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Lennox & Addington Co., 1893


7042-93 Franklin Byard ALLISON, 24, farmer, Richmond twp., same, s/o John H. & Mary T., married Addie May HARRISON, 23, N. Marysburgh, Napanee, d/o George & R., witn: Frank C. ANDERSON & Frankie R. HARRISON, both of Napanee, 20 Dec 1893 at Napanee 6989-93 George Henry BALDWIN, 22, laborer, Sheffield, Richmond, s/o George S. & Martha A., married Blanche Gertrude BENN, 22, Richmond, same, d/o William N. & Margaret S., witn: Emma J. COOMBE of Roblin, 27 Dec 1893 at Roblin
7117-94 Joseph BARRETT, 27, Black Smith, Ontario, Enterprise, s/o Mich'l & Mary, mar. Tressa SPRATT, 26, Ont., Sheffield Tp., d/o Wm & Cathrine. Witn James BARRETT of Picton Ont. & Brigit SPRATT of Sheffield, on 27 Nov., 1893, at St. Anthony's Church, Centreville.  

6970-93 Stanley BELL, 21, farmer, Camden, Camden, s/o Philip J. BELL & Viola BELL married Effie PARKS, 20, Camden, Enterprise, d/o Thomas PARKS & Lucretia PARKS, witn; Annie ALLEN of Enterprise, 10 June 1893, Enterprise

7035-94 George W. BELL, 21, Farmer, Tp. Kingston, same, s/o William & Margeret, mar. Addie B. LAIDLEY, 19, Ernestown, Odessa, d/o William & Mary D. Witn Charles S. FATHERHAND of Elginsburg & Florence M. LAIDLEY of Odessa, on 29 Sept., 1893, at Odessa.
7049-93 William BOTH, 32, merchant, Anglesea twp., Kaladar twp., s/o Ernest & Mary, married Emma PRESLEY, 23, Camden twp., Kaladar twp., d/o James & Almina, witn: Katie ABBOTT & Marchal PRESLEY, both of Kaladar twp., 2 Aug 1893 at Methodist parsonage, Flinton 007100-93 (Lennox Co): Oscar BUCK, 22, farmer, Ernestown, same, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Clara MEECHAM, 19, Collins Bay, same, d/o George & Mary, witn: Robert C. CALVER & Elmer SHARP, both of Ernestown, 7 Oct 1893 at Parsonage, Bath
6946-93 George M. BURNETT, 32, sawyer, Odessa, same, s/o William & Lavina, married Mary Bell EVANS, 24, Lambton Co., Odessa, d/o George & Margaret, witn: William DOYLE & Justina BURNETT, both of Ernestown, 31 May 1893 at Odessa (Salv. Army) 006956-93 Arthur J. BURROWS, 21, Napanee, Camden East, Station Agent, s/o Fredrick BURROWS & Lucinda BURROWS married Francis Mary WOLF, 23, Colebrook, same, d/o Nathaniel WOLF & Calista WOLF. Wtn: Arnold WOLF of Colebrook and Martha FINCKLE of Newburgh P.O. on December 29, 1893 at Colebrook
  6996-93 John Wesley CARR, 23, farmer, Portland twp., Ernestown, s/o Alexander CARR & Marinda REDDEN, married Laura Jane PARROTT, 20, Ernestown, same, d/o Wesley PARROTT & Maria FISH, witn: James CARR of Petworth & Lillian PARROTT of Wilton, 8 Feb 1893 at Napanee
7064-93 Stanley G. CHANT, 20, druggist, Thomasburgh - Hastings, Tamworth, s/o Joseph H. CHANT & Mary McKIM, married Emma B. AYLESWORTH, 20, Newburgh, same, d/o John B. AYLESWORTH & Catherine BRISTOL, witn: George Anson & Ida Hope AYLESWORTH, 20 Dec 1893 at Newburgh 006955-93 John A. CLARK, 52, Fredericksburgh, same, Widower, Farmer, s/o Jas CLARK & Marion CLARK married Empina ASSELSTINE, 34, Camden, same, d/o William ASSELSTINE & Catherine ASSELSTINE. Wtn: Mr. & Mrs. Oscar ASSELSTINE of Richmond Tp. on Nov. 15, 1893 at Camden Tp.
7063-93 Henry CLOW, 27, yeoman, Lennox Co., Newburgh, s/o George & Rebecca, married Nancy SWEET, 29, widow, Ernestown, Newburgh, d/o Robert SWEET & Ellen, witn: George & Alice DRUCE, both of Ernestown, 6 Sept 1893 at Newburgh

6971-93 Malcolm COBOURN, 28, bookkeeper, Napanee, Ludington Michigan, s/o George & Annie, married Emma RICE, 28, Camden twp., same, d/o A.V. & Adelaide, witn: Frank PRICE of Toronto & Miss COBURN (sic) of Leadington (sic) US, 21 June 1893 at Camden

6994-93 James Ezra COLE, 20, barber, Adolphustown, s/o James Ezra & Elizabeth, married Eliza BROWN, 18, Shannonville, same, d/o Daniel & Catherine, witn: Edward & Mrs. Edward COLE of Deseronto, 9 April 1893 at Napanee 6992-93 Charles Herbert CRANE, 32, merchant, Hype Park Vermont, same, s/o Charles & Elvira, married Mamie Jane VALLEAU, 24, Selby, Napanee, d/o Andrew VALLEAU & Mary Jane ANDREWS, witn: W. F. HALL & Alexander SMITH, both of Napanee, 25 Jan 1893 at Napanee
007082-94 Charles CROUSE, 30, Tyendinaga, same, Farmer, s/o Philip & Matilda CROUSE married Bertha Ann KING, 19, Tyendinaga, same, d/o James & Susannah KING. Wtn: John CROUSE and Mary CROUSE of Tyendinaga on December 27, 1893 at Tyendinaga ##007096-93 (Lennox Co): William Armstrong DEMOREST, 39, merchant, Canada, Rochester USA, s/o William & Lucintha, married Maria? STERLING, 35, Ernestown, same, d/o Isaac & Sarah, witn: Delbert & Alma STERLING of Ernestown, 3 April 1893 at Methodist Parsonage, Bath
7001-93 Daniel C. DICK, 22, laborer, Barriefield, Deseronto, s/o Robert DICK & Jane HUNTER, married Ida G. LIGHTHALL, 18, Odessa Ont., Oswego NY, d/o Nathan LIGHTHALL & Maggie JUNIAC, witn: Edward BADGLEY of Deseronto & Ester SIMMONS of Adolphustown, 6 March 1893 at Napanee 7116-94 William James DILLON, 25, Farmer, Ontario, Camden, s/o James & Susan, mar. Agness Stella BURNS, 21, Ontario, Sheffield, d/o Andrew & Mary Ann. Witn Mick. DILLON of Hinchenbrooke & Eliza BURNS of Sheffield, on 13 Nov., 1893, at St. Anthony's Church, Centreville.
6965-93 Alfred DOIDGE, 40, farmer, Wales England, Richmond, s/o John & Mary, married Margaret Agnes WILD, 26, Camden twp, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: W. J. & Leah WILD of Camden twp, 8 Nov 1893 at Camden 007153-94, - Franklin Stewart DUNBAR, 28, North Fredericksburgh, same, farmer s/o Andreas (Andrew?) John DUNBAR & Elizabeth DUNBAR married Emma CLINE, 28, Richmond, Richmond, d/o Jacob CLINE & Iranda CLINE, Wit: W. B. C. CHAMBERLAIN, N. Fredericksburgh & Ida CLINE- Richmond, Dec. 28, 1893, Napanee
7062-93 William George DUNN, 23, wood worker, Newburgh, same, s/o Henry & Ann Jane, married Isabella Hordan HALL, 22, Pelton England, Newburgh, d/o George & Margaret, witn: Jane HINCH of Camden East, 13 Feb 1893 at The parsonage, Camden East  

6969-93 George Frederick EAGLE, 25, shoe maker, Tyendinaga, Yarker, s/o Robert James & Mary Ann, married Ida May BABCOCK, 23, Colebrook, Yarker, d/o Calvin & Jane, witn: Calvin & Jane BABCOCK of Yarker, 12 April 1893 at Yarker

6944-93 Charles Albert EMMONS, 20, butcher, Sidney, Odessa, s/o Charles EMMONS & Maggie GARNSEY, married Henriette ASSELSTINE, 17, Portland, Ernestown, d/o Nicholas ASSELSTINE & Samantha A. HUNTER, witn: Mrs. A. & Stanley FRASER, 30 April 1893 at Ernestown
#007098-93 (Lennox Co): William FELLOWS, 25, farmer, Adolphustown, Ernestown, s/o Nicholas & Catherine, married Annette BOWMAN, 20, Newburgh, Ernestown, d/o Edwin & Catherine, witn: Jeannette LAIRD of bath, 8 Aug 1893 at Methodist Parsonage, Bath 6995-93 Edward George FOSTER, 24, barber, South Fredericksburg, Deseronto, s/o Daniel FOSTER & Margaret GAULT, married Susan Elizabeth FRALICK, 21, North Fredericksburgh, Morven, d/o Elhanan FRALICK & Eliza McGINNESS, witn: A. H. McGINNESS & M.E. ACKERMAN, both of Napanee, 17 May 1893 at Napanee
6964-93 Louie FOX, 27, farmer, Newburgh, same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Edith MILLIGAN, 17, Camden twp, same, d/o Zacharia & Lucy Ann, witn: James MILLIGAN & Maud FOX, both of Camden twp, 11 July 1893 at Camden twp

6968-93 David Henry FRINK, 29, farmer, Whitby twp., Ernestown twp., s/o Luke FRINK & Maria B., married Elizabeth REID, 27, Camden twp., Ernestown twp., d/o Robert & Sarah Ann, witn: John & Mary STINSON of Camden twp., 28 March 1893 at Camden

  7043-93 George FRISKEN, 30, farmer, Orkney Islands, Richmond twp., s/o Adam & Annie, married Ida FAIRBAIRN, 24, Richmond twp., Napanee, d/o William & Katie, witn: David FRISKIN & Maggie FAIRBAIRN, both of Napanee, 25 Dec 1893 at Napanee
7003-93 Andrew GALBRAITH, 27, farmer, Camden, same, s/o Andrew GALBRAITH & Susan BLACK, married Mary A. BOYCE, 21, Camden, same, d/o John BOYCE & Emily BUCK, witn: Eliza R. SHOREY & Eliza A. MAGEE, both of Napanee, 9 May 1893 at Napanee 6950-93 William Henry GEE, 27, teacher, Pickering, McCloud Alberta, s/o John & Caroline, married Susanna MILSAP, 27, Camden, McCloud Alberta, d/o Hicks & Mary, witn: A. W. GEE of Toronto, W. H. & Mamie MILSAP of Moscow and Maggie LOCHEED of Centerville, 13 July 1893 at Moscow
6943-93 John GRAHAM, 23, laborer, England, Odessa, s/o Thomas GRAHAM & Annie SPEDDEN, married Maggie NEIL, 21, Sherbrooke, Ottawa, d/o James NEIL & Martha McNEIL, witn: Sidney & Mary SPROULE of Odessa, 20 April 1893 at Odessa 7047-93 William GRANT, 28, farmer, Kaladar twp., Flinton, s/o Charles & Ann, married Mary Ann RATTAN, 18, Kaladar twp., same, d/o Ebenezer RATTAN & Agnes ATKINSON, witn: Katie ABBOTT of Glastonbury & Lonza RATTAN of Kaladar twp., 3 July 1893 at res of bride's parents
  7050-93 Robert GREEN, 36, farmer, Third Town, Huntington twp., s/o Robert & Catherine, married Lavina KELLAR, 23, Kennebec, Kaladar twp., d/o James & Mary, witn: Reuben & Hester Ann WOOD of Kaladar twp., 25 Dec 1893 at res of bride's parents
6963-93 Charles Milton GREEN, 30, farmer, Sheffield twp., Arden, s/o William & Jane Ann, married Lavina BOOMHOWER, 18, Kennebec twp., Arden, d/o Nelson & Mary Jane, witn: C. M. & B.B. HORTON of Enterprise, 26 Dec 1893 at Meth. parsonage, Enterprise 6961-93 John Wesley HAWLEY, 22, farmer, Sheffield twp, same, s/o Thomas D. & Sarah J., married Millie Rose CARD, 18, Sheffield, same, d/o Jesse Lee & Mary J., witn: Alfred COUSINS & Christena WAGAR, both of Hinchenbrooke, 17 Oct 1893 at Meth. parsonage, Enterprise
7045-93 Robert M. HEAD, 24, farmer, England, Anglesea twp., s/o Henry & Harriet, married Lizzie Hartly SPENCE, 23, England, Anglesea twp., d/o John & Sophia, witn: George & Harry HEAD, Jessie WELLS and Florence BYAM, all of Cloyne, 9 Sept 1893 at Anglesea twp 006958-93 John Milton HUGHES, 22, Camden Tp., same, Farmer, s/o James HUGHES & Nancy HUGHES married Maude HAINES, 19, Camden Tp., same, d/o Thomas S. HAINES & Margaret HAINES. Wtn: Samuel HUGHES of Roblin and Adda LOCHHEAD of Centreville on December 27, 1893 at Enterprise.
6998-93 - W. Mansfield HURST, 23, accountant, Picton, Deseronto, s/o Thomas Mansfield & Rebecca, married Maude MENG, 17, Napanee, same, d/o Hermon & Elsie, witn: M. H. FENEMORE & Beatrice HURST, both of Picton, 22 Feb 1893 at Napanee #007097-93 (Lennox Co): Samuel KELLY, 37, widower, carter, Hungerford, Napanee, s/o Benjamin & Elisa, married Victoria DAVY, 23, widow, Tyendinaga, Napanee, d/o Stephen & Jane SMITH, witn: James L. SEYMOUR & Herold Alexander NAGLE, both of Bath, 21 June 1893 at Methodist Parsonage, Bath
  6948-93 George H. LAIRD, 30, plumber & tinsmith, Canada, Watertown NY, s/o Adam & Adeline, married Minerva Jane WEMP, 22, Amherst Island, same, d/o Daniel & Eliza, witn: George Ed. WEMP of Amherst Island & Ellen BRAY of Watertown, 25 Oct 1893 at Christ Church, Amherst Island
6937-93 William R. LEE, 24, farmer, Portland twp., same, s/o George & Eliza A., married Gertrude SHULTZ, 21, Camden twp., Loughboro twp., d/o John & Susan, witn: Emma BURNETT of Portland & David CONVOY of Camden, 4 Jan 1893 at Wilton 6941-93 George H. LOYD, 64, widower, peddler, Lennox & Addington, Napanee, s/o Richard LLOYD (sic) & Betsy, married Catherine Maria? YOUNG, 67?, widow, USA, South Fredericksburg, d/o Benjamin BORNEY? & Elizabeth, witn: Albert VANLUVAN & Mrs. J. S. McMILLEN, both of Morvan, 30 March 1893 at Morvan
6947-93 Wilber LOVE (Lone?), 24, farmer, Ernestown, same, s/o William LONE & Sarah HOGEBONE, married Ecta WALKER, 23, Portland twp., Ernestown, d/o Levi & Sarah, witn: Wilkie PRINGLE & Gertie LOVE, both of Ernestown, 21 June [probably 1893] at Odessa 006953-93 Jacob LOVELESS, 58, Camden Tp., Portland Tp., Widower, Farmer, s/o Marshal LOVELESS & Mary LOVELESS married Minnia DAVY, 39, Camden Tp., same, Widow, d/o Valentine BROWN & Jane BROWN. Wtn: Elia WALROTH of Verona Ont. and N.A. BROWN of Moscow Ont. on September 13, 1893 at Moscow
7079-93 Marshall MALLORY, 21, farmer, Ontario, Adolphustown, s/o Ezra & Fola? Ann, married Mary TRUMPOUR, 16, Ontario, Adolphustown, d/o John & Harriet, witn: Minnie & Frank TRUMPOUR, 15 March 1893 at Adolphustown 007074-94 James Willet MARTIN, 21, Richmond Tp., Centreville, Farmer, s/o William MARTIN & Mary Ann MARTIN married Victoria McMULLEN, 21, Camden Tp., same, d/o Anthony McMULLEN & Merretta McMULLEN. Wtn: John CARR of Village of Newburgh on July 26, 1893 at St. John's Church in Newburgh
7004-93 William Britton McGARVEY, 23, laborer, North Fredericksburgh twp., Deseronto, s/o Peter & Elizabeth, married Sherilla S. DAVY, 21, Richmond twp., same, d/o Samuel D. & Hannah, witn: Mrs. J.J. RAE & Samuel D. DAVY, both of Napanee, 31 May 1893 at Napanee 6949-93 William George McGUINESS, 35, agent, Amherst Island, same, s/o John & Caroline, married Eva Rachel Honour HOWARD, 20, Amherst Island, same, d/o Charles Mortimer & Eliza, witn: Charles M. HOWARD & R. A. FOWLER, both of Amherst Island, 5 April 1893 at Amherst Island
007057-94 - William McKENZIE, 43, merchant, Maple, North Bay, s/oMurdoch & Jane McKENZIE, married, Jennie WRIGHT, 38, Kingston, same, d/o George & Sarah WRIGHT, witn; John WRIGHT of Kingston and Mary ALLEN of Amherst Island, 19 jun 1893 at Amherst Island 7053-93 George McLELLAN, 24, Matawatchan twp., same, s/o Adam McLELLAN & Jane CHURCHILL, married Letitia COWAN, 19, Denbigh twp., same, d/o Andrew COWAN & Elizabeth PATIENCE, witn: Ethel BEBEE of Abinger & Sarah COWAN of Denbigh, 3 April 1893 at Denbigh twp
6962-93 Daniel McLEOD, 26, farmer, Hinchenbrooke twp., same, s/o "unable to name parents", married Adelaide HOTSON, 26, Hinchenbrooke twp., same, d/o "names not given", witn: Bertrand B. & Iva May HORTON of Enterprise, 12 Sept 1893 at Meth. parsonage, Enterprise 007095-93 (Lennox Co): William Garbet MILLER, 37, farmer, Ernestown, same, s/o Sabstian & Nancy, married Catherine Susannah URQUHART, 28, North Fredericksburg, Ernestown, d/o John & Isabella, 18 Jan 1893 at Methodist Parsonage, Bath
006957-93 George MILLIGAN, 26, Sheffield, Tamworth, Farmer, s/o James MILLIGAN & Eliza MILLIGAN married Lizzie HYLAND, 19, Camden, same, d/o Wilson HYLAND & Matilda HYLAND. Wtn: Adam MULLIGAN of Tamworth and Ella WALKER of Enterprise Ont on December 19, 1893 at Camden Tp. 7044-93 William John MILLS, 23, farmer, Bedford, Barrie twp., s/o Sam & Alice, married Elizabeth Victoria HICKS, 17, Madoc, Clarendon twp., d/o Timothy & Mary, witn: Jennie THOMPSON & John Ira WOOD, both of Clarendon twp., 4 Jan 1893 at Meth. Parsonage, Flinton
  7118-94 Thomas D. MURPHY, 35, Farmer, Ont., Camden, s/o James & Brigit, mar. Elizabeth SCANTIN (s/b Scanlan?), 18, Camden, same, d/o James & Elizabeth. Witn Mich. MURPHY of Camden & Anne BREAULT of Deseronto, on 22 May, 1893, at St. Anthony's Church, Centreville.
7077-93 John NEWMAN, 20, laborer, Birmingham England, Moscow, s/o Harry & Mary, married Phebie SILMAN (Selman?), 23, Kaladar, Sheffield, d/o Robert & Dorothy, witn: Robert & M. E. HARKNESS of Sheffield, 16 Dec 1893 at Tamworth 6942-93 Harvey Rodney PETERS, 34, farmer, Ernestown twp., same, s/o Solomon & Mary Jane, married Victoria Ann PETERS, 28, Ernestown twp., same, d/o Anson & Eliza Jane, witn: M. L. WOODCOCK of Camden East, no date given, at St. Lukes Church, Camden East
#007099-93 (Lennox Co): Ronald M. PHALEN, 33, Presbyterian clergyman, 28, Bath, same, s/o John PHALEN & Annie KEGAN, married Elizabeth E. ARMSTRONG, 28, Bath, same, d/o Henry ARMSTRONG & Sarah ROSE (or Ross), witn: Rev D.G. McPHAIL & Lillian L. WHITE, 30 Aug 1893 at Bath 7078-93 Joseph POLLARD, 33, yeoman, Adolphustown, same, s/o John & Emma, married Anna FERGUSON, 21, Adolphustown, same, d/o Abraham & Dora, witn: Thomas & Amanda BURTCH of Adolphustown, 10 July 1893 at Adolphustown
7048-93 Edward D. PRINGLE, 22, farmer, Richmond twp., Grimstock twp., s/o Abraham & Maria, married Maggie E. WILSON, 16, Ireland, Kaladar twp., d/o Francis & Isabella, witn: Maggie E. HORNICK & William WILSON, both of Kaladar twp., 7 Sept 1893 at res of bride's parents  
7066-93 Robert M. REID, 26, farmer, Camden twp, same, s/o Robert & Harriet Fraser REID, married Elizabeth DETLER, 26, Richmond twp., Sheffield twp., d/o Benjamin & Rebecca Jane Sexsmith DELTER, witn: Samuel N. HAMILTON & Hattie Elizabeth REID, 8 Feb 1893 at Tamworth 6945-93 Joseph E. RICHARDSON, 43, farmer, Canada, Peterboro, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Belle M. DAVY, 42, Morvan, same, d/o Peter & Elizabeth, witn: John M. DAVY of Morvan & Jennie JEWELL of Bloomfield, 1 Mary 189? at Morven
7005-93 William Henry ROGERS, 30, cheese maker, Tweed, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Nellie HUFFMAN, 23, Hungerford twp., Napanee, d/o Thomas & Cynthia, witn: Thomas H. HUFFMAN & Josephine McDONALD, both of Napanee, 12 April 1893 at Napanee 7040-94 Adam McDonald SAGER, 23, Farmer, Sophiasburg, same, s/o Louisa & Andrew, mar. Roseanna LaRUE, 20, Tp. Kingston, same, d/o John & Sabianna (?). Witn Stanley LaRUE & Alicia LaRUE, both of (blank), on 27 Dec, 1893, at Odessa.
  6999-93 Ira E. SALISBURY, 21, farmer, Camden, same, s/o Hiram SALISBURY & Emily HEPINSTALL, married Lizzie CHURCH, 21, Camden, same, d/o Alexander CHURCH & Jessie ANDERSON, witn: Eliza R. SHOREY & Eliza A. MAGEE, both of Napanee, 22 Feb 1893 at Napanee
6952-93 George S. SEXSMITH, 30, farmer, Richmond twp., same, s/o James & Nancy, married Anna Jane WEESE, 26, Camden twp., same, d/o Stephen & Eliza, witn: Stewart WEESE of Napanee Mills & Lizzie SEXSMITH of Napanee, 13 Sept 1893 at Camden twp 6938-93 John SHANE, 24, farmer, Camden, same, s/o James SHANE & Maria THINNET, married Eva THOMAS, 23, Odessa, same, d/o Daley THOMAS & Emiline SMITH, witn: Mary & Hattie JOHNSTON of Odessa, 26 Jan 1893 at Odessa
7002-93 Francis W. SHANNON?, 28, farmer, Kingston twp., same, s/o William SHANNON & Sabra SMITH, married Gertrude V. PATTERSON, 21, Kingston twp., same, d/o Robert PATTERSON & Angeline SMIT--(off page), witn: Eliza R. SHOREY & Eliza A. MAGEE, both of Napanee, 22 March 1893 at Napanee 7051-93 Stayning? Charles SLATER, 26, farmer, Belleville, Denbigh twp., s/o Alfred & Mary Ann, married Mary Armealia WRIGHT, 19, Denbigh twp., same, d/o Simon & Mary Ann, witn: Paul STEIN & Walter SLATER, both of Denbigh, 31 Jan 1893 at Lutheran parsonage, Denbigh
6951-93 Amos SMITH, 21, carriage builder, Canada, Napanee, s/o Thomas & Phebe Ann, married Susan WOODHOUSE, 22, Yarker, same, d/o William H. & Mary Jane, witn: W. H. WOODHOUSE & Mary ROWE, both of Yarker, 6 Sept 1893 at Yarker 6936-93 Stewart Hiram SMITH, 23, farmer, South Fredericksburg, same, s/o William R. & Jane, married Jane VANKOUGHNET, 19, Richmond, South Fredericksburg, d/o Harvey & Ellen, witn: James Young SMITH of S. Fredericksburg & Martha VANKOUGHNET of Richmond, 6 Sept 1893 at South Fredericksburg
7081-93 Thomas N. SMITH, 22, Adolphustown, same, s/o Thomas & Phebe SMITH, married Florence N. POLLARD, 24, Adolphustown, same, d/o Joseph & Amanda, witn: Mark & Victoria POLLARD of Adolphustown, 6 Nov 1893 at Adolphustown

6967-93 David Eugene SMITH, 23, laborer, Portland twp., same, s/o Ira & Matilda, married Emma Ann BABCOCK, 21, Sharpton - Kingston twp., Colebrook, d/o Lanson & Eliza Wallace BABCOCK, witn: William BABCOCK of Colebrook & Lettie KINGSBOROUGH of Odessa, 4 Jan 1893 at Colebrook

  6960-93 Frank SNIDER, 25, farmer, Hinchenbrooke twp., same, s/o Thomas & Almysa, married Minnie McADAMS, 25, Sheffield, same, d/o Samuel SWITZER & Eliza Jane, witn: Alfred SNIDER of Hinchenbrooke & Ida WAGAR of Sheffield, 7 Nov 1893 at Meth. parsonage, Enterprise
7080-93 - W. STANTROP?, 20, yeoman, Belleville, Adolphustown, s/o George & Nancy, married Ethel A. COLE, 18, Adolphustown, same, d/o Daniel & Sarah, witn: Isaac & Bertha COLE, 28 Nov 1893 at Adolphustown 6959-93 Amos Wilson THOMPSON, 25, blacksmith, Camden twp, same, s/o Elias & Mary Ann, married Rosilla THOMPSON, 22, Camden twp, same, d/o Alexander & Isabella, witn: Marshal McQUAIG of Marlbank & Naomi THOMPSON of Camden twp, 23 Dec 1893 at Roblin
7052-93 William John THOMPSON, 27, farmer, Matawatchan twp., same, s/o William THOMPSON & Margaret GRAHAM, married Elizabeth THOMPSON, 17, Matawatchan twp., same, d/o John THOMPSON & Mary Ann McPHERSON, witn: Christena & Hugh McPHERSON of Matawatchan, 22 Feb 1893 at Vennachar 6993-93 Alex VAN VOLKENBURG, 25, farmer, Camden, North Fredericksburgh, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Victoria AIRHART, 23, North Fredericksburgh, same, d/o Adam & Margaret, witn: Ira PARKS & Mabel ADAMS, both of North Fredericksburgh, 23 March 1893 at Napanee
7065-93 William WARD, 31, farmer, Sheffield twp., same, s/o William WARD & Bridget CARROLL, married Mary Alice ROACH, 22, Sheffield twp., same, d/o Henry ROACH & Margaret HURST, witn: John McINTIRE & Mary Elizabeth MURPHY, 10 April 1893 at RC Church, Ennisville? 006954-93 John WILSON, 23, Wells Island N.Y., Westminster Park, N.Y., Labour, s/o Alexander WILSON & Taaney (sic) Eggleson WILSON married Amey Jane LOCKWOOD, 22, Yarker Ont., same, d/o Leonard LOCKWOOD & Nancy Jane LOCKWOOD. Wtn: John Wesley LOCKWOOD of Yarker and Anne TUCAS (Lucas?) of Yarker on November 29, 1893 at Yarker
7046-93 James YOUNGS, 26, farmer, Hungerford twp., Kaladar twp., s/o James & Mary, married Mary NORRIS, 40, widow, Australia, Kaladar twp., d/o Joseph ARNOLD & Mary Ann, witn: Annie NORRIS & Nicholas PETERSON, both of Kaladar twp., 18 July 1893 at res of Nicholas PETERSON