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Middlesex Co., 1900


10471-00 (Middlesex Co): Stanley ANDREW, 33, farmer, widower, Elmville? - Usborne twp., same, s/o John ANDREW & Sarah A. SPICER, married Susie F. MITCHELL, 26, Stephen twp., Biddulph twp., d/o Thomas MITCHELL, farmer, & Jane MOULTON, witn: John A. DRAKE of Strathroy & Rachel WEBSTER of Lansdowne, 31 Jan 1900 at Biddulph twp 10516-00 Lewis ANTONE, 42, laborer, Oneida, same, s/o Jacob ANTONE & Jenny COOPER, married Jemima SICKLES, 41, Oneida, same, d/o John SICKLES & Mary THOMAS, witn: Moses ELEN (Elm?) & Mary LYON, both of Oneida, 3 May 1900 at Delaware
10544-00 Walter Thomas BAKER, 20, farmer, England, St. Thomas, s/o Elijah BAKER & Hannah WEST, married Adeline DAFOE, 17, North Dorchester, Avon, d/o Edward Norman DAFOE & Mary Ann CLEMENT, witn: Edward & Merle DAFOE of Avon, 28 Nov 1900 at Avon 10546-00 Henry BARKER, 29, farmer, Dorchester, same, s/o Erau BARKER & B. CROW, married Adeline CRIBBINS, 19, Westminster, Dorchester, d/o H. CRIBBINS & M. J. HANNAH, witn: Mr.? BARKER & Mrs. MAHAN, both of Dorchester, 7 Nov 1900 at Dorchester Station
11087-00 (Middlesex Co): George BARTH, 33, tailor, Detroit, Windsor, s/o Andrew & Jennett, married Ethel M. LUSCOMBE, 25, Cornwall England, Strathroy, d/o Thomas & Charlotte, witn: W.T. LUSCOMBE of Strathroy & Ada M. BARTH of Chatham, 26 Sept 1900 at Strathroy 10515-00 Alexander BEATON, 65, widower, license inspector, Scotland, St. Thomas, s/o Kenneth BEATON & Betsy REID, married Jane MUSGROVE, 50, lady, Ontario, Delaware, d/o Robert MUSGROVE & Ellen McCULLEY, witn: Peter McGREGOR of West Lorne & Ellen McCULLY of Elgin, 18 April 1900 at Delaware
10603-00 (Middlesex Co): Samuel BEATTIE, 34, hotel keeper, Huron Co., Durham Ont., s/o Samuel BEATTIE & Mary Ann ROBINSON, married Mary Eliza MUIR, 30, Clinton, London, d/o William MUIR & Eliza CLARK, witn: Jane A. & W.J. CLARK of London, 31 Jan 1900 at 128 Horton St., London 010556- 1900 (Middlesex Co.) William Snowbell BELL, 23, teacher, Strathroy, Baldoon Dover Twp., married Selina? Florence URQUHART, 23, Ekfrid, same d/o Duncan URQUHART & Janet McGEACHY, witn: William URQUHART of Rutherford & Mary BELL of Strathroy, 26 Dec 1900 at Ekfrid
  11091-00 (Middlesex Co): John BERDAN, 59, widower, gentleman, Southwold, Strathroy, s/o Jonathan & Arvilla, married Ann McGUGAN, 51, widow, Niagara, Strathroy, d/o Edward GEARNS & Patience, witn: O.L. BERDAN & D. McGUGAN, both of Strathroy, 18 Oct 1900 at Strathroy
10470-00 (Middlesex Co): Robert BRABAZON, 40, farmer, Bester? village, Biddulph twp., s/o Robert BRABAZON & Catherine HERLIHY, married Amelia CRUNICAN, 38, Biddulph twp., same, d/o Michael CRUNICAN, farmer, & Mary Jane WELLS, witn: John, Katie & Nora CRUNICAN of Biddulph twp., 31 Jan 1900 at St. Patricks RC Church, Biddulph twp 10494-00 (Middlesex Co) John BRODIE, 31, insurance agt, Caradoc, same, s/o John BRODIE & Christina CAMPBELL, married Cassie E. MARSHMAN, 21, Caradoc, same, d/o Job MARSHMAN & Ella FENWICK, witn: John COBBAN, Memory Road & Annie NAGLE, Melbourne, 17 June 1900 at Caradoc
10615-00 Robert BLACKMORE, 29, lithographer, Niagara Falls, London, s/o Arthur & Mary, married Lillie Olivia TANNER, 26, London, same, d/o William John & Sarah Ann, witn: William B. HARPER of Hamilton & Jessie EARLE of London, 7 Feb 1900 at St. James Church, London 10621-00 William BOLTON, 21, laborer, of London, s/o Charles BOLTON & Alice CRONK, married Louisa BRAGG, 19, of London, d/o Charles BRAGG & Eluisa WELSH, witn: J. BOLTON of 3879 Grey St. & Annie HONE of 123 Bruce St., 14 Feb 1900 at Memorial Church, London
10513-00 George William BROWN, 36, farmer, Ontario, Caradoc, s/o William BROWN & Eliza TAYLOR, married Clara M. KILBOURNE, 22, Ontario, Delaware, d/o John KILBOURNE & Catherine JOHNSON, witn: Morley KILBOURNE of Delaware & Ella WELLMAN of Ekfrid, 25 Feb 1900 at Delaware  
10479-00 (Middlesex Co): William D. BRYAN, 22, farmer, Biddulph twp., same, s/o James BRYAN & Catherine CARTY, married Seline V. BEATSON, 23, Biddulph twp., same, d/o Joseph BEATSON, farmer, & Jane EEDY, witn: Lena WHITE of London twp & John W. BEATSON of Biddulph twp., 12 June 1900 at 10th con of Biddulph twp 10609-00 (Middlesex Co): John Nelson BURD, 27, teamster, Newbury, London, s/o Jacob & Sarah, married Ellen Nora ARMSTRONG, 21, Newbury, same, d/o William ARMSTRONG & Isabella BELFORD, witn: John McPHERSON of Oxford St. & K. M. MacGILLIVRAY of Detroit, 31 Jan 1900 at 281 Piccadilly St., London
010963-00 (Middlesex Co): William A. BURTIS, 26, moulder, Embro, London, s/o Elgin BURTIS & Christena GUNN, married Annie Louis PHELP, 34, Cornwall England, London, d/o Steven PHELP & Mary HANCOCK, witn: John A. & Isabella CRODEN of London, 31 Dec 1900 at London 10541-00 Duncan G. CAMPBELL, 39, yeoman, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o Dugald CAMPBELL & Margaret GILLIS, married Agnes A. FERGUSON, 35, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o James FERGUSON & Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: John McNICOL & Maggie A. CAMPBELL, both of Belmont, 19 Dec 1900 at Belmont
10505-00 (Middlesex Co) John H. CAMPBELL, 36, farmer, Canada, Caradoc, s/o Donald & Nancy CAMPBELL, married Ida HORNER, 26, London Twp, Strathroy, d/o William & Sarah HORNER, witn: A.K. CAMPBELL, Caradoc & Emma HORNER, McGillivary Twp, 24 Jan 1900 at Parkhill 10475-00 (Middlesex Co): John CARRIGAN, 40, widower, farmer, Biddulph twp., same, s/o James CARRIGAN & Mary Ann MULLEN, married Mary McGEE, 38, Biddulph twp., same, d/o William McGEE, farmer, & Margaret KELLY, witn: Michael McGEE & Margaret THOMPSON, both of Biddulph twp., 27 Feb 1900 at Biddulph twp
10490-00 (Middlesex Co) William CHAMBERLAIN, 21, farmer, Caradoc, Mt Brydges, s/o William CHAMBERLAIN & Esther BIDWALL, married Elizabeth FULLER, 21, Caradoc, Mt Brydges, d/o Hugh FULLER & Melinda BURGESS, witn: John WATERS & Coral E. COLLINS, both of Caradoc, 3 May 1900 at London 10653-00 (Middlesex Co) Charles CHAMBERS, 61, widower, engineer, England, 566 Maitland St. London, s/o Kemp CHAMBERS & Ann CHAPMAN, married Annie Maria DENNIS, 40, widow, Canada, London, d/o George FINCH & Villetta EDWARDS, witn: John C. & Sarah A. ROLSTON both of 366 Grosvenor St. London, 11 Apr 1900 at 566 Maitland St. London
#010564-00 (Middlesex Co): John COCHRANE, 26, farmer, Lobo twp., same, s/o John COCHRANE & Jessie McINTOSH, married Mable McCLUNG, 18, Lobo twp., same, d/o Henry McCLUNG & Etta PARKER, witn: Adam ROBSON & Isabella LAWRENCE, both of Vanneck, 2 April 1900 at the Manse, Vanneck, Lobo twp #010964-00 (Middlesex Co): Thomas Wade COPNER, 25,, jeweller, Orillia, London, s/o Thomas W. COPNER & Elizabeth WYNN, married Isabella Jane McINTOSH, 24, Barrie, London, d/o Duncan C. McINTOSH & Margaret DOUGALL, witn: Catherine Ann McINTOSH & Harry REED, both of London, 31 Dec 1900 at London
10542-00 Frederick Berson CORNALL, 32, teacher, Sombra Ont., Nashville Tennessee, s/o Stephen M. CORNWALL & Margaret CATTANACH, married Mary Jane RICHMOND, 25, North Dorchester, same, d/o William RICHMOND & Druscilla BEACH, witn: Charles RICHMOND of Dorchester Stn & Jennie A. CORNWALL of Sombra, 25 Dec 1900 at Dorchester Station 10620-00 Charles Daniel CRANFORD, 33, shipping clerk, Ingersoll, same, s/o John F. & Emily, married Harriet SHARP, 31, Lincolnshire England, Ingersoll, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: H.J. & Lucinda J. MOORHOUSE of London, 10 Feb 1900 at London
10512-00 Joseph CRISPIN, 35, farmer, Ontario, Manitoba, s/o William CRISPIN & Annie McCULLOUGH, married Sophia ADAMS, 31, Ontario, Delaware, d/o Thomas ADAMS & Rosalia SHERK, witn: Crayton ADAMS of Delaware & Annie LEARN of London, 25 Feb 1900 at Delaware 11338-01 Richard CULBERT, 24, jeweller, London South, West London, s/o Thomas [CULBERT] & Annie TAYLOR, married Christena BROWN, 27, Scotland, London, d/o James [BROWN] & Alice NICHOL, witn: L. GREENWOOD & L. V. DAVIS, both of London, 2 Dec 1900 at St. James Rectory, London
  10538-00 William James DALGLEISH, 25, merchant, of Woodstock, s/o Adam DALGLEISH & Jane LARRIN, married Margaret L. McCALLUM, 20, Gladstone, same, d/o John McCALLUM & Margaret McLACHLILN, witn: Effie McCALLUM of Gladstone & John HUTCHINS, 24 Oct 1900 at Gladstone
10545-00 Miles Richard DAY, 28, barber, North Oxford, same, s/o James B. DAY & Jane OLIVER, married Ida Evis WAUN, 23, Belmont, same, d/o William Henry WAUN & Lora Dianthe BOSTWICK, witn: Robert DAY of Thamesford & Hannah WAUN of Belmont, 21 Nov 1900 at Belmont 10501-00 (Middlesex Co) Daniel DELEARY, 26, farmer, Car. Reserve, Caradoc Reserve, s/o William & Rebecca DELEARY, married Rosa MAWHEW, 17, Car. Reserve, Caradoc Reserve, d/o Louis MAWHEW & Mary GROSBACK, witn: Joseph & Caroline LOGAN, both of Car Reserve, 17 Oct 1900 at Caradoc Reserve
11083-00 (Middlesex Co): George A. DICKSON, 27, merchant, Thamesville, same, s/o Alfred & Martha Jane, married Annie M. ROSSER, 24, Denfield, Strathroy, d/o Philip & Ann, witn: Matilda DICKSON & Sila BROCK, both of Strathroy, 11 July 1900 at Strathroy 010745-1900 (Middlesex Co.) John DINUE, 26, motorman, Westmeath Ireland, London, s/o Nicholas DINUE? (Dinne?) & Mary Ann McGUIRE, married Jessie LYONS. 21, London, same, d/o William LYONS & Annie SLATERY, witn: A. & Thomas LYONS, both of London, 28 Mar 1900 at London. (Rom Cath)
10502-00 (Middlesex Co) John EBERTZ, 36, farmer, Germany, Caradoc, widower, s/o Andrew & Gertrude EBERTZ, married Pauline M. HUMPHREY, 23, Caradoc, same, d/o Thomas HUMPHREY & Mary Ann SHARPE, witn: Colon HUMPHREY, Mt Brydges & May Edith HUMPHREY, Newbury, 20 Nov 1900 at Caradoc #010565-00 (Middlesex Co): James G. EDWARDS, 32, farmer, Lobo twp., same, s/o Henry EDWARDS & Rachel HARRISON, married Mary JOHNSON, 25, teacher, Lobo twp., same, d/o Thomas JOHNSON & Isabella HILL, witn: Alfred John CAMPBELL & Maggie Jane JOHNSON, both of Lobo twp., 30 May 1900 at Lobo
10504-00 (Middlesex Co) Thomas FANCETT (Faucett?), 27, farmer, Perth Co, same, s/o William FANCETT & R. ROADHOUSE, married Mary E. BIDNALL, 25, London Ont, Mt Brydges, d/o William E. BIDNALL & Susan BATES, witn: William FANCETT, Perth Co & Minnie BIDNALL, Mt Brydges, 25 Dec 1900 at Mt Brydges 10598-00 (Middlesex Co): Thomas Albert FERGUSON, 25, laborer, England, Glencoe, s/o Thomas FERGUSON & Elizabeth GEORGE, married Lilie SMITH, 28, England, Glencoe, d/o William SMITH & Ann WATTS, witn: John SHAW & L.V. DAVIS?, both of London, 2 Jan 1900 at St. James Rectory, London
10543-00 James A. FERGUSON, 38, yeoman, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o James FERGUSON & Catherine CAMPBELL, married Flora PATERSON, 28, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o John PATERSON & Catherine THOMPSON, witn: Mrs. CURRIE & M.A. CAMPBELL, both of Belmont, 26 Dec 1900 at Belmont 10507-00 (Middlesex Co) Joseph FIELD, 25, merchant, Metcalfe Twp, Strathroy, s/o Joseph & Mary FIELD, married Ethel Eva SMITH, 21, Norfolk Eng, Caradoc, d/o Robert J. & Rosetta SMITH, witn: W.T. WANNACOTT, Delaware & Kathleen SMITH, Caradoc, 20 June 1900 at Caradoc
10764-00 (Middlesex Co) Osceola M. FINCH, 26, butcher, London, London Ont., s/o Henry E. & Sarah E., married Ellen D. ROBERTON, 27, London, London Ont., d/o John & Allie, witn: Laura ROBERTON & Harry E. JOHNSON both of London, 11 Jul 1900 at London #010961-00 (Middlesex Co): Thomas FOSTER, 39, farmer, London twp., same, s/o Thomas FOSTER & Susanna WILSON, married Margaret DREW, 30, widow, London twp., same, d/o Thomas BOYD & Sarah SPEER, witn: Lili BOYD & Martha FERGUSON, both of London, 12 Dec 1900 at London
11702-01 David FOSTER, 25, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Joseph FOSTER & Susanna KENNEDY, married Albertha ROCK, 21, McGillivray, same, d/o James ROCK & H. ALCONBRACK, witn: Arnold ROK & Lillie FOSTER, both of McGillivray, 19 Dec 1900 at Corbett  
10498-00 (Middlesex Co) Edward FRENCH, 25, farmer, Canada, Caradoc Reserve, s/o Edward FRENCH & Mary HALFDAY, married Hannah GROSBACK, 19, Canada, Caradoc Reserve, d/o Johnston GROSBACK & Susan CALWELL, witn: James & Nancy CALWELL, both of Caradoc Reserve, 11 Sept 1900 at Muncey 11088-00 (Middlesex Co): William James GALLOWAY, 37, carriage maker, Strathroy, USA, s/o James & Mary Jane, married Maria CROOKS, 29, Wolverston England, Strathroy, d/o Thomas & Louise, witn: J.H. COOK of Strathroy & Louisa TUKLE of London, 26 Sept 1900 at Strathroy
10602-00 (Middlesex Co): Philip GARNER, 38, cigar maker, USA, 91 King St. West, s/o William & Sarah, married Minnie BLACKWELL, 31, Canada, London, d/o John & Mary, witn: John S. MASON of 870 Dundas St. & Nellie CHANCEY of 91 King St., 27 Jan 1900 at 91 King St., London 10495-00 (Middlesex Co) John GEARY, 30, labourer, Strathroy, same, s/o William GEARY & Mary JONES, married Susan JAMES, 21, Metcalfe, Strathroy, widow, d/o Samuel GOSLIN & Helen SNELGROVE, witn: Silas & Mrs Silas HYATT, both of Caradoc, 9 July 1900 at Mt Brydges
10623-00 Alburn GRACEY, 22, farmer, Nilestown, same, s/o William GRACEY & Elmira MARSH, married Lillie KNOTT, 20, Gladstone, Nilestown, d/o John KNOTT & Martha WILLIS, witn: John KNOTT & Clara ELLIOTT, both of Nilestown, 7 Feb 1900 at Meth. Parsonage, London #010956-00 (Middlesex Co): Thomas Charles illegible HALL, 40, carpenter, Canada, London, s/o Thomas Almay HALL & Eliza ALMAY, married Elizabeth LINFOOT, 37, widow, England, London, d/o Thomas & Margaret FAULKNER, witn: Ray & Coral LINFOOT of London, 24 Dec 1900 at the Manse, James Ave., London
  11335-01 Frederick William HARDY, 27, traveller, London, same, s/o David L. [HARDY] & Emma BRADCOCK, married Margaret A. CHEESBROUGH, 27, Teeswater, London, d/o Frederick CHEESBROUGH & Margaret V. SLACK? (Mack?), witn: Oscar CUNNINGHAM & Violet CARSON, both of London, 26 Dec 1900 at London
10496-00 (Middlesex Co) Chas M. HARRISON, 34, farmer, Noble, Caradoc, s/o William HARRISON & Mary J. MELISH, married Lillie WESTBROOK, 27, Lobo?, Caradoc, widow, d/o Richard WESTBROOK & Mary A. MELISH, witn: Chas J. WESTBROOK, Lobo Twp & May PILKEY, Mt Brydges, 4 Aug 1900 at Mt Brydges 10477-00 (Middlesex Co): Samuel HARTLEY, 24, moulder, Brantford, same, s/o Thomas HARTLEY & Priscilla BILLETT, married Melissa CARTER, 23, Mcgillivray wp., Granton, d/o Gilbert CARTER, gentleman, & Esther WILLIAMS, witn: J. Reginald CLARKE of Brantford & Sarah CARTER of Claudeboye?, 5 April 1900 at Granton
10469-00 (Middlesex Co): John Wesley HOBBS, 24, farmer, Nissouri twp., same, s/o John HOBBS & Sarah J. ABBOTT, married Ellas REVINGTON, 23, Biddulph twp., same, d/o W.W. REVINGTON, farmer, & Maria CARROLL, witn: Benjamin A. REVINGTON of Biddulph twp. & Jessie S. TAYLOR of London, 3 Jan 1900 at Biddulph twp. 10604-00 (Middlesex Co): John HUNTER, 25, stone cutter, Scotland, London, s/o Jamieson HUNTER & Jessie McKAY, married Bessie O'NEIL, 27, Ontario, London, d/o Ralph O'NEIL & Sarah HODGINS, witn: J. C. RIACK & Walter CUNNINGHAM, both of London, 31 Jan 1900 at 30 Wolfe St., London
012520-1900 (Oxford Co.) Forbes Atkin? HUTCHINSON, 21, Burford, Norwich, s/o George HUTCHINSON & not given, married Sadie E. NEWTON, 16 (18?), Palmerston, Norwich, d/o Sylvester NEWTON & Hannah Melinda STRONG, witn: Wilbert HUTCHINSON of Norwich& Alice DEYEAR? (Degear?)of Brantford, 17 Jan 1900 at Norwich 10618-00 Septimus Philip IRWIN, 24, clergyman, Dorchester, Dutton, s/o Thomas IRWIN & Jane PHILLIPS, married Mary Anna McFADDEN, 24, London, same, d/o John McFADDEN & Mary BRANDON, witn: Brandon McFADDEN of Windsor & Mary IRWIN of London, 14 Feb 1900 at London
11086-00 (Middlesex Co): Fred S. JOHNSON, 22, printer, Strathroy, same, s/o William J. & Agnes, married Lillian Mary PERRY, 20, Strathroy, same, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Olive McFARLAND of Ontario & Mrs. McKIBBON of Strathroy, 26 Sept 1900 at Strathroy 10540-00 James Peter JOHNSTON, 21, laborer, North Dorchester, same, s/o William JOHNSTON & Margaret STEVENSON, married Manda Alberta BANKS, 27, North Dorchester, same, d/o John BANKS & Nancy DAKINS, witn: George MOORE & Mary A. JOHNSTON, both of London, 28 Nov 1900 at Dorchester Station
  #010960-00 (Middlesex Co): Charles Henry JONES, 21, gardener, Glencoe, London twp., s/o William JONES & Maria DRAISEY, married Etta May TEETER, 20, London twp., same, d/o William TEETER & Jane DRAISEY, witn: Ethel & Clara PENNY of 515 Quebec St., 18 Dec 1900 at 515 Quebec St., London
10859-00 (Middlesex Co) John KEYS, 24, gardener, Torone Ireland, London Tp., s/o William & Jane, married Violet FINCH, 29, widow, Salisbury Eng., London Tp., d/o Philip PURDY & Caroline BAILEY, witn: Jane GREGORY of Albion St. & C. H. SAGE of 225 Wharecliffe Rd., 23 Oct 1900 at 225 Wharecliffe Rd. London 10472-00 (Middlesex Co): George KNOX, 33, carpenter, Ontario, Exeter, s/o George KNOX & Martha HANSAL, married Eliza Ann COOPER, 28, Ontario, Biddulph twp., d/o Robert COOPER, farmer, & Sarah SHUTE, witn: Judson DAVIDSON of Usborne twp & Millie COOPER of Biddulph twp., 10 Jan 1900 at Biddulph twp
010548- 1900 (Middlesex Co.) Ross LAUGHTON, 23, farmer, Canada, Ekfrid Twp., s/o Samuel B. LAUGHTON & Margaret ALLAN, married Annie RILEY, 21 Canada, Metcalfe Twp., d/o Richard RILEY & Rachel MARR, witn: Oliver MUNTON? & Annie MARR, both of Metcalfe, 4 Apr 1900 at Appin. 10614-00 Andrew Benjamin LEE, 25, artist, London England, London Ont., s/o Barnard LEE & Mary Ann M--ATTA, married Rosa Lydia WOOTTON, 23, Mt. Brydges, London, d/o Richard Henry WOOTTEN & Susannah HEALY, witn: Gerald LEE of Toronto & Daisy WOOTTEN of Mt. Brydges, 17 Jan 1900 at 157 Wellington St., London
#010958-00 (Middlesex Co): Harold LEIGH, 32, mechanic, England, London West, s/o Joseph Byron LEIGH & Ellen Mary GRIFFITH, married Rose MARCH, 24, England, London West, d/o John MARCH & Sarah SHARP, witn: E.E. PARSONS & Minerva SERNS, both of London West, 16 Nov 1900 at St. James Rectory, London 10485-00 (Middlesex Co) John G. LEONARD, 29, salesman, London Ont, Cleveland, s/o (guardians) Mrs. W. & Harriet TRAYLE, married Josephine LANG, London Twp, Melbourne, d/o Joseph & Eliza LANG, witn: Chas E. LANG, Melbourne & May ROBINSON, Muncey, 10 Jan 1900 at Melbourne
010744-1900 (Middlesex Co.) James Henry LESLIE, 26, farmer, West Zorra, same, s/o Peter LESLIE & Sarah BOSENCE?, married Maud BRAZIER, Nissouri Twp., d/o John BRAZIER & Henrietta LUCKIUS, witn: Norman LESLIE of Leamington & Grace GOODGE of London, 24 Jan 1900 at London. 11093-00 (Middlesex Co): Fred A. LITTLE, 32, fruit agent, England, California, s/o F. & Lucy, married Octavia A. SMITH, 31, Strathroy, same, d/o L.H. & Jane, witn: Montague SMITH of Forest & M. Winnifred TELFER of Winnipeg, 1 Nov 1900 at Strathroy
11315-01 John H. LIVINGSTON, 2, farmer, Innisfil twp., Lobo twp., s/o Archibald LIVINGSTON & Susan DOYDE (Doyle?), married Martha Jane McDOUGALL, 21, house keeper, Lobo twp., same, d/o Donald McDOUGALL & Catherine McKINLEY, witn: Colin F. & Margaret SINCLAIR of Lobo, 26 Dec 1900 at Komoka 11082-00 (Middlesex Co): John MARSHALL, 27, laborer, Strathroy, same, s/o Charles & Katie, married Annie GEARY, 18, Strathroy, same, d/o William & Johanna, witn: Susan & Bessie GEARY of Strathroy, 2 July 1900 at Strathroy
010550- 1900 (Middlesex Co.) Donald S. McGUGAN, 23, merchant, Ekfrid, Melbourne, s/o John McGUGAN & Mary Ann CAMPBELL, married Hester LAKEWOOD, 24, Ekfrid, same, d/o James LAKEWOOD & May WOODSMAN?, witn: Malcolm McGUGAN of Ekfrid & Minnie LAKEWOOD of Melbourne, 23 May 1900 at Melbourne. 010551- 1900 (Middlesex Co.) Robert McKELLAR, 31, farmer, Ekfrid, same s/o Alexander McKELLAR & Sarah BRODIE, married Ellen STEINHOFF, 31, Ekfrid, same, d/o Jacob STEINHOFF & Ellen ANDERSON, witn: John McKELLAR & Maggie M. BEAN, both of Glencoe, 11 Oct 1900 at Ekfrid
11089-00 (Middlesex Co): John A. McLEAN, 33, farmer, Lobo twp., East Williams, s/o Allen & Mary, married Ina P. HOWES, 19, Strathroy, East Williams, d/o William J.L. & Mary, witn: Sarah J. McLEAN of E. Williams & Kate GUNDY of Strathroy, 20 Aug 1900 at Strathroy 10605-00 (Middlesex Co): Thomas E. McNAMARA, 40, wood turner, Cayuga, London, s/o Thomas A. & Martha Ann, married Lizzie M. DEAN, 38, Thorndale, London, d/o Robert TODD (Surname?) & Carrie GARDNER, witn: James A. FORBES, Sadie WELLER (or Miller?) & Mamie REED, all of London, 31 Jan 1900 at London
10492-00 (Middlesex Co) George E. MEADD, 43, farmer, McGillivray, McGillivray Twp, s/o George MEADD & Alice ELLIOT, married Sarah CLARK, 37, Caradoc, same, d/o Nathaniel & Sarah CLARK, witn: Albert E. TAYLOR, McGillivary & Rosa MCCRACKEN, Caradoc, 6 June 1900 at Caradoc #010957-00 (Middlesex Co): Thomas METERS, 23, railway conductor, Canada, London, s/o Richard & Charlotte, married Mary PARNELL?, 19, Canada, London, d/o Lawrence & Angelina, witn: Mabel TAYLOR and Maud & William METERS, all of London, 21 Dec 1900 at London
11090-00 (Middlesex Co): Stanley R. MILLER, 23, harness maker, London, Strathroy, s/o Robert & Eliza, married Annie J. GUNN, 21, Dundas, Strathroy, d/o William J. & Margaret, witn: W.T. GUNN & Annie L. CLUFF, both of Strathroy, 15 Oct 1900 at Strathroy 10517-00 Alfred MILLS, 35, farmer, Ontario, Caradoc, s/o James MILLS & Mary Jane FENWICK, married Eliza DENNIS, 30, Ontario, Delaware, d/o Thomas DENNIS & Amelia LANG, witn: Arthur MANN of Delaware & Maggie MILLS of Caradoc, 9 May 1900 at Delaware
#010962-00 (Middlesex Co): Peter MITCHELL, 35, railway checker, London, same, s/o John MITCHELL & Annie SANDERSON, married Lizzie FLETCHER, 30, London, same, d/o Peter Henry FLETCHER & Ann Eliza DRAPER, witn: R.P. McKIVER? of St. John NB & Robert S. BROWN of London, 31 Dec 1900 at Memorial Church, London 10493-00 (Middlesex Co) Albert NICHOLS, 20, labourer, Caradoc, same, s/o Thomas NICHOLS & Jane CRACKEN, married Minnie GOODRAHAM, 18, Caradoc, same, d/o Heny GOODRAHAM & Maggie RICHARDSON, witn: Mrs PILKEY & Bertha PILKEY, both of Mt Brydges, 8 June 1900 at Mt Brydges
10508-00 (Middlesex Co) Robert NICHOLSON, 51, farmer, England, London Twp, s/o Robert & Mary NICHOLSON, married Christina MCLEAN, 41, Caradoc, same, d/o Duncan & Nancy MCLEAN, witn: Nellie HOLMES, Mt Brydges, 15 May 1900 at Mt Brydges 10478-00 (Middlesex Co): John C. O'BRIEN, 31, miller, Kirkton, Blanshard twp., s/o Patrick O'BRIEN & Dorothy MALONEY, married Maggie SHIPLEY, 29, Blanchard twp., same, d/o John SHIPLEY, farmer, & Maggie WALKER, witn: James SHIPLEY & Maggie HARNERS?, both of Blanshard twp., 11 April 1900 at Blanshard twp [reg in Biddulph twp.]
10617-00 August OETTINGER (Vettinger?), 22, butcher, Germany, London, s/o Carl OETTINGER & Mina STIEFEL, married Pauline MEYER, 23, Germany, London, d/o Wilhelm MEYER & Rosina SCHMIDT, witn: Anna SCHARF & Vincent HERSCHLIBER, both of London, 14 Feb 1900 at 307 Wolfe St., London (Lutheran) 11085-00 (Middlesex Co): George A. O’LEARY, 36, mail clerk, Buffalo, Courtwright, s/o Denis & Margaret, married Margaret F. SEED, 27, Adelaide, Strathroy, d/o Thomas & Annie, witn: Eoland? O’LEARY of Walkerville & Edith BRYAN of Courtwright, 15 Aug 1900 at Strathroy (Rom Cath)
10613-00 Thomas Frederick OLDRIDGE, 23, baker, Jersey Isle England, 329 Dundas St. in London, s/o Thomas OLDRIGDE & Sarah TRAMP, married Elizabeth RICE, 25, Hamilton, 840 Richmond St. in London, d/o Edward RICE & Mary Ann SHAW, witn: Daniel BREAK of 329 Dundas St. & Alice RICE of 132 Maple St., 6 March 1900 at 376 Dufferin Ave., London 10487-00 (Middlesex Co) Thomas Alex PARROTT, 27, farmer, Canada, Caradoc, s/o Geo B. PARROTT & Mary Ann SEABROOK, married Emily RIDGEWAY, 30, England, Christina, d/o Matthew RIDGEWAY & Lydia Ann ROADS, witn: Sidney PARROTT, Stratford & Agnes L. PARROTT, Mt Brydges, 7 Mar 1900 at Christina
10607-00 (Middlesex Co): Ernest Robert POOLE, 23, agent, Lambeth Ont., London, s/o Edmund POOLE & Pamela PELE, married Ettie (or Ellie) DAGG, 24, Lucan, London, d/o John & Jane, witn: W. A. ROLLINS of London & Bessie POOLE of 144 York St., 31 Jan 1900 at 204 Oxford St., London 10599-00 (Middlesex Co): Charles Henry PUGH, 22, traveller, England, London South, s/o John PUGH & Sarah BONDLER?, married Emma Teresa BARNES, 23, London, same, d/o Frederick BARNES & Catherine CHESLEY, witn: W.W. SHOEBOTTOM & K. BARNES, both of London, 3 Jan 1900 at Hone St., London
11095-00 (Middlesex Co): Philip A. REYSER (or Keyser), 27, farmer, Adelaide, same, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Sarah J. McLEAN, 22, East Williams, same, d/o Allen & Mary, witn: Burton REYSER of Strathroy & Reeta REYSER of Arkona, 21 Nov 1900 at Strathroy 10610-00 (Middlesex Co): David ROBB, 28, farmer, born in Donegal Ireland, s/o James ROBB & Jane HUGHES, married Alice FORTNER, 18, born in London twp., d/o Frederick & Elizabeth, witn: J. O. & Claris H. SAGE of 225 Wharncliffe Rd., London
10612-00 Sylvester ROBB (Patt? Rabb?), 39, CPR brakeman, Co. Kilrane Ireland, London, s/o John ROBB & Margaret LEARY, married Mary Jane WAUD, 28, London, same, d/o John WAUD & Ellen MURPHY, witn: Patrick Jos. FOLEY & Catherine BEST, both of London, 7 Feb 1900 at St. Peters Church, London (Rom Cath) 10500-00 (Middlesex Co) Edwin ROBINSON, 28, farmer, Caradoc, same, s/o Robert ROBINSON & Mary PULLING, married Elizabeth THOMPSON, blank, Caradoc, same, d/o Thomas THOMPSON & blank, witn: James THOMPSON Caradoc & Mabel SAXTON, Melbourne, 27 Sept 1900 at Caradoc
010553- 1900 (Middlesex Co.) Samuel ROOT?, 22, farmer, Lobo Twp., Ekfrid, s/o John ROOT & unknown, married Martha CASS, 18, Thamesdale, Ekfrid, d/o Joel CASS & unknown, witn: Ella & Ellace BERRY, both of Appin, 27 Sep 1900 at Appin.  
10514-00 Alton RYCKMAN, 26, farmer, Ontario, Delaware, a/o David RYCKMAN & Mary LACKIE, married Paulina IRELAND, 32, Ontario, Delaware, d/o George IRELAND & Clementina SCHROM?, witn: George S. IRELAND & Edith RYCKMAN, both of Delaware, 21 March 1900 at Delaware 10473-00 (Middlesex Co): Robert SANDERS, 28, farmer, Stephen twp., same, s/o William SANDERS & Ann MITCHELL, married Bethia JOHNS, 23, Usborne twp., same, d/o William JOHNS & Mary A. WARN, witn: John JOHNS of Usborne twp & Annie May BROOK of Woodham, 21 Feb 1900 at Biddulph twp
10486-00 (Middlesex Co) Frank SEABROOK, 31, farmer, Caradoc, Delaware, s/o Arthur SEABROOK & Eunice HOLLOWAY, married Eunice B.B. HOLLOWAY, 24, Caradoc, same, d/o Alfred HOLLOWAY & Julia CROFT, witn: Geo B. SAWYER & Josephine PARROTT, both of Caradoc, 7 Mar 1900 at Christina 10624-00 Jesse Clarence SHOLES, 27, cigar maker, NY state, Ingersoll, s/o Stephen SHOLES & Maria HANLEY, married Mary Melissa BULLES, 22, Oxford - Oxford Co., Ingersoll, d/o Daniel BULLES & Ellie GAYNER, witn: Mrs. J. EDGE & Millie MARTYN, both of 156 Wellington St., 20 Feb 1900 at London
  10611-00 (Middlesex Co): Christopher Percy SILCOX, 21, farmer, born in Ontario, s/o E. SILCOX & Sarah J. CLARIS, married Enid DOUGHERTY, 21, born in Frome Ont., d/o Henry DOUGHERTY & Elena HORTON, witn: Rev. E. D. SILCOX of Paris Ont. & Ella CLARIS of Sarnia, 6 Feb 1900 at London
10488-00 (Middlesex Co) George SMITH, 43, farmer, Aldboro Twp, Plympton Twp, widower, s/o Railton SMITH & Jane RIDDOCK, married Barbara MCPHAIL, 27, Plympton, Mt Brydges, d/o Donald MCPHAIL & Isabel MCGUGAN, witn: Mal & Mary MCGUGAN, both of Mt Brydges, 7 Mar 1900 at Mt Brydges 10608-00 (Middlesex Co): William H. SOPER, 26, cheese maker, Canada, Bayham twp., s/o Jesse SOPER & Mary BALL (or Bell), married Agnes BURDIN, 20, Canada, London, d/o Alex BURDIN & Kate MURPHY, witn: Eliz GRUNDY of 430 William St. & Alice OWEN of London, 1 Feb 1900 at Memorial Rectory, London
11094-00 (Middlesex Co): John W. STACY, 26, mechanic, Kerwood, Strathroy, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Eliza Ann COTTON, 21, USA, Strathroy, d/o Jonathan & Elizabeth, witn: G.T. STACY & Lotta A. PLANK, both of Strathroy, 20 Nov 1900 at Strathroy 10601-00 (Middlesex Co): Charles William SUMNER, 29, farmer, Westminster twp., same, s/o William Cyrus SUMNER & Helen SCOTT, married Christena Isabella NCHOL, 28, Westminster twp., same, d/o Thomas NICHOL & Christena CAMPBELL, witn: John C. GREEN of 374 Ridout St. & Nathan J. GRIFFITH of Tempo, 17 Jan 1900 at 374 Ridout St., London
010743-1900 (Middlesex Co.) Charles Walter TAYLOR, 22, printer, London, same, s/o George M. TAYLOR & Luelda BUTCHER, married Yarith? IRONS, 20, London, same, d/o J. W. IRONS & Ada MOREHEAD, witn: E. E. SAUNDERS & M. E. PLAXTON, both of London, 30 Jan 1900 at London.  
11092-00 (Middlesex Co): George E. THOMAS, 27, cheese maker, Napier, same, s/o Elisha James & Mary, married Mary GIMBLE, 28, widow, Ireland, Strathroy, d/o Michael SCULLY & Catherine, witn: William M. MAINGAULT & Annie L. CLUFF, both of Strathroy, 14 Nov 1900 at Strathroy 10511-00 Archibald THOMPSON, 45, farmer, Ontario, Delaware, s/o Dugald THOMPSON & Margaret McPHERSON, married Sophia LEACH, 40, Ontario, Delaware, d/o George LEACH & Elizabeth GOULD, witn: William LEACH & Mary THOMPSON, both of Delaware, 14 March 1900 at Delaware
10606-00 (Middlesex Co): William Lanson TRICKEY, 21, laborer, Lobo village, 109 Maple St., s/o William TRICKEY & Isabella GRAHAM, married Mabel Lillian McARTHUR, 23, Woodstock, Hyde Park, d/o Malcolm Cameron McARTHUR & Lucy WHITTAKER, witn: Cornelius GREEN of 42 Stanley St. & Emma Rebecca RICHARDS of 362 Horton St., 2 Feb 1900 at 362 Horton St., London 010746-1900 (Middlesex Co.) William Henry TROLL, 43, harness maker, Lincoln England, Putnam, s/o William TROLL & Lollie SUIFISH?, married Mary Elizabeth ENBURY, 24, Bylary England, Blenheim, d/o W. H. ENBURY& Elizabeth NEWMAN, witn: E. E. SAUNDERS & Grace GOODGE, both of London, 26 Mar 1900 at London.
  10499-00 (Middlesex Co) James Albert TROTT, 24, farmer, London Twp, Caradoc, s/o William S. TROTT & Sarah Ann MOORE, married Sylvia Caroline INCHES, 22, London Twp, Caradoc, d/o John INCHES & Sarah Ann ARNALL, witn: John W. INCHES & Mabel A. TROTT, both of Caradoc, 19 Sept 1900 at Caradoc
10489-00 (Middlesex Co) John WALKER, 30, farmer, Caradoc, Burwell Road, s/o Barton WALKER & Nancy SINCLAIR, married Mary Isabella ROBINSON, 30, Caradoc, Muncey, d/o Robert ROBINSON & Sarah Ann RILEY, witn: Edwin ROBINSON & Elizabeth THOMPSON, both of Caradoc, 8 Mar 1900 at Caradoc 11715-01 Dougald D. WALKER, 26, farmer, Metcalfe, same, s/o Dougald WALKER & Mary McINTYRE, married Alma WINTER, 24, Metcalfe, same, d/o William WINTER & Elizabeth Ann TRIMM, witn: John D. WALKER of Metcalfe & Maud SHAMBLAN of Michigan, 19 Dec 1900 at Metcalfe
10619-00 Walter Bruce WALKER, 31, milk vender, Montreal, London, s/o Robert WALKER & Elizabeth Jane YOUNG, married Mina WOOTTON, 34, widow, Wiltshire England, Dutton, d/o George STRONG & Elizabeth LIDER, witn: Harry & Lizzie BASSETT of London, 12 Feb 1900 at London 10506-00 (Middlesex Co) Stephen WATERS, 25, farmer, Caradoc, same, s/o Cornelius & Esther WATERS, married Ida Elizabeth SNELGROVE, 25, Caradoc, same, d/o William & Jennie SNELGROVE, witn: Nellie HOLMES, Mt Brydges, 11 Apr 1900 at Caradoc
10622-00 William J. WATSON, 29, CPR porter, London, same, s/o John WATSON & Mary O'SHEA, married Mary HACKETT, 23, London, same, d/o John HACKETT & Ann McNAMARA, witn: Frank HACKETT & Mary BREMNER, both of London, 20 Feb 1900 at St. Peters Cathedral, London (Rom Cath) 10600-00 (Middlesex Co): Robert Thomas WAY, 30, blacksmith, South Wales, London, s/o Robert Thomas WAY & Kathleen CALICOTT, married Eva BRAULEY, 29, widow, Canada, London, d/o William ABELL & Mary BLAKE, witn: John LASHBROOK of 680 Richmond St. & Eva KENNEDY of 195 Oxford St., 6 Jan 1900 at 195 Oxford St., London
10539-00 Samuel WEBB, 36, widower, RR conductor, Belleville, St. Thomas, s/o John WEBB & Mary ANDERSON, married Susan SMITH, 36, widower, dress maker, McGillivray twp., Nilestown, d/o William MARSH & Susan EYNON, witn: Frances A. SHEPPARD of Toronto & Anna SUTTON of Belmont, 31 Oct 1900 at Belmont 10537-00 Levi WELCH, 27, farmer, Malahide, Belmont, s/o Thomas WELSH & Mary BROOKS, married Edith May BROWN, 24, Belmont, same, d/o Dugald BROWN & Mary McCALLUM, witn: George LIND of Wilton Grove & Maggie FITCHETT of Belmont, 29 Aug 1900 at Belmont
10616-00 George WHITAKER, 23, mechanic, Dorchester, same, s/o George WHITAKER & Margaret CRONE, married Emma S. ROBBINS, 19, Dorchester, same, d/o Peter ROBBINS & Sophia WARNS, witn: Edward & Maria HODGINS of London, 1 Jan 1900 at London 10509-00 Leonard WHITE, 20, laborer, Oneida, same, s/o Johnston WHITE & Nellie DOXSTATOR, married Angeline NINEHAM (Mineham?), 17, Oneida, same, d/o Daniel NINEHAM & Elizabeth NICHOLAS, witn: David SCHUYLER & C. W. VOLLICK, both of Oneida, 3 Jan 1900 at Oneida [reg in Delaware twp]
#010959-00 (Middlesex Co): Thomas Alexander WHEELER, 30, typewriter, Georgetown, 187 Queens Ave in London, s/o Thomas James WHEELER & Mary Ann BOLTON, married Martha Ann GRANT, 24, Acton, 135? Shuter St. in Toronto, d/o William GRANT & Elizabeth RYDER, witn: H.E. KELLINGTON of 362 Horton St. & Emma Rebecca RICHARDS of 302 Horton St., 15 Dec 1900 at 362 Horton St., London 10497-00 (Middlesex Co) Jonathan W. WILKINSON, 19, labourer, Caradoc, Mt Brydges, s/o James WILKINSON & Mary A ANDREWS, married Sarah L. SIMMONS, 18, farmer's daughter, Caradoc, same, d/o Moses SIMMONS & Mary Ann BEATTIE, witn: Thomas WILKINSON & Mary PILKEY, both of Mt Brydges, 22 Aug 1900 at Caradoc
10491-00 (Middlesex Co) Alfred WILLIAMS, 23, rancher, Caradoc, same, s/o George WILLIAMS & Elizabeth JOHNSTONE, married Mary HAGGARTY, 22, Caradoc, same, d/o George HAGGARDY & Martha BATEMAN, witn: Swanton HAGGARTY & Lillie M. MCALPINE, both of Caradoc, 23 May 1900 at Caradoc #010562-00 (Middlesex Co): Edgar F. WILLSON, 29, farmer, Pelham twp., same, s/o Alfred & Marietta, married Phebe C. ZAVITZ, 29, Lobo twp., same, d/o Isaac ZAVITZ & Sarah E. VAIL, witn: Thomas WILSON (sic) & Ella ZAVITZ, both of Lobo, 1 Jan 1900 at Lobo (Friends)
010555- 1900 (Middlesex Co.) George Thomas WRINKLE, 28, farmer, Canada, Ekfrid, s/o Joseph WRINKLE & Mary McPHAIL, married Catherine SCHRAM, 30, Canada, same, d/o Jacob SCRAM (sic) & Margaret HORTON, witn: H. J. & Mary? JACKSON, both of Appin, 7 Nov? 1900 at Appin?. 10503-00 (Middlesex Co) William J. WYATT, 25, farmer, East Williams, Perth Co, s/o William WYATT & Margaret (illegible), married Clara M. HARRISON, 23, Caradoc, same, d/o Willoughby HARRISON & Maggie DALLENDORF, witn: Willoughby W. HARRISON & Annie WYATT, both of Caradoc, 5 Dec 1900 at Caradoc
  10625-00 Alfred H. YOUNG, 28, laborer, England, London, s/o Henry YOUNG & Maria HICKCOCK, married E. May JACKLIN, 18, Peel Ont., London, d/o Chris JACKLIN & Celena ASKETT, witn: Chris JACKLIN & F. SMITH, both of London, 27 Feb 1900 at London