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Middlesex  Co., 1924, part 2

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014113-24  James LAMBIE, 40, widower, commercial traveller, London England, London Ont, s/o James LAMBIE b. Scotland and Annie Drummond LANDON, mar Hilda Margaret KEENE, 30, housekeeper, London, London, d/o Charles Edward KEENE b. London England and Helen Patterson HARDIE, witn Landon LAMBIE of Chicago Illinois and Norman H. KEENE of London, 11 Dec 1924 London 014117-24  William George LANG, 20, mechanic, London, 390 Jefferson Ave Detroit Michigan, s/o Thomas LANG b. Walkerton and Lucy MAHER, mar Edna Bernice DRAPER, 20, operator, London, 477 Dundas Street London, d/o William DRAPER b. England and Eliza GRIFFIN, witn Gordon LANG and Ethel DRAPER both of London. 04 Sep 1924 London.
014118-24  Chris LARSEN, 30, miner, Denmark, 1315 Fullerton Ave Chicago Illinois, s/o Anders LARSEN b. Denmark and Minnie RASMUSSEN, mar Harriet Valborg ESTRUP, 26, dressmaker, Denmark, 143 York Street London, d/o Peter ESTRUP b. Denmark and Sophia PETERSEN, witn Hans NIELSEN and Helen Louisa BIRD both of London, 25 Aug 1924 London 014120-24  Ernest Thomas LEDGER, 23, clerk, Surrey England, 297 King Street London, s/o Ernest John LEDGER b. England and Fannie BUSH, mar Edith HOOKE, 23, housekeeper, Newcastle England, 297 King Street London, d/o George Moffatt HOOKE b. England and Laura Beatrice TINWELL, witn Eva and Harry McCORMICK of 280 Hamilton Road London, 18 Feb 1924 London
014114-24  William Benjamin LEGATE, 28, tax collector, Owen Sound, 705 Third Ave Owen Sound, s/o John LEGATE b. Ontario and Ella WITTAWAY, mar Phoebe Mildred EVANS, 31, widow, nurse, Sydenham Twp, 787 - 3rd Ave Owen Sound, d/o Colin CAMPBELL b. Ontario and Martha Jane McINNES, witn Sadie RIVARD and Russell WAIDE both of 602 Grosvenor Street London, 08 Oct 1924 New St. James Church London 014119-24  Frederick Clifford LEIGH, 31, widower, taxi owner, Montreal Que, 733 William Street London, s/o Fred Gerald LEIGH b. England and Christine McEWEN, mar Ethel SPRAGG, 24, illegible employee, Dorchester, 79 Askin Street London, d/o W.H. SPRAGG b. England and Eliza JUDGE, witn C.P. LEIGH and Lillian M. SALTON both of London, 27 Feb 1924 London.

014116-24  George Edward John LEWIS 21, farmer, Sarnia Twp, RR3 Sarnia, s/o George Henry LEWIS b. Sarnia Twp and Goldie MOORE, mar Vera May HARDICK, 19, housekeeper, Forest, RR3 London, d/o Charles Richard HARDICK b. USA and Ida Hildegarde HALL, witn Roy HARDICK and Lillian WHEATLEY both of RR3 Sarnia, 11 Sep 1924 London.

014115-24  Thomas LINDSAY, 32, attendant, Londonderry Ireland, Westminster Twp Ont, s/o James LINDSAY b. Ireland and Matilda LAMONT, mar Gertrude Isabel WHIFFEN, 35, nurse, Brighton England, Dundas Street London, d/o Charles Edward WHIFFEN b. England and Prudence Priscilla PALMER, witn Gordon L. PRIOR of RR4 St. Thomas and A.J. SHILSTONE of Westminster Hospital London, 03 Sep 1924 London
014121-24 Clarence Carmen LONDRY, 26, druggist, Collingwood, London, s/o Charles R. LONDRY b. Meaford and Ada BUCK, mar Florence WILKINSON, 21, bookkeeper, England, London Ont, d/o George WILKINSON b. England and Sara SIMMONS, witn Marjorie E. FRANCIS of 1057 Richmond Street London, 30 Jan 1924 London 014157-24  James May MANIEX, 21, chauffeur, London, London, s/o John Patrick MANIEX b. Caledonia Ont. and Kathleen HARRISON, mar Alma Melissa MOORE, 22, machine hand, London, London, d/o William James MOORE b. Ont. and Jane Ada BARNABY, witn Lawrence H. and Cora May HESSEL of London, 01 Nov 1924 London.
014143-24  James MARKWELL, 28, pattern fitter, London England, London Ont, s/o James MARKWELL b. London England and Mary DOWSERFIELD, mar Elizabeth MORGAN, 24, cornflakes employee, Hamilton Scotland, London Ont, d/o Alfred Henry MORGAN b. Wales and Harriet FOSTER, witn M.K. and Mary S. GUNNE of London, 15 Mar 1924 London 014138-24  John Elmer MARR, 27, mechanic, Southwold Station, same, s/o John J. MARR b. Southwold Stn and Mercie DINGMAN, mar Amber Gertrude ARNOLD, 28, school teacher, Chatham, St. Thomas, d/o Frances Arthur ARNOLD b. Chatham and Sarah Elizabeth SEXSMITH, witn Alex BEATTIE and Mary MYOTT both of 232 Central Street London, 14 May 1924 London
014148-24  Harold George MARSH, 23, machinist, Simcoe, Brockfort New York State, s/o Thomas MARSH b. England and Hessie WHITEHEAD, mar Katherine May SMITH, 23, St. Thomas, 36 Metcalf Street St. Thomas, d/o Thomas D. SMITH b. Canada and Lydia WIEBEL, witn G.E. and Grace MILLER of St. Thomas, 26 Feb 1924 London. 014170-24  Thomas Henry MARSH, 21, electrician, Denfield, 891 Dufferin Street London, s/o Phillip Richard MARSH b. Ont and Theresa LANG, mar Freda May FORD, 18, clerk, London, 891 Dufferin Street London, d/o Enos FORD b. Ont and Annie OSBORNE, witn Mrs. Floyd HOLLAND of London (ministers wife), 05 Apr 1924 London
014163-24  Lewis Philip Harvey MARSHALL, 25, manager, England, 1407 Dundas Street London, s/o Humphrey Meredith MARSHALL b. Leicestershire England and Elizabeth Anne LANGSTON, mar Agnes Nita HUNTER, 25, bookkeeper, Dorchester, 1409 Dundas Street London, d/o Thomas HUNTER b. Dorchester and Mary Jane LITTLE, witn Humphrey Meredith MARSHALL and Jennie HUNTER both of London, 23 Sep 1924 at 1409 Dundas Street London. 014171-24  George Nelson MARSHALL, 44, carpenter, London Twp, Broughdale London Twp, s/o Alfred Henry MARSHALL b. Ont and Mary Maria BRUMMEL, mar Nellie SCOTT, 37, housekeeper, London, London, d/o Richard Henry SCOTT b. England and Mary Anne HOLGATE, witn Mildred SHARPE of Brampton and Margaret A. McDIARMID of Toronto, 17 Sep 1924 London
014152-24  George Edwin MARTIN, 45, widower, carpenter, London, 841 Dufferin Street London, s/o R.J. MARTIN b. England and Elizabeth KELLY, mar Marion Winifred BARROWS, 47, widow, Westminster Twp, London, d/o Fred WICKMAN b. Ont. and Margaret McFAYDEN, witn J.H. LEONARD of Owen Sound and H.A. THOMSON of 850 Dundas Street London, 31 Dec 1924 at 850 Dundas Street London 014162-24  Harold MASON, 31, bricklayer, Toronto, 754 Maitland Street London, s/o Jabez MASON b. Yorkshire England and Mary Ann BAUTZ, mar Isabelle Mary BERNHART, 24, stenographer, Galt, 1032 William Street London, d/o Frank BERNHART b. Galt and Carrie Etta SIMIAN, witn George BRETT and Miss W. McLENNAN both of London, 01 Oct 1924 London
014156-24  John Alton MATHERS, 30, farmer, Duluth Minnesota, Parkhill, s/o Alton MATHERS b. Westminster Twp and May BARRETT, mar Lavinia MATHERS, 36, Parkhill, same, d/o Charles MATHERS b. Westminster Twp. and Ella MATHERS, witn Mary Jane FOSTER of London and S.K. SALTON 50 Elmwood Avenue London, 10 Dec 1924 at 50 Elmwood Avenue London

014155-24  Milton Cecil MATHERS, 19, contractor, Parkhill, 133 Delaware Street London, s/o Freeman MATHERS, b. Parkhill and Lucretia WINDSOR, mar Anne Lillian MOFFATT, 18, Ontario, London, d/o Archie MOFFATT b. Ont. and Sarah THOMPSON, witn Melvin MATHERS and Bessie MOFFATT both of London, 03 Dec 1924 London.

014164-24  Benjamin MATTHEWS, 22, lumber merchant, Kiev Russia, 289 Clarence Street London, s/o Maurice MATTHEWS b. Russia and Eva KAUFMAN, mar Belle ROTENBERG, 20, clerk, Toronto, 253 Grey Street London, d/o Abraham ROTENBERG b. Russia and Sarah SUGAR, witn M. and A. ROTENBERG of 253 Grey Street London, 31 Aug 1924 London 014160-24  Ralph Ernest MAUDSLEY, 36, railway employee, London, 185 East Simcoe Street London, s/o Henry MAUDSLEY b. England and Elizabeth Harriet GOLDSTRAW, mar Marion Lillian Louise SNIDER, 19, bookbinder, Brussels Ont, 762 Dundas Street London, d/o Thomas Thompson SNIDER b. Ingersoll and Mary Jane COOK, witn Edna SUIDER and Mary JAMES both of London, 16 Oct 1924 London.
014145-24  James MAY, 39, attendant, London England, Ontario Hospital in London Ont, s/o Thomas MAY b. London England and Elizabeth BOTTS, mar Jean Donaldson MACKAY, 24, clerk, Wick Scotland, Ontario Hospital in London Ont, d/o Hugh MACKAY b. Scotland and Jean ANDERSON, witn. Chas. Geo. WHITING and Eileen LANGFORD both of London, 04 Mar 1924 London 014185-24  Charles McARTHUR, 26, bank clerk, Glasgow Scotland, 349 Cox Street London, s/o John McARTHUR b. Scotland and Annie PATON, mar Dorothy Beatrice PEARSON, 24, stenographer, London, 1044 Dundas Street London, d/o William PEARSON b. Ontario and Mary FORNETT, witn Mrs. F.S. MAY and Emma PEARSON both of London, 03 Sep 1924 London.
014181-24  Robert McAULEY, 20, printer, Scotland, London Ont, s/o James McAULEY b. Ireland and Elizabeth BARRIE, mar Ivy Victoria PLUNKETT, 20, box maker, England, London Ont, d/o John PLUNKETT b. England and Florence THOMPSON, witn Sadie JARVIS and Florence CLASSON both of London, 14 Nov 1924 London. 014174-24  Daniel Hiram McCALLUM, 36, brakeman, Glencoe, London, s/o Philip McCALLUM b. Ont and Alice SEXTON, mar Ida Elizabeth SHOEBOTTOM, 23, bookkeeper, London Twp, London, d/o John E. SHOEBOTTOM b. Ont and Susan IRWIN, witn Mary & Wilson Irwin SHOEBOTTOM of London, 15 Jul 1924 London.
  014200-24  Thomas Gerald McCOMISKEY, 23, mechanic, Ireland, London, s/o James McCOMISKEY and Bridget McGUIRE, mar Margaret Jane McCLEAN, 23, Ireland, London, d/o James McGUIRE and Mary Ann MOYNAN, witn Louis and Winnie DARNELL of London, 01 Oct 1924 London
014192-24  William John McCONNELL, 23, gas stoker, London, 7 Kinnon Place London, s/o John Frederick McCONNELL b. London and Ellen PUGH, mar Madeline Marjorie HENSHAW, 19, telephone operator, London, 139 Wellington Street London, d/o John HENSHAW b. London and Rachel GRANGER, witn Jack McCONNELL and Edythe M. BLAY both of London, 31 Mar 1924 London. 014182-24  Ray McCONNELL, 34, lineman, Ontario, Clinton, s/o David McCONNELL b. Canada and Mary SANDS, mar Rosetta Etoile CLARK, 24, Ontario, Alvinston, none, d/o Charles CLARK b. Canada and Edith HAYNES, witn Edith Mabel CLARK of Woodstock and Harriet M. HUNTER of London (minister's wife), 10 Nov 1924 London
014202-24  Thomas McCULLOUGH, 48, widower, butcher, Canada, Brantford, s/o James McCULLOUGH and Alice TOMLINSON, mar Jessie Beatrice HORN, 39, widow, none, England, London Ont, d/o Isaac RIST and Louisa Blanche HALES, witn E. and Ellen RENBAUGH of London, 04 Aug 1924 All Saints Church London. 014178-24 (Middlesex) William Edward McCUTCHEN (McCutcheon?), 20, pipe fitter, Woodstock, Dorchester, s/o Marmaduke McCUTCHEN b. Rochester New York and Isabella PATTERSON, mar Amy Norah WANSLEY, 18, hosiery maker, London England, Woodstock, d/o Richard WANSLEY b. England and Amy Jessica BALDWIN, witn Clarence Herbert PULLEN and Ralph CLARK both of Woodstock, 16 May 1924 St. Matthews Anglican Church London
014194-24  John Henry McDERMOTT, 24, shoe cutter, England, London Ont, s/o John McDERMOTT b. Scotland and Mary JOHNSTON, mar Bernice MILLER, 25, housekeeper, London, London, d/o James MILLER b. Canada and Hannah STEVENS, witn Jessie SAGE and H. ENGLISH both of London, 16 Feb 1924 London 014199-24  William McDONALD, 23, electrician, Goderich, Goderich, s/o John McDONALD b. Scotland and Annie MacKAY, mar Violet THOMPSON, 19, stenographer, Goderich, Goderich, d/o David Alexander THOMPSON b. Ontario and Mary McCREATH, witn John STUART and Mary J. MOWAT both of London, 02 Jan 1924 Irish Presbyterian Church in London.
014180-24  John MacDONALD, 25, labourer, Scotland, Westminster Twp, s/o Murdoch MacDONALD b. Scotland and Isabella McKENZIE, mar Isabella MORRISON, 23, nurse, Scotland, London Ont, d/o James MORRISON b. Scotland and Mary MacDONALD, witn Murdo McLEOD of London and Margaret BROWN of Woodstock, 15 Nov 1924 London 014183-24  Belmore Armstrong MACDONALD, 37, manager, Guelph, London, s/o Alexander MACDONALD b. Scotland and Christine MacLEAN, mar Alexana Forbes McGUGAN, 23, housekeeper, Prince Albert Canada, same, d/o Charles McGUGAN (no birthplace given), and Mary GERRIE, witn Alice M. BEATTIE and Margaret MacDONALD both of London, 03 Oct 1924 London.
014188-24  Carl Courtwright McDOUGALL, 25, assistant tax collector, Alvinston, 795 William Street London, s/o James McDOUGALL b. Alvinston and Jessie DUNN, mar Winnifred MANN, 30, stenographer, London Twp, 227 Tecumseh Street London, d/o Alexander MANN b. Ontario and Isabella DENNIS, witn Hazel DENNIS or Toronto and G.W. SIDDALL of London, 13 Sep 1924 London. 014149-24  William Alexander MacFIE, 36, cigar maker, Toronto, London, s/o John MACFIE b. London and Mary Catherine FORBES, mar Adella CARROLL, 27, housekeeper, London, London, d/o John CARROLL b. Exeter and Flora O'TOOLE, witn John CARROLL of London and Katherine FINDLAY of Detroit Michigan, 14 Feb 1924 London.
  014201-24  William Edward McGEE, 20, Lucan, London, express driver, s/o Edward McGEE and Ellen WHALEN, mar Maude DEVERAUX, 18, England, London Ont, glove maker, d/o Albert DEVERAUX and Agnes DAUGHTY, witn Gordon JOHNSON and Nora McGEE both of London, 01 Sep 1924 St. Peters Cathedral London
014177-24  Ray Wellington McGILLEVRY, 23, salesman, Durham, 164 Briscoe Street London, s/o Neil McGILLEVRY b. Durham Ont., and Margaret RAY, mar Pauline Jean EDMONDS, 19, machine operator, London, 360 Central Ave London, d/o Philip James EDMONDS b. United States and Louisa Margaret HILL, witn Hugh EDMONDS and Hazel TUPHOLME both of London, 04 Jun 1924 at Wellington Street Methodist Church, London 014176-24  James Sutherland McGLEISH (McLeish?), 26, stone cutter, Scotland, London, s/o John McGLEISH b. Scotland and Jessie SUTHERLAND, mar Violet May McLAUGHLIN, 22, nurse, Renfrew, London, d/o James McLAUGHLIN b. Renfrew and Annie BILSON, witn William Cyril BURGESS and Ethel Maud MacLEOD both of Ontario Hospital London, 31 May 1924 at Ontario Hospital London.
014197-24  Joseph McGONNELL, 34, fireman, Greenock Scotland, 24 Erie Street St. Thomas, s/o Peter McGONNELL b. Scotland and Margaret DONNELLEY, mar Elizabeth THOMPSON, 24, domestic, Dundee Scotland, 12 Pearl Street St. Thomas, d/o Charles THOMPSON b. Scotland and Jessie EMRIE, witn Verna J. BROWNLEE of London and Charles SMITH of St. Thomas, 31 Jan 1924 First Church Vestry (Presbyterian) London. 014190-24  William Alexander Graham McGREGOR, 27, manager, London, London, s/o Adam McGREGOR b. Ontario and Gertrude KENNEDY, mar Edyth Ilene WEEKS, 20, none, Wingham, London, d/o Samuel WEEKS b. Newfoundland and Caroline DAVIS, witn Harold REAVELEY and Emily WEEKS both of London, 05 May 1924 London.
014189-24  David Wesley McINTOSH, 28, farmer, Huron Twp, Ripley, s/o John McINTOSH b. Scotland and Elizabeth JOHNSON, mar Jean Elizabeth McINTYRE, 18, housekeeper, Dunwich Twp, Ripley, d/o George McINTYRE and Barbara BELLWOOD, witn Mr. and Mrs. George McINTYRE of Ripley, 17 Sep 1924 London. 014198-24  Benjamin Carlton McINTYRE, 26, farmer, Ontario, West Oxford, s/o Benjamin McINTYRE b. Ontario and Edith M. CLARK, mar Lilly May HALL, 20, none, Ontario, London, d/o George Charles CLARK b. Ontario and Marjorie McNAB, witn Alice M. HALL of London and William FRANKLIN of Ingersoll, 01 Jan 1924 London.
014195-24  Daniel MacKELLAR, 57, checker, Scotland, 225 Clarence Street London, s/o Matthew Holmes MacKELLAR b. Scotland, and Wilhelmena RONALD, mar Kate McISAAC, 6l, widow, housekeeper, Middlesex Co., 225 Clarence Street London, d/o John McISAAC b. Scotland and Sarah MacDONALD, witn Norma BENTLEY and M.K. GUNNE, both of London, 12 Feb 1924 London 014175-24  William David McKENNY, 25, salesman, Strathroy, Detroit Michigan, s/o Bernard McKENNY b. Strathroy and Margaret JOHNSON, mar Adelaide Mae TUBERVILLE, 16, Parkhill, Parkhill, d/o Eliza Amelia GRIGG (father unknown), witn H. Hellen TUFTS and A.E. BARBOUR both of London, 14 Jun 1924 London
014187-24  Hugh Allan Gordon McKINNON, 29, cableman, Flesherton, Flesherton, s/o Hugh Allan McKINNON b. Canada and Isabella SINCLAIR, mar Annie Phyllis M. HASTINGS, 21, none, Guelph, Flesherton, d/o Harry HASTINGS b. Canada and Caroline WATT, witn Minnie Frances GIBB and W.H. McINTOSH (minister's wife) both of London, 24 Sep 1924 London 014169-24  John James MacKINNON, 43, teacher, Richmond Co. N.S., Halifax, s/o Hector MacKINNON b. Pictou Co. N.S. and May MacKINNON, mar Anna Jean HAYWARD, 36, stenographer, Lambton Co., Watford, d/o Charles HAYWARD b. Middlesex Co. and Marie Jane HICKS, witn Gwen M. STONER of Wyoming Ont and Jessie HAYWARD of Watford, 21 Jul 1924 at 20 Stanley Street London
014191-24  Leslie Garnet McLACHLAN, 27, farmer, Enniskillen Twp, same, s/o Donald McLACHLAN b. Canada and Matilda COULTER, mar Mabel Lavina LUCAS, 19, none, Plympton Twp, same, d/o John LUCAS b. Canada and Melinda NUTT, witn Mary REID and Mary Grace INCH both of London, 02 Apr 1924 London 014193-24  Ray Jepson McLARDY, 27, telegraph operator, Hamilton, Ford Ont, s/o James McLARDY b. Bothwell and Annie BELL, mar Marion Aleda MOORE, 24, none, Bothwell, Walkerville, d/o Frank MOORE b. U.S. and Margaret MOORE, witn Margaret McINTOSH and H.B. KEENLEYSIDE both of London, 08 Mar 1924 London.

014196-24  Homer Garfield McLAY, 41, M.D., Aylmer, Aylmer, s/o Peter McLAY b. Canada and Polly DAVIS, mar Kathleen LASHBROOK, 30, nurse, London, Aylmer, d/o William John LASHBROOK b. Canada and Sarah GIBSON, witn James L. THAYER of Aylmer and Marion R. KUSTER of London, 11 Feb 1924 London.

014186-24  Angus McMASTER, 36, coal merchant, Appin, Windsor, s/o James McMASTER b. Ontario and Eddy WILMOTT, mar Isabel CAMPBELL, 34, none, Ontario, Mount Brydges, d/o Alexander CAMPBELL b. Ontario and Mary FRASER, witn Mrs. G. GRICE and Mrs. D.N. CAMUS (minister's wife) both of London, 25 Aug 1924 London
014179-24  Chester Banting McRANN, 32, farmer, McGillivray Twp, Claudeboye, s/o Samuel McRANN b. McGillivray and Isabelle BANTING, mar Kathleen Marguerite STANLAKE, 20, housekeeper, Stephen Twp, Denfield, d/o Frank STANLAKE b. Ontario and Ethel Maude SUTTON, witn Clare and Bessie BICE of London, 05 Nov 1924 London

014184-24  Kenneth Westman McROBERTS, 18, miller, London, Granton, s/o Cecil McROBERTS b. Granton and Mary J. LOCKERY, mar Dorothy Marguerite SMITH, 20, housekeeper, London, Granton, d/o Edmond SMITH b. England and Caroline MAHLER, witn Carlotta COWAN and Vera KENNEDY both of London, 08 Oct 1924 London.

014172-24  Percy Reginald MEECHAM, 29, hydro operator, London, 592 Hamilton Rd London, s/o James MEECHAM b. England and Ellen ROBERTS, mar Gladys Irene OSBORNE, 26, bookkeeper, Tillsonburg, 1036 Dundas Street London, d/o Arthur OSBORNE b. Ont and Ella LAMBERTON, witn Mr. and Mrs. R.I. MERCER of London, 20 Sep 1924 London. 014173-24  Antonio MELANI, 28, labourer, Madugra Italy, London, s/o Pasquale MELANI and Maria RUCIA, mar Ida TAVANI, 24, domestic, Boisano Italy, London, d/o Pasquale TAVANI and Cristina PLACENTA, witn Mr. and Mrs. BADDALATO of London, 01 Sep 1924 at St. Peters Cathedral London.
014147-24  Ross Edwin MERRITT, 18, fireman, St. Thomas, same, s/o Edwin MERRITT b. Worcestershire England and Mabel May SUTTON, mar Violet May JOHNSON, 19, clerk, Aylmer, St. Thomas, d/o Alonzo JOHNSON b. Aylmer and Adeline McCONNELL, witn Mr. and Mrs. Robert Russell HORTON of St. Thomas, 27 Feb 1924 London 014135-24  Bertram George MIDDLETON, 33, mechanic, Grey Co., London, s/o Edward MIDDLETON b. England and Agnes WATSON, mar Katherine Marie DECKER, 30, dipper, Kitchener, London, d/o Conrad DECKER b. Germany and Anna, witn Miss L. O'HARA and Miss Irene HILBERT both of London, 07 Jun 1924 London.
014144-24  Beverley John A. MIDLAND, 26, Customs Excise clerk, Woodstock, London, s/o John James MIDLAND b. Bowmanville and Anna BOWLBY, mar Violet Marjorie WIMPERIS, 21, Halifax, London, d/o Charles John WIMPERIS b. England and Eliza CLARK, witn. C.J. WIMPERIS of London, 05 Mar 1924 London 014151-24  Clement Alvin MILBURN, 41, teacher, Desboro Ont, Toronto, s/o Charles A. MILBURN b. Peterborough and Emma A. WRIGHT, mar Helen Young BELL, 37, physician, London, 670 Oxford Street London, d/o Walter BELL b. Scotland and Margaret R. LINDSAY, witn John McKELLAR and Mary GIBSON both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1924 London.
014141-24  Reginald V. MILLER, 24, office clerk, Ont, Windsor, s/o Harry MILLER b. Ont and Caroline HUGGINS, mar Nona COLEMAN, 22, Ont, London, d/o Louis COLEMAN b. Ont and Lucinda DICKINSON, witn. Flossie D. COLEMAN and Sarah L. CRESSEY both of London, 18 Apr 1924 London.

014161-24  Frederick Robert MILLER, 43, professor, Toronto, Medical School London, s/o Allan MILLER b. Ireland and Elizabeth CROAN, mar Lulu Mary PORTE, 38, housekeeper, London, 297 Wolfe Street London, d/o A.W. PORTE b. Goderich and Mary E. JOHNSTON, witn Allan F. MILLER of Toronto and Amy PORTE of London, 04 Sep 1924 London.

014150-24  John Stanley MILLMAN, 25, widower, city employee, Thedford, 258 Hamilton Road London, s/o Frank MILLMAN b. Thedford and Mildred TOOLE, mar Gladys Mae SIMPSON, 19, London, London, d/o Harry Warren SIMPSON b. Canada and Margaret Ritchie PUGSLEY, witn Roy C. and Pearl BICKNELL of London, 17 Jan 1924 London. .
014210-24  Harry MILLS, 22, telephone worker, London England, 90 Dillabough Street London, s/o Henry MILLS b. Hampshire England and Martha BRITTON, mar Kathleen Opal HASLAM, 22, telephone operator, d/o George HASLAM b. Ontario and Hattie LEGG, witn Jack MILLS and Emmalina SPAUL both of London, 03 Sep 1924 London. 014167-24  Norman MILLS, 21, driver, London, 1213 Trafalgar Street London, s/o George MILLS b. England and Matilda ROGERS, mar Elizabeth ELDRIDGE, 18, housekeeper, London, 264 Simcoe Street London, d/o Richard ELDRIDGE b. Wales and Martha DISHMAN, witn Elgin GRAVES and Mabel WHITE both of London, 13 Aug 1924 London
014140-24  John MINERS, 64, widower, gentleman, Usborne Twp, Exeter, s/o William MINERS b. Cornwall England and Jemima JONAS, mar Emma Jane COOMBS, 64, widow, housekeeper, d/o Silas D. BOTHWELL b. England and Mary Jane TAYLOR, witn George R. and Marion B. GARBUTT of 484 Dundas Street London, 07 May 1924 London 014136-24  David Alfred MOFFAT, 22, farmer, Kippen Ont, same, s/o John MOFFAT b. Ontario and Anna MILES, mar Esther May HAYTER, 30, Varna Ont, same, d/o Harry HAYTER b. Ontario and Cassie McBRIDE, win Bessie L. CORBETT of Brownsville and Marie HUNT of Glanworth, 09 Apr 1924 London
014159-24  John Joseph MONTGOMERY, 21, packer, Stratford, 227 Erie Street Stratford, s/o Robert MONTGOMERY b. Rochester New York and Susanna McDONALD, mar Evelyn Myrtle HINSER, 19, woolen mill employee, Seaforth, Seaforth, d/o Fred HINSER b. Ontario and Lavina ELSIE, witn Mrs. William McINTOSH of London and Charles HURAS of Stratford, 18 Oct 1924 London. 014165-24  Orville Archibald MOORE, 30, traveller, Peterborough, Toronto, s/o Archibald MOORE b. Peterborough and Amanda McKEE, mar Gladys Marion VAN DERMADE, 31, none, Lambeth, 42 Pipe Line Road, d/o Leonard VAN DERMADE b. Holland and Sarah THOMAS, witn H.L. Van DERMADE of Montreal and Mary G. HEPBURN of London, 24 Sep 1924 London
014146-24  John Belcher MORAN, 23, tailor, London, London, s/o John MORAN b. Ireland and Helen COOK, mar Myrtle HILLS, 19, cigar maker, London, 199 Horton Street London, d/o George HILLS b. New York and Martha ATKINSON, witn. R.C. POLLETT and Kathleen MORAN both of London, 25 Feb 1924 London 014139-24  Edwin Bruce MORRIS, 28, painter, London, 241 Ridout Street London, s/o Edwin E. MORRIS b. Wales and Jessie SCOTT, mar Violet HARDMAN, 23, none, Mar Ontario, same, d/o Alex HARDMAN b. England and Rose WILTS, witn Florence HANNEN and Frank MARKIN both of London, 07 May 1924 London
014168-24  Francis James MORROW, 19, machine hand, London, Westminster Twp, s/o Stewart MORROW b. Parkhill and Julia A. CAMERON, mar Elsie May HUBERT (Herbert?), 23, machine hand, London England, London Ont, d/o George Henry HUBERT b. England and Eliza OAKES, witn Alberta CAMERON and Mae HARBACH both of London, 26 Jul 1924 at 725 King Street London  
014153-24  Andrew John MOSES, 26, plumber, Toronto, Westminster Twp, s/o Andrew E. MOSES b. Toronto and Edith HAYNES, mar Edna Irene GOUDY, 23, Beca? employee, London, 386 Regent Street London, d/o John GOUDY b. Ont. and Rebecca HOOD, witn Wilbert W. and Elizabeth J. McGILLVRAY of London, 20 Dec 1924 London 014158-24  William Hamilton MUIR, 56, widower, accountant, Hamilton, Detroit Michigan, s/o Thomas MUIR b. Scotland and Mary COLCLOUGH, mar Emma Edith FRASER, 48, nurse, London, 170 High Street London, d/o Donald FRASER b. Scotland and Jane McDONALD, witn William S. and Jennie K. WILSON of Toronto, 18 Oct 1924 London.
014137-24  Maitland Edward MUMA, 27, buttermaker, Ayr Ont, London, s/o Samuel MUMA b. Drumbo and Sarah HAYMAN, mar Donna Mae JOHNSTON, 29, stenographer, Birr, London, d/o Edward JOHNSTON b. England and Florence TALBOT, witn Dorothy JOHNSTONE (sic) and Frank MUMA both of London, 31 May 1924 London. 014142-24  Richard Alfred MUNDAY, 23, miner, England, 783 William Street London, s/o Charles Henry MUNDAY b. England and Dorothy Alberta BRANSCOMBE, mar Ethel Fanny STICKLIN, 23, packer, Southampton England, 783 William Street London, d/o John Frederick STICKLIN b. Southampton England and Elizabeth CHEATER, witn. W. STICKLIN and W. E. INGREY both of London, 12 Apr 1924 Church of Redeemer London
014154-24  John Adam MURRAY, 42, widower, salesman, Toronto, London, s/o Adam MURRAY b. Scotland and Mary WARD, mar Alice Jane BOOTHE, 39, Listowel, 111 Wellington Street London, d/o William BOOTHE b. Ireland and Jane JOHNSON, witn Albert and Eva BRILL of London, 22 Dec 1924 at 280 Hamilton Road London 014166-24  Bernard Charles MURRELL, 19, plasterer, England, 26 Ridout Street London, s/o William MURRELL b. England and Mabel WATTS, mar Bertha Amelia GILMORE, 18, housekeeper, London, Childers Street London, d/o William H. GILMORE b. England and Bertha A. BOLT, witn Thomas M. O'HAGAN and Howard SIMPSON both of London, 01 Sep 1924 at 850 Dundas Street London.
014211-24  George Joseph NATTRESS, 31, paper ruler, Ontario, 146 Galley Ave London, s/o Joseph NATTRESS b. Ontario and Josie M. WATSON, mar Edna Marjorie ROWE, 26, graduate Nurse, d/o Thomas ROWE b. Ontario and Mary Ella SCOTT, witn Blanche ROWE of London and Norma CHARTER of Ontario, 20 Aug 1924 London 014205-24  Charles NEIL, 27, machinist, Belfast Ireland, 489 Grosvenor Street London, s/o Robert NEIL b. Belfast and Mabel VANORMAN, mar Lucina PRATT, 19, housekeeper, London, 134 Mill Street London, d/o Fred J. PRATT b. London and Esther WATSON, witn Frieda PRATT and Cecil DEVINE both of London, 27 Nov 1924 at 217 Egerton Street London
014207-24  D'LeRoy NICHOLLS, 24, lumber salesman, Millbank in Perth Ont, 148 Winona Ave Detroit Michigan, s/o Charles F. NICHOLLS b. Millbank and Rose B. HOTEL, mar Gladys Vivian THOMPSON, 20, nurse, Strathroy, 58 Shakespeare in Stratford, d/o William P. THOMPSON b. Strathroy and Christina DEGRAW, witn Elaine HODGINS and Fannie CHARLTON? both of London, 30 May 1924 St. Matthews Anglican Church London. 014208-24  John Wesley NICHOLS, 22, farmer, Huron Co., Hay Twp, s/o Walter NICHOLS b. Ontario and Sarah Ann WEBB, mar Margaret Ana Bell McKAY, 23, none, Ontario, Tuckersmith twp, d/o John McKAY b. Ontario and Elizabeth LANE, witn Ann BEATTIE and Polly MARSHALL both of 232 Central Ave London, 09 Feb 1924 London
014209-24  Joe NIOSI, 21, usher, London, London, s/o Joseph NIOSI b. Italy and Josephine MOARN, mar Mabel Gertrude RIDGEWAY, 21, assembler, London England, London Ont, d/o Jack RIDGEWAY b. England and Nellie CONKE, witn S. WHITING and S. KIRKPATRICK both of London, 30 Dec 1924 at 709 Colborne Street London. 014204-24  Herbert NOBLE, 27, Customs clerk, England, London Ont, s/o John Thomas NOBLE and Hannah Mary HARDY, mar Minnie Ida WHEELER, 22, bookkeeper, England, London Ont, d/o Charles Fred WHEELER b. England and Bessie GALE, witn Hilda NOBLE and Marion HOWLETT both of London, 16 Jul 1924 St. Matthews Anglican Church London
014203-24  Herbert Walter NORMAN, 38, grocer, Lowestoft England, 85 Euclid Street London, s/o William NORMAN b. England and Anna "unknown", mar Kathleen Mackie WALSH, 40, attendant, Manchester England, Westminster Twp Ont, d/o William H. WALSH b. England and Ann LARGE, witn George C.D. TOY and Samuel C. TOY both of London, 17 Sep 1924 London 014206-24  William Henry NORTHEY, 46, widower, train baggage man, London, 257 Ottaway Ave London, s/o Richard NORTHEY b. London England and Flora McNEIL, mar Osina Christine CAMPBELL, 38, saleslady, London England, 510 Grosvenor Street London, d/o David Barnes CAMPBELL b. Thursa Scotland and Margaret MANSON, witn Jennie WILKINSON and George J. MacDONALD both of London, 25 Aug 1924 London
  14213-24 Wilfred Henry OLDRIDGE, 20, printer, Devon England, Detroit, s/o John Henry Moore OLDRIDGE, b. England & Bertha ROPER, married Lillian Charlotte SOUTHERN, 17, London England, London Ont., d/o Percy George SOUTHERN, b. England & Charlotte TRIBE, witn: George W. TRIBE of Ingersol & Percy George SOUTHERN of 80 Connaught Ave in London, 27 March 1924 at London
14214-24 James Gilbert OLIVER, 25, farmer, England, London twp., s/o George OLIVER, b. Scotland & Carrie PLUMTREE, married Amy DEAKIN, 20, England, London twp., d/o Alan DEAKIN, b. England & Anne STANTON, witn: John GARNER & Jessie SAGE, both of London, 4 March 1924 at London 14217-24 George William OLIVER, 46, widower, post office clerk, Lobo twp., London, s/o Thomas OLIVER, b. Lobo twp & Flora GRAHAM, married Margaret Ellen McDOWELL, 40, saleslady, London, same, d/o Sam McDOWELL, b. Ireland & Sarah KERNOHAN, witn: Esther & Elizabeth MacGREGOR of London, 4 Oct. 1924 at London
14215-24 Robert OLLERENSHAW, 24, soldier, Ottawa, London, s/o John OLLERENSHAW, b. Sweden & Janet ANDREWS, married Eva NEVEN, 23, printer, Kincardine Ont., London, d/o Joseph NEVEN, b. France & Hannah HOCKIN, witn: Mr? H.B. PIERCE & C. COLEMAN, both of London, 21 June 1924 at 850 Dundas St., London 14212-24 Stephen O'MEARA, 21, taxi owner, London, same, s/o Patrick O'MEARA, b. London & Emma CROMARTY, married Winnifred Marie Veronica O'BRIEN, 21, clerk, London, same, d/o Joseph O'BRIEN, b. London & Mary Frances GRAHAM, witn: J.H. QUINLAN & Isadore POISSON, both of London, 5 April 1924 at London
14216-24 William Berthel ORR, 33, lithographer, Denfield Ont., London, s/o John ORR, b. St. Johns Ont & Mary WASHBURN, married Marjory Montgomery MILNE, 28, stenographer, London, same, d/o Alexander MILNE, b. London & Catherine ASHBY, witn: Kathleen MILNE & F. DAPULTO, both of London, 20 Nov 1924 at London 14218-24 Albert Joseph OUIMET, 46, widower, decorator, Quebec, 379 Spadina Ave in Toronto, s/o Adolphe OUIMET, b. Quebec & Virginia ARCHAMBAULT, married Margaret Olive Rae PETERS, 47, widow, Ontario, Stouffville, d/o Matthew RAE, b. Ont & Fannie BARNES, witn: G.B. & Ada HUMPHREY of London, 28 Sept 1924 at London
14231-24 Percy James PAINE, 19, teamster, Reading England, London, s/o Herbert Edward PAINE, b. London & Annie LEE, married Isabel Norma WALLACE, 19, milliner, London, same, d/o Robert WALLACE, b. Niagara Ont & Emily LISMORE, witn: Martha MESSERALL & Fannie CHARLTON, both of London, 8 Dec 1924 at St. Matthews Church, London 14223-24 Percy PAINTING, 31, engineer, England, Medical School - Western University in London, s/o Frederick PAINTING, b. England & Sarah WILLIAMS, married Grace Mary Ann BURTON, 29, domestic, England, 58 Holman St. in London, d/o James Henry BURTON, b. England & Emily BEEDLE (Bridle?), witn: J.G. & Frances BEEDLE of London, 7 June 1924 at London
14226-24 Jack PARKER, 23, candy maker, Scotland, London, s/o William PARKER, b. Scotland & Sarah MERCER, married Gladys WOODS, 23, box maker, England, London, d/o George WOODS, b. England & Laura BENHAM, witn: Nora JOHNSTON & John PARKER, both of London, 4 march 1924 at 340 Hamilton Rd., London 14221-24 Reginald Lewis PARKER, 23, car repairer, England, London, s/o Lewis PARKER, b. England & Ann GARRETT, married Mearl Jane KEMP, 21, stenographer, Crumlin Ont., London, d/o David William KEMP, b. Scotland & Eliza ELLIOTT, witn: Mrs. William KEMP & Fannie Carden CHARLTON, both of London, 28 June 1924 at St. Matthews Church, London
014239-24 Alexander Edward PARSONS, 30, manager, Newfoundland, London, s/o Edward PARSONS b. Newfoundland and Susan PIKE, mar Dorothy Lydia PALMER, 25, Ontario, 587 Central Ave London, d/o Arthur J PALMER b. Ontario and Vesta Charlotte PAGE, witn Vera BLOOD of London and Susanne PARSONS of Toronto, 11 Oct 1924 London 014251-24 George Lenard PATRICK, 21, machinist, Leeds England, Walkerville Ont, s/o William PATRICK and Alice KIRBY, mar Elizabeth Alice MADGE, 21, Calgary Alta, London Ont, d/o George MADGE and Sara Ann BRADLEY, witn George MADGE and J. MADGE both of RR#6 London, 16 Feb 1924 London.
14224-24 Robert PEACOCK, 31, chef, Yorkshire England, Westminster Hospital, s/o William PEACOCK, b. England & Harriet Alice HAWKINS, married Kathleen Elizabeth CLARKSON, 21, maid, Surrey England, Westminster Hospital, d/o Albert CLARKSON, b. England & Lenora COWAN, witn: R. & Winnifred MOULDEN of London, 4 June 1924 at London 014249-24 Ernest Switzer Forde PEACOCK, 25, railway employee, Dalry Scotland, 489 Talbot Street London, s/o James PEACOCK b. Scotland and Annie McCULLOCH, mar Annie WYATT, 26, Altrucham Cheshire England, 114 St. James Street London, d/o Francis WYATT b. England and Annie GLAVEY, witn Jean McINTOSH and Bertha S.B. ROBINSON both of London, 11 Oct 1924 London
014243-24 William PEARSON, 21, carpenter, West Nissouri, Belton, s/o Ned G. PEARSON b. East Nissouri and Sarah Catherine BOUGHNER, mar Helen Jean McDONALD, 22, Thamesford, same, d/o Hugh McDONALD b. East Nissouri and Margaret MacPHERSON, witn Mary McCRAE of London and Perry PEARSON of Belton, 04 Sep 1924 London 014252-24 Arthur Richard PEARSON, 47, soldier, London England, London Ont, s/o Henry Thomas PEARSON and Elizabeth Mary DAVIS, mar Agnes Mary McDONALD, 39, Mt. Carmel Ont, London, d/o John McDONALD and Mary McPHEE, witn Thomas WALSH of London and Geraldine HARNESS of Mt. Carmel, 29 Apr 1924 London.
1422-24 Clifford Richard Knox PENALAGON, 24, conductor, Cornwall England, London, s/o Richard PENALAGON, b. England & Mary Elizabeth BUNT, married Gertrude POLLEX, 20, knitter, Ottawa, London, d/o Otto POLLEX, b. Germany & Olga BARGMAN, witn: Mr. Hanson CHAPMAN & Miss Alice POLLEX, both of London, 11 June 1924 at London 014240-24 William PENHALLURICK, 31, carpenter, Devonshire England, Buffalo New York, s/o Harry PENHALLURICK b. Wales and Mary Ellen LEWIS, mar Amelia Jeanette WALKER, 32, saleslady, Lobo Twp, 530 Talbot Street London, d/o Joseph b. Ontario and Mary Jane PARKER, witn James H. SANDERS and Ila CHELEW both of London, 15 Oct 1924 London
14235-24 Herbert Hipwell PENNY, 24, advertising writer, London, Detroit, s/o Harry Hipwell PENNY, b. London Ont & Victoria JERVIS, married Sarah McQUIRE (McQuire?), 26, stenographer, Algoma Mills Ont., London, d/o Glossop Crysler McQUIRE, b. Levis Que & Margaret Ann MULLIN, witn: G.C. & Margerie Ann McQUIRE of 240 Ridout St., 20 Oct 1924 at London 014248-24 William PERDUK, 29, laborer, Poland, Windsor, s/o Nicholas PARDUK (sic) and Mary SKIFANI, mar Mary BILESKI, 32, Poland, London, d/o Tony BILESKI and Katie SAWOR, witn Dora POLIZAK and Joseph WALZACK both of London, 30 Aug 1924 London.
14219-24 Alfred George PERKINS, 29, clerk, London England, London Ont., s/o William PERKINS, b. England & Mary BRAND, married Lenore Mae HAYLOCK, 20, London, same, d/o Frederick HAYLOCK, b. London Ont & Chris SCRIMSHAW, witn: Archie Dinning LOCKHART of Baptist parsonage in Shedden & Ella May GRACE of London, 31 July 1924 at Gospel Hall, London 014245-24 William Arthur PESTILL, 34, machinist, London, 885 Dufferin Street London, s/o Arthur William PESTILL b. England and Mary RESCOLL, mar Mary MONTROSE, 24, divorced, London, 339 Victoria Street London, d/o John Henry WORRALL b. Ontario and Mary Amelia PAGE, witn Charles BOND and Doris YOUNG both of London, 23 Aug 1924 London
  14234-24 Richard PETT, 68, widower, market gardener, England, Hamilton Rd & Highway Ave in London twp., s/o John PETT, b. England & Jane FLETCHER, married Ola Geraldine RIDDELL, 19, London Ont., 121 Highway Ave in London, d/o James RIDDELL, b. London Ont & Katherine ACKERMAN, witn: J. RIDDELL of 933 Dufferin Ave & Ina RIDDELL of 121 Highway Ave, 13 Nov 1924 at 340 Hamilton Rd., London
014244-24 Huron Henry Milton PETTIT, 20, electrician, Grand Rapids Michigan, Detroit, s/o Charles PETTIT b. Ontario and Annabella ELLIOTT, mar Evelyn Louise SMITH, 18, clerk, London, 9 Adelaide Street London, d/o James Henry SMITH b. England and Mabel Jane WILLIAMS, witn Florence SMITH and John M. SLATER both of London, 02 Sep 1924 St. Paul's Cathedral London 014241-24 Jesse Gilbert PETTIT, 21, mechanic Sparta Ont, St. Thomas, s/o Charles PETTIT b. Sparta and Cornelia SHAW, mar Helen MOORE, 18, student, St. Thomas, 31 Regent Street St. Thomas, d/o Arthur MOORE b. Ontario and Jean ARMSTRONG, witn Leslie M. ROURKE of St. Thomas and Isabelle HILES of London, 14 Oct 1924 London
14229-24 John Henry PIERSON, 24, trucker, London, same, s/o John PIERSON, b. Oshawa Ont & Mad A. FOOTWINKLER, married Vera Irene SHANNON, 19, glove worker, Thamesford Ont., London, d/o William J. SHANNON, b. England & Emma REDDICK, witn: Carrie E. ARTHUR & Cecil H. HARDY, both of London, 10 Dec 1924 at London 14232-24 Percy Samuel PINDER, 21, accountant, Cadiott? England, London, s/o Alfred George PINDER, b. England & Lillie NAYLOR, married Mandie CLARK, 18, Council Bluffs US, London, d/o Charles CLARK, b. USA & Edith SPENCER, witn: Sadie JONES of 512 Wellington St. & Lillian PLAYER of 303 Central Ave, 28 Nov 1924 at London
014250-24 Bert POSCUZZO, 27, mechanic, Lucan, London, s/o Joseph POSCUZZO and Mary MAIRRAND, mar Myrtle Gertrude OKE, b. 04 Feb 1901, Alvinston, London, d/o William E. OKE and Jane TAITE, witn Joseph MORE and Mrs. W.F. SIMKINS, both of London, 19 Nov 1924 London 14228-24 Orville William POST, 25, barber, Westminster Ont., Sarnia, s/o William POST, b. Canada & Minnie Emma HARMER?, married Lena KERR, 25, London, same, d/o William KERR, b. Canada & Eliza MOFFATT, witn: Roy & Irene HICKS of Sarnia, 4 Feb 1924 at London
014242-24 John Oliver POWELL, 35, widower, bookkeeper, Merlin, Ridgetown, s/o John POWELL b. Ontario and Alicia RICKARD, mar Laura CRAWFORD, 25, Howard Twp, Ridgetown, d/o John Alexander CRAWFORD b. Ontario and Elizabeth LAWSON, witn Esther MacGREGOR and Grace MILLER both of London, 10 Sep 1924 London 14225-24 Ralph PRESGROVE, 25, manager, London England, London, s/o Alfred Macdonald PRESGROVE, b. England & Ada Augusta JENNE, married Marjorie Jean MORRISON, 28, London, same, d/o Robert MORRISON, b. Scotland & Elizabeth CAIRNCROSS, witn: R.A. & Elizabeth MORRISON of London, 15 April 1924 at London
14230-24 Wilbert Napoleon PREVOST, 28, leather worker, London, same, s/o Joseph Napoleon PREVOST, b. Montreal & Mary Jane TAYLOR, married Verna Josephine THOMPSON, 28, hosiery employee, London, same, d/o William John THOMPSON, b. Yorkshire England & Martha Josephine BAILEY, witn: Mrs. Walter KEENE & William John THOMPSON, both of London, 11 Dec 1924 at Church of the Redeemer, London 14236-24 Franklin Windermere PRING, 23, clerk, London twp., London, s/o William Henry PRING, b. England & Sarah Ann TAYLOR, married Flossie May McDONALD, 20, knitter, London twp., London, d/o Archibald Duncan McDONALD, b. Ont & Sarah CLIFF, witn: J. DOIDGE & S. McDONALD, both of London, 22 Oct 1924 at London
14233-24 Harry Vernon PRITCHETT, 27, widower, box maker, Manchester England, London, s/o Edward PRITCHETT, b. England & Elizabeth DEWHURST, married Nellie LANGTON, 24, domestic, Dundee Scotland, London, d/o James LANGTON, b. Scotland & Sarah HANLEY, witn: James BIRCHALL & Jennie SNEDDON, both of London, 19 Nov 1924 at London 14220-24 Harry Israel PRITCHETT, 27, Hydro employee, London, same, s/o Harry Israel PRITCHETT, b. Ont & Lucy NICHOLSON, married Theresa Muriel OLIVER, 22, Ayr Ont., London, d/o Samuel OLIVER, b. Princeton Ont & Margaret BATEMAN, witn: John NAVIN & Mae TAYLOR, both of London, 2 Aug. 1924 at London
14227-24 Earl Milton PULLEYBLANK, 23, clerk, St. Marys Ont., London, s/o William H. PULLEYBLANK, b. Thamesville Ont & Eva LEE, married Helen TREANOR, 22, St. Marys Ont., London, d/o Hugh TREANOR, b. St. Marys Ont & Elizabeth KENNEDY, witn: Martha KELLY of London & Mrs. Hugh TREANOR of St. Marys, 3 March 1924 at London 014237-24 Allan Russell PURCELL, 36, farmer, Aldborough Twp, same, s/o Dougal PURCELL and Jennett McCALLUM, mar Margaret Christina MUNRO, 32, Brooke Twp, same, d/o James MUNRO and Catherine McINTYRE, witn Euphemia B. MUNRO of Alvinston and Annie PURCELL of Wardsville, 15 Oct 1924 London
014247-24 Earl PURDY, 23, Electrician, New England Ontario, St. Thomas, s/o Thomas PURDY b. Lansing Michigan and Melissa CHANNER, mar Edith Annie RUSHTON, 22, London, St. Thomas, d/o James G. RUSHTON b. England and Sophia Rebecca PINNOCK, witn Charles and Mariah COFFIN of London, 17 Sep 1924 London 014246-24 Harold Clifford PYMAN, 24, clerk, London, same, s/o George PYMAN b. England and Louise CURIE, mar Camelia Madeline SHARRATT, 25, London, same, d/o Frederick SHARRATT b. England and Anna J. BURLEY, witn Verna PYMAN and D.A. McKERLIE both of London, 17 Jul 1924 Egerton Baptist Church London.
014253-24 William Richard QUINN, 27, medical doctor, Kincardine, Ilderton, s/o William A. QUINN and Janet KITCHEN, mar Lillian Blanche ARNOLD, 30, Kincardine, London, d/o William J. ARNOLD and Sarah KAAKE, witn William ARNOLD and Janet QUINN both of London, 18 Oct 1924 London  
014269-24 Maurice James RACEY, 36, carpenter, Goderich, Parkhill, s/o George E. RACEY b. Canada and Annie MITCHELL, mar Mable Ethel MOLLARD, 27, McGillivray Twp, same, d/o Joseph MOLLARD b. Canada and Jane JONES, witn Norman RACEY of St. Marys and Everett Thornton MOLLARD of Parkhill, 27 Sep 1924 Church of Redeemer London. 014264-24 Talma Ernest RACHAR, 30, traveller, Mt. Forest, London, s/o Brock RACHAR b. Arthur Twp Ont and Ada Aldrich PENN, mar Kathleen Amelia MOORE, 21, London, same, d/o Frank MOORE b. Ontario and Amelia ALFRED, witn Stephen A. RACHAR of Mt. Forest and Kathleen EPPLETT of St. Marys, 12 Nov 1924 London
014272-24 John Lincoln RANKIN, 28, shipper, Mitchells Bay, 698 York Street London, s/o Mathew RANKIN b. Mitchells Bay and Ida May McDONALD, mar Mary Olveratta CAMBRIDGE, 25, stenographer, London, 150 Rectory Street London, d/o Owen W. CAMBRIDGE b. Cambridge England and Ellen O'BRIEN, witn Ernest CAMBRIDGE and Ethel M. RICHARDSON both of London, 16 Aug 1924 London 014254-24 James Horton RANN (Raun?), 24, salesman, St. Thomas, 2714 Second Blvd Detroit Michigan, s/o Henry RANN b. Brussels Ont, and Kate HORTON, mar Dorothy Jewel SHERMAN, 21, saleslady, St. Thomas, 67 Elizabeth Street St. Thomas, d/o Harry SHERMAN b. St. Thomas and Laura HENDERSON, witn Jean Smith WILSON of Detroit Michigan and Margaret E. DUFFIN of London, 05 Aug 1924 London.
014260-24 John REID, 25, bookkeeper, Scotland, 107 Church Street Oshawa, s/o James REID b. Scotland and Williamine MIDDLETON, mar Jessie Ferguson SINCLAIR, 22, saleslady, Scotland, 315 King Street London, d/o William SINCLAIR b. Scotland and Jessie FERGUSON, witn Albert L. REID of Oshawa and Flossie D. COLEMAN of London, 24 May 1924 London 014258-24 Roland Pitman REYNOLDS, 25, physician, Ontario, 445 Colborne Street London, s/o Samuel P. REYNOLDS b. Kilworth Ont and Harriet WHEATON, mar Mary Margaret McLEAN, 25, chemist, Bridgeburg Ont, 209 Ridout Street London, d/o Duncan McLEAN b. Guelph and Mary HUGHES, witn S.P. and Harriet REYNOLDS of London, 07 Jun 1924 London
014268-24 Edward Anderson RICHARDSON, 27, barrister-at-law, Ontario, 24 Fairview Ave London, s/o Harry RICHARDSON b. Ontario and Ellen Austin GALLIFORD, mar Margaret Edna REID, 25, Ontario, 837 Talbot Street London, d/o Edward E. REID b. Ontario and Ethel E. JEFFERY, witn Beatrice M. REID and S.H. RICHARDSON both of London, 11 Oct 1924 London 014275-24 Thomas Isaac RICHARDSON, 27, foreman, Egremont, 139 Midland Ave Detroit Michigan, s/o John RICHARDSON b. England and Sara WILSON, mar Gladys Melvina BLANEY, 23, London, 173 Rectory Street London, d/o William John BLANEY b. Ontario and Emily DENBY, witn John R. and Gertrude BLANEY of London, 16 Apr 1924 at 173 Rectory Street London
014257-24 Gordon Wilfred RICKETT, 29, salesman, Greenbush, 198 Simcoe Street London, s/o Robert Henry RICKETT b. London England and Jennie KERR, mar Dorothea Gertrude EVISON, 30, cashier, Caradoc Twp, London, d/o William EVISON b. Iona Michigan and Fannie FINCH, witn George RICKETT of York and Ethel EICHENBERGER of Delaware, 17 Jun 1924 London. 014284-24 Bryan RICKETTS, 29, salesman, Bristol England, 123 York Street London, s/o Albert B. RICKETTS b. England and Emily L. PHILLIPS, mar Margaret BUCHANAN, 21, Glasgow Scotland, 287 King Street London, d/o John BUCHANAN b. Scotland and Margaret JONES, witn P.J. CALHOUN and Margaret BUCHANAN both of London, 01 Jan 1924 London.
014283-24 George Ernest RIDER, 48, widower, postal clerk, London, 835 Lorne Ave London, s/o John RIDER b. England and Mary Elizabeth SANDLING, mar Ethel May THOMPSON, 39, cashier, London, 654 Elias Street London, d/o John Parker THOMPSON b. Ont and Catherine Amelia DELANEY, witn Marion KERR and Blossom CAVE both of London, 19 Jan 1924 London 014261-24 Henry Balzar RIEHL, 60, widower, laborer, Ellice Twp in Perth Co., Stratford, s/o Frederick RIEHL b. Canada and Christine BARTEN, mar Laura Emily GREEN, 48, widow, Oxford England, blank, d/o Jonathan HARRIS b. England and Charlotte BUCKINGHAM, witn Martha W. PRINGLE and Lucy L. COLE both of London, 24 May 1924 London.
014276-24 Edward RIGG, 35, soldier, England, Wolsley Barracks London Ont, s/o Charles RIGG b. England and Henrietta GRISE (Grice?), mar Kathlyn Mary CAMPBELL, 27, England, 41 Bedford Road London Ont, d/o Patrick John CAMPBELL b. Scotland and Mary Jane KENNEDY, witn J.R. and Rhoda PROCTOR of London, 01 Mar 1924 London. 014267-24 Frank RILEY, 25, salesman, Toronto, RR4 London, s/o Henry RILEY b. Woodstock and Elizabeth MacILVOY, mar Vera BERRY, 20, factory worker, Walsingham Centre Ont, Waterdown Ont, d/o Willis BERRY b. Walsingham Centre Ont and Annie Maud LAMPKIN, witn Martha PRINGLE and Harriet M. HUNTER both of London, 20 Oct 1924 London
014279-24 John Henderson RITCHIE, 20, laborer, Bathgate Scotland, London Ont, s/o Thomas RITCHIE b. Scotland and Johann GRAHAM, mar Wilmot Winona PALMER, 19 yrs on 19 Sep 1923, Elgin Co., 79 Hughes Street St. Thomas, d/o Archibald PALMER b. Ont and Harriet LISTER, witn Dorothy WATTS and Ella WATTS both of London, 21 Feb 1924 London 014285-24 Henry Hume RITCHIE, 33, widower, CPR employee, Aberdeen Scotland, 520 English Street London, s/o Henry RITCHIE b. Aberdeen Scotland and Christina HUME, mar Catherine MACDONALD, 23 domestic, North Aist? Scotland, 336 Piccadilly Street London, d/o Angus MACDONALD b. North Aist Scotland and Isabella McVICAR, witn Norah McATEER and Mrs. W.R. McINTOSH both of London, 10 Jan 1924 London
014273-24 Cecil Claude ROBERTS, 29, florist, Aldershot England, Base Line Road London, s/o Arthur ROBERTS b. England and Ada TAYLOR, mar Margaret Mary Jane PATTISON, 20, operator, England, 12 Chester Street London, d/o Edwin PATTISON b. England and Margaret LEE, witn Lynda HOWE and Irene HOWE both of Mossley Ont, 20 Sep 1924 London. 014278-24 William ROBERTS, 21, teamster, Liverpool England, RR2 Woodstock Ont, s/o William ROBERTS b. Liverpool England and Elizabeth PYE, mar Ellen Jane SCHNEIDER, 17, Perth Co. Ont, RR2 Woodstock, d/o Ernest Henry SCHNEIDER b. Perth Co. and Mary J. COLE, witn Merlyn POCOCKE and Esther MacGREGOR both of London, 27 Feb 1924 London
014256-24 William David ROBINSON, 30, Brucefield, London, wholesale fruit merchant, s/o Joseph ROBINSON b. Ontario and Elizabeth STEPHENSON, mar Edna Leila WOODS, 23, Thorndale, London, d/o Samuel J. WOODS b. Thorndale and Hannah E. HARDING, witn J.W. BORDEN and Evelyn H. WOODS both of London, 28 Jun 1924 London 014271-24 Roy V. ROBINSON, 25, switchman, Ontario, Windsor, s/o W.H. ROBINSON b. Ontario and Mary Susannah ROBINSON, mar Hazel STELK, 21, Ontario, London, d/o Albert C. STELK b. Ontario and Harriet A. BERRY, witn Susie ROBINSON and Eva McCORMICK both of London, 03 Sep 1924 London. [divorced 11/12?/50]
  014280-24 Philip ROSE, 31, widower, carpenter, Gloucester England, Detroit Michigan, s/o James ROSE b. England and Charlotte ELLIOT, mar Mary Eleanor NOBLE, 39, widow, England, 129 St. Julian Street London, d/o Walter Thomas DICE b. England and Hannah MANTON, witn Alice GAYLORD and D. CAMPBELL both of London, 18 Feb 1924 at 129 St. Julian Street London
014259-24 John Milloy ROSS, 33, farmer, Dunwich, same, s/o William James ROSS b. Dunwich and Jennie JOHNSTON, mar Catherine A. BENNETT, 36, Dunwich, Dutton, d/o David BENNETT b. Dunwich and Janet McVANEL, witn Jean MACKAY and Sarah HYMAN both of 332 St. James Street London, 04 Jun 1924 at 332 St. James Street London 014270-24 George Edward ROSS, 25, sheet metal worker, Stratford, London, s/o Alexander ROSS b. Scotland and Lucy AUSTIN, mar Marguerite Emily MACKAY, 18, London, same, d/o Lewis MACKAY b. Blenheim Ont and Annie VENNER, witn John MURPHY and Rose ROSS both of London, 11 Oct 1924 London
014286-24 Robert James ROWAN, 28, railroad clerk, London, same, s/o Robert ROWAN and Rebecca SMITH, mar Hilda Genevieve MEANLEY, 21, bookkeeper, London, same, d/o Francis J. MEANLEY and Elizabeth FURNIS, witn Ignatius FITZMAURICE and Clarice MEANLEY both of London, 10 Nov 1924 St. Marys Catholic Church London 014274-24 Thomas Purdom ROWAT, 35, merchant, London, same, s/o T.A. ROWAT b. Scotland and Elizabeth, mar Mary Margaret GRAHAM, 29, Belmont, London, d/o James GRAHAM b. Guelph and Sarah CAMPBELL, witn Grace MILLER and Elizabeth McGREGOR, both of London, 12 May 1924 St. Andrews Manse London.
014282-24 Leslie Morton ROURKE, 26, auto mechanic, St. Thomas, same, s/o George ROURKE b. London and Maggie COSKEY, mar Thelma LINDSAY, 20, St. Thomas, same, d/o Richard LINDSAY b. St. Thomas, and Ann JONES, witn Marjorie E. FRANCIS and Mrs. W.L. HILES both of London, 30 Jan 1924 London. 014262-24 Chester William ROUTLEDGE, 25, CPR fireman, London, 585 Oxford Street London, s/o William Waugh ROUTLEDGE b. London and Mary Frances CRAWFORD, mar Ada Laura ATKINSON, 24, clerk, London, same, d/o John James ATKINSON b. London and Hannah HORTON, witn Mary E. RAIN and Jennie McINTOSH both of London, 10 Dec 1924 London
014263-24 Victor RUDD, 23, farmer, London, RR2 Thorndale, s/o Alfred E. RUDD b. England and Gertrude JEFFRIES, mar Madeline FLANAGAN, 20, glove examiner, Hanover Ont, 170 Regent Street London, d/o Louis FLANAGAN b. London and Anna MASACK, witn Louis and Anna FLANAGAN of London, 27 Nov 1924 London. 014255-24 Robert Lindsay RUPERT, 28, stationary engineer, Hastings Co., Pt. Loring - Parry Sound Dist., s/o John Moore RUPERT b. Hastings Co. and Wilomena Elizabeth EMPEY, mar Daphne HILTON, 22, domestic, London England, Thorndale Ont, d/o George William b. England and Eva Muriel GOODSON, witn Charles G. and Eva M. SMUCK of Thorndale, 02 Jul 1924 London
014265-24 Thomas Earle RUSSELL, 21, clerk, London, 717 Central Ave London, s/o John J. RUSSELL b. England and Lois WELBOURNE, mar Daisy Lottie Elvenia PRICE, 21, bookkeeper, London, 130 Regent Street London, d/o John Adam PRICE b. Ont and Mary Ellen CARTER, witn Dorothy RUSSELL and Reginald RODDA both of London, 05 Nov 1924 at 130 Regent Street London 014277-24 John McPhail RUSSELL, 34, steam fitter, Rutherglen Scotland, Byron Ont, s/o George RUSSELL b. Scotland & Margaret CAMPBELL, mar Mabel LUCAS, 34, nurse, London, Byron, d/o William L. LUCAS b. Ont and Sophia LEWIS, witn Lousia LEY and Gordon CHARLTON both of London, 27 Feb 1924 St. Matthews Church London
014281-24 Pietro RUSSO, 31, shoemaker, Italy, New York City, s/o Joseph RUSSO b. Italy and Josephine RANDO, mar Bertha CAPARELLA, 22, tailoress, Italy, 206 Richmond Street London, d/o Antonio CAPARELLA b. Italy and Annetta D'AMBRA, witn Antonia CAPARELLA of London and Mrs. T. MANENTI of Hamilton, 02 Feb 1924 London  
014301-24  George St.JOHN, 29, bank manager, Oakville, Montreal Ave London, s/o Charles Jonathan St.JOHN no birthplace and Ann Jane POOLE, mar Mona Delmage WILSON, 27, London, 274 Huron Street London, d/o John WILSON no birthplace and Flora CAMERON, witn C. Cameron WILSON and John CUMBERLAND both of London, 05 Jun 1924 London 014310-24  Alfred Wilbert SAKER, 21, laborer, London England, 140 Wellington Street London, s/o Edmund SAKER b. Essex England and Miriam ROUND, mar Lillian Matilda BULLOCK, 17, Perrin employee, Detroit Michigan, 281 Talbot Street London, d/o Alfred BULLOCK b. London England and Clara FULKER, witn Frank J.W. LUPSON of 468 Queens Ave London and Alfred BULLOCK of 281 Talbot Street London, 05 May 1924 London
014300-24  Clare Shannon SANBORN, 27, medical doctor, London, London, s/o Thomas SANBORN b. London Twp and Jane Hilda BEAL, mar Dorothy Kathleen BRAITHWAITE, 24, Medical doctor, Ilderton, London, d/o William BRAITHWAITE b. London Twp and Jessie HOBBS, witn Clifford SANBORN of Dorchester and Kenneth BRAITHWAITE of London, 10 Jun 1924 London 014315-24  William John SANDERSON, 24, market gardener, Lakewood Ohio USA, Lot 15 Conc 4 London Twp, s/o Ninian SANDERSON b. Scotland and Rose TOWNSEND, mar Gladys Emma POAD, 24, London Twp, 221 Hale Street London, d/o George H. POAD b. England and Emma J. RICKARD, witn N.T. SANDERSON and Miss N.T. SANDERSON both of RR#7 London, 02 Apr 1924 London

014308-24  Leo SAUNDERS, 22, farmer, Brooke Twp Lambton Co, same, s/o John SAUNDERS b. Ont and Hanna BUTLER, mar Jane Griffith McLISTER, 23, Oil Springs, same, d/o John McLISTER b. Ont and Mary KEYES, witn Myrtle SAUNDERS of Watford and Kate McLISTER of Oil Springs, 14 May 1924 London.

014297-24  Earl Douglas SCHOTT, 26, receiver, Thamesville, 529 Ontario Street London, s/o Henry SCHOTT b. Hamilton and Eliza Jane HARRIS, mar Laura May BROWN, 24, Point Edward, 950 Dundas Street London, d/o John BROWN b. Ontario and Margaret Jane SHAW, witn W.F.H. SCHOTT and Frances BROWN both of London, 21 Jun 1924 at 950 Dundas Street London.
014303-24  Frederick Sidney SEYMOUR, 29, laborer, Alysham England, 72 Dellabaugh Street, London Ont, s/o Barney SEYMOUR b. Scotland and Eliza KETT, mar Jean Herd TURBYNE, 27, domestic, Dundee Scotland, 30 Victor Street, London Ont, d/o David TURBYNE b. Scotland and Mary Ann GUILD, witn Wilfred R. SMITH of 1100 Florence Street London and Anne J. TUFFIN of 48 Ridout Street London, 05 Jun 1924 London 014311-24  Victor SGANGLIA, 27, cement worker, Italy, St. Marys, s/o Louis SGANGLIA b. Italy and Angela CAPILLA, mar Ann M. RIORDON, 22, St. Marys, same, d/o William RIORDON b. St. Marys and Margaret GRAHAM, witn Carrie RIORDON of St. Marys and Mrs. W.H. McINTOSH of London, 22 Apr 1924 London.
014302-24  Charles Ernest SHAW, 20, shoemaker, London, 9 Huron Street London, s/o Charles Ernest SHAW b. England and Sarah Annie SHAW, mar Enid Kate RADFORD, 19, shoemaker, Bath England, 993 Oxford Street London, d/o Frederick RADFORD b. England and Kate BULL, witn F. Beatrice SHAW of 9 Huron Street London and Douglas B. CREE of 889 Adelaide Street London, 07 Jun 1924 Church of the Redeemer London 014294-24  Peter SHERIDAN, 25, bookkeeper, County Tyrone Northern Ireland, 277 Talbot Street London, s/o Andrew SHERIDAN b. Ireland and Mary DONNLEY, mar Isabelle Emily WEST, 24, bookkeeper, London, 277 Talbot Street London, d/o Charles WEST b. Canada and Elizabeth LEADER, witn Mrs. W.B. BOWERS and Mrs. George T. WATTS both of London, 25 Jun 1924 London
014305-24  Leslie Joseph SHILLINGTON, 23, butter maker, New Durham Ont, Belmont, s/o Joseph SHILLINGTON b. Ont and Mary TIMMONS, mar Elsie Olive ORR, 20, housekeeper, Delaware Ont, London, d/o William ORR b. St. Thomas Ont and Fidelia CUDNEY, witn William and Fidelia ORR of 46 Bruce Street London, 27 May 1924 London 014290-24  Wilson Irwin SHOEBOTTOM, 23, carpenter, Carron Sask, 193 Langarth Street London, s/o John SHOEBOTTOM b. London Twp. and Susan IRWIN, mar Mary MIREHOUSE, 20, stenographer, Cumberland England, 1302 King Street London, d/o Johnathan MIREHOUSE b. Cumberland England and Sarah Ann GILL, witn David Hiram McCALLUM of 483 Princess Ave London and Ida Beth SHOEBOTTOM of 193 Langarth Street London, 08 Jul 1924 London
014332-24  John Hodge SHOPLAND, 46, widower, watchman, Calstock England, 190 Waterloo Street London, s/o John SHOPLAND b. England and Susannah HODGE, mar Clara LOCKETT, 43, widow, housekeeper, London England, 190 Waterloo Street London, d/o Henry GAY b. England and Elizabeth LIPPETT, witn George MOORE and Jessie THOMAS both of London, 08 Dec 1924 London 014333-24  Arthur Francis SIMMONS, 31, farmer, Manitoba, Courtland, s/o John T. SIMMONS b. Ont and Mary TWISS, mar Kathleen DOYLE, 25, teacher, London, London, d/o William DOYLE b. Ont and Francis BLIZARD, witn Henry E. DOYLE and Gertrude WARD both of London, 09 Aug 1924 London.
014296-24  Andrew Calvin SIMPSON, 26, salesman, Wawanosh Twp, London, s/o Douglas SIMPSON b. Grey Twp and Jennie McGEE, mar Lula HASTINGS, 27, housekeeper, Exeter, Centralia, d/o Albert HASTINGS b. Ontario and Alberetta ESSERY, witn Esther McGREGOR and Grace MILLER both of 356 Queens Ave London, 21 Jun 1924 London 014320-24  Richard Charles SINCLAIR, 21, lather, St. Marys, 90 Park Street London, s/o David James SINCLAIR b. St. Marys and Mary Elizabeth HAMILTON, mar Winnifred WARD, 19, Penman employee, London, 511 Nelson Ave London, d/o Frank WARD b. St. Thomas and Harriett KNEE?, witn Robert Lloyd and Marguerite SINCLAIR of 90 Price Street London, 15 Mar 1924 at 214 Egerton Street London
014330-24  Harry SING, 32, shipper, London, 708 Maitland London, s/o Henry SING b. England and Jemima MOTT, mar Zetta May CHOWEN, 30, stenographer, Clinton Ont, 135 Maitland London, d/o Robert H. CHOWEN b. Ont and Sara Jane THOME, witn Harold CHOWEN and Grace SING both of London, 26 Nov 1924 London 014306-24  Robert SKELLY, 50, widower, plumber, Montreal, 141 Tecumseh Ave London, s/o William SKELLY b. Scotland and May KERR, mar Evangeline Margaret ROBINSON, 48, Napanee, 363 St. James Street London, d/o John Samuel ROBINSON b. Liverpool England and Catherine TEGAN (Fegan?), witn John J. ROBINSON of 431 Oxford Street London and Margaret SKELLY of 141 Tecumseh Street London, 04 Jun 1924 St. John the Baptist London
014292-24  Joseph Edward SLATER, 24, machinist, London, London, s/o Edward SLATER b. London and Alice BEATTY, mar Mary Margaret WELCH, 19, operator, Dutton, London, d/o John WELCH b. Dutton and Isabelle MULLINS, witn Leonard J. WELCH and Alice C. SLATER both of London, 28 Jun 1924 London 014317-24  Marshall J. SMILEY, 33 decorator, Forestville Michigan, Brantford Ont, s/o James SMILEY b. Norwich and Hannah WISMER, mar Mabel Kathleen BETTS, 28, widow, housekeeper, d/o Nelson KELLY b. Ont and Deborah DEPEW, witn Mrs. J.W. HOLMES and Mrs. W.R. McINTOSH both of London, 22 Mar 1924 London
  014238-24 Walter SMITH, 28, laborer, Indiana USA, 27 Rectory Street London, s/o Robert SMITH b. Indiana and Mary MARSHALL, mar Vera MARTIN, 17, saleslady, Chatham, 233 Clarence Street London, d/o James MARTIN b. Canada and Rachel ROBILLIARD, witn Mrs. R. MARTIN and Mrs. George T. WATTS both of London, 20 Aug 1924 London
014312-24  Frank Cecil SMITH, 24, driver, McGillivray, 492 York Street London, s/o Amasa SMITH b. Ont and Anna RICHARDSON, mar Laura LOFTHOUSE, 20, Leeds Yorkshire England, d/o Joseph LOFTHOUSE b. England and Margaret SMITH, witn Forest W. CROUCHER and Hilda COLES both of London, 22 Apr 1924 London. 014318-24  William SMITH, 50, widower, cement worker, London, 165 High Street London, s/o William SMITH b. England and Lucy JACKSON, mar Alice SIMPSON, 42, domestic, England, Talbot Street London, d/o James SIMPSON b. England and Mary BROOKS, witn Pearl H. AGNEW of London and Marguerite M. KUNTZ of Exeter, 19 Mar 1924 London
014307-24  Bruce Kenneth SMITH, 21, baker, St. Thomas, 41 Inkerman Street in St. Thomas, s/o William Logan SMITH b. Exeter and Edith LINDSAY, mar Evelyn SMITH, 23, Aylmer, Aylmer, d/o Ernest SMITH b. Canada and Nellie SEAN, witn Edythe SMITH of St. Thomas and Keennan? SMITH of Union, 21 May 1924 at 1028 York Street London. 014309-24  James Benjamin SMITH, 38, widower, painter, England, Byron Ont, s/o Joseph H. SMITH b. England and Jane HOBBS, mar Lettie SMART, 35, widow, Oxford Co, 640 Emery Street London, d/o Angus OATMAN (sic) b. Oxford Co and Lettie SMART, witn Pearl N. AGNEW and Jean AGNEW both of London, 21 May 1924 London
014322-24  Russell SMITH, 18, stove repairer, London, 9 Adelaide Street London, s/o James H. SMITH b. London England and Mabel WILLIAMS, mar Florence Lorine PERRY, 17, cigar maker, d/o Edward Lee PERRY b. London Ont and Katherine Grace SCOTT, witn H. TINGEY and Ethel JONES both of London, 01 Mar 1924 All Saints Church London 014327-24  John Leonard SMITH, 30, farmer, London England, St. Marys Ont, s/o John Albert SMITH b. London England and Katherine WEBSTER, mar Florence Lilywhite BRETT, 24, telephone operator, Redding England, 284 Ottaway Ave London, d/o George BRETT b. England and Ellen SHORTER, witn Birdie GILLIES and Bessie BICE both of London, 24 Dec 1924 All Saints Church London
014299-24  Franklin Keith SMITH, 23, mechanic, London, 4 Macdonald Ave London, s/o Walter SMITH b. West Nissouri and Jennie HOBBS, mar Elizabeth WEBBER, 23, clerk, Raymond Ont, 4 Macdonald Ave London, d/o James Joshua WEBBER, b. England and Sophia LANGTON, witn George and Dorothy BRYANT of London, 11 Jun 1924 London 014295-24  Vincent D. SNELLING, 25, bookkeeper, Ontario, Forest Ont, s/o James H. SNELLING b. Ontario and Mary M. McKINNON, mar Mary Elizabeth BARTON, 18, England, London Ont, d/o James BARTON b. England and Mary SYDENHAM, witn Earl J. SNELLING of Forest and Florence WOODHAM of Euclid Ave London, 28 Jun 1924 at 850 Dundas Street London.
014331-24  Delford A. SNIDER, 29, salesman, Ont, Detroit Michigan, s/o Fernando SNIDER b. Canada and Emma STELLAR, mar Gertrude SPINDLER, 29, Ont, London, d/o Benjamin SPINDLER b. England and Eliza FINCH, witn William E. STEPHENS and Lillian DAWKINS both of London, 06 Dec 1924 London 014314-24  John Dunkeld SPEIRS, 18, cutter, Glasgow Scotland, 58 Ada Street London, s/o Alexander SPEIRS b. Scotland and Margaret McVEY, mar Dorothy Madeline PRODGESS, 18, packer, London, 572 York Street London, d/o Frederick PRODGESS b. Ont and Ada DIPLOCK, witn Earl J. SNELLING of Walkerville and Ethel CAPON of London, 18 Apr 1924 London
  014329-24  William Arthur SPRINGETT, 28, baker, Maidstone England, 42 Wyatt Street London, s/o Arthur SPRINGETT b. England and Alice COLLINS, mar Betty BURDETTE, 23, France, 42 Wyatt Street London, d/o Thomas BURDETTE b. France and Ada BOAT, witn F.J. SPRINGETT and Mabel R. DAVID both of London, 10 Dec 1924 London
014313-24  Clarence Victor SPROULL, 29, electrician, Petrolia, London, s/o Joseph SPROULL b. Quebec and Margaret Walker, mar Jessie Agnes RHYND, 25, invoice clerk, Niagara Falls Ont, London, d/o James H. RHYND b. Scotland and Mary MERCER, witn James H. RHYND and Joseph SPROULL both of London, 19 Apr 1924 London 014304-24  Harry STABLER, 21, carpenter, Stockton England, 574 Central Ave London, s/o George C. STABLER b. England and Mary CAUTHWAITE, mar Marguerite Elizabeth DYSON, 23, cutter, London, 572 Central Ave London, d/o William John DYSON b. Ont and Helen Eliza ROBERTS, witn George C. STABLER of 574 Central Ave London and Miss V. DYSON of Port Stanley, 04 Jun 1924 at 574 Central Ave London
014324-24  Robert STANLEY, 36, stone mason, Cornwall England, 479 Talbot Street London, s/o Charles Henry STANLEY b. Yorkshire England and Sarah GILBERT, mar Mary Martha CONNOR, 26, cook, Dundee Scotland, Ontario Hospital London, d/o James CONNOR b. Dundee Scotland and Bridget DELANEY, witn Joseph McLAUGHLIN and Patrick TIMONY both of London, 02 Feb 1924 St. Patrick's London. 014287-24  Leonard D. STANLEY, 59, widower, insurance agent, Biddulph, St. Marys, s/o Thomas STANLEY b. Ireland and Sarah DOBBS, mar Annie Maria BAX, 63, Brantford, London, d/o Alfred Jervis BAX b. England and Annie Maria BRAUND, witn Aliva DONALDSON and Jenny CARTER both of London, 23 July 1924 London.
014325-24  Robert Arthur STANNARD, 24, jeweler, England, 158 Egerton Street London, s/o Arthur STANNARD b. England and Rebecca HARDY, mar Dorothy Violet HEAMAN, 17, Dashwood, 20 Wyatt Street London, d/o William HEAMAN b. Canada and Lilian STAYTHAM, witn W.W. DAVIDSON of London and Grace HEAMAN of 20 Wyatt Street London, 28 Jan 1924 London 014293-24  Frederick George Henry STANTON, 20, driver, London, 680 William Street London, s/o Frederick STANTON b. England and Nellie DELANEY, mar Minnie CONDON, 19, laundry employee, London, London, d/o William CONDON b. Isle of Man and Marguerite THOMPSON, witn Evelyn RUTLEDGE of 16 Guelph Street London and Fred REFUR of 237 Clarence Street London, 28 Jun 1924 London
014298-24  William James STAPLETON, 38, steel worker, Cornwall England, London Ont, s/o John STAPLETON b. England and Margaret BENNETT, mar Evelyn Rose STONE, 22, housekeeper, London England, London Ont, d/o William STONE b. England and Rose KEMPE, witn Hyland and Marie OKE of London, 24 Sep 1924 All Saints Church London 014316-24  George Cyrus STEWART, 31, farmer, Ailsa Craig, same, s/o Archibald STEWART b. East Williams and Catherine Jane STEWART, mar Margaret KENNEDY, 36, widow, Wroxeter Ont, 139 Bathurst Street London, d/o John A. BARNARD b. Brantford and Sara WILLIS, witn Nan WALKER and Bessie McNAIR both of London, 25 Mar 1924 at 8 Christie Street London
014288-24  Marvin Raymond STICKNEY, 28, superintendent, Enfield New Hampshire USA, 392 Dundas St. London, s/o Frank STICKNEY b. U.S. and Mary H. WHEELER, mar Louise Mary FEATHERSTONE, 27, milliner, Oakville, Hamilton, d/o William E. FEATHERSTONE b. Ontario and Bessie APPLEBY, witn J.N. and Ivah FEATHERSTONE of London, 01 Aug 1924 at 709 Colborne Street London.  
014326-24  Frank Reginald STONE, 26, bricklayer, London, Detroit Michigan, s/o William John STONE b. Ont and Elizabeth BURRELL, mar Gwendolyn Amy WOODMAN, 24, housemaid, England, 960 Wellington Street London, d/o John Henry WOODMAN b. England and Amy NEWBURY, witn Herbert L. STONE of 1129 Euclid Street Detroit and Norah WOODMAN of 960 Wellington Street London, 22 Sep 1924 London. 014291-24  Robert Spencer STONE, 29, medical doctor, Chatham, Chatham, s/o Spencer STONE b. Canada and Maud CAMPBELL, mar Willena Rose CRAWFORD, 27, YWCA secretary, Niagara Falls, London, d/o John CRAWFORD b. Canada and Martha ROSE, witn Margaret CRAWFORD of London and Thomas STONE of Chatham, 24 Jun 1924 London.
014328-24  Cornelius Whitman STRYKER, 38, widower, trader, Somerville New Jersey USA, 118 Elmwood Ave London, s/o John Newton STRYKER b. Somerville New Jersey and Mary Elizabeth SEBRING, mar Alma RYAN, 33, widow, Springfield Man, London, d/o Thomas Henry SMITH b. England and Margaret MADISON, witn W.R. and Mary R. HUESTON of London, 26 Dec 1924 London. 014321-24  Gordon SUTHERLAND, 33, railway employee, Komoka, Komoka, s/o James SUTHERLAND b. Ont and Eileen ARMSTRONG, mar Beaulah KELLESTINE, 18, Longwood, Longwood, d/o Laffayette KELLESTINE b. Ont and Margaret CALCUT, witn Bert CARRIGAN and Mrs. H.J. UREN both of London, 08 Mar 1924 at 709 Calhoun Street London
014323-24  Albert Edward SUTTON, 24, stereotyper, Hamilton, 103 Byron Ave London, s/o Frederick William SUTTON b. Dereham Centre Ont, and Nancy HEROD, mar Daisy Olga Hudson BARKLAMB, 24, bookkeeper, Westmeath, 1124 Nobel Street London, d/o Walter BARKLAMB b. Whitby Ont and Clara HUDSON, witn Alfred LEIGH of 300 Dundas Street London and Olive Prudence CLARK of 1473 Dundas Street London, 01 Jan 1924 at 674 Highbury Ave London 014289-24  Frank Ernest SWINDALL, 21, painter, England, London Ont, s/o Ernest John SWINDALL b. England and Emma Kay LOVEDAY, mar Ina Helen LEWIS, 18, housekeeper, London, London, d/o Isaac LEWIS b. Ontario and Mina HODGINS, witn Emma and Ernest J. SWINDALL of London, 09 Jul 1924 at 882 Dufferin Ave London.
014319-24  Guy Earle SWOPE, 23, farmer, Thamesford, same, s/o Maurice SWOPE b. Pennsylvania USA and Emma THORNTON, mar Hazel Robena RYDER, 20, housekeeper, d/o Herman RYDER b. Acton Ont and Lily PIERCE, witn Lewis A. SWOPE and Verna DAWSON both of Thamesford, 19 Mar 1924 London 014266-24 George Richard WILLIAMS, 27, butter maker, Lidney England, 632 Downing Street Stratford, s/o Joseph F. WILLIAMS b. England and Sarah Elizabeth BRAIN, mar Emily Elizabeth POOLE, 20, packer, London, 756 Waterloo Street London, d/o Walter John POOLE b. England and Elizabeth DICKSON, witn Edwin C. and Alice G. POOLE of London, 22 Oct 1924 All Saints Church London