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Muskoka & Parry Sound Dist. 1872


vol 25 pg 2 (Parry Cound Dist): Adam Joshua BELL, 24, yeoman, Ontario, Foley twp., s/o Robert & Catherine, married Mary Jane RICHMOND, 17, Ontario, Foley twp., d/o Stephen & Jane, witn: Phillip SMITH & Margaret McGOWN, both of Foley twp., 26 June 1872 at Parry Sound Vol 24 Pg 139 (Muskoka Dist) William BROWN, 24, farmer, Co Armagh Ireland, Muskoka, s/o William BROWN & Sarah STEVENSON, married Margaret ROBBINS, 20, Adjala Twp., Muskoka, d/o Abiga ROBBINS & Susannah GILPIN. Witn: John WATSON & Eliza HETHERINGTON, Muskoka. 9 Apr 1872 at Muskoka
Vol 24 Pg 146 - William Pringle CHRISTIE, 24, timber merchant, Niagara, Orillia, s/o Peter & Jemima, married Mary Letitia JACKSON, 24, Caistor, Severn Bridge, d/o James H. & Mary. Witn: James H. JACKSON, Severn Bridge, & Peter CHRISTIE, Toronto. 17 Sept 1872 Severn Bridge Vol 24 Pg 143 (Muskoka Dist) John COOPER, 26, farmer, Ontario, McCauley Twp., s/o James & Catherine COOPER, married Elizabeth McKENZIE, 22, Ontario, McCaulay Twp., d/o John & Elizabeth McKENZIE. Witn: Aubrey WHITE & Susan COOPER both of Bracebridge. 23 May 1872 at Bracebridge
8532-77 David C. COURLEY, 25, Scotland, Parry Harbour, s/o William & Charlotte, married Mary BRACKON, 26, USA, Parry Sound, d/o John & Charlotte, witn: Andrew McCORMACK & Sarah BLANCEY, both of Parry Harbour, 26 July 1872 at Parry Harbour Vol 24 Pg 144 (Muskoka Dist) John DAVIES, 22, farmer, Canada, Muskoka, s/o James & Julia Ann DAVIES, married Christine GRANT, 19, Scotland, Muskoka, d/o James & Catherine GRANT, Witn: William HANNA & Grace HOLDITCH, 19 Sept 1872 at Bracebridge
vol 25 pg 4 (Parry Sound Dist): William John DAVIS, 27, yeoman, Ontario, McKellar twp., s/o Solomon & Margaret, married Ann MANSON, 26, Ontario, Hagerman twp., d/o George & Eleanor, witn: James MANSON of Hagerman twp & Elizabeth TAYLOR of McKellar twp., 22 July 1872 at Hagerman twp vol 25 pg 4 (Parry Sound Dist): John James DOWELL, 20, watchmaker, England, Parry Sound, s/o Francis & Diana, married Hannah Plaxton EMMS, 17, Ontario, Parry Sound, d/o John & Martha Ann, witn: William CLARKSON & Mrs. YATES, both of Parry Sound, 5 Aug 1872 at Parry Sound
Vol 24 Pg 145 - Thomas GAFFNEY, 24, carpenter, Guelph, Watt, s/o James & Mary Ann, married Susannah COOPER, 19, Nottawasaga, Bracebridge, d/o James & Catherine. Witn: John & Ellen GAFFNEY, both of Watt. 6 June 1872 Watt. 1094-73 William GIBBS, 23, brick maker, England, Bracebridge, s/o John GIBBS & Maria FAIRWEATHER, married Susan FAGAN, 25, England, Bracebridge, d/o William FAGAN & Sophia CATO, witn: John GIBBS & Eliza DEAN, both of Bracebridge, 11 Dec 1872 at Bracebridge
1097-73 John GOGGIN, 20, saloon keeper, Ireland, Bracebridge, s/o William & Eliza, married Elizabeth McLEOD, 21, Scotland, Muskoka, d/o Alexander & Sarah, witn: William GOGGIN & M. A. McKAY, both of Muskoka, 30 Dec 1872 at Muskoka Vol 24 Pg 145 - Edward Huggon HASTINGS, 28, farmer, Kirkcudbright Scotland, Watt, s/o William HASTINGS & Catherine GOOD, married Hannah ETTY, 24, Yorkshire England, Watt, d/o John ETTY & Elizabeth SALMINE. Witn: Eli PICKERING & Mary ETTY, both of Watt. 10 July 1872 Watt.
vol 25 pg 3 (Parry Sound Dist): William HERKEMER, 30, hunter, widower, Ontario, Henry Inlet, s/o not given, married Sarah OSAWABKIPON?, 20, Ontario, Henry Inlet, d/o not given, witn: Alnes? ELLIOT of Parry Sound & Joseph --EWASAGA of Henry Inlet, 15 July 1872 at Henry Inlet Vol 24, Pg 140 (Muskoka Dist) Richard HILLMAN, 24, yeoman, England, Draper, s/o Thomas & Amelia HILLMAN, married Rebecca BRODIE, 18, England, Draper, d/o James David & Annie Dale BRODIE. Witn: James David BRODIE & William H. MOSEY, both of Draper Twp. 24 Dec. 1872 at Draper
Vol 24 Pg 141 (Muskoka Dist) William HILLMAN, 25, yeoman, England, Draper, s/o Richard & Amelia HILLMAN, married Louisa CHARLES, 23, England, Draper, d/o George & Elizabeth CHILES (sic), Witn: Richard HILLMAN and Rebecca BRODIE, both of Draper, 9 Jan 1872 at Draper Vol 24 Pg 143 (Muskoka Dist) Raymond S. JACKSON, 23, carpenter, England, McCaulay, s/o Thomas JACKSON & Hannah GOWLAY, married Rebecca PIPER, 20, Canada, McCaulay, d/o Charles PIPER & Catherine ARDLE. Witn: John MURDOCK, & Henrietta BURROUGHS, both of McCaulay. 29 Sept 1872 at McCaulay
Vol. 24 Pg 142 (Muskoka Dist) Thomas KEALL, 26, yeoman, England, Muskoka, s/o Thomas KEALL & Eliza HARRISON, married Eliza YEARLEY, 23, England, Muskoka, d/o George S. YEARLEY & Eliza M.A. DICKS. Witn: George S. YEARLEY, & Anne Elizabeth KEALL of Bracebridge. 19 Mar 1872 at McCaulay Twp  
Vol 24 Pg 145 - Frederick LANGTON, 28, farmer, England, Watt, s/o Arthur LANGTON & Emily Matilda GOSLING, married Harriet PENROSE, 21, England, Watt, d/o John PENROSE & Maria ARTHUR. Witn: Alfred Neil LANGTON & Rosina PENROSE, both of Watt. 2 July 1872 Watt. Vol 24 Pg 144 (Muskoka Dist) Frederick LONGHURST, 28, farmer, Mulmer Ont, Stephenson Twp., s/o George LONGHURST & Rebecca WELLER, married Isabella MAINHOOD, 20, London Eng, Stephenson Twp., d/o John MAINHOOD and Mary Ann GORDON. Witn: Joseph MAINHOOD of Brunel & Elizabeth Ann CLARK of Stephenson, 13 Nov 1872 at Bracebridge
Vol 24 Pg 142 (Muskoka Dist) John MAINPRIZE, 25, miller, E. Gwillumbury, Parry Sound Dist, s/o John MAINPRIZE & Ellen ATKINSON, married Sarah McCANS, 21, Montague, Muskoka, d/o Hugh McCANS & Jane WILSON. Witn: Thomas J. REID, & Charlotte WEBSTER of Bracebridge. 4 Mar 1872 at Bracebridge Vol 24, Pg 141 (Muskoka Dist) Allan McDONALD, 22, yeoman, Scotland, Morrison Twp., s/o Alexander & Ann McDONALD, married Betsy LAMONT, 22, Canada, Draper, d/o Hugh & Marion LAMONT. Witn: William LAMONT & Margaret Jane PATTERSON, both of Draper. 14 Oct 1872 at House of bride's father, Draper
  Vol 24 Pg 142 (Muskoka Dist) James Charles MITCHELL, 24, sailor, England, Bracebridge, s/o James Charles MITCHELL & Jane SHARRET, married Hannah ALDERMAN, 16, England, Draper, d/o William & Mary Ann ALDERMAN. Witn: Edward W. MALPAS, & Mary Jane McNAIRNEY of Bracebridge. 6 July 1872 at Bracebridge
vol 25 pg 3 (Parry Sound Dist): Robert R. MOFFATT, 24, yeoman, Ireland, McKellar, s/o Henry & Fanny, married Margaret THOMPSON, 21, Canada, McKellar, d/o Edward & Elizabeth, witn: William LITTLE & Rachel THOMPSON, both of McKellar, 3 July 1872 at McKellar twp Vol 24, Pg 139 (Muskoka Dist) Robert MORRISON, 24, farmer, Oxford Ont., Muskoka, s/o William MORRISON & Johanna McKENZIE, married Hectorina McKAYE, 19, Scotland, Muskoka, d/o John McKAYE & Anne ROSS. Witn: John McKAYE and Annie MORRISON, both of Muskoka. 26 July 1872 at Muskoka
Vol 24 Pg 144 (Muskoka Dist) William Nelson ROWLEY, 19, farmer, Canada, McCaulay, s/o Nathaniel & Catherine ROWLEY, married Agnes Elizabeth MALERY, 17, Canada, McCaulay, d/o Joseph Barnes MALERY & Annie MALERY. Witn: Mr & Mrs BALDWIN, of McCaulay Twp. 15 July 1872 at McCaulay Vol 24 Pg 138 (Muskoka Dist) John Sampson SCARLETT, 26, merchant, Co. Derry Ireland, Stephenson, s/o John SCARLETT & Elizabeth SAMPSON, married Marie FETTERLY, 19, Winchester, Brunel, d/o John P. FETTERLY & Nancy HANES. Witn: Robert SCARLETT of Stephenson & Julius SHAY of Brunel. 21 Jan 1872 at Brunel
Vol. 24 Pg 140 (Muskoka Dist) George SLATER, 32, W, farmer, Ireland, Watt Twp., s/o John & Mary SLATER, married Julia Ann KELLARD, 17, Kingston, Watt Twp., d/o Isaac KELLARD & Susan MORDAN. Witn: Edward BOYNTON & Mary WRIGHT, both of Muskoka. 5 Nov 1872 at Muskoka. Vol 24 Pg 146 - William SMITH, 21, yeoman, England, Watt, s/o William SMITH & Ann FROST, married Eliza M. KINCH, 19, Canada, Watt, d/o John KINCH & Eliza Ann LEESON. Witn: Sanford KINCH & Elizabeth O'HARA, both of Watt. 21 Aug 1872 Watt
vol 25 pg 4 (Parry Sound Dist): Charles SPENCER, 26, yeoman, Ontario, McDougall twp., s/o Lazarus & Patience, married Mary Eleanor BOUGHNER, 23, Ontario, McKellar twp., d/o Peter & Sammiah, witn: Albert & Mary HURD of McKellar twp., 5 Aug 1872 at McKellar twp  
Vol 24 Pg 139 (Muskoka Dist) Thomas STEPHENS, 25, farmer, Simcoe Co, Muskoka, s/o Richard STEPHENS & Mary STINSON, married Ann SUTHERLAND, 19, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Muskoka, d/o James SUTHERLAND & Elizabeth MILNE. Witn: Henry STEPHENS & Margaret SUTHERLAND, both of Muskoka. 24 Apr 1872 at Muskoka Vol 24 Pg 138 (Muskoka Dist) Charles Ruttley STONEMAN, 24, yeoman, Devonshire Eng, Humphrey Twp, s/o William STONEMAN & Elizabeth R. CHANNING, married Rose Hannah BOYES, 18, Tossorontio Co. Simcoe, Cardwell Twp., d/o Henry BOYES & Elizabeth DICKENSON. Witn: William L. LAWRASON, MA, Cardwell and Mary Ann BICE, Rosseau. 14 Nov 1872 at Rosseau
Vol 24 Pg 141 (Muskoka Dist) George TEIMEL, 29, widower, Yeoman, Germany, Draper, s/o Henry TEIMEL & (blank), married Caroline WISEMILLER, 18, Canada, Draper, d/o Herman WISEMILLER & (blank). Witn: Henry GREBE, Draper. 28 Apr. 1872 at Draper vol 25 pg 3 (Parry Sound Dist): John THOMPSON, 30, yeoman, Ireland, McKellar, s/o Edward & Elizabeth, married Mary LITTLE, 25, Canada, McKellar, d/o William & Jane, witn: William LITTLE & Rebecca THOMPSON, both of McKellar twp., 1 July 1872 at McKellar twp
Vol 24 Pg 140 (Muskoka Dist) William Henry TINKASS, 33, Osnabruck, Draper, s/o Henry TINKASS & Jane CAIRNS, married Catherine LAHENY, 22, York Twp., Draper, d/o James & Elizabeth LAHENY. Witn: Henriette CORRIGAN, Draper & Richard LAHENY. 31 Dec 1872 at Draper Vol 24 Pg 143 (Muskoka Dist) Charles Henry W. WINTERS, 26, yeoman, England, McCaulay, s/o Thomas H. WINTERS & Hannah MINOR, married Jane ORR, 21, Canada, McCaulay, d/o Robert ORR & Ellen FEE, Witn: James McINTOSH & Elizabeth SHEPHERD, both of McCaulay. 29 Oct 1872 at McCaulay