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Miscellaneous Marriage Records 1801-1889

SOURCE: Archives of Ontario MS 7584

NOTE: Not all dates, residence or witness recorded. Many of the documents are marriage licenses and it is unknown if the actual marriage took place on the same day that the license was issued.

These have been transcribed in the order in which they were microfilmed.

There were several marriages from the Society of Friends (Quakers) and these records have the signature of the entire community as witnesses.  Instead of transcribing 40-60 signatures as witnesses, only a few names were given (usually those with the same surnames as the bride & groom) then it was noted that the marriage was Society of Friends.

March 18, 1805 Allen ELLIS, Mount Pleasant to Hanner (Hannah?) STURGIS, Mount Pleasant. William Tyler J.P.

March 27, 1842 Edward BLACKER, widower, Brantford, to Margaret TOMLINSON, Brantford. Wit: Samuel Bryning, Mary McGary. Rev. John Bryning Presbyterian Church, officiating.

Jan. 2, 1846 Andrew EADIE, widower, Brantford, to Isabella MCDONALD, widow, Brantford. Wit: Robert Cradner, John McDonald. Rev. George Murray officiating.

July 1, 1852 Allen Wallace ELLIS, Brantford, to Isabella McDonald EADIE, Brantford. Wit: Alexander Nixon, John McDonald. Rev. T. Fawcett officiating.

April 28, 1831 Herbert BIGGAR, Sophiasburg, to Jane ELLIS, Mount Pleasant. Wit: John Truman, Robert Biggar. Rev. Joseph Gotchell? Methodist Episcopal Church officiating.

April 9, 1846 William ELLIOT, Beverly, to Frances HAUN?, Ancaster.

July 21, 1814 William DOAN, King Twp., York Co., son of Ebenezer Doan and Anne his wife (the latter deceased) to Esther BOSTWICK, daughter of Jacob Winn and Phebe his wife, (the former deceased). Wit: Ebenezer Doan, Jones Doan, Ruth Winn, Martha Winn, Edward Bostwick. N.B. Society of Friends marriage.

Feb. 10, 1837 John ENGLISH, Peterborough, to Margaret ARMSTRONG, Otonabee.

?? 1805 Benjamin HUBBS to Sarah WAY.

Jan. 7, 1819 William CARROL to Jemimah COREY.

Oct. 1, 1810 Joseph LOCKWOOD, York, to Elizabeth DELTON (DETLOR?), York. Wit: John Embury, John Delton/Deltor. Rev. Darius Dunham Presbyterian Church officiating.

July 24, 1811 Samuel HUGHES, Whitechurch, son of Job Hughes and Ellen his wife (the former deceased) to Sarah WEBSTER, daughter of Abraham Webster and Ann his wife (the former deceased). N.B. Society of Friends marriage.

April 15, 1801 Ebenezer DOAN Jr., Solebury Twp., Bucks Co. Pennsylvania, son of Ebenezer Doan, to Elizabeth PAXSON, daughter of Abraham Paxson, of Solebury Twp., Bucks Co. Pennsylvania. Wit: Abraham Paxson, Ebenezer & Ann Doan, Elias Paxson. N.B. Society of Friends marriage.

Jan. 16, 1825 Jesse STOVER, Norwich, son of Frederick Stover and Mary his wife, to Elisabeth BARKER, daughter of James Barker and Mary his wife (the latter deceased). Wit: Frederick Stover, Mary Stover, James Barker. N.B. Society of Friends marriage.

March 22, 1832 Daniel NEWCOMB, Oxford, to Jane MCCLANE, Howard. Wit: Cornelius Campbell, Timothy Newcomb, Samuel McLane, Peter McKinlay. Isaac Bell J.P. officiating.

Oct. 3, 1854 William Henry TREMAYNE, Whitby, to Artemesia BOYLES, Whitby. Wit: William Parton, T. Scripture. Rev. John Pentland, St. John's Episcopal Church officiating.

Jan. 8, 1856 Thomas Morchant MUNN, Paris, to Annie Louisa CRYSLER, Paris. Wit: Meyrs? Munro. Rev. Adam Townley officiating.

Aug. 20, 1889 Peter MACMILLAN, 24, to Nettie MERRIL, 20, married at Santa Clara, Franklin Co. N.Y. Rev. David McDonald, Protestant Episcopal Church officiating.

May 9, 1854 Peter WARNER, Osnabrook, to Jannet JORDAN, Osnabrook. Wit: Charles Huchins, David Jordan. Rev. Vincent B. Howard Wesleyan Methodist Church officiating.

Sept. 15, 1856 James WADE, yeoman, Yarmouth, to Mary Ann JONES, Yarmouth.

July 3, 1857 William THORNTON, London, to Isabella MCDONALD, London.

Dec. 17, 1857 John DADSON (Dodson?), yeoman, Southwold, to Nancy GOODHUE, Southwold. Wit: William Dadson, William Goodhue.

Sept. 7, 1857 Frederick BARTLETT, yeoman, Southwold, to Mary JAGGUS?, Southwold.

Dec. 31, 1859 Philip STACY, merchant, Southwold, to Ester GOODHUE, Southwold.

Oct. 2, 1860 James WADDLE, Port Stanley, to Sarah Jane HEMPHILL, Port Stanley.

Oct. 12, 1860 Stephen BACKUS, gentleman, Dunwich, to Elizabeth BURGESS, Port Stanley.

Oct. 22, 1860 William GWEN (Given?), Port Stanley, to Flora MCCALLUM, Port Stanley.

Oct. 25, 1860 William B. BURGESS, Port Stanley, to Mary SHEPPARD, Port Stanley.

Feb. 19, 1861 Alexander E. HODGE, Port Stanley, to Martha Emma TOOLY, Port Stanley.

April 29, 1836 William BUTCHER, Toronto, to Eliza JEFFERSON, Toronto. Wit; Harriet Campbell, John Fisher.

June 30, 1837 James MCCUDNEY, Niagara, to Mary STEVENS, Niagara. Wit: Fanny Pickard, Eliza Stevens. Rev. Richard Jones Wesleyan Methodist Church officiating.

Jan. 17, 1845 Stephen WHITE, Hallowell, to Mary MCDONALD, Hallowell.