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Middlesex  Co., 1925, part 2

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014873-25 Gordon Garfield BARNES, 26, farmer, Brooke twp, Brooke twp s/o Joseph BARNES (b. Dawn twp in Lambton Co) & Annette CHRISTNER married Nellie Elizabeth NOTT, 24, waiter, England, Brooke twp d/o Samuel NOTT (b. England) & Mary Ann HICKEY wtn: Russell HAGGITH & Clara NOTT both of Glencoe, 18 March 1925 at the rectory in Glencoe  
014870-25 Hiram Wilbert BARNEY, 56, farmer, Fulton twp, Lambeth s/o John BARNEY (b. Westminster twp) & Margaret JONES married Emma PARKINS, 46, housekeeper, Delaware twp, Delaware d/o John PARKINS (b. Delaware twp) & Milicia SHADDOCK wtn: Edward Mathew PARKINS of Delaware & Adeline CLARK of Lambeth, 30 April 1925 at Delaware 014874-25 George BAWDEN, 56, widower, contractor, England, Lucan s/o Peter BAWDEN (b. Devonshire in England) & Susannah BENDLE married Lena M. COLLINS, 47, Lucan, Lucan d/o Henry COLLINS (b. London twp) & Sarah A. WATTS wtn: Harry BAWDEN & Annie E. COLLINS both of Lucan, 25 February 1925 at Lucan
014869-25 Christopher BEER, 28, farmer, Metcalfe twp, Metcalfe twp s/o Jacob C. BEER (b. Metcalfe twp) & illegible CURRY, married Mabel Esther BECKITT, 21, farmer’s daughter, Metcalfe twp, Metcalfe d/o John BECKITT (b. Metcalfe twp) & Marian SABINE wtn: Margarita MUNRO of Watkins & William BECKITT of Strathroy , 11 June 1925 at Appin 014872-25 Wesley BEGG, 43, widower, farmer, Westminster twp, RR#2 Wilton Grove s/o John BEGG (b. Westminster twp) & Hannah MENNELL married Delia MANNING, 49, housekeeper, Westminster twp, RR#2 Wilton Grove d/o Salvestor MANNING (b. Westminster twp) & Susannah STEVENS wtn: Cecil N. WILSON of RR#2 Wilton Grove & Mrs T.A. STEADMAN of Lambeth, 18 March 1925 at Lambeth
014871-25 William Henry BERRYHILL, 32, farmer, London twp, London twp s/o Joseph BERRYHILL (b. London twp) & Fanny G. HAY married Nellie Florence ELLIOTT, 32, London twp, London twp d/o William ELLIOTT (b. London twp) & Matilda WALKER wtn: William James ELLIOTT of Denfield RR North & Stella MOONEY of London, 26 March 1925 at the bride’s home, 13 con of London twp

014866-25 Douglas Harold BLATCHFORD, 33, school teacher, Ontario, 1143 Bay St in Toronto s/o Thomas W. BLATCHFORD (b. England) & Maria Elizabeth McEVERS married Ellen Henrietta COMISKY, 24, physician, USA, St John’s Hospital in Toronto d/o Charles Joseph COMISKY (b. Ontario) & Sarah Agnes CLEMENTS wtn: R.M. PIPER & Miriam P. PIPER both of Lambeth, 4 July 1925 at Lambeth

014865-25 John Kerr BRADSHAW, 31, farmer, West Nissouri twp, Lot 25 con 5 West Nissouri twp s/o James BRADSHAW (b. West Nissouri twp) & Minnie BESNER married Elva May KERRIDGE, 23, teacher, Dunwich twp, Lot 25 Con 5 West Nissouri twp d/o Lewis C. KERRIDGE (b. Bayham twp) & Margaret Walker wtn: Ernest Grant RUMBLE of 88 Egerton St in London & Annie Louise KERRIDGE of RR#1 Wilton Grove, 2 September 1925 at Wilton Grove 014867-25 James Beatson BRYAN, 22, farmer, Biddulph twp, Blanshard twp in Perth twp s/o William D. BRYAN (b. Biddulph twp) & Salina Victoria BEATSON married Minnie Victoria Irene DAWSON, 22, housekeeper, West Nissouri twp, Blanshard twp d/o William DAWSON (b. Peterborough in Ontario) & Annie BRANION wtn: Joseph E. BRYAN & Lilias POWELL both of Granton, 26 August 1925 at Bryanston
014868-25 Fred Thompson BUTLER, 37, electrician, Rugby England, 25 Sterling St in London s/o Fred BUTLER (b. England) & Lizzie BUTLER married Hilda NOBLE, 31, stenographer, West Hartlepool England, 622 Elisa St in London d/o John NOBLE (b. England) & Hannah M. HARDING, wtn: R. PORTER & N. JACOBS both of London, 21 July 1925 at St Anne’s Church in Byron 014875-25 John Herbert BUTTERY, 20, farmer, Adelaide twp, Adelaide twp s/o W.G. BUTTERY (b. Adelaide twp) & Frances BARNES married Iola Beatrice MACKEY, 17, lady, Metcalfe twp, Strathroy d/o John MACKEY (b. Ridgetown) & Anna GOUGH wtn: Mrs S.V.K. PENTLAND & Mrs George FIELD both of Strathroy, 21 February 1925 at Strathroy
014879-25 Norman Ross Howell CALLEY, 19, shipper, London, Niletown, s/o Ross CALLEY (b. England) & Elizabeth HOWELL married Rose Theresa KILBOURN, 19, Dorchester, Dorchester d/o Henry Edward KILBOURN (b. Ontario) & Janet Rebecca GREALCHANCE?, wtn: William H. KILBOURN of RR#1 Dorchester & Violet ATRELL of RR#8 London, 23 May 1925 at North Dorchester twp 014890-25 Gilbert CALVERT, 43, farmer, North Oxford twp, Dorchester s/o John CALVERT (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane NESBITT married Annie CAMPBELL, 22, housekeeper, Lobo twp, RR#9 London d/o John CAMPBELL (b. Lobo twp) & Mary Graham ESTERBROOK wtn: John A. CAMPBELL & M. Maude CAMPBELL both of RR#9 London, 25 February 1925 at Crumlin
014893-25 Sydney Franklin CAMPBELL, 33, machinist, Enniskillen twp, Strathroy s/o William CAMPBELL (b. East William twp) & Ellen GILBERT married Dora L. HERRINGTON, 24, farmer’s daughter, Adelaide twp, Strathroy d/o Truman Wesley HERRINGTON (b. Arkona) & Eliza Jane SMITH wtn: Mrs Margaret Jane MOORE & Gordon Frank CARMEN both of Strathroy, 29 August 1925 at Strathroy 014892-25 Duncan Rowlett CAMPBELL, 24, farmer, East William twp, East William twp s/o Trafford CAMPBELL (b. Canada) & Lillian ROWLETT married Mary Bernice PRIESTLY, 24, farmer’s daughter, East William twp, East William twp d/o Charles PRIESTLY (b. Canada) & Mary McFARLANE wtn: Alfred CAMPBELL of Ailsa Craig & James B. HARRISON of Avonlea in Saskatchewan, 7 March 1925 at Nairn
014884-25 Peter Henry CAMPBELL, 27, farmer, Adelaide twp, Adelaide twp s/o Donald CAMPBELL (b. E Williams twp) & Annie McLEAN married Eva Pauline PENNINGTON, 25, Adelaide twp, Adelaide twp d/o David PENNINGTON (b. Adelaide twp) & Annie ANDERSON wtn: Manfred Monroe PENNINGTON & David Clare PENNINGTON both of RR#5 Strathroy, 12 January 1925 at Adelaide 014888-25 Duncan CAMPBELL, 45, farmer, Lobo twp, Mt Brydges s/o Alex CAMPBELL (b. Ontario) & Sarah CAMPBELL married Eva May BLOOMFIELD, 30, teacher, McGillvray twp, Thamesville d/o Adam BLOOMFIELD (b. Ontario) & Christine DARLING wtn: Alex CAMPBELL of Mt Brydges & Rose Lee BLOOMFIELD of Denfield, 23 September 1925 at Ilderton
014883-25 Louis Valray CARROLL, 25, farmer, Ontario, RR#7 Strathroy s/o Samuel CARROLL (b. Canada) & Elva DELL married Mary Evelyn NIBLOCK, 19, daughter at home, Ontario, Parkhill d/o Thomas NIBLOCK (b. Canada) & Agnes MATHERS wtn: Ellen Irene NIBLOCK & Mrs A.W. SHEPHERD both of Parkhill, 18 November 1925 at Parkhill 014876-25 Vernon Meldrum CARROTHERS, 24, farmer, Glenworth, RR#1 Wilton Grove s/o Paul CARROTHERS (b. Glenworth) & Mary CAMPBELL married Helen Margaret BENNETT, 18, housekeeper, Glenworth, Glenworth d/o Harry BENNETT (b. Glenworth) & Margaret RUTHERFORD wtn: Kathleen ROSE & Mary RUTHERFORD both of Glenworth, 18 June 1925 at the residence of the bride
014881-25 Lester Goulding CHARLTON, 24, farmer, Lobo twp, Lobo twp s/o Lewis CHARLTON (b. Lobo twp) & Lucy GOULDING married Ruth Irene CAMPBELL, 19, housekeeper, Lobo twp, Lobo twp d/o John H. CAMPBELL (b. Lobo twp) & Margaret A. FLETCHER wtn: Mary C. McKINLAY of Denfield & Fannie ASHER of Halken? Ont, 9 December 1925 at Lobo 014885-25 Albert Ernest CLARK, 37, machinist, Mulligan in Ireland, Glencoe s/o Charles Lewis CLARK (b. London in England) & Rose ROBINSON married Edna May McRAE, 31, clerk, Glencoe, Glencoe d/o John McRAE (b. Canada) & Sarah CLINGERSMITH wtn: Rose DAVENPORT of Glencoe & F?. EVERINGHAM of Bathurst?, 30 September 1925 at Glencoe
014889-25 Lewis Milton COOPER, 23, farmer, Lot 35 Con 10 East Nissouri twp, Lot 25 Con 11 East Nissouri twp s/o Herman COOPER (b. Ontario) & Carrie MARTIN married Myrtle Blanche MAINPRIZE, 25, housekeeper, unorganized townships of Parry Sound District, Lot 35 Con 11 East Nissouri twp d/o Nessfidd MAINPRIZE (b. Canada) & Anna M. DOBBS wtn: Albert MAINPRIZE of Belton & Verda COOPER of Lakeside, 16 September 1925 at West Nissouri 014886-25 Arthur COOTE, 36, labourer, England, Cottam s/o Henry COOTE (b. England) & Annie BIGAMORE married Ruby Annetta JUNE, 36, bookkeeper, Gosfield North, Cottam d/o George F. JUNE (b. Mersea twp) & Elizabeth Mary JACKSON wtn: Mary LIVINGSTON & Annie STERLING both of Thorndale, 7 September 1925 at Thorndale
014878-25 Frederick George CORBY, 23, mechanic, London, 11 Highland Ave in Windsor s/o Frederick CORBY (b. Ontario) & Nellie IVEY, married Lucy CLARK, 19, box maker, Hadbury England, 1253 May St in Windsor d/o William CLARK (b. England) & Emily GIBBS wtn: Ann I.A.W. DURNFORD & Isabella C. DURNFORD both of Hyde Park, 3 December 1925 at the rectory in Hyde Park 014880-25 Thomas Allan CRAIG, 29, salesman, Glencoe, Glencoe s/o Wesley George CRAIG (b. Glencoe) & Elizabeth SIDDEL married Jean Irene McLACHLAN, 25, school teacher, Glencoe, Glencoe d/o James A. McLACHLAN (b. Marybrough Ont & Annie? HOLLINGSHEAD, wtn: Gladys SINGLETON of Ailsa Craig & Allen M. CRAIG of Detroit, 20 October 1925 at Glencoe
014882-25 John Wilfred CRAWFORD, 29, farmer, Lobo twp, Ilderton s/o Peter CRAWFORD (b. Lobo twp) & Catherine CAMPBELL married Blanche Leona THOMAS, 24, housekeeper, E Williams twp, Denfield d/o David THOMAS (b. East Williams twp) & Lulu MARET (Mayt?) wtn: Henrietta G. CRAWFORD of Eaton Rapids in Michigan & Elmira THOMAS of Denfield, 17 June 1925 at Lobo twp 014891-25 Charles CRELLIN, 39, painter, Kintore, Kintore s/o John T. CRELLIN (b. Lancaster in England) & Elizabeth McCOMB married Anna Elizabeth HENDERSON, 38, housekeeper, East Nissouri twp, Thorndale d/o William HENDERSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret DAWSON wtn: Mrs Margaret HENDERSON of Thorndale & Miss Bessie CRELLIN of Kintore, 5 September 1925 at Thorndale
014877-25 Albert Horace CRUMP, 32, farmer, London twp, London twp s/o Richard Howes CRUMP (b. South Africa) & Jessie C. WRIGHT married Frances Caroline BURT, 17, Delaware twp, London twp d/o Thomas BURT (b. Canada) & Edith SCOTT wtn: Richard Howes CRUMP & Thomas BURT both of London twp, 9 December 1925 at London twp 014887-25 George Harold CUSHMAN, 23, machinist, Caradoc twp, Strathroy s/o George CUSHMAN (b. Ontario) & Sarah Elizabeth CLARKE married Edith Luella May KECK, 18, domestic, Forest , Strathroy d/o William KECK (b. Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth LAWSON wtn: S.J. COUCH & E. HAMILTON both of Strathroy, 10 January 1925 at Strathroy
014902-25 Charles Percival DAVIDSON, 31, truck driver, Kent Co, Lambeth s/o Robert DAVIDSON (b. Kent Co) & Mary Louisa MITCHELL married Lillian Emma MILL, 31, widow, housekeeper, Middlesex Co, Lambeth d/o George N. JANES (b. Ontario) & Mary SHARP wtn: Lydia A. BURTWHISTLE & Ruth DAVIDSON both of Lambeth, 21 January 1925 at Lambeth 014899-25 Clayton DAVIDSON, 23, farmer, Warwick twp, Warwick twp s/o Edgar DAVIDSON (b. Ottawa in Ontario) & Jane LETT married Susie Isabella WESTGATE, 26, Warwick twp, Warwick twp d/o Frederick WESTGATE (b. Warwick) & Rebecca Elizabeth RAYCROFT, wtn: Romeo Valee DAVIDSON of Watford & Caroline Grace JERRIOTT of Kenwood, 16 September 1925 at the rectory in Adelaide
014898-25 John William DAY, 26, labourer, London twp, London twp s/o Walter DAY (b. Ontario) & Harriet EGGETT married Bertha Irene EDWARDS, 18, Stratford Ont. London twp d/o Charles EDWARDS (b. London in Ontario) & Laura CALDWELL wtn: L.C. MacDONALD of London Junction & V.J. STANFIELD of RR#5 London, 26 March 1925 at Fanshawe, London twp 014900-25 Warren Leslie DeGROOT, 36, plasterer, Strathroy, Strathroy s/o Harvey DeGROOT (b. Ontario) & Fannie JACKSON married Shirley Beatrice Victoria SHEPARD, 24, farmer’s daughter, Warwick twp, Adelaide twp d/o Fred SHEPARD (b. Ontario) & Paulina LUCKENS wtn: John SHEPARD of RR#1 Kenwood & Dorothy WATTS of Strathroy, 5 November 1925 at Strathroy
014897-25 Paul DEWEY, 23, farmer, Seymour twp, Seymour twp s/o David DEWEY (b. Canada) & Phoebe SANDERS married Irene Beatrice MORNINGSTAR, 19, lady, Warwick twp, Strathroy d/o Herbert MORNINGSTAR (b. Canada) & Emma FALLOWS wtn: Herbert FRANK & Mary MORNINGSTAR both of Strathroy, 11 March 1925 at Strathroy 014896-25 Bruce Douglas DICKSON, 21, garage proprietor, Ingersoll, Lambeth s/o George DICKSON (b. Ontario) & Jennie CALVIN married Bessie Annetta TOLCHARD, 20, housekeeper, Chesley, Lambeth d/o James H. TOLCHARD (b. England) & Marie DALES wtn: James H. TOLCHARD of RR#1 Lambeth & Mrs A.B. SUTCLIFFE of Byron, 31 January 1925 at Byron
014895-25 Frank James DIXON, 22, farmer, Lobo twp, RR#2 Denfield s/o John Nelson DIXON (b. McGillivray twp) & Maggie FRAZER married Hannah Jemima ZAVITZ, 23, housekeeper, Lobo twp, RR#2 Ilderton d/o Charles W. ZAVITZ (b. Ontario) & Minnie RATCLIFF wtn: Rita M. ZAVITZ & Waldo ZAVITZ both of RR#2 Ilderton, 20 May 1925 at Poplar Hill 014901-25 Henry Ewing DOYLE, 24, water maker, London twp, 5 Morin Ave in London s/o William DOYLE & Mary Frances BLIZZARD married Nora Gertrude WARD, 25, bank clerk, London twp, London twp d/o Richard Palmer WARD & Nora MILLS wtn: Letitia Frances HALE of Broughdale & Leo Alexander CHAMBERLAIN of 674 Maitland St in London, 10 October 1925 at Broughdale
014894-25 Philip Anthony DYMENT, 30, president of Dyment Ltd, Ontario, 263 Inglewood Dr in Toronto s/o John DYMENT (b. Ontario) & Barbara AVISON married Elma Helene BELTON, 21, Ontario, Thorndale d/o George Webster BELTON (b. Ontario) & Annie Maria ROBERTS wtn: Harold DYMENT of Toronto & Marguerite BELTON of Thorndale, 27 June 1925 at Thorndale 014904-25 Richard EATOUGH, 23, cheese maker, Liverpool England, Mossley s/o Henry EATOUGH (b. England) & Hanna NUTTLE married Winnifred BANKS, 18, Mossley, Mossley d/o Arthur H. BANKS (b. Mossley) & Adela STEELE wtn: William E. SCOTT & Ida SCOTT both of Mossley, 4 April 1925 at Putnam
014905-25 James Howard ELLIOTT, 27, automobile mechanic, Strathroy, London s/o Duncan ELLIOTT (b. Strathroy) & Gertrude COLLINS married Kathleen Eleanor WATT, 23, seamstress, Dublin in Ireland, London d/o Thomas WATT (b. Dublin in Ireland) & Kathleen Eleanor HARPIN wtn: Mr & Mrs Alex R. McLEAN of Kenwood, 31 August 1925 at Strathroy 014903-25 Harold ESSERY, 22, labourer, Thamesford, RR#4 Ilderton s/o Alfred ESSERY (b. England) & Jennie Kelley ESSERY married Margaretta ATTIG, 24, housekeeper, Newton, RR#4 Ilderton d/o Joseph ATTIG & Mary Ritter ATTIG wtn: J. Walter FERGUSON & Elsie Humphries FERGUSON, both of Ilderton, 25 June 1925 at St Johns
014913-25 James Clyde FILLMORE, 23, cheese maker, Ontario, South Dorchester s/o James W. FILLMORE (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane HENRY married Violet Almira Alice FLEMING, 19, at home, Ontario, South Dorchester d/o Ethbert Henry FLEMING (b. Ontario) & Annie BRAUNTON wtn: Otto James HODGINS of RR#2 Dorchester & Maude Elsie KNOTT of Mossley, 24 February 1925 at Dorchester 014907-25 Albert Earl FINAN, 27, clerk, Ailsa Craig, Ailsa Craig s/o James D. FINAN (b. Canada) & Ethel R. ROSS married Reatha DESJARDINS, 22, daughter at home, Ontario, Grand Bend d/o Jules DESJARDINS (b. Canada) & Emeline DESJARDINS wtn: Mrs Ethel MacDONALD & Beth STEVENSON both of Ailsa Craig, 17 October 1925 at Ailsa Craig
014909-25 Arthur Earl FINKBEINER, 29, farmer, Stephen twp., same, s/o Michael FINKBEINER (b. Ontario) & Freda RICKA married Jessie McKENZIE, 29, widow, Stephen twp, same, d/o Stephen WEBB (b. Ontario) & Jennie LOVE wtn: Mrs Rosa C. ULENS & Verda M. MAINES both of RR#8 Parkhill, 9 September 1925 at Corbett 014908-25 Charles McKeen FINLAY, 20, MCR tank wiper, USA, 5 Hughes St in St Thomas s/o Thomas FINLAY (b. USA) & Irene McKEEN married Helen UDELL, 18, stenographer, Ontario, 52 Hinks St in St Thomas d/o Lloyd UDELL (b. Ontario) & Erie SHEPHERD wtn: William M. GILMOUR & Kathleen E. GILMOUR both of RR#3 Lambeth, 9 May 1925 at Tempo manse
014912-25 Herbert Francis FRANK, 25, machinist, Strathroy, Strathroy s/o Zachariah? FRANK (b. Canada) & Sarah STACEY married Mary Ann MORNINGSTAR, 20, clerk, Warwick twp, Strathroy d/o Herbert MORNINGSTAR (b. Canada) & Emma FALLOWS wtn: G.N. MORNINGSTAR of Strathroy & Jean SMUCK of London, 22 April 1925 at Strathroy 014911-25 Walter John FREASEY, 24, painter, London England, Adelaide twp s/o Alfred FREASEY (b. London in England) & Amy Sear STARK married Olive Blanche MacDONALD, 21, farmer’s daughter, Adelaide twp, Adelaide twp d/o Charles MacDONALD (b. East Adelaide) & Carrie PARSONS wtn: Sydney FREASEY of RR1 Walker & Dorothy MacDONALD of RR#5 Strathroy, 9 September 1925 at Rev John Moore’s residence in Strathroy
014910-25 Carl Oscar FREEBURG, 23, farmer, Iowa, Glencoe s/o Carl Herbert FREEBURG (b. Sweden) & Marie Charlotte ANDERSON married Christina Marie SUTHERLAND, 22, stenographer, Illinois, Glencoe d/o William Robb SUTHERLAND (b. London in Ontario) & Helen Forsyth BEST wtn: William Alexander SUTHERLAND of Glencoe & Ruth G. FREEBURG of Rossie Iowa, 7 September 1925 at Glencoe 014906-25 Basil Elmer FULLER, 24, farmer, Warwick twp, Arkona s/o Joseph FULLER (b. Warwick) & Annie DOANE married Ella Winnifred GILBERT, 19, farmer’s daughter, West William twp, Adelaide twp d/o Walter GILBERT (b. West William twp) & Louise GLOVER wtn: Mrs Robert J. DEVINE & Mrs Rebecca DEVINE both of Strathroy, 28 November 1925 at Strathroy
014916-25 George E. GATES, 24, farmer, Ekfrid twp, Ekfrid twp s/o William GATES (b. Canada) & Margaret HOGG married Dorothy Ellen THORNCROFT, 25, nurse, Brooke twp, Ekfrid twp d/o Edward V. THORNCROFT (b. England) & Ellen WILLIAMSON wtn: Gordon THORNCROFT of Appin & Edith BEATTIE of Melbourne, 20 November 1925 at Appin 014917-25 Frank GLOVER, 22, woodworker, Mt Brydges, My Brydges s/o J.F. GLOVER (b. Mt Brydges) & Elizabeth YAGER married Amy Clara SEBURN (Leburn?), 29, music teacher, Caradoc twp, Longwood d/o J.W. SEBURN (b. Longwood) & Amy CARR wtn: Irene LEBURN of Longwood & Mrs Edward GRAY of Ayr, 14 October 1925 at Melbourne
014918-25 Thomas GREENHALPH, 27, mechanic. England, Strathroy s/o James GREENHALPH & Rebecca TURNER married Nellie GRIMSHAW, 21, England, Strathroy d/o Robert GRIMSHAW & Mary Elizabeth ASHTON wtn: Bethel MATTISON & Jemima THORNCROFT both of Strathroy, 4 July 1925 at Strathroy 014914-25 Isaac GROSBECK, 23, labourer, Southwold twp, Southwold twp s/o Isaac GROSBECK (b. Ontario) & Annie GROSBECK married Zeta CALDWELL, 21, housemaid, Rodney , Mosa twp d/o Sheldon & Margaret CALDWELL wtn: Mr & Mrs James GOLDER of Iona Station, 16 February 1925 at Muncey
014915-25 Earl Stanley GUEST, 37, widower, agent, Thedford, Byron s/o George GUEST (b. Ontario) & Emma RATHBURN married Gladys LANGFORD, 27, widow, homemaker, Byron, Byron d/o John McGREGOR (b. Ontario) & Clara DAWE wtn: Thomas JEFFERSON & Aileen JEFFERSON both of Lambeth, 4 June 1925 at Lambeth 14930-25 Russell Golden HAGGITH, 31, labourer, widower, Newbury, Glencoe, s/o Abraham HAGGITH (b. England) & Georgiana WALLACE, married Clara NOTT, 21, not given, Glencoe, d/o Samuel NOTT (b. England) & Mary Ann HICKEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Russell NEWPORT both of Glencoe on May 4, 1925 at Glencoe
14924-25 John William HALL, 44, farmer, Caradoc twp., same, s/o Joseph HALL (b. Muncey) & Maria SAUER? married Phoebe HANK, 33, Caradoc twp., same, d/o David HANK (b. Muncey) & Sarah NOAH, witn: Mrs. Thomas McGOCKRIN? & Mrs COTTAM both of Muncey on Aug. 11, 1925 at Muncey 14925-25 Cameron Scott HALL, 26, farmer, Warwick twp., same, s/o Walter William HALL (b. Warwick twp.) & Susan MARSHALL, married Marjory Florence GROGAN, 23, teacher, Adelaide twp., same, d/o Lawrence GROGAN (b. Toronto) & May WILEY, witn: Marion GROGAN & Marjorie HALL both of Arkona on Aug. 29, 1925 at Adelaide twp
014487-25 (Middlesex Co) Richard Simons HALL, 52, widower, painter, London, 1057 Trafalgar St in London s/o George A. HALL (b. England) & Alivilda SIMONS married Pearl Eugenie COPELAND, 29, Westminster Ont.,13 Sycamore in London d/o Albert J. COPELAND (b. Ontario) & Henrietta JAMES wtn: George S. HALL & Edna JACQUES both of London, 7 October 1925 at London 014480-25 (Middlesex Co) Arthur John HALL, 25, railway employee, London, 550 Quebec St in London s/o Alfred HALL (b. England) & Annie LANE married Edna May GRIFFITH, 21, Bell telephone operator, Shoreham England, 148 Delaware St in London d/o Thomas Kimber GRIFFITH (b. England) & Jane ROSUM wtn: Hilda GRIFFITH & Frank W. GRIFFITH both of 148 Delaware St in London, 25 December 1925 at 148 Delaware St in London
14502-25 Charles Geddes HALLOWELL, 66, widower, gentleman, Toronto, London, s/o William HALLOWELL & Hannah Boies GEDDES, married Sara Sephi FALLS, 42, Amberstburg Ont., London, d/o Alexander Sidney FALLS & Harriet CLARENSHAW, witn: A.S. FALLS of Chicago & Harriet P. BROWNE of Mount Pleasant, 1 Jan 1925 at St. John The Evangelist Church, London 014453-25 Charles Meredyth Carew HALLOWELL, 32, clergyman, London, Paisley Ont., s/o Charles Geddes HALLOWELL (b. Toronto) & Mary Helen BARWELL married Frances Mary BROWNLEE, 29, librarian, London, 346 Grosvenor St in London d/o Francis William BROWNLEE (b. Ontario) & Lillian Caroline HEMLEY wtn: G. BARWELL of Alma St in London & F.H. BROWNLEE of Grosvenor St in London, 16 November 1925 at St John The Baptist Church in London
14919-25 Roy HAMILTON, 24, farmer, Ontario, Lot 10 Con 14 McGillivray twp., s/o William John HAMILTON (b. Canada) & Cynthia B. SHADDOCK, married Ella Elizabeth DUNDAS, 22, Ontario, Con 2 McGillivray twp., d/o Joseph DUNDAS (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Ann FREE, witn: Harry & Stella DUNDAS both of Claudeboye on June 17, 1925 at Holy Trinity Church Lucan 014469-25 Hazekish Theodore HANES, 68, widower, salesman, Chesterfield Ont., 2490 St Clair Ave W in Toronto s/o James F. HANES (b. Ontario) & Catharine GARROW married Catherine SCOTT, 64, widow, (illegible), 3275 Dundas St W in Toronto d/o Charles HUSON (b. Ontario) & Mary TANSLEY wtn: Annie HAZEN of 850 Dundas St in London & Alberta E. WRIGHT of 950 Princess Ave in London, 18 September 1925 at London
14927-25 Elmer William HARDING, 30, farmer, London twp., Lot 2 7th Con same, s/o Fred HARDING (b. Nissouri twp.) & Eliza HARRIS, married Mary Myrtle BILYEA, 30, teacher, Blanchard twp., Thorndale, d/o Richard BILYEA (b. Ontario) & Theresa ATKINSON, witn: Jane A. & Sylvester J.C. KING both of Toronto on June 27, 1925 at Thorndale 014475-25 William HARDING, 57, widower, farmer, Biddulph twp, Denfield - London twp s/o Henry HARDING (b. Ireland) & Maria ROLLINGS married Mabel SMITH, 29, employee of laundry, Orillia, 501 Talbot St in London d/o Alexander SMITH (b. England) & Alice NEWBURY wtn: Muriel BURKE & Amelia HALL both of 448 Ridout St, 8 January 1925 at London
014465-25 (Middlesex Co) Wilfred HARDING, 28, clerk, Crediton Ont.,7 Alfred St in London s/o William HARDING (b. Ontario) & Ellen DEACON married Nellie Irene ALFORD, 22, telephone operator, Brantford Ont.,429 Maitland St in London d/o Thomas ALFORD (b. England) & Alberta KENT wtn: Marjorie GUEST of 429 Maitland St & Arthur NEWMAN of 988 Hackett St, 30 September 1925 at London 014457-25 (Middlesex Co) William Robert HARDING, 21, trackman, London, London s/o George Turner HARDING (b. London) & Mary Ann TURNER married Mabel Kathleen MULLIGAN, 21, shoe worker, London, London d/o William Harry MULLIGAN (b. London) & Lucy Elizabeth McQUILLAN wtn: William Harry ELLIS of 218 Murray St in London & Kathleen Hatty TAYLOR of 482 Sparton St in London, 4 September 1925 at London
014472-25 Edwin Charles HARLEY, 25, accountant, London, 43 (?) St in London s/o Frank Edwin HARLEY (b. London) & Minnie Clara HOARE married Marjorie Mary TANTON, 25, London, 479 Matton St in London d/o James TANTON (b. London) & Hannah SELF wtn: Fred M. HARLEY & Alice M. TANTON both of London, 19 September 1925 at London 014464-25 Charles Edward HARMON, 21, baker, Detroit, London s/o William HARMON (b. Ontario) & Mary A. McLARTY married Rita May SAGEMAN, 21, labeller, Westminster twp, London d/o Charles SAGEMAN (b. Ontario) & Minnie LANGFORD wtn: Rose ASHFORD & Alf ASHFORD both of 21 Hyla St, 30 June 1925 at London
14928-25 Franklin Christopher HARRIS, 26, merchant, Toronto, Carman Manitoba, s/o Andrew B. HARRIS & Clara TERRYBERRY, married Isabelle Campbell YOUREX, 26, teacher, Keene, Strathroy, d/o William James YOUREX & Mary Tully McFEE, witn: Mary T. YOUREX of Strathroy & Edith M. APPLEYARD of Woodstock on Aug. 5, 1925 at Strathroy.  
14498-25 Henry Richard HARTLEY, 27, pipe fitter, London England, London Ont., s/o George Edward HARTLEY, b. London England & Alice Elizabeth ADAMS, married Florence Annie SMITHERS, 23, cutter, London England, London Ont., d/o Alfred SMITHERS, b. London England & Ada Henrietta EVERETT, witn: Robert & Norah Annie BARBER of 198 ½ Horton St. in London, 1 April 1925 at London 14504-25 Edward Michael HARTNEY, 25 + 5 mon, machinist, Perth Ont., 981 Lorne Ave in London, s/o Thomas HARTNEY & Rose McCANN, married Laura Irene PIERCE, 22 + 5 mon, London, 312 Ottaway Ave., d/o George PIERCE & Maria RYAN, witn: Thomas CHRISTOPHER of 592 Adelaide St. & Ida ADAMS of 981 Lorne Ave., both London, 11 June 1925 at London
014460-25 Robert Tillotson HARTT, 24, office assistant, Boston Mass., E. Orange NJ, s/o Julius HARTT (b. Boston in Mass USA) & Jenny HALL married Theresa Lorraine WHITE, 25, housekeeper, London, London d/o Harry B. WHITE (b. Ontario) & Theresa GOOD wtn: Katherine B. WHITE of 221 Ridgeway & Frank SPRUCE of Brantford, 2 September 1925 at London 14495-25 Edgar Paul HARVEY, 20, bank clerk, St. Thomas, same, s/o Edgar Corydon HARVEY, b. Ont & Hattie Belle McKINNON, married Evelyn Hazel GALLOWAY, 20, book keeper, Toronto, St. Thomas, d/o Walter L. GALLOWAY, b. Ont & Annie CLARKSON, witn: Annie GALLOWAY of St. Thomas & A. M. GREEN of London, 19 April 1925 at London
14933-25 Clifford H. HASKELL, 21, railroad section man, Mosa twp., Newbury, s/o Henry HASKELL (b. nr Toronto) & Rachael LEECH, married Gwendoline MILES, 23, Wales, Newbury, d/o Thomas MILES (b. Senghenydd? Wales) & Eleanor BREWER, witn: Edith May & George Leech WINSHIP both of Newbury on April 2, 1925 at Newbury 14931-25 Charles Wilbert HASKETT, 37, farmer, Biddulph, Ontario, s/o Wellington HASKETT (b. Ontario) & Isabel ATKINSON, married Nellie Valerie SHERRITT, 36, McGillivray twp., Ontario, d/o George SHERRITT (b. Ontario) & Jane WALKER, witn: Verda M. MAINES of R.R. 8 & Clifford E. SHERRITT off R.R. 3 both of Parkhill on May 30, 1925 at Corbett McGillivray twp.
014463-25 Frederick George HASLETT, 26, plumber, London, 46 Palace St in London s/o James Robert HASLETT (b. London) & Jessie May TURNER married Alberta Bonibel Prudence BALDWIN, 23, saleslady, London, 28 Palace St in London d/o Robert BALDWIN (b. London) & Alice SCOTT wtn: John Perrin GORMAN of 29 Partridge St in London & Florence May HASLETT of 46 Palace Rd in London, 1 August 1925 at Memorial Church in London 014476-25 George Wallace HAUN, 21, tinsmith, London, London s/o George HAUN (b. Oil Springs) & Nellie HANLON married Edna Irene O'MARA, 25, nurse, London, London d/o Richard O'MARA (b. Woodstock Ont.,) & Susan MEADOWS wtn: Bertha MILLYARD & Ruth MILLYARD both of London, 21 August 1925 at London
014488-25 John Benjamin HAVILAND, 63, widower, insurance, Brantford Ont, 2571 LaMothe Ave in Detroit s/o Joseph B. HAVILAND (b. Ontario) & Mary WAIDE married Nora Jane SCOTT, 50, nurse, Westminster twp, 454 Oxford St in London d/o Charles SCOTT (b. Ontario) & Catherine PETTIT wtn: Ralph D. HAVILAND of 2571 LaMothe in Detroit USA & Elvin M. BERRY of 7541 Linwood Ave in Detroit USA, 30 May 1925 at 454 Oxford St in London 14447-25 William Charles HAWE, 21, clerk, London, same, s/o Charles Robert HAWE, b. London Ont & Harietta Elizabeth INWOOD, married Sarah GREEN, 20, clerk, London Ont., same, d/o William James GREEN, b. Ireland & Ida Elizabeth ENGLAND, witn: William John & Ida GREEN of 488 Egerton St. in London, 7 July 1925 at 217 Egerton St., London
014481-25 Albert Edward HAWKINS, 27, moulder, Portsmouth England, London s/o Franklin William Charles HAWKINS (b. England) & Rhoda Harriet WEEKER (Weekes?), married Helen MARTIN, 27, laundress, Dundee in Scotland, London d/o James William MARTIN (b. Dundee in Scotland) & Helen S. ALLAN wtn: Frederick HAWKINS of 85 Adelaide St & Jean PETERSON of 212 Ridout St, 23 June 1925 at London 014485-25 George William HAWS, 25, carpenter, London, 139 Price St in London s/o Frederick HAWS (b. London) & Sarah DEAN married Mary Florence Louise WEBB, 22, chocolate dipper, Bristol England, 120 Oak St in London d/o John J. WEBB (b. England) & Margaret HEMMINGS wtn: Leonard HAWS of 109 Price St in London & Nellie WEBB of 120 Oak St in London, 3 June 1925 at 120 Oak St in London
014455-25 Milton Hume HAY, 36, bank clerk, London, 330 Claremont Ave in Montreal s/o John HAY (b. Ontario) & Janet MacLean married Robina ALEXANDER, 28, Milverton Ont., 276 Huron St in London d/o Alex ALEXANDER (b. Edinburgh in Scotland) & F. WESLEY wtn: Edith Alexander of 276 Huron St & E.Z. FESTER of Oshawa, 17 September 1925 at London 014489-25 Gordon Ramsay HEAMAN, 30, CNR employee, London, 624 Queen's Ave in London s/o George HEAMAN (b. Dalton Devon England) & Isabella SIMPSON married Ilda Estelle RAVELLE, 20, Grand Bend Ont., Grand Bend Ont., d/o Nelson N. RAVELLE (b. Grand Bend Ont.,) & Emma DESJARDIN wtn: Agnes M. TAIT & Dorothy Isabella TAIT both of 624 Queen's Ave in London, 20 May 1925 at London
014474-25 Hance HENERY, 35, farmer, London, Broughdale s/o Thomas HENERY (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth WALKER married Isabella HILL, 27, London, Broughdale d/o William HILL (b. England) & Isabella O'NEIL wtn: Mrs J.G. GREYMER (Guymer?) of 45 Wilson Ave in London & Mrs J.F. CHAPMAN of 1 St Andrew in London, 12 January 1925 at 1 St Andrew in London 014452-25 Wilbert Joseph HENRY, 21, garage man, London, 93 Bruce St in London s/o Joseph HENRY (b. Chatham Ont.,) & Katherine PARNELL married Viola Laurene BOWMAN, 24, stenographer, Lobo twp, 39 Kensington Ave in London d/o George Gilbert BOWMAN (b. Grey Co) & Katherine ALEXANDER wtn: George BARR & Lila BOWMAN both of London, 7 November 1925 at London
14501-25 Samuel HERRING, 36, soldier, Norwich England, London, s/o James HERRING & Margaret, married Adeline HORSEFIELD, 31, domestic, England, London, d/o George HORSEFIELD & Mary Ann GEESON, witn: Ada G. WAYRE & H. RUSSELL, both of Wolsely Barracks in London, 1 Jan 1925 at London 014456-25 Franklin Roy HERRINGTON, 19, iron worker, Woodstock, Woodstock s/o David HERRINGTON (b. Canada) & Emma M. WILLS married Jessie Winnifred BROOKS, 19, home duties, England, Woodstock d/o Robert J. BROOKS (b. England) & Annie TURNER wtn: Will HERRINGTON of 294 Dufferin Ave in London & Victor E. BROOKS of 69 Chaple St in Woodstock, 26 December 1925 at London
14446-25 Lloyd Edwin HEY, 21, mechanic, Zurich Ont., same, s/o John HEY, b. Ont & Elizabeth STELCK, married Helen ELLIS, 17, biscuit employee, St. Marys Ont., 888 Elias St. in London, d/o John ELLIS, b. Ont & Catherine RILEY, witn: Fred & Mrs. Fred ELLIS of 764 Dundas St. in London, 25 Aug 1925 at London 14926-25 Russel Kent HIGMAN, 45, farmer, Strathroy, Delaware, s/o Andrew HIGMAN (b. Bodmin Cornwall England) & Mary McINTOSH, married Janet McKENZIE, 23, Glencoe Scotland, Delaware, d/o Thomas McKENZIE (b. Logan Mains (?) Scotland) & Agnes WILSON, witn: Christina McINTOSH of Strathroy & Douglas R. CLARK of 127 High St. London on Aug. 26, 1925 at The Rectory, Delaware
14934-25 Charles Roy HIGNELL, 26, physician, Guelph, Grand Valley, s/o Henry HIGNELL & Ann RICHARDSON, married Edna Frances Patricia NAGLE, 25, school teacher, Ontario, London Ont., d/o John NAGLE & Emma CLARK, witn: Ada M. NAGLE of Broughdale & John A. HEARN of 393 Church St. Toronto on Jan. 17, 1925 at St. Luke's Church Broughdale 014484-25 William Arthur HILL, 29, merchant, Toronto, 523 Hamilton Rd in London s/o Richard J. HILL (b. Devonshire England) & Annie FLANIGAN married Geraldine Pearl WALKER, 32, clerk, Watford Ont., 50 Beaconfield Ave on London d/o Edward Thomas WALKER (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann AIKEN wtn: G.F. WALKER & C.E. WALKER both of 50 Beaconfield Ave in London, 10 June 1925 at St James Presbyterian Church in London
014482-25 Reginald Lloyd HODGES, 21, cigar maker, Brantford Ont., 218 Maitland St in London s/o Garfield HODGES (b. Brantford Ont.,) & Florence STUART married Lillian Violet OLNEY, 18, housekeeper, England, 754 Quebec St in London d/o Edward J. OLNEY (b. England) & Elizabeth Jane RICHARDSON wtn: Edward J. OLNEY & Elizabeth Jane OLNEY both of London, 10 June 1925 at London 14445-25 Harold James HODGETTS, 26, baffer, Birmingham England, 32 Major St. in London, s/o Henry Bertram HODGETTS, b. England & Ann PHIPPS, married Ethel Miriam BULL, 27, Birmingham England, 37 Vauxhall St. in London, d/o Andrew BULL, b. England & Miriam Annie SMITH, witn: William Charles COSIER of 138 Pine Lawn in London & Lilian May HOLMES of 39 Vauxhall, 29 Aug 1925 at London
14921-25 George James HODGINS, 22, farmer, Kippen Stanley twp. Huron Co., Ontario, s/o Albert Oscar HODGINS (b. Lucan) & Nellie ALLAN, married Florence Delia THOMPSON, 22, McGillivray, Ontario, d/o William THOMPSON (b. London Tp) & Katharine HOTSON, witn: Kathleen A. THOMPSON & Larry H. HODGINS both of Lucan on Nov. 11, 1925 at Ailsa Craig 14923-25 Adam Kingsley HODGINS, 65, auto dealer, widower, Biddulph twp., Lucan, s/o James HODGINS (b. Canada) & Catharine STANLEY, married Rachel L. PARK, 52, widow, Blanshard twp., Lucan, d/o Samuel RADCLIFF (b. Canada) & Mary DRENNAN (Denman?), witn: Gertrude KENT & K. J. BROWN both of Lucan on Sept. 5, 1925 at Lucan.
14929-25 Otto James HODGINS, 18, farmer, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o Frederick HODGINS (b. England & Alice McLELLAN, married Maude Elsie KNOTT, 19, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o Thomas KNOTT (b. Canada) & Annie WILTON, witn: Elmer ARMES of R. R. 1 Putnam & Leola BROWN of R. R. 2 Wilton Grove on June 24, 1925 at Dorchester 14920-25 George Fredrick HODGINS, 21, farmer, Coldstream, North Dorchester, s/o Frederick HODGINS (b. Canada) & Alice McLELLAN, married Flossie Adeline BARBER, 21, Dorchester, North Dorchester, d/o Henry BARBER (b. Canada) & Amanda Adeline CRIBBINS, witn: Otto James HODGINS of Dorchester & Verna Evelyn HENRY of Dorchester Station on June 3, 1925 at Dorchester
14448-25 Stanley Oswald HODGINS, 11, cereal manufacturer, Lucan, 1067 Florence St. in London, s/o James Uriah HODGINS, b. Ont & Catherine Lavinia STANLEY, married Edna Valentine NELSON, 21, McCormack employee, London Ont., 52 Empress Ave in London, d/o Joseph A. NELSON, b. Ont & Edith Marion ANCOCK (Hancock?), witn: William Ernest KEYES & Gladys Irene NELSON, both of London, 25 July 1925 at St. James Presbyterian Church, London

014483-25 Thomas Richard HODGINS, 29, accountant, London, 811 Maitland in London s/o Thomas HODGINS (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth MORRIS married Mary Isobel MALONE, 24, clerk, London, 436 Dorinda St in London d/o John Elijah MALONE (b. Ayr Ont.,) & Mary Elizabeth BURGESS wtn: Leroy Percival MALONE of 436 Dorinda St & Sara HODGINS of 811 Maitland St, 20 June 1925 at St Mathew's Anglican Church in London

  014467-25 Harold Lavern HODGSON, 21, farmer, Granton Ont., Granton s/o James HODGSON (b. Ontario) & Etta BRIMACOMBE married Doris Eleanor ROLF, 20, telephone operator, England, Granton d/o (unknown) (b. England) & Alice ROLF wtn: Mr & Mrs Armond HAINES of 529 Talbot St in London, 23 September 1925 at London
014454-25 Edward John HOLDER, 58, widower, tinsmith, Ontario, Ferguson s/o John HOLDEN (b. London England) & Sophia HAMILTON married Annie May OSBORNE, 43, Ontario, Ferguson d/o Philip OSBORNE (b. Woodstock Ont.,) & Margaret HAWKES wtn: Annie HERON & Robert HERON both of 648 Hamilton Road in London, 4 November 1925 at 648 Hamilton Rd in London 14493-25 Ernest Harry Augustus HOME, 40, farmer, Hastings England, Komoka, s/o Harry HOME, b. England & Hetty Amelia SULSTON, married Myrtle EDMISTON, 37, teacher, Oxford Co. Ont., Princeton Ont., d/o William George EDMISTON, b. Ont & Elizabeth ALLAN, witn: Elizabeth & William G. EDMISTON, both of Princeton, 29 April 1925 at London
014471-25 Humphrey Daniel HOOD, 20, driver, Westminster twp, 16 Beatrice St s/o William David HOOD (b. Ontario) & Alice GWALCHMAI married Gladys Pearl MOTE, 22, stenographer, Westminster twp, 523 Bathurst d/o Mathew MOTE (b. England) & Melinda PERKINS wtn: H.G. GWALCHMAI of 73 Smith St in London & Mary THURMAN of 1079 Egerton St in London, 9 December 1925 at 217 Egerton St in London 014462-25 Lawrence Joseph HOOPER, 24, druggist, Ontario, Port Credit Ont., s/o Joseph Lawrence HOOPER (b. Ontario) & Honor DOWN married Helen Elizabeth CLUBB, 22, Ontario, 419 Waterloo St in London d/o James CLUBB (b. Ontario) & Lillian McKAY wtn: Grace BRAUND of 94 Wharncliffe Rd in London & Charles YOUNG of Brantford Ont., 14 October 1925 at London
14500-25 Edward HORLOR, 25, clerk, Harrow England, London, s/o Edward F. HORLOR & Ursula ROGERS, married Katherine WEBB, 24, London, same, d/o George WEBB & Mary DUNN, witn: Frank HORLOR & Katherine WEBB, both of London, 30 Sept 1925 at London 014479-25 (Middlesex Co) Eugene Francis HORLOR, 23, furrier, Harrow England, 85 Linwood St in London s/o Edward Francis HORLOR (b. London in England) & Ursala SALESFIELD married Dorothy Mary HENDERSON, 18, housekeeper, London, 958 Dame St in London d/o David John HENDERSON (b. Goderich in Ontario) & Carrie SAGEMAN wtn: E.C. HORLOR & Bessie BICE both of London, 5 September 1925 at London
14499-25 Henry Henderson HOUSTON, 26, oil well driller, Petrolia, London, s/o King HOUSTON, b. Ireland & Annabelle HENDERSON, married Beatrice Ellen BLYTHE, 21, stenographer, London Ont., same, d/o William BLYTHE, b. Petrolia & Ella NORTON, witn: Clarence Arthur WILSON of Petrolia & Dorothy WALTERS of London, 26 March 1925 at London 014468-25 John Henry HOWARD, 23, truck driver, London, 414 York St in London s/o John Howard (b. Ontario) & Mary SINCLAIR married Annie Mary SNOWDEN, 35, widow, cigar maker, Hamilton Ont., 121 Madison Ave d/o George A. SMITH (b. Ontario) & Mary E. BOOK wtn: William J. PASS & C. PASS both of London, 29 September 1925 at London
14505-25 Edward (Edmond?) HOWE, b. 4 Dec 1888, gardener & farmer, London, same, s/o James HOWE & Dorothy ALLEN, married Anna J. WEBER, b. 11 Sept 1883, Formosa Ont., London, d/o George WEBER & Mary KRAEMER, witn: W.J. FLOYD of RR1 London & Loretto WIGLE of Stanley St. in London, 31 Aug 1925 at London 014466-25 Frederick HOWSON, 23, salesman, England, Byron Ont.,. s/o Stephen HOWSON (b. England) & Margaret BEAUMONT married Mary Elizabeth McALPINE, 23, nurse, Mosa twp Ont., London d/o Alexander McALPINE (b. Scotland) & Rebecca E. SMITH wtn: Russell? McALPINE of Port Lambton & Evelyn Margaret HOWSON of Byron, 24 December 1924 at London
014458-25 (Middlesex Co) Wilfred Louis HUESTON, 20, teamster, London, 645 Grosvenor St in London s/o Thomas HUESTON (b. London) & Narcisse DAVIS married Alice PARKER, 20, housekeeper, Listowel, 131 Elliott St in London d/o Harry Bailey PARKER (b. Stratford in Ontario) & Katherine RANDELL wtn: James MAY & Myrtle MAY both of 131 Elliott St in London, 5 September 1925 at London 14449-25 Herbert HUESTON, 40, widower, warehouseman, Rease? Michigan, 450 Ottoway Ave in London, s/o John HUESTON, b. Ont & Sarah SEATON, married Myrtle LEWIS, 26, widow, London Ont., 450 Ottoway Ave., d/o Fred LEWIS, b. Ont & Georgina MITCHELL, witn: Helen Vivian NORWOOD of 133 Margaret St. in Sarnia & Clarence E. BEACOM of RR4 Merlin, 21 Sept 1925 at London
014470-25 (Middlesex Co) Clifford HUGHES, 35, railway employee, Appin Ont.,Appin s/o George Thomas HUGHES (b. England) & Annie McLEAN married Annie GALLOWAY, 20, cook, Greenock Ont.,London d/o Joseph GALLOWAY (b. Scotland) & Catherine KERR wtn: John Albert HUGHES of RR#3 London & Mrs J.F. CHAPMAN of 1 St Andrew in London, 15 October 1925 at 1 St Andrew in London 014478-25 (Middlesex Co) Arthur Goronwy HUGHES, 35, salesman, Wales, London s/o Gwen HUGHES (b. Wales) & Mary Jane ROBERTS married Alice Jane PARK, 32, widow, housekeeper, Scotland, London d/o John ADAMS (b. Scotland) & Agnes CAMPBELL wtn: G.F. WAYBURY & Sarah HENDERSON both of London, 20 January 1925 at London
  014490-25 Eric Howard HUMPHREY, 23, brakeman, St Thomas Ont., same, s/o John Thomas HUMPHREY (b. Toronto) & Beatrice Ann PETERS married Lillian Eleanor BRODIE, 21, stenographer, Wallacetown Ont.,116 Forest St in St Thomas d/o Benjamin Franklin BRODIE (b. Scotland) & Clara Walina CLAUS wtn: Rhea MARTIN & Arthur Neil MARTIN both of St Thomas, 25 April 1925 at London
014459-25 (Middlesex Co) William James HUNTER, 50, widower, mechanic, Metcalfe Ontario, Strathroy, s/o Cyrus HUNTER (b. Ontario) & Harriet MANN married Cora Jane CLEMENT, 43, housekeeper, Caradoc twp, Strathroy d/o George CLEMENT (b. Ontario) & Louise CLEMENT wtn: William Charles WORTH of 372 Adelaide St in London & Mrs. ELEY of 346 Adelaide St in London, 1 September 1925 at 372 Adelaide St in London 014461-25 (Middlesex Co) Allen Henry HUNTER, 21, clerk, Belmont Ont.,Belmont s/o Thomas HUNTER (b. Ontario) & Mary RICHIE married Velma Edna JACKSON, 20, teacher, Mossley Ont.,Mossley d/o Samuel JACKSON (b. Ontario) & Isobel FALLS wtn: Myrtle McCONNELL of 786 Dufferin Ave in London & Mabel SLIMON of 798 Dufferin Ave in London, 18 September 1925 at London
14494-25 Joseph Floyd HUNTER, 21, mechanic, London, 275 Hill St. in London, s/o Christopher HUNTER, b. London Ont & Ida Luella JEROME, married Leila Beatrice McKAY, 20, hosiery employee, Petrolia Ont., 772 Trafalgar St. in London, d/o David McKAY, b. Arkona & Ethel STEPHENS, witn: Louise SMITH & William HUNTER, both of London, 16 April 1925 at London 14451-25 Adam Campbell HUNTER, 24, engineer, Edinburgh Scotland, 5232 Santon Ave in Detroit, s/o Peter J. HUNTER, b. Scotland & Elizabeth AITKEN, married Catherine MACDONALD, 28, domestic, Inverness Scotland, 320 Princess Ave in London, d/o John MACDONALD, b. Scotland & Ann MACDONALD, witn: Jean MACDONALD of 290 Princess Ave & Charles PIRIE of 178 Julien St. in London, 2 Oct 1925 at London
14932-25 Cecil Alfred HUNTER, 22, farmer, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o Alfred HUNTER (b. Ontario) & Mary JERVIS, married Agnes Lillian SMITH, 16, England, North Dorchester, d/o Albert SMITH (b. England) & Emma A . COVENTON, witn: Reginald Coventon SMITH of R.R.2 Mossley & Evelyn Augusta SMITH of 151 Wilson St. Woodstock on Aug. 31, 1925 at Putnam 14922-25 Ronald Samuel HUTCHESON, 24, farmer, North Dorchester, Putnam, s/o John HUTCHESON (b. Scotland) & Susan SANGSTER, married Mary Ethel BOYES, 27, teacher, Elgin, Putnam, d/o George BOYES (b. Canada) & Margaret BRODIE, witn: Shirley I. SPENCE & Frank BOYES both of Mossley on Nov. 4, 1925 at Dorchester.
014486-25 John Henry HUTCHINSON, 23, railway mail clerk, Hove England, 424 Horton St in London s/o William HUTCHINSON (b. England) & Elizabeth HENDON married Hannah Marjorie COURTIS, 22, stenographer, London, 43 Bruce St in London d/o Albert R. COURTIS (b. London) & Lucinda GOWMAN, wtn: Bessie COURTIS & David HUTCHINSON both of London, 2 June 1925 at London 014477-25 (Middlesex Co) Harry HUTCHINSON, 30, farmer, Stockton England, Parkhill Ont., s/o William HUTCHINSON (b. Durham in England) & Eliza FAIRGRAVES married Arella Eveline HORD, 31, widow, farmer, Sault Ste Marie Mich, Parkhill Ont., d/o John DALEY (b. McGillvray? twp Ont) & Mary Ann FOSTER wtn: Sarah A. CAMPEAU of Windsor & Elizabeth B. UREN of London, 14 January 1925 at London
014473-25 Aaron Joseph HYATT, 20, pipe fitter, Bentinck twp, 1059 Middleton Ave in London s/o Joseph Simpson HYATT (b. Bentinck twp) & Lillian PAGET married Elsie Dora DENMEAD, 18, housekeeper, Tiverton England, 1059 Middleton Ave in London d/o Samuel DENMEAD (b. England) & Elizabeth HARTLAND wtn: William & Beatrice SANDERS both of 413 Berbrook St in London, 7 October 1925 at Latter Day Church in London  
14496-25 William HYDE, 60, widower, farmer, Blanchard twp., Usborne twp., s/o Thomas HYDE & Margaret Esther McALLUM, married Annie BELL, 48, widow, domestic, of Usborne twp., d/o Steven TROYER & Eliza Jane GREENSLADE, witn: Mrs. H. LEGG of 141 Grey St. & Mr. John RICHARDSON of 148 Grey St., 15 April 1925 at London 14511-25 Henry Kenneth INGRAM, 33, merchant, London, 493 Dufferin Ave in London, s/o Kenneth Hill INGRAM, b. Ont & Elizabeth Jane McBRIDE, married Helen Elizabeth Rebecca LITTLE, 23, London, 83 Central Ave in London, d/o Arthur Thomas LITTLE, b. Ont & Lilian Edith HARTSON, witn: Givens WILLIAMS & William L. DUFFIELD, both of London, 16 Sept 1925 at "Hazelden" near London
14510-15 George INSON, 60, teamster, England, St. Marys, s/o James INSON, b. England & Mary Ann GREGORY, married Catherine PORTER, 58, widow, domestic, Scotland, 443 Ridout St., d/o Robert SCOTT, b. Scotland & Ann FLEMING, witn: William & Mary Annabel HAY of 443 Ridout St. in London, 5 Jan 1925 at London 14509-25 Robert Lorne IRELAND, 24, farmer, Delaware twp., RR2 Lambeth, s/o George A. IRELAND, b. Delaware twp & Edith Ruth NAGLE, married Mabel Lillian FORSYTHE, 24, Delaware twp., RR2 Lambeth, d/o John W. FORSYTHE, b . Delaware twp & Anne Marie THOMAS, witn: Elmer & Mrs. Elmer MONTEITH of Delaware, 14 March 1925 at London
14515-25 Charles David JACOBS, 32, pressman, London, 352 Eva St. in London, s/o Abraham JACOBS, b. England & Annie BROWN, married Dorothy Margaret LEGGE, 39, widow, Brighton England, 352 Eva S., d/o "don't know", witn: George TOZER of 234 Clarence & Mrs Henry Bert LING of 126 Thornton, both London, 28 Nov 1925 at London 14524-25 Reginald Arthur JARVIS, 24, laborer, Hither Green England, 494 Elizabeth St. in London, s/o William Arthur JARVIS, b. England & Minnie GLOVER, married Dora TAYLOR, 24, stenographer, Harrietsville, 203 Maitland St. in London, d/o Joseph TAYLOR, b. Canada & Margaret A. JENNY, witn: Miss Sadie McCAUSLAND of 886 William St . & Mrs. Maude E. CREE of 889 Adelaide St., both London, 15 Jan 1925 at Church of the Redeemer, Rectory, London
14936-25 Wilfred Russell JOHNSON, 22, salesman, Metcalfe twp., Clinton, s/o William J. JOHNSON (b. Metcalfe twp.) & Ada O'NEILL, married Eva Fae WRIGHT, 21, clerk, Adelaide twp., same, d/o Frank H. WRIGHT (b. Enniskillen twp.) & Etta LAMBERT, witn: Mrs. L. M. BROOK & Nelson J. JOHNSON both of Kerwood on Dec. 9, 1925 at Kerwood. 14935-25 Raymond P. JOHNSTON, 31, sailor, Port Huron Michigan, Aylmer, s/o Edward JOHNSTON (b. Aylmer) & Delia PIERCE, married Adela Margaret BARKER, 19, telephone operator, Dorchester twp., Dorchester, d/o James BARKER (b. Dorchester) & Agnes May WATTON, witn: James & Agnes May BARKER both of R. R. 1 Dorchester on Dec. 30, 1925 at Dorchester
14938-25 Clarence Norman JONES, 29, farmer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o John James JONES (b. Devonshire England) & Elma SARKEY?, married Leata Pearl STERLING, 25, Kent Centre, Metcalfe twp., d/o William STERLING (b. Brighton Ont.) & Margaret GRAHAM, witn: Melville STERLING of Walkers & Gladys STERLING of Blenheim on March 28, 1925 at Appin 14937-25 Howard Charles JONES, 22, mail driver, Caradoc twp., Delaware, s/o William JONES (b. Ontario) & Maud STELTZ, married Jessie BROWN, 21, Dorchester twp., Belmont, d/o Hugh BROWN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth McCORKINDALE, witn: Annie J. BROWN of Belmont & Vera L. JONES of Delaware on Nov. 7, 1925 at Knox Manse Belmont.
14541-25 Wilfred Carey KARN, 27, electrician, Embro, London, s/o Andrew KARN, b. Embro & Margaret HAGGERTY, married Ina Alice BARTER, 23, stenographer, London twp., London, d/o James N. BARTER, b. London twp & Rebecca Ann HUSSER, witn: Peter RITCHIE & Edith W. BARTER, both of 65 Byron Ave in London, 21 Feb 1925 at London 14528-25 James Alfred KELLY, 24, grocer, Enniskillen Ont., 8 Cathcart St. in London, s/o Alfred Thomas KELLY, b. Guelph & Mary Edith BURROWS, married Florence Mabel JOHNSON, 20, stenographer, London, 99 Horton St. in London, d/o Alfred JOHNSON, b. Aldershot England & Amelia LOUGHREY, witn: Mrs. R. R. TALBOT of 526 Willett Rd in Pittsburg PA & Edna JOHNSON of 99 Horton St., 4 July 1925
14940-25 William Robert KERNOHAN, 21, merchant, London Ont., 352 William St. same, s/o George KERNOHAN (b. Ontario) & Emily WEBSTER, married Mabel Sophia SWITZER, 24, Thorndale, same, d/o Charles SWITZER (b. Ontario) & Emma FITZGERALD, witn: Mr. & Mrs. George S. GLENNIE both of Toronto on Aug. 12, 1925 at West Nissouri 14939-25 David Sydney KERR, 30, farmer, Lot 6 Con 1 Mornington, same, s/o David KERR (b. Mornington Perth) & Jenny FAIR, married Margaret Terresea McLELLAND, 23, Lot 22 Con 2 Malahide twp., Westminster, d/o James McLELLAND (b. Dorchester twp.) & Rosilla HAFFER (Heffer?), witn: John Gordon & Gladys Rosella McCOLL both of Glenworth on Nov. 16, 1925 at Westminster
14534-25 Wilbur James KERSWELL, 20, shipper, London, same s/o Wilbur James KERSWELL, b. Ont & Mary LEWIS, married Annie Bailey COUPS, 19, labeller, Stockport England, London, d/o Joseph COUPS, b. Stockport England & Edith BAILEY, witn: Annie M. LORIMER of Guelph & Warren L. SMITH of 22 Bruce St. in London, 3 June 1925 at 394 Clarence St. in London 14942-25 James Meldrum KEYSER, 24, salesman, Strathroy, Toronto, s/o Oliver James KEYSER (b. Strathroy) & Maudana DOWLING married Annie Laura SULLIVAN, 21, Kerwood, same, d/o John N. SULLIVAN (b. Kerwood) & Marjorie M. WILKIE, witn: Joseph Ross KEYSER of 254 Glebeholme in Toronto & Hazel Agnes SULLIVAN of Kerwood on July 29, 1925 home of John N. Sullivan, Adelaide
14526-25 Joseph KING, 30, farmer, Simcoe, Beaton - Simcoe Co., s/o Joseph KING, b. Simcoe Co & Jane BROWN, married Daphne Ivy Ellen OLDFIELD, 18 (b. 21 April 1907), domestic, Nottinghill - Middlesex England, 18 York St. in England, d/o Arthur James OLDFIELD, b. England & Charlotte TARRANT, witn: Charlotte & William Frederick BROWN of 18 York St., 13 Nov 1925 at London 14943-25 Alphaeus Emerson KING, 24, farmer, Aldborough twp., same, s/o Jacob Alphaeus KING (b. Aldborough twp.) & Jessie COOK, married Helena Williamina Grace O'MALLEY, 22, Mosa twp., same, d/o Peter George Lawrence O'MALLEY (b. Aldborough twp.) & Margaret Anne LONG, witn: Agnes Mary O'MALLEY & Ernest Stanford ROSS both of Wardsville Ont. on April 2, 1925 at the home of the bride Mosa twp.
14531-25 Edward KLEMM, 24, salesman, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Joseph KLEMM, b. Appin & Margaret PARKER, married Mary C. McNAUGHTON, 24, Ontario, Walkers Ont., d/o John McNAUGHTON, b. Wales & Catherine McLAUCHLIN, witn: Jean McNAUGHTON of Walkers & Wilfrid KLEMM of Detroit, 30 June 1925 at London 14527-25 William Ernest KNIGHT, 38, foreman, Glencoe Ont., 420 York St. in London, s/o William KNIGHT, b. Hamilton & Lydia SMITH, married Lillian QUAIT, 29, box maker, London twp., 367 Hale St. in London, d/o Marshall QUAIT, b. Ont & Lena PEARSON, witn: Harold E. WALTERS of 367 Hale St. & Annie HAZEN of 850 Dundas St. in London, 1 Aug 1925 at London
14941-25 Louis August KRUPP, 26, clerk, New York City USA, 66 Piquette St. Detroit USA, s/o John KRUPP (b. Berlin Germany) & Elizabeth HIGPIN, married Lottie Maud LYONS, 23, London England, 1 Waverley Place London Ont., d/o Arthur LYONS (b. England) & Emily HOLBORD, witn: Beatrice LYONS of 1 Waverley Place London & Arthur S. LYONS of St. Catharines on Aug. 5, 1925 at Chelsea Green? 14535-25 Alfred Norman Wesley KUHNE, 24, wood worker, North Easthope twp., Stratford, s/o Henry KUHNE, b. Germany & not known, married Glenna Mildred DOWN, 19, stenographer, Woodstock Ont., Stratford, d/o Fred DOWN, b. Canada & Mary McDOWELL, witn: James & W.J. MAITLAND of 23 Whetter Ave., 23 May 1925 at London
14952-25 Lawrence Austin LANE, 21, farmer, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o Sydney Keanly? LANE (b. Canada) & Edna Ethel OVENS?, married Hester Hazel HARTLES, 22, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o William Gordon HARTELS (sic) (b. Canada) & Phoebe SPRING, witn: Ivan H. SMITH of 245 William St. London & Clara LANE of Mossley on March 25, 1925 at North Dorchester twp

14550-25 William Alexander LANGFORD, 29, phone inspector, London Twp., London, s/o William Alexander LANGFORD, b. Ontario & Elizabeth STANSFIELD, married Lillian Florence TURNER, 21, clerk, Oxford - England, London, d/o Henry B. TURNER, b. Ontario & Ellen DEVERELL, witn: Hazel CURRIE & George D. LANGFORD, both of London, 22 Sep 1925, at London

14551-25 John George LATHAN, 21, laborer, England, London, s/o George LATHAN, b. England & Ellen BROWN, married Elsie Maud SNIDER, 24 (b. 21-02-1901), widow, domestic, England, London, parents unknown & deceased, witn: Gordon C. BRYCE & M.T. EVANS, both of London, 31 Dec 1925 at London

14951-25 Garfield LATTA, 22, farmer, Canada, Con 9 Stephen twp. Huron Co., s/o James Augusta LATTA (b. Canada) & Ethel GREY, married Mary Ann HODGINS, 21, Canada, Con 19 McGillivray twp., d/o George (b. Canada) & Bertha May, witn: Erwin SCOTT of Ailsa Craig & William HAMILTON of 44 Wheeler Ave. Toronto on March 25, 1925 at Holy Trinity Church Ailsa Craig.

14563-25 Barney Samuel LAVINE, 20, salesman, Long Island N.Y., London, s/o Joseph LAVINE, b. Long Island - N.Y. & Rachel SIMONS, married Helen MURRAY, 23, London, same, d/o Andrew MURRAY, b. England & Mary TAYLOR, witn: Mrs. C. SWEENEY & John MURRAY, both of London, 14 Apr 1925 at London

14555-25 Harold Joseph LAWSON, 30, insurance broker, London, same, s/o Hugh E. LAWSON, b. London - Ontario & Elizabeth FARR, married Alice Irene GARDINER, 24, Bell Telephone operator, Glencoe, London, d/o Peter GARDINER, b. Ontario & Permilla PICKARD, witn: Margaret MACAULAY of Glencoe & Eliza N. LAWSON of London, 17 Jun 1925 at London.

14948-25 Charles Ernest LEE, 36, farmer, Thorndale, same, s/o Charles LEE (b. Ireland) & Harriet CUNNINGHAM, married Mary Olive Beatrice DUFFIN, 31, assistant post mistress, Rebecca Ont., Thorndale, d/o Samuel DUFFIN (b. West Nissouri) & Rebecca TAYLOR, witn: S. Robina DUFFIN & Richard LEE both of Thorndale on Sept. 5, 1925 at Thorndale.

14565-25 Adam Welford LEE, 33, farmer, Windham Twp., same, s/o James Adam LEE, b. Ontario & Sylvia RODWELL, married Emma SHEPHERD, 32, housekeeper, Windham Twp., same, d/o Joseph Alexander SHEPHERD, b. Ontario & Melissa MCCOMBS, 18 Feb 1925 at London

14557-25 Stanley LEGG, 33, cement worker, London Twp. London, s/o Thomas LEGG, s/o Thomas LEGG, b. London Twp. & Martha ASHMAN, married Isa Catherine MARSH, 30, chocolate dipper, Dutton, London, d/o James MARSH, b. London Twp. & Mary DUNCANSON, witn: C.T. BAILEY & Vera L. LEGG, both of London, 23 Dec 1925 at London.

14543-25 Frederic E. LEMMEX, 26, motorman, Ontario, Detroit, s/o George LEMMEX, b. Wingham & Clara HEWITT, married Clara ROTHWELL, 34, Ontario, Listowel, d/o Samuel S. ROTHWELL, b. Ottawa & Sussanah J. ROTHWELL witn: L.H. PADDELL & John H. EDMONDS, both of London, 2 Sep 1925 at London.

14946-25 Arthur William LEPPER, 41, tinsmith, London Ont., 150 High Street same, s/o Andrew LEPPER (b. London England) & Ann Jane JOHNSTON, married Pearl Louise MARSH, 39, nurse, London twp., Little Grey St. London, d/o Joseph MARSH (b. Middlesex Co.) & Eliza E. WARNER, witn: Harold L. JOHNSTON of 373 Ontario Street London & Mabel MARSH of Mount Brydges Ontario on June 3, 1925 at Caradoc twp.

14561-25 Verne LEVERTON, 25, railway employee, St. Thomas, same, s/o John LEVERTON, b. St. Thomas & Emma HOUSE, married Ella WHEELER, 21, St. Thomas, same, d/o Wallace WHEELER, b. England & Ellen SINGLETON, witn: Dorothy and Clayton WATTS, both of London, 18 Apr 1925 at London

14564-25 Harry Winnett LEWIS, 27, widower, traveller, London, same, s/o Harry LEWIS, b. Hamilton & Della WINNETT, married Vera Gertrude TIBBS, 20, clerk, London, same, d/o William TIBBS, b. London & Melissa CHELEW, witn: Charles Cecil JAMES & Winnifred May ALLAN, both of London, 18 Mar 1925 at London

14547-25 George Henry LEWIS, 58, widower, printer, Devon England, London, s/o George LEWIS, b. England & Amelia GALLOVER, married Jane Ann MANSELL, 51, widow, housekeeper, Sussex England, London, d/o Henry TULETT, b. England & Emily SHEPPARD, witn: George TULETT of Embro & Helen GAUNE of London, 3 Sep 1925 at London.

14944-25 Clarence George LEWIS, 27, farmer, Biddulph twp., Lot 16 Con 16 London twp., s/o George LEWIS (b. Ontario) & Mary GILFILLAN, married Janet Kathleen RAYCRAFT, 26, school teacher, Biddulph twp., same, d/o Richard RAYCRAFT (b. Ontario) & Margaret DEANWOOD (Dearwell?), witn: Mary LEWIS of Claudeboye & Margaret RAYCRAFT of Lucan on Dec. 25, 1925 at Lucan. 14965-25 James Roy LINDSAY, 28, farmer, Lot 33 Con 3 West Nissouri twp., same, s/o George Edward (b. W. Nissouri) & Lucy Maria, married Edna Jane WOOD, 23, Lot 26 Con 5 West Nissouri Twp., not given, d/o William George WOOD (b. Blanshard twp. Perth Co.) & Mary Elizabeth WISEMAN, witn: Edythe Mary WOOD of R. R. 3 Thorndale & Carson LAMOND of St Mary's on June 17, 1925 at Thorndale.
14949-25 Ola Johnson LINDSTRUM, 52, farmer, widower, Sofdes Sweden, Westminster twp., s/o Jons Olson (b. Sweden) & Ellen, married Amanda HENSEN, 32, cook, Odense Denmark, London Ont., d/o Hans PETERSEN (b. Denmark) & Mary ERIKSAN, witn: Emily M. MARIAN & Grace IRWIN both of Byron Ontario on May 1, 1925 at Byron.

14542-25 Gilbert Bryce LITTLE, 31, accountant, Preston, Galt, s/o William Thomas LITTLE, b. Ontario & Minnie T. VOLKMAN, married Mary Frances WILLMAN, 34 (b.14-07-1891), Melbourne - Middlesex Co, Windsor, d/o Joseph WILLMAN, b. Ontario & Annie MILLIKEN, witn: James HUNT & Theresa SWITZER, both of London, 31 Oct 1925 at London

14549-25 James Ervine LITTLE, 68, widower, retired, London Twp., Denfield, s/o John LITTLE, b. England & Jane SCOTT, married Elizabeth Jane BARNES, 64, widow, housekeeper, London Twp., London, d/o John PARKIN, b. England & Mary FURSE?, witn: Mary & Charles PARKIN, both of London, 3 Oct 1925 at London.

14545-25 Charles Erasmus LITTLE, 40, widower, mechanic, Carrol U.S.A., Lakeville Indiana, s/o Henry Samuel LITTLE, b. U.S.A. & Mary Elizabeth FOBBLE, married Laura STONEHOUSE, 35, housekeeper, Toronto, London, d/o George W. STONEHOUSE, b. Canada & Rachel Ann KERR, witn: Albert TESCHE & Jessie LEMOND, both of London, 22 Jul 1925 at London.

14950-25 Harry Lyle LLOYD, 25, farmer, Camden twp., Zone, s/o William LLOYD (b. Cameron twp.) & Annie DOHERTY, married Florence May GLASGOW, 21, Mosa twp., same, d/o James GLASGOW (b. Glencoe Ontario) & Phoebe STINSON, witn: Brayden GLASGOW & Lauretta MOORE both of Glencoe on April 4, 1925 at Mosa twp.

14566-25 Alexander LOBBAN, 28, farmer, Westminster Twp., London, s/o John LOBBAN & Mary Ann BROWN, married Catherine MCCARTHY, 30, nurse, London Twp., same, d/o John MCCARTHY & Catherine HANLON, witn: Mary Ann BROWN of London & Margaret LOBBAN of Wilton Grove, 4 Feb 1925 at London. (RC)

14947-25 Lambert LOVE, 70, resort keeper, widower, Ontario, 1 Doncrest Road Toronto, s/o Robert LOVE (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann FLEURY, married Alice YOUNG, 36, USA, 220 Geoffrey St. Toronto, d/o James YOUNG (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann ROBINSON, witn: Edgar ROBINSON & Agnes MILLIKEN both of Parkhill on Dec. 2, 1925 at Granton

14562-25 Charles Leslie LUCAS, 26, tailor, Leeds England, London, s/o Matthew LUCAS, b. England & Annie Elizabeth WRAY, married Grace Helen BIGNELL, 23, stenographer, Kent - England, London, d/o George Langton BIGNELL, b. England & Helen READING, witn: Annice LUCAS of London & Norman C. BIGNALL [sic] of St. Marys, 18 Apr 1925 at London.

14953-25 Reginald Louis LUCK, 25, farmer, Northamptonshire England, R. R. 9 London twp., s/o Harry LUCK (b. Northamptonshire England) & Lois PEARSON, married Ada RUSH, 27, London England, 17 Pricefield Road Toronto, d/o Edward Tenswell RUSH (b. London England) & Caroline PHILIPS, witn: Harry & Maude PEARSON both of R. R. #9 London Ontario on Jan. 12, 1925 at Conc. C Lot 5 London twp. at the home of A. PEARSON. 14945-25 John Gordon Bruce LYTTLE, 20, iceman, Hullett twp., 639 William St. London, s/o
Thomas LYTTLE (b. Ontario) & Isabel BRUCE, married Ivy Louisa Mary BALL, 18, London, 643 William St. same, d/o William BALL (b. England) & Louisa WINTER, witn: Mary L. LITTLE (sic) & John M. BROWN both of London Ont. on Sept. 4, 1925 at Hyde Park
14958-25 Gordon Kenneth MACKEY, 27, tinsmith, Ontario, Ailsa Craig, s/o James M. MACKEY (b. Ontario) & Ida J. DAWSON, married Elsie Artelle POORE, 22, Minnesota USA, McGillivray, d/o William POORE (b. Ontario) & Margaret SMITH, witn: Ella COLWELL & Lloyd POORE both of Parkhill on Oct. 3, 1925 at McGillivray

14635-26 Lawrence MACKEY, 21, mechanic, Mattawa, London, s/o John MACKEY, b. Ontario & Justina DUPUIS, married Gertrude Doria GREENFIELD, 17, clerk, Worthing England, London, d/o William GREENFIELD, b. England & Tracey MONERY, witn: Leila WESTMAN & W.P. WESTMAN, both of London, 11 Sep 1925 at London. (RC)

14602-25 Roy Henry MACKLEN, 20, farmer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Frederick MACKLEN, b. Essex Co. & Cecelia TROW, married Mary Bell MCMASTER, 27, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Matthew MACMASTER [sic], b. York Co. & Matilda TWEEDIE, witn: Francis & Phyllis HOLMES, both of London, 25 May 1925 at London


14576-25 Albert MADELEY, 23, sheet metal spinner, Manchester - England, London, s/o Charles Richard MADELEY, b. Manchester England & Elizabeth WOODBURN, married Daisy May HUNTLEY, 20, knitter, London - England, London, d/o Thomas HUNTLEY, b. London - England & Ada May MONGAN, witn: Albert Edward RAWSON & Ernest MADELY [sic], both of London, 18 Jul 1925 at London

14609-25 Charles MADELEY, 21, stove mounter, England, London, s/o Albert Richard MADELEY, b. England & Elizabeth WOODHOUSE, married Dorothy Eloise MASON, 21, telephone operator, Ste. St. Marie, London, d/o Joseph Coulson MASON, b. Ontario & Mary Elizabeth Adeline BATTELL, witn: Albert MADELEY & Daisy May HUNTLEY, both of London, 31 Jan 1925 at London.

14587-25 Herman Russell MAGILL, 21, resident manager, Hamilton, London, s/o Robert Russell MAGILL, b. Toronto & Mary DAVISON, married Alice Helen Adele WHITE, 18, nurse, Dundas, London, d/o Ernest Victor WHITE, b. Ontario & Nellie May STONEHOUSE, witn: Mrs. Leslie TURNBULL & Mrs. Emily EVANS, both of London, 5 Sep 1925 at London

14606-25 Harold Upton MAGUIRE, 25, printer, Grand Valley, Campbellford, s/o S.A. MAGUIRE, b. Trenton & Flora A. WHITE, married Violet Irene CANNOM, 24, nurse, London, same, d/o Jerry CANNOM, b. London & Louise EGGETT, witn: George PAGE & Emma CANNOM, both of London, 4 Mar 1925 at London

14579-25 William Earl MAHON, 24, bookkeeper, London, same, s/o Angus MAHON, b. Ontario & Margaret SIMPSON, married Lorna Helen KENNEDY, 20, Bell Tel. operator, London, same, d/o Benjamin William KENNEDY, b. Ontario & Charlotte Selina CARROLL, witn: Reginald FARYON & Iva MURTAGH, both of London, 14 Nov 1925 at London.

14966-25 Fred MAHON, 25, farmer, Caradoc twp., R. 4 Lobo twp., s/o John G. MAHON (b. Dorchester) & Mary J. HANSFORD, married Beulah Karene CORNELL, 27, Westminster, Lobo twp., d/o Emerson CORNELL (b. Westminster Tp) & Eda VANSTONE, witn: Austin CORNELL & Ella MAHON both of Komoka on May 6, 1925 at Komoka
14971-25 Cecil MAIDMENT, 20, baker, Canada, Forrest, s/o Henry MAIDMENT (b. Canada, likely) & Mary McNAB, married Sarah NIBLOC, 18, Canada, Parkhill, d/o Thomas NIBLOCK (sic) ( b. Canada) & Agnes Aggie MATHERS, witn: Mary NIBLOCK of Parkhill & Le Roy SMITH of Arkona on Feb. 20, 1925 at Parkhill. 14955-25 Wilfred John MANICOM, 21, farmer, Cobourg, Adelaide twp., s/o William Henry MANICOM (b. Cornwall England) & Elizabeth WELLS, married Mary Hazel Caroline OLIVER, 19, Adelaide twp., same, d/o William Edward OLIVER (b. Canada) & Mary ARCAND, witn: Anna Rubena OLIVER & Percy Wells MANICOM both of Adelaide twp. on Dec. 2, 1925 at Kerwood
14963-25 Sylvester MARDLIN, 22, farmer, Lot 13 Con 60 London twp., Ontario, s/o Thomas MARDLIN (b. London twp.) & Florence STONE, married Mildred Kathleen DAVIS, 21, Lot 8 SW. boundary Osborne twp., Ontario, witn: Wilfred G. DAVIS of Centralia R. R. 1 & Marjorie P. MARDLIN of London twp. on June 24, 1925 at Biddulph.

14585-25 William MARSH, 58, widower, contractor, McGillvray, London, s/o William MARSH, b. England & Susan TYNON, married Laura Alberta SMITH, 50, widow, housekeeper, Kincardine, London, d/o Clarke WASHBURN, b. Ontario & Elizabeth GORDON, witn: William & Caroline MITCHELL, both of London, 30 Jul 1926 at London

14600-25 Fred MARSH, 28, soldier, Summersfield England, Wolseley Barracks - London, s/o John T. MARSH, b. Summersfield england & Charlotte BERRY, married Margaret THOMPSON, 25, domestic, Moor Park - Renfrew Scotland, London, d/o James THOMPSON, b. Letterkenny Ireland & Jane STROTING, witn: Grace BAXTER & James THOMPSON, both of London, 6 Jun 1925 at London

14962-25 Herbert Eugene MARSH, 23, miller, West Williams, same, s/o Thomas MARSH (b. Carlyle Ontario) & Sarah FULLER, married Lila May WAUN, 19, West Williams, same, d/o Frank WAUN (b. West Williams) & Velma CARROLL, witn: Milton MARSH of Arkona & Lola A. WAUN of Parkhill on Sept. 2, 1925 at Parkhill
14970-25 Arthur MARTIN, 27, farmer, Campbellville, Mosa twp., s/o William James MARTIN (b. Wallaceburg) & Hannah Jane NICHOLS, married Kathleen FISHER, 23, Windsor, Mosa twp., d/o Harry FISHER (b. Philadelphia Pa. USA) & Carrie May KELLY, witn: Marie HANTON of Woodsville & James HAGGETT of Newbury on March 19, 1925 at Newbury Village

14604-25 Arthur MARTIN, 22, decorator, St. Thomas, same, s/o Harry MARTIN, b. Ontario & Ida NEIL, married Rhea Isabel BRODIE, 18, Wallacetown, St. Thomas, d/o Benjamin Franklin BRODIE, b. Scotland & Clare Evalina CLAUS, witn: Lillian & E.H. HUMPHREY of St. Thomas, 25 Apr 1925 at London

14608-25 Joseph MASCARA, 20, baker, London, same, s/o Anthony MASCARA, b. Italy & Catherine MIILES, married Jessie Teresa TUPPER, 20, Parry Sound, London, d/o Henry TUPPER, b. Ontario & Margaret CAYER, witn: Jerome LOUGHLIN & John LINEGAN, both of London, 7 Feb 1925 at London

14612-25 Thomas MASCARO, 26, assistant treasurer, London, same, s/o Anthony MASCARO & Catherine MILES, married Lillian MERILEES, 21, Cornwall, London, d/o Charles, MERILEES & Edna FORSYTHE, witn: Francis RAFFAELE & Amelia MASCARO, both of London, 31 Oct 1925 at London

14957-25 Clarence De Lloyd MATTHEWS, 27, farmer, Adelaide twp., Kerwood, s/o George Henry MATTHEWS (b. Ontario) & Ida Isabella WESTGATE, married Dora Meryl FREER, 24, teacher, Metcalfe twp., same, d/o George William FREER (b. Ontario) & Florence Anne RICHARDSON, witn: Elden Clifford FREER & Rheta Merle MATTHEWS both of Kerwood on Nov. 28, 1925 at St. Paul's Church Kerwood. 14614-26 Mitcheal MCADAM, 22, carpenter, Parkhill, London Twp., s/o John MCADAM, Jr., b. Parkhill & Bertha TEEPLE, married Lily Mae EGGETT, 22, London, London Twp., d/o Matthew EGGETT, b. London & Alice HAMMOND, witn: Wilbert Matthew EGGETT of London & Viola Retta FRANKLIN? of Arkona, 7 Sep 1925 at London Twp.

14622-25 James MCAULAY, 23, hosiery mechanic, Scotland, London, s/o James MCAULAY, Ireland & Elizabeth BARRIE, married Dorothy Simpson BRUCE, 19, rib knitter, Scotland, London, d/o James M. BRUCE, b. Scotland & Mary SIMPSON, witn: Cleo GARTSHORE & William MCAULAY, both of London, 18 Jul at London.

14611-25 Daniel Allen MacAULEY, 28, orchestra leader, London, same, s/o James MACAULEY & Catharine MCPHEE, married Mary Margaret MAYNARD, 24, clerk, Chatham, London, d/o George Henry MAYNARD & Martha PLEASANCE, witn: B.F. BOSSENBERRY & Leona MAYNARD, both of London, 29 Apr 1925 at London. (RC)


14620-25 Donald MCCALLUM, 51, farmer, Glasgow - Scotland, Strathroy, s/o Peter MCCALLUM, b. Scotland & Flora MCCALLUM, married Sara Lizzie JONES, 44, housekeeper, Seaham England, London, d/o James JONES, b. England & Sarah WALKER, witn: Bessie BICE & May KIPP, both of London, 3 Dec 1925 at London.

14975-25 Evan Wilfred McCANDLESS, 32, butcher, Adelaide twp., Strathroy, s/o Samuel McCANDLESS & Muretia MARTIN, married Vila May FISHER, 26, Caradoc twp., same, d/o Clement FISHER & Margaret HOWE, witn: William T. FISHER & Merle NEWTON both of Strathroy on Nov. 9, 1925 at Mount Brydges

14637-25 Dewey Thompson MCCLAY, 26, truckman, Barker NY, London, s/o Romayne MCCLAY, b. New York. & Emma THOMPSON, married Velma Ladham BLOOD, 23, nurse, London, same, d/o Frank BLOOD, b. Hampton & Elizabeth RODHAM, witn: Vera BLOOD of London & Jessie B. PETERSON of Aylmer, 14 Feb 1925 at London.

14638-26 Edgar Samuel MCCLELLAND, 53, merchant, Cork Co., Beachville, s/o Thomas MCCLELLAND & Mary WILLIAMS, married Elizabeth L. CORBETT, 47, widow, Dereham Twp., Aylmer, d/o Isaac LARKWORTHY & Elizabeth FURSMAN, witn: Paul N. AGNEW & J.B. BICKELL, both of London, 4 Jan 1925 at London.

14621-25 Robert MCCLELLAND, 49, widower, bricklayer, Lambton Co., London, s/o John MCCLELLAND, b. Ireland & Jane HADLEY, married Elizabeth NICHOL, 36, housekeeper, Westminster Twp., same, d/o Francis NICHOL, b. Westminster Twp. & Mary ELLIOTT, witn: Martha I. NICHOL & Alma MCCLELLAND, both of London, 30 Jun 1925 at London.

14989-25 John Alexander McCOLL, 58, farmer, Canada, Plympton twp., s/o Neil McCOLL (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth McKENZIE, married Amelia TATE, 40, widow, England, Plympton twp., d/o Frederick WATSON (b. England) & Frances Lydia BODY, witn: Katie & Ellwood HASLTON both of Forrest on Feb. 18, 1925 at Parkhill.

14617-25 William Lester MCCURDY, 25, carpenter, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Archibald MCCURDY, b. Ontario & Catherine KAY, married Henrietta Maud COLGAN, 21 (b. 10 Aug 1904), Woodham - Perth Co., London, d/o Edward COLGAN, b. Ontario & Mary MONTRAY, witn: Caroline G. MONTRAY of Detroit & E. Lloyd COLGAN of London, 7 Sep 1925 at London

14977-25 Norman A. McCUTCHEON, 32, farmer, Mosa twp., same, s/o Hugh Walker McCUTCHEON (b. Mosa twp.) & Elida REYCRAFT, married Eva VAN DE LINDER, 31, Michigan USA, Lambeth Village, d/o Gideon VAN DELINDER (sic) (b. Prescott) & Jessie I. BAKER, witn: Stanley R. McCUTCHEON of Glencoe & Mary E. LINDSAY of St. Thomas on Oct. 29, 1925 at Lambeth 14985-25 Stanley Richard McCUTCHEON, 27, farmer, Mosa twp., same, s/o Hugh Walter McCUTCHEON (b. Mosa twp.) & Elda REYCRAFT, married Pearlie Jane GEORGE, 24, music teacher, Lobo twp., Glencoe Village, d/o Charles GEORGE (b. Adelaide twp.) & Rebecca CLIFFORD, witn: Norman McCUTCHEON & Annie E. GEORGE both of Glencoe on July 18, 1925 at Glencoe
14988-25 Angus MacDONALD, 64, merchant, Invernesshire Scotland, 100 Shrewsbury St. Stratford, s/o Roderick McDONALD (b. Scotland) & Janet PATERSON, married Emma TEMPLAR, 58, widow, London, 140 Adelaide St. same, d/o George BURROWS (b. England) & Sarah WARREN, witn: Charlotte E. LOWE & Neva AMOS both of R. R. 2 London on April 20, 1925 at St. John's Rectory London twp. 14983-25 Archibald Douglas McDONALD, 24, farmer, Ekfrid twp., Appin, s/o Duncan McDONALD (b. Ontario) & Florence WILLEY, married Kathleen Jean McVANNELL, 23, saleslady, Dunwich twp., Dutton, d/o John McVANNELL (b. Ontario) & Mary WELCH, witn: Ruby Elizabeth MOORE & Clifford Alexander MORRISON both of Dutton on Aug. 29, 1925 at The Manse Tempo
14982-25 Harold Coke McDONALD, 24, merchant, Edys Mills, Oil City, s/o Roderick John McDONALD (b. Dawn twp.) & Mesilla COKE, married Margaret Beatrice McCALLUM, 23, teacher, Wilton Grove, same, d/o Lochlin McCALLUM (b. Dorchester twp.) & Nellie Jane BEATTIE, witn: Ednah POOLE & John McCALLUM both of Wilton Grove on Aug. 25, 1925 at Wilton Grove

14616-25 Alexander MCDONALD, 48, farmer, Turnberry Twp., Culross Twp., s/o Alexander MCDONALD, b. Scotland & Catherine MCKEOWN, married Henrietta Georgina FOXTON, 27, housekeeper, Culross Twp., same, d/o William FOXTON, b. Ontario & Mary WALKER, witn: Mrs. G.H. ALLEN & Mrs. J.W. HIBBERT, both of London, 11 Nov 1925 at London

14628-25 William Charles MCDOUGALL, 20, electrician, London, same, s/o William Samuel MCDOUGALL, b. Ontario & Mary MAWHINNEY, married Beatrice Blanche Violet WHITE, 22, England, London, d/o Alfred WHITE, b. England & Beatrice CATLIN, witn: Alfred George C. WHITE & Jennie Louise WHITE, both of London, 2 Jun 1925 at London

14979-25 Charles A. McDOUGALL, 48, barber, widower, Caradoc twp., Delaware twp., s/o John McDOUGALL (b. Ontario) & Ann McLEAN, married Jeanie Gwendolyn LOCKWOOD, 36, clerk, Caradoc twp., Delaware twp., d/o John LOCKWOOD (b. Ontario) & Nellie LAWSON, witn: Constance E. LOCKWOOD & Ellery C. PENGRA both of Detroit Michigan USA on Oct. 3, 1925 at The Rectory Delaware

14626-25 Timothy Henry MCGARRELL, 39, agent, widower, Brantford, London, s/o John MCGARRELL, b. Lindsay & Julia SHINE, married Elizabeth CONNOR, 39, London, same, d/o John CONNOR, b. Ireland & Anne KERRIGAN, witn: Vincent BRYSON of Linden & Alma CONNOR of London, 10 Jun 1925 at London. (RC)

14640-25 Herbert Daniel MCGINNIS, 30, doctor, Mt. Carmel, Detroit, s/o Dr. John MCGINNIS & Ellen O. MAHONEY, married Madeleine Anna CHRISTOPHER, 28, London, same, d/o Richard CHRISTOPHER & Julia MCDONALD, witn: R.J. CHRISTOPHER & Margaret L. CHRISTOPHER, both of London, 16 Jul 1925 at London. (RC)

14633-25 Dan MCGREGOR, 56, widower, farmer, Dunwich, same, s/o Malcolm MCGREGOR, b. Scotland & Catharine FLETCHER, married Margaret MCCONNELL, 45, nurse, London, same, d/o James MCCONNELL, b. Scotland & Catharine MCLEAN, witn: Jean MCINTOSH & Mrs. W.R. MCINTOSH, both of London, 25 Mar 1925, at London.

14632-25 David MCGREGOR, 27, plumber, Tillacoultry Scotland, Detroit - U.S.A., s/o John MCGREGOR, b. Scotland & Isabella MCDOUGALL, married Marion GIBSON, 27, housekeeper, Tarbolton - Ayrshire Scotland, London, d/o John GIBSON, b. Scotland & Annie BELL, witn: James GIBSON of Kleinburg & Annie GIBSON of Toronto, 27 Mar 1925 at London

14623-25 Langford Stewart MACGREGOR, 24, physician, Minden - Nebraska, Kitchener, s/o John A. MCGREGOR, b. Ontario & Matilda LANGFORD, married Anna Flora Alexandria MCCORMICK, 23, London, same, d/o Henry William MCCORMICK, b. Ontario & Eva ROCHE, witn: John A. MCGREGOR & H. Ken MCCORMICK, both of London, 22 Jul 1925 at London.

14619-25 Ernest Graham MCINTOSH, 25, Bell telephone employee, Aberdeen - Scotland, Detroit, s/o James MCINTOSH, b. Scotland & Annie Moir MILNE, married Mae Beatrice WILLIAMS, 21, grocery employee, Leeds England, London, d/o John Francis WILLIAMS, b. England & Annie Maria CLARK, witn: Ivy SINCLAIR, Frances SMITH & W.H. GROWN?, all of London, 5 Sep 1926 at London

14629-25 William Archable MCINTYRE, 26, painter, Norwich, London, s/o Norman MCINTYRE, b. Ontario & Minnie A. SQUANCE, married Maude VANDERBURGH, 24, Perrins employee, Chatham, London, d/o Ben VANDERBURGH, b. Ontario & Sarah J. CARLTON, witn: Nettie O. & Helen W. GARBUTT, both of London, 30 May 1925 at London.

14641-25 Alphonsus B. MCINTYRE, 33, lawyer, London, Detroit, s/o James MCINTYRE & Margaret CLIFFORD, married Margaret Mary FLOOD, 27, accountant, London, same, d/o Michael J. FLOOD & Agnes ANDERSON, witn: W.J. HENRY of London & Cecil S. FISHER of Windsor, 28 Nov 1925 at London

14631-25 Cecil Edward MCKENZIE, 38, farmer, Strathroy, Lambeth, s/o James MCKENZIE, b. Strathroy & Elizabeth NICHOL, married Laura Gertrude HAWKEN, 34, nurse, Watford, London, d/o George HAWKEN, b. England & Joan BRENT, witn: George HAWKEN of Watford & Carl SLAITH of London, 31 Mar 1925 at London

14642-25 Reginald MCKEOUGH, 25, electrician, London, Detroit, s/o Michael MCKEOUGH & Catherine HOBBINS, married Anna DEVENEY, 25, London, same, d/o Thomas DEVENEY & Mary HURSON (Hueson?), witn: Gordon MCKEOUGH of Detroit & Margaret M. DALY of Hamilton, 23 Sep 1925 at London. (RC)

14639-26 William Harold MCKERLIE, 29, wholesale confectioner, London, same, s/o Charles MCKERLIE, b. London Twp. & Abbie BOWERS, married Mary FARRER, 26, clerk, London, same, d/o James FARRAR, b. London & Mary ARMITAGE, witn: Roy & Martha BOSSENCE, both of London, 31 Jan 1925 at London

14984-25 Archibald Frazer McKILLOP, 28, teacher, Dutton, London, s/o Dr. Alexander McKILLOP (b. Shedden Ont.) & Margaret TAYLOR, married Margaret Ross BERDAN, 26, Strathroy, same, d/o Dr. Oscar L. BERDAN (b. Longwood) & Martha ROSS, witn: John A. McKILLOP of Toronto & Helen BERDAN of Strathroy on July 9, 1925 at Strathroy
14980-25 Lawrence Alexander McLACHLAN, 25, farmer, East Williams twp., same, s/o Alexander McLACHLAN (b. Canada) & Catherine SCHAFER, married Margaret McKenzie GRAHAM, 20, Detroit Michigan USA, East Williams twp., d/o John M. GRAHAM (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Ann McKENZIE, witn: Mr. & Mrs George A. MacLACHLAN both of R. R. 1 Ailsa Craig on Sept. 29, 1925 at Ailsa Craig.

14634-26 Ernest Franklin MCLAREN, 37, widower, Bell Telephone supervisor, s/o John Duncan MCLAREN, b. Ontario & Annie ASHTON, married Lavinia MESSECAR, 35, widow, nurse, Vanessa, London, d/o Nelson GLOVER, b. Ontario & Almira SMITH, witn: Mrs. Jewell CLARKSON & Thomas CLARKSON, both of London, 31 January 1925 at London.


14630-25 Robert MCLAUCHLIN, 34, farmer, Metcalfe Twp., Mosa Twp., s/o Robert MCLAUCHLIN, b. Mosa Twp. & Mary MCVICAR, married Margaret Martha CAMPBELL, 28, Moore Twp., same, d/o Dugal CAMPBELL, b. Moore Twp. & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Duncan MCNAUGHTON of Walkers Ont. & Malcolm Cecil CAMPBELL of Alvinston, 9 Apr 1925 at London.
14973-25 Donald L. McLEAN, 39, farmer, Ekfrid twp., same, s/o Samuel McLEAN (b. Ekfrid) & Christine LEITCH, married Tena Bell CAMPBELL, 30, Brooke twp., Ekfrid twp., d/o Donald CAMPBELL (b. Brooke twp.) & Barbara E. CRAN, witn: Ella Mae CAMPBELL of R.R. 4 Glencoe & Archie A. LEITCH of Appin on Nov. 11, 1925 at Presbyterian Manse Mosa twp 14987-25 Alexander Ronson McLEAN, 33, farmer, Brooke twp., Metcalfe twp., s/o Arecas Hugh McLEAN & Dorothy Ann BRIGTON, married Lela Victoria Bell DENNING, 25, clerk, Strathroy, same, d/o James DENNING (b. Metcalfe twp.) & Mary Bella COLLINGS, witn: J. Howard ELLIOTT & Kathleen Eleanor WATT both of 256 Talbot St. London on June 27, 1925 at Metcalfe twp
14976-25 Stephen Chalmers McLELLAN, 33, farmer, Mornington twp., Belmont, s/o Peter McLELLAN (b. Toronto) & Marian CHALMERS, married Estella Alverta McLELLAN, 21, North Dorchester, Belmont, d/o James McLELLAN (b. Dorchester twp.) & Rosetta HEFFER, witn: D. Sidney KERR of Milverton & Margaret McLELLAN of London on Oct. 31, 1925 at Westminster twp  

14624-25 Lorne Cliffored MCLEOD, 36, widower, clerk, Galt, Hamilton, s/o Robert John MCLEOD, b. Pakenham & Margaret MORAN, married Alma Elverta BROWNE, 35, clerk, London, same, d/o Frederick G. BROWNE, b. London & Emma JURY, witn: Florence A. ZAVITZ & Clara CHORLANDS?, both of London, 30 Jun 1925 at London

14636-25 Norman Donald MACLEOD, 28, garment cutter, Perth - Scotland, London, s/o Norman MACLEOD, b. Scotland & Mary A. SMITH, married Annie McKechnie LINDSAY, 21, dressmaker, Scotland, London, d/o James S. LINDSAY, b. Scotland & Elizabeth GREY, witn: David LINDSAY & Mary Gray LINDSAY, both of London, 20 Feb 1925, at London

  14974-25 James Frederick McMAHON, 26, farmer, Moore twp. Lambton Co., w ½ Lot 5 Conc. 12 Moore twp. Lambton Co., s/o Frederick J. McMAHON (b. Cobourg) & Elizabeth H. ELLIOTT, married Mabel Irene TOMLINSON, 26, nurse, Adelaide twp., London Road same, d/o John TOMLINSON (b. Peel Co) & Matilda GRAHAM, witn: Herbert P. TOMLINSON of R.R. 5 Sarnia & Mrs Arthur COLE of Sarnia on June 20, 1925 at Adelaide twp.

14618-25 Harry Clayton MacMILLAN, 24, caterer, Caledonia, Wyndham, s/o John MACMILLAN, b. Woodhouse Twp. & Martha DELL, married Ethel May ROBINSON, 20, nurse, Erin Village, Guelph, d/o Thomas ROBINSON, b. Erin Twp. & Elizabeth NURSE, witn: Cora M. TAYLOR & Fred A. TAYLOR, both of London, 4 Nov 1926 at London

14627-25 Ernest MCMILLAN, 27, telephone lineman, Ontario, Detroit, s/o John MCMILLAN & Charlotte BROWN, married Anna Marie SPRUNG, 25, Ontario, Owen Sound, d/o Albert SPRUNG & Marie SCHULTZ, witn: A. BEATTIE & Gertrude SCHOOK, both of London, 4 Jun 1925 at London

14615-25 James Edgar MCMURRAY, 22, orderly, London, Byron, s/o William Allen MCMURRAY, b. Pond Mills & Hannah Jean CASSADY, married Mary Viola CASSADY, 19, Detroit, Byron, d/o John Hamilton CASSADY, b. Byron & Anna Virtue FRAMPTON, witn: Ross MCMURRAY of Komoka & Jean Marie ENGLAND of London, 17 Oct 1925 at London.

14978-25 Harold B. McNAMARA, 27, grocery, Ireland, Windsor, s/o John S. McNAMARA (b. Ireland) & Isabel DAVIDSON, married Bessie A. GILDERS, 21, Ontario, Delaware, d/o George GILDERS (b. Ontario) & Barbara DOWLING, witn: William Chester & Eva Isabella DORSY both of 765 Gladstone Ave. Windsor on Jan. 1, 1925 at Delaware
14986-25 John Leslie McNAUGHTON, 39, teacher, Charlottenburgh twp., Walkerville, s/o A. J. McNAUGHTON (b. Ontario) & Christina MATHESON, married Eva May GOUGH, 27, teacher, Parkhill, Strathroy, d/o R. J. GOUGH & Alina WINTER, witn: M. A. GOUGH of Strathroy & Bryce McNAUGHTON of Martintown Charlottenburgh on July 31, 1925 at Strathroy 14972-25 Donald Joseph McPHEE, 57, farmer, Ontario, West Williams twp., s/o John McPHEE (b. Scotland) & Ann McAULEY, married Mary Agnes STEELE, 24, Ontario, West Williams twp., d/o Peter STEELE (b. Canada) & Sarah McINTYRE, witn: Charles & Teresa STEELE both of R. R. 5 Parkhill on Nov. 28, 1925 at Parkhill

14625-25 Alfred Edward MCPHERSON, 39, farmer, West Zorra, same, s/o Donald MCPHERSON, b. West Zorra & Annie SINCLAIR, married Edith Mae FOSTER, 24, East Nissouri, West Zorra, d/o John G. FOSTER, b. Oxford Co. & Elizabeth A. HEWER, witn: Mr & Mrs. John A. MCDONALD of Lakeside, 17 Jun 1925 at London

14981-25 Peter Gordon MacPHERSON, 27, farmer, Dunwich twp., Westminster twp., s/o Peter John MacPHERSON (b. Ontario) & Alice McMILLAN, married Mary Annetta JENKIN, 24, Westminster twp., Dunwich twp., d/o Thomas JENKIN (b. Ontario) & Miss CARROLL, witn: Anna MacPHERSON of Dutton & Frank JENKIN of Wilson Grove on Sept. 2, 1925 at Westminster twp

14613-25 John Wood MERCER, 26, clerk, Galashiels Scotland, London, s/o Robert Allen MERCER & Isabella WOOD, married Eleanor Emily DRAY, 22, clerk, London England, London, d/o Thomas William DRAY & Emily CHIPCHASE, witn: E.T. DRAY of Kitchener & Ella MERCER of London, 19 Sep 1925 at London.

14610-25 Leo MIELNIK, 27, factory employee, Poland, London, s/o Joseph MIELNIK & Anna NOWICKAZ, married Casimira DRAPALA, 23, Poland, London, d/o Albert DRAPALA & Josephine KARPINSKA, witn: Walter LASSECK & Dora POLIZAK, both of London, 26 May 1926 at London. (RC)

14967-25 Norman Hope MILLIKEN, 39, farmer, Sarnia twp. Lambton Co., Con 1-E1/2 Lot 30 Dawn twp. Lambton Co., s/o Robert MILLIKEN (b. Lanark Co.) & Jane HOSSIE, married Eva Lee NICHOL, 39, Westminster twp., same, d/o Robert S. NICHOL (b. Westminster Co.) & Margaret MINAY, witn: H. L. & Jennie D. Wat NICHOL both of R. R. 2 Wilton Grove on May 16, 1925 at Wilton Grove

14603-25 James Francis MILLS, 37, widower, railway employee, Lyn, Toronto, s/o Alexander Mills, b. Scotland & Agnes FAICHNEY, married Alice Elizabeth LONEY, widow, 35, Killarney Ireland, London, d/o Albert LAWRENCE, b. Ireland & Alice "(surname not known)", witn: Arthur F. & Eliza A. MOORE, both of London, 5 May 1925 at London.

14969-25 Alfred Earl MITCHELL, 31, painter, Strathroy, same, s/o Henry MITCHELL (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth TIMMONS, married Sarah LONG, 24, Dublin Ireland, Adelaide twp., d/o William LONG (b. Ireland) & Marie KELLY, witn: Mrs. R. WEADMARK & Lena TAYLOR both of Strathroy on June 12, 1925 at Strathroy 14959-25 William Angus MITCHELL, 22, labourer, Strathroy, same, s/o Henry MITCHELL (b. Canada) & Elizabeth TIMMINS, married Lena Annie Bale TAYLOR, 18, milliner, Greenock, Strathroy, d/o William TAYLOR (b. Scotland) & Mary GORMAN, witn: Mr. Alfred MITCHELL of Mill Lane Strathroy & Mrs Charles McCLUNG of Stratford on Nov. 6, 1925 at Strathroy
14593-25 Robert Nellis MOIR, 38, grain buyer, Exeter, Arrowwood Alberta, s/o John MOIR, b. Exeter & Melissa MCTAGGART, married Olive Muriel TAYLOR, 28, teacher, Minnedosa, London, d/o Ebenezer John TAYLOR, b. Hushwaite england & S. Anderson, witn: Mildred B. TAYLOR of Chicago & Adele H. TAYLOR of London, 11 Jul 1925 at London.

14569-25 Cecil Lawrence Evans MOORE, 23, electrician, Woodstock, London, s/o Samuel MOORE, b. Ontario & Jenny MCCOY, married Eva Alexandra McCoy MOORE, 18, d/o Alexander MOORE, b. Ontario & Anne HUMPHREY, witn: Anne May TAYLOR & H.A. THOMSON, both of London, 8 Dec 1925 at London.

14968-25 Arthur Wilson MOORE, 26, farmer, Metcalfe twp., same, s/o Joseph A. MOORE (b. Metcalfe twp.) & Janet N. McALPINE, married Wilhelmina Mae MUNRO, 25, Mosa twp., same, d/o Neil F. MUNRO (b. Metcalfe twp.) & Elizabeth GAW, witn: John A. MOORE of Walkers & Mary C. McNEIL of Alvinston on June 3, 1925 at Walkers

14598-25 Edwin Wilbert MOORE, 32, printer, London, same, s/o John T. MOORE, b. England & Frances Marie MEEHAN, married Erma Arla Agusta DEAR, 26, stenographer, London, same, d/o William Henry DEAR, b. Ontario & Susan Agusta MCEWAN, witn: Gladys MOORE & Stewart CAWRTON?, both of London, 20 Jun 1925 at London

14964-25 Morris Baldwin MORGAN, 23, farmer, McGillivray twp., Ontario, s/o George Henry MORGAN (b. McGillivray twp.) & Annie Elizabeth BLOOMFIELD, married Alma Laura LEWIS, 19, McGillivray twp., Ontario, d/o Charles LEWIS (b. McGillivray twp.) & Melissa CUNNINGHAM, witn: Caspar Thomas ATKINSON & Rosella MORGAN both of McGillivray twp. on July 8, 1925 at St. Mary's Church Brinsley

14590-25 George MORGAN, 38, machinist, Columbus Ohio, London, s/o James MORGAN, b. England & Sarah MCINTYRE, married Pauline GIBSON, 31, Gladstone Mich., London, d/o Thomas GIBSON, b. Scotland & Loretta HILDEBRAND, witn: Florence & John A. BRADSHAW, both of Lolndon, 31 Dec 1925 at London.

14961-25 John Francis MORRIS, 22, farmer, London twp., Lot 28 Con 3 same, s/o Albert Edward MORRIS (b. Komoka) & Charlotte SPLINGETT, married Ida Maud STEPHENSON, 21, Caradoc twp., Longwood, d/o Alfred John STEPHENSON (b. England) & Mary Esther PETTITE, witn: Mabel STEPHENSON of Longwood & Annie E. ROBB of R.R. 2 London, on Oct. 21, 1925 at St. John's

14588-25 William MORRISON, 74, widower, merchant, Paisley - Quebec, London, s/o John MORRISON, b. Ireland & Janet RENNIE, married Mary Ann BROCK, 62, housekeeper, London, same, d/o Thomas BROCK, b. Scotland & Susan SOUTHAM, witn: W.A. BUCK & Charlotte A MORRISON, both of London, 7 Sep 1925 at London.

14605-25 Albert Stanley MORRISON, 22, butcher, Shetland - Ont. London, s/o Elijah? MORRISON, b. Ontario & May DENNIS, married Violet BORLAND, 18, saleslady, Cleveland U.S.A., London, d/o George BORLAND, b. Ontario & Bertha JOHNSTON, witn: John D. WILLIAMSON & Mrs. A. LAKER, both of London, 6 May 1925 at London

14954-25 Charles S. MORRISON, 69, farmer, Wardsville, Mosa twp., s/o Robert MORRISON (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Mary CAMPBELL, married Sarah DYKES, about 60, widow, West Lorne, Wardsville, d/o Thomas FORD (b. England) & Eliza WHITE, witn: Garrett McMASTER & Mrs. R. J. MURPHY both of Wardsville on April 29, 1925 at the Rectory Wardsville
14956-25 Victor Earle MOTE, 22, fireman, Ontario, Yarmouth twp., s/o George MOTE (b. England) & Orpha WINEGARDEN, married May Evelyn FISHBACK, 20, Ontario, Durham twp., d/o John FISHBACK (b. Glenmayer Ontario) & Flora HARE, witn: Archie R. & Millie H. GREGG both of Salford on Dec. 16, 1925 at Avon

14592-25 Harold McGregor MOWAT, 27, salesman, London, same, s/o William MOWAT [sic], b. Scotland & Jessie Laing STEWART, married Valuke Eveline KIPP, 19, stenographer, London, same, d/o William C. KIPP, b. England & Mariah Louisa LITTLETON, witn: Mrs. R. MILLS & Mrs. F. BALLANTYNE, both of London, 1 Dec 1925 at London

14594-25 Hugh Garfield MULHOLLAND, 23, railway employee, Oxford Co., London, s/o George Blair MULHOLLAND, b. Oxford Co. & Laura HALEY, married Gladys Pearl LOUGHREY, 21, box maker, Nova Scotia, London, d/o Frank Charles LOUGHREY, b. London & Helen SELVETON, witn: Maud DUNN of Mossley & Minnie HIBBERT of London, 17 Jul 1925 at London

14577-25 Frederick Charles MUNDAY, 27, plumber, Bognor - Sussex England - London, s/o Alfred MUNDAY, b. England & Emily TRIBE, married Georgina Colvin ESSLEMONT, 26, Stricken - Scotland, London, d/o John ESSLEMONT, b. Scotland & Wilamina COLVIN, witn: J.W. BIRCH & Ronald PUSHER, both of London, 10 July 1925 at London.

14960-25 Kenneth MUNRO, 28, merchant, Oban Scotland, 741 York St. London, s/o William MUNRO (b. Scotland) & Mary McCONNACHIE, married Marion May McNAIR, 26, clerk, London twp., 252 Dufferin London, d/o Andrew McNAIR & Angelina NEAR, witn: John McNAIR of R. R. 4 Denfield & Ruth HOUSTON of London Ont. on Sept. 23, 1925 at London twp.

14573-25 Angus MUNRO, 24, clerk, Scotland, London, s/o John MUNRO, b. Scotland & Margaret MCEACHERN, married Margaret Jane WILLOUGHBY, 23, bookkeeper, Ontario, London, d/o Christopher WILLOUGHBY, b. Canada & Margaret BRYCE, witn: Jack GRAY & Nicoll N. WILLOLUGHBY, both of London, 24 Oct 1925 at London

14599-25 Leslie MURPHY, 23, fireman, Belmont, Nissouri, s/o Lewis Edwin MURPHY, b. Ontario & Ida Jane RUSHING, married Mabel May BURCH, 21, domestic, Petrolia, London, d/o Edward BURCH, b. Ontario & Alice LOCKREY, witn: Mrs. Ida Jane MURPHY of London & Minnie HOLMES of Nilestown, 17 Jun 1925 at London

14597-25 John Albert MURPHY, 22, brass worker, London, same, s/o James MURPHY, b. England & Anna PRIMROSE, married Rose Lillian ROSS, 24, biscuit maker, Stratford, London, d/o Alexander ROSS, b. Scotland & Lucy AUSTIN, witn: Ernest COOPER & Doris RYDER, both of London, 20 Jun 1925 at London

14601-25 Arthur Payne MURPHY, 21, chemist, Halifax, London, s/o Thomas Joseph Francis MURPHY, b. Ireland & Mary Silver PAYNE, married Vivian E. ELLIS, 20, St. John NB, Toronto, d/o William John ELLIS, b. Ontario & Pearl Augusta JAMIESON, witn: T.J.F. MURPHY & Mary Payne MURPHY, both of London, 4 Jun 1925 at London.

14572-25 George William MURRAY, 22 printer, Birmingham - England, London, s/o George MURRAY, b. England & Annie LILLEY, married Velma Olive BEEDLE, 19, forelady, London, same, d/o Ernest Albert BEEDLE, b. England & Margaret JOHNSTON, witn: Sidney BROWN & Margaret A. BEEDLE, both of London, 31 Oct 1925 at London.

14596-25 William Harvey MURRAY, 27, druggist, Lakeside, London, s/o Dr. A.J. MURRAY, b. Embro & Emily KENNEDY, married Ada Dorothy ASHTON, 21, stenographer, London, same, d/o Percy R. ASHTON, b. England & Polly HAYMAN, witn: Mary SEARS & F.C. PICKARD, both of London, 22 Jun 1925 at London

14607-25 Robert William MURRAY, 58, widower, gentleman, Oxford Co., Stratford, s/o Donald MURRAY, b. Scotland & Jane MURRAY, married Isabella ANDERSON, 40, housekeeper, Scotland, Stratford, d/o Charles ANDERSON, b. Scotland & Margaret SHAW, witn: Esther MACGREGOR & Grace MILLER, both of London, 14 Feb 1925 at London

14595-25 Harold James MYATT, 21, packer, England, Westminster Twp., s/o James MYATT, b. England & Martha E. BRADLEY, married Elsie Lydia ROGERS, 21, England, Westminster Twp., d/o Alfred H. ROGERS, b. England & Bertha COLLINS, witn: J.J. ROGERS & H.E. ROGERS, both of London, 27 Jun 1925 at London.

14646-25 Mack NEDENOFF, 26, waiter, Bulgaria, 48 Stanley St., s/o Naiden EVANOFF, b. Bulgaria & Moma IONKAVA, married Wilhelmina Gertrude BAIRD, 18, winder, Douglass Town Que., 48 Stanley St., d/o Robert BAIRD, b. Quebec & Amelia THOMPSON, witn: Shaqurar HYSEN of 156 Maypole St. & Lucille WILLIAMS of 7 Dundas St., both London, 26 Dec 1925 at Church of the Redeemer, London 14990-25 Arnold Steadman NICHOLSON, 33, farmer, West Nissouri twp., same, s/o Edward NICHOLSON (b. England) & Mary STEADMAN, married Rebecca Georgina DUFFIN, 28, teacher, West Nissouri twp., same, d/o Samuel DUFFIN (b. West Nissouri twp.) & Rebecca TAYLOR, witn: S. Robina DUFFIN of Thorndale & Hope Nicholson MARCH of Ilderton on Nov. 9, 1925 at Thorndale
14657-25 Edward PAWLEY, 21, candy maker, Leicester England, London, s/o William PAWLEY, b. England & Esther HALL, married Daisy May PRITCHARD, 21, candy maker, Birmingham England, London, d/o Thomas PRITCHARD, b. England & May LAGO, witn: Arthur BLAKE of 351 Emery St. & Isabel Annie RENWICK of 852 King St., 10 Oct 1925 at London 14655-25 Robert Alexander PETTIGREW, 43, widower, sales manager, Montreal, 290 Central Ave in London, s/o Robert Gray PETTIGREW, b. Quebec City & Janet ERSKINE, married Reta May McCOY, 31, London, 92 Wilson Ave in London, d/o George S. McCOY, b. Ont & Anne COWAN, witn: Charles WRIGHT & Madeline McCOY, both of London, 6 Nov 1925 at London