburgh, d/o Gordon & Amelia, witn: Thomas & Evaline RENNICK both of North Fredericksburgh on June 2, 1890 at Napanee 7120-90 Aylsworth Bowen PERRY, 29, farmer, Camden, North Fredericksburgh, s/o Jeremiah & Catherine PERRY married Edith May PARKS, 24, North Fredericksburgh, North Fredericksburgh, d/o John & Amelia Jane PARKS, witn; Samuel BERLAND & Minnie J. HOWARD of Napanee, 15 April 1890, North Fredericksburgh

7167-90 George PHIPPEN, 29, yeoman, South Fredericksburgh, same, s/o Richard PHIPPEN & Celia SLOAN, married Henrietta VANDYCK, 28, South Fredericksburgh, same, d/o Henry & Jane, witn: Mary VANDYCK & Mary PHIPPEN both of S. Fredericksburgh on June 26, 1890 at South Fredericksburgh

7050-90 John B. ROBERTSON, 23, farmer, South Fredericksburgh, same, s/o David ROBERTSON & Dorothy WHITE, married Effie CAMPBELL, 21, South Fredericksburgh, same, d/o Andrew CAMPBELL & Sarah J. DUNCAN, witn: Mrs Phoebe RENDELL Mrs. Ida PALMER both of Napanee on July 23, 1890 at Napanee

7073-90 G. W. SAUNDERCOCK (Sandercook? page cut off), 21, farmer, Canada, Kingston twp., s/o John & Mary, married Ettie W. MADDEN (?page cut off), 20, Canada, North Fredericksburgh, d/o Robert & Ruth, witn: William MADDEN of North Fredericksburgh & Ettie M. Saundercook of Kingston Tp. on Sept. 17, 1890 at Napanee

 #007163-90 (Addington Co): William SEDORE, 23, farmer, Kaladar twp., same, s/o Richard & Margaret, married Addie MARISETT, 17, Prince Edward Co., Kaladar, d/o Raymo & Jane, witn: Janes & Joseph J. MARISETT of Kaladar, 22 Sept 1890 at Kaladar
7135-90 Franklin SELLARS, 31, miller, Grey Co., Bellrock, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Harriett THURSTON, 25, Bellrock, same, d/o Austin & Elizabeth, witn: James R. SHAVER & Visa SWEET of Selby on Feb. 12, 1890 at Selby. 7078-90 Charles Leslie SHANNON, 24, clerk, Kingston, Napanee, s/o David & Mary Jane, married Catherine Ann McGEE, 20, Addington Co., Napanee, d/o James & Ellen, witn: William Abbott & Eliza Jane TAYLOR both of Napanee on May 7, 1890 at Napanee
7175-90 Martin Luther SHARP, 29, farmer, Canada, same, s/o A & E., married Agnes M. RAYWORTH, 21, Canada, Bath, d/o N. & C., witn: John Young of Sillsville & Nettie BUSBY (Burley?) of Ernestown on Nov. 25, 1890 at Bath.

7075-90 Egerton Ryerson SILLS, 38, farmer, Ontario, South Fredericksburgh, s/o Maurice SILLS & Eleanor CARNAHAN, married Henrietta May BENJAMIN, 28, widow, Ontario, South Fredericksburgh, d/o Henry Parker CLARINGBOLD & Susannah AMOS, witn: Arness & Susanah H. CLARINGBOLD no residences given on Feb. 5, 1890 at The Rectory Napanee

7053-90 James Edward SIMMONS, 23, mechanic, Deseronto, same, s/o Conrad & Eva, married Cora Bell LOUCKS, 22, Napanee, Deseronto, d/o James & Clarissa, witn: Charles WAGER of Deseronto & Mrs. T. SYMINGTON of Napanee on Sept. 12, 1890 at Napanee

7118-90 Samuel L. SMYTH, 32, manufacturer, Tiverton, Seaforth, s/o Mr. & Mrs. William SMYTH, married Helen Jane POLLEY, 29, Amherst Island, Stella, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Thomas & Minnie POLLEY both of Stella on Oct. 8, 1890 at Stella.
7064-90 Henry Miles SNIDER, 31, farmer, widower, Portland, Ernestown, s/o Henry J. SNIDER & Lydia BURLEY, married Catherine Ida A. SNIDER, 23, Ernestown, same, d/o Louis SNIDER & Cynthia Ann HICKS, witn: Cinderella GETTY & Ida PALMER both of Napanee on March 19, 1890 at Napanee 7150-90 Amos E. STOREY, 35, farmer, widower, Murray Tp., Anglesey Tp., s/o Amos & Mary A., married Edita E. McMULLIN, 23, Berry Tp., Anglesey Tp., d/o Donald & Clivia, witn: Frank WILSON & Rose KLEINSTUBER no residences given on March 20, 1890 at Bridgewater

7059-90 William TOBEY (Foley?), 24, jeweller, Canada, Montreal, s/o David & Frances, married Eva L. TAYLOR, 23, Canada, Napanee, d/o James & Mary, witn: F. RANKIN & W. C. SMITH of Napanee on Feb. 17, 1890 at Napanee

7060-90 Thomas TYNER, 24, farmer, Canada, Richmond, s/o Richard & Isabelle, married Laura CAUGHLIN, 19, Canada, Selby, d/o Thomas & Heesey (?), witn: W. J. S. BELL & Isabelle TYNER no residences given on Feb. 19, 1890 at Napanee

  7131-90 George E. VANDEWATER, 25, farmer, South Fredericksburg, same, s/o David G. & Marion, married Jennie JEWELL, 23, Marysburgh Prince Edward Co., Adolphustown, s/o John R. & Mary, witn: W. J. JEWELL & Geraldine HART both of Adolphustown on March 19, 1890 at Adolphustown

7056-90 Frank Ernest WALKER, 25, plasterer, England, Napanee, s/o Frank WALKER & Hester PITT, married Mary Elizabeth SHORTS, 19, Ontario, Napanee, d/o Augustus SHORTS & Elizabeth ADAMS, witn: Margaret GIBSON of Napanee on Nov. 15, 1890 at Napanee

7076-90 Albert James WHITNEY, 36, trader, Pittsburgh Ont, Fort Kipp Alberta N.W.T., s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, married Catherine Adelia SHARP, 27, South Fredericksburgh, same, d/o Abraham SHARP & Eleanor HUFF, witn: M. L. SHARP & Agness RAWORTH both of South Fredericksburgh on March 25, 1890 at Napanee

7065-90 Henry D. YOUNG, 49, carriage maker, widower, USA, same, s/o unknown, married Susan DANA, 39, widow, USA, same, d/o John & Olivia DANA, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Isaac AMEY both of Napanee on April 9, 1890 at Napanee