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Middlesex Co., 1903, part 2

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12960-03 Robert E. ALLISON, 25, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o James ALLISON & Jane MEDCALF, married Janet WRIGHT, 18, McGillivray, same, d/o William WRIGHT & Phoebe BOWSER, witn: Thomas A. GLENDINNING & Jessie WRIGHT, both of McGillivray, 1 July 1093 at Parkhill 12759-03 James M. ANDERSON, 36, tinsmith, Hespeler, Rodney, s/o James ANDERSON & Hannah HUFFMAN, married Annie SHOEMAKER, 26, Rodney, same, d/o Abraham SHOEMAKER & Carey KETTLE, witn: Daniel ASHWELL & Jennette WOOD, both of London, 16 Sept 1903 at London
12952-03 Thomas BALL, 43, laborer, England, West Nissouri, s/o James & Martha nee GRIMSHAW, married blank McCONNELL, 45, Ontario, same, d/o Alexander & Ann nee BARTHEY, witn: Thomas & Hattie McCONNELL of Evelyn, 15 Nov 1903 at Evelyn 012770-03 (Middlesex Co) Luther L. BASSETT, 21, barber, London, same s/o John BASSETT and Sarah MILES married Hattie M. ANGUS, 21, London, same d/o Maxwell ANGUS and Josephine JAMES, witn: Charles BASSETT and Nellie ANGUS both of London, September 23, 1903, London
  12760-03 Alfred C. BEATTIE, 25, hardware merchant, Caledonia, Ridgetown, s/o Jacob BEATTIE & Annie KETT, married Florence B. SHAW, 23, Howard twp., Ridgetown, d/o John SHAW & Isabella BRIEN, witn: Jeannette WOOD of London & Jennie S. SHAW of Ridgetown, 17 Sept 1903 at London
12763-03 Ernest BLACK, 21, plumber, Denfield, London, s/o William BLACK & Helen PROUDFOOT, married Clara PATON, 21, London, same, d/o R.H. PATON & Mary DUNLOP, witn: Susie P. ROLLINS & Annie M. AWALD?, both of London, 14 Oct. 1903 at London 12968-03 T.G. BLOOMFIELD, 23, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o G. A. BLOOMFIELD & Sarah BROPHY, married E.E. THOMPSON, 18, Toronto, McGillivray, d/o W.C. THOMPSON & Catherine POTTER, witn: E. A. JOHNSON & George B. THOMPSON, both of Mt. Carmel, 19 Nov 1903 at Parkhill
12740-03 Ernest Albert BOCK, 29, book binder, London, same, s/o Herman P. BOCK & Annie FORBES, married Ingeborg C. A. ONUNDSON, 28, London, same, d/o Christian ONUNDSON & Anna BURSTEAD, witn: Harry MARSHALL & Ada FLEMING, both of London, 23 Sept 1903 at London 12732-03 Gilbert Roy BONSOR, 21, lineman, London, same, s/o George Henry BONSOR & Florence MILLOY, married Violet Eveline WARD, 18, London, same, d/o William WARD & Helen Louisa CLARK, witn: John A. BONSOR & Minnie R. WARD, both of London, 21 Sept 1903 at London
012751-03 (Middlesex Co) Henry Otis BOONE, 31, farmer, London, Saginaw Michigan s/o John BOONE and Almira FREER married Sarah KERNAHAN, 32, London, Jackson U.S.A. d/o Thomas O'HAGAN and Julia CASTLE?, witn: Thomas O'HAGAN and Mary O'HAGAN both of London, October 7, 1903, London  
12717-03 Charles Roderick BOYCE, 25, merchant, Port Huron US, same, s/o William James BOYCE & Emma PLANT, married Alice Salome SUTHERLAND, 25, Port Huron, London, d/o Thomas SUTHERLAND & Margaret MURDOCH, witn: D. W. MILLS of Cleveland Ohio & Isabel C. LOVE of London, 9 Sept 1903 at London 12764-03 Roy G. BRACE, 20, shipper, Traverse City Mich., London, s/o Robert BRACE & Adeline COILLARD, married Jennie GROVES, 20, London, same, d/o Richard GROVES & Maggie SCROGGIE, witn: Raymond BRACE & Katie O'HANLEY, both of London, 15 Oct. 1903 at London
12956-03 William BRANTON, 25, laborer, Ontario, Thorndale, s/o Richard & Mary A. nee COLLINS, married Maggie SMITH, 21, West Nissouri, same, d/o Albert George & Ellen nee McARTHUR, witn: George SMITH of West Nissouri & Emily BRANTON of Thorndale, 23 Dec 1903 at Thorndale 12947-03 John E. BROCK, 33, farmer, Ontario, West Nissouri, s/o Emanuel & Mary nee SKINNER, married Mary Ann McVEY, 33, West Nissouri, same, d/o James & Mary E. nee ELLIOTT, witn: Robert McVEY of West Nissouri & Alva BARNARD of London twp., 8 April 1903 at West Nissouri
012776-03 (Middlesex Co) David BULLAR, 23, moulder, St. Louis, London s/o Whitney BULLAR and Margaret COOK married Nora PHALEN, 21, Ireland, London d/o Thomas PHALEN and Mary BROWN, witn: Thomas PHALEN and Katie PHALEN both of London, October 22, 1903, London 12727-03 John CASE, 25, longshoreman, Riley Centre, St. Clair Mich., s/o Langdon CASE & Mary PARKES, married Elizabeth SOVEREIGN, 19, Emily City, St. Clair Mich., d/o James SOVEREIGN & Fannie BURMAN, witn: Alice E. PLATT & Laura MORRIS, both of West London, 11 Sept 1903 at London
012743-03 (Middlesex Co) William F. CHALKER, 24, laborer, Sheffield England, London s/o Harry CHALKER and Annie GROGAN married Florence LANE, 19, housekeeper, London , same d/o John LANE and Eliza MARSHALL, witn: Mrs. S.B. CULP and Mrs. John WILKEY both of London, September 12, 1903, London 12738-03 Fred Watson CHARLTON, 34, blacksmith, London twp., Ilderton, s/o Joseph CHARLTON & Ann, married Louisa Beatrice REASON, 32, London, same, d/o Henry Thomas REASON & Catherine WARD, witn: N.R. STONEHOUSE of St. Thomas & Josie CHARLTON of Ilderton, 17 Sept 1903 at London
12962-03 Fred William CLARKE, 28, machinist, England, Toronto, s/o Robert CLARKE & Elizabeth JUDD, married Blanch Rose? (Rew?) WELSH, 24, England, Parkhill, d/o John Rew WELSH & Sarah WELSH, witn: W.H. & Lucinda WELSH of Parkhill, 15 Aug 1903 at Parkhill 12733-03 Charles CLAYTON, 43, painter, London, same, s/o James CLAYTON & Eliza Amelia RIGBY, married Elizabeth Ann TUNKS, 40, London, same, d/o James TUNKS & Emma BOGUE, witn: James W. CLAYTON & Alice JOHNSTON, both of London, 17 Sept 1903 at London
12762-03 Isaac COLLINS, 43, widower, cooper, Peel Co., London, s/o Edward COLLINS & Ann THOMPSON, married Lena LANE, 27, Norfolk England, London, d/o James LANE & Emma BIRD, witn: Katie SCOLI & Edward LANE, both of London, 14 Oct. 1903 at London  
12713-03 William J. COOK, 29, carpenter, Blanshard twp., St. Thomas, s/o William COOK & Anna EVANS, married Anne CAREY, 30, St. Marys, same, d/o Philip CAREY & Sarah HODGES, witn: Heber PLEWES & Allie M. BRADFORD, both of London, 9 Sept 1903 at London 012752-03 (Middlesex Co) Harry D. COOKE, 32, railroader, Cortland NY, London s/o Charles H. COOKE and Antoinette JONES married Nellie A. LIEBENROOD, 24, Bracebridge (Brucebridge?), London d/o unknown LIEBENROOD and Fanny HORTON, witn: Sarah FELDERS and J. McGRENERE both of London, October 5, 1903, London
12725-03 Frank COPELAND, 21, farmer, Westminster, Brook twp., s/o Arthur COPELAND & Jane ELLISON, married Annie May McCAW, 19, Metcalfe, Metcalfe twp., d/o John McCAW & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: Mrs. J. E. HOLMES of illegible & Miss L. A. HOLMES of London, 16 Sept 1903 at 834 Dundas St., London 13048-03 Samuel A. DEMARAY, 24, farmer, Adelaide, same, s/o Aaron DEMARAY & Amanda JOHNSON, married Susan GRIFFEN, 24, Adelaide, same, d/o William GIFFEN (sic) & Isabella HARKNESS, witn: Frank MITCHELL of Strathroy & Bella GIFFEN of Adelaide, 18 Feb 1903 at Manse, West Williams
12767-03 Wellington DINSMORE, 22, laborer, Nissouri twp., London, s/o William J. DINSMORE & Rachel LOCHEAD, married Maud MOORE, 19, Georgetown Ont., London, d/o William MOORE & Annie MIND?, witn: Ford YOUNG & Elizabeth DINSMORE, both of London, 14 Oct. 1903 at London 12714-03 Robert James DOAK, 29, mason, Goderich twp., Goderich, s/o Henry DOAK & Louisa CAMPBELL, married Martha Adelaide WILLIS, 21, Ashfield twp., London, d/o John WILLIS & Martha McCONNELL, witn: William H. DOAK of Goderich & Ella WILLIS of London, 9 Sept 1903 at London
12970-03 M. Howard EARL, 27, farmer, Winchester Ont., Manitoba, s/o Rufus EARL & Catherine REDMOND, married Agnes A. CAMPBELL, 27, East Williams, Parkhill, d/o A. E. CAMPBELL & Jane ANDERSON, witn: James & Jessie FARISH of Maple Lodge, 9 Dec 1903 at Parkhill 12728-03 Walter Roy EARLEY, 21, laborer, Adelaide Ont., London, s/o Fawcett EARLEY & Margaret KINGSTON, married Margaret Ellen JONES, 18, London, same, d/o Robert Alfred JONES & Margaret Ann DAWSON, witn: Roy LEATHORN & Lillie JONES, both of London, 14 Sept 1903 at St. Georges Church, London
12950-03 Charles E. EVANS, 21, mechanic, London, same, s/o John EVANS & Amelia FAIRBAIRN, married Lizzie May JACKSON, 19, nurse, Nissouri, same, d/o David BAILEY (sic) & Loretta MONK, witn: Edith McCRACKEN & Hattie LEE, both of Thorndale, 5 Oct 1903 at Thorndale 012773-03 (Middlesex Co) John Ernest FAWKES, 27, baker, Leicester England, London, s/o John FAWKES and Maria HALLAM married Lillian Alice ROWED, 26, clerk, Collingwood, London, d/o George ROWED and Maggie PATTERSON, witn: Thomas FAWKES and Bessie ROWED both of London, October 20, 1903, London
  12315-04 Wilfred FINKBEINER, 30, fireman, Stephen, same, s/o Mat FINKBEINER & Mary, married Annie TERRY, 33, London, same, d/o Henry TERRY & Frances TEBBET, witn: A. TERRY & Amos BLACKWELL, both of London, 30 Dec 1903 at London
012775-03 (Middlesex Co) Louis FERGUSON, 23, wood turner, Malahide Twp, London s/o John FERGUSON and Jane MILLARD married Abbey BUTTLER, 18, Hamilton, London d/o Walter BUTTLER and Sophia YOUNGINGER, witn: Thomas McMULLEN and Mrs. A.H. GORING both of London, September 23, 1903, London 12914-03 Edward FLANIGAN, 21, butcher, Nissouri twp., London twp., s/o D.H. FLANIGAN & Elizabeth TROTT, married Margaret GLENDINNING, 23, Scotland, McGillivray, d/o James GLENDINNING & Catherine BURNETT, witn: Charles FLANIGAN of Rebecca & Lucy POTTER of McGillivray, 23 April 1903 at McGillivray
012774-03 (Middlesex Co) Auslie John FORSTER, 23, roller mill hand, Belwood, London s/o Thomas A. FORSTER and Helen LOREE married Anna Mary KING, 19, Kerwood, Toronto d/o John L. KING and Eliza CLOTHIER, witn: E.L. LIDDICOTT and Mrs. A.H. GORING both of London, October 20, 1903, London 12723-03 Samuel M. FOXWORTHY, 27, brick layer, London West, London, s/o Samuel FOXWORTHY & Delia KING, married Cecelia McCONNELL, 23, London, same, d/o Joseph McCONNELL & Eliza GIFFORD, witn: W. MEADEN of London & Nellie O'DONNELL of Arthur, 9 Sept 1903 at London
12321-04 William FULFORD, 27, attendant, London England, London, s/o Alfred FULFORD & Isabella HALIFAX, married Eva PANNELL, 26, Bristol England, London, d/o Oliver PANNELL & Jemima RICHARDS, witn: K.C. & J.C. PATTON of London, 3 Dec 1903 at London  
12926-03 Robert W. GOUGH, 29, school principal, Napier, Stoughton Wis., s/o Hugh & Ann, married Edna C. DUNLOP, 23, Napier, same, d/o Richard DUNLOP & Christena CAMPBELL, witn: Melvin GOUGH & Sadie DUNLOP, both of Napier, 29 Jan 1903 at Napier 012781-03 (Middlesex Co) Nigel B. GRESLEY, 33, banker, Nethersole England, London s/o Nigel GRESLEY and Johanna Beatrice WILSON married Mabel C.T. JEFFREY, 22, London, same d/o Nicholas JEFFREY and Emma Victoria HASKETT, witn: Maud JEFFREY and Ron C. CLARK both of London, October 21, 1903, St. Paul's Cathedral
012749-03 (Middlesex Co) Frank Robert HARRIS, 39, commercial traveler, New York State, London s/o Nicholas HARRIS and Margaret BLIGHT, married Clara HOTHAM, 38, Middlesex County, London d/o Abraham HOTHAM and Margaret LIVITT, witn: Jennie BLIGHT and Louise M. CLARK both of London, October 3, 1903, London 12317-04 Archie Orvil HATHAWAY, 22, farm laborer, Glencoe, Ekfrid, s/o Orvil HATHAWAY & Jane TUFFIN, married Bertha May KINSMAN, 22, Wingham, Ekfrid, d/o blank & Elizabeth illegible, witn: Richard & Mary Ann MARTIN of London, 9 Dec 1903 at London
012746-03 (Middlesex Co) Eugene HENRY, 26, farmer, St. Thomas, North Dorchester s/o George HENRY and Mary STEDMAN, married Ann Elizabeth BROWN, age not given, North Dorchester, North Oxford d/o David BROWN and Sarah DERESHAM?, witn: Ethel NICOL and Mary JOHNSTON both of London, October 1, 1903, London 12932-03 John HEPTON, 23, press hand, Ontario, London, s/o Robert HEPTON & Margaret KERNS, married Kattie Ann DEGRAW, 24, Strathroy, same, d/o John DEGRAW, farmer, & Caroline CROZIER, witn: Jessie WILSON of Glencoe & Lena ? of Niagara Falls, 28 March 1903 at Mosa
12320-04 John HIRONS, 25, engineer, Plattsville Ont., Blythe, s/o George HIRONS & Margaret McARTHUR, married Olive GARDINER, 20, Ilderton, London, d/o Robert GARDINER & Eva SMITH, witn: D.E. GRAHAM & M. GARDINER of London, 25 Dec 1903 at London 12928-03 Watson HULL, 22, plasterer, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Richard HULL & Rachel HARRIS, married Edith BURDON, 24, Canada, Metcalfe, d/o William BURDON & Martha BOYD, witn: Albert & Laura BURDON of Metcalfe, 1 July 1903 at Metcalfe
12758-03 William HUNTER, 25, hotel keeper, Caledonia, Brantford, s/o Robert HUNTER & Emeline IRELAND, married Cora DANSKIN, 21, Brantford, same, d/o William DANSKIN & Mary DURHAM, witn: Mrs. S. HOLMES & Mrs. P. J. BRENNAN, both of London, 13 Sept 1903 at London  
12766-03 Alexander JACKSON, 26, farmer, Westminster twp., same, s/o Thomas JACKSON & Mary KERR, married Sarah MENNILL, 22, Westminster twp., same, d/o George H. MENNILL & Margaret Ann FOREMAN, witn: J. F. MAIN & Mrs. E. HOWSON, both of London, 14 Oct. 1903 at London 12720-03 Francis E. JACKSON, 21, brass finisher, London, same, s/o Charles H. JACKSON & Fannie MacKNIGHT, married Jennie Josephine VEALE, 18, Elmville House, same, d/o William H. VEALE & Annie V. BELL, witn: William H. SAMON & Lottie JACKSON, both of London, 9 Sept 1903 at London
12757-03 Walter JOLLY, 23, machinist, Camberwell London England, London, s/o William JOLLY & Mary BERGE, married Elizabeth HATT (Hall?), 21, Blackfriars London England, Camberwell London England, d/o William Charles HATT & Amelia JILES, witn: Jane MASSEY & William RICHARDSON, both of London, 12 Oct. 1903 at London 12730-03 Walter JONES, 23, cigar maker, London England, London, s/o Robert Alfred JONES & Margaret Ann DAWSON, married Gertrude Annie HASKINS, 18, London, same, d/o James Kerby HASKINS & Alice Gertrude GERARD, witn: A.L. JONES & Mrs. John TAYLOR, both of London, 7 Sept 1903 at St. Georges Church, London
13044-03 John W. KEITHLEY, 39, physician, Georgetown illegible, Orfordville Wis., s/o Thomas J. KEITHLEY & Elizabeth HUBBARD (Hobbard?), married Agnes A. WATERS, 27, East Williams, same, d/o William WATERS & Sarah McCUBBIN, witn: Margaret & William G. WATERS of East Williams, 29 April 1903 at East Williams 12729-03 Charles Ayer KINNEAR, 37, accountant, St. Johns NB, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Charles Francis KINNEAR & Margaret M. LANSDOWNE, married Edith Aldred BURGESS, no age given, Kincardine Ont., London, d/o James E. BURGESS & Catherine HENTIG, witn: Francis KINNEAR of St. Johns NB & Georgina BURGESS of London, 9 Sept 1903 at St. Georges Church, London
12718-03 Arthur LAWSON, 27, hardware merchant, Stratford, same, s/o Thomas LAWSON & Susan PEEL, married Mary TOWNER, 26, Stratford, same, d/o Samuel TOWNER & Margaret McKENZIE, witn: Annie C. McMULLEN of Florence & Mrs. A. H. GOING of London, 18 Aug 1903 at London 12323-04 William A. LAWSON, 21, soap manufacturer, Peel Co., Guelph, s/o A.D. LAWSON & Sophia STILL, married Anna Bell HISSON, 20, servant, Gwillimbury, Mount Albert, d/o Henry HISSON & Sarah Jane HISSON, witn: Philip LAWSON of Guelph & Annie LAWSON of London, 24 Dec 1903 at London
12936-03 Lachlan LEITCH, 38, farmer, Ekfrid, same, s/o Malcolm LEITCH & Catherine McVICAR, married Catherine MUNRO, 25, Mosa, same, d/o Hugh MUNRO, farmer, & Euphemia CAMPBELL, witn: Duncan LEITCH of Ekfrid & Annie MUNRO of Mosa, 3 June 1903 at Mosa  
012742-03 (Middlesex Co) Percy DeWolfe Lilley LEONARD, 33, barrister, Ottawa, St. John N.B. s/o Samuel LEONARD and Alice CHIPMAN married Laura Tremaine RICHARDSON, 29, Dartmouth N.S., London, d/o James BANNING and Mary TREMAINE, witn: Frederick R. TAYLOR of Rothsay N.B. and Gele? RICHARDSON of London , September 23, 1903, St. Paul's Cathedral, London 012780-03 (Middlesex Co) Job. T. LETHBRIDGE, 31, architectural stone carver, London, same s/o John W. LETHBRIDGE and Sarah TAYLOR married Ellen Drake CRAWFORD, 30, Ingersoll, London d/o Robert CRAWFORD and Ellen LINDSAY, witn: John W. LETHBRIDGE and A.B. CLINGER both of London, October 15, 1903, London
12734-03 Richard W. LIPSETT, 28, brakeman, Ballyshannon Ireland, Toronto, s/o John LIPSETT & Mary E. NICHOLS, married Maud Eleanor DOYLE, 21, London, same, d/o Alexander DOYLE & Annie CLARK, witn: Winnifred COPELAND & May GRIFFITHS, both of London, 22 Sept 1903 at London 012748-03 (Middlesex Co) Richard LUCAS, 29, farmer, England, Elginfield s/o "an orphan left at the Stanbridge Union", married Sarah REED, 29, London, same d/o Edward and Ruth REED, witn: Ernest BLAKE of London and Bertha SIGSWORTH of Detroit, September 3, 1903, London
12965-03 William Arthur MARKS, 28, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Thomas MARKS & Mary SIMMONDS, married Lucilla WELSH, 21, Stephen, same, d/o W.H. WELSH & Lucilla COOPER, witn: W.H. WELSH & Allice MARTIN, both of Parkhill, 14 Oct 1903 at Parkhill 12316-04 Marble Francis MARTIN, 36, clerk, Chatham, London, s/o William MARTIN & Evelyn O'LEAN, married Annie Maria WIGZEL, 31, London England, Chatham, d/o Egbert WIGZEL & Elizabeth BETTRICK, witn: John E. & Elizabeth JOHNSON of London, 31 Dec 1903 at London
12739-03 Hugh Finley MARTIN, 23, baker, London, same, s/o Harry MARTIN & Mary GODBOLT, married Myrtle May WARREN, 19, London, same, d/o George WARREN & Mary A. PUCKHAM, witn: Mary A. & Sadie J. WARREN of London, 26 Sept 1903 at London 012772-03 (Middlesex Co) Allen James MARTIN, 33, carpenter, Scotland, London, s/o William MARTIN and Elizabeth SMITH married Alice Maude TIBBS, 32, London, same, d/o William TIBBS and Margaret DOYLE, witn: William James. TIBBS and Mary E. TIBBS both of London, October 28, 1903, London
12318-04 William MASTERTON, 23, moulder, Simcoe Ont., Rochester NY, s/o James MASTERTON & Eva WISSON, married Florence NERETT (Norett?) 21, Lancashire England, London, d/o George NERETT & Annie HOLMES, witn: Fred H. DOWLING of London & Maud NERETT of Chicago, 24 Dec 1903 at London 12969-03 William MATHERS, 24, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Aron MATHERS & Eliza MATHERS, married Martha WINDSOR, 18, McGillivray, same, d/o W. WINDSOR & Mary WATSON, witn: H.J. McGREGOR of Parkhill, 18 Nov 1903 at Parkhill
13049-03 Neil McCORMICK, 38, sailor, West Williams, same, s/o Archibald McCORMICK & Mary McINTOSH, married Flora McCORMICK, 26, domestic, East Williams, same, d/o John P. McCORMICK & Sarah MORRISON, witn: Stephen McCORMICK of West Williams & Catherine McCORMICK of Detroit, 28 Jan 1903 at RC Church, Bornish 12917-03 Neil McEWEN, 38, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Peter McEWEN & Mary McINTYRE, married Jessie WITHERSPOON, 26, McGillivray, same, d/o Joseph WITHERSPOON & Mary ELLWOOD, witn: David & Ann WITHERSPOON of McGillivray, 26 May 1903 at McGillivray
13047-03 John McKELLAR, 43, farmer, Caradoc, West Williams, s/o Donald McKELLAR & Christena MITCHELL, married Jessie McLARTY, 31, house maid, West Williams, same, d/o Duncan McLARTY & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Ellas McKELLAR of West Williams & Mary C. CAMPBELL of Lobo, 10 Feb 1903 at res of the bride, West Williams 12916-03 Alexander McLEAN, 23, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Neil McLEAN & Flora CAMPBELL, married Edythe McGEARY, 20, Lobo, McGillivray, d/o James McGEARY & Belle PATTERSON, witn: George G. GLENDINNING of East Williams & Belle McGEARY of McGillivray, 26 May 1903 at McGillivray
12715-03 Peter McMONAGLE, 33, teamster, Ireland, London, s/o Dominick McMONAGLE & Rosanna McGRINERE, married Josephine EVANS, 23, London, same, d/o John EVANS & Catherine DONIGAN, witn: William & M. McGRINERE of London South, 9 Sept 1903 at St. Peters Church, London 12319-04 Dougald Black McNAIR, 49, widower, machine hand, Halton Co., Woodstock, s/o Angus McNAIR & Christie BLACK, married Mary TURNER, 48, widow, Dumfries twp., Woodstock, d/o Valentine FUSHL? & Margaret ELLIS, witn: Edward A. & F.M. BISHOP of London, 31 Dec 1903 at London
12166-04 George McTAVISH, 30, farmer, Wingham Ont., Rainy River Dist., s/o George McTAVISH & Susan H. GEAN, married Flora Belle ARMSTRONG, no age given, saleslady, Adelaide, Kerwood, d/o John ARMSTRONG & Amelia PATTERSON, witn: Fred ARMSTRONG of Ionia Mich & Libby DELL of Kerwood, 31 Dec 1903 at Kerwood 12942-03 James McVICAR, 29, sailor, Alvinston, same, s/o Duncan McVICAR & Mary HOLMES, married Bella DOWNIE, 26, Mosa, same, d/o Finley DOWNIE & Sarah LIVINGSTON, witn: George GRAINGER of Alvinston & Sarah DUNLOP of Mosa, 23 Dec 1903 at Mosa
12735-03 John James MILLER, 26, laborer, London, same, s/o Matthew MILLER & Ellen KERNAGHAN, married Mamie Louise DONOHUE, 24, Bay City Mich., London, d/o Charles DONOHUE & Agnes DEBOY, witn: Samuel MILLER & Minnie BIRKS, both of London, 21 Sept 1903 at London 12925-03 Charles Bryce MILLER, 30, rancher, Wiarton, same, s/o Bryce B. MILLER & Elizabeth EWING, married Kate DUNLOP, 27, teacher, Napier, same, d/o Richard DUNLOP & Christena CAMPBELL, witn: Robert GOUGH of Stoughton Wis., & Edna DUNLOP of Napier, 29 Jan 1903 at Napier
012777-03 (Middlesex Co) Charles William MILLIGAN, 27, shipping clerk, Scotland, London s/o James H. MILLIGAN and Anna C. LINTON, married Elizabeth HOUGHTON, 27, Scotland, London d/o Edward Johnston HOUGHTON and Emma TAYLOR, witn: James HOUGHTON and Rhoda HOUGHTON both of London, October 23, 1903, London 12938-03 William C. MORRISON, 26, farmer, Harwich twp., Blenheim, s/o Peter MORRISON & Victoria LUCAS, married Alliff E. GOULD, 26, Wardsville, Mosa twp., d/o Charles GOULD & Alliff HULL, witn: Clem NICHOLLS of London & Mable GOULD of Mosa, 20 May 1903 at Mosa
12726-03 Patrick O'MERA, 43, driver, London, same, s/o Stephen O'MERA & Mary Ann LOUGHRANE, married Emma PELLOW, 36, Dublin Can?, London, d/o William PELLOW & Mary JACKSON, witn: Mrs. P. J. BRENNAN & Mrs. D. ASHWELL, both of London, 15 Aug 1903 at London 12721-03 Martin J. O'MERA, 47, mailman, London, Stockston Cal., s/o Michael O'MERA & Mary HOWES, married Mary BURNS, 35, Nissouri, London, d/o John BURNS & Isabel HENRY, witn: James & Stella McINTYRE of Dorchester, 16 Sept 1903 at London
12951-03 John Edmund PARKER, 51, farmer, England, London, s/o Alexander E. & Mary nee HORTOP, married Margaret BAILEY, 32, West Nissouri, same, d/o David & Jessie nee DUFFIN, witn: Fred ABBOTT & Rebecca BROWN, both of Rebecca, 7 Oct 1903 at Rebecca 12724-03 Walter John POOLE, 25, market gardener, Gloucestershire, London twp., s/o John POOLE & Eliza HIRON, married Mary Elizabeth DICKSON, 19, Wingham, London twp., d/o John DICKSON & Emma TURPIN, witn: F. J. REED of 323 Horton St. & May MOFFAT of 362 Horton twp., 16 Sept 1903 at 362 Horton St., London
12967-03 John Herbert PRANN (Praun?), 24, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Richard PRANN & Susan MOORE, married Mary Ann BULLOCK, 19, Stephen, same, d/o Thomas W. BULLOCK & Louise BINGER, witn: Mabel YOUNG of Lambton & John BULLOCK of Greenway, 18 Nov 1903 at Parkhill  
012782-03 (Middlesex Co) Robert REARDON, 21, teamster, London, same s/o James REARDON and Maggie SMITH married Violet GARSIDE, 18, London, same d/o Abraham GARSIDE and Eliza PEARSON, witn: George LOUGHREY and Ida LOUGHREY both of London, October 14, 1903, Christ Church 012778-03 (Middlesex Co) Alfred William RILEY, 26, laborer, London England, St.. Thomas s/o William RILEY and not known YATEMAN married Catherine PORTER, 30, Edinburgh, London d/o Robert SCOTT and Ann TINLINE, witn: David KENNEDY and Helen MULLIGAN both of London, September 19, 1903, London
12737-03 Hayward P. ROBINS, 21, machinist, Gainsborough twp., London, s/o O. ROBINS & Ada CARL, married Catherine JOHNSTON, 21, Mitchell, London, d/o Edward E. JOHNSTON & Susannah BYERS, witn: John & Mrs. John CARL of London, 23 Sept 1903 at London 012769-03 (Middlesex Co) Albert Roy ROUTLEDGE, 24, physician, Lambeth, same s/o George C. ROUTLEDGE and Alice M. BEST married Victoria CAMERON, 26, London, same d/o D.M. CAMERON and Victoria GOODERHAM, witn: Kenneth CAMERON and Floyd McNAB both of London, October 15, 1903, London
12756-03 Edward J. RYAN, 39, grocer, Portsmouth England, London, s/o John RYAN & Maria KELLY, married Mary O'MEARA, 33, London, same, d/o Martin O'MEARA & Julia QUIRK, witn: John P. FORRESTAL & Nellie O'MEARA, both of London, 6 Oct. 1903 at St. Peters Cathedral, London 12324-04 John William SADLER, 24, fireman, Smithfield England, London, s/o William SADLER & Alice MUCKLOW, married Mary Ellen HASTLE, 26, Birmingham England, London, d/o James Oliver HASTLE & Eliza WOODING, witn: Mary S.A. MOORE & Margaret S. DANN, both of London, 17 Dec 1903 at London
  012753-03 (Middlesex Co) Richard G. SCHREIBER, 21, cigar maker, Toledo Ohio, London s/o Richard SCHREIBER and Dena JACOBS married Maude McGEARY, 27, London, same d/o George McGEARY and Ellen HOCH-BEATTIE, witn: M.S. DANN and Nora M. DANN both of London, October 7, 1903, 435 Ridout St., London
012750-03 (Middlesex Co) Percy SHEERE, 21, railroad employee, London, same s/o Christopher SHEERE and Nettie HARDING married Leah RICHARD, 19, London, same d/o Henry RICHARDS and Minnie HICKS, witn: Louise M. CLARK and Jennie BLIGHT both of London, October 5, 1903, London 012745-03 (Middlesex Co) William Thomas SHEPHERD, 27, farmer, Plymouth Eng., Pond Mills s/o William and Agnes SHEPHERD married Margaret Ann DECKER, 21, Plymouth Eng., Pond Mills d/o illegible DECKER and Johanna LYONS ?, witn: Clara DECKER and Frederick DECKER both of London, September 30, 1903, London
12958-03 Joseph W. SKINNER, 29, produce merchant, St. Marys, Parkhill, s/o Charles SKINNER & Sarah TASKER, married Sanforetta TUDOR, 23, Parkhill, same, d/o Sanford TUDOR & Esther TYNDAL, witn: R. & Minnie SKINNER, 3 June 1903 at Parkhill 12927-03 William G. SMITHRUN (Smitheran?), 25, farmer, Canada, Metcalfe, s/o R.H. SMITHRUN & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Ethel May McNEIL, 20, Canada, Metcalfe, d/o Malcolm McNEIL & Frances O'NEIL, witn: Ernest SMITHRUN & Bella McNEIL, both of Metcalfe, 25 March 1903 at Metcalfe
12955-03 Noah SPENLER, 21, farmer, Ontario, West Nissouri, s/o John & Mattie nee DAUB, married Ida GUMMER, 21, Ontario, same, d/o James & Elizabeth nee SMITH, witn: Orland BAKER of London & May BAKER of Thorndale, 26 Dec 1903 at Thorndale  
012744-03 (Middlesex Co) David STEELE, 28, farmer, North Dorchester, East Nissouri s/o John STEELE and Sarah KERNOHAN married Bella NEAR, 21, West Nissouri, East Nissouri d/o Elias NEAR and Elizabeth WIGGLESWORTH, witn: Alex STEELE and Sarah STEELE both of Kintore, September 30, 1903, London 13050-03 Donald C. STEELE, 39, farmer, West Williams, same, s/o Donald STEELE & Mary McEACHREN, married Mary McDONALD, 26, domestic, West Williams, same, d/o John McDONALD & Mary McINTYRE, witn: Lachlan P. McDONALD of West Williams & Catherine STEELE of Detroit, 3 Feb 1903 at RC Church, Bormish
012771-03 (Middlesex Co) Henry J. STERLING, 23, house mover, Chatham, London s/o James STERLING and Eleanor BRISSETTE married Annie Elizabeth ROCHE, 23, Kinkora, London d/o John ROCHE and Christina HARRIGAN, witn: Ernest J. WILLIAMS and Mary ROCHE both of London, October 19, 1903, London 12761-03 John STRINGLE, 22, beavelor?, London, same, s/o Christopher STRINGLE & Elizabeth BEAVENS, married Grace MARTIN, 20, Ridgetown, London, d/o Albert MARTIN & Hattie RODWELL, witn: Roy HEATHFIELD & Mina MARTIN, both of London, 8 Oct. 1903 at London
12755-03 John SULLIVAN, 25, teamster, Ashfield, London, s/o Denis SULLIVAN & Catherine GARVEY, married Cecelia KENNEDY, 23, Biddulph, London, d/o John KENNEDY & Johanna KENNY, witn: Philip KNUCKLE of Goderich & Jennie KENNEDY of Biddulph, 23 Sept 1903 at St. Peters Cathedral, London 012747-03 (Middlesex Co) Ernest SUMNER, 21, hotelman, London, Alvinston s/o Leonard SUMNER and Mary HALL married Margaret HURLEY, 18, Pt. Lambton, London d/o Jer. HURLEY and Matilda GRAVES, witn: Clayton SUMNER and Mary HURLEY both of London, October 1, 1903, London
12329-04 Walter TEALE, 19, laborer, London, same, s/o Christopher TEALE & Emma HESCOTT, married Mabel HILL, 18, London, same, d/o James HILL & Harriet BOYCE, witn: Mrs. P.J. BRENNAN & Mrs. S. HOLMES, both of London, 15 Dec 1903 at London  
12937-03 George H. THOMAS, 29, farmer, Mosa twp., same, s/o Amos THOMAS & Annie WARREN, married Ada L. BEMISS, 19, Welland, Mosa twp., d/o Solomon BEMISS & Clara E. ZAVITZ, witn: William P. WINGER & Mae EVERETT, both of Mosa, 13 June 1903 at Mosa 12929-03 Charles W. TRIGGER, 40, farmer, St. Thomas, same, s/o John TRIGGER & Margaret SIMMONS, married Mary Annie DODD, 34, Napier, same, d/o James DODD & Jane GIVENS, witn: William H. KNIGHT of Strathroy & Emma J. DODD of Napier, 22 July 1903 at Napier
13051-03 Joseph C. TURNER, 27, railway fireman, Pickering, Parkhill, s/o James TURNER & Martha HAGERMAN, married Elizabeth GRAY, 28, domestic, West Williams, same, d/o Robert GRAY & Marial MACKEY, witn: E. S. TURNER of Stratford & Sarah Jane GRAY of West Williams, 24 June 1903 at 16th Con of West Williams twp 12189-04 Charles Benjamin WALDON, 29, farmer, London twp., same, s/o Benjamin WALDON & Elizabeth WESTMAN, married Rachel Elizabeth LANGFORD, 26, Wiarton Ont., Biddulph twp., d/o Ephraim LANGFORD & Jane LANNIN, witn: Ellen B. WESTMAN & William M. LANGFORD, both of Biddulph twp., 30 Dec 1903 at Biddulph twp
12957-03 Alfred H. WARD, 27, bank manager, Montreal, Bridgeburg, s/o Alfred & Margaret nee HADY?, married Esther J. TOLTON, 24, Guelph, Thorndale, d/o Albert & Annie nee OLIPHANT, witn: Thomas MUIR of Hamilton & Thomas TOLTON of Thorndale, 22 Dec 1903 at Thorndale 12330-04 Joseph WHEELER, 41, farmer, England, Dorchester, s/o Edward WHEELER & Elizabeth COWLEY, married Elizabeth GARBOR, 41, St. Uniac, London, d/o John GARBOR & Caroline, witn: Mrs. P.J. BRENNAN & Mrs. B. DORSEY, both of London, 23 Dec 1903 at London
012754-03 (Middlesex Co) William WHITE, 34, Salvation Army Officer, Polham England, London s/o Edward WHITE and Harriet LARKINS married Alice Arelia HOWLETT, 32, widow, Salvation Army Officer, Pickering Ont, Hespeler d/o George GILDERS and Eliza WILLIAMS, witn: Colin CAMPBELL of Ingersoll and Flora Belle GILDERS of Hespeler, October 8, 1903, London 012741-03 (Middlesex Co) Frank WOLLISTON, 26, laborer, London, same s/o Francis WOLLISTON and Elizabeth WESTCOTT married Elizabeth ADRIAN, 26, domestic, England, London d/o Bartholomew and Martha ADRIAN, witn: Fred MOORE and Kate WOLLISTON both of London, September 24, 1903, London
012779-03 (Middlesex Co) Joseph WOOD, 26, laborer, Manchester, Gravenhurst s/o Henry WOOD and Lucy Ann BEAM, married Rosetta SIMPSON, 21, Whitby, London d/o George SIMPSON and Agnes FOSTER, witn: Alfred HALL and Annie HALL both of London, September 19, 1903, London 12963-03 Fred Thomas ZAPFE, 39, moulder, Hamburg, Parkhill, s/o August ZAPFE & Elin? CHOWEN, married Mary Jane CAMERON, 33, widow, Parkhill, same, d/o William BAIRD & Catherine McROBERTS, witn: Richard H. ZAPFE & Janet Ann DAWSON, both of Parkhill, 17 Aug 1903 at Parkhill