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Mecklenburg District Marriage Register, part 2

National Archives of Canada MF# H-1810

transcribed by Kathie McCutcheon-Gawne


Marriages performed by Rev. Robert McDowall, Dutch Reformed Church (Presbyterian)

Note: Missing pages in register from July 1822 until April 1833. Witnesses not recorded in register until 1833.



May 1 Gilbert CLAPP to Elizabeth BEDELL both of Adolphustown.

July 22 Jacob T. ZIMMERMAN to Laney SEAGER both of Napanee.

Aug. 23 Daniel CUTWATER to Martha MORGAN both of Hallowell.

Aug. 25 Hellebren VALLEAU, Sophiasburgh to Elizabeth CAMPBELL, Adolphustown.

Sept. 14 John HARRISON to Catherine POWERS both of Marysburgh.

Oct. 21 Isaac HICKS to Elizabeth CLUTE both of Ernesttown.

Nov. 4 Martin FOSTER to Elizabeth BOWER both of Napanee.

Nov. 10 Samuel NEILSON to Jean MAYBE both of Adolphustown.

Nov. 13 Seth HUNTLEY, Fredericksburgh, to Ruth WILLARD, Ernesttown.

Nov. 17 John LATTA to Susannah PITMAN both of Adolphustown.

Nov. 22 Epaphtas GOODSILL to Nancy MURDOFF both of Fredericksburg.


March 24 James MCNABB to Ann FRASER both of Fredericksburg.

Sept. 7 Peter D. CONGER, Hallowell, to Elizabeth STAPELTON, Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 14 Jeremiah CHAPMAN to Margaret ANDERSON both of Fredericksburg.

Nov. 17 John BENSON to Mary VALLEAU both of Sophiasburgh.

Dec. 29 Cornelius VANALSTINE to Rachel DUNHAM both of Adolphustown.


Jan. 12 Isaac FRASER to Hannah STARING both of Ernesttown.

Jan. 19 Jabiah HERD to Mary HESS both of Fredericksburg.

Feb. 17 William PRINDLE, Fredericksburgh, to Rachel DIBBLE, Adolphustown.

March 1 Samuel MILLER, Fredericksburgh, to Mary CANNIFF, Adolphustown.

March 15 Alexander FISHER, Adolphustown, to Henrietta MCDONNELL, Marysburgh.

March 17 John NEELY to Elizabeth CARSCALLEN both of Fredericksburg.

March 18 Jacob HILLER to Elizabeth BOISE both of Ernesttown.

April 20 Moses WARD, Ernesttown, to Polly COLTON, Richmond.

May 31 Richard BENSON to Elizabeth BARTON both of Sophiasburgh.

Aug. 2 Jacob FRASER, Ernesttown, to Elizabeth JONES, Kingston

Aug. 23 John BARTLEY to Sarah SNIDER.

Sept. 6 Thomas DOUGLAS, Adolphustown, to Caroline SHARP, Ernesttown.

Oct. 18 David PERRY to Elizabeth WARD both of Ernesttown.

Dec. 3 John RYDER, Kingston, to Elizabeth CRONK, Ernesttown.

Dec. 22 Edward HOWARD to Rosanna MCMILLEN both of Amherst Isle.

??? Nicholas Onte CARK, Camden, to Elizabeth BELL, Fredericksburgh.


Feb. 3 Gideon GARDNER to Mary GARRISON both of Fredericksburgh.

Jan. 24 Ebeneezer WASHBURN, Hallowell, to Hannah MCBRIDE, widow, York.

Feb. 28 Lewis LATOUR to Sarah MASON both of Sophiasburgh.

Feb. 22 Caleb ELSWORTH to Catherine CRYDERMAN both of Hallowell.

March 13 John OLIVER to Rachel KELLY both of Richmond.

March 15 William VIELE, Marysburgh, to Lucinda AULTHOUSER, Ernesttown.

March 17 James MCNABB to Ann FRASER both of Fredericksburgh.

April 3 John BLACK to Nancy PICKLE both of Fredericksburgh.

April 6 Benjamin CLAPP, Fredericksburgh, to Elizabeth ROBLIN, Adolphustown.

May 23 Thomas LYONS to Lanah SCHERMERHORN both of Sophiasburgh.

May 31 Richard GARDNER, Sophiasburgh, to Isobel GARDNER, Hallowell.

June 17 Jonas KENNY to Betsey DOYLE both of Marygsburgh.

July 7 Samuel SHAW to Abigail PARLIAMENT both of Sophiasburgh.

June 27 John BULL to May PALEN both of Hallowell.

July 14 Philip DORLAND, Adolphustown, to Elizabeth BEDELL, Hallowell.

??? Daniel MCPHERSON, Ernesttown, to Jane SHAW, Fredericksburgh.

July 31 John COOPER to Mahetebel BULL both of Hallowell.

Aug. 8 John ACKERMAN to ?? VANCLEIF both of Fredericksburgh.

Aug. 9 Simon VAN MARE to Jinny FOSTER both of Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 20 Samuel WRIGHT to Kity DOUGALL both of Hallowell.

Sept. 22 Timothy PRINDLE to Charlotte BEVELL both of Marysburgh.

Sept. 29 Isaac COLE to Margaret CASEY both of Adolphustown.

Oct. 10 Stephen GOLDSMITH, Hallowell, to Elizabeth HAGERMAN, Sydney.

Oct. 13 Charles BONESTEEL, Sydney, to Deborah ROW, Murray.

Oct. 14 Joseph JAYNE to Elizabeth SPENCER both of Richmond.

Oct. 14 Thomas D. APPLEBY, Fredericksburgh, to Mariba SOLMES, Sophiasburgh.

Oct. 14 John DENS to Froma BAREGER both of Sophiasburgh.


Jan. 3 Jacob FINKLE to Susannah ANDERSON both of Fredericksburgh.

Jan. 19 Elisha AMES to Mary OKCERMAN both of Fredericksburgh.

Jan. 26 John H. ANGEL to Rebeckah ELLIS both of Hallowell.

Feb. 5 Conrad HUFFMAN to Jenny SHIBLEY both of Ernesttown.

Feb. 15 Oliver CHURCH to Mereta CLUTES both of Fredericksburgh.

Feb. 5 William ROGERS to Caty ELSWORTH both of Ernesttown.

Feb. 14 William VAN FREDENBURGH, Adolphustown, to Esther PRINDLE, Marysburgh.

May 9 Nicholas LAZIER to Catherine COGBURN both of Sophiasburgh.

July 15 Wilson CONGER, Hallowell, to Sarah OSBORN, Markham.

May 29 William BOISE to Margaret COMER both of Ernesttown.

Sept. 17 Benjamin P. STANTON to Nancy PALEN both of Hallowell.

Oct. 14 John STICKNEY to Rebeca BARKER both of Adolphustown.

Dec. 25 John CUSHEN to Elizabeth CREA both of Marysburgh.

Dec. 25 Thomas STICKNEY to Sarah CONNER both of Marysburgh.

Dec. 26 Elias GARRISON to Katherine VAN DE WATER both of Fredericksburgh.


Jan. 15 John TRUMPOUR to Elizabeth DORLAND both of Adolphustown.

Jan. 15 Eliphalet ADAMS to Mary WASHBURN both of Hallowell.

March 11 Benjamin HUBBS, Hallowell, to Sarah WAY, Sophiasburgh.

March 11 Neil AYLSWORTH, Ernesttown, to Charlotte JINKS, Hallowell.

April 9 Ronel ALEXANDER, Louxborough, to Mary BUDGE, Fredericksburgh.

April 15 Samuel BLAKELY, Hallowell, to Mary Caroline SMITH, Marysburgh.

April 29 James BLAKELY, widower, Hallowell, to Mary SMITH, widow, Marysborgh.

May 16 Stephen BROWN, Frederickburgh, to Rachel SCOTT, Camden.

May 26 Harry SPAFFORD to Margaret PLATT both of Hallowell.

June 3 Joseph RATTAN to Ally CANNIFF both of Fredericksburgh.

May 18 Charles STUART to Mary ROSS both of Kingston.

June 5 John BOWERMAN to Mary BEDELL both of Hallowell.

June 9 Silas BABCOCK to Eunice Irish BABCOCK both of Ernesttown.

June 25 Henry HUTCHINS to Leucintha BEBINS both of Ernesttown.

June 25 Peter PERRY to Mary MCDANIEL both of Ernesttown.

??? Absolam LOVELESS to Harriet ROBLIN both of Sophiasburgh.

Sept. 17 Samuel HAYS to Elizabeth HILLS both of Hallowell.

Sept. 17 Samuel WARD to Lydia SMITH both of Ernesttown.

Sept. 25 Samuel MCTAGGART to Mary FOSTER both of Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 26 Daniel SOLE, Ernesttown, to Martha HUNTLEY, Fredericksburgh.

Oct. 3 Bernard BONGARD, Marysburgh, to Phebe PALMETEER, Adolphustown.

Oct. 16 Nicholas PETERSON, Adolphustown, to Mary DUNHAM, Fredericksburgh.


Oct. 24 John BELL to Katherine SHARP both of Ernesttown.

Nov. 17 John WAY to Caroline FOX both of Sophiasburgh.

Nov. 19 Isaac SMITH to Jean BEDELL both of Hallowell.

Nov. 22 Henry BABCOCK to Elizabeth BROWN both of Ernesttown.

No date Hazelton WALKER to Katherine FERGFUSON both of Ernesttown.

Dec. 1 Henry THORPE to Elizabeth INGERSOLL both of Fredericksburgh.

No date Richard PRINDLE to Lane PRINDLE both of Fredericksburgh.


Feb. 6 Jacob SHIBLEY to Catherine DALY both of Ernesttown.

Jan. 13 David MCWHIRTER, Marysburgh, to Ursula VAN ALSTINE, widow, Adolphustown.

Jan. 6 Noxon HARRIS to Elizabeth MAYBEE bothof Adolphustown.

Feb. 18 John THOMPSON, Thurlow, to Mary Matilda SMITH, Sydney.

March 2 James FARLEY, Sydney, to Deborah DORLAND, Adolphustown.

April 12 Samuel DORLAND to Jane HUYCK both of Adolphustown.

April 17 Jacob DETLOR to Catherine DETLOR both of Fredericksburgh.

May 5 Abraham CRONKRITE to Eliza TINDLE both of Kingston.

No date Thomas I. DORLAND to Deborah THOMPSON both of Adolphustown.

Aug. 12 Alexander MCDONALD to Sarah PEIRCE both of Marysburgh.

Aug. 13 Paul WRIGHT to Mary TAYLOR both of Marysburgh.

Sept. 6 Griffith HOWELL, Sophiasburgh, to Elizabeth LAZIER, Marysburgh.

Sept. 17 Richard HUFF, Adolphusttown, to Sophiah SNIDER, Marysburgh.

Sept. 16 William CLARK to Rebecah BABCOCK both of Ernesttown.

Sept. 25 Aaron BYARD to Ann HAWES both of Camden.

Nov. 16 John MASON, Sophiasburgh, to Elizabeth DAVIS, Ernesttown.

Nov. 19 John WRIGHT to Sarah NORTH both of Marysburgh.

Nov. 27 Samuel OSTRANDER to Ezebel COLLIER both of Marysburgh.

Dec. 16 Joseph GUNSOLES to Nancy CLARK both of Fredericksburgh.


Jan. 7 John SIMERAN to Elizabeth LODEWICH both of Marysburgh.

Jan. 26 Ezra BUCKBEE to Mary CRAWFORD both of Marysburgh.

Feb. 8 Daniel B. WAY to Abigail JILES, widow, both of Sophiasburgh.

Feb. 9 William OUDENDYK to Mary GOLDSMITH both of Hallowell.

Feb. 22 John STICKLE to Mary SMITH both of Sydney.

Jan. 27 Henry VAN DUSEN to Mary HUFF both of Adolphustown.

No date Benjamin DAVIS to Katherine CUSHEN both of Marysburgh.

March 12 Seth MEACHAM to Elizabeth SIMMONS both of Thurlow.

April 5 Samuel LEWIS, Camden, to Nancy WILLONBY, Richmond.

April 5 Gasper BOWER to Mary PRESTON, both of Camden.

April 21 William CUMMING to Mary MCINTOSH both of Marysburgh.

May 31 John PARROT to Elizabeth FINKLE both of Ernesttown.

April 3 William Thatford PRUYN to Mary CHURCH both of Fredericksburgh.

May 19 Charles EVERETT, Kingston, to Sarah HAWLEY, Ernesttown.

June 8 John RATTAN to Mary STEEL both of Adolphustown.

June 18 David P. PETERSON to Katherine BROCK both of Fredericksburgh.

June 29 John WALKER to Mary VAN LEUVEN both of Ernesttown.

July 7 Peter RATTAN to Fanny ROBLIN both of Adolphustown.

July 26 John WARD to Christiana HOUGH both of Ernesttown.

July 26 Peter BROWN to Clarinda FREEMAN both of Ernesttown.

Aug. 2 John SEDORE to Margaret THOMPSON both of Camden.

Aug. 2 John G. CLUTE, Sophiasburgh, to Jean FRASER, Fredericksburgh.

Aug. 31 Abraham WOOD to Lanah DAVY both of Ernesttown.

Oct. 11 James CUMMING to Christeen TROUMPOUR both of Adolphustown.

Oct. 19 Peter VAN COT. to Mary GERROW both of Ameliasburgh.

Oct. 20 George PARLIAMENT to Mary MCTAGGART both of Sophiasburgh.

Oct. 27 Joseph LOSEE to Elinor OCKERMAN both of Fredericksburgh.

Oct. 28 Philip EMBURY to Martha VAN TASSEL both of Fredericksburgh.

Dec. 27 Henry JACOBY to Gertrude HOGEDORN both of Ernesttown.


Feb. 28 Timothy MCGINNIS, Amherst Isle, to Elizabeth HORTMAN, Ernesttown.

Feb. 28 Stephen FERRINGTON to Susannah ROGERS both of Marysburgh.

Feb. 15 William RATTAN to Rebecah ANGEL, widow, both of Hallowell.

March 22 William ROGERS to Margaret LINDSEY both of Fredericksburgh.

March 29 John BEN to Katherine HOFFMAN both of Fredericksburgh.

April 10 John HAM, Ernesttown, to Ester BRADSHAW, Fredericksburgh.

April 14 John JENKINS, widower, to Hannah VOLKENBURGH, widow, both of Ernesttown.

April 23 Pearlley HILL, Ernesttown, to Anna INGERSOL, Fredericksburgh.

May 24 George SIMMON, Fredericksburgh, to Mary GARDINER, Ernesttown.

April 17 John STUFFEL to Elenor ROGERS, both of Marysburgh.

June 26 Peter CARL to Dolly MILLER both of Ernesttown.

June 6 Philip HEIGHT to Ann DORLAND both of Adolphustown.

June 7 Ezekiel PALEN to Mary LANE both of Hallowell.

June 7 William PARLIAMENT, Sophiasburgh, to Margaret BLOWVELT, Ameliasburgh.

Aug. 1 Daniel B. WAY to Sabra FOSTER both of Sophiasburgh.

Aug. 22 Philip UNGER to Ann DEMARA, widow, both of Richmond.

No date Edward OCKERMAN to Meriam GARRISON both of Fredericksburgh.

July 23 William PEARCE to Anna WINCH both of Marysburgh.

Aug. 28 Henry VELEY to Sarah VANNESS both of Ernesttown.

Sept. 5 Bedell DORLAND, Adolphustown, to Sarah BOOTH, Ernesttown.

Sept. 7 Henry JACKSON, Hallowell, to Ann GROOMS, Marysburgh.

Sept. 12 John LAPPREAS to Sarah BARNES, widow, both of Kingston.

Oct. 2 Jacob CLINE, Fredericksburgh, to Margaret Caroline CAMPBELL.

Nov. 1 Boltyaltec OUTWATER to Mary CLARK both of Adolphustown.

Nov. 2 Peter RIGHTMIRE, Sophiasburgh, to Phebe ALLISON, Hallowell.

Nov. 16 Thomas CLAPP to Sarah JACOBS both of Fredericksburgh.

Nov. 11 Nicholas STICKLE, Sydney, to Mary ATKINSON, widow, Kingston.

Nov. 21 Samuel CASEY, Adolphustown, to Synthe SHARP, Ernesttown.

Nov. 22 James SHAW to Elizabeth DETLOR both of Fredericksburgh.

Nov. 3 Benonia BOWERMAN, Hallowell, to Rebeka HILL, Marysburgh.

Nov. 23 Jacob HOVER, Adolphustown, to Margaret STEEL, Sophiasburgh.

Nov. 29 Stephen NIELS to Sarah FLAGLER both of Adolphustown.

Dec. 15 Laurence YOUNG to Jane THOMPSON both of Fredericksburgh.

Dec. 19 Benjamin LOSEE to Elizabeth COMER both of Ernesttown.

Dec. 18 Richard RAY to Rachel HIX both of Ernesttown.

Dec. 6 John LINDSEY to Mary BRANTS both of Fredericksburgh.


Jan. 1 Peter ASSELSTINE to Susannah BALL both of Ernesttown.

March 15 John VAN DE WATERS to Sarah CLAPP both of Fredericksburgh.

March 15 Edward WRIGHT to Martha PRUYN both of Marysburgh.

Jan. 20 George VAN VALKENBURGH, Ernesttown, to Mary BOWERMAN, Hallowell.

May 9 Jacob YOUNG to Anna DAVIES both of Fredericksburgh.

No date Zacharias STICKLE to Katheirne SIMMON.

July 2 William CATING to Rebeccah REDNER both of Ernesttown.

July 16 James VAN DEVORT to Mary MEYERS both of Sydney.

Aug. 10 Enas MCMULLEN, Amherst Isle, to Elinor DUESBURY, Ernesttown.

Aug. 14 John PARK to Anna ROCKWOOD both of Fredericksburgh.

Aug. 29 Joseph CHATTERSON to Sophia KERLIN both of Ernesttown.

Oct. 5 John CRONK, Ernesttown, to Sarah VERMELIA, Loborough.

Oct 5 Jonas AMEY to Elizabeth BOICE both of Ernesttown.

Oct. 29 Jacob FINKLE to Hannah PETERSON both of Sydney.

No date Henry BOWER to Charity FRYMOUR both of Fredericksburgh.

Nov. 2 Godfrey SNOOK to Hannah HUGHSTON both of Loborough.

Nov. 5 William TEACHOUT to Sarah SHIRTLIF both of Ernesttown.

Nov. 9 Benjamin BOOTH, Ernesttown, to Katherine DORLAND, Adolphustown.

Aug. 27 Peter ASSELSTINE to Barbara CAR both of Ernesttown.

Nov. 1 Henry SHARP to Elizabeth DAFOE both of Fredericksburgh.

Nov. 21 William PHILLIPS to Elizabeth RICKLEY.

Nov. 27 Timothy STANCLIFF, Loborough, to Jane CAMPBELL, Kingston.

Nov. 14 Barrant OUTWATER, Adolphustown, to Elizabeth VAN VALKENBURG, Ernesttown.

Oct. 31 Freman BURLY to Mary NEIL.

Nov. 5 Elijah HOUGH to Elizabeth EVERSON.

Nov. 3 Jacob MEYERS to Sarah STORING.

Dec. 4 Archibald PARK to Nellie BRUNK both of Fredericksburgh.

Dec. 20 Peter SWITZER to Rachel RUTTAN both of Marysburgh.

Dec. 25 Thomas LLOYD to Rachel BUSH both of Fredericksburgh.

Nov. 20 William WRIGHT to Caty MOORE both of Fredericksburgh.

Feb. ? John PETERS to Ester PERRY both of Ernesttown.


Jan. ? John WATSON to Jane ASSELSTINE.

Jan. ? Martin L. ALLEN to Elizabeth ONEIL.

Jan. 13 Stephen BEDFORD to Christiana POWERS both of Marysburgh.

Jan. 20 Joseph GASTON to Anna HAWLEY both of Ernesttown.

Jan. 28 Jason JACKSON, Fredericksburgh, to Mary WORTMAN, Kingston.

Jan. 23 John CHATTERSON to Polly RAY both of Ernesttown.

Feb. 3 John SINGLETON to Margaret CANNIFF both of Adolphustown.

Feb. 3 John SCRIVER to Elizabeth LORD both of Fredericksburgh.

No date Tobias LEWIS to Rachel BABCOCK both of Camden.

Jan. 1 John DUNIS to Eve HAZARD both of Fredericksburgh.

Jan. 18 Archibald CAR, Richmond, to Dorothy THOMAS, Ernesttown.

No date John PERRY to Caty ABRAHAMS both of Ernesttown.

March 15 Bastian SIMMON to Mariah SIMMON.

March 15 Cornelius GUNSOLAS to Isabella EMBURY both of Fredericksburgh.

Feb. ? James MCTAGGART to Phebe WAY.

March 8 John SPAFFORD to Sarah CARSCALLEN both of Camden.

March 11 William CHURCH to Mariah NASH both of Fredericksburgh.

March 19 John TOBY to Hannah VANDUSEN both of Adolphustown.

March 26 Peter LAZIER to Jane SOMES both of Sophiasburgh.

March 26 Caleb GARRISON to Lydia SOMES both of Sophiasburgh.

April 1 Henry DELLENBACK to Katherine CARSCALLEN both of Camden.

No date Burger HUYCK to Phebe CLAPP both of Adolphustown.

Aug. 7 Nathaniel DAVY to Anna STORMS both of Ernesttown.

April 3 John RAYMOND to Livinia WALKER both of Ernesttown.

March 31 David H. DELONG to Sally COLE both of Adolphustown.

Nov. 15 John VAN ANNAN to Sophia BRASS both of Ernesttown.

April 16 Abraham TAYLOR to Abagail BELL both of Fredericksburgh.

March 2 Abraham DAFOE to Rachel HOLCOMB both of Richmond.

April 24 John KELLER to Sally HAZARD both of Fredericksburgh.

No date Orrin RANNEY to Caroline DOUGLASS, widow, both of Adolphustown.

No date John BLUM, Fredericksburgh, to Harriet FALPS, Ernesttown.

May 10 John DUNHAM to Elizabeth JACOBS both of Fredericksburgh.

May 15 John VANDUSEN, Sophiasburgh, to Mary ARMSTRONG, Portland.

May 29 Bishop HANNAH to Sarah CARNAHAN both of Adolphustown.

June 5 Samuel HENDERSON, Adolphustown, to Rachel ALLEN, Marysburgh.

June 5 Philip MCGRATH to ?? BURNS both of Marysburgh.

June 12 George BENN to Susannah MITTS both of Ernesttown.

June 28 Archibald KATING to Mary MCKIM both of Ernesttown.

June 11 Daniel ABBY to Hannah GORDINIER both of Ernesttown.

May 7 Samuel MARTIN to Deborah BELL.

July ?? Joshua CRYSDALE, Sydney, to Jane OVERCOCKER, Ernesttown.

July 31 George ROWSE to Mary SHIBLEY.

No date Patrick MORGAN, Thurlow, to Agnes NICHOLSON, Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 18 Henry COLE, Adolphustown, to Rachel ABRAHAMS, Ernesttown.

Sept. 3 John BROWN to Sarah SAGER both of Ernesttown.

Sept. 18 John WINDOVER to Lois PRINDLE both of Richmond.

No date Robert NICHOLSON to Anna M. BANLEY both of Fredericksburgh.

Oct. 14 John JOHNSON to Rachel COOK both of Camden.

Oct. 13 Lot REW, Ogden N.Y., to Elizabeth HAGERMAN, Adolphustown.

Nov. 26 Richard GROOMS to Polly BENEDICT both of Richmond.

Nov. 27 Benjamin SALISBURY to Elizabeth FRALICK both of Fredericksburgh.

Dec. 2 John WATSON to Jane ASSELSTINE both of Ernesttown.

Dec. ?? John PHILLIPS to Mary DAFOE both of Fredericksburgh.

Dec. 16 William BABCOCK to Anna FELPS. (s/b Phelps?)


Jan. 8 Ruliph PURDY, Ernesttown, to Deborah GILBERT, widow, Sydney.

Feb. 1 Daniel BIDWELL to Mary WHITING both of Adolphustown.

Feb. ? Titus SIMMONS to Elizabeth SHARP.

No date Michael VINCENT to Lana COULEMAN both of Ernesttown.

Feb. 10 William SHULTZ to Mary IRISH both of Ernesttown.

March 25 William WOODWARD to Katherine HORNING both of Kingston.

March 1 James VANALSTINE to Hannah LOUCKS both of Fredericksburgh.

April 2 Adam VANVALKENBURGH to Anna DIMOND both of Fredericksburgh.

April 2 John BARRY to Mary BOICE both of Ernesttown.

April 7 Samuel MARTIN to Deborah BALL both of Ernesttown.

May 23 Tunis SNOOK to Catherine WARTMAN both of Kingston.

June 11 Thomas MCBRIDE to Mary DETLOR both of Fredericksburgh.

June 11 Hyel SANDERSON to Mary SAGER both of Richmond.

June 6 John FREDERICK to Elizabeth PETERSON both of Adolphustown.

May 25 Baptiste PERRAULT to Elizabeth MCDONALD both of Marysburgh.

May 28 Peter CANE to Elizabeth BURLY both of Ernesttown.

June 12 John CLARK to Rachel STOVER both of Ernesttown.

April 5 David AMEY to hannah BOICE both of Ernesttown.

March 12 Conrade CRUGLE to May COLE both of Marysburgh.

March 19 Joseph TRUMPOUR to Lydia DORLAND both of Adolphustown.

March 25 Joseph SMITH to Phila FISK both of Ernesttown.

Jan. 28 Jethro JACKSON, Fredericksburgh, to Mary WORTMAN, Kingston.

June 11 Tyrel SANDERSON to Mary SAGER both of Richmond.

Aug. 8 Archibald CAMPBELL to Barbary SAGER both of Richmond.

Aug. 11 Joshua ANDERSON to Lucinda DEWITT.

Aug. 29 Adam VANWICKLIN to Mary BOICE both of Ernesttown.

Aug. 30 Benjamin VANWICKLIN to Eunice HARTMAN both of Ernesttown.

Aug. 19 John MCGRATH to Dorothy BUNGHART both of Marysburgh.

Sept. 1 Alexander PARRAUGH to Hannah MOORE both of Ernesttown.

Sept. 2 Jacob SHIBLEY to Catherine FRALICK both of Ernesttown.

Sept. 18 John WINDOVER to Lois PRINDLE both of Richmond.

Sept. 24 John QUACKENBUSH to Catherine HANNAH both of Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 24 Christian COUGHNET (s/b Vancoughnet?)to Hannah KELLER.

Oct. 3 Andrew NORTON to Mary JAMES both of Richmond.

Oct. 24 James BRADSHAW to Mary BEN both of Fredericksburgh.

Oct. 29 Leonard ROSS to Sophia DAVIES.

Aug. 25 Jean Baptiste PRENAULT to Elizabeth MCDONALL both of Marysburgh.

Nov. 6 Henry HAGERMAN, Sydney, to Tabitha CLAPP both of Adolphustown.

March 25 William WOODWARD to Catherine HORNING both of Kingston.

Nov. 19 Joseph HAZARD to Martha BARKER.

Jan. 21 Joseph GASTON to Anna HAWLEY both of Ernesttown.

Oct. 2 William GERMAN to Catherine OUTWATER both of Adolphusttown.

Jan. 20 Elijah KELLOG to Hannah HEINS both of Fredericksburgh.

Feb. 3 John SINGLETON, Thurlow, to Margaret CANNIFF, Adolphustown.

Feb. 5 Titus SIMMONS, New York State, to Elizabeth SHARP, Ernesttown.

May ? Joshua ANDERSON to Lucinda DEIBLE.

Dec. 11 Simson WASHBURN to Deborah TRUMPOUR.


Feb. 20 John ASSELSTINE to Mary AMEY both of Ernesttown.

Jan. 8 Samuel VANDEVORT, Sydney, to Catgarine HESS, Ernesttown.

Jan. 6 Amos SCOTT to Margaret SMITH both of Fredericksburgh.

Jan. 6 John COUGHNENT to Catherine SHEWMAN both of Fredericksburgh.

Jan. 2 Ira SMITH to Philmela SMITH both of Ernesttown.

Jan. 12 Josiah WHITE to Caty CRYSDALE both of Sydney.

Jan. 16 Daniel RATAN to Rhoda HATE both of Adolphustown.

Jan. 6 Abraham STIMUS to Rachel BROWN, Thurlow.

Jan. 27 John DINGMAN, Marysburgh, to Susannah VANDUSEN, Adolphustown.

Jan. 31 Seibley TAFT to Catherine WEES both of Murray.

Feb. 4 Abraham FRY to Jean LORWAY both of Fredericksburgh.

Feb. 4 George HUFFMAN to Barbara FRETZ both of Fredericksburgh.

Feb. 11 David WAY to Gennett CHISHOLM both of Sophiasburgh.

Feb. 14 Elijah KELLOG to Deborah PRINDLE both of Fredericksburgh.

March 2 Alexander ROSS to Margaret WILLIAMS both of Fredericksburgh.

March 2 Abraham DAFOE to Rachel HOLCOMB both of Richmond.

March 6 Jacob MITTS to Jane CARR both of Fredericksburgh.

March 6 Jacob HOWELL to Catherine FOX both of Sophiasburgh.

March 4 John GARRITEE to Rachel FERGUSON both of Hallowell.

March 4 John COLE to Patians FERGUSON both of Hallowell.

March 30 Peter STICKLE to Margaret SMITH both of Sophiasburgh.

Jan. 30 John EVERETT, Kingston, to Margaret WALLBRIDGE, Ameliasburgh.

April 7 Lambert VANALSTINE to Margaret MADEN both of Ernesttown.

March 3 John JENKINS to Susannah BROWN both of Ernesttown.

May 19 Shurael FOSTER to Phebe CANNIFF both of Thurlow.

May 13 Peter SWITZER to Elizabeth RATTAN both of Marysburgh.

June 10 Joseph CAVERLY, Thurlow, to Catherine WORTMAN, Kingston.

June 23 Frederick YORK to Dencehey SEE both of Ernesttown.

March 21 John ARMSTRONG to Patty STOUTCLIFF both of Loborough.

May 10 Peter HOLMES to Catherine STRAPE both of Marysburgh.

Sept. 30 George HUFFMAN to Barbara FRETZ.

Aug. 10 Lewis MINEUR to Lydia COLE.

May 3 John SIMERMAN to Mary E. LODWICK both of Ernesttown.

Oct. 13 John PARK to Caty BRUNK both of Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 3 Peter HUFF, Adolphustown, to Ann HOALD, Maryburgh.

Aug. 31 William MARTIN to Nancy ONEIL both of Ernesttown.

Nov. 15 James STALKER to Hester BOOTH both of Ernesttown.

Oct. 22 Samuel WATSON to Ester BENNETT both of Adolphustown.

Oct. 29 Thomas HARNS, Fredericksburgh, to Martha CRONK, Ernesttown.

Nov. 1 John RICHARDS to ?? SPAFFORD both of Hallowell.


Jan. 19 Nicholas WOODCOCK to Caty PARKS both of Fredericksburgh.

Feb. 16 James LOCY to Mary GARRISON both of Fredericksburgh.

March 2 George DEMOREST to Patience HOWARD both of Sophiasburgh.

March 10 Bradford W. WOOD to Jemima PUMROY both of Ernesttown.

June 16 Humphrey SMITH to Elizabeth ALBERSON both of Kingston.

Aug. 30 Peter ROSS to Christiana JEROLEMY.

July 11 Samuel SCOTT to Hannah BOWER both of Camden.

July 15 Edward LLOYD to Dorothy CALDWELL.

July 20 Jacob HAND to Martha MCTAGGART both of Sophiasburgh.

July 20 Robert JONES, Sophiasburgh, to Eliva WILBERT, Hallowell.

July 22 Jacob POST to Mary QUACKENBUSH both of Fredericksburgh.

July ?? John PIERCY, Ernesttown, to Jane POST, Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 5 John H. YOUNG Rachel SPENCER both of Hallowell.

July 13 Matthew GERMAN to Margaret SMITH.

July 28 John YOUNG to Mary YOUNG.

July ?? Conrad SIMMON to Elizabeth VANDEWATER both of Fredericksburgh.

Dec. 2 William BEDELL to Peggy BEDELL.

Dec. ?? Luke BARRAT, Loborough, to Peggy FRELL, Ernesttown.

Dec. ?? John LLOYD to Elizabeth FRALICK both of Fredericksburgh.

Nov. 1 John RICHARDS to Sally SPAFFORD.

April 4 Samuel LAPP to Katherine KELLER both of Ernesttown.


Jan. 8 John METCALF to Abigail WASHBURN.

Feb. 1 James SHORELAND to Charlotte ENGLAND.

Feb. 2 Norris SWITZER to Martha COLLIER both of Marysburgh.

Feb. 7 Benjamin YORK to Joan HAYES both of Camden.

Feb. 7 Elijah STORMS to Sarah RANOUS both of Marysburgh.

Feb. 6 Christopher YOUNG to Lana KELLER both of Fredericksburgh.

Feb. 16 Gilbert D. SOMES, Sophiasburgh, to Catherine KIMMERLY, Richmond.

March 2 Samuel NEILSON to Isabel BELL both of Ernesttown.

March 2 John MCGUIN to Elizabeth BELL both of Ernesttown.

March 17 Daniel LEE to Sarah WALKER both of Ernesttown.

March 5 Enoch BEDELL to Sarah CASEY both of Adolphustown.

No date Oliver CROWES, Fredericksburgh, to Mary NESTERS, Isle of Tante.

March 20 Isaac MOURSON to Mary SPRUNG both of Sophiasburgh.

March 20 Henry SNIDER, Ameliasburgh, to Catherine QUACKENBUSH, Fredericksburgh.

March 21 Reuben PRESTON to Helen PALEN both of Hallowell.

March 27 Thomas S. WOOD to Fanny PECKINS both of Ernesttown.

March 27 Henry KIMMERLY, Richmond, to Margaret FRETZ, Fredericksburgh.

March 29 David STINSON to Rachel YOUNG both of Hallowell.

March 29 Robert GRIMMON to Rebeccah RATTAN both of Hallowell.

March 29 Gideon ROGERS to Catherine LINDSAY both of Marysburgh.

March 30 Alexander HANNAH to Hannah TYLER both of Fredericksburgh.

April 12 ?? RUSSELL, Hallowell, to Elinor WILSON, Sophiasburgh.

April 14 Jeremiah LAPP, Hamilton, to Sarah PERRY, Ernesttown.

April 19 John CATEN to Mary SNIDER both of Ernesttown.

May 3 Jeremiah DAVID to Rebeccah POWLEY both of Kingston.

Jan. 4 James SHORLAND, Kingston, to Charlotte ENGLAND, Adolphustown.

May 20 Abraham PRINDLE to Margaret DIMOND both of Fredericksburgh.

May 31 John VAN HORN, Adolphustown, to Mary DAVENPORT, Sophiasburgh.

July 31 David HUGHSTON, Loborough, to Catherine BUCK, Kingston.

March 27 Gideon ROGERS to Catherine LINDSAY both of Ogdenburgh.

June 22 Thomas PRUYN to Amelia BUSH both of Fredericksburgh.

July 14 James THOMPSON to Rebeccah SPAFFORD both of Hallowell.

Nov. 15 John WALTERS to Lucy THOMPSON both of Hallowell.

Nov. 22 Daniel DEXTER to Hepsey COLLINS both of Ernesttown.

Dec. 5 David VAN VALKENBURGH to Jane WILLIAMS both of Ernesttown.

Dec. 12 Alexander VAN BURGHAM to Nancy JACOBS both of Hallowell.

Oct. 13 Benjamin BOICE to Hannah STOVER both of Ernesttown.

July 31 Albert MEIKEL to Mary FERRIS both of Kingston.


Feb. 26 David YORK, Richmond, to Peggy SCOTT, Camden.

Feb. 27 Peter BOWER, Camden, to Deborah BROWN, Richmond.

March 20 Jacob VAN ALSTINE to Margaret JONES both of Richmond.

Feb. 7 James HART to Subry HAWLEY both of Fredericksburgh.

April 30 William CALDWELL to Abigail BOICE both of Ernesttown.

March 14 David YOUNG to Nancy STINSON both of Hallowell.

April 15 Richard YOUNG to Susannah ANDERSON.

April 19 Peter DELTOR to Mary GRANT both of Fredericksburgh.

April 27 David BABCOCK to Polly TRYAN both of Ernesttown.

April 21 Thomas FAIRMAN, Thurlow, to Anna HUFFMAN, Fredericksburgh.

April 23 Benjamin DAVISON to Mary MOER both of Adolphustown.

March 28 Michael DAFOE to Sarah ACKERMAN both of Fredericksburgh.

June 11 Thomas CARSON, Marysburgh, to Phebe VAN DUSEN, Adolphustown.

June 15 Ernest H. SNIDER to Tunechy RANOUS both of Marysburgh.

June 13 William SILLS to Hannah FRALICK both of Fredericksburgh.

July 3 Patrick MORE to Elizabeth OCKERMAN both of Adolphustown.

July 12 Card DRAPER to Mary SEAGER both of Richmond.

May 2 Peter BAKER to Dorothy MILLER both of Ernesttown.

May 31 John VAN HORN to Mary DAVENPORT both of Sophiasburgh.

May 21 Abraham PRINCE to Margaret DIMOND both of Fredericksburgh.

June 2 Neil GOULD to Sarah BROWN both of Richmond.

June ?? ?? RANSIER to Rachel RANSIER both of Kingston.

June 21 John JOY to Elizabeth MOREY both of Ernesttown.

July 21 David B. PRINGLE to Hannah B. OLIVER both of Camden.

July 25 Lewis FRALICK to Catherine JOHNSTON both of Ernesttown.

Aug. 12 Jacob ROMBOUGH, Fredericksburgh, to Catherine MILLIGAN, Camden.

Sept. 6 John VAN HOUGHTON, Kingston, to Delilah CRONK, Ernesttown.

Dec. 15 Orrin RANNEY to Caroline DOUGLASS both of Adolphustown.

Dec. 31 Martin FISK to Janie PRUYN both of Ernesttown.

Sept. 22 Peter SIMMONS to Lany SILLS both of Fredericksburgh.

Nov. 14 Charles ALGER, Hallowell, to Sophia BENSON, Adolphustown.

Dec. 5 Jonathon PHILLIPS to Eleanor BELL both of Fredericksburgh.

Dec. 14 Peter BAKER to Dorothy MILLER both of Ernesttown.


Jan. 1 Paul CLAPP to Margaret VAN HORN both of Adolphustown.

Jan. 15 George HILL to Lucy MINACER both of Marysburgh.

Jan. 7 Nathan JOHNSON to Ann GEORGE both of Ernesttown.

Jan. 10 Cornelius ALCOMBRACK to Mary Ann MITTS both of Fredericksburgh.

Jan. 15 Charles MINAKER to Ann HILL both of Marysburgh.

Jan. 16 Archibald BENEDICT to Hannah PRINDLE both of Fredericksburgh.

Feb. 2 James MCTAGGART to Phebe WAY.

Feb. 3 Frederick BELL, Fredericksburgh, to Sarah FRALICK, Ernesttown.

March 7 George FISHER to Content COTTON both of Fredericksburgh.

March 19 John CANNIFF to Nancy DULMAGE both of Adolphustown.

April 20 Benjamin MITTS to Mary ALCOMBRACK both of Fredericksburgh.

April 20 Jeremiah LAPP to Sarah PERRY.

Aug. 11 William CLOW to Elizabeth DAVY both of Ernesttown.

May 1 Samuel DORLAND to Susan HENDERSON both of Adolphustown.

May 14 Nathaniel PARKS, Fredericksburgh, to Anna DIMOND, Sophiasburgh.

May 26 John HANDANDOLPH to Deborah WAGER both of Fredericksburgh.

May 26 Isaac JAKEWITH to Mary ROSE both of Ernesttown.

May 26 Jacob MCLAUGHLIN to Ruth JOHNSTON both of Ernesttown.

May 27 Philip HART to Elizabeth DOTA both of Ernesttown.

June 26 Jacob KIMMERLY, Richmond, to Charity BOWER, Cambeden.

July 2 James FOSTER to Tabby DORLAND both of Adolphusttown.

July 9 Parker SMITH, Ernesttown, to Rebecca SWITZER, Portland.

July 17 Henry V. LOUVAN to Hannah WORTMAN both of Ernesttown.

July 25 John ROBLIN to Sarah SNIDER both of Thurlow.

Aug. 11 William CLOW to Elizabeth DAVY both of Ernesttown.

Aug. 12 Eli BABCOCK to Caty SNIDER both of Ernesttown.

Oct. 16 John RIGHTMYER, Sophiasburgh, to Mary PARKS, Fredericksburgh.

Dec. 26 John BARNHART, Fredericksburgh, to Sarah CLARK, Adolphustown.

March 15 John ROGERS to Mary DIMOND both of Marysburgh.

Aug. 7 Jacob ROBLIN to Sarah VAN DUSEN both of Adolphustown.

Aug. 5 James CUMMINGS to Mary YOUNG both of Ernesttown.

Aug. 22 Gasper BOWER to Martha PRESTON both of Camden.

Sept. 2 John FRIER to Susannah N. KINSLEY both of Hallowell.

Sept. 3 James PHILLIPS to Catherine OLIVER both of Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 8 Stephen MONTGOMERY to Mary SNIDER both of Ernesttown.

Sept. 9 William TUTTLE, Ernesttown, to Malinda HAWLEY, Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 18 Bryan CRAWFORD to Elizabeth LOYD both of Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 25 Moses JACOBS to Margaret HARLOW both of Sophiasburgh.

Oct. 7 Anthony RUSSELL to Amy RUSSANUL both of Ernesttown.

Nov. 4 John CAMPBELL, Loborough, to Hannah BICKWELL, Ernesttown.

Nov. 9 David WRIGHT, Marysburgh, to Elizabeth HOOVER, Adolphustown.

Nov. 26 William WINDOVER, Richmond, to Mary PETERSON, Fredericksburgh.

June 2 Solomon JOHNS to Maria FINKLE both of Bath.

April 6 Henry VAN LUVEN to Hannah HORTMAN both of Ernesttown.

Nov. 18 Bishop HANNAH to Sarah CORNELIUS both of Fredericksburgh.

Nov. 18 Elias HOLMS, Kingston, to Charlotte DENNIS, Amherst Isle.

Nov. 26 Gilbert WHITE to Mariah SPAFFORD both of Hallowell.

Nov. 28 John ALLISON to Anna SPRUNG both of Sophiasburgh.

Dec. 3 Peter VANHORN, Adolphustown, to Sarah DAVENPORT, Sophiasburgh.

Dec. 6 Isaac DULYEA, Richmond, to Polly HOFFMAN, Fredericksburgh.

Dec. 22 Elijah YOUNG to Charity VORSBURG both of Ernesttown.



Jan. 9 John HAWLEY to Prudence WELLS both of Ernesttown.

Jan. 17 Stephen CHARD to Anna JONES both of Richmond.

Jan. 20 Edward HUYCK to Elizabeth GERMAN both of Adolphustown.

Jan. 29 Edward HUYCK to Elizabeth GERMAN both of Adolphustown.

April 20 Jonas VANALSTINE to Catherine BRANCE both of Fredericksburgh.

Feb. 22 Isaac BARNARD to Margaret CASEY both of Adolphustown.

Feb. 1 James BEDELE, Fredericksburgh, to Phebe LAPUM, Marysburgh.

Feb. 22 Solomon LAMSON to Sarah ONEIL both of Ernesttown.

March 6 Philip WAGER to Susannah WAGER both of Fredericksburgh.

March 9 Mathias SWITZER to Elinor BELL both of Camden.

March 16 Guy Henry YOUNG to Susan CLARK both of Hallowell.

March 29 William LOZIER to Hannah SPICKLE both of Sophiasburgh.

March 25 Jeremiah BUCKLEY to Jane THOMPSON both of Camden.

Feb. 28 Daniel WRIGHT to Charlotte SMITH both of Marysburgh.

April 12 Peter MCGERAND to Isabel MCKINGEY both of Marysburgh.

April 26 Jesse PURDY, Kingston, to Mariah LAND, Ernesttown.

April 28 Nicholas SNIDER to Susannah FRYWOOD both of Ernesttown.

May 7 Solomon BARRAGER to Rachel LONG both of Camden.

May 7 James HART to Anna DUSENBURY.

May 21 Israel FERGUSON to Rebeccah ALLEY both of Hallowell.

May 22 Samuel SOLMES to Elonor COTLER both of Sophiasburgh.

June 17 John AIRHART to Margaret BOWEN both of Camden.

June 17 William VANDEBGART to Mary DENISON.

July 28 Casper FRETZ to Leonora HOFFMAN both of Fredericksburgh.

July 29 Christopher PETERSON to Polly DINGMAN both of Fredericksburgh.

Aug. 4 Samuel BROWN to Lydia PETERS both of Ernesttown.

Aug. 17 Asa RICHARDSON to Hannah BOWEN both of Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 14 William BARTLES to Mary CARSCALLEN both of Camden.

Sept. 22 John SHORES to Susannah LOUCKS both of Sophiasburgh.

Oct. 5 William YOUNG to Margaret STINSON both of Hallowell.

Oct. 20 Arnold ARMOUR to Ann HOFFMAN both of Fredericksburgh.

Nov. 4 Jas. PETERSON to Mary HOWARD both of Fredericksburgh.

Nov. 15 Thomas MCKIM to Susannah HOFFMAN both of Richmond.

Nov. 28 Jesse WELLS to Isabel HAWLEY both of Ernesttown.

Nov. 31 Jacob FRY to Elizabeth HOFFMAN both of Fredericksburgh.

Dec. 1 John SIMEON to Mary YOUNG both of Fredericksburgh.

Dec. 1 Robert MAC to Christina KELLER both of Marysburgh.

Dec. 1 Richard FERRINGTON to Mary KELLER both of Marysburgh.

Dec. 3 John SHANNON, Camden, to Symantha SMITH, Marysburgh.

Dec. 3 Gilbert D. CLAPP to Mary ROBLIN both of Adolphustown.

Dec. 2 George FRASER to Mary VANDUSEN both of Sophiasburgh.

Dec. 16 Willet POTTER to Mary DAVIS both of Fredericksburgh.

Dec. 10 Isaac BELL to Catherine BARRAGER both of Richmond.


Jan. 1 Joseph RANCIER, Kingston, to Rachel RANCIER, Loborough.

Jan. 5 William BINLAY to Hester LEA.

Jan. 8 John CORNELIUS to Levina WOODCOCK both of Fredericksburgh.

June 21 John JOY to Elizabeth MOREY.

June 8 Elisha MARTIN to Thankful BABCOCK both of Fredericksburgh.

June 21 Dennis HOGAN to Lucretia WAGGONER.

June 6 Elisha MARTIN to Thankful BABCOCK.

July 1 Henry DINGMAN to Sarah SNIDER both of Marysburgh.

Aug. 18 Peter THOMAS to Ann BARRANT.

Aug. 14 William BURLEY to Hester LEE both of Ernesttown.

Dec. 15 George WESTFALL to Elly W. MYERS both of Sydney.

Feb. 15 Samuel THOMPSON to Eve MERRITT both of Fredericksburgh.

Jan. 27 William THOMPSON to Cornelia BEATTY both of Fredericksburgh.

Feb. 9 Orrin JACKSON, Richmond, to Mary LAND, Camden.

Feb. 24 Joshua WATERS to Mary OGDEN.

Feb. 8 William AIRHART to Nelly SAGER both of Richmond.

Feb. 8 Straututs SAGER to Sally JONES both of Richmond.

Feb. 26 Jacob STEEL to Elizabeth COLE both of Fredericksburgh.

Feb. 23 Josiah SPENCER to Sarah BAKER both of Hallowell.

Jan. 23 James TOY to Sarah YOEMANS both of Richmond.

Feb. 5 Abraham WOODCOCK, Loborough, to Hannah CARD, Ernesttown.

Feb. 5 John WOODCOCK, Loborough, to Hetty CLARK, Ernesttown.

March 18 William REID, Thurlow, to Phebe BOICE, Kingston.

Dec. 5 Ely BLADGET (Blodget?) to Elizabeth GRANGER, Ernesttown.

Dec. 25 Adam CROONLY to Elizabeth LAZIER both of Hallowell.

Dec. 21 George BIGGERS to Mary HANES both of Camden.

April 28 John LANE to Evy RICHARDS both of Hallowell.

Dec. 28 Peter SHARP to Hannah HUFFMAN both of Fredericksburgh.

March 23 William LEWIS to Elizabeth BOWERS both of Richmond.

Nov. 8 John MASTIN, Corporal of the Sappers & Miners of Kingston, to Sarah STRACHEN, Fredericksburgh.

Jan. 1 Jonathan ALLEN to Elizabeth BLACKMAN, both of Kingston.

May 31 John WARNER to Elizabeth HOWARD both of Kingston.

March 22 Nicholas SMITH to Margaret JOHNSTONE both of Fredericksburgh

March 6 Elijah ALLEN to Ruth HART both of Ernesttown.

March 24 James VANEST to Elizabeth CARD both of Ernesttown.

April 5 Jacob BABCOCK to Mary FEEBLE both of Ernesttown

Nov. 23 William SCOTT, Camden, to Amarelia HAWLEY, Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 1 Cornelius VAN HORN to Ana CANIF both of Adolphustown

Oct. 18 Zebe BABCOCK to Sally SNIDER both of Ernesttown.

April 1 William S. WILLIAMS, Sophiasburgh, to Hannah HARNS, Fredericksburgh

Aug. 17 Simon ATTHOUSE to Sarah LAKE both of Ernesttown.

Sept. 15 Richard LESART to Christian ESTELTINE both of Ernesttown.

May 25 Eliakim VANVALKENBURGH, Camden, to Jane MCPHERSON, Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 28 John YOUNG to Mary YOUNG both of Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 13 Jacob BUSHLINER to Rachel VANNESS both of Ernesttown.

Sept. 22 Samuel RAY to Phebe WARNER both of Kingston.

Sept. 22 David FERNER to Cloe MCDONALD.

July 29 David CANON to Susannah CHATTERSON both of Ernesttown.

Dec. 10 John WINN to Olive BEEN both of Kingston.

Sept. 1 John MCGRATH to Anna WOODCOCK both of Fredericksburgh.

March 22 Sheldon HAWLEY to Esther WALKER both of Ernesttown.

March 29 William BOWEN to Catherine DEMOREST both of Fredericksburgh.

April 30 Abner WOOD to Sabine DIDSORT.

Oct. 7 Joseph GROOMS to Rebecah MCINTOSH both of Marysburgh.

Sept. 20 Thomas LAMBERT to Charity HUFF both of Sophiasburgh.

Oct. 10 Lewis CLEMENT to Sarah CAWL.

Oct. 29 Everett DEWITT, Kingston, to Catherine HORNING.

Oct. 18 Edward LLOYD to Jane MITTS both of Fredericksburgh.

Oct. 15 Allen MCPHERSON, Fredericksburgh, to Mary FISHER, Adolphustown.

Oct. 20 Calvin PIER to Lydia HILL both of Hallowell.

Oct. 20 James SPENCER to Catherine FRETZ.

Oct. 12 Joseph CHATTERSON, Fredericksburgh, to Catherine JOHNSON, Ernesttown.

March 3 Sheldon HAWLEY to Esther WALKER both of Ernesttown.

July 22 John EGBERT to Phebe OUTWATER both of Adolphustown.


Nov. 15 John MITZLER to Malinda LOUCKS both of Ernesttown.

Oct. 23 George MONRO, Sophiasburgh, to Eleanor PALCOTE, Ernesttown.

March 17 John MCTAGGART to Mary VANSERVIER both of Sophiasburgh.

Feb. 10 John PETERSON to Mary MCDONALD both of Marysburgh.

Feb. 17 Richard KISER to Elizabeth KELLER both of Fredericksburgh.

Feb. 25 Jacob CRONKWRIGHT to Elizabeth MCGRATH both of Fredericksburgh

Feb. 22 Cyrus BARLY to Adnah M. RANDOLPH both of Ernesttown.

Feb. 20 David CHATTERSON to Betsey WINDOVER both of Richmond.

Feb. 2 Jacob SNIDER to Lydia WRIGHT both of Ernesttown.

Jan. 18 Amey CARD to Sarah SCOTT both of Camden.

Jan. 23 Peter WOOD to Meley ABRAMS both of Kingston.

Jan. 18 Asa SCHAMMERHORN to Lany DIMOND both of Richmond.

Jan. 23 William NORMAN to Mary BABCOCK both of Kingston

Nov. 25 George MONROE to Almira TALCOTT both of Sophiasburgh.

Nov. 6 Jacob MOORE to Sarah ALEXANDER both of Ernesttown.

Nov. 18 Albert MONTINE, Sophiasburgh, to Nancy GIBBS, Ernesttown.

Nov. 1 Robert OLIVER, Richmond, to Elizabeth DUNSMORE, Lansdown.

Oct. 3 Daniel S. WAY, Sophiasburgh, to Susannah BRISTOL, Ernesttown.

Oct. 3 Bates KETRUM, Richmond, to Betsey POTTER, Fredericksburgh.

July 19 Frederick PERU to Elizabeth GRASS both of Kingston.

April 26 Alexander ROBINS to Hetibel THUTTS both of Ernesttown.

Dec. 23 Joseph FILES, Fredericksburgh, to Deborah MARTIN, Ernesttown.

Dec. 21 Jos. OUTWATER, Adolphustown, to Rosannah RICKLY, Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 28 Benjamin AYLSWORTH to Mary SIMMONS both of Ernesttown.

March 10 Charles BLANCHARD to Polly KING both of Fredericksburgh.

March 15 Stephen FERRINGTON to Susannah ROGERS both of Marysburgh.

Nov. 7 Michael ASSELSTINE to Catherine FRASER.

April 22 John SHARP, Ernesttown, to ?? VANHORN, Adolphustown.

Aug. 1 Lewis LUCIA to Mary LEWISPAN both of Amherst Isle.

Aug. 1 James BRADSHAW to Martha OUTWATER both of Adolphustown.

May 1 George SILLS to Elizabeth RAMBOUGH both of Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 28 Samuel BARNHART to Mary Ann SILLS both of Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 20 William MILLER to Alida SHARP both of Ernesttown.

March 8 Cyrenus STRATTON, Lansdown, to Catherine OLIVER, Richmond.

March 11 David DAILY to Hannah THOMAS both of Ernesttown.

March 11 David BOICE, Ernesttown, to Susannah SCRIVER, Fredericksburgh.

March 21 Isaac SMITH, Kingston, to Sarah BABCOCK, Ernesttown.

April 5 Andrew LOIST to Elizabeth PRINGLE both of Richmond.

March 17 John MCTAGGART to Mary VANSCRIVER both of Sophiasburgh.

March 28 George MCLEOD to Catherine MCGENNIS both of Amherst Isle.

March 15 William SHEWMAN to Margaret LAPBOARD both of Loborough.

March 1 William E. NORMAN to Mary BABCOCK both of Kingston.

March 16 Simon SNIDER to Christiana HORTMAN both of Ernesttown.

Dec. 20 Thomas WALDON to Hannah POTTER both of Fredericksburgh.

Oct. 12 John ELLIS to Penny OLIVER both of Marysburgh.

Oct. ?? Aron SHARP to Anny VANVALKENBURGH both of Camden.



Dec. 18 Daniel SILVER to Catherine BROWN both of Ernesttown.

Jan. 20 Ellis KIBY to Adnah SHARP both of Fredericksburgh.

Jan. 25 Russel HOWARD to Nancy CONNOR both of Kingston.

Jan. 25 Willet FERRES to Margaret GRASS both of Kingston.

May 20 Elles KILBA to Mada SHARP both of Ernesttown.

Jan. 4 William TURNER to Sophia MINACENH both of Fredericksburgh.

Jan. 2 Nelson WORDEN to Jane WILLET both of Kingston.

May 20 John ONEIL to Elizabeth SIMMON both of Ernesttown.

June 26 Peter CORNWELL, Ernesttown, to Rachel GRANT, Fredericksburgh.

Aug. 1 Daniel HEAGLE to Lana FRETZ both of Richmond.

June 5 Duncan VANALSTINE to Phebe PURDY both of Kingston.

July 19 Truman S. CLENCH to Eliza C. CORY both of Ameliasburgh.

March 20 Isaac ASTELTINE to Mary KELLER both of Fredericksburgh.

May 1 Conrad BARNHARD to Margaret HOUGH both of Fredericksburgh.

May 1 Jonas DULYA to Ann BOWER both of Richmond.

April 2 Jacob ALTHOUSE to Phebe MATTIS both of Ernesttown.

March 20 William SNIDER, Ernesttown, to Danos BOICE, Loborough.

June 25 Lyman REDDEN, Loborough, to Sarah DIMOND, Ernesttown.

Sept. 7 John WESICO to Amy PERRY both of Ernesttown.

Dec. 29 Henry MCLARNARD to Mary MCAWLAY both of Fredericksburgh.

Dec. 6 William WAGER, Fredericksburgh, to Elizabeth HOUGH, Richmond.

Sept. 4 Elijah BROWN to Hannah STAFFORD both of Ernesttown.

Nov. 21 Matthew PATERSON to Sarah WASHBURH both of Hallowell.

Sept. 12 Cornelius HUGHSON to Jeney LATIMORE both of Loborough.

Nov. 13 Benjamin MARSH to Christina WAGER both of Fredericksburgh.

Nov. 15 John W. SAGER, Richmond, to Charlotte MCCUMBER, Fredericksburgh.

Nov. 20 George DREWREY to Keziah ROBLIN both of Sophiasburgh.

Nov. 27 Richard ABBEY to Jane GILCHRIST both of Ernesttown.

Dec. 17 John WALKER to Eve DAVEY both of Ernesttown.

Dec. 7 Andrew QUACKENBUSH to Catherine FORSHEE, Fredericksburgh.

Dec. 17 Hughson WALKER to Susannah BALL both of Ernesttown.

Dec. 18 Peter MATTIS, Ernesttown, to Eliza WILLIAMS, Loborough.

Dec. 26 John CARD, Camden, to Hannah DOLPHINS.



Jan. 15 William DENSMORE, Elchers, to Cornelia BOWEN, Richmond.

Jan. 9 Daniel GOLD to Catherine DIMOND both of Richmond.

April 3 Caleb BOICE, Loborough, to Rachel SNIDER, Ernesttown.

April 7 John MASON, Kingston, to Margaret STRACHEN, Fredericksburgh.

March 8 John WERNO to Anna PERRY both of Fredericksburgh.

April ?? Jacob VAN ARMON to Rachel DAFOE both of Fredericksburgh.

April 15 John Philip BAKER to Elizabeth BUSH both of Fredericksburgh.

April 9 Nathan Clark ROW, Kingston, to Catherine WALKER, Ernesttown.

April 18 Frederick CONWAY to Mary LOUCKS both of Camden.

April 1 Weeden WALKER to Jenny Prindle JAINS both of Ernesttown.

April 17 David JOHNSON to Elizabeth RUSH both of Camden.

July 11 Benjamin WICKMANS, Sophiasburgh, to Lavinia RUTER, Adolphustown.

May 30 George BROOK to Charlotte BENEDICK both of Fredericksburgh.

Feb. 5 John JOHNSON to Fanny GONSOLOS both of Kingston.

July 2 Abraham MILDEN, Fredericksburgh, to Jane YORK, Ernesttown.

Feb. 18 Joseph JERMAN to Margery HESS both of Fredericksburgh.

July 17 Henry JOHNSON, Hallowell, to Mary MERITT, Ernesttown.

July 19 Isaac MINTZ to Livina COLLIER both of Adolphustown.

June 24 Simon SMITH to Margaret SMITH both of Ernesttown.

Dec. 19 John FAIRFIELD, Ernesttown, to Elizabeth CLAPP, Adolphustown.

July 29 William SOLMES to Sarah BURLEY both of Ernesttown.

Feb. 17 William RANCIER, Loborough, to Louisa DAVID, Kingston.

Feb. 7 Hugh STEPHENSON to Sarah Nelly LARWAY.

Aug. 2 Bocin ASSELSTINE to Sophia HAMMOND both of Ernesttown.

Aug. 7 Benjamin FILES to Eliann DETLOR both of Fredericksburgh.

Aug. 22 David HAWLEY Jr. to Ester PERRY both of Ernesttown.

Aug. 8 Peter SCOTT to Claricy BOWER both of Camden.

Feb. 21 David VAN DEVORT, Sydney, to Elizabeth HESS, Ernesttown.

Dec. 10 Daniel RECKLEY to Matilda ROBINS both of Bath.

Dec. 3 Jacob BOWER to Mary ANDERSON both of Fredericksburgh.



Feb. 6 John BROWER to Mary NICHOLSON both of Thurlow.

Feb. 7 John ROBLIN to Nancy Langhorn CONGER both of Sophiasburgh.

Jan. 7 Tunis HAWLEY, Fredericksburgh, to Hannah L. MARTIN, Ernesttown.

Jan. 10 Nathan HARE to Eunice HARE both of Marysburgh.

Jan. 15 Joseph GAY to Polly ASH both of Kingston.

Jan. 17 Joseph FILE to Jane DETLOR both of Fredericksburgh.

Jan. 27 Archibald GILCHRIST to Mary DERBY both of Ernesttown.

Jan. 29 Nicholas ROMBOCK to Sarah BARNHART both of Fredericksburgh.

Feb. 4 Robert DIMOND to Sarah SMITH both of Kingston.

Feb. 18 Nathaniel KILLOY to Polly MCQUIN both of Kingston.

Feb. 18 Hugh OGILVE to Clarissa WARNER both of Kingston.

March 11 William CONNELL, Hallowell, to Bershaba VAN VALKENBERG, Ernesttown.

March 14 Andrew PATTERSON, Sophiasburgh, to Jane PEGGIN.

March 25 Jas. MURRAY, Hallowell, to Hannah LORRAWAY, Fredericksburgh.

March 28 Abraham FREDENBURGH to Mary BOWER both of Fredericksburgh.

April 16 Andrew MCMAIN, Fredericksburgh, to Amy MADDEN, Ernesttown.

April 23 David FREEMAN to Nancy LOVELESS both of Ernesttown.

May 14 Andrew KIMMERLY, Richmond, to Huldah OSTRUM, Thurlow.

May 26 Joseph BUTLER to Charity HILL both of Sophiasburgh.

No date Nicholas CARTER to Barbara VAN KOUGHNENT both of Fredericksburgh.

June 17 Peter AKEN to Dorany WAGER both of Fredericksburgh.

July 20 William PARKS to Clarry PARKS both of Fredericksburgh.



April 26 Owen GARRET to Betsey WESSELS both of Sophiasburgh.

May 3 Jacob BUSH to Christiana ROMBOUGH both of Fredericksburgh.

May 4 Joseph BARKER to Harriet WHITE both of Hallowell.

July 31 Cornelius CHATTERSON, Ernesttown, to Nancy MCQUIN, Fredericksburgh.

Sept. 7 William GEROW to Phebe Jane CUNING both of Hallowell.

Sept. 11 Frederick CREIGHTON to Mary MCPHERSON both of Ernesttown.

Sept. 15 Elias CLARK to Julia MORDEN both of Sophiasburgh.

Sept. 23 Jonah B. CLARK to Janes MILLS both of Sophiasburgh.

Oct. 4 Daniel WOOD, Sophiasburgh, to Laura Jane WASHBURN both of Ameliasburgh.

Oct. 18 Henry SEELEY, Thurlow, to Louisa OUTWARE, Fredericksburgh.

Oct. 18 James FARRAL, Murray, to Margaret BENSON, Adophustown.

Oct. 19 Hiram BUCKLEY, Crambe, to Jane VALLEAU, Fredericksburgh.

Nov. 2 Martin CASSIDY to Hannah HALLY both of Fredericksburgh.

Nov. 9 Oscar F. POOL, Ernesttown, to Almenda FRALICK, Fredericksburgh.

Nov. 16 Henry MAYO to Mary WHEPLEY both of Kingston.

Nov. 16 Isaiah FARROR, Crambe, to Donas WHEPLEY, Kingston.

Nov. 24 James CAVEN to Margaret MCCUTCHEN both of Hallowell.

Dec. 12 Walter STICKLING, Sophiasburgh, to Phebe CHRISTIE, Hallowell.

Dec. 12 James GIBSON to Hannah HYAT both of Hallowell.

Dec. 13 John WHITE, Hillier, to Clara SHELDEN, Hallowell.

Dec. 14 George MINAKER to Susan MCGRATH both of Marysburgh.

Dec. 20 John HARRISON to Hannah M. COUTER both of Marysburgh.

Dec. 28 Benjamin HUES to Mary HICKS both of Marysburgh.



Jan. 3 Daniel MORGAN to Abigail ELSWORTH both of Hallowell.

Jan. 4 Peter MILLIGAN to Elizabeth TRIP (s/b Tripp?) both of Sophiasburgh.

Jan. 9 Stephen BULL to Elizabeth BREWER both of Hallowell.

Jan. 10 George Jas. THOMAS to Margaret WALTERS both of Hallowell.

Jan. 18 John MCLAUGHLIN to Elizabeth WRIGHT both of Fredericksburgh.

Jan. 19 Edward H. AIRLETT to Moriah Ann THOMPSON both of Adolphustown.

Jan. 24 Daniel L. BURLINGHAM to Rachel BRASCOMBE.

Jan. 24 Samuel LEAVENS to Sarah BRASCOMBE both of Hallowell.

Jan. 29 Andrew DENICK to Catherine SMITH both of Marysburgh.

Feb. 7 Samuel MILLER to Elizabeth WAGER both of Fredericksburgh.

Feb. 9 Alexander WAY to Jermima JONES both of Fredericksburgh.

Feb. 13 William WARNER to Caty GRANT both of Kingston.

Feb. 14 Henry TWILLEGER, Hallowell, to Mime MCDONALD, Marysburgh.

Feb. 23 Lukas VANLUVEN to Eliza BOWER both of Camden.

Feb. 29 Malcolm MCPHERSON, Perth, to Elizabeth MCPHERSON, Ernesttown.

March 13 John KELLER to Mary LLOYD both of Fredericksburgh.

March 15 Thomas DAVY to Charlotte DAVIDSON both of Fredericksburgh.

March 20 John H. MORDEN, Ameliasburgh, to Mary MASON, Sophiasburgh.

March 29 Jacob RICKLEY to Mary BROWN both of Fredericksburgh.

March 29 Michael M. SHEA to Isabel KEYS both of Fredericksburgh.

May 8 Lawrence LYONS, Sophiasburgh, to Nancy OGDEN, Hallowell.

May 24 Luke VAN HORN to Mary SKINKLE both of Sophiasburgh.

June 6 Arthur ELSWORTH to Dinah SPENCER both of Hallowell.

June 26 Joseph MORDEN, Sophiasburgh, to Levina RIKMAN, Adolphustown.

July 2 Arthur ELSWORTH to Jennet SHELDON both of Hallowell.

July 4 George W. BALDWIN to Hannah T. BOOTH both of Ernesttown.

July 19 John LEWIS to Hester HOWELL both of Hallowell.

July 11 Gideon GARDINER to Patience DEMOREST both of Sophiasburgh.

Aug. 28 Orren FOSTER to Rosina RANSON both of Sophiasburgh.

Aug. 25 John DINGMAN, Marysburgh, to Melicant HOOVER, Adolphustown.

Oct. 29 Jas. GREENLY to Martha WALKER both of Hallowell.

Oct. 30 Henry KELLOR to Charlotte SCRIVER both of Fredericksburgh.

Oct. 16 George LEROY/KING, Kingston, to Henrietta JENKINS, Sophiasburgh.Note: Leroy/King is how the name was recorded in the register.

April 12 George W. BEDEL to Susannah BROWN both of Fredericksburgh.

April 18 David H. HUFF to Rebeccah FREDENBURGH both of Marysburgh.

Oct. 13 Peter SMITH, Ameliasburgh, to Phebe PINE, Sophiasburgh.

Oct. 31 William WHITNEY to Elizabeth WEES both of Sophiasburgh.

Oct. 16 Abraham PEACK to Amanda WILSON both of Sophiasburgh.

Nov. 6 Asa C. FERGUSON to Catherine PETIT both of Adolphustown.

Nov. 13 Henry SOMES to Elizabeth NORTH both of Marysburgh.

Nov. 24 George BURROWS, Camden, to Charity KIMMERLY, Richmond.

Dec. 4 Michael KELLER to Margaret SCHIVER both of Fredericksburgh.

Dec. 20 Levi W. NICHOL, Kingston, to Priscilla DOUGLASS, Adolphustown.

Dec. 25 John W. WILLIAMS to Elizabeth GORDON both of Hallowell.



Jan. 1 Joseph KELLER to Mary BURNS both of Fredericksburgh.

Jan. 2 Chester HOSKINS to Elinor MAGEE both of Fredericksburgh.

Jan. 30 Abraham T. BOWEN to Catherine BOWEN both of Richmond.

Feb. 30 William KELLER to Deborah SLARKS both of Marysburgh.Note: Feb. 30 is the date recorded in the register.

March 4 Timothy PRINGLE, Marysburgh, to Mary Ann BLACKNEY, Sophiasburgh.

March 4 Thomas WRIGHT to Phebe WHITE both of Hallowell.

April 2 William OSTRANDER to Phebe PALMETER both of Marysburgh.

May 6 Henry HAM, Ernesttown, to Francis FAINSWORTH, Demorestville. Wit: Benjamin Ham, Rhoda Losee.

May 30 William YOUNG to Mary OGDEN both of Hallowell. Wit: Dier Stanton, Betsey Spencer.

June 11 James SHEPHERD to Mary Ann WILLIAMS both of Marysburgh. Wit: James HARRISON, Mary Card.

June 25 Royal MCCUMBER to Margaret SCHERMERHORN both of Richmond. Wit: Andrew Gold, Elizabeth Barton.

June 25 John MORAN to Mary PORTIER both of Sophiasburgh. Wit: Alsina Moran, Samuel Shaw.

Nov. 1 Richard MERIT to Anna NICHOLSON both of Fredericksburgh.

July 15 William PATRICK to Latta M. WILLIAMS both of Adolphustown. Wit: Mathew S. Rattan, Anna Martin.

July 29 Elijah SMITH to Ann Jane LAFESTER both of Camden. Wit: Arthur Dickey, John Bower.

Sept. 1 Alexander ALLEN to Sarah Ann (not recorded) both of Madoc. Wit: Hugh Allen, Elizann Brown.

Sept. 3 Ruben MADDEN to Sophia SMITH both of Fredericksburgh. Wit: Elijah & Luther Smith.

Sept. 24 Apollus B. HILL to Caroline SCHRIVER. Wit: Hugh Miller, Rosannah Schriver.

Oct. 14 Thomas D. BROCK to Maria FIELDHOUSE both of Hillier. Wit: Thomas Dorland, Jane Armstrong.

Oct. 15 Robert HILL to Hannah JUBLE both of Marysburgh. Wit: James Turner, Eliza Elmore.

Oct. 17 Jacob WAGNER to Isabella SILLS both of Fredericksburgh. Wit: Michael P. McCabe, Ruth Hough.

Oct. 30 Benjamin SMITH to Jane STUART both of Hallowell. Wit: Frederick H. Smith, Sarah Johnston.

Nov. 5 Reuben GOSLING to Jane DEMILL both of Sophiasburgh. Wit: Lucy Gosling, William Fox.



Oct. 7 Solomon BEBEE to Samantha BEECH both of Ernesttown. Wit: Edwin Shibley, Martha Amey.

Nov. 12 Richard MERIT to Johannah NICHOLSON both of Fredericksburgh. Wit: Asa Richardosn, Mary Campbell.

Dec. 25 Ezekiel DEGROFF to Temperance ROMBOUGH both of Fredericksburgh. Wit: John Hough, Ruth Huff.

Oct. 16 Thomas LYONS to Synthia BERDET both of Sophiasburgh. Wit: Larance Lyons, Peter Smith.

March 4 John CHAPMAN to Jane ARMSTRONG both of Fredericksburgh. Wit: Ely Adams, William Armstrong.



Jan. 18 Francis VAN TASSEL to Affa BURTIS both of Adolphustown. Wit: Affa Van Tassel, Eli Smith.

Jan. 20 Edward THOMAS to Eliza HARDY both of Kingston. Wit: A.D. Campbell, Emma Thomas.

April 10 George BROWN to Mary Ann NEIL both of Richmond.

July 20 John S. FOOT to Eliza BARTON both of Richmond. Wit: William Huff, Mary Jayne.

July 21 John KELLER to Abbey KELLER both of Kingston. Wit: Ann Young, Eliza Armstrong.

Aug. 12 John Taylor WILSON, Hallowell, to Hester PATTINGALE, Hillier. Wit: Francis T. Smith, Catherine Pattingale.

Sept. 7 John G. MARKLE to Catherine NICKLE both of Richmond. Wit: William Post, Sarah Maricle.

Sept. 15 James PROUT, Richmond, to Mary STEPHENSON, Fredericksburgh. Wit: Nancy & Andrew Stephenson.

Sept. 15 Elias SMITH to Sophrona WELSTON both of Bath. Wit: John Smith, Catherine Crawford.

Oct. 14 Jonathon AYLSWORTH to Margaret GILCHRIST both of Ernesttown. Wit: John Aylsworth, Jane Gilchrist.

Nov. 2 James G. WRIGHT to Hannah Eliza BARTON both of Demorestville. Wit: Jabez Powers, Mary Ann Demorest.

Nov. 17 Amos POTTER, Ameliasburgh, to Eliza HETONIS, Marysburgh. Wit: George Boulton, Catherine McQuire.

Nov. 30 Aron SALES to Catherine BALFOUR both of Fredericksburgh. Wit: Hannah McDowell, William Armstrong.

Dec. 29 John BROWN to Rebeccah AMEY both of Ernesttown. Wit: Julyann Brown, Abraham Amey.

Dec. 31 George MARTIN to Catherine ONeil PELING both of Hallowell. Wit: Miriam Carnahan, Robert Peling.

Nov. 24 Thomas MARTIN to Eliza SMITH both of Adolphustown. Wit: James OSaughnesey, Margaret Nelly.



Jan. 6 James MCGRATH, Amherst Isle, to Margaret SCOTT, Fredericksburgh. Wit: Samuel McGrath, Lowrey Adamson.

Jan. 11 Peter VAN SICKLER to Elizabeth HOWELL both of Thurlow. Wit: Samuel Shaw, Julien Peck.

Jan. 10 Jeremiah AMEY, Ernesttown, to Magdalene GUNSOLOS, Fredericksburgh. Wit: Joseph Amey, Emily Gunsolos.

Feb. 4 Isaac Albert Worden SMITH to Cecilia SPENCER both of Fredericksburgh. Wit: William J. Sloan, William T. Spencer