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Middlesex Co, 1907


14269-07 William Kasemir ACKERMAN, 32, agent, Flint Mich., Detroit, s/o William ACKERMAN & Christena RIDDLE, married Nellie May ANDERSON, 23, Newbury - M Middlesex, Detroit, d/o Robert J. ANDERSON & Ellen RYAN, witn: Alfred D. ACKERMAN of Detroit & Mrs. D. BRIDGEMORE of 637 Wellington St., 17 Sept 1907 at 639 Wellington St., London  
14250-07 William BANKS, 28 (29?), farmer, Dorchester, same, s/o William BANKS & Isabella HASLETT, married Maggie SMITH, 23, Dorchester, same, d/o James SMITH & Mary ENSON, witn: Thomas FINDLEY of 739 Wilmer Rd Toronto & Jane Eliza STUART of Bayfield, 11 Sept 1907 at 81 Byron Ave., London 14524-07 John BATTEY, 28, chemist, Essex Co., Michigan, s/o Thomas BATTEY & Jane THORNTON, married Maud McCUTCHEON, 29, teacher, West Nissouri, same, d/o William McCUTCHEON & Esther TIER, witn: F. McCUTCHEON of London & Minnie GRAHAM of St. Marys, 5 Sept 1907 at West Nissouri
14520-07 Richard A. BAYNES, 28, farmer, West Nissouri, same, s/o Richard BAYNES & Margaret WHARTON, married Eva Jane HALL, 21, lady, West Nissouri, same, d/o William HALL & Margaret WHARTON (sic), witn: Gordon BAYNES & Annie HALL, both of Wellburn, 26 June 1907 at Wellburn 14268-07 Lewis Henry BERNARD, 18, printer, London, same, s/o William BARNARD & Emma TREMAIN, married Maud Florence LOTT, 28, Whitby twp., London, d/o George LOTT & Clara DAVIS, witn: Matilda M. & Ethel E. FLEGG of London, 17 Sept 1907 at 176 Adelaide St., London
14266-07 Richard Edmond BLACKWELL, 21, railroading, London, same, s/o Richard BLACKWELL & Matilda HOLLEMAN, married Elizabeth AUSTIN, 19, St. Thomas, London, d/o Joseph AUSTIN & Hannah MARTINDALE, witn: S. C. HOLMES & Jennie BLACKWELL, both of London, 19 Sept 1907 at London 14258-07 William BOX, 38, widower, mechanic, England, London, s/o John BOX & Fanny GERRY, married Violet HOUSTON, 27, Chatham, London, d/o Samuel HOUSTON & Minnie DAVID, witn: C. RICHARDS & A. CARROLL, both of London, 11 Sept 1907 at 410 Ridout St., London
14272-07 Peter David BRADT, 39, widower, well driller, Waterdown, Otterville, s/o Isaac BRADT & Mary Ann BURKHOLDER, married Mary Ellen ELLIOT, 20, Michigan, London twp., d/o Lewis ELLIOT & Mary WELSH, witn: John LEWIS & T. A. WALLWIN, both of London, 25 Sept 1907 at London 14257-07 John Noel BRAY, 26, banker, Chatham, Hamilton, s/o John Lang BRAY & Madeline Isabel NOEL, married Mary Tracy MACFIE, 24, London, same, d/o Robert C. MACFIE & Lilly DEAN, witn: Walter T. BRAY of New York NY & Margaret E. WHEELER of Boston Mass, 11 Sept 1907 at St. James Church, London
14515-07 Daniel Peter CAMERON, 45, farmer, West Nissouri, same, s/o John CAMERON & Allison FORSYTHE, married [no name given] BRIDGEMAN, 28, lady, St. Marys, same, d/o Robert BRIDGEMAN & Mary Ann HALEY, witn: R. BRIDGEMAN & Hattie LINDSAY, both of W. Nissouri, 10 April 1907 at West Nissouri 14528-07 James CARROTHERS, 28, farmer, Ontario, West Nissouri, s/o William B. CARROTHERS & Jane THOMPSON, married Clarissa Bertha RATHBUN? (Rathbeer?), 25, Ontario, West Nissouri, d/o Ezra RATHBUN?, farmer, & E. M. PATTERSON, witn: Egbert RATHBUN & Jane CARROTHERS, both of Thorndale, 24 Dec 1907 at Thorndale
14533-07 Henry Edward CASSIN, 39, widower, sheet metal worker, London, same, s/o John Edward CASSIN & Elizabeth McKEOWN, married Margaret Ella McNEIL, 35, house keeper, West Williams, Parkhill, d/o Malcolm McNEIL & Ellen BOWES, witn: Angus & Mrs. Angus McMILLAN of Sable, 23 May 1907 at Parkhill 14248-07 Charles Thomas COLE, 20, laborer, London, same, s/o Edward COLE & Phillipa TAYLOR, married Alma Muriel WRIGGLESWORTH, 18, Norwich Ont., London, d/o James WRIGGLESWORTH & Susan RODWELL, witn: Jesse & C.H. SAGE of 225 Wharncliffe Rd., London West, 11 Sept 1907 at London
14539-07 Isaac COLUMBO, 38?, farmer, Middlesex, Caradoc, s/o Isaac COLUMBO & Martha HUMPHRIES, married Catherine Ann CAMERON, 36, Middlesex, Strathroy, d/o John CAMERON & Ann McTAGGART, witn: Ralph COLUMBO & Mary M. DIGGINS, both of Strathroy, 1 Jan [1907] at Strathroy 14249-07 John Daniel COOK, 31, farmer, Wardsville, Aldborough twp., s/o Stephen COOK & Mary Jane MOGG, married Mary Elizabeth Maud HOLLAND, 20, Dunwich twp., Aldborough twp., d/o Frank HOLLAND & Maggie Jane BOYLE, witn: Dolly HEWLETT of Hamilton & H. EASTMAN of London, 11 Sept 1907 at 484 Dundas St., London (also 14254-07)
13972-07 Job COOK, 64, widower, brass fitter, England, 58 Wellington St. in London, s/o William COOK & Esther HAWLING, married Love BATCHELOR, 57, widow, England, 561 St. James St. in London, d/o Humphrey COLE & Elizabeth COTTERILL, witn: Thomas & Sarah PALMER of 561 St. James St., 21 Feb 1907 at London  
14531-07 William CURTIS, 29, farmer, McGillivray twp., West Williams twp., s/o George CURTIS & Elizabeth SODDEN, married Mary Elizabeth CAYWOOD, 28, McGillivray twp., same, d/o Henry CAYWOOD & Nina EMERY, witn: Mrs. M.E. COUZINS & Edith M. COUSINS, both of Parkhill, 28 March 1907 at Parkhill 14240-07 John William COUTTS, 35, mechanical engineer, Nottingham England, London, s/o John COUTTS & Annie FRYER, married Minnie Doris WHITEHEAD, 25, Dereham Co (sic), London, d/o William WHITEHEAD & Mary Ann CRAWFORD, witn: W. H. W. & M. W. WHITEHEAD of 12 Hope St. London, 31 Aug 1907 at London
14516-07 George DAVIS, 24, farmer, Michigan USA, West Nissouri, s/o Hugh DAVIS & Christena MORRISON, married Sadie PARDY, 20, lady, London, West Nissouri, d/o William PARDY & Letitia MERRITT, witn: Samuel C. PARDY & Ethel CHATRAND, both of W. Nissouri, 10 April 1907 at West Nissouri 14252-07 Edmond George DUNN, 24, laborer, Malmsbury England, 126 Wilson Ave., s/o John DUNN & Emma KATES, married Edith LAMBERT, 23, Stratton England, Stratford Ont., d/o James Hori LAMBERT & Elizabeth HELYER, witn: George Gordon BORGE of 126 Wilson Ave & Francis B. SINGLETON of 336 Frederick Ave. Detroit, 14 Sept 1907 at St. Matthews Church, London
13632-08 (Middlesex Co) William Frederick FINCH, 46, widower, laborer, Wimpleton Eng., Tempo, s/o Joseph FINCH, married Isabella McNEIL, 46, housekeeper, Metcalfe, Tempo, d/o Alexander McNEIL & Catharine MITCHELL, witn: Doris ELI of Tempo & Mrs. E. M. SING of Dutton, 24 Dec 1907 at Tempo 14417-07 (Middlesex Co) Silas Egbert FINCH, 27, driver Dominion Express, Ethel Ont., London, s/o Silas FINCH & Euphemia MALCOLM, married Alma SEGER, 20, West Nissouri, London Ont., d/o James SEGER & Emeline FLYNN, witn: Archie FINCH of Toronto & Lena McCULLUM of London, 4 Dec 1907 at London
14544-07 Albert Ilroy GILLIES, 23, merchant, Ailsa Craig, London, s/o David H. GILLIES & Miss PAXMAN, married Plast? PARSONS, 23, Strathroy, same, d/o Edward PARSONS & Julia INGERSULLE? (s/b Ingersol?), witn: Russell PARSONS of Strathroy & Alice BROWN of Toronto, 3 April [1907] at Strathroy 14255-07 Francis William GRAVES, 22, bookkeeper, Grand Rapids Mich., Detroit, s/o Reuben GRAVES & Mildred CHRISTIAN, married Dora M. KILBOURNE, 23, Kilworth, Caradoc twp., d/o Harvey KILBOURNE & Maggie GALENA, witn: Mrs. W. C. MYERS & Marion WALLWIN, both of London, 23 July 1907 at London
14541-07 William Thomas HACKETT, 21, driller, Brigden, Petrolia, s/o William Thomas HACKETT & Harriet, married Edythe May STONE, 21, Petrolia, same, d/o George Fred STONE & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Arthur & Ettie McLELLAN of Strathroy, 18 Jan [1907] at Strathroy 14534-07 Harry HAGERMAN, 89, widower, gentleman, Canada, Parkhill, s/o Nicholas HAGERMAN & Mary PRESS, married Mary RUMOHR, 74, widow, Ireland, Parkhill, d/o Samuel McGEE & Margaret CARR, witn: Mrs. R. MEGGS & Mrs. A. BREWER, both of Parkhill, 8 July 1907 at Parkhill
  14273-07 James Percival HARTFORD, 21, laborer, Blenheim, London, s/o James HARTFORD & Minnie CLANS?, married Josephine S. J. NICHOL, 18, Blenheim, same, d/o William NICHOL & Jennie McCLAIN, witn: George A. & Minnie HAM of London, 1 Aug 1907 at London
14239-07 Hugh John HAYBALL, 23, cabinet maker, Eastwood Ont., London, s/o Hugh HAYBALL & Mary Ann WHALE, married Isabella Esther HARLETON, 20, London twp., London, d/o John HARLETON & Mary --ELL?, witn: Jessie & C. H. SAGE of 225 Wharencliffe Rd., 4 Sept 1907 at 225 Wharencliffe Rd., London 14532-07 James HICKEY, no age given, widower, farmer, Stanley twp., Stephen twp., s/o William HICKEY & Mary SHARP, married Mary STEVENSON, no age given, house keeper, McGillivray, Parkhill, d/o Duncan STEVENSON & Mary STUART, witn: Annie GRIEOS & Jane GRAHAM, both of Parkhill, 24 April 1907 at Parkhill
14262-07 George HOTHAM, 25, carpenter, Delaware twp., London, s/o John HOTHAM & Louise MAJORS, married Beatrice COX, 25, London, same, d/o Thomas COX & Mary Ann LOUIS, witn: Robert PROWSE & Julia MAJORS, both of London, 11 Sept 1907 at London 14536-07 John Thomas HOUSTON, 37, tailor, Lucan, Parkhill, s/o John HOUSTON & Mary GEARY, married Edith Mary DOBBIE, 32, West Williams, Sylvan, d/o Edwin R. DOBBIE & Margaret LOOMIS, witn: William MURCH & Mary NEWTON, both of Parkhill, 4 Sept 1907 at Parkhill
14530-07 Benjamin Franklin HUNIFORD, 22, farmer, Bosanquet twp., same, s/o Benjamin Franklin HUNIFORD & Mellisa RANDALL, married Margaret Jane McLACHLIN, 22, Sylvan, same, d/o John McLACHLAN & Martha PLANT, witn: W. F. McLACHLIN of Sylvan & Margaret HUNIFORD of Thedford, 31 Jan 1907 at Parkhill 14537-07 - R. W. JACKSON, 38, widower, West Williams, Parkhill, s/o Robert JACKSON & Mary COUCHER, married Mary Elizabeth STEELE, 34, widow, Toronto, Parkhill, d/o George WEBB & Cecila DOYLE, witn: James H. & Edith Y. YORK of Parkhill, 30 OCt 1907 at Parkhill
14253-07 William Raymond JEX, 26, accountant, Witton England, London, s/o William JEX & Mary Jane SKEWARD, married Iva Rebecca LEWIS, 24, London, same, d/o Albert LEWIS & Rebecca BARTON, witn: Harry & Edna Jane LEWIS of London, 14 Sept 1907 at London 14263-07 Clarence James JOHNSON, 21, driver, London, same, s/o Angus JOHNSON & Isabel HOLMES, married Jessie ANDERSON, 21, Lambton twp., London, d/o Robert ANDERSON & Isabel STINSON (as Stinnson), witn: Ida COLE of 511 Talbot St. & Edith GILLIS? of 509 Talbot St., 21 July 1907 at Talbot St. Church, London
014436-1907 (Middlesex Co.) Bert JOLLIFFE, 21, machinist, London, same, s/o William JOLLIFFE & Mary MARSHALL, married Alma Morrison SHUM?, 18, London, same, d/o Charles Morrison SHUM & Harriet GRIFFITH, witn: Ross PATTERSON & Jennie CARINGCROSS, both of London Junction, 23 Jan 1907 at London Junction 14265-07 Thomas Fitzgerald KELLY, 24, clerk, Hamilton, same, s/o Thomas Morris KELLY & Mary FITZGERALD, married Mart Saffords LAWSON, 25, London, same, d/o John LAWSON & Margaret WOOD, witn: William F. KELLY of Hamilton & Jessie LAWSON of London, 17 Sept 1907 at London
14538-07 Mark KENNY, 28, farmer, Stephen twp., same, s/o John KENNY & Mary HANSICKER?, married Myrtle GORE, 18, Stephen twp., same, d/o John GORE & Margaret ADAIR, witn: Fred & Catherine ELSON of Parkhill, 5 Nov 1907 at Parkhill 14270-07 James KEW, 23, finisher, London twp., same, s/o William KEW & Jane PATTERSON, married Margaret RICHARDS, 21, London twp., 37 Pegler St., d/o William RICHARDS & Eliza YEO, witn: William YEO of 180 William St. & Mrs. TAIT of 37 Pegler St., 25 Sept 1907 at 37 Pegler St., London
14241-07 William Herbert LAKE, 29, mechanic, London, London, s/o Martin LAKE & Elizabeth TURNER, married Bridget MADDEN, 28, cigar maker, London, same, d/o Peter MADDEN & Ann FOLEY, witn: Johanna MADDEN of London, 2 Sept 1907 at St. Peters Cathedral, London 14261-07 Hugh M. LEGG, 21, cigar maker, London, same, s/o William LEGG & Florence McLAUCHLIN, married Jean NORTH, 21, Waterford, London, d/o John NORTH & Jessie FUDER? (Guder?), witn: Andrew JACKSON of 296 Oxford St. & T. G. ROSS of 569 Ridout St., 17 July 1907 at London
14259-07 William Frederick LORD, 27, machinist, Houghley Suffolk England, Lansing Mich., s/o William LORD & Catherine REDGRAVE, married Catherine Gertrude PIKE, 24, Sullivan twp., London, d/o Ernest William PIKE & Catherine HOWSON, witn: G. W. PIKE of 403 Pall Mall St. & T. PALMER of Bath England, 10 Sept 1907 at Memorial Church, London 14271-07 Melvin MARLATT, 25, railroad clerk, London, St. Louis Missouri, s/o Richard & blank, married Rachel CARRIE, 27, teacher, London, same, d/o John & Hannah, witn: Margaret & Ida CARRIE of London, 25 Sept 1907 at London
014437-1907 (Middlesex Co.) David James McADAMS, 31, laborer, Biddulph, London,, s/o James McADAMS & Mary THOMPSON, married Susan DAMN (DUNN?), 33, London Twp., same, d/o George DAMN & Phoebe Ann JACKSON, witn: W. J. McADAMS of London Twp. & Louis POWELL of Bryanston, 30 Jan 1907 at London Twp 14519-0-7 Thomas William McEWAN, 28, agent, Stratford, Alberta, s/o Hugh McEWAN & Martha DRAPER, married Lutha Jane STAPLETON, 22, house keeper, West Nissouri, same, d/o William STAPLETON & Margaret LAMONT, witn: F. R. FISHER of Newmarket & Ila STAPLETON of Wellburn, 23 May 1907 at West Nissouri
14251-07 Frank McKAY, 31, moulder, Warwick, London, s/o Daniel McKAY & Jane DEAN, married Gracie TROWELL, 20, Winnipeg, London, d/o George TROWELL & Mary HARRISON, witn: Cecil & Agnes McKAY of London, 17? Sept 1907 at London 14540-07 James A. McLAUGHLIN, 35, farmer, Lobo, same, s/o Donald McLAUGHLIN & Mary FRASER, married Dorothy E. DINNING, 27, Metcalfe, same, d/o John DINNING & Jane BRUCE?, witn: Emish? DINNING & Maggie BOUNT, both of Metcalfe, 15 Jan [1907] at Strathroy
14521-07 Daniel McMURRAY, 25, farmer, West Nissouri, same, s/o William McMURRAY & Eliza TAYLOR, married Ida DOUGLAS, 21, West Nissouri, same, d/o William DOUGLAS, farmer, & Nami HENSHAW, witn: James DOUGLAS of W. Nissouri & Caroline McMURRAY of Lusboro, 25 June 1907 at West Nissouri 13973-07 Joseph MENARD, 22, working in woolen mill, Montreal, London, s/o Derrie MENARD & Hosannah KEZANO, married Minnie JOHNSTON, 19, Wiarton, London, d/o James JOHNSTON & Charlotte DOBSON, witn: Percy RAIGH? & Lena PESTILL, both of London, 16 Feb 1907 at London
14527-07 Thomas MORE, 37, train dispatcher, Scotland, B. Columbia, s/o Coline MORE & Jane GRANT, married Elizabeth RIDDEL, 30, West Nissouri, same, d/o William RIDDEL & Elizabeth LEGG, witn: W. A. McINTYRE of B. Columbia & Mary A. RIDDEL of W. Nissouri, 11 Sept 1907 at West Nissouri 14243-07 William Griffith NEWANS, 22, florist, Wingham Ont., London, s/o Cyrus M. NEWANS & Minnie STRONG, married Emily Alice PORTSMOUTH, 25, Slough Buckinghamshire England, London, d/o Joseph PORTSMOUTH & Julia Ann RANSFORD, witn: Mrs. Annie BRENTON & Alice L. HUGUET, both of London, 31 Aug 1907 at London
14238-07 Luther Byron PYM, 25, office clerk, Centralia, Toledo Ohio, s/o William PYM & Catherine CROCKER, married Ethel Mary PALMER, 23, London, same, d/o David PALMER & Nancy DUNLOP, witn: Edith McARTHUR & Mrs. H. EASTMAN, both of London, 3 Sept 1907 at 484 Dundas St., London 14247-07 James ROSS, 27, farm laborer, Liverpool England, Hay twp., s/o James ROSS & Jemima Elizabeth CHARLESON, married Amy NEBEN, 24, house keeper, Liverpool England, same, d/o Henry NEBEN & Dorothy BLACKMORE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William JACKSON of 233 Waterloo St., 9 Sept 1907 at London
14526-07 George Hillis ROULSTON, 27, farmer, Ireland, London twp., s/o George William ROULSTON & Matilda BLACKBURN, married Clara E. QUAIT, 28, West Nissouri, same, d/o Taylor QUAIT & Sarah Jane WEIR, witn: Joseph F. QUAIT & Phoebe WILSON, both of Crumlin, 25 Sept 1907 at West Nissouri 14245-07 Alfred John SMITH, 21, butcher, Ilderton Ont., 148 Tallerton St., s/o Albert SMITH & blank DAVIS, married Annie HIER, 20, London, 53 Cavendish St., d/o William HIER & Catherine JENKINS, witn: Rolland INSELL of 723 Richmond St. & Anna FAIRBAIRN of 559 Piccadilly St., 28 Aug 1907 at 110 Cartwright St., London
14542-07 Thomas Andrew SNELGROVE, 19, farmer, Caradoc, same, s/o William SNELGROVE & Jennie ROGERS, married Florence Myra WILLSIE, 21, Caradoc, same, d/o Asa WILLSIE & Fanny GEDDES, witn: Jean C. KNOX & Bella HERON, both of Strathroy, 21 March [1907] at Strathroy 14260-07 Wassell SPRUCE, 29, brakeman, London, same, s/o De Witt SPRUCE & Minnie BRIGGS, married Margaret MORKIN, 31, widow, London, same, d/o Joseph LAMBOURNE & Allice SPILEY, witn: Charlotte STEWART of 528 Talbot St. & Mr. E. L. BROWN of Bay City Mich., 20 Aug 1907 at 528 Talbot St., London
14246-07 James R. STEPHENS, 23, iron worker, London, same, s/o John STEPHENS & Elizabeth OSBOURNE, married Grace EVERETT, 23, London, same, d/o George EVERETT & Elizabeth HUNT, witn: Neil McEACHRAN & Lizzie EVERETT, both of London, 27 Aug 1907 at London (LDS) 14242-07 Thomas McKay STEWART, 31, barber, Morris twp., Blyth, s/o Alexander STEWART & Ellen McKENZIE, married Katherine BROWN, 31, Blyth, same, d/o John BROWN & Margaret KNOX, witn: Florella & Marguerite STEWART of 81 Byron Ave., 1 Sept 1907 at 81 Byron Ave., London
#013205-08 (Middlesex co): Albert STINCHCOMBE, 22, moulder, London Ont., same, s/o John STINCHCOMBE & Lucinda GILLEN, married Maggie E. HISCOTT, 22, Lambeth Ont., London Ont., d/o George HISCOTT & Mildred STRIDE, witnesses were Mr. & Mrs. J. P. HARTFORD of London, 4 Oct 1907 at London 14514-07 William J. SWARTS, 33, cheese maker, Copenhagen, Aylmer, s/o Mahlon SWARTS & Ellen FOSS, married Lillia LINCE, 29, domestic, West Nissouri, same, d/o Leonard LINCE & Rachel WAIT, witn: F. H. RANDALL & Mary WAIT, both of Wellburn, 27 Feb 1907 at Wellburn
14267-07 William John TAYLOR, 24, finisher, London, same, s/o Christopher S. TAYLOR & Eleanor Louis REED, married Harriet Elizabeth CLARK, 21, Norwich, London, d/o Alfred CLARK & Emma MIDDLETON, witn: Christopher S. TAYLOR & Emma CLARK, both of London, 29 Aug 1907 at 19 Wharncliffe Rd., London 14522-07 Robert TAYLOR, 44, farmer, East Nissouri, Medina, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Annie DARLING, 31, house keeper, East Nissouri, West Nissouri, d/o James DARLING & Eliza SNELL, witn: A. DARLING & Rosie LOGAN, both of Thorndale, 24 July 1907 at Thorndale
14256-07 Wilfred C. TRAHER, 34, book binder, widower, London, same, s/o John TRAHER & Sophie TURNER, married Anna L. RAWLEY, 24, Petrolia, same, d/o Edward RAWLEY & Annie SWEENEY, witn: Walter R. RAWLEY of Petrolia & Mary TRAHER of London, 18 Sept 1907 at St. Peters Cathedral, London 14535-07 James VERNON, 21, laborer, West Williams, South River, s/o Nelson VERNON & Jane A. THOMSON, married Edith RANDALL, 21, Sylvan, same, d/o William RANDALL & Mary PASCO, witn: Mrs. M.E. & Edith COUSINS of Parkhill, 27 July 1907 at Parkhill
14543-07 Guy Bernard WATSON, 21, farmer, Brooke, same, s/o Roderick D. WATSON & Katie CAMPBELL, married Mary Emeline HAY, 27, Metcalfe, Strathroy, d/o Donald HAY & Lorinda CLOTHIER, witn: Oscar A. WATSON of Brooke & Annie E. HAY of Strathroy, 27 March [1907] at Strathroy 14264-07 Charles WEBB, 27, laborer, London England, London Ont., s/o Henry WEBB & "not remembered", married Rosa SKINNER, 26, London England, London, domestic, do T. J. SKINNER & Emily BUSBY, witn: Esther SKINNER of London & E. Busby SKINNER of Ingersoll, 19 Sept 1907 at London
14518-07 Silas Charles WEBB, 23, baker, West Nissouri, same, s/o Charles WEBB & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, married Minnie Sophia AIKIN, 21, lady, West Nissouri, same, d/o Daniel AIKIN & Annie WILCOX, witn: William DAVIS of W. Nissouri & Maggie AIKIN of Oliver, 17 April 1907 at West Nissouri #013203-08 (Middlesex Co): Joseph C. WESEMAN (Wiseman?), 26, clerk, Sandwich Ont., Walkerville, s/o Jospeh WESEMAN & Emma BURBONS, married Martha TRUEMAN, 24, Toronto, Windsor, d/o George TRUEMAN & Naomi SCOTT, witnesses were Mr. & Mrs. L.P. JOHNSTON, of London, 4 Sept., 1907 at London
014435-1907 (Middlesex Co.) Kenneth McKenzie WHITEHEAD, 50, undertaker, Delaware Twp., Thorndale, widower, s/o Daniel WHITEHEAD & Lavina WILKINS, married Edith Dorothy SMITH, 28, England, Strathroy, widow, d/o John SMITH & Lucy B. MORRISH, witn: Edith K. McCRACKEN of Broughdale & Alena C. PRICE of Port Stanley, 17 Jan 1907 at Broughdale. 14244-07 William H. WILLIS, 20, book keeper, Tiverton Ont., London, s/o Edward WILLIS & Mary E. SPRACKLIN, married Susie R. CONN, 20, Blenheim Ont., London, d/o James CONN & Flora WATSON, witn: J. H. BLAND of London & M. A. PARSONS of Oshawa, 14 Aug 1907 at 138 William St., London