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Lennox & Addington Co., 1897


008956-97 Richard A. ALLEN, 22, Marlbank, Richmond, Telegraph Op., s/o Matilda ALLEN & Richard ALLEN married Sarah Caroline LAUGHLIN, 23, Marlbank, same, d/o Elizabeth LAUGHLIN & George LAUGHLIN. Wtn: D.S. WARNER of Napanee and M. D. PARKER of Napanee on October 9, 1897 at Napanee  
008896-97 James Henry ALLEN, 35, Newburgh, same, Farmer, s/o Sarah ALLEN & John ALLEN married Ethol (sic) Maria FRASER, 27, Ernesttown, same, d/o Sarah Jane FRASER & Isaac FRASER. Wtn: Blanche G. FRASER of Ernesttown and Fletcher HUFFMAN of Newburgh on December 30, 1897 at Ernesttown 008885-97 Elmore Osborne AMEY, 31, Ernesttown, same, Farmer, s/o Armintha AMEY & William AMEY married Maither (Martha?) Ann SMITH, 26, Ernesttown, same, d/o Eva E. SMITH & James SMITH. Wtn: Nellie WILSON of Odessa and Ellen BEAVIS of Hastings on June 2, 1897 at Odessa
008867-97 George Stewart CAMERON, 27, Ontario, Yarker, Physician, s/o Ann CAMERON & George CAMERON married Nora Ann WEST, 19, Ontario, Yarker, d/o Clara WEST & James H. WEST. Wtn: John STEWART of Harrowsmith and Gertrude CAMERON of Oil City on September 22, 1897 at Yarker 008887-97 William C. BABCOCK, 29, Odessa, same, Moulder, s/o Isabella BABCOCK & Wesly BABCOCK married Ester Raymond CHAMBERLAIN, 19 Odessa, same, d/o Emma CHAMBERLAIN & George CHAMBERLAIN. Wtn: Nellie WILSON of Odessa and Ellen BEAVIS of Hastings on June 30,1897 at Odessa
#009099-1898 (Addington Co): David BARRIE, 45, farmer, Pittsburgh, Hungerford, s/o John & Eliza BARRIE, married Eliza PILLMAN, 44, Sheffield, Hungerford, d/o Joseph & Effie PILLMAN; wit: Robt & Elen, K-OURLY, Flinton. 30 Jun 1897 at Flinton 008912-97 Robert BARRY, 22, of Actinolite, Farmer, s/o Elizabeth BARRY & John BARRY married Ethel BROWN, 18 of Actinolite, Farmer’s daughter, d/o Ellen BROWN & George BROWN. Wtn: Frank ASHLEY and Bertha BROWN on December 13, 1897
9004-97 Thomas BEATTY, 57, Bachelor, Gentleman, Prince Edward, Tweed, s/o Elizabeth MERTIN & James BEATTY, mar. Lydia GONYON, 36, d/o Jane THOMPSON & Joseph GONYON. Witn Christopher & Minnie GONYON of Sheffield, on 29 Dec., 1897, at Sheffield.  
#008936-97 - Murney Lewis BENN, 24, laborer, Richmond twp., Deseronto, s/o Milo & Caroline Elizabeth, married Tillie TUCK, 20, England, Deseronto, d/o unknown, witn: Margaret NICOL & Margaret PECK, both of Napanee, 15 May 1897 at Napanee 008980-97 James BOOTH, 38, widower, farmer, Richmond, same, s/o William BOOTH & Nancy DOBINS, married Lilian B. WINDOVER, 20, Richmond, same, d/o James WINDOVER & Charlotte FENNELL, witn Mrs. R. G. HUNT of Chicago & Mrs. L. G. HICKS of Trenton, Jan. 30, 1897. Roblin.
008960-97 William Henry BRADSHAW, 21, Forest Mills, Tyendinaga Tp. Hastings Co., Cheesemaker, s/o Georgina (s/b Charles) BRADSHAW & Georgina BRADSHAW, married Maggie Joan BELL, 18, Tyendinaga Hastings Co., same, d/o Catharine BELL & Peter BELL. Wtn: Miss. A. V. INNIS of Napanee and Mrs. W.W. PECK of Napanee on November 17, 1897 at Napanee 008913-97 Marshal BRADSHAW, 23, of Flinton, Shoemaker, s/o Hanna YORD (Yard?) & Wm H. BRADSHAW married Sarah SEDGWICK, 20, of Flinton, d/o Elisa DAVISON & Daniel SEDGWICK. Wtn: ?ley BRADSHAW and Florence CUNNINGHAM on December 29, 1897
  8992-97 John A. BROWN, 24, Farmer, Sheffield, same, s/o Susan REID & W'm BROWN, mar. Mary HINCHEY (?) (Hinckey?), 19, Tyendinaga, Sheffield, d/o Elizabeth GILMOUR & Hugh HINCHEY. Witn Stanley BROWN & Maggie HINCHEY, both of Tamworth, on 08 Apr., 1897, at Tamworth.
008857-97 William BROWN, 42, Camden, Enterprise, Laborer, s/o Francis BROWN & William BROWN married Harriet KEECH, 51, Camden, Enterprise, Widow, d/o Harriet McMILLEN & Hugh McMILLEN. Wtn: Wilson BELL of Enterprise and Joanna BELL of Enterprise on July 12, 1897 at Enterprise #008933-97 (Lennox & Addington) Rennsalaer Zenas BUSH, 22, farmer, Richmond, same, s/o John J. & Mary E., married Minnie Mabel FOOTE, 20, Richmond, same, d/o Marshall & Matilda, witn: H.C. & Luella McDIARMID of Napanee, 9 May 1897 at Napanee
008870-97 Hamilton ARMSTRONG, 48, Kingston, Napanee, Widower, Merchant, s/o Letitia ARMSTRONG & Henry ARMSTRONG married Helen Eliza MILLER, 39, Napanee Mills, same, d/o Mary Jane MILLER & Peter MILLER. Wtn: Edwin J. REID of Napanee Mills and Alice E. SULLIVAN of Camden East on November 28, 1897 at Napanee 008907-97 Charles CARLETON, 28, Thomasburgh, Kaladar, Cheesemaker, s/o Malenda J. CARLETON & David CARLETON married Mary LAVEQUE (Levesque?), 26 Elzevir, same, d/o Jane LAVEQUE & Leander LAVEQUE. Wtn: Marion LAVEQUE of Flinton Ont. on March 2, 1897 at St. Pauls Church in Flinton
9872-99 Francis CASSIDY, 22, Laborer, Hungerford Tp., same, s/o Christopher CASSIDY & Elizabeth CHRISTOL, mar. Mary BURNES (?), 21, Hungerford Tp., Marlbank, d/o Patrick B (illegible) & Johanna FITZGERALD. Witn Andrew PHILIPS & Ellene (?) CASSIDY, both of Hungerford Tp., on 10 May, 1897, at Sheffield R. C. Church 8996-97 William J. A. COLDEN, 26, Laborer, Camden, Napanee Mills, s/o Ellen GRAY & W'm COLDEN, mar. Margaret Ann ALFORD, 28, Hungerford, Marlbank, d/o Jane BEST & John ALFORD. Witn John PARKS & Sarah KIRK, both of Tamworth, on 17 Aug., 1897, at Christ Church, Tamworth.
008917-97 Michael J. CONNOLLY, 32, Waltham Mass., same, Lawyer, s/o Ann DYER & Stephen CONNOLLY married Roberta HAVIN, 22, Napanee, Deseronto, d/o Rose McKENLY & Patrick HAVIN. Wtn; Patk HAVIN of Deseronto & Mrs. Patk HAVIN of Deseronto on January 11, 1897 at Napanee 008955-97 Joseph Alexander COX, 38 of Oso Frontenac Co., Farmer, s/o Jane SHARPLEY & Thomas COX married Annie RANDELL, 21 of Napanee, d/o “bride does not know mother” & ---- RENDELL. Wtn: William HICKS Jr. of Napanee and Jennie COX of Arden on October 4, 1897 at Napanee
008861-97 Milton Fletcher CROSS, 29, Canada, Oshawa, Dentist, s/o Jemima HUGHES & William CROSS married Bertha Carrie ANDERSON, 24, Canada, Colebrook, d/o Sarah CURRIE & James ANDERSON. Wtn: George CROSS of Oshawa and Jessie May PORT of Colebrook on September 1, 1897 at Colebrook 008954-97 John CUNNINGHAM, 29, Centreville, Tamworth, Merchant, s/o Mary HINCH & Thomas CUNNINGHAM married Elizabeth FITZ-MARTIN, 29, Port Hope, Napanee, d/o Ann McMAHON & Simon FITZ-MARTIN. Wtn: S.P FITZ-MARTIN of Napanee and Mary WHALEN of Enterprise on October 4, 1897 at Napanee
008975-97 George W. DAFOE, 31, farmer, Roblin, same, s/o George DAFOE & Charlotte BARNYKER?, married Annie BELTON, 25, Redfield U.S., Richmond, d/o William BELTON & Nancy Ann BOOTH, witn William John BELTON & Lizzie WAITE, both of Richmond, Jan. 5, 1897, Roblin. 8962-97 Archibald John DAVERN, 31, Telegraph Operator, Newburgh, Napanee, s/o Rose McNEILL & Michael DAVERN, mar. Ann McNEILL, 23, Napanee, same, d/o Mary McKILLOP & John McNEILL. Witn Tho's McNEILL & Mrs. J. McNEILL, both of Napanee, on 04 Dec., 1897, at Napanee.
009093-98, Thomas Nelson DAVIS, 33, Adolphustown, Adolphustown, farmer, parents: A. C. DAVIS & Amey HUFFNAIL married Annie M. E. ALLISON, 27, Adolphustown, Adolphustown, parents, Joseph B. ALLISON & Martha MEMBURY, Wit: Mary L. ALLISON & George A. RUTTAN - both of Adolphustown, Dec. 22, 1897, Adolphustown #008935-97 (Lennox & Addington) Desmore Elsey DAVIS, 21, tinsmith, Napanee, same, s/o James & Ellen N., married Emma U. JONES, 18, Newburgh, Napanee, d/o Edward & Effie, witn: Laura DAVIS & Eddie G. JONES, both of Napanee, 19 May 1897 at Napanee
9055-98 (Lennox & Addington): George Edward DENNIE, 25, farmer, Leeds twp., Denbigh, s/o Henry DENNIE & Ruby UPTERGROVE, married Maria Margaret CHAPPEL, 19, Pittsburg, Palmerston, d/o James CHAPPEL & Elizabeth HALL, witn: Christopher U. DENNIS of Clarendon & Ada May McDOUGALL of Palmerston, 17 May 1897 at Vennachar 009091-98, Robert James DICKSON, 24, Shannonville, S. Fredericksburgh, farmer, parents: George DICKSON & Letitia MARTIN married Mary Ann MAGEE, 27, Ireland, Adolphustown, parents: Robert MAGEE & Anabella MAGEE, Wit: Joseph MAGEE- The Pines & Alexander DICKSON- Utica N.Y., May 5, 1897, The Pines
9001-97 Levi DONEY, 25, Widower, Laborer, Roblin, Marlbank, s/o Minia KELLA (s/b Kellar?), & Hiram DONEY, mar. Annie JOHNSTON, 30, Roblin, Marlbank, d/o Addie HERNES & John JOHNSTON. Witn Reetha C. LEWIS of Tamworth & Mary A. LEWIS of Peterborough, on 05 Oct., 1897, at Tamworth. #008856-97 (Addington Co): Sidney L. FELLOWS, 26, farmer, not given, Ernestown, s/o John? (or George) & Martha, married Dora L. GALBRAITH, 21, Camden, same, d/o Samuel & Mary J, witn: W.M. WATTS of Camden East & Mary M. MONTGOMERY of Yarker, 23 June 1897 at Camden East
9871-99 Daniel FARNEY, 36, Widower, Farmer, Sheffield Tp., same, s/o John FARNEY & Julia O'BRIEN, mar. Mrs. Mary McKEOWN, 30, Widow, Sheffield Tp., same, d/o Patrick MILTON & Ellen ROADS (s/b Rhodes?). Witn Jerry O'BRIEN & Mary A. MILTON, both of Sheffield Tp., on 01 Mar., 1897, at Sheffield R. C. Church. 8995-97 Henry FILES, 23, Blacksmith, Newburgh, same, s/o Emma FILES & Sidney FILES, mar. Grace Ursula WILLIAMS, 23, Arden, same, d/o Elizabeth TECHEY (?) & James WILLIAMS. Witn John PARKS & Sarah KIRK, both of Tamworth, on 12 Nne (?), 1897, at Christ Church, Tamworth. ( Registered 22 June, 1897.)
008843-97 - John FLANAGAN, 39, farmer, Manchester England, Amherst Island, s/o John & Anne FLANAGAN, married Jane DENNEE, 20, Amherst Island, same, d/o Mary & John, witn; Robert SMITH and Nellie DENNEE both of Amherst Island, 31 nov 1897 at Amherst Island #008855-97 (Addington Co): Joseph FOSTER, 31, farmer, Kingston twp., Moscow, s/o James & Mercy, married Alice B. BAKER, 26, Moscow, same, d/o Henry A. & Calista, witn: Manly FOSTER & Martella BAKER, both of Moscow, 2 June 1897 at Moscow
008862-97 Manly FOSTER, 26, Camden, Moscow, Farmer, s/o Nancy FOSTER & James FOSTER married Effie AMEY, 19, Camden, Moscow, d/o Hester AMEY & Willet AMEY. Wtn: Herbert WOODCOCK of Camden East and M.T. WOODCOCK of Camden East on September 2, 1897 at Camden East #008941-97 (Lennox & Addington) Overturn F. FOURNIA, 21, butcher, Adolphustown, same, s/o Frank & Mary, married Carrie Mabel OKE, 18, Ernestown, S. Fredericksburg, d/o Thomas & Susan, witn: Fred OKE & Mrs. Jehiel SWEET, both of Ernestown, 9 June 1897 at Napanee
008893-97 George Washington FREELAND, 26, Cape Breton, Barricks Tette du Port, Soldier, s/o M.J. FREELAND & G.W. FREELAND married Charlotte E. POWLY, 18, Westbrook, Odessa, d/o Catherine POWLY & J.B. POWLEY. Wtn: May W. EVANS of Odessa and F.J.C. ROBERTSON of Odessa on Dec 2, 1897 at Odessa 008988-97 John FRISKIN, 25, farmer, Fredricksburg, Selby, s/o Adam FRISKIN & Annie HARKERS, married Annie P. HUDGINS, 20, Selby, same, d/o James HUDGINS & Sarah E. JAYNES, witn William J. HUDGINS & Annie B. FRISKIN, both of Selby, Dec 23, 1897, Selby.
8997-97 Christopher GONYON, 37, Widower, Farmer, Sheffield, same, s/o Jane THOMPSON & Joseph GONYON, mar. Minnie TYNER (?), 26, Sheffield, same, d/o Ellen WATTERS (?) & John A. TYNER. Witn Wesley WATTERS of Sheffield & S. HENRY of Richmond, on 01 Sept., 1897, at Christ Church, Tamworth. 008876-97 Edgar GRANGER, 24, Village of Bellrock, Denbigh Tp., Farmer, s/o Emily HARRIS & Francis GRANGER married Carrie CRANKSHAW, 23, Denbigh, same, d/o Mary SNIDER & Henry CRANKSHAW. Wtn: Philip SNIDER of Denbigh and Mahaley BALL of Denbigh on June 22, 1897 at Vennacher
008868-97 John Freeman GRANT, 26, Ontario, Portland, Farmer, s/o Elizabeth BURLEY & Geo GRANT married Eliza VELLY (Veley?), 24, Ontario, Portland, d/o Merbeth VAN VANBERG & William VELLY (sic). Wtn: F.B. TUCKER of Portland and Mary SAILSMONTH? of Portland on October 16, 1897 at Enterprise. 008875-97 Alfred Henry GREGG, 22, Abinger, same, Farmer, s/o Christiana BOYD & John GREGG married Catharine J. IRISH, 17, Portland, Miller Tp., d/o Cemantha CARD & Joseph IRISH. Wtn: William IRISH of Abinger and Laura POTTER of Matawatchan on May 4, 1897 at Miller Tp.
008882-97 Abram Anthony HAGERMAN, 21, Ernesttown, same, Farmer, s/o Armintha HAGERMAN & Edward HAGERMAN married Carrie KEIRNY (Keiry?), 24, Ernesttown, same, d/o Mary KEIRNY & James KERNY. Wtn: Carl DEVY of Fredericksburg and Cassie HAGERMAN of Ernesttown on February 17,1897 at Odessa  
8965-97 Sam (?) A. HAMBLY, 23, Farmer, of North Fredericksburgh, s/o Clarinda & Joseph, mar. Mary A. WAGAR, 18, of N. Fredericksburgh, d/o Nancy & Ja's H. Witn William BAIRD & Estella WAGAR, both of Napanee, on 08 Dec., 1897, at Napanee. #008850-97 (Addington Co): Samuel HAMILTON, 27, blacksmith, Camden, Camden East, s/o not given, married Eliza Mary JACKSON, 21, Kingston twp., Camden twp., d/o George Andrew & Jane, witn: Ed. HAMILTON of Enterprise & Mary GUY of Camden East, 6 Jan 1897 at Camden East
008987-97 Roland Fralick HAWLEY, 27, farmer, Richmond, same, s/o William G. HAWLEY & Matilda PERRY, married Annie S. CHAMBERLAIN, 18, Richmond, same, d/o Bailey CHAMBERLAIN & Henrietta CANIFF, witn F. B. VANDEBOGART & Olive CHAMBERLAIN, both of Richmond, July 31, 1897, Selby. #008932-97 (Lennox & Addington) William John HINCH, 30, farmer, Camden East, same, s/o Nicholas HINCH & Annie DELMAGE, married Matilda Jane O'MARA, 21, Camden twp., same, d/o William O'MARA & Ellen CLANCEY, witn: Frances & Marjorie JARVIS of Napanee, 18 Feb 1897 at Napanee
9002-97 Daniel HINDREY, 35, Farmer, Camden, Sheffield, s/o Elizabeth MILLIGAN & Thomas HINDRY (sic), mar. Mary Jane SHIER, 23, Sheffield, same, d/o Rhoda CAVALAY & John W. SHIER. Witn Albert SHIER & Maggie HINCHY, both of Sheffield, on 01 Dec., 1897, at Christ Church, Tamworth. 008924-97 Wellington HUBLE, 22, Methuen Ont., same, Farmer, s/o Annie HUBLE & Samuel HUBLE married May WHITNEY, 20, Percy Ont.,  Methuen, d/o Laura WHITNEY & Isaac WHITNEY. Wtn: Annie W. CLIFF of Napanee and Luella McDIARMID of Napanee on March 4, 1897 at Napanee
8964-97 John W. HUDSON, 22, Farmer, Richmond, same, s/o Caroline & John, mar. Augusta VANDEWATER, 22, Hastings, Napanee, d/o Mary Ann & Stephen. Witn Margret VanALSTINE & J. VanALSTINE, both of Napanee, on 07 Dec., 1897, at Napanee. #008930-97 (Lennox & Addington) Marcus HUSBAND, 22, farmer, North Fredericksburg, same, s/o Alpheus & Eliza, married Effie VANALSTINE, 23, Napanee, same, d/o Nicholas & Alice, witn: Fred J. VANALSTINE of Napanee & Lizzie PRATT of Harwood, 17 March 1897 at Napanee
008844-97 - Roderick C. INSTANT, 31, farmer, Amherst Island, same, s/o Nelson & Johuanna INSTANT, married Ida Matilda WEMP, 23, Amherst Island, same, d/o Daniel & Eliza WEMP, witn; Reginald INSTANT and Annie O’ROURKE both of Amherst Island, 12 dec 1897 at Amherst Island. 008866-97 Matthew JANNIN? 32, Camden, same, Farmer, s/o Annie O'NEIL & John JANNIN? married Margaret LYNCH, 26, Camden, same, d/o Susan McDONALD & Frank LYNCH. Wtn: Alexander LYNCH of Croydon and Annie BURNS of Enterprise on September 27, 1897 at Centreville
008925-97 William KENNEDY, 34, Hastings Co., Napanee, Farmer, Elizabeth KENNEDY & Adam KENNEDY married Minne WRIGHT, 24, Napanee, same, dp Hester WRIGHT & George WRIGHT. Wtn: K.C. McDIARMID of Napanee and Martha WRIGHT of Napanee on March 11, 1897 at Napanee 008883-97 Geo Albert KEILL, 29, Wolfe Island, Kingston Tp., Blacksmith, s/o Ann KEILL & Lewis KEILL married Elizabeth THOMPSON, 30, Barriefield, Ernesttown, d/o Catherine THOMPSON & James THOMPSON. Wtn: Jennie SECCOMBE of Odessa and Daisy SECCOMBE of Odessa on March 10, 1897 at Odessa
  9874-99 Daniel KENNEDY, 25, Farmer, Sheffield Tp., same, s/o William KENNEDY & Bridget DONAHUE, mar. Rachel O'BRIEN, 23, Sheffield Tp., same, d/o Daniel O'BRIEN & Amanda BARRAGER (?). Witn Michael DONOHUE & Annie MURPHY, both of Erinsville, on 22 Nov., 1897, at R. C. Ch., Erinsville.
008869-97 John KEON, 33, Portland, same, Farmer, s/o Ellen CASHMAN & James KEON married Annie M DOYLE, 26, Camden, same, d/o Bridget BOLAND & Andrew DOYLE. Wtn: James DOYLE of Camden East and Mabel KEON of Portland on October 27, 1897 at Centreville 008952-97 Sidney James KITCHEN, 23, Gananoque, Deseronto, Conductor, s/o Susan DAVIS & John KITCHEN married Ann BREAULT, 23, Deseronto, same, d/o Margaret DUEY & Jacob BREAULT. Wtn: James BREAULT of Deseronto and Mrs. J. BREAULT of Deseronto on September 1, 1897 at Napanee
008891-97 Sanford LAIRD, 40, Bath, Cedar View Odessa, Farmer, Widower, s/o Jane LAIRD & John LAIRD married Catharine KELLAR, 38, Cedar View Odessa, same, Widow, d/o Mandy WOOD  & Fred WOOD. Wtn: Maud WOOD of Cedar View Odessa and David WOOD of Cedar View Odessa on October 20, 1897 at Odessa 8967-97 George Albert LASHER, 21, Farmer, Roblin, Lennox Co., Richmond Tp. Lennox Co., s/o Maria & Peter, mar. Mary BUTLER, 21, Derby Eng., Napanee, d/o Eliza & John. Witn A. B. RICHARDSON & Mrs. RICHARDSON of Napanee, on 29 Dec., 1897, at Napanee.
008915-97 Joseph LA VERTU, 23, Athabaska, Deseronto, Laborer, s/o Mary BOUCHER & Josephe LA VERTU married Georgina BOUCHER, 21, Quebec, Deseronto, d/o Mary AUBIN & Louis BOUCHER. Wtn: Dennis COUGHLIN of Deseronto and Emma LA VERTU of Deseronto on June 29, 1897 at Napanee  
#008939-97 (Lennox & Addington) George Wilson LEE, 25, sailor, Kennebec twp., Deseronto, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Etta KETCHESON, 27, Murray, Deseronto, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Lorenzo & Elida GOULD of Deseronto, 24 May 1897 at Napanee 008984-97 Charles LEMMON, 23, farmer, Wilton, Thompsonville, s/o Andrew LEMMON & Maria THOMPSON, married Maria MCMULLEN, 21, Centreville, same, d/o Anthony MCMULLEN & Maretta? LEWIS, witn Alex MCMULLEN of Thompsonville & tella? SAULS of Centreville, Mar. 31, 1897, Selby.
008953-97 George LESPRANCE, 26, Peterboro, Deseronto, Laborer, s/o Mary ROSS & Isaac LESPRANCE married Georgiana BEYETTE, 19, Deseronto, same, d/o Mary TERRIEN & Pascal BEYETTE. Wtn: Charles BEYETTE of Deseronto and Georgiana LESPRANCE of Deseronto on September 7, 1897 at Napanee #008851-97 (Addington Co): James R. LOCKHEAD, 24, farmer, Camden, same, s/o Robert A. & Hannah, married Amelia MILSAP, 25, Camden, same, d/o Hicks & Mary, witn: William MILSAP & Lizzie LOCKHEAD, both of Napanee, 20 Jan 1897 at Camden
008923-97 James Asher LONG, 47, Richmond, North Fredericksburgh, Farmer, s/o Agnes LONG & George LONG married Eliza Jane GLENN, 40 Kingston, North Fredericksbugh, d/o Mary GLENN & William GLENN. Wtn: K.C. McDIARMID of Napanee and L. McDIARMID of Napanee on February 2, 1897 at Napanee #008937-97 (Lennox & Addington) Alexr MAGEE, 30, farmer, Donegal Ireland, S. Fredericksburg, s/o Robert MAGEE & Annabella ANDERSON, married Jennie Maria LOVE, 23, Milford Ont., South Marysburgh, d/o George LOVE & Gertrude MINAKER, witn: Maggie LOVE of Picton & Joseph MAGEE of "The Pines" near Napanee, 2 June 1897 at Napanee
008916-97 Thomas MALONEY, 25, Brewer Mills, Deseronto, Labour, s/o Ann GLENN & Martin MALONEY married Sarah CALLAGHAN, 22, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Sarah BROWN & John CALLAGHAN. Wtn: Ed MALONEY of Deseronto and Kate WILTON of Belleville on January 11, 1897 at Napanee 008874-97 John MARQUARDT, 24 Germany, Raglan Tp., Farmer, s/o Christiana BLOCK & Charles F. MARQUARDT married Bertha KELLER, 22, Germany, Raglan Tp., Widow, d/o Caroline BATAIN & David LIEDTKE. Wtn: S. J. SWEETNAM of Vennacher and L.E. SWEETNAM of Vennacher on February 10, 1897 at Methodist Parsonage in Vennacher
008957-97 Albert E. McCABE, 22, Montreal, same, Com. Traveller, s/o Sarah McCABE & Francis McCABE married Edith C. McNICKLE, 17, Sterling, Napanee, d/o Emma Jane McNICKLE & Isaac McNICKLE. Wtn: Mrs. Robt STEWART of Deseronto and Miss Minnie WATTS of Napanee on August 28, 1897 at Napanee 008873-97 William Charles McCOY, 27, Shamrock, Lyndoch Tp., Farmer, s/o Mary CUNNINGHAM & John McCOY married Laura PENNOCK, 20, South Crosby, Vennacher, d/o Harriet DELONG & George W. PENNOCK. Wtn: Henry McCOY of Lyndoch and Candace PENNOCK of Vennacher on February 3, 1897 at Vennacher
008981-97 George A. MCCUTCHEON, 33, farmer, Camden, Richmond, s/o Alex MCCUTCHEON & Millison HUGHES, married Ida A. ALLISON, 28, Richmond, same, d/o Irvin ALLISON & Sarah A. SAGER, witn Alex MCCUTCHEON of Roblin & Minnie ALLISON of Richmond, March 24, 1897, Richmond.  
9870-99 Michael McEVOY, 22, Farmer, Hungerford Tp., Stoco, s/o Edward McEVOY & Bridget KERLEY, mar. Alice BURNS, 30, Tamworth, same, d/o James BURNS & Elizabeth LAPINE. Witn Sylvester BYRNS (sic) of Tamworth & Ella M. (?) McCAULEY of Foxboro, on 24 Feb., 1897, at Sheffield R. C. Church. 008858-97 Robert J. McGREGOR, 27, Camden, Enterprise, Farmer, s/o Adeline McGREGOR & Matthew McGREGOR married Alice Maud LOUCKS, 21, Camden, Enterprise, d/o Mary LOUCKS & Jacob LOUCKS. Wtn: Murray E. CARD of Enterprise and Gretta KEECH of Enterprise on July 12, 1897 at Enterprise
008950-97 James McKENDRY, 26, Adolphustown, Deseronto, Laborer, s/o Debora McKENDRY & James McKENDRY married Bertha CLARK, 24, North Fredericksburgh, Deseronto, d/o Mary Eliza CLARK & Bennet CLARK. Wtn: Cynthia CLARK of Deseronto and A.M. SMITH of Napanee on September 15, 1897 at Napanee 9003-97 O'Kil Alfred McKNIGHT, 21, Farmer, Sheffield, same, s/o Emily YORK & George McKNIGHT, mar. Eliza Blanche CARD, 19, Kennebec, Sheffield, d/o Catharine WOOD & Miro CARD. Witn W. A. WOOD of Portland & Dora Ethel McKNIGHT of Sheffield, on 22 Dec., 1897, at Sheffield.
  008881-97 Fred McLAUGHLIN, 19, Prescott, Kingston, Baker, s/o Jennie McLAUGHLIN & John McLAUGHLIN married Eliza Jane BURKE, 23, Oso, Kingston, d/o Mary Jane BURKE & Samuel BURKE. Wtn: Nellie WILSON of Odessa and Jennie SECCOMBE of Odessa on January 26, 1897 at Odessa
008920-97 James McMURRIN, 50, Co. Monahan Ire., Adolphustown, Widower, Farmer, s/o Sarah McMURRIN & John McMURRIN married Mary Jane SHARPE, 39, South Fredericksburgh, same, Widow, d/o Cyntha LAPOINTE & Brock LAPOINTE. Wtn: A.C. PARKS of Napanee and Mrs. A.C. PARKS of Napanee on January 13, 1897 at Napanee #008938-97 (Lennox & Addington) Charles R. MELLOW, 29, farmer, North Fredericksburg, same, s/o William J. & Eliza, married Carrie J. DAVIS, 29, New York, Napanee, d/o James & Ellen Laura, witn: Desmore DAVIS of Napanee & Ella MELLOW of N. Fredericksburg, 21 April 1897 at Napanee
008976-97 Albert Brock MEREDITH, 22, merchant, Lindsay, Kingston, s/o Charles MEREDITH & Kate BROCK, married Gertrude Elizabeth CARSCALLEN, 23, Michigan, Richmond, d/o Craig L. CARSCALLEN & Annie MOSS, witn W. J. KEELEY Jr. of Kingston & M. M. CARSCALLEN of Richmond, Jan 27, 1897, Selby. 9005-97 William MILLER, 35, Farmer, Olden, same, s/o Ann Jane LIVINGSTONE & William MILLER, mar. Sarah Rebecca TRYON, 24, Kennebec, same, d/o Mary Ann VANWINKLE & William TRYON. Witn William TRYON of Gull Creek & Minnie PARKER of Mountain Grove, on 29 Dec., 1897, at Sheffield.
008859-97 Zachariah MILLIGAN, Camden, Napanee Mills, Widower, Laborer, s/o Jane TRAINER & Philip MILLIGAN married Alice Victoria CONWAY, 37, Camden, Newburgh, Widow, d/o Mary J. KELLY & Wm COPELAND. Wtn: Percy ANDERSON of Moscow and V.C.H. ANDERSON of Moscow on July 19, 1897 at Colebrook 008865-97 Thomas MILSAP, 25, Camden, same, Farmer, s/o Jane MILSAP & Stewart MILSAP married Alzina SHANE, 24, Camden, same, d/o Mary Ann HINCH & Thomas SHANE. Wtn: Thomas SHANE of Camden and Maria SHANE of Camden on September 22, 1897 at Camden East
008913-97 Patrick MOHAN, 33, Odessa, same, Farmer, s/o Margaret ROACH & Michael MOHAN married Honora MOONEY, 33, Napanee, same, d/o Sarah EGAN & Hugh MOONEY. Wtn: Daniel MOONEY of Fredericksburgh and Maggie McCORMICK of Sharpton on January 18, 1897 at Napanee 8998-97 George MONCK, 42, Bachelor, Laborer, Camden, Tamworth, s/o Henrietta AKERMAN & David W. MONCK, mar. Jennie McCUMBER, 34, Widow, Camden, Tamworth, d/o Elizabeth BOWEN & Champion MEEKS. Witn J. H. MONCK & Mrs. J. H. MONCK of Tamworth, on 03 July, 1897, at Tamworth.
008886-97 George MORGAN, 44, Belleville, Ernesttown, Widower, Labourer, s/o Mary Ann MORGAN & William MORGAN married Annie May Connors WENTON, 26, Bath, Ernesttown, Widow, d/o S. CONNERS & Thomas CONNERS. Wtn: Ellen BEAVIS of Hastings and Mrs. J. SECCOMBE of Odessa on June 18, 1897 at Odessa  
008841-97 - Royal Willard MUNRO, 52, hostler, Prince Ed. County, Picton P.E. Co. widower, s/o Sam & Anne MUNRO, married Rachel Margaret RICHARDS, 41, Amherst Island, same, d/o John Howard & Mary RICHARDS, witn; Addie BLASTER of Trenton and Augustus RICHARDS of Amherst Island 2 nov 1897 at Amherst Island. 008961-97 Patrick O'NEIL, 22, Hungerford, same, Farmer, s/o Ellen MURRAY & James O'NEIL married Ellen Beatrice DESHANE, 24, Hungerford, same, d/o Mary Anne DESHANE & Francis DESHANE. Wtn: Joseph DESHANE of Hungerford and Etta May DESHANE of Hungerford on November 24, 1897 at Napanee
008949-97 Thomas Burton PALMER, 28, Northport, same, Farmer, s/o Susan PALMER & Cornelius PALMER married Ella Maud VAN ALSTINE, 25, North Fredericksburgh, Napanee, d/o Hanna VAN ALSTINE & William VAN ALSTINE. Wtn: Dora Verna CLIFF and G. E. SPENCER of Northport on June 16, 1897 at Napanee 008944-97 Nelson PANCAU?, 24, Belleville, Deseronto, Laborer, s/o Flavie LABOURSE & Medore PANCAU married Leo Paulitina RUSSELL, 22, Quebec, Deseronto, d/o Leo Paulitina MARTIN & Joseph RUSSELL. Wtn: Louis PANCAU of Deseronto and Clara NASH of Deseronto on April 26, 1897 at Napanee
9000-97 Harvey S. PAUL, 21, Farmer, Sheffield, same, s/o Nancy CLOSE & W'm Ja's PAUL, mar. Mabel JONES, 22, Sheffield, same, d/o Abigail SHIER & Charles JONES. Witn Stanley BROWN & Millie PAUL, both of Tamworth, on 19 Aug., 1897, at the Manse, Tamworth. 8994-97 George Perry PEEBLES, 26, Farmer, Flinton, same, s/o Mary SEDORE & George PEEBLES, mar. Emma JONES, 26, Camden, Gull Creek, d/o Mary JONES & John Henry JONES. Witn Alexander PEEBLES & Jane DAVISON, both of Flinton, on 07 Apr., 1897, at Sheffield.
008951-97 Andrew Patterson PEGAN, 39 of Buffalo N.Y, Mechanic, s/o Mary PEGAN & Robert F. PEGAN married Jane Anna CULBERTSON, 28 of Deseronto, d/o Mary CULBERTSON & Archibald CULBERTSON. Wtn: S. H. CROTHERS of Napanee and Eliza CULBERTSON of Tyendinaga on September 21, 1897 at Napanee #008929-97 - Frank PERRY, 22, farmer, Richmond, same, s/o William & Maria, married Jennie McBRIDE, 16, Richmond, same, d/o Charles & Margaret, witn: Lewis FOX of Camden & Maggie BRADSHAW of Tyendinaga, 3 Feb 1897 at Napanee
008983-97 Burton H. PIESTER (Pester?), 27, farmer, Brighton, same, s/o Henry PIESTER & Phoebe SHARPE, married Adolpha A. DENISON, 26, Richmond, same, d/o John DENISON & Phoebe CASEY, witn Seldon DENISON of Richmond & B. CATON of Napanee, Jan. 18, 1897, Richmond. 009092-98, William Alex. PINKERTON, 24, Ireland, Picton, machinist, parents: David PINKERTON & Ann PINKERTON married Nellie RUTTAN, 20, Adolphustown, Adolphustown, parents: Austin RUTTAN & Alice RUTTAN, Wit: Mary HIGGINS & Edith WISKINS- both of Conway, Nov. 4, 1897, Conway
  #008940-97 (Lennox & Addington) Charles W. PLUMLEY, 23, engineer, Napanee, same, s/o James & Mary, married Maud BABCOCK, 18, Napanee, same, d/o Henry & Hester, witn: W.H. HICKS of N. Fredericksburg & Jennie COX of Napanee, 29 May 1897 at Napanee
008912-97 Kenneth Orlanzo POST, 30, North Fredericksburgh, Deseronto, Laborer, s/o Elizabeth Anne POST & Reynard POST married Olive Ellen McHENRY, 24, Adolphustown, same, d/o Deborah Jane McHENRY & James E. McHENRY. Wtn: W. T. DETLOR of Napanee and M.A. PECK of Napanee on June 21, 1897 at Napanee 8966-97 John Thomas PRIDMORE, 31, Farmer, Lincolnshire Eng., Fish Lake Prince Edward Co., s/o Nancy & Timothy, mar. Hannah FALLOWS, 26, Manchester Eng., Napanee, d/o Esther & Benjamin. Witn Henry MORDEN of Fish Lake Prince Edward Co., & Leah FALLOWS of Napanee, on 15 Dec., 1897, at Napanee.
008979-97 Miles PRINGLE, 58, widower, farmer, Richmond, same, s/o Calvin PRINGLE & Margaret MARTIN, married Eliza STORR, 40, Richmond, same, d/o Eilja STORR & Margaret GIBBARD, witn Rev. R.E. FINLAY of Marlbank & Effie PAUL of Roblin, Feb. 15, 1897, Roblin. 008895-97 Ira Wells RANDALL, 24, Morton, Loborough (Loughborough), Farmer, s/o Amelia RANDELL & William RANDELL married Ella May GIDDY, 17, Cobourg, Odessa, d/o Angeline GIDDY & William GIDDY. Wtn: William GIDDY of Odessa and Judson BABCOCK of Odessa on November 13, 1897 at Odessa
8993-97 Robert A. REID, 39, Farmer, Camden, same, s/o Jane FOSTER & Archibald REID, mar. Mabel E. O'BRIEN, 21, Napanee, Camden, d/o Elizabeth NEVILLE & John O'BRIEN. Witn C. A. JONES & Mrs. C. A. JONES of Tamworth, on 08 Apr., 1897, at Tamworth. 008842-97 - William Royal Howard RICHARDS, 25, farmer, Amherst Island, same, s/o John & Adelina Jane RICHARDS, married Catherine WEMP, 22, Amherst Island, same, d/o William & Sarah WEMP, witn; John McGuinness RICHARDS and Bessie WEMP both of Amherst Island, 23 nov 1897 at Amherst Island.
008917-97 Alfred Bradshaw RICHARDSON, 21, Kemptville, Napanee, Tailor, s/o Louisa RICHARDSON & James RICHARDSON married Effie May LASHER, 19, Westplain, Richmond Tp., d/o Maria LASHER & Peter LASHER. Wtn: Mrs. W. DETLOR of Napanee and Mrs. W. W. PECK of Napanee on June 23, 1897 at Napanee 008916-97 Herbert Nasmith ROBERTSON, 26, Kingston, same, Commercial Traveller, s/o Jane NASMITH & Benjamin ROBERTSON married Margaret Lorne GRANGE, 26, Napanee, same, d/o Jane Ann SCALES & John Thomas GRANGE. Wtn: Arthur Briden CUNNINGHAM of Kingston and Catharine Bertha GRANGE of Napanee on June 16, 1897 at Napanee
008958-97 Herbert SAGAR, 26 of Richmond, Farmer, s/o Emma SAGAR & Adam S. SAGAR married Florence KIMMERLY, 21 of Napanee, d/o Pricilla KIMMERLY & William H. KIMMERLY. Wtn: Wallace MARSH and Mattie KIMMERLY on October 20, 1897 at Napanee 008854-97 (Addington Co): David SAUL, 30, farmer, Odessa, Camden, s/o William & Eliza, married Mary Ann MARSHALL, 24, Camden, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Robert STEVENSON of Violet & Jennie MARSHALL of Camden East, 17 March 1897 at Thompsonville
008911-97 Benjamin SAUNDERS, 32, of Kingston, Widower, Butcher, s/o Christina SAUNDERS & William SAUNDERS married Alma KIMMERLY, 20, of Northbrook, Farmers daughter, d/o Esther KIMMERLY & John KIMMERLY. Wtn: Ed BOSLEY of Northbrook and Mary Ida BOSLEY of Northbrook on October 26, 1897 008860-97 Thomas SCANLIN, 25, Camden, same, Farmer, s/o Elizabeth DUEY & James SCANLIN married Margaret CARROLL, 24, Hinchenbrook, same, d/o Mary ROWLEY & James CARROLL. Wtn: James B. SCANLIN of Camden and Kate CARROLL of Hinchenbrook on June 28, 1897 at Centreville
008894-97 Edward Henry SHULTZ, 35, Canada, Ernesttown, Widower, Labourer, s/o Lida SHULTZ & Edward SHULTZ married Emily Amelia WARNER, 35, Ernesttown, same, d/o Lavina WARNER & John WARNER. Wtn: Odella May WARNER of Yarker on December 22, 1897 at Wilton #008849-97 (Addington Co): Alfred SEWARD, 25, farmer, Murray, Brighton, s/o Robert & Susannah, married Annie L. KELLAR, 23, Camden, same, d/o John F. & Eliza, witn: M. McQUOID? of Brighton & Bud? KELLAR of Croyden, 6 Jan 1897 at Croyden
  008985-97 Wesley SHARP, 21, farmer, Ernesttown, same, s/o John SHARP & Mary BURK, married Hattie M. WEESE, 21, Richmond, Ernesttown, d/o David WEESE & Janet THOMPSON, witn Fred WEESE of Richmond & Sarah SHARP of Ernesttown, Oct. 19, 1897, Richmond.
008959-97 Burton SIMPSON, 24 of Sophiasburgh Tp., Farmer, s/o Mary WAY & James SIMPSON married Inez ALLEN, 24 of Sophiasburgh Tp., d/o Sabina COX & Albert ALLEN. Wtn: D.S. WARNER of Napanee and S.H. CROTHERS of Napanee on October 27, 1897 at Napanee #008852-97 (Addington Co): Arnie SMITH, 21, blacksmith, Camden, same, s/o Ira & Matilda, married Lena CARD, 18, Camden, same, d/o John & Ellen, witn: Arthur CARD & Ella SMITH, 3 Feb 1897 at Camden East
008884-97 John Lyford SMITH, 18, Canada, Ernesttown, Farmer, s/o Eva E. SMITH & James SMITH married Emma Almida PARKS, 18, Canada, Fredericksburg, d/o Sarah LAIDLEY & Thomas PARKS. Wtn: Edith HORNING of Kingston and P.J. POPE of Morven on June 16, 1897 at Morven 008892-97 George SPRING, 24 England, Ernesttown, Farmer, s/o Elizabeth SPRING & James SPRING married Isabella Turner CLOSE, 21, Portland, Ernesttown, d/o Eliza CLOSE & John CLOSE. Wtn: William CLOSE of Violet and Maggie MILLING of Napanee on November 22, 1897 at Wilton
9873-99 Archibald STEWART, 65, Widower, Farmer, Ireland, Sheffield Tp., s/o John STEWART & Margaret Mc (illegible), mar. Margaret MURPHY, 36, Spinster, Sheffield Tp., same, d/o Michael MURPHY & Rose DONOGHUE. Witn Thomas MURPHY & Mary MURPHY, both of Sheffield, on 26 Apr., 1897, at Sheffield R. C. Church #008931-97 (Lennox & Addington) Robert STEWART, 19, laborer, Belleville, Deseronto, s/o David & Mary, married Lottie Helena PHILLIPS, 18, Napanee, same, d/o John Henry & Charlotte M., witn: Thomas FOSTER of Deseronto & Minnie WATTS of Napanee, 7 April 1897 at Napanee
#008934-97 (Lennox & Addington) George STUART, 21, shingle man, Deseronto, same, s/o William & Margaret, married Phoebe GOOD, 21, Napanee, same, d/o John & Harriett, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J.H. BROWN of Napanee, 19 May 1897 at Napanee 008890-97 Milton THOMPSON, 23, Ernesttown, same, Farmer, s/o Joel THOMPSON married Sara SHARP, 18, Ernesttown, same, d/o John SHARP & Mary BUCK . Wtn: Edgar SHARP of Ernesttown and Gertie WEESE of Ernesttown on October 21, 1897 at Ernesttown
008926-97 Arthur Blake THOMPSON, 23, Prince Edward, North Fredericksburgh, Farmer, s/o Catharine THOMPSON & John THOMPSON married Ida LOYST, 24, South Fredericksburgh, North Fredericksburgh, d/o Susan LOYST & Henry M. LOYST. Wtn: K.C. McDIARMID of Napanee and L. McDIARMID of Napanee on March 24, 1897 at Napanee 008889-97 John THOMPSON, 24, Belleville, Bath, Sailor, s/o Elizabeth THOMPSON & John THOMPSON married Elizabeth Jane BRUNNE, 19, England, Bath, d/o Sarah BRUNNE & W.G. BRUNNE. Wtn: Martha THOMPSON of Bath and George GURNEY of Bath on July 8, 1897 at Odessa
008840-97 - William Bartholomew Armstrong THOMPSON, 28 medical doctor, Kingston, New York, s/o Jas. Duncan & Mary Anna THOMPSON, married Gertrude Louisa NEILSON, 24, Amherst Island, same, d/o James ? & Sara Louisa NEILSON, witn;Duncan THOMPSON Jr. of Kingston and Mary Elizabeth NEILSON of Amherst Island, 21 sep 1897 at Amherst Island. 008982-97 Amos THOMPSON, 27, widower, blacksmith, Tp. Barrie, Richmond, s/o Elias THOMPSON & Mary Ann CRANSHAW, married Annie L. DOIDGE, 17, Tp. Barrie, Richmond, d/o Edward DOIDGE & Elizabeth HARTIN, witn Mrs. Charles MCCONNELL & Maud LANE, both of Roblin, Mar. 10, 1897, Roblin.
  008986-97 John TOPPINGS, 34, farmer, Adolphustown, Tyendinaga, s/o John TOPPINGS & Jane JONES, married Margaret ARMITAGE, 32, Tyendinaga, same, d/o Francis ARMITAGE & Mary TONER, witn Frank S. MILLING of Tyendinaga & Maggie MILLING of Napanee, Sept. 15, 1897, Richmond.
008948-97 Philip Geoffrey TWINING, 34, Halifax N.S., Kingston, Captain Royal Engineers, s/o Elizabeth LEE & Edward Crawley TWINING married Louisa Mary DALY, 25, Napanee, same, d/o Mary Jane DALY & George DALY. Wtn: Georgia DALY and Herbert DALY of Napanee on June 26, 1897 at Napanee 008910-97 George VANCE, 38, Picton, same, s/o Caroline VANCE & Oliphant VANCE married Katherine HASLER, 24, Flinton, same, Farmers daughter, d/o Emelline HASLER & Henry HASLER. Wtn: James HALSLER of Flinton and Gussie HASLER of Flinton on December 22, 1897 at Flinton
008989-97 Francis Milton VANLUVEN, 42, widower, farmer, Portland, Ernesttown, s/o Milton Marvin VANLUVEN & Hilda ASSELSTINE, married Mary Ziffora YEOMANS, 33, Camden, same, d/o John YEOMANS & Jane DECK, witn E.A. & Zetta LIMBERT, both of Selby, Dec. 28, 1897, Selby. #008853-97 (Addington Co): Turner VANNEST, 30, farmer, Canada, Michigan USA, s/o John & Mary VANEST (sic), married Emma BUSH, 21, Canada, Camden, d/o James & Blanche, witn: M.E. RICE of Enterprise, 3 Feb 1897 at Enterprise
008886-97 Charles Robinson VANSLYCK, 24, Ernesttown, same, Farmer, s/o Armeda VANSLYCK & Martin VANSLYCK married Addie May PAUL, 23, Camden, Ernesttown, d/o Nellie PAUL & Stewart PAUL. Wtn: Henry S. VANSLYCK of Ernesttown and ? Maud ASSELSTINE of Ernesttown on June 2, 1897 at Ernesttown 8999-97 Wellington K. (?) WAGAR, 21, Farmer, Sheffield, same, s/o Elizabeth STOVER & John WAGAR, mar. Elizabeth JONES, 19, Sheffield, Tamworth, d/o Henrietta SHIRE & Rich'd Cha's JONES. Witn E. S. FOWLDS (?) & Reethia C. LEWIS, both of Tamworth, on 17 Aug., 1897, at Tamworth.
008863-97 Overton WAGER, 24, Canada, Hinchenbrook, Farmer, s/o Charlotte WAGER & John R. WAGER married Susan Maud PETERS, 16 Canada, Hinchenbrook, d/o Alice PETERS & Eli PETERS. Wtn: Henry SNIDER of Hinchenbrook & Jennie McCUMBER of Hinchenbrook on September 15, 1897 at Enterprise 008864-97 Herbert L. WAGER, 20 Camden, same, Farmer, s/o Amanda CLARK & Dorland WAGER married Annie M. WAGER, 19, Camden, same, d/o Isabella KELLY & Geo M. WAGER. Wtn: R.W. VANDEWATER of Centreville and Minnie WAGER of Enterprise on September 22, 1897 at Enterprise
008908-97 Andrew J. WILSON, 21, Ireland, Kaladar, Farmer, s/o Isabella  WILSON & Francis WILSON married Isabella ANDREWS, 17, Kaladar, same, Farmers daughter, d/o Isabel? WRIGHT & Samuel ANDREWS. Wtn: George ANDREWS of Flinton, Ont. and Isabella WILSON on July 21, 1897 at St Paul Church in Flinton 008909-97 William WILSON, 25, Ireland, Kaladar, Farmer, s/o Isabella WILSON & Francis WILSON married Mary ANDREWS, 16 Kaladar, same, Farmers daughter, d/o Janet RAVIE? & John ANDREWS. Wtn; George ANDREWS of Kaladar and Isabella WILSON of Kaladar on July 19, 1897 at Flinton
008977-97 Samuel D. G. WINTER, 25, farmer, Richmond, same, s/o Thomas WINTER & Matilda MCMURRAY, married Nettie M. MCCORMICK, 20, Richmond, same, d/o James MCCORMICK & Margaret SEXSMITH, witn Hugh MCCORMICK & Carrie WINTER, both of Richmond, Feb 10, 1897, Selby. 8963-97 Alfred WOODCOCK, 44, Widower, Laborer, of Deseronto, s/o Harriet BAXTER & James WOODCOCK, mar. Sarah Alma PAUL, 29, Widow, of Deseronto, d/o Euretta BADGLEY & Losie (?) WRIGHTMYER. Witn D. L. WARNER & S. H. CROTHERS, both of Napanee, on 18 Nov., 1897, at Napanee.