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013805-24 (Middlesex), Sextus Russell ABEL, 24, laborer, London, Westminster Twp, s/o Sextus ABEL b. London and Elizabeth RICABY, mar Winnifred Bertha CHAPMAN, 20, operator, Hastings England, London Ont, d/o Herbert CHAPMAN b. England and Anna COLE, witn Mrs. George W. YOUNG and James PHILLIPS both of London, 16 Jul 1924 Wildwood Ave London  
013802-24 (Middlesex), Walter George ADAMS, 55, widower, carpenter, London, 417 Simcoe Street London, s/o Lewis ADAMS b. Nottingham England and Margaret MAGEE, mar Florence Nellie NORTHEY, 40, binder, St. Thomas, 790 Lorne Ave London, d/o Frederick NORTHEY b. Cornwall England and Fannie BAILEY, witn Lulu and Wilbert McKENNA of 419 Simcoe Street London, 16 Sep 1924 London 013807-24 (Middlesex), Joseph Wilson ADAMS, 28, attendant, Glasgow Scotland, London, s/o James ADAMS b. Scotland and Ellen WILSON, mar Lillian Knight PORTER, 23, maid, d/o Robert PORTER b. Ontario and Matilda BRANDON, witn James ADAMS and Birdie Mae GILLIES both of London, 02 May 1924 London
013798-24 (Middlesex), Philip Charles ALEXANDER, 42, widower, decorator, London, Detroit, s/o Frank W. ALEXANDER b. Montreal and Mary COLBORNE, mar Alice Mary MOSS, 23, housekeeper, Sheffield England, London, d/o Mr. Moss and "mother's name not known", witn Annie BICKELL and Florence JOHNSTON both of London, 01 Nov 1924 London 013799-24 (Middlesex), William Alexander ALFORD, 24, electrical contractor, London, 101 Wharncliffe Rd London, s/o Charles A. ALFORD b. England and Jessie ALFORD, mar Ruby Manda PARKER, 24, operator, London, 20 Partridge Street London, d/o Walter PARKER b. Canada and Buleau PARKER, witn Charles ALFORD and Laurel PARKER both of London, 25 Oct 1924 London
013804-24 (Middlesex), Gordon ALLEN, 29, railway clerk, St. Thomas, Windsor, s/o Thomas ALLEN b. Glasgow Scotland and Martha ARNOLD, mar Jean Margaret McGUIRE, 28, hosiery worker, Brussels Ont, 823 Central Ave London, d/o William Alexander McGUIRE b. Brussels Ont and Esther BLACKER, witn Violet C. and Robert M. McGUIRE both of 823 Central Ave London, 25 Aug 1924 London 013803-24 (Middlesex), John ALLISON, 26, laborer, Glasgow Scotland, London Ont, s/o Robert ALLISON b. Glasgow Scotland and Jean McFADYEN, mar Edith Mary SPAUL, 21, knitter, London, London, d/o Harry SPAUL b. London England and Martha GERMAN, witn Robert ALLISON and Emmaline W. SPAUL both of London, 10 Sep 1924 London.
013800-24 (Middlesex) Harley Earl ARMBRUST, 31, carpenter, Pelham Twp, Buffalo New York, s/o Henry A. ARMBRUST b. Canada and Catherine HAIST, mar Ila Gertrude STEPHENSON, 28, stenographer, London, London, d/o George STEPHENSON b. Canada and June Christine SMITH, witn Harvey W. ARMBRUST of Buffalo NY and Hilda STEPHENSON of 167 Wharncliffe Rd London, 18 Oct 1924 London 013806-24 (Middlesex), Raymond Earl ASHTON, 21, clerk, London, 17 Kitchener Ave London, s/o H. John ASHTON b. England and Sarah E. GUNNING, mar Mabel Elizabeth TALBOT, 23, clerk, London, 76 Cynthia Street London, d/o Charles TALBOT b. Ireland and Matilda SMITH, witn A.G. and Marie JEFFRIES both of Windsor 31 May 1924 London
013808-24 (Middlesex), John ASKEW, 55, widower, tailor, England, Listowel, s/o Ashley ASKEW b. England and Janet SMITH, mar Jane Harriet IRVINE, 54, widow, d/o James MURRAY b. Ireland and Jane PARKER, witn. Ann LIVINGSTON of Toronto and Sadie JAMES of London, 20 Apr 1924 London 013801-24 (Middlesex), Joseph ASTLES, 26, freight handler, England, London Ont, s/o James ASTLES b. England and Matilda GUILFORD, mar Lillian Edith HANDLEY, 21, England, Westminster Twp, d/o Alfred John HANDLEY b. England and Beatrice MATTAMS, witn George ASTLES and Nellie WEBB both of London, 08 Oct 1924 London.
  013831-24 (Middlesex), John BAGNELL, 26, polisher, London, London, s/o James BAGNELL b. England and Hariette LAWSON, mar Eleanor STACEY, 24, Kingsboro England, Adelaide Street London, d/o Arthur STACEY b. England and Eleanor ROWE, witn Thomas STACEY and Mrs. Mabel RYCKMAN both of London, 12 Apr 1924 London

013817-24 (Middlesex), George James BAKER, 33, pressman, London, London, s/o James BAKER b. London and Mary Ann BOTT, mar Maud MORLEY, 25, clerk, England, Westminster Twp, d/o William MORLEY b. England and Mary Jane COTTON, witn Morden WOOD and Alice MORLEY both of London, 30 Jun 1924 The church of Epiphany London

013824-24 (Middlesex), Cecil Maurice BAKER, 33, metal polisher, England, 6174 Belvedere Street Detroit, s/o Thomas BAKER b. England and Clara MILES, mar Ella Irene ASHBY, 33, machine operator, Hampshire England, 23 Cambridge Ave London, d/o Benjamin ASHBY b. England and Elizabeth GOSDEN, witn Charles F. and Lily M. NORRIS of Walkerville, 31 May 1924 London
013851-24 (Middlesex), Albert Lynn BAKER, 28, dentist, East Nissouri Twp, Stratford, s/o Philip BAKER b. East Nissouri and Ida PATTON, mar Helen Sally EWART, 26, nurse, Stratford, 25 Brittania Street Stratford, d/o William Allan EWART b. Stratford and Janet PURVIS, witn Miss S. FLYNN of 334 St. James Street London and Mrs. James MACKEY of 332 St. James Street London, 12 Sep 1924 New St. James Manse London 013848-24 (Middlesex), Clifford William BAKER, 31, auto salesman, St. Thomas, same, s/o Milo J. BAKER b. Ontario and Jennie PASCOE, mar Bessie SAGE, 34, Department Manager, Petrolia, St. Thomas, d/o Charles SAGE b. Ontario and Annie McLELLAND, witn Anne V. MARSHALL and Harriet M. HINTON both of London, 29 Sep 1924 London
013873-24 (Middlesex), William BALL, 19, machinist, England, London Ont, s/o Emanuel BALL and Louise WINTER, mar Winifred RETTELL, 20, clerk, Walkerton, London, d/o Joseph RETTELL and Anna SMITH, witn Mr. and Mrs. James McKINNON 224 Waterloo Street London, 26 Apr 1924 London 013862-24 (Middlesex), Thomas Herbert BALL, 30, salesman, Caradoc Twp, 707 Queens Ave London, s/o Robert BALL b. London Twp and Blanche BROOKS, mar Mary Etta STAPLES, 31, clerk, Lobo, 792 Lorne Ave London, d/o John R. STAPLES b. Bowmanville and Rebecca WADDELL, witn George E. BALL of Kerwood and Mildred E. HUSBAND of 492 Grosvenor London, 20 Sep 1924 London
013820-24 (Middlesex), Harold BARBER, 38, plumber, Guelph, London, s/o John BARBER b. London England and Elizabeth WALTON, mar Ola MEDLER, 35, widow, housekeeper, Texas, London, d/o Lloyd F. LLOYD b. Texas and Ella L. FOUST, witn Rose PYNE of 11 Huron Street London and Isabelle HILES of 1059 Richmond Street London, 14 Jun 1924 London. 013850-24 (Middlesex), Clinton Earl BARR, 32, insurance agent, Harrietsville, 139 Egerton Street London, s/o John H. BARR b. Mossley and Matilda SCOTT, mar Fanny WESTCOTT, 33, teacher, London, 1291 King Street London, d/o Thomas WESTCOTT b. England and Fanny H. HOBBS, witn Albert CORNEIL of 139 Egerton Street London and Clara WESTCOTT of 1291 King Street London, 08 Oct 1924 London
013815-24 (Middlesex), William Henry BARTON, 64, widower, mail carrier, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o William BARTON b. Gloucester England and Mary Ann QUINTON, mar Grace Elizabeth DAVIS, 52, Ontario, London, d/o Joel H. DAVIS b. Canada and Marjory M. HOUGHTON, witn E.F. PATE of Ingersoll and Gordon H. PATE of London, 28 Jun 1924 at 924 Dufferin Ave London 013832-24 (Middlesex), Norman Thomas BATES, 21, labourer, London, 64 High Street London, s/o Lazerus Fisher BATES, b. Lancashire England and Mary Anne MUXLOW, mar Matilda Rene DOCKRILL, 18, London England, 98 Bathurst Street London, d/o Samuel DOCKRILL b. England and Margaret illeg, witn Clement Wilfrid BATES of 64 High Street London and Nora DOCKRILL of 89 Bathurst Street London, 17 Apr 1924 London.
013838-24 (Middlesex), Edward John BATH, 24, glass blower, England, London Ont, s/o Edward John BATH b. England and Ada LICKS, mar Olive Jane DAVID, 25, machine worker, Orillia, London, d/o Stuart M. DAVID b. Ontario and Edith CARTER, witn N.V. and Perry W. DAVID of 448 Pall Mall Street London, 26 Dec 1924 London 013857-24 (Middlesex), John BATHGATE, 20, porter, Glasgow Scotland, London, s/o George BATHGATE b. Glasgow and Margaret TAYLOR, mar Charlotte Susan READER, 18, housekeeper, Mt. Clemens Ontario, London, d/o Alexander READER b. Ontario and Gertrude LUTHER, witn Reva MacDonald RICHARDSON and Mary SHAW both of 104 Wheeler Street Toronto, 19 Jul 1924 London
013827-24 (Middlesex), Daniel Philip BEAVER, 21, fur buyer, Russia, 124 Huron Street London, s/o Harry BEAVER b. Russia and Penny BEAVER, mar Sophy BRAND, 21, timekeeper, Russia, 83 Clarence Street London, d/o Solomon BRAND b. Russia and Fanny BRAND, witn Henry GOLDSTEIN of 124 Huron Street London and MOSCOVITCH of Toronto, 23 Mar 1924 London 013834-24 (Middlesex), Henry Norman BECKER, 27, bank clerk, Waterloo, same, s/o Peter P. BECKER, b. North Easthope and Annie SCHOENHELS, mar Ruth Amy HARTLEIB, 20, stenographer, Zurich, Waterloo, d/o Charles HARTLEIB b. Clifford Ont and Amelia SCHMIDT, witn B.I. NORRIS of 80 Askin Street London and S.E. FAUST of London, 08 Apr 1924
013811-24 (Middlesex), Albert Francis BELL, 37, musician, London England, London Ont, s/o John Pemberton BELL b. London England and Mary McLEAY, mar Agatha Constance HAYWARD, 27, housekeeper, Halifax NS, London, d/o Frederick HAYWARD b. England and Agatha Constance SWAINSON, witn Frank TUCKER and F.H. HAYWARD both of London, 26 Jul 1924 London 013845-24 (Middlesex), John Archibald BELL, 34, teacher Ailsa Craig, same, s/o William BELL b. Toronto and Mary McARTHUR, mar Isabelle Annie ROSE, 27, teacher, Ailsa Craig, same, d/o David ROSE b. East Williams and Elizabeth ROSE, witn Hattie R. and Hanford CRAWFORD of 148 Tecumseh Street London, 26 Sep 1924 at 148 Tecumseh Street London
013853-24 (Middlesex), Howard Waite BENNETT, 22, salesman, Shiawassee Michigan, 3520 Moore Place Detroit, s/o Ivan L. BENNETT b. Michigan and Edith May WAITE, mar Beatrice Helen CARMICHAEL, 22, stenographer, Mt. Pleasant Michigan, 47 Charles Street London, d/o Daniel CARMICHAEL b. Saginaw Michigan and Anna CUNNINGHAM, witn Isabella GRIFFITHS and Jessie O. SAGE both of London, 01 Sep 1924 London. 013809-24 (Middlesex), Herbert Bertram BENNETT, 28, sales manager, London, 31 Palace Street London, s/o Joseph BENNETT b. Scotland and Mary BERTRAM, mar Violet Kathleen COOMBES, 30, supervisor, London, London, d/o Samuel COOMBES b. Ontario and Elizabeth WARD, witn Loula E. KEENE of 305 Wharncliffe Road London and Gladys BURGESS of 217 Edgerton Street London, 02 Aug 1924 Edgerton Street Baptist Church London
013852-24 (Middlesex), Moses Edwin BENNETT, 48, widower, tailor and minister, Alaska USA, 2620 Rivard Street Detroit, s/o Soloman BENNETT b. USA and Harriet JOHNSTONE, mar Matilda Harris MALOTT, 37, Glenallen Ont, 75 Walnut Street London, d/o John Michael MALOTT b. Ontario and Caroline Elizabeth MILLER, witn Maude CABURA of 81 Clarence Street London and Hilda Maud WATERS of 95 Clarence Street London, 03 Sep 1924 London 013864-24 (Middlesex), Arnold Gibson BENNETT, 23, travelling salesman, Ontario, 48 Oxford Street London, s/o Ernest Smith BENNETT b. England and Carrie Gertrude WATERSON, mar Marjorie Kathleen BROWN, 24, bookkeeper, Ontario, 19 Regina Street London, d/o Charles Henry BROWN b. Ontario and Myrtle ADAIR, witn Martha PINGLE and Herbert R. LAURIE both of London, 15 Mar 1924 London
013861-24 (Middlesex), George BERDAN, 20, farmer, London, Strathroy, s/o Walter BERDAN b. Glencoe and Winnie SQUIRE, mar Veral GARDINER, 18, none, Bath England, Mt. Brydges, d/o Charles GARDINER b. England and Mary GOULD, witn Raymond SQUIRE of Glencoe and Nettie GARBUTT of 484 Dundas Street London, 20 Sep 1924 London  
013819-24 (Middlesex), Orville Harry BERNARD, 22, barber, London, 240 Wharncliffe Road London, s/o Henry BERNARD b. St. Johns Ont and Maggie SMITH, mar Nora Gertrude HICKS, 20, looper, Tillsonburg, Brick Street London, d/o Elias HICKS b. Tillsonburg and Martha CORNELL, witn Miss? WILSON and Vera HICKS both of London, 11 Jun 1924 London 013814-24 (Middlesex), Elvin Morgan BERRY, 21, telephone switchman, London, 1263 Montclair Ave Detroit Mich, s/o Richard M. BERRY b. London Twp and Phydelia SCOTT, mar Madeline Mildred HILL, 21, stenographer, d/o James HILL b. Tipperary Ireland and Victoria RODGER, witn E.M. WINDER of 171 Spector Street London and Emma L. BERRY of Oxford Street London, 28 Jun 1924 London
013860-24 (Middlesex), Wilbur Ralph BEZZO, 20, piano finisher, London, Perry Street Detroit, s/o Ralph BEZZO b. Clinton Ont. and Amelia LIVERMORE, mar Annie May NEEDHAM, 22, housekeeper, Hull England, 207 Rectory Street London, d/o John NEEDHAM b. England and Annie May BOYTON, witn Wilbur KERSWELL of 505 Adelaide Street London and Annie COMPO of 51 Charles Street London, 24 Sep 1924 London 013840-24 (Middlesex), Roy BIRRELL, 30, pharmacist, London, Empress Street Detroit, s/o Robert BIRRELL b. Scotland and Jessie ARTHUR, mar Adeline BIRRELL, 26, bookkeeper, London Twp, same, d/o James BIRRELL b. Scotland and Clementine BIRRELL, witn Jean MacGREGOR of Anatone - Washington US and Jessie MacGREGOR of Annan Ont, 12 Dec 1924 St. Andrews Manse London
013813-24 (Middlesex), Alfred BISHOP, 41, widower, attendant, Dublin Ireland, London Ont, s/o John BISHOP b. Dublin and Anna THOMPSON, mar Kathleen SHIELDS, 31, cook, Glasgow Scotland, London Ont, d/o William SHIELDS b. Glasgow and Agnes LIVINGSTONE, witn Allen McCLELLAN and Fred RIORDAN both of London, 01 Jul 1924 St. Patricks Church London 013821-24 (Middlesex), Hector William BISHOP, 32, fireman, England, London Ont, s/o Frederick BISHOP b. England and Lucy Hester FRANCIS, mar Mildred Pearl GUEST, 19, stenographer, London Twp, London, d/o Edward GUEST b. London Twp and Mary STEVENSON, witn S.J. and Elizabeth J. PONSFORD of London, 11 Jun 1924 London. [divorced 24/6/49]
013823-24 (Middlesex), William Harry BISSELL, 30, express driver, London, 1485 Fourteenth Street Detroit, s/o Sydney Lewis BISSELL b. Ontario and Mary UNDERHILL, mar Dorothy Ostick HUTCHINSON, 32, bow maker, Buckinghamshire England, 474 Horton Street London, d/o William HUTCHINSON b. England and Elizabeth HENDEN, witn J.H. HUTCHINSON of 434 Horton Street London and C.R. BISSELL of London, 11 Jun 1924 London 013839-24 (Middlesex), Archibald Elgin BLACK, 29, insurance agent, Mitchell Ont, Ridgetown, s/o Daniel BLACK b. Dunwich Twp and Ellen POOLE, mar Margaret MacPHERSON, 28, school teacher, Dunwich Twp, Hamilton, d/o Duncan MacPHERSON b. Dunwich Twp and Alva DUNCANSON, witn Al THOMPSON and Esther MacGREGOR both of London, 20 Dec 1925 St. Andrews Manse London
013816-24 (Middlesex), John George BLACKMORE, 53, widower, collector, Blansford Twp, London, s/o Daniel BLACKMORE b. Ontario and Melissa MANN, mar Margaret ROBSON, 52, widow, Glammis Ont, 320 Wortley Road London, d/o George GEDDES b. Ontario and Jane FORBES, witn Alice M. SYMINGTON of 87 Bruce Street London and Alma GRIGG of 64 Bruce Street London, 27 Jun 1924 London 013830-24 (Middlesex), Edward Gerald BLAIR, 26, toolmaker, London, Highland Park Michigan, s/o William BLAIR b. London Ont and Rebecca FREEMAN, mar Lillian Gwendolyn JEPSON, 24, stenographer, d/o Samuel M. JEPSON, b. Manchester England and Emma FEWINGS, witn Samuel M. JEPSON of 287 Pall Mall Street London and John F. BLAIR of 467 Princess Street London, 17 Apr 1924 at 287 Pall Mall Street, London.
013835-24 (Middlesex), Joseph John BOLIN, 38, widower, marble cutter, Brooklyn New York, Westminster Twp, s/o James BOLIN b. New York and Margaret MacDONALD, mar Elsie Bell CUSHMAN, 21, London, Westminster Twp, d/o William CUSHMAN b. Ontario and Bertha BIGGS, witn J.A. and Laura CALCUTT, 21 Mar 1924 London 013868-24 (Middlesex), Frank BOLTON, 34, fireman, Bowmanville, London, s/o James BOLTON b. Ireland and Hannah ROBINSON, mar Beatrice Ann SALKELD, 28, cook, Dorset England, London Ont, d/o Thomas SALKELD b. England and Sarah DAVIS, witn Mary M. REID of 233 Hale Street London and Emily REAVELY of 209 Hale Street London, 01 Feb 1924 London
013854-24 (Middlesex), Cecil Robert BOND, 22, machinist, Inwood, London, s/o Herbert BOND b. England and Margaret Ann KELLEY, mar Ida Madeline BURNINGHAM, 18, stenographer, London England, London Ont, d/o Oliver BURNINGHAM b. England and Edith OLIVER, witn Edith A. and Arthur LINK of 52 Dundas Street London, 28 Aug 1924 at 89 Oxford Street West in London 013844-24 (Middlesex), Frederick Gardner BOOKER, 21, butcher, Sussex England, London Ont, s/o Arthur BOOKER b. England and Elizabeth TAYLOR, mar Sarah Kathleen GRAWBURG (Grawberg?), 21, none, Belmont, 102 Edward Street, London, d/o William GRAWBURG b. Belmont Ont and Amelia ROBERTS, witn Mary A. GRAWBURG and Harriet C. ABEY both of London, 15 Nov 1924 London.
013836-24 (Middlesex), Clarence Redvers BOURNE, 23, clerk, West Nissouri, 67 Cathcart Street London, s/o Septimus BOURNE b. England and Alice McGIFFIN, mar Lagretta ATWELL, 21, clerk, Dorchester, 51 Stanley Street London, d/o Levy ATWELL b. Ontario and Mary TAYLOR, witn Lillian ATWELL of 51 Stanley Street and Stanley B. SHARPE of 491 Central Ave London, 22 Mar 1924 London  
013842-24 (Middlesex), Albert Edgar BOWES, 28, traveler, Castlederg Ont, 827 Lovett Street London, s/o Frederick BOWES b. Peel Co. and Isabel McCALLUM, mar Marjorie Eldena CARROTHERS, 23, stenographer, Belmont, 104 Askin Street London, d/o Eldon CARROTHERS b. Belmont and Lucy JENKINS, witn E.L. and Rita HARDING of Port Stanley, 08 Nov 1924 London 013841-24 (Middlesex), Percival Thomas BOWEY, 31, machinist, St. Thomas, Walkerville, s/o Mark BOWEY b. England and Catherine SHELDON, mar Eva May LOWE, 30, clerk, St. Thomas, same, d/o David LOWE b. Canada and Elizabeth McNERNIE, witn Esther MacGREGOR of St. Andrews Manse London and Elizabeth MacGREGOR of Annan Ont, 08 Nov 1924 London
013812-24 (Middlesex), Franklin Harold BOYCE, 27, farmer, Stanley Twp, Varna, s/o James BOYCE b. England and Hannah PALMER, mar Margaret Jane ARMSTRONG, 24, housekeeper, Stanley Twp, Varna, d/o Wilson ARMSTRONG b. Stanley Twp and Catherine McKLINCHEY, witn J.P. FAIRBAIRN of 448 Horton Street London and Kenneth HARRIS of London, 19 Jul 1924 at 252 Burwell Street London 013822-24 (Middlesex), Charles Abram BOYCE, 35, printer, London, 483 Tecumseh Ave London, s/o Charles BOYCE b. London Ont and Velie BROWN, mar Bertha JOHNSTON, 30, tailoress, London, 19 Chester Street London, d/o James JOHNSTON b. Manitoulin Island and Charlotte DOBSON, witn Nowal G. and Lou JONES of London, 04 Jun 1924 London.
013866-24 (Middlesex), George Andrew BOYINGTON, 21, mechanic, Brigden, Windsor, s/o W.T. BOYINGTON b. Brigden and Elizabeth ANDREW, mar Kathleen May STANN, 21, laundry help, London England, 40 Euclid Street London, d/o Walter E. STANN b. England and Ellen CHAMBERS, witn Walter E. STANN of 40 Euclid Street London and William T. BOYINGTON of Brigden, 01 Mar 1924 London 013855-24 (Middlesex), David Campbell BOYLE, 24, clerk, Glasgow Scotland, 9 Redan Street London, s/o Alexander BOYLE b. Ireland and Ruth Anna LAVERY, mar Phyllis Madeline BOYCE, 19, telephone operator, London, 33 Beaconsfield Ave. London, d/o George BOYCE b. Ontario and Lena LEATHORN, witn Thomas J. BOYLE of 9 Redan Street London and Edna Margaret McKINLEY of 21 Beaconsfield Ave London, 21 Aug 1924 at 9 Redan Street London
013843-24 (Middlesex), Gerald Arthur BRAUND, 26, clerk, Oil Springs, 351 Oxford Street London, s/o Edward BRAUND b. Kingston and Annie KILBORN, mar Katherine Rae McDIARMID, 24, stenographer, James Ont, 7 Ingleside Street London, d/o Angus McDIARMID b. Ontario and Christine McKINNON, witn Miss M.E. PAISLEY of Cedar Springs and John W. GUTHRIE of 7 Ingleside Street London, 08 Nov 1924 London 013858-24 (Middlesex), William Henry BRETT, 23, bookkeeper, Ontario, 476 St. James Street London, s/o George Henry BRETT b. London Twp and Maxine Louise COBURN, mar Violette Ida McFARLAND, 23, saleslady, Guelph, 795 King Street London, d/o Daniel McFARLAND b. Ireland and Annie HURST, witn Guy McDOUGALL and Ava McFARLAND both of London, 17 Sep 1924 London
013871-24 (Middlesex), Louis BRICKLIN, 31, butcher, London, London, s/o Charles BRICKLIN and Eliza PADDEN, mar Myrtle May OLIVER, 26, Ayr Ont, London, d/o Samuel OLIVER and Margaret BATEMAN, witn Charles and Mary BRICKLIN of Victoria Street London, 09 Jan 1924 London 013828-24 (Middlesex), William BRICKMAN, 24, laborer, Ellice Twp, Stratford, s/o George BRICKMAN b. Ellice Twp and Augusta FRIESTAP (Friestag?), mar Helga Catherine HARLOFF, 21, domestic, Ellice Twp, Stratford, d/o Frederick HARLOFF b. Ellice Twp and Caroline EHGOETZ, witn Mrs. F. BALLENTINE of 14 Thornton Ave London and Mrs. J.E. McGUFFIN of 27 Thornton Ave London, 24 Apr 1924 London
013872-24 (Middlesex), John W. BRIDGEMAN, b.18 Sep 1899, Inspector M.C.R.R., St. Thomas, Windsor, s/o John E. and Margaret BRIDGEMAN, mar Dorothy MULLINS, b.03 Aug 1900, grad nurse, London, London, d/o William T. MULLINS and Evelyn McCARTHY, witn Aubry DOYLE of Detroit and Rita MULLINS of London, 30 Apr 1924 St. Peters London 013847-24 (Middlesex), Miles Clinton BRISTOL, 28, deputy sheriff, Bay City Michigan, Detroit Michigan, s/o Miles Oliver BRISTOL b. Ithica New York and J. MacGILLIVRAY, mar Elsie Mabel Gertrude COOK, 29, nurse, London, London, d/o William George COOK b. Ontario and Alice BRITTON, witn D. LEWIS of Glanworth and Doris COOK of 269 Forest Ave Detroit, 27 Sep 1924 at 512 St. James Street London
13888-24 Edward BRISTOWE, 31, mechanic, Birkenhead England, 81 Shuter St. in Toronto, s/o Charles BRISTOWE (b. Trowbridge England) & Margaret WELLS, married Emily COE, 28, Tunbridge Wells England, Mt. Dennis in Toronto, d/o Elijah COE (b. Tunbridge England) & Elizabeth BURGESS, witn: Mrs. & George MAJOR of London, 14 Aug 1924 at London  
013826-24 (Middlesex), Arva Everett BROKENSHIRE, 27, druggist, Crediton, London, s/o Silas BROKENSHIRE b. Crediton and Sarah Ann KING, mar Evalie Fay BAKER, 24, Crediton, London, d/o Richard BAKER b. Ontario and Susanna THAYER, witn Allison BAKER of Hamilton and J.N. BROKENSHIRE, 23 Apr 1924 London 013849-24 (Middlesex), Gordon Howard BROUGHTON, 24, reporter, London, 312 Piccadilly Street London, s/o William A. BROUGHTON b. Canada and Martha MANTLE, mar Effie Mae DUCKWORTH, 23, clerk, Sarnia, 149 Adelaide Street London, d/o Peter DUCKWORTH b. Canada and Alta FLEMING, witn Kenneth COOK and Ada DUCKWORTH both of London, 04 Oct 1924 London
013846-24 (Middlesex), Henry BROWN, 40, widower, shipper, Bristol England, 231 Randolph Street Sandwich Ont, s/o Henry BROWN b. Bristol England and Sarah FLOOK, mar Flora Mary BRITNEY, 35, clerk, Inniskillen Twp, 212 S. Vidal Street Sarnia, d/o Theo Osborne BRITNEY b. Ora (sic) Twp Ont and Mary Eliza WILSON, witn Sadie BRITNEY of Sarnia and Elizabeth B. UREN of London, 27 Oct 1924 at 709 Colborne Street London 013810-24 (Middlesex), William Frederick BROWN, 59, horseman, Barrie, 269 Thompson Ave London, s/o William BROWN b. Ireland and Jane MITCHELL, mar Charlotte OLDFIELD, 54, widow, domestic, Croydon England, 129 Rectory Street London, d/o Henry HYGATE b. Croydon England and Mary Ann TARRANT, witn James R. SWANN of 953 Colborne Street London and Daphne OLDFIELD of 264 Thompson Ave London, 01 Aug 1924 London
013874-24 (Middlesex), James Leo BROWN, 25, widower, farmer, Westminster Twp, same, s/o William A. BROWN and Helen McDONALD, mar Velena JOHNSTON, 19, Glanworth, Glanworth, d/o Charles JOHNSTON and Mary SCOTT, witn Gordon JOHNSTON of Glanworth and Anna LAIDLAW of London, 27 Nov 1924 London 013869-24 (Middlesex), Thomas Archer BROWN, 22, salesman, Deloraine Man, 611 Montclair Detroit, s/o George BROWN b. Birr Ont and Emma LINN, mar Mary Elizabeth COULTON, 23, teacher, Strathroy, 73 Cathcart Street London, d/o Edwin COULTON b. Strathroy and Sarah WOODWARD, witn Homer FITZGERALD of Thorndale and Lily BROOKS of London, 15 Jan 1924 at 73 Cathcart Street London
013856-24 (Middlesex), Alvin McCallum BROWN, 30, insurance agent, Dunwich Twp, 741 Talbot Street in St. Thomas, s/o James Wesley BROWN b. Iona Southwold Twp and Margaret Euphemia McCALLUM, mar Florence Olive CAMPBELL, 26, clerk, Southwold Twp, 391 Talbot Street in St. Thomas, d/o Malcolm R. CAMPBELL b. Fingal and Kezia McCALL, witn Mrs. John McNAIR and Mrs. Robert STEVENSON both of London, 23 Aug 1924 London. 013859-24 (Middlesex), George Stanley BRUNK, 24, machinist, Haysville, Stratford, s/o John BRUNK b. Washington Ont and Katherine STUECK, mar Pearl May BUNKELMAN, 22, d/o Albert BUNKELMAN b. Wisconsin USA and Bertha KRIER, witn Mrs. Floyd HOLLAND of London, 06 Sep 1924 London
013833-24 (Middlesex), Victor Gordon BULLOCK, 24, janitor, Scotland, 664 Grosvenor Street London, s/o Alexander BULLOCK b. Scotland and Jennie McLEAN, mar Christine B. LAMB, 22, Edinburgh Scotland, 664 Grosvenor Street London, d/o James LAMB b. Scotland and Elizabeth BARCLAY, witn Mary MYOTT of 232 Central Ave London and Adam J.A. RAMSAY of 465 Richmond Street London, 17 Apr 1924 at 232 Central Ave London  
013837-24 (Middlesex), William Leslie BURGESS, laborer, 24, Bradford England, 17 Walnut Street London, s/o Jessie BURGESS b. England and Emily JONES, mar Gladys Irene HALL, 27, seamstress, Birmingham England, Ealing, d/o Charles HALL b. England and Ellen YORK, witn Dorothy and W.R. BURGESS of 115 Sackville Street London, 26 Jul 1924 St. Davids Church London 013829-24 (Middlesex), Cyril Edward BURGESS, 21, soldier, Derby England, London, s/o Francis BURGESS b. England and Florence HARMS, mar Irene Ruby HARRISON, 21, forelady, d/o George HARRISON b. Ireland and Isabel SWAIN, witn R. OLBRENSHAW and Edith EMIGH both of London, 26 Apr 1924 London
013863-24 (Middlesex), Charlton Tendal BURGETT, 23, public entertainer, Denison Texas, London, s/o Henry BURGETT b. Columbus Ohio and Georgia HOWELL, mar Emma KEENE, 20, public entertainer, Loveland Colorado, London, d/o John KEENE b. Galveston Florida and Rosie BASE, witn J.A. RUEFER of Buffalo New York and Helen GOODWIN of Winnipeg, 12 Sep 1924 London 013865-24 (Middlesex), James Edward BURKE, 20, waiter, London England, 495 Talbot Street London, s/o Edward BURKE b. England and Mary McGARRY, mar Muriel Sidney SMITH, 19, laundry help, Orillia, 495 Talbot Street London, d/o Alexander SMITH b. U.S. and Alice Newberry, witn Philip and Jean PRICE of 3 Beatrice Ave London. 01 Mar 1924 London
013870-24 (Middlesex), George Clifford BURR, 25, clerk, London, 80 Cartwright Street London, s/o George L. BURR b. London and Lily HAZELWOOD, mar Emily Gladys OSBORNE, 25, stenographer, Benton NB, 78 Albion Street London, d/o Albert E. OSBORNE b. Twikenham England and Jane DIXON, witn. H.D. BURR and Laura V. OSBORNE both of London, 19 Jan 1924 London 013825-24 (Middlesex), William Festus BURRELL, 24, bookkeeper, London, same, s/o Robert William BURRELL, b. Newcastle England and Teresa Elda YOUNG, mar Marion FINLAYSON, 22, waitress, Hamilton Scotland, London, d/o James FINLAYSON b. Hamilton Scotland and Jessie SMITH, witn W.K. and Mary L. GUNNE of London, 07 May 1924 London
  013867-24 (Middlesex), Charles BURROWS, 21, moulder, Birmingham England, Pottersburg Ont, s/o Sidney F. BURROWS b. England and Emma BURTON, mar Winnifred Florence SAUNDERS, 18, case maker, Bedfordshire England, London Ont, d/o George SAUNDERS b. England and Eliza COX, witn Mr. and Mrs. George Whitfield SWANSON of Pottersburg, 01 Mar 1924 London
013974-24 (Middlesex), Ernest BUSH, b. 26 March 1882?, painter, London England, London Ont, s/o Ernest BUSH and Anna LAMBERT, mar Catherine NOLAN, 46, Kilkerry Ireland, London, d/o Martin NOLAN and Mary MORRISSEY, witn John McALLEN and Halene GRIFFIN, both of London, 22 Nov 1924 London 013818-24 (Middlesex), Frederick BUSH, 26, attendant, Snellisham Norfolk, Sandwich Ont, s/o William BUSH b. England and Anna E. GRIMES, mar Doris May POOLE, 21, England, Walthamstow England, d/o Hobart POOLE b. England and Minnie WHEELER, witn Carlotta COWAN and Marianne B. ARMITAGE both of London, 30 Jun 1924 London
13903-24 John CAMBRIDGE, 18, shoe maker, London England, 575 Oxford St. in London, s/o Robert CAMBRIDGE (b. London England) & Mary BURNETT, married Sadie SMITH, 18, Fifeshire Scotland, 11 Radmine St. in London, d/o James SMITH (b. Scotland) & Isabel CARSCADDEN, witn: David SMITH of 11 Rathmine St. & Lucy CAMBRIDGE of 575 Oxford St., 8 March 1924 at London 13911-24 Hugh John CAMERON, 20, draughtsman, London twp., London, s/o Thomas William CAMERON (b. Port Stanley) & Clara Bell HAWKINS, married Olive Marie DOBSON, 20, book keeper, Peterborough Ont., London, d/o William Henry DOBSON (b. Peterborough Ont) & Rowena POST, witn: Nettie O. & Helen GARBUTT of Dundas St. in London, 25 Dec 1924 at London
13893-24 Daniel CAMPBELL, 35, clerk, Westminster twp., 9 McKenzie Ave in London, s/o Donald CAMPBELL (b. Westminster twp) & Ellen KIRK, married Olive Pearl MANN, 26, London, 70 Askin St. in London, d/o Mark MANN (b. Westminster twp) & Nancy WHITSELL, witn: Esther MacGREGOR & G. D. MILLER, both of Queens Ave in London, 22 May 1924 at London 13915-24 William Benjamin CAMPBELL, 20, bottler, London Ont., 139 Mill St. in London, s/o William CAMPBELL (b. Ont) & Florence ROHSER, married Isabel Irene McLEAN, 17, Muskoka Ont., 175 Wharncliffe Rd in London, d/o John McLEAN (b. Ont) & Mary MacKINNON, witn: Clayton CAMPBELL & Evelyn McLEAN, both of London, 24 Oct. 1924 at London
13890-24 Malcolm CAMPBELL, 36, farmer, Lobo twp., Komoka, s/o Donald CAMPBELL (b. Caradoc twp) & Margaret McGUGAN, married Mary Marjorie TULL, 27, Caradoc twp., London, d/o John TULL (b. Ont) & Jane GRIGG, witn: Esther MacGREGOR & Grace MILLER, both of London, 24 Dec 1924 at London 13902-24 William F. CAMPBELL, 28, farmer, Brooke twp., same, s/o Robert CAMPBELL (b. Brooke twp) & Bridget A. FLEMING, married Winnifred MILLS, 18, Brooke twp., same, d/o Walter MILLS (b. Brooke twp) & Minnie FOSTER, witn: Mrs. MILLS & Julia KANE, both of Alvinston, 25 March 1924 at London
013875-24 (Middlesex), Lorne Garfield CARGILL, 25, physician, Cargill Ont, City Hospital Buffalo New York, s/o David CARGILL b. Guelph and Isabell CATTO, mar Velma Louise WILKEY, 25, clerk, London, 525 Ontario Street London, d/o Thomas WILKEY b. England and Lavinia MARTIN, witn Ethel M. MARTIN of London and Edward CARGILL of Cargill Ont, 31 Jul 1924 London  
13886-24 Thomas Ewart CARSON, 25, laborer, Glasgow Scotland, 382 Adelaide St. in London, d/o Robert CARSON (b. Scotland) & Martha SLIMON, married Jeanetta McGarlan? GALLOWAY, 22, domestic, Glasgow Scotland, 382 Adelaide St. in London, d/o unknown & Jean GALLOWAY, witn: Robert LAWSON of 392 Adelaide & Betty B. HAY of 604 King St., 18 June 1924 at London 13921-24 Oliver CARTER, 42, widower, laborer, St. Johns Ont., Hamilton, s/o James CARTER & Catherine DANNICK?, married Gladys Jeannette NYE, 44, widow, NY state, Hamilton, d/o Roy NYE & Urvilla PRESTON, witn: Ethel PRESTON of Buffalo NY & Orel NEFF of Homer NY, 6 Aug 1924 at London
013880-24 (Middlesex), Robert McCluskey CASSIDY, 26, laborer, Hamilton Scotland, 22 Wharncliffe Road London, s/o John CASSIDY b. Scotland and Charlotte McCLUSKEY, mar Mary Agnes CONNOR, 18, housemaid, Glasgow Scotland, London, d/o Patrick CONNOR b. Ireland and Mary Agnes McMILLAN, witn Edna E. LEE and Nora McGEE both of London, 30 Jun 1924 London 013877-24 (Middlesex), David CHALMERS, 26, machinist, Tillicoultry Scotland, 49 Westmoreland Ave London, s/o John CHALMERS b. Bannockburn Scotland and Mary Miller GALLOWAY, mar Mary COCKBURN, 25, weaver, Tillicoultry Scotland, same, d/o William COCKBURN b. Aberdeen Scotland and Isabell STEPHEN, witn Iva ROHRER and Mrs. J.F. CHAPMAN both of London, 08 Jul 1924 St. Andrews London
13892-24 Homer CHAMBERLAIN, 20, farmer, Caradoc twp., Belmont, s/o William CHAMBERLAIN (b. Caradoc twp) & Elizabeth FULLER, married Vera SMITH, 19, domestic, Ont, Komoka, d/o Austin SMITH (b. Ont) & Ella EDWARDS, witn: Pearl H. & Jean AGNEW of London, 31 May 1924 at London 13904-24 William John CHARLES, 28, book keeper, Belmont Ont., 466 Church St. in Windsor, s/o John CHARLES (b. Ont) & Mary DEACON, married Doris FOSTER, 25, stenographer, Bryn? Lancs. England, 124 Egerton St. in London, d/o John FOSTER (b. England) & Jane MORRIS, witn: Roland FOSTER & Kathleen CHARLES, both of London, 16 Feb 1924 at All Saints Church, London
13881-24 Kenneth Sommerville CHARTERS, 27, traveller, Toronto, 110 Caroline Ave in Toronto, s/o Alexander CHARTERS (b. Ireland) & Emma SOMMERVILLE, married Helen Victoria HAWKINS, 26, Ontario, 26 Morley Rd in London, d/o Francis HAWKINS (b. Ont) & Ida HETHERINGTON, witn: M. C. & Dorothy CHARTERS of 14 Caroline Ave in Toronto, 26 June 1924 at 26 Morley Pl., London 13923-24 William CHOMIK, 28, laborer, Poland, London, s/o Nicholas CHOMIC (sic) & Mary KARASZOWSKI, married Annie KOLANO, 19, domestic, Poland, London, d/o Albert KOLANO & Katherine PILCH, witn: Walter LASSESK & Dora PATISZAK, both of London, 1 March 1924 at St. Marys Church, London
  13914-24 Henry Edward CHRISTIE, 21, brakeman, Toronto, 779 Richmond St. in London, s/o Samuel CHRISTIE (b. Montreal) & Susan Sophia BUNTING, married Marguerite Madell SWAYZE, 20, London Ont., 24 Stanley St. in London, d/o Arnold SWAYZE (b. Ont) & Madell WESTLAKE, witn: Charlie CHRISTIE & Lyall GRAHAM, both of London, 1 Dec 1924 at London
13917-24 Arthur Albert CLARK, 39, widower, laborer, England, 159 Cambridge St. in London, s/o Arthur CLARK (b. England) & Anny GRAY, married Florence CLARK, 23?, domestic, England, 359 Dufferin Ave in London, d/o William CLARK (b. England) & Emily HAGGETT, witn: Sadie JARVIS & Anna M. MARSHALL, both of Wellington St., 6 Oct. 1924 at London 13894-24 Kenneth CLARKE, 61, widower, plasterer, East Nissouri, 29 Pipe Line Rd in London, s/o Walter CLARKE (b. Scotland) & Ann McDONALD, married Elizabeth Mary BURGESS, 65, widow, London Ont., 76 York St. in London, d/o William EVANS (b. Ont) & Hannah WANLESS, witn: H. W. & Margaret R. SIMPSON of 360 Ridout St. in London, 16 May 1924 at London
13898-24 William CLAYTON, 21, truck driver, Staffordshire England, London, s/o Frederick CLAYTON (b. England) & Sarah GRENSELL, married Rosina Eleanor Fryer HAYWARD, 18, Peterborough Ont., London, d/o George HAYWARD (b. England) & Annie CRETNEY (Oretney?), witn: Martha PRINGLE & Harriet M. HUNTER, both of 512 Wellington St. in London, 15 April 1924 at London 13885-24 Richard Chester COCKRILL, 25, manager, London, same, s/o Thomas C. COCKRILL (b. London Ont) & Mary Jane BUGLER, married Hazel Olivine CULBERT, 22, operator, London Ont., same, d/o Richard John CULBERT (b. London Ont) & Christena BROWN, witn: Frank HOLME? of London & Merle CLARK of Crediton Ont., 25 June 1924 at St. Andrews Church, London
13919-24 Chester Earl COKE, 27, shoe worker, London Ont., 151 Rectory St. in London, s/o James COKE (b. London Ont) & Kate WARD, married Ethel Mary Victoria POWE, 27, Devonshire England, 221 Maitland in London, d/o William POWE (b. England) & Sarah PEARCE, witn: Clifford CADE? & Violet COKE, both of London, 11 Sept 1924 at London 13897-24 Leslie Clarence COLBECK, 22, plumber, London, 112 Nelson Ave in London, s/o William COLBECK (b. Brantford) & Agnes SANDERSON, married Adella WESTLAKE, 20, Calgary Alberta, 52 St. George St. in London, d/o Henry Emanuel WESTLAKE (b. London) & Myrtle Maude SMITH, witn: Hazel Nenone? PETERS of RR1 Ettrick & Ivan Henry WESTLAKE of 52 St. George St., 15 April 1924 at London
13901-24 Roy Edward COLES, 34, teamster, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o Charles COLES (b. Middleton Ont) & S. Abigail THOMAS, married Blanche Elizabeth CRAWFORD, 20, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o Charles CRAWFORD (b. Ingersoll Ont) & Abigail SHARP, witn: James BIRCHALL of 542 Richmond St. in London & Madeline CLARKE of 335 St. James St. in London, 29 March 1924 at St. John the Baptist Church, London 13895-24 William COLES, 21, bottler, London England, 20 Edward St. in London, s/o William COLES (b. Wiltshire England) & Caroline LUKE, married Amy Elizabeth PAGE, 28, weaver, London England, Greenwood Ave in London, d/o Thomas PAGE (b. England) & Amy BOULTON, wtn: H. R. STAPLES of 29 East St. in Hamilton & Gladus PAGE of St. James Park in Toronto, 3 May 1924 at Baptist Church, Hensel Park, London
13920-24 Alfred Hamlyn CONEYBEARE, 27, Dawn twp., same, s/o James CONEYBEARE (b. Devon England) & Edith ATCHISON, married Frances Elizabeth CLARK, 26, Dawn twp., same, d/o William Edward CLARK (b. London England) & Frances RIGGS, witn: Beulah W. McALISTER of Sherwood Ave in London & Isabelle HILES of 1059 Richmond St. in London, 2 Sep 1924 at London 13899-24 Hugh CONN, 26, motorman, London Ont., 429 Elizabeth St. in London, s/o William CONN (b. West Nissouri) & Narean? BELYEA, married Elsie WARD, 23, clerk, London Ont., 95 Briscoe St., d/o Christopher WARD (b. Ont) & Emma CLARNOCK, witn: B. J. & Malba MORRIS of London, 9 April 1924 at London
13884-24 Baden Powell CONNOR, 24, druggist, Parkhill, 141 Mill St. in London, s/o George CONNOR (b. Dorchester Ont) & Martha CLARKE, married Mabel Isabel ELLIS, 27, London Ont., 20 Alexander Ave. in London, d/o Walter ELLIS (b. England) & Marie STANTON, witn: Elizabeth & Lillian UREN of London, 26 June 1924 at London 13887-24 George CONSTABLE, 38, foreman, Port Burwell Ont., 1495 Taylor Ave in Detroit, s/o Walter CONSTABLE (b. Port Burwell) & Elzine PATTERSON, married Nina Pierce O'NEIL, 32, nurse, East illegible twp Ont., Dorchester, d/o John S. O'NEIL (b. Ont) & Fannie LEAMAN?, witn: George O'NEIL & Leila G. HOLT, both of Dorchester, 17 June 1924 at London
13891-24 Samuel Arthur COOEY, 40, boiler maker, Flesherton Ont., 20 Hyatt Ave in London, s/o William John COOEY (b. Flesherton) & Ann Jane ALLEN, married Ethel Katherine STEWARDSON, 42, dress maker, McGillivray twp., Lucan, d/o John STEWARDSON (b. McGillivray twp) & Sarah Jane MORGAN, witn: Bessie & Kenneth BICE of London, 17 May 1924 at All Saints Church, London 13906-24 Harry Edward COOK, 21, salesman, London Ont., 297 King St. in London, s/o George COOK (b. Canada) & Mary LORIMER, married Evelyn Edna COOPER, 20, stenographer, England, 297 King St. in London, d/o Knights COOPER (b. England) & Hattie DODMAN, witn: Mrs. Martha J. GODWIN of 683 Maitland St. in London & Mrs. Eva McCORMICK of 280 Hamilton Rd, 29 Jan 1924 at 280 Hamilton Rd., London
13913-24 Alexander COOK, 23, plumber, Glasgow Scotland, 31 Stanley St. in London, s/o Donald COOK (b. Cleveland Ohio) & Helen FISHER, married Alice Maud McLINCHEY, 18, Bayfield Ont., same, d/o David John McLINCHEY (b. Bayfield Ont) & Amelia WAGNER, witn: Laura & Frank SMITH of 217 Emery St. in London, 4 Dec 1924 at London 13889-24 Walter COOK, 38, confectioner, Enniskillen twp Ont., 252 Talbot St. in London, s/o Alonson COOK (b. Middlesex Co Ont) & Esther McCUTCHEON, married Lena Elizabeth HENSBRIDGE, 34, forelady, London Ont., 493 Central Ave in London, d/o Charles James HENSBRIDGE (b. Pembroke - S. Wales) & Louisa SHELDON, witn: Clare & Bessie BRICE of London, 11 Sept 1924 at London

013878-24 (Middlesex), Thomas Henry COOPER, 21, sign painter, London England, Sarnia, s/o George William COOPER b. London England and Florence LEDGER, mar Marjorie Elizabeth NESBIT, 22, clerk, Brigden, Sarnia, d/o Charles Stuart NESBIT b. Ontario and Helen Elizabeth HOSKINS, witn Esther MacGREGOR and Grace MILLER both of 356 Queen Street London, 05 Jul 1924 London

13883-24 Charles William CORBETT, 55, widower, manager, Kansas US, London, s/o William CORBETT (b. England) & Hannah MORSE, married Margaret Jessie BOAKE, 42, teacher, St. Johns - Middlesex Co., London, d/o John BOAKE (b. Toronto Ont) & Margaret GRAHAM, witn: Arthur Gordon & Mary Florence WARNER of 2 Monarch Park Ave in Toronto, 30 June 1924 at London
13918-24 Richard Hardwick CORNISH, 26, box maker, Leicester England, 1206 Florence St. in London, s/o John CORNISH (b. England) & Sarah WHITEHEAD, married Winnifred TOMKINS, 18, wrapper, Hastings England, 327 Ashland Ave in London, d/o William TOMKINS (b. England) & Florence VIDLER, witn: William TOMKINS of London & Miss Pearl SMITH of Sarnia, 4 Oct. 1924 at London 13924-24 Neil COUGHLIN, 26, salesman, London, same, s/o Bartholomew COUGHLIN & Joanna CURTIN, married Kathleen BURKE, 27, London, same, d/o Thomas BURKE & Nora CARROLL, witn: John COUGHLIN of London & Mary REGAN of Hamilton, 2 June 1924 at London
13882-24 Joseph Leroy Edgar COULTER, 25, brick layer, Toronto, 579 Addison? in London, s/o John James COULTER (b. Ro--? England) & Harriet BENSON, married Olive Alberta PRESSATOR, 25, Exeter Ont., Florence St. in London, d/o John PRESSATOR (b. Exeter Ont) & Alberta SNELL, witn: W. G. McKENNA of 954 Dundas St. in London & Verna TAIT of 1068 King St. in London, 28 June 1924 at London 13908-24 Charles Frederick COULTER, 28, traveling salesman, Toronto, London, s/o John James COULTER (b. England) & Harriet BENSON, married Violet DAVID, 29, London, same, d/o James DAVID (b. Kingston Ont) & Edith CARTER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. L. W. MISENER of 110 Wharncliffe Rd in London, 18 Jan 1924 at London
13909-24 Harry Orvel COURSEY, 20, Chatham, 72 Glenwood Ave in London, s/o James Albert COURSEY (b. London Ont) & Rose Hannah FROST, married Nellie FOUNTAIN, 20, London, 263 East St. in London, d/o James FOUNTAIN (b. London Ont) & not known, witn: Charles SMITH of 1228 Trafalgar St & Gladys STAFFORD of 745 Grey St., 31 Dec 1924 at London 013876-24 (Middlesex), John Harrison COWMAN, 30, laborer, Cumberland England, 98 Sterling Street London, s/o John COWMAN b. Cumberland England and Lee WILSON, mar Ellen QUAYLE, 29, widow, domestic, Cumberland England, 459 Talbot Street London, d/o James PILKINGTON b. Cumberland England and Kathleen EVANS, witn Alice BUTTERY and Gladice HEAD both of London, 26 Jul 1924 St. Matthews Rectory London
13922-24 John Thompson CRAWFORD, 41, farmer, Caradoc twp., same, s/o Archibald CRAWFORD (b. Caradoc Canada) & Margaret THOMPSON, married Jessie Edith GRANT, 34, teacher, London, same, d/o John GRANT (b. London Canada) & Emily KENDELL, witn: Winifred KINCADE of Mt. Brydges & Hazel M. WEBER of London, 22 Aug 1924 at London 13905-24 Alfred Bertram CRAWFORD, 47, merchant, Clinton Ont., 296 Dundas St. in London, s/o Calston? (Culchin?) CRAWFORD (b. Clarke twp Ont) & Matilda ROBINSON, married Mabel Mary KAVANAUGH, 45, widow, Hamilton Ont., Wichita Falls Texas, d/o Thomas M. KELLY (b. England) & Mary FITZGERALD, witn: C. S. & Jennie CRAWFORD of 45 Windsor Ave in London, 27 Feb 1924 at 45 Windsor Ave in London
13916-24 Robert CROSS, 41, widower, painter & decorator, Toronto, 115 York St. in London, s/o John CROSS (b. Toronto Ont) & Mary Jean STUART, married Olive Ruth BELL, 35, London Ont., 115 York St.. in London, d/o John BELL (b. London England) & Mary HAYES, witn: Alice M. GREEN & Emma J. LANTZ, both of 124 Albert St. in London, 8 Oct. 1924 at London 13900-24 Russell Chapman CROSSMAN, 25, shoe maker, New Brunswick, St. Thomas, s/o John CROSSMAN (b. Woodhurst NB) & Maud RICHARDSON, married Nellie LATHAM, 18, Liverpool England, St. Thomas, d/o Edwin Duncan LATHAM (b. England) & Nellie WILSON, witn: William H. & Minnie Helen BENN of 324 Talbot St. in St. Thomas, 5 April 1924 at London
13925-24 Joseph Emile CROTEAU, 20, laborer & tradesman, Ottawa Ont., London, s/o Hermes CROTEAU & Clara KINGSLEY, married Anna Frances O'MEARA, 23, factory hand, Stratford Ont., London, d/o Daniel O'MEARA & Frances CHIPPA, witn: Robert COLLIER & Marie O'MEARA, both of London, 27 Nov 1924 at St. Patricks Church, London 13910-24 Julius John CROW, 30, engineer, Chatham Ont., RR7 Chatham, s/o Julius John CROW (b. Kent Co Ont) & Josephine McBATTAS?, married Georgina WATT, 25, nurse in training, Aberdeen Scotland, Sub # 10 London, d/o James Smith WATT (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Georgina McPHERSON, witn: Agnes & James Crighton WATT of Sub #10 London, 31 Dec 1924
13907-24 George William CROZIER, 22, farmer, Newcastle England, Melbourne Ont., s/o Watson (b. Newcastle England) & not known, married Ena PARSONS, 18, London England, Melbourne Ont., d/o not known, witn: Norah McATEER of 824 King St. & Mrs. W. R. McINTOSH of 826 King St., 10 Jan 1924 at London 13896-24 James Herbert CRUMMER, 38, yardman, Adelaide Twp., 17 Picton St. in London, s/o Lewis CRUMMER (b. Adelaide twp) & Elizabeth McCARTHY, married Gertrude Lewellyn LACEY, 31, clerk, Dutton, same, d/o John G. LACEY (b. France) & Mary FORD, witn: Ella C. & Dorothy WATTS of London, 16 April 1924 at London
013879-24 (Middlesex), Oswald Bruce CURRIE, 22, carpenter, London, 924 Dundas Street London, s/o Thomas F. CURRIE b. Strathroy and Mary W. BRUCE, mar Edna Mae GATECLIFFE, 26, bookkeeper, Detroit, 432 Dorinda Street London, d/o Joseph H. GATECLIFFE b. London and Emma SQUIRES, witn E.D. CURRIE of Dundas Street London and Norman GILLATLY of Dorinda Street London, 07 Jul 1924 London 13912-24 Edward James CUSHMAN, 59, widower, laborer, London Ont., Oxford Park in London, s/o James CUSHMAN (b. Ont) & Annie MOORE, married Margaret SARGENT, 48, widow, Watford Ont., Oxford Park in London, d/o John SARGENT (b. Ont) & Elizabeth EDWARDS, witn: C. H. DUFF of Toronto & Henrietta ENGLISH of London, 24 Dec 1924 at London

013948-24 (Middlesex), Gordon Edward DALGLEISH, 20, shipper, London, London, s/o William James DALGLEISH b. Ontario and Margaret Louise McCALLUM, mar Lillian Mildred WILD, 17, housekeeper, London, London, d/o William WILD b. London and Barbara BERNARD, witn Lloyd DALGLEISH and Olive BERNARD both of London, 18 Jul 1924 London (Note added "Divorce granted 20 Sep 1933 by S.C.O. at London").

013942-24 (Middlesex), John Charles Melvin DANN, 30, farmer, London Twp, Denfield, s/o John DANN b. London Twp and Sarah Ann LINGARD, mar Verna May LANGFORD, 26, teacher, London Twp, Granton, d/o Hedley V. LANGFORD b. London Twp and Emma BRAITHWAITE, witn Allan and Olive LANGFORD of Granton, 25 Oct 1924 London.

013949-24 (Middlesex), George William DANOUGH (Darrough?), 62, widower, painter, Lansdowne Ont, Gananoque, s/o John DANOUGH b. Lansdowne and Mary SIMMONS, mar Emma MILLER, 55, widow, housekeeper, Montgomery NY, Brockville Ont, d/o Dewitt SHAVER b. Montgomery NY and Annette MOWERY, witn Mrs. Charles DUFFIN and Mrs. George T. WATTS both of London, 07 Aug 1924 London.
013940-24 (Middlesex), Joseph Thomas DARK, 18, laborer, England, London Ont, s/o Joseph DARK b. England and Caroline MORGAN, mar Evalleen Frances MITCHELL, 17, hosiery worker, London, London, d/o Mark MITCHELL b. Exeter and Frances ROWCLIFFE, witn Kenneth and Bessie BICE of London, 01 Nov 1924 London. 013937-24 (Middlesex), William James DAUNT, 38, electrician, Caradoc Twp, Wyandotte Michigan, s/o George DAUNT b. Toronto and Charlotte FISHER, mar Frances CHATTERLY, 21, attendant, London England, 278 Piccadilly Street London Ont, d/o Edward CHATTERLY b. England and Christina BIRCH, witn Elsie CHATTERLY of 248 Piccadilly Street and Harry DAUNT of 215 Talbot Street London, 04 Aug 1924 London.
13927-24 Arthur Robert DAVIDSON, 26, teacher, Adelaide twp., 268 Argyle Rd in Walkerville, s/o Hugh DAVIDSON (b. Cobourg Ont) & Ida KEYSER, married Etta Lillian HUNTER, 26, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o Edward HUNTER (b. Orono Ont) & Ada McCUDIE, witn: Ellen O. & R.J. MANNING of Ingersoll, 30 July 1924 at London 013943-24 (Middlesex), John Chester DAVIDSON, 33, manager, London, London, s/o George DAVIDSON b. England and Deborah LITTLE, mar Jessie Lillian PERRIN, 33, housekeeper, St. Marys, London, d/o John PERRIN b. Canada and Matilda DAWSON, witn Mr. and Mrs. D. Gray MacNEIL of London, 01 Nov 1924 at Colborne Street Methodist Church London.
013953-24 (Middlesex), David James DAVIES, 26, chauffeur, London, 704 Dundas Street London, s/o Joseph DAVIES b. Wales and Eliza POWELL, mar Mae SMITH, Ingersoll, 704 Dundas Street, d/o James SMITH b. Ont and Annie SHARPE, witn Ethel HUESTON of 338 Hamilton Rd London and Janet M. CREE of 340 Hamilton Rd London, 31 Mar 1924 London 013941-24 (Middlesex), Thomas Walter DAVISON, 24, commercial artist, Newcastle on Tyne England, YMCA Detroit, s/o Thomas B. DAVISON, b. Newcastle on Tyne England and Alice LAMBERT, mar Stella Edna CAKE, 25, packer, London, 724 Adelaide Street London, d/o James Daniel CAKE, b. London and Kate WARD, witn Violet and Clifford CAKE of 724 Adelaide Street London, 29 Oct 1924 London.
013946-24 (Middlesex), James Henry DAWSON, 36, widower, farmer, Nissouri Twp, Thorndale, s/o James DAWSON b. Nissouri Twp and Margaret WILLIAMSON, mar Annie ARSCOTT, 35, widow, housekeeper, Nissouri Twp, 1166 York Street London, d/o Richard STAUNTON b. Nissouri Twp and Mary ANGUS, witn Clifford GEE of Thorndale and ? STAUNTON of 1169 York Street London, 03 Sep 1924 at 850 Dundas Street London. 013952-24 (Middlesex), Charles DEACON, 68, widower, clergyman, London, London, s/o George DEACON b. London England and Theresa FLOWER, mar Emma Malinda MOSCRIP, 56, widow, housekeeper, London, London, d/o Frederick HOWARD b. England and Mary FITZGERALD, witn William M. and Eva TALBOT both of London, 09 Apr 1924 London
013935-24 (Middlesex), Stewart Edward DEAN, 25, manager, London, 493 Queens Ave London, s/o John Edward DEAN b. London and Mary Elizabeth LEWIS, mar Vera OATMAN, 25, waitress, Cornell Ont, 156 John Street London, d/o Willis OATMAN b. Ontario and Minnie WOODARD, witn Minnie M. and Gordon DEAN of 425 Ontario Steeet, 21 Apr 1924 at 425 Ontario Street London. 013945-24 (Middlesex), Terrel Sayler DECOW, 22, traveller, St.Thomas, 646 Talbot Street St.Thomas, s/o John DECOW b. Iona Ont and Fannie SAYLER, mar Sadie Lulu Irene CATLING, 22, stenographer, Bayfield, Port Stanley, d/o Albert CATLING b. England and Sarah STURGEON, witn John and Fannie DECAW both of 646 Talbot Street St. Thomas, 2 Sep 1924 London
13929-24 Alfred DELACOUR, 37, gardener, Jersey England, Byron Sanitarium London, s/o Walter Francis DELACOUR (b. Jersey England) & Jane Elizabeth LE BORCQE, married Beulah Idella PLACE, 27, widow, Williamsburg Ont., 183 Colborne St. in Kingston, d/o Albert HANSON (b. Williamsburg Ont) & Alma MERKLEY, witn: H. HANSON of 199 Mill St. in London & Hilda HESS of 886 Trafalgar St., 5 July 1924 at 886 Trafalgar St., London 013956-24 (Middlesex), Thomas DELANEY, 38, widower, farmer, Ingersoll, same, s/o Thomas DELANEY and Mary CLEAR, mar Mary HENSWORTH, 32, hospital attendant, Ingersoll, London, d/o John HENSWORTH and Mary REED, witn Joseph HENSWORTH of Ingersoll and Evelyn CUMMINS of London, 11 Nov 1924 St. Patricks Church London
13928-24 Christopher Columbus DELMONT, 43, motorman, Coldstream Ont., 1046 Dundas St. in London, s/o William DELMONT (b. Sweden) & unknown, married Nellie Florence MURDIE, 32, cigar maker, St. Marys Ont., Broughdale, d/o John MURDIE (b. St. Marys) & Ellen WILLIS, witn: M. MARSH of 874 Dundas St. & H. THOMSON of 850 Dundas St., 10 July 1924 at 850 Dundas St., London 013933-24 (Middlesex), Oliver Earle DEMARAY, 23, farmer, Kerwood, Belmont, s/o Richard DEMARAY b. Adelaide Twp and Carrie INCH, mar Myrtle Lorraine COLE, 21, housekeeper, d/o Henry COLE b. St.Thomas and Frances YOUNG, witn Clarence DEMARAY of Kerwood and Eva COPELAND of Wilton Grove, 07 Jun 1924 London
013936-24 (Middlesex), Raymond McKinley DENNIS, 20, carpenter, Michigan, 761 Talbot Street in St.Thomas, s/o William DENNIS b. Ontario and Lizzie COOL, mar Bertha Viola NEVILL, 18, operator, Sparta Ont, Union Ont, d/o John NEVILL b. Ontario and Eva FINDLEY, witn Lizzie and Vernon DENNIS of 761 Talbot Street in St.Thomas, 20 Apr 1924 at 156 Wellington Street London. 013944-24 (Middlesex), Richard DERRICK, 59, widower, carpenter, Oxford County, London, s/o Patrick DERRICK b. Ireland and Margaret GLEASON, mar Ada LANE, 56, widow, housekeeper, London, London, d/o Thomas LEATHORN b. London and Mary LINE, witn Alice M. GREEN and Emma J. LANTZ both of 124 Albert Street London, 02 Oct 1924 at 124 Albert Street London.
013950-24 (Middlesex), Harry DILLON, 25, orderly, Liverpool England, 587 King Street London, s/o Harry DILLON b.Liverpool England and Barbara RILEY, mar Dorothy May VOLLAND, 19, maid, Utica New York, Byron San, d/o James VOLLAND b. London Ont and Marie MARQUIS, witn John H. PHIPPS and Jean MOLINA both of Byron, 23 Apr 1924 at 232 Central Ave London (bride's res. Byron Sanitorium?) 13930-24 Hugh DILLON, 26, shipper, Liverpool England, 508 King St. in London, s/o Henry DILLON (b. England) & Margaret RILEY, married Ada McCORMAC, 25, domestic, Birkenhead England, 422 Rectory St. in London, d/o James McCORMIC (sic) (b. England) & Ann Jane HAYMAN, witn: G. C. HARRIS of Byron & Laura ARNOLD of London, 14 June 1924 at London

013947-24 (Middlesex), George Wilbert DIONNE, 24, teamster, Hespeler, same, s/o John Franklin DIONNE b. Burlington and Margaret TEMPLEMAN, mar Hilda Alice CARTER, 25, cigar maker, England, London Ont, d/o Harry CARTER b. England and Aileen Alice CAPON (COXON?), witn George MAJOR of London and Ridley PARSON of Otterville, 13 Sep 1924 London

013932-24 (Middlesex), William James DOBIE, 22, warehouse clerk, Glencoe, London, s/o Daniel DOBIE b. Ontario and Barbara KERR, mar Evella Gertrude BROWNLEE, 22, housekeeper, d/o John A. BROWNLEE b. Ontario and Alice EVANS, witn Annie M. DOBIE of 189 Cromwell Street London and Edna BROWNLEE of 330 Horton Street London, 14 May 1924 London
013934-24 (Middlesex), Robert Bruce DOBSON, 32, farmer, Mosa Twp, Aldborough Twp, s/o Robert DOBSON b. Yorkshire England and Elizabeth Ann STUART, mar Anna Della Mathison McINTYRE, 27, school teacher, Ekfrid, same, d/o Dougald McINTYRE b. Elgin Co and Betsy WILLEY, witn Alice M. SYMINGTON of 87 Bruce Street London and Ann ARGO of 133 Bruce Street London, 19 Apr 1924 at 87 Bruce Street London 013951-24 (Middlesex), Thomas Graham DOCHSTADER, 55, widower, salesman, Ont, 562 Ridout Street London, s/o William DOCHSTADER b. Ontario and Eleanor WATSON, mar Margaret Beatrice BERNEY, 42, milliner, London, 293 Norton Street London, d/o John BERNEY b. Ont and Rachel DUGUID, witn M.B. ARMITAGE and E. McGILLICUDDY both of London, 09 Apr 1924 London
013931-24 (Middlesex), Eric Paul DOCKER, 27, sign painter, Wigan England, 85 Colborne Street London, s/o Frederick Paul DOCKER b. Liverpool England and Elizabeth GREGORY, mar Florence HARPER, 20, none, Nottingham England, 309 Pall Mall Street London, d/o Henry HARPER b. England and Florence SELBY, witn Henry HARPER of London and Ada HARPER of 309 Pall Mall Street London, 28 Jun 1924 St.Matthews Anglican Church 926 Dundas Street London. 13926-24 David Ernest DONALDSON, 20, electrician, Belfast Ireland, 50 Garfield Ave in London, s/o David DONALDSON (b. Ireland) & Minnie VERNER, married Shirley Kathleen CAMPBELL, 25, illegible dresser, Mossley Ont., Crampton Ont., d/o Colin CAMPBELL (b. Ont) & Annie May FONGER, witn: Edwin S. FONGER of 487 Dundas Ave & Lillie (Tillie?) STEFFEN of 10609 Almira, 26 July 1924 at London
013955-24 (Middlesex), Joseph O. DONOVAN, 36, expressman, St.Augustine Ontario, London, s/o Daniel DONOVAN and Hannah FITZPATRICK, mar Harriett L. IREDALE, 33, London England, London Ont, d/o William IREDALE and Louise Jane ATKINS, witn Peter MURPHY of London and Violet WILDERSPIN of Toronto, 27 Dec 1924 London. 013939-24 (Middlesex), Robert Alexander DOWNIE, 23, Rodney, Walkerville, s/o Charles DOWNIE b. Rodney and Sarah RIPPON, mar Mildred Adelia McLARTY, 18, none, Wallacetown, West Lorne, d/o Frank McLARTY b. Wallacetown and Mabel MANN, witn Eileen McLARTY of West Lorne and W. WISTON of London Jct, 26 Jun 1924 London.
013954-24 (Middlesex), Peter DRABIK, 30, laborer, Poland Europe, London Ont, s/o Wasyk DRABIK and Helen POLIWKNIK, mar Bronislawa WALERAK, 22, Poland, London, d/o Seyman WALERAK and Kathyna BOYUK, witn Leon MISHRIK and Kazmiera DROYSATISION both of London, 18 Oct 1924 St. Marys Rectory London 013938-24 (Middlesex), Frederick William DRAKE, 23, knitter, London England, 791 York Street London, s/o John DRAKE b. England and Annie ATKINSON, mar Helen May WHITE, 19, biscuit packer, St.Thomas, 791 York Street London, d/o Webber WHITE b. Kingsbury Ont. and Amelia BOULTON, witn Thomas E. and Amelia WHITE of London, 16 Dec 1924 London
013957-24 (Middlesex), William Ewart EAGAN, 25, barber, Westminster Twp, London, s/o James EAGAN b. Dorchester Twp and Margaret KARAHAN, mar Emily Levina GRAHAM, 20, stenographer, Adelaide Twp, London, d/o James Alexander GRAHAM b. Adelaide Twp and Pamily BOLTON, witn F.C. LEIGH of 423 Central Ave London and Irene GRAHAM of 38 York Street London, 01 Aug 1924 London  
013959-24 (Middlesex), Benjamin Clifford Douglas ECKARDT, 22, minister, Thamesford, London, s/o Garnet ECKARDT b. Ontario and Alice BOLTON, mar Edna Minnie VAREY, 18, housekeeper, St .Johns Ont, London, d/o William H.C. VAREY b .Lobo Twp and Mary E. BARNES, witn S.P. GOODLAND and Lorena WADE both of London, 25 Dec 1924 London 13966-24 (Middlesex), Frederick Russell ECKERT, 26, mechanical engineer, London, Indianapolis Indiana, s/o Richard ECKERT b. Belmont and Hattie HERALD, mar Irene May BARTLETT, 26, housekeeper, London, London, d/o George P.H. BARTLETT b. Jersey Island and Louise RUPPE, witn William Henry BARTLETT of Toronto and Marian ECKER of London, 04 Jul 1924 London
013964-24 (Middlesex), Russell Walter ECKSTEIN, 25, paper hanger, Woodstock, 142 Rectory Street London, s/o Fred ECKSTEIN b. Tavistock and Mary KEITSCH, mar Ora Bernice HOFFMAN, 26, teacher, Dashwood, 254 Egerton Street London, d/o John E. HOFFMAN b. Dashwood and Carrie GUENTHER, witn Henry ECKSTEIN of Tavistock and Lily R. HOFFMAN of 254 Egerton Street London, 06 Sep 1924 London 013961-24 (Middlesex), Charles EDINBURG, 43, widower, machinist, Sweden, 1325 Washington Street Thedford, s/o Sven PETTERSON b. Sweden and Karen OLSEN, mar Lillian STEVENSON, 38, widow, housekeeper, d/o Amos BARKER b. Listowel and Mary WRAY, witn Anna MARSHALL and Harriet M. HUNTER both of 512 Wellington Street London, 07 Oct 1924 London
013971-24 (Middlesex), Jack EDWARDS, 23, shoemaker, England, London Ont, s/o Ephraim EDWARDS b. England and Mary A. TRUELOVE, mar Daisy Winifred Blanche TAYLOR, 18, domestic, England, Port Stanley, d/o William H. TAYLOR b. England and Beatrice E. CROCKER, witn Ivor TURNER and Frank NEWTON both of London, 06 Feb 1924 London 013965-24 (Middlesex), Wilton Harper ELLIOTT, 26, teacher, Leamington, London, s/o John ELLIOTT b. Colborne Twp in Huron Co. and Margaret Jane McMULLEN, mar Nellie Evelyn HANKINSON, 24, telephone operator, Gravesend in Elgin Cty, London, d/o Louis Arthur HANKINSON b. Gravesend and Julia Olivia McCONNELL, witn Kenneth N. CREWS of Trenton Ont and Mae SHAW of London, 15 Aug 1924 Talbot Street Baptist Church London
013970-24 (Middlesex), John Milton ELLIOTT, 22, salesman, Bryanston, 136 Maitland Street London, s/o John ELLIOTT b. Bryanston and Elizabeth BELYEA, mar Lucy Vera KEMP, 25, Sunnyside England, 820 Colbourne Street London, d/o George William KEMP b. England and Lucy Jane JEFFREY, witn Grace GODWIN of 683 Maitland Street and Eva M. McCORMICK of 280 Hamilton Road London, 27 Mar 1924 London 013972-24 (Middlesex), Cameron Joseph ELLIOTT, 24, farmer, West Luther, Arthur Ontario, s/o James ELLIOTT b. Ontario and Matilda JACKSON, mar Ruby Irene WILLIAMSON, 20, none, West Luther, same, d/o David WILLIAMSON b. Ontario and Susan HAROLD, witn Minnie PORTER and Esther MacGREGOR, both of London, 08 Jan 1924 London.
013962-24 (Middlesex), Stanley Yeoman ELLIS, 29, dry goods salesman, London England, Detroit Michigan, s/o Carl Archibald ELLIS b. England and Julian YEOMAN, mar Alice Irene SHIPLEY, 22, box maker, Wigston England, London Ont, d/o Fred SHIPLEY b. England and Emma GATLIFFE, witn Harry S. NORMAN of London and Emma Shipley of 446 Horton Street London, 27 Sep 1924 London 013967-24 (Middlesex), John ELLIS, 29, grocer, Oxford Co., London, s/o Jonathan ELLIS b. England and Jane BOND, mar Florence MARTIN, 17, housekeeper, England, London, d/o Jethro MARTIN b. England and Ethel ANDREW, witn Howard and Ethel HOCKING of London, 10 May 1924 London
013968-24 (Middlesex), Arber Edward ELLYATT, 19, butcher, London, 233 Wellington Street London, s/o Charles ELLYATT b. England and H. Nellie ARBER, mar Freida Alma PALMBY, 17, London, 90 Inkerman St. in London, d/o Ernest ARBER b. Nilestown Ont. and Ettie M. NORMAN, witn Hilda ELLYATT of London and Alton PALMBY of London, 18 Jun 1924 London 013973-24 (Middlesex), Archibald James Douglas ELMES, 27, plumber, Brighton England, Windsor Ont, s/o James Alfred ELMES and Mary BUTT, mar Hilda Susan SKEGGS, 26, London England, London Ont, d/o John Charles SKEGGS and Harriette JENNINGS, witn Valentine ELMES of Windsor and Alice HILL and Lillian SKEGGS both of London, 07 Jun 1924 All Saints Church London
013963-24 (Middlesex), Clifford John ENGLAND, 29, office clerk, London, Walkerville, s/o John and Mary CLARK, mar Margaret Hazel TEMPLEMAN, 30, stenographer, Duart Ont, London, d/o Hugh TEMPLEMAN , and Mary L. TEEPLE, witn Mabel TEMPLEMAN of 24 Winden Ave London and A.D. COLLINS of 1309 Sandwich Street Windsor, 09 Aug 1924 London 013969-24 (Middlesex) William ESLER, 28, painter, Ireland, London, s/o Henry ESLER b. Ireland and Lizzie McDOWELL, mar Minnie BONNAR, 28, saleslady, Ireland, Brandon Manitoba, d/o Andrew BONNAR b. Ireland and Jane McCLINTOCK, witn Clark and Sarah ESLER of London, 15 May 1924 London
013958-24 (Middlesex), Leroy EVERATT, 33, travel salesman, Plattsville, 12 Victor Street London, s/o Sylvester EVERATT b. Haysville and Fanny Ann HAYES, mar Florence Elizabeth McKAY, 24, dental assistant, Bracebridge, 16 McAlpine Street London, d/o Jesse McKAY b. Bracebridge and Kathleen CUTHBERT, witn Anthony Morrison COLE of London and Kathleen McKAY of 16 McAlpine Street London, 12 Jul 1924 at 16 McAlpine Street London. 013960-24 (Middlesex), Orval Wesley EYRE, 26, switchman, Kendal, London, s/o John EYRE b. Brockville and Mary BRODERICK, mar Vera Adeline JOHNSTON, 27, knitter, London, London, d/o Joseph JOHNSTON b. Ireland and Susan ENGLAND, witn Jack REID of 6 Cynthia Street London and Gladice J. JOHNSTON of 944 Queens Ave London, 20 Dec 1924 at St. Matthews Anglican Church 936 Dundas Street London
013984-24 (Middlesex), Charles Lenard FARGHER, 28, electrician, Peel Isle of Man, 5402 Vinewood in Detroit, s/o Edward FARGHER b. Isle of Man and Eliza GERRY, mar Nessie Macdonald GOLDIE, 24 clerk, Paisley Scotland, 5401 Vinewood in Detroit, d/o William GOLDIE b. Scotland and Agnes MacDONALD, witn Lester TURNBULL and H.R. HALL both of London, 03 May 1924 Anglican Church 886 Trafalgar Street London 013985-24 (Middlesex), Roy John FARMER, 38, physician, Ontario, 370 Dundas Street London, s/o John FARMER b. Ontario and Isobel REDMOND, mar Margaret May WARD, 26, Ontario, Collingwood, d/o James WARD b. Ontario and Morgan QUICK, witn James and Margaret LOUGHLIN of London, 30 Apr 1924 London
013987-24 (Middlesex), Walter Hart FARRIS, 49, farmer, Plympton Twp, Mosa Twp, s/o Charles FARRIS b. New Brunswick and Charlotte FOX, mar Elizabeth Anne JONES, 38, Mosa Twp, Mosa Twp, d/o John JONES b. Mosa Twp. and Margaret Anne GARDINER, witn Joseph and Mamie WALKER of Wardsville, 19 Apr 1924 London. 013976-24 (Middlesex), Walter Earl FASSOLD, 23, mechanic, Hay Twp, London, s/o Philip FASSOLD b. Ontario and Clare HEY, mar Harriet Anna TERRY, 22, housekeeper, London, London, d/o Thomas A. TERRY b. Ontario and Harriett DAVIS, witn Mrs. Wilf HULBERT of London and Verda FASSOLD of Dashwood, 16 Jul 1924 London
013978-24 (Middlesex), Horace FAULKNER, 18, printer, England, London Ont, s/o James FAULKNER b. England and Ellen F. MEREDITH, mar Vera Dorothy SMART, 16, housekeeper, London, London, d/o Joseph SMART b. England and Carrie WOODHOUSE, witn Joseph SMART of 15 Wellington Road London and James FAULKNER of 15 Clark Street London, 07 Dec 1924 London 013980-24 (Middlesex), Roy Benson FISHER, 24, carpenter, Walsingham Twp (Norfolk), Niagara Falls, s/o Alfred FISHER b. Ontario and Mary BOUGHER, mar Josephine BROUILLETTE, 30, Windsor, Ontario, d/o Abraham b. Ontario and Rose MONTAINY (Montening?), witn Irene POPE and Marianne B. ARMITAGE both of London, 11 Oct 1924 London.
013983-24 (Middlesex), William George FLOOD, 21, switchman, London, 630 York Street London, s/o of George FLOOD b. Ontario and Eliza Ann SARGENT, mar Alice Irene LATHAM, 21, clerk, London, 626 Princess Street London, d/o Albert Edward LATHAM b. Birmingham England and Adella May LEITCH, witn Mr. and Mrs. W.A. EVANS of 626 Princess Street London, 02 Jun 1924 London 013979-24 (Middlesex), Francis FLOYD, 17, clerk, London, London, s/o Percival FLOYD b. Ontario and Lottie SLADE, mar Annie DUNN, 17, London, 79 Stanley Street London, d/o Frank DUNN b. Ontario and Ida THORN, witn Andrew and Helena TELFER of 87 Brisbane Street London, 18 Nov 1924 London
013989-24 (Middlesex), Alfred FONGER, 65, widower, farmer, Ontario, Ilderton, s/o Henry FONGER b. Ontario and Jane WHITE, mar Kate BARNES, 53, housekeeper, England, Ilderton, d/o James BARNES b. England and Elizabeth SPENCER, witn Fred CAMPBELL and Sarah GREGORY both of London, 01 Jan 1924 London. 013982-24 (Middlesex), Edward James FORD, 28, electrician, Indiana USA, Green Castle Indiana, s/o William John FORD b. Indiana and Margaret BALDWIN, mar Margaret KNIGHT, 28, Petrolia, Petrolia, d/o John KNIGHT b. Ontario and Katie SHAW, witn F.W. KNIGHT and Louise TROMBLEY both of Windsor, 17 Sep 1924 St. Andrews Presbyterian Church London.
013986-24 (Middlesex), William Louis Gray FRANCIS, 20, driller, Bristol England, 12 Sterling Steet London, s/o William FRANCIS b. England and Kate Gray, mar Thelma Iona LEWIS, 20, packer, Winnipeg, London, d/o William LEWIS b. U.S.A. and Sadie SMITH, witn Louise WHITON and R.H. VINING both of London, 30 Apr 1924 London 013988-24 (Middlesex), John Joseph FRASER, 25, sheet metal worker, Toronto, London, s/o John Henry FRASER b. Toronto and Mary DALY, mar Gladys PETERS, 22, housekeeper, London, London, d/o William PETERS b. Ontario and Julia HEAL, witn George GORING of 109 Briscoe Street London and Mabel PETERS of 812 Talbot Street London, 30 Jan 1924 Church of England 335 St. James Street London
013977-24 (Middlesex), Thomas FULCHER, 46, widower, carpenter, England, London Ont, s/o Thomas FUTCHER b. England and Elizabeth PLEASANCE, mar Louise Rosina NORMAN, 47, housekeeper, England, London Ont, d/o William NORMAN b. England and Mary Elizabeth, witn Kathleen CORRIVEAU and Lucy DENOMEY, both of London, 19 Dec 1924 London. 013975-24 (Middlesex), Frank Christopher FURNESS, 30, timekeeper, London England, London Ont, s/o Frank FURNESS b. London England and Fanny HOLLOWAY, mar Jean JOYES, 32, housekeeper, Komoka, Byron, d/o William JOYES b. Middlesex Co. and Ellenor McDOUGALL, witn Nettie and Helen GARBUTT both of 484 Dundas Street, London, 05 Aug 1924 London
013981-24 (Middlesex), Chester Lowe FYSH, 26, salesman, Ontario, 54 Avenue Road, s/o Ebenezer Lowe FYSH b. Ontario and Jennie/Jessie WYLIE, mar Hazel Doris PARKER, 25, bookkeeper, Ontario, Mitchell Street in St. Thomas, d/o William McKerley PARKER b. Ontario and Isabel PIERCE, witn Murray W. FYSH of 173 John Street London and Thomas M. WILSON of 7643 Byron Ave Detroit, 02 Sep 1924 First Presbyterian Church London 014058-24 (Middlesex), John HAIGHT, 22, foreman, St. Thomas, 42 Myrtle Street St. Thomas, s/o George HAIGHT b. St. Thomas and Bertha CARPENTER, mar Gladys McGUIRE, 22, knitter, Petrolia, 42 Myrtle Street St. Thomas, d/o James McGUIRE b. Strathroy and Martha FRENCH, witn Esther MacGREGOR and Grace MILLER both of 356 Queen Street London, 28 Jun 1924 London.
014073-24 (Middlesex), William HALLIWELL, 24, laborer, England, London Ont, s/o Daniel HALLIWELL and Harriett NOCK, mar Mary Eunice McNAMARA, 23, England, London Ont, d/o Peter McNAMARA and Mary GASKWELL, witn L. and E. SCHOLTISSEN of 589 King Street London, 01 Mar 1924 St. Mary's Church Middlesex. 014038-24 (Middlesex), John Henry HAMBLY, 52, widower, secretary, Bideford England, 235 Tecumseh Ave London, s/o William HAMBLY b. England and Eliza MOORE, mar Mary HERBERT, 45, widow, housekeeper, London, 1189 Dundas Street London, d/o Samuel J. CROOK b. Ont and Georgina WELSH, witn Blanche M. JENKINS and W.M. CALCOTT both of London, 03 Dec 1924 at Wellington Street Methodist Church London.
014032-24 (Middlesex), George Carbert HANDLEY, 23, electrical engineer, Leeds Yorkshire England, 594 Hamilton London, s/o Ernest HANDLEY b. Yorkshire England and Edith Gertrude CARBERT, mar Dorothy THIRKILL, 24, nurse, Bradford Yorkshire England, same, d/o Fred b. Bradford England and Julia EASTWOOD, witn Mrs. P.R. MEACHAM and John JUDKINS both of London, 24 Nov 1924 London 014039-24 (Middlesex), Reginald HARDY, 26, clerk, Portsmouth England, 611 Talbot Street St. Thomas, s/o James HARDY b. Portsmouth England and Esther RICHARD, mar Norine SCHULTZ, 22, housekeeper, St. Thomas, 611 Talbot Street St. Thomas, d/o David SCHULTZ b. St. Thomas and Mary SMITH, win Minnie SCHULTZ of St. Thomas and Oliver J. LANG of 124 Albert Street London, 06 Nov 1924 London.
014033-24 (Middlesex), John Henry HARGREAVES, 25, foreman, England, Brantford, s/o John HARGREAVES b. Ireland and Mary BROPHY, mar Hilda Birdette RANKINS, 17, housekeeper, Norval Ont, same, d/o John McKay RANKINS b. Scotland and Edith Annie BROWN, witn George T. HISCOX of London and Edith Annie RANKINS of Norval, 30 Jul 1924 London 014065-24 (Middlesex), Robert HARLOW, 33, laborer, Leith Scotland, London Ont, s/o Robert HARLOW b. Scotland and Catharine CASSIDY, mar Marian CAMERON, 29, housemaid, Argyleshire Scotland, Ontario Hospital London, d/o Alexander CAMERON b. Scotland and Catharine MacDONALD, witn George WHITING and Dolina CAMERON both of Ontario Hospital London, 01 May 1924 London
014042-24 (Middlesex), Harry HARPER, 24, laborer, Nottingham England, 788 Grey Street London, s/o Thomas Albert HARPER b. England and Florence THURLBY, mar Nellie TAIT, 21, biscuit maker, Glasgow Scotland, 788 Grey Street London, d/o John TAIT b. Scotland and Mary MANN, witn James RAE of 788 Grey Street London and Alfred PETTIGREW of Ontario Hospital in London, 11 Oct 1924 St. Matthews Church London  
014069-24 (Middlesex), Lewis HARRIS, 22, laborer, London, 6629 Trafalgar London, s/o Lewis HARRIS Sr. b. Ont and Anne LENT, mar Audrey Vida SMITH, 18, cigar maker, d/o Albert SMITH b. Ont and Ruth CAMPBELL, witn George HARRIS of 522 Philips Street and Myrtle HOOPER of 124 Maitland Street London, 19 Jan 1924 London 014035-24 (Middlesex), Herbert Howard HARRIS, 27, turner, Harvey Illinois USA, London Ont, s/o Joseph HARRIS b. England and Annie TURNER, mar Bessie May MORRIS, 22, laundry worker, England, London Ont, d/o Evan MORRIS b. Wales and Annie FARMER, witn John BATHGATE of 93 King St. in London and Lily HARRIS of 245 Grand Ave. in London, 12 Jul 1924 London
014044-24 (Middlesex), David John Rothful HARTLEY, 23, sailor, Shaw Lake Ont, Owen Sound, d/o David HARTLEY b. Ont and Martha, mar Catherine Agnes BRUCE, 22, housekeeper, Paisley Ont, same, d/o Thomas E. BRUCE b. Ont and Catherine COLWELL, witn Nelly and Elizabeth MacGREGOR both of 356 Queen Street London. 30 Sep 1924 St. Andrews Manse London 014068-24 (Middlesex), Gordon McLean HAY, 32, manager, Troy Ont, London Loan Bldg in London, s/o John HAY b. Crief Ont and Jessie McLEAN, mar Flossie Grace Helena SMITH, 18, housekeeper, Pt. Burwell, 460 Talbot St London, d/o William L. SMITH b. Pt. Rowan and Ida Matilda DENNIS, witn Leila CORNFOOTE of 460 Talbot Street London and Walter S. DAVID of 192 Maitland Street London, 18 Mar 1924 at 124 Albert Street London
014037-24 (Middlesex), Maitland Lawrence HAYES, 23, butcher, Ingersoll, 179 Briscoe St. in London, s/o Franklin HAYES b. Pt. Burwell Ontario and Nellie HOSHALL, mar Minnie Annie GROVER, 20, knitter, England, 179 Briscoe St. in London, d/o Alfred GROVER b. England and Marion TRIGGS, witn J.O. SAGE and H. ENGLISH both of London, 12 Dec 1924 London 014045-24 (Middlesex), Basil HAZELDEN, 28, laborer, Kent England, 21 Grafton Street London, s/o George HAZELDEN b. England and Fanny TYMAN, mar Elsie PARKS, 25, machine operator, Kent England, 21 Grafton Street London, d/o Thomas Henry PARKS b. England and Mary WRIGHT, witn Elsie and Doris PARKS both of 21 Grafton Street London, 20 Sep 1924 at 217 Egerton Street London
014043-24 (Middlesex), Wesley Robert HEARD, 26, physician, Detroit Michigan, Victoria Hospital London, s/o Robert HEARD b. England and Ellen REID, mar Gladys DeBeaugie SLATER, 26, nurse, London, 201 Wortley Road London, d/o John SLATER b. Ont and Hannah CHAMBERS, witn John M.GALBRAITH and A. Hilda SLATER both of London, 22 Sep 1924 London. 014049-24 (Middlesex), Gavin Hamilton HEIGHWAY, 49, widower, coal merchant, Ontario, 16 Cartwright Street London, s/o Thomas HEIGHWAY b. Shropshire England and Julia HAMILTON, mar Ethel Florence CROUCH, 38, divorced, saleslady, London, 331 King Street London, d/o Alfred Edward CROUCH b. Ont and Sarah Ann BLAND, witn R.H. BLAND of 331 King Street London and Sarah J. OGILVIE of 441 Dufferin Street London, 06 Sep 1924 London.
014067-24 (Middlesex), Albin HEROLD, 42, lithographer, Germany, 82 Harvard Ave in Toronto, s/o William HEROLD b. Germany and Alma KNABNER, mar Evelyn Maude FILLMORE, 26, stenographer, USA, 1268 King St. West London, d/o Henry FILLMORE b. USA and Barbara McLEOD, witn Frank and Barbara Webster of 569 Piccadilly St, 19 Mar 1924 New St. James Church London 014056-24 (Middlesex), Lewis Smith HESSEL, 24, machinist, Warren Pennsylvania, 49 Tecumseh Street London, s/o Erasmus HESSEL b. Pennsylvlania and Catherine I. SMITH, mar Hazel Marguerite BEADLE, 21, forelady, London, 665 York Street London, d/o Ernest Alfred BEADLE b. Ontario and Margaret JOHNSON, witn Charles Lorne HESSEL of 49 Tecumseh Street London and Velma Olive BEADLE of 665 York Street London, 20 Aug 1924 at 665 York Street London.
014055-24 (Middlesex), Albert Edward HEXTER, 28, lineman, London, 301 Cheapside Street London, s/o Richard Henry HEXTER b. England and Mary CONNELL, mar Violet WILSON, 32, housekeeper, London, Conc. 4 London Twp, d/o William WILSON b. Canada and Janet YOUNG, witn Douglas and M.E. CREE of 889 Adelaide Street London, 25 Aug 1924 at the Rectory 889 Adelaide Street London.  
014071-24 (Middlesex), Gordon Simon Osborne HILL, 30, salesman, Forest, Cleveland Ohio USA, s/o William HILL and Alinda BLUNDEN, mar Flora Christina MINHINNICK, 24, Cleveland Ohio USA, London, d/o Edwin MINHINNICK and Mary McLEAN, witn K.O. WOODS and M. PARTRIDGE both of London, 08 Oct 1924 London 014053-24 (Middlesex), George Frederick Eugene HILL, 26, laborer, Westminster Twp, RR#8 London, s/o James HILL b. England and Annie GARD, mar Pearl May BENDLE, 22, stenographer, London, 966 Dame Street London, d/o John BENDLE b. Ont and Sarah Mary PASSMORE, witn Jack HYATT of 206 Ridout Street London and Edith HILL of RR8 Westminster, 20 Aug 1924 at 966 Dame Street London
014054-24 (Middlesex), John Harry HILLIARD, 25, machine fitter, Hamilton, 549 Emery Street London, s/o William Henry HILLIARD b. London England and Ida GLENN, mar Ellen WALKER, 21, dining room maid, West Hartlepool England, London Ont, d/o Thomas WALKER b. Stockton England and Mary Elizabeth ROBINSON, witn Stephen and Ethel SMITH of 549 Emery Street London, 26 Aug 1924 London 014034-24 (Middlesex) William HILTON, 20, laborer, London, London, s/o Archie HILTON b. Ontario and Sarah SNOWDEN, mar Mildred ALLEN, 21, factory worker, England, London Ont, s/o Thomas ALLEN b. England and Mary J. PONTER, witn Clarence COUSINS of Ingersoll and Hilda ALLEN of London, 25 Jul 1924 London.
014063-24 (Middlesex), Percy HODGINS, 46, bicycle dealer, Bervie Ontario, 266 Richmond Street London, s/o Adam HODGINS b. Guelph and Elizabeth SADLER, mar Margaret Jane WEIR, 39, widow, housekeeper, Kintore Ont, 495 Emery Street London, d/o George SIMS, b. Nissouri and Joanne McLEOD, witn Esther and Elizabeth MacGREGOR of 356 Queen Street London, 24 May 1924 London 14516-24 James Harold HODGINS, 30, merchant, Biddulph, Lucan, s/o Joseph HODGINS, b. Biddulph & Rebecca McFALLS, married Ethel Maud BAWDEN, 25, Exeter, Lucan, d/o George BAWDEN, b. Devonshire England & Ida ISAACS, witn: Alex HODGINS of Lucan & Mrs. C. MANN of 301 Cumberland Ave in Hamilton, 1 Sept 1924 at Lucan
014059-24 (Middlesex), Harold William HODGSON, 29, chauffeur, Lobo, 352 Piccadilly Street London, s/o John E. HODGSON b. Lobo and Fanny SMITH, mar Mildred May QUIRIE, 20, none, London, 1004 King Street London, d/o Charles M. QUIRIE b. Delaware Ont. and Caroline CAMPBELL, witn Gordon ENSIGN and Tina QUIRIE both of London, 28 Jun 1924 London. 014070-24 (Middlesex), John Wesley HOLBORNE, 25, clerk, St. Thomas, same, s/o Joseph HOLBORNE b. Belmont Ont and Ella May SHARP, mar Susie Adelia DAVENPORT, 24, nurse, Sparta Ont, Aylmer, d/o Edwin M. DAVENPORT b. Orwell Ont and Alma Loretta RICE, witn Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. RICE of 144 Ross Street St. Thomas, 24 Jan 1924 London

014048-24 (Middlesex), John George HOPPER, 21, huckster, London, 744 Colborne Street London, s/o John George HOPPER b. Dresden Ont., and Matilda THOMPSON, mar Hazel GARDNER, 18, clerk, Toronto (note added says Orillia), 593 Hamilton Road London, d/o Gordon Theodore GARDNER b. Toronto and Emily NEWBURY, witn Gordon G. HOPPER and Ethel A. CAPON both of London, 15 Sep 1924 All Saints Church London.

014036-24 (Middlesex), William Clarence Rowcliffe HOWARD, 27, chief clerk CNR, London, London, s/o Charles E. HOWARD b. London Ont and Agnes COCKBURN, mar Effie Jessie LAND, 26, housekeeper, d/o Howard F. LAND b. London Ont and Margaret McLEAN, witn Lucy F. LAND of 21 Victor St. in London and E.B. HOWARD of 793 Adelaide St. in London, 09 Jul 1924 London
014066-24 (Middlesex), Edward James HOWARD, 23, machinist, London England, 629 Hamilton Road London, s/o William HOWARD b. London England and Louisa GILES, mar Isobel Houston HALL, 22, bookbinder, Glasgow Scotland, 629 Hamilton Road London, d/o Arthur HALL b. Glasgow Scotland and Mary SWANDLE, witn H. BARBER of 11 Huron Street London and I. HOWARD of 627 Hamilton Road London, 19 Apr 1924 London 014061-24 (Middlesex), Ernest Arthur HOWARD, 22, watchman, Hagersville, London, s/o George HOWARD b. Hagersville and Sadie HARRIS, mar Verna Ludella PRIDDLE, 21, clerk, Norwich, London, d/o Frederick PRIDDLE b. Ontario and Clara MUSTARD, witn M. and Sadie SMELSER of London, 04 Jun 1924 All Saints Church London.
014051-24 (Middlesex), Frank HOWARTH, 22, moulder, England, 19 Woodworth Ave St. Thomas, s/o William HOWARTH b. England and Rose BRIDGE, mar Helen FAIR, 20, clerk, London Ont, 377 Byron Road London, d/o Henry FAIR b. Ont and Maud MOFFATT, witn Thomas R. And Annie CLARKE of Delhi Ont, 12 Sep 1924 London. 014030-24 (Middlesex), Russell Dean HOWE, 26, widower, commercial traveller, London, London, s/o Frederick HOWE b. London Ont and Sarah Ann DEAN, mar Lillian Pearl BROWN, 33, housekeeper, Caradoc, London, d/o George BROWN b. Ontario and Mary Jane WHALS, witn Gertrude and James CRUMMER of 87 1/2 Dundas St. in London, 25 Jan 1924 at 217 Egerton St. in London

014072-24 (Middlesex), Francis Edmund HUBBARD, 38, farmer, Forest, Forest, s/o Patrick HUBBARD and Elizabeth McANDREWS, mar Mary Estelle McINTYRE, 40, Dorchester, same, d/o David McINTYRE and Margaret OMEARA, witn blank McINTYRE and Helene McINTYRE both of Dorchester, 12 Aug 1924 London.

014031-24 (Middlesex), Arthur James HUDDLESTON, 29, pressman, Alverston Lancashire England, 740 Dundas St. in London, s/o George HUDDLESTON b. England and Jane BINNINGTON, mar Mary Elizabeth BLACK, 24, dressmaker, Pickford Michigan USA, 832 Lorne Ave. in London, d/o Wilson BLACK b. Ontario and Edith E. HARRIS, witn Frederick HUDDLESTON of 740 Dundas St. in London and Wilhelmina PATMAN of 79 Duchess St. in London, 02 Aug 1924 at 124 Albert St. in London
014047-24 (Middlesex), Lloyd Cecil HUDSON, 25, assistant agent CNR, Hensall, Hensall, s/o Thomas HUDSON b. Ont and Anne GILL, mar Mable Irene GLEN, 24, telephone operator, Toronto, Hensall, d/o Hugh GLEN b. Ont and Annie PAPPLE, witn Earl MITCHELL of Exeter and Rena HUDSON of Hensall, 10 Sep 1924 London. 014050-24 (Middlesex), Sidney Stuart James HUDSON, 33, widower, attendant, Clapham England, Westminster Twp, s/o Sidney Martin HUDSON b. England and Edith AYLING, mar Bessie SHIERS, 29, widow, housekeeper, Portsmouth England, London Ont, d/o William SHEPPARD b. England and Elizabeth BONE, witn A.J. WORDEN and Florence SHEPPARD, 02 Sep 1924 St. Pauls Cathedral London
014041-24 (Middlesex), Frank Russell HUGHES, 34, banker, Detroit Michigan, 570 Oxford Street London, s/o Robert HUGHES b. Jamaica Long Island NY and Jane COOTE, mar Mary Madeline SCOTT, 30, bookkeeper, London, 112 Elmwood Ave London, d/o Alexander SCOTT b. Aberdeen Scotland and Margaret WYATT, witn D.S. MEAD and Florence E. SCOTT both of London, 15 Oct 1924 London.

014046-24 (Middlesex), John Alfred HUGHES, 34, presshand, Surrey England, London Ont, s/o Charles HUGHES b. England and Alice SMITH, mar Edith BAKER, 21, nursemaid, Essex England, London Twp, d/o George BAKER b. England and Alice TURNER, witn William BOWER and J.O. SAGE both of London, 05 Sep 1924 London.

014052-24 (Middlesex), Orville Chester HUGHES, 29, traveller, Appin, London, s/o John Albert HUGHES b. Canada and Livada DONALDSON, mar Ethel Maude WILSON, 27, none, London, London, d/o William James WILSON b. Canada and Emily Alfradette PADFIELD, witn John A. HUGHES of RR3 London and William J. WILSON of 84 King Street London, 11 Sep 1924 London. 014064-24 (Middlesex), Lionel John HUGHES, 44, widower, shipper, London England, 70 Fullerton Street London, s/o George James HUGHES b. England and Rosa HUCKSTABLE, mar Ida Florence Langlois MERTON, 46, widow, housekeeper, London, 70 Fullerton Street London, d/o Abraham John MARSH b. Dorsetshire England and Nancy LANGLOIS, witn Fred SIBLEY of 148 Emery Street London and Marjorie HUNT of 62 Richmond Street London, 15 May 1924 London.
014060-24 (Middlesex), John Henry HUNT, 32, cook CNR, British West Indies, 16 St. Andrew Street London, s/o Thomas HUNT b. British West Indies and Lucretia GULSTON, mar Caroline ANDERSON, 20, domestic, Ontario, 103 Glenwood Ave London, d/o John ANDERSON b. Ontario and Martha SMITH, witn Roy ANDERSON and Myrtle FIELDS both of 103 Glenwood Ave London, 17 Jun 1924 London 014062-24 (Middlesex), Harold Moore HUNTER, 21, produce dealer, St. Marys, same, s/o Albert Cranston HUNTER b. Galt and Agnes MOORE, mar Blanche Beryl JEWELL, 22, none, Toronto, 552 Waterloo Street London, d/o Francis George JEWELL b. London and Lucy Maude SCRANTON, witn J.O. MAXWELL of St. Marys and J.D. HUNTER of Toronto, 03 Jun 1924 London
014057-24 (Middlesex), Daniel Elmer HURLEY, 40, salesman, Glencoe, 30 Yale Street London, s/o Daniel HURLEY b. Glencoe and Sarah A. WOODWARD, mar Ida Belle GILBANK, 29, clerk, London, Windsor Ave London, d/o John M. GILBANK b. Ilderton and Belle ORD, witn Eva McDOWELL and Helen BLACK both of 316 Wellington Road London, 24 Sep 1924 London 014040-24 (Middlesex), Thomas Clifford HYATT, 21, laborer, Lobo, Lobo, s/o Norman HYATT b. Ont and Agnes BUMSTEAD, mar Lila May ROEMMELE, 28, clerk, Ekfrid, Ekfrid, d/o Henry ROEMMELE b. Ont and Mary CHISHOLME, witn Mrs. Wesley HYATT and Horace HYATT both of 141 Mt. Pleasant Ave London, 01 Nov 1924 London.
014075-24 (Middlesex), Allan Emerson INCH, 24, brewer, Parry Sound District, London, s/o Charles INCH b. England and Margaret LUTTRELL, mar Thelma Myrtle Dorothy JARVIS, 22, housekeeper, London, London, d/o William H. JARVIS b. London Ont and Maud MARTIN, witn William H. and Maud JARVIS of London, 10 May 1924 London. 014074-24 (Middlesex), James Lloyd IRELAND, 23, student, Mt. Forest, same, s/o John Smith IRELAND b. Ont and Ida Harriet COYNE, mar Marjorie Ida BROWN, 18, no profession, Palmerston, same, d/o George Sydney BROWN b. Ont and Maud LEWIS, witn Jean McINTOSH and Mrs. McINTOSH both of 826 King Street London, 17 Jun 1924 London.
  014092-24 (Middlesex), Arthur Augustus JAMES, 24, lecturer in political charity, Melbourne, London, s/o John JAMES and Mae Lily BROWN, mar Mary Stewart MARSHALL, 20, none, London, London, d/o Finley MARSHALL and Ella Jane WALKER, witn Florence M.J. McDONAGH and Ross P.J. DOUGALL M.D. both of London, 19 Aug 1924 St. John the Evangelist Church London.
014085-24 (Middlesex), Henry Edward JAMESON, 57, merchant, Montreal, 372 York Street London, s/o Benjamin R. JAMESON, b. Montreal and Virginia CARON, mar Ella Mabel SIMPSON, 43, widow, housekeeper, London, 372 York St London, d/o William Henry WINSLOW b. London and Elizabeth PINCH, witn W.H. HODGES and Mary McCONE both of 11 Hyatt Ave London, 08 Aug 1924 The Hyatt Ave Manse (Presbyterian) London 014080-24 (Middlesex), Christopher Robert JAMESON, 40, laborer, Scotland, London, s/o George JAMESON b. Scotland and Agnes HESLOP, mar Norah Adeline MATTHEWS, 31, dressmaker, Cornwall England, London Ont, d/o Frederick MATTHEWS b. England and Nora JEFFERIES, witn Percy MAITLAND and Jean MACKAY both of London, 18 Oct 1924 New St. James Manse London.
014078-24 (Middlesex), Charles Henry JANSEN, 20, electrician, Sheldon Ont, 762 Richmond Street London, s/o Major Henry JANSEN b. Welland Ont and Eva MICHAEL, mar Gertrude Jean WEBB, 20, factory worker, Edinburgh Scotland, 136 York Street London, d/o Patrick WEBB b. Edinburgh Scotland and Catherine HAMELL, witn Ernest L. WEST of 146 Mill Street and Mrs. B. WILLIAMS of 762 Richmond, 13 Dec 1924 London. 014079-24 (Middlesex), Clarence Earl JEAN, 25, gardener, London, London Twp, s/o Philip Thomas JEAN b. Channel Islands and Emily Jane SEFFERT, mar Olive Hayle BRAGG, 22, housekeeper, London, London, d/o Charles Henry BRAGG b. London and Effie Mae DRACUP, witn Mrs. Lloyd SCOYNE and Evaline YOUNG both of London, 29 Oct 1924 at Wild Wood Ave London
014089-24 (Middlesex), James Stanley JOHNSON, 24, soldier, Stanley? England, London, s/o William Charles JOHNSON b. England and Mary Eliza CLARK, mar Jennie CAMERON, 21, domestic, Ireland, London, d/o Robert CAMERON b. Ireland and Jennie McLEAN, witn. Mr. and Mrs. W.H. VAUGHAN of London, 30 Jan 1924 London. 014086-24 (Middlesex), Thomas Henry JOHNSON, 21, trucker, Granton, 132 Colborne Street London, s/o Thomas JOHNSON b. England and Mary SAMPSON, mar Edna Phyllis May ASKEW, 20, machinist, England, 106 Egerton Street London, d/o Walter ASKEW b. England and Edith CLAYSON, witn Fred L. MILLER of RR4 London and Marianne BURRELL of 769 Simcoe Street Lon, 06 Aug 1924 London,
014091-24 (Middlesex), Frank James JOHNSTON, 20, trucker, London, 544 King Street London, s/o Arthur JOHNSTON b. Goderich and Alice LAKE, mar Reata BARNES, 19, knitter, London, London, d/o Charles BARNES b. London Ont and Annie LAWFORD, witn Mr. and Mrs. Colin JOHNSTON of London, 01 Jan 1924 All Saints Church London. 014088-24 (Middlesex), William John JOHNSTON, 32, Secretary-Treasurer, Thorndale, London, s/o Archibald JOHNSTON b. Thorndale and Rachel WORWALL, mar Iona Sarah ROBERTSON, 32, clerk, Point Edward, London, d/o John D. ROBERTSON b. Sarnia and Elizabeth JOB, witn Sarah HYANNIS and Mrs. Jas. MACKAY both of London, 02 Feb 1924 at New St. James Manse London
014081-24 (Middlesex), Edward JOHNSTON, 35, trucker, London, 156 Hill Street London, s/o Arthur b. Simcoe and Alice RACE, mar Pearl WOODS, 33, candy maker, Detroit Michigan, 87 Glenwood Ave London, d/o Joseph b. Detroit and Jane SCRIMINGER, witn Wilbert and Gladys MORAN of London, 07 Oct 1924 London 014076-24 (Middlesex), Leonard Ross JOHNSTON, 23, salesman, Strathroy, 155 Ann Street London, s/o Frederick JOHNSTON b. Strathroy and Lilian PERRY, mar Mildred RIDLEY, 21, clerk, St. Thomas, 497 Grey Street London, d/o Arthur RIDLEY b. Ont and Ada Violet RIDLEY, witn Mrs. H.A. KOEHLER of 256 Hamilton Rd and Mrs. Beatrice RIDLEY 497 Grey Street London, 25 Jun 1924 London
014083-24 (Middlesex), William Henry JOHNSTON, 21, clerk, London, 944 Queens Ave London, s/o Joseph JOHNSTON b. Ireland and Susan England, mar Ettie Marguerite DELANEY, 20, stenographer, London, 428 Quebec Street London, d/o Charles DELANEY b. London Ont and Lucy DARK, witn Edward James JOHNSTON of 944 Queens Ave London and Stella DRAPER of 330 Glencoe Street London, 26 Aug 1924 St. Matthews Church London 014087-24 (Middlesex), William JOHNSTONE, 21, machinists helper, Scotland, St. Thomas, s/o William JOHNSTONE b. Scotland and Janet INGLES, mar Nora POWERS, 19, shoe worker, Grimsby, St. Thomas, d/o Daniel POWERS b. Smithville and Elizabeth DILLS, witn William and Anna HARK of St. Thomas, 24 Apr 1924 London.
014082-24 (Middlesex), Frank Watson JOLLIFFE, 20, merchant, Springfield Ont, 1445 Dundas Street London, s/o James JOLLIFFE b. Springfield and Lucy CLEMENT, mar Varletta Pearl TREMAINE, 18, stenographer, d/o James TREMAINE b. England and Eliza GOODING, witn H. Bruce and Elizabeth TREMAINE of London, 06 Sep 1924 London. 014077-24 (Middlesex), Thomas Henry JONES, 23, tool fitter, Barrman Fursan? England, 307 Pall Mall Street London, s/o James Henry JONES b. England and Maude KITCHENER, mar Lottie FAULDS, 22, waitress, Newton Scotland, 252 Nelson Street London, d/o Garvin FAULDS b. Scotland and Jennie ANDERSON, witn Alexander COLVIN of 307 Pall Mall Street London and Jessie GRIGOR of London, 02 May 1924 at 156 Wellington Street London.
014084-24 (Middlesex), Cecil Llewellyn JONES, 32, salesman, London, 362 Waterloo Street London, s/o William JONES b. England and Jeannette WILKINSON, mar. Margaret PAWLITZKI, 32, furrier, London, 25 McClary Ave London, d/o John PAWLITZKI b. Germany and Johanna APPMANN, witn Bertha Ella and Percy E. PERRIN of 25 McClary Ave London, 30 Aug 1924 London 014090-24 (Middlesex), Thomas William JONES, 57, widower, farmer, Sunningdale England, London Ont, s/o Thomas JONES b. England and Annie HARRIS, mar Lottie Rosie POPPOFF, 46, widow, none, London England, London Ont, d/o William Robert IREDALE b. London England and Louise ATKINS, witn Mr. and Mrs. George MAJOR of London, 25 Jan 1924 London
014100-24 (Middlesex), John David KAKALIA, 30, musician, Honolulu Hawaii, 480 Talbot Street London, s/o David KAKALIA b. Hawaii and Numela KUKAHILI, mar Florence Grace RUTHERFORD, 28, domestic, Ontario, Midland, d/o Charles RUTHERFORD b. Ontario and Agnes KIRK, witn Mr. and Mrs. E.J. KALANI of 484 Talbot Street London, 06 Dec 1924. 014099-24 (Middlesex), Matthew KELLY, 55, widower, minister, Bathgate Scotland, North Terre Haute Indiana USA, s/o Thomas KELLY b. Ireland and Mary WHITELAW, mar Frances Elizabeth SMITH, 54, housekeeper, Devonshire England, London Ont, d/o Henry SMITH b. Devonshire England and Elizabeth Tucker BUDD, witn Esther MacGREGOR of 356 Queens Ave London and Jean MacGREGOR, 17 Dec 1924 St. Andrews Manse 356 Queens Ave London
014098-24 (Middlesex), Marn Mell KENDALL, 28, machinist, Chatham, RR#7 Chatham, s/o Albert KENDALL b. Chatham and Lydia BLACKBURN, mar Jane May ASHTON, 26, stenographer, Aylmer Ont, 123 Mt. Pleasant Street London, d/o Frederick ASHTON, b. Onslow England and Sarah HANDY, witn William and Ernest Ray ASHTON both of London, 24 Dec 1924 London.  
014094-24 (Middlesex), Royal Stone KENERSON, 24, commercial traveller, USA, 69 Sussex Ave (Toronto?), s/o Harry KENERSON b. USA and Carrie STONE, mar Madalyn Sarah RANKIN, 22, none, Ontario, 151 Waterloo Street London, d/o John RANKIN b. Ontario and Roxie PINNEY, witn Carrie E. KENERSON of Ithaca New York and John RANKIN of 151 Waterloo Street London, 12 Sep 1924 London 014104-24 (Middlesex), William Edward KENNEY, 29, switchman, Maidstone in Essex Cty, St. Thomas, s/o John KENNEY b. Belle River and Mary McCANN, mar Margaret Hannah OSBORN, 21, tailoress, London England, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas OSBORN b. London England and Annie FOSTER, witn William and Maggie WATSON of 23 Beatrice Ave, 23 August 1924 and 214 Egerton Street London
014105-24 (Middlesex), Alexander Adam KERR, 22, farmer, Springwell? Michigan, Claudeboye, s/o Adam KERR b. Toronto and Clara Marie SLOMAN, mar Gertrude MILLS, 20, shoemaker, Sarnia, London, d/o James MILLS b. England and Mary BOWES, witn Rev. Thomas WATSON of Ridgetown and Mrs. George W. YOUNG of RR4 London, 13 Sep 1924 Pipeline Drive London 014102-24 (Middlesex), Frank KEUHNE, 26, woodworker, Ellis Twp, Stratford, s/o Fred KEUHNE b. Germany and Alvina SCHUNSMANN, mar Margaret NICKIE, 30, widow, Stratford, Stratford, d/o Robert MONTGOMERY b. Rochester NY and Johanna DONOVAN, witn Winford SANDERCOTT 57 Palace Street London and Mrs. M.J. BONNER of 484 Central Ave London, 11 Sep 1924 London.
014096-24 (Middlesex), Joseph M. KINSHELLA, 27, accountant, New York State, Detroit Michigan, s/o Michael K. KINSHELLA and Ellen O'NEIL, mar Lulu COAKLEY, 28, Toronto, London, stenographer, d/o Patrick C. COAKLEY and Mary CAMPBELL, witn Harold CHRISTOPHER and Kathleen COAKLEY both of London, 22 Apr 1924 London 014097-24 (Middlesex), William Amos KIRK, 21, bill poster, Exeter, 53 Hyla Street London, s/o David KIRK b. Ontario and Tillie TAYLOR, mar Alice WENER, 18, knitter, London, 213 Cathcart Street London, d/o John WENER b. Ontario and Alice BOYD, witn Rosa M. WENER of 53 Hyla Street and Edythe STEWART of 47 Ada Street London, 24 May 1924 at 340 Hamilton Road London
014095-24 (Middlesex), Charles Roeallen KNIGHT, 21, policeman, Portage La Prairie Ont, 490 English Street London, s/o Charles Frederick KNIGHT b. Ontario and Sarah Jane GOODRIDGE, mar Janet Catherine BIRRELL, 20, none, London, 628 Talbot Street London, d/o Robert M. BIRRELL b. Scotland and Janet ARTHUR, witn Albert E. KNIGHT of 795 Elias Street and Margaret B. BIRRELL of 628 Talbot Street London, 04 Mar 1924 London

014093-24 (Middlesex), Harold KRAUL, 50, widower, wholesale butcher, Denmark, London, s/o Valdemar KRAUL b. Denmark and Katrina AKEO, mar Kristine JENSEN, 25, domestic, Denmark, London, d/o Peter JENSEN b. Denmark and Marina SIMONSEN, witn Lila JAMES of London Junction and Irene Hazelwood of 1346 King Street London, 15 Jul 1924 at 1346 King Street London

014103-24 (Middlesex), Clayton Jacob KRESS, 27, shoemaker, St. Agatha Ont, London, s/o Andrew KRESS b. Ontario and Marie FOWLER, mar Eva Marie JELLOWS, 26, shoemaker, Sweaburg Ont, 411 Baker Street London, d/o William JELLOWS b. England and Lucy SHELTON, witn George C. WALKER of 108 Fullerton St. in London and Ivy BROTHERS of 423 Pall Mall Street London, 12 Sep 1924 London. 014101-24 (Middlesex), Edward John KUNTZ, 34, widower, trainman, Auburn, London, s/o Jacob KUNTZ b. Germany and Barbary GERB, mar Margaret Helen WARD, 30 housekeeper, London Twp, London, d/o Patrick WARD b. London Twp and Margaret REDMOND, witn Frank TAGGART of Goderich and Elizabeth WARD of London, 27 Nov 1924 London
14125-24 Charles Ewart LACEY, 22, manufacturer, Toronto, 132 Central Ave in London, s/o Thomas LACEY & Mary Elizabeth SPENCER, married Annie HARRIS, 22, book keeper, Sutton - Coldfield England, 93 Hugh St. in London, d/o Samuel William HARRIS & Elizabeth RIGBY, witn: Thomas Henry LACEY of 579 Donovan Bldg. in Detroit & Gwen HARRIS of 93 High St., 2 June 1924 at 93 High St., London 014112-24 (Middlesex), Henry Edward LAMPMAN, 24, salesman, Shedden, London, s/o Chauncey LAMPMAN b. Ancaster and Susie ASTON, mar Lillian BOXALL, 21, saleslady, Leeds England, London Ont, d/o C.A. BOXALL b. India and Elizabeth FROST, witn C.A. BOXALL of 141 Colborne Street London and H.E. BOXALL of London, 28 Jun 1924 London
014110-24 (Middlesex), George Heron LARKWORTHY, 25, butcher, Stratford, Stratford, s/o George LARKWORTHY b. Canada and Kate M. HERON, mar Mary Marjorie LEGG, 23, stenographer, Stratford, none, d/o Robert LEGG b. Canada and Emily Ellen FITZPATRICK, witn George William HACKNEY and Nellie DAVIS both of 418 Oxford Street London, 07 Jul 1924 St. John the Evangelist Church London 14123-24 Robert LAY, 21, policeman, London England, London, s/o George LAY & Emily Martha, married Gertrude Winnifred LUPSON, 19, London England, London, d/o Frederick William LUPSON & Gertrude Sarah, witn: F. W. LUPSON of 468 Queens Ave in London & Fred LUPSON of London, 16 Feb 1924 at London
014107-24 (Middlesex), Horace LEAK, 27, laborer, Holbeck Leeds England, 351 Emery Street London, s/o Ramsden LEAK b. Holbeck Leeds England and Annie PLEAD (Head?), mar Isabella Margaret METCALFE, 29, beamer, Colne England, same, d/o Mission METCALFE b. England and Mary KNEWSTUBB, witn Arthur and Lilian BLAKE of London, 15 Jul 1924 London 014109-24 (Middlesex), Alfred Robert LEIGH, 24, meter installer, England, London Ont, s/o Henry Robert LEIGH b. England and Caroline HANNA, mar Olive Prudence CLARK, 23, housekeeper, London, London, d/o David CLARK b. London Ont and Thursa Grace ISAAC, witn both illegible, 28 Jun 1924 at 1470 Dundas Street London.
14126-24 Leo LENEHAN, 26, clerk, London Ont., Detroit, s/o Michael LENEHAN & Mary LYNCH, married Marie SULLIVAN, 27, clerk, Ottawa Canada, London, d/o John SULLIVAN & Josephine GEARY, witn: Walter LENEHAN & Frances SULLIVAN, both of London, 10 June 1924 at London 14122-24 John Archibald LIKENS, 25, machinist, Brantford, Detroit, s/o Archibald LIKENS (b. Brantford) & Alice BUTLER, married Florence Janette MINARD, 22, Brantford, same, s/o John Huntley MINARD (b. Brantford) & Margaret TITUS, witn: A. F. & Mrs. A. F. ALLAN of Dundas St. in London, 3 Jan 1924 at London
14124-24 John William LIZMORE, 26, teamster, England, 155 Briscoe St. in London, s/o John William LIZMORE & Annie KING, married Louie May COOTE, 24, saleslady, England, 872 William St. in London, d/o James Henry COOTE & Emily Elizabeth ENNIS, witn: Emily C. COOTE of 872 William & A. L. WOOD of 87 Lang--?, 27 Aug 1924 at London 014111-24 (Middlesex), Herbert McDonald LONG, 32, superintendent, Pt. Dover, 35 Stanley Street London, s/o Henry LONG b. Port Dover and Josie MITCHELL, mar Lottie Gwendoline MARTIN, 23, clerk, Ilderton, 35 Stanley Street London, d/o William MARTIN b. Ontario and Annie Mary SHIPLEY, witn Herman LONG of Paris Ont and Florence Deborah MARTIN, 28 Jun 1924 at bride's home London
014108-24 (Middlesex), Raymond Aubrey LOUCKS, 25, finisher, Napanee Ont, same, s/o Richard LOUCKS b. Napanee and Emma CLUTE, mar Lillian RICHARDSON, 25, nurse, Napanee, Detroit Michigan, d/o Richard RICHARDSON b. Napanee and Lena COUGHLIN, witn Harriet M. HUNTER and Sadie JARVIS both of 512 Wellington Street London, 04 Jul 1924 London 14127-24 Bert Leroy MARSHALL, 25, salesman, London Ont., 773 King St. in London, s/o Thomas MARSHALL (b. England) & Mary WISE, married Christena SADLER, 19, London Ont., Clarendon Hotel in London, d/o Arthur SADLER (b. Lucan Ont) & Jessie MacLENNAN, witn: George JERMY of 103 Victoria St. in London & Kathleen SADLER of 367 Talbot St., 8 July 1924 at London
14132-24 William Albert MARTIN, 26, shipper, London England, 43 Hyla St. in London, s/o Albert MARTIN (b. London England) & Adelaide TAYLOR, married Lily Louise GOODWIN, 25, machine operator, London England, 47 Hyla St., d/o George Walter GOODWIN (b. London England) & Emily Lydia WYLIE, witn: Gertrude MARTIN & Robert WENMAN, both of Hyla St., 14 June 1924 at Egerton St. Baptist Church, London 14133-24 Samuel Small MARTIN, 28, widower, jockey, Colraine - Northern Ireland, Broughdale?, s/o Arthur MARTIN (b. N. Ireland) & Annie SMALL, married Julia DOCHERTY, 26, Paisley Scotland, 1191 York St. in London, d/o Hugh DOCHERTY (b. Scotland) & Julia DURICK, witn: Harry & Catherine SMITH of 1191 York St., 11 June 1924 at London
14128-24 Frederick MASON, 31, electrical contractor, Chester England, 190 Waterloo St. in England, s/o George MASON (b. England) & Mary BRIGHT, married Nancy Marguerite Rebecca FORD, 23, book keeper, London, 310 Ottaway Ave in London, d/o James H. FORD (b. Duart Ont) & Nancy JAGGERS, witn: E. MASON of Richmond Ont & Theresa OLIVER of London, 9 July 1924 at London 14129-24 Joseph MOCK, 32, carpenter, Ontario, London, s/o Joseph MOCK (b. Ont) & Mary Ann BLUE, married Mary Ann ROSE, 38, stitcher, England, London, d/o James ROSE (b. England) & Charlotte Elizabeth ELLIOTT, witn: Philip ROSE of 129 St. Julius St. in London & Margaret GIBSON of 809 Maitland St. in London, 5 July 1924 at London
14134-24 Frederick Jonathan MOSSIP, 26, farmer, Thorndale, same, s/o Joseph MOSSIP (b. On) & Jane McCUTCHEON, married Wilma Ruth HARDING, 23, teacher, Thorndale, 472 Queens Ave in London, d/o William HARDING (b. Ont) & Caroline L. DRAPER, witn: Emma HARDING of Woodstock & Mrs. B. J. NORRIS of London, 3 June 1924 at London 14131-24 John MUNRO, 60, inspector, Rosshire Scotland, 975 Hackett St. in London, s/o John MUNRO (b. Scotland) & Flora MUNRO, married Jane (or Jean) Laws SHORT, 39, widow, Dumfries Scotland, 103 Duchess Ave in London, d/o Andrew LAWS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth YOUNGSON, witn: F. & Rosie BURTON of 13 Southgate St., 28 June 1924 at 340 Hamilton Rd., London
14130-24 John MURCHISON, 31, nurse, Gowe Rosshire Scotland, 301 Pall Mall in London, s/o Donald MURCHISON (b. Scotland) & Isabel McCRAE, married Barbara McNAIR, 28, nurse, Loch Carron Scotland, 301 Pall Mall, d/o Donald McNAIR (b. Scotland) & Marach McCRAE, witn: J. & Dobena STEELE of 301 Pall Mall, 30 June 1924 at London 014106-24 (Middlesex), Howard Russell THOMPSON, 31, farmer, Strathroy, Strathroy, s/o David THOMPSON b. Caradoc Twp and Louise McGURN (McCuen?), mar Lillian Ida GALE, 20 clerk, Strathroy, Mt. Brydges, d/o Robert GALE b. Adelaide Twp and Laura JURY, witn Mary PURDOM and Thomas E. HARRIS both of London, 16 Jul 1924 at 252 Burwell Street London