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Lennox & Addington Co., 1894

birth place is given before residence


7101-94 Robert ARMSTRONG, 36, Farmer, Earnestown, Tp. Kaladar, s/o James ARMSTRONG & Mary A. McAVOY (?), mar. Ellen HUNT, 27, Anglesea Tp., same, d/o Daniel HUNT & Bridget CREGAN (?). Witn James RUSH & Sophia ARMSTRONG, both of (blank), on 18 June, (no yr.), at R. C. Church, Erinsville. 007099-94 Howard E. ARMSTRONG, 23, Canada, Sheffield, Carpenter, s/o John & Lucinda ARMSTRONG married Francis L. VANKOUGHNET, 21, Canada, Sheffield, d/o Harvey & Ellen VANKOUGHNET. Wtn: E.J. WAGER of Enterprise and Martha VANKOUGHNET of Deseronto on May 2, 1894 at Tamworth
007173-94 - Turpen ASSELSTINE, 21, Roblin, Napanee, laborer, s/o Henry ASSELSTINE & Louise ASSELSTINE married Lena GODFREY, 18, Arden, Arden, d/o John GODFREY & Ellen GODFREY, Wit: John ASSELSTINE & Annie ASSELSTINE both of Napanee, Aug. 30, 1894, Napanee 007172-94 - Allen ASSELSTINE, 23, Roblin, Napanee, laborer, s/o Henry ASSELSTINE & Louise ASSELSTINE married Annie GODFREY, 18, Arden, Arden, d/o Walter GODFREY & Sarah GODFREY, Wit: Turpen ASSELSTINE & Lena ASSELSTINE both of Napanee, Aug. 30, 1894, Napanee
7039-94 David AYLSWORTH (Aylesworth?), 25, Merchant, Ernestown, Markham, s/o Bowen E. & Elizabeth, mar. Elizabeth FRASER, 21, Ernestown, same, d/o James C. & Catherine. Witn Austin M. FRASER of Ernestown, & Mary MARSHALL of Westbrook, on 21 Mar., 1894, at Ernestown. 7026-94 Alfred Emerson BABCOCK, 23, cheese maker, Kingston twp., Ernestown twp., s/o Alfred & Ursula, married Jessie May WALLACE, 22, Wilton Ont., Ernestown, d/o James A. & Frances J., witn: James A. WALLACE & Mrs. E. J. COOMBE, both of Wilton, 21 Nov 1894 at Wilton
007097-94 John BARNES, 24, England, Sheffield, Laborer, s/o William & Margaret BARNES married Mary MARTIN, 18, Canada, Sheffield, d/o John & Nancy Ann MARTIN. Wtn: Nancy A. MARTIN of Sheffield and Frank CLARK of Sheffield on March 27, 1894 at Sheffield  
007196-94, Edward BEASLEY, 24, Ontario, Adolphustown, laborer s/o Henry BEASLEY & Fanny HUNT, married Matilda COLWELL, 19, Ontario, Adolphustown, d/o George COLWELL & Josephine F., Wit: James J. MINCHINTON- Napanee & Mrs. William McGARVEY- Adolphustown, Dec. 5, 1894, Napanee 7029-94 Henry BECK, 28, Bachelor, Labourer, England, Tp. Camden, s/o James & Sarah Ann, mar. Margaret Jane PAAR (Parr? Poor?), 25, Widow, Westbrook, Tp. Kingston, Tp. Camden, d/o James & Catherine POWLEY. Witn Jonathan & Matilda ELLIOT, on 04 Mar., 1894, at Wilton.
7114-94 William F. BISHOP, 23, Farmer, Barrie Tp., same, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, mar. Mary SEDORE, 21, Richmond, Camden, d/o Lewis & Emma. Witn H. W. SPENCER & M. J. SPENCER, both of Cloyne, on 13 Oct., 1894, at Cloyne. 007085-94 Albert BOWEN, 24, Richmond, same, Farmer, s/o Peter & Margaret BOWEN married Sarah Jane DOYLE, 28, Richmond, same, d/o James & Charlotte DOYLE. Wtn: James H. DOYLE of Ernestown and Emma BROWN of Belleville on February 19, 1894 at Richmond
007144-94, George BRETT, 30, USA, Watertown N. Y., farmer, s/o John BRETT & Brigid BRETT married Elizabeth F. SAGRIFF, 25, Ontario, Watertown NY, d/o James SAGRIFF & Elizabeth SAGRIFF, Wit: Mrs. James SAGRIFF & Julia SAGRIFF- Hinchinbrooke, Sept. 15, 1894, Camden 007141-94, Thomas BRIEN, 50, widower, Ireland, Hinchinbrooke, farmer s/o William BRIEN & Anne BRIEN married Ellen TOMPKINS, 35, widow, Ontario, Camden, d/o George GREGA & Mary HALPIN, Wit: Charles O'NEIL & Wife- Portland Tp., Apr. 23, 1894, Camden
007053-94 - Cyrus BUCK, 28, yeoman, Ernesttown, Adolphustown, s/o Ferguson & Jane BUCK, married Ester TRUMPOUR, 22, Adolphustown, same, d/o Jacob & Phoebe TRUMPOUR, witn; Mark TRUMPOUR and G. W. TRUMPOUR both of Adolphustown, 1 Feb 1894 at Adolphustown 007161-94 - Thomas F. BURLEY, 26, Lonsdale, Lonsdale, farmer, s/o Ebenezer BURLEY & Lucy BURLEY married Maggie TYNER, 20, Lime Lake, same, d/o Richard TYNER & Isabella TYNER, Wit: William BURLEY- Lonsdale & Maria TYNER- Lime Lake, May 16, 1894, Napanee
007485-96 John G. BURROWS, 30, physician, Napanee, Hungerford Tp., s/o Frederick BURROWS mothers name not given, married Nellie M. RIKLEY, 27, Camden Tp., same, d/o Andrew RIKELY mothers name not given, witn: Thomas BAXTER of Hungerford & William M. RIKLEY of Camden Tp. on Sept. day not given, 1894 at Camden Tp 007052-94 - Edward BUTLER, 54, farmer, England, Adolphustown, widow, s/o William & Sarah BUTLER, married Alice Soph. GARVEY, 42, Picton, same, d/o William & Elizabeth GARVEY, witn; William GARVEY and Donald E. MACK??? Both of Picton, 20 Jun 1894, at Adolphustown
007070-94 John Roe BUTLER, 26, Canada, Addington Co. Ont., Methodist Clergyman, s/o John BUTLER & Eliza Melissa BUTLER married Eva Mathilda LANE, 22, Denbigh Addington Co., same, d/o John LANE & Mathilda LANE. Wtn: Fred. WENSLEY of Vennachar and Jennie LANE of Denbigh on August 22, 1894 at Methodist Church in Denbigh 007078-94 George CARD, 20, Moscow Ont., same, Farmer, s/o Harvey & Elizabeth CARD married Ellen TURNER, 19, England, Colebrook, d/o William & Eliza TURNER. Wtn: E.A. McCULLOCH and Bertha McCULLOCH of Newburgh on September 13, 1894 at Newburgh
007182-94; - William Henry CARNAHAN; 27; Camden township; Camden Township; farmer; s/o Alpheus CARNAHAN & Harriet CARNAHAN; married Sarah Ellen DORAN; 20; Belleville; Tyson? Landing?, d/o Philip DORAN & Catherine DORAN; wit U.M. Wilson & Lotta Warmer of Napanee; Oct. 17, 1894; Napanee  
7105-94 Frank CLARK, 34, Farmer, Prince Edward, Tp. Kaladar, s/o Leonard & Lusie, mar. Annie PRESLEY, 32, Camden Tp., Tp. Kaladar, d/o James & Almira. Witn Addie PRESLEY & Marshal PRESLEY, both of Kaladar Tp., on 20 June, 1894, at Methodist Parsonage, Flinton. 007054-94 - William COCHRAN, 33, farmer, Amherst Island, same, s/o William & Elizabeth COCHRAN, married Annie FLEMMING, 26, Amherst Island, same, d/o William & Sarah Jane FLEMMING, witn; Richard FLEMMING and Elizabeth FLEMING both of Amherst Island, 24 Jan 1894 at Amherst Island.
007177-94 - Lemuel H. COLLINS, 34, Ernestown, Ernestown, farmer, s/o Agustus COLLINS & Martha COLLONS married Maggie ROSE, 23, Northport, Napanee, d/o William. ROSE & Meticia? ROSE, Wit: Fred ROSE - Napanee & Elizabeth SMITHES- Ernestown, Sept. 12, 1894, Napanee 7081-94 Simon COOK, 33, farmer, Camden, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Laura Jane May WILSON, 24, Camden, same, d/o John H. & Margaret Ann, witn: Ethel Bert WILSON & Richard COOK, both of Camden, 13 (18?) June 1894 at Richmond
007067-94 John COWAN, 24, Denbigh Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Andrew COWAN & Elizabeth COWAN married Ada Elzina GARRISON, 20, Camden Tp., Abinger, Tp., d/o James GARRISON & Jane GARRISON. Wtn: Sarah COWAN of Denbigh Tp. and Caleb GARRISON of Abinger Tp. on April 2, 1894 at Abinger Tp. 007163-94 - Samuel Benjamin CRONK, 22, Camden Twp, Napanee, laborer, s/o John CRONK & Fannie CRONK married Victoria SEDORE, 20, Marlbank, Marlbank, d/o Miles SEDORE & Elizabeth SEDORE, Wit: Mrs. J. J. RAE & Ida WEESE both of Napanee, June 19, 1894, Napanee (also 7194-94)
7106-94 Franklin CUMMINGS, 23, Farmer, Tp. Barrie, same, s/o Willington & Susan, mar. Annie ALLPORT, 20, Tp. Kaladar, same, d/o Abraham & Mary. Witn Fred CUMMINGS of Tp. Barrie & Minnie ALLPORT of Tp. Kaladar, on 25 June, 1894, at the residence of the Bride's parents. 007162-94 - William Nelson DARCH , 23, Shannonville, Lonsdale, farmer s/o Peter DARCH & Martha DARCH married Ella A. KIMMERLY, 19, Lonsdale, Lonsdale, d/o Jesse KIMMERLY & Mary Ann KIMMERLY, Wit: Fred KIMMERLY & Annie BERRY, June. 5, 1894, Napanee
  007193-94; Lennox & Addington; Thomas DEBOW; 28; Belleville; Napanee; bartender; s/o Joseph DEBOW and (blank) his wife; married Martha THOMPSON; 18; Belleville; Napanee; d/o John & Elizabeth THOMPSON; witn William RYAN of Shannonville & Annie DEBOW of Toronto; Aug 21, 1894; Napanee
7110-94 John DELINE, 34, Farmer, Tp. Richmond, Tp. Barrie, s/o John & Eliza Ann, mar. Minnie LAVERE (?), 20, Tp. Richmond, Tp. Barrie, d/o Allen & W (illegible). Witn Annie ALLPORT of Tp. Kaladar & Frank CUMMINGS of Tp. Barrie, on 10 Apr., 1894, at Methodist Parsonage, Flinton. 007187-94; Lennox & Addington; Frederick H. DENYES; 22; Ernesttown; same; farmer; s/o Thomas DENYES & Jennie DENYES; married Honora M. BLAKE; 21; Deseronto; Fredericksburgh; d/o Robert BLAKE & Honora BLAKE; witn Agnes BLAKE of Fredericksburgh & Annie CROSSLEY of Napanee; Oct. 31, 1894 Napanee
007079-94 James Frank DETLOR, 34, Ernestown, Napanee, Widower, Furniture Finisher, d/o George B. DETLOR & Caroline JOHNSTON married Maud VANALSTINE, 22, Harlow, Napanee, d/o James VANALSTINE & Elizabeth VAN WINKLE. Wtn: Helen GANDIER & Annie A. GANDIER of Newburgh on November 7, 1894 at Newburgh 007195-94; Lennox & Addington; Samuel DICKENS; 30; Trenton; Napanee; market gardener; s/o Thomas DICKENS & Elizabeth DICKENS; married Nellie TRAVIS; 22; Liverpool Eng; Napanee; d/o Robert TRAVIS & Ellen TRAVIS; witn Emma C. McDIARMID & Luella McDIARMID both of Napanee; Dec. 12, 1894 Napanee
007147-94, - John DRUCA, 24, widower, Iowa U. S., Newburgh Ont., laborer, s/o George DRUCA & Ellen WELLINGTON married Sarah Ellen LOUCKS, 17, Newburgh, Newburgh d/o John LOUCKS & Mary Ann McHIBS?, Wit: Albert FOX & Lily LOUCKS both of Newburgh, Feb. 22, 1894, Napanee  
007175-94 - Michael C. DUNN, 31, Enterprise, Yarker, station agent, s/o William. DUNN & Catherine DUNN married Nellie Etta JOHNSON, 30, widow, Moscow, Yarker, d/o Peter VANLUVEN & Emily VANLUVEN, Wit: Annie CROSSLEY & Ethel CROSSLEY of Napanee, Sept, 5, 1894, Napanee 7043-94 Francis DYON, 30, Widower, Ry. Employee, Richmond Tp., Kingston, s/o Charles & Eliza, mar. Agustia RICKEY, 31, Spinster, Ernestown, same, d/o Horace & Emily. Witn Malcome RICKEY of Kingston & Miss DEMPSTER of (blank), on 12 Dec., 1894, at Ernestown.
007091-94 Thomas EDGAR, 32, Camden, same, Farmer, s/o William EDGAR & Janet EDGAR married Agnes Eliza SEXSMITH, 25, Richmond, same, d/o George F. SEXSMITH and Cathrine SEXSMITH. Wtn: Fred SEXSMITH and Jenny McCORMICK of Richmond on September 5, 1894 at Church of England Parsonage in Selby 007170-94 - Charles EVANS, 26, Kingston Twp, same, farmer, s/o Charles EVANS & Annie EVANS married Naomi JACKSON, 36, widow, Camden Twp, Kingston Twp, d/o John JACKSON & Harriet JACKSON, Wit: Aaron SMITH - Kingston Twp & Emma C. McDIARMID, Napanee, Aug. 4, 1894, Napanee
007142-94, James EVANS, 31, Ontario, Centreville, hotel keeper, s/o John EVANS & Jane EVANS married Harriet KIDD, 26, Camden, Camden, d/o Joseph KIDD & Catherine KIDD, Wit: Arthur KIDD & Ellen EVANS- Centreville, Apr. 23, 1894, Camden  
007072-94 John FERGUSON, 24, Matawatchan Renfrew Co., Matawatchan Tp., Farmer, s/o John FERGUSON & Mary FERGUSON married Adelaide LEPLAUNT, 23, Matawatchan Renfrew Co., same, d/o Joseph LEPLAUNT & Juliet LEPLAUNT. Wtn: John McDONALD and Hatty McCOY both of Matawatchan on September 18, 1894 at Vennachar 007076-94 William Thidd FISHER, 49, Ceers Scotland, Toronto, Widower, Railroad man, s/o James FISHER & Isabella FISHER married Jane WAKINSHAW, 31, Carwath Scotland, Newburgh, d/o George WAKINSHAW & Margaret WAKINSHAW. Wtn: John DONALDSON and Mary B. WAKINSHAW of Newburgh on July 2, 1894 at Newburgh
007180-94; James FITZPATRICK; 26; Belleville; Belleville; Stone cutter; s/o Patrick FITZPATRICK & Charlotte PENDERGHAST; married Mary Ellen McGRATH; 27; Napanee; Napanee; d/o Thomas McGRATH & Ann LYNCH; wit William NORMIELE and Maggie BARRETT, both of Napanee; Sept. 10, 1894 Napanee 7112-94 John Alexander FORBES, 22, Farmer, Tp. Kaladar, same, s/o Alexander & Martha, mar. Elizabeth A. ALLPORT, 18, Tp. Kaladar, same, d/o Abraham & Jane. Witn Janet ALLPORT & Henry ALLPORT, both of Tp. Kaladar, on 10 Oct., 1894, at Residence of Mr. Mortons, Kaladar.
007192-94 Marshall Orton FRASER; 19; Ernesttown; same; farmer; s/o Isaac Orton FRASER & Sarah SILLS; married Eva GRAHAM; 19; Ly??; Napanee; d/o Charles A GRAHAM & Lucy SNIDER; witn R. S. GRAHAM of Kingston and Annetta HAWLEY of Napanee; Nov. 22, 1894 Napanee 7184-95 Arthur William FRASER, 25, Farmer, Camden, same, s/o Wm M. & Harriett, mar. Nellie May FRASER, 21, Ernestown, same, d/o James C. & Catherine. Witn Gertrude HOGLE & Austin M. FRASER, both of Odessa, on 10 Sept., 1894, at Odessa.
  007140-94, Patrick FRAZIER, 31, Ontario, Watertown N. Y., farmer, s/o Richard & Anne FRAZIER married Brigid SAGRIFF, 28, Ontario, Watertown N.Y., d/o James SAGRIFF & Elizabeth SAGRIFF, Wit: Maurice KENNY & Agnes SAGRIFF- Hinchinbrooke, Apr. 2, 1894, Camden
007155-94, - James Wilson FRINK, 23, North Fredericksburgh, same, farmer, s/o Benjamin FRINK & Selphie FRINK married Jennie WOOD, 19, Gananoque, North Fredericksburgh, d/o George WOOD & Agnes WOOD, Wit: Albert HUDSON & Jane FRINK, no location, Jan. 31, 1894, Napanee 7113-94 Levi GAGLORE, 52, Widower, Farmer, Ernestown, Kennebec, s/o Luther & Rebecca, mar. Lida HOGAN, 37, Widow, Sheffield, Kennebec, d/o Daniel & Cathrine (no surname). Witn Thomas TAPPING & Annie DEIGHTON, both of Cloyne, on 15 Aug., 1894,at Cloyne.
7032-94 William GAITSKELL, 34, Farmer, England, Ernestown, s/o John & Mary Ann, mar. Sarah Jessie CLARK, 21, Ernestown, same, d/o P. M. & Elenor Jane. Witn Edmond GODWIN & Jennie PURDY, both of Kingston, on 19 Sept., 1894, at Ernestown. 7044-94 Jonas GARRISON, 29, Farmer, Canada, South Fredericksburgh, s/o Martin L. & Hester Maria, mar. Lila Elizabeth Jane CLUTE, 24, Canada, South Fredericksburgh, d/o David Alex & Eva Eliza. Witn E. N. WAGAR & Florence GALT, both of South Fredericksburgh, on 22 May, 1894, at Sillsville
007058-94 Harry GOODMAN, 22, Canada, North Fredericksburgh, Farmer, s/o Henry & Emma Jane GOODMAN married Sabra May KELLAR, 20, North Fredericksburgh, same, d/o John & Sarah KELLAR. Wtn: Hester FITCHETT of Napanee and Hattie FIELDS of North Fredericksburgh on April 11, 1894 at North Fredericksburgh 7107-94 Alexander GRANT, 31, Farmer, Tp. Kaladar, Flinton, s/o Charles & Ann, mar. Ann Bell BRYDEN, 21, Tp. Kaladar, Flinton, d/o Robert & Genetti. Witn Carrie MORRISON of Hungerford Tp., & Fred YORK of Kaladar Tp., on 02 May, 1894, at Residence of Robert Bryden, Flinton.
7046-94 Sidney GRIFFITH, 23, Labourer, England, South Fredericksburgh, s/o James & Emily, mar. Mary FERGUSON, 18, Canada, South Fredericksburgh, d/o David & Victoria. Witn John HORNER of Batta Ont., & Pinkie CARL of Conway, on 04 Nov., 1894, at Conway 007189-94; Lennox & Addington; George Sinclair GUNN; 23; Ontario; Hastings Co; farmer; s/o Donald GUNN & Ellen COONS; married Laura Louisa WHITE; 21; Ontario; Richmond Twp.; d/o Robert WHITE & Juliet his wife; witn Malcolm B. OLLIVER & Nellie GUNN both of Hastings; Sept 12, 1894 Napanee
  007486-96 William HAGGERTY, 32, farmer, Camden Tp., same, s/o Ellen & Daniel, married Retta BAWN (?) 27, Camden Tp., same, d/o Robert BAWN mothers name not given, witn: Robert HAGGERTY & Mabel GALBRAITH of Sheffield Tp. on Oct. 25, 1894 at Presbyterian Church at Tamworth
007050-94 - William Henry HALL, 28, tinsmith, Huntingdonshire England, Essex, s/o Mathew N. & Ann HALL, married Mary Ellen Louisa DAVY, 24, Oshawa, Bath, d/o Albert & Ellen Lydia DAVY, witn; George DAVY of Bath and Jennie DAVY of Ernesttown, 15 dec 1894 at Bath. 7237-95 John W. HALL, 46, Widower, Farmer, Tp. Richmond, same, s/o William & Mary, mar. Hannah PARKS, 41, Widow, Richmond, same, d/o Stephen & Susannah DAVIS. Witn Albert DAVIS & Nancy DAVIS, both of Richmond, on 19 Dec., 1894, at Richmond.
7031-94 Samuel J. HAMBLY, 24, Widower, Farmer, North Fredericksburgh, same, s/o Samuel & Margaret, mar. Lillian M. (?) CURLE, 22, Spinster, North Fredericksburgh, same, d/o James & Ann. Witn Arthur L. CURLE of Chambin--? (off page) & Mary E. CRIGHTON of Napanee, on 28 Feb., (off page, 1894?), at Merven (s/b Morven?) 7187-95 Thomas J. HEALEY, 22, Barber, Kingston, same, s/o John & Isabella, mar. Bulina (?) Elizabeth SPOONER, 21, Kingston, same, d/o Tho's & Margaret. Witn James E. MABEE, M. D., & Anson STORMS, J. P. (?), both of Odessa, on 07 Oct., 1894, at Odessa.
007071-94 James M. HILLIS, 27, Innisville Lanark Co., Dorset Ont., General Merchant, s/o James HILLIS & Agnes HILLIS married Lizzie IRVINE, 24, Carleton, Denbigh Tp., d/o James IRVINE & Christina IRVINE. Wtn: Peter McDONALD of Fallbrook and Melina IRVINE of Denbigh on September 10, 1894 at Denbigh Tp.  
007191-94; Lennox & Addington; Herbert Henry HINCH; 22; Tamworth; Napanee; bookkeeper; s/o Ogden HINCH & Jennie HINCH married Marion MacEACHERN; 24; Lochabor Bay; Napanee; d/o Duncan MacEACHERN & Grace MacEACHERN; witn Ogden HINCH & T.S. MacEACHERN, both of Napanee; Sept 12, 1894; Napanee 7176-95 Norman Jacob HOLDEN, 28, Oil Merchant, Nobleton Ont., Montreal, s/o Isaac & Christine, mar. Georgia WRIGHT, 25, Ernestown, same, d/o James & Gretta. Witn James & Gretta WRIGHT, both of Ernestown, on 08 Aug., 1894, at Ernestown
007066-94 Schuyler HOPPINS, 27, Bedford Tp., Denbigh Tp., Farmer, s/o Aaron HOPPINS & Jane HOPPINS married Barbara Ann HUTSON, 20, Matawatchan Tp., same, d/o James HUTSON & Ellen HUTSON. Wtn: Aaron HOPPINS Jr. of Denbigh Tp. and Sara Ellen HUTSON of Matawatchan Tp. on March 19, 1894 at Vennachar 007164-94, - Thomas H. HUFFMAN, 22, Hungerford Twp, Napanee, blacksmith s/o Thomas HUFFMAN & Cynthia JONES married Eva PYBUS, 20, Napanee, Napanee, d/o Thomas PYBUS & Sally WAGAR ,Wit: Lydia SHOREY - Napanee, June. 23, 1894, Napanee
007060-94 William James JACKSON, 29, Canada, same, Farmer, s/o Bethel & Mary Jane JACKSON married Rhoda Lucetta SIMMONS, 20, Canada, same, d/o John & Rhoda SIMMONS. Wtn: Mrs. Annie ALLEN of Napanee on February 14, 1894 at South Napanee 007145-94, - John JENNINGS, 43, widower, birthplace blank, Camden, farmer s/o David JENNINGS & Sarah JENNINGS married Mary WILSON, 29, birthplace blank, Camden d/o John WILSON & Mary WILSON, Wit: Robert J. WILSON & Mrs. R. J. WILSON, no location, Jan 3, 1894, Napanee
007075-94 John JENSEN, 59, Norway (Europe), Camden Tp., Widower, Laborer, s/o Jens Hansen GILMALAND and Anna Maria GUNDERSON married Maria HICKS, 60, Portland Ont., Newburgh, Widow, d/o Robert HUSBAND & Abigail PARROT. Wtn; James BOYCE and Elizabeth BOYCE of Newburgh on February 14, 1894 at Newburgh 007089-94 James JOHNSTON, 21, Richmond, Camden, Farmer, s/o Isaac JOHNSTON & Hannah JOHNSTON married Samantha YORK, 19, Richmond, same, d/o Lorenzo YORK & Maria YORK. Wtn: Wesley YORK and Mary YORK on December 19, 1894 at Richmond
007178-94; - James JORDAN; 30; Kingston; Kingston; Machinist; s/o Henry JORDAN & Margaret NOBLE; married Bridget O'DONNELL; 32; Loborough; Kingston; d/o M. O'DONNELL & Margaret McGUINELY; wit Da--? CUNNINGHAM and Mary A HOGAN both of Napanee; July 2, 1894, Napanee 007186-94; - George C. JOYCE; 23; Richmond; Richmond; farmer; s/o George JOYCE & Sarah JOYCE married Addie M. UNGER; 24; Richmond; Richmond; d/o Nathan UNGER & Rhoda UNGER; wit; Ethan UNGER & Lizzie S. JOYCE, both of Richmond; Oct 31, 1894; Napanee
007156-94, - John Richard KELLEY, 21, Napanee, Napanee, laborer, s/o Samuel KELLEY & Victoria KELLEY married Lena STORMS, 21, Newburgh, Napanee, d/o Nelson STORMS & Margaret STORMS, Wit: Mrs. J.J. RAE & Ida WEESE both of Napanee, Mar. 1, 1894, Napanee 7064-94 Andy KUGLER, 26, showman?, USA, North Fredericksburgh, s/o Bartol & Mary, married Maud BURTCH, 17, Canada, North Fredericksburgh, d/o George & Emma, witn: Ida RICHARDSON & George BURTCH, both of N. Fredericksburgh, 3 Dec 1894 at Napanee
  007146-94, - Sanford LAIRD, 38, Bath, Ernestown, farmer, s/o John LAIRD & Jane KENNEDY married Jane McLAUGHLIN, 42, widow, Ernestown, Ernestown d/o William CLARK & Rebecca BABCOCK, Wit: Eliza R. SHOREY & Sidney B. SHOREY both of Napanee, Feb. 1, 1894, Napanee
007088-94 James LAKE, 60, Storrington Tp., same, Widower, Farmer, s/o Aaron LAKE & Elizabeth LAKE married Mary WAGAR, 39, Camden, Richmond, s/o Elias WAGAR & Lydia WAGAR. Wtn: Samson E. WAGAR & Mary WAGAR of Richmond on December 19, 1894 at Richmond 007048-94 - Maxwell Robert LAPUM (Laprim?), 26, yeoman, Wilton, Odessa, s/o Nelson R. & Emily LAPUM, married Edith WYCOTT, 22 Odessa same, d/o Andrew & Elisabeth WYCOTT, witn; R. GAGE of Bath and Emily M. TUCKER (place not given), 24 sep 1894 at Parsonage, Bath.
007077-94 Harry Franklin LER (Lee?), 22, Odessa, same, Cabinet Maker, s/o George & Ann LER married Maggie KELLAR, 23, Tamworth, Enterprise P.O., d/o George & Mary KELLAR. Wtn: John SHANE and Eva SHANE of Newburgh on July 30, 1894 at Newburgh 007080-94 Robert Samuel LEWIS, 34, Camden East, Camden, Farmer, s/o Joseph LEWIS & Rachel Fer LEWIS married Elizabeth SAMPSON (sic), 29, Ireland, Ernestown, d/o George SAMSON & Eliza Latimer SAMSON. Wtn: John SAMSON & Ray SAMSON of Ernestown on December 18, 1894 at Newburgh
007092-94 Thomas S. LOUCKS, 23, North Fredericksburg, Richmond, Farmer, s/o Abraham LOUCKS & Josephine LOUCKS  married Nellie M. ROOKS, 23, Richmond, same, d/o Abel ROOKS & Christiana ROOKS. Wtn: W.F. LOUCKS and Asenath ROOKS of Richmond on December 5, 1894 at Selby 7111-94 Robert LOWRY, 21, Farmer, Tp. Elzevir, same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, mar. Mary Elizabeth WOODCOCK, 16, Hungerford Tp., Tp. Kaladar, d/o Abraham & Emma. Witn Mary WOODCOCK & Luke WOODCOCK , both of Tp. Elzevir, on 21 Nov., 1894, at Malcom McGahey's, Tp. Kaladar.
007188-94; Lennox & Addington; Charles Wilson LUFFMAN; 26; Ontario; Deseronto; laborer; s/o James Villany LUFFMAN; married Lillie SMITH; 16; England; Deseronto; d/o Benjamin & Mary Anne SMITH; witn Isaac COMPO & George FIELDS both of Deseronto and Edith Sarah GRASSWELL(?); August 23 1894 Napanee 007068-94 James Edward MALLORY, 21, Abinger Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Wallace MALLORY & Bridget MALLORY married Ella MALLORY, 16, Miller Tp., same, d/o Almer MALLORY & Mary MALLORY. Wtn: David MALLORY and Carrie MALLORY both of Abinger Tp. on July 4, 1894 at Abinger Tp.
007174-94 - Joseph MANACLE, 27, (looks like) Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga, widower, farmer, s/o Joseph MANACLE & Susan MANACLE married Elizabeth MANACLE, 19, Tyendinaga, Tyendinaga, d/o Lawrence Manacle & Jemima Manacle, Wit: John BARNHART & Ann BARNHART both of Tyendinaga, Sept. 5, 1984, Napanee 007154-94, - James Allen MASTERS, 24, North Fredericksburgh, Deseronto, laborer, s/o Jason MASTERS & Eliza MASTERS married Jane LUFFMAN, 21, Percy Twp, Deseronto: d/o James LUFFMAN & Mary LUFFMAN, Wit: John TOBIN & Ella MASTERS, no location, Jan 24, 1894, Napanee
7109-94 James MAURISETTE (s/b Morisette?), 25, Farmer, Prince Edward, Tp. Kaladar, s/o Remo (?) & Jane, mar. Annie CLARKE, 20, Tp. Kaladar, Flinton, d/o Leonard & Susan. Witn Addie WHATTAM & Benjamin SEDORE, both of Tp. Kaladar, on 12 Apr., 1894, at residence of Bride's parents. 007179-94; - John McAULEY; 26; Railton; Newburgh bookkeeper; s/o Francis McAULEY and Rose MURPHY; married Ellen FITZ-MARTIN; 22; Port Hope; Napanee d/o Simon FITZ-MARTIN and Ann McMAHON; wit Simon FITZ-MARTIN of Napanee and Catherine McAULEY of Railton; August 13, 1894 Napanee
7100-94 Michell McALPINE, 54, Widower, Farmer, Ireland, Iowa Poeokonta (?) Co. U.S., s/o Patrick McALPINE & Bridget McKEOWN, mar. Mrs. Margaret ROACH, 47, Widow, Sheffield, same, d/o Francis HURST & Alice NUGENT. Witn Thomas DONOHUE & Mrs. Thomas DONOHUE of (blank), on 10 May, (no yr.), at R. C. Church, Erinsville. 007086-94 Archibald McCRACKEN, 27, Ernestown, Camden, Farmer, s/o Robert & Agnes McCRACKEN married Frances DAVIS, 22, Richmond, same, d/o Stephen & Susan DAVIS. Wtn: William WADDELL of Richmond and Mary McCRACKEN of Richmond on February 21, 1894 at Richmond
  007152-94, - Thomas Hugh McBRIEN, 23, Brooklin Ont., Toronto, currier, s/o George McBRIEN & Ellen DUNDAS married Charlotte MARSHALL, 23, Camden East, same, d/o William MARSHALL & Lizzie GALBRAITH, Wit: Eliza McGEE & Melina VANALSTINE both of Napanee, May. 31, 1894, Napanee
007149-94, - James McCRUDDEN, 35, Kingston, South Fredericksburgh, farmer, s/o James McCRUDDEN & Margaret McMURRIN married Mary Jane CROZIER, 32, Pembroke, South Fredericksburgh, d/o Robert CROZIER & Nancy MADALL, Wit: Eliza SHOREY & Melina VANALSTINE both of Napanee, Mar. 20, 1894, Napanee 007065-94 Joseph McLAREN, 19, Ardoch, Matawatchan Tp., Farmer, s/o Finley McLAREN & Mary WHITEDUCK married Sarah Alberta McDONALD, 22, Matawatchan Tp., same, d/o Archie McDONALD & Jane McDONALD. Wtn: Walter FERGUSON & Carrie BRISCO both of Matawatchan on February 5, 1894 at Vennachar
007151-94, - Frederic Davis MILLER, 21, Ernestown, same, gentleman farmer, s/o Samuel K. MILLER & Adelia GARRISON married Hester Ann BURLEIGH, 23, Burleigh Place, same, d/o Robert S. BURLEIGH & Anne SHARPE, Wit: James YOUNG- Ernestown & Frankie BURLEIGH Ernestown, June 14, 1894, Burleigh Place, Ernestown 007087-94 Robert MILLS, 26, Tyendinaga, same, Farmer, s/o Robert & Sarah Jane MILLS married Maggie Eleanor WADDELL, 22, Richmond, same, d/o William Davison & Sarah WADDELL. Wtn: Emma J. COMBE of Richmond on April 18, 1894 at Richmond

7228-95 William MONTGOMERY, 41, sailor, Amherst Island, Stella, s/o James (deceased) & Helen, married Jennie HENDERSON, 33, Amherst Island, same, d/o John & Mrs. HENDERSON, witn: Robert HENDERSON & Elizabeth REID both of Amherst Island on Nov. 28, 1894 at Stella

7195-95 John Riley MOORE, 35, Widower, Marble Cutter, Elgin Kingston, Napanee, s/o Wm R. & Mary, mar. Elizabeth MARTIN, 30, Widow, Arnsley Hastings, Napanee, d/o Robert & Mary CAMPBELL. Witn Earle H. STORMS & J. Agatha BOOTH, both of Odessa, on 04 Aug., 1894, at Odessa.
007106-95 John MURPHY, 30, farmer, Camden, Camden s/o William MURPHY & Ellen REDDY married Henrietta MYLO, 28, Ernestown, Ernestown d/o Anthony MYLO & Margaret WALSH wtn: Thomas MYLO of Ernestown & Mary MOONEY of Napanee, 5 November 1894 at Napanee 7094-94 John MURPHY, 28, Hungerford Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Thomas MURPHY & Elizabeth FLEMING married Bridget TAYLOR, 21, Sheffield Tp., same, d/o Thomas TAYLOR & Mary WALSH. Wtn: Joseph TAYLOR and Elizabeth MURPHY on January 29, 1894 at R.C. Church Erinsville
  007143-94, Patrick MURRAY, 30, Ontario, Loboro, farmer,, s/o Timothy MURRAY & Nancy MURRAY married Tressa O’CONNER, 20, Camden, Centreville, d/o William O'CONNER & Sarah O'CONNER, Wit: William McCAULY- Loboro & Mary A. O'CONNER- Centreville, Apr. 30, 1894, Camden
7102-94 Patrick J. NORMILE, 25, Clerk, Deseronto Junction, Napanee, s/o Michael NORMILE & Bridget MURPHY, mar. Margaret J. BROUGHAN, 25, Sheffield, same, d/o Richard BROUGHAN & Janett PENNY. Witn Patrick LAVECQUE & Sarah BROUGHAN, both of (blank), on 25 June, (no yr.), at R. C. Church, Erinsville. 007171-94 - Allen S. OLIVER, 24, Richmond Twp, same, farmer, s/o Newton OLIVER & Ellen OLIVER married Mabel G. ABRAMS, 17, Richmond, Napanee, d/o Wesley ABRAMS & Elizabeth ABRAMS, Wit: Lucy ANDERSON & Annie CROSSLEY both of Napanee, Jul. 24, 1894, Napanee
007157-94 - Nelson O'NEIL, 28, Camden Twp, Ernestown Twp, farmer, s/o John O'NEIL & Elizabeth O'NEIL married Della RUSSELL, 25, Camden Twp, Ernestown Twp, d/o Thomas RUSSELL & Janet RUSSELL, Wit: Mrs. J. J. RAE, Napanee, Mar. 28, 1894, Napanee 7103-94 - E. B. PAGE, 22, Operative, United States, Watertown N. York, s/o Phineas N. & Eliza Ann, mar. Georgina KELLER, 19, Canada, Camden, d/o George & Mary. Witn Alonzo WAGER & Cecelia KELLER, both of Camden, on 02 Aug., 1894, at Tamworth.
007056-94 - Thomas J. POLLEY, 27, farmer, Stella, same, s/o Thomas & Sarah POLLEY, married Maud SANDERS, 21, Amherst Island, same, d/o John & Eliza SANDERS, witn; Stephen TUGWELL and Maggie illegible, both of Amherst Island, 7 feb 1894 at Amherst Island.  
007169-94, - Edward Howard PRIEST, 29, widower, London England, Rochester N.Y., salesman, s/o Thomas PRIEST & Sophie PRIEST married Fanny Phurlina? SALMON, 30, Napanee, Napanee, d/o Martin LASHER & Lena LASHER, Wit: Almira KENT & Lena LASHER both of Napanee, Jul. 31, 1894, Napanee 7178-95 Wilkie W. PRINGLE, 26, Farmer, Ernestown, same, s/o William & Ellenor, mar. Ethel Gertie LOVE, 19, Ernestown, same, d/o Wm & Sarah. Witn Wilbur LOVE & Etta (?) LOVE, both of Ernestown, on 19 Dec., 1894, at Odessa
7194-95 Mervin R. REID, 26, School Teacher, Ernestown, same, s/o Mervin & Mary J., mar. Sarah J. FRASER, 24, Ernestown, same, d/o Isaac Arten (?) & Sarah Eliza Jane. Witn M. A. FRASER & M. M. REID, both of Ernestown, on 28 Sept., 1894, at Ernestown. 7038-94 Finton REID, 24, Farmer, Ernestown, same, s/o Marvin & Margaret A., mar. Margaret McFARLANE, 21, Ernestown, same, d/o James & Mary A. Witn L. LIMBERT & E. A. LIMBERT, both of Odessa, on 07 Apr., 1894, at Odessa.
008090-94 James RICHMOND, 24, Richmond, same, Farmer, s/o Thomas RICHMOND & Jane RICHMOND married Mabel B. RICHMOND, 18, Richmond, same, d/o James RICHMOND & Eliza Ann RICHMOND. Wtn: Mrs. J.R. BUTLER of Roblin on December 18, 1894 at Richmond 007059-94 James Loyst RICKLEY, 28, Canada, same, Farmer, s/o John Clapp & Margaret Jane RICKLEY married Ida Jane BRETHEN (Brether?), 24, Canada, same, d/o Henry & Jane BRETHEN. Wtn: Annie ALLEN of Napanee on February 26, 1894 at South Napanee
007098-94 Edward Francis ROACH, 19, Sheffield, same, Farmer, s/o Henry ROACH & Margaret HURST married Bridget WARD, 31, Sheffield, same, d/o William WARD & Bridget CARROLL. Wtn: William MURPHY and Catherine MURPHY on April 9, 1894 at R.C. Church Erinsville 7036-94 Frank SAGER, 24, Farmer, North Fredericksburgh, same, s/o Simon & Abaline, mar. Emma J. CURLE, 24, North Fredericksburgh, same, d/o John S. & Ann. Witn Arthur T. CURLE & Olive L. SAGER, both of Chamers (?) Pc., on 28 Mar., 1894, at Merven (s/b Morven?).
007051-94 - Chas. SAUNDERS, 24, grocery clerk, Kingston, same, s/o William & Laura SAUNDERS, married Victoria POLLARD, 21, Ontario Adolphustown, d/o Joseph & Ammanda POLLARD, witn; Esther B. FOURNIER and Orval? F. FOURNIER both of Adolphustown, 29 jan 1894 at Adolphustown. 007167-94, - William Wilson SAYERS, 26, Ontario, Deseronto, mill hand, s/o James SAYERS & Adeline PATTON, married Annie May LINDSAY, 17, Ontario, Deseronto, d/o John LINDSAY & Catherine GRINDAL his wife, Wit: Reuben & Jane LINDSAY of Deseronto and Florence Eugenia MURCHESTON of Napanee, Jul. 12, 1894, Napanee
007181-94; - James SHEEHAN; 48; Kingston; Kingston Sailor; s/o Daniel SHEEHAN & Mary HARTIGAN; married Elizabeth WEST; 40; Ireland; Napanee; widow; d/o George WEST & Mary DAVID; wit Daniel Hogan & Josephine Lamy both of Napanee; Oct. 1, 1894; Napanee 007280-95 Ernest Payne (Wayne?) SHEPHERD, 28, Bath, same, Sadler, s/o John SHEPHERD & Martha SHEPHERD married Ella Francis Asenath? JOHNSTON, 29, Bath, same, d/o Alexander JOHNSTON (mother not given). Wtn: R. JOHNSTON of Bath and J. COATES of Napanee on February 27, 1894 at Bath
7042-94 Frank H. SIMPKINS, 24, Farmer, Ernestown, Yarker, s/o William & Harriet, mar. Eugena WEIGHILL, 22, Marlbank, same, d/o John & Patience. Witn Delbert - Jane CASTIDAY of Yarker & Carrie LAUGHLIN of Marlbank, on 26 Dec., 1894, at Marlbank. 7027-94 Alex SIMPKINS, 23, farmer, Harrowsmith, Hartington, s/o Harvey & Susan Ann, married Debbie Ann JACKSON, 22, Harrowsmith, same, d/o Nelson & Sarah J., witn: Mrs. E. J. COOMBE of Wilton, 5? Dec 1894 at Wilton
7041-94 Harvey SMALL, 21, Clerk, Toronto, same, s/o Phillip SMALL & Mary LYONS, mar. Louise WEBSTER, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Benjamin WEBSTER & Louise JONES. Witn John ELSEN (s/b Elson?) & Margaret ELSEN, both of Odessa, on 19 Dec., 1894, at Odessa. 7037-94 James H. SMITH, 27, Farmer, Tp. Kingston, same, s/o James & H. E., mar. Edith L. PATTERSON, 21, Tp. Kingston, same, d/o Robert James & Angeline S. Witn Anson STORMS & L. LIMBERT, both of Odessa, on 18 Apr., 18--? (off page), at Odessa
007158-94 - Overton Alonzo SNIDER, 33, Ernestown Twp, same, farmer, s/o Charles SNIDER & Mary A. SNIDER married Victoria M. CLOSE, 33, Ernestown Twp, same, d/o David W. CLOSE & Jane CLOSE, Wit: Mrs. J. J. RAE, Napanee, Apr. 25, 1894, Napanee 7033-94 Alfred James SNIDER, 33, Farmer, Ernestown, same, s/o Edward & Jane, mar. Mary Ellen SAULSBURY, 22, Ernestown, same, d/o Henry & Rebecca SALSBURY (sic). Witn Sidney WALKER of Cleveland & E. A. LIMBERT of Odessa, on 20 June, 1894, at Odessa.
7030-94 Fredrick H. SNIDER, 28, Cheese Maker, Ernestown, same, s/o Elizabeth & Joel SNYDER (sic), mar. Bertha A. FRINK, 25, North Fredericksburgh, Ernestown, d/o Robert & Scyntha FERINK (sic). Witn Arthur & Mary VANSLYCK of Morven (?), on 14 Mar., 1894, at Morven (?). 7028-94 Linford H. SNYDER, 24, farmer, Colebrook, illegible residence, s/o Caleb & Marianne, married Chloe J. CARREL, 21, Minister PA USA, Piccadilly, d/o William & Caroline, witn: Albert FOX of Godfrey & Gracie CARREL of Piccadilly, 17 Oct. 1894 at Wilton
007159-94 - Robert James SOLONES (Solmes?), 29, Richmond Twp, same, farmer, s/o Nathaniel SOLONES & Margaret SOLONES married Hattie Agnes BURGESS, 26, Enterprise, Napanee, d/o David BURGESS & Hannah BURGESS, Wit: J. R. PEAKE - Toronto & Mrs. J. J. RAE- Napanee, May 2, 1894, Napanee 7115-94 John Albert SPENCER, 28, Farmer, Effingham, Anglesea, s/o Charles & Mary Jane, mar. Annie BOSLEY, 30, Olden, Anglesea, d/o Francis & Susan. Witn P. A. WICKWIRE & Mary WESE, both of Cloyne, on 28 Aug., 1894, at Anglesea.
007190-94; Lennox & Addington; Charles STEVENS; 20; England; Deseronto; laborer; s/o George STEVENS & Elizabeth ELLIS; married Teressa Anne HUNT; 16; Ontario; Deseronto; d/o George HUNT & Emma LINDSAY; witn William N SAGER & Mary Emily VANDEWATER; Sept 18, 1894 Napanee 007093-94 Levi Vincent STORMS, 22, Northumberland Co., Prince Edward, Cheese Maker, s/o James F. STORMS & Henrietta STORMS married Effie May ALLISON, 23, Richmond, same, d/o Irvine ALLISON & Sarah Alida ALLISON. Wtn: David Mendall KIMMERLY? and Ida A. ALLISON of Richmond on December 18, 1894 at Selby
007083-94 Charles Edward STORR, 25, Richmond, same, Farmer, s/o William & Elizabeth STORR married Alma KIMMETT, 19, Richmond, same, d/o Nathaniel & Alma A. KIMMETT. Wtn: John M. HUGHS of Roblin and Emma BROWN of Leinster on February 14, 1894 at Richmond  007150-94, - Walter SWALFIELD?, 25, Berkshire Eng., Ernestown, butcher, s/o Augustus SWALFIELD? & Annie, married Addie May OKE, 19, Ernestown, Ernestown, d/o Thomas OKE & Susanna OKE, Wit: Marion & J. D. MacEACHERN of Napanee, Apr. 5, 1894, Napanee
007122-95 Edwin William THOMAS, 22, jeweller, Ernestown, Napanee s/o William THOMAS & Mary THOMAS married Josephine E. NEILSON, 21, Ernestown, Napanee d/o Peter NEILSON & Mercy GORDINIER wtn: Frank THOMAS & Alice NEILSON both of Napanee, 24 July 1894 at Napanee 007069-94 Robert THOMPSON, 24, Matawatchan Tp. Renfrew Co., same, Farmer, s/o John THOMPSON & Mary Ann THOMPSON married Mary THOMPSON, 23, Matawatchan Tp., same, d/o William THOMPSON & Maggie THOMPSON. Wtn: Hugh McPHERSON and Maggie THOMPSON both of Matawatchan on August 6, 1894 at Vennachar
007049-94 - W. J. THORALD (Thorold?), 26, labourer, Amherst Island, Deseronto, s/o William & Mary Jane THORALD, married Nettie May MYERS, 22, North Fredericksburg, Bath, d/o Nicholas & Lucretia MYERS, witn; Amos BARRAGE and Ida BARRAGE both of Bath, 25 dec 1894 at Bath. 007095-94 John TOWNSEND, 30, Sheffield Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Thomas TOWNSEND & Norah BURNS married Mary MURPHY, 28, Sheffield Tp., same, d/o James MURPHY & Mary FINN. Wtn: Charles STEWART & Delia MURPHY on January 29,1894 at R.C. Church Erinsville
007096-94 Wills G. VALLIER, 21, Canada, Loboro, Farmer, s/o Alexander & Mary J. VALLIER married Hannah R. ROUSEHORN, 18, Canada, Loboro, d/o William & Mary ROUSEHORN. Wtn: M.E. RICE & Alice COPELAND of Tamworth on February 28, 1894 at Tamworth 7108-94 William VANALLEN, 25, Blacksmith, Tp. Tyendinaga, Flinton, s/o George & Almira, mar. Lydia YORK, 21, Tp. (illegible), Flinton, d/o F. H. & Margret. Witn Carrie MORRISON of Hungerford Tp., & Fred YORK of Kaladar Tp., on 02 May, 1894, at Residence of Robert Bryden, Flinton.
  7074-94 Elliott VANALSTINE, 26, barber, Napanee, same, s/o Irvine & Margaret, married Ella YOUNG, 21, South Fredericksburgh, same, d/o David & Louisa, witn: A. C. DOUGLAS of Napanee & Mary YOUNG of S. Fredericksburgh, 25 Dec 1894 at Sillsville Church
7045-94 Frank (?) VanDYKE, 28, Farmer, Canada, South Fredericksburgh, s/o Henry & Jane, mar. Anna TAVERNER, 26, Canada, South Fredericksburgh, d/o Alfred & Lydia. Witn John VanDYKE of Conway & May TAVERNER of South Fredericksburgh, on 22 Oct., 1894, at Conway 007160-94 - John A. VANHORN, 23, Sophiasburg Twp, same, farmer, s/o John C. VANHORN & Rachael A. VANHORN married Catherine A. HUYCK, 21, North Fredericksburgh, same, d/o Burgher HUYCK & Margaret HUYCK, Wit: Maria Jemima HUYCK & Mrs. J. J. RAE, May 9, 1894, Napanee
007166-94, - Thomas Wesley WALES, 21, Ontario, Napanee, mechanic s/o Robert WALES and Adeline HUFF married Ida Louise FISH, 18, Ontario, Napanee, d/o Levi FISH & Ruth RICHARDSON his wife, Wit: J. MATTHEWS of Kingston & Emma FISH of Napanee, Jul. 2, 1894, Napanee 007176-94 - William WALMSLEY, 29, Adolphustown, same, farmer, s/o Andre & Harriet, married Edith G. VANALSTINE, 21, North Fredericksburgh, same, d/o Jacob B. & Mary J., Wit: Arthur VANALSTINE & Flora WALMSLEY, Sept. 12, 1894, Napanee
007184-94; - Thomas C. WALMSLEY; 26; Adolphustown; same; farmer; s/o Andrew WALMSLEY & Harriet WALMSLEY married Hestor V. FIELDS; 23; North Fredericksburgh; same; d/o James & Mary FIELDS; wit; Cannie LEE & Annie CROSSLEY, both of Napanee; Sept. 24, 1894; Napanee 007185-94; - William C. WEIR; 27; Camden East; Napanee Mills; Station agent & operator; s/o Peter WEIR & Mary WEIR; married Mary DAVY; Napanee Mills; same; d/o Hugh DAVY & Mary DAVY; wit; Ida DAVY of Napanee Mills & Annie CROSSLEY of Napanee; Sept 29, 1894, Napanee
007055-94 - Walter WEMP, 29, farmer, Amherst Island, same, s/o John Dewsenbury & Eliza L. WEMP, married Caroline WEMP, 23, Amherst Island, same, d/o Daniel & Eliza WEMP, witn; James REID and James WEMP both of Amherst Island, 7 feb 1894 at Amherst Island. 007073-94 Philip H. WENSLEY, 28, Abinger Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Edwin WENSLEY & Amelia Jane WENSLEY married Caroline Adelaide MALLORY, 27, Abinger Tp., same, d/o Wallace MALLORY & Bridget MALLORY. Wtn: George W. MALLORY and Emily H, WENSLEY of Abinger Tp., on September 12, 1894 at the Tp of Abinger
7034-94 Stephen C. WERDEN, 44, Widower, Wheelwright, Tp. Tyendinaga, Deseronto, s/o Henry (?) & Mary B. H. WORDEN (sic), mar. Mary Jamima MORDEN, 32, Spinster, Tyendinaga, Deseronto, d/o Henry & Catherine. Witn John E. BOLTON & Emma BOLTON, both of Ernestown, on 16 May, 1894, at Odessa. 007165-94, - James WILSON, 51, widower, Glasgow Scotland, Napanee, undertaker, married Alice ELLIS, 38, widow, no birthplace, Napanee, Wit: Mrs. Ephraim WAGAR & Mrs. Egerton McCABE both of Napanee, June. 25, 1894, Napanee
007168-94, - James Arthur WILSON, 25, Napanee, Napanee, clerk, s/o Uriah WILSON & Mary WILSON, married Minnie M. BOYES, 21, Napanee, Napanee, d/o Robert BOYES & Mary BOYES, Wit: U. Morley WILSON & Emma C. McDIARMID both of Napanee, Jul 30, 1894, Napanee 7104-94 Lirus (Sirus?) S. WOODCOCK, 21, Farmer, Canada, Sheffield, s/o Miles & Hannah, mar. Annie BOYD, 18, Canada, Hungerford, d/o David & Annie. Witn Mrs. J. J. RICE & Martha WILLIAMS, both of Tamworth, on 11 Sept., 1894, at Tamworth.
007183-94; - John H. WODCOCK; 32; South Fredericksburgh; same; laborer; s/o James WOODCOCK & Harriet WOODCOCK married Harriet SPENCER; 28; South Fredericksburgh; same; d/o Stephen SPENCER & Catherine SPENCER; wit Richard RICHARDSON & Annie CROSSLY of Napanee; Sept. 15, 1894 Napanee 007084-94 Thomas WOODS, 38, Gananoque, Roblin, Manufacturer, s/o Stephen L. and Mary WOODS married Annie VAN DE BOGART, 23, Richmond, same, d/o Francis & Nancy VAN DE BOGART. Wtn: Alpine WOODS of Richmond and Edith CATON of Napanee on February 14, 1894 at Richmond
007148-94, - Amos P. YOUNG, 29, S. Fredericksburgh, same, farmer, s/o Albert YOUNG & Cordelia THOMPSON married Susannah CLARINGBOLD, 22, S. Fredericksburgh, same, d/o Henry CLARINGBOLD & Susannah CLARINGBOLD, Wit: Eliza R. SHOREY & Melina VANALSTINE both of Napanee, Feb. 26, 1894, Napanee 007061-94 Rheuben YOUNG, 26, Canada, Belleville, Gentleman, s/o Jacob & Almira YOUNG married Kate WALMSLEY, 30, Adolphustown, North Fredericksburgh, d/o Andrew & Harriet WALMSLEY. Wtn: Annie ALLEN of North Fredericksburgh on November 19, 1894 at South Napanee