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Middlesex 1911 - 1923

Middlesex Co, 1914

birth place is given before residence


15127-14 William BARNETT, 27, gardener, Old Castle - Ayr Scotland, 75 Dundas St. in London, s/o Archibald BARNETT & Mary SCOBIE, married Elizabeth BELL, 26, Glasgow Scotland, 192 Central Ave in London, d/o Ronald BELL & Annie CAMPBELL, witn: Elizabeth & A. H. AUSTIN of 192 Central Ave., 17 June 1914 at 389 Burwell St., London 15134-14 William James BLAKEY, 25, waiter, Leith Scotland, Hamilton, s/o William BLAKEY & blank, married Laura Isabel DIXON, 21, London Ont., 493 Queens Ave in London, d/o Benjamin DIXON && Fanny LAWSON, witn: Louise E. DIXON of Queens Ave & Frederick Clement WELSHMAN of George St. in Guelph, 14 April 1914 at 439 Queens Ave., London
15128-14 William BONELL, 60, widower, engine man, London England, 750 Colborne St. in London, s/o Jonah BONELL & Elizabeth CHIDLEY, married Emily CHAPLAIN, 52, London England, 750 Colborne St., d/o Henry CHAPLAIN & Amelia WILSON, witn: Cornelius Henry & Alice Elizabeth BURTON of 750 Colborne St., 13 June 1914 at 716 Colborne St., London 15136-14 John BOYD, 23, vet. dentist, Beachfield Ont., London, s/o Gowan BOYD & Joanna LOWTHER, married Jennie SMITH, 24, London, same, d/o James SMITH & Mary DICKINSON, witn; J. W. ANDREWS & Nellie SMITH, both of London, 6 April 1914 at London
15130-14 Ceylon Roy BRADLEY, 36, widower, merchant, Cleveland Ohio, Detroit, s/o Alonzo BRADLEY & Lottie GATES, married Beatrice Augusta SCARLETT, 28, Ontario, London, d/o William SCARLETT & Emma LITTLE, witn: Ross C. CLARK & John A. ODELL, both of London, 1 Jan 1914 at London 15132-14 Roy Evered BREMMER, 21, shoe maker, London, same, s/o Alvin BREMMER & Mary COOTE, married Lucy Stringer JAQUES, 21, of London, d/o "an adopted girl", witn: Herbert E. STEWART & Percival JAQUES, both of London, 4 Feb 1914 at London
15131-14 Charles Edgar BRINE, 35, accountant, London England, London, s/o Henry BRINE & Florence Vickers? LUSCOMBE, married Rachel Frances Glyde? LUSCOMBE, 26, London, same, d/o Thomas Henry LUSCOMBE & Henrietta ELLIS, witn: A. ELLIS & Petrie? FITZGERALD, both of London, 10 Jan 1914 at London  
15129-14 Robert Albert BROWN, 37, widower, London, same, s/o Robert BROWN & Elizabeth CONNELL, married Beatrice Yorke CLINE, full age, Belmont Ont., London, d/o Charles Alymer CLINE & Alla May YORKE, witn: Charles BROWN of 516 King St. & Marcella DAVIDSON of 541 Dundas St. (both London), 4 June 1914 at 541 Dundas St., London 15135-14 William BROWN, 23, dairy man, London England, London twp., s/o William BROWN & blank, married Alice BUTTERS, 20, Hull Yorkshire England, London, d/o William Edward BUTTERS & Alice Murray BLAND, witn: Christopher Bulmer COATES of Mc. Street Simcoe & Mary Craig DUFF of 581 Dundas St. in London, 21 March 1914 at St. Marks Church, London
15133-14 William Leonard BUCK, 20, of London, married Irene Gladis GREENSIDE of London, June 1914 [faded reg'n, all other info illegible] 15225-14 Frederick Dickson CODY, 25, banking, of Embro, s/o Elijah John CODY, merchant, & Estelle BARKER, married Hazel Dell JUDGE, 23, of London, d/o Colon M. JUDGE, commercial, & Mary BROUGHTON, witn: W.P. FERGUSON of 82 Major St. in Toronto & Eva MIDGLEY of 282 Bullysett? in Woodstock, 23 May 1914 at London
15226-14 Arthur James COLLINS, 23, driver, London, same, s/o John B. COLLINS & Josephine WILFRED, married Myrtle Galdys LEAVENS, 21, London, same, d/o Edwin Frederick LEAVENS & Margaret Elizabeth MITCHELL, witn: Annie HAZEN & Phoebe WEIR, both of London, 9 April 1914 at London 015182-1914 (Middlesex Co.) Samuel CUDNEY, 24, farmer, Delaware Twp., same, s/o George CUDNEY & Elizabeth DOWLING, married Myrtle COPELAND, 23, Watford, Delaware Twp., d/o Henry COPELAND & Eliza HIGGINS, witn: Calvin CUDNEY of Delaware & Julia FISHER of Mt. Brydges, 22 Dec 1914 at London.

15283-14 George ELLIOTT, 29, farmer, London twp., same, s/o Frank ELLIOTT & Agnes MAINES, married Mary Laura ZAVITZ, 24, Poplar Hill, London, d/o John H. ZAVITZ & Elizabeth Orr COKE, witn: Wesley ELLIOTT of Bryanston & Eva ZAVITZ of Euclid Ave., 25 March 1914 at London

15284-14 William Gleeson EVANS, 23, farmer, Nissouri twp., London twp., s/o Ilcorey? EVANS & Esther GLEESON, married Annie BERRYHILL, 20, London twp., same, d/o Joseph BERRYHILL & Frances DAY, witn: Mabel W. BINGHAM & Alice FARLOW, both of 134 Maple St., 14 March 1914 at London

15298-14 John Beaumont Mortimer FERGUSON, 26, accountant, London, same, s/o John FERGUSON & Caroline MORTIMER, married Elsie McCRIMMON, 27, London, same, d/o W. McCRIMMON & Hannah WESTLAND, witn: G. BROOKS of Toronto & Jean McCRIMMON of London, 7 Sept 1914 at London 15300-14 John FLETCHER, 25, laborer, Milcombe Oxfordshire England, 189 Bathurst St. in London, s/o John FLETCHER & Elizabeth SHEPERD, married Ethelinda Victoria LONG, 26, Hamstead Suffolk England, 409 Pall Mall St. in London, d/o Arthur John LONG & Clara FAUGHT? (Yangle?), witn: Louisa & Emanuel BALL of 409 Pall Mall, 22 Aug 1914 at 409 Pall Mall
15299-14 Frederick James FOSTER, 25, plumber, Markdale Ont., London, s/o Henry FOSTER & Annie Amelia RORKE, married Lilian Alberta GAGE, 24, London, same, d/o Earl GAGE & Mary An HETHERINGTON, witn: F? GAGE of 148 Sydenham St. in illegible & illegible witness, 14 Oct 1914 at London 15297-14 George Wallace FRANCIS, 29, lumber dealer, Compton Co. Que., same, s/o William FRANCIS & Amelia DOWNS, married Daisy MORGAN, 25, Bath England, London, d/o Walter John Oliver MORGAN & Lilian Hortense Eveline SALE, witn: Mary Melinda Rosina MORGAN & Mary WARD, both of London, 20 April 1914 at St. Pauls Cathedral, London
15411-14 Alexander HADDEN, 32, wire worker, London, same, s/o Robert HADDEN & Annie PARK, married Clara COULTES, 36, Belgrave - Huron Co., London, d/o John COULTES & Hannah TAYLOR, witn: Hillman TRICK & Oliver HADDEN, both of London, 9 March 1914 at 81 Bryson Ave., London 15367-14 Clifford HALL, 24, merchant, London twp., London, s/o Harvey HALL & Sarah REEVE, married Annabelle WARDELL, 28, Adelaide twp., London, d/o John WARDELL & Caroline LINDSAY, witn: Ernest ELLIOTT & Lucy WARDELL, both of Strathroy, 29 Sept 1914 at res of the bride, Adelaide twp
15365-14 John R. HARDY, 45, widower, farmer, of Proof Line - London twp., s/o William Green HARDY, farmer, & Mary Ann FOULDER, married Margaret E. SUTTON, 50, of Denfield, d/o James SUTTON , farmer & Sarah PARDEE, witn: Fannie G. CREASY & Minnie McFARLANE, both of Ilderton, 24 June 1914 at Ilderton 15366-14 George Henry HARGRAVE, 28, chauffeur, Palmerston, Toronto, s/o Thomas HARGRAVE & Marie ROADHOUSE, married Mary Lillian FURTNEY, 22, Grey twp., McGillivray twp., d/o Andrew FURTNEY & Agnes MITCHELL, witn: Laura MEADD & Earl FURTNEY, both of RR3 Parkhill, 2 July 1914 at home of Mr. Furtney, McGillivray twp
15363-14 Lawrence HARVEY, 29, clerk, of Wardsville, s/o Harry HARVEY, parchment maker, & Alice MADDY, married Olive Catherine MIMNA, 23, clerk, of Wardsville, d/o Charles MIMNA, marble & granite cutter, & Sarah J. VOYE, witn: Charles MIMNA & Mabel HENDERSON, both of Wardsville, 1 Jan 1914 at Wardsville 15369-14 Walter William HEMSLEY, 22, laborer, Notttingham England, Mosa twp., s/o Charles HEMSLEY & Ada LYMBURG, married Clara Salina WALKER, 21, Nottingham England, same, d/o David James WALKER & Mary LEWIS, witn: Gussie OWEN & Ruth OWEN, both of Glencoe, 17 Oct 1914 at Glencoe
15364-14 Ellis Burton HENDERSON, 22, farmer, Blanchard twp., same, s/o Henry Vance HENDERSON & Rebecca BEST, married Mayme McMaster STERRITT, 22, St. Marys, West Nissouri, d/o Charles STERRITT & Agnes BAIRD, witn: A.H. & Mrs. A.H. McCLELLAND of Letellier Manitoba, 4 March 1914 at West Nissouri 15401-14 Maitland HENRY, 26, farmer, East Wawanosh twp., same, s/o Robert HENRY & Evelyn McCLINTON, married Merle POWNEY, 18, Belmont Ont., London, d/o John POWNEY & Addie JONES, witn: Mary McCRAE & Addie POWNEY, both of London, 23 Sept 1914 at Egerton St., London
15403-14 Edward Orpen HERBERT, 44, farmer, Ontario, Warwick Ont., s/o Robert HERBERT & Sarah SPARROW, married Lottie Jane KELLY, 32, Ontario, Watford Ont., d/o William KELLY & Caroline SHIRLEY, witn: Mrs? Murton SHORE & Katharine SHORE, both of Warwick, 16 June 1914 at London 15409-14 Gordon Ephraim HERR, 22, farmer, Aldborough, Nissouri, s/o Ephraim HERR & Annie TIERE, married Agnes Robena ALBRIGHT, 23, Howard, Orford, d/o Henry ALBRIGHT & Isabella SHAKEL, witn: Neil McDONALD of Muirkirk & Lottie ALBRIGHT of Highgate, 15 April 1914 at London
15360-14 Benjamin HEWITT, 24, farmer, Mosa twp., same, s/o George HEWITT & Mary GIPSON, married Mellissa M. GEORGE, 25, Warwick - Lambton, Mosa twp., d/o George GEORGE & Lucy HORNE, witn: Arthur GEORGE of Newbury & Annie HEWITT of Bothwell, 24 Dec 1914 at North Newbury 15400-14 Dennis Albert HICKS, 25, pump maker, Tilsonburg, London, s/o Elias HICKS & Martha CORNELL, married Jennie POILE, 19, London, same, d/o Edwin POILE & Jennie HARTNEY, witn: John A. PECK & Mrs. J.A. PECK, both of London, 3 Oct 1914 at London
15371-14 Herbert HODGINS, 30, farmer, Corbett, Granton, s/o Richard HODGINS & Sarah CARTER, married Georgina SCOTT, 28, McGillivray twp., same, d/o Samuel James SCOTT & Barbara Ann SCOTT, witn: E.P. HODGINS of Collingwood & Merle SCOTT of Parkhill, 11 Nov 1914 at Bornsley 15361-14 Austin Burley HODGINS, 26, widower, farmer, of Clandeboye, s/o Thomas HODGINS, farmer, & Sarah Mariah GRANT, married Edith K, SIMPSON, 23, dress maker, of Clandeboye, d/o John L. SIMPSON, farmer, & Mary Elizabeth SIMPSON, witn: Mrs. John B. MEYER & Miss Ella McLENNAN, 3 March 1914 at Rectory, Trinity Church, Ailsa Craig
15410-14 William Wesley HODGINS, 23, machinist, Lucan, London, s/o George HODGINS & Sarah HODGINS, married Lottie CUSHMAN, 18, Longwood Ont., London twp., d/o Edward CUSHMAN & Sarah BARNEY, witn: Fred HEWITT of London & Mrs. Fred HEWITT of 210 Piccadilly, 2 April 1914 at London 15368-14 Edward HORNING, 30, commercial, Michigan, Detroit, s/o Edward? HORNING & Carrie CHAPMAN? (Chaps?), married Emily COX, 33, Strathroy, same, d/o James COX & Emily ORR?, witn: James COX & illegible, both of Strathroy, 14 Oct. 1914 at Strathroy
15402-14 Wilbert Alonzo HOURD, 24, dairy man Westminster twp., London, s/o Charles H. HOURD & Lucy MOSSOP, married Edith Louisa NASH, 22, London, same, d/o Benjamin NASH & Clara COOPER, witn: Walter HOURD of Westminster twp & Clara CHAPMAN of London, 17 June 1914 at London 15362-14 David Emmerson HOWE, 27, farmer, Ekfrid, Metcalfe, s/o Joseph HOWE & Mary KETTLEWELL, married Eva Gertrude PULLEN, 23, Caradoc, same, d/o John PULLEN & Christena WIGHTMAN, witn: Archie COBBAN of Mount Brydges & Eva WIGHTMAN of Strathroy, 25 Feb 1914 at Caradoc
15412-14 Percy Victor George HOWELL, 30, attendant, England, London, s/o George Frank HOWELL & Clara DUVAL, married Edna HAYSTEAD, 24, of London, d/o Martin HAYSTEAD & Elizabeth Harriet GREER (Geen?), witn: John HAMILTON & Louise HAYSTEAD, both of London, 4 March 1914 at London 15370-14 Cecil Ezra HOWLETT, 27, farmer, Delaware twp., same, s/o Robert HOWLETT & Sarah HEASLEY, married Phoebe Florence HICKS, 22, Brook twp., Delaware twp., d/o Ogle HICKS & Perscilla DEMPSEY, witn: James HICKS of Lambeth & Lulu ROBSON of Hyde Park, 11 Nov 1914 at Delaware twp
15531-14 Ernest Seebury McCUTCHEON, 39, farmer, Nissouri twp., Lot 25 Con 5 of Nissouri twp, s/o Robert McCUTCHEON & Margaret POWELL, married Ina Helena ROBSON, 30, 8th Con of London twp., same, d/o Jeremiah ROBSON & Mary Elizabeth TUCKEY, witn: Clara J. ROWLANDS of London & Mich? ROBSON of 8th Con of London twp., 28 March 1914 at res of Jeremiah Robson, 8th Con of London twp 15532-14 David G. McDONALD, 24, farmer, Ekfrid, Saskatoon, s/o William & Mary nee GRAHAM, married Margaret M. McGREGOR, 23, Dutton, Ekfrid, d/o Donald McGREGOR & Annie McALPINE, witn: John & Mrs. John McALPINE of Mosa, 25 July 1914 at res of the bride, Ekfrid twp
15530-14 John Campbell Borland McKINNON, 20, gardener, Niagara Falls Ont., London twp., s/o John McKINNON & Ida REDMAN, married Florence Elizabeth TURNER, 22, Toronto, London twp., d/o John TURNER & Elizabeth COUPE, witn: Isabel J. TURNER & Norman VASEY, both of London twp., 14 Oct 1914 at London twp 15533-14 Angus Gray McLEISH, 29, engineer, Middlesex, Toronto, s/o Angus McLEISH & Janet GRAY, married Mary McTAVISH, 29, Mosa twp., same, d/o John F. McTAVISH & Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: D. C. McTAVISH of RR2 Glencoe & Sarah McLEISH of RR6 Parkhill, 30 June 1914 at Homestead, Mosa twp

015578-1914 (Middlesex Co.) Charles Samuel MICKLE, 36, lumberman, Gravenhurst, Whitney, s/o Charles MICKLE & Emma ?, married Margaret Jane P. SCHRAM, 32, London, same, d/o Henry R. SCHRAM & Margaret Jane ROBSON, witn: R. L. SCHRAM of St. Catharines & H. CAINE of Newmarket, 20 May 1914 at London.

#015575-14 (Middlesex Co): James Moulton MORRIS, 32, farmer, Harrietville, same, s/o William Namon? MORRIS & Mary Ann VINING, married Mary Elizabeth DUNDAS, 25, North Oxford twp., Dorchester, d/o Stephen James DUNDAS & Sarah Elizabeth ELLIOTT, witnesses were M. Violet MORRIS of Harrietville & Dora Blanche MORRIS of Dorchester, 1914

15646-14 Fred G. OWEN, 27, merchant, Lobo twp., Delaware, s/o David R. OWEN & Mary Jane ZAVITZ, married Ethel Vesta VAIL, 28, Delaware, same, d/o L.W. VAIL & Frances Adelaide CLIFF, witn: David ROWEN & Francis A. VAIL, both of Delaware, 4 Nov 1914 at Delaware village 15647-14 William Bruce OXFORD (Axford?), 28, Dutton Ont., London, s/o William Henry OXFORD, farmer, & Margaret A. McDONALD, married Mary E. GRAHAM, 26, Tilsonburg, London, d/o Samuel GRAHAM, mechanic & Mary SCHMOUS, witn: David BARRY & Florence GRAHAM, both of London, 18 Feb 1914 at London

015663-1914 (Middlesex Co.) William PICKERING, 22, farmer, Stephen Twp., West McGillivray, s/o William PICKERING & Mary Ann GOWER, married Effie SCHRAM, 25, West McGillivray, same, d/o Walter SCHRAM & Janette IRELAND, witn: W. A. LOOMIS & Jane SCHRAM, both of Parkhill, 9 Dec 1914 at Parkhill.

15739-14 John G. STEWART, 34, farmer, East Williams, same, s/o John STEWART & Mary McLEISH, married Christena ROSE, 24, East Williams, same, d/o David ROSE & Elizabeth ROSS, witn: Mrs. W. D. McINTOSH & Alice ROSE, both of Ailsa Craig, 26 Sept 1914 at East Williams 15738-14 Herman Roy SWEETMAN, 24, line contractor, Essex Co., Ailsa Craig, s/o John SWEETMAN & Mary WHICKEN, married Jennie May HODGINS, 20, Ailsa Craig, same, d/o Isaac HODGINS & Mary FULLER, witn: George HODGINS & Olive McMILLAN, both of Ailsa Craig, 30 Sept 1914 at Ailsa Craig
015836-1914 (Middlesex Co.) John Harold THOMPSON, 24, commercial traveller, of 213 Queens Ave. London, s/o James Charles THOMPSON & Fanny DROUGHT, married Bertha Alvira WHITEHEAD, 22, of 46 Beecher St. London, d/o Kenneth McKenzie WHITEHEAD & Bertha Alvira HAMMOND, witn: George Ernest THOMPSON of 213 Queens Ave. & Wilma Frances Mary ADAMS of 34 Burris St. Hamilton, 1 Feb 1914 at London.  
15873-14 Melvin Clarence WHALEY, 20, farmer, West Oxford Ont., North Dorchester, s/o Thomas M. WHALEY & Melissa ALLIN, married Rachel BUCK, 20, Stratford, North Dorchester, d/o James Wesley BUCK & Hulda ROZELL, witn: Mrs. CARROTHERS of Dorchester Station & Mrs. J. VEALE, 19 Aug 1914 at Dorchester Station 15872-14 Frederick Roy WHITE, 26, druggist, Ailsa Craig, Vancouver BC, s/o David John WHITE & Augusta GERMAN, married Florence Gladys HODGINS, 25, Bronte Ont., Ailsa Craig, d/o John A. HODGINS & Mary CHISHOLM, witn: Arthur WHITE of Toronto & Ethel HODGINS of Ailsa Craig, 28 July 1914 at Ailsa Craig