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McKinnon Marriages, Bruce County 1858 - 1869

from "United Counties of Huron & Bruce Marriage Registers, 1859-1869", RG8 Series I-6-B vol 3
FHL film 1030055

submitted by Jennifer Kolthammer

format: Groom name, age, residence, birthplace, father, mother Bride name, age residence, birthplace, father, mother Date, minister, church, witness

Alex McKINNON, 28, Bruce Tp, Tyree Scotland, s/o Lochlan McKinnon, married Hannah LAMONT, 20, Kincardine, Tyree Scotland, d/o Peter Lamont & Ann McLean 7 Feb 1861, Duncan Cameron Baptist minister Kincardine Town, wit: Hugh Lamont, Kincardine

John McKINNON, 27, Greenock, Nova Scotia, s/o Angus McKinnon & Cath Campbell, married Flora CAMPBELL, 26, Greenock, Argyle Scot, d/o Alex Campbell & Margt McLeod 19 Feb 1861, Robt Moffatt, Canada Presby Church, wit: Duncan Campbell, Greenock

Archabald McKINNON, 30, Bruce Tp, Tyree Scotland, s/o Malcolm McKinnon, married Sarah McLEAN, 20, Bruce, Scotland, d/o Allen McLean &Cath McDonald 1 Apr 1861, Duncan Cameron, Bapt, Kincardine Town, wit: Arch Mc???, Bruce

Thomas YOUNGER, 24, Saugeen, Canada W, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married C. McKINNON, 19, Bruce, Canada W, d/o Neil & Sarah, 5 June 1861, John Curran, Ch of Eng missionary, wit: Martin Hedderman?, Port Elgin

John BOYED, 22, Saugeen, Canada, s/o Angus Boyd & S. Lake?, married Isabella McKINNON, 23?, Bruce, Scotland, d/o A. McKinnon, & M McFayden 17 Jun 1862, Alexr Fraser, CP Church, wit: Donald Wilkie, Saugeen

John McKINNON, 30, Bruce, Scotland, s/o Angus McKinnon & Mary McFaden, married Euphemia McGILVRAY, 25, Bruce, Scotland, d/o Peter McGilvray & Sarah McArthur?, 24 Jun 1862, Wm Matheson, PC Bruce Tp, wit: Alex Fraser, Saugeen

Allen McKINNON, 28, Bruce, Scotland, s/o Allan & Effie McKinnon, married Catherine KENNEDY, 24, Carrick, Argyle Scotland, d/o Alex & Isabella Kennedy 1 Sep 1862, WM Church Teeswater Mission, wit: Hugh Kennedy, John B?, Carrick

Duncan McLAREN, 26, Bruce Tp, Gl____ CW, s/o Duncan McLaren, no mother given, married Janet McKINON, 22, Bruce Tp, Tyree Scot, d/o Charles McKinnon & Janet McIntyre 6 Feb 1861, Kincardine, wit: Hugh McDonald, Bruce

Angus MARTIN, 27, Greenock, Scotland, no parents given, married Sarah McKINNON, 23, Bruce, Argyleshire Scotland, no parents given 5 Jan 1859, Pres Ch of Canada, Paisley in connexion with the C of S, wit: Charles McKinnon, Neil McDonald, Bruce

Rodrik McINNIS, 20, Huron, Capte Breton, s/o John & Jessie McInnis, married Isabella McKINNON, 18, Huron, Scotland, d/o Charles & Jessie McKinnon 24 Apr 1862, CPC, wit: L McDougall, Huron

James McKAY, 39, Culross, Capte Breton, s/o Hector McKay & N. McKinon, married Flora McKINNON, 30, Culross, Scotland, d/o N McKinnon & R Campbell 21 Apr 1864, Adam McKay min at Culross, wit: D McKinnon, Culross

Malcolm McKINNON, 32, Bruce, Canada, s/o Neil McKinnon, & Sarah McLean, married Jane DARK, 26 (28?), Bruce, Scotland, s/o John Dark & Janet Reid, 1 Nov 1864, Wm Matheson, Pres Ch Tp Bruce, wit: Angus McKinnon, Bruce

Donald McKINNON, 28, Kincardine, Scotland, s/o Charles McKinnon & Ann McInnis, married Ann McKENZIE, Kincardine, Cape Breton, d/o Don. McKenzie & Peggi Buchanan 30 Nov 1865, A McKay, C Pres Bruce, wit: D McLean, Bruce

Hugh McKINNON, 26, Kincardine, Scotland, s/o Finlay McKinnon & Chrisn McLean, married Ann CLOCK, 30, Bruce, Scotland, d/o Donald McDonald & Eliza Lamont 29 Jun 1866, Alex Frazer, CPC, wit: John McDonald, Bruce

Malcolm McKINNON, 28, Greenock, Cape Breton, s/o Neil McKinnon, married Margaret McKAY, 21, Greenock, C B Nova Scotia, d/o George McKay & Mary McDonald 19 Jul 1866, CPC R__dale, Co Bruce, wit: Rodk McDonald, Greenock

Angus McKINNON, 28, Bruce, Canada, s/o Neil McKinnon & Sarah McLean, married Ket SINCLAIR, 28, Bruce, Canada, d/o Archy Sinclair & Mary Grant 15 Nov 1866, Wm Matheson, CPC Tp Bruce, wit: Levi Patterson, Kincardine

John McKINNON, 35, Greenock, Scotland, s/o Donald McKinnon & Margaret McFadyen, married Betsey McQUEEN, 23, Greenock, Skye Scotland, d/o Murdock McQueen & Mary Fraser 10 Jan 1867, AG Forbes, Rivendale, wit: Jas McLean, Greenock

Donald McKINNON, 30, Kincardine, Tyree, s/o Lachlan McKinnon & Mary McLean, married Mary McFADYEN, 21, Bruce, Tiree, d/o Angus McFadyen & Catherine McKinnon 21 Feb 1867, Bapt Church, wit: Neil Lamont, Kincardine

Alexander McKINNON, 24, Greenock, Cape Breton, s/o Neal & Flora McKinnon, married Margaret McLEAN, 23, Kincardine, C East, d/o Donald & Louisa McLean 12 Apr 1867, Methodist E Church, wit: John A McKinnon, Greenock; Sarah McLean, Kincardine

Kenneth C. McKINNON, 28, Greenock, Cape Breton, s/o ? McKinnon, & Cathe Campbell, married Mary Ann CAMPBELL, 21, Greenock, Scotland, d/o Alex Campbell & Margaret McLeod 12 Aug 1867, AG Forbes, Rivendale, wit: Malcolm McKinnon, Greenock

Alex McKINNON, 35, Greenock, Scotland, s/o Donald McKinnon & Margaret McFadyen, married Flora McDONALD, 24, Greenock, Scotland, d/o Laughlin McDonald & Christy McLean 20 Aug 1867, AG Forbes, Rivendale, wit: George M?

Donald B McKINNON, 31, Blyth, Esquesing, s/o Neil McKinnon & Christian McKinnon, married Mary T. ATKINSON, 22, Bentinck, Norval, d/o Robt T. Atkinson & Ellen 26 Feb 1868, R. Pickard, Baptist, wit: John T Atkinson, Bentinck

Kinnon McKINNON, 26, Kinloss, Scotland, s/o Peter McKinnon & Christy McIntosh, married Christy LIVINGSTONE, 21, Kinloss, Scotland, d/o Duncan Livingstone & Ann McLean 11 Mar 1868, John McNabb, C Pres Lucknow, wit: Alexr McKinnon & Dugald McKinnon, both Kinloss

Peter GILCHRIST, 22, Bruce, Scotland, s/o Neil Gilchrist & Mary Gilchrist, married Mary McKINNON, 26, Bruce, Scotland, d/o Angus McKinnon & Mary McKinnon 2 Apr 1868, Wm Matheson, Can Pres Ch Bruce, wit: Hugh Blue, Bruce

Alex McKINNON, 32, Lucknow, Nova Scotia, s/o John McKinnon & Elizabeth McKay, married Ann KERR, 19, Kinloss, Canada, d/o Angus Kerr & Margaret McKenzie 29 Apr 1868, C Pres Lucknow, wit: John McGrigor, Wm Little, Lucknow